Cell, The (2000) Movie Script

Thank you for the horse.
You liked him?
Oh, it's beautiful...
but I thought we were
going sailing today.
You promised.
Well, that one's too old.
See, now? That'll do!
Come on!
Come on, Mr E.
It's broken.
Who says?
Now, Edward, we agreed.
No more Mokelock.
Mokelock is the bogeyman.
Mokelock wants me
where I am.
We can fix it!
Sing a song of sixpence.
Sing a song of sixpence.
A pocketful of rye.
Baked in a pie.
Rise and shine.
Mr E is doing fine.
Did we go sailing?
Mokelock showed up.
is the bogeyman.
Mokelock wants me
where I am.
Mokelock is
a pain in the ass.
Where'd he get
Mokelock again?
Mother Goose.
What's the matter, Barry?
Edward's parents are here.
He needs a haircut.
He loves it
when you visit.
My husband wonders
if that's true.
He wants to place Edward
in a hospital.
I'm sorry, Catherine.
Mr Baines,
I've been working
on this project for 7 years.
I know, Henry. I know.
Please don't take
offence, Dr Kent.
Your work's invaluable
to this company.
But you're not sure
about me.
We've waited 18 months
for signs of progress.
There has been progress.
There's no proof,
With all due respect,
Mr Baines,
I'm not the one
who designed the procedure.
I mean, I wish I could take
credit for it, but I can't.
I was chosen to do a job.
They picked me,
but if you think
there's someone better...
or someone who's more
devoted to your son, then...
No one's doubting
your ability, Catherine.
What is it, then?
There's no proof,
There's no proof
the procedure works.
All you're giving me
is the belief
that your interaction
with my son
is not a...
I better get
back to work.
Oh, good-bye,
Mrs Baines.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr Baines.
Come, shall we?
Lucky she worships you.
Why? Because he hates me?
dislikes immensely,
can't bear the sight of.
What's the verdict?
Well, we've got
another 6 months...
and Barry had
to push for that.
I want to reverse
the feed, Miriam,
now more than ever.
We've been
through this
a hundred times,
It's too risky.
Why not?
What do we have to lose?
When I did social work,
it was always better
when we took the kids
out of their environment.
Foster homes
can be scary at first,
but eventually they see
that things can be different.
Edward is like that
right now.
He--he's living in a world
that is not healthy.
Let's show him
a different place.
All right. Let's say
we do it your way.
We reverse the feed,
and we bring Edward
into your mind.
Can you
imagine his shock
when he finds that
he's been thrust
into this
whole other world?
I do it all the time.
but you're a willing
participant, Catherine.
You're aware
of what's happening.
Edward's in a coma.
And besides,
we don't know
what effect
it will have on you.
I mean, you're
already exhausted.
Have you been sleeping?
Any more nightmares?
Leave work here.
Don't take it home
in this.
Hey, you.
What are you
looking for, hmm?
Want some milk?
Daddy! Uhh!
Aah! Daddy!
You son of a bitch!
That's fun.
Let me try it.
Not so much power.
The animal is delicate.
Edward, is that you?
Edward, were there seagulls
being killed on the beach
while you were sailing?
Don't hide, sweetie, please?
Edward, is that you?
Don't be afraid.
No one will hurt you.
Edward, is that you?
Go to sleep.
Ohh! God!
Please, don't.
Help me!
Help me!
Please! Answer me!
Help me!
Please help!
Please help!
Thanks for waiting, Cole.
Teddy Lee, no problem.
Special Agent Ramsey.
Who found her?
The surveyor for the railroad,
about 6.00 this morning.
Skidmarks appear to match
the tyre tracks from Reno.
And it looks like
he scraped the rail
and lost some paint, too.
It's on its way
to the lab already.
Dumped the body over there.
Anne Marie Vicksey.
She makes 7.
Jeez, this stinks.
Do they all look like dolls?
Every unfortunate soul.
What's that?
Some kind of a collar.
Part of his methodology.
The way he
puts it there?
He makes it for them.
It makes him feel
they belong to him.
Is the water
always this low?
Yeah, this time of year.
Give me a coroner's report
right away.
Preliminary forensics, too.
I don't want anyone
dragging their ass on this.
So, how was work?
Oh, exhausting.
Sugar prices
rolled back Tuesday
to last week's
Near-term sugar futures
eased 0.11 cents
to 7.7 cents a pound.
Last week, the U.S.
Agriculture Department
said that sugar production
was expected to drop
the first decline
in several years.
I have no idea, Jean.
For God's sake.
Yeah. Good luck
with the monster.
OK. I love you, too.
I gotta go.
OK. Thanks. Bye.
All right. Bye-bye.
Hot off the presses.
There's nothing new
to report, gentlemen.
A match on his semen.
Water in her lungs
show high levels
of chlorine and rust.
What, pray tell,
is this?
They say they found
some dog hair?
From a canine unit?
No. There was
no canine unit.
And Anne Vicksey
doesn't own a dog, Teddy.
I want to see this.
What you got, Teddy?
Ah ah ahh!
And that means?
A complete
absence of melanin.
The dog is an albino.
He'd love
an animal like that.
I believe an albino dog
is a rare animal indeed.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh...
You poor boy.
You're gonna be OK.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
Jesus Christ, Peter.
Thought you were
gonna get some sleep,
clean yourself up.
I did.
They're waiting,
you know?
I'm ready.
Let's go.
We're gonna
do this 2 ways.
Breeders of
German shepherds.
Ford dealers.
I want you to be thorough,
and I also
want you to be fast.
This guy's accelerating.
He only waited 6 days
this time.
When he first started,
months could pass.
And that means one
of 2 different things.
One, he thinks we're stupid,
and we can't catch him.
that I believe,
he wants to be caught.
The dog hair thing
is sloppy.
He leaves Anne Marie Vicksey
in 3 inches of water.
He knew that we'd find her.
Now, there's one thing
I know for certain.
If we can't stop him...
he ain't gonna stop himself.
Will this be all right?
Yes, ma'am,
that's great.
Thank you
very much.
Uh, she was still...
she was still
living at home, ma'am?
We were looking
through apartments.
But they're not
moving in together
until after
the wedding.
Julia wants
to be married.
Did she ever
mention anything
out of the ordinary?
For instance, somebody
she was seeing mad,
or somebody
perhaps watching her
or following her?
Pardon me.
What if you made a mistake?
Maybe this isn't the man.
Maybe Julia's safe.
There's certain things
that he does
that, uh...
make us pretty positive
that this is the man.
Last year, I lost
my husband to cancer.
I went through
such terrible pain.
But Julia, she was
always there for me.
What's going on, Gordon?
Riverside sheriff
found a dog breeder
in Woodcrest.
she had a buyer
for an albino
shepherd pup.
checks D.M.V.
Son of a bitch
a '92 Ford pickup.
Guess what colour.
Where is he?
just east of Loma Park.
S.W.A.T.'s had the house
under surveillance
for about 20 minutes.
Carl Rudolph Stargher.
No registered weapons.
No priors.
Got a licence
for his dog, though.
Named him Valentine.
You're the bad man,
aren't you, Carl?
Mairzy doats
and dozy doats
And liddle lamzy
A kiddley divey, too
Wouldn't you?
Brock, Agent Ramsey,
Agent Novak.
We got here as fast
as we could.
I briefed them
on the way over.
Where do we stand?
Here's the situation.
We got a high-ground team
on the roof,
a 4-man element to the east,
we got an entry team
in the van
across from the house,
a 2-man element
to the south.
Have you seen him yet?
No. There's been some
movement in the kitchen.
Can't tell what it is.
You think
the girl's in there?
We'll proceed
assuming that she is.
Freeze, motherfucker!
I got the dog!
They'll take him
to county general.
already there.
Make sure
he stays cuffed.
I want 2 men on him
at all times.
I don't want anyone
to treat him but Reid.
Not so much as a thermometer
up his ass, understand?
She's not here.
You should, uh,
you should
come downstairs.
Please take care
of my little baby!
Please, are you there?
Please hear me.
Can you hear me?
I need something.
I need you...
Anybody here?
This is not happening
to me.
This is definitely
not happening.
Please help!
Have you ever heard
of Whelan's infraction?
It's a form
of schizophrenia.
It's very rare,
and it's very severe.
In any schizophrenic,
these areas
would be affected,
but in someone
with Whelan's,
they're hit hard,
and they're hit fast.
Can't you load him up
with Thorazine or Doxepin?
Normal psychotropics
don't work.
This thing
is caused by a virus
that infects the neurological
system in utero.
It lays dormant
until it's triggered
by some kind of trauma.
Most likely, he's exhibited
symptoms for some time,
but the infraction,
or the breach,
didn't occur till today.
The triggers can vary.
Uh, usually water-related,
but the results don't vary.
He's not just catatonic.
He's disappeared,
like having a dream
and never waking up.
For how long?
Oh, forever.
Lee, I think
we might be missing
the bigger picture
Now, whatever state
that he happens
to be in,
there is a girl
that is missing,
and her name
is Julia Hickson,
and he is
the only one
that knows
where she is.
He keeps them
in this thing
for about 40 hours.
Now, he took
Julia Hickson
at 7.30 last night.
Peter, you know me.
If there were anything,
He provides them
with food,
drinking water,
and a toilet.
Now, she thinks
she's been kidnapped,
that there's
a chance of survival,
but it's just
a form of torture.
This is a kind
of ritual for him,
a cleansing before
he takes them home
and turns them
into a doll, a toy.
Now, this thing
is fully automated,
and unless we find her
by tonight,
this will happen to her.
At the request
of Mr Cooperman,
we've contacted
your board of directors,
and they've given
their approval.
And so have
Edward's parents.
But the decision is yours.
It's up
to Catherine.
She's the one who
would have to face
whatever risks
there might be,
so, I support
whatever decision
she makes.
Can I ask you something?
If he wasn't like this,
if he was conscious,
do you think that
he would tell you
where she is?
There's always a chance
of a confession. Yeah.
And there's things
that he's done
that show
a need for disclosure.
He hasn't had
a sympathetic ear.
He wants someone to listen,
to, uh, try
and understand him.
Look. I feel
for this girl, I do.
But Stargher may no
longer know the truth.
For severe
there's no discerning
between fantasy
and reality.
Is it possible?
If he came
to trust me, yes.
But it takes months to
earn that kind of trust.
Is it possible?
Come here...
and save me! Save me!
I'm Daddy's girl.
His levels
are too flat.
What happened here?
We removed
Should have left him
the way he was.
He used to suspend
himself, didn't he?
Yeah. They're comforted
by the feeling
of weightlessness,
like floating in water.
Now, this, gentlemen,
is the catalyst.
The neurological
connectic transfer system
not only maps the mind,
it sends the signal
to another party.
All you need to do
is tune in,
but you do much more
than tune in.
You become
part of the show.
He's ready.
Why are there
For a while we tried
joint therapy sessions.
the price of one,
but Edward hated it
and only talked
to Catherine.
She has a gift.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Response signal...
We implanted
a touch-sensitive microchip
in her hand,
so if she wants
to stop the session
or if it gets
too intense,
she can give the signal,
and we abort.
When we were ready
for practical testing,
Miriam and I auditioned
some of the best
child therapists
in the country.
And all they did
was observe
and report,
nothing more.
Catherine was
the least experienced,
but she came
so highly recommended
that we decided,
what the hell,
we'll give her a shot,
and, immediately,
we could tell
she was different.
You're not human.
You don't lie in my house.
You're an animal!
Hey, you.
Yeah, you like that,
don't you?
Is your name Carl?
You know, I know another
little boy with a horse.
His name's Edward.
I mean the boy,
not the horse.
What's wrong?
His victims.
Where you come from?
Gentlemen, she's back.
I'll be right there.
All right.
Come on, Catherine.
She's had quite a journey.
Unlike anything
we've ever seen before.
So she's made contact?
Oh, yes.
She's gone very deep
into his world.
At times too far.
It's cold.
That can be dangerous.
What are you
talking about?
Well, if she came to believe
that Stargher's world is real,
then theoretically, her mind
could convince her body
that anything that
was done to it there
is actually done.
It's like the old wives' tale
where you die in your dream,
you die in real life.
Henry, could you
raise the temperature
in here, please?
Dr Kent?
Just a moment, please.
Dr Kent, can I come
in there to speak with her?
We have to be patient.
I mean, look at her.
She's drowsy.
Let her wake up.
We don't have a lot of time.
Do you understand that?
Our Father,
who art in heaven...
hallowed be Thy name.
Am I interrupting
Is it OK if I...
He knows you're here,
doesn't he?
My friend
Dr Reid said...
that it's
very unusual.
that is...
in a child that's
this young.
They usually
think it's autism.
What you have to understand
is there's nothing
wrong with his body.
What's paralysed
is a part of his mind.
It's so damaged by the virus
he can't even
will himself to move.
You think
you can change that?
Do you believe
there's a part of yourself
that you don't show anybody?
I think everybody has
that side of themselves.
During a session,
when I'm inside,
I get to see those things.
I feel them.
With Stargher, I felt things
I never want to feel again.
He's not even
Carl Stargher anymore.
He's this idealized
version of himself.
A king in a very...
very twisted kingdom.
The place for him
to indulge every...
You know, I don't want
to talk about this in here.
I could never do
what you do--
devote myself
to understanding
a mind like that.
I don't think
we'll ever be able
to understand
a mind like that.
But you try.
That's your job.
I guess so.
You don't like what you do?
I like it better
than my old job.
Used to be an attorney.
I was a prosecutor.
What happened?
I had a case, um,
where this little girl
was molested.
And because of this one
tiny piece of evidence
that was tainted,
he walked.
Uh, Charles Gish
walked away.
Nothing I could do
about it.
The night after
he was released,
Margaret's parents
came home--
that was
the little girl's name--
Margaret Sims.
And they found
Charles Gish
in their living room.
He was watching
and Margaret
was sitting next to him,
and he had cut her open
right down the middle.
The parents found
Margaret's heart
in the freezer.
Charles figured they'd
probably want to keep it.
After that,
I left the D.A.
and joined the FBI.
Figured l'd just
try to catch 'em.
Till now.
You know, I started
to tell you that Stargher
really isn't
Stargher anymore.
Well, that's true,
and it's not.
The dominant side is still
this horrible thing,
but there's
a positive side that--
Positive side?
Well, the way he sees
himself as a child.
But isn't that him?
The boy Stargher
made contact.
He's curious about me.
If I could reach the boy,
then maybe he'd
tell me about Julia.
Whatever happened
to Charles Gish?
Old Charlie
beat the murder rap
because he was insane
when he killed Margaret.
His attorney
milked the jury
for all they were worth.
Said that a life
of sexual abuse
drove him
to do these things,
and, you know,
whatever the fuck.
All that
same old bullshit.
Why is that bullshit?
I believe a child can
experience a hundred times
worse the abuse than
what Gish went through
and still grow up to be
somebody that would
never, ever, ever hurt
another living being.
And you're sure of that?
Yes, I am.
I'm sure of that.
Hey, where the hell
you been?
I've been right here.
Well, next time
tell me, OK?
I didn't want
to disturb you.
You looked so cute,
you know.
You're all sleeping
when you get
that look on you.
Your colleagues
want to know
what to do
with Stargher.
Tell them to prep him.
I'll be right there.
Thank you,
Stargher have any pets?
You know, cats, dogs...
Yeah, you're a good boy,
aren't you, Valentine?
That's supposed to help?
On a subconscious
level, yes.
Anything that was
special to Stargher,
gave him pleasure,
should make him
More peaceful.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Mr Novak.
Thank you.
You got it.
Round 2.
Henry, not funny.
Not funny, Henry.
Come on,
stop playing around.
I'm not.
It's a power problem.
We're locked out,
I--I need you to check
the circuit breaker.
I want you to check
circuits 6 through 12.
Come on.
Get up.
I'm already in.
What did she say?
Come here, boy.
Can you take me to Carl?
Need some help?
I've got a present
for you.
If you need me,
or if you feel like I'm
around but you can't find me,
shine it like this.
Go ahead, take it.
You like it?
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
What happened over here?
Just broke all by itself.
Did you break that plate?
I broke the plate.
Did you break that plate?
I broke the plate.
Well, hey.
Let's break 'em all,
how about that?
You little fucking liar!
I should've drowned you
like the runt of the litter.
You don't lie in my house.
This is my house!
He's just a boy.
Shut up!
You're not his mother!
She's not your mother.
She left us, Carl.
Remember that.
See that?
See that?
That is...
a place of evil.
What the fuckin'--
Jesus Christ!
What the fuck
is this?
Get back here.
Get over here!
Playing with dolls?
You little faggot!
What are you,
some kind of a woman?
Get up.
But, Dad--
Dammit. You want
something to cry about?
I'll give you something
to cry about, woman!
Mama's boy!
I didn't raise no faggot.
Stop your crying.
You want to iron
like a woman?
Let me show you
how to iron.
Help me.
She was my first.
And...and I made
such a mess.
Now what I have to do.
Why are you here?
Don't lie.
I came to help you.
You're lying.
You sound like
your father.
He was nothing.
He is nothing.
Who told you
to say that?
Do you remember
the first time
he talked to you?
Were you in water?
Maybe you went swimming.
It was my baptism.
My father, he...
he pushed me under.
I think I had
some kind of seizure.
I think I was drowning.
And everybody
just looked at me.
Nobody helped me.
Except him.
My father...
he took me home
that night,
and he broke 3 of my ribs
and fractured my jaw.
I was 6 years old.
what your father
did to you is evil.
What he did to you
was wrong.
He treated you
like a thing.
He was more...
powerful than me.
No. No one should be
treated like that.
Is that right?
In what world
do you live in?
Carl, where
is Julia Hickson?
No names.
No names!
Where is she?
I know you, Carl.
You want to tell me.
Oh, you know me?
Oh, you know who I am?
Where is she?
Where's Julia?
Where's Julia, Carl?
That can't be right.
No change.
What about
emergency cessation?
terminate the feed,
disable the receptors--
It could lead
to massive shock,
and, Henry, could you
please shut that thing off?
What's going on?
That hypothetical
situation I told you about?
It's happening.
Can't you stop it?
It's not that simple.
Well, you stopped it
Yes, that was different.
That was Edward.
With Stargher, his mind
is unfamiliar territory,
and she's lost.
She thinks this is real.
Well, is there anything
that we can do?
Whatever we do
runs the risk
of making things
worse for her.
That's great.
So she's lost somewhere?
No. No.
No, what?
I need you here.
Fucking stop!
Let me the fuck out!
Let me the fuck out!
Let me out!
Get me out,
you sick fuck!
Fuck you!
Let me out.
Do something.
Do something
to end this.
Do something.
Do something.
I got bugs crawling
all over my body.
It gets worse.
You're completely
unprepared for this.
Ah, Dr Kent,
we've been over all this.
Yes, but I've been
through the process.
She went through the process,
too, and it didn't matter.
You don't know him.
Be lucky.
Come on, guys.
Uh, Peter,
the first few minutes
will be very
Remember to stay
calm and focused.
Instincts play a very
important part here,
so trust them.
All right.
Peter, you've
read her file.
Hit her with
something personal.
And remember, Peter...
it's not real.
What the fuck?
Have you seen him? My boy?
My little one?
His father took him from me.
I spit it out my hole.
Big deal.
Don't mean anything.
My child's
an abomination.
He has no soul.
Is that you?
You all right?
Listen to me.
Poor Peter.
This isn't real.
Did Daddy do a bad thing?
Don't be scared.
This isn't real.
Catherine, listen to me.
Naughty worm.
I'll kill you!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Wake the fuck up, now!
Mairzy doats
and dozy doats
And liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too
Wouldn't you?
When you were in college...
your baby brother
had a car accident!
He was in a coma
for 6 months
before he died!
And I'm sorry
for saying that!
But you gotta wake up!
It's not real.
It's not real!
It's not real!
Not real!
Not real! Not real!
It's OK.
What the fuck happened?
Where are we?
Oh, my gosh.
Is this where
he keeps them?
No, it's OK.
Don't be scared.
I would
never hurt you.
I'm your friend.
And Peter--
he's a friend, too.
Do you know
where this place is?
Like on a map?
I am so proud of you.
Even if Peter
doesn't find Julia,
I promise
I will come back
and help you.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
It's over.
I know how to find Julia.
I just can't
leave him here!
God damn it,
Catherine, let's go!
I know how to find her.
No! Carl!
We're running
out of time.
Let's go back!
I'll come back
for you, Carl!
I promise I'll come back!
we gotta go now!
Means he's back.
How's Catherine?
Take it easy, Peter.
Is she OK?
Take it easy, Peter.
Just breathe.
Is she OK?!
Yeah, I think she is.
Can you get me out
of this fucking suit?!
Yeah, Cole here.
Cole, it's Novak.
Yeah, what's up?
I want you to go down
to the basement
at Stargher's workplace
and call me when
you get down there.
They haven't finished
building the grid yet.
Fuck the grid! Call me
when you get down there.
You OK, Pete?
I'm fine.
You want to tell me
what happened in there?
Oh, fuck.
You in pain?
What happened, Peter?
I saw her.
Who did you see?
I know
where to find her.
Julia. I saw her.
OK. Why don't you come in--
Why don't you come and let
Dr Kent have a look at you?
Yeah, this is Cole.
Uh, now what am I
doing down here?
That machine that he
uses--there's a hoist.
I want you to look
for a plaque
or a metal plate with
some sort of logo on it.
Yeah, I got it.
Uh, it's Carver
Industrial Equipment.
In Bakersfield,
I want you to find out
every goddamn thing
that you can
about that machine.
Who used it, who sold it,
who bought it.
Just find out
everything you can.
I'm gonna call you
from the chopper
in about 20 minutes.
All right, let me
have a look. Good.
That's good.
has left the building.
What? I haven't had
a chance to clear Novak!
What did you
expect me to do?
There's no way
I could stop him.
I'm OK.
Are you sure?
Let me have a look.
All right. OK.
Peter, just talk to me.
What if your mind
is playing tricks on you?
They shot you
full of drugs, Peter.
Who knows if what
you saw is real?
Open this door.
What are you
I promise...
I'm gonna help you.
No. Do not
jeopardize your career.
You're not authorized
to be here.
Stop! It's dangerous.
What are you doing?
What's she doing?
You know what
she's doing.
For Christ's sake.
She changed the codes.
You can't get in.
What happened?
She reversed the feeds.
What does
that mean?
The process is intended
for her to go into his mind.
But instead, she's
bringing him into hers.
Stop! No more!
I promised l'd come back
and help you.
See? I always keep
my promises.
Can I stay here
with you?
Oh...no, honey, I'm sorry.
It doesn't work that way.
There's nothing
I can do about that.
Yes, there is.
When I was
a little boy...
I found this bird.
He was injured and...
had a broken leg
or something.
Well, my father
found out that I had it.
And I knew that he would do
something horrible to it.
It was just
a matter of time.
So I took it to the sink,
and I--I held it under.
It was better
for the bird...
I saved him.
I can't do that, Carl.
I won't.
It doesn't matter.
He found me.
He always finds me.
Agent Novak?
Go ahead.
Yeah, Novak,
listen to this.
The hoist was sold
to a guy named Bainbridge,
who tried to build
a machine works out near Delano.
Bainbridge ends up
in bankruptcy court,
and the state winds up
with the land.
And guess who they hire
to seal the place up.
Aw, you're fuckin'
kiddin' me.
No. I'm not
the kidding type.
Carl Rudolph Stargher.
Where's the land?
Exit 10--
off highway 99.
We're on our way now.
Got it. I know
where that is.
Help! Help me!
This is the area.
My world...
my rules.
Do it.
It's not real.
Me got boy.
Boy me got.
You cannot kill me.
Baby, it's OK.
Save me.
You can stay here
with me.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK. You've got
to back away.
Swim to the back.
Back away!
Back up from here.
Back up.
It's OK.
Are you OK?
You OK?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Hey! Hey.
Agent Ramsey?
She's here.
OK, let her through.
Somebody outside
for you.
What is she doing here?
Said she wanted
to see his home.
It's pretty strange.
She's keeping his dog,
l'd say
pretty fucking strange
is par for the course.
I almost didn't
recognize you.
How long do you get
to be a civilian?
A couple weeks,
till after the inquiry
and see what happens.
Ramsey told me you
were thinking of, uh,
what do you call
that thing?
With that kid you
were working with?
Yeah. Edward.
Are you sure you
want to do that?
You're not worried about
what might happen?
I would never do anything
to hurt Edward.
It wasn't him
I was worried about.
What about you?
How are you?
I'm not sure.
I remember pieces
of everything.
According to the FBI,
you guys put me on some
drug-fuelled mind-bender,
which then, uh...
triggered a memory
I already had,
and officially
we found Julia Hickson
through good old-fashioned
detective work.
I guess this is hello
and good-bye, then.
I guess so.
Thanks for everything,
Be safe.
All right.