Certain Women (2016) Movie Script

[bells jingling]
[train horn blaring]
[jingling fades]
[train horn blaring]
[train horn blaring]
- The sun is actually
coming through
the heavy cloud covers.
Well, not as the sun,
but just as kind of like a..
Mozzie dot out in the sky.
It's not giving any heat,
that's for sure.
Make sure that your water,
for your dog in the bowl..
It's not frozen.
A terrible thing happened..
[train horn blaring]
like three dogs..
It was so cold, it was like
5 degrees in the morning.
Three dogs got brought
to the vets..
'cause their tongues got stuck..
[chatter on TV]
[footsteps approaching]
- I thought you had to be
back at work.
-I do.
Looks like a peach.
-We call it "Taupe."
[train horn blaring]
[woman sighs]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[birds chirping]
[women chattering]
- Hey.
- Hi, Laura.
[train horn blaring]
Mr. Fuller is here to see you.
- 2:10.
- I was starting to think it
might be some kind of holiday.
-I had a lunch meeting.
Hey, Dennis.
[phone ringing]
Mr. Fuller.
What are you doing here?
-Came to see my lawyer.
[door creaking]
-Uh, listen.
You can't..
You can't keep coming here.
- Well, my wife wants me
out of the house.
- Well, go to the library.
Read a book.
Make some friends.
- Oh, I... I... I can't read.
The lines are all squiggly.
Who set this door?
- What?
-It's out of plumb.
He may have been slow..
But he sure was sloppy.
- Look, uh, I know a personal
injury lawyer in Billings.
He's willing to give you
a second opinion.
So, I set something up
for Friday.
And we can meet there.
It's at noon.
-See, it's good I came by.
Otherwise, how would I know
we're having a meeting in..
- Billings.
- Yeah. Billings.
-Well, I was gonna call you.
- Well, now I know.
- Well, now you know.
[phone ringing]
- Friday at noon.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Good work.
So, now, we can prepare.
- No, no, no.
We don't need to prepare.
We just get there
and explain your situation.
And that's it.
Mr. Fuller, I don't
want you to get your hopes up.
He's gonna tell you the same
stuff I've been telling you.
I just, I want... I want you
to hear it from somebody else.
- You want, uh, to get a coffee?
You know, so we can strategize.
-I have court.
- Friday at noon.
- Friday. Noon.
-Okay. See you Friday.
[train horn blaring]
[phone ringing]
- The contractor was
clearly negligent.
- Yes.
You see?
- But your previous settlement
precludes a tort claim.
Employees are required
to have insurance
so workers' injuries
can be covered.
But as soon as you take that
first money, you've settled.
And you give up your right to...
- That money didn't cover
the month's mortgage.
- But when you accepted
what they offered
you cleared them
of any further penalties.
- So?
-So, I'm afraid
you have no tort claim.
You can't sue.
Thank you.
- Laura.
- Eight months of telling him,
and now it's okay.
[cell phone vibrating]
- I was expecting
your voicemail.
-Ha, you got me.
- I thought you had a meeting.
-I do. I did.
It's a thing done.
The lawyer said you have no case
and my client said "Okay."
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
He repeated the same things
I've been saying
for the last eight months.
It'd be so lovely to think
that if I were a man
and I could explain a law
people would listen
and say "Okay."
Oh, that would be so restful.
- Hmm.
- So?
What were we gonna
tell my voicemail?
- Well..
Well, it's just my situation.
Being what it is.
I just think, maybe...
- Oh, I may not have long here.
-Thank you.
- I just think maybe,
I have my hands full.
- Um..
- I'm riding with you.
-Um, look, I've gotta go.
Do you want something to eat?
["Play With My Heart"
by Taye Johnson]
["Cloud" by Magic Bronson]
[Native American music]
- No one understands
what my life has become.
What a total fucking
miserable thing
my life has become!
No one understands
one fucking thing!
I wish my wife would
roll over on the highway.
- Oh, my God. I swear,
I will leave you right here.
-The only thing left to do
is get a machine gun
and kill everyone.
No. You're gonna
have to get out.
- Alright. Uh, uh...
- Out. No.
You can't say
those things to me.
- I'll, uh, uh..
Not another word.
I'll be...
- You can't talk like that.
- Never mind.
I'll be quiet.
[mutters under breath]
["Boats To Build" over radio]
I got seas to sail
I'm gonna build me a boat
With these two hands
It'll be a fair curve
From a noble plan
Let the chips fall
where they will
'Cause I've got
boats to build
[Fuller sobbing]
Sails are just like wings
The wind can make them sing
Songs of life
Songs of hope
[engine rewing]
- This type of ware
is generally referred to
as China painting.
Now, in the late 19th century
and into the early part
of the 20th century
ladies of fashion
would get together
at China painting parties
and paint these plates,
or blanks.
So, all these blanks have
a mark on the back of them.
We won't turn them around.
But they all say "Limoges."
There were also German
and Austrian makers
that made the blanks.
They would be imported
to the States.
[train horn blaring]
[phone ringing]
[police radio chatter]
- Listen, now, Will..
Yeah, I don't wanna press you,
I want you to take your time.
But could you,
could you just give me a sign
that Big Man is doing alright?
[police radio chatter]
- Hey, Will.
Good news. Your lawyer's here.
Thanks for coming down.
- Yeah.
-Uh, got Fuller on the phone.
Well, we had him on the phone.
Uh, he seemed calm.
He's holding the night watchman.
- Wait, that's the one
they call "Big Man."
-Yeah. Football player.
-How'd Fuller take him down?
-No idea.
Oh, um, oh..
Well, this is Mac.
Our resident hospital
So, uh, he's got Big Man
up here on the 3rd floor.
Uh, here's where
they keep the dead files.
And, uh, this is a little sketch
to, to find your way in.
- Wow, really?
- Oh, yeah.
Little precaution.
- As soon as you take off
your coat, please.
-Alright, arms out.
-I remember you.
You, uh..
You wrote a report for
a child custody case of mine.
The defendant instructed me
to consume feces.
Hey, is this a sane thing
to be doing?
- While you're doing that.
Here, Tommy.
- Oh. Okay.
- Yeah. Okay, I want you
to take this.
Take it in with you,
I'll call it.
You pick it up,
so we know you're okay.
You don't pick up,
we're wondering.
- You don't have to go in there.
There's other ways
to go about this.
-No, we got this handled.
Don't need any big
production, right, Wells?
-Well, I'm here.
- Okay, you just, you know,
keep him engaged
in the, in the conversation.
You know, just try
to be compassionate.
You know, let him feel like
he's being heard.
It's important that he sees you
as being his advocate.
And there's nothing wrong with
throwing blame on someone else.
You know, blame the system,
you know.
Make him feel like
you're on his side.
- You... you got that, Wells?
Keep him talking.
Here you go. Take this.
-Don't sweat it.
You'll be great.
Oh, just right in there.
- Center door.
- Okay.
[distant chatter]
It's me.
I'm here to find your file.
Should I come to you,
or go get the file?
- Go get the file.
Is Big Man okay?
- It's, uh, it's Amituana.
- You know, he's a member
of the Samoan royal family.
- Huh.
No, I didn't.
So, uh, does that
make him a prince?
- Uh, sort of.
If 14 people die, I'll be king.
How likely is that?
- Not very.
I've got the file.
Should I come?
- We're in the 3rd cubicle
from the door.
I'm sorry to get you out of bed.
Sit down.
I'm Laura Wells.
-Read me the file.
Not the stuff I said. Just
the stuff they said about me.
I wanna hear all the letters.
- That would take all night.
It's, uh..
-So start.
- "Dear Sir/Madam,
enclosed herewith
"please find a copy
of the investigative report
to case file number 117-616.
"As you will see at section 7,
I've made a finding
"that the employer John Grant
Incorporated was negligent
"in failing to properly
secure the trusses
"and other supporting
structures at the job site.
"And that such negligence
was a contributing factor
"in causing the accident
involving William Fuller
"which occurred at
"46 East Meadowlark Lane,
Livingston, Montana.
"In accordance with Montana
general obligation law 5505D
"impertinent federal regulations
"an employer's
ordinary negligence
"will not sustain an independent
cause of action in tort.
"Rather, any such claim
must be brought
to the workers' comp.."
[cell phone ringing]
- Leave it.
- Sorry, chief,
she's not picking up.
-Let me call in some backup.
-We'll be alright.
Tommy, give it another try.
- No, I really think
that's a mistake, sir.
- "Failure to make a finding
with respect to the issue
"of Mr. Fuller's own
contributory negligence.
"As you are aware, at least
one worker allegedly smelt
"alcohol in Mr. Fuller's breath
as he lay on the ground
"after the fall.
"From Adele Harris,
legal assistant
"regarding William Fuller.
"Mr. Fuller called today
and asked me to give him
"JG Grant's home address.
"He said I should let JG
and the whole crew
"of any JG's
"know that he'll be
coming down there
"to break skulls
like his was broken.
"September 20th, 2014.
"Mr. Fuller called
again today.
"When I informed him
that you were not available
"to speak with him,
Mr. Fuller started
yelling and cursing at me
and called me a bitch."
[police radio chatter]
- I've watched him work.
Man, you should see the..
The intricate things
he did in my study.
You can't tell where
the old wood ends
and the new wood begins.
-Before he fell on his head.
- "Please be reminded
that I did in fact
"meet with you
on three separate occasions
"in order to explain
the terms of the settlement
"prior to assigning
the stipulations
setting forth
terms of the settlement."
[phone ringing]
[slams receiver]
- Go on.
- Uh, I..
Some of this is dictated,
I'm, I'm sorry.
I'm not good
at dictating letters.
-Just keep going.
- "And accordingly,
no additional cause
"of action lies.
"This remains the case despite
the neurologist report
"citing your lingering
double vision, memory loss
"and fainting spells.
"Please accept my wishes
for a speedy recovery.
Truly yours, Laura Wells."
-You got screwed.
-Thank you.
What can I do now?
Tell me.
Now, what can I do?
-Give yourself up.
Goddammit, I'm serious here.
I'm talking about the case.
- I don't think
you can do anything.
Go to physical therapy.
Be nice to your wife.
-I'm letting Amituana go.
If you, if you get
to be king of Samoa
and, uh, I show up there
you'll have a job for me, right?
You remember. I got screwed,
and I let you go.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Buddy, take the stairs,
and you go on outside.
And tell them if they try
anything, I'll kill the woman.
She's my lawyer.
I got reason to kill her.
You tell 'em that.
You can still help me.
- Yeah, if... if... if you
turn yourself in
we can turn up a mental defense,
and get you a good lawyer.
- I'll slip out the back,
where they don't expect me
you go out the front
to the parking lot
where you came in,
and keep 'em busy.
Stand near the door and pretend
I've got the gun on you.
And relay messages to the cops
like I'm hiding there.
Tell them I want a car.
And I want $3,000.
And I want an hour's head start.
Afterwards, they'll never know
I wasn't there with the gun.
Just give me a chance
to get out the back
and get away.
- Uh, don't you think
there's cops out back too?
- No, no, they,
they all stayed out front
where I told them I'd come out.
Will you do it?
- Okay.
It'd be so much better for you
if you turn yourself in.
- We're coming out.
Let's go.
Now, you wait a minute..
Before you go out.
- Okay.
[door shuts]
He's in the back.
He's unarmed.
[police radio chatter]
-You did good.
[radio chatter]
[bird squawking]
[water gushing]
[girl laughing]
What's so funny?
- Uh, nothing.
- How'd you sleep?
- Fine.
- You didn't hear
those coyotes howling?
-I was asleep.
- How was your run?
What were you two
laughing about?
- Oh, nothing.
I was, um..
I was showing her my poses.
This is "The Crab."
We call it "The Crab."
At least she thought
it was funny.
- Uh-huh.
[wind gusting]
- You hear those
coyotes last night?
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
I wonder what they got.
- I don't know.
I'm gonna put this stuff
in the car.
Thanks for helping out.
- No one asked me.
-No one asked me to either.
I just kinda figured it out
all by myself.
- Did you brush your teeth?
- Yeah.
'Cause your toothbrush
is in here
and there's a bottle of water.
-Mom, I said I brushed them.
- Okay. Because now
would be a good time.
- Oh God! Why you even
bother asking me
if you're never gonna
believe me anyway?
- Now?
- The sandstone.
- Wait, what, you...
- One more stop.
- You said I wouldn't
be out all day.
You said I could have
Sunday at home.
-I'm gonna grab the fence.
[car door shuts]
[engine cranking]
- You know, Guthrie, you might
get a kick out of this.
It's got sandstone
from pioneer days.
Chiseled by pioneer hands.
It was a school house once.
- Dad..
Like I care.
- Listen. Let's you and I
make an effort.
We're gonna be nice
to your mom today.
Okay? Let's cut
her some slack.
- Why? Is she sick
or something?
- No, she isn't sick.
Gonna just be nice to her.
- 'Cause?
- Because she works really hard.
She does a lot for us.
Because neither of us
would do very well without her.
- Gosh, dad.
You're building her a house.
How much better can you be?
-So, you'll ask Albert?
You always know
what to say to him.
-What's to know?
- I just mean he trusts you.
[water gushing]
- Guthrie. Guthrie.
Come say hi to Albert.
- No.
No way, dad.
Every time we come out here,
you guys swear
it won't take all weekend,
but it always..
- I don't know
why you indulge her.
- I was just talking to her.
I mean, we did tell her
that we weren't gonna
keep her out here all day.
- God, you really can't help it.
- Making me the bad guy.
- I wonder how much more
there might be buried here.
-I don't know.
Let's let him know we're here.
[knocks on door]
- You ask.
- You'll help.
We should've brought him
- Hello, Albert.
-Hey, Albert.
You're back in town?
- Yes.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Nice and warm.
- Ha!
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
How are you?
-I, uh, I fell..
Last week.
Uh, I was on the phone.
Well, some people were here.
And I banged my head.
- Is there anything
that we can do to help?
Do you need anything?
-No, I don't need anything.
I cook up big soups.
So I've got stuff
in the freezer.
-You still play guitar?
- I can play. Are we supposed
to play somewhere?
- I don't, I don't think so.
But it would sure be fun
to hear you play.
-Well, yes.
I've got milk and everything.
When my friends came by,
they brought milk.
- The friends who were here
when you fell.
- I was on the phone
when I fell.
I was alone.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
I thought that..
That you said that you had
friends who were visiting.
-Some people were here.
I wasn't stuck on my back
like a turtle all night.
-Poor Albert.
- I can't find
the date the Catfish
are supposed to play.
Just ask in town.
- Albert, so we were wondering
about the sandstone
in the front yard,
and if you'd be willing
to sell it to us.
I mean, if you wanted
to get rid of it
we... we'd take it off
your hands.
- Have you talked
to Kyle Gazi lately?
Is he gonna help you
build your house?
-I think so.
Oh, he's gonna let him use
his backhoe anyway.
- Well, you should dig up a
garden when you got the backhoe.
- We're not really
planting a garden.
- Just, uh, desert plants.
We won't have to water too much.
- Russian olives, very nice.
They make good shade trees.
- It'll be tough to care
for a garden
since we can't really
move out here, full time.
At least not until our daughter
gets through high school.
-Kyle's a nice young man.
Plays a good banjo.
- His kids have been out
to play on our land.
- I guess I trust him alright.
Can't always see the numbers.
I guess I'll give you
that sandstone.
- We'd wanna pay you for it.
- It was the old school house,
you know.
From when the town was settled.
They cut it from the massive
sandstone around here.
They built that school house
before they built the church.
I always thought
the school house must have been
prettier than the church.
I never thought
it was a pretty church.
- We want native stone
to build with.
Railroad ties.
Uh, things that fit in.
We thought before we cut
new stone
we would look and see if we
could find some that was...
- My brother and I..
He's dead now.
When we bought
this property in '66
that stone, was there.
We built this house that year.
Had it built.
I still have things to finish.
I've got a back porch.
I'm 76. Probably
not gonna finish it.
Okay, yes, I'll give you
that sandstone.
- You don't have to sell it
if you don't want to.
It's just that, Gina wants this
new house to be authentic.
-When do you need it?
- Uh, well, as it happens,
Ryan's brother
has a flatbed truck that we
could use the week after next.
So we just have to hire
some helper, find some help.
Tentatively, you can have it.
I wanna think a little more.
-Uh, okay, well..
If you change your mind,
no problem.
- Okay.
- I'll get that door.
- Thank you.
We can call you
in a couple of days?
We'll leave you our numbers too.
Whatever is best for you.
-It's a lot of rock.
- Look. Quail.
- Oh, yeah.
- I hear them all the time.
And their call is,
is like, uh, here goes..
[whistles three-note call]
Sounds like..
"How are you? How are you?"
And then... then they answer,
that goes..
[whistles three-note call]
- "I'm just fine,
I'm just fine."
- It's not gonna be enough
for a whole house
but a wall maybe.
- We could plant some trees
where the rock pile is.
Ryan would help you.
Oh, honey, give him our cards,
so that he has our numbers.
All of those numbers will work.
- Your wife works for you.
- Huh, that's funny.
No, she's the boss actually.
- You come back to our place
when the weather gets warmer.
And... and no more falling down.
-I don't plan to.
- And if you wanna sell,
think of a good price.
I don't know how much
rock costs.
[whistles three-note call]
[engine rewing]
- I'm starving.
- God, you really weren't
helping me at all.
- I was helping.
I was in there.
- What? By repeatedly
telling him
that he didn't
have to sell to us?
- I just wanted to give him
some wiggle room.
- That almost didn't feel
worth it.
I thought he knew
he wasn't gonna use it.
-You wanna give it back?
Someone else will just take it.
You sure he understood?
We just have to think
of something
really good to do with it
then it won't feel so sad
to take it.
[sportscaster on TV]
- You really can't play
a whole lot better
than move the mob into the
anticipation of the passers.
And look at that effort
by Paul Jones.
[knock on door]
[commentary continues]
[hay rustling]
[horse whinnies]
[microwave beeps]
- It's a mysterious realm,
full of danger
and full of promise.
A new frontier
just waiting to be explored.
[keys jingling]
[car door shuts]
[engine turns over]
[engine rewing]
[keys jingling]
- What..
- But it was cold..
- Hello.
I've never done this before.
I don't quite know
where to start, uh..
Y'all wanna
introduce yourselves?
-We all know each other.
Wanna tell me what you already
know about school of law?
- I don't think
we know anything.
- Okay.
Okay, well, I guess we'll just
start at the beginning.
"The idea that the state must
provide a free public education
"and that children can be
required to go to school
"goes back to 1642
"when first such laws
"were passed in Massachusetts.
"By 1918, all states
had passed such legislation.
"It's been said that students
do not leave their rights
"at the school house door.
"The United States
Supreme Court has ruled
"in a case
called Goss versus Lopez
"which was decided in 1975
"that a school district
cannot just expel a student
without following
some type of procedure."
That procedure is referred
to as "Due Process."
The same with a criminal
defendant being entitled
to due process
before being locked up
a student is entitled
to the same
before you can expel them.
- Can a student be expelled
and then not let back in?
- Can a student say anything
he wants to me
and just get away?
- Hey, are you staying?
- Are you registered
for this class?
- No, I just saw
people coming in.
- I have to drive all the way
back to Livingston tonight.
I've never done anything
so stupid in my life.
- Hey, do you know
where I could get some food?
Yeah, I could show you
where the diner is.
- Yeah, that would be great.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Oh, follow me.
[radio chatter]
- I took this job
before I finished law school.
I wanted any job.
I was afraid of my loans
coming due.
I didn't know where Belfry was.
I guess I was thinking
about Belgrade
which is a lot closer.
So stupid.
Then I got a law job.
They're letting me do this
because they think it's funny.
The passes I see, it takes me
four hours to get here.
It's gonna take me
four hours to get back.
I have to work in the morning.
Did you tell me
how you ended up in this class?
-I just saw people going in.
- Mmm.
I make a fool of myself?
-No. It was interesting.
I never knew a student
had any rights.
-Are you gonna come back?
- When's it next?
Every Tuesday and Thursday
for nine weeks.
- I'm not signed up or anything.
-They're not gonna check.
I don't even know school law.
I'm gonna have to learn enough
to teach it every time.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
-Sure you don't want anything?
-Where do you work?
-Out on the Hayden ranch.
Caring for the horses.
It's just a winter job.
-You want the other half?
- No.
I could show you
if you could stay longer.
- Show me what?
- The ranch. The horses.
I, I have to get back.
I have to work in the morning.
- Sure.
- It's already
quarter to 10:00.
[distant chatter]
Come on.
[gate creaks]
[engine rewing]
[dog barking]
[dog barking]
[horse neighing]
[birds chirping]
Here, come on.
[horse snorts]
[dog barks]
[gate creaks]
[horse snorting]
[hooves clopping]
"Key Supreme Court decisions
affecting school law."
In a Supreme Court case
from 1969
ten students in Ohio
were expelled
for wearing armbands
as a form of protest
against the Vietnam War.
The court said
that was unconstitutional
uh, for it violated
their due process
and their freedom of speech.
That was the
Tinker versus Des Moines case.
- Is there a law that says
teacher's pay has to keep up
with cost of living increases?
- Uh, I'm not a labor organizer
but you should, you should
take that to your union.
- Can teachers get
reserved parking spaces
for faculty only
included in the..
-You going to the diner?
[chatter on TV]
- Do you happen
to know anyone in town
that could teach this class?
-I don't know anyone at all.
-How'd you break your arm?
-It's just my wrist.
Ridin' an unbroken horse.
- Breaking horses?
Is that part of your job?
- No.
Just back home with my brothers.
You know, when we were kids,
my brothers and I
would sneak out
and jump on any old horse
we could find.
No saddle, no halter..
Just bring a piece of twine,
that was it.
Once broke my tailbone.
I was too afraid to tell
my mother for two weeks.
Had to sit on the edge
of my chair in class.
That was awful.
- And I was so afraid
I'd get out of law school
and be selling shoes.
[hooves clopping]
- Hello.
- Can I give you a ride
to the diner?
- Umm, uh...
- Not in the truck.
- Just..
- Uh..
-Just wait here.
[hooves clopping]
Uh, really?
I mean, it's... it's been
a while, it's been a while.
-Don't think about it.
- Ah, uh.
- Okay.
[hooves clopping]
- Luke wants to know
if that's your..
Horse is out back.
- It is.
- Can he give it some water?
- Sure. Thank you.
- Truck break down?
- Nope. Truck's alright.
- Here, have some fries.
- Why were you afraid
of selling shoes?
-Have you ever sold shoes?
- I mean, why were you afraid
you couldn't get anything else?
-I don't know, because..
My mom works
in a school cafeteria
my sister
in a hospital laundry, so..
Selling shoes is the nicest job
a girl from my family
is supposed to get.
It all worked out.
See, I'm a lawyer,
with a wonderful job
driving all the way to Belfry
every 15 minutes
until I lose my mind.
And it's... it's 10 o'clock.
I'm not gonna be home
until 2 o'clock.
And there's roaming cows
in the road.
Black ice just outside
of Edgar..
If I get through that,
there's a road block
just outside of Livingston.
Then I get to sleep
for five hours
take a shower,
go to work at 8:00
do a bunch of crap
nobody else wants to do
and learn some more school law
tomorrow night..
Leave work early the next day
and drive
all the way back here..
With my eyes twitching.
It was nice of you
to bring the horse.
Can you take me back to my car?
[hooves clopping]
Thank you.
Thanks, and have a good night.
[engine turns over]
[horse snorts]
[dog barking]
[baby crying]
- Apparently, Ms. Travis found
the drive from Livingston
too arduous
so I'll take over the class
for the rest of the term.
I practice law here in town
and as some of you know
and the rest of you,
you would find out soon enough..
I am recently divorced.
[engine rewing]
[radio chatter]
[radio chatter]
[railroad crossing bell ringing]
[train horn blaring]
[train horn blaring]
-Excuse me.
Do you happen to know
a lawyer named Elizabeth Travis?
- Hi, Denise.
It's Patty Gardner.
Do you know a lawyer in town
named Elizabeth Travis?
Denise knows everyone.
Oh, she took a teaching job
in Belgrade.
But she's got another job here.
- We believe she has
another job here in town.
[door creaks]
-I drove over.
- Thought I was
in the wrong place.
You drove here?
- I was sorry you stopped
teaching the class.
I looked forward to it.
- I was gonna tell you
on Tuesday
I asked for a replacement,
'cause of the, uh, drive.
- That drive is pretty bad.
- I don't mean to
keep you from getting to work
or anything.
I just knew
if I didn't start driving
I wasn't gonna see you again.
I didn't want that.
That's all.
I have to go feed now.
Animals will be wondering
where I'm at.
[engine turns over]
[brakes squeal]
[instrumental music]
[engine rewing]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
You must have some real pull
getting in here on a Sunday.
- I guess you've had
lunch, but..
- You got a shake in there?
- Chocolate one
and a vanilla one.
- There it is.
- Thank you. Thank you.
It's good.
How's it going in here?
-Not what you'd expect.
Um... lonely.
No privacy.
You know, my wife's gone.
- No, I didn't.
- Mm-hmm.
After I stopped working,
and started getting crazy
she got a pen pal.
A guy in prison in Wyoming.
They wrote back and forth
all year.
Then he got furloughed
and she went to live with him.
She sent me a letter.
They're living on a farm.
And, uh, they got 40 cats.
And she's never been so happy.
Can you believe that?
She mailed me the letter
from another town
so that I couldn't find her.
-But do you wanna find her?
I don't know.
A guy in prison.
I can't believe she found
a guy in prison.
I'm a guy in prison.
What's wrong with me?
-What'd the guy do?
- She won't tell me.
Probably an axe murderer.
It's Wyoming.
Did you get my letter?
You never wrote back to me.
- I meant to.
I, uh..
I kept meaning to.
- Man, you wouldn't believe
how... how good mail feels.
Think I told you that.
- I just didn't know
what to say.
- Oh, that's the thing..
You don't have to say
anything special.
I told you, it's okay
about what happened.
You know, they...
They would've got me anyway.
I fucked up.
But I mean this.
You could talk about anything.
Talk about the weather.
Talk about your day.
Just so you...
put it in an envelope
and... put it in the mail.
Doesn't have to be a tome.
[sportscaster on TV]
[guitar music]
[guitar music]
Stop working.
- Yes?
- Can you get me a beer?
Just kidding.
- They see far too often
this year for Montana state..
[guitar music]
[guitar music continues]
[music continues]
[water running]
[chatter over radio]
- If you don't have to drive,
well, then, don't drive.
[horse snorts]
I made a mistake,
I left the house..
I had to go to the bank
and cash some checks
and I should have known,
should have stayed at home.
And instead of this one..
It's colder in Europe
in the north..
I don't know.
It doesn't matter how many..
[guitar music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]