Catskill Park (2018) Movie Script

[eerie music ]
[dramatic music ]
[typewriter clacking]
[electronic tone]
[TV static]
[garbled news broadcast]
[muffled pop music on radio ]
That's me,
yours truly.
And this is where I work.
A beautiful office.
And that's me in Iceland
filming for an Extra ten days
because of the damn volcano.
Uh, there's me in Venezuela.
And that's me in...
...that's gotta be New Jersey.
What the hell's
that doin' there?
[Jim] You're doing
some work over there?
'Cause for a second it sounded
like you were doing some work.
Oh there's Jimmy.
Jimmy is really angry
because he has to fly all the
way to South Dakota tonight
with his tiny little computer.
Does that actually work?
It's Jim, not Jimmy.
I don't know why you all keep
adding Y to the end of my name.
[door squeaks]
Jimmy, you have the schedule?
[Jim] What does it look
like I'm doing, Lizzy?
Alright, where's your
Halloween spirit, guys?
[Tom] And this is our know-it-
all assistant director, Liz,
the pain in the ass-sistant.
Very funny.
What do you got there,
smart-ass Tom?
A new toy, a new toy.
Is that the new camera
you were talking about?
- [Tom] You know it.
- Let me see.
Hey hey, be careful!
When'd you get it?
A few days ago.
Just testing it out.
[Liz] Oh, yeah? What
have you shot so far?
Uh, you know, not much.
Just, you know, enough to know
that it works.
- [Liz] Oh, yeah? Let me see.
- [Tom] Wait! Non wait!
[weather forecast on radio]
[girl giggling]
You go, cowboy.
Get over here, cowgirl.
You're out of control.
[forecast continues on radio]
All right, give it here.
You go, Tommy... cowboy.
[Tom] You know what, Liz?
You-you-you play too much.
Not a word!
[phone ringing]
- Hey Tommy, what's up?
- [Tom] What's up, Dan?
Hey Pesce,
lets talk about that...
...thing later.
Hello, ladies.
What do we have here?
Some video,
supposedly from China.
[Girl speaking foreign language
on video]
Don't film me Tommy,
I'm a mess.
You better erase that footage.
I'll think about it.
Mike pretending
to do some work.
Tommy, dude there is this
awesome, awesome party later.
[Tom] It's not a party if you're
the only one there, buddy.
May I have
some privacy, please?
[Tom] You know, in some cultures
it's traditional to knock.
Hey, we have a new nickname
for you around the office,
Mr. Smiles!
[office chatter]
[Mike, whispering]
Tommy is scared of Karen.
She's his boss.
Okay, um, I'll call you
once we arrive.
Make sure you tell Simon to
bring additional battery packs.
[Karen] You have no
idea how much shit
that situation
caused us last time.
[Tom] Did you get a chance
to read my treatment
for the show idea that I had?
Uh, I feel it needs
more structure.
I mean, I could potentially
take it to Nolan,
but you have to punch it up.
Come up with some scenarios.
Yeah, I mean,
that's the thing,
I wanted it to be
as spontaneous as possible.
You know sometimes
when you over-plan something,
you kind of...
The greatest moments,
they kind of-
they kind of disappear.
I just feel like...
Take it from someone who's been in
reality television for some time.
Structure is substance
or your friends if you
wanna make those sales.
One man, one camera concept
just isn't enough.
What's this?
Very cool camera.
it's not even released yet.
I mentioned I was
from Nolan Productions
and they hooked me up.
So, how is it?
Oh, it's amazing.
The handling is incredible,
it's amazing in low light.
Um, I figure I'll
test it out a little bit more
and maybe recommend it for Kris' show.
I think it'd be great.
Where are you going again?
Catskills, it's a couple hours
up north.
Uh, just me and a college buddy.
There's nothing but tents
and woods this year.
[Mike, whispering]
That's creepy.
Karen, isn't it a little unfair
that we will be working
three more days than Tommy?
I am also scouting locations
for Kris' show.
[Mike] Yeah, right. Kris
is not going upstate.
Well, whatever works, right?
I'll see you in Dakota
in three days.
You got it.
Give me that.
You have to stop
sucking up to her, man.
Little Asian babies,
is that what you want?
This thing's incredible.
- [Mike] Tommy.
- [Tom] Yeah.
I met this chick
on the train...
- [Tom] No, you didn't.
- Yeah, I did.
No, you didn't.
[Mike] So, anyways, like
I was saying, dude,
I said, "Yeah?"
and she was like, "Yeah."
And I was like, "Yes!"
[Tom] Sounds like an
intelligent conversation.
Is it-is it difficult
to get the girls
to come into your basement
to play Dungeons and Dragons?
Um, yes... it is.
But I got these pills, dude,
you just crush up
and slip in their drink when they're...
How have you not been arrested?
How have you not been arrested?
I've been arrested.
[equipment clicking]
Check it out.
It's so light, man.
It was inspired by my idea.
I sent the concept
to a designer in Germany.
- [Mike] Sweet.
- Right?
You have
a wild imagination, bro.
Are you taking this with you?
Are you taking me with you?
[pop music on radio ]
Always late.
There she is... finally.
I got it, don't worry.
[Tom] What? You think, I'm gonna
help and get this baby towed?
Oh, yeah, no,
not this chick magnet.
Hey, it worked on you.
Filming already? I see, huh.
Of course.
You're carrying everything
when we get there, okay?
It's not gonna happen.
Oh, but it is.
[radio playing] [Tom and
Monica chatting indistinctly]
[Monica] Like, that
face gives it all away.
[music on radio]
[indistinct murmuring]
No, I'm sure, I'm sure,
Mr. Innocent over here.
- [Tom] Hey!
- [Monica] You know, I can just imagine...
I bet you talk about about...
Ugh, you're such a pig!
And, action.
[Tom sighs]
[Monica] Come on! I said action.
[radio playing]
Oh, you're being shy now?
You weren't that shy
last night.
Oh, you know me. Only when
I have my lucky boxers on.
Oh no, please, not those.
I had nightmares about those
all night long.
I have to get rid of them.
Y-you did erase it, right?
- Yeah. Of course!
- [Monica] Right?
Yeah, you better.
Okay, so, since you
don't want to talk,
I will make the introductions.
We are talking
to Mr. Thomas Rivas,
a video journalist
and a producer
of a new
highly acclaimed reality series,
Kris the Adventure Man,
or Guy or something.
An associate producer, actually.
All right, shut up, Tommy.
[Monica chuckles]
[Tom] And here to my right, we have Ms.
Monica Tanner.
My girl of a year and a half.
Um, a graduate business student,
an aspiring actor,
and a pretty good belly dancer
on weekends.
Shut up, I took one class.
Keep your eye on the road, okay?
[Tom] The show's not dumb, all right?
Its real life adventures.
Danger. Survival.
Please, please.
You know I'm not buying ad
time from you, so, please.
By the way, did you talk to Karen
about your new show concept?
[Tom] No not yet.
Take this for a sec.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, bud.
Yeah, yeah, we're close.
How about that snow, man?
Is he with Rachel?
No. Sam.
I told you. Come on.
[Monica] How many women
does he have, Exactly?
What do you mean?
You know Sam.
Oh yeah, I know Sam, Rachel
and, um, oh yeah, Gloria too.
Gloria is just a friend of his.
[Monica] Okay, a friend
with benefits, maybe.
Uh, whatever works.
Whoa, Excuse me.
You better not
have any friends like that.
Uh, what's that face for?
- I'm just kidding.
- [Monica] Yeah.
We're gonna freeze.
I love it out here.
Oh, shit!
[tires screech]
Who is that sExy mechanic?
What? Seriously?
You're gonna do this now?
I'm a documentary filmmaker.
This is in my blood.
My instinct.
No, get your ass over here
right now.
Let's go.
[Tom] All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Be gentle.
Report to us, Thomas.
Uh, at approximately 17:09,
um, the car suddenly jerked
and it appears as though
we've hit something.
[Monica] Right, and you
screamed like a little girl.
For the record,
that never happened.
And now we're
examining the tire
to make sure all is well.
I can actually breathe up here.
The air is so much cleaner
than in the city.
I can't believe it snowed
in October.
Since when does that happen?
I think we hit a rock
or something.
There's a scratch here.
[Monica, distorted]
Babe, you see that?
[Monica] There's-there's
some kid over there.
[crow calling]
He was just...
There was just a boy standing over
there by the tree staring at us.
I don't know, maybe he
was lost or something.
That's so bizarre.
Lost, out here?
[Monica] I don't know. He
was there, now he's not.
Anybody there?
Come on, we gotta go.
Ex is gonna bitch.
[Monica] Look, I'm telling you
there's a little boy out there.
All right, well,
he's not here now.
Come on, we gotta get moving.
All right.
Let's hit the road.
And we're off... again.
Sounds okay.
Is your seat belt buckled?
I hate living in the city.
[quiet rock music on radio]
There he is freaking out.
Look at that outfit.
Oh, he looks so mad.
What is he wearing?
[both laugh]
Sorry we're late.
And his impatience is limitless.
What, you don't know how to
use your cell phone, man?
I been standing out here for over
an hour freezing my balls off.
Oh, you mean your ball?
Your secret is out, my friend.
- What are you, a comedian now?
- [Tom] You miss it?
What is this, dude?
This, my friend, is his new toy.
Hi, how are you?
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, how you doing?
You don't get enough
of this shit at work, man?
Never, man.
I-I don't see any snow.
[Tom] I'm telling
you it was snowing.
It was totally snowing.
You didn't see any snow
because it's not gonna snow.
It's not going to snow.
[Tom] And you are dressed
perfectly for the occasion
for filming
your first Banana Republic...
- Oh, let me see!
- Will you turn that off?
- [Tom] Congratulations.
- Oh, Jesus.
Yes, camping. Absolutely.
All right, all right. You know what?
You're jealous.
There's nothing
you can do about it.
[Tom] I'll be jealous
when you freeze to death.
Ex has been so busy...
- [Ex] Right, I been busy.
- [Tom] What have you been busy at, Ex?
Busy, just busy.
You know, yup.
Nature's calling, one second.
Come here, man.
What are you, married man now?
She got the cuffs on you now?
[Tom] No, not even close. How's
everything going with Sammy?
How am I not supposed
to make you look like an asshole
when you keep
switching around with girls?
You're not supposed to not do anything.
Just don't worry about it.
Rachel couldn't make it
so Sam's here.
[Tom] Rachel couldn't make it.
Scheduling conflict?
Shh! Yeah, Exactly.
It doesn't matter where we are.
This is all about being,
you know, outdoors.
- [Monica] Being men.
- [Ex] Being men outdoors.
It's not like, you know...
I been fishing up here before
but it was a different spot.
- This is supposed to be better.
- [Monica] Uh-huh.
- [Sam] It's by a lake right?
- [Ex] Yeah.
Should of bought warmer boots.
[Ex] Whatever, man, I'm
hiking in sneakers.
[Tom] Yeah, I saw those,
those are very nice.
So what are those, Italian?
Did you buy the real ones or did you
get the fake ones on eBay again?
[Ex] Listen man, if you
wont put that camera away,
I gotta look good for you.
Don't you think?
[Tom] You're gonna have a lot of fun
cleaning the mud off your shoes later.
Aha! Snow!
[Ex] Whatever, man, don't pay
any attention to the snow.
[Monica] No, but its there,
though, you can't deny it.
It's white and powdery.
[Ex] There is no snow.
I don't see any snow.
It's not gonna snow. It's not gonna snow.
Stop talking about it.
Stop giving it attention.
It's not going to snow.
[Monica] But it did.
The point is it did.
- [Tom] Already happened.
- [Ex] I don't see any snow.
Uh huh.
- [Monica] All right.
- [Sam] Whatever.
[Monica] We're being one
with nature, right Ex?
Absolutely, absolutely.
With our Italian loafers.
So Ex, you getting tired of the
whole Wall Street game yet?
Burning other people's money,
- [Sam] I am.
- [Ex] Hey, whatever.
I'm a proud capitalist,
so sue me.
But you better not, because
my lawyer will crush you.
[Tom] I have got the most
brilliant idea for a new show.
[Ex] What is it?
[Tom] One Brooks Brother suit, a
cigar, and a glass of brandy.
Now that sounds like a show
I would love to watch.
All right, here we are
at the campsite.
As you can see,
my beautiful lady, Monica,
has set up a lovely tent
right behind me.
That's camera one, and if we
switch over to camera two,
we can clearly see that they are
having a little bit of difficulty.
I'm pretty sure he got it free
with his shoes on eBay.
Um, and clearly the winner
of the tenting contest
is my beautiful lady,
Ms. Monica Tanner.
Monica, baby,
smile for the camera.
[Monica] Dear, you know what?
I got it. I'm good.
You're doing an amazing job.
[Monica] I don't need your help at all.
Thank you, nice.
[Tom] I love you. And I
also started the fire.
[Monica] Yeah, I think it needs
a little bit more wood there.
[Tom] Keeping us warm here.
Look at that churning gorgeous.
How we doing over here guys?
[Ex] You're gonna pull it
out of that thing again.
Can you slow down?
Hi! We're doing fine.
- [Tom] Tent setup going okay?
- [Sam] Yeah.
This is the tent. This is
the tent she said she had.
This is the tent when she
told me not to bring one
th-that she had.
[Tom] Sam, was it his
prowess in the wilderness
that attracted you
to him initially?
Oh, it's all his charm.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...
It's all his charm.
Go make your gay, little woodland
creature movie over there, okay?
Can you do me a favor, please?
I'm trying to shove
a stick into this
because I'm missing a rod.
[Tom] All right, all right. Back
to-back to the lovely Monica.
[Monica] Thomas, Thomas, could
you please come help me
with the sleeping bags
or just something?
[Tom] All right, all right, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
[footsteps, panting]
[Tom] Where... [panting]
Oh, man.
- [Tom] Did you just...
- [Monica] Hey, Tommy.
Did you just see that?
I just...
Did you just...
Hey, what happened?
Did you guys just...
Dude, something just... Like a flash
of light and then it was gone.
- Damnit!
- [Monica] What was it?
What did it look like?
[Tom] I-I don't know because someone
made me put my camera down.
Oh, please.
[Ex] Don't tell me you been eating
mushrooms again like in Orlando, dude,
'cause I can't
babysit you tonight.
Dude, whatever.
[Ex] All right, whatever. Hey.
Let's go back to the campfire.
Hot dogs are ready,
beer is cold.
[Sam] Come on, we still
have stuff to set up.
[Tom] All right, I'll
leave my camera on later
just in case, all right?
So, deal with it.
Yeah. Hey, buddy,
how come you never
told me about 'shrooms?
I... What?
[Tom] All right, so what
are you scared of, again?
The three S's.
Tell me the three S's.
Man, sharks,
spiders and scorpions.
I don't know why I would go
where any of them are.
I know there can be some
spiders out here, but, uh...
I think there are sharks
out here, actually.
I don't think I'm gonna
see a shark out here.
- I think you might.
- I don't think I'm a see a man-eating shark out here.
The Long Island Sound,
you never know.
You never know,
that's all I'm saying.
How many beers have you had?
Yeah, plenty.
Wait, is that rolling again?
Come on, what is it with you
and that thing, man?
I... You'll be great
to laugh at later.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I gotta put my makeup on.
Film yourself naked if
you want something to laugh at.
Oh, you're a fire tonight,
Can I tell him?
Come on. Please.
You guys, Tommy is pitching
his own show.
That's what this is all about.
This is for his reel.
We're an Experiment right now.
Oh, your own show.
You're growing up.
- Well, what's it about.
- You're looking for fame?
No, its not even like that.
Oh, its not even like that...
My ass, it's not.
Hot shot.
It is a reality show.
One-man survival-type thing.
But hasn't that sort of
been done before?
Yes, but not like this.
It'll be one host with a
single camera point of view.
Yeah, and that's the tagline.
One man one camera.
Just kind of exactly like the
show you work on right now.
It's not even made yet.
All right?
It's an idea.
I don't even know why
we are talking about it.
I know why we're talking about it.
I mean, you know...
Just... you know...
Be nice for you to have success
somewhere along the way.
You know what I mean?
You are such an asshole.
Just keep trying, keep trying,
keep trying, man, that's all.
You are such an asshole.
Why do you always have to rag
on what he's trying to do?
Hey, hey, why do you always have
to rag on what I'm trying to do?
I'm just playing around with him.
He's my best friend.
You're not mad...
See, he's not mad.
He knows, ever since
I was a little kid,
I would speak my mind.
he doesn't give me a choice.
Yeah, your mind is too big
for us to handle.
Oh yeah, like some other things
I could mention.
- Oh no, please don't.
- Whatever.
Well anyways, so,
I watched that show.
That Kris adventure show,
you-you work on.
Uh huh?
Really gotta be honest, man,
it's a little difficult
to-to get through.
Yeah, well, that's the point.
That's why it's flawed.
That's why I told you I was working
on a completely different concept.
You're not even listening to me.
[Ex] I'm listening. I'm
listening, different concept.
Different concept, but what
I'm saying I guess, you know...
You do not need that beer.
You drink it.
You drink it.
Just because-just because
you get a camera
doesn't make you a filmmaker
all of a sudden, man.
If that were the case,
I'd be Michael Bay right now.
You know what I mean?
Just like...
- You would be Michael Bay.
- I would.
This is a megapixel phone camera
and I'll be
like Brett freakin' Ratner.
You know?
Steven freakin' Spielberg.
- Wow, you're so supportive.
- George Luc-ass.
Shut up!
Amazing. Look at this kid.
- This is your best friend.
- I'm playing around.
I'm worried about
those spiders out here.
What about scorpions?
Eat sharks.
I'm playing with you, man.
I'm playing with you.
- He's just joking.
- Come on, sweetie.
Turn it on. Is it on?
- Turn it on. Is it on?
- [Tom] Yeah. Go.
It's on? Okay.
Ex, dude!
Do I still have my eyebrows?
You're good.
You're good.
I'm the king of this jungle!
I have to put you on America's
Dumbest Imbecile Moron.
Oh, you should do that,
do that, you should do that.
Oh no,
get a close up of this baby.
Oh, that's a great idea.
This is that-this is that uh....
Wait, wait, wait.
Set it up for me.
What are we looking at?
[muffled pop music playing]
This is that 24-year malt.
The premium $400 dollars a pop.
- [Tom] How much is it?
- $400 a pop.
- [Tom] How much?
- $400 a pop.
Here we go again.
It is! I got a whole case
of this sent to my office
this week, uh, and
people collect these.
- [Tom] Congratulations.
- [Sam] Stop showing off.
Yeah, because I was involved
in some relatively lucrative
and successful real estate deal
and so they, uh,
sent to me as a reward.
You are such a little liar.
As a reward for
a successful real estate deal.
You're such a little liar, Ex.
Uh oh, elaborate, Sam.
He's lying.
His father got him the booze.
He sent it to him.
So stop talking out of your ass.
- [Ex] What?
- [Monica] A little gift from daddy?
Yeah, a little gift from daddy.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
[Sam] I heard you on
the phone last night.
Your father sent you the booze.
Stop talking.
[Tom] You're a liar, and its snowing
so you're wrong on top of it, buddy.
What is that white stuff?
You need to think
before you speak.
Double whammy.
You need to think
before you speak.
- [Sam] I'm just saying what I heard.
- [Tom] All right, all right.
[Ex] You need to think
before you speak.
Don't raise your voice at me.
I'm not raising my voice at you,
but if I wanna
raise my voice at you,
I'll raise my voice at you.
- [Tom] Ex, Ex.
- You're an alcoholic, babe.
- Oh Oh.
- [Ex] Oh, I'm an alcoholic.
Yeah, you can dish it out
but can't it in, huh?
[Ex] I'm an alcoholic that pays
your father's medical bills.
- [Tom] Oh, boy.
- [Monica] Okay, Ex.
What? No, tell 'em.
Tell 'em. Tell 'em.
I pay
your father's medical bills
because your broke,
fake modeling career
doesn't make you enough money
to do it.
Really, dude?
- [Tom] Sammy..
- Sam...
[Ex] What? Yeah, storm
off, storm off.
Ex, give me this. Give me this
Storm off, storm off.
[muffled music playing]
[fire crackling]
[Tom] Dude, you did
it to yourself, man.
Turn that off, dude.
I said turn it off!
[Tom] She know's you
didn't mean it, all right.
You just gotta talk to her.
Talk to her, okay?
[Ex] I just keep blowing
it with her, man.
[Tom] I know, I know.
Listen, you gotta...
[Ex] You know, I didn't mean what
I said back at the rest stop.
You know, I was trying
to brush it off.
But I think
she like me too, man.
She's such a great girl.
[Tom] She wouldn't be putting
up with all your bullshit
if she didn't.
I know I been putting up with
your bullshit my entire life.
All right, look, you can't-
you can't say shit like that
to her in front of people.
What would you do, huh?
[Ex] I would probably
do the same thing.
[Tom] The same thing. Exactly.
Exactly, right?
- [Ex] Sorry, man.
- [Tom] It's all right.
- [Ex] I'm sorry, man.
- [Tom] It's okay. It happens. Yeah?
- [Ex] I wanna go to bed, man.
- [Tom] Good idea.
Take care of Sam, yeah?
- [Ex] Oh, Tommy...
- [Tom] Yeah?
You were right about the snow.
[both laugh]
- I love you man.
- [Tom] I love you, too.
All right, go pass out.
Go pass out.
Tell Monica, you know...
...that I love her, dude.
She knows, she knows.
All right, man.
[Tom] Were you filming
the whole time?
Yup. I sure was.
You are out of control.
- [Monica] I'm the filmmaker, now, mister.
- [Tom] Not cool, not cool.
I love you, man.
So, it's, uh, one am
on this beautiful
snow-filled morning
and we're witnessing
another super-battle
between Ex and Sammy.
I think they're going
for a record.
Most fights possible
in a 24-hour period
by two human beings.
[indistinct argument outside]
I can't believe we're snowed in.
I know, it's nice, though.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah.
No service up here.
Ugh, put that thing away,
will you?
That's why we came out here,
to get rid of it.
Oh my god,
what's wrong with them?
This is pretty normal.
They need counseling
and we need some sleep.
Who needs sleep?
[argument continues]
Isn't-isn't that enough filming
for one day?
- No.
- Could we just be done with the camera?
No, I might-
I might miss something.
I have to film every moment.
What are you possibly
gonna miss?
'Cause you know what happens?
The best things always happen
and then I'm not filming.
Either that,
or I don't write it down.
- It's one of two things.
- Okay.
And I either forget it... This
way, if I'm filming everything,
then there's nothing
I'm going to miss.
You saw that jackass
spitting on that fire.
[both laugh]
We never want to miss that.
[argument continues]
Oh god, what now?
[Ex] Oh, you're going outside?
You're going outside?
You're going outside the tent?
You're going outside.
You're going outside.
- [Sam] Leave me the hell alone.
- [Ex] I need your-
I need your body heat in here,
you know that's how this works.
Otherwise you'll be cold
and I'll be cold,
that's two people
that'll be cold.
I swear to god,
if you don't leave me alone,
I'm walking to the car.
Leave me alone right now.
You're gonna sleep in the snow?
Yeah, I'm gonna sleep
in the snow.
You're gonna sleep in the snow.
You know what? Fine.
Freeze out here.
See if I give a shit.
I'm so tired of this bullshit.
That looks like its over.
Yeah, should I go talk to her?
No, just let her be.
- [Monica] You sure?
- [Tom] Check on her tomorrow.
[Ex] The constant steady
stream of bullshit.
[romantic music playing
on phone ]
- That's nice.
- Yeah, I know.
Camera off.
- Fine.
- Yeah.
[eerie deep hum, crackling]
Monica, wake up.
- [Monica] What is that?
- [Tom] I don't know.
Tommy, what is that?
[distorted static]
[rumbling hum]
[Monica, distorted]
Is that Sam?
- [Tom] Stay quiet.
- [Ex] Sam!
- [Monica] Tommy!
- Sam!
- [Monica] Tommy!
- [Tom] Stay back.
Sam! Baby?!
[Monica, distorted]
Tommy, what's happening?
Sam? Sam!
[rumbling boom]
[Ex] Sam!
[garbled voices]
- [Tom] Is she okay?
- [Monica] It's okay.
Sam baby, please wake up.
What is that, Tommy?
What is that, man?
- [Monica] Yes, what is that light?
- [Tom] Do you hear that?
- [Monica] Sam.
- [Tom] It's still here.
[booming crashes]
You guys, come back over here.
- [Tom] I gotta get this.
- Can you hear me?
Whoa, we'll be right back,
all right?
We'll be right back.
- Just stay put.
- [Monica] Tommy!
[Tom] Are you sure you don't
want to stay with Sam?
[Ex] No man, I gotta see this.
[Tom] Did you see that?
It was huge.
You see where it...
This way, this way!
Come this way.
Come on.
Come on, come on,
come on, get up.
- Wait up!
- [Ex] Come on.
- Where did it go?
- [Tom] I can't tell.
[footsteps rustling]
What is that?
- What is that?
- [Tom] Go, go!
Ex, wait.
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
[eerie, disembodied whisper]
There is no escape...
There is no escape...
[eerie whisper]
There is no escape...
- Who are you boys?
- I don't know what it was!
It flew right over the road!
Where you boys staying?
What's up with your radio, man?
I don't know.
I'm going to find out
and we're gonna get help.
All right? Calm down.
[Tom] Come on, we gotta go, man!
We gotta see this thing!
This is close
to what this is.
Let's see what this is.
[speaking indistinctly
on walkie talkie]
Hey, hey, hold on!
Come on, lets go check it out.
You stay here with the truck.
Be careful, man! Be careful!
Looks like it's that way.
Hey, hey, slow down, I said.
Stay back, behind me.
Radio is completely dead.
Damn it.
[Phil] I was driving along
and it flew right over me.
Where the hell did it go?
It went down. It had to.
It's on the ground?
[Phil] I don't think
we should go up there.
My uncle told me about craft
that landed here years ago.
Everyone around here
knows what I'm talking about.
Phil, Phil shut up!
[Phil] A lot of illness. A
lot of unexplained deaths.
It's close.
[low rumbling hum]
- I feel strange.
- [Tom] Me too.
Do you feel that, Tommy?
Hear that?
What is that?
[Tom moaning]
Oh my god.
[Ranger shouts indistinctly]
Oh, man, whoa.
What is that?
[hum becoming more intense]
[eerie whisper]
There is no escape...
[Tom] Do you see that?
Guys, look!
[screeching tone]
[all groaning]
Oh my god.
[screeching tone]
[pulsing growl]
[screech stops]
[distorted static]
What the hell?
What was...
What's going on, man?
[Tom] Oh my god. Ex, oh my god.
[Ex] Tommy! Tommy!
What's going on, dude?
Keep your guards up.
[chilling, pulsing growl]
You guys hear that?
[screeching roar]
[Ranger screaming]
Oh, my god! Oh, oh!
[unearthly screeching, roaring]
[Ranger screaming]
[footsteps crunching]
[deep growling]
[unearthly shrieking]
[shrieking subsides]
[Tom panting]
[trembling breaths]
[wings flapping]
[owl hoots]
[footsteps crunching]
[distant howl]
[Tom panting]
Sam, Sam, Sam?
- [Monica] Tommy!
- [Tom] Sam. Monica.
[Monica] Are you okay?
Why did you leave me?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Tell me what happened.
Where's Ex?
[both panting]
[Monica] Sam.
How long has she been like this?
Since you left.
She was mumbling at first
and she got quiet
and now she
doesn't say anything.
There's more.
She has these marks.
They're all-
they're all over her skin.
I mean, look.
[fire crackling]
She has them on her chest.
Tommy, why aren't you
telling me what happened?
What did you see out there?
Please tell me!
[Tom] I have to show
you what I filmed.
Why are you still filming?
We gotta get to the car.
We gotta start moving.
What about Ex?
Grab me my vest.
Get your phone.
- Tommy, what about Ex?
- [Tom] I don't know.
I think Ex is gone.
Check your phone.
We have no service here.
I already told you that.
I want you to make sure.
Stop it, Tommy. Stop asking
me shit for no reason.
We need to figure something out.
[Tom] What do you think
I'm trying to do?
I'm sorry.
We gotta get back to the car.
We-we-we gotta find the trail.
We get back to the rest area
and get some help, okay?
- [Tom] Sam!
- [Monica] Where did she go?
Sam, can you hear me?
You were looking right at her.
You telling me you didn't see
what direction she went in?
I wasn't looking right at her.
You had me check my phone,
I can't see anything
out here.
Tommy, how did this happen?
You were right there,
you were filming.
How did you not see her?
Calm, calm down.
[Monica] I just can't calm down.
She's out here.
she's out here by herself.
- [Tom] Sammy!
- [Monica] Sam!
What is that?
[hissing noise,
muffled howl]
I can't tell where it is.
[panicked breathing]
[muffled growl]
We should go back to the camp.
What about Sam?
We just can't leaver her here.
[unearthly growling]
Be absolutely still.
[moaning growl]
[branches cracking]
[heavy footsteps]
[muffled howl]
[crunching sound]
[unearthly growling]
Come on.
Get up, get up.
Faster, faster.
I'm trying.
Come on, get up.
[panicked breathing]
- [Monica] Do you see that?
- [Tom] Yeah.
Yeah. We'll walk slowly.
[Monica] Are you sure
we should keep going?
We have to.
It's the only path.
[night vision whining]
Tommy, I'm scared.
Just be careful. Stay quiet.
- Oh my god, it's Sam.
- [Tom] What?
It's Sam.
What is she doing?
Tommy, she's just sitting there.
[wheezing breaths]
Tommy, what's happening to her?
[gurgling hiss]
Did you see her?
Did you see her, Tommy?
Stay close to me.
I don't think
I can do this.
We have to go back. We missed the turn.
We have to go back.
No, we didn't miss any turns.
We didn't miss any turns.
Please, baby, It's just a few
minutes back, I'm telling you.
Ugh, this is useless, come on.
Help me light the map.
[panicked breathing]
[whooshing in the trees]
[pulsing growl]
[branches cracking]
What is that?
- [Tom] Stay close to me. Run!
- [Monica] Tommy!
- [Tom] Monica!
- [Monica] Tommy!
- [Tom] Keep going!
- [Monica] Tommy, wait!
- [Tom] Don't stop!
- [Monica] Tommy!
[unearthly growling]
[distant moaning growl]
[branches cracking]
[heavy footsteps]
You think we missed the turn?
We should keep going.
I'm so tired.
[distant crackling]
We gotta get out of here.
There's gotta be a way out.
God, this looks familiar.
That rest stop,
it can't be far from this.
We keep heading east. I don't see how
we can't still be at the same spot.
can we just sit for a second?
- Please?
- [Tom] You okay?
- Yeah.
- [Tom] Sit.
I'm a get us out of here, okay?
- I'm so scared.
- [Tom] I know, I know.
I feel like we just
keep going in circles.
I know Exactly where we are. We just
have to keep heading southeast.
And we're going to find a town
or a road or something, okay?
Did you see it?
I can't get that out of my head.
I know, but you can't think
about that right now, okay?
- It could have been one of us.
- I know, I know.
But you can't think about that right now.
All right?
We just have to get out of here.
- Okay. Lets focus on that, okay?
- Okay.
Let's focus on getting safe
and get out of here okay.
Why are you still filming?
It's the only evidence that we have
that something happened here tonight.
I gotta keep filming, okay?
I gotta.
Promise me we'll
make it through this.
[wind howling]
I don't think
it's ever gonna stop.
[unearthly moaning growls]
[cracking noises]
[Tom] I don't know where
it's coming from.
Tommy, come on.
We gotta get out of here.
- [Tom] No no, don't move.
- Come on. It's not safe here.
It's coming from over here.
- [Monica] Tommy, let's go.
- [Tom] Monica!
We can't be here.
[crunching getting louder]
[Monica screams]
Over here!
[unearthly growl]
[eerie shrieking]
[Monica screams]
[wind howling]
[Monica screams]
[distant growl, shrieking]
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go back.
I can't go...
[wind howling]
I don't know what to do.
[Tom sobbing]
[Tom crying out]
[Tom whimpering]
Oh... Oh, Tommy.
Ex, thank god.
I filmed this, man.
No! No! Help me!
Help me! Please, god!
No! Ah, no!
I don't know..
I think there's some kind of,
like, shield.
Like a force or something,
...I was walking, must have
been four miles north of here
and all of a sudden,
I was back on the trail
next to you.
It doesn't make any sense.
[distant howl]
It's impossible.
I thought I lost you, man.
I thought I lost you too, man.
It's so cold.
We were heading south.
I got separated.
Sorry, man.
We're trapped.
It's looking for us.
Oh my god, I gotta find Monica.
- We got separated. We...
- Tommy.
- The thing came at us..
- You gotta forget about Monica.
- You gotta forget about her.
- I can't forget about her!
I'm not you!
Right. Just...
What are we gonna do?
I can't believe this.
I-I saw another ship, man.
This disk high in the sky.
I don't know
what these things are.
You see that?
[footsteps crunching]
It's a house.
Maybe there's a landline.
Right behind you.
It looks abandoned.
[wood splinters, cracks]
[door squeaks]
I'm going to check upstairs.
Be careful.
[chain clatters]
[coughing, gagging]
Hey, Tommy!
Dude, look what I found.
It's loaded.
What is that smell?
Holy shit.
It says here he found it
back in May.
There was a storm
in the evening and...
...a loud crash
and then the Earth shook.
He went to investigate
and found it.
It was still alive
when he found it.
He brought it back here.
It's all these theories here,
like... alien base,
government conspiracy.
This guy
must have been obsessed.
Whoever discovered this
did an autopsy.
What is his name?
Dr. Charles Roy.
It must be him.
That corpse...
It's-it's much smaller than the
thing that attacked us, right?
Like it's a...
completely different species.
[Tom] There is another one.
I saw a smaller one
near the crash site, remember?
[Ex] I see they wrote an
article about him here.
What does it say?
Says he's a medical researcher.
Why wouldn't he report
any of this?
I Guess he thought no one
would believe him.
Charles Roy.
"Day three.
The visitor
seems to be recovering.
He is not eating the food
I have provided for him.
However, he drank
the boiled water."
Look at this.
[Charles on computer]
It's May 20th.
The visitor is...
...not talking to me verbally.
...I'm able
to fully understand him.
Or it, rather, I...
I'm not sure of its gender.
The visitor is behaving...
It's uh, its still weak...
...but...'s sending mixed signals.
I think it's trying
to deceive me.
The visitor does not
want to be filmed.
It's dying.
I think I am... to figure out
its intentions.
They're not here to befriend us.
No shit, Charles.
[light old-fashioned music
playing on video]
[Ex] Oh.
Oh, man.
[squishing sounds]
The body cavity is filled
with a strange dark liquid.
It's not hemoglobin
its more like hemocyanin.
It's, like, so viscous.
I can't even...
wash it off my skin.
I placed the body
in the refrigerator
for preservation.
I'm not feeling well.
I'm unable to move freely.
I have insomnia.
These are like...
...or what.
...Lesions. Now, no...
[murmuring incoherently]
...on my arms...
Can't even...
...walk up a hundred feet
away from the house.
I always end up here.
Is that it?
That's the last video entry.
All right.
What do you think this means?
I mean, what is this?
Like, an invasion?
Wouldn't they go for the
populated areas first, you know,
take over the cities?
[Tom] I mean... maybe
they're, uh...
...still examining us,
collecting data.
What are we gonna do?
We have to do something.
We can't just let them
do this to us.
- We just can't sit here, Tommy!
- Shh, quiet down.
[door creaks, shuts]
[heavy, slow footsteps]
[door creaks]
[wind howling]
[slow footsteps continue]
Charles, is that you?
[Ex] Tommy, don't get
too close to him.
Charles... I'm Tommy.
This is Ex, we're from the city.
- [Ex] Something's really wrong with him, man.
- [Tom] Shh.
We found your work here.
Charles, what...
Ex, what's wrong with him?
I need you to talk to me. I need you
to tell me what's happening here.
We've seen...
[Ex] Tommy, this is a
waste of time, man.
He's sick, look at him.
Have you seen them, yet?
[Ex] We've seen a lot of
things we can't understand.
I have been listening.
All right, listening to what?
Why didn't you report this, man?
Why didn't you report
this to someone?
Ex, relax.
They won't let you...
He's cracking up, man.
Oh... oh...
Something's really wrong
with him, man.
Charles, Charles, are you...
Oh! Oh!
[Ex] Oh, oh, oh. Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Is that...
[Tom] What is that, Charles?
What are you doing?
What the hell?
This helps me.
[rumbling, cracking]
[Ex] We can... lock him
down there, you know.
I don't want him to hear us.
No man, I don't know.
Just... keep your distance...
all right?
Tommy, what are we going to do?
I don't know.
[pleasant old-fashioned
music playing ]
- [Tom] Charles?
- [Ex] Charles?
Careful, Tom.
[indistinct ghostly whispers]
I don't know, man.
[Tom panting]
- Charles?
- [Ex] Charles? Whoa.
Charles, what are you doing?
- [Ex] Charles, why are you...
- [Tom] Charles?
Charles? Charles?
- [Ex] Put the hook down, Charles.
- [Tom] Charles, wait!
- Charles?!
- [Ex] Charles!
- [Ex] Tommy, get out of there!
- [Tom] Shit!
[shotgun cocks]
[pleasant music continues ]
[Tommy panting]
[Tommy, breathless]
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
[gun thuds on the floor]
[panicked breathing]
[Tom] Oh my god.
We gotta go now!
Now! Go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
[Tom cries out]
[indistinct shouting, panting]
[loud thumping on cellar door]
[both panting, grunting]
We gotta do something.
[incoherent whimpering] All right.
On the count of three,
- let go of the door.
- Okay!
Okay? Okay.
One... two... three...
[footsteps crunching in snow]
Tommy, where you going, man?
[Tom] Listen to me, I think we
head in this direction, all right,
and stay quiet.
No man, no, I say we stay here.
Why do you want to go back?
[Tom] Stay here, man?
There's something inside.
- We don't know what it is.
- Tommy!
This house is the safest place
we'vebeen to.
I'm not going out there!
[Tom] Listen to me. I don't have a
good feeling about this, all right?
- A good feeling?!
- [Tom] I don't want to get trapped in there.
You just want to go back
so you can find Monica.
Well, she's dead!
Don't say that shit.
[Ex] Well, it's either that
or so you can keep filming.
- [Tom] Shh.
- Documenting this is not worth dying for!
[Tom] Listen to me. If I
don't keep filming this,
no one is going to know
what happened here.
Well, good luck getting it
on the five o'clock news.
[earthly rumbling hum]
Oh god. Oh god.
[unearthly hum grows louder]
[loud, pulsing hum]
[wind howling]
[Tom] I don't see it anymore, man.
I think it's gone.
Come on.
I can't do this, Tommy.
I can't do this anymore.
- I can't.
- [Tom] Ex.
- Ex. Ex!
- [Ex] I'm done.
Ex, come on.
[labored breathing]
You hear me, sons of bitches?!
I'm done!
[Tom] Ex, what's
happening to you, man.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Listen, listen, listen.
I know we both
been through a lot, all right?
These last few hours have been the
most confusing in my life but...
...we gotta keep it together,
all right?
[wind howling]
It's five am.
We're located
in the Catskill Park region
of upstate New York.
A few hours ago, we encountered
an alien presence.
We lost two members of our team.
This thing...
...whatever it is...
...doesn't want us
to leave this place.
[Ex] I never believed
in any of this stuff.
Not really.
Even now, it seems like it should
be taking place inside of a dream.
Well, it's not.
You filming yourself again,
Documenting reality?
What reality is that?
That the reality
is gonna make you famous?
It's going to make you known?
I lost somebody!
So did I.
[wind howling]
It's gonna be okay.
No, it isn't.
[wind howling]
They're never gonna
let us out of here, Tommy.
They're never gonna
let us out of here.
Come on, man.
Ex, come one!
Where you going?
We're in this together, man.
Ex, what are you doing?
[distorted static]
[wind howling]
Ex, it's me.
Take it easy.
Ex, Ex.
What did she look like?
What did she look like
when she died?
What did she look like?!
[Tom] Ex, don't let them
get to your head, man.
Don't let them get
into your head.
It's me.
It's me.
[both gasping]
[wind howling]
I know... I know...
I know.
I know.
You okay?
You're okay.
Come on.
Come on.
You're okay.
[wind howling]
Did you hear that?
[Ex] What happened?
What was that?
You didn't hear that, did you?
- [Ex] Hear what?
- [Tom] I swear..
- [Ex] What?
- [Tom] I heard- I think I did...
- Monica's voice.
- [Ex] No.
- [Tom] I swear.
- [Ex] No.
It's impossible.
- [Tom] How do you know?
- [Ex] Because I know.
I s...
I swear I heard...
[Monica's voice, distorted]
- [Tom] Monica!
- [Ex] Tommy.
I swear I heard her this time.
Dude, Tommy, stop screaming.
Don't scream.
[Tom] Monica. I heard her.
I gotta go find her.
What? No, Tommy, no.
It doesn't matter anymore.
- [Tom] What?
- [Ex] It doesn't matter!
- [Tom] Monica!
- [Ex] Tommy.
[Monica's voice, echoing]
- [Tom] Monica, I'm coming!
- [Ex] Tommy, wait.
Tommy, come back.
Come back!
Come back!
Monica, where are you?!
Monica, Monica!
I hear her.
[rumbling, screeching growl]
[both cry out]
[pulsing, growling hum]
[grunting, coughing]
[branches cracking]
I taste blood.
[branches cracking]
[chilling roaring]
[Tom panting] [unearthly,
animalistic growling]
[wind howling]
[water flowing]
[trees cracking]
[distant unearthly shriek]
[wind howling]
[Tom, uneasily]
I've fired a shotgun before...
...Shooting range.
[Tom, murmuring] When I was
a kid, I was with you.
Ugh, it's so blurry.
I keep trying to remember...
...things from my past.
I-I gotta get out of here.
You're okay.
[whoosh in the trees]
[unearthly howling]
You're doing good.
You're going to be okay.
I got you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, baby.
Please, please, please.
Come on.
[weakly] Baby, baby, bay...
You'll be...
You'll be.
You'll be okay.
Come on, you'll be okay.
Yeah, come on.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
[footsteps crunching]
[Tom murmuring]
I'm gonna get us out.
We'll make it out, baby,
come on.
We're safe.
[indistinct eerie voice]
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay!
[indistinct echoing voice]
[eerie, echoing,
distorted music ]
[upbeat pop music playing
on radio ]
No! No!
[music stops]
[wind howling]
[crow calls]
Tommy, they'll find you.
I love you.
[crow calling]
[wind howling]
[unearthly howls approaching]
[branches cracking]
[wind howling]
M... Monica?
[eerie whispers]
[unearthly whisper]
There is no escape...
There is no escape.
[distorted whispering]
[Tom murmuring indistinctly]
[unearthly whisper]
There is no escape...
- [Tom] Stop.
- [eerie whisper] They're coming.
Hey! Hey!
Where are you going?!
Stop walking!
[overlapping ghostly whispers]
[crow calling]
[deep, eerie hum]
Listen to me!
[deep, pulsing rumble]
[chilling noises intensify]
[rumbling, screeching hum]
[wind howling]
[distant unearthly wind]
[gun clacks]
[distorted static]
[unearthly, deep, pulsing hum]
[Tom panting]
Come on!
You... want me?!
You want me?!
Come get me!
[chilling, distorted noise]
Hey! I'm right here!
Come on!
Come on!
[Tom cries out]
[unearthly shrieking]
[Tom grunting]
[distorted growling]
[chilling shrieking]
[electronic static]
[deep roar]
[noises fade]
[static hum]
[wind howling]
[footsteps crunching]
[static hum]
[phone line ringing]
[Tom, on phone] Hello-hello?
This is...
...This is Thomas Rivas calling for
Nolan Productions in New York.
Hello, I'm...
I need help.
[murmuring indistinctly]
I-I don't know where I am.
I found a payphone.
I'm here in some deserted...
I can't remember.
I... I don't...
...fully remember everything
that happened...
These things...
These things... I don't
know what these things are,
but these things,
they can change.
They can change
the way the look,
they can change what you see...
There are things
I need to say the world...
...needs to know.
Catskill Park...
We're in Catskill Park.
They're all...
They're all gone.
I need...
[phone disconnects]
[disconnect tone]
[dramatic rock music ]
[music fades out]