Chamatkar (1992) Movie Script

Wait, wait Nandu, Nandu.
Is it necessary.. fight on the first day?
What's the matter?
Golu! Oh Golu, Golu.
You are sitting here.
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
- Your father is dying there..
..and you, take care of your sister.
I'm going.
What can I do sir,
there's a house..
..a field and a child.
Forgive me.
But this.. this. Ok Golu, give
the child to me, or else..'ll not be able to
concentrate on you studies.
C'mon baby. Sit down children.
C'mon baby you too
study along with us.
Ok, children, today
I'll tell you..
..about Jawaharlal
the son of India.
Be quiet, the child has
just passed urine.
C'mon we'll remove this.
Don't do that. One
shouldn't cry.
Look there. Hey, very bad.
Very bad.
Sir, see that boy is releasing
the animal from the shed.
Greetings my dear.
- Don't cry. Greetings.
I'm coming from Dubai. My
name is sheikh chilly.. murovat da hikmat
al hujjat dun daulat.
I see. - It's beautiful.
- No sweet. - Ok you come out first.
Be, careful be, careful.
Golu come here..
..take her and give
her to your mother.
She's crying a lot. - Let her cry.
- What were you saying?
I heard that you want to open
a big school in your village.
- But you don't have money to do so.
Yes, but how do you
know so much about me?
Do you have a friend named Prem?
- Friend? - Friend.
Yes, but how do you know the friend?
Er, Prem?
He stays in Bombay isn't it?
- He was staying in Bombay.
Now, he comes and
goes to Bombay.
Your beard. - Thank you.
- Hey it's you Prem.
You got fooled isn't it?
- Yes I got fooled.
What is this that you've
made to yourself?
C'mon let's go home. - C'mon.
It's a holiday for you all today.
- Children go and play.
You should have written to me.
- Where's the time to write?
Come, come in. be careful.
This beard is good of yours.
Take a seat. - No it's ok.
You look like you've
really come from Dubai.
You seemed to have prospered.
You don't believe me do you?
Take this.
- This is very costly.
I'm earning a lot in Dubai.
A peon earns Rs.5000 there.
Rs. 5000? - Yes.
- That's a lot. - That's right.
Then how much would a teacher
be earning there, Prem?
You wouldn't even believe it
Sunder Shrivastav. - Tell me.
No, if you come to know you'll..
..ask me to take
you too, to Dubai.
Please tell me prem. - around Rs.
25 to 30,000 a month.
Will you go to Dubai?
- No no, how can I go to Dubai.
Who'll take care of
my school if I go?
Which school are you
talking about sunder?
Are you calling this
stable a school?
Listen to me, go
to Dubai earn in..
..lakhs and build a
good school here.
But where do I have the
money to go to Dubai?
I know my son; you are the
son of a self-made person.
You too will be self-made
like him only.
Here, sign on this. Take this.
- No I have my own, imported.
You don't worry
uncle, I'll return..
..your money along with
interest after I return.
We'll, give we'll give it.
- I have faith in you my son.
Take it and count it. - Yes.
You keep this.
- Should I keep this? - Yes.
I'm taking this Rs. 10,000 and..
..leaving for Bombay
today itself.
But you were supposed to
go on Saturday isn't it?
If I go on Saturday then when..
..will I make your passport and visa?
- Yes.
I'm going today itself.
You take the..
..train tomorrow and
reach there on Monday.
I'll be there. This is the
card of my lodge. - Lodge.
Yes, I made some
money in Dubai and..
..bought a small lodge
in partnership.
As it is I'll come to
take you to the station.
How much trouble you are
going through for my sake.
You're crazy sunder.
Promise me that all of you will
study after I go. - Yes sir.
You won't play after studies.
- We'll not play. Yes, very good.
Good, good means good. - Yes.
Sunder, my son.
- Good good means good.
Sunder, my son, c'mon fast
the train will leave.
You don't worry; I'll catch the train.
Ok children, bye.
Rapist, rapist.
- Where has this mad man come from?
From where have you come?
Just listen to me for a minute.
You ruffian. - No, no, myself Sunder.
- Ill mannered.
No, Sunder Shrivastav.
Do you know as to what
is the punishment..
..for entering into a ladies compartment?
- Yes, jail.
This means that he has gone
to jail previously too.
No, this would be my
first time, madam.
Where are you going?
- du.. du.. Dubai.
This train does not go to Dubai.
Be quiet, Gauri.
- Please let me go. - Just a minute.
We'll let you go on one condition.
- Yes?
You'll have to convert
from a man to a lady.
No, no, don't do this to me.
- Or else I'll pull the chain.
The TC, guard and police,
all of them will be here.
And the whole public too.
- And then they'll beat you.
Think of it. Do you want to
become a girl or a prisoner?
Or else take the beatings.
All right girls; let's
close our eyes.
He was here now,
where is he hiding?
My life is gone.
Don't allow him to escape.
- Escape.
Think of some mantra. - Mantra.
The scorpion, this
scorpion will eat me.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
Oh my god, who is this lover?
From where has this
lover boy come?
Oh my god, who is this lover?
From where has this
lover boy come?
Take his picture fast.
Stop the train and
pull the chain.
Call the guard. Start screaming.
Call the guard. Start screaming.
Don't allow him to escape.
- Escape.
Think of some mantra. - Mantra.
The scorpion, this
scorpion will bite me.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
He had come as a film
hero from somewhere.
We have turned him into a zero.
He had come as a film
hero from somewhere.
We have turned him into a zero.
Had I been alone.
What would have been
of me my friends?
What would he have done?
What wouldn't he have done?
What would he have done?
What would he have done?
What wouldn't he have done?
The very thought put me in fear.
Think of some mantra. - Mantra.
The scorpion, this
scorpion will eat me.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
- The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
The scorpion, the scorpion.
Catch him, beat him, don't leave
him, he'll sting a little.
Bombay has come.
He will remember
it all his life.
He thought he was too smart.
He'll never again go into
the ladies compartment.
Isn't it?
Oh god, these girls. Who knows.. much dowry people
demand for them?
How much he troubled us.
Hey, get away. I'm sorry, greetings.
- What is it?
They just come like that.
What do you think about..
..Bombay? What do you think?
Every thing is.. Bombay. You
just come to Bombay.
Some body packs all the trash
and sends it to Bombay.
But I'm not trash.
- Yes I know, you've come..
..from the village. Don't
you have any work?
Yes I have work. - Good morning.
How are you? How's life?
What's wrong?
Is he your friend?
- Yes. - Take him.
No, no, don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid at all.
Everything will be fine. It's ok.
- Ticket. I know the officer.
Oh no, no problem. No
problem, sorry sir.
Forget it man, don't
feel bad of my friend.
As the population keeps
increasing in Bombay.
But I haven't come to live in Bombay.
- Yes.
I'm going to Dubai.
- Is that so?
If at all there was a plane
in my village then..
Oh I see, you're going to Dubai.
- Yes.
I'm just waiting for my friend.
He didn't come to pick me up.
Did he say he'd come?
- Yes he knows that..
..I'm coming to Bombay
for the first time.
Oh ho, ho, just a minute.
Do you have his address?
Yes I do have it. Just hold this.
I'll give you the address.
Oh, man, this lodge is just near my house.
- Is it? - Yes.
I was just going home.
C'mon I'll drop you there.
I would be very grateful sir.
- Why should you say that?
A human being should help
another human being.
Driver. - Do you have a car too?
- Yes. What should I do?
What a coincidence it is. I
came to receive somebody..
..and he hasn't come.
You have come..
..but nobody has
come to receive you.
Yes sir. - Keep the luggage of
this gentleman, in the car.
He has to go where
we will be going.
I have been thinking, had
you not been there..
..then what would
have happened to me?
Somebody would have taken
away your luggage.
Is that so? - Yes.
I'm going now. I'm, going to
see the driver you stay here.
I'm coming along with you.
- No you stay here itself.
It's possible that your
friend comes here.
Yes that's quite possible.
And even if he doesn't come then
we'll still reach you there.
You're very kind.
- Now you don't move from here. - No.
You don't move from here.
- No I will not move.
Oh god, you have sent a
good man to help me.
Long lives hanuman.
Don't worry young man.
Whatever god does, he
does it for the good.
Maybe something good
may come out of this.
I'm sorry sir, are you
an inspector or a saint?
You're right, you're right. Take
this sweet from the offering.
My name is P.K. Sant. But
I'm a Sant by eating.
You don't worry at all. We'll
definitely find your baggage.
And if the lord wills, then you'll
get it too. Go. - Yes? - Go.
Long live India.
Long live Hanuman.
Long live India.
Long live Hanuman.
Greetings, greetings.
Oh you killed me, you killed me.
I'm sorry, forgive me.
Forgive me.
It's not your fault..
..foreigner this is the
fault of this one leg.
Don't say that, I'm
feeling very ashamed.
Ok, you can go now. I'll be lying
here itself. - Forgive me.
What do you want?
- Is this Prem kutir lodge? - Yes it is.
Have you booked any room?
No, no. My name is
Sunder Shrivastav. - oh.
I've come from Jawaharpur.
- I see. - That Prem has..
Yes Prem, Prem. He has
left a letter for you.
Sunder, you may definitely
be shocked to read this..
..letter of mine.
But believe me my friend
this is my last letter.
Actually I was in need
of money to go to Dubai.
I couldn't arrange for Rs. 10,000.
So I thought of you.
Just think that a friend
has helped a friend.
And yes sunder, give the pen
that I gave you, to this man.
I hope that you'll surely forgive me.
Isn't it?
Did you get my pen? He told me
that you're going to get it.
Yes. Is this it?
- Yes, thank god, I got my pen.
Sir, this lodge, I mean who
are the owners of this lodge?
My father and myself.
- What? Isn't it this fellow?
What? - No, what I mean is can
I get a place for the night?
Yes, why not? But where
is your baggage?
That got stolen.
- It got stolen. - Yes.
Then you'll have
to pay a deposit..
..of Rs. 500, and a rent of Rs. 25.
- Will do.
Money, where's money.
I had kept it safely.
Inside, perhaps.
I got it. I understood
You had come through this
door itself, isn't it? - Yes.
Now go out from this same door.
But where will I sleep tonight?
If you want to sleep
for free then go to..
..the cemetery.
It's just opposite.
Go on.
- How can I go to the cemetery?
Where will I sleep
in the cemetery?
The cemetery is a
very scary place.
Is the cemetery a
place for sleeping?
I'll sit here on this grave.
How lucky are these people.
They are sleeping
so peacefully here.
It's because you don't
have any worries.
What will you do now Sunder
Shrivastav, what will you do now?
With what face will you
go back to the village?
You have pawned the
house and the field.
It seems now that my
dream of opening..
..a school in the village
will remain a dream.
I'll never be able to
fulfill my father's..
..dream of educating
the village people.
I'll never be able to
fulfill his dreams.
How hurt will his soul be?
What will I do?
I cannot understand as
to what I should do.
I can't even think of anything. Sorry.
- It's all right.
My ears have started ringing
because of the tension.
Does anybody sleeping
in a grave talk? No.
So do you hear my voice?
Who is it? Who.. Who is it?
What are you looking
here and there?
I'm speaking from the same grave
on which you were sitting.
What.. What are you saying?
Yes, I'm talking..
..from this grave for
the past 20 years.
But nobody heard my voice.
You are..
..the person who will
be useful to me.
Why.. why are you
fooling with me mister?
Tell me, who are you?
- I'm a ghost my friend.
Ghost? Oh Lord
Hanuman, protect me!
Oh my god!
Hey don't run.
I'll not hurt you.
God had told me that
only that person..
..can help me, the one
who can hear my voice.
No.. no.. I - just listen to me.
- Who is this?
Get up..
..get up you, bastard.
- I'll get hurt sir.
So you're from the CID.
You've come..
To look for us is it?
- He's come he's come.
No, I'm not from the CID.
- He's not he's not.
Any person from the CID who..
..comes here..
- Has been killed.
No, no mister, I'm
not from the CID.
Yes he isn't from the CID.
- Did you hear that?
He's also saying the same thing.
Actually I was running, as I
was afraid of him. - Yes.
Tell that to these people.
Why are you..
..people looking there?
Look here, here.
He's having a hat, why
don't you tell them?
Yes, he was running as he was..
afraid of me.
- Did you hear that?
Hey, you rogue. My
name is Manglu.
Put me down. Mister put me down.
Did you see that?
- Please put me down.
How did he go up?
Put me down sir, put me down.
Come on.
Forgive me Mr. Knife
man look at him.
Just see.
Why are you beating him so much?
Let him go.
Don't beat him there.
He'll get hurt.
Are you ok, Mr. Knife man?
You cap Mr. knifeman.
I don't want the cap
I want your life.
You are unnecessarily
getting angry.
I'll finish you today. Finish.
- Save me. - Shall I save you?
He didn't die did he?
My bottle, my bottle.
C'mon let's run away.
- Where are.. running mister,
take your cap.
Run away, run away.
- At least take this.
Where's he gone? C'mon I too will.
- Hi, my name is Marco.
Sunder Shrivastav - Shake
my hand, shake my hand.
From today, you and I will
stay together for a few days.
Look, as it is I'm in a great trouble.
- Yes, yes I know it.
You are alone in
such a big city.
You have a problem for staying.
You have a problem for your food.
You have a problem for sleeping.
And as of now you have a
problem for living too.
Believe me sunder,
I, a dead man..
..can solve your
living problems.
No, no, no. Let me go.
Please forgive me.
I cannot stay with you because
I'm alive and you're..
Don't think of me as you would..
..of other ghosts,
I'm not like that.
You chanted the prayers
to dispel the..
..ghost but I have
appeared before you.
Why was that? - Why?
- Because I'm..
..not like the other ghosts.
A ghost is a ghost isn't it?
I mean the characteristics.
Please let me go. Salutations.
You want to open a school in
your village isn't it sunder?
You want to release your mortgaged
house, and land isn't it?
So you help me and
I will help you.
You'll be able to go
back to your village.
You can get everything. Land,
house, dreams, everything.
But I..
- Don't think, sunder, don't think.
There will not be any problems.
I assure you.
Look I have to attain
If I play truant, then how
will I get enlightenment?
But I.. - Listen sit, here.
I'll explain everything to you.
From childhood I had
wished to become wealthy.
And when I grew up, I became
obsessed with this wish.
I wanted to become wealthy
overnight by hook or by crook.
And so I took the wrong path.
I got so engrossed in
robbery and deceit..
..that I even forgot
my Savitri, my love.
One day, Savitri
asked me to choose..
..between love and wealth,
and I chose wealth.
Savitri got disheartened
and left me..
..and I didn't meet her again.
I became free after
she left, and..
..then I started my
chain of ruthlessness.
My men have told that you
have some work from me.
No, no I had told them clearly..
..that I don't want
to sell this hotel.
But they must also told you
that I have to buy this hotel.
Mr. Marco this is
Yes it is, but I'm also
paying you for it.
A good price. Kunta. - Yes.
No no, take this money
away, I, don't want it.
Rs. 80 lakhs is not a small amount Mr.
Raj Mehta.
And you can't even say that I'm
snatching this hotel from you.
But why should I see it?
- Because Marco wants to buy it.
It's not a bad deal Mr.
Raj Mehta. Take it.
Look I'm requesting you.
It's good if we have
good relations.
Or else I'm already
a spoilt person.
You can't do anything to me.
Mr. Raj Mehta, I'm behaving
in a civilized manner, and..'ll be better if
you do the same too.
Thank you very much Mr.
Raj Mehta.
You are not only
an intelligent..
..person, you're also
a smart businessman.
You have wisely saved yourself
a great loss for your life.
Or else you too would have
troubles and I too would..
..have a problem.
Police jail law.
And these aren't good for
the bad, nor for the good.
You and I should
keep away from them.
Good-bye Mr. Raj Mehta.
Kunta. - Hmm.
Who is it?
What they want?
What have you people done?
Hey, my money. Somebody stop them.
They took my money.
Please, somebody stop them.
Marco sir. - Yes I'll call you later.
- Marco sir, Marco sir.
I've been robbed and looted.
- Why, what happened?
Mr. Marco he says
that your men has..
..snatched his bag in which
there were Rs. 80 lakhs.
What are you talking?
- You have taken everything of mine.
You've taken all
my hard earned.. Return it back to me.
Whom are you talking to?
- Return it. Return it.
He's in a state a shock.
Mr. Marco, I know that
I have no evidence..
..and I also know that
this is your work.
Return his money to him.
- You will tell.. to return his
hotel too, is it?
I have done a proper business.
I have paid him the money
and purchased his hotel.
Why should I worry as to
what happens outside?
Now this hotel is mine.
- This hotel is mine.
This hotel is mine. I've put
my blood and sweat in this.
And now has this
hotel become yours?
This is mine today and it will
always be so, do you understand?
Kaushalya, you don't
be afraid, ok?
I'll bring the money right now.
You don't be afraid. - Be calm.
There he goes. Hey you hey you.
Catch him. Catch him.
Where will he escape?
- Wait, stop.
No. no.
Oh no.
I'll not leave you, Marco, ever.
Merciless man.
Do you think that you
can hide your sin?
Just as you have cheated us
somebody will cheat you.
You too will die like this.
God will never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
You'll want to live, but you'll
neither be able to live nor die.
This is my curse to you from a
mother and a helpless woman.
Greetings, Marco sir.
- Greetings.
How are you Mr. Bhuleshwar?
How did you come to me today?
You know this very
well, my master.
Why does a weak person
come to a strong person?
Why? What's wrong?
I had given my land for lease
and license to RK college.
Now the lease has
expired but the.. people are not
vacating the place.
You, see sir, I need some money.
Then what should be done?
- You buy it. - Why?
I know that you will
be able to vacate it.
Don't think Mr. Marco.
The place is worth Rs.
10 crores.
Just give Rs. 70 crores.
If you vacate.. then the full
amount will be yours.
What do you say Kunta?
- Take it boss.
The place is good. I've seen it.
Ok, then we'll take it in your name.
- Thank you boss.
You'll also remember me.
- Thank you.
Ok, sir. Come and take the money tomorrow.
- Ok.
I'll raze the college building.
Get, out of the way, get out.
Move, give way.
Stop it.
- I've bought this place.
This is my place. Move out.
Nothing will happen if the
college stands on this land..
Of yours, but if the
college closes then..
..the careers of these poor
children will be spoilt.
I'll take care of the girls.
I'll make a hotel here.
I'll keep all of them.
They'll do business.
Shut up, shameless person.
- get out.
- Come and die under my bulldozer.
You don't worry,
nothing will happen.
I know whose men they are.
All this has happened
because of that widow.
Or else how long would it take
us to raze that building?
Savitri, when did you come?
Who is that Savitri?
Savitri, please listen to me.
I've come by seeing Savitri's
photo in the papers.
When did you come?
- Some days ago.
You've come today, but
never come here again.
But how did all this happen?
Why the white sari?
Because my daughter is mad.
Although she cannot wear
the bridal dress of your.., she can wear a
white sari of your name.
What? - Yes. My daughter
had decided not to marry..
..on the day when
you decided to..
..leave her love and
go for the riches.
My daughter has never
forgiven herself Marco..
..the reason being
that she had loved..
..a cheap inhuman
person like you.
She destroyed all her desires,
aspirations and dreams.
She has been grinding in
between love and hate Marco.
And you are responsible
for her being so.
You are a criminal
in Savitri's eyes.
You are a criminal in
the eyes of a father.
Savitri, Savitri, listen to me.
Savitri, listen.
Open the door. Please Savitri.
Open the door.
Savitri, I've come to ask
forgiveness from you.
I've come to ask
your forgiveness..
..Savitri, please listen to me.
Listen to me Savitri.
Savitri, I promise you
that I'll leave all this.
I'll close all my businesses Savitri.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm telling the truth, Savitri.
Savitri believe me.
When I didn't want to listen to
you, didn't I tell you clearly?
Now I'm giving you my word.
I'll leave all these jobs.
You don't believe me do you?
I'm giving it to you in
writing with my blood.
What have you done?
- You good people..
..value the cost
of blood isn't it?
I'll write it in my blood.
Maybe, then you people
will believe me.
I am leaving all these
..wrong businesses.
We will never be separated.
I am Tripathi here.
- I want to give you good news.
Don't think of it as a joke.
I want to surrender.
But yes, after two days.
- Two days.
Can I know the reason
for these two days?
I've decided that I'll
give this hotel back.. Kaushalya Raj Mehta.
Hey boss.
- I'll have to make the transfer papers.
Then I have to surrender my
entire wealth to the government.
I have to confess all my
crimes, and prepare..
..the surrender papers.
To do all these things it'll
obviously take some time, isn't it?
I want to believe you, Mr. Marco.
Ok I'll wait for you.
Thank you inspector.
Now you just wait.
Boss, I'm still saying that
you're acting in haste.
Have we been born
to become saints?
God will ask us that I had
sent you to do wrong things.
How did you do good things?
Now you tell me boss,
what will I answer him?
I too used to think in
the same manner Kunta.
But as soon as I got love
my thoughts have changed.
Go, look the casino.
- Boss listen to me.
You can leave everything.
I'll take care of everything.
Raj, prepare the files.
We have.. return everything in two days.
- That RK place too?
Ok, I'll not return that.
Bhardwaj, give the place..
..on leave license to the
college, for 20 years.
But be sure to write in the
agreement that if the.. manages to gather Rs.
3 lakhs, after 20 years..
..then the lease
can be extended.
What are you doing boss?
- Don't be too greedy.
Boss this.. Enough, there's
no need to say anything.
You've been talking for a long time.
Do as I've told.
Go. You go too Bhardwaj.
Okay boss.
You're happy isn't it?
- Yes very much.
Now, quickly, we want a
small one in the house.
- Tripathi has come. Shall I send him up?
No I'll come down. - Ok sir.
Who's it?
- Mr. Tripathi has come.
I have to surrender
myself tomorrow isn't it?
Maybe he wants to talk
something about it.
I'll be right back, ok?
Here come.
You want to give all our wealth
to the government isn't it?
You wanted to give us all
up to the law is it?
Kunta, it's true that we have to
suffer the fruits of bad deeds.
What you are doing today is
the fruit of my bad deed.
You too will have to
suffer the same fate.
Now tell us where have you
hidden all the wealth?
I'll not tell you.
- Will you leave it for your wife?
She has already
discarded this wealth.
Look, tell us where
you've kept it.
Have you kept it in the hotel?
Have you kept it in your house?
The currency of this
country will rot there.
Our gold, diamonds and
pearls will be useless.
You rogue, tell us.
- No I won't tell. I'll never tell.
You won't tell is it?
Ok, your death too will..
..remain a mystery, just
as your black wealth.
Nobody will know this secret.
Everybody will think
that Marco is alive.
He has left the country
and fled elsewhere.
What do you mean?
- I mean you will..
..remain immortal just like
your name, Amar Kumar.
I'll keep your name alive.
Till yesterday you wife had discarded
your black wealth isn't it?
Now she'll discard your name
too throughout her life.
I'll go to her to take the
college lease papers.
No, Kunta, no. Don't harass
that goddess or else.
Or else what?
What will you do after.. die that you're
saying or else?
Kunta, you want to kill me isn't it?
So kill me.
No, no. Fools have no right to live.
Kill him.
Now I'll take care
and you, you rest.
Pull him down and bury him inside this.
Seal it.
Is it you god?
The protector of the world.
Who advices us to take the
right path on the one..
..hand, and on the
other who punishes..
..those who walk
along that path.
Is this your justice?
Until yesterday I was
walking the wrong path.
I was oppressing people, and
you were happy with me.
You showed me mercy.
And today when I turned a good..
..leaf, you rewarded
me with this.
You killed me through
the hands of Kunta.
You killed me through
the hands of Kunta.
God is very merciful. He
is the ocean of mercy.
He's kind and all forgiving.
After whatever you have..
..done to me, Savitri
too will disown you.
And not only Savitri,
but slowly your name..
..will be erased from
the world, oh god.
Your name will be wiped
out from the world.
Your name will be wiped out
from the world, oh god.
You will have to
change your ways.
You will have to
change your ways.
Fool, You are talking
of changing destiny.
Did you change yourself?
What did you do on earth?
Destiny never does
injustice to anybody.
You have yourself
abused your life.
A man reaps what he sows.
And that is destiny.
But I should have got punished.
Only me.
Why this injustice with Savitri?
For this too you
are responsible.
She's paying for your sins.
But because of her you'll
be given a chance.
You will have to wait for
such a person who will be.. to hear your voice.
He will be the cause
of your enlightenment.
And when that man remembers me..
..with true intentions..'ll be able to
get out of your..
..grave and he'll
be able to see you.
Only he will be able to see you.
After you come out of the
grave you'll have to..
..remember these things..
..You will not be able to
show yourself to anybody.
If at you try to do it, you
won't be able to do it.
You will not kill Kunta.
You will not use your
powers for wrong things.
But you can use it to stop any
injustice being done to anybody.
You will have to do everything
with the help of a man.
I promise. I promise you god.
I promise.
I promise.
And today after 20years you
have heard my voice Sunder.
You will have to help me.
But how can I help you?
Don't worry; you do
what I tell you.
But what will I do?
What will I eat?
Where will I stay? I thought..
Why do you worry? If god
has chosen you for my.. then he must have
thought something for you too.
Yes that's right.
God does what is best.
- You're right.
C'mon. - Where to? - First of all
I have to meet Savitri. C'mon.
What car is this? There are new
things come up in the world.
But it feels very good
to stretch the legs.
There is a taxi. C'mon.
- But what do..
..we do with the taxi Mr. ghost?
Savitri's house is very
far from here. Come.
But I don't have the money.
- Don't you have money?
Why do you worry? Don't
fear when I'm here.
Go and ask him if he'll go.
No, no. Not I, you ask him.
Should I ask him?
- No he won't hear you. I'll ask him.
Brother taxi man will you go?
Brother taxi man will you go?
He's sleeping.
- Ask him again. - Ok.
Brother taxi man will you go?
- It's not empty man.
It's not empty? But there's
no body in your taxi.
Can't you see the meter is down?
What happened?
Why did you touch the meter?
- I didn't touch it.
Why did you touch the meter?
Don't get angry
brother taxi man.
Don't push, O ghost!
What are you doing?
Don't you worry.
I've got the steering wheel
in my hand after 20 years.
This is wrong, isn't it?
- Be wrong with the wrong.
Be right with the right.
Be careful.
Oh god, this ghost is driving very roughly.
Please protect me.
Please drive carefully.
Look I'm getting very scared.
Look in front.
The police are after you.
Stop the car or
they'll catch us.
I remembered my old days.
..people could never catch me.
Look, I am not driving.
C'mon we'll race them.
- Is this the place for racing?
Be careful. Please let
me get down here.
Don't you want to
get enlightenment?
You want to work in
the proper manner.
I'm sorry. It's my mistake.
I forgot about it.
But this is my first
and last mistake. Ok?
You bloody fool.
How is the traffic department,
giving license to fools?
Fear god, fear god. Is that you?
Have you started committing
crimes out of frustration?
No, you have no brains
and you're speeding.
I wasn't driving.
- Lies. - If you tell..
..him about me he'll
not believe you.
Then what can I do?
- What can you do? Give yourself up.
Get out. Get out.
- Listen to me Mr. inspector.
How can I listen to a criminal?
Get out, out.
I'm sorry, what are you doing?
You've become so smart hah?
- No, no, no.
You're fooling with
a police inspector?
I'll show you right now.
Show you?
What is this?
Mr. ghost, return it. Give it to him.
- Take it. Catch it.
I don't need it.
Keep it to yourself.
What is this?
- This is Marco Mr. inspector. - Who Marco?
A ghost. - Whose ghost?
- Of Marco Mr. inspector.
Who Marco? - Ghost. - Whose ghost?
- Marco's Mr. inspector.
Who Marco? - Ghost. Whose ghost?
- Marco's Mr. inspector.
Who's Marco? - Ghost.
- Whose ghost? - Marco's.
Get up Mr. inspector.
- What happened? Forget, it let's go.
So you have forgiven me Soni.
What are you looking at?
My balls! - Pardon me.
Oh you? - And you?
How did you do that?
It's amazing,
please do it again.
Ask them as to where is
the principal's office.
We would like to meet the principal.
- Why?
Do you want to
complain against us?
The principal is on leave.
You can go.
But you were supposed to
go to Dubai isn't it?
Yes but Bombay didn't
allow me to go.
If you tell me the principal's..
Go upstairs and turn right, ok?
Yes, thank you.
- c'mon pass it on.
There's the principal's office.
- Sixer.
Tell him we want to meet Mr.
Listen we want to meet Mr. Kaul.
We have to meet Mr. Kaul.
We want to meet Mr. Kaul.
- Mr. Kaul is not inside.
Mr. Kaul is not inside.
- Not there.
Mr. Bansali, you don't
worry my students..
..will stage your fashion
show in a grand way.
But Mr. Kaul..
- Mr. Bansali the fact is that we had..
..expected to raise Rs. Two
lakhs from the cricket match.
But along with our good
players we had to dispel..
..our coach too.
You have read the reason
in the newspapers.
But Mr. Kaul is talking
on the phone inside.
But Mr. Kaul is talking
on the phone inside.
Am I telling lies? - Yes.
Thank, you thank you.
And he just kept
the receiver down.
And he just kept
the receiver down.
Can you see through inside?
- No, but.
Now he's coming here.
- Yes now he's coming here.
The door opened now.
- Yes the door opened now.
Why is this earthquake
on your face?
This man wants to meet you.
- Who's that?
Greetings, sir. - Tell him that
you're a cricket coach. Say it.
I'm a cricket coach sir.
- Hum, ah cricket coach?
Come in, come in, come in.
Hey you go call the warden.
Come in.
I can't even play
'gilli danda'..
..and you made me
a cricket coach.
Quiet. Don't you want a job?
Come, come. Sit down.
Thank you.
- Where were you coaching previously?
Nowhere. - You mean you don't
have any experience in coaching?
I can still form a good team.
I have the confidence.
I can still form a good team.
I have the confidence.
You have confidence. Do
you have a certificate?
Tell him that my
baggage got stolen.
My baggage got stolen
at the railway station.
Listen, we need such a
coach who can instill a..
..sense of courage in our
players along with technique.
He should be able to
motivate in them a feeling..
..of upbeat ness, strength,
ambition to win.
Only then will our college
be save from being ruined.
I'm promising you that I will not
let your college to be ruined.
I'm promising you that I will not
let your college to be ruined.
Some people are trying to
close down our college.
That, bloody Kunta.
That bloody, Kunta.
Do you know him?
- I know him inside out.
He won't be able to close it.
Yes, I know him inside out he
won't be able to close it.
Look I'm going through
such a phase, that..
..and that's why I'll believe
you and appoint you.
Papa is very troubled. How
much troubled are you papa.
What do you mean papa?
No, no, I didn't
say it to you sir.
I thought of my father
after I saw you.
Oh, I'm really troubled.
Look we can't give you a
salary of more than Rs. 600.
Agreed. - Agreed.
- Hah? Sit, down, sit down.
How is Savitri? Ask him
as to how is Savitri?
Sir, sir you had called me sir.
Oh Shetty, this is the new
coach of our college.
This is Shetty, Shetty, the
warden of our college.
Give him a room in
the wardroom, ok?
Listen, you haven't
told me your name.
I'm Sunder Shrivastav.
- Sunder Shrivastav.
I've got a feeling
of hope in my heart.
I hope you'll prove to be
lucky for our college.
Please come sir.
- Why don't you ask him?
- Ok, salutations. Thank you.
Why didn't you ask? - Sorry.
- What do you mean by sorry?
I said sorry didn't I?
I didn't get you a job
only for your sake.
I thought that through you I
too would go near my Savitri.
You didn't ask him
anything about Savitri.
How can we ask him at the first meeting?
- Forget it.
First meeting and
second meeting.
Ok, ok, at least you can ask him.
Or here too..
Where are you going?
- Why, hostel is upstairs no?
Yes, let's go.
What have you done Savitri?
I had come to meet you only,
and you left the world.
Maybe I'm to blame for this too.
Forgive, me Savitri,
I didn't cheat you.
Mr. Marco.
Sunder, my Savitri.
Mr. Marco this is
all god's wish.
Only he knows what he does.
We cannot do anything in this.
Now you fulfill her dreams.
She must be waiting
for you in heaven.
As she was a holy soul, god
raised her from this hell.
You don't cry Mr. Marco.
Don't cry.
Now I'll have to finish my
job as soon as possible.
Makhija, consider that the reward of Rs.
2 lakhs..
..has fallen into the bag of
Dayal college, like this.
But I have heard Mr.
Kunta that some..
..people are going to
donate Rs 3 lakhs to RK.
They were supposed to do it
Makhija, but not now. Understand?
I've understood
sir, who doesn't..
..want to live in
peace in the world?
Come see this. This is my hotel.
- I see. - C'mon let's go in.
What will we say
if someone asks?
Why are you getting scared?
Why fear when I'm here. Come.
- You always say this.
How can we go inside?
It is closed.
It's closed for you, not for me.
Mr. ghost, Mr. ghost.
Come, come, come in.
Was this your room? - Yes.
Come with me. - Yes?
I'll show you something.
Here is my secret vault.
But don't you think
that in 20 years..
..Kunta might know about it?
I was very smart. - Good.
Even if that fool Kunta had
to search for another..
..20 years he would never
have found it. Look.
So much of wealth.
- But of what use is it?
I have expired. Of what
use will it come for me?
Can you guess the worth of
all this wealth? 60 crores.
What are you staring at it.
Put it all.. a bag and take straight to Mr.
No, no, how can we get away
from here with the bag?
Why? - We'll bring Mr.
Tripathi here tomorrow.
We'll show him all
this with the proof.
You're not as foolish
as I thought.
Somebody's coming.
This scoundrel, Murli..
Where is this fellow gone?
You will not kill Kunta.
But you can..
..oppose the injustice
done to a weak person.
Oh god, why did you forbid
me to do this? Why?
Mr. Tripathi? He's in Delhi.
- What do you mean he in Delhi?
What do you mean he in Delhi?
The I.G. is mostly in Delhi
regarding ministry work.
Is it? Tripathi has become an I.G.
has he?
Is it? Tripathi has become an I.G.
has he?
What? - I mean. - Ask him. No,
no, what I mean is he coming?
Yes he's the chief
guest in the match..
..between R.K. college
and Dayal college.
He'll come in 8 days.
- Ok. - Ok. - C'mon.
Salutations to you.
Sepoy, catch that, that fellow.
Why are you catching me?
- Bring him to my room.
Bring him.
- I didn't do anything.
You stay outside. Go out.
You are a good magician.
But all your magic will vanish in the jail.
- Yes?
What yes? What do think? Is
the law a plaything? - No.
Is It helpless before
the criminals?
Whatever has to happen
will happen now.
You are misunderstanding
me inspector.
I can misunderstand but
I can't see wrong.
You robbed a taxi. Section 379.
You broke traffic rule..
..section 119. You stole my
bike, that is of inspector..
..P.K. Sant. Section 379.
and you fooled me that is section,
section... - 332.. - 332.
Is there any news of
my husband inspector?
Your husband will surely be found.
Consider him as found.
What is this you are doing?
Why are you touching here?
I didn't touch you. I swear
on god I didn't touch you.
Why are my hands
moving towards you?
You should be ashamed.
I'll complain against you.
No no..
You bastard, leave my sari.
Listen I'm innocent.
I'm helpless.
I too am helpless.
I'm a faithful wife.
I'll get you dismissed.
I'll take..
..your uniform off you.
Do you understand?
You have done all this. - No.
Ruthless person, merciless
person, you know that I'm.. eternal bachelor,
and such an..
..accusation on me?
No - now see my anger.
Hey stop.
Round and round and
round and round.
Come on.
I thought you were a gymnast,
but you are a cricket coach.
What a control you
have on the ball....
Great, simply great.
Ok listen up.
This is your new cricket coach.
- Myself Sunder Shrivastav.
And this is ah. - Mala, any way.
He is Rakesh captain of the team.
- Greetings.
You have come at the
right time sir.
As you have come, these people..
..will at least get some moral support.
Isn't it?
I'm a 3-in-one batsman sir. I'm
a peon of Mr. Kaul in the.., servant of Mala
in the house and a..
..commentator cum daunt man
cum sandwich cum waterless...
Ok Mr. come, come, come,
now please go, go go.
Please do your job. - Yes.
- What are you saying yes?
Tell her also to play.
- You can play. - Yes, come.
Where have you trapped me?
As always there is greenery all around.
The play is to begin.
The coach will attack. The
players are standing.
I'm sitting. The
play has started.
Tony Singh will bowl to Rakesh.
He's a spinner.
And he lofted the ball and
this is a six. Catch.
Monty. Return the ball.
Come and take it. - I'm coming.
No man. Stop her sir.
He is a very dangerous boy.
He and his..
..friends have raped a
girl from our college.
So c'mon, today, we'll rape him.
Madam should not
interfere with him sir.
Yes being a girl she
shouldn't get involved.
Sir, this Monty is
the nephew of..
..Kunta, and Kunta is the don here.
- Ok, don?
- Yes. Just listen.
I'm telling you to
return the ball or else.
Mala just listen to me.
Oh he has come. I'm afraid.
Whom are you trying to impress.. bringing these
cartoons here Monty?
Who is this?
Who is this? She will give
her introduction herself.
What are you doing? - Who are you?
- Myself Sunder Shrivastav.
Shikan, attack.
Hit him.
Forgive me, Mr. Shikan.
You get up.
Oh god..
Help me.
Shall we get up?
Yes.. - Come.
Come on. Run!
Hey, where are you running?
Come back.
They ran away.
- You didn't get hurt did you, Mala?
You too should not get
involved With the goons.
You didn't hurt did you?
Well, well what a situation.
The fight stopped just now
and now romance will start.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
No body knows who will
fall in love with whom.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
No body knows who will
fall in love with whom.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
We were strangers.
We don't know how we got united.
We became mad for each other.
By deep breaths I have
loved you, we became one.
No body knows who will
fall in love with whom.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
This, is love, love.
My daughter Mala, are you all right?
- Yes.
No body can get hurt with
sunder around, grandfather.
- Why are you interfering with the goons?
What will I tell your mother
if something happens to you?
Mala is my daughter.
- Boys are you all right? - Yes.
Grandpa, Sunder was fantastic.
- Mala, Mala. My dear kid.
My dear kid....
My dear kid. Mala
Come, come in, come in.
come in, son, sit down.
If at all you want something
my house is close by.
You can come without hesitation.
- Come surely, ok?
You be careful. Those
people were Marco's men.
Marco's men sir? - Yes Marco.
He had given this land
on lease to the college.
Just to destroy us.
Ask him how? Ask him.
Sir if you don't
mind can I ask you.. did Marco want
to destroy you?
I'm leaving grand pa.
Mala is his daughter.
That ruffian got married
to my daughter.. giving her false promises.
He said that he'd
leave his bad ways.
He'll surrender to
the authorities.
But he didn't do any such thing.
He vanished on the
wedding night.
He must have left India and gone.
- No, he.
And then, the next day.
Greetings sister-in-law.
Greetings father-in-law.
- You? Where is Amar?
The boss has sent me to take..
..those papers that are with you.
- Why?
Only he knows that. He has only
told me to bring the papers.
I've deposited the papers in the bank.
- So soon?
Ok, give me the hotel papers
and the other papers.
Tell him to come and
take it himself.
No, no, father-in-law. You
give me those papers.
No, what the reason for
getting the papers now?
Then I'll tell you clearly.
He has changed his mind.
Yes, sister-in-law. He played
this game only to get you.
As he won't get you
in any other way.
Do you understand father-in-law?
Forget it. Give me those papers.
Go and tell him that I'm
not giving the papers.
I'll take all those papers
and go to Tripathi's office.
Now he'll rot in prison for all his life.
He'll rot.
Listen father-in-law,
he'll never rot in jail.
As he has left India for good.
I mean he'll be going
never to come back.
You give me the papers.
- Tell him if he wants..
..the papers, then he
should coma himself.
I will not give you the papers.
Listen, sister-in-law, don't
instigate this brother-in-law.
I have no relation with you.
- Then it is easier.
You were acting too smart
in front of the bulldozer.
That day Tripathi saved you.
But who'll save you today?
Leave me.
Tell me where the papers are.
- I'll not tell.
Where are you running?
Where will you go?
Leave me.
Leave me. leave me. - Leave me.
Stop, I'll give you the papers.
Leave her.
Giving the papers!?
I'll give the papers.
Kunta, Kunta, Kunta.
Marco has done this with us.
No Mr. Kaul, I
haven't done this.
Today after so many
years he's trying..
..different ways to get
possession of this land.
No, I'm not that man.
I'm not that man.
He has threatened the
college trustees.
That nobody can give us a
donation of Rs. 3 lakhs.
Will you find such
a down trodden.. anywhere in the world?
Will any body be able
to live in this.. by taking
so many curses?
Never.. never. He has
troubled me a lot.
He has given me a lot of pain.
He'll die a very bad
death, a very bad death.
I have died the same death Mr.
I have died the same death Mr.
But I have not deceived you.
I'm innocent Mr. Kaul.
Explain to him sunder. Tell
him that I'm innocent.
I've given my life for
that same reason.
How can I explain it to you?
Sunder, I'll not leave him now.
I'll not leave that
bastard at all.
Mr. Kaul, I've come. Look at me Mr.
Look at me Mr. Kaul. I've come.
Mr. Kaul, look at me. It's me.
Look at me Mr. Kaul.
Look at me Mr. Kaul.
You will not make
yourself known to anyone.
Even if you try to do so,
you'll not be able to.
God, oh god.
Now you see I'll break every..
..eye, which falls
wrongly on my daughter.
I'll cut all those hands
that try to catch her.
I'll, destroy you Kunta
I'll destroy you.
I've come as your end
Kunta, your end.
I'm coming Kunta.
Mr. Marco, wait,
why are you going?
Don't go inside.
Mr. ghost. Mr. ghost, Mr. ghost.
- Come in.
Look at this sunder
look at this.
The goods belonging to Kunta
and which is worth crores.
These are smuggling goods.
I'll destroy it all.
See this poison that is being
sold to people and making..
..themselves rich and
destroying humanity.
And, see this come here.
See this these bombs.
And see that, that. These are
bombs and these are weapons.
He has gone ahead of me too.
Who is there? C'mon.
Who is there?
Who is there?
If they see you
they'll kill you.
You run towards the door
as soon as they come.
I'll take care of them.
- Ok but you'll not kill anyone.
Yes, I know that. C'mon
c'mon towards the door.
Who's there? You see there,
and you check there.
Where did he come from?
There he is! Catch that bastard.
Kunta, if not you
then this will do.
You too will go to your grave
one day just like this.
Now you find out who has done
this destruction and why?
No boss, no. I don't
what happened and how.
I'll kill them, bite
them, and eat them.
You bite them, eat
them or else I'll..
..give you as food
to the vultures.
No boss. - Yes.
Listen, listen. Come
soon in your grave.
Shut up your mouth.
- It's not that. You just come.
I'm coming Moti. I think that
today is your last day too.
No.. No, listen, listen.
There is a secret entrance
in your cupboard.
What? Secret entrance?
Did you see it? Did you see it?
Wasn't I telling you?
I have been repaid. The loss
of crores has been repaid.
This is a good sign. This
is a very good sign.
Marco never told me
about this damn safe.
Although I was his right
hand man, and I'm..
..learning about it
today, after 20 years.
This twentieth year is
very lucky, very lucky.
Moti all this wealth
is because of you.
You can ask me whatever
you want today.
Don't you see how
much wealth is here?
Ask, as much as you want.
- I cannot say. I cannot say.
Give way, c'mon.
Listen, Monty, hero and Munna.
Go and kill that coach.
Kill that coach. And
kill that girl too.
Come my daughter. She's
coming here itself.
Sunder, sunder.
- Why did you come here?
Oh, sorry, sorry.
But Mala has come.
My daughter is coming
here itself near me.
Fool. Is she coming to meet me, or him?
Huh daughter.
How are you aunty?
I'm fine my girl.
Aunty, look at your condition..
..why do you want to
carry so many clothes?
Take some fewer clothes.
Lack of money..
..makes one forget
every load my girl.
Come Mala.
Where are you great
cricket coach..
..gymnast fight master Mr.
Sunder Shrivastav.
Who's there?
- Didn't I tell you, it's my daughter?
So you can't recognize my voice.
Miss Mala. - No. - Who then?
- Mala, just Mala.
Oh, you? Please, Ms. Mala..
How long are you having bath?
I'm, in a nude state, you please go.
I'll come after the bath.
Ok, let me soap your back.
- No, I know how to apply it.
You, please go, I'll come later.
Is it? You know it?
- Yes don't trouble me.
What are you doing?
Please go out.
Ok, tell me will you come
out with me for a stroll..
..wearing the clothes
that I've bought for you?
Why? - Why? I'll sit here.
- No.. No.. No.. don't sit I'll come.
Ok, tell me how long will
you take to come down?
10 minutes. - 10 minutes? Not in 5 minutes?
Then I'll sit.
No, no, no, you don't sit;
I'll come in 5 minutes.
That's like a good boy.
I'm waiting..
..downstairs, you
come in 5 minutes.
She's, my daughter, mine.
Why are sitting so far?
Sit closer.
No, I'm ok here. I
like it from here.
Would you keep your hand there
itself if I wasn't present?
Sunder, I want to tell you something.
- Tell me.
That's why I'm taking
you to such a.. where there will
be just the two of us.
As it is, in the car too, we are alone.
- Yes....
But a car is not that
type of place where..
..we can have this type of talk.
So these people
have followed us..
..up to here.
I'll take care of them.
Don't look at me with
so much of love.
Don't look at me with so much of love.
You'll fall in love.
If you fall in love an arrow
will pierce your heart.
You'll fall in love.
You'll fall in love.
Don't look at me with so much of love.
You'll fall in love.
If you fall in love an arrow
will pierce your heart.
We'll have two or four meetings.
And the world will talk of us.
We'll have two or four meetings.
And the world will talk of us.
They'll talk about us.
Then your name and
mine will be spoilt.
We'll fall in love;
We'll fall in love.
We'll fall in love,
We'll fall in love,
Don't look at me with so much of love.
You'll fall in love.
If you fall in love an arrow
will pierce your heart.
Hold your heart in your hands.
Don't let your eyes to meet
with somebody else's eyes.
Hold your heart in your hands.
Don't let your eyes to meet
with somebody else's eyes.
Don't let your eyes to meet
with somebody else's eyes.
Through the eyes itself
you'll fall in love.
You'll fall in love.
You'll fall in love.
You'll fall in love.
You'll fall in love.
Don't look at me with so much of love.
You'll fall in love.
If you fall in love an arrow
will pierce your heart.
Mr. Shetty, Mr. Shetty, give me Rs.
... I'll be able to save my hut.
If I hadn't had to pay the
rent I wouldn't have asked.
Oh my god, it is not possible.
You always have some excuses.
You have already taken advance.
You have taken all
the money in..
..advance by taking Rs. 10, 20.
Etc. now please go.
Kaushalya Raj Mehta.
- Give me just Rs. 80, Mr. Shetty.
I've promised to the landlord.
Please help me.
I will never ask you again. Just
give me Rs. 80, Mr. Shetty.
Take the blessings of the poor Mr.
Take the blessings of the poor.
If there was any effect in
the blessings of the poor..
..then wouldn't god
dispel their poverty? Go.
Mr. Shetty, Mr. Shetty.
Mr. Shetty. Please save my hut.
Get away from here.
I'm pleading with you; I'm
falling at your feet.
Where will I go with my daughters Mr.
How could I know? You
go any where no.
Mr. Shetty, Mr. Shetty, Mr.
What's wrong Mr. Marco?
- I'm responsible..
..for this miserable
life of theirs.
You? But who is she?
- I have to..
..return the hotel to
these very people.
What do you mean?
Kaushalya Raj Mehta.
I'll have to do
something sunder.
I'll have to arrange for the
money as soon as possible..
..or else this poor lady
will lose her hut too.
But what can we do Mr. Marco?
We can remove some money
from our safe vault.
No, no. That money belongs
to the government.
Yes but the Rs. 80
lakhs that are.. that safe belongs
to Kaushalya.
We cannot take it but we can
at least give it to her.
Yes. - C'mon.
Oh no where is it?
I think Kunta found
out about it.
But you had said that this
place was unknown to anybody.
Shut up, I think he must
come know in these days..
..and so he may have
hidden it somewhere.
What will happen now? What..
..proof shall we show to Mr.
Even if Kunta may have hidden
it in hell, I'll find it out.
Listen, you don't get worried.
Please listen to me.
Mr. ghost. - C'mon.
How beautiful you look. Did you
see your face in the mirror?
And this one. What shall I do?
Shall I..
..bite you, eat you
and swallow you?
Boss, please give us a chance.
- Shut up, you big fat slut.
You're asking for one
more chance, when you..
..couldn't do anything
with two chances.
And look at this
fellow, my nephew.
You too couldn't do a thing.
You have to improve or else I'll kill you.
Don't misuse my
love towards you.
Now all of you listen to me.
Uncle, uncle, see that photo.
Boss Boss..
Somebody had come here. - What?
Somebody had surely come here.
What are you looking at my face?
Go and look for him.
C'mon, c'mon.
But how are we going to
save Kaushalya's hut now?
There is just one way out now. Gambling.
- Gambling?
Oh my god, a sinner thinks
only about sinful ways.
Don't try to a spanner in my job.
You have to do as I say.
What if I show you a way
other than gambling?
Is that so? Then show me.
- Amuse the people and make money.
Not a bad idea.
Look, look at the miracles!
Come and see again and again.
One and two where
has the stick gone.
And from where will
it come again.
I'll show you some good magic.
Brother, very sad.
'Cham-cham, pantua, Lencha.."
"Fly from Mumbai to Dum-Dum.."
"There is a lot of
load-shedding in Calcutta.."
"I am thinking why my
heart is beating.."
Stop there mister,
don't move or speak.
Close your eyes don't open them.
I'll turn you into a
rat with my magic.
"Before election, position
of the minister.."
Don't try to do any mischief.
The genie has come
out of the bottle.
The genie has come out.
The good days of all have come.
The genie has come out.
The good days of all have come.
People become big or
small by their own luck.
But poor people like us.
Are much better than the rich.
People become big or
small by their own luck.
But poor people like us.
Are much better than the rich.
The hands of the rich are
filled with diamond rings.
The hands of the rich are
filled with diamond rings.
The hands of the rich are
filled with diamond rings.
But their hearts
are always empty.
The genie has come
out of the bottle.
The genie has come out.
The genie has come out.
The good days of all have come.
It was a good idea.
...We'll get Rs. 10,000
for one night mother.
Oh god, what wrong
with this girl?
I've grown wise mother.
I'm become matured.
You're crying unnecessarily.
Don't we..
..need money for
Purnima's education?
Don't we have to pay Rs.
80 for this hut?
And don't we want money
for your medicine too?
How am I going to live on
the money made through sin?
Don't talk like that, my
girl, don't talk like that.
Did I raise you by
suffering such hardships..
..only to make you go
into prostitution?
We'll have to do it, mom,
we'll have to do it.
Everybody's doing it these days.
If at all your father was
living today, or if you had a.., would he have
allowed you to do this?
The girl who doesn't
have a father..
..or a brother has many buyers.
And mother, the person who
has two young daughters..
..her hut should not be
taken away from her.
No, my girl, no. You have
been disillusioned my girl.
You have been disillusioned.
Control yourself.
No mom, no. Look at
Purnima's clothes.
To save Purnima's body
you'll have to sell..
.. Neelima's body mom.
You have to sell it.
No, never. I'll net let this
happen as long as I'm alive.
Then let me die.
- Mom, mom. - Let me die.
Tell me that you'll never speak
anything like that again.
Greetings. I want to meet ms. Kaushalya.
- Come in.
Greetings mother.
- Who are you son?
You don't know me but I
know everything about you.
Maybe you don't remember
it, but my father..
..was employed as a
cook in your hotel.
And your husband Mr. Raj Mehta..
..was very pleased with him.
But when I was born
my mother was..
..suffering from a very
dangerous disease.
And so we required some money.
And your husband
gave my father..
..Rs. 5000 without
thinking of anything.
And because of which
the lives of.. mother and
myself were saved.
And my father never
forgot this favor..
..till the time of his death.
He called me to his
death bed and told.. that I was to take
care of his master.
He told me to be faithful
to his employers.
I came as soon as I could.
- What a nice story..'ve made up. She
has believed you.
Marco had.. - Don't take his name my son.
- Ok I won't do so.
But you take this.
- What is this?
I'm giving you Rs. 500 out of that Rs.
5000. Take it.
I'm working in R.K.
college. I'll..
..return the remaining
money little by little.
May you live long my son.
I'm wondering..
..whether I should take
this money or not.
No, mother it is all yours.
Please keep it.
Ok, I'll take your leave.
I'll come back soon.
Tell her that she'll also get
back her hotel. - Greetings.
Tell her.
Mother. - Mother.
Why didn't you tell
her what I told you?
What's the use of telling?
It's better we do..
..something rather than
telling her about it.
Yes you're right. Now we'll
have to give the poor..
..Lady the hotel as
soon as possible.
Then why don't you do it?
You're taking.. much like as though
you're still living.
I'm myself in a hurry
to go from here.
I don't like it here. I
want to go near Savitri.
But now I have a
..of getting the two
of you married, too.
Don't you want to
be my son-in-law?
You're feeling shy.
You know sunder,
I'm very happy..
..that you two have
chosen each other.
C'mon touch my feet.
- What? I'm your father-in-law.
Had I been alive I
would have got.. two married with
great fanfare and pomp.
But still my blessings will
always be with you both.
C'mon, c'mon touch my feet touch my feet.
- Yes.
That is Mr. Sant. I think
he following a robber.
C'mon, shall we see? - No.
- Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
Why fear when I'm here.
- Please, leave me.
Mr. Sant. Hello Mr. Sant.
We'll catch the..
..thief and bring him
to you, right now.
Yes, we will catch
them right now.
Hey, who is he?
I think there's somebody.
Hurry up.
Hey, you hit this man very hard.
Hurry up.
Long live, hanuman. So Mr. Sant
we've caught all the goons.
Long live India.
- Long, live hanuman.
Long live India.
- Long, live hanuman.
Long live India.
- Long, live hanuman.
What are you? You are the
magician of magicians.
You are a great magician.
What are you?
You are this and that. What are you?
You are a living miracle.
Just a minute Mr. Sant.
Just look.
First sinner, second sinner
Third sinner.
And see now.
Gold, gold. - In your control.
- You're, blessed you're blessed.
Where are your legs?
Oh Sunder hi. - Hello.
Isn't Mr. Kaul in?
- Why? Will you go if he isn't in?
No, it's not that.
- Then come on. Sit down - Yes.
Sunder? - Yes? - Tell me the truth.
- Yes, go on ask.
How much do you love me?
- What would be..
..the value of love if
it could be measured.
Mala, love has no limits, and
neither does it have any weight.
Love has no accounts.
That's why..'s said that love
is god and god is love.
Oh my god! You talk so sweetly.
You should have been a
lecturer of literature.
Who made you a cricket coach?
Yes, no, cricket coach. You
know that I fell into trouble..
..whilst going to Bombay.
First my baggage was..
..stolen then my purse got picked.
I was sitting on a..
..tomb, sad and dejected just..
..thinking as to what
would happen of me.
It was there that I met Marco.
- Who? - Marco. Your father.
The poor fellow helped me a lot.
He saved me from goons.
Sunder, I think grandpa
has told you everything.
Yes, but that is
a misconception.
You don't have any
..for a bad man, Sunder.
No, no. Mala, don't say that.
Listen to what I have to say.
I don't want to hear a thing.
I hate that dirty person so..
..much that I
consider the person..
..who talks about
him, as my enemy.
And I don't want to think
of you as my enemy, Sunder.
But Mala.
- No, means no. I mother used to give me..
..false hopes that my father
will come now, my father..
..will come now. But
he never came..
..Sunder, he never came.
My mother got tired and lost hope.
She died yearning for him.
My mother loved
that devil a lot.
And I hate him just as much.
Daughter Mala, daughter Mala.
Good news, very good news.
You are here too, very good.
You hear the good news too.
What's that sir?
- Now it doesn't matter whether we.. or lose the cricket
match the arrangements..
..for Rs. 3 lakhs
have been made.
You mean we've got a sponsorship
for the fashion show?
- This is really good news grandpa.
We'll have to do a first
class fashion show.
Of course, of course,
I'll start the..
..preparation from
tomorrow itself.
It'll be done in
two days isn't it?
Yes sir it'll surely be done.
Well, well, now I can rest easy.
They've made the arrangements
for the money uncle.
What are you saying?
How did it happen?
Paras textiles are
sponsoring them.
The sponsorship is of
two and a half lakhs.
They've kept a fashion
show in the college.
They'll get Rs. 40
to 50 thousand..
..from the tickets
and souvenirs.
And they've got about Rs.
60 to 70 thousand..
..accumulated from
the previous show.
Uncle, we'll not be able
to take the college land..
..even after winning
the cricket match.
Their college will be saved.
- I'll never be saved.
This time I'll go to the
fashion show myself.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
The love story begins by the
meeting of fire and water.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
The love story begins by the
meeting of fire and water.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
Take my hand and come with me.
Take my hand and come with me.
From the time I have met you.
My heart beats day and night.
From the time I have met you.
My heart beats day and night.
The heart never
listened to the world.
The world has never
walked with the heart.
The heart never
listened to the world.
The world has never
walked with the heart.
The heart is an old
enemy of the world.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
We'll always remember
your meeting me.
We'll always remember
your meeting me.
Somebody has been
kissing somebody.
Somebody has been
kissing somebody.
Somebody kisses everybody.
And I'm the only one
who misses all this.
Don't twist yourself.
Mind your heart.
Now your gait has changed.
Don't twist yourself.
Mind your heart.
Now your gait has changed.
Your lips are red and
your cheeks are red.
Your love has put color to them.
Your lips are red and
your cheeks are red.
Your love has put color to them.
The red color is the
sign of danger.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
The love story begins by the
meeting of fire and water.
Youth is madness. It's a little
of fire and a little of water.
Oh no
Oh my god.
Give us back our money.
We have to meet Mr. Kaul.
- You'll have to repay our losses.
Or else give us back our money.
Yes we want our money.
- Please be quiet.
Why should we be quiet?
Oh Mr. Shetty.
- Hello sir. I'm sorry sir.
This is today's collection, Rs.
1 lakh, sir.
Mr. Kaul said that I should
hand it over to you. - Ok.
He has gone to the commissioner.
And I'm going too. the train
is early in the morning, sir.
- Yes sir, don't you know sir?
I'm leaving this place sir.
I'm going permanently sir.
Ok, ok.
- Salutations, thank you.
Now we'll be able to collect Rs.
3 lakhs for the college.
We have to win the cricket
match, that's all.
Sir, it's too dark outside, sir.
..reach me to my room sir.
You are getting scared isn't it?
No, no. I'm not getting scared.
But sometimes we
have to get scared.
I saw that pot sir and
that's why I'm scared.
I'll reach you not only to your
room, but also to your village.
C'mon, c'mon let's go.
Be careful.
He'll save the college
on the basis of cricket.
He doesn't know that all
this money will go..
..towards repaying the
losses at the function.
Come on, tell me.
Yes sir, what do
you want to play?
Listen. - one minute.
The bets are placed at Rs.
Yes sir.
Rs.1 lakh on R.K. college.
- It's a good game. Right.
These people are big fools.
Hello yes sir.
Bombay race? Yes thunderbolt
won in the last race.
Yes, it's ok.
- Will you not take our bets today?
You played just now.
- Did we? No, no.
What is my mistake Monty baba?
Shetty, you bastard. Do you
recognize this envelope?
Yes. - There were Rs.
1 lakh in this.
Who put the bet on R.K.
and Dayal? Tell me.
I don't know Mr. Monty.
I'm leaving..
..this place permanently.
I'm going to my native place.
Then who bet at two
o'clock at night?
I don't know Mr. Monty. I had
given this money to sunder.
Now there will be fun in the game,
and sunder will go to jail.
- Who is it? Father-in-law?
Who is that insolent on the line?
- Mind your words.. principal of the sinking college!
This is Kunta here.
The real successor of that land.
You needn't call here.
Your money will reach you.
The money has already reached!
Full one lakh!
What? Who had given it?
Your person! What's his name..
yes Sunder Shrivastav!
Don't talk nonsense.
This isn't nonsense, sir.
He gave one lakh of the college
money to me, last night.
So that your college and
you, both can go to hell.
Now you will ask for the evidence.
So don't worry,
everything is under control.
You will get the evidence.
The envelope in which one
lakh rupees was given..
..has been sent to
you as a proof.
So you've got it, right?
Pick it up and check out. It
is the same envelope, right?
It carries a 100 Rs. note in it.
Get the window pane
changed with that money.
I am hanging up now, ok?
Inspector, come with me. - Ok.
Mr. Marco is no where.
Mr. Kaul!?
Sunder, give back the money which
was give to you for safekeeping.
Come, I had kept
it here, safely.
The whole amount of one lakh.. kept here, safely. Hey..
..where has it gone? I
had kept it here only.
Inspector, arrest this man.
Your secret is out, Mr. Sunder.
Your own people have
brought you out in open.
They don't need you
anymore, perhaps.
What are you saying?
- You aren't Marco's aide.
I am. But I will tell
that to you later.
But the money..
You have already siphoned off
the money and given to Kunta.
I? - Don't act.
The proof is this evelope.
But this..
You are under arrest Mr.
Sunder Shrivastav.
Listen to me Mr. Kaul sir.
I don't..
..know where the
money is gone sir.
I'm not a thief sir; I haven't
met Kunta till today sir.
This is plot to frame me sir.
Tell, them sir, listen to me.
Oh god, I had agreed to
help Marco with your name.
And today, by doing your will..
..I've fallen from the eyes of Mr.
Why are you punishing me?
Protect, me my god, protect me.
- Marco do you know that Kunta has..
..proved that I am your man, and that Rs.
1 lakh of yesterday.
I cannot understand as
to how it reached him.
I thought that if R.K. wins
they'll get Rs. 8 lakhs..
..and so I placed the
bet with Kunta's men.
And I forgot that
envelope there itself.
What have you done? You
gambled with all the money.
You don't worry. I'll see
that the college wins.
How will you make it win?
By cheating?
Then what by batting or bowling?
I'll definitely do cheating.
- Definitely not.
If our students are capable..
..then they'll win
it by themselves.
They are not capable of winning.
It doesn't matter. Let it go.
Don't try to..
..spoil their character
by winning by cheating.
I'm not doing it for spoiling
or making their character.
It's my duty to
save the college.
I placed the bet because..
- You should be ashamed.
You should be ashamed.
You want to make them like you.
What will be the difference
between honest..
..hardworking students
and that Kunta.
And what will be the
difference between..
..these innocent and
nave boys and Marco.
Mind what you say, Sunder.
- Forget it now.
I don't trust you Mr. ghost. You
have shown your true colors.
Mala is so unfortunate
that she is your daughter
Don't bring my daughter
in between us.
Why will I not do that?
Why will I not do that?
Because of you those
people are thinking..
..that I'm a robber,
smuggler and cheat.
They are thinking that
I'm a sinner like you.
I've come to know everything Mr.
I've come to know everything.
If your daughter is
hating you then..
..she's not doing
anything wrong.
That's enough, sunder,
that's enough.
Or else I'll raise my hand.
Hit me then, hit me. Strangulate me.
Kill me, kill me.
Show your true self.
You told me a false..
..story of enlightenment
and trapped me.
You are a bad soul. You
were bad when you were..
..alive, and you've still
not improved yourself.
You are a ghost that's
troubling living people.
And you are still
troubling them.
The fact is that you can never
do any good to anybody.
All right then, I don't
want any enlightenment.
Let the college go to the dogs.
Let every thing go to the dogs.
I don't want anybody's help.
Never again will I come to you.
I'll keep roaming all around,
but I'll never come to you.
I'm not a robber mother. And
nor is Kunta a good man.
I know my son. I'm
sure about it.
My old eyes may not
see anything else.
But they can see an honest face.
No, mother, no. Everybody
has misunderstood me.
Mr. Kaul, Mala, all of
them misunderstands me.
No brother, look over there.
They don't misunderstand you.
Listen, Mr. inspector,
Sunder sir has been framed.
It's a dangerous plot. It's a
false blame on sunder, sir.
Ok, ok. Even if I
believe what you say..
..I cannot release him
without bail, isn't it?
How much would be the amount?
- Rs. 10,000. - RS. 10,000?
Do you have it?
- I'll give the bail.
I'll give the bail
of that great man.
Mr. Sant, you? - Yes Malhotra.
He's not a man. He's a prophet.
He's a pious soul.
He's miraculous.
As soon as the constable
told me I came immediately.
Take this bail of yours.
- Sepoy, release sunder.
You are the umpire for
tomorrow's match isn't it?
Yes, Mr. Rane and I too.
- I have nothing to do with Rane.
I want you to do the umpiring
in favor of Dayal college.
That you will do. In lieu of
that I wish to reward you.
You will get that.
- I've understood..
..what you want to say sir.
That's all. Tomorrow, after
the match you'll get your..
..reward of Rs. 1 lakh.
That too cash, in black.
You won't have to give the
government any tax for that.
The match is going to start.
The fielders of Dayal.. have spread out.
The stadium is packed to..
..the fullest with the students of R.K.
..and Dayal college.
This is the final match
and the winner..
..will get a cash prize of Rs.
2 lakhs.
The fielding pattern
is like this.
The captain of Dayal is
himself at silly point.
Sayed is at extra cover. He's
the fielder on the off side.
Best of luck boys. Play well.
Even if we win this match,
we'll have just two lakhs.
One lakh will still be required.
If at all we return Kunta's ticket,
we'll get that 1 lakh too.
Give the ticket back.
- Ticket? What ticket sir?
Keep clapping.
I knew that you'll..
..realize your folly,
albeit a little late.
Don't talk rubbish. Even if
have to face the biggest..
..difficulties, I'll not
waver from the truth.
Then why do you want the ticket?
I've decided to return this
ticket to Kunta and get a lakh.
Take it and go. You
can surely go.
But I'll not wish you luck.
This ball and this..
Here is Kunta.
Go, go touch his feet and
take his blessings. - Yes.
Greetings, sir. Myself
Sunder Shrivastav.
I'm the coach of R.K.
college, sir.
Oh I see, so you are the one.
I've heard that you're very brave.
Tell me what the matter is?
Sir, return our Rs. 1 lakh.
Here is your bet ticket.
Your team is losing. What were.. thinking when
you placed the bet?
I didn't place it. It was
placed by, Mr. Marco.
Why are you catching
me by the neck?
Where is he? Which Marco
are you talking about?
The one whom you killed.
How do you know the secret,
which is 20 years old?
Marco's ghost told it to me.
- The ghost told you?
Then you tell your ghost
that Kunta does..
..not return the
money from the bet.
Now you can go. Are
you going or not?
This ball is bowled to Rawat.
Rawat drives it to cover.
Rawat has taken two runs
and he's coming back for..
..the third and he has made
it but he been given out.
No, no. - the players
of Dayal college are..
..celebrating but the R.K. players
don't agree with the umpire.
Audience is very excited.
Rao is surprised..
The players are agitated. They
don't agree with the decision.
Come on.
- Out, out you go I say.
And I'm changing the board.
Sir, this is.. Go, Rakesh, play well, ok?
Best of luck.
I was not out LBW sir.
- It's all right. What can we do?
Why can't we do anything sir.
You see now.
No. - but the ball hit the pad.
Is the umpire blind?
- This fellow of ours have..
..come to the field by
being blind and deaf.
All eyes are on the
captain of R.K.
Everybody have a lot of hopes.
And here comes Monty to bowl.
And rakesh hit it. The
fielder got the ball and..
Oh Rakesh. C'mon get out of the way.
Let the air in. c'mon.
I'm sorry sir, I'm
very, very sorry.
I was trying to hit the wicket
and he came in between.
Sorry sir. Bloody idiot,
he doesn't know to play.
Look. Sir, it's impossible
for us to win now.
They are cheating very badly.
No, no. Rakesh don't lose hope.
There is victory in this defeat of ours.
- Ok sir.
Go, and rest. It's not
hurting you is it?
Play properly, ok?
- Yes why not.
And after losing sunder uncle
will give each one a toffee.
And here goes the
seventh wicket.
The ball went to the
wicket keeper's..
..gloves, without
touching the bat.
Marco was right. These
people are bad.
Why don't you do something?
- What?
I'm talking to you.
- Are you telling the one on top?
Yes the one on top. Are you
listening to me or not? - Yes.
They are going on cheating
and you're watching them.
Why should I say
anything uselessly..
..when nobody can hear me?
And that's the fall
of the eight wicket.
Look, look at the sad face of Mr.
Kaul. See how sad Mala is.
Mr. Marco, think, think
of these poor students.
I don't have to think.
I'm a ghost.
And a ghost can never do
any good for anybody.
No, no. Don't do this. For
god's sake don't do this.
Why are you punishing these
people for my folly?
What have they spoilt of yours?
How is that!
This way, you're helping
your own killer.
The killer who snatched
your Savitri from you.
The killer who after
killing you, turned..
..your own daughter to
think bad about you.
You are trying to help
that killer who wants.. play with your
daughter's modesty.
He wants to play
with their lives.
That's a four. I think that
god has listened to us.
He threw the ball
towards the boundary.
What are you doing?
Go bring the ball.
How is that?
Isn't he out? Wasn't he out?
He was out.
And this is the first
ball of the last over.
Hit a four, a six, and an eight.
Son of a gun, hit it.
And this could be an easy catch.
Very very easy.
The cap betrayed him.
What's wrong? Has Tripathi come?
What are you doing?
You're also cheating.
No I'm not cheating.
I'm doing the..
..same thing that lord
Krishna did with Arjun.
Is it done now?
And so the innings of R.K.
college comes to an end.
Tripathi has come. He used to
be an inspector at some time.
Now he has become a very big man.
Go talk to him.
What should I say to him?
- Tell him each and..
..everything that I've told you.
Kunta will have to lose his life
along with the match. Go on.
But, you take care of
these dishonest people.
They can do anything.
- Don't worry.
None of their tricks
will work today.
- Salutations. - sir this is the same..
..miraculous man of
whom I had told you.
No sir, I'm not a
miraculous man.
I want to talk to you about Marco.
- About whom?
Sir, the same Marco
who wanted to..
..surrender to you 20 years ago.
And he fooled us all and
fled this country....
No sir, it's not like that.
Just listen to me.
No sir, he died 20 years ago.
- What?
What is this fellow talking
to Tripathi about?
Boss, I think this boy
is very dangerous to us.
Then don't waste time.
This Tripathi..
..will have something
to remember.
Just as Marco disappeared
this fellow also will..
..disappear and Tripathi
will be looking for him.
And at present too he's in
the field to save R.K. sir.
Look my son. Whatever you
have told me about Marco..
..was known either
to Marco or to me.
But I don't believe
in this ghost talk.
This is true sir. What
I used to think..
..was magic was all Marco's doing.
- Yes sir.
You can see it in the match.
I'm going.
He must be telling you
stories about ghosts.
Mr. Kaul, whatever he told me..
..about Marco is all true.
I know that.
The bowling will have to be
done with great responsibility.
Because 65 runs is not
a big score to defend.
What's this, the ball stopped suddenly.
- Pick up the ball.
This is the last
ball of the over.
Howzzat. - He is out.
This ball went far..
- Catch. And he's out.
Take him fast.
And he has steered
it with the bat.
Empire has to decide about
what has to be done.
And another ball. The
ball is in the air.
He has caught the ball.
A beautiful catch. It was
a very beautiful catch.
No body has ever taken such a..
..catch and nobody will
ever take it again.
How are you playing you fool?
I feel that the fielders are playing well.
- I can say that.
I also think that Tripathi
uncle's doubts are true.
Where's Malhotra?
I think that this match
is gone from our hands.
What's there to think boss?
Think that it is gone.
Take that fellow and go
to the cemetery. - c'mon.
You go while I reach.
Come let's go! - RK. RK.
I'll be back grandpa. - Ok.
You are a great coach sir.
You are a great person.
What are you doing? What is
this that you are doing?
Sunder, leave, him alone.
Hold it, stop.
Hold it, stop.
Oh, my one lakh rupees.
Those who try to challenge R.K.
will bite the dust.
Well done, well done.
Well done my boys.
Mr. Kaul, Mr. Kaul. Kunta's men
took away Sunder and Mala.
- Don't worry sir. Mr. Marco is with us.
Give the instructions
that they..
..have to surround
Marco's hotel.
Do you recognize it? I had
done this to your father.
You too see it.
You two have..
..become very dangerous to me.
Like Marco.
That's why I'll put both of you
in this grave, like Marco.
What are you looking at my face?
Put both of them inside.
Now both of you celebrate your
honeymoon in this itself.
Seal both of them. Seal them.
Sir, sir. There's some bad news.
- What's it?
There was a phone
from the hotel.
The police have raided the place.
- What?
The police have surrounded
it on all sides.
They are looking for you.
There have been roadblocks.
You have to stay here for sometime.
It's in your best interest.
Does Tripathi dare do this?
Come, come here. The safe is here.
The safe is here.
Why don't they listen to me?
The safe is here.
It's, not there Tripathi, it's here.
Here, here.
See here.
There's the safe sir. All
the evidence is in that.
That boy was right. C'mon.
Break it.
We couldn't find Sunder
and Mala anywhere.
Where have they gone?
Save us. - Sunder.
All this is ok, but
where are my children?
This is Marco sir. He wants
to take us somewhere.
Follow, him sir, follow him.
Follow him. Come sir.
- Come this side sir.
Long live hanuman the
son of the wind.
The grave is opening sunder.
It's good that you've come.
Or else..
..Kunta had almost
buried us here.
Both of us would have died.
Thank you. Come Mala.
Mala, my son, are you all right?
- Yes grandpa.
Where's Kunta?
- We don't know sir.
He's not to seen here sir.
Malhotra. - Yes sir.
- You go to Kunta's house..
..and arrest him and
bring him here.
Come on, hurry up.
Sunder we not only got Marco's..
..wealth, but he
brought us here too.
So Tripathi, have you too
started believing in ghosts?
I didn't expect this from you.
But I was certain, Kunta that one
day I'll manage to arrest you.
Hey Tripathi, shut
up your mouth.
What are you looking at? Why
aren't you doing something?
How are you?
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, Marco.
Thank you. Where is he?
Come on, Marco.
Sunder, make him
confess all his..
..crimes in the
presence of Tripathi.
Listen Mr. Tripathi
to what he's saying.
He's not saying anything.
Ask him who killed Marco.
Tell us, who killed Marco?
I, have killed him,
I have killed him.
Are you listening Tripathi?
- Are you listening Tripathi?
Ask him why he did it?
Tell us why did you kill him.
Marco was going to close our.. that's
why I killed him.
I'm responsible for it.
I've killed him.
No, father, no.
- Yes Amar don't..
..soil your hands with
the blood of this rogue.
Don't spoil your
enlightenment, my son.
You had promised to
be good isn't it?
Sir, sir, I've taken
out a live man..
..from the grave for
the first time sir.
Take him. - C'mon.
- Take him away.
My child. - Daddy, daddy.
Sunder. - Yes?
- Tell Mr. Kaul that he should..
..get you and Mala married
in a very grand way.
Yes. - Tell him. Tell him.
Mr. Kaul. Marco is saying
that, I'm telling.. that there is a
school in our village too.
It's not like your college, but it's there.
- Marriage marriage.
Marriages too take place in
a grand way in our village.
Sunder and Mala's wedding.
Yes, Marco is saying that you..
..should open a school
for me, and Mala.
School? Yes school.
Sure. Sure.
Mala touch his feet.
No, no. Here.
May you live long my daughter.
May you live long my daughter.
Sunder, daddy has
not come as yet.
You don't worry. He
must be coming now.
There he's come. We are
waiting for you for so long.
C'mon now perform the opening..
..with you good hands.
C'mon, c'mon.
God bless you, god bless you.
God bless you.
- Mr. Marco Mr. Marco.
I'm going sunder. Good-bye.
Ok, Mr. Marco. Good-bye.
Just a minute, just a minute please.
One minute.
I got a chance,
maybe you will not.
That's why fill
in your account..
..of good deeds from now itself.