Chakravyuha (2016) Movie Script

Iam another guy like you
start my day with the exercise
eat my mother's preparation
replace greenery with concrete buildings
irrespective of my wishes, an Engineer
come back home after work,
help mom in cooking and
happily listen to her stories of my father,
but it's been a week I haven't slept
If not like a king
one should have a peaceful life
and that's what I believe
for that reason today I am
waiting for this fellow.
Aah eeh who are you?
Who are you? Joker
come on man
don't let me down
Don't live me
Its my mobile,
why do you need my mobile?
Why have you tied me up? Tell me
as a law minister I will not do mistakes
I will stop people doing the same
it been a regular share of
10 seats for ministers
it has to double from here on.
Sorry, list is already prepared
It's uk... List is there in the system
it's not a Government rules that you have
sure number of seats in our institution
in fact there is 40 worst student list in there,
they are your recommendations.
I don't care a dam, there are 20 boys waiting,
you have to accommodate them.
It's not possible.
- I am a law minister
lam teaching law since 22 years.
Don't bother, we can catch them later.
There are 95 law collages,
10 in each means around 950 lawyer
there are 95 law collages,
10 in each means around 950 lawyer
in 5 years the count is 4750,
that was in my last term as a minister
but if we double the seat share now
now the count will be 14,250 lawyers and they
will be strong support to campaign
my next election.
Why are you beating us.. why are you
beating us... don't beat us...
Blind from the crowd: - is there a clash?
It's a clash between collage
students, go back,
go back,you are a blind what can you do?
Go back..
You can see so why don't you intervene.
You don't have a vision but have a head weight.
It does not matter, but one has to
have a human heart, come let's move...
please don't don't... wake up...
talk please talk... Wake up... please help me...
what happened ...Tell me
Sadhu come here... lets help..
There is police here why get into this lets go...
we cannot be spectators like them, come lets help...
hold him tightplease move please move...
Hospital is very close by...
don't worry nothing will happen to you...
all this is because of the
law minister Sadashivayya...
if I don't survive please take my words
to the media..- please ----
don't bother. --.
This is a case of violence,
first an FIR has to be filed.
Iam here for a treatment not for an postmortem,
he is suffering start the treatment...
let's start the treatment If anything goes wrong
he will take care.
I don't need this...
stay out, we will let you know...
please call the attendant..
Please come in...
there is a lot of blood loss, his is o-ve please arrange
the blood for further treatment...
helluooo some one is dyeing inside please
can some one help by giving blood...
its o-ve do any one have the same group please...
no one is responding... yes this is it o-ve...
I have never donated blood...
Please spare me...
o-ve is a very rare blood group,
you don't get it in the blood banks,
so I forcing you to donate...
only 350ml and 15 minuets...
so I forcing you to donate...
only 350ml and 15 minuets...
in no time he will recover and it's
for very good for you.---...
You get new blood in 24 hours...
its very good and healthy to donate blood...
the best part is you feel good because you
have saved a LIFE... She has o-nv
only one can accompany...
it's 0k you all leave,
I will fallow you in 15 mints...
He is standing like a hero and
as I am donating...-.
It's only 350ml... don't worry probably
it's her first time, give something to drink.---
He is the man who brought your son to the
thank you, you are blessed.
This is your sons mobile..
Where am I?
It's dark...
ls it only blood or taken even Kidney?t
are you worried that they
have taken the kidney?
today's world you can suspect
that but now you are safe...
two mosam m by juice
get me pomegranate juice
on sugar and ice cubes.
No for me with sugar and lots of ice cubes----.
No for me with sugar and lots of ice cubes----.
Ohh god after drinking this let me
recover all blood I have lost...
where did I miss placed my purse?
The number you are calling is switched off.
Sadhu, I know you are only speaking,
I cannot take any more risk
with you I am sorry...
why people hesitate to even help...
how much...
its Wits.
please can you spare 120 rs
me!!!! After donating blood you expect
me to pay for this also..
I have misplaced the purse so I am requesting,
I will return you back.
I been holding this from past five years...
where to?
Where do you want go...
Viiaynagar please.--...
are a law college student?
because I saw blood stains...
how can a law protectors
break the law themselves.
Please stop..-.
Please stop here...
Who much?
how much will it cost to go to Koramangala?
Approximately 320.
Please pay him 520rs.
Why should I pay?
Who has the money will only pay...
actually you have to pay.
Please keep an account,
I will every penny.
Come here... who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Her mother
lam nothing to her...
why are you late?
He dint give his phone number
why do you need his number?
He has borrowed 640:5
how can you lend money to strangers...
I know him..
O yaah... why is he turning around looking.
O yaah... why is he turning around looking.
Maa I am your daughter...
how can police be spectator
when three students died,
I wouldn't have tolerated, your father would not
have allowed this happen.
Did sadhu come?
He is on leave.
If not punishment, god brings out the truth.
The entire public was a spectator
when violence happenning,
its like seeing an insect struck in the lions hair,
don't you think its risky that you got in to it?
As humans we should help the needy.
Iam helping my people at home,
right now I am on leave.
Why are you having a black band on you?
Iam trying to show solidarity
to the law students.
Some show solidarity on social media some
on the ground by lighting candles and black flags.
Some wear black shorts.
Even your black shoes are
suggesting a protest.
Mind your business.
If any one has guts, should hold the law minister
accountable, he is the man behind this.
Spare me please move... give me way...
until I getjustice to my son I will not go from here...
move , why is every one blocking the road,
its illegal to block the road.
Did you all taken pemisiun to kill my son,
ouwere silent spectators yesterday,
now you are thinking of law and order.
Chose the right forum to fight it, children need
to go to school and every one has to go to work.
I did not getjustice so I am doing this,
every on unites for there is a problem,
from drivers to polititions,
why as public not united when
we are in problem)
lam teacher, teaching since 22 years,
received 2 best teacher award,
I pay taxes to every thing I buy, why,
thinking government will protect me,
politicians, burocrates, police all of them
take there salaries because I pay taxes,
every one has to answer me,
I have only one son because government
said help the country by family planning,
government did not protect my only child,
they killed him, don't
you all know who is behind all this?
Do you think media doesn't know?
Police doesn't know?
Why no one is doing anything?
Police doesn't know?
Why no one is doing anything?
Answer me?
Every one has a say when
some one is in problem,
but there is always one honest person,
he will come forward to help,
you all will see that...
move on... Clear the road... move...
whats happening around?
Every one knows that you are
the reason behind all this,
no one has a voice to rise against you.
What dues our lawyer say?
Three students died so is the problem,
there is a teacher among them,
she is creating the problem.
Whats her problem?
She is trying to bring in tugather all
her exstudents who are in good positions
to create problem to us.
What do you suggest.
We have to find some solution.
Rajeshwari, my brother is going out,
look after him.
finish the teacher,
politicians are waiting to dethrone me.
it been 15 days that you
have come out on a payroll,
if you don't surrender in 5 hours,
your brother has to resign from the ministers post,
lam punishing your brother for
killing three law student,
your brother is in this position because you
have helped him In this kind of a crime,
I will not release
you until your brother is arrested,
when the public is disturbed there is some
one from the public will stand against it,
you people should know.
Breaking this wall is not big for me,
I will come out and show my strength..
Pig gracing is much better
than a watchman job,
I have become a balloon
just after two loose motions...
I have become a balloon
just after two loose motions...
who is this... are you sunanda's husband?
I will not leave you.
This ghost is stupid,
tells me he will not leave me.
Friends and friendship is forever,
what's the reason behind all this party man?
What's the reason behind all this party man?
I will tell you but promise me.
I promise.--.
Do you want be a leader?
Not a leader, want to be a good citizen,
give me your mobile I have no charge.
Please take it,
I have an important news
please Wright it down, sir please
our law minister has his brother on payroll and
he has made him escape the jail,
sir please
kusturi news, its an important information
law minister has his brother on payroll and
he has made him escape and it's a confirm news.
Sir, why are you using my phone for all this?
Every one should know the truth,
if not you, your phone is getting used, hello,
I will complaint saying I lust the
mobile and escape.
Lost my mobile so..Please find it
as soon as possible
every one comes with the same complaint
I have private photos with my wife
romancing hen.
How can you keep such things In your mobile.
Just for memories.
Will try to locate what are you staring at
go come in line... what is your problem?
What a beautifull wife and look at this fellow,
sir what is your mobile model number?
Don't bother police will do their job.
Iam the law minister I don't do crime and
also prevent people from doing it, please ask?
Have you helped your brother escape to a
foreign country?
Have you sent someone else on his place?
One minute ,
there is a mobile in dogs neck.
Now even dogs have the mobile,
he is not answering the call, before 5 he be in jail
what if he doesn't?
Iam a law minister, I know the law, if he doesn't,
I will resign and surrender to the police,
if what you say is correct, can we report the same?
Yes go ahead
I have doubt, he has escaped
see who is that
who's body is it?
She is the teacher we were talking about
he did it all this because of me ,
that's my brother, burn the car along with the
body and locate my brother fast.
Hit him, don't spare him.
Who are this people, why are they hitting him
you made me give blood that day now
I will make you shed blood from them,
I wanted a brave man,
they are not listening to any one,
weak people are always get hit so
I want you to teach a lesson,
there is always a satisfaction to help the weaker
people, you have that power, take them on,
you want to hit me?
Without knowing the reason how can I hit
doesn't matter hit me, I just said she has a
wonderful back so he pulled my shirt.
Next time I see this, you will regret to have
taken birth,
give me money
I don't have the purse
I have the purse.
Please come
are you out of your mind
take, this is for your treatment,
Wright this also in to my account, I will pay back
who is this?
Its me
it's a new number how do you know?
That's why I am an engineer
what is the matter
its urgent, get me an orange juice with less sugar
my job is to provide building material and
the labour, not to get you juice
lam looking upon you like an elder brother,
in disco tech they did not allow you for your attire,
I gave you my shoes and waited out side,
have you forgotten,
I gave you my shoes and waited out side,
have you forgotten,
when your scooter was not in shape,
you took my bike for a ride with your girlfriend
I was riding your scooter behind you,
the juice, ordinary or special, with sugar
or without sugar,
one chilled orange juice,
sir juice shop is closed
that fellow whom I have tied him in the room
must be feeling hungry so
why do you have to fix me every time
you have promised no god so you decide
0k sir,
ooh god chowdeshwary this ghost
should vanish today.
He escaped it's not him,
until I am there you cant touch my brother,
I will go to jail before 5pm today,
I will come out tomorrow and not spare you.
Hello sir, this is yourjuice,
you should also come,
- please spare me,
it's 0k come,
you have bought a juice to the fellow whom you
only have kidnapped,
you are a hero or a villain?
He can never recognize me,
you are the reason for all this,
killing is not my job, punishing...Yes it's my job
I have tried tracing your brothers number,
he has not gone out of Bangalore,
getting signals from BTM towers
keep tracing.
Sir, this number going toward silk board,
now its going towards koramangala,
sir you are on the right track keep going,
its 5.10, your brother has still not come,
do something
the entire press is here,
manage them.
It's impossible; if he doesn't come I have to report
shut up,
you both are in the same place,
get him, someone has planned this,
he also should die like a dog,
All politicians will do mistakes, but you should
be knowing how to manage it
how can talk in public like an idiot
committing to surrender,
how can talk in public like an idiot
committing to surrender,
find your brother we will do something,
law minister has resigned and
we have terminated the party membership.
What about his arrest.
We have informed the police.
He and his brother were criminals
before he became a law minister,
he and his brother were criminals
before he became a law minister,
I will prefer a transfer than to handle this case
in fact don't one of this officer handle.
I will handle this case
only 10 days for your retirement,
why will you do that?
I am about to retire but I have nothing
to my credit to remember,
after this I can peacefully die.
lam the police not a criminal to get scare...
he is sitting Ike a saint after doing all this...
sadhu? Come...
it looks more complicated
the team of doctors will come and
we will start the treatment tomorrow...
0k lets go
its been 24 hours I have not eaten,
please do something
what did he say
he is very happy that he did not hear
and spoken and bad thing...
understand my situation...
ooh hungry... Bring the drilling machine...
drilling machine?...
ls he doctor or a carpenter?
Drilling machine?...
ls he doctor or a carpenter?
Please connect...
don't get scared...
hold him please...
help... help... Help...
I thought he will screw me...
now you can give any liquid food...
tell me..
All the area are on high alert,
you handle yours...
lam not able to handle this case but
my full support is with you,
they cannot fool the entire department
you will defiantly find success in this case...
in wildest of there imagination they will not come to
know that you are hiding in a police station...
who is behind all this?
In that entire ruckus,
one person to the teacher son to the govt hospital
and got the treatment done...
he threatened me and got the treatment dune..
Do you know him...
no, but since it a rare blood group
we have collected the girls number
who donated blood.---.
I saw the white car, I am coming,
I know that person very well,
the condition is you should pay me what he owes
it done...
every news paper and TV channels has the news
that the law minister is missing,
is he the same person,
has he cheated the minister also,
he is not here,
stop the car, reverse the car,
stop the car, stop, stop the can...
they are buying anything I want,
, stop...stop...stop... go back...
same like this actor Shivraj Kumar,
same face but he is younger...
pray to god so that we can find him fast
there... there... no... no... nu... not him...
he has been kidnapped
he knows that I am the reason
behind the three students killing,
it might also be a group behind all this,
tell me what is the next plan?
It's police...
call me if you find him, now you can 90---.
Who are you...
I will get down in the signal...
go to shivajinaga r...
drop me in the next signal...
if he is the person,
then I should protect him...
if he is the person,
then I should protect him...
sir I gut the job on your recommendation
I will take care, please go...
I think it was the minister in that can...
why dint you stop... Get in move... move...
because of him I got job and
every month I get the salary 50...
block the next signal.-..-
I can also use my force..-.
Can I have one more coffee...
I saw your video super...
You are no mach to her what a dancer...
I think he has seen our videos,
let's go from here...
where did he vanish?
If you give a pose like a hero
I will not forgo the money you owe me,
give me your number...
save my name as puppy,
should I save you name as power?
How do you delete number in my brain...
I know you are looking at me
but I want to see you...
Sadhu, I need a rickshaw,
need to release the minister's brother...
Sadhu, I need a rickshaw,
need to release the minister's brother...
why are you surprised?
I know what you are up to...
where have you hidden him?
If this goes out it will be a very big issue.
Let it be,
you should have thought before doing the mistake,
where is she,
where have you hidden her?
Which girl?
I understood when I first saw
you both talking, where is she?
I was guiding her to an address.
Then why are you here...
this is my companies plot
and under litigation, so came to inspect...
I saw only your bike, not hers so, sorry.---...
I saw only your bike, not hers so, sorry.---...
calm down, calm down,
listen to me, calm down...
get in sir... don't behave like this please..
Calm down sir please...
where is my brother..-.
He is in jail...
jail!!! What you guys are for...
did you all recognize who is behind all this?
what the hell...
don't do this, control yourself----.
Mind your business...
sir your are n police custody,
you are taking treatment in the hospital...
police custody?
It will be difficult to release your brother
from jail if you behave like this,
you should tell your story to the press
it eases your brother's release...
do as you have planed...
you can't sit silently in a press meet.
My brother has been arrested on a
falls claim that I Have escaped...
your bail was till 5th,
why haven't you surrendered?
On 4th I was kidnapped
and kept in captivity...
on 4th I was kidnapped
and kept in captivity...
it looks like you are lying
to protect your brother.--.
You are facing a life term for killing
7 young teenage people,
its heard to believe that
someone has kidnapped you...
he was very powerful,
I could not face him...
how is he to look...
he had covered his face"...
what will you do when you face him again...
I will cut him into pieces...
after the claims of his brother
that he was kidnapped,
ex law minister has been granted bail
and kept in police custody for 10 days
in connection of the violence in the law college...
why did students gut into violence?
All this happened because of the
irresponsible law minister---"...
any action from the management?
We have dismissed all 40 students involved...
will you say something on the kidnapped logic?
He is our hero, he is our hero...
the reason behind criminals arrest is our hero...
what's so fun in the news...
he is our hero, hero, hero.--"...
I knew you will not receive my number,
mom give I will use your phone...
your phone is ringing...
please receive the call...
this is Anjali...
Yes this is Anjali...
someone named Anjali...
it's a wrong number...-.
It's a wrong number...-.
Give me the address
I will come there to prove if it's wrung number...
what happened?
How did you get my address?
Aunty I was dialing the correct number...-.
First you get out of my house...-.
I have returned the rikshaw,
now you only have to drop me
till the bus stand,
aunty, since it's a first visit to your house,
can you get me a cup of coffee pleas...
lets go...
this attire is not good for the Saturday,
please change the to a white shirt please...
why all this...
you should always take blessing from elders...
he is gone to change to match my t shirt...
actually, what's happening
move sit...
just be back...
Aunty, one selfie please... one more"...
how dare you can certify that
lam fit enough to go to Jail?
I have a mission to kill so until its dune
I have to stay here
so certify to my requirement,
I want to torture him before killing,
I can find him if I could
locate the building I was in,
there is a scare crow on the building,
get me pictures of all such building,
find if someone has found a
dead body on the construction site,
find out the number he used to informed
the news channels, I should know his plan...
there is a girl who has seen...
enquire her...
did you see that person again...
I saw him yesterday,
did not know whom to inform
because minister is in jail so,
give me your number
I will call you if I see him again...
have got the number used to the press.
Carefully doctor...
can provide me a mirror please.
Sister mirror please...
I have gone fairer after being in the mask,
lam so smart...
yes you are very smart...
I didn't ask you, how am looking?
I didn't ask you, how am looking?
This comment is enough for another
10 years to live happily
you have called me so you should tell me
if you are a PM, CM or a rough,
I will just let you know where exactly I am,
, I am in papaireddy playa,
304 nagara bavi, bengalure,
wearing a blue shirt and riding a white and
green Priya scoter, any more details,
that's enough
why is he here...
who called the press from your phone...
sir I have lust the mobile and also complained...
lam not a foul to believe you,
actually you have discarded
the sim not the hand set,
looking at you I can dam sure you
have not made the calls to the press, who did it?
I don't know...
let's take him to the doctor,
inform me the moment he gets consciousness...
shift him to the ICU.
Thank god I am alive,
it's god's grace, it's better that lact like I am in
ohh, this fellow, what happened
this lady is a doctor!!!!
She in front of me, having all the organs intact,
how on earth I can pretend that I am in coma!!!!
Your captivated building photo
photo of a man you have killed
if you were tied and locked how can you kill,
stand up...
stop, go for him...
go... go... move on...
I have the place where he had lucked me,
lam on my way join me therem.
Go.. go... go fast...
Don't stop keep going... Don't stop keep going...
move..-. Go fast..-. Go.-."
Stop the vehicle, stop...-...
I was travelling with the
person who had kidnapped me
I just missed him, return go fast.-."
We use this to find him.-.-...
what did I miss,
what ever he will trouble people who are close to me
before he does anything I should reach him...
you got scared;
I knew you will get scared,
you are a fool;
don't you understand people can also be in tension,
what do you want?
I am in love so I came to inform---...
getting ready for a girl friend and active
on social media to impress a girl friend,
live like nothing is happening around us,
lam not a irresponsible boy like you think,
take the money I owe you..-"...
I should be confident;
I should not worry where I am...
this is the girl...
who is he?
He said you will give double
the money he owes,
ifl recognize him,
today he died in an bike accident...
he can't die, no...
why dint you tell this yesterday...
we have gut all the details
from the credit card you gave...
what is the point, he died,
hello, who is this? Hello...
read the news in the paper,
read the paper...
bike hit the parked lorry and...
how much ever you torture me
I will not reveal his identity...
tell me...
ljust came here to prove
that how much I love him...
I spite knowing she has
made us run around...-.
She must have his in her mobile"...
his number isn't there in this phone...
so what, he will come,
he tried helping the students who's nothing to him,
will he not come for her he loves...
sir you can't go inside, you can't go, sir, sir...
I only have kidnapped Omkar,
do what you want...
you are the 100th who came
here to claim that they did it.
Did you here, one more like you----...
why have you dressed like a women,
go change and come, I will take care of you...
get lush...
all great people are short;
don't bother about my height...
I pleaded not to bring him out on bail,
I don't know what next...
I know you don't answer my calls so
lam sending you from another number,
I started loving you only after
knowing you have kidnapped him
lam praying god that all the problems
should come to me, honestly I really love you...
she seems to be very honest, you should say
sorry for what you did, please call her now...
it's her mother...
he will also call, he will come,
he should know that I have kidnapped her, he will
it's very late; I will call her in the morning---.
4 police persons have died and 3 in the ICU very
move, move, please give way, please move.-."
4 police persons have died and 3 in the ICU very
move, move, please give way, please move.-."
when police is not safe here
what about the common man,
instead of coming here you
should go after him and kill him...
police has located you,
lawyer has asked you all to shift...
she must have had a sleepless night
why don't you call her...
she is not answering...
lawyer has asked to use this vehicle,
come, move in, move move...
Anjali, age 21, height 5.9, ls she your daughter?
please wait outside.-.-.
Bring her here, shift, shift, shift fast...
minister wanted to talk to, he will call any moment,
police is tracing your mobiles,
minister wanted to talk to, he will call any moment,
police is tracing your mobiles,
you manage...
minister's brother is with me.
0k give me time...
he has not disconnected,
respond only when your brother speaks...
police itself is involved...
sir he is on line...
brother, how are you?
Iam fine, how are you?
Have you been torture?
Escape for about 3 years,
police has decided to encounter you...
I will not move out without killing
the person behind all this...
listen to me, police will kill you...
what's happening?
He wanted water...
give him...
I think someone has come...
what is saying...
he is not saying anything...
bloody roughs,
how can we save the state
with this kind of law minister,
department and the media calling me a hero,
the real hero is the person kidnapped
and made you resign from the post...
I will kill that fellow and then kill you...
if someone is listening it will be a problem,
pleases sir...
can't hide anything from the police,
if at all police is silent,
if at all police is silent,
that means he is giving you along rope,
is it yours, is your salary pending from the
How many children do you have?
Instead of this fellow,
you should have used your wife for you living,
his brother has killed 4 polis men and 3 students,
if not this what should I ask?
If one judge convicts another
judge will clear him so I shot him,
trace the last call
and send inspector Venkatesh to the hospital
and see to it no one meets him,
enquire and I don't want anyone in the station,
clear them all...
police is after you, your brother is correct,
you should go to foreign country,
I will manage everything here,
I will do as he says but after killing that fellow...
we just reach the spot...
the phone is ringing here,
the phone is ringing here,
Omkar has kidnapped Anjali,
and he is repeating what I did,
he would taken her to the same spot where I had
kept him.-.-
police is tracking us, we need to shift,
we it's risky to take her along kill her, take this...
no, she has to be alive until I get him...
search everywhere, you fallow me,
do you find anyone...
no sir, no sir, no sir...
I know you are coming, you will save me,
please do that fast...
lam happy to listen to my name from you...
lam here; it's difficult to hold on...
Anjali, don't do anything to her,
she has nothing to do with this,
you wanted me and I am here,
just to protect me you are doing all this,
you should have tell them who I am,
now I know how much you love me, what do I do?
Take out the call list of her and the hospital fellow,
I need the common number...
take out the call list of her and the hospital fellow,
I need the common number...
there are 3 numbers, among then one is justdial...
dial the other two numbers...
is this your number?
Are you an idiot? calling me
and asking is it your number? Idiot...
some lady...
call the other number, pick it up,
if you want her you find me, you know everything----.
Where are you?
Now you will start losing every one...
I thought you will come after your mother's death,
but you are early, your mother will see your death...
I thought you will come after your mother's death,
but you are early, your mother will see your death...
you have never seen me full, now you will see, maa..
Teach them a very good lesson...
don't hit me please...
we can excuse a criminals not the lawyers and the
teach them a lesson son.-.-
we can excuse a criminals not the lawyers and the
teach them a lesson son.-.-
we have kept the girl in the
same building where you had kept him...
I haven't lust, you will never get her...
Anjali, tell me where is she?
Where have you kept her, Anjali.
You will never find her, you will only
find her after everyone smells her body,
half eaten by the birds, this is the difference
between your
planning and mine, you hit me, you can even kill me,
but you cannot stop her death,
you should live with that guilt all your life...
now you understand me that how much I love
nothing will happen to you, I am there don't
wanted to see the powerful man who can take on
I saw now,
even law should not question a great person like
officer you kill him, you might get a promotion,
kill him...