Cathy's Curse (1977) Movie Script

Joanne Joanne mommy gone she taking
George with her your mother's a bitch
she'll pay her what you did you
anyone's ever told me that someday I'd
be working in this house again but you
know mrs. gimble will at least get some
rest here oh yeah
what time is it now how fast how much -
oh there be here any minute now
well at least all the heavy works done
tell me how or does the child or she be
aged yeah ain't I think isn't it a shame
that they lost their newborn baby like
hello Mary
Oh wonderful to see you my god you were
just a little boy and here you are yes
here we are
thank you for arranging all this for me
hello madam and welcome home thank you
good God
everything's still here look em in the
couch where mother would curl up and
read and look there her sewing basket
the bookcase
fathers armchair
and I wonder I wonder
yes exactly in place my first love
well never mind it can be fixed
well here it is darling but I don't want
you to feel as if you're in a museum if
you see anything you don't like we'll
change it this is our house now you know
I only lived here until I was four my
one real attachment was that you dream
now Mary will help you with the
housework this is a very big house and
you were supposed to be getting your
strength back and Paul your age come on
and let me hope I'm in your condition
when I get to be your age well can't you
Kathy Kathy where are you going up to my
room daddy oh let her go George
come on let's unpack our things
to see the way she acted when she came
I mean Kathy how comfortable she seemed
to be in their room in the whole house
for that matter and in the place she's
never seen before well maybe you'd like
it better if she were upset
well would you what are you talking
about George
it's getting pretty ridiculous you know
and I know that I've had a nervous
breakdown right well it's not hereditary
and it isn't catching the way you go
around analyzing everything Kathy says
it does it's too much George darling you
don't understand my feelings are just
the opposite I'm just delighted to see
Kathy with so much confidence and I'm
thrilled because she seems to feel so at
home here that's all I meant
maybe I expressed myself badly I'm sorry
if I've upset you
what are you doing nothing nothing at
taking up hold on darling your women are
coming to your rescue
Jack and Jill up the hill to fetch a
pail of water Jack fell down and broke
his crown and Jill came after Jack and
Jill went up the hill I had a feeling
someone's watching even the garbage
well it must have been a dog or a cat I
can't see anything now you really wanted
me to go out there and take a look
vivianne look what I found three spies
please repeat what you told me is he
just taking a walk and when we were just
taking a walk in my backyard looking for
I'm so sorry please excuse them but
Walter brings them here every chance he
gets and he knows it's forbidden it
doesn't matter at all a large garden can
be very tempting let me introduce my
family my wife Vivian our daughter Kathy
and I'm George George Kimball how do you
we're just moving in I'm Margaret Burton
your neighbor and this is Geraldine
Walter and Peter hey Cathy I can see
you'll be having lots of fun with this
merry crew you'd like that wouldn't you
yeah I've got an idea why don't you drop
by tomorrow afternoon we can get
acquainted and the children too splendid
thank you very much come children move
mommy I'm tired
mommy's little help was tired and would
you go upstairs and lie down
why don't you want to see anymore
ah Kathy you could have answered me you
know what's that filthy rag look at
those hands go wash them before the
Burton children get here and get rid of
that disgustingness otherwise someone
might get locked in there I'm so pleased
to see Kathy we'll have some new friends
to play with your home is perfectly
charming I should warn you Hagia that
has an absolute passion for anything
happiness booth past you tell Vivian if
you listened to my regret long enough
she'll convinced you that I'm not
exactly normal
Oh you know I'd never say anything like
that but Agatha is the only person I
know who can make inanimate objects talk
making animate objects talk what do you
mean it's actually quite simple
every object animate or inanimate has
its own story its own history in fact
now when a medium is present Agatha is a
medium yes it's true that's why I'm so
attracted to all things they have
experienced so much they tell me so much
take for example that photograph over
it's a picture of my husband his father
I never met him okay
you'll be the little girl and your
father's taking you it's really okay
repeat after me are we going to look for
money don't talk to me about your money
all women are bitches repeat all women
are bitches
watch out daddy here's a rabbit no no
your eyes hurt don't they well it's
perfectly natural
you've been burnt in a fire just wait a
minute and I'll make it stop her
what's going on here answer me answer me
we have to leave mommy right now
what an afternoon I'm sorry excuse me
but I think the factory needs the better
of me for all of us anyway thanks for
the coffee
I have a feeling the children have
brought themselves into a situation they
just couldn't handle I hope this
demonstration of mine hasn't upset you
it's very strange though I usually have
a much harder time getting smooth but
thanks photo well never mind I must be
going now
it's been very nice meeting you Vivian I
hope I shall see you again sometime soon
well it's been quite an experience to
say the least I'd do drop by again and
next time you're in the neighborhood
I'll bye for now
Kathy are you gonna tell me what went on
they're now sneaker what's the matter
easy now calm down you don't feel quite
at home yet
I think that Paul recommended that month
totally she was the Pick of the better
now be careful not to disturb khaki this
morning she slept very poorly last night
doesn't let her sleep as long as she
wasn't very good
honey honey sit down
breakfast is ready it's nothing don't
worry about the child there it's all
done I'll fix you another ball hello
look who the wind blew in feeling better
this morning little girl
okay mr. Gimbel let's go over this again
now when were you first notified in
about 11:15 and who told you about it I
told you already my daughter called me
on the construction site and said mommy
wants you to come home right away
can you give me an idea of how she
sounded lifting hands
and then it wasn't until I got to the
back of the house that I realized where
the screaming was coming from and I
looked up at the wind doh
I saw her fall dog was howling
they're at the window the damn window my
poor baby
my girl
they they tell me you're always barking
hunt for no reason that's so nice hey
you there
come over here well mr. Kimble I'll be
leaving now we've gotta wait for the
results of the autopsy yeah by the way
do you planning on leaving town within
the next few days no I'll be here oh
that's good in case I have anything to
report I'll know where to find you
goodbye now
my little girl we're gonna have to be
very careful not to disturb mummy don't
be upset Cathy soon everything will be
all right again mommy will be all better
you'll see they have to put some milk in
the omelet oh really why very well madam
your wish is my command let me see now
her with the frying pan be in the
cupboard right in front of you I think
that it's called woman's intuition all
right boys you can also tell me where I
can find the parsley thank you
sorry the window please try and calm
there now close your eyes
Kathy you should go to bed you must be
hello dr. Clark please can you tell him
it's urgent it's about mrs. gimble Cathy
you haven't kissed your mother good
Yes Doctor Yes Doctor
my wife just had another attack she's
very upset yes
man little girl is getting too heavy to
carry try not to disturb mummy she's
feeling much better this morning and the
doctor will be here in about half an
hour now if you go now I've got to leave
I'll be back around lunchtime
good morning sweetheart
what's the matter cat got your tongue
hmm counting you could at least answer
me I I thought your father told you not
to talk to me because he wanted me to
rest right but I'm feeling much better
now where's the eye accident it upset me
so poor Mary Cathy
Kathy tell me something were you in your
room when Mary was in there cleaning and
to me Kathy will you in there with Kathy
you're starting to make me angry I do
you hear me
they feel so useless I nothing
in two or three days we have it that is
the key on the situation things won't
look nearly so thank you
and it's gonna be two or three days
before we have money back with us my
work is very time-consuming at the
moment and I won't be able to look after
you the way I'd like to so I'm gonna
have to ask cousin Lydia if you can
spend a few days in her house daddy I
wanna stay with you I won't be any
trouble I'll take care of everything
I'll even make your breakfast but daddy
please don't send me away don't cry it's
gonna be hard for me too
maybe there is another solution if Paul
agrees to come over and you promise to
act like a big girl how about that daddy
you'll see are you proud of me
dog sneaker steak come on come on Kathy
saying she's a lovely dog she's a female
so our three miles of gender other miles
isn't that right sneaker she's a good
dog speaker
there you see she doesn't like me either
if that don't beat all
Paul do you know when daddy's coming
home he said it'd be pretty late tonight
you'll be visiting your mom when he
comes from the office
I'm looking for mrs. gimble hello Cathy
no huh no of course you do Cathy I was
here last week with mrs. Burton he
doesn't know either
how dare you you can't speak to me like
that she's where she belongs in the
nuthouse why don't you join her over
there yeah why don't you join her over
god no bitch you saw that Cathy Cathy
here's not in your eyes I see
don't you like it good old Paul
I've never seen anything like this if
you have no objections I'd like to do an
autopsy on Oh bastard if I ever put my
hands on him
poor sneaker my poor old dog do you
think she may have been poisoned
she was my handy man's dog and he is
convinced there's been some kind of foul
play well I've never seen any type of
poison that can produce these kinds of
lesions never you're not being a good
girl Cathy you haven't touched your
breakfast your father mr. Lloyd
come on something would you like a bit
more salad with that
delicious isn't it all your children in
schools is here are they
hello video this is all cursive Courtney
I'm sure you remember me I was at your
house the other day with Margaret Burton
I was the medium remember I hope I
didn't upset you the other day that's
very kind of you to say so but the
reason is I'm calling well it's a little
delicate to talk about over the
oh good then I'll jump in the taxi I'll
be over in a few minutes
I can assure you it's very important
yeah vivillon where are you
I'll be right there
Vivian are you there Vivian I'm here
it's perfectly clear to me that you're
here Agatha where is your mother
I thought I already told you she's in
the nuthouse you know a loony bin the
madhouse well if it isn't the great
medium is so medium I'd say extra piece
of shit
go on you filthy female cow make us
laugh I beg of you leave this house and
never come back
what you see
is not good oh yeah George yes feel like
fully captain why she knows you're
coming home this afternoon you want to
go now yes
George I can't find her anywhere
wait I think I know where she is Paul
had a slight accident this morning she's
probably at his house
she wants to forgotten the time I'll go
and get her sweetheart
I'll be back in five minutes catch cold
vivianne darling like a sign telling me
I wasn't wanted you Jesse
judge we've gotta help she's in danger
here I know Cathy where were you I was
playing in the Attic there's mommy sick
again judge please believe me she needs
I have she's sleeping now doctor no no
she's very calm yes I know I was a
little shaky before but okay I'll call
you back tomorrow and let you know how
she's doing
yes darling
not getting any better
don't worry darling the doctor says it's
nothing it often happens to people when
they get very tired those tranquilizers
really knocked you out she's sound
it's understandable you fainted come on
man you go to sleep
what is it what's the matter
not it
one of them and tipped over there are
six of them in here it was my father he
used this is a kind of tonic a sort of
the fire I think he was always afraid a
trainee from now
George scratched me George he scratched
me on purpose she did it on purpose I'm
sure Jesus Christ will you look at her
just look at her
Vivian if you don't forget to take your
car to the grass for tenant talk
this house George I don't know how to
explain it
George since we've been here Cathy
haughtiness talk anymore let me explain
that and me why am i constantly upset
and nervous and even you George
you seem to be pulling away from me and
avoiding me listen to me Vivian I have
been working at the construction site
for 18 hours a day and I am exhausted
you know how important this project is
to me I just can't stand any more of
your hysterics as for this house it has
four walls and a roof like any other
house and that's for Cathy she talks to
me Vivian when are you going to
understand that you are imagining all
this creating your own hell and making
all our lives unbearable you're
screaming you're irrational fears and
you blame me even Cathy our baby but I
won't let you go that far again maybe I
just won't allow it
some crazy
tell me four can you look after Vivian
and Kathy for the rest of the day I
don't know how to organize things around
here we're having some problems with the
building and I have to meet some members
of the board who are coming in from the
coast I don't know when I'll get back
of course mr. Gimbel ah stay you don't
have to worry about a thing you can
count on me
not a drunk okay okay and thank you I'll
go and see her five minutes in her room
you're a needy
why are you staring at me that way I'll
go up and see how your mother is
you don't have to Wow mommy's asleep
don't bother going up to her room I'll
we never know I know you want to go up
because you're an old man
so what old people like to see others
die come on now what are you telling me
your mother won't die
Paul I'll be late I don't think I'll be
back before 1:00 1:30 anyway sound
asleep since you left
thank you see you later get out it don't
you touch my daughter don't look like
what have you done to Matt give me that
filthy rag Cathy give it to me right
I have to
yeah yeah yeah don't worry mrs. gimble
go away try and relax
I beg of you leave my daughter-in-law
give me that stealthy ride Cathy give it
to me where did you find it
what are you talking about mrs. gimble
and I think
beer I better go call you later
my name is Laura