Chameli (2003) Movie Script

That day started
like any other normal day.
My life had come to a standstill.
I was distraught.
The time given to me
by my friends and colleagues
for mourning, was over.
You have mourned enough, Aman Kapoor.
You have a good job.
You are in a good profession.
You have a reputation in banking.
So, on that day, I decided
to pull myself up.
I hated these parties.
But I was helpless.
After all, I was the one hosting them.
This is Feroz Khambata,
the world's most boring person.
But it's okay, last year, he gave me
business worth 15 million.
The evening is weary
But it is coming back to life
The lights have robbed
The night of its darkness...
Rakesh, I'll get back to you.
Life is blowing away as smoke
We may or may not meet again
Who knows where we will be tomorrow?
Come, I will please you
I want to live in this moment...
It is very difficult
to fire someone from a job.
But it has to be done.
It is good for Rakesh too.
When the hearts meet
Love is in the air again
They have come with open arms
To meet their beloved
Those who were wandering
In search of love
They are sitting and embracing a stranger
They desired someone
But are loving someone else
The evening is weary
But it is coming back to life
The lights have robbed
There is noise from sky
Everything is shining too
The night is twinkling
And singing too
Like a bridal night
The weather is beautiful
We may or may not meet again
Who knows where we will be tomorrow?
Come, I will please you, as I want to live
The evening is weary
But it is coming back to life...
How could the evening revive?
It had started raining.
I don't know why this happens.
Whenever matters
seem to clear up in my life,
the rains come and ruin everything.
I was trying to live a life again.
But what could I do?
God wasn't helping me.
Wasn't he amazing?
He was mind boggling.
What did he say?
He came to get rid of his wife.
You should give him a tight slap.
I came at four in the morning.
-My entire body is aching.
-Get me a glass of water.
I am not going with that bastard!
Go, take a bath before the taps run dry,
-else you will stink.
-Thank your stars, you came at four,
I didn't get any business.
Why are you both grumbling?
I came at six a.m.
What were you doing till six a.m?
That rascal couldn't do anything.
At three in the morning, he says,
"Chameli, sing me a song."
Every man believes himself to be Romeo.
Even he was unsuccessful.
Where are you going today?
Where will I go?
I have just two stations,
like a local train,
Faras Road and Flora Fountain.
That Nayak's man has come.
Tell him I am not here.
-What is it?
-Where is Chameli?
She is not at home.
Usmaan said she will be home.
She goes to temple at this time.
You'll find her there.
Okay listen,
tell that bitch to wait here.
I will pick her up.
Nayak is a big shot, no?
He pays you well?
He gives disease as well.
He is a brute.
Vidya had also gone to him.
I heard she is in the hospital.
She is in a very bad state.
He has spoiled her life.
Give me my blouse, it's been so long.
Wait, I'm giving it to you.
Give it quickly, or she'll keep nagging.
Usmaan has taken the payment
for you already.
Now what will you do?
I am not anyone's pet.
I will not go.
My car has broken down.
I don't know how.
My car has broken down.
Sir, if you are going that way,
could you please send a mechanic.
I also have a problem.
I have to deposit 50 million
in the bank tomorrow.
Will you give it?
Light it.
Bloody hell, my hand got burnt.
If you don't want it, it's fine.
I don't care.
This rain will ruin my business.
Hey, Sir!
Do you have a cigarette?
I'm taking two.
Tell me, what's the plan?
-Are you interested in me?
There's a hotel nearby.
It's 500 for a room, 1000 for me.
Your car would do too.
Today even the police aren't around.
Tell me sir. I haven't earned a rupee yet.
Don't touch me.
My luck is really bad today.
He says, "Don't touch."
The world pays me to touch them.
Sir! What is the time?
It is 11:30 and not a man around.
The only one around is not interested.
I wonder if he's man enough.
Interested in me?
Listen, my car has broken down.
-Sir, please get out of here.
Leave this place.
He fled because of you.
You're not interested,
and you won't let me go.
Why are you spoiling my business?
My car has broken down.
I'll leave as soon as the rain stops.
I am not interested
in spending the night with you.
Get interested.
because of me--
I am a sex worker, not a beggar.
Time passes by
The evening doesn't come
Time passes by
What? Didn't you like it?
Would you prefer a peppy song?
I can't sleep
I can't sleep
Time passes by
The evening doesn't come...
Did you call the doctor?
The evening doesn't come
Stop it!
-I asked you to stop singing.
Why should I stop?
Do you own this place?
Look, I've tolerated you for too long.
You don't like my singing?
go home.
Listen to your wife's lullaby.
Why are you wasting your time here?
Tell me one thing,
how does your wife tolerate you?
Why has this rogue come here?
Get out of here.
You are on duty in such heavy rains too.
Our lives are very similar.
No matter what, we have to go to work.
Don't act too smart!
Where is your pimp?
He is a busy person, must be in a meeting.
Your work is done.
Take this.
Who is this? Is he your customer?
No. His car is also broke down like yours.
It's less.
They must've stolen something.
Where is your pimp? Scoundrel.
Why are you after Usmaan?
Ask your higher authorities.
You ought to be taken
to the police station and thrashed.
Don't threaten me.
How long will you take advantage
of your post?
You talk too much. Just too much!
What is it?
What is the problem?
Let go, Sir.
What? Is there a problem?
Tell me, what's the problem?
Is she your mistress?
Don't talk to a woman like this.
You will teach me manners?
You sleep around with whores,
and we get screwed for your sake.
We protect you. And what for?
So that you can sleep peacefully.
You trying to teach me something?
Tell me, what will you teach me?
Let go, Sir.
Ignore this fool. Come.
Let go, Sir. Let's go over there.
He's short tempered.
What happened?
I tied him a Rakhi.
What is your name?
And all night long you...
I do business, sir.
When did you get involved in this?
-What is this?
-My birth date.
Chameli's birthday in this business.
So, you think all this is a joke?
No Sir, I don't take it as a joke.
But, if I become serious,
I won't survive a minute.
So, I have to laugh and forget about it.
I am not so bad.
You are avoiding even my shadow.
You've never met someone like me?
You must have seen them in films.
We are portrayed as Umrao Jaan
and Chandramukhi.
The reality is different.
What is your name, Sir?
Aman... Kapoor.
-Are you a Punjabi?
You look like one.
You can identify people well.
Earlier I could not, but now I can.
who do I look like?
That I don't know,
but not a promiscuous type.
-Your language!
-It's vulgar.
I know.
But what can I do?
With so much filth around,
language will be affected by it.
Your family? Where are they?
Earlier, there was everyone.
I had a house, mother, father in Garhwal.
I had a happy life.
But after my father fell ill,
our lives fell apart.
No one chooses to be a prostitute.
Taking advantage
of my father's ill health,
my uncle brought me here
to get me a job.
Instead of a job,
that bastard put me into this profession.
-How was it?
It was all lies.
If I tell this story to a drunk customer,
he would tip me 500 rupees.
Was this a story?
You must be wondering,
what kind of a woman is she?
We have to do this.
Mother says that righteousness
won't feed you.
One has to be a little insincere.
A little?
My mother used to like jasmine flowers.
So she named me Chameli.
Everyone loved me a lot at my home.
We had a big house.
There was merriness all day long.
Where did you live?
Here, in Mumbai. On Grant Road.
Mother was also in this profession.
She was in debt.
One night, my sister and I were sleeping.
My mother's cries woke me up.
She was being dragged away.
She was yelling. They had tied her up.
They put her in a car and took her away.
Some people say she was burnt alive.
The body was found near the sea.
I was very young
when I entered this profession.
You see this date sir,
it was a lucky date in my life.
I cleared all my debts.
Isn't my story more tragic
than a movie plot?
But this is also not the truth.
This is story number two.
If I tell this story, I get 1000 extra.
What else is there?
You want to know my true story?
You couldn't take it.
Johnny, why are you late today?
Rains boost my business.
Ask the man.
Hey, you go to school today?
Yes, of course.
Tell me what you learnt.
India was a great nation before.
We ruled the world.
Then there were problems.
The bandits came.
We have to make India powerful again.
We have bombs too.
We shall rule the world again.
Why don't you dry your head?
How do I dry it?
-What are you doing? Leave me.
Your coffee.
That's a nice car.
-Is there a mechanic around?
-Yes, but he will charge extra.
Okay, how much extra?
In advance, 500 rupees.
Hey! You had tobacco again?
Gotya told me to try everything in life.
Send Gotya to me. I will spank him.
Your mouth will rot.
You take money for fees,
and spend it on tobacco.
I'm sorry.
You have to pay me 700 rupees.
Why 700 rupees?
Cigarette and coffee for 200.
Advance 500 for mechanic.
Get him here, then I will pay you.
He won't agree. Things are pretty bad.
Half the city is under water.
Tell him I will pay 1000,
but after the car gets repaired.
I will try. See you, sister.
School fees are due. Exams are coming up.
-Take it from me tomorrow.
tell your teacher,
killings don't make a nation great.
Then what makes it great?
It doesn't matter.
Send the mechanic.
I will try, Sir.
Hail the Goddess of Calcutta!
He is very smart!
You give him money for his studies,
why don't you pay the school directly?
What do you think? He pockets the money?
He doesn't pay it at school?
What does it matter
if he pockets 20 out of 100?
At least he is not a pimp.
He doesn't sell drugs.
He hasn't killed anyone.
He needs this much to survive.
He treats me as his sister.
He is the only one in this world,
who wants nothing from me.
The rest of the bastards
only want one thing.
You're a simple man.
What do you mean?
You've never done anything wrong?
At work or in your business?
Not even a little bit?
And in that sense?
Any affairs?
You've never had any?
Always loyal to your wife.
Don't you want it sometimes?
Your customer.
Who does she think she is?
I'll slash her throat, got it?
She left me for a customer.
She doesn't care for me.
Sir, this is our matter.
Who said she's with a customer?
She went to dargah,
must've been stranded due to rain.
Hey, do you think I'm an idiot?
I just saw her leaving in the cab.
I... I am an idiot.
I broke father's safe,
and eloped with 50,000 rupees.
-I don't want to live.
-What are you saying?
Don't laugh at me.
She will realize my worth after my death.
Will you please reason with him?
I don't understand the matters of love.
You all cry more than you laugh.
Come talk to him!
Isn't living better than suicide?
I don't know.
Now, what is wrong with you?
Raja, get out of here.
Go to my place. Things will be fine.
Why doesn't Haseena agree?
I will send Haseena if I meet her.
Why are you crying?
-What else can I do?
-Come, I'm coming with you.
This is why I don't like this city.
Dirt, cockroaches.
Throw it out!
Okay Neha, enough of jokes,
I am getting scared of this rain.
We should reach the hospital early.
What are you doing in the dark, sir?
Come, let's go together.
-We will sleep together.
You got angry.
Then, as you say.
You want to stay away,
or you want to come close.
This is the cure for all aches.
Why are you so reserved?
What is it that is bothering you?
Your face!
It is telling me a few things.
Try changing your path,
you'll find heaven.
I might prove to be
the shortcut to heaven.
Listen, you are wasting your time.
So many people out there are doing it.
Why are you refraining?
The first time is free for you.
If you like it,
-pay me double.
What are you doing?
So, you have already booked everyone.
Raja wants to kill himself.
He stole 50,000 rupees from his home.
His father is looking for him.
Raja was very upset.
He was saying when he is working so hard,
why is Haseena soliciting?
I went for him.
Chameli, we can't live together
in this city.
I thought I will also earn some money.
His father might come here, anytime.
Raja is at Ballard Pier.
You run away with him. Go.
I will write to you from there.
That bastard must be here,
sleeping around with that eunuch.
Go inside and look. He might be there.
-Usmaan gave this address.
-Don't get wet.
-I will find him.
-Has anyone seen him?
-He has humiliated me.
-Don't worry.
-He's not here?
-Ask her.
Hey, where is that eunuch?
Listen, I respect Usmaan.
I know that you are
a friend of that eunuch.
Where is that eunuch?
Tell me, where is Haseena?
Go ask his mother.
Have you seen my son? He's 19 years old.
He is wearing a blue shirt.
The bastard eloped with 50,000 rupees.
It's his wedding now.
How will he come in this rain?
I've come. He's come too.
No, actually my car has broken down.
I will thrash that rascal.
Hey, don't harm my son.
Go thrash that eunuch.
I will thrash him. I'll make him a eunuch.
That rascal loves a eunuch. Find him!
File a case with the police, then.
The Inspector is of my caste.
He lost to me
in social committee elections.
He will spread the news in society.
Listen! If you meet my son,
please tell him to get married.
That's all I want.
Then he can do what he likes.
We have to leave for Bikaner in two days.
His bride is very beautiful,
better than TV serial actresses.
-And he is attracted to that eunuch--
-Father, he is in Parel.
-At the port.
-Find him.
Or else everyone will come
to know about it.
No one in Mumbai will need to know.
Bloody bitch.
What is it, sir? Are you irritated?
Why? Haseena must have scared you.
If I hadn't come,
she would have eaten you alive.
Our life goes on like this.
Every night we find someone new
and get laid.
I just have one wish,
that Haseena gets a good life.
Raja truly loves her.
It must be weird for you.
Two men living together.
No, even I have friends who are...
Whoever they choose to be with,
love must be there.
-I hope you don't mind.
-I don't own this place.
Do what you want, sir.
Don't look there, sir.
Is there a problem?
He's a jinx.
-Can't you see I am occupied?
If an influential Marathi man
employs a person from UP,
there must be some reason.
I can't take "no" for an answer.
-Take someone else.
I paid Usmaan for you,
I'll not take anyone else.
He is my pimp. He feeds on my commission.
Don't threaten me.
Don't act pricey. Come with me.
Hey! You leave.
Can't you understand?
Okay, stay.
I saw her condition.
Usmaan has no qualms about money.
It is my body.
I don't want any disease.
Tell him I won't go. Go! Get lost.
What happened?
What is wrong with you?
You ask too many questions.
Is everything fine?
Can I get a drink?
-Give me the keys.
-Of what?
I asked for car keys,
but you can give me the house keys.
My heart wanders somewhere
I don't know where
My heart wanders somewhere
I don't know where
Someone should stop me here itself
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
My heart wanders somewhere
I don't know where
Someone should stop me here itself
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
A cool breeze blows
My mind also has flies away with it
Where do I find it?
Someone should tell me
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
My heart wanders somewhere
I don't know where
Someone should stop me here itself
This kind of weather
Won't come again
I want to live it to the fullest
By getting drenched in the rain
Listen! Listen! Listen!
My mind wanders
I don't know where it wants to go
Who is this?
Do I look like this?
No, you look worse.
I am wet like Zeenat Aman.
Do you watch movies?
With your wife, holding hands?
She must be really worried.
Aren't you tired?
I can dance for another four hours.
You are very lucky.
You got to see Chameli's dance for free.
It costs 5000 rupees.
Our business is like that.
Even mine.
I take money for speaking.
How much?
Ten thousand for an hour.
Ten thousand rupees for an hour?
What do you say?
I am an investment consultant.
I give advice.
He charges people for talking.
You are educated, that's why.
Sir, don't come here.
Even I have a little bit of shame.
What kind of a man is Usmaan!
He deals with Nayak and doesn't tell us.
Now I am in a fix.
He hit me like a dog.
-With his belt?
-He hit me with a whip.
He is very hot tempered.
Chameli will have to go now.
Why are you standing there?
Don't you have a family?
-It's one a.m.
-Go, look there.
-Let me see.
-What is it, Sir?
-Look well.
-You want anything?
-Do you want a girl?
-Hey sir...
-We are looking for Chameli, right?
We will find her. Wait!
The girls are fabulous, the whole pack.
-Bengal, Kerala, Nepal--
-No one.
She'll do anything you say.
Look, I don't want anyone. Go.
There's nothing to worry about.
We have doctors--
-I don't want anyone.
-He's trouble.
Don't use your hands. Understood?
What are you doing?
You fool, find Chameli!
You want a beating?
That's what I'm doing. Where did she go?
Did you find her?
No, we searched everywhere.
Then ask him. She was with him.
Then you should have told us.
Tell us, where is that prostitute?
-Speak up.
-Tell us.
See this? She must be around.
Go and find her.
-Where did she go?
-Get lost.
Where are you?
Should I send people to find you?
-What happened?
Wait! Come with me.
What happened?
Usmaan, Chameli is here.
Hey, come.
-Let's go somewhere else.
-Come. I know these people.
Take this.
Uncle, Usmaan's men are chasing me.
Hey, Gania, it's all because of you.
Go and look there.
Don't talk rubbish.
Look carefully.
Did you find her?
You're useless.
Hey, if you saw her,
why didn't you stop her?
Why did you come back?
If I hadn't reached you in time,
you would've been
thrashed by the man in coat.
Why are you all fighting?
I'm searching for her.
Look for her.
Don't make a fuss.
When I solicited for the first time,
it was on this street.
A wealthy man came.
He took me to his car.
It was a very big car.
He switched on the AC. He played music.
I was very young.
-Come here.
-Where are you going?
What are you doing?
The seats of the car...
were made of leather.
There was a peculiar fragrance.
His teeth were red with tobacco.
There was a god's idol in the front.
I also know this area.
You had a lover?
Then what happened?
I married her.
Where did that whore go?
I'm tired of looking for her.
Ghanshyam, try to call them.
-If we don't find her today...
-You tell us, we are trying
our best to find her.
-Must be around.
-We are...
-Hey Ghanshyam!
-What happened?
-My leg is stuck. Pull it.
-I am pulling.
Pull it out, quickly!
-Something is biting me.
-Must be a rat, you fool.
-Fatso! Get up!
If we don't find Chameli,
the crocodile will swallow us.
-Let's go.
-The tank's empty.
-But it was running now.
-It just got over.
-It's urgent, let's just go.
-That's why it is over.
Sir, he also wants money.
-I will take 500 rupees.
-Okay, 500. Drive.
-Another 500.
Another 500.
Okay. Please start the car.
You can start now.
Anyway, I'll have to park a little ahead,
for you to start.
-Start now, she's used to it.
-What do you mean?
I mean nothing.
Hotels will unnecessarily charge you.
-You are saving money.
Imagine you've won a one night stay
in my cab in a lucky draw.
Dude! Why are you whining?
Just drive the car.
This is strange!
You're not going to do anything?
You are wasting the rain.
I got wet unnecessarily.
Where do you want to go?
Take me to the bar in Bandra,
and he will take another cab mid-way.
No, I will drop you off first.
Then I will go.
Why is that?
Please go your way.
Our world is filthy.
You can see that.
Now where will I get
another cab in this rain?
Even I was not taking my car out.
How will I get passengers in this rain?
But I got six of them.
You are the seventh.
But who will you find in the bar,
in this rain?
Animals of the night.
The bar is closed in the day,
because it has to stay open at night
for these animals.
I meet such dangerous people.
Only if I had not taken
so much money from Usmaan,
for my house,
I would be independent today.
How much money?
One box.
-One lakh rupees.
I have paid him 75.
25 is left.
Usmaan was in urgent need,
so he took money from Nayak.
Only he can pacify Nayak now.
Who is this Nayak?
Don't get involved in this.
He was a corporate suit, and a killer.
He is very influential.
Where do you want to go?
First we will drop her. Then we will go.
-I said so.
Listen to what I say.
I am leaving.
Should I come with you?
-Sir, this girl will die.
What else will happen if she lives
with Nayak and Usmaan.
Stop the car. Take it in reverse.
Sir, your heart is touched.
-Please take the car in reverse.
Will you wait?
The meter's on. Why wouldn't I wait?
Go, move.
Why did I come back?
Think about it, I had many chances
to leave throughout the night.
Was it because the place
to which I had to return was more jinxed?
Or else...
The heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes
The heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal...
Call Usmaan.
Tell him I'm waiting for him at "Sweety".
Call him fast. It's urgent.
When it swayed across seven seas
Your love talked for itself
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal...
Why did you come here?
I told you not to come.
I felt like having a drink.
One beer please.
What are you staring at, bastard?
I told you, it's my problem.
I'll solve it my way.
Go ahead, then. Let me drink in peace.
...capture you in my eyes,
I'll not open them
Let me talk it out with you
And not with the world
Let me see you
Talk to you, live and die with you
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
You didn't go home yet?
All's well.
Take this. Take it.
Take it.
Move aside.
Don't belong to someone else
I will be as good as dead
For you, I will fight
With the world all alone
Don't belong to someone else
I will be as good as dead
For you, I will fight
With the world all alone
I told you my beloved
My body and soul are yours
I told you my beloved
My body and soul are yours
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
The heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes...
Why are you doing this?
What shall I say?
You very well know Usmaan,
we both are trapped by that rich man.
You'll have to do it, Chameli.
He's a very powerful man.
He's a sick man.
It's not true. You don't understand.
You are imagining it. Nothing is wrong.
You've slept with him?
Chameli, mind your tongue.
It's different now.
Who's he?
I'm a friend.
Usmaan, return the money. I won't go.
No, it is not about money.
He wants you. Come on, get up.
It is about money, isn't it? I'll give it.
No, why would you pay up?
-How much?
No, wait. 5000 more. 30,000.
Look, he's fooling you.
He's taking extra money.
-Usmaan, don't act smart.
-Chameli, you keep quiet.
I am CM. You are PM.
-Wait here. I'll be back.
Even I want to go. I want to see.
Hey, hold on to him. He's trapped.
Don't interfere with me.
Love makes one act weird.
It also gets you money.
-What do you charge for keeping quiet?
Oh my God! Where did it come from?
From the machine.
Is it printed in the machine?
No. It is kept there.
-Take this. Let her go.
-Wait, wait. No.
Insert the card. I want more money.
I've paid you.
Look, this card has a limit, okay.
I have withdrawn as per the limit.
Forget the limit. Listen.
The machine has money. You have the card.
Listen, I need 20,000 rupees.
Insert the card.
-There is no money.
-Don't argue!
-Insert it.
-No money.
-Insert it, or else...
-Nothing will come out.
-I'll kill you.
-Money won't come out...
Don't go there.
What did you do?
I gave him the money. He took out a knife.
I told you not to get involved in this.
Tomorrow, I've got to go to him.
-What if he throws acid in my face?
-Nothing will happen.
He can do anything.
Come with me. I know a police officer.
Feroz, it's Aman here.
I'm sorry to call so late.
Look, I need your help.
You know Asst. Commissioner K.P. Singh.
Can you please call him?
I'm stranded in the rain,
and there's a girl with me.
Some goons are chasing her.
No, man.
I'll tell you later.
Just talk to K. P. Singh.
Why are you here? Get lost.
Take her in.
There's one more.
-What are you doing?
-Come on.
-Where are you taking her?
-Get in. Don't talk rubbish.
-What are you doing? Where?
-Hurry up.
Come on, start. Hurry.
Do it fast.
You wait here. We'll come soon.
This keeps happening.
Listen. Why are we waiting here?
-Who's the officer?
-Calm down, Sir.
We'll get out of here.
They are not chasing us.
It is something else.
That's why I look after Johnny.
If he strays to the wrong path
he'll end up dead on the streets.
This is madness!
In which city do you live, Sir?
In which world?
This world is very different.
Yes, it is very different.
Still, we'll see.
You are a gentleman.
Very few people are like you.
Talk in English in the lock-up.
We can get out quicker.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Yes, I've told him. Yes, let's see.
Leave for a week is not possible.
Go and sit there. Go, sit.
Give me the towel.
I'm so tired today.
-What happened?
-The officer drilled us.
I want to make a call.
-Inspector, I want to talk to K. P. Singh.
-K. P. Singh.
-His wife also wants to talk.
-Okay, bye.
-Go and sit there.
Or should I explain differently?
Sit down for a few minutes, Sir.
Nothing will happen
till Mr. Adsule arrives.
Hey, Aunty!
Did Uncle drink and hit you again?
You are such a big constable.
Hit him hard on his back.
Or tell these idiots to shove their sticks
in the right place.
My molar is erupting.
Shall I put it in?
Open your mouth.
Aunty, please tell.
Let Adsule come.
Mr. Kamat...
Who is it?
He was with a whore.
Pull his balls out!
Curd from milk,
butter from curd,
pot of butter, clay for pot,
grass on soil, cow eats grass,
cow's milk...
I told you not to do that.
Now we are in jail. Let it be.
Ghee from butter
pot of butter, clay for pot,
grass on clay,
Cow eats grass. Milk of cow.
Cow gives milk...
Dattu's cow...
He's not used to it.
What all I've to do for you!
I'll arrange bedding for him.
Come on.
Take this.
Who told you?
Cow eats grass.
Pot of clay,
Cow eats grass.
Milk of cow
Dattu's cow.
Dattu's cow.
Dattu's cow.
I'm not lying, sir.
You must not have seen
anyone saving a whore.
Even I hadn't seen it.
But if he was saving me...
What could I do?
He had given money to Usmaan too.
30,000 rupees.
You can ask Usmaan.
He must be lying unconscious
near the bank.
He has the money too.
Which bank?
Near the fountain,
where cash comes out
at the press of a button.
Kumar, come here.
Sir, please allow me a phone call.
Aunty, tell him.
Sit down, Sir.
Would you like some tea?
Get two cups of tea.
Hey! Make it three cups of tea.
What happened? I've been trying
to call you for half an hour.
What were you doing?
Okay, listen. Explain it to him.
Tell him I'm quiet
out of respect for Aunty.
Or else... That is your problem!
You have spoilt them!
Where's the bathroom?
He takes money for college...
This is Mr. Singh.
He drinks at a bar with goons,
dances at disco,
and in trouble, calls me.
Yes. Come.
Tell me.
Actually this incident
is a little strange.
This girl with me is a...
Whore. Carry on.
Yes. And my car broke down
near the fountain.
And I was at that time...
It was raining,
your car broke down, you were aroused,
the regular things. Carry on.
No. It was not that.
It was sheer coincidence that I was there.
Sorry. It was a joke. Go ahead.
My car had broken down.
I was looking for a mechanic.
This girl was there, on the pavement.
Meanwhile, her pimp came by.
He said he wanted to take her to Nayak.
She didn't want to go.
So I talked to the pimp.
There was a quarrel.
After that, we went to a bar nearby
and the matter...
Who is Usmaan?
He's my man.
The one from Telly Gully.
He looks after my business.
He's a pimp, sir. He's also our mole.
Is he of any use?
He's a burden on the earth.
Sir, do you remember
he had a fight with Raman
for Nepalese girls.
He brought 150 Nepalese girls?
No sir. That was Ganesh.
He brought girls in a container,
of which some died?
No. That was Thomas.
Who is Usmaan? I don't recall.
-He is from Hyderabad--
You had bashed him
in the raid at Kamathipura.
He had vomited blood all night.
-He is a mad man.
-Yes, Sir.
-Then he became our mole.
-Yes, Sir.
He is under our protection, so he is safe.
Or else Raman would have torn him apart.
He would have tortured him.
Do one thing.
Remove his protection.
No safety.
Congratulations, Sir. Your work is done.
How can this be? This can't happen.
Say something!
I know his mother.
His sister is my friend.
Today whatever Chameli earns
is because of him.
This is not right.
I don't understand. What do you mean?
They are removing protection.
If the police remove protection,
Raman and his gang will kill Usmaan.
Tell me, is... what's his name...
Kapoor... Aman Kapoor...
Is he your special friend?
No, he is expecting too much from me.
First he asks me to save him from Usmaan,
and now he tells me to save Usmaan.
All right.
All right.
Okay then. I'll settle it.
Don't worry. I'll do it.
Rascal, you will bribe me!
Next time we go to Khandala,
you bear all the expenses. Okay.
Such terrible times!
Now I have to protect pimps.
Listen, go to sleep. I'll be late.
Yes. It's a new case.
Try to understand. It's a police job!
Go to sleep.
I'll be late.
Where did they come from?
No, no.
Where are you taking me?
Sir, I'll die.
I've lost half a bucket of blood!
The doctor has advised complete bed rest.
Don't do this.
-Where is the money?
-Damn the money!
How do I know?
I was saving my life.
Some beggar must have taken it.
-So, Usmaan!
I think I'm losing my memory.
I'm hurt on the center of my head.
-Show me where?
Don't press it so hard!
What are you doing?
I've lost so much blood.
-I'm in pain!
-Where is the money?
I can't remember.
The money... it may be in this pocket.
Take it.
-Unlucky stars...
-Where is the rest?
It is here, in the underwear. You take it.
Softly! I'm hurt there too!
What are you doing, sir?
Can I ask you something?
Who told you I was here?
Chameli told you?
Is Chameli in lock up?
Sir, I'll pay whatever you want.
I've taken money from Nayak.
If she doesn't go to Nayak tonight,
I'll be ruined.
Try to understand me.
I'm trapped for the first time.
-You pimp! Money?
-Why are you hitting me?
-Don't hit me. I'm hurt.
-You extort money!
I gave you the money. What is all this?
Adsule, you're here?
I was investigating.
I've taken him into custody.
I found the money.
You found the money?
Give it back.
I got hurt in the head.
Why are you staring at me?
What should I do?
Nothing. I'll be fine on my own.
Why all this? I am innocent.
Chameli, what are you up to? Chameli...
Look... I'm just a pimp.
I'm innocent.
Chameli, what are you up to?
Chameli, you have forgotten
all that I've done for you.
Remember your drunkard father
had killed your mother,
when you were six years old.
He was looking for you too.
She was lying dead in a hut.
If I weren't there,
even you would have been dead. Bitch!
Chameli, have you gone dumb?
Then tell them.
You keep reminding me about it.
So what if you saved me?
You made me a whore.
I am not a rich man
who'll give you a scholarship.
That's what I did. I took you in.
You are alive because of me!
And you feed on my hard work.
You saved me once.
But I nurture you
and your family daily.
Why are you trapping me today?
Why are you getting me killed?
You are tricking me!
You don't know it.
My life is at stake.
Your Nayak is diseased.
It's better that you die rather than I.
Make her understand.
He is a big shot. I can't refuse him.
I've taken the money and spent it too.
-I say that with God as my witness.
-I'm always careful.
What's his name?
Corporator Nayak, sir. He's a mad man.
He won't listen to a pimp like me.
What can I say?
You are everything to me, Sir.
-Sir. Sir.
-Call him.
Give the phone to Anna.
Hello Anna.
Anna, the police are harassing me
for your girl,
with a gun in my underwear.
Anna, my language is foul.
Anna, listen to me.
Anna, I'm very unfortunate.
I did good business.
Anna, I'm a street guy. I'm a petty worm.
Anna, I'm begging you.
Please talk to this policeman.
He's on the line.
Just a minute.
Talk to him.
He's on the line.
Yes, Nayak? K. P. Singh here.
Greetings. Fine, with your blessings.
Mr. Nayak, I have a humble request.
This girl from your area,
Chameli, let her go.
Let her go.
Be mindful,
if my boy is harmed,
then in the Kurla case...
I'll resolve the Kurla matter.
I'll tell Harshad and Bansi to fix it.
Don't worry.
Then this matter with Chameli...
It's personal.
Okay, consider that...
that I've fallen for her.
Yes fine.
Yes, on Tuesday.
So Mr. Kapoor...
Keep away!
Your work is done.
If I don't go home how,
my marriage is done for.
Just a minute.
Here, the call's from her.
Shall I drop you off?
Explain to this pimp,
if he does this next time...
Because of you, I...
Usmaan is lucky today.
This is life, Sir.
Isn't it?
Are you hungry?
The rain has stopped.
give me your address before you go.
I'm going to return the money.
I won't come myself.
I know your family will be there.
Your reputation will be harmed.
I'll send Johnny.
You can go if you wish.
You accompanied me so far. Can't I just...
I talk too much, isn't it?
Now I'll be quiet.
But think about it,
you spent your night with a prostitute.
If your wife gets to know
that you were with a Kamathipura girl,
she'll be very upset, no?
She'll be very upset.
She'll create havoc.
She'll take the first flight to Bhopal.
To her mother's house.
She'll ask for a divorce.
But I'll convince her.
She'll be convinced.
She'll smile.
It was entirely my fault.
Due to my stubbornness...
Has she expired?
Yes. Because of me.
Because of me.
Because of me.
I could have called the doctor.
Doctor had said seven days. So seven days.
I could have waited.
But I am stubborn.
In spite of heavy rain...
Life was again back to routine.
But something had changed.
After that night, when I returned home...
I took out Neha's pictures.
The pictures which I had buried deep
like the pain of her death.
That day perhaps I had accepted,
her memories will always be with me.
The next day, I called Neha's father.
Don't know why we hadn't talked
to each other after Neha's death.
It's Aman.
-Is everything fine?
No. I'm standing.
Sorrow doesn't always connect people.
Sometimes it separates them too.
We had drifted apart
as we didn't want to share our pain.
I was thinking of coming to Bhopal.
Chameli was right.
"This is life."
If this is life, then so be it.
I hailed a taxi outside the office.
The taxi driver asked me where to go.
I'm coming. Bring some money.
Municipality is...
Want to come with me?
-Not now.
-Why not now?
What're you thinking?
-Let's go.
Ten rupees for one.
Take it if you want.
He's standing in the middle.
There should be love.
Shit! I burnt my hand.
It was a drenched evening
Some fragrant name
She is bid without reason
She is popular
But still has a bad-reputation
I don't know
What has happened to me today
I don't know
Why I am missing her
In this way, I think of her
I treasure those moments that have passed
Those moments that we have lost
And the dreams that have joined us
I don't know what has happened to me today
I don't know
Why I am missing her
Is she light or fire or a lamp
Which has to burn slowly
Which has to live in this way.
Even today she will burn
On some bend, like a lantern
She will set any moment
Like the sun in this city
I don't know why I am missing her
It was a drenched evening
It was a fragrant name
She is bid without reason
This heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
When it swayed across seven seas
Your love spoke for itself
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
Let me capture you in my eyes
And not open them again
Let me talk it out with you
And not with the world
Let me see you
Talk to you, live and die with you
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
Don't belong to anyone else
My life will be as good as over
For you, I will fight
With the world all alone
Don't belong to anyone else
My life will be as good as over
For you, I will fight
With the world all alone
I have told you my beloved
My body and soul are yours
I have told you my beloved
My body and soul are yours
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
This heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal
This heart swayed across seven seas
When you said something with your eyes
I am all yours now, beloved
Oh my beloved, my pal