Central Park (2017) Movie Script

[radio broadcast] Billionaire
Christian Lincoln Smith
Largest Ponzi scheme
since Bernie Madoff.
Close to three billion dollars.
Smith's biggest loser missing
after wife's apparent suicide.
[foreign radio broadcast]
[radio broadcast] Cruise's
pregnant wife was found dead
after an apparent leap
from her balcony
on the 19th floor
of their 5th avenue apartment.
The eponymous Ponzi scheme
named after Charles Ponzi
in 1920 was most likely...
The New York markets open today.
Sell everything.
This may have a chain reaction
akin to Bernie Madoff.
Investigators are still trying
to understand
Smith's wife's involvement.
Today is a buy day. Blue chips.
[overlapping radio broadcasts]
[foreign radio broadcast]
[radio broadcast] The NAACP
had more
than 100 million dollars
invested in Smith's fund.
An unprecedented dent
in the African American
The impact
on the African American
community will resonate
for many years to come.
[protesting crowd in distance]
[eerie music]
[running water]
[heavy breathing]
[animal squealing in pain]
[eerie music]
[cheerful music]
-[Harold] It's good to see you.
-[Leyla] You too.
Hey, what's up, lovebirds?
[Leyla giggles]
[Harold] Oh my God, Mikey.
[greeting each other]
[overlapping chatter]
[teasingly] Hi, Mikey.
It is a zoo
at my house right now.
Ninjas everywhere.
You okay?
I don't want to talk about it.
The Rangers lost last night.
[Mikey] It's getting tight.
How is it that the worst sport
has the longest season?
I can't believe
that you got this bag.
It just makes it official.
[girls laugh]
You guys are so Kim and Kanye.
Thanks girl.
You guys missed out.
The park was awesome.
Got a bag of the A-list.
Saw a couple of raccoons
doing it.
-Doing what?
-[Felix] Doing it.
[boys chanting] Doing it
and doing it and doing it!
And doing it some more! [laughs]
[giggles] Okay, you guys stop.
Raccoons fucking. That's funny.
So who is down tonight?
-[Sessa] Obviously.
I don't want to be a wheel.
[Leyla] Oh, come on, Mikey.
No, seriously. It sucks.
Aw, baby Mikey.
[Mikey] Shut up!
I actually got to
see how my mom is doing.
It's crazy
at my house right now.
Can someone
please bring me a girl?
Is anyone down to smoke?
[camera shutter clicking]
[Mr. Shaw] Yes, actions do
have consequences.
So, when looking
at the story of Macbeth,
not only as a tragedy,
but also as a morality play,
what can Macbeth tell us
about Avares today?
[whispers] What is Avares?
[whispers] Your mamma's pussy.
[students laugh]
[Mr. Shaw] Michael.
Would you like to share
your ideas
with the rest of the class?
Come on. Don't sell yourself
short, Michael.
I know you have opinions
about this, right?
[nervous] Yeah, of course I do.
Would you like to share them?
[Mr. Shaw] Macbeth?
Greed, actions, consequences?
[nervously] Um...
In my opinion...
I think it's all...
You know, the wife's fault.
[Mikey] I mean it was her idea
to kill Duncan
in the first place.
And then she's like,
[imitates woman's voice] Oh,
I can't do it.
[students chuckle]
He really looks
too much like my daddy.
-[all laughing]
-[Mr Shaw] Alright, alright
everybody that's enough.
[continues laughing]
Interesting perspective,
Uh, and as for the greed thing,
obviously, you know,
it really motivates a lot
of the shady shit
that's going down
in this school.
-[students] Ooh!
-[Mr. Shaw] Michael.
[Mr Shaw] Hey, that's enough.
[school bell ringing]
Alright, guys, so tomorrow
remember, bring your proposals
they are due
and that was a great class.
Thank you all very much.
[Mr Shaw] Hey, Michael,
you want to stick around
for a minute please?
[students] Ooh!
-[whispers] Are you still high?
-[Mikey] I don't know.
I think, man.
I'm freaking out.
It was a crazy week.
-Look at me.
-[indistinct mumbling]
Alright, listen to me.
You're gonna be okay.
We'll be on the other side
of that door.
Just get through Shaw, alright?
Yeah, cool.
[Willa] How is H holding up?
So messed up.
His dad stole all that money.
Like three billion dollars
or something.
Stole from his own people.
Not just his own people.
That is so gross.
[Willa's friend] So gross.
[yells] Suck my twat, Willa!
[laughs] God, I love you, Sessa.
If we all got into trouble
for the actions
of our parents,
I'd be in jail right now.
Hey, Donna.
You know Mikey, right?
[giggles excitedly]
Yes, sir?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just, uh...
you know...
You know what, Michael?
[coughs] I think I'm sick.
You know what my father
used to say
when I was about your age,
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
[nervous laugh] You know,
we have the same shoes.
Hey, Michael.
How high are you, anyway?
-Really, Mr. Shaw--
-You're just a little high?
A lot, isn't it?
I'd say
on the getting high spectrum
you've reached motherfucker
status. [laughs]
Can you say that?
It's just me and you.
I can say pretty much
say anything I want, right?
You're the best teacher ever.
You're a great kid, Mikey.
I want you at this school.
I don't want to see you
throw away this opportunity.
[Mr Shaw] Listen,
I'm just gonna keep this
between me and you,
consider it a warning.
Here's my number.
[Mr Shaw] I'm not saying
you need it, but if you do,
use it, alright?
You can call me, okay?
How is Harold holding up?
He's fine, I think.
Alright, feel free
to pass that along
if you think it will help.
Okay. Thanks.
You heading home now?
[Mikey] Yes, sir.
You might want to stop off
and pick up some Visine
along the way.
I am pumped for tonight's show.
They are bringing Donna.
-Yeah, it's a date for--
-for Mikey?
-For Mikey.
Yo, he's gonna be down for that.
[Harold laughs] Yo,
how did it go?
-[groans] Aw, man, it sucked.
-[Felix] What's up, dude?
[Harold] He didn't
bust your balls?
[bully yells] Hey,
it's Bernie Blackoff junior!
[bullies laughing]
Tell your dad
to start warming up his ass!
[laughing] Yeah, his ass!
[starts chanting] Blackoff!
Blackoff, blackoff
[angry] Hey, hey.
[yells in foreign language]
[continues yelling]
Give me that paper!
[Felix yells] Go, fucker!
What the fuck is your problem,
That's right go to your nannies!
[yells in foreign language]
[Felix] What the fuck?
Fucking shit!
What the fuck
is wrong with them, man?
-You good, H?
If they're coming back
I'll fucking kick their ass!
[Mikey] I'll fucking
break their legs, man.
No. [shushes Mikey]
Now let's just bounce.
[eerie music]
[paper tearing]
[cheerful chatter]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[somber] Happy birthday, Daddy.
Your dad is so proud of you.
[Sessa crying]
[Sessa mumbles] I'm hungry.
[soft laughter]
[Harold] How about Chinese?
[Sessa] All we ever eat
is Chinese.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Harold] Who wants to smoke
a blunt?
[radio broadcast] ... a person
of interest to the police.
Billionaire conman
Christian Lincoln Smith
The largest Ponzi scheme
since Bernie Madoff.
Smith's biggest financial loser
is still missing after
his pregnant wife leaped
to her death
early yesterday morning.
The impact
on the African American
community will resonate
for many years--
[police radio] 108 we have
a 750in 21nd and 3rd.
We're on our way.
Confirm address. Over.
[dramatic music]
[chewing loudly]
[relaxing music]
[baby crying]
[Mr Shaw] Melissa!
[Melissa] What?
What are you doing?
[Melissa] I'm stirring.
[laughs] What do you mean what?
I'm stirring the sauce.
[Melissa] Taste this.
-[moans in delight]
[Mr Shaw] Nice work, babe.
Are we close?
I'm just gonna
put the pasta in the water.
-[Melissa] Yeah?
You're so beautiful.
You could have yelled
that to me in the kitchen.
I'm grading papers.
[laughs] Doesn't look like it.
[sighs] This guy.
His kid's in my class.
How is he doing?
I don't know. He's 16.
I'm worried about him.
Well, I will kick his dad's ass
if you finish your work.
These kids are retarded.
-[Mr Shaw] Don't call me Danny.
-Then don't say retarded.
My students are not exercising
their cognitive abilities
to their full potential.
Way to use your words.
[baby starts crying]
[Melissa] Oh, go check on Lola.
Dinner is almost ready.
[sighs] Yes, miss Shaw.
Hey, it's misses.
And you keep up the good work,
there may be
a private tutorial
for you later.
What if I'm bad?
[whispers] You know what happens
when you're bad.
[both laugh]
[Mikey] Nice.
[suspenseful music]
[Mikey's sister] Mikey?
-Can I sleep with you?
Because you're a big girl now
and you need to sleep
in your own bed.
Where's dad?
I am a big girl.
So you'll sleep in your bed?
I had the dream about mom again.
Want me to sing you the song?
You want to sleep in here?
Thanks, bro.
[dramatic music]
-[Christian] Don't smoke!
[Harold] Ah, fuck!
What the fuck do you want, C?
[shushes Harold] Don't curse.
You just did.
-Respect your elders.
Mom's been...
I know.
She hasn't had anything
but vodka, cigarettes
and baby food
for the past three days.
[mutters] She likes baby food.
[Christian] Imagine if they knew
we were right here behind.
She thinks
they are coming for her too.
They might.
What are we gonna do?
No one is gonna separate us, H.
I promise.
Think they're gonna
take the house?
[Christian] Don't know.
[sneering] I hate him.
If mom doesn't eat anything
by the end of the week
I'm gonna call grandma.
[Harold] You think
that's gonna do anything?
We gotta do something.
[Harold] I really fucking
hate him, Christian.
Me too.
Where are you going?
Anywhere but here.
-Wanna come?
I gotta hook up with Leyla.
Get it, bro.
Tight shit. [laughs]
[camera shutter clicking]
[eerie music]
[loud chewing]
[eerie music continues]
[message alert]
[rock music]
[eerie music]
[suspenseful music]
Jesus Christ.
[Sam] I'm fine by the way.
[Charles] Yeah,
just get in the car.
[Charles] Here, drink this.
-[Sam] It's cold.
-[Charles] Just drink it.
[energetic music]
[cheerful chattering]
[suspenseful music]
[cheerful chattering]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[carefully closes the door]
[whispers] And she sleeps.
[Melissa laughs]
[Mr Shaw] You okay?
[Melissa] Yeah, you?
[Mr Shaw] I feel
like a beached whale.
[teasingly] Well,
you look like one.
[Mr Shaw laughs]
Your cooking prowess
is second only to your wit.
[Mr Shaw laughs]
[Melissa moans with delight]
Oh, keep that coming, love.
So is she down for the night?
Yeah, yeah she should be good
until her usual
5 a.m. wake up call.
We did good, right?
We did.
[Melissa] Yeah?
Wanna go on a little walk?
I can run next door and ask
the redhead to come over.
-I'm tired, honey.
[Mr Shaw] Oh, come on.
-[Melissa groans]
-[Mr Shaw] No?
-You go.
Oh, come on.
You can go take a ride.
[Melissa] Hmm?
A quick loop and back.
[Melissa] Sure.
-[Melissa] What?
Why don't you run a nice bath?
[Melissa] Okay, hurry back.
I will.
[Melissa] Hey, take your phone.
[Melissa] Hey!
Right here.
Like right there.
Right there.
-[Leyla] So you like him?
-Yeah, he's cute, right?
-I knew it!
I mean he's weird,
but I like it.
-No, yeah, I like him.
-He's a sweetie.
You know about his mom, right?
It sucks.
[Sessa] Oh,
Felix is gonna have a blast
picking that out of my pussy.
[laughing] What?
Did I tell you...
that Felix's dad might be
going back to Argentina?
No, are you gonna go with him?
[laughing] She can't go with him
to Argentina.
What? No.
She's right.
I could go with him.
Yes! Fuck school! [laughing]
No, but actually, fuck school.
My dad decided not to pay
my school tuition anymore
and they're not gonna give me
a scholarship.
Wait, Mikey's on a scholarship,
I'm on a scholarship.
I'm fucked.
Speaking of fucked,
Let's go find them.
Yeah, baby!
[Harold] Just come on, guys.
We're almost there.
[Sessa] Felix,
where are we going?
[Felix] Oh,
we're going to the spot.
-[Donna] What spot?
-[Sessa] Oh, you'll see.
[Felix] Aren't these flashlights
big as fuck?
[Harold] Word.
What, really?
Just fucking...
Just... drive.
I can't keep covering for you.
Yes, you can.
Nobody got shot.
[Max] That's not the point.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
[laughs] No, you won't.
[Sam] Yeah.
You're right. I probably won't.
[dance music]
Hmm. Nice song, babe.
Thank you, baby.
[angry] Shut up,
don't even start!
-[Felix laughing]
-[Harold] The man in the woods.
-[Sessa] Oh shit!
[Sessa] Do you remember that?
Shut up,
Leyla's so scared right now!
[Leyla] No, I'm not!
what's the man in the park?
Or the whatever.
You've never heard
about the howl?
[soft voice] Howl was
the coyote in the park
when we were kids.
[Sessa] Yeah, you remember him.
No, what?
[slurred speech] No, no,
listen, listen.
Howl was this coyote
who got loose
somehow, in the park.
[Mikey] The man in the woods is
this dude that, like,
lives in the park.
And he killed the coyote.
And then he became
like a wolf man
except, with the coyote.
[Mikey] Howl the coyote man.
Didn't that dude eat rats?
Well, he's a coyote man so yeah.
-Why are you so mean?
-Shut up before I freak out!
[Donna laughs]
Truth or dare?
-Like you even have to ask?
[slurred speech] No.
-No, no. We should--
-Play truth or dare.
-Yes, we should.
-[Donna] I'm in.
[imitating groan]
Fine, fine! Dare.
No, I mean truth.
[everyone laughing]
-No, too late.
-Take a bet.
I dare you to kiss Donna.
[Leyla] On the mouth.
On the mouth.
-Make it legitimate.
[Donna] Okay.
Come here big boy.
[Leyla] Oh!
-[flirty] Kiss me.
-[others chanting] Mikey, Mikey!
[everyone laughs]
Alright, alright. Moving on.
Okay, okay, okay.
My turn.
Is it true...
about your dad?
And how much money
-Yo, Mikey.
-Did he actually steal?
[Sessa] Jesus, Mikey.
You're a dick.
It's fine.
Everybody wants to know.
I'll tell you.
Come on, H.
[Felix] Mikey,
fucking back off, dude.
It's legit.
It's not like people
don't know already, right?
[indistinct chatter]
It's true.
[Harold] Okay?
I don't know how much.
A lot.
And a lot of the people
that my dad stole money from,
those were his friends.
He used everybody.
[Harold] I mean,
I didn't know it, but,
even me and my brother
were pawns in his game.
[Harold] It was all for him.
The long con.
I hate him.
I wish he was dead.
[Harold laughs in disbelief]
[Harold] It kind of feels good
to get that off my chest.
But I mean it is true, so...
Dude, if something like that
happened to me
someone ruined my life like that
-I'd fucking kill the guy.
-Jesus, Felix.
I'm just saying I know where
my man H is coming from.
[indistinct chatter]
[Leyla] I could.
[Sessa laughs] Like that
fucking bitch Willa.
[laughter in the distance]
[laughing continues]
So he takes her
down the hall.
He takes her to the cafeteria.
First thing he shows her
is the meat slicer.
[Felix whispers] And he says--
Wait, wait.
Bro, come on.
They're just getting
to the cafeteria.
Wait I have to...
-[others laugh]
-No, I...
have to take a wiz.
Yo, go, bro.
We're not going anywhere.
-[Mikey] I gotta pee.
-[Sessa laughing]
[slurred speech] Shut up, Sessa!
I ain't scared.
-[everyone laughs]
[laughing] Why?
-Shut up. Shut up.
-Yo, is he that fucked up?
[Leyla] Now I've seen it all.
[Harold laughs] What now?
[Felix laughing] Mikey
is fucked.
[Harold laughs] How fucked up
is he?
I've never seen him
that fucked up.
-[everyone laughs]
[Leyla] Donna's done something.
Done something right.
[suspenseful music]
[quick footsteps]
[footsteps stop]
[barely audible] Hey, hey.
It's just the wind.
[footsteps start again]
Oh, Mikey, don't be sad
Mamma always loves you
No matter
if you're good or bad
You're the apple
In her eye
[footsteps approaching]
So wipe your tears
Don't you cry
[eerie music]
[footsteps approaching]
[loud thud]
[Mikey's phone ringing]
[voicemail] You this is Mikey
in the hood!
Leave a message.
Hey, Mikey.
It's Mr. Shaw.
I just got your text.
Call me back, alright?
[Mr. Shaw] Hey, have you guys
seen any kids?
[trash collector] What are you
looking for, buddy?
[laughing in the distance]
[voicemail] Yo, this is Mikey.
[laughing and chatting]
[upbeat music]
Iowa! Whatecowa!
-[everyone laughs]
[Felix] Drink!
[Sessa] Drink!
Okay. Okay, okay.
Let's do some candies!
[everyone is laughing]
[shouting] Let's do Skittles!
Where's Mikey?
[shouting] Drink!
Just take your shit!
[everyone chanting] Chug, chug!
Come on, baby!
Yo, he's been gone for a minute.
-Where is he?
Hold up.
what did you tell your parents?
[laughs] About what?
About where
you were going tonight?
I told my mom
I'm staying indoors.
[Sessa] Fuck!
What? Don't worry.
[Sessa] Why not?
Guys, my parents never answer
their phones
and my nanny will cover.
Nannies are the best.
[laughing joyfully]
I'm gonna go find
where Mikey is.
Yeah, where is he?
[Leyla and Sessa] Aw!
-[shyly] What?
-[Leyla and Sessa laugh]
[Leyla] No,
we're not staying here alone.
This is your friend!
-[shouting] Yo, Mikey!
-[Felix shushes Sessa]
Felix We're not supposed
to be here, remember?
Just chill.
We'll be right back.
[Leyla] Please, don't leave me
I'm so high.
[Harold] On your feet.
You got a light?
[Felix] Oh yeah.
[Harold] Boom. Alright.
Let's go find this kid.
[Harold] Yo, Mikey!
[playful laughter]
[Felix] Donna? Donna?
[Harold] Wait, he went up
through here, right?
[Felix] I think so, yeah.
[Felix] It's this way, right?
[voicemail] Yo, this is Mikey.
[yells] Mikey!
Come on, Mikey.
I can only do so much.
[yells] Mikey!
[suspenseful music]
[urinating] Fuck. Come on.
[whispering] Come on, junk.
Two, four six, eight.
-No, you're fucking up!
-You're going too fast!
[terrified scream]
That's not funny!
Shut up! You scared
the actual crap out of us!
[Felix] Yo, babe. I'm sorry.
[Felix] Yo, Mikey!
That's not funny!
-Babe, come here.
-Where is he!
-I'm hungry!
-Come here, come here.
[whispering] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Felix] Yo, Mikey, let's go!
Wanna go to the all-night diner?
-Because your eye's bleeding.
[Felix] H!
[Felix] Yo, H!
[Felix] You and Leyla
go that way. We'll go this way.
We'll meet at the bottom
of the hill.
[Harold] Tight.
[Sessa laughs]
[Felix] Donna.
[Sessa laughs]
[Felix laughs]
[Donna] Jesus, guys.
Fuck me.
[Sessa and Felix] Mikey!
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
[fearful screaming]
[screaming continues]
[voicemail] Hey, it's Daniel.
Leave a message, thanks.
[Leyla whispers] Stop.
Hang on, it's cold.
Are you okay?
Nothing. I just...
[Harold] Hey.
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
Because we've never talked
about it and I want you to know
-that I'm here for you.
I'm fine.
[Harold] As long as we're good,
-then I'm good.
-[Layla laughs]
I love you, baby.
[Harold] I love you too.
[phone ringing]
Why are you calling me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.
You okay?
No, I mean...
Yes, I don't know.
I'm sorry to bother you at work,
but I'm freaking out.
[Max] It's okay.
What's happened
and what's going on?
Okay, I don't know
where Daniel is.
Did you call him?
[Melissa] Yeah,
of course I called him.
I called him like 50 times.
He's not answering.
I don't know what to do now.
This is really unlike him.
How long?
I don't know.
A couple of hours now I guess.
[Max] You know
I can't do anything--
Come on,
he wouldn't do this, okay?
He wouldn't leave us
alone like this.
Um, when was the last time
that we talked?
I don't know. Like a year.
I had a baby.
I had a girl. Lola.
It's been close
to four hours now so...
What happened?
-[Melissa] What do you mean?
-If that thing moves--
Were you fighting?
[Melissa] No!
No, fuck me.
Why did he go out?
Look, I don't know.
He had a big dinner
and he wanted some exercise.
I'm really, um...
Worried, so...
I want you to come.
I'm on my way.
[engine starts]
[heavy breathing]
-[softly] You're okay with this?
Yeah. Here.
Oh, God! I want you so bad!
[indistinct whispering]
[whispers] Take me home.
[whispers] Come on, let's go.
You got the flashlight?
[suspenseful music]
[terrified screaming]
You okay, Leyla?
-[shocked] Holy shit!
-[screaming] Mikey!
No, no, no. Don't touch him!
[hysterical crying]
[loud noise]
[hysterical crying
and screaming]
[suspenseful music]
[Leyla screaming fearfully]
[Harold] Don't worry
I'm right behind you!
[Harold] Keep going!
[suspenseful music softens]
[Sam] Boy or a girl?
That was fast.
She knew what she wanted.
Rico Was the best thing
to ever happen to me.
I bought him a fire truck.
He likes planes now.
I'm just gonna pick her up
and take her for a ride.
She'll calm down.
[Harold screaming] Come on,
Leyla, where are you, Leyla!
[panicking] Where are you,
[Harold screams] Leyla!
[screams] Leyla!
[Harold] Shit.
[scared] Leyla!
[screams] Leyla!
[moans in frustration]
[laughing in the distance]
[Donna yells joyfully] Roll
a blunt, Felix!
[laughing and shouting]
[Donna] Yo, Felix,
where are the blunts?
[Felix] Dude!
We've been waiting for you!
Like 20 minutes! [laughs]
[Donna] Where are the blunts?
[Felix] Where the fuck is Mikey?
Where's Leyla?
-[Felix] Oh, yes!
-[Sessa] I want it.
[Donna] Hey, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
Mikey's dead.
I thought Leyla was with you.
[Felix] What are you
talking about, bro?
This is not funny.
You know
I've got a heart arrhythmia.
Mikey is over there!
His fucking head is blown out!
[laughs] What?
-[Harold] Mikey is dead.
-[Felix laughing]
-Mikey is fucking dead, man!
[Donna] Where's Leyla?
I don't know.
Oh my God!
[Donna] Jesus Christ,
Jesus Christ.
We need to
get the fuck out of here!
[Felix laughing]
[Felix] Donna calm down!
[Donna] What do you mean
calm down?
Why the fuck
would anybody kill Mikey? Dude!
[Donna] No, no, no. Let's leave!
[Felix laughs] Oh my God!
[amused] Look, H, I'm sorry
but I don't think you saw
what you thought you saw.
[screaming] I fucking saw Mikey,
man! He is dead!
This is a sick joke, H!
It's hell!
[Felix laughs] Donna, stop it!
[angry] Sessa get your shit
together. Now!
[Sessa] Stop. It's a joke.
They're fucking with you
because you're the new chick.
[crying] I want to go home.
Okay, we can go home
after we find Mikey and Leyla.
I want to go home. Now!
Come on, dude.
It's okay, man.
It's okay, let's go.
[Sessa] You need to chill
the fuck out! Stop!
Leyla? It's cool.
[Donna] No,
don't you fucking leave me!
[all yelling]
[suspenseful music]
[Sessa] They are
messing with you.
[Felix laughs] Dude.
[Felix] This is so much.
[Sessa] I need another one.
[Felix] Dude,
where the fuck is he?
[Harold] No, no, no.
He was right here.
He was right here.
He was right fucking here!
There's nobody here now.
[screams] Leyla!
[Donna] Shut the fuck up, H!
You're gonna get us all killed!
Donna, please.
Could you stop?
It is not like some--
Wait! Did you hear that?
Hear what?
No, I thought I heard something.
[loud noise]
[Felix laughs] Oh,
this is so great.
[Harold] Come on, man!
[Donna crying] I want
to go home. I wanna go home now.
Please calm down, D.
They are just fucking with you.
[loud noise]
What the fuck is that?
[Harold] Oh my God!
[screaming] Oh my God! Leyla!
[confused chattering]
[terrified scream]
[panicked rambling]
[Felix] Oh my God! Fuck!
[screams] Mikey!
[Sessa] Mikey! Oh my God!
[Felix] Oh shit!
[Sessa and Donna crying]
[Felix] He's dead!
[loud noise]
[Felix] Sessa!
[Felix] Sessa!
[crying] Get up.
We have to leave.
I'm not gonna leave you here.
Where did the rain come from?
It's springtime in New York.
Sure you want to do this?
I can't say no to her.
The book says no.
Not that it matters, but you can
always use it as an excuse.
No. I'm just gonna
drive around
until she calms down.
Okay then.
Fix your fucking pen.
Thank you for doing this.
You okay?
I'm fine.
I'm just really glad you came.
Of course.
Don't even worry about it.
My neighbor
is watching the baby.
It is just so unlike him.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Say hi to Sam.
Sam, hi.
How are you?
Not too good.
Don't worry. We'll find him.
Thanks, Sam.
[terrified screaming]
[eerie music]
[Sessa crying]
-[Sessa screams]
-[Felix] It's okay. It's okay.
-It's me. It's me, baby.
-Oh my God, Felix.
Oh, thank God.
[whispers] It's okay.
I gotta hold you.
[Sessa] We gotta go.
We gotta go find H.
-Fuck, no. We gotta go now!
-Look at me. I love you.
I love you. I'm not gonna
let anything happen to you.
I promise nothing will happen
to the rest of the crew, okay?
I just want to go home.
I'm so scared, please.
It's my best friend.
It's my best friend, baby.
We came together,
we leave together, okay?
[crying] Oh, no, please!
[Sessa] Oh God.
-[whispers] It's okay. Breathe.
-Oh God.
It's okay.
-Okay, let's figure it out.
Let's figure it out.
[Charles] How long
since you last called?
[Melissa] Um, it's 30 minutes.
[Charles] Try again.
[Melissa] Okay.
[Melissa] No,
straight to voicemail.
Could there be someone else?
-Yes, sir.
-How is the night?
-Quiet, sir.
If you see anything, radio me.
What am I looking for?
Don't know yet.
[Melissa] Hey,
ask her about a bike.
If she'd seen a bike.
What about it?
[Melissa] Well,
like if she'd seen it.
Look, trust me.
If she saw something she's say.
No need to broadcast this.
[flesh crackling in fire]
[breathing anxiously]
[loud noise]
[footsteps approaching]
[moaning anxiously]
[loud mechanical noise]
[Donna] Oh, Jesus Christ.
[breathing anxiously]
[loud mechanical noise]
[breathing anxiously]
[Felix screaming] Come on!
Babe, run!
[loud thud]
[Sessa screaming]
[suspenseful music]
[murderer] Shut up!
[Felix] Sessa go!
[Felix] Get out! Find help!
[murderer] Shut up!
[continuous stabbing]
There! There!
[Max] Okay, stay here.
We're gonna go take a look.
[Sam] The bike's locked up.
No flat tire.
He's cheating on her.
I'll kill him.
Only the hottest woman
in the world
and then she meets someone
who gets tired of fucking her.
No, not her.
[laughs] Yeah, okay.
[crying anxiously] Felix.
[footsteps approaching]
[Sessa screams]
Did you hear that?
Don't open the door for anyone.
Can I come with you?
-This is the safest place
-for you to be.
-How long will you be?
One of us will be back in ten.
Keep your phone on.
Sit tight. We'll find him.
[Melissa] Max.
Thank you.
Turn the car on.
-[Sessa moans]
-Please listen, Sessa.
I'm going to remove my hand now,
[whispers] You have to be quiet.
[breathes heavily]
Felix was attacked.
[Donna] Is... is...
is he dead?
[Donna] Sessa, is he dead?
[crying] He got smashed
in the face.
I don't know.
He told me to run, so I did.
[crying] Oh shit.
We've got to get out of here.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you!
I'm so glad!
-We have to leave now.
-[Sessa] Stop!
We gotta get Harold.
[panicking] No! No, no, no!
We have to leave, Sessa.
-No, it's what Felix wanted.
I gotta do it for him.
[Sessa] I'm not asking for you
to come with me.
Please, please, just stay.
Don't leave me alone.
-I don't--
-Fuck, okay!
-Just let me call 911.
[Sessa cries]
[operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
[anxiously] Hello, hi.
Please, we need help.
We're in Central Park.
There's somebody in here
trying to kill us. We--
[loud mechanical noise]
-[Donna] Fuck!
-[Sessa] Oh my God!
[fearful screaming]
[operator] Hello?
Are you there?
Are you hurt?
Are you in danger?
[Harold crying]
[whimpers] No. No.
[unintelligible mumbling]
[Sessa crying]
[crying] Hey.
[crying] She's gone.
[Sessa sniffs] I know.
[Donna] Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh God, it's just us now.
Where's Felix?
[Sessa crying]
We gotta go.
[Donna] Yes, let's go!
Please, let's go! Please!
[Donna crying] Come on!
Come on, please!
[Donna] Just leave her
and come on!
[Donna] What is that?
[Donna] Oh my God.
What is that?
What is that?
[suspenseful music]
What is it?
[stabbing noise]
[terrified screaming]
[Harold screams]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[Sessa screaming] You piece
of shit!
-[murderer moans in pain]
[Sessa] Come on!
[unintelligible mumbling]
[groaning and grunting]
[Max] Fuck.
He's not up here.
[Sam] Check by the stream.
[suspenseful music]
[Harold] Sessa!
Get the fuck out of here!
[Sessa] I'm not leaving
without you.
He wants me, okay?
He wants my dad!
[Sessa] We gotta go.
-We have to get out.
-This is all my fault.
[Harold] Didn't you see
that card?
[Sessa crying] Your dad...
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just breathe.
-I can't.
-No, don't talk.
Just catch your breath.
Let me take care
of this nightmare on my own.
[panting] Just give me
a second.
I need to finish this.
No, what are you doing?
[Harold] I'm gonna find him.
If he wants me he can have me.
-If you're with me you're next!
[loud crack]
[Sessa screaming in pain]
[Harold screams] You fucking
I'm gonna kill you!
Come down here
and fight me like a man!
I'm the one you want!
Take me!
[rock music]
I'm going after him.
[Harold] I need to finish this!
[crying] No!
[rock music]
[music intensifies]
[Sessa screaming]
Oh my God! Get him away from me!
He's not dead!
He's not dead!
Oh God, kill him!
[Harold] I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
[calmly] No.
Don't! Get away from me!
Don't touch me!
[Sessa screams pain]
[crying] What is happening?
I'm getting us
the fuck out of here.
[screams in pain]
No, no! My leg. My leg!
[terrified scream] Harold!
-[Max] What the fuck is that?
-[Sam] Go!
[suspenseful music]
[loud bashing]
[screaming in anger]
[crying loudly]
[Max] Police!
[Harold and Sessa] Help us!
[Harold] Don't shoot!
[overlapping yelling]
[Harold] I didn't do anything!
[Max] You okay, honey?
-Did he hurt you?
-No! He's my friend!
He saved me! Please!
The guy attacked us
he killed our friends!
-Who did?
-He did!
[Harold] He was hunting us!
Who are you?
I'm Harold Lincoln Smith.
You okay?
What the fuck happened up there?
[crying] He was gonna kill us.
He threw a rock on my leg!
[Harold] The other guy saved us.
Other guy? What other...
[Max] Oh Jesus Christ!
[suspenseful music]
[police radio] 911 distress,
Central Park, north west.
-Twenty-two eighteen.
[screaming] Daniel!
[Melissa] Help!
[Max] Melissa!
[Max] No, no, no.
Don't touch him.
[Johnson stutters] I thought
he was gonna...
Holster your weapon.
I got a call on the radio
it looked like he was about to
attack that woman!
Johnson, God dammit!
Put down the gun.
[Max] Put down the gun.
Come here.
[Max] Don't touch him.
An ambulance
is gonna be here soon, okay?
[Johnson] I'm sorry, I didn't--
Listen. Listen to me.
That skell...
was coming for her...
and you responded.
-[Johnson] Yes, sir.
-It's gonna be okay, okay?
[Johnson] Yes, sir.
Go and...
find out where the backup is,
[Max] Melissa.
[Melissa] Max.
[Sam shouting] Max!
-[Max] No, no, no.
-[Melissa] Daniel?
-[Max] Come on!
-[Melissa] No, that's Daniel!
[Max] You can't touch him.
[Melissa crying] Get off
of me! Get off of me!
Don't touch him!
[Max] Got her.
[Sessa crying] That's the guy
that saved us.
[Max] It's gonna be okay.
The ambulance is gonna be here
any second, alright?
Alright, stay with her.
I'll be right back.
What happened to him?
[emotional music]
[Sam] Daniel is their teacher.
I found him on my way down.
All burned up.
[Sam] And that guy
saved the two of them.
How did the skell wind up
on his back?
Johnson took a shot.
[Sam] Why?
He was going to attack Melissa.
Give me one of those.
Just gonna drive her around
until she calms down.
Just give me a minute.
Let me figure this out.
We picked her up,
we saw the bike.
We got four dead bodies,
three unaccounted for
and Daniel.
[Sam] Look, we're the least
of their concerns.
-[Max] What about the skell?
-[Sam] What about him?
[Sam] God knows
what the hell happened up there.
Johnson did us a huge favor.
Gotta give her a medal.
Hey, what's wrong?
That guy dead?
I think so.
Let's make sure.
I made the call.
[Sam] Where the fuck did he go?
[Johnson] I thought...
[ambulance siren]
[officer] Smith.
Son don't.
[ending theme music]