CBI 5: The Brain (2022) Movie Script

My name is Sethurama Iyer.
I am an officer with the CBI.
- Oh, Central Bank of India?
- No!
Central Bureau of Investigation...
Just because a jackfruit fell
and killed a rabbit long ago,
will a rabbit be killed every time
a jackfruit falls, Swamy?
If that rabbit is destined to die,
it will die now as well, sir.
But what can we do, sir?
How can I not do the job
that was assigned to me?
How do you know that?
We are from the CBI!
Chacko, you wrote "Isow" now,
and we read it as "Mosi".
Now, try writing "Mosi"
from the same position.
So what did Manikunju actually write?
"Isow" or "Mosi"?
- "Mosi."
- That's it!
God knows!
Catechism class.
- What does that mean?
- That means sermon.
- Who's conducting the class?
- Who's conducting it?
I heard that
it's some officer from the CBI.
A CBI officer?
Yes. Anyone can conduct these classes.
There are no State-Central differences.
Oh, no! I'm getting late!
I'll call you in the evening.
- My dear.
- Yes?
Drink this and go.
What happened?
I was on sentry duty yesterday, Mom.
I had to stand holding the rifle all day!
Did you choose the Indian Police Service
to do a security guard's job?
It's all part of the IPS training, Mom.
We should be trained in everything,
including a constable's duty.
Okay, Mom. Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I am Balu and...
he is Vinay, my colleague.
All of you can relax now.
People have certain preconceived notions
about policemen and soldiers.
They should act tough,
shouldn't smile,
should twirl their mustaches...
and many such other things.
I didn't mean you when I said mustaches!
It was meant for them.
- I'll start with a story.
- Okay.
Once, a man underwent severe penance.
His intention was to become the king.
God appeared before him,
gave him a boon, and he became the king.
But it was futile.
The king was really efficient,
but his administration was a big zero!
It was because he had prayed
to God only to make him a king.
He never asked God
to make him a good administrator.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
You all are efficient.
No doubt.
But if you want
to become a capable officer,
efficiency alone is not enough.
You need proficiency as well.
So, what's proficiency?
That comes from within.
From inside.
Apply the knowledge gained through
education to its maximum potential.
That's proficiency.
I'll give you an example.
A crime occurs.
We have no clue who the criminal is.
No trace of evidence. Nothing!
We don't know how to proceed
in that situation.
A state of total uncertainty.
Underline the word "uncertainty".
Uncertainty plus pressure
from the top brass...
politicians, media,
and of course, public outcry.
Apart from all these,
there's this pressure
that comes from within ourselves.
Any officer will feel suffocated
in such a situation.
If you want to overcome such situations,
it's not enough
if you're an ordinary king.
You need to be a king
who's also a good administrator.
That's why I told you initially
not to be stoic.
You should smile. Smiling relaxes you.
It is from this relaxation
that you gain tolerance.
So, when you ask for a boon next time,
you should ask for patience as well.
Now, let's go for a short break.
Get tea from him.
He might become a big shot in the future,
and all of us will have to salute him.
Then you can say
that he served tea to you long back.
- What is it, sir?
- Nothing!
- Sir, coffee?
- You are...
Thank you.
No, thanks.
Sir, I am Aisha. I am Anwar's niece.
- Minister Samad's...
- Yes.
It was my uncle's desire
that I join the IPS.
Thanks to Anwar.
- Sir, this is Rachel.
- Would you like one?
Thank you.
Oh! Rachel from Mananthavady?
Yes, sir.
You shouldn't be standing
at the back like this, Rachel.
You ranked second
in the All India Civil Services Exam!
And your father is still working
as a laborer, right?
I read about it somewhere recently.
My father is not ready
to quit a laborer's job
just because I'm an IPS officer.
That makes you!
Great dad! Congrats!
Thank you, sir.
Sir, in all these years on the job,
were there any cases
that tested your patience?
Generally, all the cases that come
to the CBI are complicated cases.
- I see.
- But certain cases are too complicated.
Can you give us an example, sir?
There was a case.
That was perhaps the most trying
and most difficult one we ever faced.
We literally saw stars...
- Sir.
- while investigating that case.
Including our boss Sethu sir,
all of us were perplexed.
Have you heard of Sethurama Iyer sir?
Yes, sir. I had met him once at Mussoorie.
Sethu sir is in Delhi now
at the headquarters.
"Veni, vidi, vici."
He came, he saw, and he conquered.
That's Sethurama Iyer sir for you.
That case left Sethu sir befuddled.
From that... case,
we learned a great lesson.
The CBI were arrogant
and believed they could handle any case.
Yeah, that case put an end to it.
The setbacks were such!
The case started in Delhi.
On 21st October in 2012, a flight
took off from Delhi to Nedumbassery.
Along with the other passengers
on the flight,
the Minister of State, Abdul Samad,
and his private secretary, Anwar,
were also traveling.
The minister had severe chest pain.
- Anwar!
- What happened, sir?
- Is there a doctor aboard this aircraft?
- Anwar!
- Sir...
- What happened, sir?
- Does he take any medicines regularly?
- No, sir.
Do you have Ecosprin or Sorbitrate tablet?
It's in the luggage.
Does anyone have Ecosprin
or Sorbitrate tablet?
You'll be fine, sir.
Sir! Sir!
Initially, the public believed
that the minister died of natural causes.
We believed so too.
But at a later stage
during the investigation,
it was identified to be a murder.
Please come.
- Please sit down.
- Sir.
I still find it hard to accept.
He was with me until yesterday...
and today, he's no more.
He was my most trusted aide in politics.
The void...
I don't know how that can be filled now.
Don't think that you are all alone.
All of us will be there for you.
Don't worry.
Some people suspected foul play
in the case of the minister's death.
Some other deaths that followed
reinforced those suspicions.
Those deaths came to be known
as Basket Killings later on.
I'm sure you must have
heard of Basket Killings.
You must have read about it too.
But what you heard or read
were not the facts.
The second in the Basket Killings
was the minister's personal staff,
Muthukkoya, who went missing.
When did your brother go missing?
It has been two days now, sir.
What is his name?
- Muthukkoya.
- Age?
- Twenty-four.
- Where do you live?
- Near the rice mill.
- The rice mill?
What does he do?
He was the personal staff
of late Minister Samad.
The next one among the Basket Killings
was Minister Samad's personal doctor,
the renowned cardiologist, Dr. Venu.
- He may have been kicked off the cliff.
- Sir.
He may have been pushed down,
or slipped and fallen himself.
We'll have to do a dummy test.
- Who is that?
- Sir, he is Dr. Venu's driver.
Have you identified him?
Yes. It's Venu sir.
Does your boss go trekking every day?
Not every day.
What happened to him, sir?
Let's wait for the postmortem report.
He's a freelance journalist,
writer, activist and painter.
- Mr. Bhasuran.
- Yes.
What's the reason for your suspicion over
the deaths of Minister Samad and Dr. Venu?
Doubts are the beginning
of everything, right?
Immediately after the minister,
his personal doctor dies while trekking.
- He may have slipped while trekking...
- That's an easy way to put it.
It has been many days since the
minister's PA, Muthukkoya, went missing.
No leads have been found
during the investigation.
The people have doubts!
Why did Minister Samad and the
Chief Minister travel to Delhi together?
I remember you asking such a question.
Yes, I asked it loud and clear.
The CM and Minister Samad had bought
tickets to return from Delhi together.
But the CM didn't come!
What if I don't bother
to answer all his questions?
Do journalists think they can do anything?
- Sir!
- Sir!
No questions.
- Sir...
- We'll explain later.
- Sir...
- Sir!
- Sir...
- Sir...
- Sir, may I?
- Sir, please.
Even without a postmortem, we can say
that he was killed and hanged, sir.
- Correct, Anand?
- Yes, sir.
- Especially since there's no suicide not...
- Sir.
It's not right to already confirm
that he was killed and hanged, sir.
Come to our channel office
as soon as the body is shifted.
You should assert
that he was killed and hanged.
Is he not an activist?
Yes, sir.
Bhasuran had raised a hue and cry
about Minister Samad's death
as well as Dr. Venu's death.
It's just media hype.
I know him.
He is a genuine person.
And therefore has enemies.
Then find his killer!
And declare the punishment as well.
Come on.
- Sir...
- Sir...
No comments. No.
Who's that girl?
Sir, she's his girlfriend, apparently.
Let's go.
The next death
in the Basket Killing series
was that of a police officer.
That murder was the reason
why the CBI got involved in this case.
Mister, do you have three copies
of the newspaper, The Hindu?
- No, dear.
- Alright.
I am standing in front of
Kochi Municipal Town Hall now.
CI Jose was one of the most
honest officers in the Kerala Police.
The Chief Minister of Kerala
and the other ministers
expressed condolences on his death.
If you tell the police
what you saw, you'll get money.
Why? Get lost!
I'm serious!
Who bloody...
It was you!
Sit down. Get me some tea.
- I've poured it, sir.
- You can have the cold tea!
- Pour me hot tea.
- You were dead asleep!
It's been two days since I slept properly.
I had to go to Kozhikode on Wednesday.
From there, I had to go to Kassergode
to attend the wedding
of SP Srijith sir's daughter.
- It was such a tiring journey!
- Sir!
Well, why didn't you come to the wedding?
I couldn't make it.
I heard about Josemon on my way back.
Such a tragedy.
- Sir, the DGP is about to arrive.
- Okay.
Sir, tea?
Pour it down your throat!
Sorry, sir. I thought you were
actually asking me to drink it.
Sorry, sir.
Josemon's wife and son, sir.
It was pitch dark, sir.
That's why the vehicle
has not been identified yet.
Hit and run?
He was a very efficient,
honest police officer.
I know.
What are these guys doing here?
Jose was deputed at the CBI
for some time.
- Madam!
- Yes?
Tell Sathyadas sir what you saw.
- He is investigating the case.
- Okay.
- Go along with her.
- Yes.
Come, dear.
What is it?
A friend of mine told me that the police
would give money if I gave information.
Put her in the lockup!
No, ma'am!
Because he saw you,
the person in that room
turned the light off.
Are you sure about it?
Yes, sir.
Stop! Stop!
That's your name, right?
You saw the person at that window, right?
Yes, sir.
The information you gave me
was really useful.
Do you know Circle Inspector Josemon?
I deliver newspapers
to his house every day.
Now that you've told me about it,
your responsibility is over.
No one else should know about this.
- Got it?
- Yes.
You may go!
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning!
I have a request, sir.
Yes, go ahead.
Please take Sathyadas off
the investigation
of CI Josemon's case, sir.
He's corrupt, sir.
Josemon's family will not get justice.
You know, sir. He is highly corrupt.
I don't think so.
He has just begun
the investigation, right?
- It's... It's not that, sir.
- No!
Don't talk out of your hatred towards him.
Let's see.
- Babu!
- Yes?
- I'm going to the crime scene.
- Okay.
- You come there.
- Alright.
Start the car, man!
There isn't anyone else with as many
enemies in the police department as Jose.
What do you mean by enemies?
You might find some sand Mafia guys
at the surface level.
Once you dig deep, it will turn murkier.
Let it turn murkier, man!
- Tell me!
- Basket Killings!
We've heard that word so many times
that it's become common now!
The first person to say
that those murders had a connection
and that there's foul play involved was
the whistleblower journalist, Bhasuran.
The ink wasn't dry
on the minister's death certificate
when he blew the whistle and was gone!
Josemon, who investigated
that case, is also gone now.
Are you scared that we'll be gone too?
Bhasuran pointed fingers
at some big shots.
Basket Killings is a nightmare today, Das.
- So?
- I don't know who asked you to,
but thank you for including me
on this investigation team.
I have a request.
You need not request me, Babu.
I relieve you of this case.
I'll make up some excuse
to those who asked me to include you.
Will it be difficult for you
if I leave this case?
Get lost!
Iqbal, if you are trembling in fear,
you can also quit midway.
Fear? I don't know what that is, sir.
Start the car, man!
Four or five days before he died...
CI Jose seized 27 sand trucks.
Eighteen trucks among them
belonged to a sand contractor called Sam.
This is not the first time.
Sam's sand trucks have been seized by Jose
many times in the past.
Sam could be vengeful against him,
don't you think?
Definitely, sir.
Out of those trucks
that were seized that day,
the remaining nine trucks
belonged to a sand contractor
named Subhash Chandran.
Jose sir has seized
Subhash's trucks earlier too.
You know Subhash very well, sir.
You know him very closely.
I know him!
I know him very well!
Don't try to mess with me!
"You know Subhash very well!"
You think I won't understand
if you mock me!
Don't you bear a grudge
and vengeance against Jose?
What are you saying, sir?
Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't mean anything
when I spoke about Subhash.
In sand contractor Sam's case,
it's not just mere suspicion.
There are other evidences.
Take the car inside to my porch.
Yes, sir.
We have to take him
into custody immediately.
- I'm talking about Sam.
- Yes, sir.
Wow! Superb!
- Hey! Hey!
- Sir!
- What is this?
- What are you doing, sir?
It's not an arrest. We're going
to interrogate him. That's all.
- When will you release him, sir?
- What?
If you can,
have someone influential call us.
This is the number of the officer
who's going to interrogate him.
Don't you want
your husband to be released?
Where was Sam arrested from?
From our house last night.
But they said that it's not an arrest.
- Well... in the office...
- Hello?
My name is Father James George Thagadiyil.
I've called to ask about Sam
whom you've taken into custody.
I won't release him.
Aren't you ashamed to speak
for a thief and a murderer, Father?
That son of a gun
ran one of us over to death!
And you want me to let him go!
Lend me 500 rupees.
I'll return it tomorrow.
Are you always thinking about money, sir?
Man! It was such a serious accident!
He seems to be immortal!
What are you looking at?
He won't die anytime soon.
Have you heard of the word "treachery"?
That's what you have done.
Was my investigation lacking
in any aspect?
Sir, let's go to the tea-shop...
- Let's sit at the canteen and talk.
- Shut up!
Let me see how you get CBI
to take up this case!
You lowlife!
- Get a copy of it.
- Okay, ma'am.
She is coming.
- We'll see.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Please wait here.
- I'll call you when it's time.
- Okay.
Amazing session at court!
The entire police force will be scr...
"The CBI is intelligent,
efficient and productive!"
You bragged so much!
I have many enemies and foes around me.
But to see my own wife
turn against me felt good!
It felt really good!
Are you serious?
That wasn't stand-up comedy!
Now there's only one decision to be made.
Only one of us will remain
in this house from now on.
Before deciding that, can you
listen to what I have to say?
I had already told you
that such a case had come to me.
And I had told you
not to appear for this case.
It was my senior
who handed the case to me.
He insisted. I couldn't say no.
And I didn't appear in court
against you, Dasetta.
I appeared against the State.
Do you know how honestly I began
this investigation without any malice?
And you ruined all that!
However honest you may be,
you're not going to win
this case, Dasetta.
Why do you say that?
Please let me finish!
There are five or six sand Mafias here.
Sam, whom you've taken into custody,
is just one among them.
When all the Mafia gangs
are enemies of CI Jose,
what's the reason you took
just one person into custody?
That's my choice!
Is it to save your friend Subhash Chandran
who's part of the sand Mafia?
People are saying that
you used Sam as a tool to save him.
And it's not anyone else.
Police officers are saying this.
Inquire about it, and then blame me!
It's not about the sand or the Mafia.
There's rock-solid evidence
against Sam in here!
Before I could complete the investigation,
you ruined everything!
I haven't ruined anything!
Limit your thoughts to your head.
Why? How will you bite my head off?
More than you winning this case,
I want to see the CBI fail!
They are too arrogant
and think they will never fail!
Other than that, what is the CBI to me?
Will they win unless they get
the evidence that's here?
What if they find it?
You should try your best
not to let them find it.
The CBI should not get any more evidence.
A sort of noncooperation.
But it shouldn't look like that either.
You need to learn
how to kill with a smile!
Even those who are with you
are not interested to see you win.
Instead, if it is to defeat the CBI,
the entire force will stand with you.
You can win the case
even by defeating them.
Think about it.
Lick it up like this.
That brings out the real taste
in the dish.
Madam has a point.
The entire police force wants
to see the CBI fail, at least once.
Who founded the CBI?
Who knows, sir?
Must be Nehru or Gandhi or someone.
It's been around since then.
Come on, walk.
This son of a gun is damn lucky!
He was sure to get
either a death or a life sentence.
He has escaped it now!
What... have I done?
You want to know what you've done?
Go into hiding. That's best for you.
If you get caught by the CBI,
they won't welcome you like us.
As soon as they catch you,
they'll bust your nuts!
The interrogation will begin
only after that.
You may go!
I am really drunk, Iqbal.
- We must defeat the CBI.
- Yes.
Where are you coming from?
Alcohol or marijuana?
- Show me your license.
- Come here.
Come here. Blow into this.
- I don't have the original, sir.
- Why?
- I'm yet to receive it.
- Give it.
Please let me go, sir.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Where are you going?
Blow into it.
Blow into the breathalyzer, mister.
Oh, no!
- Sorry, sir.
- So, you don't want me to blow?
- No, sir.
- I want to, sir.
I'll leave only after you
make me blow into it.
- The light came on.
- The machine is damaged, sir.
You didn't give me an answer, Balu.
The CBI won't be able to handle
everything together, sir.
We have a heavy workload.
We are understaffed as well.
And you're aware of the hostility
towards us, right?
I agree.
There will only be hostility
towards you from the police.
Why should we take up
this headache then, sir?
There's a reason. I will tell you openly.
Strictly not official.
Was CI Jose's death an accident or murder?
It's not clear yet.
But Sathyadas will turn it
into whatever is beneficial for him.
Too corrupt an official.
Corrupt to the core!
He has taken a guy into custody now.
A sand contractor called Sam.
I know this guy.
He supplied sand
for the construction of my house.
A rascal who quickly
became a millionaire by mining sand.
Before Sathyadas could extract
the maximum information from him,
I was relieved that the case
was transferred to the CBI.
That's when you submitted
a workload petition to the court
saying that you cannot take up
the case under any circumstance.
In fact, I had compelled Mrs. Jose too,
to file a petition
to transfer the case to the CBI.
Balu, you should withdraw
the workload petition.
Jose's family deserves justice.
Whoever your seniors may be,
I will request them.
Please revisit your decision.
He must have come to take
permission from Unnithan sir.
Poor fellow!
The Inspector General
is his godfather, right?
And whoever picks up the case
at any juncture...
would need my permission
to complete the investigation!
Oh... okay.
I implored all I could, sir.
Unnithan sir isn't budging.
There's too much pressure.
I'm unable to take a decision.
And we are understaffed.
I'll come, sir.
Let's talk in person. That's better.
Okay, sir.
You must have heard or read about
the incidents so far through the media.
But you might not have heard
about what happened thereafter.
It's because the CBI's media presence
is limited and restricted.
The CBI's investigation of this case
began from Delhi.
- I'll wait there.
- Okay.
- You have a slight confusion...
- Sir...
whether to take up
the Basket Killings case or not, right?
Yes, sir.
Let Sethu come.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's take a decision after that.
You see, Balu...
Sethu is here!
- Morning, sir.
- Namaste, Balu. Please sit down.
Workload petition.
What's your opinion, Sethu?
You can decide, sir.
Shall we withdraw it?
Okay, sir.
The Chief Minister's Delhi trip
along with Minister Samad
was the beginning of the mystery
behind Basket Killings!
- No one needs to have any doubts about it.
- Sir!
They came here to meet the CBI.
And it was Sethu from the CBI
who met them.
Why did they come here, sir?
I'll tell you.
"Thanks a lot for the money
you sent through Manzoor.
In return, you will be rewarded by God.
Be proud of Manzoor being your relative."
"Be proud of Manzoor being your relative."
Who is this Manzoor?
A distant relative of his.
Someone brainwashed him
and led him astray.
Other than being a relative,
I've had no contact with him.
It's been many years since I saw him too.
And I came to know
that he joined this outfit
only when someone else told me about it.
Didn't you discuss this
with our police department, sir?
He is the most trusted, efficient and
straightforward person in my ministry.
But he speaks out of turn!
Therefore, he has gained
the enmity of several people.
Not just in the police,
but he has enemies
in different departments,
ranging from lower division clerks
to secretary level officers.
How can we trust the police then?
If this news gets leaked,
it won't just affect his future.
The whole ministry's image
will be tarnished.
I trust you.
I'll also get good advice from you.
There's no reference in the Home Ministry
about such an organization.
Chances are that it is fake.
What should I do?
There's nothing to be done
for the time being.
Let me think of something
in the meanwhile.
The court order is to investigate
Josemon's case, right?
- Yes, sir.
- Now, proceed with that.
We'll see the rest later.
How is your team? Vinay, Sudhi, Anitha...
How's Mammen doing?
He's outside the office as usual,
busy talking on the mobile phone.
Let me finish my pending work here.
- I'll be there soon.
- Sir!
I have brought homemade food.
Would you care to join me?
- Thank you, sir.
- Please!
There's a Supreme Court ruling
on unauthorized detention.
State of UP versus Ramlal Yadav.
That's what I remember.
I'll find it, ma'am.
- Take a draft of all this.
- Okay.
Show me.
It must be in this one.
I had told you
that the CBI had filed a petition
saying that they have too much workload.
They have withdrawn it today.
Means they are in the job!
Start the car, man!
Did you compel the CBI...
to withdraw the workload petition?
That's none of your business.
It is, sir!
It is disheartening
when you force them into it
even after they had said no, sir.
You are the reason!
If so, you can take me off the case.
And if that's not enough, we have
the Crime Branch, Special Branch,
Vigilance and whatnot!
Whoever it is, that'd be
the more dignified thing to do.
Now, all the good cases
are given to those outsiders.
And now, even if a police officer dies,
the case will go to them.
Random petty cases and silly theft cases...
are these enough
for the Kerala Police, sir?
Well, I'd really like to know
what makes the CBI so distinguished!
One dummy over here and one over there.
The distance between both dummies
is five feet and five inches.
You don't need to be intelligent
to deduce that!
A tape and tailor can do that job.
I am really disappointed, sir.
No matter who picks up the case at what
juncture, if they need to finish it...
my... approval is needed.
Start the car.
So, you don't know where Sam has gone?
I don't know. He doesn't
tell me even when I ask him.
When did he leave?
It's been three or four days.
Didn't you bother to inquire?
Where would I inquire?
Why do you sound so disinterested?
- This woman is lying.
- Yes.
- We need to alert our informers.
- Okay.
Anything special?
They have come to get the files.
Jose sir's files.
Oh! Jose's files!
Why not? Give them everything!
- Give them the whole thing, okay?
- Yes.
What would you like to drink?
Coffee, tea, tender coconut
or soft drinks?
How about some
first-class sugarcane juice?
No. We had it from outside.
Very sure.
There's nothing in this, sir.
It's just the FIR, inquest report,
paper clippings and some photos.
Well, as soon as we began,
the CBI hijacked this case.
I can give you only what I have.
You took someone into custody.
When I realized there was
no point in pursuing that, I let him go...
after asking him a couple of questions.
- Okay, then.
- Okay.
Please wait.
By the way, will Swamy be a part
of this investigation?
Why do you doubt it?
He will be there!
Wait a second, Swamy.
How can you leave like that?
All hail Swamy!
- Linto!
- Sir!
Take Pocket Road.
Sir, we need to go straight
to reach the office.
- I know that. Just do as I say.
- Okay, sir.
- Hello?
- Sir.
I have reached.
I'm taking the route you told me.
I'll be there in a second.
Okay, sir.
Namaste, sir.
I've seen you outside
the Delhi CBI headquarters.
When you came out
along with the CM and Minister Samad
to see them off...
I was waiting near the car.
Oh, yeah. I remember!
It's that house.
As soon as the minister died,
one of his staff members went missing.
Soon after, his personal doctor died.
And then, some journalist...
It's natural for you to have doubts.
Do you have any doubts?
He was suffering from a heart problem.
- Mom.
- Yes?
Tell him about that call.
After the minister died,
many people had called us...
to express their condolences.
But one person, in an angry tone, told us...
that the minister deserved to die
and it's good that he died!
Apart from political rivals,
did he have any specific enemies?
I don't know, sir.
Sometime back,
someone had called and asked us
whether we had any doubts
or complaints regarding his death.
That person who called...
Did he say that his name was Manzoor?
No. I asked him,
but he hung up quickly.
Which phone did he call on?
- On the landline phone.
- Why did you ask about Manzoor?
What's your landline phone number?
I'll give it.
What's the name of the missing staff?
He was more than staff, a do-all.
He used to handle everything
in Trivandrum.
Is there any specific reason
for Muthukkoya to go missing suddenly?
Any family problem or something like that?
There's nothing like that, sir.
His wedding was fixed
a month before he went missing
with a girl he loved.
- He had no reason to go missing.
- Okay.
Dr. Venu slipped and fell down
while he was trekking, right?
Yes, sir.
He can fall if he slips or if he's pushed.
What do you think, Anwar?
I don't know, sir.
Don't you know Dr. Venu well?
Yes. I know him very well, sir.
He was Minister Samad's personal doctor.
Where is the doctor's family?
I heard that they are here.
I'll inquire and let you know.
- Mom.
- Yes?
Will there be trouble?
Who is this Manzoor?
Who are you talking about, sir?
Manzoor? The minister's relative
who crossed the border
and joined a terrorist organization?
I have met him only once.
That was when
Minister Samad's father died.
It's been many years.
Later, I heard from someone
that he crossed the border.
Did Manzoor and Muthukkoya
know each other?
I don't know, sir.
There's no chance.
Still, please inquire.
I need to get the maximum details
about Manzoor, both old and new.
Is that not the job of the police, sir?
You are our police now, Anwarkka.
Even the minister used
to call me "Anwarkka" sometimes.
Did the minister meet you in Delhi
to talk about Manzoor?
Didn't the minister tell you
why he met me?
No, he didn't.
Then how can I tell you?
You are truly a swami, sir.
Drink it.
- Yes, Vinay.
- Sir.
Tell me.
We have information
that Sam is in the hospital.
Which hospital?
I was told it's Neo Hospital.
- I'll be there. You can start.
- Sir!
- Where is he?
- Well...
- Sir...
- What!
- Sir, well...
- What's wrong?
- He is missing, sir.
- What!
Sir, this is the room.
Sir, this is Merlin. Sam's wife.
She dozed off for a while.
Sam went missing in the meanwhile.
Did he really go missing
or did you let him go?
He's a heart patient.
On top of it, he was admitted here
in critical condition.
How can he drive the car himself
and leave?
He's not supposed to.
Even though it was palpitation,
it was still an attack.
Yet, Sam left from here.
He drove to the hospital himself.
It was us who called his family here.
But why didn't you shift
the patient to the ICU then?
Look, officer! I am a cardiologist!
I'm supposed to do only right things, sir.
He, too, will ask you
the right questions only!
We are on an investigation!
Was it Sam's first time at this hospital?
No. Earlier he was Dr. Venu's patient.
And now, his patient.
You mean, the Dr. Venu
who died while trekking?
- Minister Samad's personal doctor?
- Yes, that's right.
I'm asking you straight.
Were you and Sam in cahoots?
He is the prime suspect in a murder case!
Oh my God!
We must find Sam at any cost.
Sorry. You will have to answer for this!
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Hello.
Good morning, ladies.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
I couldn't attend your wedding
due to the heavy workload. I'm sorry.
It's alright, sir. I had received
the message and mail you had sent.
- What does your husband do?
- He's a priest at Guruvayur now.
Let us bow to the divine.
- This is Minister Samad's landline number.
- Alright.
Track all the numbers
that have contacted this number
on the dates mentioned in it.
Sir, there are quite
a few formalities at BSNL.
That's okay. But I should get it.
Sure, sir.
- Sudhi.
- Sir!
We've sent a request to obtain
the CCTV footage at Delhi Airport.
Call the headquarters
and ask them to speed it up.
Sure, sir.
Sir, Josemon used to seize
Sam's sand trucks regularly.
So, Sam held a grudge against him.
An accused, in every probability.
We lost him today
due to Vinay's carelessness, sir.
Will Sam himself run Jose down
with his car to kill him?
He needn't do it himself, sir.
He could have put out a contract.
How many lakh rupees would he have
to pay the contract killers?
Sir, around 10 to 15 lakh rupees.
It must be much more than that, sir.
If even one-fourth of that amount
is given to the right person,
CI Jose can be transferred to any
remote town far away from here!
Sir, it's a murder. No doubt.
I didn't say that it isn't a murder.
But its motive
is not sand or the likes.
It's something beyond that.
Something more serious.
This is not an open and shut case.
Haven't you started searching for Sam?
Yes, sir. Six people have been
assigned the task.
Then increase the strength and spread out!
- Sir!
- Sir!
What is this now?
Yes, I got reception when I stepped out.
You won't get it.
I've told you so many times, right?
Sir, who's Sethurama Iyer?
Just a minute.
- Who are you?
- I am Anil Thomas.
I was Dr. Venu's driver.
Anwarkka had asked me to come here.
Please come.
He has come to meet you, sir.
- Anil Thomas?
- Yes, sir.
What do you do now, Anil Thomas?
I have my own taxi.
Madam helped me.
Venu sir's wife.
When Dr. Venu went trekking that day,
did you go with him, Mr. Anil?
I don't usually go with him.
He usually goes trekking with his friends.
Who are these friends
who go trekking along with him?
Sometimes, Manzoor sir goes with him.
- Sometimes, Dr. Murali...
- Was Manzoor a doctor?
No. I think he works
in the medical field though, sir.
Was Manzoor with him that day?
I don't know, but madam might.
I called you to ask if I could come home.
But since you said
that you're stepping out,
I thought we'll meet here.
What's your name, dear?
- What grade are you studying in?
- Twelfth grade.
Who is Manzoor?
He was the doctor's friend.
Where is he now?
I don't know.
On the day of the accident,
after the doctor left for trekking,
Manzoor had called to know
whether the former had left.
That was his last call.
Even after Dr. Venu died,
he never called or came to meet you?
No, sir.
Where is his house? We have to go there.
His house? I don't know where it is, sir.
Do you have his phone number?
My daughter is using her father's phone.
She had deleted all the contacts.
Do you have any photo of his?
No, sir.
Any idea of his whereabouts?
I don't know, sir.
- Okay.
- Okay, sir.
What's the update on the search for Sam?
Any progress?
There hasn't been
any progress so far, sir.
Did you get the footage
from Delhi Airport?
Not yet, sir. I had reminded them
this morning too.
I have a hunch that
there will be a clue in that footage.
Maybe a gut feeling.
- Anyway, let's see.
- Okay.
Could we get Josemon's personal details?
Other than official, I mean.
- We'll get it, sir.
- Alright.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I need you to sign
a couple of documents, madam.
- Please come in.
- Thank you.
These are the papers
for Jose sir's provident fund.
I've marked "x" at the places
where your signature is needed.
- You!
- Stop there!
Is he out of his mind?
- Are you hurt?
- No.
Darn it!
What are you searching for, Mom?
Your father's cell phone.
Who are they?
They have come from the CBI.
We'll return this in two days.
Why did that police officer come here?
A couple of documents had to be signed.
Wasn't it the wee hours
of the morning of the 21st
- when Jose sir...
- Yes.
On the 20th...
the day before he died,
there were several missed calls.
He hasn't attended any call,
nor has he made any outgoing calls.
He didn't use this phone on the 20th.
He didn't go to the police station
on that day either.
What happened?
He goes for a walk every day
at five o'clock early in the morning.
He comes back by six o'clock.
He went for his walk on the 20th as usual.
But he came back quickly that day.
At 5:20 a.m.
That day, it was my father
who opened the door to him.
How come you're back so quickly?
What is it? What happened?
Get me a cup of tea!
Though he wasn't ill or anything,
he didn't go
to the police station that day.
When I asked him, he got really angry.
So, I didn't ask him anything after that.
Dad spoke to us only in the evening.
Didn't you ask him what the reason was?
As usual, on the next day...
- that is 21st, he went for his walk.
- Right.
Didn't I tell you?
This isn't about the sand Mafia.
- It's beyond that!
- Sir!
On 20th morning,
I mean between 5:00 and 5:20 a.m.,
before Jose returned abruptly
from his morning walk,
something had happened.
He witnessed or heard something.
Maybe he sensed something was wrong.
Those 20 minutes are crucial.
That might be the reason
for his death on the next day,
that is the 21st.
Did you share this information with the
police officer who investigated this case?
About Jose returning abruptly?
And they told us
not to tell anyone else about it.
They can leave.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Please wait!
I forgot to ask a question.
Jose's case was initially
investigated by DySP Sathyadas.
The one who argued in court
that this case be handed over to the CBI
was Advocate Pratibha, Sathyadas' wife.
It just doesn't add up.
Advocate Pratibha contacted us herself.
She told us that if we file such a case,
it will be beneficial for us.
Before that,
even IG Unnithan had told us
that the case won't be solved
if Mr Das investigates it.
- You may go.
- Okay, sir.
- I can understand Unnithan's concern.
- Sir.
But why should
Advocate Pratibha do this herself?
Sir, Advocate Pratibha
is a very busy advocate.
I don't think she'd
canvass a case herself.
Will Jose's wife lie to us?
It's confusing, sir.
How about a meeting
with Advocate Pratibha?
I'll arrange it, sir.
Very unofficial.
Hello. I am Balagopal from the CBI.
Hello, sir.
Can we meet in person?
Would ten minutes do?
Yes, that'd more than enough.
Please come.
Please, ma'am.
- Sir...
- I know, sir.
Sethu sir.
CBI icon.
He's a prominent man.
I know that you're busy.
We'll let you go quickly.
Don't you have something
to ask ma'am, Balu?
We haven't believed
everything we've heard.
So, I am just clearing a doubt.
Okay. You can ask me, sir.
Did you contact
the late Jose's family yourself
asking them to file such a case?
- I contacted them myself!
- Yes.
We should clear that right away.
Well, that's not necessary.
Like I told you earlier,
we haven't believed it.
I have five or six juniors
and a decent line-up of cases.
Do I have to canvass cases myself, sir?
I took up this case
only because my senior compelled me.
And there's a personal reason as well.
You needn't be scared at all.
No recordings, no hidden camera,
no spy-work, no sting operation.
We do it only
when it's absolutely necessary.
Come on!
My husband was investigating this case.
He took someone into custody too.
It was futile.
But if I tell him, he will shout at me
and argue with me.
This deceased CI had other enemies too.
Among them, there's a person
called Subhash Chandran.
He's my husband's close friend.
If my husband has framed
a fake case to save him,
I wanted to avoid that disgrace.
That's why I took up this case.
He has already earned that in plenty.
If another agency were investigating,
I thought such a problem wouldn't arise.
That's the only reason
why I took up this case.
And it's not because I'm in love
with the CBI or anything.
If you're done, can I leave, sir?
Just one more question.
Who do you want
should win this case, ma'am?
I do have a wish in mind, sir.
To see the CBI failing, right?
Though he might be as tough as a rock,
he's your husband after all.
If you keep winning,
you'll become really arrogant, sir.
I'll get going.
This is something I heard.
CI Jose had a lot of enemies within
the police force and outside it too.
Please keep that in mind as well.
The bus was late.
I tried to get an auto-rickshaw,
but in vain.
So, I decided to walk here.
Manzoor fled from his hometown
while he was doing his graduation.
Ever since he left,
there was no communication
with his family, townsfolk or relatives.
I tried to find a solo photo of his,
but had no luck.
But I found this group photo.
It was taken
while he was in undergrad school.
Look, he's the fourth one
from this corner.
How old would he be now?
Around 30 to 35 years.
What can I do? There's no network here.
Sir, is Mr. Sethurama Iyer inside?
- Yes. Please come.
- Yes.
I'll call you later.
Here you go, sir.
It's a photo of Manzoor
in which he's relatively older.
Is this the Manzoor
you told us about, Anil?
It's not him, sir. This is not the guy.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir. I am sure.
- You may go, Anil.
- Okay, sir.
Did you get the CCTV footage of the day
of the minister's journey from Delhi?
We've got it, sir.
He might be there among that crowd.
Vinay, please check it.
Yes, sir.
- Lakshmi.
- Yes?
- Select the visuals.
- Okay, sir.
We'll file the appeal. Right, sir?
We need not bother
about the lower court's judgment.
It was biased.
I hope your health is okay, sir.
- Okay. Everything under control.
- Very good.
The important cases that Josemon
investigated just before he died,
Josemon's adversaries
within the police force...
Advocate Pratibha told us
that Josemon had foes
within the police force, right?
Sir, we'll need someone
from the State Police to do that job.
- For some help.
- Why not?
We have our man in the police, right?
- Chacko!
- Sir.
There's no better choice.
Chacko is in Thiruvananthapuram, right?
He's at the Trivandrum CBI office.
Call him.
One minute.
This is Chacko.
Chacko, it's me, Balu.
I'm calling from Kochi.
- We need your service.
- Tell me.
It's connected to the police.
- Snooping.
- Why not? I'll get it done.
I have a man for it. I'll call him.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Yes, sir.
Boban, where are you?
I'm at the office, sir.
- I need to meet you urgently.
- Why, sir?
I'll tell you.
Pack another portion of this dish.
Not one. Make it two or three.
Right, sir?
Why don't you place the orders
for a whole month together?
I will, sir.
Shall I be frank, sir?
I haven't had such tasty food...
in my life so far, sir.
Your selection...
It's brilliant!
I am really happy today, sir.
I've been calling you "sir" for years,
and you're spending money
out of your own pocket to make me happy.
It makes me ecstatic, sir!
I didn't bring you here
for you to keep hogging nonstop.
Tell me the matter!
What matter?
Didn't I tell you when I called?
What are the most important cases
that Josemon investigated?
- Oh, that!
- Yes!
Well, there were some cases
of sand contractors.
Then some journalist Bhasuran's death.
That's all, sir.
- That's not what I meant.
- What then?
Didn't you tell me the other day
that there was some issue
between Josemon and SI Iqbal?
- Oh, that!
- Yes!
It was quite something, sir.
We heard the sound of nonstop slaps.
That's when we noticed it.
I don't care if I lose my job,
but I won't spare you!
Why did Jose slap Iqbal?
Sir, it was a case of a minor girl
who was raped by four or five people.
Since Jose was busy at the time,
the case was given to Iqbal.
But Iqbal made money out of that case.
Moreover, he destroyed the evidence
and made that girl
change her statement too.
Jose slapped him
when he came to know about this.
Iqbal is a really vengeful person, sir.
Sir, there's a book written
by the retired DGP Krishnanunni.
"The Criminals Among The Police."
He has mentioned about
the relationship between the police
and contract killers in that book.
I can tell you this
even in the absence of evidence.
Iqbal sir is the one who put out
a contract on Jose and got him killed.
Thank you for the information.
Shall we interrogate Iqbal, sir?
Jose went for his regular
early morning walk the day before he died.
However, he wouldn't have
become nervous on seeing Iqbal.
He wouldn't leave his walk midway
and come back.
He wouldn't sit at home
without speaking a word...
without making even a single phone call,
and without answering
the calls he received.
Was he the kind to sit on his hands?
No, sir.
So, it's not sand, metal or Iqbal.
It should be something beyond that.
Sir, I won't be here for two days.
I need to go to Velankanni Church
with my family.
Okay, sir.
Tell me, sir.
I'll be right there.
Hi. Sit down.
This is the printout of a mail I received.
I know for a fact
that you are responsible
for the death of my uncle, Minister Samad.
You cleverly eliminated my uncle,
who was our well-wisher and funder,
and the killings that followed
were to hide that fact.
Even if the law lets you go free,
we won't spare you!
We will deliver
Allah's punishment for you.
It's fake, sir.
Hundred percent fake!
The language used in this mail...
is not at all mature.
It's really childish.
I think some kids
might have done this to scare you.
Back then, Samad had
also received a similar mail.
The next thing I heard, he was dead!
Later, I heard that someone killed him.
Won't you get scared, Swamy?
That's something I don't have, sir. Fear!
You have no fear?
Can you teach me that trick, Swamy?
Yes. Really!
The CM asked me to investigate
the other deaths too,
along with CI Josemon's death,
when we met yesterday.
Official communications will follow.
Sir, does that include
Minister Samad's death too?
Yes, it includes
Minister Samad's death too.
This is so confusing, sir.
Tell me!
Sir, on a flight,
amid so many passengers,
a minister's death takes place
in the presence of a doctor...
I can't even imagine
that it could be unnatural.
Sir, the minister's staff
is still missing.
We can assume that Dr. Venu died
by falling from a height.
But the journalist, Bhasuran,
and CI Josemon...
No doubt, sir. Both are murders.
Sir, the murders of a journalist
and especially a police officer...
it's not like murdering an ordinary man.
One needs to have
incredible guts to do it.
Only an extraordinary person
can do it, sir.
And the most important question is,
what's the connection
between all these murders?
I am confused, sir.
December 20th...
between 5:00 a.m. and 5:20 a.m...
that is, the day before Josemon died...
What did he hear
when he was out for his morning walk?
What did he see? What did he infer?
That holds
the clue about the extraordinary person
you spoke about earlier.
Within those 20 minutes
lies the answer
to all your doubts and confusions.
Josemon, the only person
who knew about it, is no more.
Who is that extraordinary person?
We must start looking in the dark itself.
Here you go, mister.
- There's no network inside the office.
- Morning.
I'm solving everything else.
- Is sir here?
- Don't call on the landline!
- Sir?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Rajesh, please sort those files.
Okay, sir.
How come you're wearing a sari?
- I'm on my way from a wedding.
- Okay.
- I wanted to tell you something, sir.
- Tell me.
What Advocate Pratibha told us
the other day was a blatant lie.
Her senior had come
for the wedding today.
While we were talking,
I mentioned about him handing over
Jose sir's case to his junior.
I handed over the case to Pratibha?
How can I hand over a case
if it never came to me in the first place?
Why is Pratibha misusing my name?
He was shocked.
Such a case never came to him!
My apologies for lying to you, sir.
I was hesitant to say
that I canvassed the case myself.
That's why I took my senior's name.
But my intent was not to hurt anyone.
Like I said that day,
I wanted to save my husband
from making a huge mistake.
That was the only intention.
Let's go!
I got the punishment for lying to you.
My senior called me
and rebuked me left, right and center
for misusing his name.
I think the advocate is lying again, sir.
But we never asked her
to speak the truth, did we?
Please smile, sir.
I am Chacko.
We've met each other earlier.
If he wears a uniform like you,
do you even know
what Pachu's rank would be?
Even if you hear that he has
arrived 132,5 kilometers away,
you'd already be saluting him
standing right here!
Like this!
I'll get going.
Why did they come here?
To snoop!
"Did Sathyadas know anything?
If he didn't, why would he
take someone into custody?
Please help us!"
They didn't agree
when I said I didn't know anything.
When they compelled me,
I had to be stern with them.
Dasetta, didn't I tell you
that the CBI would fail miserably?
Don't brag!
Don't brag too much!
- Hello?
- Hello, sir?
Tell me, Boban.
Where are you, sir?
I'm in the office.
- In Thiruvananthapuram?
- Not in Thiruvananthapuram.
I'm at the Kochi CBI office.
Sir, I need to tell you
something important.
Come to the office.
Here, have tea.
Now, tell me.
Sir, I have a friend
at Vanitha Police Station.
- She told me about this.
- What?
Two or three days
after Josemon sir's death,
a girl came to them.
- What did she say?
- She didn't say anything.
Before that, the SI sent her
to Sathyadas sir.
She came asking
if informers would get money.
The SI threatened her
saying that she'll be put in the lockup.
Poor thing! She got scared.
- Who's that girl?
- She said that she delivers newspapers.
- Don't worry. You can leave soon.
- Okay.
Sir, she's Aparajitha.
- Aparajitha.
- Yes, sir.
Do you remember the person
you saw that day, Aparajitha?
No, sir.
I just saw a shadow.
Okay. Did the person
looking out the window see you?
Yes, sir.
As soon as he saw me,
he moved away and turned the light off.
I see.
The neighbors are saying
that this house is quite infamous.
Sir, this is not a house.
It's a guesthouse.
And Sam is its owner.
The missing Sam's illicit affairs,
and all other nefarious activities
used to take place here.
The neighbors have seen many people
coming and leaving at odd hours.
Sir, Sathyadas sir used
this girl's statement as evidence
to take Sam into custody.
Thanks. You may leave, Aparajitha.
- Please drop her home.
- Okay, sir.
- Daya.
- Sir.
Buy some good clothes for her.
Okay, sir.
The person who Aparajitha saw
might be Sam.
But the person who Josemon saw
on the previous day...
was that Sam?
I would say no.
If he saw Sam,
Josemon wouldn't become upset or nervous.
- Would he?
- No, sir.
Everything said and done,
as far as we're concerned,
Sam is a very important person now.
We must find him.
Sir, shall we issue a look out notice?
By all means!
We need to search the house.
We can do it right away, sir.
Hey, Chacko!
Let's not do it the police way.
We will go through the proper channel.
Sorry, sir. All of a sudden...
Did the whistleblower, Bhasuran,
know anything about this guesthouse?
- Hello, Daya?
- There are two tasks.
- One, Bhasuran's house has to be searched.
- Okay.
And second, we need to talk to someone
who was really close to Bhasuran.
Let me see if I can find the right person.
We've circulated Muthukkoya's photo
outside the state as well.
We haven't received
any unpleasant news from anywhere.
That means he is still alive.
Point number five.
Calling from Bravo number five.
There has been an accident
at the hillside.
The person is unresponsive.
Is the message clear?
It is clear, sir.
- Rajeev! Shashiyetta, get the vehicle.
- Yes, sir!
- Babu! Come on!
- Yes, sir.
- Come!
- Yes, sir.
- The locals informed us.
- Okay.
- Don't delay the inquest formalities.
- Note it down.
The driver's side has crashed.
Direct hit!
Sir, I suspect strangulation
from behind the seat.
Either using a rope
or by choking him with bare hands.
That's not what's surprising, sir.
We just reached outside Sam's guesthouse.
By then, those who had to know,
came to know.
This can never be an accident, sir.
- Mr. Mammen Varghese?
- Yes?
Please step inside the office
at least on the first day of the month.
Don't you want to receive your salary?
Okay, sir.
Sir, they are waiting there.
Sam had a history
of two heart attacks previously.
And now, while driving the car,
he suffered a massive attack.
That's how the car hit the tree.
Contrary to what you
suspected prima facie,
we couldn't find any strangulation marks
or internal damage.
If you are not convinced,
please give us a written request.
We can return the body
for re-postmortem.
Thank you.
We need to search Sam's guesthouse.
- Get a warrant.
- Sir!
- Open the door!
- Okay, sir.
For how long have you been
working as Sam's driver?
Ten years, sir.
Come here.
- Sir.
- What's that?
Sir, there was a camera over there...
to know who all are coming here.
- Yes, sir.
Then where's the camera now?
Sir, well...
Tell me!
It's been a while since they gave
the camera here for repair.
The captured images
would have been deleted.
When was it given for repair?
I don't remember the date.
I have to check.
Then check it.
That will take some time.
Why are you telling them everything?
We are busy, mister.
But we are in no hurry, mister.
Are you trying to harass us?
If so?
Once it is captured, how long
will it remain without being erased?
Normally, a month.
The erased files can be recovered, right?
Recover? You're kidding!
This bloody rascal... Tell me!
- Do you want to know?
- Can't that be done?
It can be done.
We'll get it done quickly, sir.
Sir, the visuals are
only up to September 23rd.
Jose sir died on December 21st.
That means the camera
was damaged three months back.
Let's check the visuals
till September 23rd.
Rewind the footage.
Look. Here comes the main attraction!
Such a fraud!
Look! Here comes the next one.
Advocate Pratibha!
Sir, we've formed a broad outline
of the events that unfolded.
- Rather, constructed a crime scene.
- Okay.
Sir, Sam and Advocate Pratibha
have been friends for many years now.
We've hacked their Facebook accounts.
While checking their chat history,
we found that their conversations
are quite uninhibited, sir.
And often vulgar as well.
Not often. Most of the times.
It's about coming to the guesthouse,
and their visits and escapades over there.
They've spoken about all that
in those chats.
Now, it's clear.
Sam and the advocate
were involved in a serious love affair.
The day before Josemon was killed,
that is, from 19th night to 20th morning,
Advocate Pratibha was with Sam
in his guesthouse.
After spending the night together,
at dawn...
that is, on 20th morning,
he set out to take his lover
back home safely.
But the two of them landed in front of
Josemon, who was out on his morning walk.
The wife of his boss, Advocate Pratibha,
was with a criminal at his guesthouse,
and that too, at such an odd hour.
Sir, now the crime...
Jose became really upset.
He stopped his morning walk
and went back home.
The time then was 5:20 a.m.
Sam and Pratibha were forced
to take a decision.
The fear that
they will get caught for sure
led to Josemon's death
on the very next day.
The day Jose sir saw them,
that is on the 20th,
he didn't go to the police station.
He didn't call anyone
nor did he attend any calls.
We know all this
from what Mrs. Jose told us.
Now, it's only a matter of time.
All this can reach Sathyadas' ears
any moment now.
And a huge showdown will follow.
They were not ready to take any risk.
They planned to eliminate Jose
at the earliest.
The result was a hit and run the next day.
That is, on 21st, early morning.
Sir, she will have to answer
two questions.
One. What vehicle was used for the murder?
Two. Was it Sam who killed him
or was it a contract killer?
Get her.
We were together in college.
We've been in love since then.
On our face, please.
We really wanted to get married.
But it didn't happen.
we kept our relationship alive.
It was an illegal relationship.
I've gone to Sam's guesthouse
several times.
But the CBI will lose this case!
You're still so arrogant!
Is it the confidence that Sam
will never open his mouth again?
No, sir.
If you go after Advocate Pratibha,
you will lose this case.
I have nothing to do with Jose's death.
I can prove it!
The CBI will not be able
to prove otherwise.
At the most,
you can expose my private life.
You can tarnish my image.
You can destroy the relationship
with my husband.
But the CBI will lose this case.
It was the wedding
of SP Srijith sir's daughter
at Kassergode on December 19th.
CI Jose died early in the morning
on December 21st.
Jose saw us...
I mean, you're alleging
that Jose saw Sam and me
early in the morning on 20th December.
That is when Jose was out for his
morning walk the day before he died.
During that time, on that day,
my husband and I
were at Kassergode Guesthouse.
We started at around 10:00 a.m.
in the morning
and reached Calicut Police Club
by evening.
We stayed there that night.
That's on the 20th.
We started from Kozhikode
early in the morning on 21st.
We heard about Jose's death on the way.
I was nowhere near this city
on the day Jose died or the day before.
So, how will Jose see me
and become nervous or upset?
One thing is true.
I was petrified when my husband
took Sam into custody.
I was afraid our relationship
would be uncovered.
Rather, it was a psychological fear.
When it kept increasing,
I went to Mrs. Jose
to tell her that the CBI
should investigate this case.
Even if the CBI finds out
about this relationship,
they won't misuse it.
I know that.
They are too decent to not interfere
in other people's private lives
May I leave, sir?
Shall I take my mobile phone?
Thank you.
We had made so many assumptions,
Chacko sir! Shucks!
Many people wish to see
the CBI losing a case.
This is not a football match
where you win or lose.
The CBI has failed in many cases.
There were several cases
where the investigation reached nowhere
and froze.
We were left bewildered
when we were unable to investigate a case
that happened in the CBI family itself.
Which file was that, sir?
Not many people know about it.
The "Dal Roti" file.
Yes. Dal Roti.
Flat bread and lentils. That's it.
The file was on the Gandhi family.
Sanjay Gandhi, Indira and... Rajiv Gandhi.
Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash.
Indira was assassinated
by the Khalistan terrorists,
and Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated
by a suicide bomb.
These are the facts that we're aware of.
Beyond all that,
is there a common element,
common enemy, common reason...
or an external agency?
The file called "Dal Roti"
was born from that thought.
Four of our best officers.
Sudhanshu Chatterjee, Mallika Gounder,
Ajith Kumar Biswas and the fourth...
my favorite, Vikram!
They were in charge
of the investigation of "Dal Roti".
And the three officers except Vikram
were killed under different circumstances.
They tried to kill Vikram too.
He escaped luckily.
You're aware of
Vikram's present condition.
I thought that it was an accident.
I didn't know about the other reasons.
It's been five or six months
since I met Vikram sir.
When I saw him then,
there was slight improvement
from his earlier state.
Wasn't there any investigation
about that accident later on, sir?
As soon as the investigation began,
there was an order from the Home Ministry.
"Suspend the probe until further orders."
When asked for the reason,
there were no replies.
But instead, the minister
ordered tea and cashew nuts.
And gave a piece of advice.
"Let us live in minimum danger, sir."
But God needs to decide
that there shouldn't be an investigation!
- Hello, Daya?
- Devan.
I've done both the tasks
you assigned to me.
- Come quickly.
- Okay.
I am at Bhasuran's house.
- Devan, please wait outside.
- Okay, sir.
- Bhasuran was not just a journalist.
- Okay.
He used to draw and paint very well.
He was also an activist.
Were the two of you married?
We were friends. We were not lovers.
- Take a photo of this painting.
- Sure.
- Send it to our office immediately.
- Okay, sir.
Who is this?
Is his name Manzoor?
No, it's Sandeep.
- Sandeep?
- Yes, sir.
Who is Sandeep?
Bhasuran's friend.
That's all I know.
This is a sketch made by Bhasuran.
Sir, his name is Sandeep.
Bhasuran's girlfriend knows him
through Bhasuran.
The same person was spotted
in the CCTV footage from Delhi Airport,
and that aroused my suspicions.
He was at the airport, sir.
That too, on the same day
Minister Samad took the flight.
He was at the airport.
But was he on the flight too?
Only Anwar can tell.
He has to!
Do you know him?
He was on the flight, sir.
He was the one who gave the medicine.
To whom? What medicine?
Does anyone have Ecosprin
or Sorbitrate tablet?
When the doctor asked,
he brought the medicine.
Why didn't you tell me about this
when I asked you earlier?
I forgot, sir.
But the minister
couldn't take the medicine.
On the flight that Minister Samad took,
there was no passenger
named Manzoor or Sandeep, sir.
He was on the flight
under a different name.
Who bought the ticket for the minister
when his return trip was pushed forward?
It was me, sir.
How did he know
about this sudden change in plan?
If it was Sandeep
who traveled along with them,
shouldn't his name
be on the passengers list?
If he has traveled under an assumed name,
he had an objective.
Definitely, sir.
Was Muthukkoya, who went missing,
aware that the minister's ticket
was pushed forward?
Yes, sir.
- I told him.
- Why did you tell him?
Minister Samad wasn't returning
to Thiruvananthapuram,
but to Nedumbassery Airport in Kochi.
So, I asked him to come
to the minister's house.
Only he could give the minister
his medicines at the accurate time.
The Manzoor that Anwar is talking about,
the Manzoor sir
that Anil Thomas told us about,
and Sandeep, who Bhaskar
the journalist was friends with...
traveled on the flight under a pseudonym.
He will have a story to tell us.
Right, Balagopalan sir?
Yes, sir.
Did you ask the IG
about the Muthukkoya missing case?
I asked Unnithan sir.
I'll ask him again.
Also, inquire whether this guy
is in the police records.
Manzoor alias Manzoor sir
alias Sandeep alias...
He will baffle us, Menon!
Come on...
There are officials who make policemen
do the household work even today.
I'm not that type.
- Isn't your wife home?
- Sit down.
She's not here. She is in America.
She has gone for our daughter's delivery.
She'll come back only after
our daughter-in-law has a baby!
That won't be so bad.
It's not bad at all. It's really good.
Thank you.
I'm sure you didn't drop by
because you were passing through.
What's the matter?
We need your help, sir.
No formalities. Tell me.
- Yes.
- CI Josemon's case?
Yes, sir. Is there any reference
about him in the police records?
Got it.
Does he have a name?
Sir, Sandeep and Manzoor.
We don't know if he has other names.
He might.
Didn't you tell me about
a missing person's case earlier, sir?
Yes. The deceased Minister Samad's
personal staff.
Yes. Muthukkoya.
We... got some information
regarding that. Just a minute.
There's some problem
with the mobile tower here.
I never get network! Unbelievable!
We have the same problem
even at the CBI office, sir.
- We don't get reception there.
- What can we do?
These guys are so...
- This is the IG.
- Sir.
I had told you about
a missing person's case, right?
Sir, we've found the person.
He's working at a hotel in Goa, sir.
- We can bring him in anytime, sir.
- Okay.
- I'll let you know.
- Sir!
Just tell us when you want him.
We can bring Muthukkoya in.
I'll find out what I can
about Manzoor as well.
- Sir!
- See you, sir.
See you.
I've been noticing,
ever since we left Unnithan sir's house,
you seem lost in thought.
I remember hearing that name somewhere.
I can't place him though.
Sir, was it in the email
that Minister Samad received?
No! It's not related to this case.
Hello, sir?
That name...
Sir, I remember Vikram sir
mentioning that name at some point.
He has been on ayurvedic treatment
for the past few months.
Along with that,
there are massages as well.
We've also started physiotherapy
in a small way.
Vikram sir!
- Hello, son!
- Hello, sir.
Didn't you recognize Chacko?
We have come here
to inquire about your well being,
and to ask for a small favor as well.
The favor...
Do you remember this man?
Is this how he reacts
when he sees people he doesn't like?
This is the first time
he's giving such a reaction, sir.
You had told me about a man
named Manzoor long back.
Is this him?
Sir, is this man's name Sandeep?
He knows the person,
but he doesn't remember his name.
Try asking him, sir.
Do you remember his name, sir?
Try to remember, sir.
Dad might not be remembering him, sir.
It's alright. We will manage.
So, we are leaving.
Don't worry, sir.
It's because you are unable to, right?
Was Vikram trying to tell us something?
Something connected to this?
A... Christian connection?
Is it a Christian name?
- Hello.
- Anitha!
Among the passengers who traveled
with Minister Samad on that flight,
look up all the Christian names. Male!
I need all the details.
Sir, one minute.
- Quick! I am waiting!
- Sir.
Sebastian George.
- Sebastian George.
- Joseph Mathew.
Joseph Mathew?
- Peter Sundar.
- Peter Sundar?
- George Samuel.
- George Samuel?
- Paul Meyjo.
- Paul Meyjo?
Paul Meyjo!
Thank you. Thank you so much!
His brain is still vibrant!
I am really happy.
Thank God!
- They are his friends.
- Thank you.
What are you doing here, sir?
We came to know that it's your wedding
when we inquired at the travel agency.
It's not my wedding, sir.
It's my engagement.
Sorry for troubling you.
- This is Manzoor?
- Yes.
- Venu sir's friend.
- Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
Have you found him?
We will.
So, congrats.
- Carry on with your engagement.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- See you.
You are mistaken.
Paul Meyjo is not the person
you're looking for.
He is not a miscreant either.
We didn't say that he is.
We need to ask him certain things.
That's all.
How do you know him, Father?
A relative of mine introduced him to me.
He is brilliant.
Electronics, computer science...
He's an expert at all these.
It's not just that!
The anthropology in the Bible,
the Vedas as well as Upanishads...
Meyjo is well versed with all of it.
Similarly, theology and history...
What not!
There are very few subjects
that he's not an expert at.
He's not a miscreant!
Who's this relative
who introduced Meyjo to you, Father?
A nephew of mine. His name is Sam.
The sand contractor, Sam?
We need Meyjo at any cost, Father.
They want to talk to you about something.
Sir, I can't believe...
that this guy, who is into meditation,
is a hardened criminal.
Why not?
Haven't the demons meditated?
They have meditated and got boons too.
It all depends on how and what
that boon is utilized for.
If a thief asks for a boon,
he is gifted with the art of stealing.
If the police ask for a boon, they'll be
gifted with the art of catching thieves.
God is not partial. Demand and supply!
Let's nab this thief!
Your first name is Manzoor.
Second name is Sandeep.
Your third name is Paul Meyjo.
Do you have fourth
and fifth names as well?
After having all these names, the priest
still says saying you're not a miscreant.
I'm not a miscreant, sir.
If you're not a miscreant,
why do you need so many names?
How do you know Dr. Venu?
I met him and befriended him
when I fell sick.
How did Paul Meyjo become Manzoor
when you met the doctor?
I like that name, sir.
- What about that name?
- Sandeep is my pen name.
I write under that name.
- For whom?
- Science magazines.
"Adding values to
the digital transformation. Sandeep."
How did you meet the journalist, Bhasuran?
At a street food joint.
Is there any specific reason why you
had such a close bond with Dr. Venu?
Both of us were equally interested
in science and technology. That's why.
From Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi,
and Delhi to Nedumbassery...
Why did you follow the minister?
I wasn't following him, sir.
It was a coincidence.
You've been a suspect of the CBI
earlier as well. Is that right?
I was.
They harassed me for no reason.
Who? For which case?
I don't know what the case was, sir.
There were three or four of them.
They asked me several questions
about hacking.
Maybe because I'm a computer expert,
it didn't go too far.
They let me go after a while.
It will be the same with you.
You will harass me
and then ask me to leave.
Who were the people who questioned you?
I don't know who they are, sir.
There were both men and women.
And one among them was a Malayali
with a twirled mustache.
Hey! No!
What is this?
It's a pendant, sir.
We call it a pen drive.
Did you understand what this is?
A pacemaker.
Also known as pulse maker,
a gadget to control the pulse rate.
- Next slide, please.
- Sir.
Did you understand what this is?
Sir, this...
It's a weapon.
A killer weapon.
And... a circuit breaker too.
For instance, consider that
Balu's pulse rate is not normal
- for several reasons.
- Sir.
You can implant this machine in your body
and bring your pulse to normal.
But imagine that you have an enemy, Balu.
He can hack this pacemaker itself,
take control over it
and alter the rhythm of your pulse,
thereby endangering your life very easily.
That means someone with the software skill
to operate this device
can externally control a pacemaker
which is situated not so far from him,
and sabotage its pace.
Just a minute. I'll be right back.
I am Sethurama Iyer from the CBI.
What is it, sir?
I wanted to ask a doubt.
Did the minister have
a pacemaker implanted?
He was using a pacemaker.
It was Dr. Venu who implanted it.
Dr. Venu?
Oh, okay.
No doubt!
There are strong evidences.
- But they are weak too.
- Sir.
They may bite us back!
Sit down, Balu.
He got the details from Dr. Venu
and the minister was murdered,
but would Venu be a source of evidence?
Would he become a witness?
Would he cause trouble for him?
That fear sent the doctor to heaven.
He was scared of the whistleblower,
journalist Bhasuran, as well.
He was also done away with.
These will be the submissions
given by us to the prosecution.
What will be the defense?
The defense's arguments?
He will say what he said earlier
as the counter argument.
He hasn't followed the minister.
They happened to travel together
and that was a coincidence.
Don't frame him for a huge crime
because of that.
And he met Dr. Venu due to his illness,
and he met Bhasuran casually.
Apart from that...
these are most likely to be
the defense's arguments, sir.
He might narrate another story.
That is Paul Meyjo...
"...had a friendly conversation
with Dr. Venu,
and we spoke about pacemakers too.
I had a genuine doubt
and I asked the doctor
whether pacemakers can be
externally controlled and stopped.
Dr. Venu denied that possibility.
But I had to develop this software
to prove that it is possible.
If Dr. Venu comes to know about it,
he will inform
the World Heart Federation about it.
The World Heart Federation will inform
pacemaker manufacturers
all over the world about it.
And it will be beneficial
for millions of people
who are using pacemakers.
I wasn't trying to kill anyone, sir.
I was just trying to save everyone!"
Our evidence is weak! Won't it bite back?
It will, sir.
The accused will be glorified.
The court of law will praise him
for his new invention.
The media will glorify him.
He might even win the Nobel Prize.
But I am damn sure
that he is the murderer.
We have only one option
to prove him guilty.
What is his profit in this business?
Cash or kind?
Is Meyjo a contract killer?
If so, who engaged him?
What is their motive?
When we arrive at that motive, we'll know
why early in the morning that day,
between 5:00 and 5:20 a.m.,
Josemon became nervous, upset,
and returned,
leaving his morning walk midway.
Correct, sir.
The Basket Killings finally seem
to have a continuity now.
We should question him hereafter
keeping all this in mind.
We'll change our mode.
If he believes that we are with him,
he might open up to us.
Reverse psychology.
You have made a mistake somewhere, sir.
I'm not the person you're looking for.
I haven't followed the minister.
It was a coincidence.
Is this also a coincidence?
This was born out of a debate.
During a conversation with Venu sir,
pacemakers became a topic.
Are pacemakers really safe?
I had to prove that they are not.
Doctor, are pacemakers safe?
Of course. They are safe.
Why do you ask that?
A pacemaker that's implanted in a body
can be stopped from outside.
I mean, externally,
by a hacker.
It's impossible.
It is possible.
I had to develop this software
to prove it.
And did you prove it?
I did.
Before the interrogation began,
you had promised
that you wouldn't lie to us.
But you have lied to us.
Not on purpose.
Out of fear.
Once that fear is gone,
Meyjo won't lie to us.
- Balu!
- Sir!
If we assure Meyjo's security,
he will tell us the truth.
He'll also tell us the reason
why he's scared.
Assured, sir.
We won't let anyone
dare harm a hair on your head.
It is not the CBI's obligation.
It is our duty.
I'll tell you one more thing.
Your name will not be part
of the list of accused.
You will be legally protected.
You can become an approver.
I don't want to!
I don't want to be an approver
in a fake case!
It is not because I'm scared of someone.
I don't have anyone to point fingers at.
Whether you believe it or not,
it was a coincidence.
Okay, agreed.
Following the minister was a coincidence.
Befriending Dr. Venu and Bhasuran
was a coincidence.
And now, developing this software
was also a coincidence.
Have you gone on trekking trips
with Dr. Venu?
But I didn't go on the day
he had the accident.
I never asked you whether you
went on the day of the accident.
Sorry, sir.
Your friend met with a brutal end.
Yet, you didn't feel like seeing his body.
You never went to his house after that.
Mrs. Venu is surprised
that you never even called
to express condolences.
When we heard it, we felt the same.
Don't tell me that was also a coincidence.
It's true.
I never went there or called them.
There is no particular reason
for that, sir.
It's guilt!
That's why you never called or went there.
On the day of the incident,
in the morning,
you called Mrs. Venu
and realized that Dr. Venu
had gone trekking.
Mrs. Venu hasn't
seen her husband alive after that.
She hasn't seen you either.
It was the minister first,
and now it's Venu!
You're cooking up a new theory to trap me!
Don't make a fool out of me, sir!
You heard me.
I haven't done anything wrong
and you slapped me!
I will never forget this souvenir.
I can stop a machine
using what's on this paper.
I can stop a heart
using the strength of my mind.
You will be my first victim.
I will kill you!
Sir, shall we try a lie detector?
Or brain mapping?
Meyjo is not a miscreant, sir.
That's what we should assume.
What nonsense are you saying?
Sir, the CM and Minister Samad
left for Delhi on October 21st
- from Trivandrum.
- Yes.
Maybe he got done with his work sooner.
So, Minister Samad canceled the ticket
he had booked for the next day,
and took the evening flight
on the same day.
- To Nedumbassery.
- Okay.
They bought the tickets
to Delhi on the 20th.
That is, the day before their journey.
But Meyjo had booked his round-trip ticket
ten days in advance
on the 12th from Air India, paying cash.
Sir, Anwar sir had mentioned that day
that this trip was planned suddenly
and that they left the next day.
A trip that was planned all of a sudden.
How will Meyjo know about it
ten days in advance?
Sir, the most confusing part is
that Minister Samad
booked the return ticket to Nedumbassery
on the same day as the flight,
just a few hours
before the flight departed.
Meyjo had bought
a round-trip ticket to Delhi
ten days in advance.
How can he know
about that unplanned journey?
There's no chance, sir.
In the absence of sufficient evidence,
the CBI released Paul Meyjo.
We had lost
all our self-confidence by then.
Yet another unsolved case
where we failed.
Only Sethu sir believed otherwise.
You seem to be lost in thought, Swamy sir!
I need just two seconds
to fall out with someone.
And the same time to patch things up.
The case hasn't reached anywhere, right?
I have certain thoughts
regarding the case.
May I share them?
Is it about Sam's guesthouse?
That was a minor lead towards Sam.
What I intend to say now
is something else.
I had to go to the colony
where Sam's guesthouse is situated.
On my way there,
I saw a light at Sam's guesthouse.
Maybe because I noticed it,
the light was turned off.
This may sound really simple.
The guesthouse must have been rented out.
But when I called Sam's wife
to ask her about this,
she said that the guesthouse
hasn't been rented out.
She said something else along with that.
Someone took the spare key
of the guesthouse while Sam was alive.
And they haven't got it back yet.
What that newspaper delivery girl saw,
what I saw the other day,
and the key not being returned...
if there's any connection between these,
then it is a different story!
It's still fresh, sir.
- Sir.
- Yes?
Whatever they ask, you keep repeating
that you don't know anything!
Is it so?
- Aren't you the owner of this guesthouse?
- Yes.
We're not fools to believe you
when you say that you don't know
what's happening here!
How can I say
that I know something when I don't?
Sir, there's evidence to prove
that two people sat here and had food.
When I asked her who it was,
she didn't answer.
Sir, this guesthouse has a spare key.
When I asked her where it is,
she refused to tell me.
Sir, this is a mobile recharge coupon
we found here.
We've cross-checked it.
This was used to recharge a number
that's in the name of late Sam.
Sir, Sam died months ago.
How can he recharge his phone
a few days back?
She has no answer to that either.
We can find out
who was having food in this room.
- Sir.
- But before that,
who told whom about the spare key?
- Daya, please wait outside.
- Sir!
Merlin told Sathyadas about it,
- and Sathyadas told me about it.
- Sir.
If she had anything to hide,
would Merlin have told Sathyadas
about the spare key?
Sir, can we trust Sathyadas blindly?
Sathyadas gave me information,
and we are carrying out proceedings
based on that.
- Sir.
- And I love surprises!
Will Sam hand over the spare key
to a random person?
He would have given it
only to someone who's really trustworthy.
Who is that trustworthy?
Sir, Paul Meyjo?
In all probability.
If that number has been recharged
even after his death,
Sam must have bought that number
for someone else.
Sir, phone connection for a proxy?
Who could he be?
When Sathyadas came to meet me,
he had told me something.
I realized one thing
when I interrogated him.
Forget speaking about the person
who was at the guesthouse,
Sam was really scared
even to think about him.
What I'm going to say now
are just theories.
But they will be worth hearing.
The other day, it was Paul Meyjo
and the proxy who were here,
or some trusted aide of Sam's.
If not, it must be a negotiator like Sam.
They didn't meet here... to have fried rice.
A conspiracy was made here
earlier as well.
And the outcome was Basket Killings.
The last one among the Basket Killings
was CI Josemon.
It is because during that morning walk,
CI Josemon had seen, heard and realized
something he wasn't supposed to.
It was when people whose identities were
to remain anonymous started coming here
that the camera was sent for repair.
On the 23rd of September,
exactly 28 days
before Minister Samad's death,
the camera was sent for repair
and the conspiracy put in motion.
Sir, then it's not just correct
theoretically, but logically as well.
Before Paul Meyjo boarded the flight
to Nedumbassery from Delhi Airport,
he had confirmed that his target
had boarded that flight.
Sir, there is a problem here.
The date on which Meyjo bought his ticket
and the date on which
the minister bought his ticket
do not match.
It is not a must
that the dates should match!
Think differently!
Who said that the minister was the target?
What if Minister Samad
was a missed target?
I mean, what if Samad became a victim
instead of the actual target?
When did Meyjo buy his ticket?
On October 12th.
How many people bought tickets
for that flight prior to that date?
And among those who did,
how many had heart problems?
Was any of them a patient of Dr. Venu's?
Get me all these details.
That list will have Meyjo's target.
If the target changes,
the story changes too.
- Sir.
- Yes?
Before Meyjo bought his ticket,
seventeen people had booked tickets
to Nedumbassery
on that particular flight.
Among them, four people
suffer from cardiac problems.
But none of them
were Dr. Venu's patients, sir.
Let me see it.
Sir, we've got new information.
Two people who had booked tickets
on that flight were no-shows.
They didn't board the flight.
Doctor George and Mrs. Susan George.
Get the details of both the passengers.
- Maximum!
- Okay, sir.
This is Sethurama Iyer from the CBI.
Am I speaking to Dr. Venu's wife?
- Yes, sir.
- I wanted to ask you certain things.
Go ahead, sir.
I don't know much
about the doctor's patients.
And yes, a few days back...
Okay, madam. Thank you very much.
- Balu!
- Sir?
I was talking to Dr. Venu's wife now.
- Sir.
- Someone named
Susan George had called her
a few days back
to express condolences
on Dr. Venu's death.
She was one of Venu's patients.
She wasn't in India for a while now.
She heard about the doctor's death
only when she reached Kerala.
If the Susan George who missed her flight
and the Susan George who called Mrs. Venu
are the same person,
what happened the other day at Sam's house
was indeed a conspiracy, like you said.
One more attempt on the missed target.
This is my wife, Susan George.
We have two major hospitals under us.
The treatment for poor people
is absolutely free of cost.
This is our project.
- Good.
- Thank you.
I read about you in the newspaper, Doctor.
That's when I felt
that I should meet you in person.
What can I do for you?
A refresher course for our doctors.
A class about
your new methods of treatment.
Finding time is the problem.
I've agreed to give some lectures already.
Please don't say no.
Just one day, whenever you are free.
Bring my diary, Susan.
Susan George?
Get him!
Go there!
Who is he?
He is a criminal.
And you?
What just happened here?
I don't understand anything.
We'll tell you.
Before that, we need
to know certain things from you.
How did you miss that Delhi-Kochi flight?
It got late by the time my speech
at IMA Delhi Chapter got over.
We got delayed further due to traffic.
We missed the flight.
When did you fly
from Delhi to Kochi after that?
We didn't return soon.
I had to go back to the US urgently.
We went the next day
and came back recently.
I had to complete some lectures
I had committed to back then.
Are you using a pacemaker?
Did he implant it?
No. It was implanted here in Kerala.
- Dr. Venu?
- Yes.
Susan George.
Before that, you had another name, right?
What's the reason for changing your name?
How did you know that?
We're the police, madam.
Tell me.
I don't wish to remember all that.
You must say it, madam.
Susan, tell them.
Why did you go
to Susan George's house, Meyjo?
To kill her.
You have attempted it earlier too?
Yes, in the flight.
I missed her.
And the minister died instead of her.
Who hired you to kill Susan George?
The functioning
of the implanted pacemaker...
should be stopped externally.
Can you do it, Meyjo?
I can.
If I develop a software that can
stop the circuit, I can hack it.
- Develop it.
- Okay.
Who's the target?
Is it male or female?
Are there separate pacemakers
for males and females?
- No.
- Why...
do you need to know
who's the target then?
Be it male or female,
if you do your job properly,
those who have to die, will die.
Later, I bought tickets to Delhi
and back to Nedumbassery
on the dates suggested by Sam.
He didn't tell you
who the target was even then?
You need not know the target for this job.
When Sam realized it was the minister who
died instead of the target, he got scared.
He didn't tell you
about the target even then.
Journalist Bhasuran started raising
doubts about the minister's death.
Along with that, when I heard
what Dr. Venu told me...
You said you were on that flight.
- I was.
- Hey!
Did you do a trial or something?
Dr. Venu has a strong suspicion.
We can't waste any more time.
Bhasuran connected the deaths
of Minister Samad and Dr. Venu
and raised a great hue and cry.
He gave a name to it as well.
Basket Killings.
When Bhasuran started making noise,
Sam got even more scared.
Josemon was run over.
That was me too.
That was also on Sam's orders.
Everything was on Sam's orders!
- Stop!
- Everything!
Shall I repeat everything
that you just said, Meyjo?
Sam told you...
"Why do you have to know the target?
Even if the target is male or female,
if you do your job properly,
those who have to die will die.
You keep the software ready!"
Meyjo, when you don't know
whether the target is male or female,
how did you realize that it was a woman?
How did you know it was Susan George?
Where did you get this from?
I tore it from a newspaper
I found in a bar.
It's been months since Sam died.
This news came out only a few days ago.
When Sam was alive,
he never told you who the target was.
He never showed you who it was.
Then upon seeing this,
how did you know that she was the target?
Tell us, Meyjo.
I reached their house
because I identified her!
Sam had shown her photo to me
at some point!
You're putting this on a dead guy
and trying to fool us!
Sam never showed that photo to you!
We know who gave it to you and how!
If you know, go ahead, sir!
Bring him here!
- You bloody...
- Hey!
Do you realize the reason
behind his confidence, Balu?
No, sir.
He confessed to everything
that happened without giving a damn.
He can't be punished.
Is the killer enough?
- Shouldn't we find the mastermind?
- Yes, sir.
That's where the problem lies.
We know who the killer is.
We need to find out who the mastermind is.
The person who was
the middleman between them,
Sam, is not alive now.
Then how will we connect them?
I mean, the killer and the mastermind.
To make that connection,
just the proxy's phone is not enough.
There should be strong proof.
Sir, statistically
this case is almost over.
What we need now is a connection.
We can create that, sir.
When there's no other way out,
that's what we do.
Manipulated evidence.
- Yes, sir.
- We don't need that.
If we're losing this case,
let them put the blame on me.
The complainant and the defendant
deserve equal justice, Balu.
We don't have any other way
to establish a connection, sir.
Hello. I've told you countless times!
There's no network inside the office.
There's no connection.
This is really irritating.
I'll come outside.
There is a connection!
There's a connection between
the killer and the mastermind.
I told you yesterday...
You needed help from the police
regarding a suspect.
- You came home for that.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, there has been
a major breakthrough in that case.
That breakthrough will see a conclusion
only if we get your help.
What do you want? Tell me!
Manzoor has some other names as well.
Sandeep, Paul Meyjo.
What? You wait outside.
Should we sit somewhere else?
So, what's the breakthrough?
Between a top police officer of the State,
and a hardcore criminal...
what's the connection?
Every unwanted tree
will bear fruit at least once.
We had a similar experience.
That's the beginning of the breakthrough.
I've told you countless times!
There's no network inside the office.
There's no connection.
If what happened at the CBI office
was the reason,
the incident happened here much earlier.
There's some problem
with the mobile tower here.
I never get mobile network! Unbelievable!
From the unwanted tree,
we got a lead to the connection.
We knew only the name Manzoor initially.
We requested you for help
after showing his photo to you.
Back then, the CBI wasn't suspecting you.
It's human instinct, sir.
If you had some connection with him,
you would become alert.
You'd call him to warn him
that the CBI was after him.
If there was network in this house,
you would have used
your burner phone to warn him.
Since you couldn't do it,
the moment we left this house,
you used your landline phone
and warned him.
Indisputable evidence to prove
the relationship
between a senior police officer
and a hardcore criminal.
Meyjo got rid of the number
you called him on, later on at some point.
But that burner phone number
is still active.
It was recharged a few days back.
We've found that evidence
from Sam's guesthouse.
You were there with Paul Meyjo...
to hatch a conspiracy
which led us to Mrs. Susan George,
and she opened up.
I had another name prior to Susan George.
Ambika Unnithan.
IG Unnithan's wife.
We lived together for 28 years...
following which he decided
to get separated.
Without no other option,
we got divorced by mutual consent.
He was paranoically suspicious!
An acute schizophrenic.
She has experienced...
many such meltdowns.
One day, he fell ill all of a sudden.
He was in the hospital for two days.
The one who helped me
take him to the hospital,
and the one who stayed by his side
was our driver.
When he got discharged and came home...
Shall I leave, sir?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Was he...
with you for the past two days?
What did you say?
Was it he who slept with you?
Wait, I'll pass the phone to him.
- Okay.
- Give it here.
Hello, Ambika?
Where are you?
It's been long since we met.
Hello? Hello...
It's been long since you two met!
- That was my friend's...
- What?
- Your friend's...
- Friend's...
You bloody bitch!
Friend's son!
He suspected me
and tortured me a lot.
I don't know how he behaved
as a police officer.
But many days...
he locked me at home and went out.
Hate is the most heinous
and most dangerous crime.
You can kill people even with a smile.
You pretended to be dignified
on the outside, but you made a plan...
to kill Susan George alias...
Ambika Unnithan.
You had Sam and Paul Meyjo to help you.
But when the target was missed,
it was the innocent Minister Samad
who died instead of her.
Out of the fear that arose due to that,
you killed many others too.
And the last one was CI Josemon.
The person whom Josemon saw
that morning was you.
When he saw IG Unnithan sir,
whom he respected a lot, with a criminal,
he was shocked!
The CBI had to struggle a lot
to get to this point, sir.
God won't leave us high and dry.
He will, Mr. Iyer.
He will abandon you!
Once you hear what I have to say,
even in this air-conditioned room,
Sethurama Iyer,
you will be bathed in sweat!
This is the personal phone in my name.
This is my official phone.
I've saved the contact under the name
Paul Meyjo on both these phones.
You can check it and be convinced.
Does the Paul Meyjo I know
have another name called Manzoor?
I don't know.
Is he a criminal? I don't know!
I have called Paul Meyjo
from both these phones.
But I've called him
mostly from this landline phone.
Because, as you rightly noticed,
there's no network here.
Paul Meyjo is a computer wizard.
So, we do talk regarding that.
This guy... This Paul Meyjo...
I have never met him in person actually.
I know him only through these phone calls.
How did you get introduced
to Paul Meyjo, sir?
Sam! The deceased Sam!
The building material supplier.
It was through him!
Now, your question
will be how I met Sam. Correct?
It was during the construction
of this house, sir.
The connection and link
you were gloating about earlier
is over now!
Now, I need to talk about
what my ex-wife told you.
Yes! As you said,
I hated her and I still do!
I was forced into a marriage
against my choice.
She didn't suit me in any way.
I should feel like loving her.
But I can't pretend to be loving.
Of course, I had my own demands,
which she couldn't stand!
That was the reason for our divorce.
Why would I kill her after a divorce?
Of course! Hate is a complex emotion.
It can go to any extent or any extreme!
But I need to have that
towards her, right?
And she says I'm suspicious!
Me? Nonsense!
It's a story she had fabricated
to take a stronger stand
during the divorce.
What else?
I'll tell you one more thing.
Once you hear it, you won't have
anything to ask me or tell me.
What if there are others who hate her
and are more vengeful towards her than me?
People who stand to lose a lot.
Her new husband.
Dr. George Abraham.
He is filthy rich.
A man with assets
worth plenty of crore of rupees,
both in Kerala and America.
Some blood relatives
who have laid eyes on his wealth.
Brothers, brothers-in-law and others.
That's when this hag married that old man.
It was her second marriage.
Will they be able to bear it?
They will lose all their wealth, right?
Won't they feel vengeful, sir?
Hate, animosity...
Your hate theory.
Some of them
are major building contractors.
Sam was a building material supplier.
Won't they know each other by way of that?
And Meyjo, through Sam?
If you investigate
who used the burner phone
through that angle,
you just might find an answer.
But you don't have
to leave me out completely.
Let this Unnithan also remain
under the shadow of doubt.
But... instead of such flimsy evidence,
come with something cogent! Concrete!
Not much.
Just an iota is enough.
But something strong, sensible.
And then, you can analyze me
however you like!
Mr. Iyer!
Don't cook up such fake stories
to get your photo printed
in the newspapers!
And don't take it out on the wrong person.
Don't cook up such fake stories
to get your photo printed
in the newspapers!
God won't leave us high and dry!
After listening to your alibi,
I was about to go back without any clarity
on how to move forward.
That's when you called from behind
and asked me not to vent on you.
Though you told me
not to cook up fake stories
to get my photo printed
in the newspapers
to insult me,
it proved to be a clue for me.
It's not just an iota!
I have evidence as tall as a mountain!
This contains the perfect proof that
connects the killer and the mastermind.
This newspaper had an article about
Dr. George and his wife Susan George,
along with their photo.
Now, it's missing.
So what, Mr. Iyer?
Come on!
I got angry when I saw her
and I tore it off!
Getting angry and tearing it off
is not the problem.
- What is?
- Someone whom you've never met in person,
someone whom you know
only through phone conversations,
Paul Meyjo, had a Bible with him.
If I find the piece torn
from this newspaper in that Bible,
that will be a problem!
Meyjo does not know Susan George.
To identify her,
you gave this paper clipping to him.
That was the killer.
And now, the mastermind.
One to one match!
This piece of paper was torn from here.
It will fit together
only with this newspaper.
Because you simply cannot tear
another piece like this
however hard you try!
Since it's a providential match.
The killer didn't know who the target was.
So, the mastermind had
no other option but to provide it.
Since you missed the target once,
you both were very careful.
when you kept this newspaper back there,
you were very careless.
Not one, ten, thousand or lakh...
If you were to buy
all the newspapers under the sun
and spend days, months
or years ripping it...
to tear another piece
exactly like this one,
without the difference
of even a micromillimeter,
it is impossible for human hands.
And now,
apart from this news, the news matter
and the torn piece of paper,
there's something that makes
this evidence unique.
Something we got without asking.
Once you see that,
you will not just sweat
in this air-conditioned room,
but you'll be bathed in sweat!
That is your handwriting
written in blue ink!
Did you write it in a hurry?
Try reading it.
Dr. George, Puthenkavala, Kurishupalli.
The third house on the right
once you turn left.
Maramattathil House.
The latter half of "house" isn't here,
but on the original newspaper.
The word "house" in Maramattathil House
was split, and the latter half remained
on the main sheet of the newspaper.
You were in a hurry when you tore it.
Again, you were careless.
After doing everything,
the IG of Police, Unnithan,
was adamant that this case
should be taken up by the CBI.
You were overconfident!
What was all this for?
After hitting,
kicking and humiliating her,
you threw that poor woman
out of your house.
Ambika Unnithan.
When she was driven away from here
despite tolerating all your deviances,
she accepted the love
someone else offered her.
Susan George.
Why were you so vengeful against her?
Why did you hunt her?
Why did you want to kill her?
You really want to know?
You want to know why?
Because she was a bitch!
If I get another chance,
I will kill that bitch!
No matter how far you throw a boomerang,
it always come back to the thrower.
Unending vengeance!
Keep waiting for that!
Take him away!
Come on!
103 witnesses,
more than 360 material evidences,
and a charge sheet with over 1200 pages
were submitted by the CBI.
Unnithan died of a heart attack
during his trial.
Paul Meyjo is still in jail.
When Sethu sir visited the jail
for some other purpose,
he met Paul Meyjo face to face.
I haven't forgotten anything.
Getting ready.
When my software is ready...
I will finish you...
wherever you may be.
You call it...
the first online murder.
No one in this world can touch me then.
I will be so powerful!
Is that so? Good!
He was one
of our most intelligent officers.
He doesn't remember anything now.
But he remembers two things very clearly.
This face... and the name Meyjo.
We'll meet again!
See you!