Center Stage: On Pointe (2016) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen...
it is a great pleasure to be
here on this special day
to celebrate the career of
a once-in-a-generation talent.
Please help me welcome
my dear friend, Cooper Nielsen!
Good to see you.
On behalf of all of us here,
thank you for all you've
done for dance.
And thank you for all you've
done for the American Ballet
Thank you.
Thank you to you all.
Thank you, Jonathan.
And thank you to the ABC for
that extraordinary performance.
-That went well.
You think?
The company looked
great tonight.
Well, thanks for all
your good work.
Excuse me.
Great show, Jonathan.
Thank you.
Listen, I'll get right to it.
Your American Ballet Company
is out of money.
Well, we're a ballet company.
We're always strapped for cash.
There's a reason why the ballet
company has been
in the red for the
last three quarters.
I understand.
I don't think you do.
It was a beautiful show today,
but there were empty seats.
Cooper's shows fill them.
Audiences, they want to see
different things these days.
People who come to the ballet
want to see the ballet.
Do you know how many hits one Misty
Copeland or Kate Parker video
gets on YouTube every week?
About the same amount
that ballet companies
booked in tickets all last year.
You need to evolve at long last,
or the ABC will be left behind.
Look, Jonathan...
yours is the only company yet to
incorporate contemporary ballet.
Because we are
a classical ballet company.
And you need to change that,
and you need to figure out
what that change looks like.
Give me a reason to invest
in your company again.
Before it's too late.
Hey, we're all looking for you.
What's going on?
We're broke.
The company is about to close
our fourth quarter in the red.
If we don't do
something different,
there won't be the
American Ballet Company.
Fourth quarter?
The good news is,
we've been thrown a lifeline.
What's the bad news?
It's time for a change.
Are you quitting?
No. But it may be time
for the ABC
to open its doors
to other forms of dance.
Modern. More contemporary.
This is the only strictly
classical company in the country.
And the only strictly classical
companies in London,
in Moscow, even in Paris
integrated modern dance
into their repertoires ages ago.
I've been a purist...
but apparently that's a luxury
we can no longer afford.
-I think that that's awesome.
The training camp program
is coming up.
It's the perfect opportunity to
introduce modern to the company.
Jonathan, you don't know the
first thing about modern dance.
And for good reason.
It's beneath us.
The ABC doesn't need
that less sophisticated genre.
Well, that's going to change.
This could be an exciting
opportunity for us.
Let's start by adding some
new blood to the Studio Company.
Tommy, you're best qualified
for that.
Can you find us some
new talent with potential?
Well, if it isn't Kate Parker.
How is it going? How's Sydney?
Busier than anyone
has the right to be.
I got your text.
I know, isn't that amazing?
I mean, ABC should've
been doing this years ago.
Of course you'd say that.
Listen, Tommy, I've got one
word for you.
What's that?
#...her before #
# One pretty little trick tryna to
run out through the back door #
# So I step to the left
puffed out the chest #
# Kid so fly had to show
'em that ass #
# That action, distraction #
# Make this a chain reaction #
# She was more than a ten
her and her friends #
# Made their own money
and had their own ends #
# Yow yip-yip yow#
# Come here lemme show you
a pretty little face #
# It's more than now,
dip-dip dow #
# You stay here
and let you girl go #
# I don't mean, mean no harm #
# And I want to show you
the rude boy charm and #
# Yep, give me the signal
and I'm on it #
# That there body need warning,
warning #
# You know that chick,
she's fine #
# You know she's as bad
as she looks, she's mine #
# She's all I want and I need,
no lie #
# I ain't wastin' no time #
# You see her going around
'cause she's a... #
# Hold up! Wait a minute!
Minute, minute #
# That chick, that chick right there,
that chick, that chick right there #
# That girl # # That chick,
that chick right there #
# That chick, that chick
right there # # That girl #
# That chick, that chick right
there, that chick, that chick... #
It's been a while.
I know.
You grew up.
When did you get so good?
I practice every now and then.
Not "now and then." Give yourself
some credit. That was fantastic.
It's fun. It's not ballet,
but I realized a while ago that
"The Glass Slipper" wasn't for me.
How did you know I was here?
Your sister.
So, every year at the ABC,
there's this boot camp.
It's part of the Academy,
it's how
Jonathan feeds new dancers
into the program.
This year, they're doing
something different.
Jonathan's looking
for modern dancers,
creative ones, who are
willing to move in any way.
I think you should audition.
Yeah, the company would
think about me?
-I don't think so.
-Why not?
Kate didn't get in, and she's
a way better dancer than I am.
Well, like I said, Jonathan's not just
looking for classical ballet dancers.
He wants modern. All right?
A new vibe, a whole new thing.
I think that
you'd be great for it.
I don't think so.
Yeah, Wednesday, 3:00.
Here's the address.
All you need to do is just come
up with a little modern routine.
Just show off what you can do.
I don't think I'd be comfortable
there. In that environment.
In what environment?
Well, it's a world-class
ballet company.
It's full of all these gorgeous,
beautiful, skinny ballerinas, and...
No. No, none of that matters.
When they see you dance?
It's fantastic.
You're gonna be fine, trust me.
Even if I went, I would have to
change my name on that application.
I don't want people to know
that I'm Kate Parker's sister.
That's fine. You can
call yourself whatever you want.
Is that a yes?
That's a maybe.
No. Wednesday, 3:00?
I'll see you there?
What's with the moves?
I'm auditioning to be part of
the American Ballet Company.
A ballerina?
So dancing runs in the family?
You're not the ballet type.
I'm not auditioning to
be a ballerina.
I'm auditioning
to be a modern dancer.
Auditioning? Well, just tell
them who you are.
I can't tell them I'm
Kate Parker's sister, because
then they'll expect me to dance like
her, and I already know I can't.
Anyways, I want to get
in on my own.
You'd be a good paralegal.
I don't want to be a paralegal.
I want to be a dancer.
Yeah, well, so did that one.
I had the same conversation with her
20 years ago, right in this chair.
I'm still here.
So is she.
Eat your pie, Myron.
I'm just trying to give
you a little dose of reality.
Following your dreams is
one thing
but it's good to have a
backup plan.
I don't want to be talking
to you here in 20 years.
Thank you, Myron.
Hey! Hey!
So what's next for you, Kate?
I'm going to Rome next week.
I wanna go too,
but I have school.
Maybe one day you'll get to dance
onstage with your big sister.
I already practice every day.
I'm feeling pretty good
about my chances this year.
Richard Nooney.
Great dancer.
Never should have
switched to modern though.
His girlfriend's a dancer, too,
but I hear she's better.
That's Allegra Hjelmstad.
She's amazing.
I already know she's in.
Unless they find out
about her reputation.
But everyone pretty much
knows already, so...
What's her reputation?
She was forced out of the
Dallas Ballet Academy for it.
But her dad's uber-rich,
so they kept it on the down low.
She's who you want for a partner,
but she's mine, so hands off.
What about her?
Her? Seriously?
That's the level
these modern dancers are on.
Looks like you found
some talented movers.
Nice job.
I'd like to thank you all
for auditioning.
You've all presented your arts
and skills admirably
both in ballet
and in modern dance.
Those of you who made the short
list for the next round,
let's take five.
Drink some water,
stretch it out...
then we'll get started.
Jonathan, these moderns aren't going
to catch up on ballet at camp.
They're years behind.
You never know. They all
have at least some training.
Well, some training isn't good
enough, Jonathan.
If this is really what you want to
do, the ballet dancers will suffice.
If they can loosen up.
They don't need to loosen up.
Let's begin.
My goodness.
What's your name?
Bella Miller.
Found it. I'm ready.
She's wrong in every way, and
I can't take my eyes off her.
There's something there.
She'll never do pointe.
If she has a good enough ballet
teacher, she'll be alright.
I beg your pardon?
Okay, so what about
another modern?
She's young.
Yeah, but she's good.
I like her.
Let's take a chance on her.
Only one modern spot left.
Well, there's no contest.
We can't possibly accept Bella.
I mean, she's clearly not somebody
with potential or talent.
Nope. My vote is for the blonde.
I gotta say, Bella's an
unconventional choice.
But she has something
worth exploring.
And my vote.
Yo, the list is up!
The list is up!
Hello, Bella Parker.
I made a mistake
not accepting your sister,
but I not gonna make
the same mistake with you.
I just didn't want anyone
knowing Kate was my sister.
I understand.
It's nice to see you again.
And Miss Miller, get yourself
a new pair of tights.
Yes, sir.
We did it! We did it!
And welcome to American Ballet
Company's training camp intensive.
We are looking
to expand our repertoire
and include
more modern influences
and create something new.
Only a select few of you
will make it into the company.
It's our version of
the junior varsity team.
You will be required to work
on ballet technique and modern
if you expect to get
any further.
Thank you, Jonathan.
The bus leaves 8:00 a.m.
Friday morning.
Look around you.
This is your competition, and also
your family, for the next six weeks.
What if you've got
no competition?
What if you let us
make that judgment?
And one more thing. This is
a world-class institution.
Dress the part.
Gwen back there?
She's phenomenal.
She looks like she's 15.
That's 'cause she is.
Candie over there?
She shouldn't be a problem.
She's good,
but she's a total follower.
So you just know everything there
is to know about everyone, then?
Best way to get ahead.
So what's my story then?
What's that saying?
"A good artist copies,
a great artist steals?"
You're a good dancer. Good.
And what's your deal?
Me? I'm a great dancer.
They'll call me
the next Cooper Nielsen.
Hey, where's that girl
with the hole in her tights?
Who cares?
No, no! Wait!
Hey, wait! Hey!
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Show up anytime.
Hi. Thanks.
The studio!
This is so much fun!
Everybody take a sheet.
A map of the campground and
cabin assignments are listed.
You have 30 minutes to settle
in, then we meet in the lounge.
Unbelievable. There's no Wi-Fi,
barely any cell signal.
Hope we don't
have to share bathrooms.
It's just six weeks.
Just six weeks.
What are you doing?
Do you hear that?
I've never heard that before.
Bella! We're bunk-buddies.
It's cute, right?
I like what you did with
the place.
My god, can I have top bunk?
Come on, we gotta
go for roll call!
Yes! Bunk buddies!
Coming! I'm coming!
I expect you all to dress
properly in my ballet class.
Ladies, pink tights and black
Gentlemen, white shirts
and black tights.
-No exception.
-Except for in my class,
I don't care what you wear, as
long as you can dance in it. Okay?
Also, Jonathan highly recommends
you guys work together.
In fact, your performance
depends on it.
This year you guys are going
to be judged in pairs.
I know it's not a typical situation,
but this isn't a typical season.
Now, all the studios
will be open during the evening
for you to practice and perfect
everything that you've learned.
I highly encourage you
to take full advantage of that.
Lights out 10:30. That's it.
# Hey, hey... #
# Hey, hey... #
# Feel the pitch-black
sky above #
# Don't be scared to
give it love #
# There's a full moon on
the rise tonight #
# Crazy eights too hard
to find #
# So let's get stupid
Out of line #
# Drive this body off the
cliff, all right #
# Everyone everywhere #
# You got to get out
your chair #
# This is a love affair #
# With everyone everywhere #
# Everywhere everyone #
# The party has just begun #
# Don't matter
where you've been #
# Everybody everywhere #
# Everyone come on #
# Everyone everywhere #
# You got to get out
your share #
# 'Cause this is a
love affair #
# With everyone everywhere #
# Everywhere everyone #
# The party has just begun #
# Doesn't matter
where you're from #
# Everybody everywhere #
# Everyone, come on #
How are we supposed
to beat those guys?
They've all been training
since they were, like, three.
So we have to figure out ballet. They
all have to learn how to do modern.
And Charlie says that we're getting
judged on our personalities
as equally as our abilities.
So you mean I should
just smile a lot?
I'm saying that we should just
dance the way we know we can
and try and get along
with everyone.
Good luck with that.
They're either insulting us
or pretending we don't exist.
Where are you going?
To show them I exist.
Are you excited for class?
How long have
you been doing ballet for?
Since I was three.
Ballet is cool.
Lift the tail, drop the heels
and hold for one...
Are you from New York?
Have you ever been to the
Sorry, I don't know where that
Now, left leg comes up.
Her parents have an apartment
in that building.
Vanessa. My girlfriend?
We're moving in.
We can't wait to live together.
Bring the leg through...
and proceed into
side angle pose.
You're facing the wrong way.
Deviation is the essence
of modern dance.
Also, I sometimes get
my right and my left mixed up.
Low lunge, back to low lunge.
Cactus arms, everyone.
Find your claws.
Find your inner animal.
You are the calm in the
of the storm and chaos
around you.
We're gonna scream that
storm away!
Come on, come on.
I have the list of pairs.
Candie, you're with Ivan.
Gwen, with Michael.
Allegra, you're with Richard.
Lauren, you're with Sam.
Megan, with Patrick.
And Damon, you've got Bella.
Find your partners.
Sorry, dude.
-So it'll be good.
You'll do.
Yes, yes, yes, good.
Okay, guys. I need you to focus
on moving your entire body.
I need you to breathe,
I need you to feel.
Like this tree
when the wind blows through it.
It all moves in unison. It's
connected, it's breathing, it's alive.
Good. That's what we're doing
here, we're breathing.
I want you to move any way
your body wants to move.
Let's try some improv.
Gwen, start us off.
Yes, Gwen, thank you. Yes.
That's exactly what I'm talking
Damon, give it a go.
Don't be afraid of it. Come on,
buddy, you got it. Let's go. Try.
Improv, you got this.
It's all good, buddy. Let's all
move. Everyone together, breathe.
Don't sweat it.
Damon, give it a go, buddy.
No one cares what you're doing.
Got it?
Awesome. Keep moving.
Keep moving!
Don't worry about
what anyone else is thinking.
Let's take a piqu arabesque.
Gentleman, I'm always aware
of where her weight is.
Her hips are
right over her ankle.
You take one hand off,
no problem.
Ladies, use your plis.
Strong core.
Standing leg straight.
That's okay.
You all right?
Off the floor.
I'm sorry.
Seven, eight...
Not bad.
Remember guys,
it's not how strong you are.
It's about how well
you work together in the lift.
Trying to get rid of me?
What? No, of course not.
She speaks.
I didn't say anything about you.
I know. I'm just teasing you.
Well, I just want to make sure you
know that I'm not like that, okay?
I think we're gonna be
really great partners, actually.
I do too, because I'm just telling
you, everything's working out for me.
I'm here. You're my partner.
Don't worry, we got this.
Do you want to practice
I don't know what else
I'd be doing.
Okay, fair, yeah.
Seven, eight.
Pli, one, two...
three, four...
five, six...
seven, eight.
And a one, two...
three, four...
Should my arm be further back
for that part?
What are you wearing?
I specifically said that each student
should wear the proper uniform.
Well, this is all I have
that's black.
It's Bella, right?
Seven, eight...
And a one, two, three...
And three, four, up. Good.
Lorenza is such an asshole.
Don't let her freak you out.
She's just bitter.
Bitter about what?
She used to be a principal
dancer at La Scala in Milan
but then she suffered
a serious injury.
She was awesome.
Which is tragic, really, but she
shouldn't be taking that out on us.
Maybe if the bunch of you
could actually dance.
I'll show you dancing,
ballerina boy.
Some people might say that
modern dance has no place here.
That it's a second tier
form of dance.
That it lacks substance,
that it lacks rules.
Modern is
just as demanding as ballet.
It is just a different mind-set,
a different technique.
It comes from your gut,
from your hips, from your torso.
It's not about being vertical,
it's about being grounded,
so you can shape
your body to the music.
You just want us
to roll around on the floor?
No, I want you
to train your body
so you get off the floor
without using your hands.
That's it, Bella, good work.
Keep going. Keep moving.
It's a fight!
Hey, guys!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Think you can take me?
Stop it!
Let him go!
I'll kick his ass.
Yo, fight's over! All right?
Just go.
Do you want them to send
you home?
I'm sick of that guy.
He's messing with your head.
That's how he's gonna take
you out of this competition.
We're just
a bunch of amateurs to them.
So we need to work twice as hard
and be twice as professional
to prove them wrong.
Seven, eight.
And a one, two...
three, four, five...
six, seven, eight.
And a one, two...
three, four...
five, six
I was wondering if we could
do the pas de dux?
I'm sorry, the pas de what?
The pas de dux?
It's "pas de deux."
Back to the barre, please.
Six, seven, eight.
And a one, two, three...
And a one, two...
three, four, five...
No, Ivan, you're showing off!
You're not ready for that jump.
You've got the right technique,
but don't dance with your heart.
Richard, you're up.
Ivan, stop it.
Ivan, get off the floor!
Quit it, man.
You're gonna get kicked out.
Don't kid yourself. You are not
good enough to make that jump.
Ivan, stop it!
It's broken.
Get Dr. Larum.
You may have a very long
recovery ahead of you.
I told you to stop.
You think you know better
than I?
I know what you should be doing,
when you should be doing it,
and how you should be doing it.
Now, if I say you're not ready,
you are not ready.
And if I say you're not good
enough, you are not good enough!
Class dismissed.
Bella, wait up.
Hey, I didn't get a chance to
thank you this morning for
letting me into Lorenza's class.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, come on.
I can't do this.
Do what?
Well, everything Lorenza
just said in there.
I'm not good enough.
I was never good enough.
Bella, don't even say that.
They want the next Kate Parker.
You're her sister, aren't you?
I've seen you before with her.
When you were younger.
On the Internet.
Yeah, I am. I'm her sister.
Please don't tell anyone, okay?
Of course not.
Hey, it's me, I just...
What are you doing?
Do you really want to leave?
I'm not going to be a dancer...
so I might as well
go back to be a waitress.
I'm done.
You're an amazing dancer.
You're the perfect ballerina.
Look, I came here for a reason.
What's that?
Just put the big one between
your big toe and second toe
and the small piece in between
your fourth and fifth toes.
Well. That's so much better.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go have some fun.
# Growing old
is something in the moment #
# Let's go to places we've
never been before #
# Feels right
to live out loud tonight #
Come on.
Okay. Do that again,
but extend your arm up more
and extend your front leg.
That was so good.
You need to help us.
Look, you're the best ballerina
here, and I'm a good modern dancer,
so if we helped each other out,
we could get in together.
Well, I guess I could use some
help in Tommy's class.
You and me both.
Okay, so let's meet up in the
evenings, work on our weak points?
All four of us.
Let's do it. Yeah.
Hey, what are you guys
talking about?
We never would've got into the
company if that was our audition.
Company or no company, all I've
ever wanted to do is dance.
Well then, you should probably perfect
your ballet technique a little more.
I mean, Lorenza already
doesn't like the moderns.
"The Moderns"?
Is that what you call us?
We call you a number
of different things,
but I can't repeat them in
present company.
You're such a gentleman.
Look, if we don't get into the company,
it's because you're way too rigid.
No, I'm not.
Look, you know the choreography,
and you know the moves,
but dance isn't just
some mathematical equation.
You've gotta let go and be free.
Don't be afraid to be
Yeah, well, if I'm too rigid, it's
because you're all over the place.
I am only all over the place
Because what?
Because Lorenza is, like, boring a
hole through my soul while I dance
and who can be free
while that happens?
Yeah, you're right.
Come on.
Don't be scared
in Tommy's improv class.
I'm not scared.
What are you doing?
Being spontaneous.
# Set your wheels on fire #
This can't happen.
We're partners.
Look, it's the oldest clich
in the book.
Partners hook up, and
everything's great and
everything is fine
until it's not.
And then everything's
ruined and the
dance is ruined, and
everyone can see it.
We all know the story.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
We have to be teammates.
Then we'll get
into the company together.
I'm in.
Actually, I'm out,
'cause it's freezing.
I thought we were teammates!
Come on! Let's go get
Richard and Allegra.
Work hard, play hard.
Let's hit it.
That was intense, you guys.
-Hard work pays off.
Six, seven...
Yes, yes, fantastic work,
you guys, thank you.
Guys, let's do it again. I want
you to watch them, all right?
Strongest couple in the room.
You guys, do it like them.
And seven,
eight... and...
Five, six seven, eight.
Leg straight. One, two...
three, four...
five, six...
This should be perfect by now.
From the top.
From the top.
And seven, eight.
And a-one, two...
three, four...
five, six...
seven... legs straight. And...
Candie told me Ivan's
not coming back,
and they're trying
to find her a partner.
Damon! Damon. Can I talk to you?
Listen, I'm going to talk to Jonathan
about getting you a new partner.
Come on.
Bella's holding you back.
What do you mean? I...
I thought she did great today.
We both know
she'll never be a real dancer.
This whole modern dance thing
is Jonathan trying to fundraise.
He'll get over it,
and when he does,
the modern dancers will
simply be discarded.
I don't want you to get caught
up in it. You are far too good.
No, what?
I don't want a new partner.
You're really good
at modern.
You can be really good
at modern, too.
So, we need to start practicing
before everyone else shows up.
Yeah. Okay.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Modern, improv...
It just gets to my head.
You can do it.
Okay, listen...
ballet is all about taking movement
and turning it into feelings.
And you're amazing at it.
Modern is just the opposite.
It's taking your feelings
and turning it into movement.
It's all about just expressing
yourself, and doing it from the heart.
Just fill in the blanks.
Feel in the blanks.
"Feel in the blanks?"
I think I can give it a shot.
Okay, let's give it a shot.
I'm going to tap you,
and you move. Ready?
There you go.
Okay, keep going.
Keep going.
Thanks, Bella.
Hi, guys.
Sorry we're late.
Well, let's get started.
Okay, everybody, gather around,
please. Gather around.
As all of you know, there's only a few
days left until the final audition.
So I want you to look around
right now.
Look around.
These are not your friends.
They're your competition.
Good class today.
Yeah. Thank you.
So, is it true?
Is what true?
You're Kate Parker's sister.
-That's what I heard.
You're Kate Parker's sister?
Well, yeah, I'm her sister.
So you're what, just going
through the motions here?
Did any of us actually have a
chance at getting ahead of you?
Or have you had this deal
since day one?
What deal?
That Kate will guest star
for the company next season,
so long as you get accepted.
Where did you all hear this?
Is this true?
Why didn't you at least tell
I didn't want anyone to know.
Well, you must have told
You told everyone Kate was
my sister?
And that she had some sort of a
bullshit deal going on with Jonathan?
Am I just another competitor
for you to eliminate?
You really haven't changed
since Dallas, have you?
Partner up!
Bella, where have you been?
I've been looking for you.
What's going on?
Are you all right?
Okay, let's begin with chass,
fouett into arabesque.
Positions, please.
And seven, eight.
And a one, two...
three, four...
five, six...
seven, eight.
Are you trying to take me out?
What is going on over there?
Nothing, I just...
I'm sorry.
Go away!
I saw you running with Allegra, but
I really shouldn't be surprised.
I guess the world is full of insecure
backstabbers and cutthroats.
Bella, Allegra didn't
tell anyone about Kate.
You asked her?
Yes, and it wasn't her.
And I don't know who spread the rumor
about you and Jonathan having a deal...
But if you say it's not true,
then I believe you.
Now, we need to focus.
There's only a couple more days
before our final audition,
and I know you want to get
into the ABC as much as I do.
We need to work together,
not against each other.
Teammates, remember?
And you need
to talk to Allegra, not me.
I owe you an apology.
What happened in Dallas?
I wasn't kicked out.
Not by the faculty.
I was run out by the other
Charlotte Ostenberg.
My biggest rival.
She was my best friend, too.
At least I thought she was.
I couldn't figure out why
they hated me so much.
Charlotte was telling the
other dancers
that I was saying terrible things
about them behind their back.
I was so miserable
that I couldn't even dance.
I just had to leave.
But I can't leave here.
This is my last year
to get into a company
and after what happened in
no one else will even
let me audition.
This is it for me.
I'm sorry.
All right, listen up.
It's come to our attention
that certain rumors have been
circulating about a deal with ABC?
Let's get one thing straight.
This is unacceptable.
There were absolutely no deals
made with Kate Parker.
Nobody's spot here is
If any of you expect to have a career
here at the ABC, all of this ends now.
You're not here to have fun. You
are here to be professionals.
I don't care how good
any of you are at dance.
If you can't respect each other,
you do not belong here.
Once ABC's name has been
dragged through the mud,
it's not a rumor, it's not
gossip. It's defamation.
So when we got wind of this yesterday,
we suspected Ivan. We called him.
He admitted to authoring
that rumor.
He realized if he
didn't confess,
he would never get a chance to dance
at a company like this ever again.
And to whomever else decided to
help spread this rumor around camp,
do yourself a favor.
Step forward.
I did.
It was me. I'm sorry.
Do you realize the damage a rumor
like this could have on a company?
I called Ivan at the hospital.
He was angry.
He told me
that you were Kate's sister,
and that you would always
get into the company.
That there was a deal.
I thought it was true.
He told me that it wasn't fair, to
me or any of us, and I believed him.
I realize now he was just
trying to get you to...
Quit? Is that it?
He told me that if you left, I had
a better chance of getting in
because they couldn't
find me a partner.
I'm so sorry, Bella.
Well, Candie, thank you
for coming forward with that.
I think I should leave.
You have two days
until your final audition.
Okay, get out there,
practice, practice, practice.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Fancy yourself to be
a ballerina, do you?
Well, that's good,
because you'll never be one.
You've had some training,
but you'll never make the cut.
I didn't come here
to be a ballerina.
Jonathan doesn't
expect me to be a ballerina.
And what do you expect
of yourself?
Other than to be
Kate Parker's sister?
My sister didn't have any more
training than I had when I started.
Yes, but she had talent.
I started training when I was
four years old.
And by the time I got accepted
into the Academy,
I had already put in
thousands of hours...
of blood, sweat, discipline.
I earned my place in the
Well, you should have the same
expectations of me as everyone else.
I expect greatness.
And I just don't see it.
I'm sorry, I'm being honest.
You're young.
You can find a different path,
and maybe even succeed.
Well, Tommy and Jonathan
see something in me.
And I know it.
I may never be as good a ballerina as
you or Kate, but I'm okay with that.
I didn't like ballet when
I got here.
I didn't even want
to see myself in a mirror.
But the more I danced,
the less I cared.
Look, you can try and mess with
my head, but it doesn't matter.
You play the cards you're dealt.
Maybe it's time you learnt
that for yourself.
You injured yourself
15 years ago.
You should get over that.
Get out.
I'm practicing.
What's up?
Just thinking about tomorrow.
It's a lot of pressure.
Yeah, but we've
trained for that.
Look at how far we've come.
Everything will be great.
Yeah. Everything will be great.
Have a good night.
Yeah, you too.
I can't sleep.
I don't think anyone
can sleep tonight.
Come in!
Hey, what's up?
Why aren't you in your
outfit yet?
Vanessa called.
There's this new dance company,
and her dad's involved.
They've already made me an offer, but I
have to be in Paris for tomorrow night.
And I'm taking it.
My flight leaves in three hours.
No! No, you don't have to be in
Paris by tomorrow. That's crazy.
You're caving. You're
caving in to the pressure.
Please, Richard,
I know we can do this.
What if we don't?
Paris is a sure thing.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
Richard left.
Bella, I don't know what to do.
I don't have a partner,
so I can't even audition.
Yeah, you can.
This is it.
Everything you've worked
towards for the past six weeks,
everything you've dreamt of since
that very first dance class.
Today's the day
you'll never forget.
And just in case that's
not enough motivation for you,
we have a very special guest
judge today.
Cooper Nielsen.
Hello everybody. I'm really looking
forward to seeing what you got.
And Jonathan pretty
much has it covered,
but there's one thing he
forgot to mention.
One very important thing.
Have fun out there.
Let's begin.
Damon and Bella? You're up.
I won't be dancing
at today's audition.
Bella, what are you
talking about?
Where does this leave
your partner?
Richard got accepted
to a dance company in Paris
and he left this morning.
So that leaves Allegra without
a partner.
I want her to take my place.
She's the best dancer here
and she deserves this chance.
More than I do.
Are you sure?
All right.
I accept your decision.
Damon, Allegra, it's all yours.
No... I can't.
What are you doing?
Just feeling in the blanks.
This is supposed to be a duet!
Let them go.
# Forgive me for
my selfish ways #
# Why don't you talk to me #
# I'm just tryin' to feel
the love again #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
# Why don't you talk to me #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
# You were never there for me #
# Like I was for you #
# Show me what it means to
love #
# I guess you never know #
# And it hurts so
you can't breathe #
# Dance the pain away #
# You kiss me like you mean it #
# Why can't you ever stay #
# Stay, ho #
# Why don't you talk to me #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
# I'm just
tryin' to feel the love again #
# I'm just tryin' to
feel the love again #
Since you presented yourselves as
one, we'll judge you that way.
You'll all
get into the studio company...
or you all won't
get into the studio company.
We'll have the
results for you shortly.
Well, I should let my parents
know what's happening.
Come on. Take a walk with me.
You guys really
shouldn't have done that.
You wanted to see me?
Here, have a seat.
We've watched you grow
into a wonderful dancer, Gwen.
However, we feel you're still
not quite ready for the company.
But we have reserved a spot for you
in the Academy, if you're interested.
-No way.
Of course I'm interested!
Thank you so much.
Can I give you a hug?
Thank you. Thank you, thank you,
thank you. Thank you.
The ABC isn't
everything, though.
I guess I don't even want
to dance there that badly.
Yeah, you do.
Okay. Yeah, I do.
There's something I want
even more right now.
And what would that be?
Get a room, you two.
My god.
I didn't even see you.
Really? You didn't see me?
I wonder why.
So what did
your parents have to say?
Guys, it's the results.
We all look together.
Welcome to the ABC Studio
Company's Night of Modern,
celebrating our
five newest members:
Megan Holmes,
Patrick Fenwick,
Allegra Hjelmstad,
Damon Wilson, and Bella Parker.
# I was born in a thunderstorm #
# I grew up overnight #
# I played alone
I played on my own #
# I survived #
# Hey #
# I wanted everything
I never had #
# Like the love that
comes with light #
# I wore envy and I hated that #
# But I survived #
# I had a one-way ticket to a
place where all the demons go #
# Where the wind don't change #
# And nothing in the
ground can ever grow #
# No hope, just lies #
# And you're taught to
cry in your pillow #
# But I survived #
# I'm still breathing,
I'm still breathing #
# I'm still breathing,
I'm still breathing #
# I'm alive #
# I'm alive #
# I'm alive #
Jonathan really nailed it.
Brilliant, isn't it?
#...In the strangest place #
# Way in the back of my mind #
# I saw my life in
a stranger's face #
# And it was mine #
# I had a one-way ticket to a
place where all the demons go #
# Where the wind don't change #
# And nothing in the
ground can ever grow #
# No hope, just lies #
# And you're taught to
cry in your pillow #
# But I survived #
# I'm still breathing,
I'm still breathing #
# I'm alive #
# I'm alive #
# I'm alive #
# I'm alive #
You did it, Miss Parker.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Do you think I'd miss
my sister's debut show?
From half-way around the world?
Are you kidding? I wouldn't
miss this for anything.
Couple of peas in a pod,
we are.
Don't I know it.
It's good to see you!
Come and meet
some of my friends.
Yeah, I'm sure some of them
have already heard of you.
This is Kate, my sister.
You're so good.
That was amazing.
It's nice to finally meet you.
My goodness! Yes! Your lift
was amazing at the end.
the young dance prodigy returns.
Looking for a job?
Actually, I'm with the
Studio Company... at the ABC.
You gotta be kidding.
How's the pie?
Better with company.
Thank you.
# This time, I say
we're through... #
# I... I... I ain't never seen
her before #
# One pretty little
trick tryna #
# Run out through the
back door #
# So I step to the left,
puffed out the chest #
# Kid so fly had to
show 'em that ass #
# That action, distraction #
# Make this a chain reaction #
# She was more than a ten
her and her friends #
# Made their own money
and had their own ends #
# Yow, yip-yip yow #
# Come here lemme show you
a pretty little face #
# It's more than
now, dip-dip dow #
# You stay here
and let you girl go #
# I don't mean, mean no harm #
# And I wanna show you
the rude boy charm and #
# Yep, give me the signal,
I'm on it #
# That there body need warning,
warning #
# You know that chick,
she's fine #
# And you know she's bad
as how she looks, she's mine #
# She's all I want and I need,
no lie #
# I ain't wastin' no time #
# You see her going around
'cause she's a... #
# Hold up! Wait a minute! #
# Minute, minute, minute #
# That chick, that chick right
there #
# That chick, that chick
right there #
# That girl #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That chick, that chick
right there # No #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That chick,
that chick right there #
# That girl #
# That chick,
that chick right there #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# She seem like a quiet girl #
# You know I don't buy
it, not for a second #
# On your mark #
# Get set #
# Everything you protect
is out #
# And I'm tryna see what
you all about #
# Are you a Gemini or a Leo? #
# I'm a Taurus,
check out my ego #
# A little famous,
check out your TiVo #
# And where we see
the pretty gal go, we go #
# Yo, I'm more
than good company #
# And a quick check, lemme
put you in check I'm a vet #
# When it comes to the sweat running
down your neck from that DJ set #
# Pull up, pull up # # Blonde,
redhead, to a brunette #
# Pull up, pull up # # I see
you rolling it like roulette #
# Pull up, pull up #
# From the front view to
the silhouette, you a threat #
# Even I'll have that
body in debt #
# You know that chick,
she's fine #
# You know she's bad
as how she looks, she's mine #
# All mine #
# She's all I want and I need,
no lie #
# I ain't wastin' no time #
# You see her fooling around
'cause she a... #
# Hold up! Wait a minute! #
# Minute, minute, minute # # That
chick, that chick right there #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That girl #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That girl #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That chick,
that chick right there #
# That chick right there #
# That chick, that
chick right there #
# That chick, that chick
right there #
# She a little off to the left #
# Skirt showing all the goodies
in the La Senza she got left #
# Now she off to the right #
# To the right #
# With about five guys following
behind her all night #
# She putting them
seams to the test #
# It seems that seam
cannot cover the brrr... #
# Heart pumping
like a 20-minute workout #
# She in control,
keep Captain Kirk out #
# See the twerk there?
See the body bounce? #
# You know that she only dip
when it really counts #
# Animal prints
on undergarments #
# Give me one touch,
I'm on it #
# On it, on it # # You know
that chick, she's fine #
# You know she's bad
as how she looks, she's mine #
# She's all I want
and I need, no lie #
# I ain't wastin' no time #
# You see her fooling around
'cause she a... #
# Hold up! Wait a minute! #