Cats Kill (2017) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(ominous electronic music)
(door opens)
- How was your shower?
- [Cat] Warm.
- Careful.
- Oops.
So what do you wanna do tonight?
- Really?
- What?
Let's go have some fun.
- [Ron] Cat, there's
jack to do around here.
- Well, let's go make some fun.
- [Ron] Like what?
- I don't know,
something dangerous.
An adventure maybe?
- We could rob the gas station.
- Ron, I work there.
- So?
- So, I need a paycheck.
And they would know
it was us in a second.
Plus, we wouldn't make enough
to run away with anyway.
- Welp, I'm all out of ideas.
- Come on, babe, let's
do something dangerous.
Something crazy.
- We could become
serial killers.
Take out a few tourists.
- Yes.
- Cat, I was kidding.
Look, being here is better than
being in the slammer, right?
Or dead.
- No, Ron, let's do it.
- Who are we gonna kill?
- Tourists, just like you said.
People come around
here all the time,
especially this time of year.
They come into the
gas station and flash
that same stupid
look on their face.
"Let's go to the country side.
Let's get away from it all.
Our lives are so stressful.
We're really important people."
It's bullshit, and you know it.
Let's show them just
how important their
lives really are.
- Yeah, I hate those people
too, but fuckin' kill 'em?
- It's not like anyone's
gonna miss them.
They're all the same.
They're so replaceable.
- Look, it's not that I
don't agree, it's just--
- It was your idea, after all.
- I was messing.
- Yep, but you said it.
That means you were thinking it.
- Cat, we could get in--
- You were thinking, right Ron?
- Cat, seriously?
So how would you wanna do it?
(distorted electronic music)
(funky upbeat music)
- Can't believe your
dad let us drive this.
It's so nice.
- My dad has a better one.
(horn honking)
- Jesus.
- I'm so glad we're
doing this, you guys.
- Me too.
New Years was way too insane.
- I know, I don't even
wanna talk about it.
- It's not even worth all the
stress and, I mean, I had fun.
- Yeah, you did.
- Oh, shut up.
Go back to sleep, please.
I mean, I had fun,
but I just wanna relax
a little, you know?
Get out of the city.
- It's so nice
where we're going,
and the people are
really, really cute too.
(ominous piano music)
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
It's so quaint.
- So this is it.
Really beautiful little house.
You ladies did well to
pick it this weekend.
- It's so cute.
- It's perfect.
It's just like the photos.
- Yeah, on a nice
bit of land too.
It's very quiet.
As the agent of the
property owners,
I've got to give you a little
tour and go over a few things
before handing over the
keys for the weekend.
- This isn't your house?
- Oh no, I wish.
I live a town over.
I work for the owners.
- And they are?
- Older couple.
Like their privacy.
From what I know,
they live down in Florida
during the winter.
Unlike me, you don't have to
worry about them bothering you.
- Aw, snowbirds.
- Not a bother.
- I bet they have
some cool shit.
- On the property,
there are two sheds.
I doubt you find
any use for them.
In the first shed,
there's a tractor
and some other gardening
and lawn equipment.
Please don't use the tractor.
I don't know why you would.
- We won't, I promise.
- You could take a nasty tumble.
- Damn, that thing sounds fun.
- Looks like I'm gonna have
to watch out for you, huh?
Now, where was I.
- The second shed.
- In that shed there's a more
eclectic collection of items.
And, as you can see,
this is the pond.
Pretty, ain't it?
- It's really beautiful.
- Let's go swimming.
- Huh uh.
- Gorgeous.
- So these are the
lights for the kitchen.
Now, just check if that
water's running hot for you.
It should be.
- [Alana] Yep, all good.
- Okay, then that's about it.
- Thanks so much, Jim.
- My pleasure.
Here you go.
Now, it can get a little
cold here at night.
You know how to start a fire?
- Not really.
- I figured as much.
Here, I'll show you.
- Okay.
- Like an old monitor
that has tubes inside.
You see what I'm talking about?
- Oh my God, that's creepy.
- You guys going skiing?
- Not today.
- Guess it is
getting a bit late.
I hope I didn't
keep you too long.
Your friends look
ready for the slopes.
- Oh, no, we want to
get settled in first
and maybe explore the
town a little bit.
- Eh, not a bad idea,
although there's really
not much to explore.
(flames crackling)
You should probably
hold on to those.
- Don't worry, we'll be good.
- I'm sure you will.
Bye, girls.
- Bye, Jim.
- [Both] Bye, Jim.
(door closes)
- Finally, I call the big bed.
- They're the same size.
(ominous electronic music)
- [Rikki] Where do you think
you're going, marshmallow?
Ain't it familiar
The words are the same
You're playing a
game with my heart
- Ew.
- Ew.
What is this stuff?
- I don't know, Rik.
Definitely not gluten free.
- Ya think?
- [Liz] Hey, look, Twizzlers.
- [Rikki] Oh shit, yeah.
- 40 bucks on two, please.
And this too.
- Will that be all, honey?
- I think so.
Just one second.
Are you guys getting anything?
- Here?
- No thanks, we're full.
- You guys on a trip?
- How'd you guess?
We're staying in
town for the weekend.
- [Cat] That's
great, good for you.
- Just drove up from the city.
From there.
- Wow, I never would've guessed.
Well, you did pick a
good weekend to come up.
- You think so?
I'm a little worried
about the weather.
- Oh no, don't be.
You guys look
dressed for whatever
Mother Nature throws at you.
Here's your change.
You have a good weekend.
- Thanks.
- Take care now.
- I thought you guys wanted
to relax this weekend.
- You wanted to
relax this weekend.
I said no such thing.
- Relax, Alana, we're just
taking in some of the sights.
- Mhm.
- [Rikki] That's right, Alana.
Plus, doesn't he look relaxing?
- Hey, there.
- [Alana] Hi.
- You need any help?
- [Alana] I don't think so.
- You sure?
- [Alana] What do you mean?
- Let me just...
(gas cap opens)
Catherine inside told me
you guys had been out here
for like 20 minutes
without pumping any gas.
So thought I'd
come check it out.
- God, I'm so embarrassed.
I never drive.
We just drove up from the city.
- [Ron] Oh yeah, she
mentioned that too.
- [Alana] You guys
know each other?
- Yeah, everyone knows
everyone around here.
I'm Ron.
- [Alana] Alana.
Those beautiful squeegee snow
queens are Liz and Rikki.
- Erica Ostravsky,
at your service.
- Oh, Miss Ostravsky,
how elegant.
I'm Liz.
- [Ron] Hi, Liz.
- We're saying at the
rental on Humberside Road.
Know the place?
- Oh, for sure, yeah.
Nice view from up there,
especially in the morning.
I'm sure you guys are
wondering what there is to do
around here.
We do have on bar.
- Not really.
Looking forward to staying in.
- Don't listen to her.
We'd love to go to one
bar with you tonight.
- [Ron] It's called The Shire.
- Whatever it's called.
Pick us up at nine.
- I'll try.
I get off work at 8:30, so--
- Do or do not, there is no try.
The Shire.
- Isn't that Dumbledore?
- No!
- I'm sorry about my friends.
- No need for that.
We're all friends here.
- Yes.
Oh my God!
- What?
- Oh my God.
Look at this one.
This shade is called
Flamingo's Dream.
Isn't that so weird?
- Nice.
- Look at this, Salty Tears.
That's kinda sad actually.
- You are kinda sad actually.
Can we go?
It's creepy in here.
- I wonder what's in here.
Oh my God!
- Fuck!
- [Alana] That's weird.
- [Liz] My God, how
many old cell phones
do you think there are in here?
- I don't know,
like at least 20.
And not just old ones either.
- Oh my God, look at this.
- Let's go.
- Sorry, how could I not?
(funky dance music)
(horn honking)
- He's here.
- Yeah, 30 minutes late.
- Not too bad actually.
I thought we'd have
to drive ourselves.
- You mean I'd have
to drive you guys.
- [Liz] Well, yeah.
- What are you talking about?
I know how to drive.
- You know how to
get to The Shire?
- Like she does.
- Rik, the last time you
drove, Buffy was still on TV.
- Oh!
- Okay, Miss I can't
even pump my own gas.
- Touch, Miss Ostravsky.
(distorted electronic music)
- All right, we're here.
- Oh, cool.
- So cute.
- [Alana] He seems pretty cool.
- He's harmless.
- If you say so.
Hey, can I have one of those?
- You smoke?
- On occasion.
- Sure.
You put the orange
end in your mouth.
- You know, I don't
know what happened.
We don't have rep
anymore at least.
- I'm lost, who is we?
- [Alana] New Yorkers.
- I'm a New Yorker.
- You know what I
mean, city folk.
Real New Yorkers.
- City folk.
You say city folk?
- Only for you, I promise.
- So what, you think
you're hard or something
'cause you're from the city?
- [Alana] No, but
that's what I mean.
We used to be.
- When?
- I don't know.
The '80s.
- Well, I think you're way off.
There's tough people everywhere.
- Then what is it?
- Well, I don't know.
It's a big state.
It's not like
California or Texas big,
but we have to share it.
- I guess you do
have all the water.
- Exactly.
- We don't wanna lose that.
I'm sorry I said you
weren't a real New Yorker.
- Don't be.
I thought you
wanted to be tough.
Besides, I'm sure you look
just as out of place here
as I would in Times Square.
- Everybody looks out of
place in Times Square.
- I wouldn't know.
Maybe I'll come
visit you someday.
- Sure, I'd love to see
how you handle the subway.
Plus, you have to meet.
- [Ron] Meet who?
- Frank.
- [Ron] Your boyfriend?
- Yeah.
- Nice.
What's he do?
- He's in the military.
- [Ron] No way, that's cool.
- Kind of.
He's a recruiter now,
but he served in Iraq,
and that was
definitely not cool.
- [Ron] Yeah, I bet.
A couple of my cousins
served actually.
- He works in Times Square,
actually, funny enough.
- Well, we've come full circle.
- Should we head inside?
- Yes.
- [Alana] We don't want to let
Rik and Liz have all the fun.
- Good thing Stephen can
handle himself, right?
One more thing though.
- [Alana] Shoot.
- Where were you born exactly?
- [Alana] New Jersey.
- Oh!
- No, shut up.
I thought we were gonna...
- I know we need
to do more shots.
- More shots?
Oh, Alana would like more shots.
- Steve, I don't think you're
ready for shots tonight.
- What are you
talking about, man?
- Let's just see how it goes.
- I'm always ready for shots.
- [Alana] Stay at our
house tonight, boys.
- So this is what
it's like up here.
- You like it?
I picked it out.
- Sure you did, Rik.
- Compared to Steve's shit hole,
this place is like
the Taj Mahal.
- Since when are you
so worldly, Ron Joe?
Ron lives in a trailer.
- Like on wheels?
- [Ron] I heard that.
- Ron Joe?
- Hey, stop fighting.
- Yeah, they obviously
don't care where you live.
Tonight, at least.
- Exactly.
Why fight when we can--
- Oh baby, I'm a
lover, not a fighter.
- We both live in
trailers, by the way.
You need any help with that?
- Not this time.
- You know, I used
to be a boy scout.
- You too?
I'm good, really.
We're just running low on wood.
Not sure how long
it's gonna last.
- Looks like we're gonna
have to find another way
to stay warm, right Alana?
- Let's hope
there's enough wood.
- I see how it is.
- Go join your friend,
I'll be right over.
(electronic dance music)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, hold on, hold on!
- Just tell it.
- So okay.
So, well, you know.
- What do I know?
- The whole town was there.
- Shit, like 50 people.
- No, I'm going up
to get my diploma,
and I get to the stage
and I look out and see my mom
and all my family and shit.
And it comes to my turn, right?
And I'm up there
with the principal,
shaking his hand and shit.
And now Ron, who dropped out
in the 10th grade by the way--
- What?
- Ron, yeah.
Ron stands up on a chair
in the back and yells
"He fucked your daughter!"
And at this point,
I'm still holding on to
Principal Williams' hand.
And his face, dude, his face.
It was looking grim.
But he knows his daughter's
not the best Christian.
- Oh, shit.
- Yeah, I did take
her to prom, so--
- [Ron] Truce, truce.
- What?
- So he looked just about
ready to shake it off
and give the next kid
their diploma when Ron
gets up again and screams:
- [Ron And Steve] "In the ass!"
- Proudest day of my life, dude.
Proudest day of my life.
- Ew, no.
- Nice story, Stephen.
- I liked it.
- [Liz] I'm sure you did, Rikki.
- You let go as soon as
he sounded really corny.
- [Steve] Excuse me.
(sniffs heavily)
- Woo!
- Save some for moi.
It's gonna be a long weekend.
Slow down there, cowboy.
- Fire's almost out.
Oh, must be time for bed.
- [Steve] Your chariot awaits.
- [Rikki] Your
chariot awaits you.
- Your chariot awaits,
Miss Ostravsky.
- Now that is a high
school graduate.
- I resent that.
- Don't worry, I
think it's kinda cute.
- Them?
Cute is not the word.
- No, that Ron's a dropout.
- Don't say that, and
I'm not proud of it.
- Come on, you're
like a bad boy.
What do you think, Alana?
You've always like bad boys.
- I think I have a boyfriend.
- [Ron] I'll be right back.
- Sorry, Alana, I
didn't mean to--
(door closes)
- It's all right,
I already told him.
- No way, I thought you
were totally into him.
- He's fine, it's just--
- Wait, you didn't tell
him about Jake, right?
- No, you're good.
My lips are sealed.
- Okay, thank God.
Not that it would matter much,
but he doesn't seem
like the noble type.
- [Alana] I don't know
about that, Lizzie.
He's pretty geared up.
- I'll help you maybe.
I could not even get him to
light a cigarette for me.
- That's not true, he's been
all over you since the bar.
- That's because he thinks
you're not interested.
By the way, I don't like
call him,
if that's what
you're getting at.
You know I love to share.
- [Alana] Liz.
- Come on, remember
sophomore year?
I'm sure he would not mind.
- That was a long time ago.
- And New Years.
- Shut up, that's not fair.
Totally different story.
- Okay, okay, you're
tired, I get it.
Maybe tomorrow.
- Thanks for the offer, pervert.
No means no.
- Suit yourself.
- [Ron] What are you
guys talking about?
- Nothing.
Going to go to bed.
- Ron, I was wondering if you
could help me with something.
- Sure, what do you need?
- I would love to
take a hot shower.
- Okay, how can
I help with that?
- I don't think that the
water's working right.
You seemed pretty good
with that gas pump.
I was wondering if
you could check out
the pipes or whatever.
- Fourth generation plumber
here, at your service.
I gotta say though,
I'm kinda shocked Alana hasn't
gotten around to it yet.
- Oh, she takes really cold
showers, and she didn't notice.
I like really,
really hot showers.
- Most girls do.
I'll go and check it out.
- Thanks so much, Ron,
I'll be right there.
- Good night, Ron.
- [Ron] Good night, Alana.
- Last chance.
- Good night, Liz.
- [Liz] Hey there.
(high pitched tones)
(moaning continues)
- [Rikki] What are you doing?
- Fuck, Rikki, I'm just reading.
- Is that what you call it?
- What'd you see?
- Nothing.
Don't sweat it, sicko.
I'm sure we're putting
on quite the show.
- [Alana] Putting on
my headphones now.
(electronic dance music)
(fire crackling)
(crows cawing)
- [Liz] Good morning.
Keep going.
- Stephen?
Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.
Oh my God.
- [Alana] Liz, run!
- He's dead.
Jesus Christ, he's dead.
- Rikki, you have to calm down.
- He's not okay.
He's dead.
- [Liz] Holy shit.
- Tell us what happened.
- What happened?
He's dead.
- Rikki, you need to calm down
and tell us what happened.
- [Rikki] Look at him.
- He's breathing.
- [Liz] God, see, Rik?
You didn't kill anybody.
- He was just passed out?
- He's breathing.
He's not dead.
- [Alana] He doesn't look good.
- How much did he have?
- We need to leave right now.
- No, we have to
call an ambulance.
- [Rikki] No way, I'm
not going to jail.
- [Liz] No, I agree with Alana.
He needs to go to the hospital.
- [Rikki] They'll lock me up.
- No one's gonna lock you up.
- Up here, are you kidding me?
- They can't lock you up,
you didn't do anything.
- Shut up, okay?
Everyone just shut
up for a second.
Nobody's going to prison.
Nobody's gonna do anything.
I'll handle it.
- Ron, we need to
call the police.
- No, no, we don't.
- You're not actually
agreeing with her.
- Look, Steve's my friend.
Whatever happened to him,
getting the police here's
not gonna help anybody.
- What are you talking about?
He needs a doctor.
- He just needs to sleep it off.
- [Liz] His eyes are open.
- He's jut really passed out.
It happens all the time.
- Are you crazy?
I'm calling 911.
- No.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Listen, I'm trying
to help, okay?
Your friend's right.
If you call the police,
I can guarantee you won't
be leaving here tomorrow.
Between the cocaine and
whatever else you guys were
doing up here, there'll
be a certified witch hunt.
Look, you don't know how
bored the cops are up here.
Finding a scene like this
would really make their year,
and they'd love to make
an example out of a couple
of naive girls from the city.
- [Rikki] See, I told you.
- We didn't do anything.
- That's right, you
didn't do anything, okay?
Stephen will be fine, trust me.
He'll wake up with a
five alarm headache,
and he'll laugh,
and we'll laugh.
And then you can
all go back home.
- [Liz] I don't like this.
- It's either that
or the county jail.
Trust me, I've had enough
experience there myself.
- Then we need to get
out of here like now.
- Yeah, let's go.
- You can't go anywhere.
- What?
- Excuse me?
- You need to return the keys
and shit tomorrow, right?
You can't just
abandon this place.
- Not if we call Jim and tell
him we'll be leaving today.
Liz, can you call?
- [Rikki] You think
explaining this to Jim
will be any easier?
- We don't have
any other options.
- I'm calling Jim.
- And tell him what?
That we partied too hard and
we have to leave immediately?
Oh and by the way, don't mind
the comatose yokel over there.
I'll come to in a minute.
Don't be ridiculous.
- [Ron] I'm telling you--
- I won't call Jim.
- Don't call anyone, okay?
I'll go get Steve's brother Ben.
He'll know what to do.
- You're gonna leave
us here with him?
- Ben lives right
down the road, okay?
I'll be right back with him.
He'll take Stephen home,
and then you can call Jim,
and then you can
run back to the city
or whatever you want to do.
- [Rikki] Why can't you
just bring him with you?
- You don't know Steve's mom.
I'm more afraid of
her than the police,
and you guys should be too.
Somebody help me move him.
- Not it.
- Not it.
- You guys just
start cleaning up.
We're out of here tonight.
- [Ron] Listen, I know this
is out of your comfort zone,
but trust me, it's
the right move.
- [Alana] Save it, I just
want to get out of here
as quickly as possible.
- [Ron] Sure.
- And this, what
we're doing right now,
way beyond out of
my comfort zone.
- I'm sorry.
- Do you think they'd
actually throw Rikki in jail?
Your dumb ass friend would
be on his way to the hospital
and not in the hands of
a high school dropout
and an accountant.
- I'm sorry, you're
an accountant?
- Cute.
- I'll be right back.
Don't do anything crazy.
- What if he wakes up?
- He's not waking
up any time soon.
- I don't know.
Get him a glass of water maybe.
You know the drill.
- [Liz] What do we tell him?
- Just say Ben's on his way.
- [Alana] Thanks.
- No problem.
- What's the matter?
- Stephen's unconscious.
- Oh my God.
- He must've taken
the girls' drinks
or something last night.
I knew those girls
wouldn't drink that shit.
- Okay, that's not a problem.
We can just--
- Cat, they're freaking out.
Trying to leave town.
Talking about calling the cops.
I got them to stay put,
but I don't know how long.
- Ron, it's fine.
You will go back, and I
will arrive shortly after.
We will get them one by one,
just like we talked about.
- No, they're expecting
me to come back with Ben.
- [Cat] Who?
- Stephen's brother, I had
to tell them something.
They were gonna call the cops.
- You go now.
I will follow.
- Cat, I don't wanna
do this anymore.
- Babe, you're overthinking it.
- It just got too
messed up too quick.
We can go back.
We can get Stephen out.
It's like nothing even happened.
And besides, those girls,
they don't even deserve it.
Look, they didn't do anything.
They're not that bad.
(unwrapping cigarettes)
- Nothing.
You're just abandoning your
own brainchild, that's all.
- This wasn't my...
- Ron, you poor baby.
This is all my fault.
- It's fine.
- No, you're all
tense, I can feel it.
Let me just work out a
few of those knots, okay?
This was dumb.
- It wasn't all dumb, it just--
- Shh, baby, let me finish.
This was dumb.
We don't need to kill anyone.
We really don't.
So why don't you go
back, pick up Stephen,
and we'll meet up at your place.
And I'll pick up another
bottle of Rumple Minze.
No Mickey's this time,
unless you want one.
- Sounds like a plan.
(ominous droning music)
- But first, you need to rest
so you can go pick up Stephen
and have energy
to party tonight.
'Cause it's gonna
be a wild party.
(ominous music)
- [Alana] I really don't
wanna drive back at night.
- [Rikki] I could drive.
- [Liz] I don't think
that's a good idea, Rikki.
- You're not driving.
- I guess I have
been through a lot.
- Ron will be back soon.
- [Rikki] And if he isn't?
- I don't even want
to think about that.
- It's been hours.
(phone buzzes)
(car approaches)
- See?
- Finally.
- Fuck, is that Jim?
- It could be Ben.
- Honestly, though, who is Ben?
- You're right.
Okay, go inside and help Rikki
do something about Stephen.
I'll handle Jim, all right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Maybe we should tell
Jim about what happened.
He's not a bad guy.
- Maybe we should, but I just
don't wanna surprise him.
He could freak.
- Good point.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
- Evening.
Thought you might be
needing some more firewood.
- Hey, Jim, how are you?
- I'm doing well, thanks.
Things been going good up here?
- Yeah, totally.
Things are great.
- You guys go skiing?
- Not today.
- I figured you'd just be
getting back from the slopes,
looking to warm your
feet by a nice fire.
- That's so nice.
Thanks, Jim.
- You're very welcome.
- You know what though?
We didn't end up
using much firewood,
so we have plenty already.
- Now, how's that?
You barely had
any to begin with.
- We bundled up.
Lots of blankets.
- But it's been freezing.
- We like it, it's like camping.
- Whatever floats
your boat, I guess.
I'm sure you'd
prefer a warm fire.
It's what weekends like
this are all about.
- Thanks, Jim, but
we're good, really.
- That's disappointing.
At least let me
give you the wood.
I came all this way.
- Okay, if you insist.
You can just leave it
right on the porch.
- Sure.
Is everything okay, Alana?
- Yeah, definitely.
Sad to go tomorrow.
- It was Alana, right?
- Yep, mhm.
- Can I please bring
these all the way inside?
It'll save you a whole
bunch of trouble.
- Yeah, please.
You were nice enough to
bring us all the wood.
The least we could do is bring
what we need of it inside.
- It's really no trouble.
I want to check
the water anyway.
- Please, Jim.
- [Jim] Don't worry about it.
- Don't!
- I had to.
If he saw Stephen, we'd
be more than fucked.
- [Alana] How is
this any better?
We need to get out of here.
We can't just leave
these guys lying around.
- [Liz] Can you think of a
better option right now, Alana?
- I'm getting my shit!
- I do not wanna be
here when Jim wakes up.
Shit, this is not good.
We didn't fucking do anything.
- We didn't do anything--
- Guys.
- But Rikki definitely did.
And then Ron's gonna
come back eventually
with Ben or whoever--
- And then what?
What about Jim?
- Guys?
- I don't know,
Alana, what about him?
- My name's on the
rental agreement.
You think he's just
gonna let this go?
- Maybe.
- Guys.
- What?
- What?
- He's gone.
- Who?
- What are you talking about?
(honking horn)
(pulsating electronic music)
- Oh my God.
Ron, buddy.
Wake up, man.
Come on, we gotta go.
Dude, those chicks are crazy.
Dude, dude, wake up man?
What the fuck?
Ron, man, wake up.
Ron, man, wake up.
Wake up, dude.
Ron, wake up.
- Come on.
- Are you sure
we got everything?
- Yes.
- I think so.
- Okay.
There's no trace we
did any drugs, right?
Or anything else illegal?
- Let's just go.
- We'll get back to the
city in three hours.
We should probably
call a lawyer.
- Jake's a lawyer.
- A real lawyer.
- This is so fucked.
So much for our fun weekend.
- Really, Rikki, that's
what you're worried about?
- And that.
- [Liz] Fuck, are
you out of gas?
- No, I'm not out of gas, Liz.
Where's my phone?
I just had it.
- [Liz] I can't
find mine either.
- [Rikki] Fuck, mine's gone too.
- [Alana] Okay,
something's wrong.
- [Liz] The battery's dead.
- [Rikki] Where are our phones?
Do you have jumper cables?
- Jumper cables?
You need another car for that.
- [Rikki] I'm just trying
to help.
- Alana.
- Why isn't the door opening?
- Alana.
- What?
- Look.
Don't do it, Alana.
She can't get in.
- [Rikki] Open the door.
- Hey, girls, are you
enjoying your trip?
- Can I help you?
- Oh my gosh, I didn't
mean to scare you.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to make sure
you guys were okay up here.
- What do you want?
Money, our clothes?
- You don't like my outfit?
Shucks, I wore this special
because I wanted to impress you.
Where are you going?
You know, some people
can just be so impatient.
Lock your wrists together.
- [Liz] Somebody help me!
Help me!
(phones beeping)
Oh fuck.
- Look at all these phones.
I actually just got a new one.
My friend, she looks a
lot like your friend.
- Anything, just say it, please.
I didn't do anything.
- What did you think of Ron?
- What?
- Was he any good?
I mean, he's not bad.
He's got a few signature moves.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I had no idea.
- He was weak though.
He always overthinks it.
Never really let
himself go, you know?
Lose control.
This one is called Salty Tears.
And this one's called
Flamingo's Dream.
What's your dream, honey?
(gunshot banging)
We don't wanna
wake the neighbors.
- There aren't any.
- Well, if you won't
tell me your dream,
what's your favorite color?
Wait, what's your name?
I never got it.
(gun cocking)
What is your name?
- Elizabeth Park.
- Well, Elizabeth Park.
Elizabeth, that is
downright regal.
Like royalty.
Are you royalty?
- Please don't do this.
- Are you a princess?
You're a princess.
What's your favorite
color, Princess Liz?
If I had to guess, I would
say you're a pink princess.
(sniffs heavily)
This shed's a little drab.
You wanna help me paint it?
Oh, you tiger you.
Maybe orange would
suit you better.
Nope, Flamingo's Dream's
gonna have to do.
That's a nice
orange second coat.
- Please!
(somber electronic music)
- Okay, okay
- I love you.
- [Alana] I love you too.
- You're my best friend.
- Okay, one, two, three.
- [Alana And Rikki] Help!
- [Alana] One, two, three.
- More.
- Okay.
- [Rikki] More.
- You got it, Rikki.
- Okay.
Okay, I almost can reach it.
- [Alana] Okay.
- [Rikki] I got it, I got it.
- You gotta try
holding it upside down.
Try holding it upside down.
- [Rikki] I'm trying.
- Okay, okay, Rikki, Rikki.
If we lean over, I
can grab you, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
- Easy.
- [Rikki] Okay.
- Okay, easy.
- [Rikki] Oh my God.
(door opens)
- I'm impressed.
You guys got old
Jim pretty good.
He's out cold.
Who did it?
Was it you?
Was it you?
Aw, you're feisty.
I like that.
Oh my God, you guys could've
waited a few minutes.
I was gonna set you free.
Go ahead, but if you get up,
I will blow your
pretty faces away.
- Please just let us go.
I wanted us to play
a couple of games.
- What games?
- There is Ouija.
You got Monopoly.
Oh, Life.
Definitely Life.
- Why are you doing this?
- [Cat] I know Life takes
forever, but we have all night.
- You aren't cute.
- You don't think I'm cute?
That's fine.
I think you two are super cute.
You're sweating though,
that's not cute.
Get more comfortable.
More comfortable.
But leave your delicates on.
I wouldn't want
to embarrass you.
Those are really nice.
Where'd you get them?
(gunshot banging)
Where did you get them?
- Victoria's Secret.
- I like that store.
Nearest one's an hour
and a half away though.
We do have a nice mom
and pop shop though.
- You're sick.
- What do you want
us to do, kiss?
If we do that--
- If you want to
kiss her, go for it.
- Why are you doing this?
- I thought we were all
doing this together, no?
I just wanted to
have a little fun.
(loud thump)
Hurts so good.
She really is a
feisty one, isn't she?
- Help!
Help, anybody, help!
- Where you going
dressed like that?
(gunshot banging)
Not so fast. Shh...
- You fucking cunt!
- Shh.
Tell me, what turns
your friend on up there?
What does she like?
- Not you fucking bitch!
- [Cat] You're no fun anymore.
- No, no, no, no!
(squishing sounds)
- Nothing runs like a Deere.
(metallic clanging)
- [Alana] Fuck.
Ah Fuck.
- All right, I'm here.
Are you scared?
Wow, those are really great.
They have this...
Great nipples.
May I?
- Do it.
Keep going.
- You like it?
- I do.
Describe them.
- Well.
I like how firm they are.
- What else?
What else do you
like about my body?
Do you mind?
- No, enjoy yourself.
- What else?
Tell me more.
- Well, I like how
soft your skin is
and the curve that
your hips make.
- Get back!
I'll shoot you.
Get back.
Shut the fuck up!
Don't say a fucking word.
Unlock my wrist.
Hurry up!
But you don't you fucking
move or I will shoot you.
I promise I will shoot
every bullet in this gun.
Sit down.
Okay, chain yourself
to the furnace.
- Wow, great move.
- [Alana] I'm not
fucking around.
Handcuff yourself, hurry up!
- All right!
I'm sorry.
I just wanted--
- Shut up.
- Look, I just wanted to be--
- [Alana] I don't believe you.
Save your words.
I'm not kidding!
- Alana.
I surrender.
(gunshot banging)
(distorted electronic music)
(gunshot banging)
- Catherine, is that you?
Oh my dear.
Oh no.
Are you hurt?
You poor thing.
- Jim.
You saved me.
- [Jim] Everything's
gonna be okay.
I promise, sweetheart.
(chimes blowing in the wind)
(ominous electronic music)