Cell 213 (2013) Movie Script

I know where thou dwelleth,
where the seat of Satan is,
and thou holdest fast my name
and has not denied my faith,
even in those days when antipas
was my faithful witness,
who was slain among you,
where Satan dwelleth.
I don't want to go back there.
Nobody wants to go back there,
but you've got to.
Shoot, I've got a whole damn
list of things I don't want to do.
Hey, you know that old saying?
Something about crime and time
and all that shit.
Did you know we use enough embalming fluid
in this country yearly
to, um, fill 12 olympic size
swimming pools?
Yeah, I think I've heard that one before.
Let's go.
Um, what about my lawyer?
He's supposed...
He's supposed to be coming today.
Michael! What if...
We have to go back.
Prosecution wants a break.
Odds are with the client.
If you win this, they're gonna
make you partner.
I'll win this.
I know.
It's ok.
Shit. Hang on.
Hey. Hi, baby.
Yeah, we're just taking a bit of a recess.
Actually, I'm right in the middle of
something. Can I call you back?
Yeah. You too, baby. Ok. Ok. Thanks.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Everything is going to be fine,
Mr. Charnin.
What the fuck is happening over there?
Well, it appears the prosecution
is having a bit of a meltdown.
You think this is funny, Michael?
If the next witness testifies to half
of what Mr. Charnin thinks he will,
our case is fucked.
Relax. I'm not worried about the witness.
We're prepared.
Oh, we're prepared? Fuck you.
If we lose this case, I promise you,
you're going under the bus.
This is a bullet you will not dodge.
Your honor, permission to approach.
I think this is good for us, sir.
Take a deep breath.
- My. Gray, care to join us?
- Yes, your honor.
He knows what he's doing.
- He's in town...
- What's going on, Henry?
It seems the prosecution
is missing a witness.
Your honor, if you could just grant us
a brief continuance,
I can assure you that we can find out
what's happened to this gentleman
- and then move forward with this.
- My. Gray, thoughts?
To be honest, your honor, the prosecution
has had ample time to present the case.
Now, I think it's only fair to my client,
the patient jurors and to all of us here
that if the prosecution
has no other available witnesses,
we should move to summation
and present to the jury.
Your honor, we have been
trying to contact this witness all day.
I spoke with him personally last night.
He will be here,
it's just a question of time.
Your honor, please.
I don't know what the fuck you did
in there. I don't want to know.
Maybe the Gods are just
continuing to smile down on you,
but if this guy doesn't show up tomorrow,
the judge will throw the whole case out.
Let's just hope he doesn't show then.
Mr. Charnin, you're in good hands.
This way, sir.
Have a nice day.
- You're gonna win this, Michael.
- You better believe it.
So, are you going back to the office now?
No, I... I've got to go to prison.
It's done.
I thought we weren't...
Weren't supposed to...
He didn't testify today.
Yeah, I know.
You scared him?
Yeah. I scared him.
You want details?
No. No, I don't.
Oh, God.
I see them!
- Charlie, 213!
- You're a devil! Devil!
Ok, pass on through.
Ok, you go ahead.
Thank you.
Slide it on through, please.
Step on through.
- Step right there, please.
- Excuse me?
Briefcase on the floor, please.
Arms out to the side.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
- Little further up, please.
Thank you.
So, tell me,
how many rapists and murderers do you
think you've set free over the years?
Really? Do we have a problem?
Yes, we have a problem.
I'll take it from here, Ray.
Why don't you make a quick round,
clock out early
and have dinner with the missus.
Thank you, sir.
- Superintendent Joseph Sands.
- Michael Gray.
We know who you are.
I came down here to greet you personally.
We don't get the big stars out here much.
Well, I'm not a big star, sir.
I'm just very good at what I do.
I like to think I am, too.
Sometimes, I think of this
as our own little world.
I grew up with a couple of the old-timers
here myself.
Your client, Charlie Johnston,
I've known him since he was just a boy.
He used to light small animals on fire.
Just for kicks.
You know getting him out of here is not
gonna make the world a better place.
Any shrink worth his grain will tell you
that people like Charlie are better served
behind these walls.
With all due respect, it's not my job
to determine his worthiness.
It's my job to do my job.
You know, there's a path we all take,
that leads us to who and where we are.
Just do me a favor.
On your way back to your big law office in
the city, stop by Rose Jennings' house.
Yeah, the little girl
he raped and murdered.
Tell her mother your little theory
about your duty to your job.
Somebody smarter than me said that
the prison we create up here
is a whole lot stronger...
- Maybe they phrased it better than that.
- Slightly.
Your boy is going to be in prison the rest
of his life, whether it's in here or not.
Lawyers' rooms are down here on the right.
Good evening, Mr. Johnston.
You're late.
Sorry about that.
You'll be happy to know we won the appeal.
You'll be out of here in 72 hours.
I just need you to sign some of these
papers, then we'll get you out of here.
Sign here and here.
I'm sorry?
I killed her.
I took her into the woods.
I told her if she gave me
what I wanted, I'd let her go.
After we was done, she promised
she wouldn't tell nobody.
- She was real scared.
- You don't have to tell me this.
I didn't want it to end.
I wanted to show her more of my power.
So I choked her...
As hard as I could.
She didn't even try to scream.
She just kept looking at me.
Until she was dead.
Then I threw her in the river.
She sunk like a stone.
Why are you telling me this?
Because you're next.
Stop. Jesus!
Stop! Let go! Let go!
Help! Help!
Stop. Somebody!
Help me!
Back up!
I saw him do it. The crazy motherfucker
killed his own client.
Ok, bring them in. Bring them in.
Here we go.
Get them out of there!
Move it! Move it, move it!
Come on, people. Move, move, move!
Let's go!
Alright, bobble-heads! Move it. Move it!
Then you go, there you go, there you go!
Well, what do you know? Look who's here.
Now, I may just be an old country boy,
but I do believe they call this irony.
Move your ass!
Come on, people, let's go!
Move it, fat ass. Got a diet for you!
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Move it, move it.
Sweet little smooth cheeks.
Over here, sweetheart.
Single file.
Where you going, baby?
Oh, so shy!
Lesson number one.
Don't look at your feet.
Straight ahead. Straight ahead.
That's good.
Come on, let's move it. Move it.
Where are we going?
You don't get to ask questions anymore.
That's good.
If it were up to me,
I would have dropped your sweet little
candy ass off in that shark tank.
Churned the water with you a little bit.
But our warden, he's a compassionate man.
Pretty much just you
and the short eyes in here.
Getting the special treatment
right off the bat.
You're a lucky boy.
Cell 213, stepping.
Stop. Keep facing the wall.
Cell 213 locking.
Welcome to your private hell, lawyer.
- Hey.
- You go over the file?
You don't need to take this assignment on.
You've done your fieldwork.
I can send you to Vic Services
and get Reuben to fill in for you here.
I'll be fine.
It's not our job to change
the way the world works.
These are bad places with bad people.
They're people, Tom.
They won't let you inside with that thing.
- I'll take it anyway.
- Listen to me.
This is a routine facility check.
You just get your information and get out.
No after-school special bullshit, ok?
There's nothing to save in there.
Can I help you?
I'm Audrey Davis
from the state correction services.
I'm here to see superintendent Sands.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Audrey Davis from
the state correction services.
It's nice to meet you, sir.
Have a seat, young lady.
I'm a government official
and I'd appreciate it
if you'd address me as such, sir.
Have a seat, sir.
Mr. Sands, I'm here to do my job
because someone in this prison
is not doing theirs.
- So I'd really appreciate it if...
- How can we help you, Ms. Davis?
The state is doing a check
of all facilities.
We're looking into reports of excessive
force used by guards on inmates.
Is that so?
I'll be here as long as it takes,
so I'll need full access to the facility
and all prison records.
Oh, fuck.
- Hey, baby!
- Hey, baby, you want a ride?
You ok?
What's going on with the appeal?
There's no appeal, Michael.
What? Why not?
The partners are distancing themselves.
Mr. Lieber is afraid supporting you
reflects negatively on the firm.
You must be kidding.
It was completely circumstantial
The only witness they had
admitted to not liking me.
You were the only two people
in a locked room.
You hear from your wife?
The papers went through
the day of sentencing.
- I wish I could do something.
- Get me out of here.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
I... I can't do this.
I guess I'm not much of a
"stand by your man" kind of girl.
- Hey, pretty lady.
- Hi, Ray.
- Bossman's expecting us.
- Sure, go right on in.
Thank you, Ray.
You sure you don't want me
to stick around?
I mean, I wouldn't want him
to molest you or anything.
No, I think we'll be fine.
Be right outside.
Have a seat.
I think you'll be more comfortable
on the couch.
So, what happened
the night Charlie was killed?
Why did you do it?
I didn't.
You go to church, Mr. Gray?
Well, I'm betting it's closer to never.
Let me tell you a story...
That I heard in church on Sunday.
This woman is driving home and she sees a
snake on the side of the road, half dead.
She decides to take it home
and nurse it back to health.
She carries it outside to set it free
and the snake bites her.
She's lying there poisoned and dying
and asks the snake, "why did you bite me?"
And the snake says,
"I'm a snake. It's what I do."
I just think one of your snakes
finally bit you.
What is thanatophobia?
Excuse me?
Your file says you suffer from
thanatophobia. What is it?
It's a fear of death.
But we all die, Michael.
I have a little theory about death.
You want to hear it?
Does it have anything to do
with snakes and churches?
Death is a motherfucker.
Death doesn't care who you are,
or who you're pretending to be,
and you have cheated your whole life.
You've been pretending
and cheating and winning.
And you can't cheat death.
That's what's so scary to you, Mike.
And you know it.
Now, I'm going to try
to help you with this phobia.
We have a very creative
rehabilitation program.
Charlie, despite his
personal shortcomings,
was a real asset to this prison.
We get a lot of bodies sent to us
from other facilities in the state,
even some overflow
from the local funeral home,
because we have
a top-notch embalming facility.
Ray will get you situated down there.
- I don't think this is a good idea.
- I do.
The smell gets to you at first,
but you'll get used to it.
You'll get used to it.
This is Mr. Jefferson over here. He's
gonna show you how everything works.
- I can't do this.
- Whoa, whoa, what are you talking about?
Sure you can. Big hotshot lawyer
like yourself, you can do this.
Now come here.
Turn your ass around and do it.
You don't understand.
What the warden told you is...
It's a phobia. It's a medical condition.
It's not...
- I can't.
- No, no! Wait! Wait.
Help me! Help!
Oh, Jesus! Help me! Help me!
Oh, my God. You ok, buddy? Huh?
You ok?
Come on!
Move, move, move.
Get up.
Come on. Go! Go, go, go. Go!
213, locking.
What's this all about?
Just running a preliminary investigation.
Why do you want to talk to me?
Well, we're talking to everybody.
You ever hit a prisoner, Mr. Clement?
It's a prison. You know?
They get rough with us,
we get rough with them.
All I want to do is try to make it home
at the end of the day.
How about you, Ms. Davis?
You ever been in a prison?
I mean other than the executive offices
like this.
It's hell in there.
You understand?
Please remove your hand, Mr. Clement.
It's a whole other world.
Different rules of survival.
People go real crazy, fast.
Everything you thought you knew
starts to come undone.
Pretty soon it's just you in your cell.
That shit will eat you up.
You ever feel like you've crossed the line
with a prisoner?
People are in here for a reason,
Ms. Davis.
They get what they deserve.
Some just get a little more of it,
that's all.
It's a life choice,
don't you think?
A person can't cover themselves in this
kind of hate without expecting a beating.
Now I'm no psychiatrist, but most of the
men who come in here are already broken.
That stuff that you're looking into,
the fights, the suicides,
the beatings, the murders,
these men come in here dead.
Their bodies just don't know it.
Excuse me, doc.
Found him in his cell alone
all beat up like this.
That's a nasty cut. Do me a favor,
Frank, and secure him.
I've got about 15 more stitches
here to do.
Thanks, doc. In here.
You think a guard
could have done that to him?
A guard, an inmate,
anybody could have done that.
- Can I talk to him?
- Knock yourself out.
I wouldn't get too close, though.
Sometimes the restraints
don't hold too good.
I'm Audrey.
I have to get out of there.
I didn't kill that man. I didn't.
I can't go back in there.
I'm going to die in there, too.
- They want me to die in there.
- No.
Help me.
I see you've met our new star resident.
I was just interviewing Dr. Engel.
Awful far away.
Not a very intimate conversation.
I came to check on you, Michael.
I heard you had an incident in your cell.
- I can't go back in there.
- Well, it's a prison, Michael.
Unfortunately you really don't have
much say in where you go.
I worry about you in gen pop, son.
I worry for your safety.
I'll tell you what. We can take it slow.
Maybe take a couple of turns in the yard.
If it works out ok, maybe we can put you
back in the general population.
I mean, maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe you're stronger than I think.
You just been sold.
Try to get some sleep.
Face the wall and put your hands
through the hole.
Shut the fuck up!
Audrey Davis.
- One second. I'll get the gate.
- Thank you.
- He's young.
- Yep.
Now, there's a few steps to this.
First you got to drain the blood.
Get the other needle.
Stick it in the base of the neck
right there.
That body just moved.
Takes time to die.
First the heart stops,
then the brain goes.
The cells and everything, skin and bones,
they live on until waste product builds up
and kills them, too.
Sometimes takes hours, sometimes days.
Nothing to be scared of.
Come on now, son.
Stick the needle in the neck.
You've got to press harder
to break the skin.
There you go. After the blood drains,
you want to hit the switch and that'll
start pumping the embalming fluid in.
Sometimes they puff up because
the chemical gets stuck somewhere.
Just push it down and smooth it out.
Sometimes the eyes pop open.
If you've got a burial,
don't worry about it.
This guy, though,
there's going to be a viewing.
Last thing we want is for
his grieving widow and kids
to be giving him one last kiss goodbye
and his eyes pop open.
Don't worry. Charlie was the same way
when he first got here.
- I didn't kill Charlie.
- Ok.
I shouldn't be here.
But you're here, aren't you?
This is the only way to get through
to the old block.
They shut down the walk
because of mold.
They pulled almost everything out.
I guess they figured nobody ever wanted
those old files.
Everything since the prison started,
back in the late '20s, is in there.
But of course there might be water damage
and whatnot.
So the guard station
is at the end of the hall.
The file room is up on the left.
There's usually someone posted in there,
but in case the guard
went out for a smoke.
Are you not going the rest of the way?
I've got work to do, and there's mold
up there, so I don't want to get sick.
Lock up when you leave.
Was Charlie crazy?
Everybody's crazy.
The day he died, he told me I was next.
He said, "you're next."
Then he grabbed my hand and my pen
and he slammed it into his own neck.
- Don't be weak.
- What?
- When the time comes, don't be weak.
- What are you talking about?
What do I do?
Stand the fuck up.
- Jefferson.
- How you doing, Six?
You know.
- How you doing?
- Get your fucking hands off me.
He's coming on kind of strong.
I'll see you around.
You see what he did to my arm?
Sick fuckers.
That boy just touched you in the face
and all you did was tell him to stop.
You should have been on his shit.
That was a test and you just failed.
You better get right with
where the hell you at, son.
That's 2000. 1997...
On facility death records.
"Inmate 350096 was found in cell 213...
Sorry. I though you might need
one of these.
Those don't usually come on.
What do you want from me?
How you doing, pretty?
Where are the guards?
I told that fool he could take a break.
You're my bitch now, gunner.
You move when I say you move.
I heard you killed that short eyes
with his own pen.
I like that.
Get him off, then you kill his shit.
You going to try to get me off and kill
me, too, pretty? That what you gonna do?
What the fuck was that shit?
This ain't done, faggot.
Pretty motherfucker.
You're still mine.
I'm coming for your shit.
Believe that.
Fucking voodoo shit.
What do you want?
What the fuck do you want?
Open 213! Open it!
Thank you.
You don't suppose I could take it with me?
No, ma'am.
90% of all suicide victims
in this prison
had their murder sentence
pled down or reduced.
- And?
- And you don't find that a bit odd?
People celebrating their newfound freedom
by committing suicide.
Well, maybe guilt set in.
I'd like to look at your staffs
personal histories.
Alcohol issues, domestic violence,
traffic tickets.
And I want to interview the inmates.
Starting today.
- You sure you want to do this?
- Yep.
What do you hope to find?
Oh, shit. This is not good.
It's supposed to be locked down.
- Let's get out of here.
- I'm fine.
It's not you I'm worried about.
Hey, back in your cell. Let's go.
Back in your cell!
- How you doing, kiddy?
- You heard me, get back in the cell!
Move, move! Go, go, go!
Back in your cell! Back in your cell!
Ok, get that door open right now.
Hey, doc. Got a patient for you.
Ms. Davis, what's happened to you?
She cut her arm.
It's nothing. It's just reopened,
happened days ago.
Have a seat. We'll take care of you.
Keep it elevated.
- You know your friend is back.
- Excuse me?
Gray, the inmate that you met last week.
He tried to kill himself.
It's like I told you. Some of these men
break quicker than others.
- Where is he?
- He's down the hall to the right.
He's heavily medicated.
You won't get much out of him.
He's restrained.
But then you know the rules, don't you?
He does that sometimes.
The doctor told me what happened.
I didn't try to kill myself.
Mr. Gray, if someone tried to hurt you,
one of the guards or one of the inmates,
you have to let me know.
We can put a stop to this.
I don't think you can.
Mr. Gray, listen to me.
Mr. Gray.
It's in my cell.
What is?
What's in your cell?
The seat of Satan.
Stay put.
Excuse me, father. I have an inmate
who wants you to hear a confession.
Sure. Of course.
- Well, that's it, guys.
- Thanks, father.
Appreciate it.
When was your last confession, son?
I don't go to church.
What does that mean?
Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.
"Simon, Simon, Satan has asked
to sift you as wheat."
It's the origin of "Simon says".
I don't understand.
Before the devil can tempt a
soul, he has to ask permission from God.
This is his request.
The wheat is your soul.
It will be tested.
But the important thing to remember is
that if God does give the devil permission
to tempt someone,
he also provides a way out for the chosen.
"I know where thou dwelleth,
where the seat of Satan is."
"Enters earth through hell.
Is there something
you'd like to confess?
You look awful.
Thank you for coming so fast.
- Did you talk to him?
- Yeah.
What did he say?
He said to tell you
he did what you asked him to do.
- You scared him?
- Yeah. I scared him.
You had a witness killed.
Don't worry about the witness.
He was supposed to scare him.
Stop him from testifying.
That's all I asked.
That's all I asked.
The whole family was murdered.
I'm going to die in here.
Good night, fellas. Get some sleep.
She made her clothes for you.
I didn't kill you.
I want Michael Gray's complete file.
And I want to see cell 213.
Stepping, 213.
He'll be out of the infirmary tomorrow.
You thought you'd cure his thanatophobia
by giving him work in the morgue?
- I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
- Yes.
You thought you could cure a phobia of
death by sticking an inmate in a morgue?
How did you learn to swim, Ms. Davis?
Did you Wade in?
Or did your daddy just throw you in?
- He threw me in.
- Well...
He was drunk at the time.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Mine, I'm glad to say,
was a lot more sober choice.
And you thought
solitary would also help?
Both for his safety and the safety
of others. This is a world of order.
No, it's not.
Why do you think you are here, Ms. Davis?
What do you mean?
Do you think you're here to save Mr. Gray?
I think I'm here to make this prison
a functional facility.
But you like him, don't you?
I don't even know him.
This is a man who stabbed his client
in the neck four times.
This is a man who set six murderers free
in two years.
Oh, you have a thing for the bad boys.
You want to talk about that?
Was drunk daddy a bad boy?
Maybe yelled a little.
Maybe hit you from time to time.
Your guard was the only witness
on the Gray case.
A guard with a history of drinking.
A guard who's been brought up
on seven charges of excessive force
in his seven years
of being at this prison.
None prosecuted.
A guard who said... it's right here.
"It's a whole other world,
with different rules of survival."
He put Michael Gray in here.
He's doing this to him.
Mr. Michael Gray, attorney at law,
did this to himself.
You know, if you want to off yourself,
there's all kinds of good shit
in the morgue.
Knock you out, kill you,
whatever you're looking for.
None of the side-effects of hanging.
I think I know why I'm here.
Is that so?
I'm seeing things.
Same thing happened to Charlie.
It just took him longer.
He was in that place for more than a year
before it started working on him.
Seen it again and again.
All I know is, they put you in that cell,
you ain't never coming out the same again.
If you ever come out at all.
- She come by yet today?
- No, not today.
- Maybe she left.
- I doubt it.
What do you think she's looking for?
Hell if I know.
A person can find what they want
if they look hard enough.
Even if it's not here.
Are you ok, Ray?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I mean, with you and Julia.
Yeah, sure.
Look, do me a favor.
If our little government lady shows up,
give me a call.
Sure thing.
Let's go. Back to your cell.
I should stay here and finish up.
The kid can't do this shit by himself.
Looks like he's gonna have to, doesn't it?
Now move it.
Finish up. Someone will be by for you.
Come on!
You ain't going to act up on me now,
are you, bitch?
Your boy Ray gave us some private time.
It's you and me now, pretty-pretty.
I mean, that ass done been paid for.
It's got nothing to do with me.
Oh, yeah, well, you're non-refundable.
I don't like it up in here.
All this death in one room and shit.
But if I don't turn that ass out soon,
that don't look too good on me,
you know what I mean?
Am I making you nervous, pretty?
Oh, baby, you ain't got
to clean that up for me.
I like it messy.
Damn, that shit smells rough! Goddamn. Ew!
You know what, while you down there,
you want to take a little something?
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
You don't think I'll do it?
That's it. That's it.
Come on.
Is that good enough?
Is that good enough for you?
I do this and we're done. We're done!
There we go.
There you go.
There you go. Here you go!
You didn't think I could do it, did you?
See, I can do it.
There are five people in this facility
that know the embalming procedures.
One of them was in the infirmary
last night.
The other was in ISO
with an assigned responsible.
That leaves you three.
They found the body propped up
in the latrine
over by the morgue this morning.
You have five of God's holy seconds
to tell me which one of you did this.
Or hell is gonna come down on all of you.
You're all going to solitary
until I find out who's responsible.
Don't smile at me.
Don't fucking smile, pal.
Get them the fuck out of here, Ray.
Let's go.
Let's go. Move.
Now I know you didn't do this, ok?
If you tell me what I want to hear,
all this stops.
You set the whole damn thing up,
didn't you?
Except you was thinking
it would go the other way.
You was thinking that brother...
Would put your new problem
right out of the picture.
Guess what?
I did everything you wanted me to do.
Why are you still here?
When is Mr. Sands coming back?
He said he'd be 20 minutes or so,
give or take.
Well, look who's here.
I moved Jefferson over to ISO, cell 209.
Thanks, Ray.
- What happened?
- What?
It's nothing. Just doing my job.
Mr. Clement.
I'd like to talk to you for a moment
if I could.
Look, as far as I'm concerned,
we've already talked.
Anyway, I promised my wife I'd get home
in time to make supper.
So if you need to speak to me in
the future, run it by the warden first.
- Good night.
- Good night.
He's such a nice man.
The way he takes care of his wife and all.
Will you please call Mr. Sands?
I need to speak to Michael Gray.
He said not to disturb him
unless it was an emergency.
Prison is all locked down now anyhow.
Nothing you can do tonight
that can't be done tomorrow.
It's Frank. I'm going for a smoke.
Jefferson. Jefferson!
How you holding up, son?
Why did you do that for me?
I ain't got much living left to do.
I might as well do it on my feet
instead of my knees.
I thought I was doing
what they wanted me to do.
What who wanted you to do?
The people that I hurt.
The ones I've been seeing.
That was a fucked-up thing you did, son.
Anybody telling you to do
something like that
ain't looking for nothing
but to send you straight to hell.
That's the trick here, son.
Fighting all the temptation
to become one of them.
Staying human in a world full of animals.
That's the trick.
Our bodies may be gone
from the outside world...
But we got to hang on to our souls.
You hear me, son?
We got to hang on to our souls.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Mr. Clement?
I'd like to talk to you for five minutes
if I could.
Mr. Clement, can you please open the door?
Oh, my goodness.
Let's get this out,
chicken's almost done.
A little down. Not so loud, right?
That's better. Alright, then.
Yes, you do.
That smells good. I love this stuff.
You know what,
I'm getting better at this.
There you go.
What do you think? Good? Alright.
Thank you, lord, for this food
we're about to partake.
We pray that it gives strength to do
your bidding for another day.
What the hell are you doing at my house?
I just wanted to talk to you, Ray.
I already told you,
I don't want to talk to you.
Now, you get the hell off my property now.
- Go!
- Where's your wife?
It's none of your damn business
where my wife is.
She's gone, ok?
She's gone because of people like you.
I know what you're doing.
I know what you're trying to do.
You've got nothing on me.
It was my word against his.
I know what you're trying to do.
The jury picked me.
That's good. Good.
Hey, Ray.
I thought you went home for the night.
No, I just forgot something
that I've got to go and do.
I'll be out in a minute. Cool?
Let's go. Get up.
Bit late, Ms. Davis.
- Tell me about the cell.
- Shut the fuck up!
Work with me, Ray. Tell me about the cell.
You know about the cell.
- Tell me about the cell!
- Shut the fuck up!
How can I help you, Ms. Davis?
Ray Clement just tried to kill me.
And there is no wife.
I don't know what he did to her,
or if she left him...
He tried to kill me, and I think
he's come back to kill Gray.
Well, what makes you think that?
Because Michael Gray
did not kill that man.
And Ray is the only one who knows it.
- Come on.
- Ray.
- Frank.
- I was just outside for a smoke.
I know I'm not supposed to leave...
Going in the cage, Ray?
Just taking care of some business.
Get back to work.
Wait here.
Where is he?
- Where's Gray?
- Uh...
He's with Ray, sir. Going to the cage.
He didn't have his uniform on, sir.
I should have...
It's alright, Frank.
You know where the file room is?
Thought you'd win this thing,
didn't you, lawyer? Huh?
Thought you and your little girlfriend
could cheat fate.
This isn't the way.
This is what it wants.
Shut the fuck up!
It makes you scared.
It makes you angry.
That's how it gets you, and too often...
Michael, where is Ray?
Where is he?
Are you ok?
This is hell.
It's punishment...
For all the people that I hurt.
Michael, we've got to go.
We have to get you out of here.
Come on.
Put the gun down, Ray.
Thank you.
No. No.
No. No, no. No.
It seems Ray Clement stole
my weapon. You're lucky to be alive.
He gave his life for mine. Why?
He had to.
What is this place?
Sometimes God and the devil
are fighting for the same soul.
So the soul is taken to a place
where it can be tested.
And if you find your way out,
then there's a place for you in heaven.
I want Ray in that cell.
Well, if it calls for him, he'll be there.
He won't have a choice.
Eventually, Ms. Davis,
we all pay the Piper.
Are you the Piper?
Are you the devil?
Are you God?
Good night, Ms. Davis.