CC (2018) Movie Script

- This can be
disastrous for our plan.
Head office is coming any minute.
Let me see her.
- This the best programmer we have.
She's doing a scan right now.
I don't know.
This has never happened
before, so we're just--
- Is this it?
If this isn't sorted out
by the time my phone rings,
we are pulling our investments.
- Scan's done.
No anomalies in the aid code.
It wasn't a program misfire.
- See?
Now can I please see Addy?
- Hang in there CC.
This is just so...
Our nanny's aren't violent.
It couldn't have been her fault.
- You mean your fault?
- I was protecting Addy!
- These things record footage, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Earlier, I need to see the lead up.
Start there.
- I love you, CC.
- I love you too, my little one.
Night night.
- Lena, please keep the noise down.
- Shit!
- Addy's sleeping.
- Sorry, I...
She's asleep already?
I wanted to give her a kiss goodnight.
Her bedtime's 7:30.
- Well, it's just passed.
I'll pop in quick.
- Lena...
Addy needs her sleep.
And you've been drinking.
It's best if you don't go in.
- I've had a rough...
Okay, just show me the
highlights then, please.
- Of course.
- Good morning.
You can't sleep.
- Are you okay?
What happened today?
- I got fired.
Replaced by an aid.
I'm sorry, Lena.
I know how hard you were working.
- Fuck them.
I was keeping up.
- Your favorite, isn't it?
- Thank you.
- Good.
Who's that in the picture?
- Me and you.
- That's me and you?
Good job!
- There's nothing more
you could have done.
Aide workers are better
suited to some jobs,
and when they are...
it's just best to let them take over.
- I love you, CC.
- I love you too, my little one.
Night night.
- Is that Adelaide's snack for tomorrow?
I'll do that.
- No need.
I know how she likes them.
- It's carrots, I can do it.
- I'm quicker too.
You get some sleep.
You need your rest.
- It's fine, just let me do it.
They're already done.
- You bought Prosper juice?
That's way too expensive.
- Prosper's the best.
Addy deserves the best.
- Well she'll survive
on something cheaper.
- Lena, is this about you losing your job?
There's no need to
sacrifice Addy's wellbeing.
- I am not!
Just no more Prosper juice.
- Lena, please put down the knife.
You're not in a stable frame--
- I'm fine!
- Yes, why?
- What?
Well I have more free time,
so I can look after Adelaide myself.
- No.
You can't.
- Excuse me?
- Addy needs me.
- I may not be the best mom, but I'm okay.
She'll be fine without you.
- Are you sure?
Do you know what she's most afraid of?
- The dark.
- Jellyfish.
But it's not the sting
she's most afraid of.
It's the slime.
I remember everything she's every said.
I have knowledge that would
take you lifetimes to learn.
I can identify a sickness
and stop it in its tracks.
If she runs out in front of a car,
are you quick enough
to get to her in time?
Strong enough to keep
it from crushing her?
Okay is not good enough.
Not when Addy can have the best.
I know how to keep Addy
happy, healthy, and safe.
You don't even know the best juice to buy.
- I'm her mom.
She's my child!
And I know what's best for my child.
- Where are you going?
- To kiss my daughter goodnight.
- I can't let you do that.
Lena, please try to calm down.
- Call Clover Hill Nanny Agency!
- I can't let you do this to Addy.
- This is Lena Howard.
I would like to shut down my aid.
Yes, I'm sure.
Her registration number?
It's um...
- Addy will be better off with me.
- CC?
- Addy, honey.
We have to go now.
- What did I just see?
- She's programmed to make
the best choice for the child.
She thought she was the best choice.
- We all know that the best
can be programmed and reprogrammed.
A shortsighted mistake in programming
doesn't have to cost us.
Does it?
You can fix this, right?
- Yeah.
- No, it...
It wasn't a mistake!
- The mother?
Well, if she survives,
we can offer her compensation
to keep her quiet.
And we can always turn this
thing on her if we have to.
- You found what you needed!
I get to see Addy now!
You promised!
Let me see Addy.
- Oliver.
Showing emotion is just a tool for her.
She'll be fine.
- Where's CC?
- Hey, Adelaide!
Don't worry, I'm gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.