Cattle Empire (1958) Movie Script

Drag it.
- Up and down the street!
Drag it out of town!
Yeah, get rid of him.
- Drag him out of town!
Should've hung him!
Drag him out of town!
That oughta help skin him up.
- Drag him!
What are they doing? Who is it?
It's John Cord.
They're dragging him.
Are they killing him?
Are they? ARE THEY?
Yes, Ralph, they're killing him.
Make them stop it!
All of you, stop it.
You make them stop it.
What about your eyes?
That's enough. That's all.
Who's on the horse?
Me, Tom Powis.
Is he still alive?
Yes, sir. But a couple more runs...
Where's Brewster?
Right here, Mr Hamilton.
You're the law here.
I put you in office myself.
What kind of lawman
lets this kind of thing happen?
Do you know who that is lying there?
My brother told me.
Maybe Douglas didnt tell you right.
That's John Cord. John Cord.
You're right, Mr Hamilton,
you put me in office.
Everybody here owes you something,
one way or another.
But John Cord came riding in
bold as daylight.
He served his time.
The town dont feel that way.
When he wouldn't leave,
they wanted him hanged.
I said I'd let him off
with a dragging, then head him out.
That's John Cord, Mr Hamilton. If
it wasn't for him, you could see.
He's responsible for my little
daughter never walking again.
You forgot?
I forget nothing!
Lift Cord into my wagon -
I'm taking him to my place.
Is that clear?
Do I have to do it myself?
I will.
Don't, Ralph.
I wouldn't, Mr Hamilton.
You don't know what's good for you.
Help me keep this man alive,
so I can keep you all alive.
Better let me strap him to his
horse and head him out of town.
If none of you will help me,
my wife and my brother will.
Janice... Douglas...
I wouldn't do that!
- That goes for me too.
He took this from me.
I'll kill anybody
that tries to help him.
I'm with Tom. My wife's
in the cemetery cos of him.
My brother's out there too.
You can't see my store,
but it used to be over there.
His horsemen destroyed it.
You'd see that, if you could see.
I never got it started again.
This is for your own good.
Go ahead, Douglas,
they won't shoot you.
I'm afraid they will, Mrs Hamilton.
Your husband refuses to realise
that's John Cord.
All right, Janice.
Lie still, John. Otherwise
you're bound to get dirt fever.
Janice Wilson!
You got your hair done up.
Lie down. You may have concussion.
You always worried about concussion.
Heads like mine don't get broken.
Please, lie down
till the doctor comes.
If you worry about a man's health you
should also worry about his spirits.
You'll make it worse!
When a man's getting mad in prison
for five years...
...a letter from his girl
can do a whole lot for his spirit.
I'm not your girl -
I married Ralph Hamilton.
A new bride?
No, weve been married five years.
You didn't waste any time.
I owed you nothing, you saw to that.
I don't know about that.
After what you did to Ralph you think
you can help yourself to his wife?
You used to wear my ring -
it's my privilege to kiss the bride.
When you blind another man
you lose your privileges.
You think I didn't remember that
every day and night for five years?!
I'd better go and find out
what your... husband... wants.
Who is it?
Walk so I can hear you.
My ears have eyes, Cord...
so does my memory.
Douglas, get out and stay out.
You might need my help, Ralph.
When I need you I'll send for you.
This Winchester is no longer of use
to me but it keeps my hands busy.
The prison was underground but before I even got
used to the light they handed me your message.
You still had eyes.
Did you read it?
It's a good rifle.
You didn't bring me 300 miles
to talk about your rifle.
I've got a herd for you to move.
A herd? I'm John Cord, remember?
I remember.
Nobody would ask John Cord
to move a herd now.
Nobody but John Cord could move
a herd this size - 5,000 head.
It doesn't look
like you're desperate...
...or that moving 5,000 head
of cattle is life or death.
Rooms don't change, bank accounts do
But a man with 5,000 head...
They're not all mine. Almost
everybody in Hamilton owns a share.
That herd could make
a dying town live again.
That makes my heart bleed!
I've hated you a long time, too.
But can't we let it be?
Because no-one else would move
a herd for you at this time of year?
If you get them to Fort Clemson
you'll be a top trail boss again.
I'll pay you $15,000 in advance.
$15,000? Your conscience
bothers you that much?
I need you that much.
What's the matter with Garth?
Hes dealt from the bottom
since this happened.
By the time I realised, he had
half my cattle and his own ranch.
He'd like the town
renamed "Garthville".
Well, there's always
little brother Douglas.
He's a green kid.
He'd bring 100 head to Fort
Clemson, if he got there at all.
No, you're the man, if you'll do it.
The army needs beef for the troops
and the Indian reservations.
They're paying good -
I'll pay you good.
I'd be in a position to ruin you
without half trying.
Yes, you would.
Well, I won't do that to you, Ralph.
So Ill take my torn shirt
and my reputation...
Forget the past, Cord!
Nobody else has forgotten it!
- Nobody helped them forget it.
You've got to ride trail for me.
Youve got Janice. The scores even.
You can make it. You try.
Mr Cord? Where do you think
you're going?
That's my business.
You turned him down?
What do you expect?
Do you know what it cost
my brother to ask you?
I know.
I hate you so much it burns my guts.
But if you have to see all of us
Hamiltons crawl, I'll crawl too.
I don't care what you Hamiltons do.
You cant turn him down.
You might sleep better
if you squared part of your account.
I spent five years
squaring that account. I sleep fine.
Youre not going anywhere!
I can't get mad at a kid
I taught to ride and shoot.
I'm not a kid any more!
Then why dont you take the herd?
You know why - I'm not good enough.
Now take the gun. I'll shoot anyway.
I wouldn't want to kill you, junior,
you got too much learning to do.
Why, there's Little Johnny!
Little Johnny!
George Washington Jeffrey!
Where you been all this time?
You remember my kid brother?
Thomas Jefferson Jeffrey.
Where hes been is his affair.
How's your daddy?
Well, he's been dead for some years.
I knew hed been ailing but...
Im sorry, Little Johnny.
It looks like
you've been ailing too, eh?
What he looks like is his affair!
Who are you boys working for now?
We aint. We quit Garths place.
The fool thinks he can take his herd
to Fort Clemson this time o' year.
Most of them rivers is bone dry.
For once, George Washington
is right about something.
Only one trail boss might make it.
But he wouldn't try, eh, John?
I thought maybe that was what
Little Johnny came back for.
What he come back for is his affair!
You boys interested in a drink?
Interested? No.
All hes interested in
is when youre gonna ask us.
George Washington...
Thomas Jefferson...
Getting worse
every time you set foot in it.
Like every place in town, waiting
for the undertaker to bury it.
Cork the bottle!
You're not drinking in my saloon.
They aint no trouble, Mr Grainger.
They just came in.
Cork the bottle. We're fed up
with your troublemaking.
I'm having a drink with my friends, Grainger.
Maybe we'll have another. Then I'll leave.
Now listen, Cord...
Wash off the warpaint, Grainger.
You were once glad to have his trail
herders spend their wages here.
That was before he let his
drunk men ruin us all.
A trail town should be able to
protect itself, wouldn't you say?
Yeah. Yeah, ld say.
I heard you were back.
Glad to see you.
Hello, Garth.
Set up a bottle for my old cooks.
Join me, I've something
to say to you.
They roughed you up a little, huh?
That what you had to say?
Did you turn Hamilton down?
I suppose he told you
I'm moving herd tomorrow.
He mentioned it.
We rode a lot of trails together,
I learned a lot of things from you.
You can forget em.
Some things a man doesnt forget
- like John Cords rule for herd drinking.
"Carry a keg of whiskey
for the men to drink in camp.
"It keeps them from wrecking
an innocent town."
No-one seemed to remember that
at the trial.
If my herd gets to Fort Clemson,
Hamilton and the town are ruined.
Are you asking my help?
I believe in buying insurance,
plenty of it.
What do you say?
There's no end to it, Cord.
Between us we can build the biggest
cattle empire in this country.
I'm not interested in cattle empires.
But the Fort Clemson drive,
you got yourself a trail boss.
You can write your own contract.
I'm not interested in money, either.
Let's invite the boys over
to celebrate the partnership.
No. I want to keep it quiet.
We move tomorrow.
I'm not leaving with you.
What are you giving to me?
I'll join you in three days.
The trail boss rides with the herd.
Head for Horsethief Creek tomorrow.
I'll stay behind
to see we have no competition.
Fair enough.
You going trail herding again?
Don't turn around, John Cord.
You're gonna get it where
your men gave it to my daddy...
in the middle of the spine.
I squeeze the trigger, and
I'm the biggest hero in Hamilton.
Johnny ain't got a gun!
Keep pouring for 'em.
I'm gonna pick up my horse
at the sheriff's. I'll see you.
Who's there?
It's Cord.
You got yourself a trail boss, Ralph.
What changed your mind?
Sounds like youre following
a coffin, Douglas.
Garth's moving his herd.
He was supposed to.
We got a trail boss that can feed a
herd on tumbleweed, water it on mud,
...and get us there with more cattle
than we started with!
That OK with you, little brother?
How many men have you got?
Ten good men on the ranch.
Well need some for homebodies.
I'll need all the men I can get.
Well line up some vaqueros.
I want these men to ride with me too.
My husband doesn't read any more!
Let's hear the list.
Tom Powis. Rex Cogswell. Jim
Whittaker. Paul Corbell. Dan Quince.
The men who dragged you
through town. Do you want revenge?
I want those men.
Some of them were good
men on the trail, Douglas.
When Tom Powis had both his arms...
Cord's your trail boss!
Do as he says.
If you want them, we'll get 'em
- it's their herd too.
I want you, too, Douglas.
You're making a big mistake,
Mr Cord.
Cos I got both arms and both eyes,
and I'm still young.
I want you to ride with us, Ralph.
I shouldve shot you
when I had the chance!
No, I think it's an act
of great kindness.
I don't want long months
waiting here for news.
I'll ride. I may even be
some use riding night herd.
Darkness is a great equaliser
for a blind man.
- Youre going too.
Can we be ready in three days?
Three days?!
Weve got to get there first, Cord!
Is this my show?
It's your show.
To the herd, to the drive...
...and to John Cord!
Mr John Cord.
What are you two doing here?
Uncle John, don't you know me?
Ain't she growed some?
Sandy Jeffrey!
You might grow into something
to interest a man after all!
Something to interest you?
Remember you promised to wait
for me to grow up?
Didn't you boys think
it was too late for a drive?
With you we'd go in winter!
We can't leave my granddaughter
in Hamilton.
I can carry my weight on a drive.
Blackmail! Take her on cook's louse.
But I'll eat dust all day
and ride the drag!
I got somebody pegged for that job.
Still fond of horses? You can work
in the remuda with the wranglers.
Just like old times, Little John.
Down there.
Do as he says.
All the men you wanted.
The boys from our ranch
and Aruzza's vaqueros.
I am Juan Aruzza, Senor Cord.
My men and I will ride with you
and follow your orders.
I know your people. They'll do.
Gracias, senor.
And these are...
- I know, the pride of Hamilton.
You know the rules of the trail...
I'd like to say something, Cord.
On the trail my men call me Mr Cord!
I've not put in my bedroll, Cord.
Say your say, Powis.
We agreed to ride with you
for Mr Hamilton's sake.
It's easy to see why you picked us
but we'll take anything you hand out long as you do your level best
to beat Garth to Fort Clemson.
If you have any other notions...
Finish, the day's short.
If you have any other notions,
we'll kill you.
Is that all?
Anybody else
itching to make a speech?
All right, let's get going.
Bedrolls in the wagon,
line up for work orders.
Mr Cord?
Will you give me my assignment now?
You've got your assignment -
taking care of your husband.
Butcher that one.
That's one of the best in the herd!
He's a stampede maker.
Let the chuck wagon have him.
That's the lead steer for us.
A most majestic animal, senor.
I take him up to point.
Get ready to move.
One moment, son.
You've forgotten something.
I didn't forget.
All right, get it over with.
Almighty God.
Thou knowest these men
who bow their heads before Thee,
hard working, God-fearing.
They beseech that Thou go with them
on this arduous journey.
We ask for guidance and blessing
for man and beast. Amen.
All right, Thomas Jefferson,
let her roll!
You drag riders, tighten up the gap!
Want us to choke to death?
Get up where you can head off trouble
We got 'em off to a good start.
Have your riders trim the flanks,
it's widening out.
He expects us to ride drag
and eat dirt all the way.
We'll eat dirt one way or another.
Maybe he just remembered that
both of us used to ride point.
Uncle John!
All my life I've dreamed of riding
trail with you, all grown up.
Riding with me means doing your
job - you belong with the remuda.
Forget the "Uncle" -
you're too grown up for that.
All right!
Mr Cord!
What is it, Mrs Hamilton?
It's Ralph - he insists on riding.
Why shouldn't he? A man needs
to feel the wind and sun on his face.
Is that all?
Mr Cord... you think we'll make it?
Who can tell?
You sure picked a cosy spot
for our midday rest.
We'll bed down here.
We've hardly done half a day!
If I'm not back by dark, see that
they don't scatter or crowd too much.
Just how much time are you planning
to donate to Garth?
Aruzza, take charge till I get back.
Excuse us, boys.
Sit down.
Missed you.
I've been looking for you all day.
The Hamilton herd's
three days behind you.
Who's taking them?
I am.
Roping two saddles at once! Aren't you
spreading your influence a little too far?
Keep going east and you'll hit
Horsethief Creek in ten days.
Where are you taking them?
Isn't Dismal River bone dry?
No. They'll be able to smell it but it'll
be too thin to plough and too thick to drink.
Those cows will go berserk. A sight
a man would enjoy seeing, eh?
You stick with your herd,
and I'll join you after the Dismal.
# As I walked out
in the streets of Loredo
# As I walked out
in Loredo one day
# I spied a poor cowboy
all wrapped in white linen
# All wrapped in white linen
as cold as the clay. #
What lies ahead, John?
Go northeast.
The herd seems peaceable.
They still like my voice.
John, I...
I was wondering...
Is it a starry night?
Yeah, there's plenty of stars.
The moon's coming up.
You'd better put this on
- it's getting cold.
Good night.
Good night, John.
# Oh, beat the drum slowly
and play the fife lowly
# And may the dead march
as you carry me along
# Take me to the green valley,
there lay the sod o'er me
# For I'm a poor cowboy
and no' have done wrong. #
Looks like he's been ridden hard.
Feed him.
He's covered a lot of territory.
Then rub him down.
Is that you, Little Johnny?
What are you doing up at this time?
Waiting to see if you're hungry.
No, thanks.
I put your bedroll over there,
George Washington built you a fire.
You being off on your own,
we figured you'd need it.
You know, John, there's nothing much
we wouldn't do for you...
What's the matter, Thomas Jefferson?
We'd stick by you
till hell froze over.
But if you're aiming to lead
them fine steers to ruination...
...we're walking out, so help me.
When I need a preacher,
I'll send for him.
What are you doing out here?
I want to talk to you.
Everybody has something
to say to me tonight.
John, it was a mistake
for me and Ralph to come.
I want you to send us home.
I'm afraid.
I'm beginning to...
to remember things.
What's wrong with remembering?
Seems you're always with the cattle.
Seems they're better to be with.
Sounds like the old John Cord.
When will we get 'em to water?
You've been avoiding me.
There aren't enough hours in the day.
Is that the only reason?
Is that why Sandy was complaining?
She's in love with you.
Sandy? That's hero worship.
She'll get over it.
When are we gonna tell Ralph?
When the time comes.
It's because of John Cord.
We've had enough of John Cord.
We're finished.
We cut out our cows. We're leaving.
We thought you oughtta know.
- What are you getting at?
Our few'll do better at home, alive.
John Cord will get to Fort Clemson.
His herds always make it.
He lost the race before we started.
And he won't catch up.
He will.
Never been a trail boss like him.
He took the job to get even with us.
He's out to ruin us.
Maybe. But he won't do that.
Trail driving is his life.
It's what he was born for.
It might be in him to destroy us,
but not the cattle. Not them.
If you believe that, Mr Hamilton,
you stay with him, but we're going.
Hold it! Nobody cuts out
without my permission.
If you lost your stomach, go home,
but the cows stay.
I signed to deliver 4, 000
head of cattle, with or without you.
Aruzza, get those cows
back in the herd!
The food stays with the drive.
You want us to starve?
You want to go, that's your business.
We can't spend the day eating,
we got a herd to move.
Little Brother, take charge.
Head due north.
North? We...
- Keep on till midnight and drive them.
Don't get too comfortable tonight -
we start tomorrow before sunrise.
That's a good way to get shot!
We were to meet at Horsethief Creek.
I'm not joining you.
Something up?
I'm going to do my best
to beat you to Fort Clemson.
What changed your mind?
I can't lead 5,000 cattle
to their death... matter how I feel
about the owners.
That's mighty noble of you.
Someone can write ballads about you.
And what am I supposed to do?
Fold my arms and let you pass me?
If I can pass you fairly, I will.
From now, it's up to each of us.
You've no complaints. The head
start puts the odds in your favour.
You still heading for Dismal River?
There's no water there. We're headed
for Horsethief, like you.
Thanks. Thanks for telling me, Cord.
We could ride out and cut him down.
Doesn't matter if he gets back to
his herd. He said all I need to know
Notice how set he was
on us going to Horsethief Creek?
He joined me in the first place
to make sure we headed there.
He came tonight to make double sure.
You know what I think? I think
he knows Horsethief Creek is dry.
All right,
we're heading for Dismal River.
First we crawl, then we gallop.
It makes no sense.
We should have quit this afternoon,
like you said.
He'll kill us all, the cattle too!
On the trail, he's the boss.
I'd like to string him up
and relieve him of the job.
You flaunt a good deal of courage
behind my back, wrangler.
Are you calling me a coward?
Read your own meaning.
We hit the trail in three hours.
Aruzza! I checked the Dismal, it's
dried up so we'll go to Horsethief Creek.
He's lying.
He didn't go to Dismal
or Horsethief.
He's cooking up some deal with Garth
- I know because I followed him.
Next time you leave the herd
without permission, don't come back.
That all you got to say, Mr Cord?
No, there's something
you need to understand.
The tough herding is ahead of us. If you think it's
been hard up to now and you want to quit, speak up.
I've had all the Cord herd-drive
I want.
Thomas Jefferson,
get him his bedroll.
When you get to Hamilton,
tell my wife...
Hamilton's dead. I'm going to
Fort Clemson for a new start.
At least one of us will get there.
You were working into a good man.
Let him go.
Anybody else?
Could be I was wrong. Maybe that gun
I saw in Garth's hand wasn't an act.
Maybe it wasn't.
A beautiful sight, senor.
Have we two days to give 'em?
I don't know. We gotta get the herd
to Fort Clemson.
There's no sign of Garth
watering his herd here.
If he took them to the Dismal after
my warning, we got two days and more.
Isn't she beautiful?
Very beautiful.
What are you gonna do about it?
We'll talk at the end of the trail.
Cord? I'm getting
to know your horse.
Something's worrying you.
Worrying me? No, nothing.
A man could be worried
about the plains and not be ashamed.
The cows will get you to the Pecos.
Odd, how a man
can't change his ways.
Not a man like you. Nor me. When we reach
Fort Clemson, I'll just keep on going.
What are you talking about?
A blind man's no use on a ranch.
You and Douglas run it,
run it and share it.
I'm offering you all I've got.
But get the cattle through.
Some things a man is born for...
and some things don't belong to him.
You don't have to bribe me, Ralph.
I'll get the herd through.
That makes twenty-seven.
You want me to...?
No, that's my job.
What's wrong? Nobody hungry?
Too tuckered out.
Hang on. We'll make it.
You, er, mind if I eat with you?
Sit down.
You see, senor, what I see?
The Pecos! We made it!
The Pecos! The Pecos! Water!
Never knew you fiddled, Cogswell.
You never have before.
I didn't feel like it before,
but I do now!
Only a mile to Tumbleweed
and two saloons.
Those saloon keepers
entitled to some of our money?
That's right. They are!
Cord said to give Tumbleweed
a wide bunk.
Time to stop orders from
Mr High-and-Mighty Cord!
Do we tell him
what to do with his orders?
You said the word.
And about time.
Hey, trail boss!
We wanna have some words with you.
We figure you didn't mean
the order we can't go into town.
I meant it.
Will you let us go peaceful,
or do we have to shove you?
We'll do it, believe me.
Five years ago a drunken spree
wrecked your town.
You want me to let you do the same?
We won't hurt Tumbleweed.
We're decent people.
Decent people wrecked your store.
They didn't want to -
they were just blowing off steam.
These men are different.
I vouch for 'em all.
After two months' trail,
nobody's different.
You want a drink,
here's all you want.
Now, get out of our way.
The next man to step forward...
All right, Cord, we're coming.
Wait, you crazy fools!
Listen to me. Listen to me!
Don't do something you'll
be ashamed of all your lives.
We just wanna go to town...
Quiet! Give Mr Hamilton his say.
I made John Cord my trail boss cos I told you
he'd get us through. Now listen to something else.
Cord also carries his own whiskey... stop worn-out saddle-tramps
wrecking towns like Tumbleweed.
He forgot his brandy and feelings
when he hit Hamilton five years ago!
I'll tell you what happened then.
It was a time like now -
there were more cows than buyers.
Cord was driving
someone else's herd.
He camped by Hamilton
after six weeks' trail.
Broke open a barrel, gave his men
a chance to let off steam.
I had my own herd, ready to start, and no
man who raced John Cord fairly stood a chance.
I was desperate.
So while his men
were having their whiskey...
...and he and I
had a friendly drink...
...I had one of my men, name
of Garth, crack him over the head.
We scattered his herd.
And we, not John Cord...
we turned his drunken crew loose.
He was the man who made you blind?
He gave the blow that cost my eyes.
I'll tell you how.
- It doesn't matter, Ralph.
Time they knew about it.
Time everybody knew.
Cord came to Hamilton that night,
too late to stop his rampaging crew.
He came looking for me.
He was suspicious.
I was the one he had trusted.
Now he was suspicious.
I had to get mad or admit he was right. I
taunted him about losing his men and herd.
That's what the fight
in Grainger's saloon was about.
You let him go to prison?
Yes. I was the guilty one...
...but... I felt sorry for myself.
At the time of the trial
I'd just heard I'd stay blind.
I was bitter. Vengeful.
He should've killed you.
There've been plenty of times
I wished he had.
Now, if you want to drag me
up and down the camp... will stop you.
Mr Cord...
...if you want to belt me, go ahead.
What I want is a drink.
Who'll join me?
Ralph's back there, Janice. He...
Well, I think he needs you.
The men, at least,
are big enough to say sorry.
You love him very much, don't you?
That's none of your business!
He doesn't even know I'm alive.
What is it?
At the beginning, when you wouldn't
let me go, you wanted to hurt me.
That's all there was to it.
Wasn't it?
I deserved it.
That was in the beginning.
And later?
And now?
Mr Cord!
Somebody's coming!
It's Whittaker!
Why're you back? Change your mind?
Mr Cord, where is he?
Well, Whittaker?
I made it to Fort Clemson.
I met Garth in the saloon.
He went to Dismal, lost his herd.
He hired gunmen. Asked me to join.
Join with him for what?
He's waiting with forty men
at Indian Pass - he wants our herd.
Does he want the war
that goes with it?
This is turning into a real drive.
I take it you're back with us?
Thanks, "boss".
Let's get ready for Garth.
Get down. Get down and keep down.
He's being real smart,
waiting for us in a gully.
All right, if he wants to play
games we can play games, too.
Let's get at it.
He's up there someplace.
I think he's spotted us.
I can do no more.
I need help, Douglas.
You know what to do?
Yes, sir. Lead out!
Cut 'em down!
Senor! Over there.
Come on!
Throw your guns down!
Let him go.
Put your gun away.
Now turn around.
Will you put your hands up
or do you want to try me?
You don't make sense, Cord -
you're a cattleman, not a gunman.
I've been around, you know that.
Do you want to try me?
You'll live. It's a pity you think
everybody is as crooked as you.
You'd have beat us
if you believed me about the Dismal.
You know, we could
have had that empire.
That's the way it goes.
Here's the trail log, Ralph.
To date we've lost 182 head.
Out of 4,000?
That's the usual Cord miracle!
Why the formal report?
I'll let you know where
you can send my pay. I'm leaving.
Before the herd is delivered?
We're there. Douglas can do it.
Next year, he'll do it alone.
A full-fledged trail boss!
Why the hurry to leave us?
I hear there's a lot of grass
in the northwest.
I offered you a partnership, John.
Somebody's waiting for me.
I plan to settle down.
First choice?
Well, you know what you want, John,
and you know best what's right.
Well, the end of the trail
for us, Ralph.
Boss, say goodbye to the men for me.
They're as good a bunch of boys
as I ever rode with.
I wish you could see what a pretty
little face she has, Ralph.
A good thing for her
you were on this drive.
John Cord!
That was no way to say goodbye!
Sorry, Sandy.
Someday you'll understand.
I understand, and so does Janice.
She can't do anything about it.
I can.
You don't play uncle
to a girl all her life...
...and let her think - and think
about you - then just ride off.
You have to give her a chance.
What kind of chance?
A chance to go
to the free grass with you.
I'd like a chance to be...
first choice.
You got so much growing up to do,
Sandy, and much forgetting too.
Oh, I'll never forget.
We'll see.
Will we? You'll come back and see?
I'll come back.
You promise?
I promise, if it gets to that.
It'll get to that.