Cellphone (2023) Movie Script

I love you.
I love you too.
I had a dream last night.
I was in a forest
with giant trees
and magnificent things.
But I couldn't see any of it
because I was this little speck
on the ground.
I don't know,
like an ant or something.
And all I could see
was the mud I was sitting in.
That was it.
That's all there was.
Hello there.
- Did you-- did you make it okay?
- Yes.
The key was right
where you said it would be.
I'm sorry I wasn't there
to greet you myself,
show you around.
Oh, it's okay.
Uh, does anyone
ever call you Winnie?
No, not really.
Oh, well then, okay.
I won't presume
to call you that then.
How are you liking the house?
Oh, it's--
it's beautiful.
I thought you'd like it.
It's over 150 years old.
The house was originally an inn.
That's why
there are so many doors.
- Oh, whoa.
- Yeah.
Listen, I--
I really do appreciate
you looking after the place
for me.
I appreciate you letting me.
It's a gorgeous house.
Well, you'll be, uh,
perfectly safe there, Wynne.
Thank you.
Yeah, I will personally
make sure of it.
I'm in the city,
but you can call me anytime.
Day or night. All right?
-Whenever. You hear me?
-Will do.
- I hate making the bed.
- I know.
But you have to make the bed
to be able to get in it.
Actually, no, you don't.
- Wynne?
- Yes, hi.
Everything okay?
You sound like
you've seen a ghost.
Oh, no.
Everything's fine.
Well, if you see Betty,
tell her I said hi.
- Betty?
- The ghost.
Legend has it
she died mysteriously
in the house,
and now she floats around
and spooks everyone.
Anyhow, uh, I--
I was calling to let you know
that sometimes
the power goes out,
and I wanted you to know
how to use the generator.
Oh, yeah.
I'd love to know that.
No, no, no.
See, you want to stir it
Not clockwise.
That way
you aren't wasting any time.
Wynne, look out!
How are you?
I don't know.
I was hoping
that being in a different place
would distract me,
but it hasn't yet.
I'm worried
I'll always feel this way.
I know. But you won't.
You just need to allow yourself
time to grieve.
How can I when it was my fault?
It wasn't your fault.
No one thinks that.
I was driving.
Do you remember
that time
when we were kids and you made
the Big Dipper house
out of cardboard?
Didn't have roof,
so I could look
at the Big Dipper at night.
You worked
really hard on it.
Took you a long time.
Pillows, constellations
drawn in crayons on the sides
and stuff.
A moon-shaped door.
But you worked
the hardest on that telescope.
We made everyone
in the neighborhood
eat Pringles for a week
for those cans.
It was an amazing telescope.
Even if it wasn't magnifying
And then I broke it.
Ziggy ran out
in front of my bike,
so I swerved
and crashed my bike into it.
- And you broke your arm.
- Yeah.
And I ruined your creation.
It was an accident though.
I see what you did there.
You didn't get mad at me,
which is rare for a kid.
You were easy on me.
So, be easy on yourself.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
I-- I-- I gotta go.
-You know, I'm here for you.
-I know.
I thought
you were gone.
I'm right here.
So, have you, um,
perfected the bouquet toss yet?
'Cause we all know
that's the most important part
of the wedding day.
Uh, yeah, it absolutely is.
this reminds me of the 1997
Chinese monster film,
Sunny Factory,
where the hero gets himself
in this compromised situation,
not in a factory
like the title would suggest.
Well, it's either
Sunny Factory or Homer's
tale of Ulysses
at sea with the sirens.
But I don't have any wax.
You know what I mean?
What I'm trying to say is,
I'm completely vulnerable here.
-Who are you?
-Of course. Who am I?
Here I am just scared
of this strange woman,
possibly a siren,
interrupting my nightly dive
for copper wiring,
which retail costs way more
than I'm willing to spend.
Way more than I can even make.
I'm just a man of the land.
Why can't we all
just live off the land?
And, of course, to get my fix
of mechanic fantasies
here too...
when, in actuality,
I'm just a guy
that's working
on this old truck
for the past ten years
with no real progress.
Just the thrill of driving her
for five minutes
before tinkering again.
Have you ever had a truck
set on fire
while you're driving
down the road?
It's not even my truck.
Although, I have one of my own,
I have been given permission.
So, I guess it's sort of
like therapy,
but that sounds way too clich.
If you don't tell me
who you are,
I'm gonna call the police.
Yeah, I know. His name is Carl.
When you picture a cop,
you just picture a Carl
and we've got him.
He's on duty tonight.
You should give him a call.
I don't know
what he's been up to
since I last saw him.
Cody Mallard hit a deer,
and the damn thing didn't die.
Sad, really.
Carl was already on the scene
when I drove by...
they were just standing around
this poor creature
panting for life.
The deer, not Carl.
Although he is known
to break a sweat
just sitting in his car.
Luckily, I had my machete
in the back of my truck,
which was really lucky
because I had taken it out
only a few days prior
to sharpen it.
But I still had to hack
and hack and hack
at the deer's jugular
while it just jerked
with every hack
and put her outta her misery.
I think Cody
might've kept the head,
and I think Carl
might've kept the body from me.
But who knows
if he even had the proper time
to butcher it.
I mean,
he was on call that night.
Oh, that's Lucy. Sorry.
She's a cat,
and I'm scaring you.
I should really
make this very clear.
I am the one
that should be scared here.
'Cause I don't know you.
I've been coming over here
for years,
I grew up in this town,
I know everyone in this town,
I helped put
the extra support beams
up in this barn.
And I've never seen you before.
You're the stranger.
I'm Chris.
I'm here because one, wiring,
the carburetor needs rebuilt,
and three,
because I need a tool...
to cut free...
a raccoon that was trapped
in a badger trap.
Now, I'm not here to hurt you.
Which I realize
is exactly what the killer says.
So, to show you that
I'm gonna be leaving very soon.
I'm Wynne.
I'm watching the house for Bob.
-I'm Wynne.
-Oh, Bob Morton. Yes.
I met him
when everything happened.
A creepy dude.
Don't know much about him
before that, though.
Jim was the one
looking after this place
before he passed away.
No kid for Jim,
so next of kin was Bob,
who I guess
is some sort of distant cousin
or maybe his brother,
I don't know.
Jim was a man of few words.
Good guy, but few words.
He loved this place though.
Bob just gets people
to stay here.
Hey, you really scared me.
Fair enough,
didn't know anyone was here,
but I take full blame.
And since I am here,
I'd prefer if you let me know
when you're stopping by.
I can do that.
But you really should have had
a weapon in your hands.
You're a woman
alone in the country.
Why'd you even come out here?
I, um...
I thought I saw someone.
Was it Betty?
Because you have to know
she isn't real.
She's just a gho--
Oh, it was me.
Duh. It was me. Of course.
But you thought
it was someone else.
Death is hard.
It'll haunt you every day
if you let it.
You learn
to live in joy with it.
Found it.
I am sorry I didn't catch that.
If you want to dispose
of a body,
here's the number for the local
sanitation department.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
- Hello.
- Hey there.
Are you okay?
Everything okay with you?
Just let my dinner
get a little too smokey.
And the-- the alarm went off.
Oh, I love
a good smoked brisket.
I'm just calling, you know,
see how you were settling in.
You know, it's a bummer
that those windows
don't open, huh?
Yeah, I'm settling in
- just fine.
- Good.
Um, so I found this picture
of a couple
that I think used to live here.
Do you know where they live?
I thought
I might send it to them.
Oh, well,
there's been so many people
that have come and gone.
I mean, I'd have to see it.
They say they want
to experience farm life,
but then obviously
it doesn't suit them
because they never stay
too long.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Here, you drive.
Nice catch.
It's all in the phone, Wynne.
It's all in the phone.
Oh, God. No.
Don't believe
everything you see.
I need you so badly.
Come here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
The thing about small towns
is that
there aren't very many roads.
I travel all the same places
but don't have any patterns.
You know what I mean?
Why do people say that?
You don't know what I mean yet,
it's just filler.
Anyway, the patterns
are an important note
because it means
I drive by this house
all times of the day.
I don't need to have patterns
'cause my life and my days
are spent how I want to
under crippling anxiety,
thinking about the universe
and feeling like I have answers,
but then I don't,
and the cycle continues
on and on like that.
Ah, patterns.
They're everywhere.
Thales argued that everything
came from water,
but nothing he ever said
was written down.
Sure, Aristotle
could have mentioned him,
but he could have misinterpreted
what he meant.
That's not the point,
the point is,
you've been here
since October 11th,
and it took me until today
to realize
you don't have a car.
Which means
you're getting around
some other way.
But I thought about this.
Now, I'm not looking
at the driveway
every minute of the day.
And it's perfectly feasible
that you could've got a Lyft
or Uber or what have you,
left, and come back
in a window I didn't drive by,
but you've got this sad girl,
dark energy about you,
and my suspicion is that
you're afraid of driving.
And the hypothesis took a while
to arrive at
because at first,
who-- who doesn't have a car?
Or perhaps your car
is too run down
to make the trip
from wherever you came from,
and the Uber, Lyft lifestyle
is very prevalent.
But look, none of that matters.
The point is,
I don't know
what you're eating or how,
because the only thing nearby
is a gas station mart.
So, I'm here
to take you to the store
because whatever's keeping you
from the store
isn't going away anytime soon,
and I'm worried
you're gonna die.
to quote Mean Girls...
get in, loser,
we're going shopping.
I thought I told you to tell me
when you're stopping by.
I did. I honked.
All right. I'll be there.
-Do you ever--
-Not right now.
is for listening to music.
There was a clown
driving the ambulance.
-What are you talking about?
You didn't say
anything before that.
-I didn't say anything out loud?
Forget it, the joke takes
too long to set up anyway.
Oh, by the way,
I got you this
because I assume
you didn't take my advice
and get yourself a weapon,
which most people don't.
And though this may seem girly,
I assure you the pain
that can inflict
is truly horrifying
and long-lasting.
Don't play with it.
You didn't spray yourself,
did you?
The video was called
"Mace Face" and it got 17 views.
-A lot of views.
-A lot of views.
I am so sorry.
That sounds horrible.
It just feels so real.
I mean, I can understand
the nightmares,
but seeing all that stuff
with Liam, I'm telling you.
This has gotta be the PTSD.
It's like your brain
is playing tricks on you.
But it's like
he's actually here.
I mean, I know he's not,
but it's just...
it's so real.
And the phone...
What-- what--
what about the phone?
Nothing, I just...
I wish I could be there
to give you a hug.
Wynne, it's okay
to have bad days.
You just need to get through
the next five minutes.
I know. You're right.
The nightmares
and visions sound terrible.
But I believe
you can get through this.
You're stronger than you think.
I'm just not trusting
my judgment.
And my facial twitch
is coming back and I just...
I'm not doing good.
Uh, I'm sorry.
They're calling about my car.
I have to take this.
I'll call you back.
I love you so much.
What? What do you wanna show me?
listen, I'm sorry to bother you.
Oh, it's okay.
All right, Wynne, listen,
it's a box marked "Taxes 1992."
I wish I could tell you
where to look, but, uh,
all I know
is it's down there.
Um, Wynne,
there's something else
I need to tell you.
I knew that couple
in the photo.
Brian and Jeanie.
It was a tragedy.
People believe he killed her
and then killed himself,
but, you know, I knew the kid.
He wouldn't do that.
They were murdered.
Probably by some drifter.
I mean, I feel responsible
'cause I never fixed
the lock on the back door.
Oh, it's okay, it's fixed now.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you.
I just didn't want to scare you.
You're perfectly
safe there, Wynne.
I mean,
you don't need to be afraid.
It's always been
a sleepy country town.
And it's gonna stay that way.
Sometimes life
just throws you a curveball.
You know that?
Oh, here it is.
Oh. Eureka.
I knew you'd find it.
- You wanted 1992?
- Yep. That's it.
That's the year
they came after me.
Uh, well, I'm gonna need
both hands to grab the box.
I gotta go.
Well, listen, thanks.
Appreciate it.
You got it.
- Hello?
- Hey.
- Chris?
- Yes.
What are you doing in the house?
The back door was open,
so I came in,
but I remembered to knock.
- From inside the house?
- Yes.
Did you just text me?
I don't have a phone.
It studies you, it--
it listens to you,
I don't-- I don't trust it.
Plus, I listen to myself,
I wouldn't want to subject
anything else to that.
Look, it's really weird
talking through the door,
and I know you're probably upset
about the knocking thing,
there's so many rules
about the knocking.
I will knock on every door
from now on.
Why do you have a gun?
A gun?
This is a Brown Bess, Wynne.
It's a musket,
an authentic musket,
may I have you, from 1762.
We're going shooting today.
Come on.
-Oh, no.
This is loose. It's fine.
It's just cosmetic.
There's a tool in the basement
that I can use to fix it.
That's the magical thing
about this place.
Whatever you need
is already here.
All right.
First things first.
What's that for?
Our targets.
For multiple reasons.
One, tin cans are a clich.
I would use pop cans
because they're more accurate,
but it's just a lot to handle.
Two, we can draw on them.
And three...
I love milk, so I had
a bunch of these lying around.
- What are we drawing?
- Your worst fears.
- Why?
- Just do it.
A spider? Really?
Okay. Lame. Whatever.
-I'm afraid of spiders.
-I ate a spider once.
Come on, Wynne.
Gimme something unique to you.
Try again.
You're afraid of diving boards?
No. Heights.
Oh, no.
What do you mean "Oh, no"?
You're just drawing
and mentally googling
these average fears
and drawing them on here.
I will draw it for you.
Draw what?
Fears don't go away
on their own, Wynne.
You have to go to war with them.
A little close, don't you think?
"A little close."
The Brown Bess
are notoriously bad shot.
Sure they taught soldiers
to raise it up
and look down the barrel,
but it was all for show.
The bullet just goes
wherever it wants.
You know, they had trouble
hitting a man within 50 feet?
Plus, it's super satisfying
when you hit a milkie.
I wouldn't wanna
deprive you of that.
All right.
There are ten steps
when it comes
to firing a musket.
You must follow all ten
or else you just have
a ten-pound club in your hands.
First, we level the fire--
Oh, whoa.
Sorry. No.
Safety first.
Take these.
There you go.
Put those on.
Good. All right.
Now put these on.
Put all these on.
It's a lot.
I feel fabulous.
The gun will be very loud.
You'll see a spark
and some flames
come out of the touch hole.
Don't worry about that.
You'll probably be fine.
Let me just--
let me just finish this.
The yelling
was getting on my nerves.
Okay. Next, paper cartridge.
Contrary to popular belief,
only fueled and romanticized
by TV and film...
they didn't typically use
powder horns.
The soldiers anyway,
they used these,
paper cartridge.
Lead bullet at the bottom,
approximately 100 grains
of black powder, wrap it up.
Rolling these
is a fun pastime of mine
when I'm...
watching Rick and Morty.
Where did you learn
all this stuff?
All right, so...
you cast your bow--
Or, excuse me, sorry,
you half cock.
Open your cartridge.
Use some of the black powder
to load the pan,
but not all of it.
Now you cast your bow...
charge with the bullet,
the powder,
the paper, all of it,
just dump it in there.
Draw your ramrod.
And you nail best
like a sailor leaving for sea
and you don't know
when you'll turn.
-Like this?
you return your ramrod.
And we now have
a fully loaded gun.
That's right.
I know.
Saying safety first.
All right.
Next step is gonna be
what makes it go live,
so to speak.
Full cock.
Ready? Visors down.
Aim. Step back.
-Now it's your turn.
All right. Ready?
-Visors down.
Aim. Fiber.
That was exhilarating.
-Feels good, doesn't it?
-Can we do it again?
-Uh, yeah. All right.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You forgot
to take the ramrod out.
Wynne, remember,
you can't miss any steps.
-There are so many steps.
And imagine doing this
under the pressure of the enemy
100 feet away.
They were expected to load
three cartridges in a minute.
All right. There you go.
You're good now.
All right. Ready?
-Visors down.
Are you okay?
Hey, there.
You drive.
You drive.
what's wrong?
I'm scared.
And I miss you.
It's gonna be okay.
I can't do this without you.
It's okay.
I'm right here.
No, you're not.
That's why
you can't set the mace down.
You scared me to death!
Why do you keep doing this?
It's not okay.
I can see that.
Which sounds a lot
like "I can see."
That's crazy.
And they mean the same thing.
Who doesn't keep soap
in the kitchen?
I told you
not to come in here unannounced.
I'm sorry.
I knocked on the door
and called your name.
I assumed you heard me
and were gonna meet me in
the kitchen, which we did.
Please do not come
in this house unannounced.
But I did announce it.
My hands
were just covered in oil
and the situation
felt very desperate.
Please do not come
in this house
unless I've acknowledged
you're here.
I can do that.
Where's your truck?
I didn't even hear it.
I parked out
by the old shed.
I was working out there
all night.
Even tripped a fuse
at one point.
Anyway, I thought
we should go on a ride today.
Can I wash my hands now?
What are you doing?
I'm getting in the truck.
You're driving.
-I'm not driving.
-You know I can't.
-You're ready.
I'm not doing well.
Look, you look fine to me.
Take these.
You are gonna do great.
This is good.
We're in the vehicle.
-I don't like this.
-We're just sitting here.
Getting used to it.
Why don't you touch
the steering wheel?
Chris, I don't wanna do this.
I'm telling you,
you can do it.
I know you can.
Just touch the steering wheel.
See how it feels.
See, it's not so bad.
This is--
this is what we do.
We just take, uh, small steps.
Next, we turn on the engine.
I don't want to.
Wynne, look at me.
I believe in you.
Listen to her hum.
How do you feel about
driving a few feet?
You got this.
I told you
I wasn't ready to drive.
I told you
I didn't wanna do this.
Why do you keep making me do
all these things
I don't wanna do?
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop doing this.
It's not real, Wynne.
It's not real.
Hey, it's me.
I was calling
to encourage you.
I know
Bob left his truck for you,
but don't feel
pressure to drive.
It's okay to take
your time with that.
give me a call back
if you want.
Love you.
Fear lives in the future.
What we're afraid of,
it's not in the past.
Something that might happen.
We're afraid
of a loved one dying.
We're afraid that we won't have
enough money to pay our bills.
We're afraid
that life won't go as planned.
All of those
are in the future.
See, fear is real
It's our imaginations
bad outcomes in the future.
But the outcome of fear,
it's not in the present.
I think that's why
The only fear-- We have to...
...it is fear itself.
Fear is a lie.
Don't believe it.
Don't give in.
Fear lives in the future.
But you...
you live
in the present.
There you are.
I saw Brian stabbing Jeanie.
I saw him stabbing her.
He was hanging right there.
-On the phone.
He was hanging right there.
-On your phone?
-On Brian's phone.
Brian's phone?
I found it in the ashes.
No. No, of course.
It's just like my phone.
Of course, it's not there.
I'm telling you it was.
I saw it.
I keep seeing these things
on my phone and now his.
Bob is wrong.
They weren't murdered.
Oh, God. Look. Here.
He even wrote it.
He even wrote it.
It says right here.
He says he was going to die.
I don't trust myself
right now.
I still keep seeing Liam
everywhere too.
But I killed him.
I killed him.
Just like Brian killed Jeanie.
I don't know what's going on.
I-- I feel like
is purposely tormenting me.
And I deserve it.
I-- I don't know.
I'm scared to death
and I-- I can't escape
my own thoughts.
I saw us dead.
We're going to die.
I saw us dead.
Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
I saw us.
Come with me.
Come over here.
Maybe it's a bit misplaced
to give it to you right now,
but I brought this to apologize
to you for making you drive.
I'm sorry.
I have this tree
in my front yard
that I get to see
in high gale winds.
And it's unbelievable
what this thing goes through
during a storm.
And you would never know
until you see it.
Most of the time
it's perfectly calm,
enjoying the sunshine.
But I just love knowing
it survived those storms
because, then, I don't worry
so much if another storm comes.
Wynne, I think
this storm's gonna pass.
The note.
I won't let myself hurt you.
"I want you to know...
it's not your fault.
And I love you.
I could never...
get it right."
Phone showed left.
I'm right, not left.
I'm right.
Try it.
I love you.
Come here.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It was a Tuesday afternoon.
What was?
You were in the parking lot
talking to someone
just laughing and smiling,
holding your groceries.
The bag of chips on top
was so close to falling out
because of
all your animated movements.
And you didn't even notice.
I don't know
what shined brighter that day.
You or the sun.
And just as I was walking by,
it was as if this--
this invisible force
just knew my heart's desire.
Knocked that bag of chips
on the ground
just so I could pick 'em up.
The day we met.
I know it sounds foolish to say,
but I don't care.
'Cause I knew
in that moment...
that I never wanted to
spend another day
without you in my life.
Me too.
every single moment
before then, just...
just felt like
it was conspiring
to get me in that parking lot
on that day.
And my prayers
were answered, Wynnie.
I got to spend
the rest of my life with you.
This wasn't how
it was supposed to happen.
It was supposed to be us...
not just me.
We had a whole life
planned together.
I know.
But when I think about that girl
in the parking lot on that day,
so vibrant
in an ordinary world.
The girl
I fell in love with.
I know
that's who you are always,
with or without me.
There is joy after this,
I promise.
But now...
right now, I need you
to shine out and fight.
You can do this.
You have it in you.
There's something
I need to tell you.
What's that?
It wasn't your fault.
It was an accident.
I don't blame you.
But now I have to go.
I love you.
I love you so much, Wynnie.
Oh, no.
I'm not here to kill you.
...I did try my best
to get you to do it for me.
It was you doing
all those things?
But all thanks to you.
What do you mean?
Well, without you...
I'd just be stuck
in the ether.
You see,
your fears gave me life.
And I thank you for it.
And really...
I was only showing you
who you really are.
We both know
there's only one of us
in this room.
What are you talking about?
You know.
Only one of us
has actually...
killed someone.
...I've done a lot of things
that I'm not proud of
but no one has ever died
at the work of my hands.
I'm not a murderer.
You're a monster!
Oh. Oh.
Now, that hurt.
You're only saying that
because you can't possibly
accept that you are one.
But I'm you.
So maybe...
I am a monster.
I am a murderer.
Or maybe...
I'll kill you
and then I'll live
out in the world as you,
and no one
will know the difference.
Where is it?
Wynne, I'm walking into
your house now.
I'm giving you a warning,
just like you made me promise.
I messed up a couple times,
but I-- I've learned my lesson
and I'm now the most announced
guest you've ever had.
I'm walking
up the back porch now.
Seven steps.
Wynne, are you home?
Of-- of course, you're home.
Wait. Nope.
You want me to knock.
I'm gonna knock now.
Chris. You can't be here.
Chris, you need to leave.
You've gotta stop
greeting me this way.
- No, Chris.
- I found this.
I think it belongs
to one of these doors here.
No. Yes. See, I knew it.
But this isn't missing anything.
Where did this come from?
Wait, we've got to
get to the bottom of this.
Chris, leave.
You okay?
I know
it's going to sound crazy.
Well, I'm crazy.
And you know what they say?
You can't fight
crazy with crazy.
Or is it that you shouldn't--
'Cause it's-- to me,
it seems like
if you're gonna fight something,
you gotta match it.
Or at least outmatch it,
and in terms of crazy--
Things have been happening.
Dark things.
I thought it was me,
but it's just someone
or something
that looks just like me.
Now I know that it's the one
doing all the terrible things,
but I don't know
what to do, Chris.
I don't know how to get away.
I don't know how to fight it.
Oh, well,
I have a lot of questions.
Like, what is "It"?
But first I wanna let you know
that I believe you
and we'll figure this out.
That's what
I was hoping to hear.
Thank you.
Chris, stop!
Don't trust it.
Okay. Uh, um...
you have a-- you have a t--
Oh, okay.
You step back. Oh.
All right. I see.
I see. This is-- this is--
this is classic.
Honestly, this is very good.
The way
that you've set this up, Wynne.
Well, Wynne which--
which-- which-- which Wynne?
Because this is the--
this is the twin thing.
The-- the-- the--
the early 2000's.
I've seen the movies.
You know, where there's--
the twins which are real.
I-- this is a good setup,
especially with the creepy,
uh, you know, Brian's phone
and-- and,
ah, there's a doppelganger
of me,
it looks like me.
That's good.
Honestly, it's--
it is very scary.
The work
that you've done is incredible.
You know, I did-- I was scared
a little bit right here.
Um. Oh, wow. Wow. Okay.
So which...
...um-- um, Wynne is really--
what is your-- what is-- which--
which is Wynne?
Which twin--
this is-- this sounds silly.
Which twin is Wynne?
No, I don't have a twin.
I don't know what it is.
I'm Wynne.
That is something else.
It's lying! It's me, Chris.
You have to believe me.
Chris, look at me. You know me.
You need to leave here.
It isn't safe.
This is--
this is incredible.
Honestly, you guys
have done so well.
I see. Okay. All right.
I get the pattern.
I understand the game now.
I understand the game.
Let's play the game.
Um, I gotta give, like,
the-- the-- the--
the quintessential question,
the real Wynne would answer.
Correct? Okay.
Um, what did I give you
the other day?
A tree.
It's not gonna work
because whenever
I had my phone on me,
it was listening
and watching.
- Forget it.
- Of course.
-Get out of here, Chris.
-Ah, shit!
it's a mirror image.
What does that mean?
I mean, I guess
that's a good justification.
Wow, you guys
really did the work.
Why would you do all this work?
A weapon. A weapon. Weapon.
Weapon. Weapon.
I heard it too. You stay back.
Chris, shh. It's me.
I don't have a weapon.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Is that what
it sounded like when I said it?
You think I believe it's now you
just 'cause you said that?
Okay. That's true.
What can I show you?
How can I convince you?
That's your problem.
Oh. Look.
Remember when I cut myself?
See? Look, Chris, it's me.
That cut is on your left hand.
And you cut your right.
You're lying.
Chris, you're wrong.
I'm right-handed.
I cut with my right hand
so I would cut my left hand.
No, I know what I saw.
You're lying.
You think I'm an idiot?
- Well, I think you're an idiot.
Chris, where did you put it?
Did no one teach you
not to run into a maze?
You're just
a dumb little mouse.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just wanna talk to you.
But just in case.
You know, Wynne,
I am actually helping you.
You've been
a burden to everyone.
And I can help you with that.
Die, bitch.
You missed a step.
Come on, Wynne.
You can come out.
The gun's not even loaded.
Come on.
Aw, what a shame.
We both know you'll never drive.
Bad things happen
when you do.
Why you'd run
to where you saw yourself dead
is beyond me.
You know
I can't stay here, right?
I know.
Did I ever tell you
the story of Henry?
It's another tree story.
Henry was a sequoia tree.
And like all the sequoias,
he was tall and strong.
In fact, he was the tallest
of all the trees in the forest.
His branches reached up
far above the others,
up into the clear blue sky.
Henry had
a bird's eye view
that went on for miles,
so he would describe
the different sunsets
to the shorter trees below.
Though they couldn't experience
the vivid sky the way he did,
Henry used such poetic prose
that all the living creatures
of the forest
got to enjoy the sunsets.
This lush Eden went on like this
for centuries.
Until one night,
Henry saw something red hot
falling from the sky.
Sticking out further
than the others,
a tiny spark landed
in his branches
igniting into fierce flames.
The fire consumed Henry,
turning him to ash.
When the forest awoke
the next morning,
a blanket of sadness
took hold.
Everyone stared at the embers
with a heavy heart.
But then something
truly magical happened.
The heat from the fire
opened a seed
that had fallen
from Henry's branches,
causing them to take root.
From death came new life.
Other trees grew tall
and reached the clear sky
experiencing it as Henry did.