Censor (2021) Movie Script

(wind whooshing)
(heavy breathing)
- (growling)
- (gasps)
- (growling)
- (gasps)
- (louder growling)
- (shrieks)
Enid: Hang on.
(tape rewinds)
(woman whimpering on TV)
(door opens)
Not still going over it?
Well, if we're passing it
as an 18, it needs more cuts.
The decapitation?
Nope. No, the decapitation
is ridiculous.
It's the, er,
it's the eye gouging...
it's too, it's too realistic.
Plus, I was trying to see
who dragged her away.
Sanderson: Does it matter?
Well, would be nice if it has
some clear retribution after all the...
I appreciate you analyzing this
with such precision, Enid,
but perhaps someone
got out of the cautious side
of bed this morning?
Well, I'm just doing my job.
Sanderson: You're missing
the intellectual layer,
- my dear.
- Oh, come on, we both saw how...
The heightened references
take the edge off
the more realistic violence.
See it less as an eye gouging,
more part of a grand tradition.
It's no worse
than the Cyclops in Homer.
It's Gloucester in Lear.
It's... Un Chien Andalou.
I've salvaged the tug of war
with the intestines.
I've kept in most
of the screwdriver stuff.
And I've only trimmed
the tiniest bit
off the end of the genitals.
But some things should be left
to the imagination.
It's like Rat Brothel
all over again.
No, I just want to get it right.
Plus, you lost the argument
the moment you brought
Shakespeare into the room.
We can't afford
to make mistakes.
I'm cutting it.
News presenter: As Britain is
invaded by a wave of depraved
and corrupt horror videos,
prosecutions of distributors
of the video nasties...
Reporter 1: What we're talking
about are videos that depict
butchering, sadism, murder.
This is dangerous
and hardcore stuff.
News presenter: And Britain's
rising crime
with one conservative MP
stating that these
violent films
are gnawing
at society's moral fabric.
Reporter 2: Violence is an
inherent part of human nature
and it's important
that we find
a cathartic outlet for this
otherwise, it remains pent up,
Reporter 3: I even heard
from one social worker,
who at 5.30 in the morning
visiting a family,
he wasn't allowed
to start his visit
until the rape scene
from I Spit On Your Grave
had been finished...
Reporter 4: Far too many
violent images,
which are penetrating
the minds
of impressionable
young children.
Reporter 5:
There's a real danger
of confusing fiction
with reality.
News presenter: The raids
up and down the country,
Trading Standards have seized
over four thousand films
from video shops
as well as from private homes.
Mary: If this film stays
in your mind...
its presence is corrupting.
Reporter 6:
These increasingly sadistic
and violent films
are being watched
and rewatched over
and over again.
Viewers are like drug addicts
wanting stronger
and harder films every time.
Reporter 7:
There's clear evidence
that these films are lowering
standards in society.
And we should be afraid what
else they might do to people...
News presenter 2: With more
video recorders per person
than any other country
in the world,
Britain is the leader
of the video revolution.
- (creature growls)
- (woman screams)
(dramatic music playing)
(muffled whimpering from TV)
(man sobs)
Enid: This depiction
is dangerous.
Come on, Enid.
No one's gonna pick this up
and think it's a documentary.
It's so fake.
To you it might be sausages
for intestines,
- but what if it gets into the hands of children?
- Exactly!
Kids could be rewinding
and watching those scenes
over and over again.
Which is exactly
what new government guidelines
are pointing at.
- Video technology is changing the rules...
- More guidelines. Great.
Not as if we haven't got enough
on our hands.
Sanderson: How can we do
our job properly
if we're constantly bogged down
by government bureaucracy?
If it's the nation's sanity
they're worried about,
why don't they stop slashing
- social services?
- Fraser: Okay, I get it.
But I'm afraid we're not here
to debate the government.
Can we get back on track,
Consensus on Cannibal Carnage?
- Reject.
- I agree.
A few cuts.
I'd pass it.
(screams loudly)
So, we're both
recommending reject?
Can I be a massive pain
and get you to type up my notes?
Of course.
No problem, Anne.
Anne: It's my sister's birthday.
I should have been there
half an hour ago.
Are you sure that's okay?
You should go.
Anne: Thanks, Enid.
See you tomorrow.
(distant screams)
(typewriter keys clicking)
(woman's laughter echoes)
Woman 1: I can't believe
you did, though.
- You are nuts.
- Woman 2: Oh my God!
- Woman 1: Love you so much.
- Woman 2: Oh, I love you more.
(both giggling)
Excuse me!
Sorry, excuse me!
Er, sorry, I thought
you were someone else.
Margaret Thatcher: What we
have seen in this country
is the emergence
of an organized
revolutionary minority,
who are prepared
to exploit industrial disputes
but whose real aim
is the breakdown
of law and order
and the destruction
of democratic
parliamentary government.
(crowd applauding on TV)
News presenter:
The gas industry's main unions
have today announced
that they will delay
their decision
regarding any industrial action
to assist the miners...
(phone rings)
...were set to take place
later this week,
which have now been postponed
(phone continues ringing)
Enid: (over answering machine)
This is Enid Baines.
Please leave a message.
June: (over speaker)
Hi Enid. It's Mom.
Oh, I don't like talking
to these things.
Well, if you're there,
Dad and I booked the table
for 9 p.m.
It's at the restaurant
that Dad mentioned.
Er, see you there, love. Bye.
(beep fading away)
(quiet indistinct chatter)
The food here is meant
to be good.
This is a death certificate.
Waitress: Ready to order?
Maybe we need another minute.
Have they found something?
No, Enid.
We just felt...
What's going on?
Your Dad and I
have been thinking about this
for a long time.
It hasn't been an easy decision.
Enid, I know it's difficult,
but we need to find
a way to let go.
Let go?
June: Try to find
some sort of peace?
Your Dad and I aren't
going to be around forever
and I don't want
to grow old wishing
for a happy ending
that we all know
might never come.
So, are you deciding
that she's dead?
But this marks her death
as that day.
I was there.
I would know if she died.
You've never been clear
on exactly what you remember.
I can try and remember, Mom.
Is that what you want me to do?
- I can, you know...
- Enid, we've done that.
That's the point.
We'll never know what happened.
Yeah, so she's still missing.
Enid, if we were going to...
we should have found her by now.
You know if someone
did take her, then...
then they're still out there.
We're not blaming you.
Mom and I are only trying to do
what's best, love.
June: It's the right decision
for all of us, Enid.
that's a copy for you to keep.
- (inhales anxiously)
- George: Patrick recommended
the fish.
Viv said they had
a lovely time here.
- Mm.
- (chuckles)
So, how's work, Enid?
Seen anything you'd recommend?
It's not entertainment, Mom.
I do it to protect people.
June: Yes, of course. Well,
let's all just try
to have a lovely meal.
Shall we?
(thunder rumbles)
(muffled noise)
- Woman: It's always the same with you.
- Man: What?
Woman: You know,
taking no responsibility.
I never take responsibility?
What, you lose your fucking job
and I'm the one that
doesn't take responsibility?
(quietly) I've had
enough of this shit!
Man: Fucking kid to feed.
Woman: (quietly)
Don't be bringing him into it.
Man: It's fucking typical.
(inhales deeply)
Late night?
One too many white wines.
Well, let's hope there's nothing too
stomach churning coming up then.
What masterpiece
are we dissecting?
Extreme Coda.
(Anne chuckles)
(tape starts playing)
(woman whimpers)
- (woman screams)
- (man grunts)
(struggle continues)
- (man moans)
- (rhythmic thumping)
(woman continues screaming)
Anne: I mean, what is it
with these directors?
Male inadequacy
revenge catharsis.
Didn't that get to you?
Some of those scenes
were so excessive.
Just focus on getting it right.
Don't really think
about anything else.
Plus, I haven't got a hangover.
(Anne chuckles)
Enid, Fraser wants to see us.
Says it's urgent.
Fraser: Shut the door.
You two passed Deranged,
- Deranged?
- Yes. The Moreno film.
We watched it
a few months ago. Why?
There's a, a sequence in it
where a man eats someone's face.
- Oh, yes.
- Yes. 18 with extensive cuts.
What's happened, Fraser?
A man that was arrested
in Brighouse yesterday.
He, er...
killed his wife, then he...
then he tore off
and ate her face.
W-- went on to shoot
his two children, dead.
It's horrific.
I got a call from some
journalist 15 minutes ago
who was breaking the story.
He's linking the killings
directly to Deranged.
Oh God! So, they're blaming us?
Well, there's the thing.
This journalist seemed to know
that it was you two
who passed the film.
How the hell do they know that?
I can't believe you two
let it get past you.
It's complete hysteria.
It's no worse than other
material we've passed.
Fraser: The press
are going to town
calling him
the 'Amnesiac Killer'.
He's saying he can't remember
what happened.
Government policy's
already breathing down
our necks without this.
It's a complete disaster.
I mean, I can't believe
you'd go off
like that without permission,
either of you... (voice fades)
Man: (muffled) Why did
you leave her in the forest?
Fraser: Enid, how?
I'm so sorry.
I need you to walk me
through your decisions again.
So, I'm 100% clear.
And for the record, in future,
if you have even
the slightest doubt...
just reject the film.
News reader: The man,
who went berserk
claims he cannot recall
the incident at all.
The accused
has been dubbed by press
as 'The Amnesiac Killer'
after links being made today
between the killing
and video nasty horror film,
Neighbor: (over TV) I heard
the most awful scream.
Made my blood go cold.
And now they're saying
it's because of some film.
Looks like the world's
gone mad.
This has always been
a really safe neighborhood,
- like, for the kids and that. For everyone...
- (phone rings)
News reader: A hotel
in Painswick has been cleared
of staff and guests
after police found
what could be a bomb
hidden in one
of the hotel's rooms.
- Mom?
- Caller: Despicable woman.
Letting people see
that disgusting film,
you should be
ashamed of yourself.
(phone rings)
(muffled sobbing)
George: Enid!
Where is she?
June: (crying) No! No!
Man: Oi, watch it, mate!
- Journalist 1: Miss Baines!
- Journalist 2: Enid,
why did you allow
Deranged to be released?
Journalist 3: Do you feel
you have blood on your hands?
Journalist 2: Is the Amnesiac
Killer telling the truth?
Journalist 4: Why aren't
you banning these films?
(keys clicking)
- (knock on door)
- Fraser: Come in.
Doug: Fraser,
you sly old bastard.
Fraser: Doug, hi. Come in.
(paper rustles)
(indistinct chatter)
Sanderson: (muffled) I mean,
my kids are reading this.
How the fuck do they know
who passed it?
- You think she blabbed to the press?
- Gordon: Oh, yeah.
Sanderson: It's not even
like we're paid that much.
I could go to academia
like that. (snaps fingers)
Seriously. And that,
that scene is laughable!
Even Little-Miss-Perfect
thought it was funny.
(Gordon laughs)
Bad luck, isn't it?
I mean, it could have happened
to any of us.
If I'm here to make decisions
it can't be 'bad luck'.
Gordon: No. But, well,
you know what I mean.
We all make mistakes.
Young Enid: Nina, spin.
One, two, three.
(Doug laughs)
That's a single malt now,
- Don't be using that to drown your sorrows.
- Er, yeah.
And who's this
you've got squirreled away?
Er, this is Enid Baines.
She's one of our censors.
So, this is Enid.
- Have we met?
- No.
Doug Smart. Producer,
Ident Investment Films.
Fraser, you didn't tell me
you had such a photogenic team.
Now tell me this Enid,
if you get bored
of banning my films,
I'm sure I could get you a job
on the big screen.
I'm not sure how much
I like the idea of being raped
and cut into pieces on camera.
No, but I'm sure
the public would love it.
Fraser: Okay, Doug, come on.
Maybe Enid could, er,
watch my latest
Frederick North submission?
It's from the archives.
It's harmless, I promise.
I, er...
I'm sure you could slip me a 15.
Fraser: It's, er,
already on her schedule.
And I'm sure
she'll deal with it
with her usual professionalism.
Right, come on, Doug.
Let me see you out.
Enchante, mademoiselle.
What a wee cracker she is.
Absolutely gorgeous.
(typewriters clicking)
There were
so many shits and fucks,
it was impossible
to cut them all,
so we just had to give it a 15.
- Thank you, Alf.
- Alf: All right.
What have we got now then?
Don't Go In The Church.
There won't be many places
left for us to go soon.
Frederick North film.
Haven't seen
one of his in a while.
Used to be quite prolific.
Don't think I know his work.
Oh, he's a laugh a minute.
Oh, silent titles.
Girl 1: This way.
Girl 2: Please stop.
I don't like it.
Can we go back?
Girl 1: No, it'll be fun.
Let's play a game.
(inaudible whispering)
Come on.
Summon my shadow.
(clears throat)
Girl 1: Do it!
Go on.
In there.
(breathes anxiously)
(wood creaks)
(loud thud of chopping)
(chopping continues)
- (grunts)
- (squelching)
(chopping continues)
(inhales sharply)
(breathes heavily)
(breathes heavily)
Perkins: You okay?
It was quite full on.
It shook me up.
Just feeling a bit
under the weather.
You know you can always talk
to me, don't you?
If you want to.
Stressful times.
Like when my mom passed away,
if I hadn't had
someone to talk to
I think I might of just...
I don't know,
- lost it...
- Why do you think he can't remember?
Er, who?
The Amnesiac Killer.
Oh, I... I don't know.
I mean,
why wouldn't he remember?
God, it's hard to...
Could be basic trauma.
Brain sort of shuts it out.
Could have had a bang
on the head even. Or...
It makes me think
of my psychotherapy days
we'd talk about
how people construct
stories to cope.
You'd be surprised
what the human brain
can edit out
when it can't handle the truth.
You're good at your job, Enid.
Don't let what's going on
out there get to you.
I don't know if you want to
but maybe we could get out
of here sometime?
Go for a drink.
I'm so sorry about your mom,
Thank you for this.
(footsteps echo)
(distant sobbing)
June: (over phone)
Enid: Hi, Mom.
Oh, Enid. Are you okay?
I've been trying
to get hold of you.
Sorry. Work's been...
really busy.
June: Oh, okay.
Well, I hope
you're all right, love.
Are you still there, love?
It's, um...
I examined this film today.
Oh. What was it about?
It doesn't matter.
June: You... you mustn't
let work get you down, Enid.
I saw the news.
- It's only 'cause your Dad...
- Dad doesn't know
what he's talking about.
- June: All right, love.
- I'm sorry.
Just tired.
June: Well, don't overdo it,
will you?
You can't be responsible
for everyone, Enid.
It's just a job.
Yeah. I suppose so.
(TV playing in the distance)
- (beep)
- (static)
(static continues)
(heavy breathing)
(ominous music playing)
(static continues)
(wind whistles)
(tense music playing)
(moaning and crying)
It's all your fault!
(upbeat cartoon music over TV)
(muffled whimpers)
Hang on.
What is it?
Um, Perkins and I examined
Don't Go In The Church
Well, the file's a bit thin
on information.
I was wondering
if you had anything else
on the director.
It's Frederick North.
Do you have a list of his films?
Well, without a list,
it'll take at least a week.
Leaving on time, Enid?
It's not like you.
(ominous music playing)
Beastman's coming to get you!
(shop bell rings)
(shop bell rings)
Gerald: Oh, hi.
Er, enjoy it?
Customer: Yeah, proper gory.
Gerald: It's good, isn't it?
See you next time.
Customer: Cheers, Gerald.
(shop bell rings)
- Gerald: Hey.
- I thought that one was banned.
Um, I don't know what you mean.
Maybe you can help me?
I was looking for
some of the more unusual
Frederick North films?
I've seen, um...
Don't Go In The Church.
Perhaps maybe you might have
something else of his
under the counter.
Um... I've not seen you
in here before.
Just moved to the area.
Someone like you doesn't
want to watch films like that.
Like what?
My favorite is,
er, Stationery Massacre.
The repeated stabbing
of the man's eye with a compass
then his stomach
being ripped open
- with serrated scissors.
- (exhales)
His guts falling out, his,
his stomach
being stapled back together.
All right, come on.
I've seen, I've seen
that you've got
Cannibal Carnage.
And I know that
that's been banned.
Bloody hell.
So many places getting,
you know, shut down.
Police raids and...
My mate up town
had his lot confiscated.
(distant sirens)
Gerald: Honestly, it's not worth
the bloody stress.
Gonna get rid of it
all soon myself anyway. So...
That's all I've got of North's.
It's a bit of a ropey copy.
Might be a bit fuzzy
in all the good bits.
And, er, well, someone's
taped over the end
with another film.
(cassette player clicks)
Alice: This place gives me
a bad feeling.
It's like something
from one of my nightmares.
Let's go back.
Tom: No, we've come too far
to turn back.
Woman: Strange.
- Tom: What is it?
- Alice: A book.
There's a symbol.
It's like some sort of portal.
Wait, let me see.
It's Latin.
I can work it out.
"Si introibunt
hoc sepulcrum, dare
tibi ad infernum...
Tom. Stop!
It could be dangerous.
"Qui este cunum
quam reverterto.
"Quis hog momento
"Imutata sinsintuar.
He's calling for me.
(tape whirrs)
Tom: "Sinsintuar.
Alice: He's calling for me.
The evil is contagious.
(tape whirrs)
Alice: He's calling for me.
The evil is contagious.
(ominous music playing)
(tape whirrs)
(Alice screaming)
(TV clicks off)
(breathes deeply)
(breathes deeply)
June: We definitely
had some Jaffa cakes.
Sorry, I should have phoned.
Oh, where do things end up?
I should have got more bits in.
Do you remember
Carol and Alan, Enid?
Alan, with the squinty eye.
They broke up.
Such a shame.
Carol's moving
near the seaside now.
I suppose
she's better off out of it
but I'm going to miss her.
You can visit, love.
I wanted to talk to you
about something.
- Found a nice fella?
- No.
It's to do with Nina.
I know what we talked about
and I understand,
but think I...
I think I might have worked out
where she is.
George: Oh, please, Enid.
Not this again.
Enid: I know, Dad,
but this is different.
There's this actress.
Her name is Alice Lee.
I know it sounds mad,
but I've got this...
(exhales) I've got
this really strong feeling
that I think it's her.
I need you to look at this.
Just focus on her face.
Just look at her eyes.
George: We've been here before,
Enid. Every time it's not her.
Dad, please!
You're not even looking at her.
Please! Just look.
She looks just like
the police mock-up, Dad.
June: Enid, stop!
- Dad.
- June: Enid.
George: This is exactly
why we did what we did.
We tried to do our best for you,
but you go off
doing whatever you want.
Just like the day
you went off with her!
(static noise)
(ominous music playing)
(breathes deeply)
(haunting music playing)
(breathes heavily)
No, Nina!
(echoing) No!
(ominous music plays)
(ominous music continues)
(door creaks and opens)
(tense music building)
(doorbell rings)
(doorbell rings)
I was in the area.
We met at the censor's office.
Of course. Enid.
Sorry, I've been having
a bit of bother.
Um, some people don't seem
to like my films.
Do come in.
Through here.
(rain pattering)
Do you live alone?
Yes. I live alone.
This room seems familiar.
Doug: Must be a sign.
(pouring drink)
It's the rape scene
from Extreme Coda.
(glasses clinking)
Doug: Someone's got a keen eye.
I got this for Coda in LA.
Go to the States
quite a bit actually.
We look similar, don't we?
Me and Alice Lee.
You do actually.
I knew
you reminded me of someone.
Why don't we get
this wet coat off?
What's Frederick like?
What can I say?
He's a provocateur and a genius.
He's widely misunderstood.
You enjoyed Don't Go
In The Church then, huh?
Frederick pressed
for you to view it.
Wanted a woman's eye
on his film.
You not enjoying your scotch?
You might be interested to hear
that he's shooting
a juicy sequel
to Church at the moment,
with the monstrous "Beastman'.
Sequels are all the rage
these days.
Where are they filming it?
Near Frederick's.
In the forest
where we shot the original.
And Alice Lee's in it?
It'll be her last film.
She's come to the end
of her shelf life, that one.
W--what does that mean?
(groans) Let's not talk
about some silly actress.
Far more interested in talking
about you, Enid.
What's going to happen to Alice?
Well, that's top secret.
Frederick abducted her,
didn't he?
I can abduct you if you want.
- Stop! Get off me.
- What?
- Came round my house.
- Let go of me.
- You fucking prick tease.
- Just let go of me, please!
- Stop.
- Get...
Please stop!
- (grunting)
- Enid: Just let go of me!
(Doug gurgles)
(gasps and gurgles)
- (inhales deeply)
- (shoulder cracks)
Thank you for the whiskey.
I'll see myself out.
(breathes deeply)
(phone rings)
You fucking sick bitch.
I hope you get
what's coming to you.
You deserve to get sliced up,
you fucking prick tease.
People like you shouldn't be
given any bloody
The evil is contagious
and it's all your fault,
you horrible woman.
You came round
my fucking house.
He's shooting a juicy sequel
to Church at the moment.
You're rotten inside.
Nothing you ever do
will be any good.
You touch things,
and they go to shit.
(voice becomes indistinct)
(distant screams)
(whispers echo)
Help me, please.
Please, please.
(voices and whispering stop)
(film playing over TV)
Anne: You all right?
- (growls)
- (screams)
We are in a viewing here.
Alice Lee: Help me, help me.
Save me, please!
Sanderson: Er, Enid?
Someone's losing the plot.
(scream echoes)
Hello? Can I help you?
Excuse me, Enid!
What do you think you're doing?
Everything is
under control, Valerie.
All right?
No! No, no, no!
You're not authorized!
Anne: "The Amnesiac Killer
stated in court
that he had never seen
the film Deranged,
which is supposed
to have influenced
- the attack on..."
- What?
So, he didn't even watch it?
That's what it says here.
Get back!
(clamoring continues)
- (clamor grows distant)
- (static)
(ominous music playing)
(distant screams)
Is this the film shoot
with Alice Lee?
You're late.
I'm Debbie.
I'll be doing your make-up.
You don't look anything
like your picture.
At least you're here.
Half the cast haven't turned up.
Production's all over the place.
Come on.
Let's get you ready.
Debbie: Top off.
Head through.
Head through.
Down on the chair.
(knocks on door)
Frank: Debbie!
Is that the sister?
Frank: Frederick wants her
down in the forest.
He's getting impatient.
Oh, also still no sign
of the producer.
It's so weird.
Doug never misses
a gory murder scene.
(ominous music playing)
What have they got planned
for Alice Lee?
What do you mean?
Look at me.
(camera clicks)
(haunting music playing)
(animal cry)
I've been waiting for you.
Fred... Frederick North?
Frederick: Step into the light,
so I can see you.
Hurry up.
Where's Alice Lee?
Frederick: Big fan, are you?
Well, someone told me
this was her last picture.
You're guarded.
That comes from a place
of fear, doesn't it?
I want you to tell me
about Don't Go In The Church.
That bit with the girls
where did the...
where did the idea come from?
Had an effect on you, did it?
That scene...
That scene...
was inspired
by a true story.
(reel whirring)
Frederick: All of my ideas...
are drawn from real life.
Well, that's not what happened.
Frederick: People think
that I create...
the horror,
but I don't.
Horror is already out there...
in all of us.
It's in you.
No, it's not.
Of course, it is.
(chuckles) Don't be so naive.
If you're gonna do this,
I will need you to access
your darkest impulses.
I don't have any.
Frederick: No, they're in there.
- No, they're not.
- Oh, come on!
Fucking commit!
Take control of your story.
Okay, piss off then!
No, please, no! Wait, wait!
Please, please. Wait.
I just want my sister.
I just want to see her!
I just really want to see
my little sister.
I want her back, please!
Frederick: All right.
All right, we'll go with that.
Let's play.
There's something rotten
inside you.
You try to control it,
but you only make things worse.
Don't fight it anymore.
- Stop.
- Just let it out!
Stop, it's you.
You're trying to make me out
to be the bad person
and it's you. Stop!
There. That's it.
And we'll take that energy
into the scene.
enter your story.
- (reel whirring)
- (heavy breathing)
(loud whirring)
(ominous music playing)
Beastman: My love.
I have been waiting for you.
For such a long time.
You have always been
in my heart.
(tense music playing)
(chain rattles)
Enid: No.
(screams and cries)
Beastman: There's something
rotten inside you.
Twisted up.
It secretes bad things.
Stop fighting it. Let it out!
You know you are evil.
No, this is not in the script!
No, no, no!
(Alice screams)
- (choking)
- (Alice whimpering)
I am the horror!
- Frederick: Cut!
- (Alice screams)
What the fuck is going on?
Alice: Charles!
- Charles?
- Alice: (crying) No!
What are you doing?
(crew member coughs)
- Alice: Frederick!
- No.
What? W--Why w...
You did this!
This is all your fault!
Come back!
- Nina!
- (cries out)
No, please, please, please!
Get away from me, please!
It's all right. It's all right.
It's me!
It's me, Enid. All right?
I'm your sister.
You... You killed Charles.
No. No, he was gonna hurt you.
Alice Lee: (sobbing)
He was my friend!
No, everything that I have done
is to protect you.
All right?
To make things right.
- (sobbing) You're insane.
- No! Please.
- Please don't hurt me!
- No, it's all right, it's all right!
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Never hurt you.
"Cause you're my sister.
That wasn't real!
Well, it has to be.
Please, because.
'Cause you have her eyes.
I already have a sister
and it's not you!
No, please, no. You...
No, you have to be her, please!
No, please, be her.
Please, be her.
Please, you have to be her!
(crying) Please,
you have to be her! Please.
You have to be her, please.
You have to be her, please.
Please, you have to be her,
Please, you have to be her.
(crying) Please.
Please, you have to be her.
Please. Please, be her.
Please, be her.
Please, please.
Please, be her.
Please, be her.
Please, be her.
Please, be her.
(video static)
(heavenly music playing)
(gasps softly)
You came back to save me.
I did.
Come on, let's go home.
News presenter:
And what's fascinating is,
that now these issues
have been dealt with properly,
the video nasties have
been eradicated completely.
The crime rate in Britain
has actually dropped to zero.
It's just like we said,
the streets of Britain
are safe at last.
The employment rate
is at a record high.
The criminals
are all locked up.
(Enid laughs)
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
(heavenly music continues)
(inaudible dialogue)
Mom and Dad.
(mouths) Found her.
- Save me!
- (music distorts)
Alice: Help me!
-(video static)
-(player clicks)
(operatic music plays,
man vocalizing)