Certain Fury (1985) Movie Script

OK, girls, let's move it.
Come on out.
We haven't got all day.
Hang on, bitch, my foot's asleep.
Let's go.
You, in the back there, out.
Sherry Lee.
Gisela Walters.
Cheryl Browns.
Chris Dorito.
Danielle Bing.
Tracy Freeman.
Crystal Devereaux.
Scarlet McGinnis.
Oh, you're Scarlet.
Tracy Freeman?
Hi, I'm Laura Gibbs.
I'll be defending you.
Did my father send you?
Is he here?
I'm assigned by the state.
Why don't we get out of all this traffic?
Find somewhere quiet to discuss this.
I know.
I was upset too.
I know we can beat this.
They never read me my rights.
They threw me to the ground and punched me.
I even got bruises.
Spare me your jailhouse law, Scarlet.
This is real trouble,
and we haven't got time.
Now, I want you to level with me.
I am leveling with you.
Come on, Scarlet.
First, you tell me self-defense, then
surprise, the DA drops 20 pages
of sworn testimony
in my lap, four witnesses.
Now, you tell me we can
beat this on a technicality?
What are you going to say
when I read this in court?
Show me where they lied.
Why don't you just
tell me what it says, OK?
I thought you went through it yesterday.
I might have missed something.
They write out all this shit
in legalese anyway.
I see.
OK, I can probably work out
something on the car
and marijuana given
this is your first offense,
but resisting arrest--
I didn't resist arrest.
Did you hit the officer?
Shove him, jostle him?
I called him a honky white ass
dumb motherfucker.
Oh, Jesus.
Don't you want to know what he called me?
Order in the court.
All rise for his honor.
Morning, Bob.
Morning, your honor.
See you've got a cold.
Well, what do you have
for me this morning, Betty?
Will the clerk call the first defendant?
The state calls Crystal Devereaux.
Young lady.
I know you feel the same.
I can tell when you call my name.
I know you're thinking of me.
Miss Devereaux.
When will we love again?
This is your last warning.
Your honor, I'd like
to move for a performance analysis
pending a full psychological
evaluation of my client.
No, sir, we won't do anything
until your client is silenced.
OK, young lady.
Calm down, young lady,
Nobody move.
Oh, my God.
All right.
Everybody does what we says,
and it will all be fine, all right?
Move it.
Oh, Bobby.
Everyone's gonna be fine.
What the hell's going on in there?
I got her.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, my God.
The other one's still back there.
You behind the bench, place
your hands on your head,
and rise slowly.
Stop it!
Stop that bitch!
No way!
What's you doing?
You lost a little?
The police are, you know,
rounding up girls.
You won't tell them, will you?
Well, maybe we could
work something out, huh?
Ever had two?
This is totally insane.
We've got to think of a way
to give ourselves up.
Great idea.
Think heading down
this is a great idea?
I think it would be better if
we got our heads blown off.
You know we didn't do
anything wrong in that courtroom,
but if we keep
running like this,
they're going to
start thinking we did.
What's so funny?
Nothing's funny.
So what's your name?
Boss, I hear something.
Down there.
Come with me.
See anything?
OK, you two come out
with your hands up.
What's the matter with you?
It's rats.
It's fucking rats.
Listen to them.
There must be a hundred of them down there.
You asshole.
I gotta give you one to ten
for shooting an unarmed rat!
It's fucking funny.
Let's get outta here.
It's great.
This is just great.
I like to do this every day.
That's it.
I've had it.
I'm giving myself up.
After rats, I'll take cops any day.
You're not doing shit
till I'm free and clear.
Are you threatening me?
Of course not.
Why would I want to do something like that?
Look, I'm just going to start walking back.
I'm not going to tell anybody
where you are, OK?
I'm just going to leave, OK?
Maybe you have a reason to keep running,
but I'm giving myself up now.
You take one step that way,
and I'll kill you.
All right.
You bitch!
Jim, I'm sorry.
Poor bastard didn't even see it coming.
I hope they drown in that sewers.
Excuse me.
Please, I don't have time right now.
The gentleman over there
said you wanted to talk to me.
I'm Lewis Freeman.
I've been trying to
locate you for two hours.
I'm sorry.
I was in the operating room.
You're in there sewing them up,
and your daughter is
out here blowing them up.
My daughter didn't blow up anything.
You want to tell that to
the wives and the children
of the people who were
slaughtered in that courthouse
this morning.
Tracy didn't do that, and you know it.
Then why did she run?
Her attorney said everybody ran.
There was panic.
Even her attorney ran.
But her attorney is not
still running, though, is she?
But maybe she was scared.
Maybe that was the reason she ran.
Look, she's a decent kid, a good student.
Then why was she running
around in a stolen Jaguar?
I-- I don't know.
Maybe she didn't know it was stolen.
You know you and your daughter seem
to have a knack for not knowing
what's going on around you.
Look, Doctor, when the sun goes down,
I knew where my kids are.
Of course, I'm just a cop.
In other words, Doc, I deal in facts.
Now, listen to me.
All I know right now is that I've
got seven people in a morgue.
Your daughter was there
when they were killed.
Right now, she's running around
in a sewer with a murderer.
Doesn't sound like we're talking
about the same girl, does it?
Do you always help people
when they're in trouble?
No one helped me.
Help me with what?
I'm quite happy to forgive you 'cause
you so damned scared of cops.
If you ain't scared of the cops,
why don't you just give yourself up.
Nobody's stopping you now.
Hold it.
One move by either of you
and I'll blow you right
through the fucking fence.
Hold it!
Three union five to radio.
I've got them secured at gunpoint, guys.
You got a fix on where you are?
No, I'm not sure where I am.
This ain't exactly my hometown
down here, you know.
OK, well, I
got three boys near you, so don't move
those girls till they find you.
Don't worry.
I don't intend to.
I'll just stay put till they arrive.
You did good, Tony.
Yes, sir.
You sure don't look like I expected.
That's because there's
been a terrible mistake.
We're not the girls
that you're looking for.
Freeze or I'll blast you.
I will.
I mean it.
Well, look I'm sorry, OK?
Most of my buddies
would have done it already.
They're gunning for you,
but I don't want to.
If you'll just stay put.
You sure picked a hell of a place to hide.
I never knew all this was down here.
Smells like the universe
has farted to me, don't it?
Sewer gas.
What are you doing?
He's stuck down there.
Are you crazy?
We can't let him die.
Help me, you bitch.
It's no use.
Jesus Holy Mary.
Not again.
It's your fault.
You killed him!
I didn't!
What are you talking about?
Neither of us killed him.
Do you think they're gonna believe that?
Do you think anybody's gonna
believe we're innocent now?
They're gonna cut us down.
Of course, they will.
What are you talking about?
Of course, they'll believe us.
You should have just left him alone.
Will you stop this.
What's the matter with you?
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
Stay the fuck away from me.
You don't have to worry about that.
I don't want to get fried.
Live wires.
I knew that.
Some of the letters on the sign
are a little messed up.
Difficult to read.
Look, the one thing we
can't do right now is panic.
We gotta think this thing through.
Well, you better think
it through real quick
because there's a dead cop back there,
and he's got a lot of buddies
just a few steps behind.
I had a thing with a cop once.
I know what they're like
when one of their own gets it.
Get in.
So what you say your name was?
I didn't.
Actually my real name is Barbara.
I changed it.
Why did you change it?
A million reasons.
My real name is Tracy.
Which obviously thrills you.
What is this?
The fucking Garden of Eden?
Auntie Dell.
What's going on?
Do something.
What must I do, honey?
Call security.
I don't know.
Who are they?
I know.
I don't know who they are.
Wakefield and Mason.
I think the old man had this fare.
Ah, baloney!
Hi, nice of you to wait for me.
You two together?
Just go.
You can pull over now.
We're not there yet.
That's OK.
I think my friend's getting out.
Keep going.
Pull over.
All right, Tracy, we've had
a lovely time together.
Now let's just call it quits, OK?
This is not the place
to have this discussion.
Just get out.
You get out.
Why don't you both get out?
Just fuck off!
Where are you going?
Wakefield and Mason.
That's my destination, right?
- Leave that.
- OK.
And slow down.
Move it.
Jesus Christ, not a fare all day,
and now I get this.
Here you go.
Wakefield and Mason.
Stay here.
Stay away from my cab.
Hey, bud, how about a quarter?
It will really help me.
Stay away from my cab!
Get outta there!
Don't touch my cab.
OK, this is enough.
No problem.
Just give me a minute
to catch my breath, OK?
Not here.
I don't even know where I am.
What do you want me to do?
You just don't get it, do you?
Get what?
They'll grab us in two seconds.
I want you away from me now!
What are you going to do?
Kill me?
Go ahead.
Do it.
Stop being such an asshole.
Why should I?
You leave me out here covered in this shit.
I'm as good as dead anyway, right?
I mean, why not get the pleasure if you
hate me so much, kill me.
What am I supposed to do?
Feel sorry for you or something?
Break down in tears?
Is that it?
Look, I just need a
place to get cleaned up.
Just sit a minute.
That's where you're going, right?
I just want a place where I can
figure a way out of this mess.
We killed a cop, you jerk.
Don't you know what they
do to people that kill cops?
We didn't kill no cop.
Why do you keep saying that?
It was an accident.
You know, for a nigger,
you're stupider than you look.
Don't you ever call me that again.
You hear me?
Don't you ever use that
fucking word to me again.
You illiterate white trash whore.
Jesus, it's just a word.
You goddamn son of a bitch.
Open this door, or I'll
blow your fucking balls off!
You think I'm fooling around here,
you goddamn bastard.
Think I'm playing some
half-assed motherfucking game.
You hear me?
Goddamn it!
I know you're in there.
Shut up down there!
I got a shotgun asshole.
And I'm going to use it.
Just go away.
I'm counting to three.
I'm busy
Well, get unbusy, you bastard.
Zip up your fly, and
get the fuck out of there,
or I'll kill both of you.
I'll kill all six of you if
that's what you're into now.
Already, I'm starting to count.
1, 2.
OK, All right.
Jesus, you're such a bitch.
You're such a bitch.
So who's this?
She's only staying for a minute.
Got any eats?
No, wait, look, you both have
to get out of here right now.
I just want to shower, OK,
and maybe one phone call?
No, no, no.
Nobody makes any phone calls
out of my place.
No phone calls out of my place.
Come on.
Well, how about just a shower?
I'll make it real fast.
It's that way.
Jesus, Scarlet.
Look, I really appreciate this.
That's a cute nigger butt there.
Don't let her hear you say that.
She gets pissed.
I really don't believe this.
Are you out of your mind?
You must be crazy to come back here.
Don't you think the cops
have been like here 10 times
already looking for you?
You owe me something, Sniffer.
Something kind of big.
Ease off, Scarlet.
It's all your fault I'm in
this mess, you bastard.
No, it isn't.
I didn't set you up with that guy.
That was a referral.
Did they tell you that he had
a wife and a bunch of kids.
I mean, at least you could
have warned me about him.
I couldn't warn you 'cause
I didn't know the guy was
into any kind of freaky shit.
I didn't know.
Anyway, you shouldn't have panicked.
That is really easy for you to say.
You weren't even there.
Now I killed a cop too.
Look at this place.
What a hellhole. - OK.
I'm sorry, Scar.
I really am so sorry.
I really am.
Yeah, I know.
I really wish I could do something.
It's just really a mess, isn't it?
What can I do?
It'd be nice if we could just
run off together and leave
all this shit behind like we always
said we were going to do.
There's this place up North
a friend told me about.
Maybe we could do it.
Just get on your bike, you, and me,
and just leave all this shit behind.
What exactly are you talking about?
I've been through a lot, Sniffer.
Maybe I'm growing up.
Maybe I'm beginning to realize what's
really important in life.
You're really serious, aren't you?
Of course, I am.
You such a goddamn whore.
You really think I'm going
to fall for that, don't you?
Far from that.
What you think I am?
A fucking moron?
You're such a manipulating little cunt.
I can't believe this.
Look, I want you out of my place right now.
What's the matter with you?
I don't want to hear your voice.
I don't want to see your face.
I can't believe you come in here start
playing these games with me.
Jesus fucking Christ.
You know what you should do?
You should go find lover boy.
I bet he'd help you.
You know what that was about.
You know I never even cared about him.
You better hope he cared
about you because I'm
not going to help you.
I will go to him.
I think you should.
I really think you should.
What you doing?
So I see you're into fairy tales now, huh.
This is really cute.
I want you out of here.
I'm not leaving that girl here with you.
What makes you think
you got any choice, huh?
You see, the way I see it
I'm doing you a great big favor
by letting you outta here alive.
And the cops would be very happy with me
if I hand you over to them.
- Don't be an asshole.
- Go ahead.
It's fine.
- God!
Get out.
You're a freak, Sniffer.
I'll be right out.
There's plenty of hot water left.
Oh, sorry.
I couldn't wait.
Don't worry I'm not
going to flush it on you.
You know under normal circumstances,
I guess, you know, with a girl
like you, we'd probably meet,
you know, buy a glass of wine, white wine,
and get a little high, talk,
get to know each other, you know?
Look, you think you can wait outside?
Oh, yeah.
I just never get a chance to meet girls
like you very often, you know.
Smart like you.
Beautiful too.
I mean, you strike me as being
a cut above the kind of people
I ever hang out with recently.
Yeah, well, maybe we could talk about it
once I get out of the shower.
That will be nice.
Yeah, that will be nice.
But you see, there is a time element
here that's kinda fucked.
You know, I mean, we haven't got much time,
do we, with the cops chasing
after you and everything?
Please, go away.
Don't worry.
I just want to have a little fun.
Look, you go away.
Isn't there room in the
shower for two people?
Come on, just push it over a little bit.
What the fuck is the matter with you?
Don't you try to mess with me.
You hear me?
And you go away.
Open up.
Unlock the door.
Unlock the door.
Look at this mess!
Look at this mess in here.
Look what you made me do
to my own goddamn shower.
Don't scratch me.
Hold still.
Don't scratch me.
Don't you scratch me.
Just hold still.
Hey, girl, long time no see.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
Are you staying for the party?
Hi, Scar.
You shaved off your beard.
Yeah, you like it?
Yeah, it looks great.
You're in trouble, aren't you?
Deep shit, I'd say.
Matter of fact, I didn't
know anything about it
until I read it in the papers.
Nobody knew about him.
You or Sniffer.
Did they tell you he stuck
a loaded gun in my mouth?
In my fucking mouth.
Well, sounds like you got even.
Stuck him with a steak knife, or was that
just the papers having fun?
It was just the papers having fun.
Hey, Rodney, you got
your boat looking good.
Why is it, Scarlet, that I always
feel like you only come to see me
when you want something?
It's because I do want something.
I want you.
You want to get out.
That's all you've ever wanted.
I love you.
I've loved you since we first met.
I think it best you don't go down there.
Yeah, you're right.
This will do fine.
Put that in the box, too, OK.
- All right.
Was that your new girlfriend?
What are you going to do?
Stake her with a steak knife too?
They think I killed a cop for God's sakes.
I don't care if you didn't love me,
but I thought we had something.
Give me a break, Scarlet.
Why don't you just be honest with me?
I am being honest with you.
What do you want me to say?
That's up to you.
You know you're the only
person left that can help me.
Would you help me if I'd stiffed a cop?
I didn't stiff a cop.
Oh, Scarlet, you've hurt yourself,
but you've hurt me more.
I mean, I've always been
there to help, haven't I?
I was always ready, right?
I'd help you now if I could,
but you've ruined it.
You ruined everything.
You know all you are
is a selfish little girl.
You shit!
Now, look what you've made me do.
Super, Dog, get down here quick.
Get this bleeding bitch off my boat.
Please do not hang up
to try again as calls are answered
in the order they are received.
Thank you.
All emergency lines to
the Precinct are still busy.
A policeman will be
on the line to assist you
as soon as one is available.
Come on.
Please do not hang up
to try again as calls are answered
in the order they are received.
Thank you.
No, I can't budge on that.
Sure we're up against it on this.
You come up with something
that makes any sense you'll tell us.
If we find the girls based
on anything you tell us.
No, only four.
Anything up to assault. Nonviolent.
We're talking strictly nonviolent crimes.
Look, you find just the girls,
and four of your associates
will be back on the street.
Goddamn it.
I had that little bitch right in my hands.
Sorry, man.
What could you do?
Piss off.
You get me those two girls.
Hey, Tracy.
You bitch.
Hey, wait a minute.
Don't move.
You left me here with that bastard.
You knew what was going to happen.
No, no, I didn't.
I swear.
He tried to rape me.
I ought to shoot you.
I mean, I already killed a cop, right?
It isn't my fault. Let me explain, OK?
Don't make me laugh.
He cut my face, Tracy.
He pulled a knife on me.
You got to help me.
You got to help me with this.
Where is that fucking bitch?
Where's-- shit.
I thought I heard your voice.
She hit me, Scarlet.
Look at this.
She hit me.
Bit the shit out of me.
She's crazy this one.
What are you doing in there?
Get your hands-- just, oh, come on.
That's my stash.
She's taking my whole stash.
Can you believe this?
I wait two weeks for Dog to take my dope.
Shoot him, Tracy.
He deserves it for what he's done to you.
If you're gonna do it, do it.
If not, let's get the fuck outta here.
Hey, Sniffer.
Hey, Sniffer.
Oh, great.
Now what?
Come on, man.
We know you're in there.
Look, I can't talk to you right now, OK?
Rodney says it's madness.
Scarlet was asking for help.
She stopped by his boat.
He wants your help or not.
That's all really.
Hey, Sniffer.
Hey, Sniffer, man, look, Rodney sent us.
Drop your pants.
What are you doing?
I don't want him following us.
No, I'm not gonna do that.
We just want the girls, man.
Is that you Super?
Look, they're not here, man.
Come on.
Jesus fucking Christ.
What the fuck do you
think you're doing, huh?
Well, just wait a goddamn minute, will ya?
I'm not waiting, man.
That's it.
Just hold on, man.
Look, Superman, I'm warning you.
I'm going to come out now, all right?
Hey, you guys.
Wait a minute.
Streetdog, Barker, wait!
Better not go that way, huh?
Better not.
Oh, Jesus.
Yeah, maybe he has some ideas.
What's this for?
I don't know.
It'll get you money.
By selling it.
Yeah, but how am I
supposed to do that, Scarlet?
Shit, don't you know how to do anything?
Yeah, but selling dope
isn't exactly high on my list.
Is that a joke?
Am I supposed to think
that's funny or something?
That I know how to sell
this shit, and you don't?
I really don't think this is the time
and place to talk about this.
You ought to try being out on the streets,
getting fucked inside and out.
I am getting fucked
if you haven't noticed.
For you, this whole thing
is one big mistake,
and for me, every day is like this.
That's bullshit.
Why don't you do me a favor
and give me back my dope?
Why don't you just wait here,
and let the cops come, and you
turn yourself in and go
back home to Westchester
or wherever you're from, and glide around
in your boyfriend's Porsche?
I don't really live like that.
You sure don't live like this, do you?
This will be a great story.
You can tell all your
friends at boarding school.
And what about the dead cop?
Remember him?
Don't worry about him.
They'll tack that one on my list.
Miller, Davis cover me.
Kramer send for backup right away.
Get the homicide in here.
You guys head down the fire escape,
and we'll seal off the rear.
Come on.
Let's get moving.
Oh, no.
Damn it.
I can't reach
Check over here by the fire--
shit, what do you call those things?
Please, help me.
OK, I'm here.
Hold on.
Check up in there.
OK, put your foot there.
Let's go back down the alley there.
OK, this area's restricted boys.
You gotta back off.
Give me your mike.
We've got a 101 here.
Looks like we're going to need homicide.
Sniffer sent us.
It's about business.
I don't want to go in there, man.
Those fucking people are crazy in there.
Except we gotta go in.
Not me.
We'll wait for him to come out.
No weapons.
It's just for protection.
We don't allow guns in here.
She doesn't know how to defend herself.
You come with me.
Let me have the dope.
How long are you going to be?
Not long, right?
Oh, there you go.
It's all right.
How much you looking for?
$1,000 green.
Let's test it.
They must be getting high in there, man.
I don't think they're coming out.
We better do something now, or we're going
to be in shit with Rodney.
Wait a minute.
I got an idea.
Ssh. Ssh.
I just wanted to come by and tell you
I was sorry about what happened before.
I really am.
If you find anything in
this room that belongs
to your daughter, you don't
touch it, you leave it alone,
you understand me?
I'll tell you something.
I don't know how I'd handle it
if my daughter were
involved in this situation.
You have a daughter?
Yeah, two of them.
Two of them.
I guess they're both at home in bed.
I sure do hope so.
You have quite a job.
Yeah, I can go into an operating room,
take out the bad parts,
sew it up, and it's healed,
and people go home well.
How-- how-- how do you cut this out?
Everything for $1,000.
$1,000 cash.
It's worth at least $2,000.
I'll give you $300.
Sniffer's going to
hear about this bullshit.
OK, $1,000.
Such beautiful eyes.
Such beautiful eyes.
I love the feel of your skin.
You got a match?
This is so crap.
Hi, Scar.
Getting rich?
Come here!
Come here!
Get up.
Oh, God.
For once, try to help me!
I'm burning!
I'm burning!
Help me.
Scar, I'm burning.
I can't hold much longer.
Jesus Christ, nobody can get out of there!
Tracy, let's go.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get out of here.
What's the matter with you?
Damn it.
What's the matter with you?
You, OK?
Yeah, this is 7 Charlie 21, Roger.
7 Charlie 21.
Would it help if you think if I
offered some money or a reward?
Of course, sometimes that sort
of thing brings out the cranks.
But I want to do something.
But why don't you try to
think of some more friends?
Places she might go if she were in trouble.
Come on.
Maybe we ought to call your wife.
My wife died eight months ago.
At the funeral, and then
for days afterwards,
she'd lock herself into
the bedroom to cry.
I heard her.
I didn't go in.
I didn't do anything.
Look, you probably didn't
realize how serious it was.
What am I saying?
I told myself I was
working because I had to,
but I was staying away
from the house and Tracy
because they reminded me of Colette.
I didn't want to believe she was gone.
Now, they're both gone.
Not yet.
I've lost them both.
You promise you won't leave me?
I'm not going to leave you.
You promise not ever.
No, never.
I love you, Mom.
I know.
I know.
I thought you might need this.
I'll try it.
I'll drink the whole thing.
Don't you have any real food?
Sure, donuts.
You maniac.
No wonder you're always in such a bad mood.
I ripped this off from the newsstand.
It's got our pictures on the front.
What does it say?
I don't know.
I can't read, remember?
Oh, I forgot.
This is impossible.
What does it say?
We're dead.
What are you--
Scarlet, they think we died in the fire.
They think we're dead?
It's unbelievable. I can't believe it.
Are you joking?
We're dead?
That's what it says.
It's a terrible picture.
I think it looks nice.
They got my high school picture here.
Look how much fatter I was.
I can't believe we're finally free.
Where should we go?
I don't know.
You ever been up in the mountains?
It's beautiful.
I know this abandoned log cabin
up this great creek.
We could set up there for a while.
Get waitressing jobs.
What are we going to do about ID?
They don't care about that stuff.
Not up there.
Yeah, I spent a couple of summers
there when I was a kid with my mom.
We could even get a dog.
Have you ever had a dog?
It'll be great.
We can even have our own vegetable garden.
A big one.
Get a couple of seeds.
They're real cheap.
It's amazing how many seeds you can get
for just a couple of dollars.
She must think the world's gone crazy.
She can be thinking that we believe
she's dead, that she's free,
that she and her friend
can relax now.
Come out in the open.
It'll never work.
It's insane.
It's an insane idea.
Lieutenant Speier?
Yeah, what is it?
Well, there may have been a crank call,
but someone claims
they've spotted the girls.
We got them.
Do you know that this
ain't gonna work, Tracy?
What do you mean?
Me in a log cabin with you
and a bunch of vegetables,
wearing a waitress uniform.
Come on.
That girl's dead.
We're both dead.
We can do anything we want.
After everything we've been through,
everything we've survived,
you gonna tell me
there's something we can't do.
You won't let anybody in, will you?
Not anybody, not for a second.
You're just afraid, that's all.
You don't have the guts
to make anything work.
Afraid you can't read the road signs?
Take this.
I don't need it.
Keep your money.
I don't want your goddamn money.
I'm gonna leave it there for you, OK?
You might need it.
Fuck you, goddamn bitch.
Stupid nigger bitch!
All right, that's enough!
Freeze, girls!
Don't shoot.
Scarlet, don't run!
Watch it.
She's armed.
She's got a gun.
Don't shoot.
Scarlet, don't run!
Please come back!
This is your last warning!
Somebody get an ambulance.
She's going to be all right.
Guess we're going to
have to stick together, huh?
Even if it kills us, right?
Even if it doesn't.