Chalte Chalte (2003) Movie Script

What do you think of my shot?
- Mind-blowing!
Appears as if you didn't like it.
- Relax. It wasn't so great
You haven't won the world cup.
- What do they do with it anyway?
Hi guys! Long time no see!
Where have you guys been?
Who's that with Deepak?
- Looks like a girl to me
"Thank you, thank you"
"Hey Deepak, how have you been?"
"Meet Aditya. And this is
his beautiful wife, Rashmi"
And that's Vivek;
he's still looking for a girl
And meet my fiance... Sheetal
You didn't tell us you got engaged!
- Amazing friend!
"It happened so quickly,
I didn't even realise it"
You never get to realise anything.
- Hold on... please sit down
"She comes here for the first time,
and you guys..."
"Vivek, what's all this about? Salim
called and asked me to get here"
But he didn't tell me any reason.
Would you know why we're meeting here?
He always keeps the reason a suspense.
Is that Salim? Where are you?
We've been waiting here for you!
What? Stuck in the traffic?
"Hurry up, I say!
What? All right"
He's still stuck in the traffic.
- That's his usual excuse
What book is this?
- A love story
"If one could have a romance like this
in real life, it'd be terrific"
"Deepak, haven't you told her
about Raj's love story?"
"No, I didn't get the opportunity.
- You're crazy"
"If you had told her, she wouldn't
have been talking like this"
Are you telling me that a fairytale
romance takes place even in real life?
I don't believe it.
- Decide that after you've heard it
I'll tell you how they met...
- One moment. You've started already!
"Before that, tell her
something about Raj"
"One moment. I'll tell her...
- No, I'll tell her"
Raj is from Punjab.
His father has a farm there
So Raj...
- Is a farmer?
"No, Raj wanted to become an engineer.
So he moved to the city"
So Raj is an engineer?
"No, although he came to the city
to learn engineering, he was..."
taken up with the export business.
- And now...
he mustn't be in the exports
business either?
"This Raj of yours...
he does something, doesn't he?"
"That's Raj for you. What he
thought about, he never did"
"And what he did,
he never thought about again!"
"Hello, Raj!
- How are you doing?"
Give me that tape-recorder...
- Don't touch it
"I'm playing the music of "Gadar"
"and Sunny Deol's my favourite hero"
"Raj, you got here from Bangalore in
just two days instead of three?"
And you take three days
instead of two!
Can't help it. My truck stalls
and I get delayed
"So my truck's scrap, eh!
Know what?"
Three girls jumped before my truck
at Pune's check post and said...
brother-in-law's here!
He meets the girls and tells me
that my trucks are junk!
"I've fixed new tyres in the truck,
it has a rotary compression engine"
So don't use kerosene in it.
Use Castrol lubrication oil
"You don't have any more excuses
to come late, okay?"
"Raj, there's a phone.
- So? What's the matter?"
It's the owner of Tradelink.
- Tradelink!
Pass it to me! Quick!
"How could I forget the meeting!
Guys, where are my boots?"
"Must be right there, Raj"
Sonofagun! Stop singing!
The trucks haven't got there yet?
Lmpossible. I'll find out right now
Why haven't the trucks
reached there yet?
They're at the pump for air...
- I'll shove it all up yours! Morons!
"The trucks will be there, sir.
When? I'll find out from my engineer"
"How long will it take to get ready?
He's asking, you morons!"
Lt'll take at least half an hour.
- Half an hour?
I'm going to beat you guys up!
"The truck's there...
Any moment now, sir"
"I have a landline to mobile phone.
I'm following it, I sure am"
We must meet at the Oberoi's.
That's where I have my lunch
Damn you! Hurry up!
"I'd like to meet Raj.
- Sure, why not"
Anyone who hears about him
says the same thing
You were telling me
Raj's love story
Now tell me about the girl
in the love story
The girl?
It's Priya
"Actually, Priya is from Greece.
She was born and brought up there"
"After her graduation, she has
come to India, to her aunt"
Her first show was such
a big hit that...
What a difference between
Raj and Priya
How did they meet?
On the highway. During an accident.
- Accident?
"Yes, a real accident.
On the way to Mahabaleshwar..."
between Raj's truck
and Priya's car
Driver! Can't you drive?
There could have been an accident!
"It's your mistake, madam.
It's such a big truck..."
Well? Can't you drive?
What if there was an accident?
Who gave you a licence?
- Licence!
You're talking in English. Do you
think the driver will understand?
"You know Hindi, don't you?"
"Maybe he's a mute, Priya"
- Shut up!
He's not a mute!
You asked me to shut up!
Not you. Him
"You can ask your help to shut up,
you can glare at me..."
but you can't say sorry!
You guys are all alike!
- Me? You ought to look...
how you were driving the truck!
Down! Down!
"Not down, it's behind
- My car was coming up from behind"
I only overtook your truck.
- Your car's going away from behind
"Tell me, where was
my car coming from?"
It's gone now
"You said it was coming from behind,
I said it was moving from behind..."
it's gone
"As Salim's bride, you look
just like Anarkali today"
Here's your gift
Well? You seem to be in
a poetic mood today?
"Yes, you do appear changed.
- A double opportunity"
"At a Muslim wedding, I can
get to be poetic..."
and it's about what happened
to me on my way here
What happened on the way?
- An accident with a girl
"Really? Is all well?
- All is not well, Salim!"
"It surely is not!
I met the girl, I lost the girl"
I don't know if I will
ever see her again
But what a girl!
What a girl!
"She's the one!
Who's she, Salim?"
Which one?
- In that white dress!
"That's my friend, Priya.
- Lovely friend, I say!"
She's coming right here. Just ask
her how her journey was
- No questions
"Divorce her, Salim. She asks
many questions. Just ask her!"
"Priya, how was your journey?"
I narrowly missed having a
huge accident with a truck
I even stopped the truck.
But the driver was so weird!
"Truck-drivers are an insolent lot.
- No, he wasn't insolent"
"I kept swearing at him,
but he just looked at me"
What happened then?
- As usual...
I forgot to use the handbrake
and the car landed in a ditch
"He could've stopped your car, I think.
- No..."
he came forward to stop the car.
But I couldn't understand...
and I prevented him.
- So he wasn't bad at heart?
"Yes, that's what I've
been thinking about too"
"I should've said thank you
to him, shouldn't I?"
So say it now
Maybe you can't recognise me.
Must I wear a lungi and kurta?
I was the one
"Although he looks like a
truck-driver, he isn't one"
He has a transport business.
- A small one
"This is Priya, my special friend.
- I've already met her..."
but it's nice to meet you
all over again
"Let's have a photograph.
- Oh sure, come on"
"Sarah, step aside...
over here..."
"I was angry then,
but I realised later..."
that I was in the wrong.
- I knew it all the time...
that you were in the wrong.
- I said so much to you...
in a fit of anger.
- You said so much!
But you were still silent
"When you're angry, there's
a strange sparkle in your eyes"
"There really is. You can't notice it,
because you're angry"
And I kept looking at it.
I didn't pay attention...
to what was right or wrong
I seek your forgiveness
for what happened
Saying sorry won't do.
- Then?
You're getting a punishment.
- Punishment?
What punishment?
- Your punishment is...
you're going from Mahabaleshwar
to Mumbai with me tomorrow
In the truck.
- The truck?
How can I?
- Don't refuse
"You called me a menace to society,
I really felt bad"
I was deeply hurt.
You can't refuse me. Please...
"Sorry, it was a fly"
A colourful world...
and people from all across
To meet and separate...
is part of destiny
Witness to games like this...
"there's a flutter
in my heart"
"In a hundred hues, the world
is a unique place to be in"
So don't hold back your heart
"To the land of love,
let's go"
"I'm going there anyway.
So walk with me"
"When your scarf flies,
our path is lit up
"When my scarf flies,
our path is lit up
"At every turn,
there's a new story..."
for you and me
On our path...
we hum
"The blowing winds
say to us..."
"where are you, O travellers?
Come to us"
"To the land of love,
let's go"
"I'm going there anyway.
So walk with me"
"O Madhav,
where are you headed?"
I go to where my bride is
The clouds meet the mountains...
the bees meet the buds
"The river flows
in gay abandon..."
to meet the ocean
"the songs of love
that flow in the streams..."
"make the birds sing
in harmony..."
"Tis the season to meet,
listen to what it says..."
"To the land of love,
let's go"
"I'm going there anyway.
So walk with me"
Get down!
"What's up, constable?
Why did you ask me to stop?"
Why? Can't you see the road?
"What happened?
- Nothing, I'll handle it"
This is the first time I see a boy
romancing a girl in a truck!
Nice style.
- What style?
The boy will take the girl in whatever
he has. What's your problem?
"I'm not the one with a problem, son.
See that board? What does it say?"
I can't see things at a distance.
- Can't you?
I'll tell you. No entry
"Get the truck out of here. Go on.
- Two minutes, sir"
I'll drop her a bit further
and catch the highway from there
"You think traffic laws are a joke?
- Raj, don't worry"
I'll go on my own.
- Hear that?
The poor girl says she'll go all alone!
- But I'm here at her service!
Get that truck out of here! At once!
- All right
Is this also a no-bye zone?
Can I at least say bye? Please?
Go ahead
This is for you... a sugarcane
What are you standing around for?
Go after the girl
"You get that truck out of here.
- Okay, you..."
I'll call later
I'll call later
One moment...
He says he'll phone you later
But he didn't even
take my telephone number
You didn't take her number?
- No
"So take it!
- Yes, one second"
What are you up to?
- Ask her... the number?
What's the number?
Talk clearly.
- I did. It's 3
Why're you yelling?
It's okay
Say bye-bye.
Say bye
That's enough. Go away
"Where have you been, Priya?
- Auntie! Just try this step!"
You were supposed to be here at noon.
And it's 6 already
Have you ever stolen
sugarcane from the fields?
Did you steal this one?
- When did I say...
I stole sugarcane from the fields?
And that the farmer ran after me?
With a huge stick!
- Are you all right?
"Do you know what you're saying?
- Yes, aunt. I'm perfectly okay!"
Now go and take a bath.
You look so dirty
"All right. But there's water
in the hand-pump, I hope?"
"Yes, there is
There's water in the shower!
What's gotten into this girl?
She's going to drive me mad some day
Was that Priya's voice?
- She's gone for a bath
I've been waiting for her all day
and you didn't even tell her?
"I forgot, son. She was
saying strange things"
I'll go and tell her right now.
- Not you. I'll give her a surprise
"The large-hearted men
will leave with the bride"
"Nandu, you're always singing
that song. Sing this one..."
Nice song.
- Nice? So sing it
"The large-hearted men
will leave with the bride"
"You have no hopes, Nandu.
That's the song you will always sing"
"I'm happy singing this one.
One life, one girl..."
"one love and one song.
- That's my principle, too"
"One life, one girl,
one love and one song"
So that's how Raj and Priya met?
- Met?
That was only their first meeting
"If lovers had to meet so easily,
there wouldn't be any love stories"
"When they loved each other so much,
where was the problem?"
Where? Problem was the piece of
paper on which Raj wrote Priya's number
This is the limit! You should at
least check before you wash my clothes!
Every washerman always checks the
pockets before he washes any clothes...
to see if someone has left
some money in it
"In these five years, I couldn't
find a penny in your pockets"
And now I've stopped checking.
- Have you?
"Raj, I've made some piping
hot dhokla. Come to our place"
"Sister-in-law, no dhoklas...
Manubhai, ask her to leave"
"Go away, Savita. You know what
tension we have here?"
We're trying to find Priya's number
Who's that friend Priya has in Pune?
- Farah
Farah! Call her up and
take the number from her
Farah and Salim have
just been married
"They're away on a honeymoon,
I don't know where"
What's this? How did my shirt
land in Raj's house?
See? I've been looking for this
shirt and it's lying here!
You're worried about the shirt?
I have a problem. Give me an idea
"Your problem, you will solve.
This is what Ganpat does!"
We'd rather hand him to the police.
- Police?
How often will you say that?
A telephone number has eight digits!
It's difficult for me.
- Why?
I'm a traffic cop. I've got to remember
just four digits of a car number
So what am I supposed to do?
- Why don't you go to her house?
So you're scared of the
girl's father. Aren't you?
I'd be scared if I knew where she
lives. That was our first meeting
"And you're the one who stopped me.
- This sure is a mess, I say"
"She surely lives in this area. She
walked home the other day, didn't she?"
You're right. Know what?
We'll ask the betel-leaf seller
Tell him.
- I'm looking for a girl
She lives somewhere around.
I'll tell you how she looks...
"Tiwari, I'm busy making betel-leaf.
I don't look at girls"
You know Laxman?
He still keeps ogling at girls
Take him there.
You'll get to know
"No, Tiwari. I look only at Radha.
No one else"
"Think about it, Laxman! Think!
- Don't be scared of me"
The poor guy's so desperate.
Tell him if you know
But I don't know.
- It all happened because of me
"But I was doing my duty...
and I've said sorry, haven't I?"
I have an idea. Postman Ganga
can give you the address
He's right! Let's go
Give me a chocolate.
- Take my heart instead
Priya Chopra? There's one Chopra
who lives in Swapnalok
"He has two sons,
but he has no daughters"
"Ganga, there's a Chopra
in Akashganga too, right?"
"He has a daughter too, right?
- Yes, doesn't he have a daughter?"
One moment
"Rustom, that girl is eight years old.
Eight years"
"No, mine is a bit older.
- Older, isn't she?"
There's another Chopra
who has just one daughter
But she lives in Australia
with her aunt
That's good!
Priya lives with her aunt too!
So tell me the aunt's name.
- Sure. The aunt's name...
I don't know.
- He doesn't know
"He doesn't know anything, Tiwari.
How are we going to find her?"
"So what are we going to do, Raj?
He doesn't know anything either"
"Do what? Whatever anyone says,
I'm sure..."
"I'll find my Priya.
Aunt, or no aunt"
"How will he find her?
No name, no whereabouts..."
he'll find her!
Just like that! In thin air!
someone's gone missing
where is she?
"I was right here,
so was she"
"I'm right here again,
but she isn't here"
"She's beautiful to look at.
She stays somewhere around..."
but she has gone missing
"She's a fairy,
an alluring beauty..."
she has gone missing
"I look for her with
all my heart and soul..."
"I've looked for her all over
the world, I wonder where she is"
O beloved...
"come unto my heart,
O beloved"
"I was ignorant
in matters of the heart"
"But that girl has
driven me crazy"
"Everywhere I look,
I think I see her..."
"it's her face
my eyes see all the time"
"What restlessness is this?
What's all this fuss about?"
"Take me to that girl
somehow, my friends"
"Give me all the happiness
I've lost"
"Show me where she lives
and I'd give up my own house"
"If I meet her now,
I'll take her for my own"
"When will the poor man's
desires be fulfilled?"
"She's beautiful to look at.
She stays somewhere around..."
but she has gone missing
"She's a fairy,
an alluring beauty..."
she has gone missing
"I look for her with
all my heart and soul..."
"I've looked for her all over
the world, I wonder where she is"
"For 20 days, you've
been looking for me?"
"Every place, morning and night.
But I've found you at last"
Can I ask you out for dinner
and a drive after that?
"I can't go with you, Raj.
- Why not?"
I'm going to Athens tonight.
- Athens?
"Participating in the Olympics?
- Stop joking, Raj"
My folks will wait there for me.
- So we'll call make an excuse
No excuse will work.
It's necessary for me to go
What could it be that they can't
manage without you? What?
"I'm getting engaged, Raj.
- All right, so?"
And I thought you perhaps
like me
"Of course I like you, Raj.
And that's why I'm here"
So what's this about an engagement
and wedding? Why didn't you tell me?
How could I? It was all
decided only last week
Last week?
- Yes
"Papa called to ask whether I could
get engaged, and I agreed"
And you agreed to marry a man
you don't even know
I'm sure he doesn't even have
a truck driving license
"Sameer is a childhood friend, Raj.
I know very well"
How am I to blame if we didn't meet
in our childhood?
But get to know me now.
See what I'm worth
Please give me one chance.
You can decide anything after that
"Raj, this isn't how one
takes decisions in life"
Nor does one lead his life
the way you think
"There's something called commitment.
From London, Paris, America..."
my relatives from all over the
globe are arriving in Athens
"In fact, they must already
be there by now"
"It's necessary for me
to get there, Raj"
And what happens of me?
"You're a very nice boy, Raj.
You'll surely find a nice girl"
"I did, but she's talking
about going away too"
To Athens
"Raj, I must leave now"
Can I drop you somewhere?
You already have
"Moti, it happened when
you weren't even born yet"
That is where she lived
And this is where I sat
to look at her every day
"At the window, at the door,
coming and going"
"And one day, she went away
with someone else"
"It was my mistake too.
I wish, I had told her that I..."
"When she was leaving as a bride,
everyone sang..."
"The large-hearted man will
take the bride away"
I sang with them too
Priya's the one who's going to Greece.
Why are you packing your bags?
I'm packing my bags because
I'm going away to Greece too
Stop arguing and pack my bag.
Get on with it!
"It's Greece, not a suburb where
you can go away in a jiffy"
"I have decided. For Priya, I can
reach any part of the globe in a jiffy"
"I've told Vivek, he's bringing
my visa to the airport"
Please pack this.
- That's all right...
but what are you going for?
- Why? Priya's getting engaged!
"You're going to stand in attendance?
- Priya is not yet engaged, okay?"
I don't want to argue with you.
"you see Nandu every day, don't you?
Years ago..."
he didn't stop his girlfriend.
He sits with a bottle and a dog...
"and laments every day,
If only I had stopped her once"
"I don't want to say,
If only all my life"
Give me my credit cards.
- Sure... it's in the drawer
It's my last chance to win Priya.
- You'll end up losing money you saved
You're talking like Manubhai now!
What will I do with the money
if Priya's not with me?
"No, it's not that. The truck
owners association is meeting tomorrow"
"You must attend, or they'll
cut off your subsidiary"
"Not subsidiary, it's subsidy.
- Right, it'll be cancelled"
To hell with the subsidy!
- What rubbish!
Is this the way to do business?
"Manubhai, I don't know
how business is done"
But love surely is done like this
"My foot, love is done like this!
Hear that?"
Is this how love is done?
- Yes, I'm going to Greece too"
"I mean, I'm coming.
- Suddenly?"
"What can I do, Priya?"
"Actually, I heard a love story
when I was a little boy"
"The heroine is leaving the hero,
and the hero gives up hope"
"All his life, he thinks he should
have atleast tried to stop her"
Maybe things would
have been different
"I know, I don't stand a chance..."
but I don't want to lament it
all my life
"I've made you see reason, Raj...
- I have seen reason, Priya. I have"
But my heart won't
Sit down. We're on
the same aircraft now
We're together.
- So? What am I to do?
I wondered if I could sit here?
- You'll sit on me?
"Why would I sit on you, Uncle?
I mean, I have another seat 3C"
You see that auntie sitting there?
"Over there? I'm not sitting there.
- Please, Uncle..."
"I told you, I'm not sitting there.
Go away"
Haven't you gone?
- I'm about to
"Actually, I wanted to sit
with that girl there"
She's a friend.
- So what am I to do?
I was wondering if you could sit
there and I could call her over?
I actually requested that
gentleman so much
But he wouldn't agree.
He's a terribly grumpy man!
I know. He's my husband
"The two of you ought to sit together,
isn't it? Husband and wife?"
"For a week now, we've been
having a fight"
This is terrible!
You have a cellphone?
"Papa, you know how bad the
weather in Athens is"
The flight is delayed
by eight hours
"Please make everybody
see reason, Papa"
"That boy has been playing for so long,
but no one is giving him any money"
Know why?
- Why?
"There's nothing in his music,
his tune, his talent..."
So you know a lot about music?
- Don't you remember Mahabaleshwar?
"To the land of love,
let's go?"
You know how well I sing. I'll wake
you up with a song every morning...
and put you to sleep with a lullaby.
I'll be your walking-talking radio
What an ugly dog! How horrifying!
Exactly. Such a cutely ugly dog
"Oh yes, sweetly ugly"
You like it?
- Yes
You want it?
- Yes
May I get it for you?
You have amazing aim.
Maybe the cans are at the wrong place?
"No, I was only practicing.
Just watch now"
Go ahead and laugh
"While you aim, I'll have an ice-cream.
- I'll do it right now"
"You can't do it, Raj.
- Of course, I can"
"Raj, you can't do it!"
"Raj, you can't do it"
I know I can't do it.
But what can I do?
Is that true?
- Lies
So how did you get this?
- That uncle gave it away to me
Just like that?
- Not just like that
He gave it away when he saw
how much I love you
But I regret...
- What happened?
A stranger in an alien land
understands my feelings
"But the one who ought to,
does not"
"Priya, I have decided.
- What?"
"After our marriage, one meal
I will cook on my own"
I'll take care of the kids too
I know a bit of homeopathy too.
You'll never have coughs and colds
"Your minor ailments,
I'll drive away in a jiffy"
"I am mechanic anyway, right?"
"That woman's wish will
be fulfilled, Raj!"
"Funny. Toss a coin in the lake,
get a naked kid to fetch it..."
"and your wish will be fulfilled.
- People here believe that, Raj"
Do you believe it?
- Yes. Do you have a coin?
"I have a coin of the commission.
Don't lose it, okay?"
"Look over there, idiot"
Found it!
Why did you jump into the water?
- To get the coin
I know. But who asked you to?
"Your face did.
- I'm not joking, Raj"
"Neither am I. The expression on
your face said, "Raj, take a jump"
And Raj took the jump!
"Nice photograph, isn't it?"
What did you ask for
at the wishing well?
- Oh come on. Tell me
I asked to reach home on time
- Yes
Know what I'd have asked for?
- I know
"This is a new one...
- I know, Raj..."
Listen to it once...
- I don't want to
Listen Priya...
You didn't realise...
the crazy lover that I am...
"I had brought to you
my heart as a gift"
To the story of my heart...
"please listen,
lend me your ear..."
"choose me as your
You're silent...
and I wonder...
"how I will tell you
the secret"
I could die for you...
I speak the truth...
"ask for my life,
if you will"
"Please listen,
lend me your ear..."
"choose me as your
I'm lonely...
you're lonely too
"lmagine how would things be,
if we got together?"
"Every goal, had we crazy lovers..."
to take the caravan of our love...
"please listen,
lend me your ear..."
"choose me as your
You didn't realise...
the crazy lover that I am...
"I had brought to you
my heart as a gift"
To the story of my heart...
"please listen,
lend me your ear..."
"choose me as your
"Not to worry, Priya.
I've made all enquiries"
Even if the flight is delayed
for another 12 hours...
there are several more places
we still haven't seen
"Look, I've even got the map.
The nightspots..."
It's very necessary for me
to get home
They must all be waiting for me
Papa had asked me to reach there
a day or two in advance
It's all my fault.
I have delayed everything
"Don't cry, please"
"You've got to get to Athens, right?"
I'll take you to Athens
Just don't cry
Not yet. Let me take you home first
What time have you got to be there?
- At eleven
I'll take you there by 7:30. C'mon.
- Are you going to drive all night?
Won't you be tired?
- Very much
"But once I've taken you there,
I'll get all the rest"
Let's go
We're home?
- Yes
Fourteen minutes ago
Why didn't you wake me up?
I thought of waking you.
But then I thought...
"if I woke you, you'd awaken..."
"and had you awoken,
you'd go away"
And if you had gone away...
how would I look at you
from so close?
"Raj, we have spent very little time
together. But it was beautiful"
So don't say such things
when you're going away
I'll get your luggage out
Are you keeping my jacket?
- No
I have a few things in this.
Our boarding passes from Mumbai.
I'll keep yours
And the amusement park tickets.
I'll keep one
The restaurant bills.
I'll keep these too
"This coin, you keep"
I got it from the lake for you
All this?
When I miss you...
I'll have these things
And now for this photo
You keep it.
- No
We ought to be fair
You keep this part
Priya didi (didi: Sister)
"Didi, come!"
"Time to go away, isn't it?"
"But I had to go away, Raj"
"Make a wish, Priya.
- What?"
Just like that
"May you always be happy
in life, Priya"
"May you never have to say,
If only in life..."
like the hero of my story said
May you have everything
your heart desires
"Remember, Priya. There will be
a man in the world somewhere..."
who will be very happy...
because you are happy
"That's it, that's all"
Don't ask me to come in
I won't be able to refuse you
Nor will I be able
to go in
"C'mon, Priya didi... c'mon!"
Very fine. Congratulations
on your daughter's engagement
"Thank you.
- Where's she, by the way?"
Where is she?
- She'll be here any moment
She's not ready yet?
- She's a girl
It takes time for them
to get ready
"I know I don't
stand a chance, Priya"
"But I don't want to say
If only all my life"
"I tried to make you see reason, Raj...
- I see reason, Priya. I see it"
But my heart won't
"A stranger in an alien land
understands my feelings..."
"but the one who must understand,
won't understand"
"Priya, I have decided.
- What?"
"After our marriage,
I'll cook one meal for us"
I'll look after the kids too
"Remember, there will be someone
happy somewhere in the world..."
because you are happy
"Papa, I have something
to tell you"
"What is happening, grandma?"
Why have you to think so much?
"You're not going to
do as she says, will you?"
Priya's marrying Sameer
and Sameer alone
"Auntie, Priya won't be
happy with the marriage"
And I understand that pretty well.
- But Sameer...
"No, I don't want our marriage
to be based on a compromise"
"Sameer, I came here
for the engagement"
But how was I to know that
all this would happen on the way?
"I understand, Priya.
- You understand nothing, Sameer"
And why are you quiet?
You are the bride's father
Say something
"My child, are you sure he's a nice
boy and that he'll keep you happy?"
- Why don't you meet him?
What's gotten into all of you?
You even want to meet him now?
What's wrong in meeting him?
- He must be in the plane by now.
He left four hours ago
"No, aunt. He mustn't have gone away"
"Papa, if I know him well,
he must still be waiting for me"
May I and stop Raj? Please?
"Yours must be the first step
in our house, Priya"
What happened?
- One second
I'll go in for a while
Something important to do...
I'll be back soon
"Don't worry. I'll take you in.
I've married you, after all"
One minute
"I'm coming in, Raj.
- Wait..."
Let no one say that we didn't
complete the rituals
"It's actually meant to be done
by my mother, but right now..."
Red ink
Let me do it
This is also meant to be done
by someone elderly...
"but since I'm doing everything,
this one too..."
Now for this ritual.
I don't know who performs it...
but it's performed all right.
I know that
May I come over?
- Please
But mind your step.
Don't slip on the talcum powder
"Priya, this is our house"
It's nice
"You're already up, Raj?"
I didn't go to sleep all night
And I never got better sleep
than this
"What are you wearing, Raj?
- This is Allah Mian"
Allah Mian?
- God
You know Salim?
His mother gave it to me
"Know what? Whatever I ask Him for,
He gives it to me"
Like you. I have you
"You always carry Him with you?
- Yes, He's always with me"
I feel incomplete without Him
Won't you even give Him to me?
One moment
"God, if something
ever happens to me..."
if I'm no more...
do look after my Priya
Because even she doesn't know
how much I love her
I love Priya very very much
We'll always remain together Raj
I didn't find a love story
like this even in fairytales
"Sorry guys, I'm late.
I'm sick of this traffic"
"I told you, you're never on time.
And they..."
"Salim, this is my fiancee Sheetal"
"This is Salim and that
is his wife, Farah"
We got stuck in the traffic...
- I told him
"No, it isn't about that. Actually,
while waiting for you..."
I heard a wonderful love story.
- Which one?
Raj and Priya's love-story
I'd like to meet
Raj and Priya some day
Oh certainly
"You're very lucky, Sheetal.
- How come?"
Because today is the first wedding
anniversary of Raj and Priya!
It's their surprise party
we're going to today
Sonofagun! Couldn't you tell me
that over the phone?
"If I told you, the surprise
wouldn't be a surprise anymore"
"Let's go, we're getting late.
- But where is the party?"
On the terrace of their building.
"Come, come..."
"Manubhai, why have you brought us here?
- Don't ask, just see what I've done"
Now look...
- What will I look at in the darkness?
What's here anyway?
"I'm Sheetal, Deepak's fiance!"
"When they told me about your
love story, I couldn't believe..."
that someone could have a romance
like yours in our times!
"Manubhai, this surprise party
is great fun!"
"Quiet, quiet!"
"For two hours, this is what
we were talking about..."
"and you want to fight even here!
- Not me, Raj. You want to fight"
Priya! You've changed so much
in the past one year
You are the one who has changed?
- Have I?
You're fighting with me
on our first wedding anniversary...
and you say I've changed?
- Do you think I like fighting...
with you on our first anniversary?
But you're not the man I got married to!
You married the wrong man!
Just leave me then!
At least sweeten
each other's tongue first
Your turn. Come on!
Looks like the lady isn't
in a nice mood this morning
You were even late in coming.
Is everything all right?
I didn't sleep well last night.
- No? That's nice
Were you thinking about me?
- No
I was thinking what a huge
nuisance marriage is
What does it mean?
- Problem if you marry...
problem if you don't.
- What makes you say that?
Look at Raj and Priya. It was
supposed to be a great love affair
"But what happened?
- Yes, what happened?"
Hold on... are you talking
about last night?
Every man and wife have
their share of problems
That doesn't mean they aren't
happy with each other
I know Raj.
He loves Priya very much
Loving your wife doesn't
make you a very nice husband
"Really? The way you talk, it seems as
if you've done a Phd on marriages"
- You haven't said this...
"to anyone else, have you?
- No"
And please don't!
People will laugh at you
Raj and Priya love
each other very much
Raj is always late. He knows
Priya doesn't like it at all
Your son-in-law hasn't arrived yet?
- What can I do?
I asked him before holding a ritual
for their peaceful future
But the boys nowadays!
- Praise the Lord!
His phone's not working
See your friend?
He's still missing
"He's late, but I'm sure
he'll come"
"My child, the ritual is over
and your husband hasn't arrived?"
He has already left the office.
He should be here any moment
It was necessary for both of you
to be present at this ritual
The auspicious hour has
passed already
We can't wait anymore
All right. You may do
as you think fit
We will now pray to God
to bless you both
This spinach looks delicious.
And the chickpeas smell great
Nobody makes chickpea
like you do... enough
Sit... down
"How will this do, Priya?
I've said sorry, sought forgiveness"
It's all over...
at least talk to me now
How will it do if you don't talk?
"All right. If you're not eating
with me, I'm not eating too"
"Priya, talk to me! I told you,
I made a mistake. I'm sorry!"
"You say sorry, but how about the
ritual aunt Anna held for us?"
Do you realise how
insulted I felt?
I was coming any way.
But Mr Malhotra showed up
And you know how important
Mr Malhotra is for our business
I know how important
your business is!
Where was your business when you
followed me all the way to Greece?
It had to do with love then.
- With love?
So where is your love now?
- But we're already married
"What does that mean, Raj?"
Just that one marries
the one he loves
"And love is always there,
or why would the marriage be?"
"I mean, love goes in a bit of a
background after marriage..."
"You're in love, I'm in love...
we're loved ones"
Shit! What am I saying!
"Priya, listen to me.
That wasn't what I meant to say"
I was confused
"What I meant to say is that after
marriage, one becomes responsible"
So you say you're responsible?
- Hundred per cent responsible!
"You're hundred per cent
responsible, right?"
"This is your shirt, isn't it? But you
took it off and kept it on the sofa"
"If you wished, you could also keep
it with the laundry, couldn't you?"
But you won't.
And your shoes always...
Which shoes?
- You just picked them up, didn't you?"
"You just picked them up, didn't you?
- All right, but I picked them up"
Why wouldn't you do it earlier?
"All right, I won't smile! But let's
decide what you're complaining about!"
"That I'm late, I didn't get to the
temple, my shoes, my smile?"
What is it that you complain about?
- I complain about everything you do!
- There's a way of living together, Raj"
Now hold on! You're going to
teach me to live together?
The large-hearted one...
Shut up! What silly song is that!
We're have a fight going here!
I'm no kid for you to...
Shut up!
"So stop lecturing me, please"
"It's not wrong to point
someone's mistakes, Raj"
"You say mistakes, Priya. But it's
not always my mistake"
You make mistakes several times
and I still say sorry
So you're saying you're perfect?
- Did I say that?
"I'm not perfect, Priya. You...
you think Nandu's perfect?"
He's not.
None of us is perfect
I come back home after
a hard day's work...
I feel like sitting down
and chatting with you...
or the two of us having
a cup of coffee in the balcony
You want romance?
And chat with me?
With the tv on?
"I switched on the tv because...
- That's your daily routine, Raj"
You come home every day
and sit down before the tv
I too want you to talk to me
when you come back home
But you'll never understand...
I've switched off the tv.
So let's talk. Please. Come on
What did you do in the office today?
- Let's not talk about the office
Because I'm sick of office-talk
while I'm in the office
"When I come back home, I feel like
talking about something else"
But you talk of nothing else Raj.
You begin to watch tv!
"But I only catch up with the news!
- News, Cricket match and!"
"You're right and I'm wrong, okay?
- No, you're not wrong"
"I'm wrong! And I'm sorry!
- Please, Raj! Stop saying sorry"
And I'm not going to forget
today's insult ever
What insult?
And I can't even say sorry!
I want to sleep.
- So sleep
Have your food and switch
off the lights
Why must I eat? You took away
my plate! And the lights?
Why must you have everything your way?
The lights are not being switched off!
Let me see who switches them off!
- All right. Let the lights remain
"Milkman, can't you come
a bit early?"
My husband's been pestering
me for tea all morning!
"But I can come only when the
Buffalo starts milking, right?"
You have a new excuse every day.
If you don't come on time tomorrow...
I'll stop your supply and
take milk from the dairy instead
You get that?
- All right
Milk for 2 rupees
"Nandu, have you given up booze
and started drinking milk instead?"
Not for me. It's for Moti.
Can't you see how skinny he's become?
Smell him
He's in bad shape.
He needs calcium
"Your juice, Raj"
Breakfast is lying on the table.
Have it before you leave
There's no saying when
you'll have lunch anyway
"I just scrubbed the floor, Raj.
What are you doing?"
- You've wet the pillow
It's my pillow.
I use it
And... all right
Is it okay now?
"What's that now?
- You'll wet the bedsheet, Raj"
What arguments do we get
caught up in every morning?
"I haven't started the argument, Raj.
- The way you..."
how will I do any work at
the office in this mood?
Your mood gets spoilt
every now and then
"But naturally, Priya!
It's because of what you say!"
You tell me how to go about
every little thing
"This isn't right. Don't keep
the shoe here, someone might trip"
Must I keep the shoes on my head?
How's anyone going to trip on shoes?
Do you fall over this ironing board
which is lying here?
Do you fall over the bed?
But you'll trip over the shoes
"You're always picking on my shoes!
- What wrong have I said, Raj?"
"I just want some cleanliness
to be maintained, isn't it?"
"What's wrong if our house is clean?
- It's wrong, very wrong!"
I like to have my room littered
"I want one of my shoes to lie here,
and one to lie there"
I want to see who
trips over them!
It's because I'm illiterate!
I'm a bloody bum!
"I like to have my pillow
at my feet, not my head"
And these blankets mustn't be
on the bed when I'm about to sleep
"And this towel, wherever I take it off
is the right place"
"I agree, I don't know how to live.
I don't know it at all"
Only you know it!
And what can I do?
I got married for the first time!
"It's my first marriage too, Raj"
And throw away that bedsheet too
"What are you doing, Priya?"
People are watching!
The signs you make..."
they make me crazy about you
What secrets are you exposing...
"what are you telling me
with your eyes?"
You do wield all the magic
The signs you make..."
they make me crazy about you
"You are the one who
touches my heartstrings"
Why would anyone meeting you...
not lose her heart to you
"Your lush body,
casts a spell"
"Your dense tresses
exude a fragrance"
"On my breath
lingers a scent..."
"because your eyes
are going astray"
"Your body is as beautiful
as the rosegardens..."
"the sight of it
drives me out of my senses"
The signs you make..."
"An intoxication
is taking over..."
I'm barely in my senses
I'm lost to myself too...
"I awake
but I feel as if I'm asleep"
"Keep swaying,
keep melting..."
when you are in my arms
The signs you make..."
they make me crazy about you
"You are the one who
touches my heartstrings"
Why would anyone meeting you...
not lose her heart to you
The signs you make..."
they make me crazy about you
What secrets are you exposing...
"what are you telling me
with your eyes?"
You do wield all the magic
Take care of this small car.
It might get lost
Let me tell you again. Whenever
I go to your high society parties...
it ruins my mood. Like my small car
here among big ones...
I will also feel awkward...
small and out of place
"Not again, Raj! Sameer has
invited us with such a lot of love"
"I know, so you can go ahead. I'll go
to Irfan's garage in the neighbourhood"
"Give me a call when the party is
over, I'll come and collect you"
"Raj, does it look nice for me to
go parties alone after my marriage?"
"You're not alone, it's your family,
your friends. What would I do?"
"Okay, I'm going with you"
"Wow! You look extra beautiful
in that sari! What say, Raj?"
You remember we went to Athens
during our vacations?
"Of course, I remember. Know what, Raj?
There was a lovely lake by the house"
In which Sameer and I went
boating all day
"Remember, Sameer? We insisted with our
parents that we wanted that very house?"
I remember. And I've
fulfilled the condition
"You mean, you?
- I've bought the house"
You must see that house.
It was beautiful
Why don't you take Raj there
for a holiday?
Lt'll be a break
even for you Raj
You talk about this? How about
the Versace suit you're wearing?
The girl who marries you
is going to be really lucky
What are you guys playing
the boring couple for?
"Must I ask for permission?
Please let me, sir!"
"How's my suit?
- It's nice, sir"
I got it stitched during my wedding
"How about my watch?
- It's nice too, sir"
"Ramji, tell me what price
you're selling ladyfinger for"
10 rupees for a quarter kilo.
- You think we're industrialists?
I hope you liked it Rustom Uncle?
- I loved it
"Your biscuits were nice
too, sister-in-law"
"They were from my shop.
- This is for you, Radha"
Aunt! What a pleasant surprise!
"Do come again, okay?
- Very well. Good bye"
"Tell me what you'll have.
Tea, coffee?"
I don't want anything
Do these people come
even to your house?
They hadn't seen me in a
long time and came over...
to ask about my well-being.
But tell me how you have been!
"I'm all right.
- Hello, sister-in-law"
How many eggs?
- 6. Keep them in the refrigerator
"Be careful, don't break the eggs.
- Very well, sister-in-law"
"What's happening here, Priya?
Vegetable sellers and egg sellers!"
Are these the only people left
in your life?
"Hello, Lady. Your clothes.
- You got my sari, Ganpat?"
Of course.
- All right. Keep it here
I'll take it in later.
- Very well. Good bye
Good bye
Priya! You even know
your laundryman's name?
"Yes, aunt"
What kind of a life
are you leading?
What have you come to?
And I had such dreams for you
"There's nothing of the sort, aunt.
I'm very happy here"
I'm starting my work
all over again and...
"Raj is landing a new contract too.
- What new contract, Priya"
"I've been hearing that for ages!
Anyway, I've made up my mind"
I've brought you
two tickets to Greece
Go and have a holiday
"But how can I accept it, aunt?
I'm already married"
Why can't you accept it?
I'm like your mother
And a mother can give her daughter
anything and any amount she wants to
You get that? It's her right
"The large-hearted one
will leave with the bride..."
"Raj doesn't like my song and...
- No, Nandu. Go ahead and sing"
Can I? Even in the night?
- You may sing all night
So I'm going to sing
for Raj tonight!
"Raj, you sing so well too.
Join me in the nights"
"I'm all alone.
- Some other time, Nandu"
"Tonight, I have a programme
for romance"
You provide the background music
and I'll get on with the romance
Is this Mr Raj Mathur's house?
"Yes, but he's not in right now"
What's the hurry? It's wonderful
that Raj Mathur is not at home
Let me shut the door...
- You?
I'm your immediate neighbour.
The building opposite yours...
"third floor, third window.
- Oh yes, I've seen you"
And I saw you watching
Know what? I've been waiting
for this opportunity for many days
Frankly speaking... so was I
"What do you mean by "so was l"?
I'll explain
What are you doing?
- Taking advantage
What advantage?
- He hasn't any time from his trucks
Lay off! Doesn't he have
to work and make money?
Let him make money. You come inside.
- With a stranger...
"What's all this, Priya?
You're kidding, aren't you?"
Mr Neighbour!
I've never seen you
in this light before
"I'm very happy today, Raj.
- Always be happy"
But not with the neighbour
I've got to give you 2 bits
of good news
Give me the second one first
"Remember, I sent my designs
to an Australian company?"
They've approved
And listen to the second
good news
Tickets for Greece. Look
Tickets for Greece?
You've won a jackpot?
Aunt Anna gifted it to us
Aunt Anna?
"Since we haven't been on a honeymoon,
she asked us to visit Greece, Raj"
What happened?
- Well... one second
What happened?
- One second
- What happened, Raj? Tell me"
"Priya, if you don't mind,
let me tell you something"
"We'll surely go to Greece,
but with our own money, okay?"
"But this is our money too.
- No, it isn't our money"
It's Aunt Anna's money.
- But aunt's like our mother too
"No, Priya. For you, she is.
Not for me"
Why're you making a prestige
issue out of this?
"C'mon, Priya! It hasn't to do
with prestige, honestly"
So what is it?
- What is it?
I'll tell you what it is
I've always got the feeling
that your folks...
are not very happy with our marriage.
That's how I feel
They probably think that if you
had got married to Sameer...
he could have given you everything
that I haven't been able to
And that's right too. There's
no question of prestige at all
"Raj, I think you haven't been able
to understand me at all"
Did I ever say anything
in this regard to you?
- Did I ever complain?
So why must you misunderstand?
- Don't raise your voice!
You're the one who doesn't
get it right
You are the one they want
to send away on a holiday
You are the one they pity
You are the one they want to
see happy... not me or us
They've got to tolerate me because
I am unfortunately their son-in-law!
I don't know why you
take things to such limits!
You think of things
that make no sense!
Makes no sense?
For you it must be senseless
"For me, it's a truth
I feel every day..."
"May we end this discussion here?
- Yes, please!"
Are you going to sleep?
"Trouble with Priya again?
- No, no trouble with Priya"
"No, you do have trouble with her.
- Okay, okay"
"Last night, I had another
argument with Priya. Happy?"
Happy my foot!
Now listen to me
"When we buy a new truck, we have
a few problems initially, don't we?"
What are you talking about?
- Hear me out first!
"A new truck also stalls
when it heats up, doesn't it?"
"All right, it does.
- So what do we do?"
Don't we shut it down
and start it again?
So there's not much difference
between a truck and marriage
They ask for a bit of adjustment
which you've got to make...
and carry the story further. Right?
- How does one take it further?
Silly arguments! Are marriages
and trucks like each other?
Isn't it her fault too?
- Now get one thing clearly
"Between man and wife, never try to
find out who's right and who's wrong"
Just say sorry and finish
the matter there and then
That's what I always do.
- I'm prepared to say sorry too
"I don't like fighting,
I don't want to fight"
"But the same rule applies
to her also, doesn't it?"
"Now look, now don't split hair.
I know the problems with you"
What's my problem? What?
- Want me start counting?
"I know, Manubhai. There are
problems with me too"
That's exactly why I am asking
you to take my advise
"What am I to do, Manubhai?
- Go to Priya today..."
like the perfect husband.
The ideal husband
- Like me
Is it funny?
"Priya, I got this gourd,
ladyfinger, carrot..."
and other stuff from the vendor.
And this one too
I'll put all this in
the refrigerator
That is where it is kept
I bought it all
from the wholesale shop
The vendor there took me for a fool
"I asked him for the price of carrots
and he says "30 rupees for a kilo"
"I asked him to give it at 20 rupees,
or I was leaving"
He gave it to me at once
How much would you buy it for?
- 10 rupees a kilo
But this is fresh... and red
"If there are any chores to
be done, just tell me"
I'll wash these utensils.
I'm in the mood today
I forgot to tell you about the office.
Manubhai came calling today
He had a cup of tea
and went his way
Mohammadbhai also came calling.
He had a cup of tea and...
he went his way too
And then came Vivek.
He asked me for two trucks
"I said I didn't have two trucks,
they're away for servicing"
"One had an axle broken,
another's bonnet wouldn't open"
"And I said, I couldn't
give him the trucks"
I asked him to have a cup of tea...
and go his way
He went his way too
Everybody went his way
at the office today
Where do I keep these utensils?
- Keep it where you picked it up from
But here...
- They're washed utensils
I washed them
So I washed them again!
These big vessels
get dirty very soon
One must wash them
as often as one can
Look at this one...
"Raj, I know what you're trying to say.
But you needn't do all this"
That you realise it
is enough for me
"Go and sit down. Let me warm the food.
- No, we're having carrot halwa"
with our dinner tonight.
And I'm making it.
Can you?
- But I'll keep trying till you hug me
And what's so great about carrot
halwa? Grate a bit of carrot and...
Does it hurt?
Know what Priya?
It isn't that finger...
this is the one I nicked
I've cut my finger.
Please give me a hug!
How are you doing?
"Manubhai, coming for
a cup of tea?"
"Good morning, my foot!
Have you read the newspapers?"
Why? Has news of your fight with
your wife been printed in it?
Look at this.
The company you worked for...
has closed down overnight.
It has gone bust
What are you talking about?
- Read it
"Yes, Raj.
We're in serious trouble"
The bankers called thrice.
They want to see you
How will he be able to repay
2.5 million in a single week?
I can't do anything about that
"Mr Mathur, if the bank is not
repaid its dues in a week..."
we'll have to seize
all your properties
"Raj, where have you been
all this while?"
I've told you so often to telephone me
if you're going to be late
Your telephone in the office
wasn't reachable
I spoke to Vivek and Deepak. Even
they didn't know where you were
"You know how worried
I get for you, Raj"
What is the matter?
"What is it, Raj?"
Tell me what happened
The company we have most of
our business dealings with...
has gone bankrupt. With that
goes the money they owed us
You mean?
I have bank loans and other
debts to repay...
I don't know what to do
Don't be upset. Come and
eat something first. Come on
Do you want me to
have a word with Papa?
"No, Priya"
Every decision I have taken in life
has been my very own
I never sought any help
"And from this difficult situation,
we will have to find our way out"
"Don't lose hope, Raj.
The two of us will think of a way"
"You have your Friend with you.
You have faith in Him, don't you?"
He will help us
I expected business from your
company and took an extra loan...
"for two trucks, sir...
- You're getting so worked up..."
as if it's not my company
but yours that has sunk
"Actually, sir, there is lot of
money your company owes me"
"No, no... the company
owes you nothing"
"It "owed" you money. Past tense.
Because the company is no more"
"But I did my work with
all honesty, sir..."
Why did you?
Did I ask you to be honest?
Look at me! My company has sunk!
But have I sunk? No
Learn something
"I'm no match for you, sir.
All I want..."
Now don't bother me. I'm going
away to Europe for two months
I'm very tired.
I want to relax
"But yes, I'm thinking of starting
a new company after I return"
You can meet me then.
I'll do something for you
"In the meantime, you can
take a holiday too"
Where do you folks go?
What do you call that place?
"Khandala? Go to Khandala.
- Thank you, sir..."
but I don't want to go anywhere.
It's just that by the time you return...
the time the bank has given me
will be over
You're ruining my time
and my mood now
There are many people like you who
are upset at the company going bust
And I haven't started a charity to
distribute alms to everyone coming here!
"I'm not asking for alms, sir.
I'm asking for my rights"
Rights? You don't ask for rights!
You only ask for alms
"If you want your rights,
go to the courts"
"Raj, have this coffee.
And change your clothes quickly"
"What is the matter, Raj?"
"What happened, Raj?"
I... I just felt like crying
"Nothing's working, Manubhai.
I've tried everything"
We'll have to sell the trucks
Everything's going to go away.
- No way
I'll telephone Jignesh right away.
- Why keep calling Jignesh!
How many people will you talk to?
You spoke to... Saeed earlier
Did he give you any money?
Nobody's going to
You've given me so much already.
This chap is cancelling his wedding
"Everybody's trying his best,
but nothing's happening. Nothing"
"Look, have patience. Ups and downs
are part of business. Right?"
"Oh yes, don't lose hope, Raj.
We'll find a way out"
What way will we find? What?
Someone else's company closes down
and the bank holds me by the throat!
Let me try
There's another notice from the bank.
- What new notice is this?
"It says, you've got to 3.5 million,
not 2.5"
3.5 million? How come?
I've settled it at 2.5 with the bank!
"Look at how the bankers
are behaving, Manubhai"
I had a clear understanding
with them that...
This is a cheque. For 2.5 million
It's yours.
- Ours
Don't worry. I haven't taken it
from Papa. I swear
Remember my assignment
from the Australian company?
It has been approved.
And this is the advance
"But who'd give 2.5 as an advance?
- Big folks, big business"
They have hefty advances too.
They aren't beggars like us
You can have the money.
I'll manage on credit
"What a narrow escape! Else,
we'd have lost this office too..."
and we'd sit under the
staircase with our accounts
"Manubhai, don't drink too much.
- This is my first drink!"
This is the photograph Raj had
torn up in a fit of emotions
Why're you roaming around
with the photo?
I've had to work so hard for Priya...
and the photo's damaged anyway
"What are you upto, Raj?
What will Priya think?"
It's Priya I'm doing it too.
- I see. Go ahead
"Know what, Manubhai? I'll telephone
Sameer and call him over"
"All right... who's that?
- Her friend from Europe, remember?"
"No, he'll find it odd here!
- He'll talk to her..."
"and she'll be happy. Else,
we keep talking only about the garage"
"Sameer, this is Raj here.
Where are you?"
You're so close to our house!
Come over
"We're having a party,
a small get-together..."
come over. Priya's here too
Talk to her
It's Sameer. I've called him over
"No, it's a small get-together.
- One moment"
"Sameer, Priya's busy
for a second"
"Yes, Sameer. Talk to her"
Raj insists that you must come
"And listen, I'm talking to you
from another room now"
Don't even make the mistake of
telling Raj...
that you're the one I took
the money from
"It should remain between
you and me, Sameer"
Raj mustn't get to know
I've been talking to Sameer
"Is there anything you want, Raj?"
So Sameer was the one
who gave you the money?
Just tell me whether Sameer
gave you the money or not
"Raj, I...
- Yes, or no!"
Why did you take the money from Sameer?
- Raj...
Why did you take it from Sameer?
- Talk softly
We have guests at home.
We'll end up having a drama...
But we're already part of a drama!
You're worried about the guests?
I'll show you what a drama is!
Thanks for coming to the party.
Shut that music!
Go home. This moment!
I'm not kidding!
Go away!
- It's only 10
The party at my house is
over at 10. Get going!
What's gotten into you?
- I'm sorry
"Before I get nastier, go away.
- All right"
"The drama is over, okay?"
"Now tell me, why did you
take the money from Sameer?"
"You had a bank loan to repay...
you were so upset, Raj"
And so you took the money
from Sameer?
"You didn't sleep all nights, Raj."
Now I won't sleep all my life!
You took money from Sameer!
What would be the worst
thing to happen? What?
"Our business would have wound up,
this house would have been sold..."
and we'd have been out on the streets.
But there are millions on the streets!
"Their life is a struggle, but
they have faith in each other"
"They trust each other.
- I tried everywhere, Raj"
I even spoke to the export company
"But when they didn't give me
any money, I asked Sameer..."
I didn't take a penny
from my own father!
"I didn't borrow from my relatives,
not even from your father!"
And you went and begged Sameer?
What will he think?
That it's because of his favours
that I'm so happy and delighted!
"It's no favour, Raj.
It's business"
"I've got to make garments for him, Raj.
I've only taken an advance"
Are you going to
teach me business now?
Does anyone give such a big advance?
And you know why he gave the advance!
"You know it and I know it,
you will not say it..."
But I'll tell you!
He gave you the advance...
because he's still in love with you.
- Raj!
And you know that he's
in love with you!
Which is why he gave the money
You know he loves you
and gave you the money
Does anyone give such a huge
advance just like that?
"Priya, Sameer's here.
Welcome, Sameer"
You're the one we were waiting for.
We were talking about you
It's your house...
he has brought you flowers!
"Sorry, I've broken all the bottles.
- What is the matter, Priya?"
I'll tell you what the matter is
The truth is that the two of you
have made a fool out of me
All I want to know is
why you did it?
"It's between you and me, Raj. Why
are you dragging Sameer into it?"
"Don't stand up for Sameer!
Don't... okay, okay, I'm sorry"
"Do stand up for him! Go ahead!
You're made for each other, right?"
"She's wearing such a lovely sari,
and look at your suit..."
Which suit is this?
"I'm not fighting, I'm only
taking a look at the suit"
Don't touch me! I'm taking
a look at his suit!
"What are you talking about, Raj?"
I've got nothing. You've got the money!
It's aunt who sends tickets for me
And your dream of childhood
in Switzerland...
And there's Sameer
to lend us money
This is between the two of you.
I must leave
Where d'you think you're going?
It's between the two of you!
Rather I go away!
"Actually, I'll call a priest and
have the two of you married"
"Why even call a priest? I know
the rites, I was recently married"
I remember everything.
Give me your hand...
"What are you up to, Raj?"
I'm in love...
you are in love...
so what have things come to be?
I am not unfaithful...
you are not unfaithful...
"so why do we hold
so much against each other?"
We were walking together...
"so what caused these
distances between us?"
We don't even know...
where we are headed
"I'm in love,
you are in love..."
so what have things come to be?
I am not unfaithful...
you are not unfaithful...
"so why do we hold
so much against each other?"
We were walking together...
"how have we come to be distanced
from each other?"
We don't even know...
where we will go
"My heart is immersed
in pain..."
my eyes are filled with tears
This season of loneliness...
isolates me from my path
"We had dreamt of achieving
our goal together"
But our paths are now different
Even as we walked together...
"I wonder how we
have lost our way"
"I'm in love,
you are in love..."
so what have things come to be?
Look at the lovebirds.
They're at it again
Their romance is beginning and Raj
and Priya's love is coming to an end
It's almost a month now.
- No one knows what caused the trouble
One moment. I'll explain
"Radha, come here"
Let's suppose Radha is Priya
and he's Raj
Now say something to each other.
Anything... get started
Go on
It's the man who starts it all.
- Why? It's the woman who starts it
"A woman speaks only when the man
does something wrong, isn't it?"
Are you telling me that it's the man
who's always at fault?
"Whatever, it's the man who
actually starts it all"
Won't the man react
when his wife keeps nagging him?
"Don't say anything against women, okay?
- Not against men either, okay?"
"Because you're a man, you've
got the power to scream at me?"
And who gave you the
power to scream at me?
"Enough, enough!
I get it"
Neither of them are at fault
They've separated for
no rhyme or reason
Wash the windshield properly.
It's the last time
So you've examined the truck?
Tell us if there is a problem
"Raj, think it over again
with a cool mind"
"You're not making a mistake by
selling off your trucks, are you?"
"I know I'm making a mistake, Manubhai.
- So why?"
I'm making a mistake.
But I have no other choice
"Unless I return Sameer's money,
I can't have any peace"
I wish to meet Mr Sameer Arora.
My name is Raj Mathur
"Mr Mathur, he's in a meeting
right now. Please be seated"
Tell him Raj Mathur is here.
It's urgent
"He's busy in a personal
meeting, Mr Mathur"
He has told us not to disturb
him for the next half hour
Please sit down
"When he's through with his personal
meeting, give him this cheque"
I'm telling you again.
Keep the cheque
"You can return it to me later.
- No, Sameer"
My work with the Australian
company has already begun
"I know that, Priya.
But I'm feeling very strange..."
the way you're returning
this cheque to me
"For me, it's very important to
return the cheque to you, Sameer"
"In fact, I shouldn't have
taken it from you at all"
"No, Priya. If a friend doesn't
help a friend, who will?"
"No, Sameer. It was my mistake"
"Before taking the money from you,
I should've considered..."
how much it would hurt Raj
If you think your relations with Raj
will be okay if I take back the money...
"I'll take it back.
- No, Sameer"
It isn't about money.
It's not money
"I admit, I made a mistake.
But what Raj said and did..."
no woman can ever tolerate.
She can't ever
"I had to relieve myself of a burden,
and I've done it"
Raj is such a fortunate man
You love him so much
"Let me drop you home.
- No, Sameer. I'll go on my own"
"I'm glad you're here, Manubhai.
- What happened?"
"Raj has been drinking all evening,
talking about Priya. Look"
Not a word from you.
I'll talk to him
"Raj, what's up?
Stop it now"
Let me drink this up
"What happened, Raj?"
All I want to ask Priya is:
Why did she go to Sameer?
"They're childhood friends,
we all know that"
"Raj, you aren't suggesting?
- What rubbish! No!"
"I didn't mean that... no, not at all"
All I want to ask is why
she went to Sameer. That's it
"You're no longer together,
it could be anything else"
"What say, Manubhai?
- What anything else?"
What if she's not with me?
She's still my wife and I...
"Why're you getting sentimental?
- Yes, I'm sentimental!"
"And she knows that too and
despite that, she went there"
I'll be back in a moment.
- Where to?
I'll just go and ask Priya
why she went to Sameer
"You think I'm going to fight with her?
Bansi, get us some more drinks"
"If I had to fight, I'd have
given Sameer a punch right there"
I'm only going to ask her.
Only to ask her
Go ahead and drink.
I'll be back
"No, I don't want the car"
Theirs is a strange love.
I can't understand it
I think there's going to be a fight
But I also get the feeling that...
"since he's meeting her after
many days, they'll get cozy"
lt'll all be settled.
Take it from me
"Bansi, get us some glasses"
"Madam, one Raj Mathur
is here to meet you"
Raj Mathur? At this hour?
Ask him to come tomorrow morning
"Tomorrow morning? Okay, madam...
- Tomorrow morning, my foot!"
Give me the phone
"Aunt, it's Raj.
I want to have a word with Priya"
You can't meet her at this hour.
Is this any time for decent folks?
What decent folks? I want to talk
to my wife. Please give her the phone
I told you once.
You can't meet her. That's it
What's once?
She hung up on me!
I don't need anyone's permission
to meet my wife!
"What are you doing, sir?
- Please leave"
I want to see my wife
"Guard, don't let him get in"
Will I have to take your permission
to meet my wife?
We have so many problems
only because of you!
Don't talk like a thug
You call me a thug!
"Yes, you're a thug"
"You're a thug, a ruffian!
- Get the hell out of here!"
Why're you pushing me?
What drama is this? Stop it!
Let us sleep!
Go inside and sleep!
- Stop this drama
Decent folks live here.
- You're decent...
"because you live in tall buildings?
She calls me a thug, a ruffian!"
I'm going to beat her up!
Stop pushing me
What's the matter?
What racket is this?
"It's your son-in-law, the thug.
He's showing his true colours"
Leave me alone!
I'll tell the police you are
not letting me meet my wife
Even the police have arrived!
Let go of my hand!
I'll report you guys
Let go of him. Leave him alone.
- Sir...
I want to meet my wife.
- You get drunk and cause trouble?
Say whatever you want to
at the police station
"What are you doing, sir?
I want to meet my wife"
Hold it
Please let him go
He's my husband
Your husband?
- Yes
"All right. I'll let him go,
because you're asking me to"
You are educated and decent folks
Does it look nice to publicly
behave like a thug?
Get in... go on
Get on with your work
It's a husband-wife quarrel.
Go on
"Go home, Raj. Please"
"You've made a mockery
of our marriage, Raj"
It wasn't my intention
to do that
All I came to ask you was...
"and they stopped me.
Called me a thug, a ruffian"
"I don't know why it happened.
- It happens all the time, Raj?"
All the time?
In Sameer's presence the other day...
"and now, in the presence
of the whole world? Why?"
Have you ever thought
what I'm going through?
"I try to do one thing, but I always
end up doing something else"
"I know that.
I know you very well, Raj"
But I can't take it anymore.
I can't
Rather than live together
and hurt each other...
we'd better separate
"Don't say that, Priya"
"Remember what you once told me, Raj?"
"In the world somewhere,
there will be someone very happy..."
because you are happy
Go on. Go home
"My child, think again.
It's a very crucial step"
And you can't take such decisions
in haste
"Kishore, what's gotten into you?"
If Priya has decided to leave India
and go away to Greece...
she must've thought about it
You saw the racket
he created last night
It's very difficult for me
to live with Raj
And it's also difficult for me
to live here and stay away from him
"What have I gone
and done, Manubhai?"
What did I set out to do?
And what did I end up doing!
That's the trouble with you!
You think after you do!
What am I to do now?
What can you do?
You've done what you had to!
So why're you asking us
what to do? Why ask us!
After doing everything...
- Calm down
"Son, let's go home"
"No, I'm not going home"
Hear that?
I feel very lonely there
Tell me... what should I do?
I don't want to lose her
"Raj, Priya called to say she's
going away to Greece forever"
She has left for the airport.
The flight leaves at 10:30
Hear that? What are you
going to do now?
She's leaving!
"No, I won't let her go"
I'm not letting Priya go away
Where's Priya?
- She has left
- She's in there
"Where to? Where's your ticket?
- Mister, I've got to in"
"He's not going abroad,
he's going to meet his wife"
That's not allowed
Mr Tiwari...
- What happened?
Priya's going away.
- Where to?
She's leaving me and going away.
- Don't tell me!
I've got to stop her. Please ask him
to let me go in for five minutes
Let me talk to him
"Listen, Yadav"
"Go on, Raj. Hurry up.
- Just 15 minutes"
Where are you going?
- One moment
Don't go
I know I've made a mistake.
Please forgive me
"Raj, that's just what I was trying
to explain to you last night"
Rather than live together
and hurt each other...
we'd better part
Whether you take the decision
to separate or I...
"isn't it one and the same thing?
- No, Priya"
"I know, I'm the one
who has made a mistake"
But give me one more chance.
Please Priya
"Can you be happy without me, Priya?"
"Maybe not, Raj"
But it isn't necessary to have
the company of someone you love...
"for a lifetime, is it?"
"How many times will you say that, Raj?
How many times?"
"Don't make it any more difficult
for me to go away, Raj. Please don't"
Maybe this is what was
to come out of our marriage
"No, Priya. This isn't
the outcome of our marriage"
"Priya, I've had a dream"
We have two children.
A son and a daughter
The son is just like you
He only has a nose like mine
The daughter is very pretty.
She has your eyes...
she's very nice too. Like you
"You're a very nice person, Priya"
"I could've changed for the
better too, in your company"
"Don't go away, Priya.
I'll change my ways..."
"I'm sorry, Aunt Anna"
I'll even say sorry to Sameer
"When the children wake up at night,
I'll look after them"
"I won't give you any trouble.
Please don't go away, Priya"
"If you go away,
it'll shatter my dream"
"Raj, I've had the same dreams.
The same dreams, Raj"
But reality is otherwise
O beloved...
"My loneliness, the ache
in my heart, never went away"
"The whole world
pokes at fun"
"You and I break up, my love..."
"like a star breaking away
from the skies"
"God, if I'm no more..."
look after Priya
Because I love Priya
very very much
"You are bidding me a farewell
and leaving me in God's care"
But you have broken my heart
"Broken hearts
are never put together again"
"You and I breaking up, my love..."
"like a star breaking away
from the skies"
"How often have I told you to keep
your shoes at the right place, Raj?"
"I couldn't go away, Raj.
I couldn't"
I can't live without you
"I realise, Raj, that I belong here.
In this house. With you"
And this talisman belongs
with you
"The dreams we saw
were the same, Raj"
And we can fulfill them
only by living together
"Promise me, Priya.
You will not leave me ever again"
And you must promise
never to shout at me again
"When do I?
All right, I won't"
But why did you leave me and go away?
- You said such nasty things to me
"I know, but I went to Aunt Anna's
house to bring you back"
"Not to bring me back, to fight with me.
- That's what Aunt Anna says"
That's it! You get wrong
things in your mind!
I know what's on your mind right now!
- What?
When I'm picking up the shoes.
- No...
"All right, but did I say anything?
- No, but I understand"
This is love.
- This isn't love
"Shoes are where shoes should be,
and love is where love is"
So my love is a shoe?
- That's not what I said
Don't shout at me.
- Am I shouting?
You promised you wouldn't shout.
- But I shout to show my love
That's your way of showing love?
- Yes
"Shut up, will you?
We're making love"