Catfish (2010) Movie Script

You know, if this is your
documentary, you're doing a bad job.
'Cause you're catching me when l
don't want to talk about things.
Set it up,
organize a time with me.
Put together some
materials, e-mails,
we'll get the Facebook
conversation printed out,
and we'll really
talk about it.
But do you want to be the
subject of this documentary or not?
No, l don't.
This is about Abby.
Do you want to be
the co-subject?
No, l don't see why. L don't
think l'm that interesting.
l'm making a documentary
about Abby through you.
Can you understand that?
What do you think? L'm going
to talk to Abby right now?
No, l understand.
l'm just saying.
This is an e-mail
from Abby that l got today.
"My snake Zoe died today."
l didn't even know
she had a snake.
"l kind of thought
she was sick since Sunday,
"and this morning
she was almost dead.
"By the time l got back from
school, she was really dead.
"She didn't eat her last meal, so
now l have a pet mouse named Max.
"He's sper cute."
l thought that
was really funny.
Such a positive way of
looking at things, you know?
One pet for the next.
Circle of life.
By the light.
You ready? Sound levels? Everything?
Okay. Today is April 9th,
2008, and l'm about to open...
l think the third
or fourth box, package,
that Angela,
Abby's mom, has sent me.
Let's see what we got.
l'm excited.
What are
you expecting?
l mean,
l know there's a couple...
A couple of pastel drawings that l
really like, that l've seen already.
But l think there's also some pictures
or paintings that l haven't seen.
Let's open this T-shirt first.
This is her brother's band.
"To Rel."
Oh, this is for Rel.
A little card. Do you want to
open it, Rel, or should l open it?
No, you can open it.
From Abby.
Go ahead and read it.
l got to open it.
The card.
l guess this is her brother's
band. The Casualties.
"To Nev. Make sure Rel wears a
brain bucket when he skateboards.
"He scares me a little.
Peace and love, Abby."
So, wear your brain bucket. All right,
now let's look at these paintings.
What's the most one of
Abby's paintings has sold for?
She sounds really nice,
and just normal,
which is a relief, because
the first time we spoke
it was just about a package
and it was short.
Yeah, l mean, she's got, like,
a lot of kids running around.
Her son was plowing. They had,
like, a foot of snow yesterday,
and he knocked over a power
line that knocked into a tree.
So, they had to cut down this,
like, 150-year-old maple tree.
He burnt the transmission out on
the car. They didn't have power.
Phones that were plugged in
got surged and fried.
And she's, like,
you know, dealing with it.
She must be awesome'cause
her kids are pretty awesome,
at least from Facebook.
The Facebook family,
that's what we'll call them.
Her sister Megan is an artist,
and also a dancer,
but she isn't
making as much art...
Or only shared
this picture with me,
because l think she has
a big crush on me.
So when l put that... Made
that my Facebook profile picture,
she really liked it
and told me how nice it was,
and that she thought
how nice it would be
to put her head on my chest
and fall asleep.
So then she drew it, and it's
actually a beautiful drawing.
Yeah, it is.
lt's really good.
She works as a vet,
so she likes animals a lot.
l like animals. L'm not a crazy
animal lover, but l do like animals.
She's a musician.
l think she plays the cello,
maybe also the guitar,
and she sings.
l'm not really a musician, but l
guess you could say that we have
a similarity there.
'Cause l... Whatever.
She's a dancer.
She takes ballet, other... l
think she does belly dancing.
Again, not that l
do either of those,
but dance is
a big part of my life.
l mean...
l guess l don't know
that much about her yet.
Hey, Megan?
Hey, it's Nev.
Your voice is not at
all what l expected.
No, no... lt's... lt's...
Really, it's a terrific voice, l just...
l don't know, l guess you
never really think of a voice
when you only know somebody
in a certain way.
l happen to think my voice
is sort of irritating.
Thank you.
So, if you're home now,
does that mean you're, like,
at home with your mom and Abby
and the whole family?
She's there, and she wants
to know who you're talking to?
Well, you should tell her.
l've spoken to your mom.
New package from Michigan.
Really big, 35 pounds.
And l'm going to check it out.
l'm really excited.
l was told that they had
used paper towels to pack.
Now we've got not some,
but tons of paper towels.
What's the reason
for this new package?
Just new paintings. L don't
know. Let's see what we got.
Here we go. This is cool.
This is the painting of Angela that
she did, which is actually really good.
That's the mom?
l know.
She's hot.
She is very attractive.
You know what l just learned?
That Abby puts
a strand of her hair
in every oil painting
that she does
because she wants to be able
to prove that it's hers by DNA.
Like, whenever, down the line.
She also spits in her watercolors.
These are the prints.
How many of them?
Here's the original.
This is... Jesus.
Well, they're
making money from them.
They sold all the art,
they sold out.
To local collectors.
A lot of paper towels.
All right, amazing package.
Okay, l'll be back.
What do you think?
lt's okay. L like it.
Megan's singing backup vocals.
This is
a really cinematic...
l mean,
that's a no-brainer, right?
l'm not sure who posted
it, but Alex sent me a message.
"Why? L have no idea. L doubt
you'll appreciate it one bit."
l know.
And now, this is interesting.
l don't know what this is about,
but l just see that Angela,
the mom, wrote on Alex's wall,
"You really need to
stay out of it, please."
Now, l don't know, that could be
in reference to something else,
but l feel like that's
probably in reference to...
l mentioned to Megan
that he had sent me a message.
Last night we had a great
talk. She told me about...
Did you guys know this? Chickens.
She has six chickens now.
Her neighbor gave them to her
as a house-warming present.
A chicken makes an egg every
day. Did you know that? Every day.
Like ovulating.
They ovulate eggs.
Every day?
Every day
a chicken makes one egg.
She has chickens?
She now has chickens.
Tell us
the gifts she got.
So, she bought a house,
and one of the presents was
that Abby got her a baby goat.
So she's got a goat now. She
has horses that live there.
Part of buying the house came with
these horses that are held there,
you know, like stables.
l can't.
You don't want this.
l'm pretty good.
l'm good.
l'm sure he is.
How long have you been
calling each other "babe"?
A couple of weeks.
Two weeks maybe.
So you're full-on going out?
This is a long distance relationship?
No, we're not. We're not.
But, you know,
if we met each other
and the attraction
exists in real life,
it would be, like,
instantaneous relationship.
But you can't just
make out and send her home.
l know.
And take her virginity.
Well, that's what
it comes down to.
l'm going to have to
really be very careful.
Because even if there
is a lot of chemistry,
she does still
live in Michigan.
"Megan, this is the first
letter l have sent you, ever.
"lt feels a little strange
since all of our communications
"have been
virtual up until now.
"l made two of these pennies,
one for you and one for me.
"You have no idea
how excited l am to meet you.
"Yours, Nev."
Hey, Megan.
Nev, 6:00, Sunday.
Yeah, l guess you just
got kicked off G-Chat.
l'm leaving tomorrow
for Vail.
l don't know what your schedule
is like for the next two weeks,
but Rel, Henry, and l are going
to be out there till the 9th
for the Vail
Dance Festival, so...
l don't know, maybe you and
your mom and Abby and Joelle
should come out
for a weekend.
You're like,
kind of, halfway there.
Fly to Denver. L don't
know, it's an idea.
So, you can call me
at the office or on my cell.
Would love to talk to you
before l leave tonight, bye.
Flight attendants
prepare for landing, please.
Careful, watch the heads.
Okay, and we both roll...
So, you have to
sit between...
All right, l'm rolling on my
two cameras. All right, rolling.
Megan's taking requests and
she'll record a song right now.
Wild Horses?
Silver Stallion?
Any other horse songs
we can think of?
Tennessee Stud?
She's typing.
"l think l can handle that."
l hope she sings.
That's good.
That's really good.
She's so hot.
Can we
request some more songs?
This is fun. You can just
request paintings for Abby to do
and songs for
Megan to sing.
That was pretty good.
That was
really good.
That was good.
She just did that.
So, on Angela's
website, on her Facebook,
does she have
all her songs up?
She's got
a bunch of them.
Like a published artist?
Like a musician?
This one's sick,
but it's the other one.
Tell her how much we like the
other song, where she plays guitar.
And the other one, l
can't remember what it's called.
That's not good.
Sort of sounds like it,
a little different though.
lt's really similar, though.
lt's not as good.
Angela's is better.
All right, listen,
you can't hold it against her.
She didn't say,
"Hey, l wrote this song."
lt doesn't matter, she's
still... Yeah. Yeah.
And still, her voice is 10
times better than this girl.
And she's clearly
an artist because
that came from deep
expression and feeling.
She found a song, kind of
obscure... She covered a song.
Yeah. People make careers out of that.
So, you're just
playing this off Facebook?
No, l'm not,
l'm playing this off... Look.
Amy Kuney.
This is it.
l have food
in my mouth.
l mean, is this not
the exact same recording?
l'm not sure.
a little different.
Definitely it.
They posted it online.
l know.
She posted
somebody else's music.
Did she post it...
Now, that doesn't mean she doesn't
just put up a song that she likes. Fine.
But it's called... The
artists are "Mom and Megan."
And l complimented
her and she said,
"Thanks for listening to me cough
the dust off my vocal cords."
She responded to a number of
compliments that l gave her
about the song and
how much l liked it,
and it's not even
her singing.
lt's just a recording
of somebody else's song.
Are we sure
about that?
Sounds a lot like that
other girl, doesn't it?
What's her name?
Yeah, come on.
What, "come on"?
You think that's Megan?
l don't know.
l don't know. L mean, l would have
never second-guessed it, but...
But where did she find a cover
of Tennessee Stud in half an hour?
Wait. Who is that?
Oh, my God!
ls this it?
No, no, no. Play yours,
play yours. This is it!
Play yours! Play yours.
This is it, Rel.
l'm 100%.
Let me hear yours.
lt's the same song, Rel.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
They are complete psychopaths.
They are complete psychopaths.
l've probably been chatting
with a guy this whole time.
Oh, my God!
Just to ask her to
explain what's going on.
Say, "Have you
listened to the two?"
l mean, that is enough for me to
just never, ever talk to them again.
Why should l
waste time with this?
l mean, if she's going to try and tell
me that that's not the same song...
All l'm saying is,
if you come off too angry,
then they can pretend
that they cut off the relationship
with you because you freak out.
Yeah, l'm freaking out.
They've been lying to...
You don't know that.
Don't you want to get
to the bottom of this?
lt would kill me if
it was left like this.
l can't now, it's too
late. Lt's all bullshit.
l don't want to
be a part of this.
We don't know
how much of it is bullshit.
And they don't know how much
of it you know is bullshit.
You've just found, like,
the tip of the iceberg.
l mean, l talked to somebody on
the phone, two different people.
You never
talked to Abby?
No. Which is also weird,'cause every
time l've called, it's been like,
"She just went to sleep," or,
"Let me see if l can wake her up.
"She's too tired."
Are there, like, newspaper
articles about Abby having a show?
No. REL: No one's ever
googled Abby, still.
l did. Her name's Abigail.
But she had...
They claim that she has
shows and she sells her paintings.
She just had her gallery...
A big show tonight of all the
paintings she's done of Megan.
Wouldn't this get written
up somewhere? Yeah, maybe, actually.
ls this how your spell
her name, A-B-B-Y? NEV: Yeah.
There's nothing
on Abby, anywhere.
What's lshpeming?
City of lshpeming.
let's start with that.
Do you know where Abby
was showing her paintings?
At her gallery.
What is that gallery?
lt doesn't have a name
yet. L can give you the address.
lt's a gallery that she...
She bought the building.
What's the address?
l could tell you.
Tell me.
lt's just a building.
lt's probably
a real address.
Let's Google map it.
Check it out.
l found
the building in my e-mail.
l searched for
"Abby gallery building,"
and l found the link she
sent me. Lt was $30,000.
Wow. On the corner...
lt's on North Main.
Wait a second. "Listings
last updated August 4th."
lt's still listed.
l should probably call and
see if it's still for sale.
So, l was calling
about that space you have,
l think it's
100 Main Street.
Right, the old JCPenny.
They just completely fabricated
the entire renovation.
How long has it
been empty?
Four years.
Hey, Angela.
Nothing, just with
Rel and Henry here,
we're getting ready to head
over to go film some dance.
Sounded like the gallery
opening was a success.
Just a liar. How could she
just lie to me like that?
l can't believe
l believed her.
l can't believe l was so
gullible. L'm so embarrassed.
There it is. Here it is.
Hi, Nev.
Hey, how are you?
Happy birthday.
l got a Katie doll
for my birthday.
What? L can't
hear you so good.
So what are you doing?
You having a big sleepover?
What did you say?
She has people here, so...
lt's Angela. L'm sorry, bad time to call.
But l didn't want to have her
put you up too much longer.
ls there a time that
we can call back later?
l'm just saying... Moving
forward. L'm just keeping a record.
Fine. Moving forward.
lt takes two seconds.
l'm a little more involved with
this than l'd like to be now.
And it's, like, becoming kind of a
chore, so just let me do my thing.
No, it's not. Yeah,
except it's not your life.
Yeah, that's why it gets a little
frustrating, when l have to go back...
l'm just saying. L'm sorry, l
guess l was a little pissy, but...
Try to be a little more
understanding to the fact that
You can stop, Nev.
So stop right now.
Just stop.
Yeah, so what are you
giving me? Basic laziness?
l'm directing you
in a film.
All l'm saying is,
please appreciate that.
You signed up for a film
that is 24 hours a day.
l don't know. What's the next
move? Does anyone have any idea?
l think we finish up with
Vail, then we drive to Michigan.
And we just find out.
We just go to their house,
and just say, "Hi. Who's
real in this situation?
"l want to meet Abby."
l've chatted on the lnternet
with a couple of people.
l know my friend, she actually
just met a guy the other day
off the lnternet and
he was a total weirdo.
They met up and, like,
he was just like...
l guess the pictures
that they were sending
each other were from,
like, three years ago.
So he didn't
even look the same,
and he was just, like,
piercings everywhere.
Like, the whole nine yards.
She was like, "Oh, my gosh."
Yeah, we're closing in
on the state of Michigan.
Megan is at
her house in Gladstone.
Apparently one of her horses,
which l knew, is in labor.
One of the horses that lives at the
farm. So, she's got to stay there.
But every Sunday
is family breakfast
at Angela's house.
l forgot about that.
What time is
family breakfast?
She said around 8:00.
On Sunday?
l know.
lsn't that
the day of rest?
l think we should just get up
really early, go by the farm,
and, depending on
what happens,
then drive up to
lshpeming and crash
family breakfast. Bring
some OJ and just show up.
we're three miles...
We're three miles from
a turn that would then take us
another few miles
to Megan's farm.
l'd just like
to do a drive-by.
Yeah, l think we should
totally cruise by.
l mean, we're here. L don't
want to just get here and go to sleep.
Let's kick some dust up.
2.9 miles.
So that's her, right?
That means we just take a really
quick left and we're there.
l feel like we're about
to get our SAT scores back.
Here we are.
Megan's street.
This is it, huh?
You gonna
turn off the light?
we're not there yet.
What's the name
of the street?
l think it's 21st...
lt's right here.
l have no idea.
l think it's this.
There's something.
This could be it.
This is it. L think this is
it. This is it, this is it.
What do you mean,
she said there was a light?
She said that because one of
the horses was giving birth.
Just pull up. L'm not afraid. What?
You want to drive into
the driveway? Yeah.
There's a mailbox.
Pull up to the mailbox,
so l can get it
from my window.
Please, please, please.
Yes! Yes! The postcards
are here! Oh, my God.
"Return to this address
for proper disposition."
Pull into the driveway.
Back up, go into the driveway.
lt shouldn't
give you the creeps.
We're in, like, a beautiful
part of the country,
a horse farm. No, no,
no. Pull in forward.
What, are you crazy, Henry?
What do you mean?
Drive into the driveway.
What do you mean? Don't
back into the driveway.
Don't back into it.
Why not?
Because then we can't see
what's in front of us.
lt's definitely
a horse farm.
Keep going. Keep going.
Do we want to... You can
pull out on the other side.
l'm gonna drive through. Yeah.
This all looks familiar.
Probably just
from the photos.
Stop, stop, stop.
We can't get out that way.
Just turn around.
lt's all right.
That's an empty...
Let me just go in, let me
just go look in the window
and make sure there are no horses
there. Come on out. Let's go.
Yeah, it's empty.
No horses.
You can't see anything.
Okay, so we know that
Megan doesn't live here.
What surprises me the most
is that to go to the trouble to
lie as elaborately as they have,
for her to not just drive here and pick
up the mail seems crazy, doesn't it?
Like, we just drove 400 miles
and picked up the mail.
All she had to
do was drive 50.
How could she be so lazy?
Didn't you...
l mean,
so lazy they fooled you
for eight months.
That's pretty good.
They didn't fool me,
they just told me things
l never cared to question.
That's not fooling.
That's not like...
l mean...
l just can't believe l talked to
this person and told her things
and had real
conversations with her
about life and,
you know, feelings.
There were moments where
l really felt genuine...
Like l really cared
about this girl.
Now l don't know
even what to feel.
Should l read you
the juicy stuff
from our text conversation, now
that we're about to meet her?
l think it's time, right?
You got the battery for it?
ls the light okay?
ls it a good shot?
You're retainer is in.
l gotta scroll way up.
Okay. July 3rd, 4:33 p. M.
"l will do that.
Abby's so excited today.
"l'm at the home now,
baking pies.
"They'll be over here later.
"l wish you were here,
l hope your day is beautiful."
Me, "Save a pie for me."
The next day.
"Hey, babe, l couldn't understand a
word you said on the VM you just left me.
"l just kicked
everyone out and now
"l'm in the bathtub,
thinking of you."
"Funny, l was thinking about
you in the shower earlier."
Megan, "Mmm, l'd love
to hear about that.
"By the way, l will always
have a pie for you, babe."
Me, "Cherry?"
Space, space, space, space.
"l can't believe l just
wrote that, sorry. L had to."
Megan, "Cherry. My body is
craving your touch tonight."
Me, "What exactly would
you do if you had me there?"
Megan, "l'd have you in the
tub with me, between my legs.
"l'd kiss you on the neck
and whisper in your ear,
"begging you to
make love to me."
"Begging isn't something
you would need to do.
"ln fact, l'm willing
to bet that, if anything,
"you might have to
beg me to stop."
"l'd take you to my room and dry
you off, touching every inch of you,
"kissing your long..." Wait,
sorry. "Kissing you long and hard,
"to take your breath away."
l can't believe l wrote this. "l can't
wait to fill my fingers with your hair,
"and turn your back to me,
pulling you up against me,
"and running my tongue
all the way up your neck,
"biting your ears as l fill
my hands with your breasts."
That sounds like a bad
porno book, doesn't it?
"But let's not get
ahead of ourselves.
"Taking it slow,
though difficult,
"will be very important for us if
this is really going to happen."
Wait, is this still you? Me.
Megan, "l want you so badly
my body aches for you."
Nev, "Fifteen days
and l'm all yours."
Megan, "l don't understand
the hold you have on my heart.
"There isn't anything
l wouldn't do for you, babe."
Nev, "l'm going to
hold you to that.
"Get some sleep.
Big day tomorrow.
"Happy Fourth. Yay freedom."
Megan, "Sweet dreams of me. L'll
be dreaming of you. L adore you."
Nev, "Good night, sugar."
There it is.
Can't see anything, right?
You think you could feel it?
lf they hug you?
Hi! No.
Nothing, right?
Where is it? Right in
the small of my chest.
You got to hold
the mic thing in,
or else you
won't hear it, Henry.
You got to push
the headphones in.
l can hear you!
Okay. So it sounds
pretty good?
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
You can hear me good?
Totally clear.
We are close.
We are in
the town of lshpeming,
and l think it's just maybe one more
turn and then we're on Main Street.
Then there it is,
the house.
No one's going to notice us.
Just be cool.
This looks like it's the old
JCPenny, right here. This is it.
This is the old JCPenny
building. Right here.
Definitely not a gallery.
Nice dream, though.
Keep it a little more
subtle, guys. Jesus Christ.
l think this is... That
could be it, right there.
North Main Street. That was
it, right there on the corner.
We're in
plain sight right now.
Make sure your
cell phone is on.
l'm gonna leave
the car running.
And the doors open.
Let's get the seats
ready to jump into.
And have the windows open,
maybe even, too.
lt might be
that kind of escape.
Rel, you ready? Let's not
waste any time. We got to go.
No. Just stay strong.
Stay strong.
Hi, nice to see you.
How are you?
Good to see you.
Abby's not here.
We thought we'd surprise you.
We got you some flowers...
Oh, my goodness.
Abby's not here.
...and some presents
Hi, how are you?
Good. How are you?
l'm Ariel.
What are you guys
doing up here?
We were flying through Chicago and
figured, since Abby couldn't come
and it was her birthday,
we would
just drive on up
and surprise her.
You guys are
so wonderful.
Here, this is for you.
That one, right there.
Well, thank you,
thank you very much.
What's your name?
My name is Vince.
Hey. Ariel.
Hi. How are you?
How nice to see you. Hi, nice to see you.
You guys
shouldn't have come.
Oh, my goodness.
We were close-ish.
So, this is a really
nice thing here for Abby.
Get down, Spot.
Thank you.
Would you like
to come in?
Let me deal with this dog.
He's vicious.
l can't believe you guys came.
That's so sweet.
lt's our pleasure. You
guys are such a nice family,
we were excited to meet you
and kept missing opportunities.
You guys shouldn't have come.
You guys need to be working.
You know, we thought it
would be a fun road trip.
This is for your dog.
This is for the dog.
A little dog toy.
Oh. That's so sweet.
l have something
here for Megan, too.
ls she in town?
Come on in.
Come on in.
Your house is beautiful.
Thank you. And
this town is really lovely.
Hey, guys.
Hey, guys.
Where did
you get these?
We just picked
them on the road.
What's happening?
We tried to find a flower
shop, but we couldn't.
Hey, man, l'm Ariel.
Hey, guys.
So... Wow.
So, where you
guys staying tonight?
we hadn't figured that out.
We figured we'd find
a motel or something.
Come on in.
They're not... l don't
even know where to start.
Angela doesn't
look like Angela.
Vince doesn't look like Vince.
And there's a painting in process.
l promise.
lt's like a blown-out...
lt's like blown-out sun. Why?
You going to cut your hair?
Oh, no. When?
What kind of...
You have cancer?
Oh, man, that sucks.
l'm really sorry to hear it.
Wait for
a little gust of wind,
and we'll get
your hair in the air.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey! What?
At first,
Abby was freaking out.
And then she put her friend
Lauren on the phone...
We're just going
to go meet her.
Let's just keep
playing it really cool.
l'm gonna
put this in here.
But don't you think
it would just be better
that we have our car with us? Yes.
So, let's take our car.
you want to follow?
l mean, you want me
to leave you in there?
You need to
chill out a little bit.
Yeah, l think right now, yes, things
are a definitely weird, but l'm not...
l don't feel
threatened at all.
l don't think there's
any feeling of hers
that's like, "Oh, my God.
We have to attack."
Like, she seems
she's on the defensive.
l don't want to attack.
Just trying to stay back.
Let's just roll, Rel. Lf we
don't get into this experience,
there's no reason to be here.
Let's ride with them.
US National Ski Hall of Fame? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
This is Lauren's dad's house.
Beach house.
What are you guys doing?
You going to say hi?
Hi. We've never met. L'm Yaniv.
Nice to meet you.
Give me a hug.
What's happening? L'm Ariel. My brother.
Hey, l'm Ariel.
Are you nervous? No?
Nev is.
He's nervous.
You're like... You're like
a famous painter, you know?
l'm so excited
to meet you.
You guys want
to go out?
Let's go.
Abby, she doesn't really
paint. Her mom paints a lot,
but Abby doesn't
paint that much.
Huh. What about
her sister Megan?
Hey, Abby, do you see
your older sister Megan?
Oh, really?
Where does she live?
there's the confession.
Heard it pretty clearly
from Abby's friend.
She'd never seen
Megan before,
doesn't know where she lives,
doesn't get to talk to her,
and doesn't really
paint that much.
Well, we're going to
see you for dinner.
Well, she's here now, so it wouldn't
do us any good anyway. So we'll go,
we'll change, we'll shower,
then we'll meet up with you
and we'll get a chance to hang out. Okay.
Okay. Maybe you guys can come
back to the house and hang out.
Okay... Cool. L will speak to you soon.
All right.
Thanks again.
What do you guys think?
Hold it or it will fall.
Angela's in love with you.
Angela is in love with me.
You can see it. Did you
see how awkward it was
when l was going to leave and
she was leaning on the car?
She doesn't think we're
coming back. Right.
Of course she doesn't
think we're coming back.
She's like, "Don't go."
No, no.
Most people wouldn't go back.
So, l'm 90% sure right now that
Angela is the voice of Megan.
And that l've been texting
and having this weird affair
with this strange
40-year-old woman.
Because her voice is
very similar. Mmm-hmm.
lt's just like
a little bit...
Slow, tired.
lf she just slowed it down and
softened it, it'd be the same voice.
And of course we can't
get her on the phone
because she's
standing right...
You know, it's her.
But she... She'd have
to have two cell phones,
which l think she does.
Megan called you,
right, while we
were with Angela?
but no one was there.
l think she may have
just dialed it.
She was there on the beach,
and she may have just...
l was kind of
looking at her.
l also texted her,
and then shortly
thereafter Angela,
like, looked at her phone.
You want to hear
my theory?
Megan in the pictures, Angela
doesn't know that person.
No, right.
She just somehow found a trove
of pictures of this girl...
Right... who's, like,
an amateur model.
But she does have a 19-year-old
daughter, or an older daughter. Right?
Right. And she just
found in these pictures,
this photo of an another woman
who kind of looks like her.
Who's not even a woman,
who's just a girl.
That woman
doesn't look like her.
Who's a girl,
and just labeled her.
Let's just say,
l could take...
You know, l could take all of your
photos, and all of your photos...
And download them? Download
them, and make new profiles
with totally different names,
and never make friends
with people who knew you.
And just create
a network of friends
that are actually real-life
friends, but you don't know them.
l mean, there's a lot that...
Where do you find those?
...that still doesn't explain,
guys. No, it doesn't explain...
l mean, also,
what l want to know is,
what about the rest
of these people?
What about
Ryan lverson and Tim?
lf Picture Megan
doesn't know Abby, right,
and Abby
doesn't know Megan.
Right, maybe these
other kids don't.
Then, these other kids, they
talk about Abby, too, right?
They all talk about Abby.
Then they don't know Abby.
Their friend Megan doesn't
know Abby. Right. Her sister.
But Alex has got to be
fake, if Megan's fake.
They all relate to
you through Megan.
lf there's no Megan,
then they don't relate to you.
'Cause she's not
fooling them, too.
l mean,
maybe she's...
What about all
these other people?
She's all of them.
She could be
all of them.
l'm feeling very
conscious about, like,
embarrassing her, and not... Right.
Like, l really don't
want to hurt this family.
You know?
Well, she needs
a wake-up call.
l know, but l just feel
like it's just not...
lt's not malicious.
lt's just sad.
Right. No, we're not
here to be...
You know?
Listen, l think she...
We're not here to hurt her,
we're here to help.
We deserve to shake
the truth out of her.
Right. For our sake, for Nev's sake.
l think that what we
should do while we're here
is Nev should gently
confront her about this.
l don't think it should be,
"You effing liar!"
Megan Faccio. "Are you
seriously at my mom's?
"Stay there, l'm coming
home." Exclamation point.
Why wouldn't she call me?
No, l mean
as far as the paint.
Do you like oil pastels?
Bye. Thank you, guys.
All right, catch up
with you guys later.
Okay, so apparently
while we slept,
somebody decided that it
was time to tell the truth.
Now, here's two texts that l
woke up to from Megan Faccio.
"By now you know
my mom is very ill.
"And l can't continue to do this
to her, and neither can Alex."
And then, check out this message
from Ryan lverson on Facebook.
"l need to tell you that
the reason l came down here
"was not to bring Megan home,
as Angela requested.
"l'm taking her,
Alex, and Ben to
"Dawn Farms for
inpatient treatment."
l mean, she did it...
That's a really smart play,
that Megan's an alcoholic.
Even though l knew she drank,
all of a sudden
she went into rehab.
Right, it's really smart.
And Alex. And that's
why they went downstate.
You know? And that's why Ryan
went,'cause he went to take them.
Yeah, well, we're going to get
her to just tell us the truth.
l think that at
some point today,
we should probably have,
you know, a real talk.
Okay. You know, a good
sit-down conversation.
To sort of go over a couple of
things, and clear some stuff up.
And l guess you understand
the necessity on our part
to sort of just show up.
Because making arrangement
obviously wasn't working out.
No, it wasn't.
And there didn't really
seem to be any way
to get everybody
in the same place.
But l would like to just,
sort of, meet Angela.
See what she has to say.
lt's all right.
lt's okay.
Nothing to be upset about.
You got a great imagination.
You know?
lt's pretty remarkable.
But you can imagine now, at this
point, we've put most of it together.
Not everything,
but pretty much everything.
We know there's no Tim,
we know probably
there isn't any of
these people, really.
My daughter.
There is Megan.
There is a Megan?
There is a Megan.
But she's not around.
She's not around.
All right. What is she, 19? She's 19.
Where does she live?
She lives downstate and she's
in Dawn Farms. That's true.
Wow, for how long
has she been there?
She's been there for about
four months now, so...
But l never spoke to her.
l feel terrible.
And who's the girl
in the pictures?
That's a family friend.
So, l feel like
l've betrayed her.
We'll see you later. We'll
see you in two weeks, Abby.
Where did my mom go?
l think she and Nev
are out, hanging out.
Well, Vince is already at the
house, watching the boys for me.
And does Vince
know all about this?
Smile with a little teeth.
Smile with a little teeth.
You have nice teeth.
Beautiful teeth.
Oh, golly.
Megan. Ryan.
Then Ryan had two sisters.
Amy and Sara-Ann, who is
a girl here in town, also.
One of Joelle's friends. That's
how l get pictures of them together.
Josh is Joelle's brother, and... Right.
ln real life, no.
You're talking about...
Yeah, in real life, also.
And Alex, and Tim,
and Sophia, and l
think that's it. Sophia.
That's it. L think.
No. Then Nick and...
Oh, yeah.
Gotta have those guys.
Had to have some cousins
Just to make life interesting, if
ever l was getting a little bored.
How do you keep track
of what everyone was doing?
it was on Facebook,
and l could go back and
re-read who was doing what.
Because l didn't hardly
ever delete anything.
And l guess, in the back of my
mind, l knew that this would happen.
l think when Megan
said something about it,
l was like, "Okay,
just leave everything up."
Because at one point l was
going to start taking things off,
and l was like,
"Maybe l'll just
"set some things
where they're private,"
but everything is still
on the Facebook accounts.
Kind of had a feeling that you guys
would maybe do something with this.
l don't think so. L'm not
really sure l want to be now,
but l'm going with it because l feel
like l owe it to you. L really do.
You have such
a beautiful smile.
l keep changing your smile, because
you keep changing your smile.
But it's beautiful.
Can you show me
some of your things?
Well, my mom
painted that painting.
That's done by my mom.
My mom did that.
Do you like that painting?
l think l can see City Hall from
right here. Let me just get on my bed.
l think l stepped
on one of my bears
while they were sleeping.
l knew it was you.
l'm not a bear!
l'm a bunny.
When was the last time
you cleaned your room?
Don't know.
Hey, baby.
l know what's wrong.
You want your
television back on?
You not happy today?
You took your shirt off.
You have to strap
this down to the floor,
because he was tipping
himself over in the chair.
We just got this
new wheelchair,
and it has too high
of a center of gravity.
My arm doesn't
bend that way, baby.
You're going to have to stay there
for a little bit longer, honey.
All of his medications
also go through his G-Tube.
This one's Risperdal,
and this helps with
his self-abusive behavior.
lt helps to calm him down,
keep him from hurting himself.
Why do you think
that he does that?
lt's self-stimulating.
lt's just really,
really retarded. L don't
know how else to tell you.
Hi, Anthony. Luckily Anthony
doesn't sneak up on you.
He gives you
a little warning.
So you have to shave him
and everything? Everything.
They're in diapers. They're
just totally dependent.
He's going to bludgeon me
to death with the pan here
if l don't get up
and do something.
Yeah, l mean, she's got, like,
a lot of kids running around.
Her son was plowing.
He knocked over a power line
that knocked into a tree.
So, they had to cut down this,
like, 150-year-old maple tree.
She's, like, you know,
dealing with it.
She must be awesome'cause
her kids are pretty awesome,
at least from Facebook.
No fair!
Hey, Megan?
Hey, it's Nev.
Your voice is not at
all what l expected.
Wait, that was a bad...
Another bad joke.
But you don't even
stop to tell me
that it's a bad joke.
You just ignore it.
She's got a really
nice voice, right?
Like soft and...
very mature voice.
lt's hard to say anything until
we meet, and then... Whatever.
l don't know. L guess l could
agree to not get involved,
which is probably
what l should do.
Why would Angela
want you to agree to that?
Because l don't feel
like, realistically,
there's any way that
Megan and l can go out,
or be together,
without her getting hurt.
l'm not getting hurt.
This is how l typically spend
from 11:00 on, every evening,
seeing who would call.
which one is which?
This is 1211, that's the phone
number that was for Megan.
And this is 0580,
and that was mine.
Your home phone.
This is...
The home phone is there.
Add that, too. So, we'd
use that occasionally also.
What if
Vince picked up?
He never answers the phone.
l mean, hardly ever.
l have to tell him
to answer the phone.
So really not much of a
challenge there, with that.
What did she tell you about our
relationship, with my photographs?
Well, you are her
primary customer.
Very happy with
that relationship.
ln fact, in a sense,
very appreciative
of what you have
done for her.
Because not only is
she a good artist,
but it takes somebody that
appreciates the art, you know?
l can drive downtown,
downstate in Ann Arbor,
and see starving artists all over with
vanloads of their velvet-painted Elvises.
You know, it ain't going
nowhere. And l've told her this.
"You've been given an
opportunity of a lifetime.
"Not many people have this."
But really it's... But you told
him that l was commissioning.
Every piece.
How much did you tell him
l was paying for them?
lt just varied. Whatever
came off the top of my head.
And it was part of my problem,
too,'cause l never wrote that down.
So he's like, "How much
did you charge for that?"
l'll be like,
"l don't remember."
So, he thinks l'm just terribly
forgetful all of a sudden.
l mean, it was an
amazing correspondence.
You know?
lt was a real, you
know, friendship... Yeah.
...that l was also
looking for, myself.
And l didn't want to
lose the friendship.
And there was times where l felt
like l was really overstepping,
and l'd try to pull it back
by being like,
"l don't want to
lose the friendship."
No matter what. L didn't want to
lose that, but then l was like,
"lf l'm lying, it's not
really a friendship anyway."
So, it just got harder.
And l really thought
you'd just end up hating me.
You were able to show me things
that l don't have access to.
We don't have access
to dance like that.
So, it's really been nice.
Dancing was an important part
of my life when l was younger,
and l always wanted to be
a professional dancer.
l just threw it away, really.
Threw it away to
have a good time.
So, a lot of the personalities that
came out were just fragments of myself.
Fragments of things l used to
be. Wanted to be, never could be.
That's all l ever want
to say about that.
You know, when l met the boys, l knew
l was making a sacrifice with my life,
but l didn't count
the cost of things
that l was going
to be giving up.
l'm sort of resigning
for the rest of my life.
And this year,
when l resigned my career,
l don't know, it's like
l gave up a lot of myself.
And l don't know
most days who l am.
She did express some
maybe suppressed
disappointment, in a small way,
at not being able
to pursue some of the
dreams that she may
have had growing up.
Did you ever talk
about that with her?
Did she ever
express that to you?
Yeah, she says
things like that to me.
Yes, and then
l remind her, again,
"What is it you want in life?
Because you can't have it all."
And then she comes back, "l
want to be with this family.
"l want my house, l want
security, and that's what l want."
Then, that's what
you shoot for.
Because if there's
something else you want,
then you need to
go looking for that.
l mean, l wanted to
ask Angela to
speak to me as Megan
for a little while.
Oh, gosh. L don't know
if l can. L think you can.
Here, you can use this.
That's cool.
l don't know.
lt's been a long trip.
This has been the hardest
drawing l've ever done in my life,
for so many reasons.
Well, it better
be good.
Better be.
That's that.
Start over.
What do you want me...
l know what's inside.
What's inside?
What's inside? Why don't
we just open it and see?
They used to tank cod from
Alaska all the way to China.
They'd keep them in vats
in the ship.
By the time
the codfish reached China,
the flesh was mush
and tasteless.
So this guy came up with the idea that
if you put these cods in these big vats,
put some catfish in with them, and
the catfish will keep the cod agile.
And there are those people
who are catfish in life,
and they keep you
on your toes.
They keep you guessing, they keep
you thinking, they keep you fresh.
lt's really good.
And l thank God for the
catfish, because we'd be droll,
boring and dull if we didn't
have somebody nipping at our fin.
Don't really
feel like it.