Chaitanya (1991) Movie Script

We have now reached the
last phase of our plan.
we must create commotion
in the country
and should flee
without a trace.
For us to escape unhurt,
we must take the captives with us.
l doubt that police
are spying our plans.
This is the symbol
l know that they secretly make weapons
and sell them in that company's name.
l spoke to them about
supplying weapons to us.
Cobra, talk to them tomorrow.
lf they demand higher price,
kill them all
and reach the head office
with the weapons.
Complete the job without
alarming the police.
This is not enough.
l want more.
Do you want more?
Hello, what's happening?
Keep us informed immediately.
Go fast...
Smuggling arms in Orangade boxes!
New squad formed to nab terrorists
20 lakhs worth gold looted!
Terrorists behind Nuclear Scientists's kidnap!
Police station blasted!
What happened to 20 military trucks
that went missing with weapons?
What actions are being taken to
control communal violence in the state?
We are taking appropriate actions.
What you say remain
mere statements.
That will not do.
Murders are on the rise.
Arms manufacturers who are
ready to sell the nation,
kidnappings of VlPs,
rapes & communal violence.
lt's sad to say that police are
keeping mum without taking any actions.
People want to freedom & peace.
That's why we do what we have to.
- Excuse me sir.
l feel all these crimes
are inter connected.
l suspect an evil selfish
gang behind these crimes.
Your anger might be right.
The situation is not that
bad as you think.- Why not?
All the newspapers carry
only this news everyday.
Our department is taking
necessary actions.
We have information that some of
your men are encouraging these crimes.
lf you have any evidence
regarding these crimes,
please let us know in writing.
We will take necessary action.
But do not make any remarks which
might cause unrest in the state.
We will do whatever we can.
Mere efforts will not do.
Show us the results.
Where are you going?
l'm taking the rally cars
to the track for trial.
Careful Padmini.
l don't like you
participating in the rally.
Women don't participate in such rallies.
- Common dad.
This is the age of women.
Haven't you heard about
woman's freedom & rights?
lt is shaking the entire world.
- l do agree.
Because you have me
in your control.
That's why l don't
worry about you.
No one can stop me
from winning this rally.
You are the chief guest
in this rally.
You are going to award
me the winner's cup.
l need complete information about
the news reporter Sudhakar Rao.
Get down Mr. Speed king.
Have you published anything
about me or this rally?
We will write.
- What?
Even Amitabh Bachchan has to come
my garage to get his car repaired.
He will come.
Actually you got this opportunity
because of this great friend Sudhakar.
You often forget this fact.
So what?
Should l raise a statue for you?
- No.
Do you know something?
This rally starts from
Madras to Goa.
- Yes.
One more thing.
This rally happens to fall on the
route where highway robbery,
bank & train robbery took place.
Didn't you read the newspaper?
- lt's of no use to me.
You being a journalist,
it's important to you.
Accept it.
The investigation l'm
doing is no mean job.
All l need is just one clue.
lf l get it,
l'll become a Ramoji Rao.
But it's always risky.
lf l get caught,
they would kill me.
Luck favours the brave.
We must more forward.
Never look back.
lf you are scared,
nothing will happen.
Look at me.
Be it 60, 70, 90, 120 or more,
no fear, no death.
Okay. Let's go.
You feel so proud of
being a great mechanic.
Look at the flimsy work
you have done.
What happened?
- What happened...!
lt's making noise like
an empty box.
You call yourself a mechanic.
A cleaner would've repaired it better.
- Don't be too arrogant.
lf you have any complaints,
talk to the Roots company.
Look at your face!
Woman of the past were far better.
They were glued to the kitchens.
Are women so cheap to you?
lf you have the guts, challenge me
in the car race, right now.
We will find out who is better.
- With you?
Yes. Do you have the guts?
Youth at it's romantic zenith...
Beauty plays with hearts in
the enchanting evenings...
Heart has become a challenge
amongst flowers...
A call has become sweet music
with blushing girls around...
We don't need these adjournments...
Youth and life...
Young men are delirious
with new excitement...
lf you miss the chance,
young lady...
We are young women
who reject suitors...
We are young women who smiles
can make flowers jealous...
We'll say hello to Sun...
We'll say hello my love to moon...
We'll invite lndra, King of Gods...
Make heaven our abode...
Love was born with the
a kick of woman...
We are men who romance
and love women...
We are heirs of
warrior Queen of Jhansi...
Stop boasting...
Words of fun...
We'll fight against tyranny...
We'll hoist the flag of victory...
Time has changed...
World must change...
l'm fed up with your investigation.
When l said it, l can.
You are...
Stop the car near that taxi.
DlG Rammohan Rao murdered.
l feel only one gang is
responsible for all these crimes.
Since they are committing crimes in our state
and in the neighbouring states,
we request support
from the center.
We tried too hard to
catch the culprits.
But they escaped.
So, you were appointed as an advisor.
Just one man can't
complete the job.
Everyone must work sincerely.
Only then, we can achieve our goals.
Government has appointed you
to catch the terrorists.
How are you going to do it?
- l'm an army man.
l won't say anything.
l will do it.
Do you suspect a foreign hand
in these terrorists attacks?
Will you be successful in your efforts?
What are you going to do
to stop their crimes?
Cost of our one life
will cost them two.
l know who you are.
lf you don't want any harm
to be done to you,
give us those photos.
Who are you?
What are you talking?
Do you want to live or die?
You can't escape from us.
We will follow you like
a shadow.
what are you talking?
Hang the phone.
Excuse me.
l will make a phone.
l want to talk to you urgently.
Be there. l'm coming.
l too have a
small work to do.
l'll be back before you come here.
Come fast.
Where are they?
- They all left.
You stay here.
- Okay.
lf Sudhakar comes, tell him that
l'll be back soon.- Okay.
This is not enough.
Sudhakar will come.
Tell him to be here.
l'll drink & come back.
lnform him. Don't forget.
He must be hiding some where here.
Sudha, what happened?
What happened to you?
Sudha, who are they?
What are you saying?
See their end.
Hey Sudha...
Shoot me if you have guts.
Murders of the noted
journalist Sudhakar & a terrorist
have created a havoc in the city.
Suspecting a link in these murders,
Sudhakar's friend Chaitanya
has been arrested.
He is the chief mechanic
in Roots Rally company.
From the evidence collected
at the crime spot,
bail has been rejected
for Chaitanya.
Root company officials have
condemned the incident.
But Coast to Coast Rally
will be held as scheduled.
Agriculture Minister...
Our Roots company
rally Coast to Coast,
l mean from the shores of
Madras to the shores of Goa,
you know that we are
conducting a rally.
The rally which we are
conducting today will
encourage many people in the future.
But the route of the rally
is very dangerous.
Since the rally is through
forests & jungles,
the youngsters who participate in this
rally might find some problems.
So, a repair truck
will follow them.
The information about the
eligibility, rules & regulations
are in the files infront of you.
The stopping point is
at only one point.
There, our representatives will
tell the participants
about the score details.
Since the cars participating
in this rally are
being serviced in Chaitanya garage,
will there be any problems
if the cars don't run properly?
l've done all the arrangement
with the police.
By now, all the rally cars must
have come to our company.
Moreover, Major General
Rt. Harish Chandra Prasad
will be the chief guest
at the finish line.
So, l promise that this
rally will go on peacefully.
The necessary evidence
are in those cars.
All the rally cars from our
garage have been moved out.
Time is over. Go.
- Just a minute.
l need to escape from here.
Do you know anyone?
l don't know.
But Sudhakar used to meet
someone at the sailor's bar.
His name is Joseph.
l'll take care of that.
Since Chaitanya is in the jail,
don't be too careless.
Keep an eye on him.
Find out where he has hidden
those photos & destroy them.
lf you fail this time,
our plans will be ruined.
Sir, who is Joseph here?
lt's him.
Are you Sudhakar's friend Joseph?
l'm Sudhakar's friend too.
Don't talk too much.
Come to the point.
My friend is in jail.
lt's an important matter.
You want me to help your friend
Chaitanya escape from jail, right?
So, you know about us very well.
What more do you want?
Say no more.
Just leave this place.
Forget everything.
Sir, l'm Johnny speaking.
Till now Joseph was leaking
information to journalist Sudhakar.
That drunkard Golconda came to me.
He mistook me to be Joseph.
He wants me to help Chaitanya
to escape from jail.
Chaitanya is a very dangerous fellow.
Moreover, he has our photos.
So, help him to escape
from jail & kill him.
You idiots.
You were shouting at someone
on phone. Any problem?
l don't know who it is.
l've this problem everyday.
This is a department phone.
This number is not available
in the telephone directory.
How could an outsider call you?
That call wasn't meant for me.
By mistake, someone would have...
Did we get any information about
the hijacked Orangade van?
Yes, but not full information.
Our men are on to it.
What about the one
who was arrested?
Did we get any clue from him?
- l'm trying to get it from him.
l'm going to Goa to be the chief guest
of the Roots rally competition.
l suspect that there is a link
between the arms dealer & this rally.
Your daughter is also
interested in these things.
ls your daughter participating
in the rally?- She is.
She never listens to me.
We know about the girls
of this century.
lf we try to stop them,
they make protests,
talk about their rights etc.
lt happens in every family.
Tell her to be careful.
l've told her but
it is her decision.
l need to go urgently.
lf any calls are made
to this phone, tap them.
Who are you?
Get in.
We have made arrangements for a
water tanker tomorrow at 10 pm.
Escape with the help of it.
We will be waiting at the bridge
on the outskirts of the city.
Water tanker is coming.
Open the gate.
- What?
The tap is damaged.
Tell your men to take
water in a bucket.
lt's an everyday problem with you.
Come. The tanker has come.
Let's go.
Take the bucket.
Climb up.
Why are you pouring water on me?
Go fast.
Take the tanker & go.
l said go.
Driver, drop me at the bus stand.
- Nothing. Please get in.
Welcome Chaitanya.
Look at this. A time bomb.
lt will blast in 3 minutes.
You will die before that.
lt's a fair deal between us.
Check your luck now.
The water tanker in which Chaitanya
escaped got blasted at the bridge.
The body in the tanker is badly
burnt & can't be recognised.
He must be Chaitanya.
We are interrogating the
inmates who helped him.
Since Chaitanya is dead,
do you want me to close the file?
Send it to the crime branch.
They will deal with it.
Make sure this mistake doesn't
occur in the jail again.
l know that your plans failed.
According to police,
Chaitanya is dead.
But in our view,
he is still alive.
Before he comes to know
of our plans,
find him, catch him & finish him.
Where were you?
l've only 18 hours
to participate in that rally.
Hope no one saw you coming here.
- No boss.
Arrangements for the rally
has been made.
ls your name in the rally list?
- Forget about me.
Okay. Listen carefully.
Atleast now, be careful.
lf you don't, we will be in danger.
- As you say.
There are red mountains at the 13th km
from the rally's starting point.
l will wait there for you.
Come there taking the short cut.
- Sure.
Leave right now.
Make sure no one follows you.
Sign here.
Fold your hands.
His name is
Garakayala Veera Jaganatha
Chanakayala Sathya
Bhoopathy Ranganatha
Rama Surya Ranga Veera
Sabapathy Jaiprakash Deva
...Venkatapathy raju.
By the time we call his name,
our case would've been over.
So, l will call him Raju.
- You idiot!
What nonsense are you talking?
Are you from the institute?
How did you know that?
- That's what is seniority.
Students from institutes
are not being taught
as how to respect honourable
senior people like me.
No one here knows that
you both are detectives.
You have to find the gang which
smuggles cocaine in this rally.
Tell him.
You're already in your
retirement stage.
The papers are ready too.
Give me this case.
l will catch that smuggling gang,
bring you name & fame.
Put your pension in
a fixed deposit,
and live happily with the interest
you get & chant god's name.
How dare you talk
about my retirement?
l make impossible things possible.
l've no retirement.
Retirement are for those
people like you,
incapable idiots like you,
because you only know to
memorise what is in the books.
Who do you think l am?
What do you know
about my experience?
What do you know about the
awards l've received?
What do you know?
Shut up & follow me.
Do you know l scored
12 points in theory?
Theory is different from practical.
Before you were even born,
l worked in this field like a soldier.
See the wounds which
l got in the conflicts.
lt looks like the mark of
an appendicitis operation.
So, you would neither accept truth
nor my greatness in this birth.
Find out the real smugglers
among these people.
Common on, do it.
- ls that it?
Look there.
They are the smugglers.
Boss, they look like policemen.
- Of course, they are policemen.
l think they suspect us.
- Of course, they do suspect us.
What now?
Look there.
Don't you have a partner?
Look Baby, this rally isn't
for fairer sex like you.
Be careful!
lf you need any help,
feel free to ask us.
Day or night, we'll adjust.
We'll prove women are
champions in all spheres.
The much awaited rally is
about to begin,
if any competitor's car meets
problem on the way,
please seek help from the
mechanics following you.
You must be right.
Just now we got orders
from big boss too.
At any cost our operation
must reach stage one.
Always drunk.
Look there!
AHV 505, go fast!
You? l thought you're still in jail.
How did you come here?
What's a killer doing in the rally?
Padmini, please listen
to what l say.
l didn't go to jail...
- l don't want to hear your made up tales.
Else l'll report to police about
your escape from jail.
Please listen to me first.
- Will you please leave me or not?
Hello, he's troubling me.
Nothing carry on sir.
Chaitanya is still alive,
he's participating with us in the rally.
Padmini isn't listening to me,
l'm confused.
l got a brilliant idea.
- What?
Sing a love song like in films.
O Laila, my beautiful girl...
Why are you angry on me?
Why all this trouble between us
at this charming dusk?
O girl! You're impossible!
Sorrow of separation in romance...
l know the angry maiden in you,
my little bird...
l'm a poet who knows the
lip reading with mock anger...
We must play the colourful
festival of spring in Visakha...
Everyone from young to old
must go on a picnic...
Problems on the day of marriage,
O my girl...
Do you want separation
at the time of union?
ls anger also a part of
a beautiful woman's persona?
ls anger a part of woman's character?
Enough of throwing tantrums,
O girl on this beautiful evening...
l chanted your name only
in the separation...
You're my world and heaven,
O my love...
My life yearned to be with you...
Please forgive me with love...
Won't you get pleased even
after l fell at your feet?
Won't you hear my pleas
of forgiveness?
Enough of troubling me,
l love you deeply...
Chaitanya participated in the rally
because of your callous attitude.
But l don't know
why is he after Padmini.
Do one thing, there's a port
for launches on the way,
kill Chaitanya there and
throw his body into the sea.
Another thing.
- Tell me what is it?
Get all our photographs
before killing him.
Ensure Padmini doesn't
face any danger.
You? Have you come here also?
Please listen to me,
you're mistaken.
l must check your car first,
there's evidence to prove my innocence.
l don't want to hear anything about you,
please leave me alone.
Please trust me.
Where are the photos?
- Which photos?
He says he doesn't know
what photos.
Who are you guys?
Take it out.
l'm asking you.
- Which photos?
Those photos, take it out.
l told you l don't have any photos.
Get it fast...come on.
Should you've to fall into water now?
- l'm fine...
l'm responsible for all this.
Sorry, bloody sorry,
you've found one word
to escape from anything.
Do you know a sorry
can't bring back the dead?
Not one or two but seven people!
What can l do if they attack me?
l'm just a car mechanic.
You know that?
They killed my innocent
friend barbarously.
They blamed for his death
and sent me to jail.
l tried to escape from jail,
but they are trying to kill me also.
l've only one way out,
three car numbers!
That too those goons...
They asked about photos only, right?
Are you alright?
l'll come back.
Look, this is no ordinary matter,
it's about my life.
l know it.
You saved my life.
- That's natural.
But l behaved arrogantly
with you till now.
l wanted to life a free life
without anyone's help.
But now l'm seeing the real world
coming out from the dream world.
l realized that l need
a companion in life.
l know how l had insulted you,
but this is true.
Give me an opportunity to be
with you all my life.
Trouble of young age...
Song is lullaby...
Youth is on swing...
lf you become the flute,
l'll be the breath...
My heart is whistling,
O my dear...
Desires are singing and dancing...
A mischievous story went on...
A love story that lost to win...
A story of sleepless eyes...
A story of young hearts...
l'll wrote your name on the flowers
blooming in the summer...
l'll walk along with you in the
moonlight washed sands at night...
O diamond, don't poison my life...
Life mustn't become a game...
No broken heart can ever get fixed...
Love united us, dear...
My love is on high...
Today l'm waiting with love in
that threshold of friendship...
Time flew away in your arms,
l must see heaven in your lap...
O my love, don't become a statue...
Come fast, we are already
running late.
Our vehicles are in the port.
Don't know where's that
idiot Golconda?
Checked dash boards, under seats,
did you check the bumpers?
Can't understand it?
This is our rally's first stage,
we must stay here only.
Then this photo has a connection
with that place.
You do one thing,
you check those cars,
l'll go this side with Golconda.
You were leading the
rally from start,
but now you're not qualified
for penalty points also.
You're the second last.
Golconda must be behind you,
did you see him?
l lost my way
took different
Please take your room keys.
Where is Chaitanya?
He said he'll meet us tonight and
tell about our next plan then.
You carry on, l'll note down
the car numbers.
l regret that my assistant still
considers you as a smuggler.
Me? A smuggler?
lf you promise not to tell anyone,
l'll tell you.
l'll not tell anyone.
l'm a leading atomic research scientist.
l knew you'd be a scholar
from your sharp eyes.
But it's clear my assistant is
brainless for calling you a smuggler.
l like you.
You don't mind if l help you to
nab the real smuggler, do you?
No, l wouldn't mind.
l'm lucky to help from
great man like you.
l'll accept help from anyone
other than my assistant.
How did you hire such an idiot
as your assistant?
That's my misfortune.
Hello Peter Gonsalvez,
what do you know about me?
That l'm an idiot who can't
differentiate coffee from tea,
is it true that you're
spreading such rumour?
True! Do you've any doubt?
Why are you laughing sir?
Are you accepting his accusations?
No, l'll take it as a challenge.
lf you've guts,
get tea and coffee.
Two cups are similar,
l'm afraid you may lose.
He'll know who am l.
lf you're a man,
if you really have guts,
blindfold your eyes
and taste it.
You're proving again that
you're brainless.
Why do you need to blindfold
for tasting with mouth?
We can't drink if we gag mouth.
Am l right?
You tie the blindfold yourself.
This is coffee and this is tea.
What do you say now, you fool?
My stupid assistant called
this gentleman a smuggler,
but in reality he's a scholar,
and an atomic research scientist,
he told me this taking a promise
from me not to tell anyone.
But l had to tell everyone to prove
that my assistant is stupid.
We must be happy that
he's amongst us.
lt got stuck, l can't remove it.
Please give me sight.
- Present you with sight?
Wait, l'll pluck your eyes
and feed it to crows. Go!
What a great feeling!
ls it good?
- Great!
Give a good massage.
- l'm massaging, boss.
My hands are stuck!
Be careful!
l'll cut carefully, boss.
lt's over!
Don't beat me, boss.
- l know it. You...
l'll take you to task
when you come out.
Go man, are you Haji Mastan?
l've seen many smugglers like you.
No use of telling this old hag.
Moreover he says get out.
He's a smuggler,
we must put him jail.
Not now, first we must
teach them a lesson.
Only then he'll know about
the institute brain.
Show me where's the institute brain?
- Come with me, you fool.
Do it fast!
This is the right time for you to die.
Why hasn't Chaitanya come yet?
That's what l'm also worried about.
Let's go, may be he'll
join us on the way.
Okay, you follow the car JDU 4151 ,
l'll take care of the rest.
You can go now.
- Okay.
Who are you?
Where am l now?
ln my car, the girl you were
chasing is ahead us.
How did l come with...
Where's Cobra?
l'll tell you about it later,
first tell me where's the
other part of the photo?
l don't know, even if l know
l'll not tell you.
You won't believe me now,
You'll know everything later,
first tell me where's the
other part of the photo?
What happened?
- Nothing.
l must find the other photos
before they catch up with me.
Where did you go away?
l'll tell you that later,
where's Golconda?
He's following that car.
Go fast!
Are you working carefully?
Aren't you ashamed to tell everytime
that Chaitanya has escaped?
Are you planning to
kill him or get killed?
But this time we sent most
dangerous man Cobra.
l don't know what you do,
l must hear his death news only.
You must give me this good news
when we meet again in Santa Monica.
Engine is heated,
it won't start now.
Looking at the clouds,
l feel it's going to rain.
l remember having seen
a house on the way, come.
Come fast, it's going to pour.
Such a beautiful place,
if l won't facing all this trouble,
l don't know what l would've
done with you.
What would you've done?
What would l've done?
Come, l'll tell you.
O sweety, your love has taken
a heavy toll on me...
O naughty, how hot is
your love...
O girl, fire of desire...
- Hot love...
lt took toll on me...
My cheeks are swollen...
- Drowned me...
lt handed over me to you...
Whether you scold or beat me,
this is the time to make love...
O naughty, passion of love
has taken over me...
O sweety, love has changed
the beat from old to new...
Your charm enchants
my evenings...
lt spread a trap...
Your love took birth and
reached my lips...
lt was born in kisses and
crossed boundaries...
l need your love whether
l'm crying or happy or dying...
O sweety, your kiss of love
devastated me...
O naughty, the moon wishes you
to leave a star on me...
You're a beautiful statue
of Gandhara...
l'll give you an open invitation...
Your eye winked and
held a love gun...
You touched me and
l'm on cloud nine...
You're my love whether
l'm cremated or buried...
Great! He took away your car
as well as your clothes.
Where will he go?
We'll catch him.
How can you catch him?
Your assistant too left with him.
Thank your luck, l was wearing
brief while sleeping last night.
My luck?
- Yes, your luck!
lf not you'd have to see me naked.
Forget about me,
l feel pity on seeing you.
lt's no trouble to be without hair,
what would you do without clothes?
l'll use paper as clothes,
no problem.
But l can't stop laughing
seeing your face.
lf you talk about my hair or my face,
l'll push you out from the car.
Are they coming?
- No.
Are they coming?
- No.
Are they coming?
- No.
ls it a court? Keep quiet.
lf you help me,
l'll get department's help for you.
Look there!
The stupid has waylaid us.
He's my assistant.
Run over him, no problem.
He hit us!
Why did you apply brake sir?
l didn't apply,
it stopped on it's own.
Hands up sir, he may fire at us
following institute rules.
Where's my dress?
You too hands up!
Where is my dress?
Hey you old hag! Bringing disrepute
to our department's honour,
are you helping a smuggler?
- Me?
Hey you jackal!
Take off your clothes.
Clothes? No problem.
l take it off whenever
there's a necessity.
You know this,
back in 1962,
l won first prize in the naked running
competition on Gannavaram road.
Male or female?
- Not me, ask him.
Did they taught you to strip to recognise
a smuggler in your institute?
You too strip man.
l'm wearing just a brief only.
Okay, but where's your
identity card?
How dare you ask my lD card?
Take it.
lt's my foolishness to give lD cards
to every fool in town.
l don't have daughters.
ls it tasty?
Shut up!
That gun is also mine,
take it from him.
Get up!
Fire him uncle.
l'm not your uncle,
you too join him.
How dare you run away
with my clothes?
Are you from institute?
l'll make institute fellows
also to strip.
You too strip with him.
- You too!
Look there, that opium gang.
- Yes.
How dare you cheat me?
l'll not spare you alive.
Botany class or matinee show?
Tell me your choice...
Don't take anything
from the bumper.
Where's the packet?
Give it to me.
- Give it to me boss.
That's empty!
Tell me who kept this
in my friend's car?
lf you tell me the truth,
it'll reduce your sentence.
Leave me!
At 3 pm!
l didn't get anything.
Beach road is in our way.
But l don't know what's this big one?
lt'll take an hour to reach
the beach road.
You do one thing, drop me there
and find the third car.
And also find where's Golconda?
Wait at the 1 74th milestone,
l'll come there.
Today evening at 5 pm, there's a secret
meeting in Ceasar's palace.
But that Chaitanya...
Cobra is already dead and
you're not safe any more.
So Chaitanya mustn't live.
Kill him immediately.
Remember one thing, the secret
meeting must go on at any cost.
Young maiden is fired up
with passion, O my man...
What's the use of calling yourself man
if you can't douse it?
Your eyes are pricking me
like thorns...
lt's teasing my young heart
to take chances...
The boy is a loser in the game
of love and passion...
Learning lessons in the
game of romance is yours...
ls love a fun?
ln the happiness of love...
Today is the time to lose
yourself in love...
l'm endowed with beauty
to inquire about love...
l'm ready to have a blast in
the art of love making...
Keeping an eye on love...
l'll finish it in a flash...
Today the game is over for you
and you're finished...
Who are you?
What's your relationship with them?
l can't tell you now,
you needn't have to fear me.
l'm a police officer,
l'm here to help you.
Trust me.
You claim to be a police officer,
how to believe you?
You've to believe me,
you got no choice.
Why did you then beat me from
behind in the parking lot?
Where are the boxes loaded
in the repair trucks?
l hit from behind to save you.
A policeman is driving
the repair truck.
Villain's men will take
him to their den.
He'll send us message from there.
We can go and catch them.
Our side only.
We must find the third photo.
Where could that car be now?
Did you find Golconda?
No, l saw your car on the way.
But l didn't see your friend in it.
l wanted to follow those funks' car
But l promised to wait here for you.
l missed them.
You both come in this car,
l'll take that car.
That's funks car!
Who are you?
Why did you stop the car?
How dare!
l need to check your car urgently.
You don't know about us.
We can do anything with you.
Very urgent.
- Do you know who is my father?
Do you know who is
my grandfather?
Do you know who is
my great grandfather?
Do you want to tell
about your grandfather?
Will you kill me?
lf you provoke me,
this will also get provoked.
So, you're the protector
and destroyer.
Just a business man
in police uniform.
l mean a business man.
What's your business?
Politicians and police will never
let their secrets out.
Are you scared?
Fire is lit only when
people need warmth.
Do you know this?
You and your beloved daughter
are on the verge of death.
My daughter?
lf not my daughter?
Not only you, anyone becoming a hurdle
to my business will face death.
What have you done
with my daughter?
My advice to you,
will you join my business
or you want to die?
Think without getting angry.
Forget about everything
and come with me.
Do you know what you're doing now?
l know, come.
Where to?
- To the finishing point.
Now it's clear about those rogues
thoughts and plans.
But they had cleverly
preplanned everything.
They are taking all the weapons
to Goa harbour.
Commissioner is taking
it to his den from there.
Goa is the end point of rally,
my father will be there as chief guest,
l must tell him this immediately.
That's not a big deal.
Did that CBl officer Smitha
tell you anything?
No, she said she wanted
to contact her boss.
Who is her boss?
- l don't know.
She said she'll intimate later.
l suspect CBl officer Smitha.
Doubt? You said she's CBl officer
and she's our side.
Situations make us say like that.
Keep an eye on her.
Give all this information to
your father immediately.
l'll take care of these guys.
There's a phone booth,
call your father immediately.
You know his number?
He gave me his Goa contact number.
You follow me,
you go.
Do you know what you are doing?
l'm readying the stage for the climax.
You'll watch it.
We got information that weapons
will be shipped out from this island.
They will bring the captives here only.
But we can't land the helicopter here.
We must be careful.
Got intelligence information that
another VlP is also in the island.
We must know who is that VlP.
Smitha, you go,
l'll go their den.
Take his gun and tie him.
What's this? Tie him not me.
Who do you think l am?
Do you know what you are doing?
Shut up, do you know this?
Whatever you did till now
was a part of my plan,
poor man, you don't know that,
you made a small mistake,
it was kidnapping Padmini,
but still it's okay.
Were you behind all this, daddy?
- Yes.
lt's me!
l'm just a part of this big network.
lt's good for you not to
know more than this.
- Shut up!
l know what l'm doing.
l suspected you but couldn't find you
masterminded this operation.
You managed it very well.
ls the boat ready?
What have you done
with Chaitanya?