Catimini (2012) Movie Script

Here's the little bridge.
When we get
to the little bridge, Cathy,
that means we're nearly there.
The house is just after it.
If you look out my side
you'll see it.
This way.
Are you looking, Cathy?
Cathy, sweetie?
See it? The pretty red house.
You'll have plenty of room
to play here.
And guess what?
There's a lovely swimming pool.
You can swim all summer,
you lucky girl.
Careful, sweetie.
Come on, sweetie.
Hey! Your garden is so big,
I couldn't see you.
- Isn't the weather gorgeous?
- It's wonderful.
- I hope it lasts for my holidays.
- Lucky you.
It's meant to stay dry
for the next few weeks.
It's good for your tomatoes.
- How long will you be away?
- Three weeks.
Rjeanne, this is Cathy.
My, isn't she a cutie?
This is Cathy, Cathy Monette.
She's six.
Look, Cathy, this is Rjeanne,
your new foster mother.
Hello, gorgeous girl.
Welcome to our home.
Don't be shy.
You'll see,
you're going to like it here.
Right, here's a bag
of things for her.
Let me check the clothes
while you're here.
I don't know what happened
last time when Chlo arrived
but everything was too small.
I've only got an hour
to get back for an emergency.
I suggest you look at these later
if you don't mind.
Call me tomorrow
if you need to buy anything
and I'll authorise it
before my holiday.
All right.
Right. Here are her medical records
and her ID card.
That's mine.
This is the contract.
You sign it and keep a copy.
This is the code of ethics
for foster families.
Let's spare the trees.
Do you want a glass of juice,
It's ages since you were here.
- The last kid you gave me was...
-Little Charlotte.
- Ah, yes, Charlotte.
- Charlotte Gallieppe.
Funny you should mention her.
I visited her yesterday.
She's been with her new family
for two months.
I've completely redecorated
the bedroom.
I'm so pleased with it.
Look, Cathy.
Isn't it a lovely room?
Isn't it pretty, Cathy?
A lovely pink room.
That's not your bed.
This is your bed, Cathy.
Look, this is Cathy's bed.
Come and see your bed.
You'll be sharing
with three other girls.
They're older than you
but they're nice girls, you'll see.
This is for your things.
This is your space.
And this little drawer
is for your clothes.
Look at the lovely drawer decorated
with a flower and two ladybirds.
That's yours.
No, no, no, no.
Don't touch their things
without asking their permission.
You wouldn't like it if they touched
your things without asking.
It's the same for them.
How old are you?
Look at Rjeanne.
Tell me how old you are.
Look at my fingers.
How old are you?
Has she been assessed?
- I'm afraid I don't know...
- The reason I'm asking is,
I remember I had a little girl once
who was autistic
and no one had noticed.
Let's go out this way
and pick you some tomatoes.
- How kind. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Maria Perez will be covering for me.
She's on the same number.
We've got a meeting with your mummy
when I get back from my holiday, OK?
I know what.
The weather's so nice,
why don't you go for a swim?
Yes, in the small pool. The big one
is just for when Raynald is there.
Did you hear that?
There's a little pool just for you.
- Can you swim?
- Mama Lou.
I want Mama Lou.
- Cathy!
- Mama Lou?
That was her first foster mother.
Oh, I see.
This is not going to be easy.
Come on, sweetheart.
Let's go and put your things away.
Have you got a swimming costume?
Never mind if you haven't.
We'll find you one.
It's so warm.
Rjeanne? Rjeanne?
- Rjeanne?
- Yes?
- Guess what?
- What?
We nearly got sprayed
by a skunk.
"Nearly" is good.
- Careful.
- Who's she?
- Can I have one?
- Yes, go ahead.
- She's Cathy.
- Is she the new girl?
- She's cute!
- She's a baby.
Hey, she's not a dolly.
- Is she sharing our room?
- Yes, she's sharing your room.
Listen, girls.
This is Cathy. She's just six.
So I want you to be
very, very gentle with her.
- She's sharing our room?
- Did you hear me?
- Eh, Amlie?
- OK.
Wait for me.
Quietly, girls. Quietly.
Yoo-hoo! Are you there?
Hey, Cathy?
She's not up here.
I can't see her.
-Perhaps she's outside.
- She's not.
Girls, have you seen Cathy?
- Cathy?
- Cathy!
- Cathy?
- Cathy!
- Cathy?
- We've looked everywhere.
I've found her, Rjeanne.
Come out, quick.
- Cathy, come out of there.
- I told her.
I'll count to three.
One... two... three.
Right. You're the smallest.
Go and get her.
Come out of there, sweetheart.
It's hot and it's dirty.
Come on, Cathy.
That's it.
Come to Rjeanne.
Cathy, when Rjeanne calls you,
you come.
Don't be too hard on her.
No? We were about
to call the police.
Eh? When Rjeanne calls you,
what do you do? You come.
- Poor kid.
- Keyla!
It's not difficult, sweetie.
If you behave,
there are positive consequences.
What's a positive consequence?
It's a reward.
But if you don't behave,
there are negative consequences.
What's a negative consequence?
A punishment.
She's only just got here.
You can't expect...
What have we said
about other people's business?
Don't get involved
and concentrate
on your own affairs.
OK, but it's not fair.
- Dad, Mum, guess what?
- What?
- The trip is going ahead.
- Great.
At least I think so.
- Is it still in September?
- Yes, but we're not sure yet...
Don't do that, sweetie.
The chair might topple over.
So you'll be missing school.
How long for?
- About a week.
- That won't matter.
What if he misses his exams?
I'll go and talk to your teacher.
He'll be all right
as long as he revises.
Look what Raynald's found for you.
Do you want to play?
Do you want a go
at filling the sieve?
We fill the sieve
with water like this.
And it falls straight through,
like rain.
Do you want to try?
That's right. Slowly.
You see? It's like rain.
That's it! Do you want
to try with the bucket?
Eh, sweetheart?
Do you want to try
with the bucket?
Do it again.
- Raynald?
- Yes?
Raynald, it's bedtime.
Time for beddy-byes.
Pass me the toys.
- We'll do it again tomorrow.
- Come here, sweetheart.
Come on.
You can't sleep by the pool.
Don't be grouchy.
- Come on.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- Miss grouchy pants.
Don't encourage her.
- Miss grouchy pants.
- Come here.
That's right, sweetheart.
Say night-night to Raynald.
- Night-night.
- Night, sweetie.
See you tomorrow.
Let's say good night
to my friend Giselle.
- Night-night, sleep tight.
- Night-night, Cathy sweetie.
I won't be long.
Don't drink the whole bottle.
A nice sleep will do you good.
I'll get your nightie for you.
This is your nightie, isn't it?
Arms up. That's it.
There. Pull it down.
Your teddy.
There. Take off your swimsuit.
I won't look.
Rjeanne has seen
little girls' bums before.
OK? Ready?
I'm looking.
Sleep tight, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
Look. A kiss for Teddy.
And a kiss for Cathy.
Are you going to say
good night to Rjeanne?
No, no, no, Cathy.
Lie down.
Lie back down. Go on.
I'll leave the door open
and the light on on the landing.
Sleep tight, sweetie.
What is it, sweetheart?
Look what I've got for you.
Look what I've got for you.
It's for you. It's a present.
Here. It's so you can see.
You press this button
and it goes off.
It goes on... and off...
and on again.
You try.
If you need anything,
just come and see me, OK?
Is it just me, Cathy,
or is your water tepid?
Do that, Amlie,
and I'll shoot you.
That will do, girls.
No more shrieking.
- Keyla, come inside and calm down.
- It's OK. I am calm.
I said, come inside
and calm down.
- Why? It wasn't me.
- Stop arguing.
- Come inside now.
- Why is it always me?
You've been getting on my nerves
these past few days.
Don't you dare
speak to me like that.
Come here, Keyla.
Let's see what we've got.
This one's too big for you.
Look, a pink one.
A lovely pink bicycle.
Do you like it?
A bicycle with three wheels.
Come over here.
What's going on in there?
This place is a tip.
It needs fixing.
It's missing a pedal.
Do you like red?
Or do you prefer pink?
You'd like a nice pink bicycle,
wouldn't you?
Blue perhaps?
No, I know. Purple.
Yes, that's what you'd like.
A purple bicycle.
Tomorrow after work
I'll paint it purple for you.
Isn't that a lovely pussy cat?
You can stroke it
if you're gentle.
Do you want to hold it?
Be gentle.
Very good. OK?
I think it likes you.
Come here, sweetheart.
Kevin? Girls?
Hello, young lady.
Raynald, I'm hungry.
You'll wake the others.
- I'm hungry.
- Do you want some biscuits?
Let's go downstairs
and eat biscuits.
Mind your head.
The first to the barn!
Wait for me.
Kevin, girls, now!
It's dinner time, Cathy.
Are you fixing your bike?
Raynald will help you tonight.
Have you seen the girls?
Where? Behind the tree?
Over there.
They're there.
Wait here for me.
What's going on here?
Keyla, get dressed now.
Come here. You others,
get over to the house at once.
I want a word with you, young lady.
- Keyla!
- That's enough.
Go to your room, Amlie.
No arguing.
No, no, no.
You're staying here.
Explain what happened.
What were you doing?
I won't have
that sort of behaviour in my home.
- It wasn't just me.
- It was you that I saw.
It was Amlie and Kevin too.
You were the one I saw.
I won't have that in my home.
I've had enough of it.
You refuse to do as I say.
- Keyla...
- Mind my back.
Stop it... Keyla, stay here!
Keyla! Keyla!
I'm talking to you.
Stay here.
It's nice and dry in here.
Heavy, isn't it?
Bye. Phone any time.
Phone me when you get there
to give me your address.
- Come on, Keyla.
- No!
Come on, girls.
Don't be childish.
Don't forget to phone me.
Careful. That's dangerous.
Let go of her hand.
OK, you can go now.
- Amlie...
- Call me.
Don't forget to call me.
You said...
Shut up!
You piss me off!
I'm warning you, Mgane.
Stop this now or I'll report you.
Leave the door open.
- Can I make a phone call?
- Not yet.
I want to talk
about the rules of the group:
respect and safety.
But first I'll introduce you.
Girls, Keyla has just arrived.
Keyla, this is Camille.
Sophie, one of five
youth workers here.
- Hi, Keyla.
- Jessica.
There's a bathroom upstairs.
I'll show you later, OK?
There's one bathroom here
and one upstairs.
And this is Kim.
- Kim, this is Keyla.
- Hi.
- Everything OK?
- Fine.
It's not the first time
you've clashed this week.
We'll have to talk about it
at our meeting.
That's the courtyard, Keyla,
as you can see.
The gate is locked
so unless you're with a youth worker
you can't go out that way.
You're obviously not allowed
to climb over the fence.
The shed is locked too.
Can I make a phone call today?
We'll finish the tour
and then look at the rules together.
That will answer your question.
I wouldn't mind having him
by my side.
Shut up.
Do you like Rambo?
No, he's ugly.
- Kim!
- He's gorgeous.
It's true.
- I wouldn't mind a piece of him.
- Virginie!
You've got to admit it, Diane.
I admit it.
Turn the sound down
during the ads.
Diane, I'm off to the corner shop.
I wondered
if she could come with me.
If you want to, that is.
Do you want to?
Just to the shop and back.
While we're at it,
- I thought...
- Here we go!
Go for it, Jess.
Seriously, it would be
a chance to show her
- where to take the bus to school...
- Go for it, Jess!
We'll be about 30 minutes.
So you'll be back at...?
- At ten past.
- Ten past eight?
Not a minute more.
- Can I rely on you, Jessica?
- Yes.
Has she put you with Mgane?
No one else will share with her.
You can't speak
without her jumping on you.
- How old is she?
- 16.
- How old are you?
- I'm nearly 13.
- When?
- In June.
Next summer?
You're just a kid.
What are you doing here?
That's crazy.
Wait for me!
Come and have your shower now.
Five more minutes.
No, stop making excuses.
Hurry up.
- Get changed.
- Come on!
What's your name?
I know you're awake.
I'm sorry about this afternoon.
You're not stupid.
What's your name?
Mine's Mgane.
Mine's Keyla.
Do you want a sweet?
They're my favourites too.
Did you see me
throw my bags outside?
It's because I'm leaving tomorrow.
But no one must know, OK?
Anything left behind
is yours.
Do you like reading?
Read this.
It's really good.
You've got school tomorrow.
Get some sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
Leave the make-up
and get going.
You'll miss the bus.
- Bye, Diane.
- Bye.
Have a good day.
I'm calling you, Virginie.
Come on, let's go.
- Bye, Diane.
- Have a good day, Kim.
- Bye, Diane.
- Come on, off you go.
Have a good day.
And come straight back after school.
- Right, Mgane?
- Yes.
For next Wednesday I want you
to read "The summer I Turned 12"
on pages 18 to 20
of your text books.
- The blue book?
- Yes, the blue book.
Then you're going to answer
the questions on page 21
except for questions 12 and 13.
Page 21
except questions 12 and 13.
We'll answer
those questions together.
Have a good day, everyone.
Good riddance, I say!
- That's not nice, Jessica.
- What? It's true.
Do you miss hearing her
mouthing off all the time?
Yes, I miss Mgane.
And no good will come to her
in the streets.
- On the contrary.
- Admit it.
It's a relief.
You're just not allowed to say so.
She's paid to pretend to care.
Name one job
where you're not paid to pretend.
Girl power!
No games at the table.
Concentrate on eating
what's on your plates.
- Kyla.
- Her name's Keyla.
Hey! That's disgusting!
Virginie, go to your room, please.
- That will do. No arguments.
- That was her!
- Sit down.
- I'm going to the loo.
- Sit down.
- I need to pee.
Sit down and don't argue.
- Eat up.
- Do you want me to wet my pants?
This is your final warning.
- All right.
- Please, Kelly.
I'm going upstairs
to see what's happening.
It's ringing.
Yes, hello. I'd like to speak
to Rjeanne Bilodeau, please.
This is Diane.
I run the hostel
that Keyla is staying in.
She's like to talk to Amlie
if possible.
I see.
I understand.
I'll tell her.
Thank you.
Yes. Goodbye.
She says your departure
has led to a lot of tension
and that it's best
to cut off contact for a while.
Is there anyone else
you'd like to talk to?
You have no restrictions
on who you can contact.
That's good.
It means you can call who you like.
Well done.
Keep up the good work.
Shut up!
Shut your face!
Up, down.
With the thumb.
That's it.
- Hi, girls.
- Hi.
- All right?
- Yes.
I was wondering...
Can I go to the library after school
to take out some books?
You should really ask Diane
but I can't see her saying no
since it's for something positive.
That's true.
What? It is true.
You're so naughty!
- It's cold.
- There's snow forecast for tonight.
- Did you get on OK at the library?
- Yes.
Do you have anything to say?
No more going out after school.
- Why?
- Stop it, Keyla.
- Stop what? I'm not doing anything.
- Keyla.
Your former foster family phoned.
What did we say?
No contact.
What's going on?
Those are mine.
She gave them to me.
- She gave them to me.
- They're not yours.
Give me my things.
- Where are my things?
- If you want me to open the door...
Open the door and tell me...
I've calmed down.
Hello, Mgane.
My name is Martine.
I'm the youth worker here.
I just want to know
where my things are.
I'll answer your questions
after lunch.
Now it's time for a wash.
Put your top back on, please.
I don't feel the cold.
You're inappropriately dressed.
Your shoulders must be covered.
Is this a hostel for lesbians?
Wait here for me.
- Do it up, please.
- All right.
Mind your own business.
Don't stare.
You must put slippers on
to go out.
Are you kidding?
Is this to deliberately piss us off?
- Can you pass me a tissue?
- Silence.
I just asked her to...
Washing takes place in silence.
Final warning.
May I remind you that you're here
to reflect on your actions,
not to make friends.
You are banned from revealing
any information about yourself
apart from your first names.
I don't want to hear any surnames,
street names or names of schools.
No names of friends or anyone.
Not even the name of your dog.
Is that clear?
Anyone breaking the rules
can eat in their room.
On the other hand,
I've got a game for you.
It's a guessing game.
Put your hands up
and wait to be picked.
As soon as I am mentioned
I disappear.
- As soon as I am... Yes?
- Love?
No, it's not that.
But that's a good answer.
Good job it's not that.
That would be sad.
- Yes?
- Silence.
Silence. Yes, that's right.
As soon as it's mentioned
it disappears. Do you all see?
We can't see it
but it's always in front of us.
We can't see it...
- Yes?
- The future.
The future.
It's not fair. You know them all.
It's not my fault
if you don't change your stock.
OK, girls.
Actually, I have a new one.
Listen carefully.
It takes place in Afghanistan.
A soldier is captured by the Taliban
who say to him,
"If the next thing you say is a lie,
"you will be decapitated.
"If the next thing you say
is the truth,
"you will be shot."
What must the soldier say
to stay alive.
He'd be better off
keeping his mouth shut.
Put your hand up
if you want to speak.
- Final warning.
- Just like I said.
Take her away.
Hello, Mgane.
It's time to take stock
of your escape.
We need to review the situation.
Four months on the run
is a long time.
How was it for you?
Good or...?
Were there lots of drugs
in the flat you were found in?
Did you take drugs every day?
Isn't it time you were going?
On Friday...
you'd better come up with an idea.
they'll decide for you.
Everyone's always deciding for me.
You made your own decisions
for four months. Was that easier?
Was it easy every day?
Yes, easier than here.
- Do you want to go back?
- Yes.
- Tell me about it.
- I don't want to.
I can't help you
if you refuse to cooperate.
I want to be left alone.
You think you're alone
but lots of people
are looking out for you.
I'm not so sure about that.
No one's looking out for me.
Everything I say
counts against me.
The questions are all traps.
I can't say or do anything.
I'm not stupid.
Far from it.
Will you leave me alone?
- Your mother phoned.
- I don't give a shit. Shut up.
Shut up.
It's after ten.
You're meant to be in bed.
Don't make me have to call a guard.
It's not worth it.
Think how much more comfortable
you'll be in bed.
Good night.
We've got to go.
This is my letter to the judge.
I'm going to read it to you
so listen carefully
because it concerns you.
Here goes.
"Mgane argues
and answers back all the time,
"playing down her actions.
"Despite the propitious conditions,
"namely the support of staff
"and the resources on offer,
"Mgane still has
behavioural issues.
"She flouts the rules,
is verbally aggressive, takes drugs
"and runs away on impulse,
"putting herself at risk.
we recommend to the tribunal
"that she be placed
in a rehabilitation centre
-"for a maximum period of one year.
- One year?
You see what I mean
about you being impulsive?
- Here we go!
- I didn't say a year.
What did I say?
What did I say, Mgane?
I said for a maximum period
of one year.
What does that mean?
It means, it depends on you.
P5 to base.
Go ahead.
- Get up!
- She's up!
Off she goes.
Go, go, go!
She did it! We won!
We won!
We won!
We won!
We won!
Time to go back in, girls.
Calm down, please.
Go on.
Come on, sweetheart.
My dear Manu,
it's your turn
to let yourself talk of love.
My dear Manu,
it's your turn
to let yourself talk of love.
Thank you.
Make a wish.
Nice one, Manu.
Nice, isn't it?
- It's crazy, all that stuff.
- It's useful.
Ah, yes.
You'll see.
The more you put into life,
the better things will get.
Right, well...
Manu, it's me.
What are you doing?
Puking your guts out?
I don't know.
I don't feel well.
You've hardly drunk anything.
Splash your face and drink water.
That will make you feel better.
Who is that guy?
His friends are so cool.
They've brought tons of bottles.
It's like a proper bar.
Hey! Come on, it's party time!
We're really lucky to be here.
It's cool.
It's meant to be fun.
What's the matter?
He said
he thought you were pretty.
- Really?
- Yes.
Come and join us.
It is your birthday after all.
Come on and party.
Come and join us.
Have fun.
I was wondering
where you'd got to.
Happy birthday.
You can go now, Manu.
It's dead. I'm closing early.
- But I was just...
- Don't worry.
I'll pay you your hours.
You will?
Thank you, Monique.
You're so cool.
Thank you so much, Monique.
And Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas, love.
- See you on the 27th.
- Manu...
Here, this is for you.
Happy Christmas.
Go on.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me...
Excuse me, sir...
Excuse me, sir.
Can you spare some change for food?
Wouldn't you rather have
a nice steak?
I'm just off to the restaurant
and I'm all alone.
I'll buy you dinner if you like.
I hate eating alone.
It's just nearby.
Are you sure?
Your loss.
We're stopping here for a while.
Emmanuelle Michot.
It's marked in red
that it's been paid for.
You get two free drinks tokens.
And here's your name tag.
Look, that's me.
- Where are you?
- I haven't looked.
What's your name?
That's me.
Oh, you were so cute.
Is your name Rachel?
Mine's Manu.
Pleased to meet you.
I remember
as if it was yesterday
the day Rjeanne told me
she wanted to foster children.
I immediately tried
to talk her out of it.
I said, "Become a child minder
if you want to look after children.
"Then you can hand them back
to the parents come six o'clock."
But when Rjeanne gets
an idea into her head...
And ever since,
for 14 years now,
Rjeanne has been
a full-time foster mother.
It's more than a full-time job.
Fostering children is 24/7,
all year long.
It's a big commitment.
That's how over the years
Rjeanne and Raynald
have opened their hearts
and their home
to 100 children.
That's quite something.
100 children.
100 children isn't a family,
it's a kennel.
I bet you've got a mobile.
Can I borrow it?
I need to call a friend.
I don't know where you are
but I'm here waiting for you.
Call me back.
I'm phoning from a safe phone.
I didn't stay with them for long
but I remember
that every evening before bedtime
we made toast
with strawberry jam.
I've been eating toast
with strawberry jam ever since.
It's never tasted the same.
I want to say that...
what I'm telling you is true.
My gratitude comes
from the bottom of my heart
My forgiveness too.
No, I mean, I'm asking
for your forgiveness.
I stayed with you for a year,
Rjeanne and Raynald.
It was the best year of my life.
Talk about boring!
It was the first time
I'd been camping.
- I cried so much...
- Jesus Christ!
...when they took me
away from you.
When it didn't work out with my mum
they wouldn't let me go back
and that was even worse.
Thank you
for your emotional account.
That's what happened to me too.
When I was nine
I was taken away from Rjeanne's
to go and live with my father.
Two weeks later
I ended up in intensive care.
Crushed larynx and trachea
with three broken ribs.
It's funny. I remember thinking
when I was in hospital, "Cool.
"I'll end up back at Rjeanne's."
But no, there was no room any more.
I had to go elsewhere.
I'm waiting for a call, OK?
- Thank you very much.
- What about me?
No, you'll get all dirty.
Tonight young Cathy Monette
who is nearly seven
will thank you
on behalf of all the children.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Cathy Monette.
Thank you is the first word
that comes to mind.
Thank you...
It's a real...
...pleasure to see
so many of you.
Thank you.
Thanks to my great friend Giselle...
You fibber, you!
...for organising all this.
Thank you.
We're saying 100 children,
but since a week ago
we've had
our 101st foster daughter.
Thank you.
I need to thank so many people.
But I mustn't forget my son,
the lovely Kevin.
Come here, Kevin.
Kevin, you'll always be
number one in my heart.
It's true,
we tend to forget the role
played by birth children.
It's a huge sacrifice for a child
to share their mum and dad
with other children,
children who aren't always easy,
it has to be said.
We're very proud of you.
Yes, and listen, Kevin,
we want to say 100 thank-yous.
Thank you, everybody.
- Your hair!
- Cool, isn't it?
What are you doing here?
You're not invited.
Who is she?
Who is she?
Anya. She's just arrived
and she's really funny.
We were watching this film
yesterday and she...
What are you doing, Cathy?
What did Rjeanne say?
Tonight's our night off.
You must stay with the girls.
What's wrong?
Do you need the loo? Wait.
What a lovely dress.
You look gorgeous.
- You look lovely too.
- Thank you.
- Are you all right?
- It's very difficult.
Lots of tantrums and...
She needs constant attention.
She may have
attention deficit disorder. Look.
Haven't we got a meeting next week?
Yes, I think so.
We'll schedule a review.
Will you take her
to the loo Claudine?
Go to the loo with Claudine, OK?
Stop that.
That's enough, Cathy.
- No! No!
- Cathy?
That's enough, Cathy.
No, stop that.
It's all right. Raynald's here.
Yes, yes, yes.
I liked him less.
Any little girls
who did like that monster
were guilty by association.
I should know. I was accused
often enough by social services.
I bet he's still taking advantage
of the situation.
I stayed with them for a whole year
and he never...
What? Did he ever touch you?
He didn't have time.
I didn't stay long enough.
Well, I did and he never touched me.
You just haven't realized.
Perhaps you're not his type.
Come on. It's easy.
Just follow my lead.
You dance if you want to.
It's a dance for two people.
Well, I don't want to.
You're boring!
Why the hell are you here?
You don't dance, you don't drink.
You just stand there.
I came to see some people
who meant something to me.
What about you?
All you do is complain.
- You keep going out to phone.
- They meant something to you?
Go on, then.
Kiss their arses.
What are you waiting for?
- No.
- Why?
- Because?
- Not right now.
Not right now.
You're too scared.
I'll tell you why.
Because your happy
childhood memories
you know deep down
to be a joke.
- No.
- Yes.
Yes, they're a joke.
Emmanuelle Michot.
I was there at the same time
as Chantale.
Kim and Tania were there too.
Ah, yes, the lovely Tania.
I'd have loved to see her here.
Do you remember the time
I dropped your sugar tart?
Or the time we went
to your brother's for Easter
and I got locked in the toilet?
They had to take the door off.
Yes, yes.
I remember.
The door.
Hey, Maurice!
Remember, Maurice?
She got locked in your toilet.
At Easter.
- Locked herself in she did.
- What a nerve!
How are you doing?
Are you having a nice evening?
- Yes.
- Have you met anyone you know?
Is everything going OK
in your life, in your world?
My world!
Do you work?
What do you do?
I had a job.
Listen, I'm keeping you back.
My poor girl.
Just go and enjoy yourself.
Have a good time.
Go and get yourself a drink.
I'm sure you'll find
some people you know.
For sure.
It's lovely to see you.
You too.
Don't get so worked up
over nothing.
Come on, Manu.
Let's go, Manu.
Come out of there.
Who gives a fuck
about that old bag?
You may not, but I do.
I stayed with them
for eight and a half months.
That's nearly a year.
All she remembers is the door.
Fuck that.
Hey, Manu...
You're free.
You can say that again.
I've got nobody.
Testing, testing.
Excuse us, but we too want
to pay tribute to our foster family.
When I was five
I watched my father
stab my mother to death.
I did nothing.
I didn't even cry.
I just hid under the table and...
I watched her bleed to death,
scared that my father
would kill me too.
My mother died
and my father went to prison.
I spent three months in care
before being placed with Rjeanne,
my first foster family.
I remember,
I awoke in tears at night.
I dreamt that my father
had come into the room to kill me.
The nightmare continued for real
because Rjeanne wasn't happy.
I was keeping her awake,
poor thing.
After a month
I felt like an empty vessel.
You have to understand her.
She wanted to be left in peace.
But Rjeanne was the only one
to be left in peace.
Eh, Rjeanne?
Girls aged between six and 11,
the so-called "easy" age,
were the ones Raynald liked best.
We came here tonight
to tell you
that we were both abused
by the amiable Raynald.
Stop it.
It's not you who should be ashamed,
it's them.
- That's enough.
- I'd like to know,
how many out of the 100
were abused like we were?
- Eh? How many.
- That's enough.
- Let's go.
- We need to talk.
And it's carrying on.
What's wrong?
- What is it?
- Give her to me.
We'll explain later.
- No!
- Stop it! Put her down.
Hand her over to Giselle, please.
- What's going on?
- Music!
Do you want a lift?
You're not cut out for the walk.
We turn here.
A bit further on we'll turn again.
And then we're nearly there.
It's just at the end of the road.
It's a pretty white house
with a lovely garden.
And you'll see, sweetie,
the mum is really nice.