Cave, The (2005) Movie Script

It won't be so funny
if we end up in a Romanian jail.
Relax. Nobody's been up here in years.
Oh, Christ.
- (Speaks Romanian)
- This way?
- Where?
- It's up there?
Hey, you sure it's up there?
(Man replies in Romanian)
- He's sure.
- (Speaks Romanian)
- He'd better be right. You tell him.
- (Speaks Romanian)
Come on. Let's get the stuff.
Ye of little faith.
Should be a gold mine.
Why the hell
would they build a church out here?
Check this.
Here we go.
My God. Look at the walls.
There's nothing here.
- So, where's the cave?
- You're standing on it.
So, how do we get in?
Fire in the hole.
Perfect. Let's go.
(AII scream)
(AII gasp and cough)
- (Coughing continues)
- Shut up.
Shut up!
(AII scream)
(Gasping and coughing)
What the hell is that?
(Man speaks Romanian)
(Speaks Romanian)
You know what? It's more than a cave.
This one could run deeper than Postojna.
(Speaks Romanian)
Oh, look at this.
If this is what I think it is,
it's going to be a fantastic find.
Let's have a look at it, shall we?
Hear that? Running water. It's a good sign.
Come. Have a look at this.
We're going to need cave divers.
I know just who to call.
No picture, Charlie.
This antenna's a piece of junk.
- How's that?
- Got it.
Strodey! Get your skinny ass down here!
Boys. You found it yet?
No. We looked exactly where
your sonic mapping said we should.
Jesus! My kids could get in and find it
quicker than you two.
- Ready, Top?
- Yeah.
Jack and Tyler back yet?
Not yet.
TOP: That's Tyler's unit. He found it.
Bastard did it again.
Jack's gonna be pissed.
He called time five minutes ago.
You don't have to say anything.
I know I was stupid, but... we got it.
Hey, I call time, and you surface.
- How's that? You got a signal there yet?
- Not yet, Strodey.
- And now?
- Yeah.
- Dr Nicolai.
- Hello.
Hey. It's Jack.
- You got some good news?
- Yeah. I've got the funding.
You do? Really?
We've done the surface scans.
The cave is huge, Jack.
There is a river off the main cavern,
and there's nowhere it can come out
for at least 19 miles.
Sounds like the Amazon
of underground rivers, huh?
Dr Jennings our biologist is bringing
a cameraman to shoot the whole thing,
but, you know, it's gonna be tough.
Which is why I need your team
and need you to run the show.
Great! When do we start?
We want to start right away.
We're in a hundred per cent.
That's great, Jack.
I can't wait to see you here. Ciao!
- Thanks, Dr Nicolai.
- Bye!
Good to finally meet you, Dr Nicolai.
NICOLAl: Let me show you around.
- Please.
What have we got?
That's the main cave, hidden under the church
and half the mountainside.
- Tyler?
- Yeah?
Everything made it OK.
Take a look at this mix computer.
It got a little banged up.
Oh, man. Yep.
All right. Break it down,
and reinstall the programming.
TYLER: Whoa!
I'mjust gonna go visit with a fellow scientist.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Tyler McAlister. I'm the first scout.
One second.
- Do you mind if I...
- Sorry. Let me just move this for you.
- Dr Jennings.
- It's good to meet you.
And this is Alex Kim our cameraman.
Oh, yeah. I've seen your work.
Heard a lot about you, too.
So, it's unusual for a rebreather.
- Who modified it?
- That would be my brother Jack.
- Really?
- Yep.
I did all the reprogramming, though.
Why the canister?
We're using lithium hydroxide
to filter out the CO2.
It's a little dangerous,
but it's much more effective than calcium.
Hope you got a redundancy for this Meg.
There's actually a triple redundancy.
It's the backup, a primary, and a HUD.
So you can stay submerged for what,
18, 20 hours?
Kate. Alex. This is Jack McAlister.
- Dr Jennings.
- It's a pleasure.
We read about some of
your Yucatan expeditions. Pretty amazing.
Thank you, thank you.
I understand you have a great interest
in cave biology, Mr McAIlister.
I'm starting to.
- And it's just Jack, please.
- Kathryn.
- Perhaps you want to see some samples?
- Yeah, sure.
Hey, bro.
Double-check all the rebreathers, will you?
Yeah. One in 14.
One in 14?
It's the number of cave divers that die each year.
What's this?
It's all that's left of some poor guy
they found in the mouth of the cave.
(Camera shutter clicks)
Tyler? Let's go.
So how did you hook up with these guys?
My dad had a dive business
in North Florida,
and when Jack got out of high school,
he kind of took him under his wing.
- We're all kind of like family.
- And Tyler?
He joined the business out of college.
Briggs we found table-dancing
in a club outside Calgary.
All right, everybody, listen up. Here we go.
- You all right, Strode?
- Yeah, good, man.
I've been analysing these read-outs,
and here's what we got.
There's an enormous cavern about
300 feet down, just below the cave entrance.
- Dr Nicolai has already named it Titan Hall.
- Oh, yeah, it's huge, believe me.
There's a sump... Strode?
...right about here,
which then leads
to this underwater passageway.
Look who's here.
JACK: We need to find a dry cavern
somewhere in the system
where we can set up advance base camp,
and Dr Nicolai and Kathry n
can gather their samples.
We'll be under for 12 days.
We're gonna go deep on this one.
- Yeah!
- All right.
Top, anything you want to add?
Everybody just remember, now -
this cave is a very serious piece of work.
It's already taken at least one life.
Respect the cave.
Briggs, you're gonna take first scout.
BRIGGS: Right on.
JACK: Any questions? All right, listen.
A toast.
- To virgin caves.
ALL: To virgin caves!
Cheers. Thank you very much.
To virgin everything.
They built the church to seal the cave
as a display of God's protective power.
Now, try to imagine...
these Knights Templar entering the cave,
and according to the local legend,
fighting these winged demons.
- Demons, huh?
- Yeah.
Well? Did they win?
Unfortunately, no.
European legends always have sad endings.
There you go.
BRIGGS: Oh, yeah.
NICOLAl: The ladder is quite safe.
- Yeah, I hate ladders.
- Whoa!
Next thing you know they're putting in elevators.
She's such a show-off.
It's the only way to go, doc.
Oh, man.
Titan Hall.
CHARLIE: It's awesome.
Pre-dive checklist. O2 sensors calibrated?
BRIGGS: Calibrated, check.
TOP: Oxygen running 0.4?
0.4. Check.
Now, you find it, you name it. Make it good.
First scout's privilege. I got a few ideas.
You know I'll come up with something good.
Three, two, one, mark.
- All OK?
- I don't think it could be any better, Ty.
- Yeah, I bet.
- All right. Here we go.
This is a long passage,
so I want you to pace yourself now.
Turnaround's one-third, OK?
If I find a dry cavern, I'll give you a call, Jack.
- You'd do that, would you?
- Go and get it!
JACK: How's it looking down there?
It's dark, it's deep, and it's wet, Jack.
Give us your current depth.
- Depth at 162.
What's your gas reading?
O2's reading 1800.
TOP: So, how you feeling down there, Briggs?
I'm feeling pretty good.
How you feeling up there?
I'm all right.
How about the warning lights?
How do they look?
Nothing yet. There's a curve
in the tunnel up ahead, though.
Probably gonna lose you guys
on the dark side of the moon.
Tell Tyler I'll give him a call from first base camp
after I set up that fibre optic.
You know, Briggs,
I'd warn you not to be so arrogant,
but then you'd have no personality at all.
Come on, Top. Take away the arrogance...
CHARLIE: There he goes.
- That's it.
Thanks, Strode.
We need you ready around 0100 hours,
all right?
Oh, I've been ready.
You got something to say, say it.
- You know I'm the best scout.
- Maybe so.
But I can count on Briggs.
First scout consolation prize.
- Yeah.
- You wish it was you in there?
I just wanna be first
in a place nobody's ever been.
Well, you and I aren't that different.
I mean, if I find something unique,
I want to put my name on it.
So, what happened?
- It's my brother's call.
JACK: Hey, Ty!
Checked the line three times. There's nothing
wrong with it. We just don't have a signal.
Check every five minutes till we get something.
TYLER: What's up?
- If he doesn't show in ten, I'm sending you in.
- It's Briggs. He's probably just showing off.
Listen, you're probably right,
but go get ready anyways, OK?
- Jack!
- Guys! I got him.
- Wakey, wakey.
Titan Hall! Is anybody there?
All right. Get up!
Morning. We're all here, buddy. Where are you?
Good morning to you too, Top.
I'd say I'm sitting at advance base camp,
which will now be forever known
as... Kublai Khan.
About how far in would you say, Briggs?
Oh... only about...
2.4 miles, Jack.
- Fantastic!
- 2.4!
I'm uploading the data now.
Read it and weep.
It's amazing in here, man.
I haven't seen a hole like this in a long time.
Oh, shit!
- Briggs!
- Yeah. Hold on a sec. Something ran past me.
(Grunts) Got it!
Kathry n, can you and Nicolai see this?
It's some kind of a large rat,
or a mole or something.
Buck teeth, webbed feet,
looks a lot like Tyler.
(Creature screeches, and Briggs grunts)
- You all right, man?
- Shit!
I think I pissed him off
with that Tyler comment.
Listen, man, good work. Get some sleep now.
Yeah, yeah. Some sleep.
- You need anything down there, man?
- Hold on a sec.
(Monitor bleeps)
JACK: Briggs?
Yeah. Yeah, hold on, guys.
- I'm gonna to try to get...
- (Rattling)
- There's something that...
- Briggs?
- What's up, Strode?
- Could be feedback in the line.
- What was that? God damn it!
- Key me if you can hear me.
Fibre optic must have snapped, huh?
Maybe we should send in a second scout,
to be safe.
No, come on. We gotta get in the water.
Top and I are in the water in 30 minutes.
Strode, Tyler, fix the cable on the way in.
Let's do it.
TYLER: Let's take it a little slow.
Breakin the line could be anywhere.
STRODE: Right on your tail, mate.
JACK: It's not bad, huh, Top?
Yeah, there's a lot of life in here.
- Yeah. Just thinking about Briggs.
- He can take care of himself.
NICOLAl: How long till we reach the cavern?
JACK: It's a long run, Nicolai. Enjoy the ride.
This beats anything in the Yucatan by a mile.
Hey, Kim, did you get a shot
of those cave draperies? Sick, dude!
(Camera shutter clicks)
ALEX: I got it.
CHARLIE: It's totally rockin'.
JACK: Dr Nicolai,
you and Katherine should check this out.
Advance base camp
should be about 200 yards ahead.
NICOLAl: Thankyou. We'll see you there.
Yo, Briggs!
Hey, Briggs!
About time you two ladies got here!
Come take a look at this.
We're not the first ones here after all.
TOP: Looks like somebody lost his boots.
STRODE: What the hell was that?
STRODE: Tyler, hang on.
I'm gonna make ajump here for a second.
TYLER: Strode, how you doing?
- Good. I think I saw one of those moles.
- Be right back.
- All right. I'll keep looking for the break.
Strode, I found the breakright here.
It's gonna take me a few minutes.
Strode? Hey, Strode?
Yeah, right here. Just give me another minute.
BRIGGS: There's a flat area just up there
where we can set up camp.
CHARLIE: Any hot showers?
BRIGGS: That would make my day.
TOP: I've had enough water.
Tyler? You still reading me, mate?
What the hell?
What the...
Son of a bitch!
Hey, Tyler. Tyler, you read me?
TYLER: What the hell? Strode.
This cable looks... chewed.
- Mate, you there?
- (Growls)
- Argh!
- Help! Help!
- Strode? Strode!
(Creature roars)
Strode! Can you hear me?
Where are you, Strode?
(Screams continue)
JACK: Tyler!
CHARLIE: Jesus! What the hell was that?
JACK: Top!
JACK: Tyler, Tyler, hey... You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah. I think so.
- Where's Strode? Huh?
I... I don't know.
- Shit! Top.
- Bring the J-bar.
He kept saying, "help,"
like he was being attacked, so I went back,
but I don't know what the hell exploded.
TOP: At least the dive line's intact.
JACK: Let's keep our eyes open.
Looks like the whole damn tunnel collapsed.
JACK: He's got to be in here.
It's the only way through.
(Gasps) Son of a bitch!
TOP: Jack?
JACK: That's his counter lung.
Oh, man, this isn't good.
TOP: Jack, look out! It's coming down!
TOP: Jack, back on the diveline.
All right, listen up.
We have a few realities to face here, people.
The first is that we're not going out
the way we came.
The passage is completely blocked.
The second is that
we're not even gonna be missed for 12 days,
which is right about when our supplies run out.
- So we're gonna have to find our own way out.
BRIGGS: Hold on a second!
You still haven't told us
what happened to Strode.
Tyler said it sounded like
he was being attacked.
He was Special Forces,
for Christ's sake, Jack.
He knew what the hell he was doing.
Something got him. I'll bet you it was the
same thing that got whoever owns those boots.
We're all hurting, man.
Strode was a friend to all of us.
Don't you forget that.
(Sighs) What do you think, Dr Nicolai?
Is there anything
that could have attacked Strode?
I don't know. The mole is the largest animal
we've seen in this type of system.
Our friend here does prove
there's an abundant food supply.
Question is, is he at the top of the food chain,
or is there something else?
Strode could have just screwed up his mix.
Narcosis, hallucinations...
It happens. I mean, he panics,
he ruptures his scooter.
Whatever it was, it doesn't matter now.
Because right now our primary concern
is getting out of here alive.
Jack, this is the Carpathians.
We could spend an eternity
try ing to find a way out.
Lf... there even is one.
Come on, Jack, we wait.
A rescue team will come for us.
Dr Nicolai, we're a mile below the surface
and three miles in.
The best people to get us out
are all right here.
We are the rescue team.
Now, here's how it's gonna go. Top and I, we're
gonna start scouting for an exit immediately.
Now I'd recommend that you all get some rest.
You're gonna need it.
JACK: Top.
I never lost anybody, Top.
I don't like it, mac. Something's not right.
No shit, buddy.
Narcosis my ass!
That's bullshit and you know it.
I'm not getting into this.
Why is that, Tyler? Because you forgot
to stick with your dive buddy?
You asshole! I had no idea...
CHARLIE: Hey! You guys!
Hey! Stop it!
You guys, cut it out! Stop it!
Hey! We just lost a friend,
and this is how you deal with it?
Come on.
Never seen a white algae bed before.
Yeah. Looks like we found
the base of the food chain.
It's not the base I'm worried about.
Someone made it this far.
Let's keep moving.
Nicolai. Look at this.
- It's a parasite.
- Mm-hm.
That's from the mole.
- Yeah.
- And this is from the salamander.
- It's the same parasite.
- Uh huh.
Think we should have tried door number two.
It looks like it opens up.
I'm gonna try to slip through.
JACK: Ah, shit. Hey, Top?
You mind backing up, bud?
Backing up.
(Creature roars)
Get the medical kit!
BRIGGS: I got it!
TYLER: What happened?
Ah, shit! Look at him. You all right?
Top, what do you need?
Tell me! What happened, Top?
- Found that hooked in his sling.
- What the hell is that?
- I cut it off.
- Did you get a look at it?
- It jumped me too fast.
- Hold still.
- Jesus, how big was it?
- It's big.
- How's it looking?
- Ripped you up good.
Need to put you on an antibiotic.
Give me a syringe!
You son of a bitch!
All right.
There's a... There's a resemblance
to amphibian tissue,
but these hair follicles would seem
to rule that out.
I mean, the only thing I do know -
this is definitely a predator.
So now we're part of the food chain.
We always have been.
Just forgotten that, living in cities.
- (Gasps)
- Just reflexes. Don't worry.
- What is it?
- Without DNA testing, it's impossible to tell.
NICOLAl: It may be something
we've never seen before.
Every cave organism we've discovered so far
originated on the surface.
Over time, they've adapted.
Lost pigmentation and sight, developed
a heightened sense of hearing and smell.
If this is a totally self-contained ecosystem...
Yes, we may have discovered the primeval
creature that has evolved in total isolation.
Well, it looks like a piece
from those things on the mosaic.
- What?
- There.
CHARLIE: It's still alive?
- Those tendrils look familiar?
- Yeah. The parasite.
It appears to be ubiquitous.
All right, let's pack it up.
It's time to go.
We should wait here.
Wow, that's just brilliant, doc.
You really wanna be sitting here on your ass
when the lights go out?
TOP: OK, people, take only what you need,
but keep your dive gear.
Hey, maybe there's a way to climb out.
Yeah, better up than down.
TOP: Looks like we found the owner
of those boots.
Teeth marks.
Let's go.
Take a breakright here.
- Talk about a fork in the road, huh?
CHARLIE: A fork or a dead end?
- Where's Jack?
- Scouting the tunnel.
BRIGGS: So, why aren't we helping him?
You know the drill, Briggs.
Give him a chance to read the sediment.
Yeah, I know the drill, Top.
You don't have to tell me about drills.
Sonar gun's right here...
What the hell's going on?
BRIGGS: Come on, Jack.
Just wanna get the hell out of here.
Well, maybe you ought to follow me, Briggs.
This is bullshit.
BRIGGS: Jack didn't pick the dominant artery.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
This is the one right here.
Take a look at it.
There's something in there
that wasn't there before.
Well, why don't you go scout it out for us,
Forget about it.
CHARLIE: On belay.
You're safe to climb.
You gotta let me change that bandage
when we get to the top.
I'm all right.
Looks like it's getting infected. You sure?
How many expeditions
we been on together, Top?
Too many.
KATHRYN: We need a break.
TYLER: Not with that thing out there.
You gotta let them rest, Jack.
- Once we hit the water.
- The water?
- I don't hear any water, Jack.
- Yeah.
I smell it.
Not now.
We're gonna need footage like this.
- Get that camera out of my face!
- Hold on a second.
KATHRYN: Hey, hey. Quit...
ALEX: That camera paid for this expedition.
- Alex.
I'm sorry.
There's a current.
Grab some food. You two keep an eye out.
We'll rest for 20.
I'm getting a little worried.
Gangrene might be setting in.
- I don't think those antibiotics are working.
- What should we do?
- Not sure we can do anything.
TYLER: Maybe I should talk to him?
BRIGGS: I've never seen Jack like this before.
He's completely losing it.
ALEX: We're five miles in.
CHARLIE: We're not going back.
ALEX: That's for sure.
CHARLIE: Jack's the most experienced one.
CHARLIE: If anyone can get us out, it's him.
BRIGGS: Come on!
We don't know where the hell we're going.
How you doing?
I'm worried about you.
Briggs is gonna be a problem.
You know that, don't you?
I can't save them, Tyler,
if they don't trust me.
I'm gonna need your help with that.
You understand?
TYLER: All right. Let's get in the water.
Let's not get too spread out.
Everyb body should be in the water by now.
BRIGGS: I'm in now.
Top and Tyler are right behind me.
- Top, if Jack gets any worse...
- I know.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
The current's pushing us up.
BRIGGS: Yeah, I feel it.
Looks like it's pretty choppy up there.
All right, listen up. Secure all your gear.
- Jack, we don't know where the rapids go.
- What do you want to do, go back?
- She's right. We should find another way.
- This is the goddamn way!
- I'll go first.
- Yeah, get going.
- All right, Dr Nicolai, you're coming with me.
- You'll be fine, all right? Come on.
Tyler, you take Kathryn. Let's go!
Briggs, Charlie, go now!
(Kathryn gasps) Jack!
JACK: Dr Nicolai!
Now put your goggles on, and hang onto me.
Here we go.
Your brother's got a serious death wish.
Listen to me. You have to trust him, OK?
We will get out.
It's OK. You'll be fine. Come on.
I'm stuck!
- What is it?
- Tyler, something has me!
- Cut your harness free!
- Tyler!
- Kathryn, the current's too strong!
- Ty, I'm stuck!
- I can't get back!
- Ty!
(Tyler yells)
NICOLAl: Tyler!
My God! (Groans)
Help me!
(Kathryn screams)
What happened? You OK?
- Something had me back there.
- You hurt?
I'm OK. I'm OK.
There's something in the water!
(Creature squeals)
Oh, shit! It's some kind of eel.
JACK: Does anybody have eyes on
Dr Nicolai or Charlie?
Yeah, I got Charlie and Kathryn.
Nicolai's wracked up on the rocks
above the falls. He's in bad shape.
All right. Flare's coming up. Top.
I see 'em.
Yeah, looks like a couple of hundred yards.
All right. Come on. Come on.
JACK: Alex, you all right?
- Well, that was a great idea.
- You're alive, aren't you?
TYLER: Jack.
- Everyone all right?
- Yeah.
JACK: Stick close together.
(Gasps, and yells)
JACK: That's Dr Nicolai.
Top, light another one. I'm gonna go after him.
(Coughs) Help me!
JACK: Nicolai!
I'm here!
(Creature screeches)
- Nicolai!
- Everybody stay put!
- We have to help him!
- No! Everybody in a circle!
- Backs to the centre.
KATHRYN: We have to help him! Nicolai!
Dr Nicolai?
We can't just sit here.
There's got to be a shore close.
Nobody's going anywhere till Jack gets back.
- (Low growling)
- What was that? You hear that?
Oh, shit! What the hell was that?
(Alex gasps)
TOP: Get back in a circle!
- I can't take this! God!
(Creature growls)
It's over.
Let's get the hell out of the water.
He said he didn't want to go deeper, Jack!
He was your responsibility!
(Sobs) He said he didn't want to go deeper.
It's over, Kathryn.
BRIGGS: There's a ledge here. We can walk.
(Creatures rattle)
- What the hell is that?
- Echolocation.
This thing can probably see us as easily
as a bat sees a moth in complete darkness.
JACK: Wait here. I'm gonna scout ahead.
BRIGGS: It's a strong current.
It's definitely worth a try.
That's gotta come up on the surface.
I'm not sure I like the idea of deep water
right now.
JACK: Tyler.
You and I are going up this wall.
But this is the main water flow.
We just follow it out of the system.
When we get to the top, we'll secure ropes.
The rest of you come up on ascenders.
Jack, I'm the best climber. I'll go first.
Nobody's climbing anywhere. There's
a huge exit sign right here in front of us...
You don't have a goddamn clue what's going on.
None of you do.
It's a trap.
- The wall's the safest option.
- Jack's right. I'll go.
I said no.
Let's go.
You see that?
That's where we're going.
- I'll route the left. Let's do it.
- All right.
A little insurance for you guys.
We bored out these propane valves.
Should give you a nice flame for four or five feet.
Scare anything that tries to come close.
Enough for a couple of blasts.
- Kim, give me a hand with this.
- Yeah.
Jack's ill, Tyler. He's not fit to lead anymore.
- He's not the man we started with.
- He's my brother.
I told you no!
KATHRYN: Hey, be careful!
- Get the rope.
Get your ass back down here, Charlie!
I'll be all right!
BRIGGS: The girl's quick, man. Get the rope.
TOP: OK, I'm on belay.
Let's find a route. Let's go!
BRIGGS: Top, you got it?
TOP: Damn, that girl moves fast.
BRIGGS: Be careful up there, Charlie!
TYLER: Charlie!
Charlie, you got good holds to your right.
- (Grunts)
- Keep moving right.
TYLER: I think she's over the edge.
BRIGGS: All right!
ALEX: How the heck are we gonna follow that?
JACK: She went over the bump. She's good.
TYLER: I can't even see her.
TOP: I got it here. Keep feeding it out.
There we go.
BRIGGS: How's it holding?
How's it holding, Tyler?
TYLER: Looks good.
JACK: Talk to me, Charlie. What's going on?
Is the line set? Ready to climb, Charlie.
Jack, I'm over the edge. I can feel a draught.
JACK: I'm going up.
TOP: Go for it.
What's going on, Charlie?
You safe, Charlie?
(Creature rattles)
Charlie, talk to me!
JACK: Charlie!
(Creature rattles)
(Rattling continues)
- Get me down!
- It's up here!
- Get that rope free!
- Jack!
- I'm going up!
JACK: Come on, guys! Come on!
Get me down! Save me!
(Creature shrieks)
(Creature rattles)
They fly! They freakin' fly!
(Charlie moans)
(Charlie screams)
There's enough secured rope
to make it to the opening.
What's happening to you?
As long as we stay together as a group,
we can hold them back.
I think I know now.
- It's a parasite.
- That's from a parasite?
It mutates the host so they can both survive
down here in this environment.
- And that's what's gonna happen to all of us?
- I don't know, Alex.
I'd say...
it entered your bloodstream
through one of your cuts.
Jack, it's affecting your nervous system.
So the other cavers? It happened to them.
- So, what? It just ate them?
- No.
They weren't eaten by the creatures.
They are the creatures. Right, Jack?
And now there's nothing human left.
(Creatures rustling)
- They're enjoying this, Kathryn.
So now you understand them, Jack?
Jack. Jack, you're gonna be fine.
- You've gotten us this far.
- Got us this far, Tyler?
Come on. He got Charlie and Dr Nicolai dead.
That's what he got.
No. No more.
The river's the way out.
Kathryn's right. I'm with her.
Who else is coming?
If you ever wanna see the sun again,
you should follow me now.
This is bullshit! We have to stay together!
Tyler, look at him. He's not human.
We need you with us.
Good luck.
BRIGGS: Fine. Let's get in the water.
Tell me we're doing the right thing.
Don't stop believing in him, Ty.
JACK: It's getting cold.
Where to?
TOP: You sure?
Yeah, down.
- My lead. Let's go.
- Yeah.
You OK?
Yeah, it's solid! Off rope!
Argh! (Grunts)
- Tyler!
- Tyler!
Top, cover!
Hold on, Top!
(Cries out)
Shit! (Groans)
Top! Top! You all right?
(Gasps) My leg.
- Can you walk?
- I don't know.
Oh, shit!
TYLER: Looks like the rebreather
punched a hole through the ice.
Smells like methane.
Some kind of killing ground.
It's just like Nicolai's mosaic legend.
That means there's gotta be
an opening close by.
Top! Tyler!
- You see the light?
- Yeah.
There's cold water coming up.
That's the way out of here.
- I think you're right.
- It must have been a dry passage.
- (Moans)
- Jack? Jack?
Jack, what's happening? Top?
- What's going on?
- (Tearing)
You two get out of here.
I'm going back for them.
You're in no condition. Top can barely walk.
- I'm the one that has to go.
- Put your gear on and get in the water.
I'm not getting in the water.
You're not going back.
Mac, whoa! Whoa!
He's right.
Now, come on, Jack.
You led us here. You were right.
But I'm doing this now. I'm going back for them.
This is the way. We walk until it opens up again.
Run. Run!
JACK: Shit, we got company.
He must have followed us here.
This thing has got to have a weakness.
JACK: Everyt thing's got a weakness.
TOP: Where is it?
It's moving.
It took one of the rebreathers.
He's playing with us.
(Briggs shouts)
- Briggs!
- Help!
- Briggs!
- (Shouts)
No, no!
- Come on!
- No! (Screams)
Come on!
(Gasps) Kathryn.
(Gasps) Sorry. Go.
- Go.
- No.
Are you all right? What happened?
- Why did they leave?
- Sound waves.
They retreat from the pulse. Doesn't last long.
- We found a way out.
- Jack was right.
And the others? Briggs?
No, no. He didn't make it.
- Where's Kim?
- I don't know. We got separated.
(Creatures rattle)
- Shit!
All right, come on. This way.
This is it. You ready?
- You can make it.
- Yeah.
All right.
Let's go.
Don't be scared. It's gonna be fine.
Watch your head.
TYLER: We've gotta go under.
(Exhales deeply)
Come on, Kathryn. Breathe.
- Are you all right?
- (Moans)
- Alex!
- We gotta go. They're coming this way!
- Look, I can't go back in the water.
- Come on.
The way out's next to an ice vein.
This has to connect to the other one. Let's go.
All right.
They gotta be here somewhere.
But where?
Jack, Top.
Kill your light.
Where's Briggs?
They're watching us.
They see with sound.
- And the steam, it's confusing them.
They took one of our rebreathers,
but they've left us alone since.
- They're waiting on something.
- There were more right behind us.
- We should get in the water now.
- (Growling)
Look. This works for a while.
We have to split out the tanks, the air and
oxygen. Won't last long, but it's our only choice.
We need the other rebreather, Tyler.
You see it there?
- Yeah.
- I'm going for it. You get the rest in the water.
TYLER: Top, start breaking down that unit.
Kathry n, you and Alex buddy-breathe
from the air tank.
Top, that's gonna leave you with the oxygen.
- No regulator.
- Cool.
I'll cover you with the mapping gun.
All right, let's go. Let's get out of here.
TYLER: Let's go! Come on!
(Creature shrieks)
(Alex screams)
TOP: Tyler!
- Tyler!
Tyler, behind us!
TYLER: Jack, there's another one!
Jack, no!
Jack! Get in the water!
Come on, mother...
(Creature squeals)
TOP: You gonna be OK, Tyler?
- Yeah.
Take care of yourself, man.
Bye, Kathryn.
- Travel safe, OK?
- All right.
I'm sorry.
You're thinking about him.
You said that parasite was changing him.
I mean, he never could have
survived out here, could he?
At first... I thought it could only survive
in a cave environment.
But now I'm not so sure.
I think it wants to get out.
Excuse me.
# This is me for forever
# One of the lost ones
# The one without a name
# Without an honest heart as compass
# This is me for forever
# One without a name
# These lines the last endeavour
# To find the missing lifeline
# Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
# All I wish is to dream again
# My loving heart lost in the dark
# For hope I'd give my everything
# My flower withered between
# The pages two and three
# The once and forever bloom
# Gone with my sins
# Walk the dark path, sleep with angels
# Call the past for help
# Touch me with your love
# And reveal to me my true name
# Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
# All I wish is to dream again
# My loving heart lost in the dark
# For hope I'd give my everything
# Oh, how I wish for soothing rain
# Oh, how I wish to dream again
# Once and for all and all for once
# Nemo my name for evermore