Chaiya (2007) Movie Script

Before we went on our travels...
We promised each other...
That there was nothing that could happen
to make us come back here.
For Muay Thai boxers...
That is the ultimate goal.
During the boxing industries hayday,
The amount of money bet on boxing
was astronomical...
Like sharks, to the scent of blood.
The Boxing ring was home to gamblers...
And transformed, into the office
of gangsters at the same time...
All orders came from outside the ring,
even who won and lost.
They had an Army at their command
called "Siyan"
Switch this with his...
You really watch out for yourself, Yuan...
Seriously Yuan, you and me are
practically family.
You"ve got to help me out with this.
Other than Timuk, Only Chinese
can be family.
I would like to eat some shark!
Fixed fights, poisoning, and murder...
All truths easily overlooked.
Because of all this, the fight didn"t
always end in the ring.
We had no idea how it would end.
As for us, we had no idea how it would end.
If we get caught, we could
get kicked out of the camp.
What Pao, I thought you weren"t
afraid of anything.
You don"t have to come if your too scared!
- Oh, here I am, Samoh is the name.
- My father was a fisherman like his father,
and grandfather before him.
- They said that as I got bigger
I could go anywhere I wanted.
- Dad Wanted me to be a fighter more
than a gambler.
So one day when I was a bit older,
he let me try some betting.
- There"s nothing left.
L"m not a chicken!
This is Biak
And was born in a whorehouse!
It may be true that Biak couldn"t spell
his name right...
But he sure could punch and kick.
- The three of us were born and raised
in the same place.
- We all dreamed of being Muay Thai Boxers.
- Because we thought that was the only
thing that could get us out of here.
Which one of you is the toughest!
- Whats your problem?
12 Baht.
Winner takes all.
- He is bigger.
- That doesn"t mean anything,
if he can"t hit you.
Watch yourself in there.
Biak, come here, l"ll give you
the blessing.
Sa-too... Sa-too... Sa-too...
Hey Samoh, looks like your losing.
Shut the hell up...
If Biak wins, you"ll have pay us double.
If Biak Loses l"ll make you eat Shit!
There were the three of us.
Pao, had the look of a Muay Thai Boxer.
Thats because he was the younger
brother of a boxer.
Grengsuk S. Chaiya
He is also the son of Tiew Chaiya.
A famous muay thai teacher.
Biak, you take a bit more, and then you will
have him trapped, get him with the Elbow.
Defend and attack.
- Go!
- Go Biak, go!
Get him!
Biak, get over here.
Pao! Get over here!
I didn"t teach you Muay Thai so you could
go start fights with others.
Thats when we learned that Kru Tiew
was fierce.
But we also learned that he did those things
to make us strong as well.
It"s probably because...
He didn"t want Muay Chaiya to be
lost with him... he said that once.
Chaiya is fighting and strategy,
at the same time...
Going over offence and defense internally.
Remember that crouching does not mean
its over.
Just because the tiger is crouching,
does not mean it has given up.
Good, Pao!
The hardest thing was sitting on the Groke.
We had to smear powder all over our faces...
And had to defend against all attacks.
Kru Tiew would say over and over
"Don"t let anything take
the powder off your face!"
Our hearts belonged to Muay Thai Chaiya.
The sunset is beautiful, look at that red.
- Oh yeah?
But the end of our happiness came
much faster than we ever thought.
We had no idea that...
the arrival of Kru Tep that day,
Was the sign of the end of Kru Tiew,
and this Muay Chaiya camp.
In order to escape some shady loan debts
he started this Camp...
He and Greng had to go to Bangkok
to work off the debt.
They want you to have all the anemities
of a real Muay Thai trainer.
You should really come to Bangkok...
You will get what you need,
and pay off your debts too.
Good luck.
Dad, let me come with you!
No, stay here with your mom,
then you can focus on your training more.
Let"s go, Greng.
I love you all like my brother.
All of you the same as Pao.
Our grief did not end that day either.
- Dad!
- (Police officer) I understand
that last night...
...if you die now, who will I live with!
...he went into the city to bet on the fight.
- Yes, but he didn"t have money to pay.
- I see.
Have you seen Samoh?
Over there, I saw him going up that way.
Hey Samoh! Don"t do anything stupid!
You bastards! Don"t try to stop me!
Be careful!
- Samoh take my hand!
My Leg!
Biak! Pao!
Let me go! Or we will all die!
L"m not letting go! If you go, I go too!
I can"t hold on!
We never mixed our blood together,
like in those movies.
But, that event reinforced my belief that...
...the three of us would never
abandon each other.
Come on Samoh!
After the Muay Chaiya camp closed.
Biak and Pao...
...went on to become Boxers following
what we were taught.
And that was enough to get us
by through our days.
A letter from Geng!
Open it!
- Quick!
- Quick!
Read it!
"This letter is for the people
at the camp that wrote me."
"I am training for a fight
at Rajadanerm stadium."
"Dad is good, how are you?"
"And how about Biak, and Samoh?"
- Good
"Just focus on training Muay Chaiya."
"You remember what I taught you right?"
"A good fighter doesn"t just use
his punches and kicks."
"If you love it as much as you tell me."
"Then you have to practice hard."
"Good fighters have to use their heads..."
"...and their hearts."
Are the sales going well?
Sure are.
Who"s that?
What a knockout!
Hey Nurse!
Could you bring your heart
and give it to me?
But wouldn"t better if you took the dog
out of your mouth first?
Hey Pao.
Her name is Siprai
She"s the doctors daughter
Yeah... yeah...
What is it?
How about this... You scrub my undies
and l"ll tell ya a little bit...
- Samoh you...
- If you want to know details...
then you"ve got to wash it all.
And I will lay it all out.
You know you don"t have to do it at all...
OK, give it here then
What"s your name?
It"s Pao.
What"s yours?
Ok, so now we know eachother...
Go tell your friend not to bother
us anymore.
L"m going now.
- Hey sweet thing, hold on a sec...
- You in a hurry?
Let go!
Hey! Get your hands off her!
That hurts.
Sit still! Is this what you wanted?
Are you trying to make it worse?
Hows that? You think your
some kinda action hero?
Just go "rush into battle alone".
"Not afraid to die".
Well if the "Damsel in distress" is worth it,
Hey Biak! Check out my new trick!
What is it?
I will show you, listen...
Biak, Pao!
You guys need to go get something at
the temple!
I have called you guys here today,
...because were going to have a Muay Thai
event here at the temple.
There is going to be a lot
of important people here.
People from all over Korat.
These guys have done this before...
We haven"t.
I heard that you two are the best
boxers here...
...role models even.
This is the guy you"ll be up against.
His name is Kian Matkwai.
This guy is really good.
Biak look!
- Siprai!
Move over!
- Siprai
Now in the ring Biak Chaiya
And Kian Matkwai
Biak is inspecting the ring
in the ancient tradition
Kian looks un-impressed, and has written
Biaks name in the dirt.
It"s going to be a battle...
- "The fighters approach eachother..."
- You know...
...your going to die here...
its too bad your mother, and father
have to see this.
Don"t talk so much, l"m allergic to bullshit.
Son of a...!
- And that marks...
- Can Kian get up?
Or has he felt the power of
the Muay Thai Chaiya!
- He takes quite a hit
but isn"t down long...
- Strike and neither goes down...
Biak listen to me he"s only striking!
You"ve got to use your defense to find
and opportunity to strike!
You can"t give up, understand?
Hey, Biak...
You don"t need worry...
You fight well...
Your Muay Thai Chaiya is fierce,
and powerful.
If you keep up the conditioning
and training...
You could be a first class champion easily!
Thank you, brother.
That was one of those moments...
- That would be with Biak forever.
- Stay close please!
What is it?
If I go to bangkok to follow my
boxing carreer
Will you come with me?
Thats so sweet, do you mean it?
I bought this for you, from this chinese guy
I know using the money l"ve been saving.
I was waiting until now to give to you.
It"s nice but, it"s dead...
It wasn"t dead when I bought it!
That chink better take this back!
And give me something that...
you don"t have to do that...
right now its about 4 o"clock.
It"s the time that you asked me...
Were stuck in this moment, and now...
l"ll never forget it.
Thank you.
That day I decided to sell the boat...
So we could all get up to Bangkok.
As for Siprai...
I thought Biak was going to break up with her.
Biak! It"s the best!
Pao! It"s a real gym!
There"s a lot of people...
The enrollment fee is 500 dollars
per person.
500? Really?
You eat and sleep free...
injury fees are something...
that depends on the accomplishments
well I think a thousand is good.
And since my name is Samoh,
if anyone hits the doctor.
I can fill in.
Oh Tiew... your Dad left, and was
ordained as a monk a while ago.
L"ll let him tell you about
your brother, Greng.
Greng shot himself in the head.
They said that he threw a fight.
But he was poisoned.
Now you should go back home.
How can you say that dad?
You abandoned me so long ago and now...
l"m going to keep boxing,
If Greng was still alive
he would agree with me!
List of Fighters!
List here! Make your choice!
List here! Get your list!
- Today its a battle of champions!
- Watch out for Pao and Wichaiut!
Attack now!
Biak and Pichit...
- Pichit moves in...
- Strike!
Get him, Biak!
Pao! Don"t just take it!
- Again with the right, and again...
What are you booing at!
Don"t know a fight when you see it?
Don"t just take it!
He has to wait for the right moment,
that is Chaiya style!
If he doesn"t want to do what I say,
then just go home!
Pao is sticking with the goods...
a left punch, a high right kick
another from the right...
High kick to the neck!
He goes down! What a great move!
This is Pao"s minute!
Go tell Kru Thep
He"s coming hurry Biak!
Biak, Get him now!
What the Fuck are you trying to do?
Attack him! this, fans of Muay...
Thats better, now the audience is satisfied.
The next round is all yours!
Just a bit more, for our camp,
just concentrate!
Samoh! There is blood blocking my... and...
...and I can"t breath.
- You have to get the blood out for me.
- Samoh, take care of it.
Are you serious?
Yeah! Hurry!
Hang in there, buddy.
Come on, do it Samoh!
Hold on, Biak!
Is that better buddy? Better?
Just breathe slow.
- The Ref is calling the ringside doctor... check Biak"s wounds...
l"m fine Doc really!
L"m good to fight.
Your both worth the same amount to me now!
What are you looking at?
- Ok.
- The Ringside doctor says he can continue!
You get out there now.
Whats wrong with you?
Ok, Dallas
I will show you how I teach him.
He did very well.
You will be happy, I guarantee.
Show us Diamond.
- Are you ok with him?
- Good man...
He boxes better than a Thai.
- I like him.
Ok, this going to be enough money for you?
He is the best.
Don"t worry, you will be very happy.
Take this money and bet it all on me.
Are you sure?
Isn"t this the money for you
and Siprai"s apartment?
Yeah thats all...
what the hell am I supposed to eat with?
Just do this for me.
Don"t worry, l"ll win.
Biak is down!
He"s Knocked out already!
The Referee doesn"t even count it!
You threw away the last of the money!
I dont work myself to death so you can
gamble our money away!
Do you think my life isn"t on the line
in the ring?
If you don"t shut up, l"m going to slap you!
Oh really?
L"m not going to shut up,
go ahead and slap me!
Can you do this Biak?
Kru Thep is letting you fight too much.
It"s good to fight often.
They see me here, they like my fights.
Kru Thep said that If
I do two more fights...
He"ll get me a fight at
Rajadamnern stadium.
And today, just look at Biak"s condition!
He is not ready!
"Boxing fans raise your voices..."
- Stop.
"...Boo the stage!"
- "The Referee has stopped the fight!"
- To your corner!
"The fans are not satisfied!
They are booing louder!"
"Throwing stuff on stage!"
"The Referee grabs the microphone."
"The Referee determines the fight
has been thrown!"
Here is your money.
I took out the cost of the shorts,
the cape, and the cup too.
The Ref said you threw the fight.
But Coach?
What are you saying?
You saw him that day, he was still hurt.
He didn"t throw the fight!
Coach, please give me another chance.
I promise I will fight even harder
then before.
It would take thousands of dollars for that.
Do you have it?
What are you saying...
Where are we going to get the smarts
to make that kind of money?
L"m sure if you throw a couple more fights...
...that may help your chances of coming back.
I thought you loved Muay Thai
You ungrateful Bastard!
Don"t you dare talk to me like that!
If your not satisfied go back
to your pathetic little life!
Yourjust going to stare at me?
Get your ass out of here!
You too!
Get out worthless piece of shit!
Don"t even do that!
Worthless sons of bitches.
Biak! Samoh!
- What are you doing here, whats wrong?
- Get your stuff, were going home.
You think you can just come and drag me out?
Just drag me back however you want, huh?
If you want to go back, go back alone.
Siprai... Siprai... Siprai.
Did you guys think this over?
I think...
You should go apologize to Kru Thep.
Hey, just shut up.
Anyway, l"m finished with Muay Thai.
But for you...
You are the last of the Muay Chaiya
fighters now.
You have to continue.
Hey, the train is leaving.
Are we going or not?
How about this,
We came together, lets leave together.
No one is going anywhere!
You know why Siprai doesn"t want
to go back with you?
She doesn"t want to live in some dirty slum.
Its not just her, none of us want that.
Its too bad my leg is messed up...
l"m not going to give up this easily...
like some dog running away with its
tail between its legs...
Where are you taking your stuff?
Following my husband.
L"m not going now.
Don"t ever do this again
l"m sorry...
His name is Bae.
I heard from some bookies that he
opened a bar in the area.
He probably has his illegal fights
there too.
Many people that lose their licenses
come to him.
He is kinda like a "Wiseguy"
He likes helping people
Hey get out of here you low-lifes!
I better not catch you sniffin" paint
here again!
This is Wan.
She is the star.
She wants to be a singer,
but she isn"t very good.
I don"t know why the guys line up for her.
- Oh, Sweet!
Don"t be shy, c"mon!
Sir, looks like this guy is causing trouble.
Want me to talk to him out back?
So you want to come fight in my ring huh?
Show me that you"ve got what it takes.
Hey Bae! Whats up!
- You brought some new blood huh?
- How about putting him in
with "Monster Truck"?
"...He went straight through the ground!"
If your Muay Chaiya is strong, we"ll be rich.
"...oh my this isn"t very nice at all."
- "Monster Truck!"
- "We will now take a moment to get to know
the next pair of fighters that are up against
"Monster Truck."
"Noom Chaiya!"
- "Not nice at all, I dont think he
will have any appetite after that one!"
"After that, which side will you
put your money on?"
Pick who ever you like, and bet it all!
Awesome! Biak is the best!
- This just aint right!
- Get off me.
Bae, your the best!
"The man who turned the "monster truck"
into a "Tuk-Tuk"."
"A new star is born!"
"Noom Chaiya!"
L"ve been thinking it over.
Since that day you came and visited, until...
Until when, Dad?
Until I contacted an old
friend of mine Sayam.
He saw you fight, and wants to support you.
Under the condition that I am your trainer.
- Hey, Sayam!
- Kru Tiew! Hey!
Your looking strong as ever!
I heard that you are going to school,
is that right?
Ah, good. Dont Give up,
keep up your studies, and your skills too.
Don"t worry about money, I will
take care of that.
Biak, you"ve become so good already.
L"ll bet that if the Chaiya camp
hadn"t closed.
You would be even more famous
than Greng was!
Hey pal, I have a serious question.
Are you really going to take those things
into the fight?
How about I make some cool swords,
And you take those into the fight?
"Giant catches Monkey"
"Hunter Throwing Spear"
"Breaking the elephants trunk"
"Chaiya, Chaiya..."
- Hey Chaiya! This time, your dead!
I bet it all on Chaiya.
How much did you guys bet?
Here is your cut, from the fights.
Its all thanks to you, boss!
If it wasn"t for you, I don"t know
what I would do.
You earned it yourself.
This money from the fights can"t be enough
to live on.
I think it would be better, if you guys
came and worked with me seriously.
What do you have in mind?
If the ring is like a big house
of Yuan and Timuk.
Then Bae is like a mouse that keeps
chewing their power line.
He is the only guy who would dare set up
a table on their turf.
He is just doing the same thing they did.
And that is where we come in.
It all started with "looking for a victim"
We would look for fighters who would be
cheap to pay off.
Usually, just involved gambling, and women.
Other than that... we recruited new blood.
Its common knowledge, amongst fighters,
not to go running in secluded areas alone.
Because, if there is anyone that is going
to pay you to throw a fight, they will
be waiting there.
When the fighters come to find us first.
Where do your parents live again?
Half before.
In the occasion they don"t throw a fight.
We are forced to drug them.
- You know what to do.
"Rhino blow" gives us the best result.
Slip it to "em one day before the fight...
- Quick
...they never last.
As for the guys that say
they will but don"t...
We use the classic method.
- Open the door, cheater!
Are you crazy?
You think you can take me, asshole!
You got a problem with me huh?
You got a problem, asshole?
- I told you, didn"t I!
- The sun is settling down-
- We will meet again-
- That Chinaboy was horny last night...
- This next song is dedicated-
- I couldn"t sleep at all!
- To all the Isaan girls out there-
- "Isaan girl, waiting for love"
I forgot to tell you...
They were handing these out,
I didn"t know what to do with it.
I thought maybe you should have it.
"Singing contest"
I got you!
All you think about is, pussy.
You said If I caught you,
we would get it on!
- Biak take this...
- go home!
He is not a fighter, but he likes to play games...
For this job I want you to do
something really severe.
It"s not that he is bigtime, or smalltime,
but he has always cheated us.
What is he doing out there?
L"m scared already! How much do you need?
Samoh! Come get this one!
Why did you shoot me, it hurts!
Go help him out eh? He is too noisy.
It"s just the jitters.
It"s always like this the first time.
Can I sit here?
Whats wrong?
Can I get a beer?
Did you go to the tryout?
Here I am a star.
I can sing however I want,
and it doesn"t matter...
It"s better to dance anyway...
don"t have to think about anything.
You want to try?
Can I get an interview?
What style where you just using in there?
I just cant place it, but it"s just
like someone else.
Grengsuk Chaiya right?
This is his younger brother, you know?
- Is that right?
- Yes
- Your fight well, just like him!
- Thank you.
Give us the "Chaiya" stance
so we can get some pictures.
- Yeah lets see it!
Hey there!
Its been a long time since l"ve seen
a fighter like you.
"Achusacoom""s the name.
How do you do?
Im a columnist writing about
the history of Muay Thai.
I started writing after asking
your dad a few questions.
What has brought you here today?
I just had to come support this young man
you have been training so well.
Here is my card. Hold on to it...
If there is anything I can help you with,
don"t hesitate.
Im so happy to have the chance to witness
your style in action again.
- "Now the news"
"Last night, police officials discovered the
body of a 40 year old man, that had been shot."
"The body was discovered in the forest
behing the Nongbalai temple."
"In the town of Paengsen,
Nakombatom province."
"The body was shot once in the head,
and once in the body."
"Officials are reviewing evidence,
that suggests the death of this man..."
"...may involve an underground
gambling ring, and fighting circuit."
Hey, you all right?
How have you been? This is just like
when we were kids.
Isn"t it?
Yeah it is, lets go to my house,
to drink some more!
- Whats wrong!
- Rickshaw!
Go get some booze for my friend here.
If Biak hadn"t had gotten so mad then,
He would have been a rich fighter by now.
Of course...
why didn"t he go down the same path as you?
Here, I tailored some clothes too.
You dress so shabby, around here it's
important to look your best.
You can have me, if you want...
I like you.
But Wan, I have a wife already.
Does your wife know what type of work
you do?
Would she accept it?
I don't mind.
How could he do this?
It's not true...
Hey, something has happened.
Last night, Yuan sent some guys to my place.
Another underground ring, he made them
give the place to him.
I have to give him a cut now.
So now he knows of how much I make on this.
That son of a bitch, is moving
in on my area again.
With amount he gets from Yuan and Timuk,
all their gambling money.
And the bastards still moves on me.
Who, boss?
The boss of that Chink gang called "Uncle Buu"
I've eaten with the bastard before.
It's the same guy that Yuan works
for, everyday!
He gave the Bar to Soydee, Uncle Buu's No. 2,
and only nephew.
Soydees' guys will do anything for him.
Bastard has a bunch of trained
killers with him.
Especially those two fuckers last night.
They are the most dispicable of all.
Catch this!
How did you find this place?
I have a better question...
What are you doing here?
You don't need to be spending your life
like the rest of this scum.
Think of Siprai!
Calm down...
Were all buddies.
Don't think that I don't know, about her
going to live with you!
And what of it?
If I were you, I wouldn't be doing this
to myself.
If you want my wife, go ahead and take her!
I've used her up already, I'm done with her.
Let me go!
Pao! I'll stay here, where I belong.
Now you, go back to where you belong!
So be it, Biak!
I'm done with you!
Let me go Samoh!
Lets go, quick!
After that day Biak and I knew.
We were moving further and further from
being professional Muay thai "fighters".
That the only thing we could be
was "gangsters".
Your bleeding internally!
Just hold on!
A straw!
Just hold on!
A bit longer!
Yuan knows, I sent the two of you
to shoot his ass.
You shouldn't have missed.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to take him a peace offering.
I don't do anything for anyone but Timuk.
I think I want to eat some shark.
Hurry get in!
Timuk! Are you home?
What do you want?
How's it going?
Sorry Timuk
After that Bae learned the true power
of Uncle Buu.
He got the paint sniffers to do it.
The ones that Bae chased away with his shoe.
They did it for a pair of levis each!
Everything of Bae's fell to us.
Except the ringside gambling.
Because in this world.
There could be only one man in control.
Remember that nephew of Buu
that Bae told us about?
He sent some guys out to find us.
Do you want to quit?
If you quit, I will.
You stay, I stay
Starting over for Soydee that day,
was like commiting suicide.
But anyway...
What does that mean to us anymore.
You guys understand?
From now on...
Nothing will be the same.
People change, like the days.
We started working for Soydee full time.
You went 'over there' again didn't you.
- (Comedians) Alright everyone,
this should be fun...
You just can't get over it can you.
I'm happy for them.
I'm actually glad they are happy together.
- I would like to invite Samoh!
To come up on stage and sing us a song!
Come on!
Don't be sad buddy! I'm gonna
sing you a song...
I'm ready!
Biak my friend...
This song is for you!
I'll see you in the morning.
In the morning? Let me make a deposit first!
Wan! Who did this?
That guy, over there.
Don't move! Ive got something for you!
Is 70,000 enough?
I won't throw a fight!
Get out of my house!
Get the hell out!
Get out!
You, stop screaming!
Samoh, you done yet?
When you hurry, you really hurry.
Hey, who is that?
Hey, you guys!
You just don't give up,
do you?
Dig that a little wider while your at it.
Who is it?
Some dumb ass boxer.
Hey Biak, don't beat yourself up.
Your Chaiya style is really good.
Keep practicing your skills.
You could be the best fighter for sure.
It didn't have to be this way. If only he
had just thrown the fight.
Heavy piece of shit!
Biak I bought some Phad Thai!
- Pao is the winner
after only 3 rounds!
- The Ref is Inviting the Captain
of police on stage.
- Who is here tonight to present the Siam cup
to the winner.
- Here is the champion of the Siam Cup Pao!
You weren't kidding Greng, your brother
really is a great fighter.
So, tell me the truth Diamond.
Are you worried about fighting this man?
I'm not afraid of this monkey.
Alright then, were on your side then.
- (Journalist) This match is considered
the most important match...
...for fans of Muay Thai
all over the country.
- Pao, how does it feel to be matched up
with 'Diamond'?
The foreign fighter who has won match
after match against Thai's?
I think that my past 80 fights say it all.
I'm one hundred percent ready
for this match.
Could I please get a picture?
- Sure.
- Please, come over here.
Over the past five years, I've tried
to do things right, for all of us.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
Pao, if I was to re-marry.
You would be my first choice.
But I need some more time.
All right, bye
What is it?
Diamond overdosed.
Son of a bitch!
The drugs were too strong.
Last night, he almost killed
a guy in the ring.
The doctor took a look at him
and said that he isn't ready...
How about this...
Even out the betting on both sides.
After that, put our money on the Chaiya kid.
You understand?
They asked me to come talk to you,
since I know you.
Four hundred thousand isn't
a small amount you know.
Your dad doesn't have the ability
to take care of this himself.
I'll give it to you straight,
he could get killed.
What do you think I should do?
I dont have that kind of money.
Just throw a fight, should be enough.
But, I swore to my dad
I would never do that!
Do you know how your brother Greng died?
It was when your dad and I were running
the camp together.
Your dad was in debt way over his head.
They were going to take the Camp.
Your Dad tried to force Greng
to throw a fight.
But he wouldn't go for it.
I didn't think Tiew would go so far,
as to drug his own son.
Greng was chased out of the ring.
They said he had no honor.
Greng, No!
Fighters will win some, and lose some.
If you don't do this, Tiew
doesn't stand a chance.
I'm sorry I wasted respect on you
for so long!
You destroyed Greng!
Now you want to destroy me!
Is this why you taught us Muay Chaiya?
Pao, listen to me first!
fight to your fullest.
The bell signals round three!
Diamond opens up with a left!
Get your hands up!
Left kick, right kick!
Watch it!
He goes down!
- Bastard!
- Is this it...
could this be the end, Diamond goes
to his corner, but what's this?
Don't feel bad Tiew.
Son of a bitch.
Bastard trying to mess with me, huh?
Take care of all these fuckers for me.
Thank you we are here every Thursday!
And this Thursday is teachers night.
You shouldn't dwell on it, just look at me.
I keep my gym open and mouth shut...
Isn't that because im trying
to keep Muay Thai alive?
I haven't ever liked teachers.
Why don't you like teachers.
They teach us things.
Things just keep changing
cause the times change.
I don't get it!
What are you doing?
Biak don't do this!
Pao help me!
What are you doing!
Sorry, Kru.
What is it?
Can't we let this one go?
I'll pay for it myself.
Boss lost hundreds of thousands
on that fight with diamond...
You think you can cover that much?
If you don't take it, Sen
will do it regardless.
Peek-a-boo! Come here!
Let's go find Daddy.
- Birds to set free!
- Get your birds here!
- Birds to set free!
Samoh, who did you come with?
Siprai, wait!
I need to tell you something.
And I have nothing, for you.
- No! Stop!
- Pao!
Biak dont shoot Pao!
Siprai please dont get involved
I'm going to get involved thats my husband!
If it weren't for him I would
have sold myself!
If you shoot him, shoot me too!
Are you going to shoot me Biak!
Do it already!
If your going to do it, do it now!
You've gone insane!
- Pao!
- We have to go, hurry go!
Someone call a doctor!
Someone call a doctor, now!
Out of the way!
(Doctor) I'm very sorry, he
sustained some serious injuries.
- We've tried everything we can.
(Achusacoom) Your very lucky that none of
the bullets hit any vital organs.
It was a near miss.
But your fathers wounds are worrisome.
There is nothing left for me.
There is nothing left for me
to fight for anymore.
Don't say such stupid things.
Your dad is laying in there
on his death bed!
Kru Thep told me about what Dad did to Greng.
What did that little rat have to say?
Back then...
Your dad was backing Greng he wouldnt
allow him to throw a fight!
Thep drugged him, then blamed it on your Dad.
You have to have a re-understanding
of your father.
Tiew was the best fighter
I ever laid eyes on.
- Dad!
- You can't come in here!
- What are you doing!
- Don't try to resist!
- Let me go!
- Don't try to resist!
- Let me go!
- Give it up!
The doctor said, he was clinging to this
when he came in.
We have eye witnesses saying they saw two
of you dragging Kru Thep out of the house.
Who was your accomplice?
I told you already, I was alone...
After that fight...
Diamond's value blew through the roof!
No one even wants to challenge him.
But I have the funds...
I will arrange a rematch for you.
I am truly gratious...
That you still trust me.
But I'm going to quit fighting.
If your father could hear what you said.
He would be rolling in his grave.
Listen to me, Pao,
This the last opportunity in your life... prove that you didn't throw the fight.
I never thought I would see you here.
Neither did I.
Listen to me, Biak.
After Pao finishes this next fight.
I've decided to marry him.
He is a good person.
I came today...
Because I cannot live
with the guilt anymore.
The baby, is yours.
I stopped the time, when we met.
Forgive me for everything
thats happened since then.
I want you to know the truth,
about whats gone on till now.
We never had the chance to walk
the same path as you.
You became a Boxer.
And we became crooks.
Biak knew all to well.
That if Siprai had stayed with him.
Her life would have been full of danger.
That scene that she saw that time...
was made so that she could leave
without any remorse.
Biak never forgot you.
The S. Saiam camp was in debted to us.
You were able to fight there
and finish your schooling...
You know how that was possible?
It was covered by the money
Biak made on gambling.
He always knew...
Your life had to be better than ours.
You must believe me that, he wasn't trying
to kill you that day.
Do you believe in our friendship?
If your going to do something, do it quick!
We still have a really big job to do.
You have to promise us...
Promise that you will fight your best.
The best in your life.
You have to win the belt, for us.
Then, we can all go back to the villiage.
The fighter from Chaiya...
Paopan S. Saiam
Has fought 81 fights...
I heard this Chaiya fighter is really good.
Hey you used to be a Boxer right?
Did you know him?
Don't waste your question.
If he knew a boxer of that level...
He wouldn't have become some cheap assassin.
...this is a historical, must see fight.
- It's going to start in just
a few short hours.
- Its a re-match, and middle weight
championship bout, at Rajadanerm stadium.
Good luck Pao.
You thought about it right?
About whats going to happen
if Pao wins the fight?
Soydee is going to kill him.
You have led me since we were kids.
Its my turn to be the leader.
Lets go!
Soydee knows I went and
talked to you in jail.
He's had me followed everywhere.
He is so paranoid...
He doesn't even know me.
You still need to watch out for yourself.
I don't need to use this anymore.
I grabbed these for you.
If we go through with this.
You know what will happen right?
You know what?
I thought I was going to die,
at the cliffs that day.
But I didn't
I'm really happy.
Because at least I have you guys...
That made it all worth while.
See you at the villiage.
Biak I thought about for a while.
This is going to be our best chance
to get rid of Soydee.
Since there are going to be a bunch of
"high rollers" at the fight.
I did some snooping, and found out that
none of his boys will be armed.
Because even he knows he is being watched
by everyone this time.
Remember this well...
We only have this one chance.
- I would to invite everyone to gather for
the beginning of middle weight championship.
For the belt of Ratchaderm stadium.
The champion in red
weighing in this morning at 156 lbs.
The 'Fighter from Hell'! Diamond Sullivan!
The challenger in blue.
Also weighing in this morning at 156 lbs.
The 'Handsome Executioner', Paopan S. Saiam!
Are you ready?
The bell signals the first round!
Diamond bursts from his corner
like a demon from hell!
But Pao is handling him beautifully.
Compared to his form last time,
he is on his game in every way.
Pao has him on the ropes with a left, and
a right, following the Chaiya style.
This is the best we have seen!
Compared to last time these fighters
are almost equal.
Pao has really brought the guns this time.
Diamond isn't even defending...
He is moving in on Pao, moving him
right into the red corner.
A left, a right...
The bell signals the end and
what a shame, already!
- Don't waste your energy
- Shut up!
- You will lose your strength!
- You didn't train me.
- Moving into the second round.
At the start of this round Diamond
is already showing some change!
He is moving in again... moving in
more fiercly with the Chabab style.
A Front kick to the chest!
Has to get back in the game. Diamond gets him
to the ropes, and is thrown to the ground!
This is Muay Chaiya!
A left, a right!
Oh my, this fight might just
go to Diamond for sure!
Bastard has crazy energy.
Just watch your defense.
Don't match him punch for kick.
It's the third bell.
They are both coming to the round even.
- Avoiding all of Diamond's punches.
'Alligator whips tail'
but it doesn't connect!
Diamond moves him to the ropes and attacks!
He goes down hard!
- 1... 2... Corner! 3...
He goes down!
The Ref continues the fight!
Ok... fight!
Son of a bitch!
If that Chaiya bitch wins...
Kill both those sons of bitches.
Hey its Biak!
Go tell the boss!
This is yet another important fight!
The fight between Diamond and Pao
Boss you have got to get out of here,
Biak is here, he is killing us all.
- A left, a right.
What are you looking at Biak,
you piece of shit!
Bastard! Give me your gun so I can shoot
this piece of shit.
But you told us not to bring any guns!
You bastard!
There is an escaped prisoner.
Get him!
Payasong calling 760 I have
an escaped prisoner.
They are both down... oh man really
these two fighters... these two...
This doesnt look like anyone is going
to regain anything.
But what a huge event for two
historical fighters!
He is getting up!
He is up, but can he continue?
It's up to the referee!
Throw your weapons down and
let him go right now!
Give up, put down you weapon!
You can't go in there!
Let me go, thats my husband!
- Biak!
- You cant go in there!
I am his wife!
Turn yourself in Biak!
Give it up Biak! Please!
There is no where to run!
Give it up!
Biak turn yourself in!
- Give it up!
- Give it up!
- Dont you think of me, and your child!
- Biak think of your daughter!
- Biak! Your Daughter!
- Give it up!
Your safe now.
Biak you cant die!
You won right?
I won...
I won look!
I won Biak, I won...
You can't die.
Im not dying...
As long as you continue to use Chaiya style.
I will be with you.
Don't die.
Your watch.
It runs good now.
Im sorry...
- Biak...
- Biak no...
- Biak come back!
- Come back!
Tje... the song is ready.
Sayam... Sayam is going to be yours now.
I understand.
I will manage it for you.
You will have to come back as the boss.
But you have to help me out.
What goes on in the ring is all
up to you now.
As for you, brother, you have
to take care of Soydee.
Think about it Samoh.
Pao can come back to fight...
You will have some money to use
and Biak
If anything should happen to him.
I will pick up his debt, every dollar,
every cent.
Even that for his wife and daughter,
for the rest of their lives.
Just ask yourself Samoh.
How much do you really love eachother?