Chaari 111 (2024) Movie Script

Come, sit.
Thank you, sir.
Not as the Chief Minister of this state
At least for some part of the day,
i want to be a common man.
How are you?
I said how are you?
Major Prasad Rao?
I am good, sir.
Thank you so much.
I left the army just as you had advised.
Waiting for your orders.
-Whats that, sir?
A few important bureaucrats in our country
are planning to form a syndicate.
An elite covert operations agency.
It shall handle even the
biggest international mission.
By important bureaucrats you mean
There are hardly any honest officials, right?
True, sir.
Along with our Prime Minister
only three people are aware of this Agency.
Whenever our country faces danger,
our retaliation is hindered by many rules.
But this Agency has no rules.
And we are not going by the books.
Also, no government agency
would have any connection with this.
Sir, if I may ask
Why me, sir?
If trained well,
anyone can make a good soldier.
But integrity should be in ones blood.
And henceyou.
Thanks, sir.
I am honoured.
Form this Secret Agency
and recruit sharp agents to organize it.
Headquarters shall be in Hyderabad.
If there is anything
report it to me directly.
You can come any time.
24/7I am available.
Done, sir.
Sir, the name of this agency
the name can be
With one eye on Earth
And the other on Sky
Lets explore the universe
Come on
Let us bore through the mountain peaks
And let us fathom the deepest seas
Let us find the origin of time
Comelets shatter the silence
Let us wage this eternal war
Let us fill all the blanks
It begins at a deadly pace
This journey of adventures
It wont stop even for a moment
This raging war
STATIONARY TOYS ART & CRAFThere was a bomb blast
in Hyderabads City Mall.
Two lost their lives while eight others
are battling for theirs.
The police suspect this to be
a terrorist attack.
The number of casualties
is likely to rise.
Our reporter Prasad is waiting
to give us more details.
Sir, what is the situation there?
Sandhya, as you can see, it's a ghastly
situation here.
The wounded are being rushed
to the hospital.
The fire brigade is trying
to douse the fire, Sandhya.
Sandhya, it is quite evident that the entrance
to the mall is totally destroyed.
We can also see that the forensic team
has just arrived to collect the clues, Sandhya.
Also, the Home Minister is expected
here any moment.
Ram, take care of the shop. I am just back.
-Okay, sir.
Will keep updating you, Sandhya.
Over to the studio.
AP IC 4444
I got the reports.
Let me call you back.
Bhanu! Ten minutes, please.
Okay, sir!
Thank you.
Mr Rao!
Have you seen the news?
I have seen it, sir.
-Whats your take on it?
According to the forensics,
there were no bomb explosives found, sir.
Not even chemical traces.
There is absolutely nothing to indicate
it was a human bomb.
Without involving any bomb,
it looks like a person
turned into a bomb and exploded.
What? How?
Thatthat makes no sense.
I know, sir.
Also, we have no idea
who the dead guy is or where he is from.
Based on his DNA sample
and CC TV footage,
I tried to gather some info, sir.
But I could find no match in our records.
Mr Rao!
I may be the CM
but i can hold this case from going to
central governments hands only for few days.
may take over this case any time.
If that happens, you know it.
Investigation will be dead slow.
They try to play everything by the book.
No one can say
when the case will be solved.
That is why it is very important that
Rudranetra solves this case at the earliest.
Not to worry, sir.
We will crack this case as soon as possible.
Its a promise.
I trust you, Mr Rao.
After all, you are my dads confidant.
I will always honour that.
Thank you, sir.
So, what next?
Sir, we need to appoint an agent
for this case, sir.
Do it.
Sir, its
What is it?
All the agents are busy
with other cases, sir.
Everyone is busy?
What about the agent who traced
the drug mafia in Punjab?
He is in Mumbai, sir.
He is investigating
the weapon smuggling case.
Fine. Er
Last month the agent who caught
the hacker who had infiltrated into
the central government network
What about Agent 101?
She is placed in Sri Lanka right now, sir.
She is handling a similar case.
Hey, what is this, Mr Rao?
Do you have any agents at all?
Sir, actually there is one, sir.
But he is
We have no time for ifs and buts, Mr Rao.
Assign the agent to this case immediately.
Rudranetra will solve this case.
Yeah, please.
Right, sir. Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
Yes, sir?
Uh, Madhu!
Where is our Agent 111?
Huh. The same guy.
Where is he?
You suspended him saying he is not fit
to be a field agent, remember?
Why wouldnt I?
He has a violent approach to a case
that can be handled silently.
Thats why I had to suspend him.
You tell me, Madhu.
How should an Agent function?
Interrogation, investigation
and then elimination. Simple, isnt it?
But nonot with our Agent Chaari.
He begins in confusion, gets into
frustration and ends in destruction.
Whatever he does,
he finally solves the case, sir.
Yes, he does.
It also elevates my blood pressure
and ends with a heart attack.
Every time he takes up a case,
my medical bills shoot up, do you know that?
Yeah, you find it funny.
No, sir. Sorry, sir.
Where is he?
Last time, you chastised him
for not being fit and drove him out.
It hurt his ego and now he got into
martial arts training.
Where is he training?
He mentioned Japan.
Japan? Chaari!
Did he also say Jackie Chan was his trainer?
Yes, sir! How do you know?
Ah! Madhu! Madhu
He must have told you that to impress you.
He is not that responsible,
and neither does he have the budget for it.
He must be right here in Kukatpally
or Ameerpet. Ask him to come.
You are next!
Bharata Natyamclassical move.
Crab move.
Bird move.
Dancing move
Uh, one second.
What was that?
I need a strategy break, sir.
I will be back.
II said I will be back?
Reconsider it done, sir.
Hold it, sir.
My heart doesnt cope without you
I need some more stretching, sir!
Tsk! This guy?!
Special Thai Massage.
Oh! Trick question!
Your background check sucks.
I dont go to such places.
Actually, I dont even like Thai food.
And Thai massage?
Show me your ID card.
I just gave my ID!
I flung it across in style a while ago!
You lost it or what?
Whats going on? Rudranetra?
This is your Thai massage
membership card!
This is not me!
Some doppelganger.
Damn! Looks real, huh?
This technology! AI!
This is my ID.
Even so, what is the connection between
Thai food and Thai massage?
Is there a connection between you
and your hairstyle?
Did I comment on it?
Give it here.
Let me take this.
Ill give it in the lost and found department,
You expect me to do everything!
You lazy fellows.
This guy is incorrigible! Drat!
What the
Dads birthday
Moms birthday
Neighbours birthday?
Dogs birthday?
Technology is my biology.
[Indistinct voices]
Excuse me.
Who is ChaariBrahmacharihere?
I am back!
Uh, I mean
Guys! I am Chaari.
Uh, I am I am back.
Short time memory loss, I guess.
Hi, Chaari!
Hey, Madhu!
How was Japan?
Subarasi katta
Huh! Who is that?
Hmm? Deva Kattas brother.
Come on, Madhu! Grow up!
Subarasi katta means
it was amazing in Japanese.
How is Mr Jackie Chan?
Pretty relaxed.
By the way
Jackie asked me to give you this.
-Do you like it?
For me?
-You are Madhu, right?
I saw something like this the other day
at Ameerpet signal!
Oh, crap!
Here. Look!
Erthere is a Hyderabad in Pakistan.
Did you know?
Similarly, Japan also has an Ameerpet.
In Ameerpet hereits all China products.
Who is that girl?
Newly recruited agent.
Kunchova asudaisu gongura.
You mean sorrel leaves?
Is it available in Japan too?
Dont we get avocado here?
They get sorrel leaves there.
Exotic import.
Only when this is removed,
the safety lever is exposed.
Check whether this lever is tight or not,
-Okay, maam.
Hey, brother!
I am big fan of yours, brother.
Thank you.
Its not just that, brother
-Hey, what is this respect, yeah?
Its not that, brother
-Hey, why are you tyring to touch my feet?
HeyI dont like these things.
Hey, devotion is all about bonding, man.
Not bending.
Why such insane love for me?
May I?
Careful. This is a real bomb.
Just like you?
No offence, uh?
Everyone! Lets have a demo
for this smoke grenade.
Silly! Smoke grenade
is used as a warning.
[all]: Bomb!
-What? Has this scared you?
And how is that?
-Super, brother!
Wow! Robot!
I know.
Consider this a love letter.
Imagine your enemy to be your love.
How can I consider my enemy
as my love, brother?
You got to.
-How can I, brother?
Trust me.
Imagine your love is
on the other side of the terrace.
How will you shoot this love letter
towards your love?
This is the love letter.
I willkiss it
and shoot it like this, brother.
You want to plant a kiss and shoot?
It will land straight on her dad.
And he will beat you like a dog.
You need a projectory, man!
Shoot it like this
and then it will land so smooth.
Actually let me show you a demo. Okay?
Who left this here? Bloody fools!
Brother, listen to me. Dont!
Wait, wait. -Dont touch it.
-Wait. I am only checking it.
It's not that brother. Please, stop.
-How would you know unless you see it?
Look at this projector.
-Brother, you are holding a bomb!
Brother, thats a bomb!
Oh my!
Oh, Shit!
Who kept the roof there?
Bloody interns!
What happened?
Era minor accident, sir.
Nothing to worry.
-Oh, good to know.
It was a mini smoke grenade.
Thats all.
The new trainees are very careless.
-Thats true.
Stop sending freshers for training unless
they have theory knowledge.
Is that clear?
-Okay, sir.
Send them home. Thats better.
-Sure, sir.
When did you come?
Dengue desuki.
Kara sara ashuka desi you bloody
Shami dasu korukata.
Ashu dasu.
Who was it?
My short-term girlfriend from Japan.
I met her on Thunder app.
Then our friendship developed
into something
which I am not really comfortable sharing with you.
No problem.
Did I hear you speak to her in Telugu?
Why dont we discuss work?
Probably, you have time. I dont.
Our country needs me.
Hey, Bunty!
Chaari is back!
Ustad! i am a big fan of yours.
What were you doing in Japan, Ustad?
Martial arts.
Krav MagaKrav AadaKrav Eeda
Hey, Chaari!
Hey, Rahul! What a pleasant surprise, man!
-Wow, wow, wow!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[both]: Hey
Hey, hey.
I love
Its caught.
It got stuck.
Rahul, have you forgotten hi-five sequence?
-My mistake.
This is the fifth sequence, right?
Why did you do it at four?
-Oh, sorry. I thought it was fourth.
Cut it.
-Come on! take it.
Snap it.
-Snap it.
You sent for me?
-Thank you, sir.
Can I sit too, sir?
Hmm. Sit.
Boss, I want half days leave.
-Its my girlfriends birthday.
Hey, its Suchitra, right?
Hey, no.
She kept nagging me about marriage
and so, I broke up.
Oh, my condolences.
Who is it now?
You know barber Mastan from the old city?
Why such a wild decision?
His daughter.
Did you think it was him? I am straight.
-His daughter
did I see her insta reels
I will get you the moon from the sky!
Tying it up with numerous stars
-Hey, hey, stop it!
Stop it! Nonsense!
Can't sing a song also!
Whats wrong with you?
Do you take this for a software job?
You want a day off for birthday?
With bombs going off all over the city,
you want to celebrate birthday? Stupid!
He wouldnt enjoy.
He wouldnt let the others.
I think he has no libido at all.
No weekends!
What is it?
-You wont get it, sir.
You are worse than Nursery going kids.
You are a bunch of fools I must say!
Apes! Apes are much better than you.
this incident happened last week.
Hold it right there, sir.
Frame by frame, sir.
Whatwhat did you?
Just go back. Go back!
And pause itthats it!
-Wow! Ustad!
Thats the guy!
What is it?
Thats the guy, sir. The black hoodie!
He has the bomb.
I have just closed the case for you.
You cant escape from me, bro.
I got the guy!
Chaari he is dehydrated.
Just for your kind information, Chaari.
-Yes, sir?
Everyone knows its him.
Was it a repeat telecast?
Can we proceed?
-With caution!
Sure. Thank you.
From what we see,
he seems to have made the blast.
Yes. But how?
Sir, if you observe,
he has no bomb on him.
Correctfor once.
And for all!
Just a metaphor.
Sir, just curious
were there any interesting events
or suspicious activities on the same day?
Many. I will circle down
to one interesting event.
Actually, one day before the blast,
a big shot from Vizag
He is a business tycoon
He was in Hyderabad to attend the wedding
of a ministers daughter.
Sir, but here
-Priya! Shh
No, but in the video
Priya, zip it, dear.
Its quite obvious.
Srinivas is a suspect. Right, sir?
Its stuck
Can I?
-Sure, sir.
Thank you.
Why are the pictures so dull?
The printer has run out of ink.
Good budget gets you good photos.
I mean you took a thousand only
last week for the cartridge.
Ah, I bought a flat
in Jubilee Hills using it, sir.
Last night was the housewarming.
Do you even know how may print outs
the office orders every day?
[both]: Heynot your mother, man!
My mother!
What, Mr Chaari?
-Thats what Mr Rahul.
Fine. I will ask Madhu
to give you a little more.
A little? A little more?
Sir, is this a spy office or a post office?
What did you tell me
when I took the job, sir?
You said, Your life is going to change.
You are going to save the world.
I trusted you and I imagined myself
as James Bond
but you have no money
even for Brooke Bond tea.
Enough now.
Blistering barnacles!
So, coming back to this.
If you observe closely,
on the day of the blast,
Srinivas was in the mall.
Right behind him
there was also the guy in black hoodie.
See this.
But it could also
be a coincidence, sir.
May be.
But its too much of a co-incidence.
Srinivas is already involved
in certain illegal activities.
There is some connection
between Srinivas and the bomb blast.
This is what my gut feeling is.
I want all possible details of Srinivas.
His family, friends,
business partnerseverything.
And as soon as possible.
Its impossible, sir.
The system is slow.
The internet speed is also not great.
And then my system is not working.
We need to buy a new one.
What? So soon?
But didnt we buy it recently, say,
seven or eight years ago?
Dont say it aloud, sir.
They will laugh at you openly.
Sir, eight years make up a generation, sir.
In these eight years, my neighbour aunty
changed twelve I-Phones,
and upgraded them twenty times, sir.
Sir, we are in the generation of
artificial intelligence and Chat GPT.
What do you find disgusting?
No comments but disgusting, sir.
The world is progressing,
and this old man isunblelievable!
Okay, sir! I will also take a leave.
What do you mean leave
when blasts are going on in the city?
How can you take leave?
Show some goddam responsibility, Priya.
Go ahead.
Carry on. Thank you.
-Over here.
I am so sorry, sir.
So, I am assigning you
as an agent for this case.
Consider it done, sir. Agent 111 Chaari
reporting to office today, sir.
Will you allow me to speak,
please, if you dont mind?
Yeah. But please call me Agent Chaari.
I am assigned.
Okay, Agent Chaari!
-Reporting, sir!
Srinivas Rao is organizing a dinner
party tonight and you must attend it.
I cannot, sir. Chaari is on a diet.
Will you stop it?
-I cannot, sir! Its a thirty-day diet plan.
It has got side effects.
I need to control my belly. Its a jelly.
You are asked to attend the party not to
But to gather information.
Oh! I am so sorry, sir. I gotuh
-Its okay.
I just got carried away.
You know.
Also, there have been some
heavy transactions in Srinivas accounts.
Noted, sir.
Find why he had to take it
and whom has he paid and everything.
I will find out, sir.
My guess is... there is going to be
a major exchange tonight there.
I need to know what it is.
I will get that for you.
And if possible, Chaari
Capture Srinivas and bring him over.
If possible?
Did you just say if possible?
Are you sure your feeling could be
underestimating Mr Chaari, sir?
Bunty will assist you on this case.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sir. Chaari is a one man army.
Since you are requesting me so much,
I will consider it, sir.
Bunty, follow me.
-Thank you, sir.
And let me tell you one thing, sir!
My time starts now.
Let me set the timer.
-Thank you.
And my country needs me.
When you add a plus to another
what would happen?
Oh, crap!
No, no, no!
Oh, falcon crap!
Hey, Rahul, are you okay?
-Oh! Hey, no.
Its just some bomb, bro.
Smoky flavour.
It gets a pungent smell.
So, Rahul, whats happening?
Show me what you got.
Yeah. I got some thing really new,
something better, something clever.
I am working on that!
Hey, you are working on that accent, huh?
Look there.
Whats that?
Its a capture chute.
What is it?
When you want to catch a person,
from far away
-Can you speak a bit normal?
Point this to a target person,
press this button and throw it on him,
this opens out like a bag
and wraps around him.
So, you can catch criminals easily.
What is its altitude level?
Hmm, almost twelve feet.
You know... even if someone is screaming
form inside, no one can hear it.
Reduce the weight.
-Can you increase the budget?
Its okay. I will take it.
And the next thing is
-Hey, this is quite handy, huh?
Hey, dont pull the trigger!
Oh, crap!
What the
-You are always a premature ejector!
Is he dead?
No, two hours of bed.
Paid vacation?
Lucky fellow!
Sorry, huh.
Look at this.
What is it? EVM machine?
GPS trackers.
These stickers can be pasted anywhere.
Apple guy invented this long ago.
My foot!
Whatever surface you put this sticker on,
it adapts to the colour of the surface.
Almost invisible.
Is that really possible?
Where were you yesterday?
-At home.
At Manikonda tiffin centre, you ate tomato
chutney mistaking it for coconut chutney,
and you had 32 loose motions.
You pressed the flush 32 times!
Hey! How do you know?
I put it on you without your knowledge.
Almost invisible.
I might not be Apple.
I am pineapple.
Damn, Rahul!
I envy you!
By the way, where is my James Bond car?
I am not taking the rickshaw next time, sir.
My tail bone hurts.
At least arrange for a cab.
Will think about it later,
just get the job done
I can hear you.
I know that.
Nothing, sir. ,
Boss! You are a tiger, boss.
Not now. Lets go.
-Uh, okay.
What is this?
Remove it.
-Its personal, goddamn it!
Remove it!
Revenge will be taken.
What was that, boss?
-My childhood sentiment.
But you have no sentiments, boss.
Its my childhoods. Not mine.
Social media addiction.
You are right, boss.
[Indistinct voices]
Huh? Boss!
She looks like Disha Patani, doesnt she?
Go and look for Srinivas.
-What about you?
Radio silent.
Play the BGM.
Your poison, sir?
Buffalo milk, farm fresh and handpicked.
And especially boiled, not shaken
and go easy on the froth.
You have a unique taste.
Oh, you are talking to me?
Sorry. I didnt notice you.
Your taste
Well! I am a man of taste.
But a wild one, huh?
Your buffalo milk, sir.
-Thank you.
Taste and class.
Thats how I live and present myself
With conviction.
I am Esha.
I am Chaari.
-Done, sir.
Thanks for the tip on the lip.
And on the nose.
You are too nosy, huh.
You are very interesting.
What do you do?
Killing intruders.
Excuse me, please.
Uh, uh, listen!
I mean can you
No point.
What is the matter?
I found out where Srinivas is, boss.
-Where is he?
He is coming right here in a while.
When he is coming right here.
Fine. Lets go.
-Lets go.
Sir! Madam has sent you this drink.
Boss! Focus on Srini.
I dont mix milk with mission.
Lets go.
Hi, friends! Thank you all for coming
for my birthday.
Let me open this.
Boss! Alert, boss!
Hey, hey!
That's it.
That's fantastic.
Boss, who was the girl you were talking to?
Shut up!
We dont discuss girls while on mission.
I dont mean that, Ustad!
Bunty, focus and let me focus.
Lets have a party!
Bah! How do I say this?
Srinu has left.
So, its time for the exchange, boss.
Where is the boss?
One vodka for me and milk for my boss.
Dont you want any snacks, sir?
Boss, its you!
There was an order for drinks from inside.
I set up a mike in the drinks trolley.
So, we can hear whatever they say.
Thats the plan.
There is so much to learn
from you, Ustad!
This is just a beginning, buddy.
That's really good.
I have arranged a gun for you, boss.
Proud of you, Bunty.
Mission begins.
You are very lucky.
You are the first customer
who is going to own this.
Its going to be big.
Ah? Huh!
What the heck, Bunty!
-So sorry, boss.
There is going to be a demo in a few days.
You must watch it live.
Great kingking of kings!
-Bunty! Stop it!
Sorry. Wrong connection, boss.
-I know that.
Tsk! Bloody Rudranetra. gadgets!
Take a refund.
There is no other way Bunty.
We have to make a direct attack.
Let me do that, Bunty. I am the boss.
-Okay, boss.
Okay! Shhshh!
-Its done.
What next, boss?
Every step we take from here
Should be very careful.
A single mistake
and the whole plan will go waste.
Okay? Careful!
What the heck! Oh, hell!
What about face wash?
Oh... bang!
Oh! Good timing!
One second late
and I would have done the killing.
Duck! Duck!
Boss! He is running away, boss.
Do something, boss.
Come over here!
He is running with the briefcase.
What happened, boss?
Are you hungry?
Yes, I am hungry.
Not for the fruit.
But for action.
Boss, how?
-Because I am James Bonds co-brother.
Hey! How dare you hit my boss!
Where is the briefcase?
Ah! Where is it?
Where can you run, Srini!
Let me use my trump card.
Capture shoot.
Srini! You got captured!
And thats Chaari for you.
-Boss! The briefcase!
Its just the appetiser, buddy.
Thats the main course.
The old man? Answer.
Boss! We got the suitcase.
Srinivas also.
-Very good.
Bring him to our safe house. Now.
On the way, boss!
Lets go!
AP IC 4444
(Humming a tune)
Target one and two achieved.
What is this?
Your farewell gifts.
Choose to open whatever you want.
Good job.
You call a great job just a good job
and if it were really a good job,
you wouldnt probably call it even a job.
Whats with this ribbon?
Bah! Outdated thinking.
Plate biryani is sixty rupees.
And pot biryani is 160 rupees.
Its not even biryani, sir.
Its a package.
Chaari is all about packaging.
Chaari please!
Boss! You are a university.
That was wet.
If you want to apologize to me
for suspending me earlier, now is the time.
Lets not drag it too much.
I will apologize once,
i am done with this.
Up to you. I got time!
UhI mean
Just a motivation.
In such a short time, how did you turn
Srinivas into an old hag?
You are a great boss!
Ill tell you.
Where can you run, Srini!
Let me use my trump card.
Capture chute!
Who are you all? Huh?
How dare you kidnap me?
Hey, stop! Stop there!
Please. One minute.
-Hey, you!
-One minute. Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Give me the stick, please.
I will give you a knife. Go, stab him.
I am Prasad Rao.
I am the Chief of
Why am I telling you all that?
What I am trying to say is
it wasnt my mistake.
It was all done
by that rogue there in black jacket.
B.. bBoss!
-It was his doing.
Return my stick to me.
Why? To beat me?
-Give it, man!
Beat me and be happy.
Beat me.
Oh my!
Why are you beating me for real?
Please, leave.
There is no security in this society
for lonely ladies like me!
Srinivas! Stop acting!
We know who you are.
Undress and show us your real face!
Come on, immediately! Remove!
What the heck!
You want me to remove my clothes?
What nonsense are you talking?
What are you blabbering?
-She is beating me with a stick, boss.
Who the heck are you?
I have been kidnapped just like you.
By these bloody criminals.
Lets go away from this rotten society.
Come on, aunty.
Who is your aunty?
Who are you calling an aunty?
-But aunty means an upgrade, right?
She was upset you called her aunty, boss.
How upset uncle must be!
What did you say?
You want me to apologize to you?
Not mandatory, sir.
Why do you need that gun?
-Give it here.
Whats in the suitcase?
Its a gift. Its fine.
Open it.
-Open number?
Sirs birth year. 1940.
What is this?
-The suitcase is empty, boss.
I can see that, Bunty.
Empty suitcase?
It was not empty, sir.
I must slap myself
for bringing you back to the agency.
Sir, I will nab Srini whatever it takes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
It is my mother promise.
What is this?
James Bond?
Just for the swag.
-Enough. Its disgusting. Lower the gun.
You will never become an agent in your life.
Mark my words!
Dont say that, sir.
Bloody old man
-Boss! Cool, cool.
Boss, is he not Srini for certain?
Thats what I am confused about.
Follow me.
Yes! Wow!
It is not Srini.
It is a seventy year old Sagittarius woman
with minor arthritis.
Boss! How?
Whats wrong, boss?
It was that girl, man.
Which girl?
The buffalo milk girl.
I didnt notice
in my aggression while fighting.
She interchanged the suitcase
in the gap and took off.
What now?
Dont worry.
I placed a GPS chip on the suitcase.
She is being tracked.
Boss! You are a boss!
Please bless me.
-Hey, hey, hey!
Wipe your tears.
Just worship.
Dont flatter.
But with a genius boss like me,
these things are quite common,
my wooden bridge!
Whats our next plan, boss?
Lets go and get that
Lets go and get her.
Boss this is that girls house.
Hmm. Tsk!
Boss! Mission is important.
Focus, boss.
Thats what I am doing, Bunty.
Huh? Boss!
Big boss!
Why would our old man come here?
What business would he have?
Oh, my god!
Hey, Bunty!
This old man is the main villain.
You are right, boss.
Lets go in and catch him red handed.
Come on.
What are you waiting for, boss?
If we catch big boss red handedly,
I was wondering about the side effects.
Since I am the only agent
equally qualified after the old man,
they will appoint me as the Agency Chief.
Hmm. This one.
Its not that, boss.
Its juicebumps.
-Are they?
I imagine you as Agency Chief,
and my hairs are standing on their ends.
I thought it was some skin allergy.
Arent you happy?
Of course, I am.
But we cant help it.
I have to shoulder the responsibility.
There is no other experienced person.
By the way
If I become the Agency Chief,
do you think I will get a raise?
Certainly, boss.
I have humble request, boss.
Shift my chair next to Madhus, boss.
Because I love her.
Poor thing, man.
She is a good girl.
Am I not good, boss?
I mean fine. Okay.
Not too many favours. Okay?
Since I am the Agency Chief now,
we must upgrade these costumes.
Lets go shopping.
-Lets go.
Come, come.
-Hold on, boss.
I think we have forgotten something, boss.
Why did we come here
in the first place?
Why did we?
Boss! Suitcase!
What the hell!
Then we should go in for the suitcase!
Lets get into action. Come on!
Hey, not this way. That way.
Okay, okay.
Well, well, well!
Rocky and Rani!
It was a great plan and you fooled us.
Butyou have underestimated Chaari.
Chaari, you have no idea
-Oh, I do have an idea, sir.
-I do.
I always looked up to you as a father.
Did I ask you for a mother?
That too such a beautiful mother?
I cant digest!
Just get out, Chaari. Please.
Open it!
-Oh, come on!
Stop this bull crap!
And you!
Miss True Colours!
Ill deal with you later.
So, Mr Dan Bilzerian!
What is your next plan?
Where have you planted the bombs?
What is your plan after planting them?
Are you planning to skip to Goa
with your Deepika Padukone
and dance to When the Pathaan grooves?
You lusty monster!
Just shut up, Chaari, and get out!
-Oh, cut the crap.
I know you are the master mind
behind the bomb blasts.
Shall we get honest now?
How much was your deal with Srinivas?
First, tell me that.
Chaari, this is really too much!
You left behind Srinivas
and this suitcase, and I should be
Have you gone mad?
And shame on you, Chaari!
You missed it again!
My boss missed it deliberately.
It was a warning shot.
Shut up! Bloody nonsense!
Uh, exactly.
That was a warning shot.
Love you, my man.
-Thank you, boss.
Oh, just shut up!
-Oh, dont scream, okay?
I missed no one.
I got you who are the main culprit.
I got the suitcase.
And in no time, Srinivas will be found.
Chaari, listen to me.
I am also an agent of Rudranetra.
See this.
She is right, Chaari.
Priya, what are you doing here?
I came here tracking the GPS
on the suitcase, sir.
Until Rahul told me,
I didnt know about Esha either.
What the hell is happening here?
Hey, Chaari!
Cool down. Cool down!
I appointed Esha as a back up plan.
She is my plan B.
As expected, you ruined the entire plan.
So, was I plan A?
In fact, Esha has saved you.
Otherwise, you would be lying dead by now.
Lower it.
-But, boss!
Drop your weapon.
Nonsense! Boss!
Silly dragging!
Hey! Chaari!
-Why such build up?
Chaari, give it here.
Take it for me.
What? Wont you take it for me?
You are insulting my intelligence.
Okay. Okay, boss.
Stop it, Chaari.
I said give it to me.
Is he planning to take it?
This is not a BP tablet by the way.
Huh, bah!
Dont you know how to hand over?
-Dont you know how to take it?
I passed it right.
-Not the slightest responsibility.
Dont blame me since you dropped it.
Boss! A moment late
Just missed, man.
We are saved.
Priya, go to the office.
Scientist Krishnans details would be there.
Ask him to come here immediately.
-Okay, sir.
Let me come along.
Shhone second.
Chaari, it must be the scientist.
-Will you just wait?
Dont overreact.
Let me just go, check the surroundings
and come. Okay?
You guys wait.
Tsk! Waste of time.
Go, check.
Please come.
Long time.
Yeah, Krishnan?
I need to test this in the lab.
Give me time till tomorrow morning.
Uh, dont worry.
Its my private lab.
Hmm. Okay.
Its all clear, sir.
I think it was just the wind.
Keep it up.
Check the bathrooms also, Chaari,
-I already did, sir.
They stink.
You have a huge house here.
Are you rich or something?
Bom, bomb, bom, bomb, bomb
Bom, bomb, bom, bomb, bomb!
Bombomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-
Bom, bomb! Bom a bom a bom a bomb!
-Bom a bom
Hey, Chaari!
Can you stop your nonsense for a while?
CM sir will appear on a video call.
I am glad you didnt say PM.
Stop your pranks, sir.
He says CM will be on a video call.
Do you know the latest gossip?
What is it?
And how would I not know?
Our CM seems to be a great romantic.
Sir, sir, CM sir.
CM and Rita are getting married.
Which Rita?
Rose milk Rita, bro.
What are you saying?
Hey, Chaari!
-Rose milk, man! Do you remember the song?
Hey, let me guess.
Let me guess.
Chaari! Sorry, sir!
-Sir! CM sir.
[both]: Rose, rose, rose!
You are my spicy dose!
Come on, come on, make it fast.
You are my spicy dosa!
Hey, Chaari! Hey, stop your nonsense.
It's Mr CM!
I am Chaari 111 reporting, sir!
I am in charge of the latest bomb case, sir!
Shall we discuss the case?
What is the status?
I am single, sir.
Just joining Tinder.
Chaari, not that case.
What is the status of the case?
Sir, sirits a pill, sir.
Its actually a capsule.
Actually, what happened was
How is it even possible?
We are trying to find out, sir.
To find that out, we have sent the pill
to a scientist for a test, sir.
We will get the information
by tomorrow morning.
Hmm. Okay.
But Mr Rao!
Please, remember.
If we dont solve this case
as soon as possible,
RAW will take over.
This guy!
I wont let that happen under
any circumstances, sir.
Even if it means laying their lives,
I will solve this case, sir.
Brother? It's my life!
-I mean it.
I hope you have the necessary equipment
to solve this case?
Hmm. Sir!
We are the topmost
technically advanced spy agency, sir.
Oh, crap!
Oh! Come on, come on, come on!
Its overheated!
We are the second topmost
technically advanced spy agency, sir.
Don't worry, sir.
This is a regular affair for us.
In fact,
-Oh, solved!
We have the rarest secret gadgets, sir.
For example,
please guess this object?
Its a car key.
Hmm. You are mistaken.
You are misled just like everyone else.
This is an electrical shock weapon.
It emits invisible electric rays.
For example, suppose I press this
No, no! Dont press.
Hey! Chaari!
-Boss, boss, boss!
Sir! Are you okay?
-Boss has fainted.
Guys, guys! Chill, chill!
-What the
These invisible electric rays will only
paralyse human body for 30 seconds, sir.
25 seconds already over.
The countdown starts now.
Five, four, three, two, one.
He woke up.
And he is back.
Mr Rao! Are you okay?
Yeah, I am good, sir.
Thank you.
He is well rejuvenated, sir.
Keep me posted.
I will take a leave.
Yes, sir!
Why do you want leave in this situation?
Bomb blasts are going on out there and
being a responsible CM, if you go on leave,
First of all, a project
-Chaari! Chaari, please.
Enough! You can leave, sir.
I know this is not the place to say but
please dont post
your vacation pics on Twitter.
You will get trolled.
CM is blushing.
Memes are brutal, bro.
Sir, Ill handle it, sir.
Have a great vacation, sir.
Whatevermakes you happy!
How can he go on leave now?
-Chaari! His family and his vacation!
Whats wrong with you?
Get out!
This is something bad.
This is one of the most destructive weapons
in the world today.
I have spent my entire life
researching on weapons.
The pill you are looking at
is a chemical weapon.
Take a look.
The digestive system in our body
contains hydrochloric acid.
It releases a chemical.
It is called pepsin.
Now we all know about
hydrochloric acid generally speaking, right?
But how many of you know that
when mixed with certain elements,
it can create some bad reactions?
For example
When cyanide salts are mixed into this,
it becomes hydrogen cyanide gas.
Similarly, when certain metals
get mixed with this acid,
it converts itself into hydrogen peroxide
which is one of the most dangerous
ingredients for explosives making.
But how does all this happen
in the stomach?
When a clever man
wants to go the wrong way,
anything is possible.
Whoever has developed this,
he is making both the elements
mix in the stomach
creating a human bomb in the process.
So, this pill was created by
We are talking about a crazy
but a genius chemist...
who is also a weapons expert.
This is a dangerous combination, right?
Just by investing his brains,
his plan is to make billions.
In simple words,
a mad, psycho scientist.
Such scientists probably
lived 25 years ago.
I heard there were nine in Pakistan
and one at the Kashmir border.
Yes. Kashmir.
They were also developing
such chemical weapons.
Subsequently, the government
had eliminated them.
What happened?
Only Srinivas knows
who is behind this.
I know where Srinivas is.
Accept that this case is mine
and I will tell you.
Chaari, please!
-Okay, bye.
One minute!
Okay, its yours.
-Thank you!
But both of you
must solve it together, okay?
Chaari is a one-man army.
Okay. Cool.
Ill train her.
Follow me.
Take your seat!
So, Mr Rao! What is the update?
We are in the middle of a huge problem, sir.
What is that?
In 1992, India and Pakistan
signed a joint agreement.
That the two countries would not make
any chemical or biological weapons.
Yes. So?
Now, a dangerous chemical weapon
has been made in India.
Yes, sir.
When i think of number of wars
this can lead to, it scares me.
Who was it, Mr Rao?
What are you saying?
A major accident in the life
of an individual twenty years ago,
is reverting in the form of a deadly weapon
to attack our country.
To put it clearly,
are you aware of the
Isabel Hospital Killings in Kashmir?
I have heard about them.
Your father was quite familiar with it.
Can you be a bit clearer?
Year 2003
The case of a woman called, Mahi.
One of the most dangerous criminals
in Indian history.
You dont find her
on a single page of history.
We killed her for committing treason.
Huh, then?
What is the connection?
Now, her son has arrived, sir.
You mean behind all these blasts
If my guess is correct,
he is the one, sir.
We need to apprehend him at any cost, sir.
Otherwise, how far he would take
his vengeance is beyond my imagination.
Vengeance? Against whom?
Against this country.
Against me.
Mr Rao!
Who would protect our country
from him now?
I sent Esha and Chaari to trace
Srinivas location. What happened?
Uh, yes, sir.
They are on the job.
I trusted Chaari with such a big mission.
I wonder what is going to happen.
Why do you keep rebuking Chaari, sir?
You dont know about him completely.
Or you would do the same.
But what happened?
We had received intel that
a group of terrorists...
from Egypt had come to India
and were planning an attack.
Obviously, we had planned
a secret operation to tackle it.
Then we came to know
the Korean Prime Minister
was going to attend
a press meet in Delhi.
We also learnt that this group of terrorists
was also going to attack him.
So, Chaari and I,
as undercover agents,
went as personal body guards
for the Korean Prime Minister.
He was attending the press meet
with his wife and his son.
On behalf of the Korean government,
to discuss the exciting prospects
of collaboration between our two nations,
Korea and India in the realm of
business opportunities
India and Korea have long standing
history of diplomatic relations
and economic ties.
Both nations have demonstrated
resilience in position
-Shh Shh
and commitment to progress. It is with this
shared spirit that we seek to enhance
our collaboration for leveraging each other's
strength for mutual growth and prosperity.
India with its...
Oh! We are under attack!
[indistinct voices]
Mummy- Oh, my god!
Hey! Hey!
-Change gun!
Leave me! Leave me!
-Take him away.
Just take him away.
You terrorist!
Hey, hey
How dare you!
Hey, get lost!
-Hey, let go!
Sir, are you okay, sir?
Sir, I think your nose is broken.
I know.
But we got him, sir.
We got him.
He disgraced me
with his stupidity that day.
But he could apprehend the terrorist, sir.
Yeah! He did.
After breaking the Prime Ministers nose
and disgracing me.
He made a comedy of a serious operation.
I wonder what he is up to now.
Where the hell is he?
Save me, save me, save me!
What the hell, Chaari?
Its just a four-feet deep swimming pool.
But I always think out of the box.
Thats why I upped it a bit.
Four feet?
How did you know
Srinivas is here?
You beginners!
When he went into the room
at the party that night,
if you can recall my stylish entry
I have tracked his assets.
Not the physical assetsfinancial.
Thats when I discovered this place.
Hey, look there.
Where? Where?
-Over there.
We are going to be attacked.
Dont panic.
Its my personal underwater missile.
I call it Rajma Chawal.
Enough. Lets go.
Can we wait?
Come on.
What the
Hey, not under water!
Out of here!
-You could have told me earlier!
Do you think this is a sea?
Just a small swimming pool.
Why did you need this suit?
Your ideas irritate me sometimes.
I always have a backup plan.
Choose me or lose me.
Uhjust dont tease me.
I am going.
I am coming along.
Okay, okay.
Hmm. Okay, okay.
Having fun, huh?
Yes, man. Having fun.
Oh, my! Oh, my private parts!
Srini, you are hurting me.
No. Twitter.
How on Twitter?
I asked her to follow me.
She literally followed me home.
Wow! So, she is a match.
No toss yet.
You barged in meanwhile.
Oh, Srini!
You are hurting me, Srini.
No! Srini, no!
Im serious!
Srini! You criminal!
Whats your twitter ID?
I will find out somehow.
Good to see you, Srini.
Now, thats a good shot
for an intern, huh?
I recommend you to higher officials
because for an intern thats
Let go of him.
Take him away.
I will take care of this.
Are you sure?
Just listen to the words
coming out of my mouth!
Dont worry. I wont kill her.
Go, go!
I dont use guns on women.
Dont you?
What is your weapon then?
-My charm.
But your charm is not going to
work on me, huh.
Anyways, I am Sheela.
Before you die, tell me your name.
How do you know?
The way you looked at me
in the bathroom.
So, is Srini also a virgin?
Isnt it late for him?
Unnecessary damage.
Especially when you are running on a
limited budget.
Looks authentic.
My name is Sheela.
Sheela is youthful.
I am too sexy for you"
I am yourI am
I am your hands
It got stuck.
One minute, huh?
Didnt you just tell me
you wont use weapons against women?
You have no problem now?
Its a domestic fight!
I need to use the rest room.
This fight is hectic, ya.
What the
Oh my!
You better stay...
Are you even human?
Hey, hey, hey!
Thank you.
That was shwarma.
Boss, where are you?
Bunty, Sheela is on top of me.
I will call you back.
Hey, hey, hey!
Indian 2 move!
Crab move!
Oh, my!
Bird move!
Now watch!
The prick
For being a speed breaker
for your mission.
I am a truck without brakes.
I cant but kill you.
We are not different.
You work for your boss.
I work for myself.
Our jobs may be similar.
But both are not same!
You are just a gal.
Not Gal Gadot.
Where is he?
That guy, Ravan
You go around killing everyone with pills
and you want us to sit and watch silently?
Where is he?
If I tell you, he will anyway kill me.
Better that you kill me.
You are right.
I will definitely kill you.
But do some good before dying.
What are you planning
to do with the pills?
I am not afraid of you.
Ah! Aw!
You bloody!
Oh, my!
I never saw you like this.
Who is Ravan, sir?
Ravan is the result of an intelligent person
taking a wrong path.
A tiny village on the borders of Kashmir
on the Indian side.
This had started in Isabel Hospital
in that village.
India and Pakistan had strained
relations during the time.
So, some army personnel were
posted there to monitor the situation.
Thats how I was there too.
That was when Mahima had joined
the nursing department of the hospital.
While interviewing Mahi, the Dean was shocked
when he checked her certificates.
Mahi was a gold medallist in Chemistry.
She had done MA in Pharmacy.
She was also a topper in Nursing.
Despite being overqualified,
why she opted to work
in that hospital puzzled him.
The main reason behind Mahis decision
to work there
was her son, Ravan.
He had a congenital respiratory problem.
So, he had to grow up away from
pollution and city environment.
Added to that,
Mahis financial position was also weak.
She joined this hospital only because
they had offered her living quarters.
I saw Mahi for the first time then.
She was very efficient in her work.
Against protocol,
Mahi had done the job of a doctor.
The doctors ego was hurt
and he confronted her.
Mahi spoke defiantly
with the higher authorities.
Everyone was shocked to see the rebel
in Mahi and her anger.
After her husband betrayed her and left her,
Ravan became her world.
Mahi had worked endlessly to find a cure
for her sons disease.
She was willing to save her son
even if it meant giving up her life.
They say a mother would go to
any extent to save her kid.
That was what happened in Mahis case.
To test the medicine she developed
for saving her son,
she used the patients in the hospital
for clinical trials.
Around the same time,
complaining of liver tuberculosis
a foreigner called David,
was admitted to the same hospital.
There was no cure
for that disease back then.
Mahi remained in a state of denial
about the crime she was committing.
She knew only one thing at that time.
She had to test the effectiveness of
the medicine she had developed.
If it worked, she would have to
save her son using the medicine.
Soon Mahi became aware of the massacre
in the process of finding a cure for her son.
Around 25 patients had lost
their lives because of her.
The government had passed orders
to seal the hospital in a week.
Thats exactly when Mahi discovered
that her medicine had worked on David.
Having come to know that the medicine
she had invented was effective,
but realising that it couldnt
cure Ravan completely,
Mahi was deeply upset.
Though Ravan began
to play like the other kids,
he was not totally cured.
Mahi needed money for his treatment.
David used to be amazed
by Mahis intelligence.
Thats when greed had joined intelligence.
David was a terrorist.
He wanted a chemical weapon
to destroy Russia.
He wanted to use Mahi to achieve that.
He convinced Mahi that the huge money
involved could save her son.
The hospital was sealed.
After that,
David took Mahi to his place.
It was a secret warehouse
away from the village.
Six months later
David had left for his country to join war.
In Russia, terrorist David was caught
by the officials redhandedly
during his attempt to use a chemical weapon
and on being questioned
he mentioned that he was helped by an Indian
scientist in making this chemical weapon.
Learning this, the Indian
Prime Minister has passed orders
to apprehend the Indian scientist at once
and take her into custody.
When we reached her place
to capture Mahi,
she had already left but made sure
there was no evidence left.
Army and the Police Departments
had formed special teams
and investigated the case for a year.
Then they found out
she was in Hyderabad.
Then a special team had gone there.
I was leading the team.
I must say
in my entire career
The most intelligent criminal
I have seen is Mahi.
Anyways, we got there.
We surrounded her completely.
We sent Ravan to a special home.
He lived there
for a few years and escaped.
Where he went or what came of him
Nobody knows.
He just vanished.
The main perpetrator behind the bloodshed
in Ramayana was Surpanakha.
The reason for this chemical war is Mahi.
She entrusted this war
to Ravan and left.
-Oh, god!
Oh, damn!
It could be Rahul.
Oh, sorry.
Is he snoring or something?
In three days
seven blasts.
Three flowers and six
Hey, I dont get a single word you say.
You think you are Sid Sriram to understand
whatever you sing?
Give it to me. Hello!
I was talking, yeah.
Seven blasts in three days.
Ravan, listen to me.
You cant escape after committing
such a big crime. Its impossible.
These pills are going to make a
billion dollar business in the market.
The investors want a small demo.
How can we not give a demo
for such a huge business?
So, I am going to place Hyderabad
on world television and give a small demo.
It will end where it all ended.
By the way
get ready for the demo.
The countdown starts.
A human bomb goes off
in a temple in Hyderabad.
Five have lost their lives
while several others were severely injured.
The injured are in a critical condition
according to the hospital sources.
The police believe there is a terror plot
behind this blast.
The government has decided
to initiate CBI enquiry.
Such blasts make people severely...
Peoples Hospital.
The Chief Minister is set to address
the media regarding this.
-Uh, hello!
There is a bomb in your hospital.
Hello? Who are you?
Evacuate immediately.
But who are you, sir?
(People howling in pain)
Sir, what happened?
Rahul, I just attended a call
at the safe house.
I will send you the number.
Trace it and share the location.
Okay, sir.
Will get back to you in ten minutes.
So, whats the plan?
Oh, sorry. Sorry.
Rahuls calling.
Stop by the side.
Hello, Rahul!
You are on speaker. Tell me.
Hey, Chaari!
That was a fake location.
What the
No point in going there.
Got it.
Rahul! Rahul!
We should inform sir immediately.
The principal duty of Rudranetra
is nations safety.
Before appointing agents to this agency,
what you should look for
is their sense of patriotism.
Patriotism cannot be taught.
It should be in their blood.
If Rudranetra should function properly,
you should always have a backup plan.
So, always have Plan B.
Do you know where the power of a
secret agency lies, Mr Rao?
The day your enemy finds your place
You are as good as finished.
Didnt I ask you to be ready
for my surprises?
He said seven blasts in three days.
Already, there were two blasts.
Next blast
when do you think it will be?
Chaari, always remember this.
You come from a family that
laid their lives for the country.
How should the battle
of such a man be?
Come on.
I am on diet. So, pizza may be better.
-Okay, sir!
Sir, wont you go home?
You carry on, Chaari.
This is my house.
I call myself single.
But sir is born single.
At least send him home.
He is newlywed.
Okay. Carry on.
-Okay, sir!
What is your last wish, sir?
What, Chaari?
Whats your plan?
Why do you me ask me anyway?
I am fine, right?
Its okay. Tell me, sir.
I want to die protecting my country.
I dont think
there is a greater death than that.
Then you are done for the day, sir.
We must find Ravans location.
We have very less time.
-I know.
We must find his place
and destroy all the pills.
It cannot end like this.
What did you say?
We have a very short time?
-No, the last line
It cannot end like this?
It cannot end like this?
It will end where it allended.
You remember what Mr Rao told us?
Ravans mother was traced to Hyderabad
and they were here to attack her?
The end
So, he means the place
where his mother died.
He called it the end.
Where is that place?
Give me two minutes. I will find out.
-Okay, okay.
I wish we had a back-up plan.
Backup plan?
These criminals are too much, sir.
Without leaving a single clue,
where do you think
they hide their personal secrets?
Not just criminals, Chaari.
Everyone saves his important things
just like this.
So, where do you store them?
Wait a minute.
Let me crack it, sir.
You never go home.
Your life is all about this office
and the car.
So, if my guess is right, you must be
saving them in either of these places.
Am I right?
Hey! I am right.
Keep your secrets safe, sir.
Without you, Rudranetra has no identity.
Dont worry, Chaari.
Whether I am here or not,
Rudranetra will not stop.
I always have a backup plan.
Backup plan
Come over.
We found the place.
-Where is it?
She was killed in an old warehouse
in the forest.
Good, good. But we must do
something else before that. Come.
Where to?
-Ill tell you. Come.
Backup plan!
Copycat! Wait.
Movie ticket.
Mr Raos backup plan
is a movie ticket?
It must be some Malayalam film
with Shakeela.
What are you up to, oldie?
Lets go.
To the movies?
-To this theatre.
Fine. Lets go.
Flat tyre.
These cars cannot be trusted, ya.
But these can be.
Come on! Go fast, Esha.
Uh, excuse
Sorry, sorry.
If Rudranetra were to function properly,
you should always have a backup plan.
So, alwayshave Plan B.
My nose is itching.
Can you please scratch?
Go to hell.
I spent my whole life with outdated hard discs
and no enjoyment.
This old man is the reason for it.
First, kill him, Ravan bro.
Hey, Rahul! What are you blabbering?
Shut up!
Hey, get lost!
Did you grant me at least a day's leave?
You would have a hundred questions.
Die now.
Fall in the chemicals and die.
Just shut up.
-Heywhat are you looking at?
Dont you understand?
Are you really a villain?
Kill him!
I want to see him dead.
Just shut up, Rahul.
Will you just shut up?
Ravan, listen to me.
You are repeating your mothers mistake.
Sir, sir!
Another word about my mother
Actually, you only know half the story.
After leaving Kashmir,
during the one year you were hunting her,
she was right there.
She was pregnant with me then.
After my dad, David, had left
she raised us alone.
Here where we are right now.
After a few days, my mother put me
in a safe shelter in Hyderabad.
she wanted to make chemical weapons
and sell them to the entire world.
Just at that point,
you killed my mother.
my brother escaped from
the special home you had put him in...
and took me with him.
We grew up together in an orphanage.
An army family had adopted me.
Your father is an ex-serviceman, hmm?
Prefer candidates from families
already in nation's service
because patriotism will be
a part of their upbringing.
They adopted you
and gave you a great life.
What do you want to do in return?
Hmm. Correct.
I wanted to give something in return
for the good life my mother had given me.
Thats when I had decided.
To fulfil my mothers dream.
Selling chemical weapons,
I wanted to earn billions.
After I left with the army family,
Ravan escaped from the orphanage.
He worked hard for many years
and created such a powerful network.
First, he had tracked you down.
Then, he made me catch your attention.
When this case investigation had begun,
I didnt think your foolish Chaari would
bring it to this stage.
If your backup plan, Esha,
wasnt there that day,
this case would have been closed.
Yes! Yes!
What happened?
Our boss backup plan has worked.
Srinivas suitcase didnt go missing.
Our agent, Esha, has got it.
Since Chaari will definitely slap
the chip on the suitcase,
there is no chance of it going missing.
I am proud of me!
It was to destroy the pill
that I came there.
Priya, what are you doing here?
I have come here tracking the GPS chip
on the suitcase, sir.
Srinivas is in the safe house.
I will handle him.
The day this case investigation
had tracked down to my mother,
I wanted to finish Rudranetra.
My mother had no money
and she had to suffer a lot.
When she was going to make money
through her genius,
you killed her.
Using the same genius,
we are going to spell catastrophe.
Do you see?
How organized we are?
In some time now,
the remaining blasts will go off as well.
Priya! Abort the blast.
You cant escape from us
after doing all this.
Certainly, we can.
As long as you have stupid idiots
like Chaari as agents
People like us
can always easily escape.
Rahul, untie the knots.
-Okay, sir!
Rahul, untie me.
-I forgot sir!
Untie me, quick!
Remove it. Remove it.
Sir, please untie me, sir!
Sir! Sir!
It was for fun
I asked him to kill you, sir.
Oh, my! Tsk!
What was that, Esha?
I wanted to make a heroic entry.
But you threw me out like a comedian?
The brake didnt work.
Silly excuse.
-And by the way
You are always a comedian.
Not a hero.
What do you want me to do now?
What you regularly do.
Talk something, confuse them
and create distraction.
I like it.
I dont avoid it.
But violence doesnt like me.
Thats why I avoid it.
Oh, crap! Run!
Who is it? Who is it?
-Hey, Chaari!
Just a minute.
[both]: Hey!
[Both]: I asked you to wait!
He hit me?
Bunty! You are my saviour, man!
Boss! I feel blessed, boss.
What a timing, Bunty!
-Thank you, boss.
Boss, this is beedi Thatas gun.
Take it.
Got it!
-Shoot him!
I got it!
-Shoot him! Kill him!
Finish him!
Boss! Oh, boss!
Not this side!
-I am sorry.
Hey, hey
Turn it that way!
Turn it that way!
-Oh, crap!
Attack him!
Hey, ask him to shoot properly.
Ask him to do it properly.
Tell him!
-Is that all?
Try this one.
Got it.
Shoot him.
Chaari! One second!
-Hmm, what?
Where were you aiming at?
-Aiming at the head.
Yeah! Turn it to the
right by 40 degrees.
Are you sure?
-Yeah. Hundred percent.
Got it.
Yeah, come on!
Oh, my god! Finally!
For the first time in my life!
Oh! Wow, bro!
I love you, man!
-Super, boss!
I love you!
-Come on, come on, come on!
You might have won this time.
But I will come back.
Until then, I will take a leave.
You really want leave right now?
You are the main villain
and without even basic responsibility,
when we are in the climax,
Not now!
He is taking leave.
-Please, leave it.
Its not the leave you think.
-Try to understand.
Come here!
Boss, I hope you are fine?
Are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah. I am okay, man.
I am okay. Is he okay?
Forget him, boss.
The villain is leaving.
Hold it.
Without the gun?
These are good enough.
Hey, Bunty!
How could you use my base
to save your boss?
My boss is important to me.
Then you should have blocked him
with your back.
What did he do for you so great?
He has incarnated.
Thats enough.
Go round with a begging bowl!
I am not going to leave you, Ravan!
Do you see this
two and half kg arm, Ravan?
This two and half
Why do you wear a mask?
When there is no covid?
You must never lose.
The day you lose,
you are as good as dead
even if you are alive.
No, Ravan!
He begins in confusion,
gets into frustration...
and ends in destruction.
You come from a family
that has laid their lives for the country.
How should the fight of such a man be?
I want to die protecting my country.
No death is greater than that.
The hill would bow before no one.
The peak would salute no one.
The wave would wait for no one.
Mission accomplished, sir.
Good job, Mr Rao.
Thank you, sir.
Butwho are these human bombs?
All of them are young boys, sir.
Twenty to twenty five years of age.
Tsk. They were given drugs
and were manipulated.
They are in the rehabilitation centre now.
She is in our custody, sir.
Okay. Let me tell the media tomorrow
that an anonymous terrorist organization
was behind these blasts,
and the investigation is on.
Right, sir.
A storm would be scared of no one.
My friend
My Tsunami! My storm!
My army I have kept hidden.
My battle against my enemy.
My arrow thats poised!
The lightning weapon in my fist.
The thunderbolt concealed
in my sky of hopes!
I amsorry for the loss
of your Agent 111.
His sacrifice will be unsung,
but we owe him.
He is a true hero.
You can never become an agent.
Mark my words.
I have allotted more funds
to Rudranetra Agency.
Along with a new office, get weapons
with advanced technology ready.
Thank you, sir.
Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
So manymillions and billions of hearts
A rain drop that had come to dry
the tears of those hearts.
My Chaari!
I miss you, boss!