Cek Toko Sebelah (2016) Movie Script

Bread, Sir?
Generic bread,
tastes like medicine.
Bread, uncle?
- What?
- The key.
I remember clearly, yesterday
you put it in your back pocket.
- My pockets are all in the front.
- Maybe your pockets changed places.
How can pockets move?
It's not like they're renting a room.
Okay, enough.
Try my new style of nastar
(sweet jam pastry), okay?
Man, what now?
Last week I had the runs,
because of your spicy nastar.
I guarantee it's safe,
come on.
What is this?
- Green Tea Nastar.
- Green tea?
Yeah, it's trending right now.
Everything is green tea.
Green Tea Bakpia Rolls,
Green Tea Mini Cakes.
Miss Yu, not everything that is
trending needs to be made into nastar.
Original is better.
- Yes?
- Okay.
I'm a candidate for promotion
to the head office.
But its not for certain, right?
Yes, there is one other
candidate from Malaysia.
If you do get chosen,
that means?
Erwin Surya Brand
Director South East Asia".
Go order something,
lunch break is almost over.
Lunch break is over,
when I say it's over.
Hey, so who do you
think you are?
Erwin Surya Brand
Director South East Asia".
You're such a child.
- Uncle.
- Uncle Ali, let's fish.
Maybe next time.
I'm really busy.
My son went to Bali with his wife and
I'm taking care of my grand-kid...
... while they're
making another child.
- Okay then.
- Hey wait.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
- No cigarettes?
- Cigarettes!
- Alright, peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
From smiles, laughter, and hope
Dear, dear.
Get out.
Get out!
Don't act like you're all that.
Smacking my car.
Go call your friends in
those green helmets!
You think I'm one of
those online ojeks?
- You're not?
- Of course not!
- Well sorry!
- Why are you the one that's angry?
You're the one who's wrong,
doing whatever you like.
Does this country
belong to your father?
Well, no.
All I can do is work, work, work.
Enough let's go, come on.
- You're his passenger, miss?
- Enough!
Wouldn't you rather ride a taxi?
Mr. Nandar.
New business card,
new number.
Already waiting for me,
just on time.
My answer is still the same.
Relax, I came here just to
give you my business card.
New number.
Today you don't want to sell,
who knows tomorrow might be different.
You want Anita's number too?
Her number is 36D.
Buckets for sale!
Buy one now!
(Check the Store Nextdoor)
Morning, Miss Tini.
Hey Mr. Kuncoro.
G'morning too.
Your voice Ms. Tin, so melodic.
Even the birds stop singing.
What are you talking
about Mr. Kuncoro.
- What if...
- Tini!
The boss is asking for toprak
(mixed vegetables in peanut sauce.)
What, tablecloth?
- Toprak.
- What?
Compressed rice, rice noodles,
tofu, peanut sauce.
Why didn't you say that.
Miss Tin.
She's mine.
Rohman Abdul Rahman,
I used to be a karate instructor.
The bird of Mr. RT?
- Karate Instructor.
- What is that?
Martial Arts from Japan.
The moment 1000
lightning-bolts strike!
What was he saying?
I don't know.
The signal kept breaking.
Downloading hasn't finished.
Ular, try saying "ular"!
Bro Amia, you're going
to make me faint.
All that sweat, did
you just do push-ups?
I'll take one, chocolate.
Plastic bag?
Why do you have to ask,
use one of course.
- Add 200 Rp then?
- You think you're a mini-mart?
What they call plastic isn't good for
the environment, you can't bicycle it.
Bicycle, convert it to a reusable
item, you wouldn't understand.
Yeah, it's "cycle" too,
what's the problem?
Are you sure, it's okay?
It's okay just don't be too
late with the payments.
- I might end up dying first.
- My Lord.
That won't happen,
I'll pay all my debts next week.
Wait a moment.
It seems like last week the price for
this sweet soy sauce wasn't this high.
The agent raised it, if you don't
believe me check the store next door.
It's okay I believe you, I don't
really want to check next door.
Even more expensive?
No, next door they won't
let you pay later.
- Boyfriend.
- Let's hurry.
- We want to have lunch.
- Okay, heading off.
Hi Dad.
Yes, Ayu made nastar for you.
Can we speak, inside?
It's like this.
This week I have a job
pre-wedding photos.
The budget is reasonable,
but I have to pay for the location...
... and there are supplementary
fees, paying for the crew.
Next week, after I'm paid
I'll return the money.
Don't make promises, if you're
not sure you can keep them.
How much?
10 million rupiah, father.
Alright, I'll transfer it.
Thanks Dad.
Hello, Win.
Hi, Dad.
Are you well?
I'm well.
So, unfortunately, I can't
attend the dinner this Thursday.
You can't stop by?
It's been awhile since we've gathered.
I have to go to Singapore, I have
an interview with the head office.
If the interview goes well, I'll have
an office there in Singapore.
How come you have an interview
on the 24th of December?
No Christmas break?
They want to finish
up interviews before...
... the New Year holidays,
hence the timing.
Alright, it's work
so what can I say?
I'm so sorry Dad.
We'll reschedule.
It'll be my treat, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Alright Dad.
I'm going to head home, okay?
- Hurry up, she's been waiting.
- Yeah I know, I know.
You okay?
It's just heavy,
I want to leave it but I can't.
Come in Win.
It's all good, Bu.
I'm ready to go.
Very good.
Any tips?
How should I say it?
You're sometimes
over-confident, Win.
I know you're confident because
you know you're right, but...
... people see you
like you're stuck up.
Be humble, Win.
I'll try my best, thank you.
- Win
- Yes?
Do you have any recommendations
about who should be my secretary?
What's wrong with Ririn?
Ririn doesn't want to continue
after she gives birth.
I can try, what kind
of person do you want?
I would like someone diligent,
skillful, and honest.
Also someone who doesn't do drugs and
gamble, especially online gambling.
My neighbor would gamble
online in one day...
... she would lose
hundreds of dollars Win.
It didn't stop there they sold
their home, their motorcycle.
Until they sold their phone.
Until they couldn't gamble again,
Win god forgive them.
Don't find someone
who likes to gamble.
- Yes.
- Okay, thank you.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Win
- Yes?
Remember, be humble bro.
Be humble Bro.
Mr. Afuk.
This is what you asked
for I bought it.
Good, right?
Whats wrong with it?
This is what he asked for a
small Christmas tree like this.
Yeah, but this is a Christmas
tree for a Minion.
How should I have known?
I've never celebrated
Christmas before.
I don't even celebrate
Lebaran often, once a year.
How come I celebrate
Lebaran twice?
You must have gone
to private school.
No, I went to public,
lebaran started at 7.
Okay but this is useless.
How will he decorate it?
With breaded nuts?
Is the store busy?
Yeah, it's pretty busy.
Your birthday is
coming up right?
What did you want to do?
Keep it simple,
it's not important anyway.
- Where are you going?
- Don't worry about it.
Did you need something Dad?
It's nothing terrible
but just be wary, okay.
High blood pressure if not dealt
with can result in a stroke.
- Dangerous, right?
- What now, Doc?
Just keep an eye on his condition
don't get over-tired, over-stressed.
Most importantly don't
stay out too late.
Not like someone I know Mr. Warno.
He always likes going out at night.
I always tell him and remind him.
Mr. Warno don't stay out too late
it's not good for your health."
What does he say?
Mr. Cahyo, I have
to go out at night."
I sell Sekoteng.
(A warm ginger drink)
Mr. Warno,
such an old delinquent.
Alright, I need to
check nextdoor first.
There's an injured old man,
said he was fighting with his wife.
Is it bad Doc?
Just a scratch on his arm,
and scissors stuck in his cheek.
Alright I'll be
taking my leave now.
Excuse me, miss.
So our father has to end up in
a hospital just to see you.
Yeah I went to Singapore for
work it wasn't a vacation.
Are you alright?
How was the interview?
Did it go well?
It went well.
This is the second time
this has happened.
I need to rest more.
... no longer able
to run the store.
So you want to
sell your store?
I want you to be the one
to take care of me.
To take care of the store.
You will won't you?
One moment.
I need to pick up Natalie downstairs.
Be right back.
I'll be happy to take care
of the store for you.
I want to hand the
store over to you.
But you, can't even take
care of your own life yet.
Right now you're only responsible
for one person, Ayu.
If you run my store, you'll be
responsible for all my employees.
Nat, this is bad.
Your father is in bad shape?
Hurry up, let's go.
It's not my father.
- What are you talking about, Win?
- Come here.
My father wants to retire.
He asked me to take
over the store.
- That's terrible.
- See? Told you.
Why does it have to be you Win?
Why not Yohan instead?
You act as if you don't know
what their relationship is like.
What should I say?
- Get well soon.
- Thanks.
So how about it, Win?
Do you want to?
This is, a big decision.
I think I'll need some time
to think about it okay?
For as long as you've lived,
have I asked for anything from you?
Just try it out, one month.
One month?
I feel your mother
would also approve.
I promise.
If you don't like it,
I won't force you.
Nat, Nat!
I told you, you should have asked
for some time to think about it.
I did, didn't you hear me?
I said I would like some
time to think about it.
Yes, but you also
agreed too, right?
Nat, he was talking about my mother.
What I was supposed to say?
Just relax okay.
Nat, Mrs Sonya probably
won't allow me anyway.
- I'll allow it.
- What?
But you won't receive
pay for the month.
The result of your interview
is still under review...
... by the Asia-Pacific
Hong Kong Headquarters.
So for the time being if you want to
take a vacation, take a vacation.
- What about my work here?
- Win.
My father is no longer here.
I'm sad.
His entire life I disappointed him.
Win, I used to...
Break dance on sidewalks!
Get drunk!
All kinds of things, Win.
I don't want you to be like me.
- I've never gotten drunk.
- Break dance on the streets?
Street raced?
My, your life is so boring, Win.
- Life is so boring?
- The point is...
... I don't want you to disappoint
your father, remember.
The treasure that is
most valuable is...
Come on, try.
- The treasure that's most valuable...
- I don't know that song, ma'am.
I should probably work on
my presentation, okay?
The one for next week
I need to prepare it.
- I have to...
- How could you not know that song?
It's from the TV series
Keluarga Cemarah.
- Featuring Adi Kurdi, Lia Waroka...
- I don't know it.
- Presentation Ma'am.
- Win!
Novie Kolapaking!
So naive.
C'mon Rin.
The Treasure that is
most valuable is...
You're naive too.
Always Erwin!
I know he's the favorite child, Yu!
He got a scholarship in Sydney,
his career is a success!
What then?
What has he contributed to the family?
You remember when
mother was sick?
It was me! I kept her company
every night, not Erwin!
But Dad could say that
Mom would agree that...
... Erwin should
take over the store.
Say something, Yu!
I don't want to say anything
if you're going to be like this.
Come down.
I understand that
you're disappointed.
... he has the right to decide
what is best according to him.
It's okay for us to
try to change things.
But there are times...
... when we can only
accept the situation.
Stay strong.
I don't know what I should
have said yesterday.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, Nat.
Hey, hey.
I don't want your
career to be bothered.
What should I say to my father?
I'll tell him that Mrs. Sonya
didn't give you permission.
I'm supposed to
lie to my father?
- He was talking about Mom...
- Okay, alright.
But after one month,
you'll return to the office, right?
In one month I will
return to the office.
I promise.
- Okay, okay.
- I love you.
I love you.
You're already old
it doesn't suit you...
... if you were a teen
that makes sense.
Fatso, don't be envious.
Yeah Dinda,
one of my office friends.
Alright, I need to
continue my meeting first.
Better to act like a teen
instead of a Momma's boy like you.
Who said I was a Momma's boy?
Ming, did you get
the chocolates?
Yes, Mom!
How many bars did you finish?
This is only the second.
But I really want
to start dieting.
Ming, did you want
fried breadsticks?
I want some, Mom!
Relax speak softly
that's your mother.
If you're serious about
dieting, eat some fruits.
Are you a person or a parakeet?
Man, that's not manly.
It's orange and soft.
You know snake fruit?
There you go.
Dark, thorny, hard,
that's a manly fruit.
Vincent, so complicated.
Find something that doesn't
need to be peeled, easily cut.
- Tomatoes.
- Tomato is a vegetable Ming.
You're fool Aloy.
Tomatoes are a fruit.
Since the beginning of time
tomatoes have been a vegetable.
- Do tomatoes have seeds?
- They do.
Okay if they have seeds
then they're a fruit.
Enough that means everyone here is
a fruit too, alright lets play.
Hold on, now let me ask you.
If you go to a supermarket...
... are tomatoes on the fruit
rack or vegetable rack?
- Vegetable rack, all right, enough.
- See?
Even someone as dumb
as Vincent knows.
Hey, what?
Tomatoes are a fruit,
same with cucumbers.
What? Cucumbers are a vegetable, Ming.
Are you crazy?
Cucumber, tomato, soon enough
you'll be talking about Jcamas.
Well are Jcamas a
vegetable or fruit?
My Lord!
The point is if it has
seeds, it's a fruit.
You took science courses in highschool
like me, what's wrong with you?
But Vincent took science too,
and dropped out of college.
Why is this about me?
Han help me out, you
dropped out too right?
- Is Jcama a vegetable or fruit?
- Whatever you want it to be.
What's up with you?
So pathetic today.
It's okay win or lose
it's normal, relax.
My father wants to retire.
That's great that means
you'll inherit his shop.
Wait, wait.
Don't tell me the one who
get's the shop is...
- Erwin?
- I don't agree with that.
You're the eldest son,
you should get it.
See that's true,
he is the eldest son.
It's okay, let Erwin
take over the store.
What does he know?
He'll make a mess of it.
The point is, even if you're some
poor chinese without a store...
... we'll still be your friend.
Damn you.
Thanks bro.
Enough before you two start kissing,
show your cards.
Look at this Ace, Ace.
- Tin tin.
- Yes, sir?
Go next door to Pak Mamat's shop
to buy double-sided tape.
Hey Mad, what else?
- "Kat-ay", boss.
- What?
- "Kat-ay"
- What is that?
- Knife that's tiny and cute.
- Cutter, buy one.
Mr. Rohman anything else?
I would like you to be careful.
(heavy lisp)
Be careful.
Don't "buyu-buyu".
Buru-buru, talking
with you never ends.
- Hi Ms. Tin.
- Hey Mr. Kuncoro.
You don't have to be so
formal with me Ms. Tin.
You don't need to call me
Mr. Kuncoro, "Kuns" is enough.
Hey shaggy.
Kuns, it doesn't suit you,
You should be called "Coro."
Like a cockroach?
- He dies on his back.
- What's that like?
One more time?
Again, again.
- How's that?
- Cockroach.
Its okay Ms. Tin,
you can ignore those barbarians.
Where are you going?
I'll take you.
No need, I'm still too young.
Hey, hey.
What's going on?
Is this sexual harassment?
You too, I've been waiting
this entire time.
Okay then I'll be off, Sir.
Watch yourself, don't tease Tini.
What if she gets big, pregnant?
What? Pregnant?
My Lord, Sir.
I'm honest, holy, and clean.
Not one of those playboys
with different colored noses.
I don't care what
color your nose is.
The point is don't bother Tini!
It's okay, don't think about it.
What did I ever do to him?
It's not you, his store is
in competition with Mr. Afuk's.
What happened, my man?
Before only Mr. Nandar's store
was here, not Mr. Afuk's.
Why'd he move here?
Well during the '98 riots,
Mr. Afuk's store was looted.
Everything was lost.
In the end he started
all over again, here.
Attention everyone.
Erwin will be taking over the store.
I'm buying everyone pizza.
Pizza!? There's bread
right in front of you!
I'm buying everyone bread!
Cheap bread.
That's better, where can you
find coconut flavored pizza?
Peace be upon you.
Everything good, Sir?
That's the problem.
You'll have to wait, God-willing
in two months you'll be paid.
It doesn't normally
take that long.
That's the problem, your invoice
can't be accepted immediately.
You have to register
as a new vendor.
I have to register as a new vendor?
I've received three jobs here already.
That's the problem.
Our boss has been replaced and
wants all vendors to re-register.
How about it, is there a problem?
This isn't a problem.
Heavenly breeze.
What's with you both?
We cannot lose to the
store next door.
How come there's no progress?
- Let's move forward.
- Forward.
Relax, relax, don't worry.
We have an idea, it's good.
Show me the result.
He must be sick.
- So what's the idea?
- No idea.
So you're just pretending.
Okay, I have an idea,
we'll make the theme "Zoo."
- That works.
- Yeah?
- We'll put an elephant here.
- Elephant.
- A camel here.
- Camel.
- A cat here.
- Cat.
Hey, there's no
cats at the zoo.
At the Private Zoo maybe.
My zoo is the public zoo,
it opens at 7.
Last time I went to the zoo, at the
shop there was a cat at my feet.
That's at the shop
not in the cage!
I have an idea, the theme
will be "Under the Sea."
That's good, imagine it
over here will be a whale.
Over here will be a
dolphin, over here a broom.
Man, my God.
Where in the ocean is a broom?
You know-it-all!
The ocean is vast...
... have you been to all of it?
Into all the nooks?
Of course there's a broom.
What crude unschooled men.
Terrible intelligence.
Hey, Mom.
Maybe father is correct.
As if I could take care of the store,
I can't even take care of my own life.
But I'm okay though.
As long as there's Ayu...
... I'll be okay.
- Dad.
- Win.
Everyone come here, you
still remember them right?
He's new Kuncoro.
This is Amyong.
- Ojak and Yadi.
- Mr. Afuk.
That's his father,
he already knows him.
Sorry, sorry.
Welcome, Sir.
Come along.
Hey your hand.
That's his son.
What are you doing?
You're not looking yeah?
There's a sweet-looking guy.
That's sweeter.
No thanks, I'd rather be
a virgin my entire life.
My darling I love you, you know that
it's true (you know that it's true)
I will always be with you,
you know that I'll do
My love, I will always love you.
(Love you)
I will always be with you
Please, please, don't leave me
- Buy what?
- "Petsin."
- Dad, we sell gas here?
- "Petsin!"
How about buying tissues?
Seems like you need...
Here, MSG.
- Here dad, the money from him.
- No need.
For you, your first payday.
My darling I love you, you know that
it's true ( you know that it's true )
I will always be by your side
And I'll say
Please, please, don't leave me
Don't leave me
I won't live
Who are you?
You're so handsome,
like a Korean film star.
- Thanks.
- I want to pay what I owe.
My, if it's about payment
you come out, right?
Count it, count it.
You don't trust me?
Do you have to count it?
You're taking so long, like this.
Mrs. Ida.
How come it's only 1.2
million rupiah ($90)?
Yesterday, wasn't it
1.4 million ($105)?
How is it 1.4 million?
It was 1.2.
That's what I remember, check the
receipt if you don't believe me.
- Myong
- Yes?
Where's Mrs. Ida's receipt?
You're the one that stored it.
Okay then,
1.2 seems correct, sorry.
When I look at you I
want to pinch you.
I'll introduce you to my
younger sister Ebet, okay?
Her body is just
like mine, so good.
Good? A round and compact body?
How's that good?
I'll think about it?
What's "tentative" mean?
Okay then, I'll take my leave.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
One more thing, milk coffee, the
delicious one, so I won't be tired.
- Do you have any?
- Yes, we do.
- Naryo.
- No need.
Put it on my tab.
- Hi Nat.
- Hi, how are you?
Tired, very.
It's only been a week.
How was today?
Business as usual,
so many weird things happening but...
... it's fun.
Don't forget about
your office work, Win.
You said you wanted to be
Brand Director of South East Asia.
Yeah? You're that afraid that
I wont return to the office?
Are you that ashamed, if
you have to date a grocer?
I'm not ashamed,
just not mentally prepared.
How about you?
How was work?
Well, today Mr. Albert was
yelling at the office.
Alright Din, you should go home.
I'll clean up.
Yes Ma'am.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Good, but there are plenty
of cheese sticks left.
And the nastar are nearly finished,
so I have to make more.
Seems like you'll be able
to open a bakery soon.
Then I can relax at
home watching DVDs.
Relax? If I have a bakery
you'll deliver the cakes.
- Why's that?
- You're an online ojek, aren't you?
Mr. Erwin what food would you like?
I'll buy it for you.
Don't worry about it.
I'll head out myself and find
something to eat, not a problem.
Mr. Erwin don't go out too often.
You'll get too much of the hot sun.
Your creamy fair skin
will end up dark.
Thank you for caring about the
color of my skin, but it's okay...
... I'll go myself, okay?
What about a drink?
Do you want a drink?
No, no need.
What about my telephone number?
Do you want that?
- Come here.
- My number is 0854...
Dad, for these receipts
how about we use this...
... tablet instead?
To make things easier?
- Tablet? Medicine?
- Yes.
No, not that.
This is a computer tablet.
- Hi Ren.
- Hi.
- Five minutes?
- Yes.
So, my father died last month...
... and I've just returned from
Jogja taking care of things.
It's okay, Mom is doing alright.
My father has a house for
rent there, it's small but...
... it's located right next to
a popular hotspot Kaliurang.
You know it right?
Strategic, perfect for a bakery.
Your dream, right?
I won't get involved.
And you won't need to pay rent.
We'll just split the profits.
Think about it, okay?
Only this much is complete?
Next week is when we'll be evaluated.
This is pretty good, look at it.
The theme is "Under the Sea." Look.
- Under the sea?
- Yes, this is a whale here.
This is a shark.
This is an octopus.
What a ruin.
The sunken ruins of the Titanic.
You jump, I jump.
What is that, then?
It's Spongebob.
Spongebob lives at the
bottom of the sea, right?
He doesn't live in government
housing obviously, right?
I'll just fish here then.
Why here?
I think he's sick again.
What did I say?
He didn't like Spongebob.
Okay, let's smile this time.
- One, two.
- Hey wait, is my hair okay?
- It is.
- Great.
- Alright, let's do this.
- Hey wait, wait.
- What is it?
- This is a color photo, right?
- Yes.
- Great!
Make sure it's not blank and
white, so we don't look poor.
Right sweety?
Yes, that's right.
- Okay, Look at each other.
- Stop, wait.
What is it?
Stay there.
Wait, hold on.
- I want to take a look.
- Man.
We'll take plenty of photographs,
you can look at all of them after.
It's becoming overcast.
The photos won't turn out great.
What if I look ugly?
I want to see, so stingy.
Okay Alright, here.
See! I'm fat!
What's wrong with you.
It's good that I checked.
- Do it properly.
- Sure, okay.
- Quickly, hurry up.
- Alright, let's hurry Bill.
Yes, look at each
other intimately.
- Now look forward one, two.
- Stop, stop!
What now?
Just stay there.
I want to look again,
to see if I look fat or not.
See! I'm still fat!
What's wrong with you?
Pretty, what is it?
- Come here, handsome.
- There's nothing, just stay there!
- Don't move.
- Man, what's going on?
- My friends said you were good.
- My photo looks terrible, I look fat.
What's with you?
I told you I didn't want him.
- There are better photographers.
- Come on take better photographs.
I don't want to take any more
pictures here like this.
- I don't want to do anymore with him.
- Alright we'll try once more.
Okay, let's continue.
- This is my good side.
- Okay, your left, alright.
Come on Bill, hurry up!
- What is this?
- This Sir, is artistic.
Aristick, aristick what?
- Artsy Sir, it's art.
- Art.
Need to make it more artistic
than the store nextdoor.
- Okay?
- Ready, just leave it to me.
Yes Sir, I'm serving these guys
these guys that aren't buying.
Next door, there's someone helping
Mr. Afuk, a new employee?
Mr. Erwin?
- Erwin? Mr. Afuk's youngest?
- Yes.
He's impressive.
Didn't he go to
university somewhere far?
- Sidney (sounds like here) Sir.
- Not here, outside the country.
- Sidney (sounds like here) Sir.
- The place with kangaroos.
Kangaroo (sounds like Mr. Teacher)
kangaroo, Mr. Haj that's a teacher.
- Sydney, Australia?
- That's the one.
You must've found out
from that Coro right?
Coro, Coro again.
Go on then, do your
work properly.
Tini, Tini.
Nandar, Nandar.
Hey! Pay attention!
Who is that?
A developer wants to buy this land
but I'm not interested in selling.
- Good Afternoon Mr. Nandar.
- Hi Mr. Nandar.
How are things?
I mean my business is tight.
Don't bother me.
My boss told me to pass
on good tidings to you.
He's offering this time,
twice as much.
I don't want to sell,
no matter the price.
Are you sure?
Our offer is very large, see?
Yes, so large.
But the point is I will not be
tempted into selling this store.
Mr. Nandar, think about it first.
If you rush into a decision,
you'll regret later.
- Yeah, Sure.
- Okay, let's go.
Mr. Afuk, are you well?
I'm well of course.
One moment.
I bring good tidings,
my boss is offering twice as much.
I'm giving this store to my son.
- Bro, Afuk Jr.
- Erwin, my name is Erwin.
You tell your father, please.
I don't want him to regret later.
Alright, I'm off for now.
Where are we going now?
We have a meeting
at City Hall...
... after that we have dinner
reservations with Mr. Jamil.
Mr. Jamil.
He's from Abu Dhabi, but his name is
the same as my friend, from Depok.
- Let's go.
- We're off, Mr. Erwin.
What a miracle.
Actually, two miracles.
She left already.
It's good, right?
My mom bought it yesterday
at a church auction.
- We're gambling, Ming.
- So?
Don't you know?
Gambling is a sin.
It's just small change,
how's that a sin?
He'll understand.
But not with him looking
at us like this Ming.
Yeah, it's like we're
watching a porn...
... and your mother joins
you, it's awkward.
You understand Ming,
just take it down.
Or change it with the god of gambling
Chow Yun Fat, that would work.
As if, if my mother found
out it would be a nuisance.
Enough, so you all calm down
before we deal let's pray first.
Give me your hand,
come on quickly.
Repeat after me.
- Lord.
- Lord.
- Forgive us for our sins today.
- Forgive us for our sins today.
- We did not mean to do evil.
- We did not mean to do evil.
- Aming!
- Hold on!
Hold on.
- Hopefully you will forgive us.
- Hopefully you will forgive us.
- And hopefully Aming will win often.
- And hopefully Aming will win often.
I'm feeling good today,
let's do this.
How's Erwin doing at the store?
It's been two weeks, right?
You should check to see
if there are any waves.
I'm still curious as to why
you didn't get the store.
Is it because...
- What?
- Is it because you were in jail?
He was imprisoned for
only three months...
... he was just a
You should be grateful he was
only held for three months.
It was just weed,
ecstasy is really troublesome.
- Can we change the topic?
- Ming, do you want ice-cream?
No, thank you.
I want some Mom.
Not too much, just three scoops.
Also don't use condensed milk.
I'm on a diet.
So, anything new?
- Mr. Robert came to the store again.
- Robert?
Yes he's developer, properties.
He wants to buy my father's store.
- He doesn't want to sell it.
- Why?
He took care of that store with my
mother, it has sentimental value.
Yes but if the value is great,
why not?
Money can't always buy
everything I guess.
Whereas, if your father
sells the store...
... there's no longer any
problems right, Win?
You would be free.
You wouldn't have to
take care of anything.
Yohan too, he would have
nothing to be envious about.
- Everything would be sorted.
- Nat.
It's already cut.
It's hard.
It's okay Ma'am, you may open it.
Looks good.
Relax Mr. Afuk, you didn't like
the other theme "Under the Sea."
- So we changed it.
- What did you change it to?
Bottom of the Pond.
He's sick again.
- Di.
- Yes?
What's wrong?
You can tell me from there.
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine, just feeling weak.
Normally I eat nasi uduk
(steamed rice with coconut milk.)
- Today?
- Fried Rice.
Okay, you look pale.
No Sir, I just look like this.
What now?
Ojak and Yadi keep making
terrible displays.
- Tomorrow is the evaluation.
- What's the prize.
It's decent,
10 million rupiah ($750.)
If we win, I want to
split it with everyone.
Not bad, right?
(How about it, Yu?)
What's this then?
You don't feel anything odd, do you?
There's money here.
Does my lovely wife
want to buy a new bra?
Hey, your father first.
I'm not sure if my father
would want to wear a bra.
I'm serious, pay back what you
owe to your father first.
Mrs. Yu, you're no fun.
I'd rather not be
exciting, so our life...
... is comfortable,
peaceful, without debt.
Pay your father back.
Then we pay our rent.
Then the rest you can
do whatever with.
I want to dress up my wife.
Normally you make your
motorcycle pretty.
But the motorcycle
can't give me warmth.
It can.
The exhaust has a hole.
It would blister then?
Makmur Abadi Store.
What's the concept?
- This is artistic, Sir.
- Where? Where's the art?
It's artsy, Sir.
- Art, but where is it?
- Where?
This is an "apatelment."
- Bag of cement?
- Bag of cement from, wait, where?
- Places for rent to live in.
- Rental homes.
Okay then, just
declare us the winner.
What's clear is the rest don't
need to be evaluated...
... this one is clearly the best.
- Mr. Afuk?
- Are you ready?
All ready, just a little bit more.
- Today is hot, right?
- A little bit.
- Drink?
- Sorry we can't be bribed.
- It's unfair, not fair at all.
- One bottle, my pride.
Okay this works.
For our pride to be balanced
we need the same thing.
It's done, please.
- Done?
- Yes.
It's done?
- That's a great moon.
- Sun.
Why the sun?
In religion, the sun
is a symbol of hope.
So for this new
year we hope...
... everything will be
better more prosperous.
So we already have a sun here.
If we have free time,
let's add Teletubbies, okay?
- Good idea, right?
- You're right.
There's Tinky-Winky,
Dipsy, Lala, Karmela.
Erwin Surya.
Surya "sun", I can't believe it.
You're the one who
named me, right?
Han, Han!
Look at this, isn't it beautiful?
- Why?
- Look, Erwin made this.
He brings luck, this kid.
It's great, right?
Yes, it's great.
Have you checked the
store next door?
We have.
- Which one is better?
- This one, right?
This one is better.
- For now, this one is the best.
- Secured, then?
- You're safe.
- Safe.
So, as I was saying...
This is the money
that I borrowed.
No need,
don't worry about it, it's done.
Enough, who is my money for,
if not for my children?
Hold onto it.
Our display won!
- Hi Win.
- Our display won!
There was a display
contest at our store.
We won 10 million rupiah that we'll
split between the employees.
- Congratulations.
- Yes, thank you.
Alright then, its really loud here.
Our store won! Bye bye.
See you.
Our store?
- There's Mr. Pri.
- Yeah.
Mr. Pri.
- This is for you.
- Thank you, Mr. Yohan.
- Okay Sir.
- Yes, Sir.
Hi Mom.
Erwin is doing well, at the store.
It's been a long time since
I've seen father so happy.
I'm still a photographer.
Even Ayu here.
Her pastries are selling so well Mom
you didn't pick wrong in her.
If only Dad had the same idea.
Big-bro Yohan, big-sis Ayu.
My dad isn't here, how about
I make your ketoprak.
Are you able to reach up there?
It's easy, I'll reach it.
The usual?
One spicy, one normal?
You know right, that I really
want to have a bakery of my own.
Your own bakery.
My own photo studio.
It'll happen one day.
Last week Reno came to the cafe.
He told me, he inherited
a house in Jogja.
It's small,
but in a strategic location.
He asked if I wanted to
open a bakery with him.
We'll split the profits and
we won't have to pay rent.
You've said that you
were bored of Jakarta.
All my clients are here.
If we move to Jogja...
... we'll have to start
all over again?
Also, who will take
care of my father?
This is because of Jogja, right?
Not because of Reno?
Who's the jealous one?
You, right?
To help realize your
dreams is my duty.
Not someone else's.
Wan, where's my ketoprak?
- One moment, I've almost reached it.
- What's happening to my ketoprak?
Man, I can do this.
- Excuse me.
- There's a guest.
- Guest?
- Yes, a guest.
Excuse me, this is
New Victory Store, right?
- Yes, may I help you?
- I have a delivery.
- This?
- Yes.
Good, right?
What is this?
Your store's sign, what did you
think it was, a tombstone?
No, did you deliver
to the wrong place?
Wrong delivery?
Like an SMS.
Yes this is an address.
The New Prosperous Store, there.
Ordered by Afuk.
What a tacky name,
are you Afuk?
It's okay you can admit it,
you don't have to be ashamed.
Hey, Afuk!
Where are you going?
Changing your name?
Hey, are you kid or an adult?
Shut up, Afuk's friend.
You're wrong here too, this billboard,
how come it's "liater."
- Should be "retail", it's wrong.
- Are you drunk!?
Read it from here!
Call Afuk here.
What are you making?
A will?
I don't plan on
dying anytime soon.
If you want to first,
please go on ahead.
Love at the Store Next door.
Wait a moment.
As the sun dawns.
And our rolling doors race."
So uncivilized.
Kun, if you want touch
a woman's heart...
... ask the most feminine here.
As if you're feminine.
Your beard is like the carpet
for an indoor stadium.
Is this real?
You were accepted?
So when do you start?
If I go through with it,
the start of next month.
Wait, wait.
What do you mean "if?"
Why would this not happen?
Who said it wont happen?
It will happen.
- It's just...
- It's just what? What?
I need to talk to my father,
I haven't spoken to him.
All you have to
say to him is...
... the agreement was for
one month only, right?
Show a little empathy.
It's not that easy.
Yes, the agreement was for
only one month, but I...
Imagine if you had
to tell your father.
Okay, Win.
He has a lot of hope
in me, you know that?
Okay Win, hey.
I know you can do it.
Are you sure?
The other employees
really like you.
You could be a really good boss.
If I'm successful in Singapore,
you'll be proud too, Right?
I don't need you to be
successful in a different country.
I want you here.
Taking care of what your mother
and I created from nothing.
You already promised,
one month.
One month.
If I don't enjoy it,
you wouldn't force it, correct?
- I won't force you, I just...
- Just what?
Just what?
You want me to feel like
I'm making a mistake?
You're right.
I'm the one that's wrong.
It seems when you
have a lot of hope...
... you have to be prepared
for a lot of disappointment.
Forgive me, okay?
This is the end of the story
We have to go our own way
Is still remembered
Search for everything
A missing purpose
Since you departed
Leaving me here
"Yes, I'm sure.
Yohan and I can't leave Jakarta."
Would you have let me go
Cause I'm still running to you
Don't you stop
Everything isn't over
Even though my tears
keep falling
Remain here
Don't you leave
I've prepared your
severance pay.
What's inside is based on
how long you've worked here.
I'm done for,
I just started.
Cause I'm still running to you
Alright, go on then.
What will I do next, hm?
Stand-up comedy?
You look just like Panji.
- Better off drawing with sand.
- Watch out for cat shit.
Mr. Afuk, the only people
left that didn't sell was us.
If this is how it is,
I won't have a friend anymore.
And, don't you feel sorry for all
those small shops, our customers?
They have to travel far
to go to the markets.
I've already signed
the sales contract.
My goodness.
Mr. Nandar, I'll leave all
my customers in your care.
- Including Ms. Wilda.
- My goodness.
Drink first, have some cake too.
This is my house.
After all that time
Tears left behind
Thank you, Sir.
I'll be off then, Sir.
All these memories
A beautiful time
A time we were together
A feeling deep inside
that will never weaken
Forgive me for never listening
Forgive me for never watching you go
I want you here
Head held high I'll get through it
Let go
Let go of everything in the past
But I can't keep running
Without you, without my legs
Time goes by
But I won't stop hoping
Seeing your smile, even the tiniest
Forgive me for never listening
Forgive me for never watching you go
I want you here
Be strong
How could he relapse again?
I think, it's because of this.
Land Purchase Agreement
It seems he's really
... Erwin didn't want to
continue the store.
Could you wait outside for a bit.
- What did I do?
- What did you do?
You disappointed Dad,
don't you know?
I'm going to be promoted to
the Southeast Asia office.
Am I supposed to turn them down?
Am I insane?
So egotistic.
You'll have lots of time
to think about yourself!
For now think about him, please.
He already trusts you.
I never asked him to
entrust the store to me.
If he trusts me and not
you, that's my fault?
Everything is my fault.
You couldn't deal with mom's death.
You dropped out of University.
Is that my fault?
You married Ayu against father's
wishes, is that my fault?
Say one more thing
and I'll hit you!
What is this?
Fighting in a hospital?
So if someone gets hurt you
can be admitted immediately?
We'll step out and talk out there.
Let's go, let's.
You two!
What if your dad had heard you?
Luckily he was given
sleeping pills.
On top of that, why should an
older and younger brother fight?
All these years I've never fought with
my older or younger siblings.
Of course I'm an only child.
- Good Evening, Doc.
- Evening.
- I've got this.
- I'll leave them with you.
- I have to do my rounds.
- Okay, Doc.
Let's go.
Who's the eldest?
That means you
should apologize.
Go on.
Sorry, yeah?
He said, "Yeah."
This is troublesome like this.
You sit here, go on.
Now ask for forgiveness.
I shouldn't have said that about Ayu.
Who's Ayu?
Ayu is his wife.
My brother's wife.
- Sister-in-law?
- Yes, my sister-in-law.
Yeah, I'm sorry too.
If she saw what happened,
I'm sure Ayu would get mad.
Why would she be mad?
Maybe he means his
wife wouldn't like it...
... if he fights with his
younger brother?
- Doesn't want his feelings hurt?
- Yes.
So are you going to Singapore?
Yes brother, thank you.
Why are you going to Singapore?
It's an office thing, mine.
- With Ayu?
- No, not with Ayu.
My office, Ayu is his wife.
I'm going alone.
Okay then, what's important
is we save the store.
- What store?
- My father's store.
- Ayu is taking care of it?
- Ayu has nothing to do with it.
- In Singapore?
- No, the store is in Jakarta.
Enough, enough.
Your family issues are so complicated.
- So, how's dad doing?
- He's okay, in stable condition.
- You don't have to worry.
- I haven't stopped by.
- Mrs. Ayu is at the hospital.
- Okay.
I'm at Mr. Robert's office now.
I'll talk to you later.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Come on honey, let's find her.
- Where is that woman?
- Sorry, one moment.
What are you looking for?
There's nothing here.
Lana, help mommy please okay honey?
Look behind the sofa.
Why is she behind the sofa?
Is she a cockroach?
That woman is just like a cockroach,
honey, I want to step on her.
- Where is that woman?
- Anita?
I can't stand saying
her name, disgusting!
Anita isn't here,
she's not at the office.
You're making such a fuss.
You want me to tear apart your office?
Bring her out here.
I'll flip your desk over!
I found it.
- What, honey? Where?
- I found my toy!
Baby, come here honey.
I can't believe you'd do that to me.
- Alright, you should go home first.
- Getting rid of us?
I'm not trying to get rid of you.
I have a meeting.
What's a meeting?
A meeting is like a
gathering, honey.
What's a gathering?
A gathering is when I get
together with my friends...
... and we talk about
our problems.
- A talk, so complicated.
- Exactly!
He likes to make things complicated.
Let's go home, honey.
Sorry about that.
What's up?
Your father must want
the down payment, right?
The payment is being processed.
Relax, it'll be available soon.
We came here to
cancel the contract.
- Why do you want to cancel it?
- The point is we want it canceled.
This isn't something you can do.
The store belongs to Mr. Afuk.
Mr. Afuk has already signed.
Sorry sir, was there
something urgent you needed?
No, nothing urgent.
I just missed you.
The contract cannot be
canceled on a whim.
My father is in the
hospital because of this.
He doesn't want to sell the store,
can't you show some empathy?
Once the payment
has been made...
... I'm sure your father
will recover quickly.
Excuse me, miss.
Excuse me,
may I ask you something?
Is it important or not?
If it's not important,
you should ask me another time.
I'm trying to take a selfie.
I haven't found the right angle.
Allow me to help,
so you get a good angle.
I can help, it's okay.
It'll be quick.
Don't you understand the
essence of the selfie?
If someone else takes your picture,
it's no longer a selfie.
That's just a photobox.
Why don't you use
the front camera?
The result is different.
So, what do you want?
I would like to ask...
... Ms. Anita, Mr. Robert's
assistant, what's her full name?
Anita Sofyan.
Go away.
Yeah, thanks.
Maybe I should just
play Angry Birds.
Die you pig!
See I knew it.
What are you doing looking
at Anita's instagram?
Read it.
If you want bigger breasts...
Read the caption,
not the comments.
Seriously, someone posted an offer?
Doesn't she already, anyway.
My son, my life, my everything.
One more, look.
My darling Jason, my only man.
Anita is a single mother?
See the dress she's wearing?
So different.
This is more prudent.
I'm certain Robert tells her
to wear those clothes...
... she's also treated unpleasantly.
And she needs the money
to take care of her son...
... that's why she still
works with Robert.
Exactly, exactly.
I'm delighted to help work Mr. Robert
over, but whats most important is...
... we need to help
your father out.
Your father is a very kind person.
I've already forwarded
the contract to you.
Please print two copies
and bring them here, okay?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Robert, you have
a daughter, right?
I have one, yes.
Would you like it if your daughter
became a victim of harassment?
Who's brave enough to
harass my daughter?
- I'd cut off his arm.
- You yourself?
You're uncomfortable?
There isn't a woman who
deserves such actions.
Karma exists, Robert.
If you do something terrible...
... then you will receive
something terrible in return.
What if I get fired?
About that, don't worry about it.
I've already told you,
everything will be okay.
Alright, I'm in.
- Then?
- It'll go down like this.
Tonight I'll get my
father's sleeping pills.
Tomorrow Ms. Anita
will invite Mr. Robert...
... to the cafe that Ayu works at.
- Sorry, who's Ayu?
- My wife.
Then, Ayu will mix the sleeping
pills into Mr. Robert's food.
All of it?
Yeah, sure why not.
Once Mr. Robert falls
asleep, we'll take him.
From that point we
only have 2 hours...
... before Mr. Robert
regains consciousness.
The point is I'm suspicious
about Ari's friends.
Maybe they're getting
drunk again, honey?
Why would anyone be
drunk in the afternoon?
- Excuse me.
- See?
- He's drunk in the afternoon.
- No, he's not drunk.
While there's nobody around.
Okay I'll go this way.
Wait, wait.
There's someone coming,
watch out.
- Be careful.
- Sorry, it wasn't on purpose.
- Careful, he'll wake up stupid.
- As if he's smart now.
- Now what?
- You take off his clothes.
I'll pick out something for
Ms. Anita to wear.
- I have to get him naked?
- Yes.
- You're with Anita.
- Wait a sec.
We can't change job descriptions?
Enough, it's my idea
so we'll do it my way.
So unfair.
Will this work?
It's not a problem?
Yeah, that works.
Go change.
Let's hurry.
This is enough, right?
Her clothes have
to be like that?
It has to be believable.
Get on with it.
- What's he doing down there?
- He fell.
- What now?
- Wait.
Let me get it.
What is it?
Breasts, I mean nothing.
It's nothing really.
If it's nothing why did
you press the doorbell?
This breast, I mean ticket.
Ticket, I mean ticket for parking.
I found it there.
- It's yours right?
- Yes, thanks.
You're welcome.
Alright, now Ms. Anita get on the bed.
Win, move him so it looks
like he's about to...
- How?
- You know.
You know!
As if you haven't done it yet.
You haven't yet, Win?
Are you serious?
You're still a virgin?
Do we really have to
talk about this now?
What do you do with Natalie?
Play Monopoly?
No, sometimes we
play Candy Crush.
Do we have to talk about this now?
Focus! Focus!
Your career is amazing,
your love life is suffering.
Your life so sad.
- I'm going home.
- Okay, enough.
- Are we continuing?
- Yeah, okay, let's go.
Lets teach this asshole a lesson.
What did he say then?
He asked,
Why didn't you wake me up?
So I told him, "You looked very
tired, so I didn't want to wake you."
- Alright, until tomorrow then.
- Okay.
- Thank you for today.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
But seriously,
Robert's going to be okay?
It's okay, those were just
normal sleeping pills.
Just the dose was more than normal.
What I'm worried about is
if he has a concussion.
He can get a concussion
from sleeping pills?
No, but you kept banging
his head into things.
How is he?
He's eating well.
The doctor said he'll be allowed
to go home in two or three days.
- You should rest.
- Thank you.
Take care.
- Take care.
- Yeah.
- You want tea?
- Sure.
With sugar?
- Have you forgotten?
- No sugar.
It's been awhile you know, since I've
wanted to do something like that.
You mean, it's been awhile
since you've wanted to drug someone?
Of course not.
I mean, it's been awhile
that I've wanted to...
... do something
together with you.
I remember when I was younger,
I still idolized you.
Win, Idolizing me?
What were you thinking?
Thank you.
Well I guess all boys
admire their older brother.
It seems everyone's like that.
But I don't deserve to be idolized,
I'm just like this.
You're amazing.
You have a successful career.
Successful in disappointing our dad.
Do you know why I really wanted
to take over the store?
Yeah, I'm sorry, if I ended
up being envious of you.
Yeah, it's okay I understand.
No, Win.
You don't.
When the store first opened it was
a difficult time for our father.
At the time you were
still too young.
He was up to his ears in debt.
When he was stressed
I would take the brunt of it.
Luckily Mom would
always be understanding...
... even if everything
was difficult.
Mom was always kind to me.
I wanted to continue with the store
not because I was envious of you.
But because it's the last memory
of Mom that I can hold onto.
If that's the case why didn't
you just tell our dad that?
Yeah, I didn't want to force him.
We'd end up constantly fighting.
Let him choose
what's best for him.
He chose you.
It's okay for me.
What's important is he's happy.
What is this?
Win, in your opinion,
if those photos made their...
... way to Mr. Robert's wife,
what would happen?
I would tell my dad, so my
flirtatious husband would be fired.
Fired from from the office,
fired from being my son-in-law.
- You Photoshopped this right?
- Photoshop?
We still have other proof.
This is the receipt from the
hotel, using your credit card.
Those pictures will disappear
from the face of the...
... Earth as long as our dad's
contract is canceled.
This is also Anita's resignation
letter, please sign it.
- But...
- Deal?
- You won't believe this.
- What?
Mr. Robert voided the contract.
My father's store won't be sold.
Its safe.
Hey, Nat.
My Dad will be happy now.
As long as that store exists...
... your dad will keep hoping
you'll take care of it, right?
Yeah I know.
Okay then, if you already
know then you have...
... to focus on what you
need to do in Singapore.
You remember right?
You're about to be...
Win, hey. Come on, Win!
This is your future,
this is our future.
What is more important than this?
- I can't believe this.
- What?
- You!
- Me!?
Yes, you.
What you just said.
- Am I wrong?
- You know what?
Never mind, never mind.
- Never mind, Nat.
- Erwin! Erwin.
I'm headed home to
edit first, okay?
- Don't stay up too late.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Mrs. Ayu.
- What's wrong with Erwin?
How did you know?
What else could it be?
If you wanted nastar,
all you had to do was call.
... Erwin is mad.
Because I don't want Erwin to be
bothered by this store business.
Yeah, I want him to
focus on his work.
He said he wanted to
focus on his career.
Then it turns out like this and I
feel like I'm the one who is wrong.
Everything I do,
I do for him.
For him or for you?
Nat, you must know the story from
when his mother passed away.
Yohan, at that time...
... was a mess.
He did drugs, and he,
well you know the story.
Honestly, his sadness wasn't
because he lost someone he loved or...
... losing a mother figure, but...
... he felt he couldn't
make his mother proud yet.
Erwin has that
opportunity now, Nat.
He has the opportunity to
make his father proud.
You love Erwin?
Why do you have to ask?
Of course I love him.
If that's the case, trust him.
Seeing the person we love
live with regret, that sucks.
It's sad.
Nat, you've chosen Erwin.
Now you have to let
him make a choice.
Go home.
It's okay, I'll stay here.
It's soft here.
There's good news, dad.
Mr. Robert voided the contract.
You won't have to sell your store.
But, I won't go to Singapore, dad.
I already heard the conversation
between Yohan and you.
If someday your feet
can't touch the ground
If someday your arms
can't feel my touch
If someday your eyes
can't see my face
I'll carry you, be
there for you anytime
I can't stay for long.
My dad is alone up there.
Forever is a long time to
keep the words to say to you
I love you.
Sorry for being egotistic.
I'm sure you know what's best.
Are you really prepared?
Having a husband who
sells groceries?
Are you sure, if I need
help at the store, then...
... you have to leave
your office job?
Yes, I'm ready.
Are you sure?
Sure, sure.
My dad told me...
... that store, okay.
Listen to me first.
That store...
... will be given to Yohan.
Then he was adamant that
I need to go to Singapore.
You're so annoying.
Even though I already
started imagining...
... you wearing a
one-piece pajama.
- Weighing rice.
- What else?
- Measuring sugar.
- Okay.
Miss, I'd like to buy
some eggs and butter.
In the end he gave up and
canceled the contract.
But I don't know, Mom.
What will happen to the store.
If only I could sort
out my life right Mom?
So Dad would trust me.
So Erwin can focus on his career.
I feel sorry for him, Mom.
I was wrong.
I was wrong.
Forgive me, Ling.
I already told you.
If you're not here,
everything would be a mess.
But it's not too late.
I'll try to fix everything.
Forgive me, Yohan.
Forgive me.
Forgive me too dad.
- I'm sorry, Ayu.
- Yes dad.
- Naryo.
- Yes, ma'am?
Why are all these
containers open?
I've been trying each one,
you said I could test them.
I meant that one container
could be tested, Naryo.
I thought you meant one
pastry from each container.
That's what you wanted you.
Don't act like you know anything
about pastries, bread seller.
Why not? They're both made from flour
I'm just not selling from my cart now.
See Ma'am.
All men are the same, all of them.
Look Ma'am, he's leaving.
That's supposed to be sold!
- It's cute, I like the design.
- How long did it take to prepare?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you sir.
Ma'am you're getting even bigger!
- What is, sir?
- The store, store.
So Anita just finished her
probation period with Ms. Sonya.
- She does a great job.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
Miss Anita's clothes aren't
as revealing anymore, I like it.
- Yeah, not as exciting, right?
- Yeah.
It's become indoor.
Covered, indoor.
Will you be able to maintain
a long distance relationship?
Yeah, we'll make it work.
Just pray we'll be married quickly
so I'll be able to join him.
- Amen.
- Married this, married that.
This engagement ring still
smells of the store.
Alright, what's important is that
you guys start a family soon.
The treasure that is most
valuable is, come on...
... family, gem...
You too, you don't know?
When the store closed,
where did you guys work?
I worked at a mini-mart.
Really boring, nothing happens there.
I just ring up the
goods on the computer.
Customers pick their own goods.
It was like a vacation listening
to the printer printing.
Instead of listening to the printer,
you should listen to your parents.
The problem is my parents
sound like a printer too.
What did you do while
the store was closed?
I stayed at home,
writing a lot of poems.
Writing poems,
you want to be Rangga?
Then Tini would be "Cinta?"
- No, Cinta is better looking.
- No, Karmen is prettier.
- Are you a fan of Karmen?
- Yes.
- Have you met her before?
- No I haven't.
- I'll pray so you meet her soon.
- Amen.
Then we could take
a photo here.
Mr. Kuns.
Your poems were amazing.
I melted.
- You really liked them?
- Yes.
Mr. Kuns, come with me.
- Where to?
- To my heart.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ma'am.
Why thanks?
We didn't do anything.
You guys deserve it.
Well done.
Where's dad?
He'll make it on his own!
This isn't fair.
You can't disrespect the elderly.
Let's change games.
Play with tarot cards instead.
So fussy.
Write it down, let's go again.
So, now what do you want to do?
I'm going to fish every pond
in the Greater Jakarta area.
Sir, so troublesome fishing.
You can buy all the
fish at the market.
You don't understand
the art of fishing.
Mom, are there any
fried breadsticks?
- This isn't your house.
- Your mother isn't here Ming.
Your mother,
is she pretty?
My darling I love you,
you know that it's true
I will always be with you,
you know that I'll do
Honey, I love you (I love you)
I'll always be with you
You played in "My Stupid Boss" right?
- Forgive me, okay?
- Dad.
Dad, one of mom's friends.
Dear, dear.
Ask for some time.
Don't want to ride a taxi, Ma'am?
You're getting tired aren't you?
Mom! I lost, Mom!
What are you doing,
calling for me?
My Lord.
Thanks, sir.
- Anita is a single mother?
- Correct!
- Here.
- Okay, alright, let's go.
If father hears about your
love life he'll get worse.
I'll keep him safe.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Don't block my face with that.
Everyone, thank you for watching
Check the Store Nextdoor.
Be careful on the roads.
Keep your wallets safe.
You in the corner, stop kissing.
- C'mon everyone.
- Yes, Ma'am.
The important is...
... The treasure that
is most valuable is...
You don't even know your own history.
It's over ma'am.
Let's go.