Chaaver (2023) Movie Script

Will a doctor be available
at this time?
Where else will the doctor go?
You keep moving.
The place is well-known to me.
Your name is Asif, right?
There's no need to mix anything.
Just give the goddamn bottle, man.
[Malayalam poetry]
And you will ask: why doesnt
his poetry speak of dreams and leaves
and the great volcanoes
of his native land?
Come and see the blood
in the streets.
Come and see the blood
in the streets!
Police is all around!
But we finished him off!
Ey. This is about something else.
What shall we do?
You move the vehicle.
- Subhash!
- Mm..
Can't you just pick the call?
Hello! What's it, Musthakka?
Subhash, where are you now?
I am at the hospital. Why?
My vehicle's cleaner Bava..
..he has a small wound.
Can you come here
and dress the wound?
Oh no!
I am on duty, right?
Can you come here?
We can get it done here.
- That won't be possible.
- Is that so?
Alright then.
Who the hell is this?
Ah, you're up already?
A call woke me up.
When did you arrive last night?
Did you wait until
Theyyam finished?
Didn't wait for it to finish.
- Mm.
- I arrived by 4am.
I am off to the town.
So early in the morning?
How come?
You know Musthafakka, right?
His vehicle's cleaner
has a wound, apparently.
He called me to dress the wound.
- Will see you in a bit.
- Yeah.
[Kids singing a Malayalam folk song]
[Kids singing a Malayalam folk song]
Hello Arun!
- Will he come?
- Of course!
He's our own lad.
Then, ask him to get medicines too.
Oh! I forgot about that.
How would we dress the wound
without medicine?
[Kids continue singing]
Yes, Musthafakka..
Don't worry, brother.
I will buy everything.
Our Sooraj's shop
must be open now.
Alright then.
You do one thing.
Come near the Pappinisseri pump.
Okay then.
Didn't see you this time
for the Pullappikkavu Theyyam.
I went for
the Meetthekkavu Theyyam yesterday.
- The character was Gulikan.
- Oh okay.
By the way..
- How did it go at Pullappillikkavu?
- It was not as great as last year.
- Why?
- It just wasn't up to the mark.
Is your course in Mangalore done?
- Not yet, man.
- I see.
Sing something new, kids!
[Folk song continues]
When you leave..
..don't forget the medicines
for Puthiyaveettil Aandi.
Oh, good that you reminded.
I'd have forgotten.
- Alright then.
- Mm.
Hey man!
Why didn't you come
for Theyyam yesterday?
Everyone else from
our gang was present.
I am not like you, man!
It was really busy here.
Is business more important than Theyyam?
In that case, doctor.. after tomorrow
at Mattummal Bhagavathikkavu..'s Rakthachamundi playing.
Don't miss it.
- We will go together.
- Sure thing.
I need some medicines, brother.
Have you started practicing
before finishing your course?
Hey, no!
- You know Musthafakka, right?
- Yeah.
His cleaner's leg got wounded
with a vehicle jack.
Ask him to get it checked
by a doctor.
It's something minor.
- Some iodine and band-aid should do.
- Okay.
Do you have medicine for cough?
- Is it for the kid?
- Yes.
That's 90 rupees.
- Ah.
Is it done?
- Yes it is done.
- Mm.
I had called you.
You didn't pick up.
There were no issues, right?
The guy you sent..
his bomb didn't work.
We finished the job, anyway.
- Just give him the phone.
- Yeah.
It's GK.
Ah.. hello.
What were you doing, fucker?
Bomb, it seems!
Do you even know
how to make a bomb?
No, I mean..
- I did make it double-strong.
- What double-strong?
It just happened so.
- Did you make just one?
- No, I made three of them.
We have two remaining.
Do one thing, then.
Shove it up your ass.
What a waste of time!
Give the phone to Ashokan.
Ah, Ashoka..
There is a small wound.
Eh? Where?
On my leg.
Why didn't you go to our hospital?
We tried going there.
It was too crowded.
- There's police too.
- Oh okay. What did you do?
Musthu has arranged someone.. dress the wound.
Okay, do one thing.
- Call me after that.
- Okay.
You know what?
Don't call me.
I shall call you.
I will call you later, man.
Let me see.
- Here.
- How much is it?
We will sort that later.
Go dress the wound first.
See you in the evening
at Theyyam, then.
- Alright.
- Rejitha..
Is it just the first medicine
you need?
[Background chatter]
What happened?
You take my bike and go.
What if you
have to go somewhere?
I don't need it now.
You go fast and dress the wound.
Take the helmet and go.
Why would you pay a fine?
Okay, brother.
The phone is ringing.
Oh, that's Arun's phone.
Did he leave without this?
I need this too.
- Keeping it here.
- Alright.
He isn't picking up.
Forgot to ask
his vehicle number too.
Blood is oozing out.
The cut is really deep.
[Background chatter]
He said he will come
near the pump.
The phone is ringing.
But he is not picking up.
He must be driving.
Let's do another round.
The devotees will leave by then.
[Background chatter of Sabarimala devotees]
[Background chatter of Sabarimala devotees]
Swamiye Saranamayyappo!
Hariharasutane Saranamayyappo!
I need water.
- Open the bottle.
- Yeah.
[Chanting mantra]
- Stop here.
- Eh?
He's the guy.
[Chanting mantra]
Police is approaching.
Go straight
and take a left.
- Where is the patient?
- You come with me.
Where are we going?
Stop the vehicle.
Get in fast.
Come on.
Get moving.
Who is injured?
The deceased is just 24 years old!
Fourteen slashes!
Poor guy.
Has the victim been identified?
Heard from Vasu that
he is the son of Raghavan..
..the guy who adorns
Theyyam characters.
Is he into politics though?
Priya, this morning..
..near Thavakkal, almost
a kilometer away from Mudiyanchira..
..on the road to Edamukku market,
this attack occurred.
It has been confirmed
that the murdered man is..
Kirankumar from Pilathodiyil, Thavakkal.
Since the incident happened
in the wee hours of the morning..
..there was nobody in the vicinity.
[Crowd chaos]
Open, we say!
You aren't telling me the truth.
This isn't a vehicle jack injury.
I don't want to lie to you.
There was an incident.
It was for the party.
A scuffle.
That's how it happened.
When? Yesterday?
Today morning.
It's better you go to a hospital.
- Police case should be registered.
- No.
We shouldn't get into all that.
Just dress the wound for him.
You can leave then.
This case requires a stitch.
We'll do all that later.
Just help with
this blood oozing out.
It's better to go
to a hospital for that.
- This will be a police case.
- Dear!
There's no scope for
hospital or stitch now.
Can you apply
some medicine on this?
You know how to do this,
don't you?
- Still, Musthukka..
- Dear!
Trust me on this.
Aren't you a doctor?
Shouldn't you save a life?
Just dress up the wound
with some medicine.
But I am still studying, right?
I am not a doctor, yet.
You've learned enough
to do this task.
..I am not able to bear this pain.
At least, do some first aid for me.
I'll do first aid.
But we have to go
to a hospital on the way.
- Eh?
- Move the car.
Why, what happened?
People are approaching.
Let's go.
Does the other guy
have injury too?
There must be.
A resident of Pilathody..
..Thekkeveettil Raghavan's..
Arrest the murderers of Kirankumar!
Police, stop protecting the culprits!
[Immigrant labourer speaks in Odiya]
Everything in Kerala is amazing,
except these hartals.
I will talk to my boss
about your job.
Arrest the murderers of Kirankumar!
Police, stop protecting the culprits!
Enough of murders for politics!
Law and order should restored.
[Arun] Musthukka, please stop here.
My bike is in this pump.
Reverse the goddamn car!
[Angst of crowd]
Asif, move the vehicle back.
Make it fast, man!
Move the vehicle!
Move, man!
There was no traffic block here
when I came earlier!
Just drop me here, please.
No! You will be dropped off
at another place.
Turn the vehicle to the left.
Musthukka, please drop me..
Yes, Ashoka..
Haven't you reached there?
No, there's a problem here.
- Why? Did you drop the guy?
- Eh?
- The guy who came to dress the wound.
- He's here.
Do one thing.
Don't drop him anywhere.
- Just proceed to the place I told you.
- Okay.
Leave the place only after I instruct.
- Okay?
- Alright.
Let me get down here and walk.
No need.
Will drop you there.
Asif, keep going straight.
We will take care of
everything. Don't worry.
My bike is back there.
At the pump.
That's my friend's vehicle.
We will figure it out.
We will ensure
it reaches your friend.
Where's the key?
Oh, but that's with me.
How do we move the bike then?
What do we do now?
Ah, we will see.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Enough. Stop now.
- Is that alright?
- Yes.
Musthukka, how's it going?
I will take care of that.
Where's it?
Near Pappinisseri pump?
Alright then.
I forgot to take my phone
in that rush.
Here, call whoever you want.
I am sure you don't
remember anyone's number!
There's no internet or
WhatsApp on this!
There's no such thing on that.
Call, talk, listen.
That's all.
Don't they have phones?
Don't get so flustered!
We are headed to Thayappuna.
We have arranged
your vehicle from there.
Does blood make you nauseous?
How are you going
to be a doctor, then?
Looks like he is a weakling!
- Musthukka..
- Yeah?
What's all this?
Aren't you Mr. Krishnan's son?
Don't you know all this?
It's all for the party.
What for the party?
The vehicle for you will come now.
Will tell you the rest later.
Nobody has a phone here?
You don't know how
this set-up works!
Until the end of action,
only the captain has a phone.
Who? The wounded guy?
He is Ashokettan.
Where are all these people from?
Have never seen them around.
Even I don't know.
Everything is based
on orders from above.
We met each other
only after getting here.
- Musthafa!
- Eh?
- Come and open the door.
- Sure.
You guys eat then.
Let me leave.
Ah, how come?
We usually eat together
and disperse, right?
Where are you headed?
He is going on another route.
Right, Asif?
My job is over, right?
Shall I leave?
Eat before you leave.
Hello Gundalpet!
Get a few banana leaves.
- Hey Arun, eat man!
- I don't want.
When I stepped out to cut leaves..
..I heard a lamb's bleat.
Actually, what is your job?
- Really?
- Yeah!
No wonder!
You hear..
- You're Thomas, right?
- Mm.
That's why you hear lambs
bleating all the time.
And no wonder
the bomb didn't work!
Have you ever worked
with a bomb before?
GK Sir says Thomas's bombs
are double-strong!
I still don't understand
why that didn't work!
Let that be.
Anyway, the task is finished.
Our job is done.
Good morning, Sir.
What's the update?
He's repeating
the same story, Sir.
- Come, let's see.
- Sir.
Speak up.
How did your bike
reach the petrol pump?
Just one kilometre away
from the junction..
..where the murder happened.
Are you a member of the party?
No! He's from the other side.
How did he get involved
in this, then?
I am not connected to
any of this, Sir.
Who all do you have at home?
Mother, elder brother and a sister.
How about your father?
He passed away last year.
What's your house name?
What's your brother's name?
What's it?
- Dineshan.
- Ah!
[Phone ringing]
Hey, just a minute.
Who did you give the bike to,
at the pump?
I didn't give it to anyone, Sir.
Yes Renjith, tell me.
Is it?
What is his house name?
Yeah, that's what
he is saying too.
Hey you!
Answer our question.
How did your bike
reach the petrol pump?
You're trying to save
someone. Isn't it?
Don't try to play games with us.
This won't end here.
You will get screwed.
We will ensure you get screwed.
This is so messed up.
Why would your
party members kill this guy?
Isn't he one of your guys too?
I have no idea about this, Sir.
Then, whom did you
give the bike to?
Hey lad!
Once the FIR is registered
framing you..'s going to be difficult
to get out of it.
Not just that.
Your party members
will come after you.
But I didn't do anything, Sir.
Do you think
we are fools, rascal?
How's that guy?
Will he cause any trouble?
Hey, no.
His father Mr. Krishnan initiated
party activities in our town.
He is our first MLA.
Passed away.
His mother Devaki Teacher
is our member too.
Not very active now,
that's all.
He is a good guy.
He comes to Mysore
with me for orange business.
- He's into seeing places.
- Mm.
GK isn't reachable.
We can disperse only
after speaking to GK.
- Thomas!
- Mm.
If your bomb had worked,
we'd be done so long ago!
Don't bring that up again.
What's done is done.
He fell at Ashokettan's
first slash anyway.
[Throwing bomb]
Slash him now.
Why are you doing this to me?
Slash him into pieces, man!
How many stabs did you manage?
Who counts these things?
What you saw here..
..and what you heard..
..shall stay with you.
You all killed him,
didn't you?
Come eat something.
The vehicle arranged for you
will come now.
Wrapped in garlands.. dear, like a flower.
I am withering..
It's hurting so much!
It's hurting so much!
It's hurting so much!
As he goes out of sight..
As he leaves this soil..
Eyes cannot bear the pain..
..dear Lord.
..dear Lord.
What sprouted..
..and what's been nurtured..
..being nipped is so unfair!
So unfair.
Wrapped in garlands.. dear, like a flower.
I am withering..
It's hurting so much!
It's hurting so much!
The Lord of death..
..his doings and his timings..
..who can predict?
..who can foresee?
No one can!
Oh, the Lord with three eyes!
Oh, the numerous Lords of the world!
Give us the strength.. live on.
Please be with us!
The baby I nurtured..
..with lullabies
and the nectar of my love.
Like a delicate flower..
..he's fallen today.
He's fallen today.
Oh, this womb that bore him.. flinching in pain..
Dear Lord..
Dear Lord..
Why Lord?
Why Lord?
Where should we go?
Wake up.
- Asif.
- Yes.
- Asif..
- I am here.
- Start the vehicle.
- Where to?
- There's a problem.
- What's it?
Move the vehicle, man!
- Get up.
- What happened?
We need to leave.
Got GK on phone.
Police is behind us.
- Where's Arun?
- Will call him now.
Pack up and leave soon.
- Make it fast.
- Arun!
- Arun!
- Yes.
Get him fast.
Let's go.
Where's the vehicle for me?
We will get the vehicle enroute.
Come now.
What do we do with this now?
Shall we hide it somewhere here?
- Eh?
- No.
People come by here.
Do one thing.
Throw it into the well.
Make it fast, we need to go.
Stop the vehicle.
What happened, son?
Can I have some water?
Come inside.
Who is he?
I don't know, man.
He turned out to be a bugger!
What's his name?
He might have got scared.
Which Local Committee
are you in?
I am from around here.
What the hell did you do?
Who asked you to use
the bomb there?
We didn't think
it would explode!
Get out of that area soon.
Police is right behind you.
Amidst all this, the doctor guy
who came to dress my wound escaped.
What are you guys upto there?
Musthafa has gone
to look for him.
I will tell you one thing.
Don't let the guy go.
Also, don't stop
the vehicle anywhere.
I will tell you where to halt.
Man, what's going on here?
We know you are not on our side.
But your family is.
That's why we are asking.
How did you get embroiled in this?
Man, once the FIR is in,
you will be the accused.
With that, the other guys
will wash their hands off this.
They will paint this as
a problem among us.
That's not the problem
right now.
You open your mouth
and say something.
I don't know anything
to say anything.
Come with me.
How come then..
..your bike reached the pump?
You just tell us who you gave it to.
If you say that, the SP confirmed
he will get you out of this.
- Who among that is his brother?
- Tell us, man.
It's true that I gave the bike
to someone.
But he is not involved
in any of this.
He is not like that.
That's fine, man.
Just tell us his name.
I can't give him away.
He is my friend.
Don't you want to get out of this?
I can only say what I know.
[Crowd chatter]
[Crowd chaos]
One Mr. Ramachandran
used to own the place.
Later, they sold this and went away.
We don't know where they moved.
- He's my neighbour too.
- Don't interrupt, man.
I am talking to him.
- Note their phone numbers and..
- Sir!
- Okay Sir.
- Yes!
- Why aren't you letting me go?
- Why?
Don't you want to be alive?
You too need to be careful now.
What for?
You're being watched now.
Your friend..
The guy who gave you his bike..
..he has given away
your name to police.
That's the main problem now.
Who? Sooraj?
- Why would he say my name?
- Where do we head now?
Take left.
There's no use
in wandering like this.
I need to go.
Not able to reach GK.
His bomb caused all this mess.
Who thought that would explode?
Then, this guy's sprint.
Arun, my dear..
You don't understand
how serious this is.
Do you have any idea what will
happen, if the other guys get you?
But what did I do?
- Ah, hello!
- Ashoka..
I've been trying you for so long!
Did you get the lad?
Shall we come there?
You guys should stay away for a bit.
That bomb explosion made
everything more complicated.
You come to the matter.
What do we do now?
Do one thing.
Proceed to Kalikavu for now.
Things will be sorted by then.
- Alright then.
- Yeah.
Let's move to Kalikavu.
I am not joining.
I had told GK
I won't go beyond here.
Okay then.
Drop us where you picked us.
Leave then.
please drop me somewhere here.
Who would get down where..
..I shall decide.
Oh, the ferocious spirit
that guards us..
..this journey is testing
beyond measure.
What a monstrous dance
of destiny this is!
The dark clouds and the forest sounds
reflect our pain!
How a master player
bleeds at the thorns of a flower!
The heart that did wrong
suffers in its own doings.
The sky and the moon
cannot come to his rescue.
The smoke will spread.
The guilty hands will break.
The last rope of help
will disappear too.
All that bravado..
..all that glory..
..will not restore your balance.
You will turn into ashes anyway.
Burn, burn, burn..
Burn, burn, burn..
Dear Lord, come to our rescue.
Wouldn't you come to our rescue?
Aren't you the one
being burned here?
I am not able to
bear this weight.
Before I fall, come
to my rescue, oh Lord.
It is a fire
that burns everything.
A fire that wants to
consume everything.
You may hold the ember
and not hurt your hands.
It is the heart that
the ember will hurt.
The ember you have thrown around..
..have multiplied and burned
everything on their way.
Ah, hello.
- Hello.
- It's me, Ashokan.
- Ah, where are you calling from?
- I am around.
So today, there's a Theyyam
performance in my ancestral temple.
It's an offering.
I am heading there.
So, it's your team
that did this, eh?
GK asked us to.
Of course.
One minute.
You all leave.
I will join.
Then, call GK and ask.
Pull over to the side.
What else do we do?
I didn't instruct you..
GK did.
Ask him.
Why are you talking like that?
This is how we have
operated before too.
That is true.
But this case is not like that.
As it is, we have many issues
because of GK.
I shall say one thing.
Inform GK too.
All that you've made us do
in the name of the party..
..if you don't bring in susbstitutes
to the station tomorrow.. will regret it.
Hey hey!
Ashoka, calm down.
- Let me try to reach GK.
- Mm.
By the way..
Where are you guys now?
GK asked us to proceed to
Do one thing.
You be around there.
We will figure out
the rest of the things.
..don't call me this side.
I shall call you.
Move the vehicle.
- Mother!
- Yeah!
Was there any issue on the road?
Ey, nothing.
Vehicles have been running
after 6pm.
Do you know the guy
who passed away?
I don't know him.
He'd sworn to perform
Theyyam from a year ago.
- Oh!
- So unfortunate!
Is it likely to be a hartal tomorrow?
Quite possible.
Wouldn't the other guys react now?
This conflict has been
going on for so long!
Where are you headed, Asif?
He's going elsewhere.
Come, your arrangement
has been done.
You proceed!
Oh! My bomb..
- Hey!
- Eh?
Get into the vehicle.
- Hello.
- Ashoka!
- It's me, Mukundan.
- Yeah.
Do one thing. Go straight to
Kalikavu and stay there for a day.
- Why?
- To arrange for substitutes..
..we need some time.
I will call you after that.
- Leave from there after that.
- Mm.
GK will send the vehicle
for Thomas.
Only Thomas should leave in that.
Switch off the headlight.
It's the vehicle for you.
GK arranged it.
- You can reach Gundalpet in that.
- Mm.
Shall I go in that one too?
Why should I carry on with you?
That's only for Thomas.
Another vehicle will come for you.
Be alert.
I shall give a signal.
Alight only after that, Thomas.
They are GK's aides
from forest department.
They will get you where
you have to, Thomas.
- Call after you reach.
- Yes. See you.
Visit me some day.
We will have fun.
- Alright then.
- Mm.
Eh. What?
What do we do with this? Eh?
Don't worry about that.
Leave it with us.
Take it from him.
Are you still awake?
He has a phone, right?
Why can't he just call?
I am not able to reach him either.
I rang up Musthafa's wife.
I've asked her to
call me if Musthafa calls.
Even if he hasn't told us..
..wouldn't he have told his friends
where he's gone?
Even I don't get that part.
You come in.
Go to bed now.
Yeah, you go to bed.
Let me try Musthafa again.
- Mm.
- Julie..
..have it.
It's fish curry, girl!
Eat it!
Eat it all.
- Musthukka..
- Come on, man.
Stay here.
- Let me check and come.
- Mm.
Be careful.
[Switch click]
Get some water
from the vehicle to drink.
- Go with him.
- Mm.
What is all this?
Which place is this?
Just be patient until
tomorrow morning.
We'll go.
Here, give me a hand.
[Sound of tree falling]
It's an elephant.
No need to worry.
There is electric fence all around.
I understand the matter, GK.
- But Ashokan seems to be riled up.
- Oh.
- Deal with him first, then.
- Mm.
Won't you deal with the others?
Don't worry, man.
I am meeting our people soon.
- We will have a decision soon.
- Okay.
Come closer, man.
Why sit there and freeze?
You're Mr. Krishnan's son, eh?
I know Devi Teacher.
We are here to decide what to do next.
Musthafa and Ashokan..
..would give their lives for the party.
You know that, right?
Mukundetta, you intervene
and try to calm things down.
The thing is, even if we find substitutes..
- ..will the problem get resolved?
- That's true as well.
In that case, let's go
as per your plan, Mukundan.
None of this is for me.
It's all for
the well-being of the party.
- What's up?
- I've been trying you for so long.
Why wouldn't you pick up calls?
I was a little held up.
Where have you reached?
I am on my way.
You get dinner ready.
I will be home by then.
- Be careful, please.
- Yeah.
- Has our son slept?
- Not yet. He's still playing.
- You come soon, please.
- I'll be there soon.
- Okay?
- Alright.
Come here, baby.
Sleep my dear.
Go to sleep, my love.
[Crickets chirping]
Haven't you slept, Musthukka?
She's an employee at Sooraj's shop.
- Rejitha.
- Ah!
- Sit down, daughter.
- Ah.
Arun forgot this at the shop
when he came to buy medicines.
Did you get to know about Sooraj?
What happened to Sooraj?
He's at the police station
from yesterday.
What trouble he get into?
I don't know much about it.
A lot of calls came on this phone.
But this is switched off.
It must have ran out of charge.
Let me leave then.
There's no one at the shop.
Suresh, park vehicle
on the other side.
Teacher, why did you come here?
Gireesh had called.
Also, we are all here.
Police station isn't
a new place for me.
- Let Sadanandan go to court.
- Okay.
And Rajesh..
Please have a seat.
Please sit, Sir.
- Get them tea, please.
- Sir.
It was a busy morning.
Didn't even get time to eat.
When did you take charge here?
It's been a month.
Home Minister had called.
- Sreedharan?
- Yes.
What did he say?
Asked me to do the needful.
Mm.. Where's the lad?
You arrested a guy, right? Sooraj.
Where is he?
- Ah, he's here.
- Call him, then.
You have tormented him!
Teacher, we are police, right?
So, what?
We asked him repeatedly.
He won't utter whom
he gave the bike to.
What else do we do?
Did you eat something?
Oh, but we bought him food.
- He just wouldn't eat.
- Hmm.
When you step out, don't be
in these shabby clothes.
It's a shirt and dhoti.
It's Arun's.
It will fit you.
You change and come.
- This, Sir?
- Yeah, this.
- This is switched off.
- Is it?
There are 5-6 calls
from this last number.
I see.
- Suresh!
- Sir.
Come here.
[Background chatter at police station]
- Call the cyber cell..
- Sir.
- Check whose number this is.
- Okay Sir.
You've called Arun's
friends, right?
- Where are they?
- They are on the way, Sir.
Sir, please write a formal complaint.
- We'll do the needful.
- Alright.
Hey man!
What's your problem?
Just write what she asks you to
and sign it for her. Got it?
Please share your
phone number here.
- Please note these details.
- Okay Sir.
- Sir, it's been a crazy two days.
- I understand.
- You can talk to her.
- Okay.
Can I have a paper?
Aren't we leaving?
Why have you held me hostage?
My job is done, right?
My family will be looking for me.
It's not just your family..
..police is also looking for you.
That's why I am telling you Arun..
..please don't be hasty.
Just wait for another night.
Why should I stay here?
Nobody is leaving from here.
GK will present
substitutes in the station.
No one will move
from here until then.
Malik, come man.
Yes Sir.
Man, where did you say
your house is?
Near the railway station.
Which side of the railway station?
- Near Kamala Bakery.
- Ah, Raghavan's store, right?
Yes. Is there any problem, Sir?
Nothing man.
That's not possible.
Make it accurate.
- Don't give it otherwise.
- Okay Sir.
Come, man.
Sir, this is Malik.
- What's your job, man?
- I am a cleaner.
- Whose vehicle?
- Musthukka's.
- Didn't you go today?
- Didn't go today.
Ah, tell us your number.
86.. 05.. 24.. 15.. 86.. 1.
- Give the other one.
- What about this number, then?
It is my connection.
Had you called Arun?
Which Arun?
I didn't call anyone.
Hey, whose number starts with 9989?
The sim card is in my name..
..but it is with Musthukka.
It was bought for him.
Where is Musthu, then?
Should be at his home or his shop.
Don't let him go.
Let him be here.
Get Musthu's location.
- Okay Sir.
- Let there be some clarity before he leaves.
Sir, I didn't do anything.
Man, where is Musthu's house?
Sir, this is Musthafa's shop.
The house is upstairs.
Don't make much noise.
- Jose and Sneha, search the shop.
- Sir.
- Sadasivan, come with me.
- Sir.
Just one person is enough.
- Sir, this is the house.
- Let's look inside.
- Mother!
- There's nothing to worry,
- What?
- There is nothing here, Sir.
- Sir, this is Ayisha.
- Ah.
What is all the machinery?
Are you running a press?
No Sir, it's very old.
- It's not being used.
- Okay.
Where did Musthafa go?
He went to Mysore.
Is that where he really went?
That's what he told us.
His lorry is there at the pump.
He may have gone in the jeep.
- Is there any problem, Sir?
- Sir!
- There is nothing, Sir.
- Okay.
- Did Musthafa call?
- Yes, he called, Sir.
From where?
He said he is
on the way to Mysore.
Did he call from his phone?
No Sir, from another number.
Do you have that number?
- It's in the phone.
- Ah.
- Collect that number, please.
- Sir.
If he calls.. at the station.
- Okay.
- Get her number too.
Okay Sir.
There's no network here.
No one should use the phone
until we get back home.
That's the rule.
This is only for you.
How many times will you say
the same thing, Musthukka?
Man, I am trying to
get some network.
Ah.. Got it.
Yes, it's me.
One minute.
Close the shop and
give the key upstairs.
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Yeah!
- Where are you calling from?
- Which number is this?
- This is another number.
Police had come here.
I got really worried.
Don't worry.
- I will get there in the morning.
- Is it?
Is Mr. Krishnan's son
with you, by the way?
All his friends had come here.
Yeah, he is with me.
Where is our daughter?
Just give the phone to her.
She has shut the door and slept.
Why? Is she unwell?
One of her friends hanged himself.
She's been distressed
from the time she heard.
I'll call later.
- Don't call me on this number.
- Why?
This is a phone
at the nearby workshop.
[Musthu's wife] - Hello.. hello.
[Arun] - What's it?
Sir, I am from Cyber Cell.
Yes, tell me.
Ayisha's number just
received a call.
Where's it from?
As per tower location,
it is near Tamil Nadu border.
You send me the IMEI number
and location details.
- Will send it right away, Sir.
- Okay.
Hello, Musthukka..
Where are you now?
I am on another route.
I got a trip to Mysore.
Eh? But the vehicle is
parked here!
It's not the lorry, man.
- I took the jeep.
- Okay.
By the way..
..police had summoned me.
They enquired where you are.
Did you hear?
GK Sir's daughter hanged herself.
- What?
- Yes.
GK Sir's daughter
committed suicide today.
..what are you even saying?
It is her classmate guy..
..who got killed by
the other guys yesterday.
They had decided to get
married, apparently.
Also, Musthukka..
There's another
talk in the town.
That GK himself
plotted his murder.
Like a red lotus.. beautiful..
..this tender body.. now fallen.
From our investigation,
this murder seems.. be orchestrated on GK's
personal interest than the party's.
GK's daughter who
committed suicide today..
..and Kirankumar who got
murdered, were in a relationship, Sir.
So what?
- GK..
- GK?
GK is from the Nambiar caste.
- Yeah.
- The guy..
..performs Theyyam..
[Alludes to his lower caste]
The guy who drove
your vehicle, Asif..
- ..he is dead.
- What?
Heard it was a vehicle collision.
The guy you all finished,
and GK's daughter, were in love.
- That guy GK..
- Yeah.
..he manipulated and used you.
Are you sure?
- What happened to you?
- Nothing.
What was the phone
conversation about?
What your father Mr. Krishnan
said was true.
The party is full of traitors.
Even amongst us.
What are you even saying?
You leave right now.
If you get to the other
side of the forest.. should get
a bus or a lorry.
You proceed to
Hasinagudi from there.
You can take a bus to
get home from there.
- Leave.
- What about you then?
Didn't I just
ask you to leave?
Hello.. Ashoka..
You are a part of the plot, right?
You locked us into this.
Why would they try
to kill me, then?
Both of us have been locked.
Where is Arun?
Give the gun.
- Ashoka..
- Eh?
- Please save Arun.
- Where's he?
Finish everyone.
When I..
..stabbed him..
..the way he looked at me..
..that slit through my heart.
Get up from here.
..they betrayed us.
You get up.
At least you
should get out of this.
You leave.
Leave, I said!
I forgot to ask you.
Where are you from?
Must be one of those places..
[Pablo Neruda's poetry]
And you will ask: why doesnt his poetry
speak of dreams and leaves and the
great volcanoes of his native land?
Come and see
the blood in the streets.
Come and see
the blood in the streets.
The one who reigns mountains..
The one who reigns abodes..
Oh Lord!
Oh Lord!
Will you come?
Will you come?
Like a red lotus.. beautiful..
..this tender body.. now fallen.
The dripping blood..
..and the buoyant spirit..
..have been burned.
What wrong did he do, though?
Will you come?
Will you come?
By the shore
of a chirpy stream..
..while sleeping peacefully.. did the sky turn into..
..such blood-red?
A handsome man..
..has shed his blood.
Even the moon is..
Will you come?
Will you come?