Chaar Sahibzaade (2014) Movie Script

The first Guru of Sikhs,
Shri Guru Nanak Devji taught
the world about humanity,
equality and love,
He taught everyone
how to find happiness in
their lives as they practiced
the religion of their choice.
But the Turkish and Mughal Invaders
always thought themselves to be superior
than any other kingdom in the world
They were looting the country ruthlessly
and were forcing their religion on all.
Fearing the bloodshed,
looting and conversion,
the Kashmiri Pundits came rushing
towards Guru Teg Bahadur for help.
To everyone's amazement, the 8 year old
Guru Gobind Singh stood
up for the Kashmiri Pundits,
and pleaded to his father Guru Teg
Bahadur to fight against this injustice.
Guru Teg Bahadur fought for
the rights of the Kashmiri Pundits.
He travelled to Delhi for their cause,
for their "human rights, even
when this word was not coined,
but Instead was beheaded by the Mughals.
The loot,
torture and injustice never stopped...
As the young Guru Gobind
Singh grew up he took a decision.
To stand up against injustice,
fight for one's rights.
He took to spreading knowledge
to the world with his writings,
and fight Injustice with his sword.
In Shri Anandpur Sahib
he created the Khalsa,
the pure, the fearless, which shook
the Mughal Empire from their slumber!
He stood up for the truth,
for people's rights
and their freedom to practice
a religion of their choice.... the process sacrificed
everything he had even his four sons!
Shri Anandpur Sahib
On one end the bursting river Satluj
and on the other was the calm flowing
River Sirsa reflecting the sky's
deep blue shade.
It was here in these beautiful meadows,
that the four sons of Guru Sahib, grew
up. amidst sounds of fun and laughter.
They would rise with the
beat of the naggada drums exciting
everyone around who
would look upon them in awe!
Guru Father has asked you
to make me sit on the white elephant and
let us witness our brothers horse-racing
He told you about me too
Oh yes..he said to make
Fateh Singh sit on it too!
But no one told me..
Hurry up !
I can't see my brothers from here please
move the elephant a little further
Jujhar Singh!
Look there! Both of them
are coming towards the bridge
This bridge. Oh no! it almost
collapsed yesterday
Jujhar Singh!
Ride easy Shero easy we have
to let the younger brother win
Jujhar brother has won!
Jujhar brother has won the race!
Gulab Singhi you
can help us get us down now
But Guru Father hasn't
instructed me to do that..
You can ride the horse very well now
A Brahmin has come seeking for
help, Guru Father has called for you
Oh Grateful Guru,
I have knocked many doors,
asking for help,
but no one has stood up for me....
we did not even consummate our marriage
and that pathan abducted
my newly-wed wife.
Only you can help me now...
No one who came seeking help from
Guru Sahib ever went disappointed...
As you wish Guru Father
One Universal Creator God. By Guru's grace.
Those heads adorned with braided hair,
'with their parts painted with vermillion
those heads were shaved with scissors,
and their throats were choked with dust.
When our country was attacked by Babar,
Shri Guru Nanak Devji, explains
the plight of people in his writings.. newly married women
were tortured, others were widowed,
how they were left with no where to go,
Seeing the plight of people,
and realizing their grief,
Guru Sahib asked Babar,
does it not even pain you a
bit seeing the massacre you have done?"
Grandma, was Babar such a cruel man?
Were people In his ruls so unhappy?
Even the people under
the rule of the King
sitting In Delhi aren't happy either.
are you talking about Aurangzeb ?
Yes, lashing cruelty on his
people has become a habit for him
'You seem to know a lot about
the cruelty of the treacherous,
but do you even remember the Gurbaani
that your grandma has taught you or not?
Gurbaani is so simple Guru Mother.
It comes to you so effortlessly.
Guru Mother,
we will recite some for you
I bow to the Primal Guru,
I bow to the Guru of the ages.
I bow to the True Guru.
I bow to the Great, Divine Guru.
Fateh and Zorawar are dolng well,
How is your learning of
Sanskrit and Parsi going?
Guru mother, I can not only speak, but
read and write in Sanskrit and Parsi too
Guru Mother,
he can now rice the horse very well too.
Very soon, a sword will
be swaying in your son's hand.
What are you thinking Guru Mother?
My son, when you will be in full
armour with a sword in hand
would you look as gracious.. your eider brother?
Guru Mother I would obviously
take your blessings before I go to war.
So you can see
for yourself how I look
May God bless you with best art
of warfare. How is your Gatka training?
Oh Guru Mother, they always
indulge me in their conversations
Grandma can we...
Okay go
Devki Das
Guru Father has told me ta Inform you
that if someone tries
to trouble your wife again,
you should ready
yourself to protect her.
I promise Ajit Singh Ji
I am very grateful to Guru Sahib
that he sent you to help me and my wife
May the Khalsa keep
protecting everyone in need!
Where had you vanished?
Brother Jujhar
is doing great today
I had gone to tell
Guru Father all about it
Ajit Singh Ji,
Jujhar Singh is on a rampage today.
He is not even letting
anyone close to him.
My little brother is now
ready to train as a warrior
Brother, please let
me learn sword fighting now,
Master too thinks that
I am ready for it...
Yes Jujhar Singh's body movements are very swift, and controlled now
In fact I have already learnt some
of the moves with the sword on my own
If you want I can display them
come Mehar Singh
Hold on
Give me the sword
I would like to see what my
little brother has learnt on his own
Wow! you have learnt well,
you could block my strike
One's focus in the battle should
not be just to strike down your enemy
but to protect yourself
from being struck.
So you should always
keep your defence strong.
Brother I think,
now I am strong enough to make
the enemy loose his sword in battle
Is it?
Mehar Singh Ji.
He is ready now
Start his training with no delay.
But remember Brother
the sword of Singh only
rises to defend, never to attack.
Now you should learn the Gatka
quickly, only then will my turn come soon
Brother! Oh Brother! please
save me from brother Jujhar
What's wrong?
Oh Brother, he bit my hand.
Look at this.
Then why did you pull my ear?
Because you put your hand
smeared with spices in my eye
Yes Brother.
Look at his eyes, they're so watery
Fateh Singh?
Forgive me brother
But you will have to get punished for this
Now we will make his eyes watery
too, by making him laugh continuously
Hold on. Whare are you running now?
Oh Brother...I'm not
going to talk to you.
You sided with brother
Jujhar and did not take my side
And how is that?
You just believed what
he said and then started tickling me
You didn't even try putting my smeared hands
with spice into your eyes,
to check If it hurts or not?
Brother, Fateh Singh
is a clever little fellow,
we must send him to Kashi to leam
Sanskrit like the other learned ones
No brother, I will never
leave you all and go anywhere
That's fine
'You would have to do voluntary
service for fellowmen,
Just like Bhai Kanhaiya had done
Brother, once you were about to tell
me something about Bhal Kanhaiya, what was it?
May I, Brother?
Once a Singh complained
to Guru Father that
Bhai Kanhaiya serves water to the
Turkish soldiers after the battle,
Bhal Kanhaiya came forward and said
"Guruji . your Singh's
fight to kill the enemy
and I give them water
to kill the animosity in them
Guru Father smiled and said "Kanhaiya,
from now on, please take soms medical aid too!
I too will become, a saint soldier
like my Guru Father. when I grow up!
What happened Gangu?
I sent wheat crumbs with sugar
and buter for the kids through you
and you brought it back untouched ?
What could I possibly do Mataji? All your
Son's have locked themselves in the room
and have ordered
not to disturb them till dusk.
Whenever the four
of them get together,
they always come with some surprise
Mother dear. do you have any
idea what they are up to this time?
Tomorrow my grandchildren
will sing hymns in praise of the
Guru who brought enlightenment
to this dark world.
With the emergence
of the true Guru Nanak.
The mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
With the emergence
of the true Guru Nanak.
The mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
As if at the sunrise, the stars
disappeared and the darkness dispelled.
The stars disappeared
and the darkness dispelled.
With the emergence
of the true Guru Nanak.
With the roar of the lion in the forest,
the flocks of escaping deer
now cannot have endurance.
Whenever Baba put his feet,
a religious place was
erected and established.
The mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
With the emergence
of the true Guru Nanak.
All the siddh-places now have
been renamed on the name of Nanak.
Everyhome has become a
place of dharma where singing.
the mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
With the emergence
of the true Guru Nanak.
Baba liberated all four directions
and nine divisions of earth.
Gurmukh (Guru Nanak) has emerged
in this kaliyug, the dark age.
Gurmukh (Guru Nanak) has emerged
in this kaliyug, the dark age.
The mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
With the emergence of the
true Guru Nanak.
The mist cleared and the
light scattered all around.
As if at the sun rise the stars
disappeared and the darkness dispelled.
The stars disappeared
and the darkness dispelled.
With the emergence of the
true Guru Nanak.
I'm sure my grandchildren
have made my son proud today.
1 wish such happiness stays
with us for all times to come..
But these good times
did not last long,
the Mughals were forcing conversions
and Guru Sahib's Khalsapanth would oppose it!
People from all casts and relgion
started to work closely with Guru
Sahib and felt elated in following His path
His increasing popularity
and power was becoming a huge
cancern amongst the Mughals
and the Hindu Kings from
the surrounding hill's provinces.
Wazir Khan was sweating
in the winters of North India.
He just didn't know what to do.
We have lost endless battles
from the Guru and his Singhs
Call for hundreds or thousands of
men from Delhi and finish them off!
Isn't there a way, where we can
win this without going to war?
By the death of Just one person
the Khalsa would loose all it's
motivation and crash into peices
I understand my Lord but who would
Dare to be able to slay the Guru ?
The most ruthless and powerful
General of the Mughal Empire - Painde Khan.
Govind, why should we
shed the blood of our soldiers?
Let the two of us have a
duel and settle this war right here!
Guru Sahib asked for permission
from The Five Chosen Ones
Hmmm...get ready to fight Gobind!
Bole so nihaal...
sat sri akaal....
Make the first move Gobind!
Guru sahib explained 'the
Khalsa never attacks first.
you have challenged Painde
Khan, how can I make the first move?'
No you have to make the first move
Guru Sahib then told
him 'Think it over Painde Khan
it may so happen that your desire
to attack me, may remain unfulfilled
You may regret that.'
Then defend yourself!
Dina Begh Sahib Painde
Khan's arrow has never
missed its target. It's
ready now to crush the Khalsa
Before aiming his arrow Guru
Sahib praved, "You are omnipresent God,
You are there in every human being, but
at this moment what stands before me,
is someone's armogance'
You can pray to god now Painde khan!
I am covered from
head to toe in my armor,
does he really think his arrow
can pierce me anywhere?
What dose he think of himself,
this Hind ka Pir
Wazir khan had a nervous breakdown when
he heard about the death of Painde khan
He then focused on the
Hindu Kings of the Hill States
Wazir khan has sent a proposal,
that we should join hands with him
to finishing the rising
power of Guru Gobind Singh
We should definitely not align with
that cunning Wazir Khan.
Not against Guru Gobind
We have lost all the battles we fought
with Guru Gobind. and retreated every time
And in spite of that he never took over a
single piece of land from your Kingdom
I am sure, that by doing that, there
must be a trap he is setting.
You are right if Wazir was not in panic,
he wouldn't have sent this proposal
We would agree to whatever
you decide King Ajmer Chand
The Hindu Kings of the Hill States
and the Mughals formed an alliance and
surrounded the fort of Anandpur.
The battle begun, six months passed by.
Hard winters set in, the cold
weather had the Mughals falling ill.
Prolonged war had
it their treasuries.
Their armies had started to rebel.
The situation in the fort was not
any better, six months had gone by.
rations had exhausted.
Thers was very little food left.
Not able to bear hunger anymore about
100 Sikhs decided to leave the Fort
Guru Sahib sent his mother
to attend to these Sikhs
Your Guru has accepted your plea
You just have to write on this
paper that you are no more his Singh's
and he is not your Guru anymore.
We are ready to wiits
There is nothing but famine
and death left in this fort now
It's better to leave the fort now
If there is any other Singh
who does not want to be Singh anymore,
He can leave with them
Out of the 100 who wanted
to leave only 40 left.
The conscience of the rest
did not allow them to leave
Sipah-e-Silhar i
can see some Sikhs there.
Hold on seems like they are fleeing
away from the fort let them go
I think you are right, Sir
Before our army rebels
and the siege breaks
wish all the Sikhs
flee and we win the Fort.
Even after betraying once,
Wazir khan had the audacity
to send another proposal through
Emissary for ceasefire,
Mughals swore by their religion and
the Hindu Kings swore by the Holy Cow.
That if Guru Gobind Singh leaves
the fort they would never trespass
his way ever again and that he's free
1090 anywhere.
Guru Sahib, upen request from his core
team accepted this offer and decided to
empty the Anandpur Fort.
Zorawar Singh, Fateh Singh.
Hurry up, mother is waiting for you.
Brother Ajit we want to stay with you
You should stay with your Guru Mother
and Grandma...take care of them
Then you should come with us
too. All of us will take care of them.
No little brother, we will
be in the last flank of the convoy to
ensure everyone is protected,
Now we would meet wherever
we set our camp next
And if you don't turn up?
Wherever you both
will go, we will fellow you...
Okay fine. Lat's go now
Brother, I feel like
hugging you tight.
Me too...
The brothers stood hugging,
what a moment it was to be!
The stars were wondering
and the skies locked down quietly
They were going their separate ways.
From Anandpur.
Leaving their home forever,
in pairs of two...
How unfortunate,
they were parting never to meet again
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
My Lord Khan,
as agreed, the Guru and his Sikhs
have emptied the Fort peacefully for us
What am I going to do with the
damned fort?
All I wanted was for Gobind to
be out of his Fort in the open.
Your wish has been fulilled,
what are you waiting for?
We cannot do this Sirl We swore by our
religion and they swore by the Holy Cow
As soon as they cross the border
of Kiratpur, strike them from the back!
I want the Guru Killed and
don't leave a single Singh alive!
Wazir Khan and the Hindu
Kings have betrayed us!
Again, thousands of
soldiers are following us
No problem. We will stop them
But how? Ajit Singh Ji we are
in hundreds and they are In thousands...
Look at that gorgs in the mountains
There is no way that thousands
of men can pass through it, in one go
My dear fellow men, it's just before
day-break, Guru Sahib has said that
we should recite the
hymns from Asaa & vaar
Brother Mokham Singh!
Another group of Mughal and
Rajput soldiers are corming our way!
These two brothers should not be here
Ajit Singh, I think that
the enemy can take another route
and attack our fellowmen
by the river. We should go and check
You go ahead. I will follow you
Drop that rock onto the passage
to narrow it
Where are we heading?
We are going towards the banks
of Sirsa, to check if all is safe
Get lost you...
Waheguru Ji ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki faten.
Bhai Daya Singh we have
lost more than half our Singhs
'You have the women and children with you,
the waters of the Sirsa are rising!
You should start crossing the
river and take Ajit Singh with you.
Ajit Singh didn't turn up,
I have to get him out of that war
Create a wall right here! None
shall pass towards the river banks
Brother Ajit Singh,
the waters of Sirsa are rising
Guru Father has called for you.
Be careful the current
is strong down under. One mistake
and you will bs washed away
We are not able to break
into the Singhs defense.
Go on the hill top
and attack from behind!
Bhai Sahib Singh Ji we
have been attacked from behind!
Bole so nihaal...
It dangerous to
cross Sirsa as of now.
'We should take the
'bridge and follow them
Mata Ji,
Sirsa held on to the fateful four
Sirsa held on to the fateful four
We looked all around
but did not see anyone
Bhai Mani Singh, I think
we should head towards Delhi now
Though Her strong currents ware cruel
1 will go and check once again.
Maybe I'll find someone.
Brother Ajit or someone
We shouldn't stay here for long. We
should leave this place immediately
Come on kids! Gangu is
right. As God wishes so it be
The ones that she wanted to cross aver
Sirsa did not let them drown...
They must have waited
but sensing the danger.
Must have left for Delhi
as we had decided earlier
'We've been asked to head towards
'Bur Majra' via 'Kotla Nihang'
Had the waters of the
Sirsa River remained calm
Had the waters of the
Sirsa River remained calm
that day history would
have been different.
Guru Sahib's Family got separated
His mother walked with
Gangu to his village Kheri,
Guru Sahib camped in the
mud Fort of Chaudhary Budu Chand,
from where He had earlier
fought a battle too.
This fort is at a good
height and it has 4 gates
it will be impossible for the enemy to
attack from these three steep gates
So its only this main gate which
we need to watch there are bushes
'and small mounds outside this gate,.
Though we should patrol
and take guard on all the gates.
We need to guard this gate carefully
If the enemy strikes this
is where it is going to be.
Himmat Singh Ji,
we have placed cur soldiers to guard
all the four entrances to the mud fort.
But our resources are limited.
But our courage is unlimited!
Pleased to hear that!
Good we picked up more
weapons on our way here
You're right!
Come let's go and meet Guru Father
See this.
Guru Father
Just as you said, we have placed
soldiers all around the Mud Fort.
Guru Sahib as you had asked
the injured Singhs are being given
first aid as we speak
We will keep a close
watch from this Fort
The Mughal Army can
be here any time now
Ajit Singh, we had almost
forgotten about our "sharpest lookout".
Listen very carefully - People
of Chamkour! Listen carefully
This is a message from the King of
our land and his Governor Wazir khan
Listen carefully!!
Guru Of Anandpur and his
Singhs have taken refuge
in the Mud Fort of Chamkour
The Governor has warned that any person
who tries to help the Guru
or his Singhs shall be beheaded,
My child! I made these butter
wheat crumbs especially for you,
where are u taking them?
Mother, the Guru of
Anandpur and his Singhs
have come to the Mud Fort.
Everyone is taking something for them
So I decided to take this.
Oh no my child! Please don't do that. Who
knows what trouble you will get us into?
Why not?
Why are you trying to scare
the child? He is doing such a noble deed.
You go ahead dear
I'm leaving Grandma
You are trying to make your
child like those 40 coward Sikhs
'who left the Guru in his Fort,
Do you know when they wet back home
what humiliation they
faced from their families?
Here take these
bangles and wear them!!
Sit and cook! Here give
me your sword this Guru's
"Singhni' will go and fight
for him in the battlefield
- But listen
- Don't touch me.
Agaln, the one who cant be a 'Singh'
of the Guru cannot be
a 'Singh' of this 'Singhnl
I am going to fight
his foes on my own
You Idiot!
'You offered your head to the Guru
and was baptized by the him
to be a Singh, to fight Injustice!
And you left him and ran back home
You 40 ran back to
the comforts of your home?
Mata Gujri son was
also as hungry as you.
It seems you cowards were
not worthy to live in the lions den
Went to become better beings
Forgive me mother,
the love for my own
child had made me weak
and I forgot what the principles we
Singhs stand for.
Before this warning call of
the guard scares another mother like me...
Listen carefully pacple of Chamkour
This is a message from the King of
our land and his Governor...
Oh God! Please have mercy
'Bhag Singh Ji lock there!
Two kids in the cover of bushes
are coming towards this Mud Fort
Come! Let's have a look
Who are you?
We heard that the Guru of Anandpur
has come again to this Mud Fort
so I got some sweet
wheat crumbs for him
and I some butter-sugar
But the Mughals have warned the
villagers not to help us
Weren't you scared?
If Guru Sahib does not fear
the Mughals, then we too don't fear them
Singh Ji please take their contribution
and give it Guru Father immediately
Who is this?
He is the Guru's younger son
Consider us like your younger brothers.
allow us to join your army too.
You did not reply?
'You cared for our need for
food, took the risk of coming here,
this deed is no less
than that of a true soldier.
Bhag Slngh Ji
Please make sure these two young
soldiers reach their houses safely
Almost there Mata Ji,
it must be less than half a mile now.
Look! There it is!
Kumma! Hey Kumma!
What's troubling you Jujhar Singh
I was just missing
our younger brothers
Why had waters of the Sirsa river
to rise today only, it separated us all
Don't you worry little brother,
Guru Mother and some Singh's are with
them. They probably have reached
Delhi by now!
Gangu be careful, Take the
narrow pathway next to the river
It will lead you
straight to your village
But isn't the wider road a better way?
It's short as well
But the risk is greater. The Mughal
army patrols frequently on that road
O'Gangu, Kumma ls tight
So what if it's a difficult path
but we should be careful and safe.
When would we be with our Guru Father,
Guru Mother and our brothers Grandma
We all have gone different ways
to confuse the enemy
The moment the area ls secure
our brothers will come
to fetch us, isn't it grandma?
1 just hope thay all are safe and secure.
Sube Sirhind zindabad ,
Maan Singh Ji, what do you think is the
strength of the Mughal soldiers?
Approximately one milion
One million to fight us
42. Mughals surely are terrorized
by the power of the Singh's!
Well said Juhar!
I knew you were intelligent
and smart but now it seems
that you have a lot of wisdom too
Sva laakh se aik ladao, tabhe
Gobind Singh naam kahaun!
Let's show them now
how one Sikh fights more than 2 hundred
thousand alone
Bole so nlhal, sat sri akaal
Naban mian,
You told me that they are
just a handful of Singh's in there
I heard there were only 100 my lord
But their 'Jakara' almost deafened my
ears. I think they are more than that...
Maybe more joined them
How many more 100...500...a thousand?
We are a million
I am going over to discuss
this with Wazir Khan in his marquee
You can leave. All I know is
that not a single one of them
will live to see another day
Guru Sahib is all knowing
How could he sleep that night?
In deep thoughts the Guru walked
to where his Singhs were resting...
Just like a father would come
to care of his children while they're asleep
He walked slowly,
taking steps as soft as he could
He was touched by the
unconditional love shown by them.
He looked upon all of them,
showering his blessings
These Singhs were going to
brace death as the Sun rose
These Khalsa's were going
to be martyred in the battle soon.
Engrossed watching his
Singh's as he moved further,
He saw his two sons in
deep sleep just like others
As he moved further
from where they slept
He paused, looked back,
stood and watched them thinking
"Sons, you will be at rest
before the Sun sets tomorrow
Your souls will find eternal
peace in God's own arms
O Waheguru! We do not hesitate
to die fighting injustice
As Our body, soul, all
belong to you, nothing is ours
He sat watching,
observing, caressing his sons
Just as one would,
appreciating a bunch of flowers
He walked on further caring and
treating their wounds
Comforting his Singhs,
'Buckling them in their blankets
One has never seen such
heart rendering moments
Neither has one heard of
such soul stirring occurrences
O! One can swear by the Lord and
Nanak himself,
How much ever you may sing in praise
of Guru Gobind, Its never enough!
Soldiers Attack!
Cover your heads with shields!
Shoot the arrows!
Do not stop firing arrows at them,
Such that Singhs cannot
come out from the Fort
and shoot arrows, and
our men can reach it
Shoot the arrows!
Let's go to the corners of the
Fort and shoot arrows at their legs.
Hold your arrows! Do not
Shoot! You might injure our men
Move ahead!
Hold on
We will have to change our strategy.
1 gave you mnilion
soldiers Khwaza Mohammad
and you couldn't capture
handful of Singhs ?
Now go with your full
strength and kill them all
My Lord they are sitting at a
height, hence we have a disadvantage.
If we attack them head
on with all our soldiers
'we would lose at
least 20 thousand men
No.. no.
That's too big a number! Wait
Let me think about It
Do as I say!
Station your men at least 10 meters
away from the range of their arrows
Singhs will have
only two options then
Either they would come
out of the Fort to fight
and will be ripped apart by
our archers before they can reach us,
or they would come out with their
Guru to plead for mercy before me
It's time for us to die for our honor. The
Mughals have surrounded the entire Fort
They know that we do not
have enough food and arms with us
Guru Sahib has ordered that we will
go out of the Fort and fight them!
Fine with us!
We all go together attack
them head on. We will easily
kill at least hundreds of them
Not hundreds!
We would stay thousands but
the way our Guru Father has commended
We will go out in groups
of 5 to fight the Mughals
They would have never even imagined
how deathly we will be for them
1 would lead the first group. Any four
of you can get ready to come with me
We are ready!!
Easy, we need to take advantage
of the fog and reach the enemy
I think Singh's ars coming, go check,
I don't think so, you go.
You Idiots,
why are you fighting amongst yourselves.
Shut the roar of this Singh!
This was the hut ws ware told about
Anybody there?
Seems someone has been here
Yes. My Lord
Have you seen any family member of the
Guru of Anandpur or his Singhs ?
A while ago one of your
army units had come here
and they wers asking the same quastion
and I told them that I
have not seen any Singh's here
It might have been Bashir Khan's unit
Come! Then lets take
the shorter way along the river
We will get to them faster
The shorter way...
Hey Almighty, protect them.
Mata Ji you should
rest here for a while.
Fateh Singh?
What is troubling you Fateh Singh 7
Grandma, I am missing my Mother
Even I am missing her
Not Guru Mother will be with both our
brothers and Guru Father
too right Grandma?
Yes my child hopefully
Grandma, she too would be missing us.
What happened my Lady?
Don't you warry my Lady,
I am sure they are safe and sound.
They four cannot
live without each other
Hey Almighty, please protect them
Bhai Daya Singh,
Three units have gone
out of the Fort to fight
I will take the next unit with me,
after my prayers I will go and take
Guru Father's blessing and be back here!
Please wait Ajit Singh Ji
You cannot step into this war
And why can't I do that?
It will be a great loss for
all of us if you go to this battle
Do not see me apart from
the other Singhs Bahi Daya Singh
Our clan does not acknowledge
any such relations
I know my Guru Father too well
He would open the gates of this
Fort himself to send me to the battle
He will not listen to any one of
Us, only Guru Sahib can stop him now
Hold your hearts from pain
And hide your tears,
Hear the story of Gujri's grand children
Fought the tyrants
They came to protect us
Came to enlighten our souls
The sons of the Lord
The sword Is heavy
Yes , that's why I am going to carry
Guru Father's smaller sword to battle.
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The Four Princes, the Four Prince's
The Four Princes, the Four Prince's
Guru Sahib,
we had put forth plea before you,
but you haven't replied to us as yet.
Guru Father,
1 am ready to go to battle
Ajit Singh you cannot.
My name is Ajit,
will let no one win over me,
but if someone does,
it'll be only when I am no more!
Bless me Guru Father.
By sending Ajit Singh to battle.
Guru Gobind Singh let
everyone know that he kept no difference
between his Singh's and his sons.
They were all the sons of
the Khalsa and when the need arose,
they could fight unto death!
O Lord grant me this boon, this gift
that nothing can deter
me from doing good deeds
I should have no fear of the
enemy when I fight in the battlefield
I should have this faith
that the victory is mine
Move ahead!
Surround him.
Soldiers shoot the arrows!
The wartior Ajit Singh fought
with exemplary valour
He then stood looking
At his brother in the Mud Fort
Who, He knew was in a hurry too
So Showed the right path
Waheguru !
To his own young brother
To attain martyrdom...
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
Here you go
Buy whatever you need
for the house with this.
If you need any more
money you can ask me for it
Hold onto that
Mata Ji all we have
here is yours only
Don't take this trouble, please.
Be comfortable, I'll prepare some food
Guru Sahib, the events at the Sirsa
river were very unfortunate.
Mata Ji and the little ones are no
where to be found Ajit Singh has been martyred.
And yet you are so calm and composed.
People in this world struggle
to find ways to survive
and your inspiration
encourages Singhs to brace
martyrdom while fighting injustice,
All hopes are now on Jujhar Singh, to
lead the Khalsa with utmost brilliance.
Guru Father, I too want
to go to battle like my brother
No! Jughar No!
Do not say that. You are too young to go
to battle. Guru Sahib, you must not allow
this. I will ask Seva
Singh to lead the next unit
Bhai Daya Singh, I might not know
all the traits of sword fighting vet
but I can easily slay a handful
of 8-10 men before I fall!
Guru Father I need your blessings.
Guru Father I need your blessings.
Then his own father
Armoured his son
Pracious treasure of his own
He let go
He who says so is blessed..
"Truth Is God
'What are you thinking Guru Mother?'
'My Son, when in full
armour with a sword in hand'
'would you lock as gracious..'
' your sider brother?'
'I would obviously take your
blessings before I go to war,'
'so you can then see
for yourself how I look'
Guru Mother.. you've come here?
Yes, I wanted to see you before
you step into the battlefield
While I was taking the blessing
from Guru Father, I was hoping
that my Guru Mother
would also be with me,
so that I could take her
blessings too before I go to battle
I hope you aren't scared
Scared? I think I am going
to scare the Mughals today
I am proud of you today. My son is going
to step into the battiefield as a soldier
Guru Mother, I sees tears In your eyes
They are not tears,
they are my blessings
As He commands, so they exist.
O Nanak, True is the
Creation of the True Lord.
Move forward!
This is the Guru's second son
Come let's play 'Gatka'.
You are still just a kid you fool and
you have come to fight us knights ?
I have Killed many already,
will take down at least 20 more
O you son of the Guru
So that's it?
you said you would kill 20?!
Bole so Nihaal
Sat Sri Akaal
Guru Gobind then saw his own sons
martyred In the battiefleld
He then recalled
the words Of Gurbani
Nothing Is mine within myself
Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord
If I surrender to You what is
already Yours,
What does It cost me?
His Sons have sacrificad for a cause,
He is thankful to the Lord for this.
It was the Lord who blessed him with them
He has let them be so for Lords own call.
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
The Four Prince's, the Four Prince's
Mata Ji, I think someone
has stolen your bag of mohurs
Not a problem Gangu, maybe
his need is more than mine
But that bag had all your valuables
Oh no my child,
My valuables are right here with me
But I think , I will go and
lodge a complaint with the kotwal
No need, my dear
In fact, nowadays the people in kotwall's
are bigger thieves than burglars
As you wish mata ji
If the authority turns up.
they will take away my valuables.
What the Singhs said is true,
a clenched fist is more
powerful than an open palm
The Guru definitely
has some divine power in him
There is no such
thing as divine power.
Wars are won with courage.
Ask Wazir Khan to send
his sons to a battlefield!
There is no movement
in the Mughal Amy. My Lord
Guru Sahib has decided that he too
will step onto the battlefield tomorrow.
No Sangat Singh, we
cannot let this happen
We have to stop him
from doing so at any cost
Bhai Daya Singh,
Guru Sahib first baptized the Five
Singhs and established the Khalsa?
So that means The Five
chosen ones represent the Khalsa?
And the Khalsa represents them?
Of course
That's great! So we should
go to Guru Sahib and tell him
that if you are there
the Khalsa clan will be,
and for us Singhs the
Khalsa clan is everything
Khalsa is Guru and
the Guru is Khalsa for us
Guru Sahib when you baptized
The Chosen Five, you gave
them the authority,
that if and when the need arises for
a decision in matter of the panth,
the decision of The
Chosen Five will be supreme.
So we, The Chose Five, keeping
in mind your democratic principles.
in the supreme interest of
the panth ask you leave the Mud Fort
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.
That night Guru Gokind
made one of his Singhs
wear his clothes and he himself dressed
in a common man's attire left the Fort.
With him were Bhai Daya Singh, bhai
Dharam Singh and Bhal Maan Singh
But before leaving,
he announced his departure,
clapped aloud thrice and said,
"Pir of Hind is leaving,
stop him if you have the courage to
After Hearing these words,
the Mughals were flustered
Who is It? Who Is there?
Did you hear it?
Oh, I can't see anything.
I cant even hear properly
It was a dark night that day
No one got to know what happened
I think I heard it clearly, I
will go tell the Commander about this!
The next day a fierce
battle took place in Chiamkour.
When the Singh who wore
the Guru's clothes was killed,
the Commander thought
he had killed the Guru himself.
Wazir Khan was dancing with joy.
You Fools!
This is not the Guru!
Its somebody else
Go and search for
him in the entire Fort
My lord! There is
no one else in the fort
except for the Guru's
blue horse and four Arab horses
This means that
he has again escaped quietly in
the night before we could catch him
Forgive me, My Lord.
But the Guru said aloud,
when he left I clearly
heard him saying
"Pir of Hind is leaving,
stop him if you have the courage to"
I told the Commander
the moment. I heard it.
Why didn't you come to me? Now
go and search him in the entire area!
I want him dead or alive!
I'll make him my slave and force
him to wear the Turkish turban.
Soldiers what are you waiting
For?? Kill the Guru's eagle
He has disrespected you.
we won't leave him
Him Huh!
Here you go children, your milk
Grandmother, has Gangu come back after
giving our message to brother Ajit singh?
You are just like your grandfather.
You never forget a thing.
Grandma, today I met Grandpa
in my dream
Your grandpa?
Yes, he lives in
Chandni Chowk in Delhi
He has made a huge
palace of his own there
Yes and the colour
of the palace is white.
Yes, yes. It's pure white colour
Tell me something?
How did you both see
exactly the same dream
Fateh Singh ls very naughty grandma,
he must have peeked
into my dream secretly...
But first, I told you about the dream.
He must have secretly
watched my dream
Then tell me, who else were there?
Brother Ajit and Brother
Jujhar were there too
He is correct grandma,
Brother Ajit and Brother
Jujhar stay in that palace
Brother Jujhar has
left the Gatka fight,
He now learns how
to fight with the sword
Yes Grandma, and Brother
Ajit told me
that some of the walls
of Sirhind are very old
even before Babur's time, so
we should play carefully over there
Maks sure that no wall falls on you
Don't say all this my child,
you should not speak such words
Hey Almighty! Protect us all
Hey Waheguru! Bless us
Sir , Guru Gobind Singh's mother
and his two youngest
sons are living at my place
Grandma and her children
are going to Sirhind
They will martyred there,
but are smiling all along
Even with a million men,
Wazir Khan could not catch the Guru.
And he thinks he has done a great job
by catching his mother and his two
kids and is showcasing them in public
Hey, Waheguru
The one who tortures the women and
children is a monster and not a warrior.
And he is making
us do this dirty job,
it would have been so much better had he
called us to find the Guru in Chamkour
Hey, where do you think you're going?
To the next village
to meet someone there
What is your name?
it Bhaago
Have any of you seen
the Guru of Anandpur?
Yes, I see him day and
Night. I saw him just now
Close your eves and
you would also see him
Aye Sikhni!
Do you see this sword in my hand?
If you know something tell
Us! We have an order to arrest him
Start with smaller steps solder.
you can start leaping later!
What do u mean by that?
I challenge you to
try and catch me first?
Maybe then you can
think of catching my Guru!
Some of you left my
Guru behind when he needed
you the most. Go and
get inside your holes!
You filthy rats! We women
have given birth to a lot of lions
and we can ourselves take
up the job of fighting the enemy!
Bole So Nihaal Sat Shrl Akaal!
If you have any shame left, go and die
As you seem fit or else go back to
your loving Guru and ask for forgiveness
The forty of us have
made unforgivable mistake.
My Lord and Master Is forever new;
He's the Giver forever and aver.
My lady. please take us to the
ever so forgiving Guru we left behind
I will take you. I will make
you meet him when I close my eyes
and concentrate, I can
see my Guru In front of my eyes
We will meet him very soon
does no body know where our father is?
No, my child.
I don't have any answers
to my grandsons queries,
my son your mothers thought are
wandering where are you my Gobind.
Tell the beloved friend (the
Lord) the plight of his disciples.
Without You, rich blankets are a disease
and the comfort of the house is
like living with snakes.
Like living with snakes.
Tell the beloved friend
(the Lord) the plight of his disciples.
Our water pitchers are like stakes of torture
and our cups have edges like daggers.
Your neglect is like the suffering
of animals at the hands of butchers.
Your neglect is like the suffering
of animals at the hands of butchers.
Tell the beloved friend
(the Lord) the plight of his disciples.
Our Beloved Lord's straw
bed is more pleasing to us
Our Beloved Lord's straw
bed is more pleasing to us
than living in costly
furnace-like mansions.
Than living in costly
furnace-like mansions.
Tell the beloved friend
(the Lord) the plight of his disciples.
When all the three Singhs reached
Guru Sahib, they thanked the Lord.
When they saw his wounded feet and
his torn robe their smiles disappeared
When they saw his wounded feet and
his torn robe their smiles disappeared
Speak Mirza
My Lord! Where should we keep
the kids and mother of the Guru?
Do you think these are some royal guests
from Delhi, whom we would cater to?
Go and throw them into
the cold Burz we have!
Forgive me, My Lord. But
the cold Burzis a place
where the bravest and toughest of
men turn blue due to the freezing air!
I don't think you've heard,
the Singhs say that
they are hot blooded,
if that is the case then
they should not feel the cold there!
O' yes and they are the heirs of
'Hind da Peer'! They have everything
You show no mercy on them, give them
nothing at all. No bed to sleep,
no water, not even a piece of bread!
The wall is waiting,
the cold tower is calling
Grandma is hiding tears, bit seems helpless.
Grandmother, you being the mother
of our Guru Father. yet you look worried?
Look at us!
We are his children
and we do not fear anything
You have only taught us,
that whatever Waheguru does,
we should accept it with a smile.
Fatah Singh, come Ms
remind Grandma her own words!
Everything that the Almighty
does is good for us,
Nothing happens without his command.
If something unfortunate happens,
there is always some good behind it,
but we don't understand It,
and we tend to overlook it ,
hence, feel saddened.
If you remember each and every word
that I have taught you my little ones,
Then I shall never forget that you are
my son's children and I his mother
Sir Ji
I wanted a small favour from you and I
shall give you anything you wish for this
If you're ready to
give anything Moti .
then I am ready to listen
to anything that you say
Sir Mirza, I want to give some
milk to Guru's mother and his kids
Okay give me the 'real'
cream and you can take the milk
Hey Moti! Stop there, this cream will
not churn out any butter! Go back now!
My Lord, this is all that
I can offer today, tomorrow
I'll get all the jewelry of my wife
Better get your wife's jewelry,
but that would be counted in
today's account. What about tomorrow?
I will arrange for something
Get that jewelry
tomorrow for sure! Now go!
Oh Almighty! Thank you for letting
me serve Guru's mother and his kids
Mata Ji, I have got some milk for
you and the kids please accept Moti's
Small humble service
Moti, I hope that by doing so you are not
Putfing yourself in some kind of danger
O c'mon Maata Ji,
I am honored that I have
got the chance to serve you
You have to promise me that till you
are here you will let me serve you.
I take your leave.
Okay Motl!
Dear Son,
do you have any information
about my son Gobind?
What wouldn't He know,
he keeps information about everything,
How would a layman like me know his
Whereabouts. All I heard was a
fierce battle was fought in Chamkour
Who won, who lost, I've no news,
Mata Ji, there is one.
thing I did not understand
What is It?
On one hand,
'Wazir Khan's soldiers are hunting.
all over for Guru Sahib
to slay him to his death,
and on the other hand , two
Muslim brother's from the same area
felt honored by taking him
into their house and caring for him,
Good souls for sure!
There are many more such people
and many such believe
in Guru Sahib's teachings
Hundreds of them are in his army
and a lot of them
are even commanders too.
Guru Sahib is not against
any Muslim or Islam.
He only opposes the King and his men,
who are forcing people
to convert into their religion
and are looting the wealth
of those who stand up against them.
Guru Sahib's fight with Aurangzeb
and his Governor Wazir Khan,
is not a fight between
Sikhs and a Muslim
but instead is the fight between good
and evil, which will always be there.
By preaching about
good and evil you have
enlightened the souls
of 50 many Singh's.
The Khalsa will always
be grateful to you for this.
I am just an insignificant soldier of
my Guru, my focus is on his command,
He just has to instruct me and I will
pounce on the enemy like a lioness!
Khan Sahib, arresting old women and
children is against our principles.
Did they come to Sirhind
and rebel against you?
What sin have they comitted?
Their sin is that they are the mother
and children of Gobind, the rebel.
He has created chaos in
this province that I command
I have captured his family
so that I can barter his arrest.
Be careful, let no harm
come to his family in any way!
If any harm does come to them,
then unfortunately we will be
forced to complain about you to Delhi
Kazi Sahib do something...
But I haad some valid reason to do so...
Their father is a rebel not
the children, so I can't issue their death
warrant and hand it over to you
But I cannot let this chance go.
There is one way out,
Where you won't need to get their warrant
and I wouldn' need to issue one.
What did you say?
And you will be able
take your revenge from Gobind!
How is that?
If we can make the children
agree to convert to our religion
Yes, if his own children
accept our religion
then this would be a
shameful defeat for the Guru
But why can't I go along with the kids...
Don't be stubborn old lady!
1 am only doing what I am ordered to do.
Come on now! What are you waiting
For? Teke the kids with you! Move!
My Lord, it has been planned
Just the way you wanted.
It will all happen, as you wished.
I have closed the big
gate and opened the smaller one.
The soldiers are getting
the children here, our
soldiers will bow their
heads in order to enter,
the children would see
them and follow suit. The children
of the Guru of Sikh's shall bow down
to the great and mighty Nawab Wazlr Khan
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa.
Waheguru Ji ki Fatah.
What did the children say?
Everyone salutes the
Lord with a 'salaam' here
These kids have made
a terrible mistake!
This is the court of The
Governor of Sirhind, Wazir khan,
no one can come here and
speak in praise of any Guru.
Come on, little ones
apologise to the Nawab,
bow your heads and salute him.
We believe In the Almighty God,
we only bow down to His Greatness He who
lives inside all of us, apart from Him,
we do not bow down to anybody!
You Kaflr, non-believer!
Kafir is the one who forces
others to change their religion
Kafir is the one who
misuses his power to do wrong
The one who is honest
is a real muslim
One who is cunning,
a cheater Is a Kafir!
You have smartly and indirectly
termed us as cheaters!
You will now teach
us about our own religion?
We only know of our
Sikh refigion Kazi Sahib
and It does not believe In any slavery.
This is what our Guru
Father has taught us!
Children, I have sent
hundreds of soldiers
in all directions
to capture your father
Just as the rays of
the Sun cannot be captured.
There is not one born
yet, who can capture our father!
He has such a radiance
around him that everyone
who looks upon him bows n salutes him,
the day you will
be face to face with Him
You would also do the same.
What happened Khan Sahib?
Seems like you just
experienced our Guru Father
That's not fair!
not worthy of being the Governer
Children, you should stay with us now
I promise that you wil get
everything you want,
and where would you go now?
Maybe you don' know,
but Anandpur is in ruins
and we would soon
be arresting your Father,
your elder brother's Ajit and Jujhar have
been killed in the Battle of Chamkour
How can we believe you, your intentions
seem very foul to us Khan Sahib
We have committed no crime.
yet you have us in your custody
Khan Sahib has advised correctly
you should accept his religion,
or else you too will
die like your brothers.
The first thing we
are taught In our religion
is to overcome the fear of
death, so you cannot scare us with it!
O, Dear children! Talk
about life and not death.
We would give you everything you
ever wanted. We would give
you a gorgeous palace to live in,
you would have all the
luxuries that a Prince would have,
if I am forgetting
something you can remind me?
Sure I will
I will ramind you
what my late Grandfather
Guru Teg Bahadur had said once
to the Kashmiri Pundit's
who were also being forced
to convert their religion.
My grandfather said tell
those ruthless rulers,
make the Guru convert his religion
first and if he agrees
then you all would also convert
into their religion willingly.
Yes, I remember!
Yes, so what?
So whose Grandfather, gave his own
life to save someone else's religion,
you are asking his grandchildren
to convert to your religion?
Think again!
Maybe you are making
a mistake somewhere!
Your Grandfather's widow, I
mean your Grandmother is still alive.
I think it's best that you
go and discuss this with her,
You have time until tomorrow!
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa br /Waheguru Ji ki Fateh
The kids dumbfounded evearyones here
These are no nomal kids
The one who helped capture
the enemy's family - Gangu,
come over to collect
your Royal Reward.
Her eyes are tired waiting
A Mother's heart yearns...
Grandma has It the tower
with two wonderful souls
The wicked tried their best
But her children held ground
The lights of this tower
enlightened all around
The Four Prince's...
These are no nomal kids
These are no nomal kids
1 don't think they
are going to accept
I will make them accept it!
Khan Sahib,
do not forget you have to seek
the approval of The Council before
you take any action against them.
Khan Sahib, do
appreciate my brain wave
Call for the Nawab of
Malerkotla to The Court tomorrow,
he had lost his brother Khajar Khan
in the battle with the Singhs in Ropar
and his second brother Nihar Khan was
killed by the Guru himself in Charmkour.
Why didn't I think of this earlier? He
will be more than happy to do this task!
Dear, have you put the milk in the
container for Mata Ji and the children?
Slightly thickening the milk today,
I have put some dates and cardamom in it too.
Have you picked the jewelry
from the ledge? What happened?
Why are you quite?
Mirza will account this
Jewelry for yesterday's bribe.
What do I give him today?
You can give him this houss,
we can go to a Temple and stay there!
But for God's sake make sure there
isn't any hitch in this service of milk,
My child, Moti, seeing your affection
towards the children, I would pray to God
that he truly rewards
you for this service of yours
O Mata Ji,
It's your blessing and wishes that I
need, they will go with me a long way,
There is nothing else one
takes to heaven, I take your leave
- God bless you
- Thank you
So children,
you never told me what exactly
happened at the court today?
Nothing much Grandma
We ofourse remember the sacrifice our
Grandfather made but they had forgotten it,
so we reminded them of It.
Grandma they were scaring us,
thinking we are little kids!
They asked us to choose:
death or their religion
To scare us even further, they
even said that both our brothers
have been killed in
the battle at Chamkour
'A fierce battle
was fought in Chamkour'
'who won, who lost, I've no news.'
My children. You are right,
they were just blabbering, pay no heed
to it. We will be meeting them soon.
Today, we have Nawab Malerkotla Janab -
'Sher Mohammad Khan present in The Court!
Not just ons, but two of his brothers
were brutally killed by
Guru Gobkind Singh, their father.
Do you know why your father
brutally Killed Nawab's brothers?
They must have made a mistake,
his brothers!
You little brats, you have no manners!
You, are a powerful Governer,
yet you are shamelessly cunning and mean
Rudeness can be punished with death
Death is acceptable!
But we wouldn't cow down!
Don't you fear death?
Don't you fear God?
Watch what you say, fearlessly
Yes, fearless we live, fearless
we die because we are the Guru's Singhs
Hmmmm Singh?
Yes, the one who does
what is right is a Singh!
The one who takes away sadness and
brings happiness to others is a Singh!
The one who becomes the
strength of the weak is 2 Singh
The one who is ready to sacrifice
his life fighting for justice is a Singh!
O'you Singhs! His brother's
were also fighting for justice,
when your father killed
them in the battlefeild
In the battle right?
That isn't getting killed,
It's known as sacrifice!
And by not calling it so, you are insulting
the sculs of the martyrs you speak of
Manipulation of words and phrases is not
going to cover up your fathers crimes.
You will be punished for his deeds,
which shall be decided by Nawab
Malerkotla on whose mercy you are now
Let the court know Naswal Sahib, what
punishment would you want to give
to your culprits?!
I want to take revenge from
Gobind for killing my brothers,
and that I shall definitely do,
but in the battlefield!
They are not my culprits
Revenge is never taken
on women and children.
In fact, I have a request, we should
free the mother and kids of Gobind
Nawab Sahib today you have proved that
an honest man is a Muslim In Its true sense
1100 believe in justice
my friends. As requested by the Nawab
and sensing the will of
the pubic, I would free them both.
But I want to ask them one thing.
what will they do once they are freed?
We would do the same thing
what our Guru Father Is doing.
2nd what the next generations
of Singhs would do
What is that?
We would fight cruelty
and injustice to our last breath
We would re-group all the Singhs of
our Guru Father and build an army again
Did you hear? Did you all hear this?
Their rebellious plan?
They want to do the same thing what
their rebel father is doing against us.
So now tell me, wise members
of The Council! Sitting here,
what do you have to say for these children
who are eager to rebel against our Empire?
Khan Sahib, I think everyone
has to say just one thing now!
Son's of a snake will always be a snake!
Suchanand, hold your tongue there!
He is a friend of the
weak known for his noble deeds.
Bow down In respect to
Him! Guru Gobind Singh is his name!
You are lucky that we are your prisoners,
otherwise I swear by Almighty your
body would have lost its head by now
That's it! I do not
want to listen anymore!
Children of the rebellious
Gobind, accept our religion now!!
Or be ready for a brutal execution!
First, accept death,
and give up any hope of life.
Become the dust of the feet of all
and then, you may come to me.
Kazi Sahib. the sentence
The sentence- fatwa is ready, My Lord
Crush It fast! Where are you going old lady
Bury them alive in a wall
Oh God! Save the Empire,
from the events that would follow
Mata Ji! This is it!
You can't go further! Come with us
The Kazi has issued a warrant, tomorrow both
the kids will be buried in the wall alive...
But the kids are totally
calm and composed
Maybe they did not
understand the sentence
This is yet another
new way to Kill a prisoner
Did you hear?
Yes, yes, the kids have
been tricked into this
My friend this is a sin,
it's a mistake
God will never forgive them for this!
Nawab Sahib, no worker is ready
to bury the kids into the wall tomorrow...
But there are two fellows in
our prison, Shashan Beg and Bashan Beg.
Who are willing to do so
only if we free them from the prison, afterwards
Go tell them, They shall be free!
Surely My Lord! I would surely do that
we did all our prayers, Moti also
came and gave us our milk for the day.
but you never asked what
happened at The Court today?
Children, unjust allegations and
unfair questions
Whatever happened today
we are very happy about it
You are happy?
What is it that makes you happy?
We are happy that we
have not let you down Grandma
We are happy that we have kept the dignity
that our Father and Grandfather have
We are happy that we did not
change our religion under the pressure
of those monsters, we remembered
'what you have taught us
I am vary proud of you
The sentence issued by Kazi says
we would be buried alive in the wall tomorrow
So what, you will only be buried
alive in the wall, not Kill you
Yes grandma, that wont Kill us
We too have children, I don't
want that after the execution tomorrow
the father of my children should
be called as the murderer of the innocent
'You want me to show
mercy for his children?
The one who has mads our lives miserable
1 cannot do anything,
Kazi has issued the sentence
The sentence can be changed.
I am aware of that
and how it can be changed,
you are very well aware of that
Behave yourself Begum!!
I'm not going to show
any mercy on his children
I would not want that
the whole of the Mughal Empire
calls me a coward, who is
scared of the Sikh Guru
The sentence is done and
over with, nothing can be done now!
For God's sake! Stop this madness My Lord,
this is being cruel, It's a mistake
Oh God! Forgive us
O Mata! Get the children ready
soon, we will back to take them!
The sentance has to be executed
It's time to leave you Grandma,
We will not be coming back this time
How do we tell you what's going to happen
We can't see you crying...
I've separated from my son,
you are leaving too
The tyrants are taking you away
I too am coming, following you,
It's time, that I too rest in heavens now
Its time now for you to leave your Grandma
I know you are not coming back this time...
How do we tell you what's going to happen
We can't see you crying...
I will never see these beautiful souls again,
I will never carass these pretty faces again
Come let m dress you with plumas on your heads
Make you look like bridegrooms before youi leave...
'When my brother sits on a horse'
'when my brother sits on a horse'
Looking liks a prince
We sisters feel so happy...'
'When my brother sits on a horse
O Grandmal Why are worrying for us...
We are doing exactly what you taught us
By sacrificing ourselves and thinking of
our Lord
We will make our Grandpa and Father proud
Its time to leave you, Grandma
We will not be coming back this time
How do we tell you what's going to happen
We can't see you crying...
We can't see you crying...
Why do you want to give away your
lives children? You still have a choice
Yes, you still have a chance
Kazi Sahib cancel the sentence
Otherwlse the blood that flows out of us,
shall spiral events that will surprise you
Huh! What surprises talking about?
You think there will be
palaces built here after you die?
Start to bury them In the wall!
One Universal Creator God.
The Name Is Truth.
Creative Being Personified.
No Fear.
No Hatred
Images Of The Undying,
Beyond Birth, Self-Existent
By sum: Grace
Chant And Meditate:
True In The Primal Beginning
True Throughout The Ages.
Union with Him, and separation
from Him, come by His Will
We come to receive what
is written in our destiny.
I bow to Him, I humbly bow.
The Primal One, the Pure Light,
without beginning, without end.
Throughout all the ages,
He is One and the Same,
The One Divine Mother conceived and
gave birth to the three deities.
Brother, even though you came
into this world before me
'l'll be meeting our Grandfather before you
He makes things happen according to the Pleasure
of His Will. Such is His Celestial Order.
Air is the Guru, Water is the Father,
and Earth is the Great Mother of all
Day and night are the two nurses,
in whose lap all the world is at play.
Think, there is a lot
that can happen even now.
Good deeds and bad deeds-the record
is read out in the Presence of the Lord of Dharma,
According to their own actions, some are drawn
closer, and some are driven farther away.
Those who have meditated on the Naam,
the Name of the Lord, and departed after
having worked by the sweat of their brows
O Nanak, their faces are radiant
in the Court of the Lord,
'and many are saved along with them!
Bole so nihaal... Sat Sri Akaal...
Pull these two out of the rubble.
These two are still alive Khan Sahib.
This ls wrong. Mercy.
We have laid our lives
to save those of others
We have laid the foundation for
the Khalsa to carry on the fight for justice.