Chalk It Up (2016) Movie Script

well, well,
here we are
yeah, yeah,
we're goin' far
don't matter
what they put us through
don't matter
d- d-d-don't matter
check out
all our skills
we'll make
some dollar bills
doin' just what
we like to do
hey, hey, hey
- we're superstars
- hey
- we're doin' it, doin' it
like superstars - hey
ain't nothin' to stop us
yeah, we're gonna
change history
'cause we could do anything
like superstars
hey, hey
super, superstars
- hey, hey
- we're superstars
- hey
- hey, hey
we're s-superstars
- hey, hey
- hey, hey
now, now,
we're comin' round
there's something
goin' down
you know what
we're about to bring
you know,
you-you you know it
hey, world,
the coast is clear
what have you got to fear?
We're gonna get
through everything
we're gonna get
through everything
- we're superstars
- hey
we're doin' it,
we're doin' it like superstars
- hey
- ain't nothin' to stop us
yeah, we're gonna
change history
'cause we're can do anything
like superstars
- hey, hey
- super, superstars
- hey, hey
- super, super, superstars
hey, hey
- hey, hey
- super, superstars
- hey
- all around the world
- hey
- all around the world
we're gonna
get through everything
we're super...
- we're superstars
- hey
we're doin' it,
we're doin' it
- like superstars
- hey
ain't nothin' to stop us
yeah, we're gonna
change history
'cause we can do anything
like superstars...
here's the thing.
I think about you
every second of every day
Uh... Will you marry me?
Are you okay?
Yeah, mm-hmm.
Well, your analysis
of the night,
moderately outlines
his impressive military career.
I mean, you're getting pieces
of how romantic he is,
- but you're just...
- I need you.
There's a line, Angelina.
The character's amorous, Sarah,
and this is Chaucer.
So, if this is your thesis,
you need to focus
your explication
on his utopian ideals.
No, you can do this.
Office hours are closed.
I've got the governors
ball tonight,
and it's time to seal the deal.
For ring before spring fling.
Well, what about tomorrow?
Cali will post my hours.
- Now, shoo.
- Uh-ahh. Fine.
- Hi, my love.
- Hey, baby.
- Apple.
- Let me see. Let me see.
Let me see.
No, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Everyone's gonna see.
You know, I've been
dreaming of this moment
my entire life.
Now it's ruined.
I can fix it.
Let's go.
One second.
It's the end of the end.
No, no, no, trust me.
Trust me. Trust me.
I can fix it.
- Let's take a selfie.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- One, two...
- Awe!
- That's when I knew.
- Awesome.
- I was made for politics.
Say, "cheese."
What, what's your ethnicity?
I can't...
- Hey, apple.
- There you are.
Here I am.
Emily and Chelsey
are already here.
Her ring is so beautiful.
It's a Princess cut,
which is really nice.
But, you prefer a brilliant cut.
You do listen when I hint.
A hint? Hah!
Your, uh, hints are about
as subtle as a jackhammer.
So, uh,
Evan said it was a long
line today at the office.
Uh, yeah. Everyone at the
school is always so stressed.
Hmm, it is Greene.
Glad I was able
to steal you away.
- Yes. -Don't step on
my toes this time.
I never step on your toes.
Hey, babe, I left my econ
notebook at your frat.
So I'm headed over to get it.
Oh! Hey, Derrick, hey, Chelsey.
- Hey.
- Derrick, get me your paper.
Apple, we have an agreement.
You write my papers for me,
and I run around
with my shirt off.
- That is not our agreement.
- You said it.
- Never.
- You said that.
What, what happened?
Was there a fire?
Yeah, only in my room.
I barely made it out alive.
Are you okay?
Are you seriously
taking me literally?
I'm going to Oxford.
Yeah, they disbanded
the rugby team,
and my dad's having me transfer.
You know, year off rugby
and the national team
- wouldn't even look at me.
- That's ridiculous.
Apparently we're breaking
title 9.
Title, title 9.
Where there has to be
and equal number
- of male and female sports?
- Yep, that's the one.
That's it? That's no problem.
I can fix it.
No, you can't fix it, apple.
You can't fix everything.
Yes, I can.
So, okay, the rugby team
has a minimum of seven players
on the field, right?
So we need a
seven player female team.
We'll go with softball.
- Ah, but they're so tomboy.
- Hmm.
Well, volleyball.
Ugh. They're really tall.
Oh, I know!
- Apple, stop.
- Unpack, unpack.
- Please stop.
- Unpack, unpack.
- What're you doing?
- I am gonna make...
- The gymnastics team.
- Oh.
That's cute.
That's really cute.
You know, you are such a
good fixer, you really are
and I appreciate
you trying to fix this,
but, it's not Emily's nail.
Okay, this is real, apple.
We're talking about the NCAA.
Look, we both know that you
shouldn't even be at Greene.
It's the most prestigious
university in the country,
and your parents are legacies
and they donate
thousands of books a year.
So, you're here.
I had a perfect sat,
and I was a gymnast.
When you were 13.
You don't have an athletic
bone in your body.
You drove your
sobriety's annual 5k.
Because they needed
a safety driver.
You're skinny-fat.
I'm sorry,
but someone had to tell you.
Here's the test.
- One, two, three...
- Stop...
- No.
- Exactly.
- No gymnast...
- Exactly.
No gymnast could catch that.
Gymnastics is not a ball sport.
Come here.
We had a great run.
You know, and I really thought
that you could be the one.
- I know. -I thought
you could, but, um...
- Todd.
- I gotta move on.
- Todd.
- Boop.
- No.
- Here. Oh...
- Stop doing that.
- Take these.
Okay, we'll talk later.
Okay, good riddance.
"Could be the one"?
I'm totally the one.
Moving to Oxford.
He's just in shock, right?
The thing he loves
second most in the world
was just taken away from him.
It's gotta be shock.
He's not leaving me really.
I think his plane left
this afternoon.
All I've got to do
is form the team,
get the buy-in from the athletic
director, and petition the NCAA.
Bing, bang, done. Rugby team
is back, and I'm engaged.
Socrates, really, on the
"intro to philosophy" paper?
So obvious.
You might as well
quote Mickey mouse
on the "intro to Disney" paper.
Just redo it.
Excuse me.
Hey, how's it goin'?
Ooh, frat guys.
No, frat guys are out.
Get my boyfriend back,
I'll get you an "a."
Ah, I think I can find
your boyfriend.
- Move along.
- Ah, all right, here you go.
"Chet Widdington."
Apple, this is my sixth draft.
Well, it's not
completely terrible.
This is...
This is terrible.
But this is...
Just so terrible.
Absolutely not.
Greene students only.
Get out of here.
- Break.
- Oh, come on.
Mama, thank heavens.
Hi, apple. So, he's left.
Todd's family is Greene elite.
He's already upped your image
by staying with you this long.
We couldn't expect him
to last forever.
We couldn't?
No, mom.
I've already started
the paperwork
for the women's gymnastic team.
He'll be back.
It's a no-brainer.
Oh, apple,
you can't fix this.
- Yes, I can.
- Let it go.
Sure, we got you into Greene
to find a husband,
but obviously
Todd just isn't the one.
Start looking at the other
guys in your classes.
Figure out who's single...
Mom, I can be
more than a girlfriend.
Let's be serious.
What have you really done
since you've been there?
I started my own business
grading students papers.
Honey, we are
We sent you all the answer keys.
Well, it's just
who you are, honey.
A pretty peppy girl.
Embrace it.
Focus on your business
classes not liberal arts.
They're happy middle class.
Get off the chaise lounge!
I gotta go.
N- no, no, mom.
Uh, a minute 30.
Yep, a new record.
I can be more than a girlfriend.
Absolutely. You are
going to be a wife.
We should set up
between the two trees
using space over there.
- Apple.
- Oh, Emily.
- Apple.
- Emily.
How are you?
This is Tanya
my wedding coordinator.
We're mapping out seating
on the quad.
- We know each other.
- She has me on retainer.
- Ooh.
- Can't wait for yours.
Todd moved to Oxford.
English wedding are divine.
And, left apple here.
Oh, honey.
No, no, it's fine.
It's fine. And I've got
a meeting to run to.
- Okay.
- Of course you do.
- Bye-bye.
- That's it, honey.
Make a new life for yourself.
Maybe I shouldn't have
said anything.
- Although your presentation is...
- Impeccable.
Disturbingly informative,
I can't just form a varsity
team out of thin air.
But you have a gym
just sitting on campus unused.
Plus, it says here
in the NCAA manual,
that once the gymnastics roster
is certified eligible,
the rugby team
can be back on the field.
Bing, bang, done.
I'm sorry. What is your
interest in this again?
Mr. Kelly...
- May I call you Preston?
- No.
We both know that rugby alumni
make up the second
largest donation pool
at $255,692 a year.
Are you really willing
to give up all those donors
just because you're not adhering
to title 9?
How would, how do you know the,
just the exact amount?
Your firewall is junk.
I hacked it...
I found it in seconds.
Look, these are the
simple steps to success.
Recruit a team.
Certify eligibility.
All you have to do
is allow me to start
the women's gymnastics team.
I want you to go.
No, he said absolutely not
in no way would he allow me
to mar his athletic legacy
with harebrained idea like this.
- So it's a maybe.
- Totally.
- On to plan b?
- Yay! I love plan b.
All right,
we start with recruiting.
Should be easy. There's got to
be lots of gymnasts at Greene.
There are no gymnasts at Greene.
But we found 12 former
gymnasts in the database.
I know.
I talked to all of them.
Only Emily said
she would on the team
if I agreed
to hand tie 600 ribbons
on her wedding invitations.
One even told me that I
didn't deserve to be here.
It's like
she channeled my mother.
Oh, BT-Dubbs,
your mother called.
- Yeah, how long?
- 15 seconds.
She said she was wondering
if you had any potentials yet.
- For the gymnastics team?
- Husbands.
Oh, and she wanted
to remind you to,
"get off your duff
and find a boyfriend already."
- Stakeout training?
- Yep.
I need to practice being
statue still for hours on end.
My roommate in the CIA.
Oh, speaking of which.
Greene students are busy.
I think you should do
what the CIA does...
Kill people.
No, you lunatic.
When they can't find an
agent they make one.
I don't know anyone in robotics.
No, like, ah...
Find people with
gymnastics-like skills.
And then turn
them into gymnasts
and make the team irresistible.
Like a secret society.
Ooh, that's even better.
I'll call it
"the skulls."
I think that's already taken.
"The skills."
There you go.
Cali, really? People
are starting to stare.
- Rugby guys?
- Yeah.
I gotta see who's left
to make sure you'll have a team.
They'll all come back
once our team is formed.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. All right.
Angelina Rubens former
cirque Du Soleil performer.
She took off after high
school for two years
- to join Librecon.
- No.
Let's get her.
Angelina, you
have been requested to join
"the skills,"
skills, skill, skills.
Follow the instructions
on the tombstone
outside your door.
Door, door, door.
Got it.
Next is cashew.
A junior and a surfer girl.
- Ooh, good balance.
- Mm-hmm, exactly.
Cashew is her
native-American name
because they say
she's a refined nut.
And of course, Emily,
a two-time
national diver
and she did gymnastics
when she was little.
She made the JV rather than the
varsity team this year though.
So she quit.
Ever since didn't get to flip.
I've got Rebecca Moore.
An avid snow ski jumper,
goes by Becky.
Oh, I heard she almost made it
to the winter Olympics.
That is until her family
moved to Florida.
Courtney Castellanos.
A real gymnast.
The only one we didn't find
in our first search.
She's been out of the sport
for three years now,
but claims to be avidly pursuing
rhythmic gymnastics.
- My precious.
- Oh.
She's just so perfect.
Let's get the rest.
40 transfers.
40 transfers!
I know, but in our defense,
only one actually transferred
the rest we calmed down.
From Greene to brown just...
It's not funny, apple.
- Kind of...
- It's not funny, apple.
- Greene to brown.
- Oh, boy...
I could go for
a freezie pop right now.
- Can I ask about that?
- Yeah, I used to smoke,
and the freezie pops
calm me down.
- Does it always work?
- Do I have a freezie pop?
Am I calm?
- You don't care about me.
- Preston, I care.
It's Mr. Kelly.
I care.
So he's not
totally on board.
No, no, but we must move on.
Meet the team,
and establish eligibility.
All right.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Whoa.
- Oh.
- I have a boyfriend.
- Didn't ask you that.
I love Todd.
Am I on a secret quiz
show or is there...
No, oh, crazy town.
Must be like
oxygen depletion, right?
I am totally okay now.
Yeah, no, you totally look it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Apple Mccreighton-hill.
- We've met.
Uh, when you wouldn't
look at my paper.
My name is Chet.
- You're in Todd's frat?
- Yeah.
And on the rugby team?
Well, I've got to go.
Okay, um, well,
I'll see you around.
Ahem! Ahem!
I think I'm gonna be sick.
So you have the hots for him.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do, but it's okay.
I have been spying on
the rugby team,
and he's trying to get
the team together.
Todd. My boyfriend
and future husband
who is hot and perfect.
Sure he is...
Let's meet our team.
Your next initiation test
- to the skills...
- Skills, skills, skills.
Athletic aptitude.
- Titude, titude...
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Yeah, I think we have
something to work with.
- Uh, Courtney?
- Yes.
You still have
all your real gymnastics, right?
Oh, yes, but,
I'm a rhythmic gymnast now.
Oh, come on.
If ribbons are used in the event
and weird bowling pins,
then it's not a sport.
It's a circus act.
Hey, don't insult my craft.
- What's your problem?
- Hey, hey.
She said circus
not cirque Du Soleil.
Yeah, well, she better be talking
about the Ringling brothers.
- What's your deal?
- What's your deal?
This is an epic disaster.
It could be worse.
Or not.
- Where is everyone?
- I don't know.
The, uh, professor
didn't show up or something.
- What?
- All right.
Well, good morning, econ 463.
Based on a couple of observations
that you may have made already,
uh, I have hair.
I am dressed nicely.
No orthopedic shoes,
and I smell amazing.
I am not actually
professor Kelly.
My name is Chet,
and I'm actually your ta.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
But the professor
sent me here today
to explain to
everybody that, uh,
he's not actually
going to be teaching
and that is because,
uh, he was given
a pretty substantial Grant
for his research on the, uh,
economic correlation
between truck sales
and people who like
country music.
Which is super thrilling.
But I'm pretty sure
it's just because his daughter
transferred to brown... shh...
Didn't hear it from me.
No big deal. Um, but,
guys, nevertheless,
I am actually gonna be teaching
this class this semester.
Mom, you'll never believe it.
I found six girls to be on
the women's gymnastics team.
All I have to do is convince
the athletic director...
How's the search going?
Yeah, that's what
I'm telling you.
Todd will be coming back
once we establish eligibility.
I heard your
econ class petered
because the professor left.
Do you want to trade
to a business class?
- No, I...
- I say,
stay on those business majors.
Make dad and me proud.
I don't understand.
We've done all the work.
All he has to do
is approve the team.
I haven't even
asked for funding.
Maybe that's what
the problem is.
Nicely done, George.
What do you mean,
that's the problem?
Well, studies have shown
that people
don't value things as much
if they don't pay for them.
Thus, if you agree to give us
just three percent
of all athletic funds,
we can afford all of this.
- Such as these. -Yeah, caught
it when you walked in.
And, it looks as though
you've been receiving
from the university
for a women's team that hasn't
existed for nine years.
So, if you agree
to the women's gymnastics team,
then the NCAA
never has to find out
about those missing funds.
Sounds like you're trying
to blackmail me.
No, no, no, no, no,
I'm just saying,
you let me create
the women's gymnastic team
and the NCAA
never has to find out.
Okay, that's exactly
what blackmail is.
So it's a yes?
Did you hack into
the accounting fund?
- Ugh! Preston...
- Mr. Kelly.
I prefer the term
So, I will send
the documentation here...
Okay, wait a sec, wait a second.
You're lucky
that I haven't
reported you to the Dean,
much less, the police,
for hacking into
the private files
of the university.
They won't find any virtual evidence.
I covered my tracks.
You're not listening.
You're lucky that your parents
are the number one
book providers
for this university,
otherwise, I would have
stopped this whole
gymnastics team charade
a long time ago.
Now let's also not forget
that your sorority
and their little
paper grading business...
Enlightened tutoring.
This is the athletic
department at Greene.
I'll quit.
It's what everyone
expects me to do anyway.
Just ride on my parents
coattails and all that.
I can do more than that.
Yeah, this gymnastics team,
they may be terrible,
but it could've saved
your rugby team.
You're not listening, apple.
This is the athletic
department at Greene.
One of the most
prestigious academic
universities in the country.
Which means, they don't
care about athletics.
No one cares.
I get no funding or support
from the university.
I don't get any scholarships.
I mean, I'm lucky to stay afloat
with the alumni donations.
I mean, I guess I owe it
to the student athletes
to at least try.
I mean, playing rugby here
was some of the best times
of my life.
You played rugby?
- All, all that hacking...
- Internal searching.
And you didn't run across that?
The president of the university
is bent out of shape
because of this whole
athletic gender discrepancy.
He wants me to fix it pronto,
but, he's giving me no funding.
I need to sign off
on everything.
I mean, everything.
And they'll be no
hacking or deceit or lying.
- Oh, I never lie.
- Yes, you do.
And if that happens,
I will create a volleyball team
faster than
you can say tarred...
And feathered.
You have very outdated
forms of punishment.
Okay, it's just a saying.
It's not...
You are not gonna regret this.
We're gonna work
so we'll together, Preston.
May I call you Preston now?
- It's still no.
- You're the best.
You're the...
Oh, my god.
- Oh!
- You okay?
Oh, heavens.
Do you always
meet people like this?
Oh... Just you.
That means I'm pretty
special, I think, right?
Or just the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Or maybe I'm at the right
place at the right time.
And that's a great outfit,
by the way.
You look, you look great.
Oh, gosh.
I've got to call Todd.
Hey, can I try something on you?
Uh, nope.
Those new?
I bought them
for the CIA interview.
I'm trying to break them in.
- Here, let me just...
- Oh, no thank you.
- What's up, apple?
- Todd, I've don't it.
You can come back.
The rugby team
is being reinstated.
I built the gymnastics team.
Mr. Kelly just called.
He told me he got the team back.
What? No, he didn't. I did.
My flight's in two weeks.
My dad wants me to stay
here and play in a game
for some, uh,
some international exposure.
Two weeks?
That like forever.
I know.
These Brits are so dry.
Except for you.
Well, can't you
come back any earlier?
I really want you to meet
the gymnastics team.
Nope, I got to go.
I'm a little busy here.
Well done...
Well done.
Oh, please, come in.
Please, please, come in.
Cashew, my phone died,
and I was not about to walk
across campus with this.
Actually, could I try it
as a bracelet?
Come with me.
Can I change?
We know what's going on here.
We know we're not part
of your "secret" society.
You're just starting
a gymnastics team.
These are all Alpha females.
At Greene?
Who did you think you were
pulling a fast one on, apple?
Yeah, and all this
to get your boyfriend back.
How did you know that part?
- It's not gonna cut it.
- I have missed
7.59 hours
of studying for this.
Yeah, and I missed
a cake tasting appointment.
Oh, my.
Okay, okay, you're right.
But, actually,
we are a secret society
- in that nobody knows anything
about this team. -
Nobody at Greene knows
about any athletic team.
All right, I get it.
You're all angry at me
because I made you
feel important
and then you found out
you weren't.
No, no, not that you
aren't important,
you're just not important enough
to be part
of a real secret society.
- Ugh.
- You...
But you are important.
You are important
enough to start
the first women's
gymnastics team
at Greene university.
Okay, look, we all came here
to do something great, right?
Angelina wants to be
a professor like her father.
Cashew wants to run
for president.
Emily wants to go to med school.
I don't get it,
but it's awesome.
Courtney is gonna start
her own line
of organic clothing.
And I am going to marry
the finest rugby player
that Greene has ever seen.
Oh, and Becky.
Becky just wants to graduate.
And in her 16th year
of research,
she might just finish
that thesis.
And I know all this
because I did my research.
I chose you.
You're completely
in a sea of excellence
with students
that are just as good as you
and just as smart as you.
No other student at Greene
can be a gymnast.
Try me.
I looked, woo.
But this is where
you make your mark.
This is where you stand out.
Some will tell their children
that they graduated from Greene,
and that's huge.
But you will tell your children
that you created the first
women's gymnastics team
at Greene university.
That was unnecessary.
You didn't have to go all
"sea of excellence" on us.
We want to be part
of this team, apple.
Oh, thank goodness.
But if we're gonna do this...
- We want to be good.
- Good?
No, no, we want to be great..
Otherwise, we're outta here.
Bye-bye, rugby team.
- Bye-bye, Todd.
- But, have you...
Have you see us?
'Cause we're terrible.
What'll it be?
They want to be good,
not level three good,
which is attainable
with our NCAA approved
20 hours a week.
Olympic good. Do you
know what that takes?
I said you can start
a gymnastics team
not invade my office
whenever you feel like it.
Eight hours a day,
that's what it takes,
for 14 years.
Intermix that
with classes and studying,
much less sleeping.
And I need a 60 hour day.
Can you give me
a 60 hour day, Preston?
Mr. Kelly.
The physics department
is working on a way
- to slow down the earths rotation.
- Well, not fast enough!
- Yeah, that's not a real thing.
- Oh, Preston!
You are no help.
It's Mr. Kelly.
All right, uh,
that looks like it's all the
time we have for today.
And, hey, guys, look,
do not forget to do
the online problems, all right?
It's 20 percent
of your overall grade.
Have a great afternoon.
I finished the online problems
for the entire semester
three weeks ago.
All right, apple,
then I wasn't talking to you.
How about the, uh, the readings?
You need any help with those?
My parents published the books.
Yes, that's right.
You are Mccreighton-hill.
The girl who got into Greene
because of her parents.
But you know what?
I, uh, I don't buy that.
Everyone else does.
Well then, they're not
paying attention.
'Cause the girl who's
been running into me
for the past couple of weeks...
She's on a mission.
- What is that?
- My mission.
Isn't that your gymnastics team
- on greentube?
- Mm-hmm.
I hacked it...
I stumbled into it.
Greentube will now broadcast
all gymnastics competitions.
But isn't that for like,
uh, students
to do work and stuff?
Yeah, exactly.
It'll establish our fan base.
Only one problem.
Uh, let me guess.
There's gonna be a huge riot
when students realize
that instead of their
lectures being on there,
it's gonna be girls in spandex
being tiny and flipping
and doing triple salchows.
No. And salchows
are ice skating.
I need to know
how to make our team great.
Okay, so you came to me.
Yeah, rugby was one
of the best teams on campus.
They really listen to you.
They treat you like a captain.
Did I mention that I need
this to happen fast?
'Cause our first competition
is in, like, two weeks.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Okay, I thought
you were doing some
weird Mr. Miyagi thing
my dad talks about.
Yeah, no, I started
like a dramatic pause.
- What is dramatic?
- It was annoying.
Well, I'm not helping you.
I'm kidding.
Let's, uh, let's do it.
Ooh, yes.
Cali, there you are.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
I'm practicing maintaining focus
while hanging upside down.
What professor's conducting
an upside down exam?
It's CIA interview prep.
What if they hang me upside down
and ask me a whole
bunch of questions?
Or waterboard me?
I'm pretty sure
water boarding's illegal.
In America.
Not if they send me to Syria.
Plus, it makes my cheeks rosier.
- No blush?
- Nope.
So I'm here
because I talked to Chet.
Ah, hot rugby guy.
Is he?
Chet said the first
step to a great team
- is a great coach.
- Well, I don't know anyone
- who coaches gymnastics.
- Yeah, and neither do I.
And I definitely don't
have time to find anyone.
- What I need is a great motivator.
- Eh, don't we all?
Cali, you're one of the most
motivated people I know.
Yeah, but I have classes.
I have stakeout prep.
I have CWP seminars.
And what's the one thing
you're missing?
The new Lalucca bag?
Aren't we all?
- What?
- Leadership.
- Leadership?
- Mm-hmm.
That's right, coach.
The CIA wants leadership.
- Huh.
- Let's talk.
Lift that bag, apple!
This is called
Studies say it's the quickest
way to get in shape.
We'll be pairing it
with your normal training
to increase
your strength quickly.
Come on, Courtney, quicker!
Dining hall?
- Yes.
- I'm starved.
I'm so hungry
I could eat a horse.
Hey, lean proteins and vegetables.
No equine.
Ugh. She even dictates our food?
For what?
- That was fun.
- Beating up on people?
I'm pretty sure none of us are
gonna be able to walk tomorrow.
Yeah, well, there's more
where that came from.
You bedazzled my handcuffs?
I'm sorry, but you
locked me to a chair.
They're beautiful.
Now they're my lucky handcuffs.
What're you doing here?
Don't you have
economics papers to grade?
I absolutely do, I do, but, uh,
I came to stretch
out a little bit,
get a workout in,
maybe do some rings.
How was your first practice?
Uh, it was great.
Cali is the perfect coach.
She's punctual, sparkly,
and mean as a badger.
Ooh, sounds like
every coach I've ever had.
What're you really doing here?
I came to check on you.
Plus, the existence of my team
depends on the success of yours.
So, we're kinda
freaking out a little bit.
I hold your future in my hands?
Oh, my goodness!
That is, that's awful.
That's really scary looking.
Can I show you something?
You can. I mean, we're in a,
a public facility
and that might be inappropriate,
- 'cause it's...
- On the bars, dimwit.
Oh, right, uh, absolutely.
Love the bars.
- Um, which, uh, ones are the bars?
- Oh, my gosh.
You guys have
a hundred bars in here.
rise up
rise up
rise up, tell 'em
that you won't stop
rise up
rise up
rise up, tell 'em
that you won't stop
rise up
rise up
rise up, tell 'em
that you won't stop
rise up
rise up
rise up, tell 'em
that you won't stop
- Nice, huh?
- That was amazing.
That's really good.
I mean, right? That was,
that was really good, right?
I mean, I know nothing,
but that looked amazing.
Yes, yes,
that was a little bit good.
Man, how did you, like,
how'd you learn to do that?
So I did gymnastics
for ten years.
I was level ten
by the time I was 12,
a lead at 13,
and then my parents work hours
started to interfering
with practice.
I knew they were
sending me to Greene
where there is no gymnastics.
Blah, blah, blah.
And I quit.
I guess that's why I care.
When the girls told me
they wanted to be good,
they reminded me
of what it felt like
to want to be great
at something.
You surprise me, apple.
See, at first,
you seemed so girly
and sparkly and flighty.
Then you go and you get
everything right in econ,
and then you go and do
something like that.
Not many people surprise me.
Yo, Chet!
- Oh, god.
- Oh, okay?
- Oh.
- Oh!
Are you okay?
Yep, I'm okay.
Hey, Jeremy.
I hear Todd's coming back.
You must be excited.
Yep, Todd. Todd, Todd, Todd.
My boyfriend.
My go-to guy.
My other half.
Yep, so, I'm so excited.
Uh, we have our first
sanctioned practice back, man.
This gymnastics team
has been approved.
Are you kidding me?
That's, that's...
- So good.
- Ah!
Ooh! Yes!
All right, Angelina.
- Ugh. -Make sure your
hands hit first.
- Hey.
- You're late.
I was grading papers.
We need to talk.
- I so confused about Todd.
- 500 leg lifts.
100 for every minute
you were late.
- 500?
- Is that a lot?
Yeah, to divide
between 40 people.
Then I made my point.
Don't ever be late
to my practice again.
- Good job, Angelina.
- Thanks. I was on time.
Yes, you were.
What did you do?
I walked in eating a bag
of caramel corn.
I thought corn was a vegetable.
- Point your toes.
- They are pointed.
Mm. Mm.
Dude, get out of here.
Hey, come on, man.
I'm actually serious here.
- Oh! Whoa!
- Oh.
Ah, uh...
- You two all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, um.
- I'll meet up with you at the library
afterwards. -Yeah, of course.
Okay, the library.
- I'm okay.
- Ah, you're okay.
Are you guys really going
to the library?
Because it's that way.
Ah, no, there's a,
there's a new restaurant
that opened up
called the library, downtown.
Oh, right.
Cali doesn't really
let us eat out anymore.
- So...
- Right.
I haven't been
downtown in a while.
Uh, I mean, you could
come with us if you want.
You might have to change
and put some shoes on.
- But...
- Oh.
I can't.
I have to go
to the real library.
- Okay.
- I'm pretty sure
Cali has inserted surveillance
devices into our towels.
Becky stayed up
past curfew last night
"lovely little lawyers,"
and Cali woke her up
at 5:00 A.M.
- For a discipline run.
- Ooh.
- It sound pretty serious.
- Yeah, I've created a monster.
Yeah, well, you guys are
probably getting a lot better,
- though, so...
- Yeah, we're actually decent.
The first competition
is tomorrow.
- Really?
- Yeah, it's more
of a local scrimmage
with some club teams.
- It's not a big deal.
- I'll totally be there.
- About what happened...
- Apple, um, don't.
It's, it's fine.
It's totally fine.
Look, I know
Todd's your boyfriend.
You've been saying it since the
first time you ran into me.
Um, it's okay. I just, honestly,
though, I didn't really,
didn't really think
it was that serious.
But you're on the team with him.
Uh, I should probably get going.
- So...
- Right. Right.
- Have a good night.
- Okay.
Uh, hey, apple.
Good luck tomorrow.
Oh, my gosh. He's here.
- Oh, apple.
- Apple!
I'm sorry.
What is wrong?
What happened?
Let's focus.
I g c, woo!
All right, hands in, guys.
All right, our first
event is bars.
- You ready?
- Yes.
Let's get
ready to tumble!
Move, please.
It's a 30 second touch.
- Touch? What?
- What're we touching?
The equipment.
I coulda sworn
the said "rumble."
Yeah, it sounded super similar.
- I know, right?
- Okay, guys.
I need you to change
into your competition Leos,
and I'll meet you at the bars.
- Okay.
- Wait, I mean, the vault.
- Ah, I hate vaults.
- Yes, come on, let's go.
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah.
Is that good?
Are you sure these other girls
are just club teams?
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh! Man!
Though, it's not a total wash.
Our average all around
was a 32.75.
No one looks at averages.
Our team score
was 183.5.
That's enough.
So, it was our first meet.
We can't surrender
to mediocrity.
Yes, we can.
We're terrible,
and now we're only
fractionally terrible.
That's a huge leap.
Were they complacent?
- Cali.
- Really?
I am trying to watch
competition footage.
- I need to focus.
- Fine.
I should probably watch it, too.
That's not
our competition.
I know. It's the pro
gymnastics challenge.
These girls are amazing.
- It's a skill for skill...
- Face off.
- And only the strongest..
- Will survive.
Did you know that there's life
- after college gymnastics?
- Whoa.
- Oh, my...
- I know.
So did you get
any of our competition?
Oh, of course.
Ellie, square your
hips on your layout.
- Layout, okay?
- Cali.
You taped the coaching?
This is my first
undercover assignment.
I need to make sure
that I'm believable.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
Is this a bad time, girls?
No, we're just
rehashing the meet.
Hi. Well, you girls
were incredible.
- Uh, really, really good.
- For a bunch of four-year-olds.
Although I do wish that you came
into the stands afterwards,
because I wanted
to give you these.
- Um...
- You know,
just for the next time
you run into me on campus.
Or just like, generally for
your life, so you have shoes.
Leg lifts.
Okay, it looks like everything's
coming along pretty good over here.
No, this is old.
Oh, my gosh.
It's archaic.
This silly board.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't even know how that thing
- was still up there.
- Yeah, it's a pretty big board.
- I don't know.
- Okay.
Ellie, square your
hips on your layout, layout.
Come on, Courtney. Square your
hips on your layout, layout.
- Walk me to the library?
- Love to.
- Right on cue.
- Don't you want to...
- Put on some...
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Shirt and shoes.
- Yeah.
- In a moment.
Well, you are going to be
the best dressed person
in the library, hands down.
- That's the goal.
- Honestly, though,
you guys were incredible today.
Hah, well, we achieved
one of my goals.
- Which was what?
- No major injuries.
Setting the
bar nice and high.
- I like it.
- What's going on?
- Apple?
- Oh, come on.
- What're you...
- Apple, is that you?
Oh, ho ho, thank goodness.
Apple, it's only six
months till my wedding,
and I'm running
a simple rehearsal,
but Tanya had to bail on me
because some
bridezilla was like,
my invitations
are ivory and not mocha.
And Sally and mark
are stuck in a study session.
So, they were supposed to be
my bride and groom.
So, come with me.
Come, come, come.
Right this way.
Come, come, come.
And, ta-da.
You set this all up
after the competition?
- Yep.
- Wow.
It looks really beautiful,
but we actually
- need to get to the library.
- Who's this?
- Chet...
- Oh, great.
I was so over Todd.
Now, I'm gonna need you guys
to start over here
and end over there.
So, I'm gonna move throughout
just to make sure
I can see everything, okay?
Wait right here.
- I'm sorry.
- She seems lovely.
Now, I have to have
all the chairs
out of here by two,
so, new boy,
you're gonna be my groom.
Shall we?
And, three, two, one, march.
She's one of
my sorority sisters.
A little slower.
And I was there at her proposal.
Step together.
Step together.
And I also know her
wedding planner, too.
Give me more sway with your hips, apple.
I want sexy.
It's fine. You don't
have to keep explaining.
No, no, no,
no, no, touching.
Step together.
Step together.
This is actually
what I had planned for today.
- So, it works out.
- Step together.
And, stop.
You look like you were gyrating.
It, it's okay.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today
to celebrate this couple
in holy matrimony?
Emily, do you take Chelsey...
Named after his father.
- Do you?
- I do.
Okay, good.
And, Chelsey, do you take Emily?
- I do.
- Oh, good.
- Now, kiss.
- What?
Well, I now pronounce you
man and wife.
- Kiss.
- No, I can't.
That's the shot.
That is the front
of my photo album.
Oh, my gosh.
Apple, what're you doing?
- Woo! Nice one.
- Thanks.
A little Kung Fu mixed with some parkour.
It's no biggie.
- Here.
- Oh, no, I'm good.
- I'm good.
- Okay.
Why are you sweaty?
I don't know.
I must've gone, like, five miles.
It's all a blur.
After I kissed Chet,
I just, I started running,
and then I got lost,
and it was dark,
and there was some frat people,
and there were a lot
of people...
- What?
- You kissed Chet?
I kissed Chet.
What does that mean?
Oh, I don't know!
Yeah, that's awesome!
That's awesome!
- Apple, no. -I think
I know what the...
- I'm in a meeting. -I think
I know what the problem is.
Hey, apple Mccreighton-hill.
- Francesca.
- Pleasure.
- Can you hold this?
- Oh.
As, as much as
I've grown accustomed
- to your, uh, overdone...
- Ornamented?
a simple email will suffice.
- Preston.
- Mr. Kelly.
We both know
that you're secretly
rooting for the gymnastics team.
If my secretly rooting
meaning praying
that its very existence
doesn't cost me my job?
Then, yes, I am in a meeting.
- I will be quick.
- Good-bye.
Ugh! But this is where I
wow you with my ideas
for competition gear
and new equipment.
Actually, you know what?
Come here.
How did you hack the greentube to
cover all the gymnastics meets?
I know better
than to incriminate...
Could you do the same thing
with the rugby meets?
- Yeah, of course, but...
- Then do it.
- Rugby, too?
- Just get out of here.
I'm so nervous.
Todd's flight doesn't get in
for another 20 minutes.
We haven't seen each other
in over a month.
Do you think
it's gonna be weird?
No, you guys are gonna be fine.
My personal statement
for the CIA application.
When did you finish it?
Okay, be completely critical,
mark it up.
- I need perfection.
- Absolutely.
I will do my best work.
I can't believe it's happening.
I know. You're gonna
be in the CIA.
And you're gonna get Todd.
Did you say his flight
gets in in 20 minutes?
- Yeah. -That is hardly
ample preparation time.
Oh, Todd.
It is open.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I was just...
- Looking for Todd?
- Yeah.
- He's in the bathroom.
He'll be out in, uh,
just a minute, I think.
You guys live together?
Yeah, uh, well,
when he left, uh,
Jeremy moved in with Mike.
So when he came back,
I was the only guy on the team
who didn't have a roommate.
Okay, so you guys
live together now.
- Yeah.
- Does he know?
Does he know what?
Look, uh, why don't
you take a seat.
He'll be out in a second,
and, uh...
I'm sure you guys
have a lot to catch up on.
I'll talk to you later.
He's gonna
have to hurry, but it looks like
he might just come up
a little bit short,
but still...
I missed you, babe.
I missed you, too.
I have an idea.
You want to help me unpack
and organize my closet?
Remember how you used to do it
with the color coordination?
That rocked.
Uh, the boxes
are right over there.
- Thanks, babe.
- Okay.
No one does it like you.
There you go.
Yeah, what...
And kudos to the crowd
who are trying to bring him
across the finish line.
- Done.
- Good job, babe.
Yeah, you brought back
a lot of clothes.
But I was able to get them
all in once I figured out
- the right folding system.
- Hmm.
Oh, and you brought back this.
I'm sure it just shrunk
in the wash, right?
I'm gonna get these down
to the laundry room.
- Uh, apple.
- Huh?
Come here.
We have to break up.
I'm sorry.
The damage
has been done
the damage
has been done
and I can't
make you stay...
Four minutes past curfew.
30 seconds
on the clock
I should've worn
waterproof mascara.
Cali, he dumped me.
Oh, no.
'cause as the strings
swell in
- I can't argue back.
- Sorry.
If I was ready
when you were
here's my acceptance speech
I wish that I lived up
to what
you thought I'd be
'cause now
you're movin' on
we're past the point
of no return
but I accept the point
I've had to learn
Becky, if you add a half twist,
it'll up your start value
by five tenths.
Okay, coach.
Where is our fearless leader?
Point your toes on
those jumps, Angelina.
Uh, man.
Apple, where...
- Wow.
- I know, right?
At first I wasn't sure
about this sweater.
And then I was, like,
how could I live
without this sweater?
Uh, I was referring
to the length.
You missed practice again.
Oh, yeah, woops.
The meet is this weekend.
- Yeah...
- Yeah?
About that.
You know how everyone told me
it was a stupid idea
to build a gymnastics team
to win back a boy?
- Well, I didn't. -Well, you
should have because it was.
That was a pitiful attempt
to be something more of my life.
To not be mediocre.
Like you with the CIA.
Or cashew when wanting
to run for president.
- Okay. -I'm mediocre.
You're better than me.
I'm apple Mccreighton-hill.
Ivy league educated
because my parents
manufactured more textbooks
than anyone else in the world.
And, when I tried to be
more than that,
- I failed.
- No, you didn't.
It's okay. You don't have
to make me feel better.
There's a point in everyone's
life when they realize
what they're really
capable of, all right?
Go back to your
CIA interview preparation
and your stakeout training.
You're off the hook, coach.
I've got to get to class,
and find me a man,
'cause I'm not leaving here
without my m-r-s.
You mean, MBA?
No, missus.
Missus something.
I will be a wife.
You know what,
contrary to popular belief,
guys, economics can be fun.
I feel like everybody
has a preconceived notion
about what economics is.
Economics is a
ever-changing, ever-present,
living, breathing thing.
It evolves with us
as the world evolves.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Great participation today.
Thank you. Jason, beard's
looking healthy, by the way.
I shampooed it last night.
Did you? I can tell.
Hey, guys, also, uh, test,
third test this semester
is this week.
Don't forget.
All right?
Apple? Apple, what, no,
no assignment from you?
- Just give me a zero.
- A zero? Okay.
Uh, hey, wait up.
This Saturday
after your competition,
I was thinking maybe we
could, um, I don't know,
just talk afterwards?
All right, 30 second touch.
Vault, bars, beam, floor.
Let's do this.
- Where's apple?
- She's not coming.
Wait. What?
She's not coming?
- Is she hurt?
- No.
She's not competing?
No, no, no, we're
terrible without her.
We cannot do this without apple.
- Yes, yeah.
- Okay, hey, look.
I'm the coach,
and we're gonna be okay.
Everyone just needs
to stop freaking out.
Line up change.
Angelina, Emily, Becky, cashew,
then Courtney on vault.
But I don't vault.
Well, you're gonna
have to today.
- Come on, let's do this.
- Are you serious?
You can do this.
You got this.
- No, no, no, I...
- Come on, Angelina.
- You need this.
- You got this.
Let's go.
- Come on, you got this.
- Come on, go.
I don't know.
You look rough.
- I went to the meet.
- Oh, how'd it go?
Without you?
It was even worse
after it ended.
When I told them that you quit,
the team disbanded.
- They were that upset?
- What do you think?
They totally believed in
what you created
and they put their all
into being great.
Well, we were never
gonna be any good.
It was just a matter of time.
Preston was probably
gonna make a volleyball team
next year anyway.
It that really
what you have to say?
I have a date...
With Chet.
I realized I'd never
cyber stalked him.
He graduating in may
with a business degree,
and he already has a job offer
with Boston consulting.
Mom is over the moon.
How do I look?
Don't wait up.
You would think
the students at this school
would have more fashion sense
but it's like
they're so busy studying
they don't even own a mirror.
Wow! Why, you...
- You are just, you're unbelievable.
- Thank you.
No, apple, not thank you.
Like who, who am I
talking to right now?
Who are you?
'Cause you're not yourself.
I mean, two days ago,
you were walking
around this campus
wearing a leotard and no shoes.
Oh, my gosh.
That's it.
What's it?
I was so busy
making the gymnastics team,
that I totally let myself go.
That's why Todd
broke up with me.
No, that's not why Todd
broke up with you.
Apple, Todd broke up with you
because he said
you don't have any substance.
All right, and you know what?
When you're with him
you don't have any substance.
Look, I've read papers
that you edited.
Okay, I've stood
in line for hours
and listened to you
explain to students
why their thesis lacks unity.
Or explain what an
internal citation is.
You are a brilliant,
brilliant girl.
You're amazing, okay?
But when you're with him,
you're just doting.
There's nothing there.
You're, you're boring.
You created
a sports team at Greene.
Like that's,
that's insane, apple.
Okay, and now you have a
chance to make them great,
and you're giving up on them.
It's not what I want.
you pretenders
see where we are now
you tried to end it
so stop pretending
and see where we are
now, now, now
try to end us
see where we are now
you tried to end it
so, stop pretending
to see where we are
now, now, now
try to end us
see where we are now
you tried to end it
so stop pretending
to see
where we are now
now, now, now
big day.
Oy, uh.
Those are hard.
I've got it all planned out.
Do you have the edits
to my personal statement?
I want to review them
before I print it out.
Breakfast date.
One second, okay?
Yeah, sure.
37, 38, 39, 40.
Uh, is that all you're
wearing to breakfast?
Of course not.
Where're we going?
Oh, good luck hug?
So, I'm a little bit busy
because I'm helping Emily
with her wedding now,
but I'm free after nine.
I mean, if you want
to do something.
- Mr. Kelly?
- Mr. Kell...
I've been looking
for you, apple.
Okay, well, now's not
really a good time.
Can we reschedule?
No, I don't care
what time it is.
Why am I just learning
that the captain
of my gymnastics team quit
making my rugby team
ineligible again?
Yeah, about that. It just
really wasn't working out.
Well, the 17 pink folders,
the, the dozens
of unnecessary meetings.
Oh, the parade of competition
updos through my office.
What exactly wasn't working out?
I had forgotten
how tight leotards are.
Spandex is so unforgiving.
You've made a mockery
of my athletic department.
I think the university
did a fine job of that
- before I got there.
- I'm sorry.
- What, what did you just say?
- You said so yourself.
Academics are the
focus of Greene.
- Preston.
- Okay, you...
Mr. Kell... Oh, hey, Dean York.
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm looking for the captain
of your gymnastics team.
An apple Mccreighton-hill.
I don't have a gymnastics team.
But if you're looking for
apple, she's right there.
I'm all done with her.
Okay, apple.
Follow me.
If you can
walk in those... shoes.
- Ah.
- Got your purse?
- Oh.
- Might want to grab that.
- Sorry.
- Excuse us, sir.
This is procedural.
It's loud.
So, unsanctioned ta'ing
and abetting students
with essays.
Thus you are being charged with
violating Greene's
academic integrity policy,
and you could be expelled.
Apple, are you listening to me?
The quieter you become,
the more able you are to hear.
Got it.
"A smooth sea never made
a skilled sailor," apple.
You're on academic suspension.
You could be expelled
before the end
of the school year.
- What?
- "The obstacle...
Is that path."
Does that always work?
Where it applies
to the situation?
Can I ask you a question?
Is apple a nickname?
No, that's my real name.
So your parents
were fans of fruit?
Computers, actually.
You hearing
will be this afternoon.
This afternoon?
"When nothing goes right...
Go left."
It's procedural.
- That signal the end?
- Mm-hmm.
What do you want?
Thank goodness.
Why is the office taped off?
I need to get
my sign in and log book
so that I can
prepare for my case.
Oh, what, you need my help?
Yeah, can you come unlock this?
Um, I'm sorry.
I can't.
Because I am stuck here
editing my personal statement
for my interview this afternoon.
Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry, Cali.
Oh, I meant to do it,
I totally did.
I don't know what happened.
I do.
You forgot about everyone else
and did exactly
what was best for you.
Just like you did
with the gymnastics team.
How 'bout I come by and...
Why does everyone hang up on me?
Look, this isn't about rugby
or the gymnastics team.
And I'm, I'm really
sorry about your team.
But I need a character witness.
I need someone
to tell them that I'm smart
and that I didn't have to cheat.
Right. Well, you'd think I
could help you with that,
but, see, the girl that
I know who is smart
stopped using her brain her
brain in class like a week ago.
Good luck with your case.
Cali, good luck
at your interview.
I forgot my lucky handcuffs.
Inappropriately assisting
fellow students
with papers, lab reports,
and assignments,
and accepting unauthorized money
for her services.
Do you understand
the charges against you?
Yeah, I do. It was based on
their parents' gross income.
Not what you charged.
The charges against you.
Yes, yes, I do.
- And how do you plead?
- Not guilty, your honor.
Your majesty.
Your high...
I don't know.
Your Dean York.
Sorry for the rough
treatment, miss Lyons.
You understand.
It is my honor to be here.
I have been looking forward to
this day since I entered Greene.
Yes, it does seem
that you've been busy.
your covert operations
as a gymnastics coach.
- How do you...
- We're the CIA.
I got a "c" on the paper,
and she charged me
30 extra dollars
just to rewrite
the introduction.
A "c"? I've never had
a student get a "c."
And she kicked me out
of the office.
Wait a minute.
I remember you.
I didn't even look
at your paper.
Okay. That's all for the witnesses.
That's all.
The defendant
will now take the floor.
The question is whether I
betrayed the academic code
at Greene university.
I will prove to you
that in no way
did I assist the students
in accessing data
they couldn't have found
on their own.
I had my own thing going on
and knew nothing
about gymnastics.
But, then I remembered
Brenda Thompson.
Agent 1954 to 1996.
Who knew nothing
about the Sinhalese people
before she was assigned
to go undercover
with her tribe in India.
And within two years,
she became their leader.
So, in essence,
all I did was lead the students
to the correct resources
for each assignment.
Resources that are
freely available.
Right under their
smart little noses.
Noses like Todd's.
And now she knows
that five minutes late
means 500 leg lifts.
I can't even go
into the gym anymore.
It's just...
It's just too many memories.
I'm sorry.
Could we get Janice in here?
Just like that, he left.
And I thought some
stupid boy at Greene
was gonna change my life.
And you know who did?
A team of gymnasts.
All the work and sweat and tears
we put into the classroom.
And the best education I
receive was at a little gym.
It's like your
creepy cat poster said.
"If we all work together,
we all win together."
The unsettling trip
down memory Lane aside
and your insult
of my cat poster,
as the undergraduate Dean
of Greene university,
I announce this case
- Okay?
- Okay.
You know,
our greatest glory is
not in never falling,
but in rising
every time we fall.
Cali, I was wrong.
College isn't about
meeting your husband.
It's about meeting
your best friends.
- Peace out.
- Later.
I messed up.
I'm truly sorry about your team.
Right now I have to find Cali.
Found me.
I'm sorry.
You've done everything
you could to help me,
and I didn't do the one thing
you asked me to.
I'm a terrible friend.
And a teammate.
Not as terrible as I am
at interviewing.
What happened?
What can I do?
How can I fix this?
They won't find
a better recruit.
No, apple.
You can't fix this.
Cali Lyons.
Of course.
Just tell me when.
They said that...
Crying showed an emotional
commitment to a team
that surpassed the personal
awareness of a recruit
with five times my experience.
They want me to start
training with the CIA.
- Because she's so cool.
- I know!
I know I don't deserve
a second chance.
I asked you to be great
and then I abandoned you.
But there is one more
And we're actually
supposed to host it
we're the newest members.
The Ivy league throwdown.
And I think
I know how to win it.
Why should
we do anything you say?
Yeah, I mean,
Cali is the only one
who ever really coached us.
And didn't dump us.
Yep, that's true.
You know...
I think apple
has learned some hard lessons.
Maybe we should give her
another chance.
And besides, I was just copying
other coaches.
I think apple
can actually get us
where we need to be.
So, what do you say, guys?
Let's do it.
And let's get out of the pit.
- Yes, please.
- Let's get out of, uh...
Out of here.
It's really hard.
nothin's gonna hold
me back
been waitin'
for a long time
one life to live,
and it's all mine
nothin's gonna stop me
nothin's gonna hold
me back
been waitin'
for a long time
one life to live,
and it's all mine
hard work pays off
see the fruit of my labor
when I make it to the top
hold me in the jaws
until my motivation's lost
'cause I'm never gonna,
never gonna stop
and they could bring
the roadblocks
but I'MMA beat 'em
and everyone
who said I couldn't do it
I don't need 'em
'cause it's my time,
I feel it in my soul
I got one life to live
and I'MMA reach my goals
it's grind time
nothin's gonna stop me
- Come on, Angelina! You can do it!
- Let's go. Come on.
You can do it!
Yeah, Courtney!
Mom? You'll never believe
what's happening.
You were able to get
the gymnastics team reinstated,
and now you're competing
at the Ivy league throwdown.
Which you actually
have a chance of winning.
- How did you know that?
- I came.
- You're here?
- I came.
I didn't say I'm still there.
You know
there's four whole events?
Yeah, I competed
when I was little, too.
It was the same thing.
Your team looks great, apple.
All right, apple, you're up.
I'm... proud of you.
Wow, mom.
You don't know what it means
to hear you say that.
But your hair looks terrible.
The front braid
was so last spring.
- Come on.
- She said she's proud of me.
there's a part of me
that wants to let go
run away from everything
that I know
gettin ready
puttin' on my new shoes
new dress,
new face
gonna make a night
that we'll remember
party like
we're gonna live forever
favorite song is blasting
through the stereo
car's here
let's go
I'm livin' the life
I'm doin' it right
just letting go,
losing control
don't wait around
I'm livin' the life
I'm livin' the life
I'm makin' it right
I'm makin' it right
just playin' hard
I'm breakin' hearts
- don't disappear
- you're not alone
I'm livin' the life
even when
the night is over
we can do it over
and over
and over
I'm livin' the life
I'm livin' the life
I'm doin' it right
I'm doin' it right
just letting go
losing control
don't wait around
I'm livin' the life
I'm livin' the life
I'm makin' it right
I'm makin' it right
just playin' hard
I'm breakin' hearts
it's so good
to feel alive
I'm livin' the life
- This penny here...
- Mm-hmm.
Two-time elite
national champion, 4.25 GPA.
She's applying here.
So, these are
all current gymnasts?
What's the fun in that?
It's not...
It's not a game.
It doesn't,
it's not supposed to be fun.
It's college.
It's supposed to be work.
Shadows can't exist
well, that's a lie
there's a beauty
behind it
where there's good
I will find it
sometimes magic
isn't easy to find
sometimes good things
will hide
where there's good
I will find it
where there's good
I will find it
yeah, you threw me
kinda off guard
and that I met somebody
so scarred
but there was something
about the way
you walked me
to my car
making sure
that I was home safe
but you never tried
to play the game
you know
the nights like that
won't ever fade away
it's crazy
how you fall in love
slowly and then
all at once
I guess things
aren't always obvious
shadows can't exist
well, that's a lie
there's a beauty
behind it
where there's good
I will find it
sometimes magic
isn't easy to find
sometimes good things
will hide
where there's good
I will find it
where there's good
I will find it
where there's good
I will find it
sometimes we try
too hard
looking for things
we don't really want
it's all written
in the stars
and it just takes time
till you realize
shadows can't exist
well, that's a lie
there's a beauty
behind it
where there's good
I will find it
sometimes magic
isn't easy to find
sometimes good things
will hide
where there's good
I will find it
where there's good
I will find it
where there's good
I will find it