Celine: Through the Eyes of the World (2010) Movie Script

Is that all right, Dublin?
Is that all right, Tokyo?
Is that all right, London?
Is that all right, Shanghai?
Is that all right, Cape Town?
Is that all right, Copenhagen?
Is that all right, Dubai?
Is that all right, Los Angeles?
Is that all right, Melbourne?
Is that all right, Amsterdam?
Is that all right, Seoul?
Is that all right, Prague?
Is that all right, Helsinki?
Good evening Paris! Are you ready?
Are you ready, Mexico?
It's been a highly anticipated wait
for this music icon
to come to our country.
It's a privilege for us
as South Africans
to welcome Cline Dion to South Africa
as she kicks off
her Taking Chances tour.
So please join our double Grammy award
winners, the Soweto Gospel Choir,
in welcoming the multitalented,
marvelous Ms. Cline Dion.
We are extremely proud to be here.
My mom is here. My son is here.
My husband is here.
And for me to be able
to see the world through my mother
and to discover the world
through my son's eyes,
it's very, very powerful.
It's not only about singing,
but it's about sharing.
And it's amazing.
You know, Ren-Charles,
this man has the soul of a child.
And he has the heart...
...of a mother.
And he has the strength of a man.
Mrs. Dion, this is
where Mr. Mandela was kept.
OK, all locked up.
It will be like you were here.
And then they will close the door.
And they never,
never close the door softly.
Always with a bang!
And that's how... That's how...
We love you, Cline
We love you, Cline, in Soweto
We love you, Cline
We love you, Cline, in Soweto
Thank you.
Since I've been here,
people have been welcoming me,
welcoming us...
...through their voices with music.
But you know what?
I think you're making me understand
the meaning of singing,
the meaning of a voice,
the meaning of communication.
Your music,
your voices are true.
I think my singing will change
for the rest of my life.
Thank you so much.
I would like to welcome you all
to South Africa.
So I want you to know
that you're always welcome.
This is your world.
And we are your family.
We are all children of God.
Thank you.
That's my kind of crew!
That's my kind of crew!
Let me hear you, Pretoria!
Oh, my God!
All right, we have Elvis on site.
Baby lions!
I know...
I know, I know...
Oh, it's OK...
It's OK. I understand.
- Are you scared a little bit?
- No.
It's OK. Here you go.
Hold it well.
Hold it well.
It's OK...
Sit down. We're going to take a picture.
- You better take it.
- "You better take it!"
That's all right.
That's OK.
We can go in?
You can go in,
but just don't run inside, OK?
Or else they'll come running after you.
'Cause they just wanna
play with you, all right?
Are you sure of that now?
How old are they?
These ones are five months.
- Five months old?
- Yeah.
What happened to your ears?
You've been scratching them too much.
Thank you, ladies.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right.
- Three!
- Three times.
Yes, I remember!
Thank you. Bye-bye!
I'm wearing this, the whole show.
And the yellow dress.
- Do you want the bolero?
- Yes, I want the bolero.
OK, excellent.
The whole show with the bolero
and the boots.
Then I'm changing
for the yellow dress.
- And that's it.
- That's it.
This is great because if it gets windy,
it's heavy enough.
It's not like that.
It doesn't lift.
And the boots are covering my legs.
And the bolero's covering my arms.
Thank you!
Let's start!
Come on, Dubai!
Show me what you got!
Let me hear you!
Come on, people in the back!
Cline Dion is my favorite singer.
I've come here
only because of this concert.
From Iran, yeah.
And it was one of my greatest nights
in all my life.
And because I've been
waiting for this moment
more than 15 years.
And I hope to see this concert in Iran.
Before I met her,
I had this image
of just the artist Cline Dion.
Everybody knows her.
She's famous for her ballads.
She's famous
for that power in her voice.
And from that image,
I didn't really know
how she might be in person.
But when we actually did meet,
she's the sweetest, warmest...
She's got the biggest heart I know.
She just wears her heart right here
for everybody to see.
It's incredible.
I've never met anybody like her.
I'll learn it.
Can you do it with me
one more time?
The reason why Cline Dion
became who she is
is because her heart shows
through her music.
I wanna give you a little gift.
- Just for a souvenir.
- Oh, my gosh!
And you can build anything around it.
It's like a career.
You are the jewel of your career.
That's a little stone.
It's a little diamond.
And you can have a ring made of it.
You can have an earring.
You can have a nose pierce...
Anything you want. You can
build anything around that diamond.
Like you're building your career.
- So it's just to say thank you.
- Really?
And it's a little souvenir.
Thank you!
I'll see you onstage.
- Have a good time.
- Thank you so much!
Do you know that song?
Do you remember the song?
The thing that I noticed
about Cline Dion,
when she's onstage,
it's like her home.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please, help me welcome my friend,
Ms. Ito Yuna!
Good evening!
Ms. Cline Dion,
thank you so much!
I can feel your heart.
It's beating so fast!
That is a dream come true. Really.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Ito Yuna!
Keep the change.
- You can keep the change.
- No!
- I'm sorry...
- Oh, no, I'm sorry.
You keep. You keep.
Let's move. Let's move, guys!
You rock!
- Hey, guys, we have to talk.
- OK.
OK, we have to find a way.
We're walking on each other.
Carey wants to protect me,
so he walks too slow.
He steps on my dress.
And he's...
OK. No...
So let's figure it out for tomorrow.
When I'm gonna go out tomorrow...
Do you have a problem...
...for not being in front of me?
Is that a problem, security-wise?
Because what I want to do
is go from one side to another.
So I don't want to walk...
If I may, Carey.
I don't want to walk,
and he decides the speed.
I need to get out of the way.
So, what we're gonna do...
If you're here,
or if you're here...
OK? Let's say I'm going
to the right.
Follow me.
But let me be in front of you.
So I have two bodyguards
on both sides and...
...one in the back.
- Yes.
- Maybe if I fall...
Shall we rehearse that?
What about here?
OK! What about there?
OK, they're OK for tomorrow.
All right! You guys passed!
- You OK, kid?
- Yeah.
Good job.
You're a little small, but it's OK.
- I mean here.
- You mean short.
His arm is probably
bigger than my waist!
Carey, you're doing a great job.
Thank you.
It was very nice meeting.
Nice to meet you, too.
Gentlemen, how do you do?
Nice to meet you all.
Sir, how are you?
- Louis Vuitton?
- Yes!
Good night! Thank you so much!
So, what do you think?
Should we go on with the show?
Let's do it!
This is Taking Chances.
We just wanted to tell you
that we appreciate every one of you.
Everyone is important.
Let's have fun.
And we work as a team.
It's true. We work as a team.
But we bond as a family.
Thank you very much.
I love you all. Thank you.
Anytime you want!
You did great!
Is that all right, Macau?
Something extraordinary...
...happened here...
...among this group, among my family.
Among our dancers,
there's a wonderful lady.
Her name is Addie.
Addie was born here.
She had left the country
a long, long time ago.
I think she was a few years of age.
And it's her first time back tonight.
In her country.
Addie, welcome home!
It was the...
...probably the best moment in my life.
I'm so...
...honored and proud
to be a part of this...
...and have a connection
and family and roots
in a country that I was born in
but I don't know that much about.
And then to feel their love,
not only for her, but for everything...
It's just...
It's overwhelming.
That's what life's about, and I just...
It doesn't get any better, you know?
Also, I know
that for one of our singers,
it's extremely emotional tonight
for this beautiful kid...
...for his dad, for his mom...
Lucas, welcome back in your country.
And thank you so much!
Thank you so very much
to all of you
for allowing us
to share love with the world.
Congratulations for being
such an amazing mom.
Was it amazing?
Oh, you are so beautiful!
We're all family!
Yes, exactly...
Look, sister, brother...
They're sister and brother!
Hi, my name is Zac.
I'm one of the dancers
on Cline Dion's world tour.
It's my first world tour.
I'm the only Australian on the tour.
And right now,
we're in my homeland of Australia.
We're enjoying five days off.
So yesterday, we went down
to visit my family on the Gold Coast.
It was at my father's place.
I'd never been.
There was my dad, my grandma...
You think I grew?
- You grew!
- Yes, you have!
- Really?
- Yes!
Today is very special.
Very special.
You know, we miss him!
Every day, I think about him.
This is delicious.
- That's for you.
- And this is for Cline.
I'm gonna give this to Cline.
"Happy birthday to you!"
Disappointment for Cline Dion fans,
with the Canadian diva forced
to postpone her Brisbane concert tonight
because of a throat infection.
Cline left her Gold Coast hotel
this afternoon in a face mask.
The show to kick off her Australian tour
has been put back until next Monday.
That's no consolation for these fans,
who came all the way from Adelaide.
It was actually a present
from our auntie.
We'd been planning it
for three months.
- Hello, Oma?
- Yes?
Yeah, it's Zac. How you doing?
- How are you?
- I'm OK.
I've got bad news.
The show has been canceled tonight.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Why?
- Because Cline's sick.
She developed a respiratory infection,
a viral infection.
She's very disappointed.
But if we don't rest,
it's gonna prolong.
So if we don't take it easy now,
it's just gonna be worse
on her vocal cords,
and then the rest period
will have to be prolonged.
And then who knows
when we can start again.
The first thing out of her mouth is:
"Oh no, no, no!
We can't disappoint the fans.
The show must go on!"
- Direct on stage.
- Stage, sir, stage.
- This is my grandma, Oma.
- Hi, Grandma, Oma!
Sophia's her name.
- Nice to meet you!
- Come on in!
- This is my dad, Zac.
- Hi, Dad.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Zac Sr.
- Nice to meet you.
- My brother.
Hey, big brother!
Are you doing your dancing?
Thank you so very much!
Let me start by telling you
how happy I am to be here
in Brisbane with you tonight.
This is my first show
as a 40-year-old woman!
"The Jumbo Circus is in town.
Five circus wagons are going
to carry animals to the circus tent.
There will be one animal
in each wagon.
The leopard will be ahead of the lion.
The monkey will
be ahead of the leopard.
The elephant will be behind the lion.
The horse will be in the first wagon.
Which wagon will each animal be in?"
You got it?
Perfect. Very good job.
OK, ready? Ten!
- Twenty.
- Thirty.
- Forty.
- Fifty.
- Sixty.
- Seventy.
- Eighty.
- Ninety.
One hundred.
Try to walk! Try to walk!
Watch the corner!
Watch the corner!
So he's really friendly.
He's lived at this zoo his whole life.
So he's very used to people,
and he's my best friend.
Cline, I'm George.
Welcome to Shanghai,
and welcome to China.
I know most of your songs
sing about miracles
and love and power.
So could you please talk about
something about China's future
and China's power? Please.
OK. I hope I understood
about China's power.
The power... The power...
The future of China.
The miracle of China.
The future of the miracle in China.
I'm not quite sure what
people hold in their hearts here.
It's my first time in your country.
But something is for sure.
If you follow your dreams,
it means you follow your heart.
If you do follow your heart,
I don't think you can go wrong.
The power's within.
You know?
You have to be able to dream.
You have to be able
to see around you,
and you have to make
personal choices, as well.
You know, the world
doesn't always go right.
And sometimes you have to be a leader.
And as a leader, it means you
have to follow your own dreams.
Everything is pretty much possible
if you believe in yourself.
Cline's songs are about love.
It's not fragile love.
It's a powerful love.
And her vocals can bring out
the power inside human beings.
You feel the love is exploding,
and really touching people.
And that's why I think her music
and her songs are universal.
We have more gifts
for you and your kid.
- Oh, thank you!
- This is a personal stamp.
Thank you! Oh! Thank you!
Oh, he's gonna be so thrilled!
He's gonna be so happy!
This is now in Chinese.
- The stamp. For your bank checks!
- What does it say?
And that's the stamp
of the country?
No, that's "Cline Dion" in Chinese!
Now you got it!
It's lovely!
I have to say goodbye to you.
How are you?
This is Cline Dion's husband, Ren.
Nice to meet you.
On behalf of Cline,
we're very honored of your presence.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, my God!
Wait, I've got it!
It's exquisite!
My dress will go on!
I have so much trouble
finding things that she likes, you know?
Either for me.
So I see these here are Prada.
They just came out.
Those are Prada! Awesome!
And a lot of people said:
"I like your shoes!"
So I'm anxious for her to see my shoes.
She says... Tonight,
she saw them for the first time.
We didn't come together here, you know?
So she sees the shoes, she says:
"You can't wear bowling shoes!"
What do you think of my shoes?
You could play good bowling
in these shoes!
She spoke with Cline.
- Have you heard that before?
- No! I swear to you!
- She swears she didn't speak to Cline!
- I swear!
- Hello!
- Hello, hello! How are you?
Fine. How are you? I'm listening.
OK. Ready for your
five-minute rehearsal?
- Uh-huh.
- Great!
Beginning of the show...
"Is that all right, Manchester?" Turn
around. "Is that all right, Manchester?"
- I Drove All Night.
- Mm-hmm.
And then...
Can I finish one time?
Go down, down, down.
Back to the right.
Then I go to the first platform up.
Exactly. And then walk back down.
Go back down. Center.
- And then you could... Yes, exactly.
- Is it there?
- Yes.
- I turn to my right a little bit?
It doesn't rotate you.
It says you make one...
It's a manual one.
You do that, I guess. Sorry!
Manually, I have to turn myself.
So turn myself a quarter...
Another quarter, another...
- You make a whole rotation.
- By myself.
OK. And then it's
Because You Loved Me. I go down.
Yes, walk down the stairs.
Walk upstage, left corner.
- Platform?
- Exactly.
- First, the wing?
- Yep.
Finish there. And then...
Violinist, thank you so much.
Exactly. Just make it across.
He's there, right? I cross...
Over the center,
and you go to the other...
The other wing.
It's straight through.
Exactly. Take your time.
Just hang out.
And when he goes solo,
I come back to him.
The girls are going. Back to him.
- There's no girls. No dancers.
- There's no girls?
You notice... Oh, I know!
They're not gonna do that around you.
But you can do that if you want.
I wouldn't do that.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Oh, sorry.
Yeah, that's new.
He's gonna do his walk. He's gonna play
for the girls in the audience.
And I go center. He goes down.
- And I go down.
- And you go down.
That's your quick change.
- Quick change for...
- Eyes on Me.
- Ooh, the cape, right?
- The cape.
- OK.
- Right?
Nice show, huh?
Wish me luck tonight with that cape!
- That's my ear!
- Sorry!
- It's the left foot, right?
- Mm-hmm, left.
Turn to your left.
Turn to your left.
And you're on your way.
After Eyes on Me,
it's All by Myself. Piano.
Now that I'm out of breath,
I can do All by Myself!
Because nobody else can follow!
That's where it goes into
Love Can Move Mountains.
- Then going to...
- Turn right.
Go to the upstage right.
Then I follow them to the front.
We go, and then...
You rock it out.
Then I turn, I go down.
I change again.
Go down again, get in Titanic.
OK, thank you very much. Wish me luck.
I will!
You're gonna be great.
That was a great show.
I woke up this morning, and I still
have some tightness of the jaw.
So, what you're about to see
is not fiction.
If you don't like it, we can just cut
it, because it's quite something.
- Can we check it?
- Sure. Sure.
- Yeah. It's out.
- It's out?
One... two... three...
- He hurt himself!
- It hurts him, not me.
- Perfect! Marvelous.
- Marvelous? Marvelous!
- Now it's my turn!
- No!
Nice to see you again.
You look beautiful!
Thank you very much!
The last time we met...
- We were singing, baby!
- We were doing it!
- Sit where you want. Get comfy.
- OK.
I just wanna start singing every time I
see you. But I've gotta ask you, Cline.
What is it like to be Cline Dion?
I've gotta ask you.
I've never been anybody else than me.
So I don't know!
You know, it's kind of weird,
because how is it to be you?
How is it to be me?
I feel extremely privileged
to be able to share my passion
with wonderful people
who allow me to be able to do so,
especially to be a mom.
To be a mother
is my most important role,
my most...
The most important work
that I will ever have to do in my life.
My best reward.
It's so wonderful to be able to make
a difference in somebody's life.
He counts on me.
Right here.
I was right!
There goes the phone!
Who are you calling?
I hear a phone ringing.
- Hey, this phone rings...
- I hear a phone ringing.
It better be someone telling me
about the carrots.
Who is it?
I can't believe you did that!
- You're Sammy?
- Yes!
That's his mother.
- You look fantastic.
- This is for you.
This is for me?
Oh my God! Make-A-Wish!
You're doing well?
Where's Mommy?
Mommy's doing well, too.
How are you?
- Fine.
- Hello.
- Hello. You're Dad? How are you?
- Yes.
- Hello.
- The whole family.
- We should go for a picture.
- It is a family adventure.
Let's talk about all this together
and in close.
I'm so glad you're all doing well.
Yes, wonderful.
- I gave my kidney.
- I know. They told me.
I know you would have
given your heart, as well.
It meant the same for you.
I know you did.
Let's get close.
You wanna come on Mommy's side?
That's amazing.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
We have to go and run back.
She stole it from over there!
Good luck!
Break a leg! Thank you!
Thanks a lot.
- Hello, Christophe!
- Hello, Cline!
There was a record amount of people
at the hotel when we left.
The most ever,
according to the hotel security.
So there'll probably be
a good-sized crowd today.
We came from Israel.
I can't believe
we were so close to her!
It's the most expensive thing
I will ever have.
Cline, God bless you.
We love you.
It's all, like, metal.
So when I went into the elevator...
Ziggy needs blood!
- Thanks for the tissue!
- No problem. No problem.
Ladbrokes is a betting shop.
You can bet on horses.
You can bet on a lot of things.
Twenty years ago, in 1988,
for the Eurovision contest,
you could bet on the artist.
I was surprised.
You know, you can bet on an artist.
So I'm a betting man.
So I see Cline Dion,
Switzerland, 11-to-4.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
So I'm thinking, I have to go and bet!
Of course, she won,
and I did receive a check
for 1,500 pounds.
Tonight, it's another kind of bet.
Tonight, there's 60,000 people here
at Croke Park.
And those tickets
were sold out in one day.
60,000 people, 20 years later.
That's the story.
You know, it was 20 years ago
when I was here for Eurovision,
that Dublin became my lucky charm!
This is where we stayed.
I haven't been here since 20 years.
And actually, this is the place
where we first kissed.
You're coming on tour with me!
- Hello.
- Captain?
My name is Jed.
Just call me Jed.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard.
Oh, my God!
Perfect shot, baby!
Yes, sir!
Give me five.
Yes, sir!
Not sure I'll be able to!
Oh, my God,
you look like a hamster!
Congratulations, sir.
Great round of golf.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you. This is for you.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you so very much.
It was a wonderful afternoon.
It was a pleasure
to have you onboard.
Over the years,
I've had the privilege
of working with so many
talented writers and producers
from Sweden.
And tonight, we've got
a very special treat for you.
His name is Robert Wells.
Downtown Helsinki.
Is that all right?
Thank you!
Welcome to the Sachsenhausen
Memorial and Museum.
Between 1936 and 1945,
the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen
was located here.
Prisoners entered the camp
through the gate,
with its inscription
This roughly translates as:
"Work liberates. "
In the Sachsenhausen
concentration camp,
between 1936 and 1945,
more than 200,000 people altogether
were imprisoned here,
and tens of thousands died
by forced labor,
by malnutrition, by maltreatment,
and lots of them...
- By disease.
- And by disease.
And lots of them were executed.
This site here, that was actually...
Still the foundation's in there.
That was the site of the gallows.
Hangings were carried out
before the assembled prisoners,
who had to line up on the
roll-call ground for this purpose.
Near the crematorium was a pit
into which the prisoners
of the crematorium work detachment
emptied the ashes
of the dead prisoners.
Standing at roll call
in the grey morning light,
transfixed, I gaze at the wires.
Sparks dance, glowing and bright,
as another friend's life expires.
How many sparks
have I seen thus fly?
Ashes sinking
into the moss-covered clay?
How many brave men
have I seen thus die?
Might not I also soon choose
to end in this way?
"That's all right, Praha?"
Or: "That's all right, Praho?"
What is the best one
for Cline to say?
That is "Prague" in Czech.
"Praho. " Calling the people
from Prague "Praho. " Or...
You can say.
That's the people from Prague.
But I think that if she says "Praha,"
everybody: "Praha!"
You can say "Praha, Praho. " It's...
What is the phrasing?
The whole phrase?
- Like that? "Praha Praho"?
- Yeah, "Praha. "
Like, calling the city:
"Praho" what do you think?
- OK, so...
- "Praho" what do you think?
- OK.
- You should come out onstage, Ren!
That sounds good, really.
Czech 101!
You've just passed Czech 101! OK?
Let's go to lesson two!
- The H, right?
- H. "Praho. "
That's it.
- Yeah. "Praha. "
- No, they said "Praho. "
"Praha" and then "Praho. "
I want to see the passport!
I got the key.
This is our first time here.
We're staying!
I'm sleeping here tonight.
Am I dreaming?
It's a dream!
Hello! Oh, please! Come on, now.
Come on. Don't do that.
- Come on in.
- Can I kiss you?
Of course! Hello.
You are my dream.
My best friend.
- We'll take a picture.
- You are beautiful.
You're so sweet. Thank you.
Through your voice, your music,
I can feel my life,
my love, my passion.
I'm Italian, from Sicily!
- OK, let's take a picture.
- You are my dream! Really!
You are fantastic!
You, my love!
I love you, Cline!
I love you! Thank you!
At least somebody's
a little bit on vacation!
- Yes, a little bit. A little bit.
- You're taking days off?
Oh, hi, sweetie!
You were great!
It was beautiful to see you!
We're glad you didn't
take a break after Vegas!
- Yeah, right!
- How about that?
I thought you were gonna take a break.
Vegas was so exhausting!
I think I got scared
about taking a break
because I think if I took a break,
it would have been a heck of a break.
- We love you, Cline!
- Long live Cline!
We love you, Cline!
He scores!
It was very gracious.
22,000 people went, like...
And I went: "He scores!"
I didn't think it was funny,
because I think they didn't really
want me to hurt myself.
I told them: "They're made of steel.
Don't worry about it. It doesn't hurt. "
It's not bad at all.
We had a little bit of
an accident onstage tonight.
The show was going really great.
And then in the middle of
We Will Rock You,
one of our dancers, Aaron Felske,
went down as he was doing
a back flip.
I think... I didn't actually see it.
But he said that
after he flipped and landed,
he heard a snap
or felt a little bit of a pop
and finished out that number.
So tomorrow we have a day off,
and then, somehow,
before the next day,
we need to find somebody,
figure out what numbers that they can
do in that short amount of time,
rehearse them...
Now we just wanna
immobilize the ankle, OK?
- So that's what we're gonna do.
- OK.
In this position.
Can you hold him from there, Michel?
- Yes, my friend. You OK, sir?
- Mm-hmm.
I just feel like I've completely
disappointed everybody, too.
There's not many of us onstage, and...
It just stinks when one person's out.
It's just tough, you know?
For everybody.
And that's the thing
that I feel the worst about, you know?
It's not, you know:
"Oh, woe is me. "
But for everybody else
who has to cover for me. It's...
It's not cool.
I don't know how long
it's gonna take.
The man is a machine.
So normal people,
six to eight weeks.
Aaron, four to six weeks, and he'll
be flying across the stage again.
Chris Houston has come in from Scotland,
all the way from Scotland,
to join the show, to replace me.
And one of the reasons
why he was a great candidate
is because he's an amazing gymnast
and he's really good
at all different styles of dancing.
He's only had
about five days of rehearsal,
and he's learned
almost the entire show already
in a short period of time.
I knew there was a job that had to be
done. They needed someone really quick.
So there was no time to panic.
I had to stay really focused and just
tried to learn as much as I could.
It's been a real crazy experience,
I have to say.
One that I'll never forget, for sure!
My love
We are finally home
You can unbuckle your seatbelt
And get out of the car
I need everybody
to please take a step back, OK?
There is something very special
that I would like to speak
to you about.
A few weeks ago...
...I received a call
from my dear friend Oprah...
...who actually told me...
...about an incredible young singer.
This young lady's name is Charice.
She's 16 years old,
and she's from the Philippines.
Let me tell you, she has a voice
that can literally
blow the roof of Madison Square Garden.
But the real story is how
Charice and her mom escaped
a terrifying experience
and had to leave
Charice's violent father,
you know, to start a life on their own.
Charice vowed to save her mom
from a life of desperation
and despair.
Do you think tonight that you would like
to dedicate this song to your mother?
Are you happy?
It went so well! Thank you.
Thank you.
How are you feeling?
- Good. Yeah.
- Are you good?
- All right!
- How are you?
I'm good.
- It's gonna be your last show tonight?
- Last show...
Well, I'll be here for the following
one, but I'm gonna be watching.
She's like: "I'll be coming.
And I'll turn the knife into the wound.
But I'll wave like that. "
I'll be like: "Oh my God!
You guys are so wonderful!"
"You screwed up!"
I just wanted to come
and say thank you so much.
Thank you so much
for your amazing talent.
I think we all know here
how talented,
how extraordinary you are.
I have to tell you
that I feel extremely...
...fortunate that I have met you
and that
you could share the stage
and make that show very special,
and that we all went
in your country
and that you had an amazing time.
This is something
that I'm very proud of.
It's because of
your kindness and generosity
that has spurred me in this journey,
because it is the Korea experience
and it is the performing
and knowing that this is so...
This has been so wonderful
that I want to reach out
and try to find my family
and pursue that path
and go that way.
So in a way, I'm, like...
I'm carrying you with me
because I would not have come to that
without this journey.
I mean, I have been onstage
with many artists,
and I like everyone
'cause they are unique and different
in their own way.
But you...
You have given me so much...
...as a person,
as my own being Korean
and being that
I'm forever indebted to you.
And I don't see it as leaving...
- It's only departure.
- Because you're a part of this.
- So we're walking hand in hand.
- Thank you very, very much.
- I love you.
- Yeah!
Go, go, go!
Men first!
It's a man's world!
Whoo, that's music to my ears!
- You're gonna take that one?
- Come on!
OK, I'm looking...
I ate some bugs
I ate some grass
I used my hands
To wipe my tears
He's gonna lose the battle
He won't be able to take it
His eyes are crying
He's gonna saliva big time
He's gonna throw up
He won't be able to go for it
He's gonna lose the battle
He won't be able to make it
Will he make it? Will he make it?
Will he do it?
It hurts. It hurts.
In the cheeks! In the bones!
In the ears! In the eyes!
Don't get yourself sick
Don't get yourself sick
Six days ago, she calls me up...
And she never calls me at night.
When they called me at 2:00 am,
I knew something was wrong.
And she had been vomiting.
She had vomited four times.
- Had a massive...
- Six days ago?
- Six days ago.
- The night before my first show.
- Yeah, the night before...
- Madison...
Madison Square Garden! OK.
So she vomited four times,
had a migraine
that she hadn't had in years.
Massive! Massive headache.
My main problem right now
is my neck.
I cannot relax my neck,
so I cannot relax my vocal cords.
So I cannot vocal exercise well.
In this area here,
starting here and here...
- Where it starts...
- It's starting to hurt.
- Even as I'm touching it now?
- Oh yeah.
Dig deep.
There's been a lot of stuff,
a lot of medical stuff,
that contributed to the tension.
Not that you have any stress.
Vegas adventure, five years!
No break, rehearsals, new show,
treadmills on stage,
elevators, new costumes,
new shoes...
- Three new albums.
- Yes.
- Raise a son.
- Raise a son, thank you.
In the round, it's a very cardio.
You dehydrate more.
I haven't been
in show business, in a way.
Vegas took me away from that
because I wanted it that way.
I'm back in the industry.
The stress of all that. Tension.
Tension, tension, tension.
Overuse your body...
Your instrument needs to be put,
not two weeks in a closet...
You need to be pregnant again, OK?
You need to sit on your eggs.
I like that one.
I need to sit on my eggs!
- You leave your vocal cords alone.
- It would give this a break.
- Other parts...
- Yeah, exactly.
There's... When I just do my...
I can do just a little bit
because I do so many shows...
- You're perpetually warmed up.
- To warm up, it's like...
It's too much. So there's nights
where I'm so tense,
it's even difficult for me
in the shower to go...
There's no lows. It's like...
It's too elevated.
My main problem
is not that I can't do the highs.
- Yeah, it's letting go.
- It's, like... I'm having spasms.
My eyebrows are having spasms.
My ears are having spasms.
I'm gonna flip soon, I tell you.
Make a long, long story short, by the
time I went to do the meet-and-greet,
my breathing was too rapid.
I was spasm-ed up too much.
I couldn't finish the phrase.
The show has not started yet.
I was saying hello to people,
and I couldn't breathe.
I went on with the show.
And when I said
"I drove all night" the first time,
it was just... Right there.
Yesterday night,
after doing everything,
I was spitting out mucous.
- Masses of tissue.
- Granulation, yeah.
We have mucous.
This is the middle turbinate.
We'll pass between them both.
And here, we are in the rhinopharynx.
And a lot of mucous.
Mucous, mucous, mucous.
So we have an inflammation
of the epiglottis.
I don't like that, because when we
have turgescence of the vessel...
Then I press on it, and still
we have the problem with the...
- The arytenoid.
- Yes, the right one.
She's not ready to go back
on the road. I'm sorry.
She's not ready.
The arytenoid at right is "inflamated"
because it is still dropping.
- Inflamed.
- Inflamed, I'm sorry.
- Take care.
- Bye, Cline.
Have a good one.
I love you!
All right, boys and girls!
Thank you! Good night!
It's not supposed to be
a technical or special effect.
We have a technical problem. Everybody's
on the case to fix everything.
We certainly apologize about that.
They've lost control to the unit.
So they've got
a handheld controller up there.
They're gonna run it up
and get it out of the way.
Stand by with the houselights.
Be ready with the houselights.
And houselights, go!
How are you?
Stay in your chair.
I'm very honored you're here tonight.
I hope I feel better
as quick as possible for the show.
I don't feel so well.
What do we do?
I have a hard time...
I don't have a voice.
It's weird.
It's closing, so I'm having
a really hard time right now.
But I'm gonna do my best.
Thank you.
- She has good news for you.
- No way! Hello?
- I found it!
- No!
No... Hey...
No way!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
You are not kidding...
You know what? Listen to me.
From 6:30 to 9:00 this morning,
he was crying.
OK, Anna just called.
She's on the phone with Cline.
They found those items
that were missing...
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
I love you! Thank you so much!
Bye! Bye! Bye!
Thank you! Bye-bye!
Oh, my God!
Take a close look.
It might be the last time
you see me for a while.
Listen to me.
This is not an end!
This is a beginning.
Thank you for sharing
and changing my life.
I will never be the same one
because you've been with me,
we've been together for a full year.
Thank you for giving your soul.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you!
Good job, guys!
Thank you.
Thank you, guys!