Category 7: The End of the World (2005) Movie Script

Laboratory of extreme weather
Washington, DC
I want you to call right now at Ross
Ross gave you his number to you
What about you? There superstorms across France, right now
Department of Meteorology
Please understand. In the past 2 weeks, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Chicago
All were battered by storms of unprecedented ferocity
He is proposing that the same may happen here?
Absolutely, it's a small planet
My models suggest that there will be no exceptions
Look at what is shaping out just now
Ross is in a meeting, treats 911
I already tried with 911
Can you believe that a storm of that intensity is going to beat Paris and Europe?
Not only in Europe, this is a global crisis
Unless we find out the cause, the entire planet is doomed, faster than you think
Take my hand Henry
Oh God, shit
Ross ...
Not where you're crazy, but better look out the window now
I think everyone should see this
It's worse than Chicago
We have no time
Federal Protective Services
... damage report ... Carr!
An excellent physical condition is not the solution to manage time, take a seat
I repeat: Paris was destroyed
And before that, all in Nevada until Chicago
And in a short, everyone will fly off the rails
At the same time that the country is thrown into greater recovery from the 9 / 11
By which we, the Federal Protective Services
We collect waste
Oh, I'm canceling the vacation
Keep working
Captain, I was ...
Save it Carr
You're late to get the gun probably confess to someone who was 30 km / h in a school zone. Am I wrong?
I just want to congratulate your sister for me
Do not you say? Shit son just made the director of FEMA
That must make her happy
And now to introduce the new acting director of FEMA,
Secretary of security of the nation
Storm Cat 6, unprecedented
It underlined the need for government to be more active
That's why the president Judith Carr chose to run the FEMA
Because of its merits without parallel in the organization and his tireless energy
We the American people exactly what they deserve
What is the best of the best
Miss Carr
After the secretary revealed my secret identity as Wonder Woman
I'll answer your questions
The President wants to know if it is right for the job?
Direct FEMA?
O capture the spirit when voters realize that she can not make a tragedy pufff multistate do?
Of course, I've never seen erratic and is credible, authentic camera
On top of all that ...
It's a team player
I hope you're right
Miss Carr, why you believe it was promoted among many qualified candidates within FEMA?
Just the fact that his father is Senator solves
Maybe, if my father were part of the party in power
To be honest, I was not the first choice
FEMA is stretched to the limit
It was the ideal time to take sides, but ...
Maybe I just have more to prove
Agency Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA)
Can I have your attention please?
For those who do not know me, I'm Judith Carr
This treatment is simple, pick up the pieces will not touch us anymore
We were asked to be ahead of the game
See what's coming, and do something about it before we call
Wait, we get in early warning
I'm the only one wondering if storm explosion is just a coincidence?
Here in Paris, the past 2 weeks
What will you do with the weather
There must be someone out to us a theoretical background of what is happening
And tell us whether or not going to happen again
Also ...
Security of the nation has given us a new priority
No matter what you lose up
We respond first to review Government Infrastructure
damages caused by the storm category 6
He left us very vulnerable to terrorist attack
It is crucial that government offices ...
The forces of order and basic utilities are in line for security
From now onwards you will have to make many difficult decisions
If you are sentimental, are in the wrong department
I do not like, but are orders
This is the new policy
Hey, you're still here
The former Chief had this wizard: Jesse
We had this thing of walking friends with benefits
Once he put his hands in a study of AS
About the weather settled in the Union
Yes, I know, one of Ross Duffy, I read
Actually read the edited version
It seems that the energy industry did not like the implications
That they were finishing their products with the global climate
So the White House buried in hell house
And refused all arguments
you know where to find Jesse?
Oh, he is so out of my life, apart, destroyed all the original copies
Except this
Good evening sir, sorry to bother you, but ...
In order to better preparation,
I was in the location of sources and found this
The report by Ross Duffy
If Sr
I read
It's nothing
Well sir, perhaps you read the edited version
Because I have to say, the original, you really open your eyes
Basically predicts the sites to be hit by severe storms, including Paris
Yes, I know, but is politically anti ...
But sir, with all that is happening, I think we should really consider
That report was heavily edited after being carefully considered
You know why?
Why Ross Duffy is a fool
Now we and the rest do we ensure that more research
When, if you quit, quit something you will be among the first to know
I'll see you then
Yes sir
... A new batch of storms exploited Seattle to Chicago
The tornado warning has been around South Dakota
While massive rainstorms have temporarily closed the Mount Rushmore National Park
And just a few hours, which may be another tornado Category 6
Mall destroyed most of America in suburban Minneapolis
Where the majority of retailers have lost everything
I lost everything, that should be the motto of FEMA
We could sell T-shirts
Great, you will hire for the job
There are no data to predict what happened in Chicago and Paris ...
Sorry Mommy, is rare, he do not like
Do not say that
do not have to do
I remember your expression when you found out he was dating his daughter
It's so clever it hurts, and irreponsable
I had enough hard times with him in college and then nothing was ham
Yes, but not you the one who tells me that the job is more important than any individual person involved?
You're telling me I should go on
The fate of the world hangs in the balance of the principal Carr
And the fact that Ross will be distracted by arguing with me
And so he pays no attention to the guy who spends too much time with her daughter
It would be quite a coincidence
Melody, the idea of a secret mission appeals to you?
I have a Chinese tattoo of a cat in my ass?
I'll take that as a yes to both
Dr Duffy!
I Melody Chen, assistant director of FEMA
Sorry, wrong
The director wants to talk about your report
The original ... Paris ... Chicago
With predictions like these should be fortuneteller
Cute, but not spend more time working for the government
So you may be wondering I'm not here officially
The director is working under the radar
You earn points for this
You have them. Who is she?
Judith Carr
Leave the rain Nia
That look tells me you think I have a great opportunity to ensure getting hurt
To be imprisoned and become the man of his time in the Iron Mask
Sure you did the right thing
Good evening Carina
Daddy Goodnight
Someone was playing?
If, a girl ... wrong direction
The terrible storms across America, and now in Europe
They can be just the beginning
These are terrifying times friends
But we are less when we remember ...
Do not have to face them alone
Look in your heart
Look deeper and delivery, delivery
We have an anonymous tip about a reporter underestimated
Locked in the facility
Know? Technically, the writers are reporters
Well done
Let him on 200 dollars
You know what I hate? People who use God to manipulate others
To people who really believe in God
we have to do serious work when promoviso outside the cemetery
The creed of reporters. Comforting the afflicted and afflict the comfortable
I do not plan to take advantage when filled with alcohol, right?
What is that?
Just a scratch
Yeah, you always mess with scratches
Nothing but worth it
No what about you, some people want to kill you. What I've always wanted to kiss you I is
great technique that you
The center of gravity of fluids
Do you think you can make me something special?
How an IQ test?
Not everyone can have beauty and brains
We assume that we have the same interests as being in the same school
I can help you find your way to a life of political glory?
Hey that happens in your dreams or something
That brings me back to my starting point
555 012
Sorry, I really thought you would send?
Keeping things in the breasts?
Only a matter of babes
Hey Stew!
I have an extra ticket for Rockfest
If you do not mind I would ask her
Just think about it
He behaves like working
Mount Rushmore
Black Hills, South Dakota
These fierce storms hitting the U.S.
The administration is aware that we may be facing a global climate catastrophe?
Global Catastrophe
The storms have been punished. But that's a little scary?
Mr. Secretary ...
The president will review its decision not to sign the Kyoto agreement?
We currently have an energy policy in place
That leads us clean for the 21st Century
The president is very clear about that
Staying on course, focused on the future
And do not believe for a few isolated thunderstorms panic
Do not panic with a storm ...
You have not heard? FEMA will kiss whatever you do
The records of humidity rose 40% since last week
The old George has water in the skull
The temperature decreases rapidly
Let's go!
The water is frozen, is breaking
Hold on! Gotcha!
I can do it!
Hold on!
Laboratory of extreme weather
Washington DC
Failure to connect the primary online pericandril going to miss
Of course not a complete waste of time
Doc, is for you
So this is where the spy Grandfunk Greenpeace
Rented until September at least, that is when I lose my graduate students
Everything is great
I read your report
The original
Want tea?
No thanks
So you read my report. For what I need?
We have become the new Alice in 2 continents, and your report suggests places, 2 years before that happened
Let's get this clear, I predicted the locations
Look, I was in Paris, this storm was on the scale
I never predicted that
So you say it's a matter of degrees?
From grad ... When was supposed to have that kind of climate on this planet?
You realize that my report is just the tip of the iceberg
Yes, global warming is the origin of these extreme changes in climate but ...
Something else is happening
One thing is becoming more common in the worst storms ever recorded climates on the planet
Well, and why is that?
My God, do not. Truth
Judith is a complex problem
I remember you told me once that there was no settlement complex problem with a night of concentrated thought
No need to make this personal
I'm bothering you?
I need air. Need air? Let's go to air cojer
Ross, the fact that this has come down to us is very difficult for both
But the truth is that I ran out of geniuses
So I can not let go, and frankly ... you owe me
Listen, I have money and power
And I'm working with one guy who may be able to save millions from death
So ... you're going to work with me?
Only 2 teams
One in military aircraft and other ground
This ... detonator or whatever you're looking for,
Do not give any warning signs
Ni remained after, which means we'll have to dive in one of these suckers, hoping to find something to give them a sense
The Air Force will work. Any idea who they want in the land unit?
Two people. One that's almost dead and the other nearly met death
Hello. Hold on
Excuse me sir, you want?
What are my other options?
Tell me something good
Ross! Partner
No plan to visit your partner in metal that is in the sewer
You're kidding?
can not remember what day it is today
Well, I'll be there ... hello, hello
Ross, you probably need a little help with the rudder, a partner
If someone gets hurt it would be great
Small, if you give me a nudge
A mojito and Cuba libre ready
doc are you doing here?
What happened?
What are you doing here?
Walking with drinks is like working with you any day
Faith That was funny, really funny
The instrument that you built, now you can fly
You were recruited before defending your master. How finished is it?
I finished with you. Defending yourself was when I tossed the campus
And looking for jobs, this is a relief
No that's wrong with me
I was so involved with a great man and did not even believe in your sacred theory
My theory forgot everything that was important
Storms are much worse than I predicted, something does happen
I have no idea that
I never hear you say that
I need another chance
But there's something I want to do first for me
Cleans soil vomiting
Listen to this ...
Five power events have passed with only days apart
What does it mean? Hey Dad, what does?
Just between you and me, make sure no illusions that make you then you down, this time
You've seen the news Gail, and noted my work
Ross, do not expect much. They need you until they need to get rid of you
Do not worry, the last vestiges of an idealistic student killed
Then be at the top will be like eh?
No return to nowhere
I have to go to work. Bye
Adios Carina
Adios Mama
Oh, maybe late, I have a meeting tonight
Reagan National Airport
Washington, DC
Oh, the boy never looked better Panhandle
I could not get anything clear from his report teacher but ...
But again you do not pay me to scholarly
No, you need the contract because such data are obtained only when the world is running around the making
These are the data we need
You're sure you can back the horse?
I tell you what teacher ...
When I was up there in that tornado, looking down the Sears Tower
He hit me, I was a man facing his death in an SUV
What did I do?
I opened the door, I went out and flew
You did
I flew!
I thought, I'm already dead. So why not enjoy the trip?
This was when I saw it. My destiny
I was flying higher than the air traffic coming
But I knew for sure, I was not going to crash
That tornado dropped me right on Lake Michigan
Point your fingers
it points to that
She drives as dirty as it looks?
And that's all for you partner
Add 150 pounds of ballast, to keep it on the floor
I need to send as close as possible
Tremendous pain, but then a piece of heaven
Damn girl, never were pretty as well on a lap
4 years ago, when Penny and I took our vows
And unite not only our lives but our purpose
We had no idea how many believers would join us
But they're here, are here
And they're more and more each day
A safe, together
We can spend the pain of the storm, tragedy
We can see the great power of God guarded
Now and forever
What must we sing Penny
Well ...
Since it is our anniversary, I chose something from Elvis
But I will not get you in trouble
Why not see if Monty us an anthem for us?
The next time you choose a younger child
I know, but I loved it. Do not you think?
So many new faces, one would like not to come with fear
That's why they come
That's what those storms
God shaking the shoulders of those who need to be awakened
That's the beauty Penny always, always see the hand of the Lord at all
I ... the door was open, I'm sorry ... Penny
I asked him to bring me some numbers
He strongly feels the passion
But something makes him difficult to find peace. Right?
The passion between you and me
Go Mad dog this is Wind Raider
We went out toward the Northwest DC
You have to give the white lady
It seems the National Weather Service tells us something like the storm of Chicago
That hangs over Michigan
Wind Raider, what Dana is saying is that you deleted a total sucker Chicago, is being reformed
Definitely not trying to say total sucker
Tommy, air masses are heading east at 15 mph
Well, let the northwest, sure we will cross
I know it seems nothing, but I want to follow
No problems professor
If there is severe weather 200 miles ahead of this truck, we'll take you
Golden Poison Frog
Thanks for the thought
I think it would be better if they really believed what you say ...
Jud, your voice does not sound like a professional player, but you try, that's good. It's what you're good
Beyond pro if the game were not so corrupt
Am I being cynical? Or is it a coincidence that work on an event that invited you?
You think so?
My 2 children, that pleasant surprise
You too? You asked that Kevin was in this event?
Of course I did
I needed protection first. It is a good idea for the brothers to monitor each other
Just because you're a public servant, we do the rest of us your servants
I'm so bad?
Well, considering you were in Congress,
You could be worse, but ... if Dad ... 're pretty bad
I'm very proud of you
I always told you: make the road ...
Inside the political life would be a great opportunity for you to grow balls
But you dear
And you've committed a mortal political sin
You have assumed that the policy actually leads
When any government official bald knows it backwards
The report Duffy
How many people know?
Honestly, all that matters is that ...
That Horst, Chief of Staff is one of them
Do not let him see through you, is hard and dirty
But it's good when it comes to his first love:
The energy business. Alan ...
You've had the privilege of knowing my daughter?
Actually I had it. Good to see you again Miss Carr
Nice to see it to you Mr
I hope you have everything under control
I have an excellent staff ...
Perhaps now you are the most important person in government
We need your help, we need to put things back as they were
Do not expect to do everything perfectly right the first time
While everything returns to normal, we would say ...
On Friday morning?
Back, all back!
They are poisonous!
They understand they have to touch you?!
We need the curator, now
Get out of here! Everybody out!
This is Carr, need immediate medical response!
Pyramid of Khufu
Giza, Egypt
What this? It can be well
Better come see this
Somewhere near Cairo
Someone takes care of that?
- Hello is Judith --
I am sorry to give you the bad news, but we have a big storm in a place I never predicted
It is not Kansas
You heard it from Egypt?
I watched the news all morning
I wonder if Danny has something to say
He says what he always does, the Lord is watching
I need to see this
A plague of frogs
Exodus 8.4: and the frogs will come upon us, upon his servants and all persons
If the storm did not warn us, but this can be a clear signal
Pests? Very showy
He put everyone in the azador
It was Egypt Penny
The tombs of the Pharaohs
I have something to prove to the Lord, now I'm not the man he once was
He picked me up
The Lord is his
His way, we can be your insurance
We can do it on their side
I leave to my gentle smile on that, Monty
But it must be in secret
Our secret
Here's a little story of human courage which discredits our administrators
Last night, the great pyramid that has endured for 5000 years all the best with the planet
It came down like the pig's straw house
This is not about marriage treaty, this is not about truth. This is about protecting our backs
Could not you find another mad scientist?
For research, I will not lose anything or anyone
I realize that the power industry has hundreds of billions of dollars at stake
You know something that nobody knows
When I gave the job I thought you were not so clever
That's good or bad?
I wonder
well, as this with an open mind as there is something else I want to ask
Base Randolph Air Force
San Antonio, Texas
Colonel, there is a type of DC in his office waiting
They're trying to get me from my years irresponsible
If that's what it is, maybe I'm more irresponsible hereafter
The kids think you are a hero
Thanks but ...
You're only a hero if you do something worthwhile and remember
Your reputation as a hurricane hunter not endorse, Colonel
Well, not really hard to find some 200 miles in diameter
And it moves at 12 mph, but if I was in trouble
I will live with you
We need to fly in the storm, just as having the worst time to be seen
It is extremely dangerous and demanding
For someone my age
sir, this is not to take data from research papers
This is on storms that kill people and we do not understand why
I understand your mission and concern
But the only thing about me that is old and slow,
This is the plane flight
The C-130 is not what we need
In that type of racing they can burst at any time and place
You need something quick
There are many SR-71 in good condition at a base in Arizona
I already had the approval
If you do not notice it, especially between Las Vegas and Chicago is broken
And my job is that the rest of the country did not pass the same
Look ... for the love of God, we speak of people
No pain of your precious airplane
Wait, I got another call ... forget the lasagna in the fridge
Look ... if we do not supply the aircraft at this time
The next call you will receive will be the head of Homeland Security
Reasignandote to a radar station somewhere in the Tierra del Fuego
Let me help with the salad
Oh ... what I'd do without you?
You'll probably die of hunger
I'm so sorry
No mom, well
Keep saving the world
No that's exactly ...
I like having my porn in bad weather near
Maybe you're right
Let's find out
Colonel, we're going to turn
This is Cyclone 1, the test flight was a success
Waiting for the coordinates of the storm of death
Kevin, I need you to look after your sister
He's playing with guys too big and heavy
And they have very dirty toys
It was for that to what you trained?
I never thought that if she had to work in the system, never accept the health system
How could you?
Because that would mean that his father is corrupt
Close the doors!
Stay here
These are scary times my friends
But we are less when we remember,
Do not have to pass their own
Join us
At the house of God will find friendship
Shoulders strong ...
So what they do is use the people for fear of storms to build his ministry
It is wrong
write a story about them. The will contact to see if we get an interview
Let me see some of that guardian of the Greens
It's on his desk Ms
Bridget Hall are pernonajes the media, Barbara Walters would get an interview, not you
I'd like to find a way
If there is no risk, why worry? All you can do is win
Okay. Just make sure your forms are not impeding your work day
30 miles south of Detroit
Tell me what's wrong?
Something is blowing
As you prepare to launch
There is nothing to read, I will not spend ...
Wind Raider read me ...
Tell me Billy, what happens?
GPS has them 42.86 and 78.86 North West, is that correct?
The Detroit center detects severe wind bags
Something very big is spinning just over their heads
Sure you can not say watching
is there anyway, just now preparing a rocket
I'm on it
What are you doing?
Help You
Throwing the minerva
Go back
Faith is Billy, you see what I see?
Yes, it's nice, it really works
Did not get to 23 in the air, we just had a few seconds to take the data
How long?
5 minutes maximum
Faith, you have 5 minutes girl, this is great, exactly what we need
Try to find a safe place and launched again
We have to find refuge
And how do you do that?
I went to school for this madman
I know this is what we do, but now what?
We stopped and we are getting the finger in the air?
We have the target in position
We have the target in 2 minutes
Where I'm from they call that a tornado magnet
As the caution
He's crazy, there are children ...
There is a tornado on the way, we go to a safe place!
They have to evacuate, a tornado comes, believe me!
Get out of the trailers!
Put yourself safe!
Stop the shouting!
You have to get out of here now!
Why do that?
Find land!
We have a big tornado coming like in 2 minutes!
I will not leave man
Let me think that not passing the worst for you
Stop it!
Stop it, release these things!
We're right on the parking of trailers
reading data running
Erratic readings
No stay close
We'll have to find the heart of this sucker
Hey, that's my truck!
If he runs like I think I can take pictures of him coming and iendose
We are in position now
The data are rare
Care Tommy!
Dana Tell me, tell me
Professor treatment still no response ...
What I said? This eddy was not going to kill Tommy Tornado
Sorry friends, I think I scared. Gone are the danger?
Now it was the danger
Hello ...
Doc! They are alive!
Faith ...
Tell me you got the data?
We have a small registration codes a small airplane lack of focus
I have all the data you need a teacher, with my 2 eyes
I was in front and in person prior to this storm in Chicago
do you know?
It's like kissing, love
I do not do both in the same way?
Other than that, I have a pacifier for the last
I agree with that Faith
Do not know if it was category 6, but when it was under him, it felt like the sky falling
If the storm follows its course Chicago, Buffalo is next on the menu
Professor ...
It seems we have another big event in the Caribbean
Please tell me you are not going to unite?
Miami says that if and when they do ...
You go north
Son of a bitch
You must be kidding Ross. Melody, give me the numbers of shares of the satellite.
Hey, I gotta go
Ross, you storm, you think to join a major hurricane?
Chief, we have no reserve
If another storm hits us need a FEMA to save the FEMA
Hell, I picked a bad time for my promotion
You can feel it?
Life, the spirit, the energy it says ...
Nothing can stop me!
When you hear the tragedy of the poison frogs in the museum, was called "the plague"
I laughed
Now ... assault with a fly
Perhaps you are really plagues the Lord
You are right here in the good book;
Exodus 10.6
And flies filled the house of their official
Another devastating storm is directed to Buffalo, NY
Severe weather killed thousands in Asia
What more can be saying the Lord?
Fate: "come to me, do not wait another minute"
What Penny and I ...
Folks, as always Danny says:
Once the Lord knows that we trust him
We have nothing to fear
Teach your face, tell him what they can
I have something to teach
From a believing soul
You know what's here friends?
Deeds of home ... if
I'm sure I have my house in the sky
I bless you, you will be saved
Oh Danny, lead us in a song of victory
... It is a crime, are donations
Why not leave people wake up in God's purpose?
Be afraid. Let's talk about fear
Oh please
At least talk about the flies
Someone opened a box of bugs
A few flies flew and thousands already believe
If we do this right, hundreds of thousands of people return to God
Are you crazy?
There may be a federal investigation
You get up Danny
You pray an hour and work on your sermon by two
And give handshakes for photos
Do you think the rest happens by magic here?
I'm evaluating what you do ...
Then stop acting like yourself and not what God tells us to do
This is not a divine punishment, global warming is a human act
You're so afraid to face that
The point of my church
To bring people to God's house
And deliver them from their fears so they can meet the challenge of their lives
Well, it's easy for you to say, you've never been scared in your life
But for many people, is all that we mean
We have to undo the damage Penny
We have ponerno on the line for our beliefs
are you talking about?
I'm going to the storm
I'm going to preach under the enormous force
And not because we fear we will be in the hands of the Lord
We'll do this together, and he is also
Penny, let me tell you that was my idea flies
No, no, all is well
Just that Danny and I have very different ideas of how to do the Lord's work
This is like the old days, you, me, cheap pizza
Yes, thank you for the rest
For half an hour we do like things are normal
We were once normal
Normal is spent
We had a special brand of normal
Yes, abnormal
That was bad
What is this?
Miss Carr, Dr Duffy ...
Andreas Kisser of WGBC
We have rumors that you are using FEMA funds
To aid climate research of Dr. Duffy. Is that true?
Yes, certainly. We must understand that we face to be ready
Dr Duffy, what evidence you have that everyone but you are wrong?
They were not wrong, it is true that at that time was critical, and I was too stubborn to realize
As I work now has a concern and consideration
It would be unfair to say that he brought on board to Dr. Duffy for her recent divorce?
And the fact that they were lovers in college?
You know? This interview ended
Florida called, the hurricane reached Category 5 Eduardo!
One more question ...
Your relationship is ...
As Florida prepares for a Category 5 hurricane to come ashore later today
All eyes are on the FEMA director and his surprise realianza with Dr. Ross Duffy
... would be unfair to say that Dr Duffy brought ...
... by his recent divorce? ...
... and the fact that they were lovers in college? ...
... you know, this interview was over ...
... answer the question is legitimate ...
That explains why they were worried that his story came to light
They thought that we never find out?
blushing FEMA director on national TV
What if you let me catch the people who laid the trap?
Well I ... I appreciate the impulse
If I see something that put all the talent of your weapon in game
What you need to do?
Tabanus Pontificia
West Fly horse
Do not fly here
Hettfield basically laughs at me, said that if we have the foxes
Why not also the bugs?
If it's any consolation, my editor laughed at me when I asked him to write a real story
What does that mean? We are doomed to mediocrity?
I like to think that the best thing for us is to come
Then why not spend our time enjoying it?
That's not so bad eh?
I'm going up pressure for us to climb to that baby
They do not pressurize the cabin for our comfort Col.
The team would like more
Cyclone 1 its hot data stream
Like the hurricane
Let me extend your view
Welcome to Florida, the team gets ready for disaster
Say your prayers Araya
To where we never have chance
Hurricane Eduardo
Dade County, Florida
Monitoring hurricanes
Dade County, Florida
I have covered many hurricanes, and I never saw something like this
Definitely Category 5
Sustained winds are 150 mph
If this is not hell on earth, not what is
The super storm that destroyed the Mount Rushmore
And now travels throughout the U.S. Northern
go directly to Buffalo, NY
The new FEMA director Judith Carr has already been criticized
By the way he has handled this disaster
Hong Kong
Let everyone everywhere thinking one thing:
What's next?
... the hurricane passes Eduardo North Miami ...
... the winds still impose ...
... Georgia and the Carolinas are ...
... I'm fine, I'm ok ...
I do not care if you have to kill someone to power is restored
Just do what is necessary and call me in when you're ready
What about breakfast?
You know? I've had enough of your work
You know, give details of your personal life at press conferences
Stuart, sorry, that was a long time
What are you doing?
If you have not noticed, the sky is falling and Ross and I tried to do something about
You know that's creating a lot of tension in your family
And what do unhappy to read, makes me unhappy to me
Stuart're not being fair about this
I want you to know that I have nothing to apologize
But ... sorry anyway
So you got caught
On camera, is all
It seems that we have the choice of Judith and I, for two
What do you mean?
We were in double quotes, I can tell you that you are interested
You're the one who stole her boyfriend
And now she wants to steal it back
The thing is that you two look so guilty
She made you think, right?
The Road Not Taken
I made my choice long ago
For a million reasons, was and still is the right decision
Why then sounds like you're trying to convince yourself?
All my life I have lived by the essence of things
And there are boundaries, limits, physical laws
There is no NF6 Tornado, or a storm category 6
And there's nothing certain right now
If you can be wrong on that, but can you be?
Billy has to be good
What is
As bad is the new good
Tommy nose itches just outside of Buffalo
I gotta go
Reverend Hall
It is truly an honor to have you here
Well thanks
Mrs Hall
Welcome to Buffalo, we are completely full tonight
I think people are really scared
But we are here to take away that fear, is not it?
If your computer is ready for a soundcheck, somo good at it
I do not disappoint Reverend
It's not about me, it's about people who need to receive the message
20 miles south of Buffalo
Both bridges are bottled
never make
They are more afraid of being hit by that I
Tell me something I do not know
If kept in water can give off the pier
Colonel Davis clog our target just two bridges in Buffalo
Where is it?
What the hell is he doing? We need data
We're throwing a little fuel, and we are coming
Look, if you wanted to make myself understood, you did
Shut her down, nor do the sound check
It is terrifying truth? This is exactly why we are here
I believe in the Lord, Penny
And also I think
Worry about those who care for them
A new baseball park has four types of lighting
It has its own weather station
And if the wind passes of 60, we cancel
Penny, you have to ask God for direction
I did
And the voice that answered said:
Teach her that there is nothing to fear
But fear itself
Oh, the sword of your membership
After I said that the flies were a plague from God
No more talk of these pests
Danny, God gave us all that well for us to walk by it
Better check it out back and prepares data transmission
... this is Cyclone 1 ...
We're ready Cyclone 1
Araya is transmitting now
Colonel, how long may it remain so?
So much as is necessary Doc
Get in the plane, is the only way out of here
Doc, what the hell is that?
Nothing ever seen before
What makes it so I think we
Want to shoot from here or nearby?
Close, since we got here
The pressure is extremely low, it is very cold
Dry as a Bone
Is the gas mixture
We still have the trigger?
He's coming!
I'm ready to be launched from here!
We have a severe wind shield
shield of wind?
So bad?
I am analyzing the data stream
Robert! You and Patrick actualicenme
Billy, where the hell is Tommy and Faith?
They're stuck right in the middle of it
We'll see if beg gives us everything we need?
You take this seriously true?
It's a rare thing. I like that!
It's really familiar
Tell me what is better than working in a bar?
Right now prefer serving drunks
... in a wind storm
And down the hill and said to the Lord
The parish is ours and sat down before Him And He said to them:
Where is your faith?
And I looked into his eyes
And they ran sweet tears of anger when he spoke:
"Arise ye, whose knees are shaking and his face dark and winged enemy"
And that's exactly the message we want to
A wind storm that test our cities
And our faith
Who will rise up with me now?
Oh God!
On this, my darkest hour
I stand before you
To honor the memory of Danny
A man whose named
It was more important than your life
A man that his life was his own message
God will welcome you
No matter how late in the game
I think the Lord took Danny so fast
As a sign
But if we take the Lord in our hearts
He will rise to heaven
Friends, we must now accept
That in fact we could be facing the end of days
Allow yourself to be ready all
As Danny was for the Lord
Storms, Disasters
The plagues of frogs and flies
What other signs that we must give the Lord?
Let's hold things we can not take the sky
Let us choose what we have to
What we have is to irrigate the message to our brothers and sisters wherever
Please let us pray ...
It seems that the Lord speaks through me today
And lit in grace
Thank you Monty, you understand
And I think that they, too, but there are many, many other deaf to the wishes of the Lord
As Farrel
If, as Farrel
What would it take to bring him here?
The death of the firstborn
Death ... firstborn
All fear. And that is what is making us into religion
A guy on the street gave me this
The news is less daunting
I hear a new crusade?
I have the interview with Penny Hall
So many drops filled the cup
That was my ticket
You should read what I wrote for the Global Orbit
It was so beautiful that Penny Hall called me in person
I had no idea you were so deviant
And do you call police?
Anyway, I tried to postpone it, but she insisted
She is in mourning but can not leave
Locked in the mourning for the husband
She is in the air making your research on frogs and flies, pests
It must be rolling over the poor Danny, where is
When I look in the eyes of this woman, see something very bad
When I look in the eyes of this woman, see a very good
You're sweating
I hold after
... it is very sad when you realize how many lives have been lost ...
... and still do not know where many of them, even those who are ...
... officials say it will be some time before they can be resolved. Maria ...
... from here it is almost impossible to imagine the power of the storm ...
... destroyed huge buildings ...
... and the small bag from their foundations ...
... these structures ...
That's in Buffalo?
The infrastructure is destroyed and the casualties are many
I have deployed all the resources we had left
That's what we need to talk, its time assistance Sevicio
Yes, since they present the possibility that Hurricane Eduardo struck the DC metropolitan area
Thank you, you are ready
You know politics, we need to protect military and political infrastructure
Yes, I know, I plan to make some changes
It's not about making changes, it's about caring for others
I thought that people were really, really hurt out there
This is hypothetical
DC is also a city of low line, with a groundswell and a hurricane on the way
That's "the" priority
Now, it is imperative that you and your people to ensure
That the government is kept in line
There is a petition Judith
What about Jim?
Congress has gone to a break of obedience
We are offering to evacuate
Families of all key personnel
That is left behind
Your name is on that list
Judith, it is critical that you perform your duties without personal distractions
No other personal distractions
I was leaving my family here
You have no family Jim
Yeah, well
Duffy's family is on that list?
I can not simply add fa ...
Your skills are key
To understand what is happening and save lives
For me, it's the most important person in the city now
I'm looking Billy
Looking and can not see
Leave some pessimism Doc
The race began when we received the 15 seconds of data
And Tommy and Faith did not release
Because I should be able to see, even with incomplete data
The shutter
Security hell
There should be a coalition in the data, in pieces
Some ... track
We're in it, we will solve
We're in a bad mood?
Because ... I ... I'm about to ruin your day
Jim wants to evacuate our families until the storm passes
Last week was "persona non grata" and am now essential personnel?
You would not be here if I did not think was right
I think under the circumstances we have no choice
Evacuate? Where?
The Hotel Los Enanitos Verdes
It is a military installation in West Virginia
Not for Me
This is not optional Stuart
This can be very dangerous, I need to save
Maybe I should make the decision
Not this time wrist
'll pack
Oh we read, look at the bright side, go with Stuart
Now I understand Judith
Please meet me
I just needed to leave the house
Do not worry
No, do not look at the camera
You are the happy moment of
Oh, you looked at the camera Read
Fuck you Peter
Want a car?
Why not go back to your limo and find someone who ...
If you really love her
You should try to improve
It's all right friends?
No problem,
we were just finishing
He's a little annoying
Why not go in separate directions?
I see you on the bus, murderer
I can not believe that idiot is also
Look, maybe we should relax
Billy, you can remove it?
Put that back
client Enough
Put the kettle back
It is the trigger which is composed of two elements
And one of them is us
About us, what that means?
Our power plants, cities, the violence of its heat
They generate direct termocolumnas that shoot into the air
They generate heat
But Ross, our factories and cities have spent years pumping heat into the atmosphere, hundreds of years
It's exactly what I had not thought
Can I turn this off?
Forget it
What if those columns of heat supplied from
Our air conditioners, cars
Not to mention the heat wave we have record-breaker for 5 years
What if all that heat rises and hits something more?
Something really cool
Have you ever heard of the mesosphere?
Yes, it is the coldest part of the atmosphere
Right, which is above our aircraft fly
Where the clouds are lost, there is cold, really cold
It's like minus 150 degrees
And you are supposed to contact where we live
But I think that our pumping greenhouse gases have sufficient energy
In the mesosphere and destabilized the hidroesternocleidos
What about the hidroesternocleidos?
This fall
These pieces of mesosphere fall all the time, but they do not notice
Unless they hit termocolumnas
When that happens you have a huge temperature difference
instant Tornado Alley
And when he adds a genuine bad weather, everything goes up several points in magnitude
You can test this?
The storm is moving northeast Chicago
One of the termocolumnas going to hit the falling pieces of mesosphere
And when it happens, we will be there to register
You go to where they will strike again assume?
I bet all of New York
There are 20 million stories in the city, but ours is the best: the weather
The sky really is falling
... as Washington prepares for the arrival of Hurricane Eduardo ...
... the first answers are already in action ...
... just now a spokesman for the White House assured us ...
... that all precautions have been taken to ensure ...
Look, guess who is going too?
Yes, I'm nervous
Listen, is only a few days, ok?
Come back, and the storm ends
You and I are going to spend much time together, like it or not
Portate well and take care ok?
Do not worry Dad, we will be
Greet your storm for me
Keep your head down
If Dad
I thought you'd like to have these
You always say you can not be an engineer but you descente top of the latest advances
You'll have much time
I do not know Ross, perhaps it is good
Give us the opportunity to think about what we really want
I did not thank you enough for what you wrote
I have many photographs of Danny, but
But I think the plasma as none of them
I guess ... you're a believer?
And you see the show often
To be honest, not
Best, is people like you who want to achieve
Perhaps you can help me do it
We have 30 000 National Guard soldiers, is positioned to aid
The tornado warnings have been given in 5 areas of New York
Dave gets this line with the emergency command NY
Look to see how much more it will take the National Guard
They have to be there before the storm
Felix, report it in 20 minutes
Billy, you have the connection with NY?
If, indeed
Faith, Tommy, Colonel Davies, remember
When the going gets rough, they must be guided by their own trial
Do not worry professor, this time we will have your full data set from 15 thousand feet
Colonel Davies, just ask him to fly to the edge of the hull of the aircraft safety
It's been done before
Well, remember ...
I need evidence on the ground and air
A complete cross section of the trigger
The termocolumnas up and hit the mesosphere fall
Ladies and Messrs
We are going to attach the sucker to our crystal ball
Do not move!
To your positions, we Move!
Keep down!
You go!
You, go now!
Come here!
You go!
I'm shitting fear
Take one of each family
Be seated!
You go!
She stays in ....!
Let's move!
Come on!
Shut up!
Keep it moving!
Come on!
The storm is split and its worst threat Manhattan
But even if they leave the city, each artery to enter or exit is congested and traffic is impossible
So the orders are to shoot to kill
Are you sure it's around here?
'm From Oklahoma, but the answer is yes
It's so
Repent, the end is near
You have no idea what is coming
Luckily for him to do more good than he does
Control, estamos en contacto
Come, come, we need that data
Guys, we have tornadoes
Let New York
Show me how strong you are
What you reading?
If we launch in the next 10 minutes will be many
Preparemoslo there
Guys, I have 2 ... I
I have 5, this is huge
The storm that is about NY, not only hits the city with full force
But now we have reports of massive waves that are directed to the city
There is this supposed to happen. What the hell is happening?
Lance this thing and get out of here!
Oh my God
Up there!
Tommy care!
That was the last rocket
Faith, we have a job to do
Let's make this count
Come on baby, do not give up now
The clock on the air pressure is spinning Sr
I know Araya
Then we should do something about
I keep the bird in one piece, you keeping your data running
The power is down
Scans Navigation System
Right now in the midst of this?
There's Something About Coronel
The left generator fell
Look stabilization, will be a hard journey
Hold Drive
I try to make the record, but the memory is blank
Dr. Ross, we have electronic failures, including data acquisition
Colonel, any chance you can do something?
We are a dead stick for now
We have finished data rockets out of the oven
We have 3500 feet
We have 6000 feet
I hope you take that
Altitude 15 000 feet
Full Details
No errors
Tommy, tell Faith, we have
I have
You need to see this
Si ...
Judith ...
Ross ...
We have perfect data from the rocket, not Davis but still ...
Ross, just called the license file?
They put the alert, a storm south bend North
Think hurricane strikes the Eduardo
Ross ...
How bad is it?
Judith ...
If these two storms are directed to the DC and its direct termocolumna the mesosphere
No talk Category 6
This is category 7
When a storm hit unprecedented San Luis and Las Vegas in the past 2 weeks, was called coincidence
When a storm of Category 6 for 1st time reported
Destroy Chicago is called a storm every 500 years
But these terms are wrong in recent days,
When a 500-year storm, after another, hit
But the devastation of yesterday, here in NY
No questions left for the sun is coming out today in a very different world
global disasters we have been stretched to the limit
Local resources are depleted and energy services to breaking point
Increasing people around the world to kneel and pray for deliverance
The question that everyone is doing now:
If these storms do not stop, is this the end?
And nowhere is this more urgent question in our nation's capital
At night, Hurricane Eduardo, accelerated its pace toward Washington DC
The storm in NY, is moving in the same direction
Although we hope predictions Defining National Weather Service
You can find these 2 monster storms in Washington?
God help us
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Remind them assured me that Florida would not have a hurricane on top of the Capitol, before lunch
So if you give me a forecast a little bit before that happens, I really appreciate
Ok, please tell me what you answer?
The stage is so rapid evacuation to nuclear attack
So the basic plan is ...
Geological studies show that we can not send anyone to the south or east
I'd be right in the path of the hurricane or in these huge areas of possible flooding
The only higher areas are the north and west
Right in the path of the storm NY
... Melody, line 3 ...
Melody Chen ...
The center of storm forecasts and the weather service, together
And then when you know?
Listen, I'm the first call
They do not know if the storm will hit the NY DC
What is not good news but at least it's not bad
What we do know is we have a violent storm upon us
So obviously we can not rest
50 miles south of New York
Do not you love NY?
Freedom Ms. machacarte tried with his torch
Looking death in the eye does not make your heart keep beating?
My heart works perfectly without that give these shocks
Well, at least we have the data provided
And now ... is time to ...
The crazy world of Tommy Tornado weather!
And that's a howl improved?
Oh, you will not get hurt. When Tommy becomes entangled with the tornado,
It's like a dance ... like a waltz
I mean ... you can call it intimate
The best part ... have to live all the sexy
Time and again
Someone once said that these mentally unbalanced?
Once every day and twice on Sundays
What is a little hard to believe since ...
I'm still standing but I'm still here!
No evacuation was declared officially
The highways are congested Dc
Well, people flee Hurricane Eduardo
This is the thing, aguantaremos firm
Federal Protective Sevices
Washington DC
Some of the facilities will be used as a shelter protect
So I have work cut out
Queensryche, you coordinate the tasks
Go out for a few hours there will be very windy for walking
Carr ..
Te reallocated to the Secret Service, they need help
apparently they were moving their families out of town VIP
And one of the buses disappeared
My nephew was being evacuated
The force of Secret Service men asked, I thought you wanted to go
Roger Sr
Help ... please
Are you OK? What happened?
My daughter ...
They took my daughter
Come on, move, everybody, now!
Keep it moving!
Tamper there, let's go!
Move, move, go!
Come on!
Do not move a muscle! Come on!
Come on!
11 were all abducted children and the eldest in their families
Who took responsibility
No one who knows anything know
Follow in the report of the victims from the scene
And the son of Judith Carr is one of the abducted
DC is about to be beaten by a hurricane
There is a federal emergency that needs attention without distractions
So do not call Jim
If asked, say that for security reasons there is interference to cellular
Your son was kidnapped!
The work we will do
When you have something to know, one way or another, it will be updated
Objection noted, you have your orders
It is a little early to orinarte in your cage?
The first thing to do in an emergency Peter, is to know your resources
Your mom taught you that?
I guess if
You know I like that you are ready to be a scout, Stuart, really
But this is not about you
No one kidnaps the son of the director of FEMA
They go after important targets
So if it's me, I'll decide to do
What are you doing exactly?
Working on it
It is recommended to be home and away from windows
Hurricane Eduardo is expected to hit in an hour
Francis, hang, go home
I'm Just because you can bet that the next election until the last of my constituents
You'll know that I threw ashore
And the fact that both children are resisting his here has nothing to do?
Go, go where you do some good
And if my calculations failed, accidentally sacrifice my life for my country ...
I'll see your photo on the front
Thanks dear
Good luck Mr.
Laboratory of extreme weather
I just hang with each agency in this country weather
And they all agree that massive storms definitely not collide 2
You are wrong. I analyze data from Tommy and Faith
Not only the storm strikes the hurricane NY
But it will just above the DC
How come all but you are wrong?
They would be correct if a storm studying for 15 years
But it is
Judith, you have to give the order to evacuate
I can not do that at this level of play
will spread panic in the city
Judith, there is no city
Not only is the most vicious storm I've ever seen
But will collide with a Category 5 hurricane
You're going to stack just above the mass termocolumna DC
All this power will feed Diected to tornadoes
This will not be category 6, will be category 7
Ross not give me options, I need options
Judith, the DOC will look as if he had beaten a nuclear device
I personally think he is underestimating
Ministers Hall
Do not cry my dear, the Lord will provide
I can not stay with you much as I wanted
tods we will stay, care for our neighbors at home
... Hurricane Eduardo struck off the coast of Florida almost apocalyptic forces ...
... like nothing seen, many meteorologists compare the strength of this storm ...
A storm of the devil?
The end of the world
My dear, it's time you are with your family
Monty, I have not seen Paul and Gene has a long, are safe?
They went
It's time to go for you too
This is my home, I do not ...
You are so full of faith
But here there is flood risk
I'm not afraid Penny
I know, I was
But really ...
I really have no fear Penny
One way or another the Lord comes to take
are you talking about?
The End of Days, as you say
I did not say that
If you did
You said that many were deaf to the words of the Lord
And the final act of God to convert unbelievers
Monty, whatever I said, whatever you heard
It's not the end of days
Be Prepared
Farewell dear
I'll see you later
Monty ...
What have you done?
Only the Lord's work
I will pray
For both
All systems are back online
We set all of this with gum and Goldy but ...
I guess it works
You can talk to air pilot now, no Araya?
The reading of data is ready?
If Sr, 5 by 5
Mad dog, this is Cyclone 1, we're back, we have a new toy and I think they'll like
I got it, ok
Dr. Rammsteim has a new idea: the sled data
Look at this, I will teach
Basically it's a small sled that drop behind the plane with 5 miles of fiber cable
Where giant storms
What they do is speed up the bird to say ... 2.5
And then make a turn at high speed
The sled is his way, like giving a lash
So you can send this baby ...
Where no man would go, right into the heart of the storm
Great, let's hope that works
I gotta go
Listen, I tried to call Gail on her cell. You've heard of Stuart?
Jim says there is interference to cellular
Some of the security, but I will make sure that Gail has access to a line
That will be fine
It was probably a good idea to send
See you later
notice anything unusual in the voices of the hijacked '
Accents, impediments, some unusual name?
No, I told all the other agent
I know Ms. Duffy, I apologize
We have to assemble all the pieces, it is crucial to remember
Sure he does not remember the faces of the hijackers before putting on masks?
I need to call my husband
Right now, every minute is crucial in our research
For the safe return of her daughter, this is a closure
No one outside knows about this yet
It says here that you oversaw engineering at the GSA
Had any unusual interaction with the ...
Perhaps you can return at a time
Thank God
Hi Gail
3 minutes
I also took Stuart
Why did not you tell them when asked?
Stuart began fighting
And beat him. Judith knows?
Bridget, where are you?
Kevin can you hear me?
Something very bad is happening here
... Bridget ...
I can not hear you
Go to my office, there is a shelter to ride out the storm
My nephew has been kidnapped with 10 other guys
What? Oh my God, that's terrible
Look, I gotta go
Call me as soon as you arrive at the office
Kevin thou also beware
At midnight, the angel of death came to Egypt
And he killed the firstborn
Tracking Storm North
153 miles north of Washington DC
O my nose is screwed up smoking so much grass
I think we have tornadoes festival
Ok Tommy, wait
Billy, tracks the satellite images around Hershey, Pennsylvania
We have data coming
Good news Tommy, you have a hot spot
Tommy, you see a tornado in there?
Why? Got a receiving antenna of tornadoes there?
We have a large column of steam, leaving the plant nueclear
Billy, start calling and do not stop until you finish
I'm in this
Good thinking
Maybe we should make the visit
Just in case, you know?
Tommy is on the way, try to shut down nuclear plant
But first we want to prove what makes trigger, before cutting the termocolumna
I'll be in in a minute Pensilvannia as Doc
I dropped the sledge
If we get the proof we need, this part of the data must operate
Sled fully deployed
Cyclone 1 will contact the perimeter in 30 sec
Oh, that's new
15 sec Colonel release point
Here comes
If you arrive subsided a bit safer
Have you any idea of the time it takes to shut down a nuclear plant?
I have no idea
Ross, I have something like the ideal approach
Colonel, how long it will take another route set?
The fastest turn lead me to Virginia, maybe 3 minutes
That's too much, what we do now, ugly or not
Stop, restricted area!
Do not shoot, we are the threat! That's the threat!
5 seconds
Ross, the plant should be shut down right now
Entering data sled SR-71
Cyclone 1, made contact
We lost the data flow
I think that came off the sled
What God take confessed
This plane does not have health
This is Cyclone 1, we lost the sled data
She cut data reading
But Doc, I see ...
If this is DC, we must find a new capital
Satellite Meteorological Anstar
If it's any consolation Doc, I'm sure I saw the trigger this time
Well, the thing measured miles
And it comes down from above
We will need another data sleigh
sleigh No other data
But that does not matter, your storm is like an explosion in a minefield
What then? It can not fly within that
Well, "I can not" is a strong word
That's why I still have pilot rather than computer-guided system
Colonel, I appreciate your gesture of "death before dishonor"
But I'm not in the business of dispatching suicide bombers
So I can not get the data
Give me back to the vector database
This is probably
Because many times you hit my head Colonel
I will miss you chase storms
We finished it?
I also was a pleasure flying with you Araya
Billy, you can put the thermal image with the radar
Sorry, I think I did wrong
No, no, you did
That was exactly what happened without you propose
Put a disc
The good news is that people go to shelters instead of going out of town
The bad news is that the shelters are copados
You gotta see this
Its a combination of thermal imaging and the storm
The thermal column converge here
And then the storm converge, you can activate the trigger
And then you can also turn it off, pull the chestnuts out of fire
Nothing has to explode
We have to turn off the thermal column
Right, here in DC
Cut the power, everything, cars, electricity
Let us beat the heat storm without falling pieces hit the mesosphere
Do not be the end of the world
Judith, we can do to turn the storm
I know this is perfectly clear to you Ross
But you have to convince others that it is not a coincidence
Is not!
You can try that?
Because I have to have proof
Cut the city power when approached by a monster hurricane, causing some disaster
I need hard evidence
Not a data wheel entangled that no politician would understand
... this video was delivered anonymously to our studio ...
... 20 minutes ago ...
... do not know but anything beyond what it says on the tape ...
"and came to pass, that at midnight, the Lord hit hard on the firstborn"
The end of days arrived "
Why did not you tell me ray? Interference of cellular? Stupid pig
I know Judith is unforgivable
You do not know
What happened? Where are you?
The Secret Service continues to work at the crime scene
Who has them?
Do not know
The tape and saw that I assume is the first communication we have
Since when did you know?
We believe that their children are in the city
The ambulance that had carried the GPS enabled
Then can track
No one knew, all we know is that ever came out of DC
No chance you'll screw with storms?
We have run the numbers many times, are about to collide
I need to be kept at work, both
It is true, must stay
They lied to us, they do not owe anything
We owe it to Stuart, Leah and the rest of those guys
We need to bring them, but first they must survive this storm of Category 7
And the only people in this town who can do something about it are 2 pcs
And it came to pass that at midnight the Lord struck the firstborn force. Y. .. "The End of Days has arrived"
What has he done?
It was my idea, he misunderstood me
He who? Where are the children?
Him .. God, I do not know
Where's Monty hides? Are there any place here?
No. .. I saw the tape, so there's nothing here
I have your attention for a moment?
I think Dr Duffy's research is correct
And they say that 2 storms
slamming on the DC
In a few hours
And that will be catastrophic
So do not ask them to stay
When there is no guarantee that they are safe
Here or elsewhere
There are possibilities, so I'll try
For those who decide to stay, I am grateful
For those who decide to leave, I understand
Just tell them do it quickly
Look to your families and go to shelter
Honey, you stay here, is the safest place for you
No, I'm going to risk
Ross ...
If you remove the current need irrefutable evidence
has it
Khudhair, I have to go
I'm going to find and bring him back
I need you make sure you bring back to the city also
I was stunned
Let me pray with you
The end of days
If Monty, the final
I'm glad you face together
Do you think there is love in heaven or evil?
Think you'll be rewarded for the things you did on earth?
Perhaps some are lucky
But not you
You did a terrible thing
And it was worse if you did it for the Lord
But He, He told me
He speaks through thee
No Monty!
You heard what you wanted to hear
Now listen, you have committed a grave sin
And you will be punished
Because if you were worried about one thing Monty
The end of days, and you are guilty of:
Of envy, lust
You only hope is to repent Monty
Tell me where are the children, and then and only then
I help you out of this hell that you made for yourself
The worst thing about your hell Monty
It is that I will be there with you
Guilty of lust
And you are with me
You're the temptation
But I will not go to hell Penny
Monty was supposed to be communicated half hour ago
We will not do anything until we hear from him
If things go according to plan, there are no guarantees that we pay
Things have already changed
Since we were stupid enough to take the job in this storm
I'm sure that if we leave that we can convince Monty to pay more
Of course
We did the work, as he wanted
We won in numbers
And we're going to try to force them?
No, we're 11, assuming you join the fight
No, no way. I have a better idea
The stress would be too, for you
Sure you do not talk to you?
Perhaps asthma, some heart
I want to keep body and mind together
And that's what you'll see the guards when they come through that door
And when they do, we jump
That's ridiculous
So is dying
Who's with me?!
That's democracy
And now you'll be the decoy
I do not think
And what is the point then?
The point is to see a pretty girl lying on the ground
Do not think it's a trick
You and I know
Hurricane Eduardo moves through the DC now
The National Guard units are trying to get people in the street
But all indications are that the brunt of the storm is yet to come
To what boss needs me
I need to go and work with Billy
To make information packets that include the theory of Ross
But put it in simple terms and sent it to my dad
If we remove the energy, he has a backup generator
The best in DC, hoping to do something
I'm in it
We have some information I need to leave?
What exit?
In case that the DC did not survive the storm
Tomorrow morning, every city on the planet will know what happened here
I need your help to spread the word
every capital, every urban area with a population over one million
You have this huge termocolumna that interacts with the mesosphere
You have to bring it to light
Base of the Air Force at Randolph
San Antonio, Texas
Mary Jane
I'm so glad you came
Someone not miss it for nothing
Hi Captain Bob
How are you?
Come here
Well, you did to convince them to let you reassemble the bird
Well, sometimes experience beats youth, meteorological research
Hey, someone told you that flying is the best thing you can do man?
You did
I did?
Well Captain Bob, I was wrong
The best thing I did
It's become a grandfather yours
And things like that
Storm of NY
Where's Dad who sits behind you?
He will not go on this mission
There are millions of lives at stake, I have to go
Come here
I'm glad we could see
My I'm glad more
Cameron, want a soda?
Go ahead, we will follow
Bridget, where are you?
Kevin ...
I am in the church
He kidnapped some guys are not where
Answer me
Hello is Bridget, leave a message
Tracking Storm North
40 miles north of Washington DC
It's humble know?
No matter how big you are, there is something even bigger
You're humble?
Well it was generally
film that
Next time, do not seek a place built by the 3 Little Pigs
Why say that?
I'm getting close to the goal
You can prepare the records
Colonel, not like ...
Director Carr, with your permission, the best moments of my life have been up here
And I hope that today will be another entirely
I have to say thanks
Thanks for the way to prove this
When you like, whenever you like
Dr, I am 15 seconds to penetrate the wall of the storm
Any idea how big it is?
No more than one thousand meters
Turning on the data channel
The scan shows wind speed of 400 mph. How he can fly out of that?
Can not
I'm in the hole
Dr. .. O God, we contact?
Diganme when I have, whenever they want,
When you like
I have!
Cyclone one is in the database
Thanks Colonel, thanks
Mission ... mission accomplished
Contact lost
Ross ...
Please tell me that Colonel Davis did not die for nothing?
We have, on the disc
Davis has it
The process is complete
Off the heat of the DC is the key
Maintain the storm without going off the scale
It's like a switch it on and we can turn it off
It's funny that I knew all the time
Ross, you and I will have to convince Horst
How would we write this data to something that neither can ignore?
We have hours Ross
This is not science high school
How many hours?
3, no more
Well, do it while ...
We will try Buffalo's horse accept the truth
When there is still time to make a difference
Bring this information to Senator Carr
And Dan ... in the next 20 minutes ...
Maybe you're the world's largest
And if they do not, you deserve the pay increase
It's a shame we live it
That door is a temptation, right?
The reconnaissance aircraft gave us new data
I can say conclusively that the 2 storms will stop on the DC
I can not say I'm happy to hear that
But as we can not evacuate ...
The data show conclusively that the storms combined
They will be far worse than anything we've seen
to end DC
According to you
No, Mr. .. we have data
And as soon as the National Weather Service will be saying the same thing
Judith, you're saying we have to evacuate anyway?
No, that alone would increase fatalities
We are looking for an option here
And the sooner the better
We have to cut the energy of the city
That's impossible, there are hospitals, law enforcement
Infrastructure critical of government, the panic only cost us ...
The destruction that these storms are just causes
When the heat rising plume intercepts with them
That was what destroyed Chicago, Paris, Vegas, Giza, NY
And that's what will happen here
Yes, unless you turn off power now
I shall consider this to
No time for consideration
They're looking at two scenarios immediate here
Turn off the power, cut the termocolumna
Give the city a last chance
I can not order something so irresponsible, just because you are convinced by your old boyfriend
No offense to the logic of Ross
Data still being processed
Since when has any firm conclusions Duffy?
Damn, the data is here in my hands
And if you were smart enough, I would know in a sec
I am sure
you certain
And I'm sure of one thing
This day will pass and of course with a high degree of devastation
At that point the only important question will be:
If we act and make it worse. Just leave it as is
The climate is not anyone's fault
Stupid bastard
You know? If you cut the power,
And save the DC
There'll be many questions why we continue pumping all that crap into the atmosphere
In an industry that gave his heart and wallet
As the Secretary for the safety of the nation command power is cut
My greatest weakness
Because people have illusions
I have the approval of President
You're fired
I still know nothing
Above all, listen up!
Everyone has done tremendous work
It's not safe to be here
So please take my thanks and will take care of their own
Please go to shelters
You also
Yes, outside
You're kidding? I built this system from the ground
I installed these terminals connect those cables
Update these motherboards
You do not get out much right?
Abelardito you calling me?
Both two, out!
No, and I say more ...
When this is over, if we are not finished looking vamsoa Horst's house and stoning
Billy ...
I want to stone the house Horst
Well, well, let's leave the estate and return to save the world
how long to wait for Monty?
I'll tell you, if you do not like it ...
You can beat it, share your party
Just talking, do not know how this place will endure
He has a point, we need a plan if Monty does not aparesca
The plan is: Do not be stupid, just the wind blows poque
If there is a place to be safe from the storm is this building
Not because you're so impatient
That's your theory? Hiding in a corner until it's all over?
Above all, use it!
Teach them that we are made
Look to see why the hell these children make so much noise?
And if you move from ready, make sure you do not try again
And what's your excuse for still being here?
Some even pretend that we are all here
Horst you volunteered for that?
No, you are well and safe poker White House
I said the bunker was in this area
You told me to prepare a video conference
You know, to wave a flag
You are about to become the first presecretario that meet your creator live on tv
You're doing an excellent job back kissing
I have a few minutes alive right now
Got something you want to say?
Also try to lose your job?
Some of it
Shut up there!
You, come into the other room!
You too, Move!
I think he has an attack
I do not think breathing
Ok, back, get away from it. The two, against the wall!
Come on, Move!
back! Do not even think
You are more brilliant ideas?
What the hell happened?
It was a trap. They saw my face
I really saw
saw me straight to the face
And what about you? You were the boss
Before the cagaras
I had a bad feeling from the beginning
I will make sure these kids do not do that again
not succeed
If Monty does not come with money
We will have a serious, serious problem
Senator Carr
It was time
If this goes, can make all the difference in the world
It is literally true Sr
We are seeing the same weather patterns throughout the atmosphere of North
Here are the data
So my first call is the head of the European Union
Go home to your family's son, thanks
Thank you Mr.
... and now, a special report from the White House ...
Less than an hour
The director of FEMA sent to the White House crucial information
That will greatly reduce the damage to the city
Jim ...
Thanks Evan, good afternoon
I do not speak as
Secretary for the security of the nation
I have been relieved of my duties to maintain
The interests of the people above personal interests
And a. ..
I do not have the power to cut energy
The Ladies and Messrs urge to do so yourself
The best chance of salvation is in your hands
That noble
Marty ...
That came out?
Some people like to keep their jobs
You're not the only one who thinks
Perhaps you are in church, but if you think ...
Just look outside, the Lord comes to test your soul
No, I do not
But if I understand
Monty, I understand that this is your proof
That's why these children raptaste
The firstborn. I do not understand
What did you do that was so bad?
Why did you have to work so hard for forgiveness?
It was really Penny
You have no right to talk about it
But I have to, Monty, I do
Because she's the reason you're here
For her I am here
that these children are where they are?
Can not say where they are
I understand that Penny was a temptation
She was a beautiful woman
She was a prostitute
People can be good and bad at the same time
As you
Me too. And we can be forgiven
This is not about forgiveness, this is about doomsday
Because God has everything solved
It was in medieval times
They captured the city
It's about like deciding who or
If you do not think any good
They were all killed
For God will know his own!
You do not go to hell Monty
I'm in hell
And I want out
I'm pointing at you, and your not me, it do not want to hurt
No I will not do, God will
Now that gun down before you send this miserable sinner to hell
Download it!
Pateala away
Just, just not ...
You're right Monty
You're right
They never doubted
What are you doing?
I want to send first
I have nothing to fear
You try to make me commit a sin
I murdered Penny, what does another
Do not want to hurt
I want to go first
for the Lord will judge my soul, and when it does
burn in hell for what you have done
There's still time Monty
Tell me where are the children?
Without faith you fear death
How can we be in life on earth?
Aqueducts Albear
A water treatment plant
Bridget, we gotta go
We'd better go to a shelter
That's the 1st reason to believe that these sane in the last 600 miles. Let
I'm talking about you, not me
This is. This is what I wanted all my life
You do not have a life but go with me to a shelter now
I have to do what I do
You know Faith? I've always been alone in this
I would have gone with you
I'll let you know how it be in the forefront
Tommy, you're going to die out there
a tornado is approaching, evacuate now, go!
There comes a tornado, go, go!
a tornado is approaching, all the shelter, go!
Go to my office, asked Carson Captain Chairs
He will take the refuge
No leave me!
Bridget, I have to look at Stuart
I want to go to that shelter!
Then you come back for
I hope you succeed!
Over here
Move, go!
The National Weather Service confirms that Washington DC
It is now in the eye of the storm
With many of the key buildings now destroyed
The National Guard is using the little break from the storm
To make all safe in the shelters before the eye wall hit
And when the storm finally North clash with Hurricane
bets are closed
As the city prepares for a never before seen
Superstorm of category 7
Mr. Secretary, Jim
It is my fate is not dead
That's departure
One step forward, two steps back
Welcome to DC
I think we turn the eye of the hurricane
Now is when all hell broke loose
When storms collide will be category 7
All your fury unleashed
Please stop talking like the Discovery Channel
Ross ...
I can not locate Jim, the report says the whole White House was
You're saying that even if I end this presentation together ...
We may not have human structure to receive
No one on the boat
Nor is there anyone to stop
You have some information from the electric key routes into the city?
Enough to know who we can get cooperation from ...
You just need cooperation when planning a controlled shutdown
turn my trigger in a blackout?
Judith, if you can find a weak link, I can help put out
weak link? Call my dad again
To cut energy ... that would be less work
If they had not many companies with hands on the switch
If it were easy, Daddy, he had done
The Department of Energy is our best bet
This is Senator Ryan Carr
I need to speak urgently with Scotty Owen
You got Judith
I got it, the transformers of the union of Anacostia
345 to 138 kilovolts
Owen says that the weak link
I do not understand how it works but he says that if we lose that
All metropolitan mains off
It's basically supply demand
If you cut off the supply at the junction of the Anacostia
So the rest of the system can not carry the energy required
And the whole thing off before it exploded
What causes it turns off?
I think we better find out what
Dad, do not go to prove that you really are deadly
I really do not want to know
Considering the circumstances
I know this sounds ridiculous but
It's nice to know that my children still need me
Come Judith, answer the phone
The storm is already looking for reinforcements
I need someone to monitor the satellite's thermal imaging Ghost 12
And stay here with the storm
figured I have enough 1.5 degrees
Below the average temperature to keep the storm without breaking the city
But I have to have someone to continue checking the temperature
And I sent it to my laptop
We can not ask someone else to deal with that?
We are not officially allowed to do this
Doc ..
Apunteme for the journey of death
In order to achieve that we leave the city in blackout
He's still working on it
The last of the nightmare scenarios for local emergency workers
A temporary shelter that had thousands of people
It was tragically beaten by a tornado and collapsed
The new bases will be at the DC Armory
Only minutes into the second eye wall hit
Many shelters are beyond their capacity
No one knows what will happen to all people
To remain in the streets
And that do not meet safe
Sit down, this tire only
I saw the guy's face
Somo a danger to him, we must leave here
Before you decide to do something about
You're trying to get us out of here since we
Well, enough
Your ears feel weird?
I think the atmosphere is changing
You think you're creating a vacuum here?
No, but it's a hurricane
There are low-pressure
All the air is sucked out of the building
If the air can go, we also
Let's move those barrels, come here
Take one apiece, up we go!
Sit in the front row gives you a sore neck
Look at Faith! Nobody has seen this before
Now everyone is running
Scared, no one stops and just ...
The lets
We will die if we stay here
I still do not understand it?
I was touched
I know something happened and made you think you're immortal
Even if you are immortal, I do not
So maybe let me escort you out of here
We can always rebuild this city if left in ruins
But you can not rebuild without you my heart
From the east, is only a bridge on the route still open
Termocolumnas ... assumed that the storm gave us hard with all that hot air in Washington
Talking hot air king in person
Yes, I said things and even some things that would not have said
Put all the attention on out of here
There will be other opportunities
If I fail, I hate my mom's roast
At least you get that chest
I collect sweets targetas
Actually the theft of candy from other
You smell that?
If it is gas
Come on
Union Anacostia
Kevin ...
Judith, where are your kids
All I know is that they are in Aqueduct Albear
The water treatment facility in Palatine
Where are you?
Just passing the 5th, arriving at Bloomingdale's
We're closer to where you are
Then go now, I find there
You go, I stay
This is what I do best
you sure?
Yes, both
Kevin, we are on track, but hurry, I need you there
Here are registering thermal readings of the city
If the temperature drops to 79.2, you did
Go get our daughter
Monty does not come, we must leave here
What will we do with them?
Many people will die today
No one's fault
You two, go look
They went through ventilation
follow him. Let
Go round the back
Can I help you?
Hello ... I ...
I'm Gail Duffy ...
Who are you?
'm Ted Hanneman
You can take me to the control room, I am a ...
I know who is
I read your article about the energy problems in the new millennium
Well Ted, we have a new energy problem now
Can you take me to the control room
We hack the authorization to the satellite
We got termoimgenes DC every 3 minutes
It has lots of megabytes, so go satellite
All I have to do is press this little button and we are totally ...
Offline. What?
The serial ata pericandril Online
How? Why?
I have arranged a million times but continues to break
You know where he is?
I know
I need some kind of authorization
They've all gone
If we hesitate, be too late
Listen to me, yesterday my only child was kidnapped
So you think you would actually stop here
Talking to a complete stranger, so that
Go against professional instincts, if not know that I am right
They are not here, but may not have gone far
Come on!
Ok, find the exit
The wind comes from there
Why not follow the last and you make sure that any should perish?
Why not follow you at last?
Just do it ok?
The espetculo must continue
So she bought a stairway to heaven, la la lala
79.2 is the magic number that sparks storm
We have to keep the temperature below and do so fast
I bulsitis and garlic is making me no end, is as fast as I can
I guess someone is sending satellite data
And it will continue until the target demos
Ok, we are within
Can not hear yet, but I'm en route
If you try to go back, there will
Ok guys, come here. Just stay there
You know, when you put tremendous thing male companion
Do not want to be like the singer Pink
And if not open more problems if we leave this building
You know what? I'm glad you two get along, really
But if not silent, they will kill us all
I was thinking
I can not help thinking that cut energy
And what about Stuart and Lea are in a place where they need it?
Well, I hope this is paranoia, not who speaks instuicin
Because if we do not cut energy
The storm is going to kill everyone in the city
Let's end this
2 guards
What if Peter used to bait?
It's a good idea
Excuse me?
All, we
It is hidden, so that we continue to guard us
When they do, they are sure that they were
They all go ok? Below
This is the number of my uncle, tell where we are
If they can find shelter, just wait here
Stay in the corner, hide in
This is a stupid idea
You've always wanted to be the leader Peter, when it's easy. But for once in your life ...
Shut up dummy
There they are!
All I needed was to have done a bit of pumping iron
Billy, no matter what you are, you're all a genius in this
Well, I'm just being paranoid
There's nothing to worry about, the old Billy has managed this a thousand times
Ted, later, turn off the first bank?
District 6 out of service
Billy, the line is fixed!
What are you doing up there?!
Just give you the opportunity to risk your life for another
Another what?
Yo, Melody!
My arm got stuck
Please help me! "
What are you doing?
Trust me
Wait, where's Peter?
They're in the hall, catch!
I'm on it
Better wait here, I will download
Peter, are you okay?
I think I broke my leg
Hey! Stop!
Hide Stuart
Do not move
Let's Move
Stay here and try not to annoy but nothing
80.6 is not fast enough
The 42 is blocked
We'll go by 21na
Ross careful!
This is Senator Ryan Carr, Washington DC
I'm trying to get the word out to as many nations as possible
To avoid suffering the devastation we are now moving
We have scientific evidence that a total blackout of the city
It is the only way to cancel the timer
A summary of this research
It's on its way to you ... now
Ross ...
Come on Ross, wake
Wake Ross. Wake up!
We have to get out of here
Judith ...
Kevin hit us a banner
Ross is unconscious and can not get him out of here
And the car is filling with smoke
Wait, I'm coming
As fast as I can
Come here!
We have one of the girls
Find the others
I launched into the sky
In an ocean of air
I suppose that the ladder is not an option
This is falling!
Shut up, I'm thinking
Please tell me why you're so smart as you are good?
No I meant, I'm hallucinating
Do not you mean that? Best Repeat if you want to save you
You're so good! "
Well then
What's this? The Crouching tigger hidden and Billy?
Watch and learn, I am not eternal
You made me go for this
Well, I just could not wait to see you, missed you
Half of the city is off. What is the reading now?
It is not enough
We must continue
Shutdown procedure unsafe
All personnel evacuate
Ross ...
power generation plant of DC
You can zafarte that?
My arm is made of rubber
This is the plan
I'll tie
Your dad is a sailor or something?
No but to discharge him camping
Are you a lesbian?
Stop arguing with me
Aguantate firm
I have plenty to grab
To be Chinese have slanted eyes not
You can say something with one word
Thank you Dr. Duffy
Where's your backup generator?
I guess I have to go on, but I want my erection lasts
It is locked!
Yeah, I know
Give me that
The car is burning, there is a fire extinguisher back
It is
was, find him!
No update
Let Billy, it's time to loosen
What are you doing? I agreed to turn it off, not destroy
Not enough
The last 3 readings were 80.6, not why, but this thing is not being updated
We must do something
And we must do now
Come with me
Do not worry!
The generator is in this place reinforced
Nothing could ...
Oh, Ross is going to kill me for not updating the data
Of course it does not update the data, the storm destroyed the city
And we'll be dead anyway
You okay? "
He is fine if, let's go
Come, come
The thing is you do not like you
Wherever I go that energy is going to get very ugly
A new car, knew he had to secure
Come on! Mtele foot
What is your reading outside?
We got it! Come on!
Come on Billy, give us the numbers we need
It's working!
The temperature has not fallen enough
Only two tenths of a degree
I have a little help from above?
You know what they say Ted? God help us if we do not help ourselves
He did! Cut power. God, yes!
But even the temperature remains high
Fold here
We prove that door
Mrs Carr
You okay?
I fell
I think I broke my leg
Where is Stuart? Where is everybody?
It took Leah Stuart was behind them
They are the ones who need help. Go!
You must stay with him. We will find Stuart and Leah
Let's try to move, ok?
Ok, let's
I will seek help, you all right here?
I'll be back ok?
There's a tornado right outside the building
This will not last!
Well, better pray for endurance
It's me
Where's Leah?
Do not know
'm Here!
I'm here!
Get out of here!
I'll be back to look for another boy, look out
You have one shot
Where's Peter?
I could not move, is still there
Let's look
Drop the gun. Lower it
O shoot
Good boy. Now go down the stairs
Come down the stairs
Keep it moving
Keep it moving!
they are all well?!
Let's get out of here
The storm diminishes its power
We did
Okay boy, you posarte here
This is Cyclone 2, I have the target in sight
Do not last much longer
That's right, the storm dissipates
It will, the storm was
The storm is officially dead
Thank you Colonel
Hey ...
We went through quite
I know you went with a heavy
But no more, everything was back
So all that was needed was a storm the devil and armed madmen?
Yeah, well, and your mom
Not only is good, but that is totally available
Loco ... is a joke
I'm kidding
Stuart, is your grandfather
We did
Discuss anything you want
But I say the proof is in your hands
Many of us suffer tremendous losses
But there have been sacrifices
And then wins
As you know, all abducted children survived
But we did more than survive
We gave him the face of adversity
The Capitol is open for work, FEMA is fully in operation
And we're not only better prepared than ever to face these harsh climates
But even to mitigate
I hope you will forgive me if I give special thanks to my father
Sen. Ryan Carr
Who fought the storm from the Congress building
Fiercely to get the message from Dr Duffy everyone
The cities of London and Helsinki directly owe their existence to his efforts
Thanks Dad
Now, where are torm ...
Hey guys, we need more sandwiches, more than 81 people came
How many?
Yes, here
Your mom is doing a great job
This is your place?
No, well it's a lifestyle
Or was
That's you?
It all makes sense
Now I understand these feelings he had
I mean you are ...
One of the chicks of Ross
But underneath that education
There is a real wild
You are you proposing?
The biggest storm in history happened
You're here with me
Unable to put more romantic than that
I can handle the truth now
I have chance?
No, you do not have
Please stop talking and you get to this
Until they fix the damage he did to the environment
You have my word that FEMA will be in front in 1st
To prevent and handle any disaster that threatens us still
FEMA will be there every step of the way
The city may be destroyed
But again from the ashes
Thanks to the efforts of many
Today brought something new ...