Chalo (2018) Movie Script

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is
injurious to health. It causes cancer.
You seem to be educated sir,
why are you in jail?
That is a big story.
It is a time waste to say.
What are such important works
for us here sir, to waste the time?
Say at least for time pass sir.
When every kid searches his happiness
in playing and songs,
my son searched for it in my words.
What great words have you said sir?
Oh dear... my baby... Do not cry dear.
Hey, at least ten girls
will be flat even now if I smile.
Change the toothpaste,
maybe a foul smell is coming.
Hubby, it is not to say some jokes
and make all laugh.
Do something and make him stop crying.
Come dear, come on...
My darling son...
Sleep my dear, do not cry.
Do not cry my son, do not cry.
Hey, change the tooth paste.
May be bad smell is coming.
He is joking on us,
hit this uncle of ours.
Come on hit, hit even dad.
Come on hit son, hit this uncle of
ours, son. Smile, hit... smile, hit.
Wow, you made him stop greatly.
My dear son, come darling come on.
Husband or a joke,
bring him to me if he cries again. Ok!
Hubby, he is not eating Cerelac.
Is he crying, give him to me.
Give him to me, I will make him smile.
Come on give.
Look, I will make him smile.
Look there son, look at the TV.
See how are they hitting.
Yes, see how are they hitting.
No, I will not go to school.
Hubby, he is started crying again.
Leave him to me.
Son, here is the auto uncle.
Hit the auto uncle, hit.
Hit, come on hit.
that is my son. Look, he is smiling.
Go now, go to the school dear. Go.
He is been hitting from then
and the public had been scolding me.
You should have hit him once sir,
he would have set right.
What did you study?
Tenth fail sir.
I cleared groups,
do not give waste ideas.
Even that was done.
Hey, it seems you hit Bunty?
No use now, this is become a
habit for you. Come on stretch your hand.
You should cry when hit,
but why do you enjoy it?
Happy if I hit or if I get it.
Come on hit.
Happy if I hit or if he get hit?
What is that craze sir?
If he was so then,
what is the present position?
What happened next sir?
Look there.
Are you students or idiots?
Why are you fighting so on the roads?
If I see you again in any fights,
I will book you under PD act
and push you in lockup. Understood?
I understood sir.
Note down names and addresses of these
two batches guys and send them.
Ok sir.
- Go.
You go that way.
- You come this way.
Which batch are you?
I am from no batch sir.
While going on the road, they looked
interesting holding the rods sir.
and I participated.
Is this any reality show to participate?
What are you studying?
What are you studying?
CSE third year in CBIT sir.
When your dad is spending
lakhs for your studies,
you are onto the roads into fights
without having any responsibilities,
You know how much would
your dad feeling knowing this?
He knows sir. In fact,
he encouraged me from childhood sir,
Call your father once urgently
to the station,
This has become a
habit to this fellow sir.
Push this idiot into the lock up
and he would get to know.
Hey constable.
Leave this kid and keep him
in the lock up till evening.
Which law has said to push father inside
when son has done a mistake sir?
Then which law said to hit
the guy beside when kid cries?
Have you said it all...
- Yes.
Sir, just for this time...
Not just for once, but I will arrest you
whenever he is into any fight in life.
That is the matter.
Sir, you fell in the eyes of
this CI as your fate drank fanta.
He is a big sadist. He stuffs spice
from down and an ice cream in the mouth.
Change your son if possible
or leave this town.
If you feel why you should listen
to the advice of a tenth fail candidate,
we shall regularly meet at the same place.
Even the story would continue.
What happened, any nightmare?
Yes hubby! Four guys not liking
our son have chopped you down.
Even my fear is the same.
No idea when and where he gets a problem?
Why would they kill me, you dirty lady?
I just dreamt and
reason has not showed up.
I smoked a cigar in childhood
without dad getting to know.
My dad came to know,
but dad did not scold.
He asked whether I like the cigar.
He called me and took me into a room.
The room was full of cigar bundles.
He asked me to finish
all those by morning.
Saying so he left latching
the door from outside.
That is...
Get up, I will show you a scene. Come on,
what scenes in the midnight hubby?
Rajinikanth scene, get up.
I smoked one by one cigars whole night.
I did so and finished them all.
In the morning by the time I opened doors
and came out I hated the smell of cigars.
I got hatred on cigars. The cigar I then
left, have not touched again till now.
Sons here are crazy about fights.
If we too leave him at a place of fights,
he would quit getting into fights.
Are you mad?
He is rising so even when we are here.
Why do you say send him elsewhere?
No dad to settle if a fight takes place
and no mom to pacify
applying butter when he gets
When a crying kid is placed amongst
the crying kids, he stops crying.
Where would such a place be hubby?
Tirupuram, it is in Andhra
and Tamilnadu border.
When Andhra separated
in 1953 from Tamilnadu,
that line of division passed
from the mid of Tirupuram.
From then Telugu people reside
on one side of the line
and Tamil on the other side.
They should not pass over the line.
They made a fence, made traditions
and are fighting with each other.
Fence and traditions
are built for this village
with a thought that
you would be alive if not together.
But you are fighting and dying.
What Kesava, it seems you cut
the leg of that area person?
What is this elder man,
fight every day and again a assembly?
These fence and traditions are not for
people to pass from here to there right?
When we stuck to your word,
person from there secretly came here
and tried to kill our guy.
Huh, how would the youngsters
in anger be in control?
They cut the leg and called me.
You idiots, you instigated him and
made to come there and then cut his leg.
Are you changing the words now?
You liars!
Stop it guys, stop it.
See your end.
Hey Veeramuthu,
is this how you speak in the assembly?
Being wealthy does not make
someone respected
but should have a goal that
village should be good.
You could not see to that
your people do not cross over,
but now your voice is
raising to scream like this.
Lost lives, ruined families...
Enough now,
I am saying for the last time
to both of you.
Either you have the fear or be careful
but none should cross over
from either sides.
If you deny and cross over,
your life is not the responsibility
of this assembly.
- Give in his house.
Ok sir.
Even a dog has the anger
but one should have the sense.
Go away.
What is this brother? They cut leg of
our guy and insulted us again.
We just stood still watching
and could not do anything.
We too should cut the leg of their fellow.
Days to say an eye for eye
and life for a life, Bala.
Head of them for the leg of our guy.
Who would come this side
after so much has happened now?
Guard at the border and make
somebody cross over
and then I will take care.
There is an Engineering college,
anybody Telugu or Tamil can study there.
Village head has kept a rule that no
fights should take place in the college.
as future of students should not get
spoilt because of fights from the village.
We send him there, he would be
amongst the fights and also safe.
He does not know Tamil right?
All would speak Telugu there, dear.
- Uncle, ticket ready.
No idea whether food is good or not there.
They are fixed,
say something and convince him.
Some people against to me got me
transferred to Tirupuram, son.
But there is still two months time
for the posting.
Your semester will start, right?
Thus I got you transferred to
Engineering College there.
You go and settle there.
We will come there in two months.
Dad, do you know
where are you telling this matter?
When you said pack the clothes
and we are going to the bus stand,
I thought we were going to some place.
Are you pushing me away from here dad?
You think I cannot live without you?
Dad, if you push me into the sea,
I am a type to somehow achieve.
Did you understand, I can live anywhere.
Hey son.
You do not worry mom,
I am talking right? Dad.
Son, if you keep talking
so I fear the bus may leave.
Take care of mom.
- Okay.
He might change his mind.
Let's go.
Tirupuram... Tirupuram.
This is it, get down sir.
Bro, what are those fields
and what are those hills around?
Have you brought me
to the next state as I slept?
You are in this state only sir.
- Yes, right.
Those fields are in the next state.
- Oh, what?
Yes sir, this is the Andhra
and Tamilnadu border.
Andhra this side
and that side is Tamilnadu.
Has my dad put my life so in the border?
Sir, you should go this way. If
you go that way, no returning back again.
Dad, I got down.
What a great change came in you
going to that place, my son?
You are calling once you got down.
Do not talk crazy dad.
Growing up in that pollution from birth,
if you suddenly put me into such
a peaceful atmosphere, do I not go crazy?
See Hyderabad,
name itself resembles hitting.
Tirupuram it seems,
sounding is so worst.
You said dad river, a bath
and not to come back unless I plead.
Give me one more idli dear. Son is
not here and I will have even his share.
Go on and eat.
Hey, will you have food?
What, I hate fruits.
Not fruits but food, breakfast.
What is famous here?
- Here Sambar and idli is famous.
Oh, one minute.
Dad, cooking of mom is worst.
It seems sambar and Idli is famous here,
will enjoy eating and then call you.
Ok, move on. One minute...
Smile please...
He is come, he is come.
Who buys if she says a hundred rupees?
Crazy girl!
Ok, what is this fencing
around the village?
This is the hotel.
- Ok, we will eat and then talk. Come on.
Bro, two plate idli.
Hey, see your hotel has got
so many customers once I stepped in.
Ok, give me two plate idli.
Give it fast.
You country fruit,
should cut lemon with a knife.
See you tried with such a big sword.
and see how the lemon is stuck?
Worst fellow.
How many time s should I say you?
Do you not understand Telugu?
You do not know about me, I will say.
Hey, are you humans or man eaters?
Why are you like that guys?
Hey, I too encourage fights.
But it looks cheap if one kills
each other for sambar and idli.
If you give me my bag back...
Hey, stop!
Hey grandpa, see they are like to kill me.
You too...
Come on, jump.
Take water sir, take and drink.
Like total family is behind
when the chicken to cut is escaped,
why are they all chasing me bro?
Day before when their person
came we cut his leg sir.
They are in that anger.
Have you cut the leg? Are you any mad?
Not mad sir, but revenge.
Telugu guy should not go that way
and the Tamil should not come this way.
Where should you go sir?
- KGN college.
You are very lucky sir.
You are the only one out with
all parts after crossing over that side
and being back again
in the history of Tirupuram.
Police come even for
a small fight in Hyderabad.
You have been killing
and do they not care?
Village head here is very powerful sir.
Whatever big maybe the fight happening
here, no way that we go to Police station.
There is no Police station
at all in this village.
Whatever big maybe the settlement,
it happens at the village assembly.
It is very interesting.
What exactly is the fight
in this village, bro?
Hey, you have come to study
and go after your studies.
Do not mess with the fights
in this village.
Ok, what about the fights in our College?
Fights in the College? No chance at all,
Principal Paramatma is very strict.
He does not like fights
and does not bother about regions.
Telugu or Tamil is
just outside the college.
All should be the same once
they step inside the College.
They should be as he likes.
Anyone to study in the college should stay
in the hostel and should be together.
First see whether he is something wrong.
Rekha, Those two are fighting,
suspend them for a week.
Yes sir.
Sir, we have given hi five.
I do not know all that.
You hit his hand with your hand.
That means you both fought.
Get out of my compound.
Come on Rekha.
Bro, I watched Basha film
yesterday night in TV.
Whatever but he could not carry the
ease in Tamil like done in Telugu.
Whatever but Rajinikanth sir
likes Telugu a bit more.
Listening to your words even Rajinikanth
may get a regional feeling.
Rekha, not for one week but debar these
for a month not to be seen in this radius.
I would have covered with a blanket
and hit if such a guy was in Hyderabad.
Huh, for people like you he opens
the doors in midnight and sleeps.
Battalion four, enemy is in the front One
theft, one enemy... Fire... Fire... Firr.
That means,
no fights take place in our college.
What boss,
have you come to study in the college.
or to have fights and tear your clothes?
Say bro.
- You look not to listen.
They happen once every month
in the shed of that black Seenu.
Black Seenu, who is he?
- Canteen owner of this college.
He takes money and unofficially
organizes fights between.
Telugu and Tamil batches
in the shed behind the College.
The guy winning lives like
a king for the whole month.
The guy losing moves with head down
for the whole month before him.
Come on guys.
Hit now guys.
Today is the first right sir?
There will be a fight today.
Then, take me there bro.
- I expected.
Look sir, you anyways looks
like messing up with the whole College.
Here is my card,
call me if you have any need.
Look at him guys.
Come on.
Hey what is this?
He is continuously eating.
Hey Pulakesi, you had a load of idlis,
drank a bucket of sambar.
We fed you like a bull
for the bull fight.
How if you are down so for just two hits?
Go and hit.
Let our prestige stand, hit that fellow.
Come on hit...
Yes, that is it.
No way that he gets up and hits
and no chance for us to walk in pride.
We will bow our heads and walk before
the Telugu guys even this month.
Take those lungis and keep them in.
Hey, next time send guys
who are a bit fresh. - Better if gents.
What do you want, puff or cool drink?
I need participation in the game.
- It costs 500.
Sit, come on sit.
Our participant has come to fight.
Give that bag here, give it.
Hey, who is this fellow
looking fairer than me?
Hit him two shots extra.
Wow... they all are nice to see...
This is the first time playing
in this pitch bro.
I have no confidence that I would hit.
I will have at least four shots and go.
Come on...
Oh my god.
You enjoy only when he hits
or you enjoy even when I hit?
She is happy whoever hits.
Hey dude, someone is hitting there.
That is the reason why I came here.
Hey, he is hitting his guy.
- What are you talking?
Hey, he will leave if you delay like this.
Move on...
- Move.
Come on hit...
- Babji, who would that be?
You crazy idiot!
Hitting his guys like that means,
he would be our guy for sure.
Come on.
What is that fellow dude?
Come on hit.
8, 9,10, 11... Hey, who are you man?
Hey you... Who are you man?
New joining dude.
Oh I see, then you should not be here
but in the Principal room.
Ok, you came from the city.
All study well there, right?
Then why did you leave there
and come here?
Even problem is that sir. All
study well there and I have no company.
But here, these will not study
and I too will not study.
We will live together sir.
You go and join in the hostel.
- Ok sir.
Keep this fellow under observation.
- I am already on the same job sir.
Bro, this is our hostel. Our Principal
says all studying came up in life.
Of course, he stayed back right here.
- Dude, you come into my room.
Hey, what to be in your room?
No us except for eating.
Bro you cannot be anywhere.
You should be here.
You should be in my room, come on.
Come on bro...
- This fellow then?
Should wake up in the morning
and take bath like ever, oh no.
He should be down stairs
and you should be up.
Anyone to touch us should fear.
We found out who that guy is,
it seems he came new to our college.
Auto Bose said though he went that side
unknowingly has escaped cleverly.
Ok, go.
Okay, sir.
What crops should we harvest sir?
What all have they harvested?
- Maize sir.
We should be no less to them,
you too harvest the maize.
Ok sir.
He is made so many run means,
he should be in observation.
Good evening sir.
- Good evening.
I will study sir.
- Good boy.
What bro, why is the total hostel silent?
Will none ever fight?
CC cameras are fixed everywhere except
in rooms and bathrooms.
That is why we go to that
shed once a month and fight.
Should I wait a month more to fight?
Hey dude, find out
whether he is our guy or not.
Bro, who is your favorite hero?
- Rajinikanth bro, I saw Robo 10 times.
He is saying favorite hero is
Rajinikanth, idiot. Why doubts again?
Hey dude, he is speaking
Telugu fluently. Ask that, ask.
What is this dude?
- Ask.
Bro, you are speaking Telugu very clean.
- I know four languages bro.
Oh, hey come here.
He knows four languages it seems.
You are killing me.
Something feels wrong...
Not that dude.
- Leave it and say yes... You said great.
Are you from Andhra?
What is your nuisance, idiots? I am
not from Andhra, so should I not be here?
You wait man,
we lost all these days in fight
to them and lived bowing our heads.
We have heard when they insulted.
Leave that, we just knew that girls
in this college have feet
but forgot that they have the face too.
And now after so long,
we got the chance to lift
our heads because of you.
From tomorrow...
Game has started dude.
Bro just coming...
Hey, it is been very long since
I lifted my collar
and saw girls in our college.
No Telugu or Tamil,
just enough that it is a girl, attack.
Bro...seniors for me...
and juniors for you ok? - Ok move...
Hey Rozy,
why do you not be friends with me?
When there are so many in the college,
why friendship only with me?
Why would the cute looking be
friends to me?
You idiot.
- Principal is not here, right?
You are so hot baby. - I am on 102 fever.
Why will I not be hot?
Hey Suzi, shall we both get married?
Idiot you are in third year
and I am in fourth year.
Then marry me next year,
even I will be in fourth year then right?
What happened dud?
- Suzi is clapped dude.
- By mistake, my face went in between.
Damn, you.
Yes right?
Hi... Hi this is...
- What is the percentage?
How many are the backlogs?
I am asking you,
how many are the backlogs?
Though your mouth says a lie,
hand is saying the truth.
Which class?
Third year CSE.
Oh, my class!
You know how far did the syllabus finish?
You know how far have the labs come till?
Do you know which class is it now?
Do you at least know
where the class room is?
Then what do you know?
Is it only to say hi to a girl?
Go to the class.
- This way?
Yes, go.
Yes, that Srinu guy... Bring him once.
- What happened?
Good morning.
Wow! You get up great idiots,
come on sit you uneducated
Engineering fellows.
Last semester topper Karthika...
Give her a big hand...
Stop it!
Why are you shouting so confidently dear?
You failed in four subjects.
Just pass in two.
There are still 16 subjects
balance in the backlog. How dare you?
You said Karthika right sir?
I called M. Karthika
and you are L. Karthika, sit down.
M. Karthika, give her a big hand
Mine can be shown with the hands.
You will have to raise
even your legs to show yours.
Just shut up, ok?
Oh no, English! Talk once...
Gave a great build up, you idiot.
Hey, who is that fellow?
Looks like may die laughing.
New guy named Hari, Sir.
Hey, stand up. It does not look nice.
Have you come on transfer?
No sir, I came by bus.
What? Worst joke idiot,
very worst joke.
When the whole class is silent,
why this sarcasm for you?
Sorry sir.
What is your percentage, man?
- Ninety one sir.
Ninety one?
- Yes sir.
Internal test or semester test?
- Drink and drive test sir.
Why do you laugh so for the rotten jokes?
You idiot.
Sorry again sir.
Hey, I have many doubts on your standards.
I will ask you a simple question.
Give answer to that.
Ok sir.
What is CSE?
Say the full form of it.
Look in the Google.
Oh wow.
E for... E for...
Yes, the same sir. Education
I thought... you came new
and may not mix up them.
Great sync, mix up like milk
and water, and die happily.
Sir, will you not say us the lessons?
What happens if I come in between PG?
- PIG.
I would also become PG lecturer right?
Oh no, it did not strike for me sir.
How can I teach lessons
to dumb heads like you?
I used to once answer
any questions immediately,
but now am unable to answer
even simple questions.
You brought down my levels to that stage,
- Looks like he is come till the hostel.
Karthika, stop...
I felt tensed thinking you are a topper.
I mean, we cannot talk well
to the studious right?
And with you,
I can talk very freely now.
What will you talk?
You and I have similarities Karthika.
You like fights and I too like fights.
You are weak in studies and I too am.
Of course very much better than you.
Get away.
That is why I am saying to hold the hand
of someone better than you,
How are you son?
Are you applying cream to the wounds?
Wound this time is not on body mom,
but to the heart,
What happened son?
I saw a girl here mom.
Though she looks homely like you for
seeing, is a rebel from inside like me.
Innocence, arrogance, craziness... Think
she is a cocktail mix of all qualities,
Hubby, it seems he liked some girl.
- What?
Though his comparison is horrible,
he is trying to describe,
Perfect diversion is come for his mind.
We should encourage full
and turn this hunter into a sage,
Have you said that girl, son?
I do not understand how to say dad,
Watch good love movies, read books
on love, put all your feelings on paper.
That girl should feel worried thinking
what would happen to her life,
without this guy,
You smashed it up dad.
Stop the e violent words first
and behave cute, son.
I love you.
Hello I love you... Bye.
Why are you staring at me in the class?
- What is me looking at you? I did not see.
I saw you seeing.
- What? Why did you see?
I saw to know why you were seeing me.
I too the same, I saw to confirm
whether you are seeing or not.
Hey, do not change the topic.
Hey dude, it is confirmed that
he is a Telugu guy.
He is completely
watching Telugu movies, see.
We watch English movies
and do we become English guys?
Hey bro, he is a Telugu guy.
He is reading Telugu book.
I am doing mathematics and
do I become a Mathematician? - Not that.
You crazy fellow, stick it
and give the book to Rozy.
Why are there so many
and why is he throwing so?
Hey dude, see he wrote in Telugu.
See how angry is he on Telugu.
He is writing and again cutting it off.
He is surely a Tamil guy.
- Cheers.
Hey, it seems city girl
wear clothes only this length.
Boys here are still not updated.
They are seeing us even
when we are wearing this length.
Hey Karthika,
A letter for you.
Huh, how many would write,
am I the only girl in the college?
Why not write to her? Why not to her?
Who is it now?
Hari it seems.
I expected,
I expected a letter would come
from this fellow.
It is delayed by two days, read it.
Hi... You are reading the letter written
by very cute, smart,
intelligent and daring Hari.
Leave it dude, not this letter.
Why this torture to you every week?
Leave it dear, this is very interesting.
You read it.
Never believe if someone says you are
a beautiful girl, clever,
ten go flat when you see.
Because a fool should be made
only on April fool,
but they are making you
a fool throughout the year.
Say what your plus points are...
Even a wall has it.
- Why spectacles if they are good?
Beauty - If yours is a beauty,
what should it be for Aishwarya Rai?
So, to openly say you too
are just ok like your marks.
They say it selfishness loving
someone with all qualities.
That is why I selected you...
Waiting for your response... thirsty
for your love... struck it... devil.
Con... struck it off...
Huh, come on let us teach him a lesson.
Hey wait, they are a hundred eager guys
and we are hardly ten.
Maybe they would trouble us,
is it required now?
- Hey, move on.
Come on, come.
There are CC cameras here.
No use with CC cameras here,
but fuse should be
there is the room of Principal.
When did you pick it up?
- Details later, move first.
Too much holes for this...
Oh no, all get wealth
and property from grandparents
and why did this fellow get
an underwear?
Girls, when would I move with girls bro?
Believe me.
Come, come, come.
No, what is this? That fellow is taking
care of torn underwear like the gold.
This fellow has left what to cover
and covered what to leave. Bad fate!
Hey, what is his roll number?
- 108.
This one.
Close the door and switch on the light.
Get up Adi.
Hey, what is this? You had come last night
and why again you? Go and send Padma.
Why is this fellow saying
I came in the night
and asking now send another girl?
Do I look like a broker to him?
Idiot, get up idiot.
Hey, I thought would get a response
and you came directly.
Your cheek will be blasted.
Oh height... weight...
Can I help you?
- Remove your hand.
What are you thinking about me?
As I look calm wearing specs and soft,
you think can try for me?
You know about me?
Do you know my originality?
I drink liquor,
I hit people if I go angry.
I hit so many when small.
I am covering my character putting
the violence aside after I became young.
Do not mess with me unnecessarily
and bring out my originality.
Say, what have I done coming
into your dreams in the night?
You took away my three sweets.
- What sweets?
I will kill if you mess with me again.
Let's go.
Stop it, I have exams from tomorrow.
I should work hard, do not disturb me.
What's wrong?
Pack up.
- Sir.
Is she not exactly like
Goddess Saraswathi?
Poor girl, should have been good
if she had even education.
Did she sleep studying hard?
She has not come still.
Madam, excuse me.
You were not seen yesterday,
have you been to film with your hubby?
Hey, why are you here?
Your roll number is there, right?
I wanted to copy from you
and become University topper.
Do not act crazy and go sit in your seat.
If not I will complain to Sir.
Hello, you sit in your seat
and you write your exam.
You get your gold medal.
- Hey, no need. I will go.
Oh no, you took total text book
xeroxed on your dress?
You said to work hard.
and you did this?
Please, I beg you.
My dad would hit me with belt
if I do not pass this time.
I will do whatever you want, please.
Wait outside after the exam.
I will come and give a hug.
Shall I say? Sir.
- Oh no, I am not habituated to such.
Did you have such habits to write
on the dress from birth?
Write the exam first.
You have seen Khaidi Number 150, right?
Did you like it? - Yes.
Next film is coming now,
Saira Narasimhareddy,
that would be more super.
I know the story, a real story.
The guy behind me has put slips sir.
- Oh no.
You kept such a big slip idiot.
You kept it, but you should write, right?
Why are you looking
in the air instead of writing?
I have the answer, but not understanding
to write for which question in this sir.
What is your nonsense?
Thanks dear, I saved the number
in mind instead of my cell phone.
Hey Karthika, do not cut.
Ten minutes, this is my life matter.
If you just give ten minutes time,
we shall clearly talk.
At ten in the library.
Oh no, just ten minutes left
and I am starting immediately.
Wait, wait... Tomorrow morning.
Full waiting.
When do I write so many slips again?
Just ten minutes time,
if you say what the matter is,
I will listen and leave.
What, shall I say to your back?
Your eyes are disturbing me very much.
Will you please turn that side, please?
My life style before was
different Karthika.
Always a fight and
Police station every day.
When my dad used to scold me saying
none like me would be on this earth,
I felt it was true.
But for the first time after seeing you,
I felt like seeing myself.
Somehow, I fully got connected.
What you look from outside is not you,
there is another girl inside you.
I liked that girl a lot,
please tell my feelings to her.
Go idiot.
Results of the exams written recently
have come. Class topper is Karthika...
Karthika, not you. You are M. Karthika
and L. Karthika came class first.
Me? - Yes you dear, get up.
Give her a big hand.
Where is he?
You should keep doing when required
Otherwise, our value will not be known.
Hey, performance near me?
Like that then and now so, what happened?
Neither you were studious then
nor me then, I felt we would sync.
But you are the class topper now, I
felt you may not talk with people like me.
When you disturbed everywhere for few days
and now suddenly get silent,
you think my concentration gets disturbed?
It is not.
What ok?
I am saying no and not disturbed.
Oh my God!
Go idiot.
I feel to be friendly with my dad,
but cannot be.
I feel like being open at my mom,
but cannot.
I really wanted to be like me
but could not.
But even when I am different, you
are looking at me like what I really am.
I am disturbed for that.
It is you identifying that I am not me.
It is you making me identify in you.
How if you go silently
now after doing so much?
What did you say? Say again.
It is you identifying that I am not me.
It is you making me identify in you.
How if you go silently now
after doing so much?
You got even words
along with marks, come on.
For this distance to reduce between us,
impress my dad.
- What?
Your dad not to get impressed
is impossible.
I need information.
- I should pay an installment.
Do you have payTM?
- What is that?
I need details of Karthika.
- Just one minute,
it is not as easy to take details
to deal with her, Sir.
She is the daughter of Keshavulu.
He is the elder amongst
all the Telugu people here.
Are you fearing or frightening?
- I am saying to be careful sir.
- Did you identify?
Have you caught his daughter?
Yes bro, you gave the card and came
thinking you would also give an idea.
How to impress Kesavulu?
He sent men to find out about you.
For what?
Kesavulu feels very happy even
by saying a word to Veera Muthu.
And as you made his men run around,
he asked to enquire about you. But
will he give his daughter just for that?
Thank you.
Hey, I have still not given an idea.
- I got it.
This village has a history
and we have a prestige.
You and them have a revenge
and thus are fighting to death.
What is this to pull a guy
with no relation, Muthu?
What are you saying old man,
whom did we pull in?
Bro, this is the guy who came
to our side and escaped.
Sir, I came here from Hyderabad to study.
Once I got down from the bus,
when the short idiot said breakfast
is good here,
and ordered idli, sambar.
By then they came in varieties
of face holding big swords to kill me sir.
My parents would have become orphans
if they had killed me sir.
Who takes responsibility for my life sir?
Oh no, you could not do anything to us
and showing power on that
kid coming from elsewhere?
If you fight face to face,
power will be known.
Son in law.
- You wait.
Look old man, it is not good to conduct
the assembly as someone said something.
We have not seen
his face till we came here.
Still, the assembly does not need
blames but needs proofs.
You and your old...
Did he take photos with
the kid without seeing, Sir?
What photo?
- He asked a selfie and I obliged brother.
Is he Kamal or Rajini?
- To take a selfie... Hey.
Should I believe
they did all this without your orders?
If I have to run such
an assembly once again,
another guy will be in your place.
Ask for forgiveness.
Forgive me sir.
Hey, come on guys.
Come on guys.
First time my stomach is full
with happiness and not with food.
Come once to my house for food,
I will do a celebration.
Hello... - Miss Karthika,
be ready to become mistress.
Your dad has got full impression on me. He
invited to come for food when I am free.
Is it? There is a function tomorrow
in my house. Come tomorrow itself.
Will you eat Biriyani?
- Yes, where?
Why to the house of your
father in law for eating Biriyani?
He is a serious man and would kill.
Hey, father in law likes me very much.
Hey, father in law likes me very much.
He invited me to lunch.
Do you know the house of father in law?
Wow... he built greatly...
A little down.
Oh, you brought me even
while asking do you know.
You say, no problem?
- Are you doubting me?
Hey fools, what is this chitchat without
doing work? I will complain to uncle/
You are a cute boy, dude.
When space of bicycle is provide,
you rush driving a scooter/
We came on the bullet, right?
- Move on/
Hey, what is that eating?
You are so hefty, bring down your food/
Hey, what sis this whole house made wet?
Hey, what are you playing with kids?
Take these and tie to the door front.
- Mom...
- Tie it.
My name is Padayappa...
It is me everywhere.
Hey, what are you doing?
- B.Tech third year.
Why is this fellow here?
Who would be in the house of uncle,
instead of him?
He is a Tamil guy right?
- We too are Tamilians, right?
Who said I am a Tamilian?
I am a Telugu guy.
Hey, when asked are you
Rajinikanth fan, you said yes.
Rajinikanth fans are even
in Japan and am I a Japanese?
You said no when asked
are you from Andhra?
Yes Hyderabad,
means Telangana.
Hey, do not joke.
You even fought on our side.
I am interested into fighting
and would fight on the side of anybody.
Hey, are you gone mad?
Did you not understand I am a Tamilian
at least by seeing my colour?
Harsha is more black than you, right?
You have answers for everything.
Oh no, I encouraged when you tried
for our girl thinking you are our guy.
If he gets to know the matter,
he would kill both of us.
I called M. Karthika...You are L.
Karthika... Sit down.
Daughter of Kesavulu.
He is the head of all Telugu people
in this village.
Is the name of even
his daughter is Karthika?
We are trapped dude, escape
Sir, enemy.
Birthday of grandfather,
not the animal sacrifice
but he is asking for human sacrifice.
separated, chop that fellow.
Come on give that...
Hey, They will kill us...
Come on move...
Close the door.
- Yes, what son? How are you?
For the first time in life dad,
I am feeling home sick.
It seems he is feeling home sick, dear.
He is a changed person.
Oh dear.
Take ladies and kids inside.
Son in law, why did he come here
even after knowing that
he is from the opposite side?
We should know.
He did not come,
I brought him to hand over him to you.
I am Tamilian, I am Tamil, I am Tamilian.
Kattappa himself has given
the blow and what am I?
If you know to trap, I know to escape.
Now I am safe.
Brother, what if Tamil?
He scolded me, a girl of your house.
Who is she?
What is that food, you look so hefty?
Reduce eating.
- Come.
Foot in the mouth.
Neither him nor this fellow,
do not leave anybody.
Hey, power bill increases this month
in your house if you move.
Shall I keep it in the water?
Hey idiot, the ball is in our court now.
Don't move... Current belt.
What are these? Did they not identify
power is gone in the emotion?
What should I do now?
You throw the swords and compromise.
We too will leave silently.
Come on throw. Hello, you too.
It is Grand father's sword
- But not Grand father right?
What dude, what is a deal with those?
Not ours, come on put it, put.
You wait dude.
Hey, what to wait? Say, if you cannot
and I will put it. I will put it.
Give the bike keys.
- Here...
You will have it idiot.
Put it wherever you want to now, put it.
Yes, say now boys.
What to do, what not to do?
I will put.
I will put.
I will put. Shall I put? I have put.
Power is gone exactly
when I was watching the TV. - No...
Should you see again?
Run dude.
Hey, he escaped.
I will die. They anyways will kill me.
Who will fulfill our Grand ma's dream.
Damn, for what you did I messed
with the man whom I had to impress.
When he said Karthika, you should have
asked which Karthika right?
Did you not have the interest
on the information given,
which you had on the money taken?
You idiot.
Though the girl was average,
I thought you would have asked details
of the Telugu girl and gave her details.
Hey, did you already know that
he is Telugu? - I know.
I asked from where and he said
I asked every question other than this.
He had been saying,
dude he may be a Telugu fellow.
I did not listen to.
I was a blind horse and ate up
even tablets feeling it as feed.
Hey, why do you think of the past?
Leave it. - Go.
You are too much Sir.
Independence has come long back.
But still, we are thinking
every year about August 15th, right?
You and your dirty logic.
- What will you lose, what would you say?
Like killing rats while inventing
medicine for humans,
you trapped me in the middle.
They would kill
if I go into the village.
They will kill here,
if they know you are Telugu.
I did not believe all these days
though you said, he is our guy.
How did you find out guys?
He is drinking even in weekdays,
means he is a Tamil guy.
Why did you come?
He was seen talking to
Telugu guys in the mess.
We thus took him to a place with
no cameras and bashed him up.
You bashed up just for talking?
What if kept in the room?
They would if not known
and will they if known or what?
Hey, if kept even if not know
we would stamp on the neck and kill.
I may be ok,
but my friend would strip him,
stab and kill taking him
all over the village and hitting.
Stop it dude.
Hey, ok talking before me
but what is this talking about
Telugu guys before you?
Forgive me brother, I will never again
in life talk with Telugu guys.
I will kill if anyone speaks from now too.
Forgive me bro for just this one time.
Hey dude, he is peed in fear.
Why you about him,
we will take care of him.
Get up idiot, go away now.
Poor guys thought that fellow peed,
they do not know it is you.
He came to my village and I did not catch.
He messed with me and slipped away.
He came to my house and was not caught.
Why is your batch being beside me?
Muthu, do not get into anger.
From now, I will know everything he does
Oh, you did not know
when power was gone yesterday
and will you know whatever he does?
Muthu, son in law.
Huh, we will lose prestige
going for an assembly.
Leaving him so, self would be dead.
To go college and kill him,
tradition by the elder man
would be broken. Go away.
You are saying he is a college boy.
You feel your daughter
do not know who he is?
When our people also fear
to come into this house,
an enemy guy has come and
who do you think has given the lenience?
Short dresses, colored hairs,
English and tattoo...
Oh no,
are these the qualities of our girls?
At least has he studied well?
Her zeroes are more than the eggs laid by
our hens in the backyard.
None would question even she
does not become an Engineer Muthu.
Suppose if she goes to
an English picture with someone,
all who see would spit on our faces.
Karthika... Karthika.
The guy who came home yesterday
is from your college, right?
Yes father.
- Why did he come?
Old idiot has trapped now.
Monkey faced.
Open your mouth.
Are you doubting me, father?
So many do come for functions at home.
How would I know
if you ask why has he come?
Oh no, she is started a drama again.
If this goes so,
I will never go again to the College.
Ok, stop and sit back at home.
- Huh.
Tit for tat.
I had been saying from first not to study.
You forced me to study
and put me in the hostel.
I thought ok,
my dad being the head of village.
would proudly say his daughter is
an Engineer.
and studied day and night.
Do you know, I passed in first class?
You know, whole class
would even clap for me?
Call the Principal Muthu,
her secret would be out.
Hey old lady, father has faith in me.
He will not call.
Oh, look there.
Principal sir.
- Say please.
This is Veera Muthu speaking.
How is my daughter studying?
Switch on the speaker.
She is a very bad student.
Have I not said?
If anybody says so,
make them kneel down for an hour.
She is a brilliant student. She
is the class topper in the recent exams.
That is my daughter!
You go to college dear. - Ok...
Hey Sami.
We cannot stop his anger and
he cannot bear his happiness. Bad luck!
Go idiot!
- Damn.
Friendship means yours dude
You come together and leave together.
Hey, I will narrate a small story to you.
Say what you understood.
Two doves are in a friendship.
Both are living in the same nest.
After some days, it came to know that
the other is not a dove but a snake.
If said to leave snake
would swallow the dove.
If said it is not a dove,
all the other doves would kill it.
What do you say is
the position of this dove now?
You are the most powerful
as snake in our batch.
Do not harm that dove dude.
Ask your dad to make the fees ready
even for next year, for safety.
You crazy idiot.
Hey, why are you not
answering when called.
and no replies for the message.
What happened?
Come on talk. I will not leave
your hand till you speak up.
It cannot happen.
- Why?
Why did you not say that
you are a Telugu guy?
Did you say to be a Tamilian?
Even if you were so particular,
you should asked who I was.
How do I know who is
Telugu and Tamil here?
Damn it,
because of the information
from that idiot,
I impressed some
other guy leaving aside your father.
Now even if I impress your dad,
he would not listen.
It is my mistake to like you without
knowing who you were.
It will not work out, leave it.
Oh, after knowing me to be
Telugu you lost interest on me right?
I am saying it is not
so easy for us to be together.
You have seen yourself
what happened,
if a Telugu person has
just come into the house.
And if said to come in as son in law?
For us to come together,
this village should first come together.
That cannot happen in this life time.
Hey Satya.
Why did you have a Telugu guy
in the room?
There is no mistake from my end sir,
it is all his.
It is me, just to wake you up.
- Why do you play so with my life, dude?
No happiness and no peace,
will you not let me even sleep?
You should not waste life with sleep.
You would anyways completely sleep
after death right?
Looks like you are going
to kill me right away.
It is ok, but what needs to be done to
make this village get united?
Village will not get united unless that
Veera Muthu and Kesava get united.
My father in law is a fool,
he will not listen.
How do we get them united?
Will you eat Biriyani?
- Yes, where?
Why do you play with my life
on the name of Biriyani?
They would kill knowing me as a
Tamil guy knowing here. Oh no!
That is why I made you wear this T-shirt.
My house is got a charm
with your arrival son. Move in...
Who is this man?
- My friend, uncle.
Sir, I doubt this fellow belongs
to the neighboring village.
You will go blind doubting
a guy wearing the T-shirt of NTR.
Come in please.
It is same like I am seeing myself.
Dishes are hot, do not hesitate.
- Ok sir.
Baby Karthika.
- Yes dad.
Your classmate has come.
Keshav uncle,
I have a doubt and do not misunderstand.
Why have you named
your daughter as Karthika?
That idiot Veeramuthu named his daughter
as Karthika
and that means the best girl it seems.
Is only his daughter
the best and not mine?
Thus I named even my daughter as Karthika.
Come on eat.
Dear, I do not have a son.
I have a wish that a guy making
the enemies
run away should come as my son in law.
Will you marry my daughter?
Sir, I am in love with
daughter of Veeramuthu.
Kill them guys.
When I called and am asking to give
my daughter in marriage,
you say to be in love
with daughter of my enemy?
Sir, what do you get
if your daughter marries?
You just get a son in law
and a husband for your daughter.
And if marry his daughter?
- If you marry?
If I marry, our guy will be
the son in law of their house.
That means, he would wash legs of our guy.
He would bend before our guy.
Ours will be the upper hand
and this is called a plan.
- Excuse me.
Is that girl in love with you?
She will give her life sir. But your help
is needed for our marriage to take place.
Son, you forget about this matter now,
the whole village talks about and that
Veeramuthu feels you are the only option.
I will get your marriage done so grandly.
I am giving you the word,
that girl is yours.
Hey, come on.
Hey, come on.
Stop it guys.
Stop it guys.
Hit that fellow, come on hit.
Stop it guys.
What happened?
What is this messing with our girls,
thinking there is none to punish them?
What is this sir?
What have I said?
I said to get your marriage done
so great that Veeramuthu is left
with no other option than you.
Who would marry that girl?
He has no other option.
You are his son in law, get fixed.
Not that sir, listen to me.
Come on, he should do the same.
Now that old man will say,
happened is happened
and would say to give her to you in
marriage for not to be losing the prestige.
You see.
This is not the time to think past is past
and think about prestige of
the girl would be damaged.
What Kesava,
do you pull a girl onto the roads?
A lady means the Goddess,
if that bad omen hits our village,
we would be ruined.
Your eyes have reached above the head
and thus you messed with the girls.
Ask Muthu for forgiveness.
What idiot, are you opposing my words?
I will buy your whole property,
which you feel as strength
and drive you away from
this village right from here.
Will you ask to forgive
or go away from the village?
Forgive me Veeramuthu.
What boy,
you came to a new place and
why do you need about the fights here?
No problem if you go from
here without a degree,
but take care that
you go alive from here.
No more assembly if you again mess
with that girl or this village.
Hey Muthu, leave for this time.
Look old man, I am inviting at the
same place where I am insulted.
I will get a foreign match in a week
and get my daughter married.
If anybody tries to come in
the way saying love,
no more assemblies
but will only be a post mortem.
Come on guys.
- Take care.
Bye girls.
- Bye.
Where they used to fight to death
in regional feelings.
I made the word region
disappear from this College.
Though there were
so many fights in this village,
I could make my college
free from all those.
And now, a fight took place in that village
because of a student from my college.
Those who never used
to eye at my college
and now pointed fingers at me
and took their girl out from my college.
You are a black mark in my career.
I am going to rusticate
you from this college. Yes.
What you see is not just the world sir.
Nothing here is correct as you think.
Every guy is been acting different before
and behind the CC camera.
It is not like all are together
as there is no fencing in the college.
Regional feeling is in their blood.
Thus Telugu guys feel me as Tamil guy
and the Tamil guys feel me as a Telugu
and are treating me as enemy sir.
There is no need for the shadow of fights
from the village to fall here.
They have been fighting
once a month right here.
All these days they made us get hit
by our fellow and roamed dominating.
Come on guys.
What is your opinion on the Telugu guys?
Poor guys are good,
they made Bahubali right?
Is it for that, you backstabbed us with
the inspiration of Kattappa character?
What is backstabbing?
Backstabbing means to bang on the back.
Come on hit...
- No... please.
Oh no.
Oh no.
Hey, why do you hit among yourselves.
We have come to hit you.
Come on guys, let us bash them up.
Come on guys.
- Come.
Hey, listen to me.
Hey, do not fight... Hey Harsha...
Hey Harsha...
Do not fight guys, you get hurt.
Listen to me.
Hey Venu... Hey please.
Why did you stop?
Come on fight,
there are no cameras too here right?
Oh, is it that I got to know?
You insult within,
fight within and even kill if required.
But, you feel I should not get to know.
Because, I give scholarships
if you cannot pay the college fees.
It is me to excuse and allow
if you cannot pay the exam fees.
When you have no food to eat, it is me
who pay your mess fees from my salary.
That is why you act well
disciplined before me, right?
You are cheaters.
What profit do you get by hitting so?
Will you get good marks or good jobs?
Will your families get better?
Say you have some small profit
and I too will join you in fighting.
Enough of living so drawing borders
in between nations, states and villages.
Why these borders even in between humans?
I am preparing the next generation.
I thought that this generation would
abolish the fencing in this village.
But you abolished my belief.
For the mistake I did believing you,
I am rusticating myself from this college.
Sir, sir.
It is me to say goodbye and not you sir.
I was greedy for earning but not to widen
the gap in between them sir.
If you leave the college
and go for my mistake,
this college will get closed sir.
I do not want that sin on me sir.
We committed
so many mistakes till date sir.
But we never felt bad.
But now we are feeling very bad sir
We will change like
the students you wished for, sir.
Believe us just for this time sir.
Not that you should believe sir,
I am speaking with a Telugu guy for the
first time in life
to show that we have changed.
I am sorry dude.
I am sorry dude.
A good has come because of a mistake
you did knowingly or unknowingly.
I wish the same to take place
even in case of this village.
If you need any help from me
in this regard,
you can come to me anytime. Ok?
- Yes.
This is the house of Veeramuthu sir.
- Is it?
- Yes.
He is after all a driver,
he should stop where we ask to.
But, what is us getting down
where he stops?
Show some attitude.
Leave it son, it is already late.
You say no to what my son said?
We should take the options.
No need now son.
What are you talking, idiot Rutherford?
Take the car for a round
and stop only when son says to stop.
I love you daddy.
Hey stop it,
Dad this is the house of Veeramuthu.
Though you have seen for the first time,
you recognized well son.
I am all like you mom.
Coffee is very good, brother in law.
Son has a nursery business
in Nigeria, brother.
You grow crops?
Why about that topic now, show the girl.
Watch your mouth.
See, the girl has come son.
Girl is like a Tanzavur doll.
What are you talking idiot Rutherford?
Not your feelings,
but my feelings are important.
I need to talk for two minutes
in private with this doll.
Without your permission.
All these are common these days,
right brother in law?
Let us leave those two here, go out.
what is this mess all over the village?
Did you love anybody?
No problem, say it. You can trust me.
Will you say treating
me as a friend please?
Yes, I am in deep love with a person.
Even if I get married to you,
he will remain in my heart.
This is the love.
This is the love. That is true love.
Hats off.
If you do not mind,
can I talk to him once? Please.
Dial please.
Hello, who...?
Hello bro, one minute.
Will you repeat what you
just said once again? Please.
Even if I get married to you,
he will remain in my heart.
Thank you so much bro.
Yes, I thought revenge
may miss out somewhere in life.
But I got that chance because of you.
What revenge?
I loved a girl deeply bro.
At the time of marriage, her lover came
and took her away and married her.
I fixed right then.
when someone married
taking away my lover,
I too should surely
marry lover of someone else.
Hey, are you any mad? What is
taking the revenge of someone over me?
Are we not killing all mosquitoes with.
All-out as some mosquito bit us?
This too is the same.
Hey co-brother,
I will marry this girl in a week.
Do whatever you wish
to for saving your love.
You too should go through the pain and
suffering I went through the love failure.
Hey, to know about your character one
must know about your friend.
But to know about your capacity,
one must know who your enemy is.
You copied this from our Tamil film
Thani Oruvan
and used in your Telugu cinema.
I am hurt
you are my enemy and fix for it.
Dad, I liked the girl very much.
Nothing like engagement,
but directly the marriage.
What a marriage without engagement, son?
Brother in law,
we shall directly go for the marriage.
I love you daddy...
What a marriage in a week?
That too with a mental fellow?
Say if you are ok and we shall bring her.
You wait dude,
what to bring the girl whom he loved?
Still, Keshavulu likes you right?
Then what is the problem?
Bro, were you not in town?
It is been a week I had been
to my in laws house
and am just back yesterday.
You... I am in love with daughter
of Veeramuthu.
Daughter of Veeramuthu?
Then, you asked for details of Keshavulu?
Oh, a misunderstanding?
Still, why with these Tamil people
dude instead of happily
looking out for
a Telugu girl and marrying?
Why, what is less for a Tamil girl?
What is in Telugu people
and what is not in the Tamil?
Why do you second look at?
We are Telugu.
Are you Telugu?
Why do you say so?
I am the fan of Megastar from childhood.
When I used to do the sitar step those days
- Hey, stop it,
I want that girl somehow.
For us to get together,
that village should first get together.
For that to happen, I should first know
what exactly the issue was.
My grandpa knows it sir.
He used to say stories about
the village and the issues.
Brother knows the address if you want.
Look old man, hey old man...
College boys have come to
know about the village, get up.
I am very happy guys,
I am very happy guys,
we all once lived like brothers.
We used to visit houses of each other.
But now we are fighting with each other.
Why exactly did this village get
separated grandpa?
That was 1953,
the time when Telugu state was
getting separated from the Madras state
Tirupuram villagers
are hereby informed that.
the border lines have been identified as
Telugu state
is being separated from Madras state.
As per that the border here is passing
from the middle of Tirupuram village.
If you all give your agreement
for this and sign here,
center has asked to split
this village into two states.
Hey, where have you come
and what are you talking?
You know what happens if our landlord
comes to know about this matter?
Do you know who the landlords
of this village are?
Hail to Bhupathipandya Veeramuthu.
Hail to Bhupathipandya Veeramuthu.
Hail to Raobahaddur Keshavulu.
Hail to Raobahaddur Keshavulu.
Who are you separate us
living as brothers?
Sir, this is the order of
Central Government.
Come on, what is that?
We are the Government here
and ours is the kingdom.
Not just now but we will be together
forever and die together.
If you say no and draw the border,
I will build your grave.
There is no place for borders
in between us.
Yes, unity is the strength,
Unity is the strength.
Unity is the strength.
Ok, go away...
- Move on, move.
Unity is the strength.
We thought to be united so forever.
But, we signed just the next day
and got separated.
What, you said unity
is the strength and clapped.
and next signed and separated?
What is happened in between that, grandpa?
That day... that day...
That day...
That day...
What happened?
- That day...
Poor man, may be is feeling cold
and is shivering in cold.
Bro, take that bed sheet.
Not cold, but grandpa.
is into fits black dude.
Get up grandpa.
- Hello, what dude?
Who is this?
- It is me, Param.
Param, who is this?
Have you not saved the number bro?
I am the to be husband of your girlfriend.
Hey, cut the phone.
- Yes, this is the one.
- This is the room.
Old man is into consciousness.
Hey, Come on guys...
- It seems he awoke... come on move.
You stopped in between saying that day.
What exactly happened that day grandpa?
I was down getting fits even that day.
I do not know what happened next.
He should have gone getting fits
for the first time.
Hey damn it, move dude.
I should get to know what exactly
the issue of that village is.
Why are you here?
Dad got a phone, son.
I am the to be husband of
your daughter in law speaking.
Wrong number.
Have you ever fed ten people?
But you are hanging up the phone,
why is it because it is free?
What is your problem?
Problem is not mine but of your son.
I am marrying the girl he loved.
He first felt very bad after knowing this
and is now feeling sad.
Before he feels mad,
you come as a dad and console him.
What is that fellow calling you?
What do I know? Your phone was
switched off when I called you.
We got tensed thinking you may have hit
anybody again and started.
One minute.
Good morning bro.
I was waiting sleepless for your call.
You mental, why did you call my dad?
Simple dude,
you cut my call and I got hurt.
As a result, call went to your dad.
How do you know the number of my dad?
Oh no, your dad is Stalin the great.
Why are talking like a mad guy these days?
There would be no logics
for revenge co-brother.
What exactly is your problem dude?
I lived suffering like
a big boss contestant
when I got separated from my lover.
I felt worst than those who
hid black money when notes were banned.
You too should go through that pain.
No time co-brother,
we ordered even for the wedding cards.
Still, you fight co-brother.
You know, it is getting too lazy.
I do not like just winning like that.
Let us see whether sambar
or Biriyani wins.
Either Sankar or Rajamouli?
What happened, son?
Son, we do neither need
this village or that marriage.
We will leave from here.
I should say you for all this.
You pushed the happy
going here into this place.
What if something had gone wrong?
Mom, had I ever fallen behind a girl
all these years?
Did I at least talk?
After seeing her,
my total interest shifted on to her, dad.
I always getting into fights
am now am thinking
to make this village
in fights to come together.
That means,
think how much would have I liked her?
You always say
I should be happy ever right?
For me to be happy,
she should be in my life mom.
Not that son, your...
- Kantham,
he never stopped
when asked while he was into fights.
How do you think he would listen now
when he is in love and asked to give up?
What I say...
- Be calm, nothing will happen to him.
Son, you try for that girl.
We are leaving to
Hyderabad only with her. Ok!
Thanks Dad.
This is good right?
Yes, good.
How is this? See once.
- Hello grandma.
Yes, here dear.
- Yes.
Are you any pregnant?
I just had a water melon grandma.
Oh, I was thinking you are pregnant.
Is it the fat?
So many are dying but she is not.
Dirty lady, when would she die?
Hey, why are you so?
Still, what is you and crying?
I should meet Hari once.
They are not allowing to go out, right?
Hey Juman, where is uncle?
- He is right here sir
Then why is he not responding?
- Hello...
No problem, stand.
- Hello brother in law, are you fine?
You are black but...
Uncle, cards got printed.
I came to give the second card
to you as per the sentiment.
What second card?
Apply turmeric and give
the second card to brother in law.
Where would we get turmeric right now?
Yes total face is with turmeric.
Oh no!
Did they tie a swing
to the ears before or what?
You should come for marriage surely.
What will you have son? Tea or Coffee?
- Your daughter.
I mean, my son wishes both boy
and girl together to distribute the cards.
Super Rutherford,
ask the girl to get ready.
You well managed.
Ask the girl to get ready.
My head is aching
and say I cannot come mom.
I am saying you,
go and get the girl ready.
Where are you going son in law?
You are taking their girl
and you have to say.
Oh I see, to their college uncle.
To the college?
Why, will you not send?
I mean, she says headache.
Oh no, you look like a Bonsoy tree,
are you her friend?
You crazy.
I would have said no for Indica.
It is Innova right? Come on.
Ok, have you given
all the suggestions you should?
I mean like,
how would you marry this fellow,
think once, do not compromise
in life and so on.
Friend characters like
you exist to give such idiotic advices.
I have not given any.
I understood you are just fit
for eating but not to give advices.
Girl is great, right hubby.
That fellow is like
a buffalo beside her.
Hello bro,
I am very happy as your lover
is becoming my wife.
That is why I brought her
to give you the first card.
Here is the card.
Come on, I got it printed on synthetic card
as you would attempt such waste things.
It cannot be torn.
Hello, that is even fire proof
and will not burn too.
It falls down when I throw, right?
Are you angry?
Come on hit bro.
I am actually expecting
such emotional reactions from you.
Say something aunty.
In such a times...
Son, I do not know what you do
but she should come as my daughter in law.
This is my word and my word is an order.
Mother characters like you should say all
such nonsense dialogues right?
Why do you not say?
Hari, I should talk
with you for two minutes.
Hari, you...
It seems she should talk
with you for two minutes. Go...
Talk openly for the last time
with your lover.
Is your heart fine?
- What?
Whatever you try,
that girl is of my son finally.
Why is so much of confidence?
Anything can be achieved
with a confidence.
Confidence, do you have it?
Yes, any doubt?
Push this water into this
with your confidence and let us see.
Do not say such silly
and nonsense dialogues uncle.
Confidence is good for honey bees
and not for us.
Why do you mess with that idiot, hubby?
To do a lip lock.
Yes, good timing?
Time is up.
Will you come with me?
I cannot be without you
and cannot come leaving them.
when I marry a girl hugging
so tight instead of him,
he will have it uncle.
No past and no future.
Idiot, you are born as a human by mistake.
I love you dear uncle.
Hari, I need you.
Sir, I need your car for an hour.
Rekha...Give the keys.
I asked for keys and not kiss.
Oh no, sorry sir.
I have been observing from when he came.
You are looking different,
no doubt.
Get down...
He is carrying like a kid.
- Sir.
Why do you think has
he brought those old people?
It is not like he brought them sir,
it is like he brought by force.
What is this?
Get in grandpa.
It seems they are kidnapping girls in age,
be careful. - Ok grandma.
Hey, where are you taking grandma?
- Hey you.
It will vanish,
bad sight will vanish from your shop.
Vanishing even in your village.
I came out thinking crows would take away
the fry-ons
and why did you get me, you dirty idiot?
If my son gets to know about this,
he will not consider
you even as kids and kill you.
My foot,
he could not do anything
when we came to your place
and took off the current
and this is my place.
If you do not sit silent,
I will press your neck
and throw you outside the fence,
you old idiot.
Forgive me grandpas and grandmas.
I brought you here as
I was left with no other way.
You lived once as a single family
and please say me
why did you get separated?
Who are you to ask that?
You think we would say whatever asked,
if you bring us by force?
Once decided to forget,
no way that we shall talk about that.
Maybe they would have said
putting aside their prestige,
leave us at our homes
immediately in respect.
What is he asking and what would you say?
Not only you
but even we have mustaches.
Even the prawns in our rivers
have those mustaches.
What Chennappa, why are you talking?
I would have chopped that head
on the day I cut that hand
but let you go looking
at the face of my sister.
What Veeraswamy,
though not born but for growing together
you are saying her as your sister.
Have you offered at least a sari in
all these years, we got separated?
You could not give anything from the house
of mother even when she was pregnant.
Do you still remember sister
and brother in law relations still?
She remembered you saying
my brother even while she was dying.
No idea where he came from,
but is bringing
back those who got separated.
Instead of telling what you know,
why are you fighting even here?
Hey son, I will tell.
That was 1953...
Grandpa, we do not have so much time.
Say from when you clapped
saying unity is strength.
Unity is strength...
- Unity is strength...
Unity is strength...
Unity is strength.
We all celebrated a feast that day
in the happiness
of sending back
the Government people.
All should be the same as brothers.
Not should be but we will be.
Even this village should be
together like us.
It will be.
Don't know what happened in that time.
The elderly men going in with hand
in hand came out with a knife stab each.
Do not believe these Telugu guys,
kill them.
Hey, none of you be along with
these Tamili guys. Kill those idiots.
We together like brothers till
then got separated as enemies.
The fight starting that day is still on
and we are still fighting.
What exactly has happened
in that room grandpa?
No chance that the others know of
what happened in that room than those two.
Come guys.
Hey guys.
- Sir.
Where are you going leaving these all?
You too leave sir.
Rekha, keys...
You just give me the keys right?
Karthika, I tried a lot but am not
about the fights of this village.
I do not so much of time to make
your village people in agreement.
Please come along with me.
Hari, you do not understand my condition.
If I come with you, they would say your
girl eloped with a Telugu guy.
My whole family would hang and die.
No way, it will not happen so Karthika.
You say yes for once
and I will take you coming right away.
Do you not understand when I say?
I will not come leaving my family.
She is very unlucky girl...
Don't feel bad...forget her.
Hey, that is raw...
Son, about this village...
Hey, dear...
what is you and crying?
What son, come on hit.
Come on hit dad,
smile son.
I am not getting a smile dad.
I never saw you agreeing the defeat.
Do not agree even now.
I went through the revenue records
to know about this village fights.
Here, I found this information.
In 1953 half each from
the properties of the landlords
was transferred over to a same name.
Hey, stop!
I said stop!
Open the door!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Are you fine? Please come.
Brother, that Telugu boy
who came here that day had come,
looking at his force,
he seems may kill sir, brother.
Sir, that college boy hit us
and went angrily to master.
We are worried
what would happen to him, sir?
Hey old man,
I have no time and no patience.
Say the answer correctly to what I ask.
Either you hesitate or say wrong,
I will break your head.
Why are equal halves of landlords
properties on your name?
Come on say...
Why did those two close till they came in
come out with stabs on body?
Say idiot, say what exactly happened
in this room?
Will you say or you
want me to break your head?
I will say, I will.
Bring the girl.
Blow the trumpets.
What happened?
Will you say or you
want me to break your head?
I will say, I will.
That day...
Come friend, come and sit.
Here is the drink of Lords you like.
There are the non veg items you like.
Friendship means you dude,
not just for my tongue but you brought
Diana I like all the way from Britain.
What is Diana yours, mine?
Dude, what are you talking?
That is my girlfriend.
The English man gave freedom
to India while leaving.
and gave this babe to me.
What are you talking?
From five years, she is with me
for six months and the rest in London.
Go away, you idiot. London she
said is the name of my farm house.
You fool, Britain you said
is the name of this bungalow.
Oh God! She played a game with us.
Whatever may be the game
she played, I need her.
Hey black and white,
ours is the combination dude.
She is mine and I need her.
Muthu, oh my baby.
No, she is mine and I need her.
No, I need her.
- Mine, I need her.
Muthu, why are you here?
See my wife dude,
she called me Muthu so cutely.
Come on Diana,
do not participate with both.
Tell me one, I or he?
You both are two eyes for me.
Oh no, it may be ok in your country
but is a sin here Diana.
Why are you doing if it is wrong?
You guys are already married.
Oh no, it is not the time
to talk about logics Diana.
I want you completely.
- Diana is mine, idiot.
No, she is mine. - Diana is mine.
- Don't fight, please. Don't fight.
Go idiot.
What, are you fighting for this?
So many wars took place for a lady
and this is one from them.
How do you know this matter?
A small kid is playing
in that photo frame right?
I am that kid.
She is Mummy.
Still, that kid is an English kid right?
You know about the summer here
in Tamilnadu right?
I became dark.
How did you become a landlord?
They both had 1000 acres and my mom
made them write 500 each on my name.
Only 500 is left for them. I
became the landlord with that 1000 acres.
Fights in the village would have stopped
if this was said out, right?
How could I say that my mom was such?
Take out the proofs.
Hey, you be outside and I will take care.
I will take care, go.
Get away, go.
You turned the personal fight of your
grandpas into a Tamil and Telugu fight.
If the villagers get to know about this,
whole village will be on one side
and you both families would be
exiled on to the other side.
There is no other option,
you both should come together.
You should give your
daughter to me in marriage.
Kesava, is it required to take off
the prestige of the dead?
Will you ask for forgiveness
or go away from the village?
Hey Muthu, where would you get
a better son in law than this?
Muthu, ask for forgiveness.
We know what to do.
Shut your mouth, you idiot.
I am giving the word at same place
where our grandfathers fought to death.
No more fights in between us now.
As a proof for this I am giving my
daughter in marriage to this Telugu boy.
Unity is strength...
Unity is strength.
Unity is strength...
Unity is strength.
Unity is strength...
Unity is strength.
Unity is strength...
Unity is strength.
Hey dear.
- Yes.
Have you seen how my idea worked out?
When he was put at a place full of fights,
he stopped his fights and brought
the villages in fight together.
That is the...
You had been enjoying our property all
these years and again commanding on us?
I will teach him a
lesson after the marriage.
None here can open their mouths.
Because whoever opens up his mouth,
story of us three would be
known to the villagers.
and they would spit on our faces.
So, let us continue like before.
Ok, what about the condition of
our revenge guy?
Oh, grandma changed after kidnap.
She said would take care of him.
No idea what she did?
One minute.
Oh no...
Oh no...
I cannot anymore
and you got to change the tings.
No need,
they have changed the groom itself.
What are you talking idiot Rutherford?
If the groom has motions,
time should be changed
but what is changing the groom?
We should take the options.
Let us do...
- Let us do.