Cement (2000) Movie Script

(traffic passing )
( buzzing )
( man laughing )
Man #1: Where's the cigarette,
where's that cigarette?
Man #2: Slow
this fucking thing down.
Man #1: Watch this fucking
thing right here.
This thing, check it out.
The thing you just
fucking hit, man.
Hey, watch out, man, you're
gonna fucking hurt us!
Man #2:
What the fuck.
Man #1: You're fucking up
my car, man.
You're in a fucking world
of trouble, man.
Man #1: You're taking my fucking
car to Earl Schieb, man.
Man #2:
Ah, fuck him.
Man #1: Stop this fucking car,
you're gonna kill it--
- Man #2: $39.95
- ( crash )
( Man #2 laughing )
Man #1: Stop right now!
Stop this fucking car!
Stop this fucking car!
Thank you.
( Man #2 laughing )
( cellular phone dialing )
Come on, Mic.
Am I the only sane cat
on the planet?
Yeah, yeah, sure, that's one way
to go about it, Bill,
or you could also use
the fucking key, man!
Shit! Shit!
The thing about it is
it's not your car,
it's my car.
Use the key.
It goes in the lock.
How ya doin',
you future speed boat?
Help me out.
Easy, easy, easy,
Bill, don't drop him, man.
Look, man.
Think about this, man.
Stop this right now, man.
The ramifications of this,
man, are beyond, man.
The repercussions
are irreversible.
Other shit we can stop.
Whatever your obsessing on,
just let that go--
I'm not obsessing.
- Let it go.
- Shut up.
( heavy breathing )
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
- What the fuck?
- What did I say, man?
What the fuck is going on?
What did I say?
Look at him.
Listen, I'll give you a--
listen. I promise--
Don't you get him
any angrier, all right?
I'll call Mic. He can help me
calm the asshole down.
This is a fucked up situation
for all of us, man.
Mainly for you, but--
are your feet bleeding?
Oh, man.
Fucking weird, man.
What size shoe do you wear?
( lights popping )
Bill, Bill,
I'm gonna go
get him some shoes.
He don't need no shoes.
No, I'm gonna go
get him some shoes.
- Get him some shoes?
- That's what I just said.
You're not going anywhere,
are you?
I don't think so.
I know he damn sure ain't.
( laughing )
- I'm getting him some shoes.
- Get him some shoes.
You wanna smoke?
Mary J Juana?
( car starting )
You're fucking crazy, Holt.
Ya know,
a friend of mine told me
this stuff's state of the art.
Flood, earthquake
and riotproof.
That's what he says.
You have a 7.2
under this baby,
wiggle like a bellydancer.
You know why?
Cause they make them right here
with this gizmo.
Put the mold on, pour
the cement in, let it dry,
raise it up,
do it again.
1 0 sections,
the whole pylon's done.
Did you
happen to see
what I had delivered,
Holt, I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
Come on, you know me.
I know you.
I know you
and your brothers
and your whole
piece of shit gang.
Those rookies were killed
just a mile up the road.
I didn't have anything
to do with that.
How come your brother
didn't invite me?
You know, to his party.
I thought Truman and I
were friends.
I liked your brother.
Sure you did.
I liked him.
Think I was ripping him off?
Is that why
he didn't invite me?
Well I never did.
Is all this
because my brother
didn't invite you
to his birthday, Holt?
( engine starting )
Holt! Come on, Holt!
( backing alarm beeping )
Holt: Do you know the best part
of dating a homeless girl?
After the date,
drop her off anywhere.
Man: Hey, that's my joke.
How about this?
Ever hear the one
about the three mice?
This one mouse, he goes,
"I'm the toughest mouse
in this bar."
The other mice go,
"Why are you the toughest
mouse in this bar?"
He says, "Because
I take the rat poison,
chop it into neat little lines,
and then I snort 'em."
The other mice go "Well shit,
that ain't so fuckin' tough."
He says, "I said
I take the rat trap
and I bench press it,
one arm, man."
And that other last mouse
looks at him and says,
"Yeah, well I'm out of here."
They say,
"Where you going?"
He says,
"I'm going home...
...to fuck the cat."
( laughing )
Bing, here kitty.
To fuc--
to fuck the cat?
See you later.
Didn't you say
you were going home
to fuck the cat?
Oh, you're a fucking--
You always spoil my jokes.
You never let me
get the satisfaction
of seeing you enjoy
a punch-line.
another round. You can even
get Menachim Serpico a round.
That fuckin' beard is the worst
fuckin' thing I've ever--
You know why?
You see that green van
out there on Ivar?
- No.
- I'm telling you,
there's a green van
out there on Ivar,
been following me
for three fucking weeks.
- You're out of your mind.
- Three weeks
this van's been
following me.
You're out of
your mind, man.
Don't tell me I'm paranoid.
They're up my ass like this.
You gotta watch
your ass too.
You've seen a green van
out there following you
for three weeks
and you ain't said nothing
to me until right
fucking now?
Listen man,
you're fucking paranoid.
It's in
your fucking head.
when are you leaving?
I'm leaving at 7:30.
Lyndel and I haven't had time
together, not even a second.
It'll be good
for both of you.
You get out there, you get some
fishing, a little salt air...
...boat drinks.
What do you know
about fishing?
And what the hell
is boat drinks?
You don't know shit.
Boat drinks.
Boat drinks?
( groan )
Boat drinks.
So, I'm talking to Truman
and Truman's sayin'
that there's some kind of
discrepancy in the count.
(telephone ringing)
How much?
Truman didn't say that.
Tommy: Phone call, Holt.
how are you doing?
Holt: I'm doing good,
how are you doing?
I tried to page you.
Yeah, I was
a little tied up.
By who?
So, did you get
the tickets?
I got the tickets.
We're leaving
at 7:30 in the morning.
( call waiting beeping )
Hold on just a second, hon.
( sighing )
She always puts me on hold.
That's a bad sign, isn't it?
You tell Truman,
when I get back
I want to see that fucker.
You tell him yourself.
You talk to him.
You'll see him tonight.
You talk to him at the party.
Where's the party?
Uh, honey, did you
get the dry cleaning?
Yeah, sure, uh...
So, when are you
going to be home?
Probably 8:00 or 9:00.
I'll be home soon.
Yeah, okay.
( phone beeping )
I'll see you soon.
When's he gonna get
a push-button phone?
This thing is ridiculous.
It's like you're living
in the '20s.
Uh, Tommy,
can I get another round
for me and
my asshole partner?
I'm talking to Truman,
as I said, and uh...
and he's tellin' me
to ask you...
you know,
how'd ya count it?
How'd I count it?
I checked it three times.
Like I always check it.
Don't-- I'm just
tellin' you what he--
You're gonna sit
on that fucking chair,
and you're gonna look me
dead in the eye--
Look, calm down.
-- and you gonna fucking ask me
how I counted it?
or I'll take your goddamn head
right off your fucking body,
you hear me?
You're gonna ask me
how I counted it!?
You tell Truman
that I want
to talk to him
when I get back from
this fucking vacation.
That's what he said.
All right, listen, man.
It ain't between you and me.
I'm telling you something
right now.
can talk to me in person.
I'm done with this shit.
I don't want you fuckin'
telling me a message
from him, and he told
a message from so and so.
I'm done with this fucking
shit right now.
I've got to go
get my hair cut.
I've got a vacation
to go on.
Who knows?
Maybe we'll fall
in love all over again.
See you later.
Did he give you
any money?
Man: Pain is like
a cheap drug
out here.
They sell it
on the street.
But if you swim
in a world of hurt
long enough,
your body adjusts to it.
You don't notice
the decay.
Shit. I've been in this town
damn near 15 years now,
wondering when it's
gonna catch up to me.
This is a true story.
I know, because
it happened to me--
48 hours
that changed my life.
I should have
seen it coming.
We all should
have seen it coming.
But like they say,
it's the bullet you don't
see that kills you.
I met Bill Holt
not long after I got out
of the academy.
We worked together
on a drug bust in San Pedro
that made the brass
look real good.
They kicked us up to Vice
so fast it made our heads spin.
Now, the Los Angeles
Police Department
has a policy
regarding partners
that limits the time
you can work together
to two years.
It's an effort
to curb corruption.
We've managed
to side-step that
for the most part.
Holt and I have worked together
off and on for nearly 10 years.
We're so deep
into payoffs
and kick-backs
they have no idea.
Bunch of college boys
think they're running things.
Couldn't be further
from the fucking truth.
Among other things,
we had a pretty sweet deal
working with a fellow
named Truman Rickhart
and his gang,
a couple of local hoods
stretching their activity
into some rather profitable
and easy scams.
Stolen goods, protection
money, lottery skims.
And until recently
the operation had been seamless.
Until some money
from a pickup disappeared.
And I had a pretty good idea
where it disappeared to.
Speaker phone:
Danny, Mo, whatcha got?
Double vig from Murph.
Paid in full.
Says there won't be
no more problems.
- He won't be late again.
- Speaker phone: Mo?
Man #3: Jimmy from El Centro,
he's the rake.
20k and his wife
is riding him hard.
He says if he doesn't take her
to Vegas on the next run,
she's whacking it off.
Speaker phone: Sean, you got
Holt's cut from Volkert.
Ninny's stopping by
at 10:00 to pick it up.
- Holt coming in?
- Speaker phone: I hope not.
Talk to him
about what's missing?
Speaker phone:
Timing ain't right.
Not until we're sure.
I'll handle it.
Short-fused motherfucker.
Speaker phone: Hey--
- How long we gonna let them--
- Speaker phone: Hey!
- What, he runs around like--
- Speaker phone: Hey!
Speaker phone: Like what?
Like she runs around on him?
- I'm not gonna--
- Speaker phone: Just cool it.
You know what happens
if he finds out?
- Yeah.
- Speaker phone: All right.
I get in from Miami at 7:00,
I expect to see you all tonight.
- Danny.
- Yep.
Speaker phone:
I want you to call Robbo
and tell him to set up
the back room.
Anything else?
Speaker phone: No.
Let's just have fun tonight.
Guys? Sean? Smile.
Finish him up,
I want another trim.
You want a little trim?
Probably haven't
washed your dick yet.
Hey hey.
Boy, oh boy.
Not bad, eh?
Why don't you try it on?
No, you got
to wear it first.
No, no,
you gotta try it.
Come on,
you gotta test it.
You got a smart kid making you
presents like this, Tru.
You bet I do.
Is she coming tonight?
No she's not.
Why not?
Because her mother
won't let her.
Why not?
Because her mother
hates me, Ferg.
( all laughing )
She don't hate you.
Yeah well,
she's angry with me then,
because of something
Jenny said.
- Did I tell you?
- No.
Truman: Get this.
Charlene's working some,
I don't know,
soup kitchen or something.
I don't want
to fucking know.
she's got Jenny with her
and this nun comes up
and asks Jenny
if she went to church.
And Jenny says,
"No, I don't and I never will."
So the nun asks, "Why not?"
And Jenny says,
"Well because I
might go to heaven
and I want to go straight
to hell like my dad."
( all laughing )
That's my little girl.
- Shit, Ferg, come on.
- No film, no film.
Okay, no film.
But the goddamned flash,
I can't see now.
Walk your blind brother
to the bar.
Rob, is that you?
No, it's
my twin brother.
Confidence, confidence.
That's what
I'm talking about.
Nitz-che, okay?
On my mother's grave,
till last week,
I'd never read a book in my life.
What a one to start with, huh?
I can lend it to you
if you like.
- Mo.
- It's like, uh...
...a map, you know,
about how to get confidence,
about how to talk to people.
Like, for instance, now.
Last week, I couldn't
have talked to you.
Yeah, I was shy.
I didn't believe in myself.
If you can believe that.
Yeah, see?
I used to write poems.
I'd write poems, right,
instead of talking to people.
Write poems,
never show 'em to nobody.
Why not?
'Cause I was embarrassed.
He thought he might kill somebody
if they laughed at him.
( laughing )
He's serious.
But, this book convinced me
to share them with people,
to take a chance,
to have confidence.
Girl#1: I have
to go to the bathroom.
Wanna hear one?
I memorized all of them.
Sixty-three. Beautiful.
No, I, uh, I, uh...
It's okay.
He's much better now.
Danny, where's Sean?
Get him up here.
He's downstairs,
with Nin.
That's smokin'.
It means nothing.
That ain't where
you need good aim.
This is where
the action is.
Up close and personal.
You're a professional,
you should know that.
Are you kidding me?
Anybody could pop anybody,
from right there.
It's easy.
It's never easy, Nin.
Lyndel: Honey,
this not a good idea.
This is dumb.
Holt: Lyn,
baby relax.
This is not a problem.
Sean: Ninny.
You, Holt,
and the boys can use this
whenever you want.
Nobody can hear down here.
This is
for the computer stuff.
Split it with Holt
and everybody.
Tru's been generous.
Yeah, there's a lot more
coming through these days.
I can point you to it.
They would have invited you
if they wanted you here.
She's right. They're
talking about you.
They're pissed off.
Let them talk.
Didn't you know
talk was
a form of flattery?
Not if they
call you an asshole.
What was that?
Did you say something?
- No, no.
- I said nothing.
So, did you talk to Holt
about what's missing?
Yeah, do you know
what that's like?
He's like a caveman.
I'd rather steal
a chicken wing out of his mouth.
I didn't take anything.
You don't believe me?
It's not a matter
of me not believing.
What's it a matter of then?
I've been doing the split for years
and nobody ever
questioned anything.
I never took anything.
Look Nin,
the boys never minded
a couple of grand
missing. But this?
- He says he didn't do it.
- Who else, Nin?
Yeah, I'll talk to him.
Man: This kind of money
raises a lot of questions.
You were there with me.
Did I take anything?
Thank you, dear.
End of conversation.
I've got
to talk to you too.
Don't start with me,
all right?
It's stupid.
What do you
want me to say?
What you're doing is stupid.
- ( cell phone ringing)
- Hello?
Tanya... Naida?... Kim!
Baby, listen.
It's not a good time.
I'm in a meeting.
Let me call you back.
- How do I look?
- Nice.
You're looking
pretty sharp too.
Skippy, open up.
It's a raid.
Open up there, Skip.
Hey, hey, you know, look,
it's a private party.
I'm sorry.
You can't come in, Chief.
How come
I wasn't invited?
it's a private party.
I told you. Do you
understand "private"?
How many times did that door
hit you?
It's okay, Robbo.
They invited you.
- I wasn't invited.
- Where's Truman?
Sean and I were
just doing business.
Doing business.
- I'll take that too.
- That's your piece.
Hey, hey, Ankles,
even though you're
not wanted here,
the least you could do
is respect the rules
of the house.
You know what
the rules are.
Gimme your piece.
Don't worry, I'll make sure
he keeps it in his pants.
All right, come on,
work with me, please.
You don't have to be
an asshole too.
Give me your gun.
Thank you.
And you look like
you're having a great time.
Give me your piece.
Thank you very much,
but everyone knows
you always carry two.
Yo, yo!
Teeth, everyone.
( singing "For He's
A Jolly Good Fellow" )
Which nobody can deny.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
How are you doing?
What are you doing?
Just counting my fingers.
We shook hands.
I'm just making sure
all my fingers
are still there.
That's hysterical.
- Smile.
- Hey, no pictures!
- No film.
- Fergus!
I tried
to keep them out, Tru.
But Ankles forced
the issue.
Beavis and Butthead here--
Why do you keep
calling me Ankles?
Cause you're 3 feet
below a cunt, Chief.
Hey, hey.
He's joking, Bill.
Come on.
I'm very glad
you could make it
to my 40th birthday party.
I was wondering where you were.
I figured you would.
And you know what?
I told them that.
Didn't I tell you guys
he'd want us to come?
Hey, Robbo.
Why don't you apologize
to the man?
Maybe do it today. Robbo.
Sorry, Chief.
I was having a little fun.
That's okay, Skippy.
I don't hear any music.
Oh, that was fun.
Ferg, Ferg, Ferg,
how're you doing?
Good tie.
Look at that.
( laughing )
You don't have
to kiss them all.
Black forest
triple chocolate.
How did you guess?
I just figured it out
on my own.
Danny, come on and
get some plates here.
- Holt: What's your name?
- Girl: Maria.
Are you with Mo?
You know how I met Mo?
He tried to kill me.
Ray, Ray?
I was gonna call you. Give me
the number, I'm writing it down.
Hey, hey.
Happy, happy, 00h!
Thank you.
I didn't want to come.
But since I had to,
open it.
Open, sesame.
Got a light?
I think so.
( laughing )
And it was later
that I found out
he was trying
to kill me.
I should've killed you then,
you fat fuck.
You should have.
But you didn't.
Isn't that funny?
Are you trying
to get me in trouble?
It's your birthday.
What could happen?
Are you trying
to get me killed?
Tru, come on.
This is why
I didn't invite you two.
The other stuff
I can deal with.
What are you talking about?
You know
what I'm talking about.
Everybody knows.
Except him.
Happy birthday.
Do me a favor.
What's that?
All right?
( laughing )
What are you doing, Ferg?
What are you doing,
Nothing, just--
I saw you doing something.
What are you doing?
Just having fun.
Huh? What?
You're having fun?
Is that a lizard?
No, don't.
Is there film in there?
Is there film in there?
My rocks.
Those are my rocks
from when Tru and I
went to the river--
Fergie, Fergie,
I don't want to know.
No film.
- Didn't do it, Mo.
- It's not a prob.
I'm not watching
this again.
- What do you mean?
- No way.
- He's got the right idea.
- Stay right here--
- So get fucking laid.
- Good luck.
I hope the pussy's
that good.
Is she in or out?
- Fuck it.
- She's out.
Jesus Christ,
it's not a problem.
19 out of 20 times
I can spin this to the bottom.
19 out of 20's
not good enough, Mo.
It's all in the wrist.
Round and round
and round she goes.
Where she stops,
nobody knows.
Sit down.
Fuck you.
Look, his nipples are hard.
He gets off on this.
Look at him.
And the one time
that I don't make it,
nine times out of 10,
it's in the chamber,
to the left or the right
of the bottom.
By my calculations,
only in one out of the 10
of the one out of 20 times
that I don't reach the bottom,
I have a one in three chance
of whacking myself.
You get it?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
- I got it.
- Fergie gets it.
Is he gonna shoot himself?
- I think so.
- No.
He puts that .357 Magnum
to his head and you think so?
That's the fucking point.
I'm not gonna shoot myself.
I'm gonna make a fortune
off those spicks in Tijuana.
- Shush.
- Hey, hey, hey,
you do that,
you go outside.
I don't want to be cleaning up
your ears off of my wall.
Shut the fuck up.
Don't fucking worry.
With these odds,
I put my trust in God.
Lord, if you're with me,
let no man stand in my way.
And if you're not,
why the fuck am I alive?
- What is he talking about?
- Who knows?
My friends, like
Oliver Cromwell said,
"Put your trust in God,
keep your powder kegs dry."
And my own poem for Mexico
is as follows,
check this out,
it's very deep...
"Don't be scared guy,
it's not my time to die.
I've done the figuring
and now I'm gonna pull the
- trigger--"
- Hey, hey, stop!
( laughing )
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
You're a sad motherfucker.
No film.
( laughing )
I can do it again.
I can do it again, watch.
You're a sad motherfucker.
Give me the gun.
I go three rounds in Mexico,
I win 15 grand. 15 grand!
Give me the gun, Mo!
Don't you believe in God?
Don't you know
there's no bullet in here?
Sit down, Sean.
Sit the fuck down!
( echoing )
( laughing )
- I believe. I believe...
- You believe?
- Do it. Do it.
- You believe?
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in the hereafter?
- Don't point that gun at me.
- Take a picture, Ferg.
Hey, what about you?
( laughing )
Do you believe in God?
Yeah, I believe in God.
She owes me an apology
for having to listen
to that fucking poem, Mo.
Yeah, okay,
you pull that trigger
I'm gonna blow
your stomach away.
One way or another,
you're gonna die, man.
What's the matter with you?
Put the gun to your head.
- Don't point that gun at me.
- Put the gun to your head.
- What's wrong with you?
- Put it away.
- Come on, man.
- You think I don't know
what I'm doing?
( shouting and laughing )
Give me that gun!
Get out of here.
Go get a drink.
These white niggers, man.
I don't know how
that happened.
I'm sorry.
Mo's giving
some gambling tips.
Rob, you're right.
It was the fucking booze.
That's what put me off.
Oh, no, I'll tell you
what the problem is.
You're a fucking nutcase.
All right, funny man?
If I-- don't lose my gun.
Come on,
let's go get a drink.
Go ahead,
I'll be right up.
Go ahead,
go ahead.
( blowing in bottle )
( blowing in bottle )
Little tug-boat.
( laughing )
I had a drink.
This is crazy shit.
That crazy fucking shit.
Mo put a gun to his head.
I wish the only time
I had a gun to my head
was when I put it there.
Tough guy.
36 years old.
I've been doing this
for how long?
Dealing with this shit?
You know, you wake up,
and you're 50 and you saying,
"Oh, I was gonna do that,
I wish
I would have done that,"
you know?
Tomorrows are gone.
Fuck that.
I'll walk out of here
right fucking now, Sean.
Right now,
like you said.
We move down to Ensenada,
$75,000, bro',
you get a nice boat.
- Nice boat.
- A nice boat.
A nice boat, man.
Start the business.
Charters, excursions...
...fishing parties.
I know the waters
down there.
My grandfather taught me
the waters down there.
We go down there
and start the business.
Tuna, sea bass
and a cold beer.
I don't owe these motherfuckers
a fucking thing.
Not a fucking thing.
Except Bill Holt.
That's different.
Lyndel: Hi.
Nin: We were just
talking about you.
Give us a minute,
will you?
Just a minute.
- Sean: It's okay.
- It's not okay.
Sean: Make sure
he doesn't come in here.
One minute.
It's an insurance thing.
Do you love your brother?
What are you doing?
No, don't do that.
- Don't take off your shoes.
- Why?
We can't.
Lyn, baby,
no, no, come on.
Look what I got yesterday.
Do you like them?
800 bucks for most people.
I got them for free.
See the red?
- That's lizard.
- They're nice.
Very nice.
- Lyn, come on.
- What?
What you wear on your feet
is very important.
- Look, come on.
- Come on.
We can't. No, no.
- Lyndel: Nice lizard.
- This would be really stupid.
He's right in there.
Let's go across.
I've got something for you.
- I bet you do.
- Yeah? Come on.
Danny's over there.
So what?
We'll go to our own room.
No one ever goes there.
Come on, baby.
10... 10... 10 minutes.
No more.
No more.
Holt: Fucking moron.
I'm gonna steal from you guys?
I'd got to be
fucking insane.
We gotta trust each other.
And respect each other.
That's what it's about.
Fuckin' listen--
Tru, hey, Tru.
Tru, Tru,
where are you going!?
- Come here.
- What's up?
- I wanna ask you a question.
- Fire away.
Do I know what
I'm talking about?
You know what you're
talking about.
Where's your drink?
What's the matter?
- I don't have any more.
- Let me buy you a drink.
- Robbo?
- Why are you so generous?
- You trying to load me up?
- You don't need loading up.
You didn't invite me and
you're buying me a drink?
No, no, no.
He's not invited.
Yes he is, baby.
( acid jazz playing )
( music stops )
Call Ninny.
Yeah, we got a--
we got a--
-- real certified
problem here.
Call Ninny.
I'm serious.
Nin: Listen, two days
after New Years 1989,
Holt and I were
in North Hollywood
at some dude's apartment,
closing up a deal
on a couple of kilos,
when all of a sudden,
it all went to shit.
I got caught on
a third floor landing,
staring down the barrel
of a nine millimeter
that some punk-ass
had pressed against my head.
He said,
"I got out of jail
just to kill you."
Then I heard a shot.
The next thing I know,
part of this kid's brain
was on my shirt.
The rest of it was
on the wall somewhere.
I saw Bill Holt
standing where the kid's feet
had been, smiling at me.
We never talked
about that day, ever.
Sometimes I wish
he'd let that kid kill me.
'Cause, how do you pay someone
back for saving your life?
When are you done?
Why was I calling Mic?
If I couldn't
keep a lid on Holt,
Mic sure as shit
wasn't going to be any help.
Getting shoes for Sean
made perfect sense at the time.
But, that's your brain
on drugs.
The more fucked up things got,
the more fucked up I got.
It was just--
somehow I thought
if I could save Sean,
I'd be released from this
karmic prison. I don't know.
But I was no longer dealing
with the Bill Holt I knew.
His grip on life was slipping.
Or maybe it was way too tight.
He didn't need shoes.
I can't feel my legs.
He's gonna kill me
unless you stop him, Nin.
I never hurt no one, Ninny.
I had nothing to do
with killing those cops.
And this has nothing
to do with that.
He's not gonna kill you.
He's just trying to scare you.
Be cool.
Be cool? Be cool?
Be cool.
I know what he's doing.
I can't feel my legs.
Holt: They got
amazing shit nowadays.
It takes 20 minutes to dry.
When I was a kid
we did something like this.
We were on a boat.
We have to drive around for
a whole day before it would dry.
Did you ever see a guy
dislocate his own hip?
Ooh, it's nasty.
I mean, ooh.
You don't ever want
to see that.
Especially when they're
wiggling around and shit.
- How are you doing?
- Oh, fine.
Just don't ask you
to dance, eh?
Be right back.
Hey, Bill.
I'm jacko.
You got him.
I mean, you got him.
- Do I?
- You got him.
- Good.
- He's freaked out.
- He's scared, man.
- He should be.
He pissed his pants.
I smelt it.
He probably shit them too.
Listen to me.
But he's a good kid, man.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
He fucked up.
I know he fucked up bad.
Where's the--
where's the--
Just break him out
of that thing.
Break him out of that,
let's go get a drink,
figure this shit out
and fix it.
All right? Please?
Let him go.
I'll talk to him and he won't
hold a grudge against you.
- He won't?
- No.
- He won't hold a grudge?
- Not at all.
Against me?
Fucking hold a grudge, Nin?
Against me?
Against fucking me?
Bill Holt, Nin?
Go and fucking open
the car, Nin,
and turn on
the goddamn music,
and open the fucking door
so I can hear it.
- What's wrong?
- So I can hear it!
Open that fucking door,
and turn on the goddamn music
so Holt can hear it, Nin!
- You hear me!?
- Bullshit.
Turn on the music,
Ninny, now!
Fuck you.
I'm going, motherfucker.
Nin: Don't get me started on
that ham sandwich
of mine you ate
the other day.
You thought I forgot,
didn't you?
- And open the goddamn door.
- Fuck you!
( boogie woogie playing )
I heard there's a comet
coming in 21-something.
It's supposed to come
collect us all.
The Doomsday Comet.
And everything will just be--
just-- just.
You know what I mean?
We'll find
a way to stop it.
I doubt that.
You think so?
Well, you're more
optimistic than I am.
Then, I guess
you got to be.
You're about to get a bunch
of cement poured on your ass.
Well, if you get lonely,
give Hoffa a call.
He's in the pylon next door.
Fucking sandwich thief.
How will we find a way
to stop a comet
the size of Texas,
when we can't even
to keep lint
off our suits?
Hey, turn the music up,
I can't hear a fucking word.
I don't care.
( piano soloing )
Stop worrying.
Look, I know him.
He'll be talking
for hours.
He won't miss you.
I'm not worried
about him missing me.
We'd better get back.
No, no, no,
you have to stay longer.
Remember, I told you
I have something to give you?
- Didn't you give it to me?
- No, I didn't.
Do you know what this is?
- A key.
- Very good.
- Bus station locker?
- Airport.
Hello, sunshine.
(cell phone ringing)
( moaning )
- Truman: Look what I found.
- You trying to scare me to death?
Why have
one of those things
- if you never answer it?
- Don't bust my balls.
Answer it.
- We were just gonna--
- Answer it!
What are you doing?
- We were just gonna--
- Never mind.
'Cause I think I know
what you're doing.
Ribs and dick,
that's what you are,
and that's what's going
to get you in trouble.
I don't mind Lyn
flirting with me
- at the party.
- I wasn't.
In fact
I kind of liked it.
But what I don't
like is here.
Have you lost
your fucking mind?
Hey, Casanova, put Lyn on.
Come on.
Put her on!
Got a light?
He wants to talk to you.
Hello Truman.
Hello Lyn.
You know what?
This isn't your business.
- Why don't you just go--
- Get back on the phone.
Get back on the phone!
This is very much
my business, Lyn.
Things are a little bit
delicate right now.
A lot of my boys are on edge.
Money's gone missing.
You do know about the missing
money, don't you, Lyn?
Yeah, I know that.
That's good.
Don't get me wrong.
I like what's happening.
I like to see
my little brother
having fun,
being happy.
But if you don't let Holt down
real easy, I mean real easy,
if he finds out about this
before you tell him--
He won't find out.
Keep acting like this
and he'll find out.
We're-- we're careful.
Hey, Lyn.
This is not careful.
Whatever you do,
don't get stuck alone with Mo.
He'll start reading you
those poems.
- No, I swear to God.
You think I'm joking?
They're fucking horrible.
A chicken could write
a better fucking poem than Mo.
Lyndel: I don't want to go back.
He's gonna be drunk.
We'll have to stop at
Patsy's on the way home.
I guarantee it.
Have you ever seen him eat?
Have you?
I mean, it's like...
...it's not like anything
you've ever seen.
( Lyndel rambling )
Sean: I can't find
my other sock.
It's got the fish on them.
(cell phone ringing)
I want you to hold on to this for us.
- Yeah.
- Truman: I'm still waiting.
What's in this?
- How much?
- More than enough.
The missing stuff?
- Yeah.
- Shit.
No, come on,
it was right there.
- He didn't know.
- I have to tell him.
It must have fell out
in the trunk. This is for us.
I won't steal
from my brother.
Don't go all noble on me.
Do you know how much
money they have?
- Truman: Sean.
- Yeah.
Hey, Bill.
Bored with
your own party?
No, just getting
some air.
Doing some business.
Making some calls.
- You know how it is.
- Never stops.
Never stops.
What are you doing?
So let's go in
and do something.
You go.
What is it?
Oh, I gotta make
some calls too.
Don't do it.
- Don't do what?
- Don't go in there.
Because I got
somebody in there.
- Really?
- Yeah, I got Danny's girl.
It would be embarrassing.
She'd have to explain,
I'd have to explain.
Connie's in there?
Danny'd get very upset,
ruin my party.
You don't want to do that.
- Let's go inside
- Don't touch me.
You don't want to do this.
Trust me.
Don't tell me what I do
and don't want to do.
Ain't sneaking no more,
you piece of shit.
Sean: Truman!
Stay inside!
Get Nin and bring his ass
out here now.
Hey, Bill,
how are you doing, buddy?
You okay?
Wipe that down for me.
Yeah. I'll wipe
this down for you.
Where're you going, Bill?
What the fuck?
- Fuck.
- What is going on?
Mo: Motherfuck.
What the fuck, man?
- What the fuck is going on?
- Hold it.
- Put the gun away.
- Back the fuck off.
- Back the fuck off.
- There's nothing to do.
He's dead!
He's fucking dead!
And the best thing to do--
I'll tell you--
Now get the fuck out.
Right now!
Be here tomorrow or
you'll wear your ass for a hat.
- He told you to walk.
- Shut the fuck up!
Put that fucking thing down!
- Fuck you!
- Use it or walk!
Fuck you, faggot!
Use it or fucking walk!
Get her the fuck
out of here!
Get that fucking negligent
fucking bitch out of here.
Oh my God,
Truman, oh my God.
- Gimme your shit.
- What shit?
Gimme your fucking shit!
Take it easy.
Come on.
- Come on, quick.
- Calm down.
Mic, come here!
- Take it easy. Fuck.
- Okay.
Okay. Come here,
come here.
There's drugs, okay?
Tru got popped.
Holt went after the perp.
We don't know nothin'
from nothin', man.
Let's get rid of
this fucking heat.
Oh, fuck!
When we get rid
of them,
let's find Holt and Sean
before they fuck up.
- Nin? Are you here?
- Yeah.
All right, gentlemen,
all right, all right.
Let's keep it together,
Are you all right?
I'm racing a little bit.
Let's go, guys.
Hey, hey.
Hey, buddy.
You gotta help me.
I'm trying to get
that asshole Mic
on the phone.
He's not answering.
No, no, no.
I got the key, man,
in my pocket--
- Sean.
- --the airport and I could...
- Sure.
- bargain with him and get out
- before it gets stuck.
- Holt: We'd been better off
with 9:00 to 5:00.
A fucking lunch pail.
Don't you think?
- I'll get you out of this.
- Holt: None of this other crap.
Never fall in love
with a pretty woman.
Big mistake.
And I knew that.
Bill, what are you doing?
What are you doing, Bill?
When I was 1 0,
my grandmother had a house.
We had a neighbor, married
to a beautiful woman.
I mean,
she was stunning.
She turned up dead
on the lawn.
Do you know what
my grandmother said to me?
She said, "Son,
that's what you get
for being beautiful.
Murdered in the street."
Yeah, well anyway,
we're gonna wait for Mic.
I don't think so.
I think we're gonna wait
for Mic.
- We're gonna wait for Mic.
- Are we?
No... you're gonna listen
to me tonight.
Shut the fuck up!
We're gonna wait for Mic,
and you're gonna
stop acting like some punk
who doesn't know his hole
from an ass in the ground!
- What are we gonna do, man?
- Say it, don't spray it!
Shut the fuck up!
You burned my shirt.
I'm in charge. Not Mic, not you,
and not this fucking cunt.
Me! Understand
what I'm saying?
You got a fucking
problem with that,
I'll fucking deal
with that too.
( Ninny groaning )
I'm tired of this shit.
I want to know
what the fuck happened.
You want to know
what happened?
Holt whacked Tru,
that's what happened.
- I could fucking whack you.
- Jesus, Mo.
Someone's gotta
go down for this.
- Someone's gotta pay.
- Don't you try anything.
Mic: Put the gun down.
I don't know what happened.
I know what
fucking happened.
Our friends the fucking cops
whacked us.
- That's what fucking happened!
- Morris, Morris, Morris.
Don't tell me
to put my gun down,
or I'll fucking smoke him
right here.
I don't care
what you do with yours.
You can leave it there.
That's fine with me.
But, I wouldn't mind
if he moved his.
Fuck you.
But, if you'd rather not...
I just want to know
how you guys are so sure
that it was Holt
that popped Tru.
- What?
- For all I know,
I was the only person there.
Sean could have popped Tru.
- No way.
- I didn't see him go down.
Sean would never do that.
Then where is Sean?
I don't know.
I'm not saying
this is what happened.
But let's find out what
happened before we go crazy.
When we find out,
we'll fix it together,
like always.
Until then, let's not
bust this thing open
to where we can't
put it back together.
Let's be sensible.
Let's not cut our heads off.
A tragedy has occurred.
So, let's take some time,
and see what
exactly took place,
and then we'll act.
If you'll just give me
another 24 hours. Just 24.
Come on, Morris.
Until we find Sean,
you're in charge,
and I need you
to agree with me on this.
You got another 24 hours.
Now get the fuck out of here.
I'm out of here.
- Ferg: Mic!
- Yeah?
- Is Sean here?
- I don't know, Ferg.
Ferg: Is he with Tru?
No, no he's not, Ferg.
'Cause I wanna--
Where the fuck is Sean?
put something together.
- I thought you said--
- I know what I said.
Do you want us
to wait the 24?
Police dispatcher:
We've got an 851.
Nearest unit handy,
abandoned vehicle.
Marina Freeway
Police car radio:
That's us, amiga.
Copy, base.
7A61 , all over it.
( siren wailing )
( Sean whispering )
Psst, don't turn around.
- Are you alone?
- Yeah, I think so.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Are you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I'm all right.
- Good.
What's going on?
Have you heard anything?
No, nothing.
Holt's missing.
Everybody's been
looking for you.
- Where have you been?
- Just getting some things together.
They're gonna
pin Tru on me.
They're gonna
blame somebody.
- It's not gonna be Holt.
- Oh, Sean.
- What are you going to do?
- I'm going down to Ensenada.
There's this place
Holt doesn't know about.
I was planning
on going with Nin.
But I want you
to go with me now.
Are you serious?
- I can speak Spanish.
- Yeah?
Esta Suzanna en la casa?
That'll be a big help.
- Donde esta bao?
- You're perfect.
- Officer: Everything okay?
- Yup.
So, are you ready
to run away with me?
Yes, yes, yes, yes...
Hey, give me
a bite of that.
If something happens to me,
only trust Nin.
You understand? Only Nin.
He's the only one.
Don't do anything stupid.
I already fell for you.
It's the last stupid thing
I do in this life.
God, please just keep him safe.
Just keep him safe.
You know, when
I first started out...
there wasn't a guy I booked
whose girlfriend or old lady
I didn't fuck.
Please, Nin told me
you wanted to scare me.
I'm scared. You can stop now.
I'm scared. You can stop now.
I really didn't like
the skinny ones.
They were like
banging the skeleton
in biology class.
Do you know what I mean?
Please, Holt.
I like them with a little meat
on their bones, my women.
Oh, it's burning.
Holt: Watch it now,
angry man.
- What's the problem?
- This is over.
- Holt: What's over?
- Move away from him.
Get the fuck away from him.
I think my partner's
getting excited.
I better go talk to him.
- I'll be right back.
- Don't move.
Don't make me do this.
How are you doing,
Don't make me do this.
You're gonna
shoot me, Nin?
Sean: Do it, Nin.
Holt: For
this piece of shit?
Are you gonna do that?
If you are,
go ahead and do it.
Can't miss from there.
Go ahead and do it.
Sean: Shoot him.
Shoot the motherfucker.
Shoot the motherfucker, Nin!
- Do it! Shoot him!
- Right? Right?
Go ahead, Nin. Do it!
Sean, you stupid bastard!
I owe him!
( gunshot)
You know, I carried
the flag in school.
Do you believe that?
I respected the rules, man,
my parents.
I still remember
the first time I saw a cop.
He came to our school...
...told us to look both ways
and handed out coloring books.
If I were you,
I'd save my energy.
Try to expand you chest.
Get it to harden there.
That way, when it dries,
you can still breathe.
it only takes a few minutes.
I've got the key.
I've still got the key.
It's in my pocket.
- I really don't know when--
- I haven't got to the lock.
--when it all started
to change for me. But it did.
- Itjust fucking changed.
- The airport.
I mean, these guys
kept coming.
- Scumbags and perps--
- Never got to the lock.
- kept coming and there was--
- Money's--
just too may of them,
and not enough of me.
I mean I couldn't go around.
You know, I was spreading
myself thin.
But I loved Lyndel.
I mean, I loved her.
And I really--
I truthfully think
she loved me...
...until a few months ago.
Don't do it.
Oh, it's done.
I'll never
see Lyn again.
- I know that.
- I'll never see Lyn again.
- Hail Mary...
- Ever heard the story
about the wolf
and the lamb?
You see, there was this wolf
out on the prairie,
and he saw this lamb.
He was hungry.
So he went up to the lamb...
...and he wanted an excuse
for doing some nasty things.
So he asked the lamb,
he said,
"Aren't you the prick that
talked bad about me last year?"
The lamb said,
"No that couldn't have been me,
I wasn't even born yet."
He said,
"Well then you,
you're the son of a bitch who ate
in my field without permission."
The lamb said,
"Couldn't have been me,
I don't even
eat grass here."
Then the wolf said,
"Then, I know who you are.
You're that bastard
that drank out of my stream."
And the lamb said,
"No, sir, I'm still on the tit."
So the wolf thought about it,
looked the lamb in the eyes,
and realized he had no good
reason for killing that lamb.
- Holy Mary, Mother of God...
- So he said, "Fuck it...
...I'm hungry,
and that's excuse enough."
Holy Mary,
Mother of God...
( laughing )
...for the love of Jesus...
That's reason enough.
(TV playing )
( Fergus laughing )
What are you doing
out there?
What are you doing
out there?
Shush, shush, sush.
- I need some money.
- Where have you been?
It's just a loan.
I'll pay you back.
- Sure. Yeah, take.
- Man, I'm hungry.
I have some milk
and cookies.
Do you want
to have some?
'Cause we're gonna watch
some television.
What kind of cookies?
I have rice milk.
You have little feet.
- What time is it?
- It's about 8:00.
It's 8:00.
Time for "Prophet."
Channel 6.
What are you doing?
What is that?
Ain't got no remote.
I told you I need a remote.
Now I can just sit here
and change the channels,
and I don't have to move.
Fergus' remote.
- Shush.
- Pretty cool, huh?
Come on, baby, come on.
Oh, he's good.
(telephone ringing)
Listen, Fergie,
I'm gonna go away
for a couple of days.
I want you to hang
with Robbo, okay?
(telephone ringing)
Fergus: Do you want
to help me feed
Will and Josh and Julie
and George and Hank
and Kayla and-- they like it
when you feed them.
I know. Listen,
are Danny and Mo here?
- Did anybody come around?
- Everybody's been here.
In fact,
(whispering )
Beavis and Butthead are still here.
Oh fuck!
(telephone ringing)
( commotion )
Robbo: Fergie,
Fergie, come here.
It's okay, Fergie.
Be happy I found you
before Holt did.
- Hello?
- (yelling )
( commotion )
- What are you doing with Sean?
- Come here.
Watch your TV,
you know. Look, look.
Eat your milk and cookies.
I'll be outside.
If you need me, you know,
call me. All right?
What a mess.
What the fuck's
going on, Rob?
Why you askin' me, Chief?
Everybody loved Tru.
And everybody's
getting ugly.
- Mo'll organize an even up score.
- Fuck you, man, he already did.
Listen, listen,
you're alright.
Mo did it,
didn't he, Rob?
He whacked those officers,
didn't he?
Come here.
You need a nice shot, eh?
Listen. Come on.
I don't know.
He said he'd give you 24 hours.
What happened? Danny got impatient?
Is that what happened?
Don't drink all my shit.
Easy, brother.
( rumbling )
Things are changing.
Things are happening.
Like what?
Where have you been?
- Keys.
- Why?
There's going to be a new cut
when things get back to normal.
Put on your head
and don't screw me,
and you'll come out on top.
Can you do that?
- Why did you do that?
- Get him in.
- Why?
- Don't talk.
Carter's upstairs--
We don't want him to call
the cops, do we, Ninny?
- Carter's upstairs. Let's wait.
- Get him in.
- I'm a fucking turtle, Chief.
- Good.
Do it now.
- ...backseat.
- Don't talk.
Don't say another word.
Get him in!
Holt: Hand me the keys.
- Give them to me.
- Keys.
Are you coming?
- Where are you taking him?
- For a ride.
( coughing )
I wasn't doing shit,
Mic: How are you doing?
You're all right?
Who are you?
Mic: Where is Bill?
Let me get the story.
He said he was going to...
his grandmother's house...
...to get a fish sandwich.
But I told him,
"You ought to fish big, over here."
He stopped breathing
about 10 minutes ago.
I guess I fucked up.
I thought Lyndel
was with Truman.
She wasn't. She was
with that piece of shit.
I've been trying to figure out
why they killed those two cops.
Why didn't they
come after me?
He swore
he didn't do it.
You get anything?
Mic: Not yet.
Help me cover him up,
get out of here
before it turns light.
- It's not going to end like this.
- What?
- It's not going to end like this.
- What?
- It's not going to end.
- What are you talking about?
I'm talking about,
everybody knows.
Do you think Mo
and Danny and, hell,
even Fergus,
if he understands--
- you think they'll accept it?
- Do I give a shit if they do?
You killed Tru,
you killed Sean.
You think they're
just gonna take it,
come back and
work with you?
They killed two cops.
We're even.
They didn't do anything.
I've been watching you
all night.
I wanted to see
if you had a plan,
but you didn't
have a plan.
You were too busy
jerking off after him.
What are you talking about?
You made me miss
my kid's PTA meeting.
I wanted to pass out
coloring books.
- That's very funny.
- Those cops might have been dumb,
but not dumb enough
to let one of Tru's men
walk up on them without
unhitching their guns.
But they were
dumb enough to let me.
It had to look like
a professional hit man.
It's the way Truman
would have handled it.
I didn't plan it, Bill.
I wanted
to work it out with Tru.
But you started it,
and I saw a chance,
and I took it.
This isn't personal.
It's about money.
- You'd have done the same thing.
- No, I wouldn't, Carter.
I wouldn't have killed cops.
Why them?
They had something on you?
they were just unlucky.
They were at the wrong place
at the right time.
You okay with this, Mic?
Killing cops?
Killing me?
You're going
to follow this clown?
It won't stop here.
You kill me,
and you got nothing.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Carter.
Give me a pig foot
and a bottle of beer
and kiss my fat ass,
you fucking bum!
You ain't got
the goddamn balls. Do it!
- Carter: Goodbye, Bill.
- ( gunshot)
Carter: How are you
doing, Bill?
What have you got?
Big man?
Man, I need you
to clean this up.
I'd love to help you,
but it's Sunday.
I got to take
the family to church.
I might even take Mic.
Can you imagine that white boy
in a Baptist church?
What do you know
about gospel, Mic?
- Say, "Jesus," "Jesus!"
- Nin: Wait a minute--
Carter: Anybody, "Jesus."
Nin: Bill,
catch your breath.
- ( engine starting )
- Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Catch your breath.
Breathe. What?
Breathe. What? What?
I never asked you
for that.
I never asked you
for that.
I didn't-- shut up!
I never--
no, I'm talking right now.
I never asked you for that.
I gave you everything I had.
I gave you everything I had...
...and you wanted more.
You wanted more.
You shut up.
I'm talking right now.
I'm fucking talking right now.
You saved me to kill me.
You leave me with this.
You leave me with this.
Well you-- you fucking
selfish fucking bastard.
Cause I gave you
everything I had.
I loved you.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up...
Fergus isn't here.
I swear to God, he's not here.
Didn't I warn you
about keeping your head in?
I did. I did.
Mic, would you tell him?
- You fucking moron.
- Carter,
he's too stupid to try
anything. Ain't that right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Let's go. Fergus isn't here.
- Come on, come on.
Loosen up, baby.
Loosen up.
Mo: Can't you guys
fucking knock?
All right, Fergie.
Yeah, yeah, come on out.
- It's cold.
- Well, what do you expect?
It's a freezer, all right?
- You're telling me.
- You got to get out of here.
I got an aunt in Cabo.
She's got a beautiful place.
You're going to love the weather.
The beaches are great.
- You got to get out of here.
- I'm not going.
- Come on, you got to go!
- It'll pass.
You watch.
It'll pass.
Newscaster: Police
officials are confident
that recent gangland shootouts
have ended the reign
of the notorious Rickhart gang
who were responsible for
last week's execution-style murders
of police officers Harvey Gallagher
and Tina Chang.
- ( channel changing )
- Carter: I want to thank
the Commissioner
for his commendations.
And I know this goes
for all the boys in Vice--
that our number-one priority
is to find Detective Holt.
We hope and believe
that he's still alive.
This is where I should be
placing my efforts.
- ( phone ringing)
- I'll try to answer...
- Machine: Leave a message.
- Carter: What's up, Nin?
I didn't see you
at the press conference.
I guess it took a while to wash
that cement off your hands, huh?
Fucking Holt.
He really is a pillar
of the community now, huh?
( laughing )
See me on TV, Nin?
I looked good, huh?
You did real good, man.
- I'll talk to you soon.
- ...it goes without saying
that Detective
William Holt was--
he is a role model...
...and a real hero.
And in today's world,
there are so few.
I thank you.
Bill Holt was right.
Without him,
there was no glue,
the whole thing
was bound to fall apart.
I had to get the fuck out
of Dodge and quick.
In consideration of Holt,
I brought his girl, Lyn, with me.
But there's no telling
where she'll end up.
She'll probably hook
onto the next cowboy
on the run from the IRS.
She's the kind of girl
who walks away
from a train wreck
without a scratch.
As for me, there's only
one thing to do.
'Cause the people
we ran with don't forget.
They'll find me
But when they do,
I'll be long gone.
What are these for?
Nin: Insurance.
(trip hop music )
Jah love here
in the house tonight
Ave Maria
Ave Maria.