Cha-i-na-ta-un (2015) Movie Script

It won't hurt after
your muscles relax.
Why were you even born?
A baby was abandoned
in a coin locker.
A beggar at the subway station
discovered the child.
A newborn covered in blood
crying at the top of her lungs.
The beggars named
the child ll-young.
Found in coin locker #10,
II-young (one-zero).
That's my name.
Fuck off!
Fuck off?
- Yeah, fuck off!
- Get out!
I'm staying!
Let go, faggots!
Detective Tak,
you really shouldn't.
Let me out!
Ma Photo Studio
Did you get seasick?
Pull up your shirt.
Never had a surgery.
I'm healthy.
"Body Abandonment Note"
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's a loan.
You should get settled.
Thank you.
Thank you!
You're still alive?
Thought poker killed you.
This one's good and strong.
It's not a child,
but more like a beast.
With no birth registration,
it's clean.
Clear my interest
with the others
and subtract this one
from the principal.
How much?
Tak, you brought trouble.
Loans, Financing
Ma Enterprise
Loans, Errands, Personal Affairs
My mom is very ill.
We need money for medicine.
How much did you earn?
I earned a lot.
Spicy rice cakes again?
Uncle, can't we have
something else?
I like spicy rice cakes.
- I don't.
- I don't like it, either.
Where are we going?
Somewhere fun?
- A waterpark!
- The zoo!
A waterpark! The zoo!
A swimming pool!
Uncle, I'll be good!
I'll earn more money!
Not crying?
Close the door.
Let's go.
- two more noodles.
- Double portion.
Im hungry-
Get up.
Time to work.
Why just stare,
when you can help?
If you become useless
I'll kill you, too.
We don't need new ashtrays.
Just get high on
fucking philopon, faggot.
Whatever, bitch.
Hurry and mix.
Get lost.
Gang Seyoon.
$4K loaned on July 11.
With interest, it's total $12K.
Due date, today.
Pay UP-
Crazy motherfucker...
I fucking will,
dirty bitch...
Shuffled up?
I'm fucking out of luck.
Hurry UP-
The money.
You're driving me crazy.
I will...
A few punches first.
Honey, where are you?
Who are these men?
Well, I mean
I'll pay back
until next week.
I promise.
But my wife...
What's the bet?
- $500
- $3,000
- Wait.
- You're on!
You know how you'll pay
if you lose.
Go on.
Oh, no...
Thank you!
I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much!
I'll work really hard
from now on.
Thank you.
My wife has a kidney disease
so I needed money
for medicine...
I'm not finished.
For my bruise.
In your mouth.
You need money?
Back in the business?
Well, I guess so.
This is all I know
how to do.
Did you see Tak
at the casino?
Yes, I saw Tak.
That son of a bitch
lives in the casino.
Seems like he's
thrown away his badge.
Took two of these
for gambling money.
Well, you're still alive.
Still not selling
spicy rice cakes?
I'd rather eat dung.
She looks new.
An employee?
You're back early.
Where's Mom?
- Went somewhere.
- ll-young's back!
You dickhead!
Took your pills?
Look what you did...
Keep on forgetting
and you'll die.
Ate them now.
Hongju won't die.
This came.
Who's Ma Wuhee?
Mom's name is Ma Wuhee?
It really fits her.
That's why
it's Ma Enterprise.
Blue in the top cabinet,
yellow in the lower one.
- White checks under the chest.
- Okay.
Hi Hongju,
I'm Jeon Jihyun.
Hongju's picture is strange.
- No, it looks the same.
- What's the market price?
A cornea is$10 or $15K.
- $15K?
- Dirt cheap
I met Chido today.
The fucker is so impatient.
What about Park Gitae?
He'll meet the deadline.
I don't think so.
Heard the bluffer was
in the Philippines.
I say he's about to beat it.
He's still punctual
when paying interest.
With his son in Korea,
he wouldn't run away.
He might try to hide his son.
From now on,
receive the interest
in person.
Il-young will go.
Soon ll-young will outrun Gon.
Yes, Mom.
They borrow money,
then never answer.
Hongju, that's enough.
No, Hongju ate and had his pills
so Hongju must work.
Hongju listens to Mom.
If Hongju becomes useless
Mom will kill Hongju.
Leaving now?
Yes, why?
You won't need it,
but you never know.
I have one, too.
Be careful.
I can go instead.
What's wrong with you?
Park Suk-hyun
Aren't you getting in?
Yes, Mom.
I'm here.
I'll call you later.
Who is it?
At the elevator.
Park Suk-hyun?
Yes, that's me.
Did you come for money?
Please come in, ma'am.
Ill pay You-
Where are you from?
You don't seem like
a person from the bank.
A non-monetary institution?
But I made all the
necessary deposits.
Ma Enterprise.
Starting from this week I'll come
to receive the money.
In cash.
I see.
Would you like something to drink?
You haven't eaten yet, have you?
What do you like?
No groceries...
What about pasta?
Cream or tomato?
- What about oil pasta?
- Hey!
Don't worry, I'll pay.
But after you eat.
We all need to eat.
Try some.
Do you prefer chopsticks?
Here they are, ma'am.
Stop calling me ma'am.
I'm sorry.
It's a habit.
Try it.
I know why you're here.
But don't worry.
My dad is working hard
in the Philippines.
We'll soon be able to pay
you back in full, ma'am.
You trust him?
Your dad?
Of course I do.
He's my dad.
- What if he ditches you?
- That's nonsense.
He's not that kind
of a person.
Avoid touching this...
What the fuck?
I was just...
Did you get it?
No, he wasn't home.
I see.
I'll go back tomorrow.
Ssong is making trouble.
Go get her.
Money can be very terrible.
Please stop her!
I was giving these bitches
a few lessons.
They're drinking Dom Perignon
but won't pay back.
Whores, having fun with what
you earned with your bodies?
After you're all used up,
you'll be sold off to Japan.
In the end,
you'll be sucking it
for almost nothing
in another country.
Slutty bitch.
Useless bitches...
My mom would've killed you.
That's my girl...
Long time no see.
How have you been?
- I told you not to sell it to her.
- Hurting my customers...
Then why did you...
I was speaking.
I've left Mom,
but still, for her sake
I'm good to you.
I didn't force Ssong
to stick in the needle.
She asked for it, first.
Is this enough
for the crack?
You crazy bitch!
I was speaking...
- Didn't I?
- I'm warning you.
If you give her crack
one more time,
I'll kill you then.
Don't push it.
You might get
fucked up one day.
- What's wrong with her?
- Nothing's wrong.
- You promised to quit.
- Damn it!
I will!
So shut the fuck up.
Why live like that?
Bullshit, asshole...
Fucking bastard...
Hello, ma'am.
Did you call?
Good evening.
Did you make a reservation?
She's my guest!
- Your girlfriend?
- No.
I have one table left.
Could you wait for a moment?
Please give her a seat.
Have a seat over there.
Could you, please?
I'm done for tonight.
I'm heading out.
- Good job.
- See you tomorrow.
We're late.
Let's go.
It's until today...
If I don't use this voucher today,
I'll be throwing away a lot of money.
Cut the crap and
give me the money.
You just left that day.
Now can we watch the movie?
Let's go.
you're not allowed
to throw things.
Shut up.
Want to see
the next film, too?
11:37 PM
Looks good.
You have to turn the meat over
only once to retain its juice.
It's ready now.
You want to see
something impressive?
Luck follows me everywhere.
Win One More Bottle
Luck follows me everywhere.
I should stop before
I use up my luck.
For you.
It tastes good tonight.
What's so exciting and fun?
What's not?
I didn't choose this life,
but I can't just die.
Sol may as well enjoy it.
And I like cooking.
When did you start cooking?
Suddenly interested in me?
Forget I asked.
I was just teasing you...
I've been alone since 15.
Back then
I was even poorer.
One day.
I had this craving
for hamburgers.
All I had was five bucks.
I had to live on that
for a week.
Hamburgers sold
at McDonald's for $1.
Hamburgers with only
a bun and patty.
I bought 5 of those and
put them in the fridge.
To eat one every other day.
While chewing on
the cold hamburger,
I suddenly cried.
Because of your shitty situation?
No, because it was unfair.
The world was full of
delicious food to eat.
But nothing tasted better to me
than that cheap hamburger.
That made me cry.
That's why I want to
be a cook.
And I think I'm talented.
I was even accepted to
Le Cordon Bleu.
Le... what?
It's a cooking school in France
where the best chefs go.
I don't even have money
for my plane ticket.
But you never know,
so I'm studying French.
I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry...
But being poor isn't
my fault...
I'm sorry...
It is your fault.
1 Missed Call - Mom
Hi, Mom.
Take it.
My mom hasn't changed a bit.
Sitting alone in the dark
makes you look shabby.
You could give me a glance.
Leave if you're done.
Don't act like you care.
Treating me like
a barking dog...
I'm tired.
Just leave.
You must be growing old,
being tired and all.
It's going to rain.
Need an umbrella?
I have a car.
No need...
By the way...
You haven't seen the uncles,
have you?
Uncle Tak came to borrow
money again.
He's deep in dept
because of gambling.
He says, "Hi."
Where are you going?
I didn't know you called.
Stop crying-
What's this every year...
I should use Mom's cup,
but it's broken.
Did you also have a mom?
Don't you?
She must've been good to you.
I killed her.
You want a drink?
No, I'm okay.
Then go.
I want to be alone.
Clean it up.
Yes, Mom.
One, two...
Two corneas, $30K...
- Kidneys, 15... $50K...
- Just a few more days...
- Add it all up, 95 thousand...
- I can pay you...
I'm still useful.
I can pay UP---...
Still don't know Mom?
and the family
will be punished.
Punished in hell...
In hell?
Can't make money in hell.
Did you get home all right?
- Park Suk-hyun
Spill it out
to your big sister.
What's going on?
Big sister, my ass...
You're acting strange lately.
Nothing to tell?
Let's go to Uncle's
for some fish cakes.
Go to sleep.
Let's go.
Come on, ll-young.
I want to go.
Are you crazy?
Let's go together.
Go up to your bed.
Any new ones?
Have a look.
Look, ll-young!
Isn't it pretty?
Yeah, it is.
You always ruin all the fun.
It's so annoying.
How much is it?
- Ten dollar
- This one's cute.
Can I have a discount?
What is it?
- Nothing... Let's go.
- It's pretty. Come here!
- She'll try this on.
- No, it's okay.
It's awesome!
Is it strange?
No, you're really cute.
So pretty-
- Don't fuck with me.
- No, you're really cute.
- Il-young, you're pretty.
- Shut up.
Cute little ll-young,
let's buy a pair of high heels
- and even a hairband.
- Knock it off.
Save on Incredible
Flight Deals to France!
ll-young, smile...
Never mind.
One, two...
I live in a photo studio,
but can't take a decent picture.
Why do you need
a passport photo?
You want to go abroad?
- Where?
- It's not that.
Is France far away?
Why France all of a sudden?
Never mind.
- I'm going out.
- In this rain?
Well, whatever...
Today let's have
what Park wants.
- What about fried rice?
- Fried rice? Come on...
Ask for steak.
Your father's debt...
You have one day.
Borrow it or steal it.
Park Suk-hyun
You're late.
I had something to do.
Need to go back
to the studio?
I'm going somewhere...
You drive.
We're at Sangdo-dong.
Where to?
Park Gitae went off the grid.
We're doing the surgery now.
Body Abandonment Note
ls there a problem?
Dr. Ahn.
The steamer and blender
are in the van.
Along with the plastic bags.
About 30 minutes?
I sent Gon somewhere else,
and Hongju's already there.
You're doing it today.
Dr. Ahn will dissect it.
Just grind the rest in the blender
and pour it in the drain.
Boil the bones and crush them.
Check the garbage truck schedule.
You need a raincoat.
Blood will splash.
Do you know why
I still keep you with me?
don't grow.
You don't even want to grow.
That's why I still keep you.
Hi, ll-young.
Hongju ate his pills.
Want to see?
You're doing the surgery today?
Can you do it?
You're pretty. Very pretty...
- Listen carefully.
- What?
I'll go up first.
- Come up after counting to 100.
- 100.
- Got it?
- Okay.
- Got it? 100!
- 100.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
1, 2...
3, 4, 5...
You're back?
- Mom?
- Went out to work.
She went to Sangdo-dong.
With n-young?
Think so...
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
- You have to run away.
- What?
Leave Korea...
- Or you'll die.
- Calm down.
Who's going to kill me?
My mom.
What about my dad?
Don't you understand?
Your dad dumped you.
No, he wouldn't do that.
Wake up and listen to me!
Your shoelace is undone.
I'm not going.
Even if you're right,
I'm still not leaving.
This is my home.
Why do I have to run away?
I didn't do anything wrong.
I'm not running away.
What are you doing?
Stay right there.
Park Suk-hyun!
Two corneas, $30K.
- Kidneys, $15K.
- Get in.
Heart, $50K.
Add it all up...
I said stay there!
Damn it!
What's wrong?
You're acting strange.
You're scaring Hongju.
Hongju, listen to me.
Yes, Hongju listens to you.
Hongju brought this for you.
But stay there
for a second.
No, Hongju ate and had his pills
so now Hongju works.
Mom told me to work.
Hongju listens to Mom.
Hongju listens to ll-young.
Hongju listens to Mom.
Hongju is still useful.
Hongju listens to Mom.
This way!
Let go!
Let go of me!
Let go!
Don't, damn it...!
Let go!
Let go!
Your blood-type?
What's your blood-type?
Fuck you!
Damn it...
- Check it.
- Yes, sir.
I'll put him to sleep.
Prove yourself...
Prove you're still useful.
Did you get to her?
No... No...
To the van.
Get the ice box and morphine.
We'll open him right away.
It won't hurt after
your muscles relax.
What are you waiting for?
- I'll do it.
- Call ChidO.
Don't be emotional.
Think of the others...
Are you teaching me?
What are you doing?
Do you have to do this?
We're family.
Are you my family?
Go get Hongju.
Get out!
Get up, you whores!
Hurry HP!
Speed it up, bitches.
Rush it!
- I don't want to go!
- Shut up!
- Please let me make just one call.
- Shut the fuck up and get in!
Il-young, over here...
What a pretty dress.
But why so shitty?
I told you not to push it.
Gosh... ll-young...
Yes, Mom.
It's me.
I still don't understand.
Let me ask again.
Why are you doing this?
I sort of get it...
And then I don't...
Stupid bitch!
So long.
One step closer and
this fucker is a blind man!
- Don't come near!
- I dare you! Damn it!
Stay away!
Catch that crazy bitch!
Give it up.
Let's go.
Give it up.
Im hungry-
Fuck... Fuck!
I'll tear that
fucking bitch to pieces.
ll-young didn't go to Japan.
Before I say anything,
don't think
or do anything.
We have guests.
I'm eating this in a long time.
It's pretty good.
Did you commemorate
your late mother?
Cut the crap.
What do you want?
Was it serious enough
to come here?
Last night's event?
Come on, Mom...
We've been hearing things.
Chido said you've been
acting strange.
We came to check on you,
because we were worried.
I see.
I'm flattered.
Mind your own business.
Let's just do
our business well.
By the way,
Chido unleashed a dog.
He called Tak, the one
with a wound on his face.
Must be growing old.
You talk too much.
Kill one of Mom's.
I'll clear your debts and
give you $30M. - Chido.
ll-young called?
Il-young called you?
Crazy son of a bitch,
stop it.
Didn't you hear Mom?
She said do nothing.
tried to kill Hongju.
will be the first
to kill ll-young.
If you help ll-young,
I'll kill you, too.
What uncle?
There's no uncle.
Damn it, you've got
the wrong number!
I said there's no uncle,
Going somewhere?
I was just...
- Did our clients visit today?
- Yes.
What about Gon?
Still not home?
Stupid bastard.
Gon is gone,
Hongju is a dumbass.
You also know that
Mom is growing old.
All we have is you now.
Think hard.
This could be the end of us.
Ssong wants to see you
at the batting cage.
Don't come back.
I don't want any trouble.
Your fish cakes were good.
Came alone?
Want something to drink?
I'm okay.
I didn't have anything
to serve anyway.
This eye might go blind.
Is that so?
That's it?
My eye is fucked up,
but you don't care?
Damn it!
My eye and my dead boys...
How are you going to pay?
Okay, let's do the math.
Your peeper.
Your boys' coffins,
money I borrowed
with interest.
Will this do?
- Il-young that fucking bitch...
- Taking you in and
raising you as a little kid.
Helping your new business
and cleaning up your mess.
- Subtract it and...
- Mom, what are you doing?
I told you to send
her away unharmed.
That fucking bitch first...!
Failing to do
what I asked.
No money?
Pay with your body.
What are you doing?
Sorry, Boss.
Fucking bastard!
Don't talk about money
in front of me.
I'm also...
- No use in cutting him open.
- one of yours...
What kind of
mom are you?
Who's second in line?
Now you're the boss.
What about ll-young?
Her cell is turned off.
I'm at Guweol-dong.
We need a surgery.
One cornea.
Anything to drink?
Manageable without a few fingers?
Don't be nervous.
Just one question.
You know ll-young?
- Mom's bitch.
- Well... I never heard of her.
Losing a hand might
help you remember.
Hongju will kill ll-young.
Il-young is bad, really bad.
Hongju will kill ll-young!
Il-young was bad to Hongju.
So Hongju will kill ll-young.
Il-young did something
very, very wrong!
That's why Hongju
is killing ll-young.
Il-young ditched Hongju!
Il-young tried to kill Hongju!
Hongju isn't stupid!
Hongju will kill ll-young!
I don't want to fight you.
Please, stop!
Hongju likes ll-young,
but ll-young hates Hongju.
- So Hongju hates ll-young.
- Hongju...
I hate you so much!
Took your pills?
Stop it!
Son of a...
Gon wants to kill Hongju, too?
Calm down, shithead!
Hongju will kill you all!
Get a hold of yourself!
Don't come...
Shut up!
Don't' speak.
Let's go to the hospital.
Il-young, help me.
It hurts badly...
Pull this out...
And I'll be better.
You idiot!
Cut the crap.
All we need is a doctor!
- I...
- Don't speak!
Let's go to the hospital,
I want to
pull it out...
But I'm scared.
I'm sorry.
Don't hate Mom.
This is why you should never
order with coupons.
Bastards, we're their regular
customers and what's this?
If you talk while you eat,
food will come out.
So you shouldn't talk
while you eat.
Hey, nothing came out.
Acting all clean, huh?
Dirty... Really dirty...
You little...!
- Want some more?
- No, thanks.
Nothing... I'm trying to fix
the aperture.
How long did we use
that piece of junk?
- We should buy a new one.
- Stop talking!
- Not working?
- You're hopeless.
- I'm done.
- Shut up.
Should have stayed.
Shouldn't have gone out.
Shouldn't have gone out.
What do you want?
What can I do?
Should have died here.
What do you want from me!
- Should have died here.
- Shut up!
That's what you're thinking...
You wish you were dead.
Shut up, shut up!
Shut up...
Stupid bitch...
I'm getting out.
I'm getting out.
I'm going home.
Finish it.
It's too easy for you.
If you die now...
It's me.
Gon and Hongju are dead.
Is that so?
Did you want to
kill me that much?
no longer useful?
Did you also send Tak?
To kill me?
Coming home?
Where else?
Coming to kill me?
See you soon.
See you...
I'm no longer useful.
She's the one
who fucked up.
I did the right thing,
damn it.
I'm sorry ll-young.
I'm sorry.
Stupid bitch.
Stupid bitch...
Everything's so
damn fucked up.
You're here.
Did you eat?
Eat first.
The boy...
What was so special?
I don't know.
He was just...
They're all dead.
Because of you and me...
I didn't know it would
end like this.
But it did.
LS that it?
No more...?
You're here to kill me.
Are you going to or not?
Ill try.
It's do or don't.
You shouldn't just try.
Once you decide, do it.
That's our way.
Stick to it
You're not helping
when you can.
When it's terrible,
it's better to smile.
That's my girl.
Don't die.
Until you're dead.
From now on
you decide.
Good job.
Dr. Ahn is gone.
You need two IDs?
It's my child.
So I need two.
Certificate of Adoption
Resident ID Card
Ma ll-young