Chameli Ki Shaadi (1986) Movie Script

"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
"There was a guy named Charandas."
"He was a poor lover."
"There was a guy named Charandas."
"He was a poor lover."
"He locked eyes with Chameli."
"And he got tangled in a puzzle."
"He locked eyes with Chameli."
"And he got tangled in a puzzle."
"Chameli was Kallu Lala's daughter."
"Chameli was Kallu Lala's daughter."
"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
"When two hearts clash with each other."
"Nobody can stop it."
"When two hearts clash with each other."
"Nobody can stop it."
"Even if there is a storm."
"Even if there is a tempest."
"Even if there is a storm."
"Even if there is a tempest."
"Lovers are ready to face the storm."
"Lovers are ready to face the storm."
"Chameli, Chameli."
"Chameli's marriage."
"This marriage is unique and different."
- So, you have come? - Yes, Chief.
- Have you got everything I asked for? - Yes, Chief.
Come on, boys, clap.
Boys, from today this boy... what is your name?
He is joining our wrestling team from today.
The saying of the elders is that the python does not labor..
..and the birds do not do any work.
It is the Almighty, who makes everyone work.
- Did you understand? - Lord Ram is the supreme one.
Good! So, my boys, what is the greatest thing in this world?
- Health. - Health.
India is the country of brave men. Hanuman and Bhim were born here.
But the youth of today is good for nothing.
They smoke, they drink tea..
..and at the age of 20-25 years they sire four-five children.
And at 35, they cough like an old man of 80 years.
You tell me, won't such young men lead the country to doom?
- They will! - Yes, they will lead to doom. you smoke?
- No. - And tea?
- No. - Milk?
- No. - What? - I mean, I drink milk.
That's good. Okay, listen..
..are you involved with any woman?
Of course not, Chief!
Don't you dare get involved with any girl.
I will not.
Listen, a woman is like a machine who takes out sugar cane juice.
She makes a man useless.
Understand? - Woman is like a sugar cane juice machine.
No, a woman makes a man useless.
That is why, you must be alert.
- Did you understand? - I should always be alert.
Very good. Now listen, Charandas..
Listen carefully, the first rule of our wrestling school is..
..the one who joins here will be away from a woman for at least 40 years.
- Do you agree? - Yes, Chief.
For 40 years, you have to don a loin cloth and have a pure mind.
My rules compel me that is why, I permit marriage only after 40.
That too because God has made man and woman to procreate.
Even then, you should not make a woman sit on your head.
A woman is a door to hell.
- A woman is.. - A door to hell.
Very good, now listen to me carefully.
Keep your eyes down while talking to a woman..
..if you look into a woman's eyes, you will lose everything.
- Do you agree? - I do.
Very good! Listen, son..
..from today you are the student of Mastram and this school.
Did you understand? Say, hail to Lord Bajrangbali!
Welcome him.
Come here everyone and have these sweets.
Lallu, are you still grounding it? I am very thirsty.
Very good! You have made me very happy.
Take this reward from me.
You should massage oil on yourself.
Please listen, Kallumal's shop will come on the way..
..ask him to send over a sack of coal.
Listen, I don't like to talk to such cheap people..
..and besides that, I hate that Kallumal.
Last time I went because of you and had a fight with him.
That cheap man earns money in black and wants to reach to our status?
But how will I cook?
Burn wood, buy a stove or get a gas connection..
..but I will not go to him.
My luck is really very bad.
So you are back from your walk?
No, brother, today I won a wrestling match.
I have got a cash prize of rupee one and twenty-five paise.
- What? - Rupee one and twenty-five paise.
If you earn that much in a month, how much will you earn in a year?
Rs. 15.
Even if you get coal from this money, you can cook for 10 days.
For the rest 355 days of the year, there will be no food cooked.
Go and get some coal for your sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law, here is today's income.
- I have got a reward. - Darn your reward.
- You don't work. - You watch how I wrestle in the fair this year.
- I'll get a big cash prize. - I've heard that for the past two years.
But till date, you have earned only rupee one and twenty-five paise.
If someone else was in my place, you'd be out of the house by now.
But I am here because you are here..
..would I live here if someone else was in your place?
Take this. Move away and let me work.
If you really want to help me then get a wife.. are useless, at least your wife will do the household chores.
That's no big deal. I will get married, just let me become 40.
What? You want to get married after 40 years?
That also for you, someone should be there to help you.
Or else, a woman is a door to hell.
This wrestling has rusted your brains.
Go and fetch some coal for me or I will not cook today.
- Brother will get it. - Won't you do any work?
If I get a decent job, I will do it.
I cannot do such chores, I'm the leader of the area, people admire me.
That coal vendor Kallumal is selling coal at higher rates..
..if you are a leader then get me some coal at the control rate.
He is selling coal at black market rates?
How dare he do that? Let me deal with him, give me the money.
What have you done?
You are selling the stuff in black that too to people from the area?
Your means of livelihood will be stopped.
Don't think you can do as you please.
Where are you hiding?
Kallumal, are you so scared that you've started wearing bangles?
That's nice, get up!
Woman is a machine which extracts sugar cane juice.
She is a door to hell.
The minute you look into her eyes, you lose everything.
What happened to you?
You have blackened your face.
- No! - What no?
Don't you dare get involved with any girl before 40 years.
- What are you seeing? - Chief Mastram is an idiot.
- Who? - He is a fool too.
Aren't you Bhajandas' brother, Charandas?
And aren't you Kallumal's daughter Chameli?
If you know then why are you asking?
What were you doing under the table?
I was picking up my money which fell under the table.
And you pulled my hand.
I thought it was Kallumal's hand that is why..
- Have you gone crazy? - Yes.
What? - Chameli, I have seen you many times before.
- But today.. - Today what?
But today you look like a flower.
- And what did I look earlier? - A witch.
- What did you say? - Where is your father?
I don't know.
What is the matter, why are you staring at me?
I have work with your father.
Then look there, he will be coming from that side.
- Do you sit here every day? - How are you concerned?
- Where do you study? - I will not tell you.
- I've passed higher secondary. - I know, in third division.
It's better than failing.
How does it bother you if I fail?
- Even I failed once in the 8th. - I have failed four times.
That's very nice. In which class are you now?
- In the eighth. - In the eighth?
Okay, what is the price of coal?
I don't know. - The price is Rs. 40.20.
And your father sells it for Rs. 60.
- Do you want coal? - Yes, but at the control rate.
- Because I will not pay extra. - Then don't buy.
He will defeat today.
I think I will win.
You have come so late, give me money, I want to pay my fees.
Take this.
I want to go to school.
Father, give me Rs. 20 more.
Take this and listen, take rupee one more.
You can buy yourself something.
Be careful.
Father, he wants coal at the control rate.
Please give it to him.
- Tell me what you want? - Chameli has grown up.
- Tell me what you want? - Which school does she go?
She goes to an English school.
I see. - Do you want coal?
- Chameli.. - It will cost you Rs. 60 for one sack.
- Is she really in the 8th class? - Yes, I said it's for Rs. 60.
- But the control rate is 40. - I said I will charge 60.
Get a tuition teacher for Chameli's studies.
Why are you...what is your name? - Charandas.
Go from here. - But the control rate is Rs. 40.
Go and get a gas connection, forget cooking on a coal stove.
Alright, you are Chameli's father that's why I'm quiet, or..
Father, have I left any book here?
Which book? - Father, has Charandas taken the coal?
How could he, he couldn't afford it.
Has Charandas taken your book?
At what rate did you get the coal? - He was asking for Rs. 60.
I told him that I wouldn't give a penny more than the control rate.
That's like it, very good!
What do you mean? - You got the coal at the control rate.
Where is it? - Don't pretend, the coal sack arrived an hour back.
Hey, what happened?
I am fastened.
I'll just come. - Ok.
What is the matter, why have you come here?
I know that you sent the coal to my house.
You have come so far to ask me this?
Tell me, didn't you send the coal?
Yes, I did, is that alright?
Is it on control rate? - Will I charge you extra?
Here are your Rs. 40.20.
Keep your money to yourself.
Why? I don't take credit from anyone.
Think that I am keeping my money with you.
I will take it when I need it.
This sack of coal has created a storm in my life.
What storm? - In a strike, Mastram and his rules are forgotten.
What do you mean?
When I was nineteen, I made a resolution in the wrestling school..
..that I would be a bachelor all my life.
But after two years and 28 days of that resolution..
What happened? - I am in love with you.
I mean it.
From now on you are my school, you are my wrestling.. are my resolution.
Hey, why are you smiling to yourself like a mad man?
You just saw me smiling, I was talking to myself too.
With whom were you talking?
To the sack of Rs. 40.20.
You've become demented in that wrestling school.
1.. 2.. 3.. 4..
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"If you have the guts.."
"If you have the guts then wrestle with love."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"I won't beat you with fist wrestling."
"I will beat you by locking eyes with you."
"I will beat you by locking eyes with you."
"I will wage such a bet of love."
"That you will get rid of your craziness."
"That you will get rid of your craziness."
"Your youth will perish in the dust."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"Don't drink and come with me."
"You too enter the storm."
"So what if this love is an ocean."
"Jump in it and cross the ocean."
"Jump in it and cross the ocean."
"Take you across."
"Your beloved will take you across."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"Beloved, I have adorned the bed with flowers just for you."
"I have rejected the whole world and loved you."
"And loved you."
"Now do come.."
"Now do come in my arms. Don't act smugly."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"If you have the guts then wrestle with love."
Hail lord Bajarang!
Come here.
Why are you running? - Well, Chief..
Why didn't you come to the wrestling ring since the past six days?
I'll come tomorrow. - I hope you aren't involved with some girl?
Did you forget, a woman is a sugar cane machine and a man is sugar cane?
I remember it. - Don't you dare get involved before the age of 40.
But my astrologer told me that I will die at the age of 30.
Shut up! You were chasing school girls?
Yes, Chief, Chameli was amongst them.
Who is Chameli?
What is the matter, Charandas? - Help me, I've come to your refuge.
I want your help. - Tell me what is the matter?
Promise you will help. Your husband can only help me out.
But, what happened? - I feel shy telling you.
I will tell your husband. - Alright, sit down.
He has returned from the court, I will send him here.
Welcome, young man. - Hello, brother.
My wife told me that you have some important work with me.
And besides me, you will not discuss it with anyone?
You are right. - I anticipated this.
That foolish wrestling teacher who has spoiled the youth of this area..
..I am sure this matter is involved with him, it must be some fight.
Not really.. - I know, I will do what I can.
Even if you have committed a murder, I will have to get you released.
It does not involve fight or murder, it is a much more serious matter.
What could be more serious?
There is no knowledge without a teacher..
..and my teacher runs after me with a stick.
What does he say? - He says that woman is a door to hell.
And I don't require his knowledge.
What do you want?
I want to make you my teacher.
The disciples of Mastram are all useless.
I cannot make such useless boys my protege.
You may not look at others but you please become my mentor..
..and please free me from that Mastram's school.
Even I am fed up of that Mastram. Sit down and tell me the matter.
Come on, tell me.
Brother, the thing is that..
What is it? - I feel shy to tell you.
But you cannot help me if I don't tell you.
Tell me, what is it?
I.. - Yes, you..
I.. - Yes, go on..
I am in love.
What?! - Love!
Why are you quiet?
How can Mastram's student be in love? What nonsense!
But I am not his student anymore, I am your student.
So you are in love?
Yes, I cannot sleep at night.
Is it? - I can hear my heart beating very loudly.
You mean your heart misses a beat?
Continue. - All the time I see her face dancing in front of my eyes.
Is she a dancer? - No, she is a student.
She studies in the 8th class. - 8th class?!
You are in love with a minor? You will go to jail.
No, she is not a minor, she is as beautiful as a fairy.
Sure! - She is not a minor.
What is her name? - She is Kallumal's daughter Chameli.
That ill mannered girl, who had a running nose?
She had a running nose when she failed in 8th class first time.
You've not seen her off late, I too was surprised to see her.
She is very beautiful. - Have you romanced her?
I have. - This means that the matter has proceeded quite a bit.
I meet her in school, my house, in the wrestling ring.
Then what do you want? - I've met her in my thoughts, not in person.
Which means you are still standing from where you began?
That's the problem, brother. Can you do something?
Do you know the meaning of love?
It means affection and marriage.
It means putting your head in the grinding machine..
..and if you do that then you are bound to be ground by the blades.
I will face everything, I will risk my life and..
That's enough! The path of love is very crooked.
Okay tell me, since when is your love story going on?
Since seven days and...nine hours.
And the matter is still the same as it began?
Brother, I have lost my sleep and peace of mind.
Enough! In love you should never see the signal made by a traffic police.
You should go straight ahead.
If you get slack for a minute, someone else will overtake you.
First of all, you do one thing.
You write a love letter to her. - Brother, you know I cannot write.
I've somehow managed to copy and pass my exams.
That means.. - It means why don't you write on my behalf?
I? You will romance and I will write your love letters?
Alright, I will do it.
No, let's type it out.
You will also be proud to have a mentor like me.
'My dear, Chameli.'
Where did you meet her the first time?
In her father's coal shop. - Coal shop!
'You are in my mind like the light of the moon..'
' the fragrance in the air.'
Brother, you think I could ever write such words?
It's my experience.
'When wood burns, it becomes black as coal, the coal becomes ash..'
'..but I am burning in your love in such a way that there is no end.'
'Just tell me if you accept my love or not.'
'If you accept it then give an answer to my letter immediately..'
'..or you can burn this letter in your father's coal furnace.'
'This is my last letter to you, I have bought a bottle of poison..'
'..yours forever, Charandas.'
How is it?
The letter is fine but it is very small.
Further program, I mean, my meeting with Chameli, wedding date..
When the train leaves the platform, it doesn't gain momentum immediately.
Before the airplane flies, it keeps circling on the ground.
And this is your cart of love that too with one wheel.. make a start with this small letter.
Deliver this letter to Chameli and you will get a positive answer.
Even if you don't get the answer, don't worry..
..there are many other ways to scale the peak of Himalayas.
Can I sign this letter? - Of course not.
Don't ever do that. If this letter goes in someone else's hands..
..then you deny it, say that you never wrote it.
This is the advantage of sending a typed letter.
A lover should never be involved in the intricacies of law.
Did you understand? Now take this and go.
Thank you, brother. - You can go.
Hey, Munna. Will you do me a favor?
Yes. - Give this letter to Chameli.
Sister, this letter is for you.
Is this your fourth or fifth going on?
Have you come here to ask this?
No, I have come here because you are very experienced.
Read this letter.
When did you get this letter?
Today, this is the first letter.
Get two teas, quickly.
Who is this boy? - He lives in my area.
Actually, there are many boys in my area who eye me..
..but I like this boy.
He is the leader of all the boys in the area..
..but till date he has never chased any girl.
Then did you pursue him?
I wish it was possible. I think about him when I am in my class.
I cannot study anymore.
Then how did this letter come?
Even I am surprised. Anita, I mean it, whenever I see him.. heart misses a beat.
Is it? - Yes!
What is his academic qualification? - Higher secondary.
And what does he do? - Wrestling.
I meant what does he do for a living, how much does he earn?
That's where my mail train becomes a passenger train.
What do you mean? - He doesn't do anything.
Chameli, remember, the one you love and want to settle down with..
Don't you want to settle?
Of course, I will have a small house on the sea shore..
That's enough! There can be a storm in the sea.
You will get drowned, do you understand?
Listen to a very important thing.
You've to know how much the man you will marry earns.
This is not the age of unpractical romance.
But he doesn't earn anything. - Then go and drown yourself.
What do you mean? - I mean answer him that there is no vacancy.
But, he will get upset. - Let him go to hell.
Being in love does not mean getting cheated.
You write a letter to him, I will dictate it.
Mr. Charandas.
Okay, write, Charandas.
Can I write 'My dear Charandas?'
Okay, write it.
'I am was very pleased to receive your letter, thank you.'
Can I write some romantic words, this sounds very sad.
Alright, write.
'Love means marriage and family..'
'..and to run a family, one needs to earn Rs. 2000.'
'Dear Charandas, you have just passed higher secondary..'
'..and with that, you can just get a peon's job in a Government office..'
'..but yet, I am willing to make this sacrifice..'
'..and I am ready to settle down with you..'
'..but on the condition that you must earn at least Rs. 2000.'
'Yours..' Listen, don't write your name in the end.
Okay, I'll write your name. I'll never write such a horrible letter.
But you don't need to mention anyone's name.
Anita, please think how will that poor boy earn Rs. 2000?
That poor man will faint on reading this letter.
He will not, all men are arrogant.
Right.. Everything else is fine..
I'll make a small change, instead of 2000, I'll make 500.
The poor guy can at least take up a peon's job somewhere.
Alright, write but don't forget to mention that..
..if he gets a peon's job, he should be able to earn by corrupt means.
Now where will the poor guy look for such a job?
Alright, I will make it 700 instead of 500.
Don't say beyond that, Anita, please.
The world has progressed so much and I am not even aware of it?
Whatever you do, first talk business.
You took the first step in the arena of love..
..and you were defeated in the first blow.
What do I do? - I've never seen such a clear cut trade in love.
Even if I take up a job, I will not earn more than 200-300.
Who will give me a job of Rs. 700?
Nobody. - Should I start a business?
It's not simple, you need to invest money to start any business.
Is there any business which does not require a capital?
Without a capital, you can form a gang of dacoits in the Chambal valley..
..and perhaps, you can make money too..
..but one day, dacoit Charandas will be hanged..
..that day which widow's home will Mrs. Chameli go to?
Charandas, don't lose hope..
..the matter of love is always related to the heart.
You cannot solve it by taking up a job.
Majnu wanders without food and water, in the desert.
Farhad, digs a canal..
..and the King of England, abandons his throne.
If a man has courage, God is always with him.
Take this money, a new film is released in the theater.. that see how the hero overthrows his enemy and gets his girlfriend.
Take this, by tomorrow I will surely find some way.
"Give me love."
"Give me love."
"Give me love."
"Give me love."
"No matter what the world thinks."
"No matter what the world thinks."
"I am in love."
"I always call you singing love songs."
Come, child, sit down.
What's the hurry, eat properly.
I have to go to meet Anita, she may leave.
The members of our community have made me the treasurer of our trust.
And they want me to contest for the Municipality elections.
Give the plate.
I told them that we should get together and collect funds.
Ask me why? - Why?
So that we can make a bathing place at the river side for our womenfolk.
And there are very few men from our community in the Government services.
We must pressurize the Government. Everyone was pleased to hear me.
Father, remember when we went to Haridwar, the trains were crowded.
Why don't you have a separate compartment for our community?
Alright, you can say what you feel like..
..when you get married, I'll tell everyone you ridiculed the community.
Then your in-laws will set you right.
I will not get married within our community.
Don't say that.
Okay, father, I am leaving.
Look for a nice boy within the community for Chameli.
Did you hear me or are you dreaming of being the municipal chairman?
You can joke now but the day I become the chairman.. wait and see what I do that day.
You will be the wife of the chairman then.
You read it, nobody will come here.
'My dear Chameli.'
'I was very pleased to receive your letter.'
'Forget 700, I am trying to earn at least 5000.'
'You will wonder how? Let me explain.'
'Let us meet once, I will tell you two things.'
'I will tell you the entire scheme, our relationship is based on love..'
'..then why should we depend on letters?'
'Tell me when and where can you meet? Your, Charandas.'
Now tell me, where should I meet him?
I think this letter is a farce.
What? - I think it is fake, fraud.
How can it be fake?
You won't understand, I think your lover is very sly.
There are certain norms and conditions to be followed in love.
But he is coming on too strong.
Very cleverly, he has evaded the entire topic.
We asked for 500 and he says he'll earn 5000?
How will he? Does he have a machine to print counterfeit notes?
Who knows? Perhaps he has an idea, he will tell me when I meet him.
Anita, you must not doubt a person so much.
You are getting trapped, Chameli. - I will not get trapped.
You sit here, Charandas is not like that.
My ex-lover used to talk like him.
You will always be naive.
Wonder when you will smarten up.
If he wants to meet, we will, he wants to talk personally..
..then we will, why do you need to cry for that?
Come on now, write a letter.
'My dear Charandas.'
'You can talk to me as much as you like but you know very well..'
'..that a woman's honor and a piece of glass are the same..'
'..and now my honor is in your hands.'
'That is why along with me one friend of mine will also come.'
'She is my best friend..' Did you write?
Yes, I did.
'She and I share all secrets.'
'She knows everything about you, I have told her..'
'..that's why tomorrow at sharp 3pm. you meet us at Pinto restaurant..'
'..yes, it is a little expensive but, we can talk there peacefully.'
Did you write? This time write, your Chameli.
'Your Chameli.'
What should I wear? - Wear any colorful dress.
We have to make your lover spend at least Rs. 100-200.
Tomorrow we will know how true that man is.
Okay, tomorrow is our first meeting.
What if I pay the first bill?
Don't talk rubbish!
But have you ever been to Pinto Restaurant?
No, never.. They charge Rs. 10 for mere tea and biscuits.
And if you don't tip the waiter, he doesn't treat you well.
I have only Rs. 10 and my Sister-in-law will not give a penny.
Only you can help me.
You are lucky, just yesterday I handled a case of two brothers.
I earned quite well. Take this, keep a 100 rupee note.
Thank you, brother. - And listen.
Keep these Rs. 1000 too. - No, 100 is enough.
What will I do with thousand? - Keep it, you may need it.
And this is a 10 rupee note, you can use it as a tip.
Those big notes are just for show.
Create a deep impact on that coal merchant's daughter.. the bill comes, just show a few hundred rupee notes..
..see the bill and then say that you have change on you..
..and then take out ten rupee notes, did you understand?
I should just show off these hundred rupees notes? Right.
Show these notes there and then come straight to my house..
..and return the money to me.
You are great, brother. " And don't think this is the end.
If the opponent is strong then you are stronger.
You have to out beat her.
She has called you at 3pm. So what time will you go there?
I will reach there before 3 p.m. - Not at all.
Don't go there a minute before 3.30 p.m.
Did you understand? - No, I didn't.
Let her wait and yearn for you..
..she will value you more and then you can go and apologize.
She has written that her friend will be with her.
Obviously, she has to be of her age.
So, did you understand? - Yes, I did.
What did you understand? - That you will accompany me.
Yes! You fool, I will not come along..
..more than Chameli, pay attention towards her friend.
Why? - Let her feel jealous!
After that, she will love you even more.
I don't think he will come, let's leave.
Wait for some more time, this place is quite far.
It is far for us too, didn't we reach in time?
Actually, he doesn't have the courage to step in this restaurant.
He must have seen the doorman and run off from there.
Could it be that he reached in time and left because we were not here.
That's unlikely, if he came here, he would surely wait for us.
There he comes.
I apologize for being late.
Never mind, we were also late.
What happened? - Please sit.
Why are you sitting here? Let's go and sit in the cabin.
Right. - No, we are fine here.
You did not introduce me to her.
She is Anita, my childhood friend.
I wrote to you about her, she studies in college.
She studies in college? Then I must shake hands with her.
Why does he have a name like Charandas?
He is so handsome!
I am very pleased to meet you. - Same here.
Will you keep holding her hand or will you sit here?
Oh! Sorry.
I'll just be back, I want to meet the manager of this place.
He is my childhood friend, if I don't meet him, he will get upset.
Excuse me.
He is such a handsome young man, Chameli.
Hearing his name I thought he must be some dull looking man.
But he is extremely good looking.
Haven't I searched an amazing brother-in-law for you?
He knows the manager too?
And you said he must have run away seeing the doorman.
He's coming, fix the marriage date today itself.
No, you leave that to me.
We have a complaint against you, you have made us wait very long.
I have apologized, I tried my best to reach here by 3pm.
But what could I do, Rustom-e-Hind, Dara Singh is no ordinary man.
I was about to leave when he sent his secretary in a car..
..and called for me in Hotel Taj.
He wants me to be his successor.
That's great. - It isn't. What if something happens to him?
The best part is that I can earn 25000 in wrestling.. other expenses, irrespective of winning or losing.
Then you must fight wrestling matches.
Of course not. There are other wrestlers too, they can go.
Do you want to injure yourself?
No, Ms. Chameli, those wrestlers are not of international standard.
The best is that Dara Singh wants me to go to England to fight a match.
Is it? - Yes.
Why can't this man himself go there?
What a coward! - Don't say that, Ms. Chameli, it's not right.
Ms. Anita, have you ever seen a wrestling match?
You will not go to England to fight a match. - Alright, I won't.
But how could you write a cheap amount of Rs. 700 in the letter?
I am learning wrestling and my training itself costs 1000.
I wonder which fool gave you the suggestion to write that?
This Anita gave me that suggestion.
She just wrote it, forget about it.
I know that to live, money is very essential.
But what is more important is love.
Without love there is no meaning in life.
Money can be earned. - You are absolutely right.
What do you feel? - Well, I..
She feels that love has no meaning, money is everything.
You feel like that? - Yes, but I only want love.
And today, I will pay the hotel bill.
I am sorry, I forgot to ask, what will you eat?
What's wrong with you, Chameli? - I've invited you, so I'll pay.
And listen, you need not take up a menial job.
Tell me what will you eat? Order for anything you want.
I have a lot of money.
Brother, here is your money.
Chameli paid the bill, she would not listen to me.
She must have done this to defy Anita.
Remember one thing, in the next meeting, don't look at Anita..
..or things may get spoilt.
I will remember or I will get into trouble.
Okay, tell me when is the next meeting?
Today evening, outside her school.
This place is nice, restaurants are very crowded.
Chameli, let's assume that if I don't get a job.. brother and his wife throw me out of the house..
..and if I don't have any place to stay..
..yet will you love me in the same manner?
Will you be with me?
Why did you come so late? I've been waiting for you since long.
I got a bit delayed.
Now tell me, will you still love me?
You were late yesterday, you are late today.
I don't like such behavior.
Don't get upset, I got delayed.
Yesterday you were sitting close to Anita, go and meet her today..
..why have you come here?
How am I concerned with Anita, I just sat close to her.
Oh, sure! To meet Anita, you wore a suit.
You were showing off your hundred rupee notes.. why don't you go and tell Anita these romantic things?
I am talking to you patiently and you are taunting me?
If I get angry then.. - I have seen many like you.
Listen, I have a wrestler's temperament..
..if I lose my mind then.. - A wrestler's mind?
Don't threaten me with such talks.
Is that so? - It is, so what will you do?
"I will go wherever you go."
"I will go wherever you go."
"I will share your pain and sorrow."
"I won't be able to live without you."
"I won't be able to live without you."
"Beloved, I am your Chameli."
"I will go wherever you go."
"I will share your pain and sorrow."
"Beloved.. beloved."
"I know that the world is merciless."
"Who has the guts to snatch you from me?"
"I know that the world is merciless."
"Who has the guts to snatch you from me?"
"Be it kindness or atrocities."
"I will endure it smilingly."
"Our love won't wane."
"Our promise won't break."
"You will be my beloved in each lifetime."
"I won't be able to live without you."
"Beloved, I am your Chameli."
"I will go wherever you go."
"I will share your pain and sorrow."
"I won't be able to live without you."
"Beloved, I am your Chameli."
"I will go wherever you go."
"I will share your pain and sorrow."
Hey, stop the taxi.
Why has she come here?
She must have come to meet you. - I told her not to come today.
I am sure she knows that you are here.
What a scene, you both are together today?
You will see this often. - Is it?
How come you are here? - Can't I come to meet you?
Come on, sit inside. - Where are you going?
Please come with me. - First you both sit.
Come, Chameli, sit inside.
Now you come.
While I was coming to meet Chameli, I was thinking.. to meet you next time?
And look, here we meet.
Did you come here to meet Chameli?
I just.. - Of course he has come to meet me.
It's alright. - Where are we going?
Let's go to the same restaurant we went yesterday, is it fine?
I have some important work, I cannot come.
What work do you have? Didn't you come here to meet Chameli?
We will go there. Chameli, you tell him.
He will listen to you. - I don't have money today.
So what? Charandas is with us, he will treat us today.
He will pay the taxi fare and the hotel bill.
What do you say, Charandas?
Stop the taxi.
Anita, step out for a minute.
Come this side.
Now you can come and sit, Anita.
Come on.
Chameli, I really have work. - Now that you are here, wait for some time.
Charandas, what is the matter, don't you have the money?
Who said I don't have money? - Let's take the same table.
Sit down.
Okay, Charandas, why don't you narrate some wrestling incidents?
Whom did you defeat? - Have you seen Mughal-e-Aazam?
Yes, I have. - I have seen it six times.
Today, I will order my favorite dishes.
Okay. Done.
Do you prepare stuffed aubergines like the Oberoi International?
It's our special dish and cheap too, just for rupees six.
I don't want to know the price, go and get three plates..
..and get three cups of tea.
You look a little tensed.
Not at all, why should I be tensed?
This song which they are playing is to increase your moral support.
Women often get scared in love.
Isn't it, Chameli? - Why should we get scared?
Of course we will, we leave our home and go out with a stranger.
So won't we? - But if the stranger becomes your lover?
Don't you fear me? - Not at all.
Test me if you wish, whenever you want me to walk out, I will.
Promise? - Promise.
Hey, wake up. Prepare special stuffed aubergines.
It's for table number four. - Who are they?
Some youngsters.
Chicken without chili.
Two plates.
Look here, make two plates special aubergines.
They are a middle age couple, table number 10.
Table number four and table number 10.
Table number four and table number 10.
What is the matter? There are many orders today, hurry up.
Chameli. - Yes Charandas.
If I tell you to do something, will you do it?
Of course, if you want I can give up my mind, body, wealth for you.
And what if I only talk about your wealth?
Wealth means nothing, it will never come between both of us.
Really? If I tell you after paying the taxi fare, I have only rupees eight..
..and the hotel bill will be around RS. 29..
So what? You know the manager, we'll send the money tomorrow.
But what if I say that I don't even know the manager?
To hell with the manager. When you are with me, I don't care for anyone.
We'll go to jail together. - But poor Anita will also go.
Nobody will go to jail, your love is true..
..and I am the witness and the magistrate to this true love.
That is why I will pay the bill.
Your friend is very nice. - Look for a nice boy for her.
Look at you, you are talking as if everything is normal.
Talk clearly. - I will tell you.
Sister-in-law Champa, Chameli, come out both of you.
Listen to the latest news.
Hello, uncle.
Why did you leave your work and come here? Lakhilal is drunk.
You know what I mean. - Yes, I may be drunk.
But what I am about to say will make you lose your senses.
Listen, you pretend to be the caretaker of our community..
..but you have been disgraced.
Your daughter is playing the music of love with that vagrant Charandas.
What are you saying? - Whatever I say, I mean it.!
She is in front of you, ask her.
Didn't you come home late after your school?
Weren't you holding his hand in Pinto Restaurant and talking to him?
Ask her.
Yesterday, after school, ask this daughter of yours, where was she?
Is he saying the truth? - Why don't you answer?
Why are you silent? Is he saying the truth?
If you were seeing some boy from our community, it would be acceptable..
..but you found someone outside the Community. You've defamed my honor.
This is because of you. Was it necessary to educate her?
Now look at the result of her education.
I will break your legs if you step out of this house now.
Listen, find anyone in the community and get her married within this month.
Right, we have no choice.
Uncle, I like the way you have instigated them.
Where I was and what I was doing, how are you concerned with that?
I was saying in the interest of the community.
You think you are a well wisher of the community?
Have you seen the flaws in your house that you have come here?
Forget other houses and look into your own house.
Your wife gambles with the loafers of the area when you are not around.
So stop talking about the community and get out from here.
Rascal. Storyteller.
If you ever come here, I will crush you to death.
She is too much.
I told you many a times she has grown up, find a boy for her..
..but you always said that she is your son and daughter too.
You wanted to educate her, now face the consequences of education.
So now you want to blame me for everything?
You consider me completely worthless.
You shout at me whenever you feel like.
If you have the guts, fire the one who is at fault.
Whose fault is it? - Indira Gandhi's fault.
Will you fire her, she's the one who said that women should be educated.
Listen, I have three boys in mind.
One is that sweet maker's son.
- That one eyed boy? - He isn't, he is just a little cockeyed.
He can see with both his eyes.
Other is Manoharlal's son and the third is Munim Lachuram's son.
Remember, Makhan, he has passed law.
Choose one of the boys and get her married.
I know all those three boys very well.
That sweet maker's son is dark and his father demands 20000.
And that fatso, his father demands 25000 dowry..
..and Lachu's son is indeed studying law..
..but you have seen him how thin he is.
And his father demands 50000 cash in dowry.
So what? We will give 50000.
We have only one child. You speak to Lachuram about his son.
I will not get married.
Champa, you wait here.
I am glad that you've come here, child, sit down.
Listen, child, parents give birth to children..
..they raise them up with love and care, they do a lot for their child.
Now in return, if the parents want something from their child..
..then is it wrong? Besides Makhan is a very good boy.
He is the only child, you will live there like a queen.
Yes, tell me...tell me, child.
The way parents give birth to a child, a farmer produces crops..
..after the harvest, the farmer sells the crops..
..but you cannot do the same with your child.
Are we selling you? - I am going to get married.
That is why, my consent is very important.
And I will get married only to Charandas.
You will get married only to Makhan that too within 15 days.
Let me see how you get me married. Before that, I'll commit suicide.
A chit of girl is arguing with me?
You must be thinking that your father is a wimp..
..but I will thrash you and get you to your senses.
If you have the guts to go out then just try doing it.
Your father cannot do anything..
..I will call for my brother right away.
He will cut you into size.
Why call him? Last time he came, he proved to be expensive for me.
Whenever he comes here, I have to incur some expense.
So what if you give him, he does your household work free of cost.
I don't need such people around me.
Chameli, my child, don't listen to your mother..
..we will not force you to get married to Makhan..
..there are other boys too...what's his name?
Bhikhan is the sweet maker's son..
..other is Manoharlal's son, we will marry you to the man you choose.
Noose, knife, gun, they may be different words..
..but they all are used for one purpose.
How dare you back answer? - What are you doing?
If that Makhanlal comes to this house as a groom..
..then I will claw his face.
You will claw his face! Impudent girl, how dare you say that?
Champa, listen to me... will you kill her?
Go to Lachuram's house immediately and fix the marriage.
I will deal with this wicked girl.
Let me see how you step out from the house. Get in here.
She wants to marry that loafer Charandas.
Such a chit of a girl wants a husband of her own choice.
Now you will live like a prisoner in this house.
What do you think I am?
What is the matter, Chief?
How dare that black marketer do this?
What is the matter? - Anarkali is behind bars.
What?! - Why fear in love?
"Again somebody has become the Emperor."
"Again Anarkali has been imprisoned."
"But today Salim won't bow down."
"The entire lane will watch the show."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"The flames of love can't be extinguished."
"The flames of love can't be extinguished."
"Even if you get the ocean."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Considering love to be some stone building."
"Don't think.."
"Don't think that you will sell it in the market."
"You will have to pay a huge price for this deal."
"What can be sold, that is not love."
"That is not love. That is not love."
"What can be sold, that is not love."
"Love is worship and veneration."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Such atrocities have been committed earlier too."
"But lovers don't bow down in front of anybody."
"You can't command the heart."
"You can't tie love with chains."
"The one who can ruin the world of love."
"The world of love. The world of love."
"The one who can ruin the world of love."
"Bring that great king."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"When this obsession rebels."
"You can't bow down the heads."
"Your bad period has started."
"I will destroy your throne."
"Behead passionate people."
"If you can find, then bring such a sword."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"The flames of love can't be extinguished."
"Even if you get the ocean."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Come to your senses."
"Enemy of love, come to your senses."
"Come to your senses."
Kallumal has imprisoned Chameli. - Why?
The cook of Pinto Restaurant told him about us.
How dare he? - Find out who that man is.
Right on.
Take this.
Gulabo, will you eat this?
Even Lakhilal gives me this to eat.
I am fond of that..
What? - Throw your card.
What are you seeing? - I am looking at your cards.
Chameli was right, you are having a good time with these loafers?
Shut up, you witch.
These boys trouble me a lot. They come home as soon as you leave.
What? - I've told them that I am a decent lady.
But they never listen to me, good that you've come home early.
Throw them out. - What are you saying?
Don't talk. I plead to you, please save me from these apes.
Mind your dress.
You rascal! How dare you misbehave with my wife?
I have got these things. - He is lying, I paid for it.
What do you think my wife is?
Hit them more. What do they think I am?
Take this, hit him with a broom.
Hit him. Bash him up.
Hit the useless man. He does not behave like a man.
He wanted to pry on me? Neither does he enjoy nor does he let me enjoy.
Hit him.
The coward ran away.
Hey, please leave me.
We have work with you. - With me?
No! - Yes!
Looks like the other boys have come early today.
Our day is ruined, come, let's go.
If you dare to carry anymore tales, I will stuff you like the aubergine.
Is everything alright? - Yes, but what's the problem here?
Don't ask, brother. - Champa, you called me here.
And I can never refuse you..
..but you know how much money I have to spend?
Keep this or your husband will think I have come to live off him.
Don't say that, brother, I plead to you..
..only you can save our honor.
I will, after all you are my sister but you should also take care of me.
Kallumal acts like a miser.
I need one bottle and few cigarettes every day.
I have made arrangements for today.
And I need some good food.
Brother, don't worry, I will make all the arrangements.
You just keep guard on Chameli.
What has she done? - She has disgraced our honor.
Bangles...colorful bangles. Come, take them.
'Dear Chameli, I know everything..'
' don't worry and don't give your consent for the marriage.'
'I will do something, this bangle vendor will come every day.'
'If there is a message, you can send it through him.'
'Your Charandas.'
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Hey, won't you listen?
What do you think you are?
If I show my true colors, I will forget you are my niece.
I will cut you into pieces and throw you into the river.
Chagmi, what has she written on that wall?
She has written she will get married only to that rascal Charandas.
Oh, my God!
Quietly get married to Makhan..
..or along with you, I will cut that rascal and throw him in the river.
She listens to songs all the while. These film songs have spoilt her.
First, you should throw this radio in the river.
Brother, come here and carry this radio out.
Move away
You are my sister. - Get up.
Come on.
Lock the door.
Oh, my! You come out and lock it.
Darn you, uncle.
You think you can throw my Charandas in the river?
Before you do that, I will teach you a lesson of your lifetime.
'Mother has called her drunkard brother to keep a guard on me..'
'..and has fixed my match with Makhan, that beanstalk, for 50000.'
'She has taken away my radio too..'
' this phase, it was these film songs which kept me alive..'
'..even that has been snatched away.'
'Dear Chameli, if you permit me, I will knock your uncle with a blow..'
'..and taking Makhan to task will be as smooth as butter.'
Kallumal is your father or by now I would have taught him a lesson too.'
'Don't get disheartened because of a radio, soon I'll send one for you.'
'Tomorrow evening, my wedding is going to be fixed with Makhan..'
'..whatever you do, think properly and do it quickly.'
'Send the radio soon. Yours truly, Chameli.'
This means now I will have to tackle the matter personally.
Why are you taking the trouble? This is a very tricky situation.
I can handle those three single handed.
No, brother, you cannot use force in this matter..
..more than physical power, you need to use your head.
Don't speak to Kallumal, he is the girl's father.
Lachuram's son, Makhan, is learning law these days.
I keep meeting him in the court very often.
I will deal with him today itself.
And if you wish, you can tackle Chagmi.
'Jangi Freestyle wrestling.'
'Winner will get a cycle and the loser will get a transistor.'
Have some water.
Child, it is the question of my wrestling school's honor.
Chief, I don't want to win, I want to lose.
Are you my student or some fool's student?
Get up.
What have I done? I've won this bout.
How would you not win, after all, whose student are you?
Get the cycle.
Well done, my boy. Take this cycle and run off from here.
I will make arrangements for an ambulance for your opponent.
Chief, please give me this transistor.
You can put this wrestler on the cycle and take him to the hospital.
And when he is fine, you can gift him this cycle.
You fool, it's you who has won this match.
Chief, you will not understand this now.
Get my clothes and come out quickly.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Since the past two days this man has been calling out too often.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Hey! How come he is selling bangles in the night?
I'll go and scream at him.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Bangles...colorful bangles.
Ran off.
Where are you going? - Towards the canteen.
Come, let me drop you, sit down.
Makhan, I have heard that you are getting married?
Well.. - You are the only talented boy in our area.
I thought that you would become an eminent lawyer and earn fame.
You would add glory to our area but you have disappointed me.
How much sugar will you have? - One spoon.
But how did you agree?
Sir, I am against this marriage.
But what can I do? My family is insisting.
Don't talk rubbish, nobody can force you in this matter.
I am sure you love that girl.
No, sir, I have never seen that girl.
I've just seen her photograph. - You have not met her?
You mean your father is getting you married to get a dowry?
Isn't it? - Right, he is demanding 50000.
50000! Who is the girl?
She is Kallumal's daughter.
You mean that coal vendor Kallumal?
Yes. - That black buffalo daughter of his?
Buffalo?! - Yes, buffalo.
No, sir, I have seen her photograph.
She is quite attractive.
So even you were duped? - How was I duped, sir?
Showing this photograph, Kallumal married his other two daughters.. she is the third one.
But, sir, Kallumal has only one daughter.
Right, he has one but from his second wife.
From the first wife, he has three daughters..
..and all of them are as black as coal.
Obviously, he has shown the photo of his last daughter..
..but he will get you married to the third one from the first wife.
I know Kallumal very well..
..and he will not even give 50000 in dowry.
Makhan, think again, in future you will become a lawyer.
You will go to the court with me..
..won't you get embarrassed to hear that our lawyer's wife.. the product of a coal vendor corrupt income.
If the pair looks good together then the mouths can be shut.
She is romancing a boy called Charandas from our area.
What? - Yes, they have a love affair.
They both meet each other on the sly.
They write love letters and I wonder what else they do?
I will not get married, come what may.
I was thinking you a gentleman.
But you cheated me like this?
You did not find anyone else?
But, Lachuram I.. - Shut up!
My son will not marry your Daughter. - What are you saying?
You already have a wife but who knows if she is a wife or a mistress?
If she is the wife then this one is the mistress.
The three daughters you have from the first wife, you got them married.
What are you saying, brother? - Didn't you see his deeds?
He wants my son to marry his mistress's daughter.
This is a lie.
This is a lie.
You lied to me. I am doomed.
I was destined to share you with another woman.
Keep quiet, foolish woman. - Yes, I am foolish.
Oh God, please take me away from here.
Lachuram, I think someone has fabricated a story.
Where have you seen my other wife and three daughters?
Since the past 40 years, I have been living here.
Keep quiet and go from here.
Have you ever seen my other wife?
Marriages are not conducted discreetly in our community.
Chaudhary is the chief of this place.. know him, why don't you ask him?
If he or someone else proves it that I have another wife..
..then you can cancel the wedding..
..and punish me the way you like.
I will quietly leave this city and go away.
Where will you leave me and go? - I will go to hell.
Go from here! Lachuram, someone has told you a lie..
..there are many people who are envious of me...
I am telling you the truth, I have only one wife..
..and I have only one daughter Chameli.
You don't worry, go home and make arrangements for the wedding.
We will come over and perform the wedding ceremonies.
Forget all that, my son has left the house.
He is missing since last night, he does not want to get married.
Lachuram, what joke is this?
First you accuse me..
..and now you say that your son is missing?
Is this a trick to increase the dowry amount?
What will I do with your money when my son has left the house?
And he has left because of you. Look, he has left a letter.
Read it yourself! - You read, I'm not wearing my glasses.
'Respected father, I will not get married.'
'I am leaving, the one you are getting me married to is very dark..'
'..and she is his daughter from his first marriage.'
'The photograph he had shown is his daughter from his second marriage.'
'She has an affair with Charandas who is not from our community.'
'When you change your mind and cancel the wedding..'
' can insert an advertisement in the newspaper and inform me.'
'I will come back.'
'Your son, Makhan.'
Lachuram, I will be ridiculed everywhere, please do something.
What can I do, Kallumal? Makhan's mother has come back.
She wants me to break this alliance.
You cannot play with my honor.
A man should be true to his words.
Why didn't you take care of your daughter, the one who has an affair..
..cannot be my daughter-in-law.
Move away.
You are happy that you have defamed us, you impudent girl.
Why didn't you die when you were born, go away from my sight.
Stop hitting her. - Brother, what do I do?
My honor is in your hands. - Don't worry, stop crying.
Now mere threats won't work, I will have to take Charandas to task.
Oh, he has got a knife along.
Very good, you go and teach him a lesson.
The elections are approaching, our community name should not be defamed.
I will spend a lot of money and save you.
Alright, tonight, between 9 and 12, Charandas will be finished.
Is this some movie show? Tell me one fixed time.
For that I should have a watch and I don't have one.
Even I don't have it... I really don't have it.
Give it to him. - I don't have a watch.
Do you want me to work for you? - But it won't show the right time.
Do you want me to kill Charandas or not? - Where is my pen?
I'll give it back. - And my glasses and umbrella?
I will give back everything.
Tonight, at sharp 12.10..
.there will be an uproar in the area..
..that Charandas has been murdered.
Before that I will kill you.
You idiot.
I will smash you, I will not let you live.
Are you an uncle or a monster?
I will beat you hardly.
You will beat my Charandas.
I will break your leg.
I will not spare you atall.
Do you understand?
That Chagmi, the brother-in-law of that coal vendor, do you know him?
Yes, I do. - I want to catch that rascal.
Your work will be done. - But where will we find him?
He visits Lily's den every night.
He goes there to have liquor every day.
Are you sure? - Why don't you come along and see?
Alright, let's go and see this man too.
Get me one more.
Hi, boss! What's happening?
You look quite tensed. - Don't ask, my friend.
I am looking for that rascal Charandas.
You are searching for Charandas.
Yes. - Charandas is searching for you.
Why? - No idea.
When the wolf's death is near.. - He comes to Lily's liquor den.
What? - If you want I will get Charandas here.
He is sitting in the other liquor bar.
Please get him here, let me meet him just once.
"If you yearn to drink, then drink."
"Drink to your heart's content."
"But the condition is."
"Don't lose your senses after drinking."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"After drinking.. lurching.. lurching."
"Lurching is forbidden."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"After drinking.. lurching.. reeling."
"Lurching is forbidden."
Hey, Natwarlal, didn't you recognize me?
We've met after ages.
You've forgotten me? Hey, why are you staring like that?
Hey, are you drunk? Come on, get up.
Hey, you are still so skinny.
You are under a wrong impression, my name is not Natwarlal.
I am Chagmi. - You have not stopped your old ways.
My dear, Nattu. Get one drink from me for him.
Rascal, you've forgotten me? - What nonsense is this?
I told you once that my name is not Natwarlal. I am Chagmi.
But you look exactly like Natwarlal.
Are you his twin brother?
No! Give it to me.
Forgive me.. Hey, if you are not Natwarlal, then why give you this?
Keep sitting here.
Get me one drink.
"What a strange intoxication!"
"Drink and end your sorrows."
End it!
"After drinking you can't be deceived."
"The secret of friend and enemy is revealed."
"You are my best friend."
"I love you a lot."
"This love resides in the heart."
"My heart is crazy about you."
"The same eyes and nose."
"The same hair and saunter."
"You are Natwarlal."
"My friend Natu!"
"There is merriment and drink."
"There is merriment and drink."
"It's so relaxing."
"There is merriment and drink."
"It's so relaxing."
"After drinking.. lurching.. fidgeting."
"Squirming is forbidden."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"After drinking.. lurching.. lurching."
"Lurching is forbidden."
Natwar, why don't you admit that you've had many drinks?
I told you once that I am Chagmi Lal.
You took a loan from me and now you are avoiding me?
You are throwing money here? Okay, I leave you.
Then why don't you leave me?
Sure, I am very magnanimous, you can go.
"If you want to drink, drink the brew of love."
"If you want to drink, drink the brew of love."
"Its intoxication never wanes."
That was excellent.
"If drink ruins you, then why to drink?"
"Life is not life if lived in unconscious state."
"You forget dawn and dusk."
"And all the task in the world."
"It makes you forget the outcome."
"This is the magic of drinks."
"You change your name."
"And you fool people."
"The tables have turned."
"You have become a laughingstock."
"Why am I disgraced?"
"Why am I disgraced?"
"Why is drinking an offence?"
"Why am I disgraced?"
"Why is drinking an offence?"
"After drinking.. shakiness.. nervousness."
"Blabbering is forbidden."
"Drinking is not forbidden."
"Serving drink is not forbidden."
"After drinking.. lurching.. lurching."
"Lurching is forbidden."
Come here.
I am going to the toilet, send him there.
You carry on, Chief.
Charandas has gone to the toilet, go and hit him there.
Are you telling the truth? - Yes, go hit him.
Hey, you! - Hey, Natwar...I mean Chagmi Lal.
I thought you were Charandas.
So even you misunderstood?
Charandas was the one who was bashing you up, out there.
He was Charandas? What rubbish!
I am saying the truth but are you really Chagmi?
I don't believe you, he cannot be Charandas.
Then even you cannot be Chagmi Lal.
Who are you? - You don't recognize me, uncle?
I am Charandas.
What nonsense are you speaking? - My name is Charandas.
I am your niece Chameli's would be husband.
So it's you who is romancing my niece?
No, uncle, it is called love.
You rascal, I will teach you a lesson.
Uncle, you took out that knife again?
I thought that the trashing out must have made you come to your senses.
Keep the knife inside.
If you look at my niece, I will pluck out your eyes.
Uncle, your niece is yours, she cannot be my niece.
Your niece will be my wife, so why fight?
My niece will be your wife, how dare you.
Hey, where are you going?
Just a minute.
Uncle, why do you keep dropping this knife so often?
I think your right hand is weak, use your left hand.
Come on, get up now.
Very good, take this knife.
Come on.
Hey, I am here.
Oh, I am dead. He has stabbed me.
Help me, I am dying.
Police, here is the murderer.
Chagmi Lal is arrested..
..for stabbing Roshan Lal under the influence of alcohol.
He has been arrested by the police.
It is also said that Lala's Rs. 10000 are missing.
10000 missing? They have printed this too?
But what is the matter? - I will tell you later.
First tell me what I should do regarding Chameli?
She is still imprisoned. - This is a golden opportunity.
Makhanlal is out of town and Chagmi is in jail..
..if you cook something on a heated stove, you don't lose anything.
Once the stove gets cold, the matter will also die.
Do one thing, before tomorrow morning, get Chameli here.
How can I get her here? - Have you heard of King Prithviraj?
Yes, I have.
History has witnessed the fact that the brave have gained victory.
Prithviraj loved Sanyukta..
..he got her on the basis of his physical strength.
You should do the same immediately, when the situation is still hot.
But how? - Anyhow.
Use tricks, deception, lie, dishonesty, anything.
Before sunrise, get Chameli here.
I will get a few of my lawyer friends here.
I will also get a priest..
..and before leaving for the court, I will get you married.
After that, those people will be helpless and cannot do anything.
What are you thinking? - I am thinking of my family and friends.
Your family will disown you..
..and the neighbors will add fuel to the fire and do their duty.
But you have to achieve your goal, you have only two options.
Whatever may happen remember you have only two options.
First, like Majnu, tear your clothes..
..don't do anything, keep shouting her name and go to the forest..
..and the other option is that of Prithviraj Chauhan.
You will be ahead and your girlfriend will be behind you..
..and you will be riding on the horse at great speed.
I choose the option number two, Prithviraj Chauhan.
Very good.
He is that Roshan Lal about whom it was printed in the newspaper.
Hello! - Did you get hurt?
No, I was well prepared, I had tied a huge pillow..
..and also a cloth over my stomach.
But what is this matter? - It is all your blessing.
Now you see what I do? Is Chameli's uncle still in jail?
Of course, I am coming from the police station.
I don't know anything, all I know is my brother went to jail because of you.
I don't care how much you spend, go and release my brother.
I am very busy with election work.
Until my brother doesn't come home, I will not eat or drink anything.
Don't cry.
I don't know why I created this trouble for myself?
I have to leave election work and go there.
But why did you leave the wrestling school?
Do you know, after you, four other students have left the school.
I am sorry, Chief, but I am a very honest student.
I didn't mean to cheat you.
I can take care of cheats...anyway, tell me what is the matter?
The thing that I was supposed to do after 40 years of age..
..I did that before time.
What can I do? After all, I am a human being.
But never mind, after all you are a student of my school.
And I always side my students.
Tell me whom we have to bash up? - Thank you, Chief!
I won't need that, all I need is the support of your stick.
And if required, can I take a couple of your wrestlers along?
Sure, you can take them.
Did you find the milkman? - Of course, he is also young.
He agreed to do your work.
Tomorrow, before sunrise at 5am..
Hail lord bajarang. - Hail lord bajarang.
Wonder why this darned milkman comes in the middle of the night?
I've told you to come at the break of dawn..
..but you never listen. Here, take this.
Madam, it's 5 am.
Hey, this vessel is dirty, look.
The milk will get curdled, get me another vessel.
The milk you've got must be bad, if it curdles, I will not pay you.
No, madam.
Here! If you come in the night, I'll stop taking milk from you.
Alright, madam, from tomorrow, I will come in the day time.
Oh, my!!
Am I dreaming? - No, Chameli, it's me.
I have come to take you with me, get ready.
Really? - Really.
But at this hour? I mean isn't it dangerous?
I don't care. - What if we are caught?
If I was scared of being caught, I wouldn't have come here.
Yet, think again.
What's there to think? - I mean where will you keep me?
Please don't get angry, there is a distance of these bars between us.
But when it's not there, you will have to face the barbs of the world..
I don't care, it is me who has to face the barbs.. don't get worried. I have decided you come with me.
But how will I come out, there is a lock on the door.
I have thought of that, you call out to your mother.
I will call her? - Call her.
Mother, open the door, I want to go down.
First it was that milkman and now she is troubling me.
They don't even let me sleep.
And look at him sleeping.
He is sleeping peacefully sending my brother to jail.
Listen, your daughter is calling out to you.
Wake up, Chameli is calling.
Why are you wearing your cap? Are you going to the shop?
If your father opens the door and walks down with you then it's fine.
I will hide in your room..
..and if..
Come out.
Where are you?
Can you hear me?
Where has he gone?.
Are you there?
Chameli's father.
Come, Charandas, so you did muster up the courage?
How could I refuse your order? - Did you have a problem?
No. Chameli, he is Mr. Harish, my friend, philosopher and guide.
Seek his blessings.
May God bless you, child.
Please sit...Nirmala... look who is here.
Now listen, Charandas and Chameli..
..your union is a lesson for the society and this country.
It's a fight against social evils like black marketing and dowry system.
Besides this, there is one more social evil prevalent on our country.
And that is of caste distinctions.
We cannot prove unity by just shouting slogans, we are one..
..unity is made with sacrifice.. can achieve unity by undertaking responsibilities..
..and doing something, the way you both have done.
This is a good lesson to the country and the society.
That is why I empathize with both of you.
Listen, you go and dress them up for their wedding..
..and make arrangements for the wedding.
I am going to get a priest and a few of my friends.
You both will be married before 9am.
Please keep these keys.
What keys are these?
Wonder where Chameli kept the keys?
You are bothered about the keys, our daughter has eloped.
I am completely humiliated in our community.
Here, she has eloped and there my brother is in the jail.
I am doomed!
Who has come early in the morning? Go and see who it is?
What do I tell him? - Tell him I am imprisoned.
Kallumal is dead.
Kallumal, where are you?
Hello, sister-in-law. Where is Kallumal?
He is sleeping. - And your daughter Chameli?
She has gone out.
Strange, early in the morning, Chameli has gone out..
..and Kallumal is sleeping?
No, I mean Chameli is sleeping and her father has gone out.
Oh, now I get it.
Very good.
Do you have some work?
I read in the paper that Chagmi is in jail for a murder.. as a neighbor and a lawyer, I thought of finding out the matter.
Please help us. - I can remove him from the jail in one minute.
And the murder charge can also be taken back.
Please help us, I plead to you. - What are you doing?
You will have to spend some money. - I am willing to do it.
How much will it cost? - Around 50000.
You please wait here, I will be back in a minute.
Listen, a lawyer has come, he says he can free my brother.
It will cost 50000. - 50000?
- I will not give. - Why are you screaming?
Didn't you tell my brother that you would spend a lot of money?
He is my brother that's why you are not giving.
But where do I have the money? - Speak softly.
I am trapped here. - You be trapped here all your life.
Hey, don't give him the money.
Take this 25000. - 25000?
I had only this much, I will give the rest when my husband returns.
Don't wait for Kallumal's return..'s a very delicate matter, don't think about money.
I am sure you must have made some jewelry for Chameli's wedding.
Give that to me, I will mortgage them..
..and take the money, when the matter ends, you get your jewelry back.
Don't think so much, your brother's life is at stake.
These are ornaments worth 50000.
I made it for Chameli's wedding and this is the receipt.
Now your work is done. - My brother will be released?
That is my responsibility. You do one thing.. and your husband come to my house after an hour.
What is the matter? - Nothing.
Tell me. - Well.. - I understood.
This is the key to the room upstairs.
Kallumal is locked up there, you can go and open the room.
How did you get the key?
I'll tell you later, first you free Kallumal from that jail..
I will go and release your brother Chagmi.
And you both come to my house after an hour..
..because, Chameli is getting married.. Charandas.
My girl has been abducted and she is being forced to marry.
She is the daughter of our community, isn't it?
Right! - Along with me our community is also being defamed.
This is sheer injustice and we are sitting quiet?
If this marriage takes place then our community will be defamed.
It's yet not late, let's show them that they cannot play with us.
Come on, let's go.
Times have changed, my brother is marrying Kallumal's daughter?
What would you do if your son married..
..and a girl of a low caste came to your house as your daughter-in-law?
It's not right! - We are the caretakers of society.
Isn't it shameful that our boy gets married to someone from a low caste?
Brother, we will not let this happen.
We will stop this marriage, come with me.
Come on.
You see my power there.
I have come to take my daughter.
Mr. Harish is not in and nobody can go inside in his absence.
My daughter Chameli is inside..
..he has forcibly locked her inside and we've come to take her.
Not now. You can take her when she comes out after the marriage.
How is that possible?
How can we let our daughter marry a boy from some other caste?
I cannot tolerate this. - Speak there.
You may have an objection but people inside are getting them married.
That is why..
Kallumal, I will come back in some time.
What is the matter?
You can go inside.
Mastram, let her go inside. - She is Chameli's teacher.
Kallumal, I am glad that you've got people from your community.
You may be a lawyer but who gave you the right to get Chameli married?
We've come here to take her back. - Sure, you can take her.
But first, let the wedding rituals get over.
What is this man talking about?
Kallumal, your daughter is getting married to the right boy..
..and I..
Darn this lawyer Harish, he spoilt his community's name..
..and now he wants to defame us.
Where is he?
There is a wedding taking place in this house?
Yes, so what?
It is the wedding of my younger brother.
And my daughter. - It is outside the community and it's illegal.
It should be stopped right away. - Who says this wedding is illegal?
I am a lawyer and I know law better than all of you.
They both are getting married with their consent.
This wedding cannot take place. - Yes, it cannot.
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
Long live Chameli and Charandas!!
There comes your brother.
Good that you have come, is everything fine?
Nothing is fine.
What happened?
They have bashed me up real bad.
First you tell me how much money have you taken to free him?
Not a penny, after all, I am a lawyer..
..just had to make some miscellaneous expenses.
I gave him 25000 and jewelry worth 50000.
Didn't I tell you not to give him anything?
Why didn't you listen to me?
Please don't cry..
..your money and jewelry is safe, you need not worry.
The immediate family of the bride and groom can go inside.
Mastram, let them come in.
Come on, go.
I will see how you getting marriage?
You wait here, I will talk to him.
You said you were Mastram's student and would marry after 40.. wanted to pursue wrestling so is this your wrestling?
Let me see how you feed this girl now?
You wretched girl, you have defamed the community and come here?
Get up from here. - Priest, I will have you arrested.
You have conducted a wedding of an underage girl.
She is not underage and I have the proof.
Give me the certificate. She is Prabha, Chameli's teacher.
When Chameli was admitted in school, this was her age..
..and as per this her age is 19 years, 6 months and 3.5 days.
This means Chameli is an adult.
Kallumal, come here, why are you unnecessarily getting upset?
Isn't Charandas any day better than that Makhanlal from your community?
Besides there you would have to give a dowry..
..and here, you are getting the boy absolutely free.
Charandas' parents have passed away..
..if you wish, you can ask him to live with you..
..besides you know that Charandas is the leader of the boys in this area.
On his behest, all the boys will help in your forthcoming elections.
You'll win the elections and then you can be the member of parliament.
And then.. - You think I will win?
Of course.
Kallumal, your daughter is getting married outside the community.. you should consider that your honor is being glorified.
How is that? - You want to fight the elections?
Yes. - Then think that you have won the elections.
How? - Because when you win the elections, I'll write your speech.
And when you give that speech, people will become speechless.
So will you.
I mean nobody will be able to say a word.
And you will win the elections with a large majority.
Hey, the rituals are almost ending there.
What are you doing here? - You see it, don't harass me.
Am I dead? You should be smiling on this auspicious occasion.
Now you go, I am busy, I have some important work.
Will I surely win the elections?
You have a pen? I have a stamp paper, I will write and give you.
There is no need for that, I trust your word.
Go, get them, what are you seeing?
So, Kallumal has understood what I have told him.. it would be nice even if you understand.
When Kallumal wins the elections..
..then on his behest you will get cement very easily at control rate.
At control rate? - Of course.
Come here...what are you doing here?
The rituals are ending. - You go and watch, I am talking.
So I will get the cement bags at control rate?
When I say something, I mean it.
Hey! What are you doing?
Brother, you don't worry.
Hey! Don't hit him.
Did you get enough thrashing, now can I get married?
Please go ahead.
Okay, Priest, start the rituals.
Hit him.
You've come again? I told you to come after the wedding.
Why are you falling at my feet? I'm neither the bride nor the groom's father.
I am your father.
Handle him, my boy.
You idiot.
Where did he come from? Never mind, put him in the corner.
Priest, you continue the chants.
Hey, what are you doing? Go from here.
Where have these uninvited guests come from?
Never mind, put him in the corner too.
Priest, you continue.
One more.
Why have you come now, I told you to come later.
You think I can only use my mind..
..I can even use my hand.
There he comes again.
Priest, the seven sacred rounds are over.
Now you can come here.
What's your problem now? The wedding is completed.
You got boxed there, now get slapped here.
One more, put him in the corner.
Chameli, now we are married.. promise me that very soon you will give birth to brave children.
What? Brave children like them?
They will be bashed by everyone. Never!
No, I meant brave men like me.
Thank you, Priest.
Lakhilal, why don't you come down?
Chief, tell us what we should do to these guys?
Do as you please..
..but don't be magnanimous and let them go.
Did you understand? - Yes, Chief.
Okay, tell me whose sticks are oiled well?
Brother, I will never forget your favor.
I gained everything without losing anything.
I request all the guests to come to my mansion with the couple.. that you can help us to complete the wedding formalities.
You think you are very smart, you change colors like a chameleon.
But don't forget he is our boy and after marriage she is also ours.
And as per the rule, she will first go to our house.
Very good, she has spoken the truth.
The couple should first go to the boy's brother's house.
Do you have an objection? - No, how can I object to my relatives?
There is another good news.
Kallumal has announced a gift of 25000 for..
..the people who will marry outside the community.
Long live Kallumal!
Long live Kallumal!
Long live Kallumal!
The ornaments you bought for Chameli have been worn by her.
You can see it. Chameli, show it to her.
Greetings, Chief. - God bless you.
May you have a long life, my child.
Sir, I told you that my mother said that now I have become 40 years.
I wonder why she is in a hurry and she has sent Sharbati here.
You helped my student get married.. why don't you perform my marriage too?
Priest, please recite a few more mantras.
Please come this side.
Please finish it before they both fall off.
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"The Queen of your dream has entered the ring."
"If you have the guts.."
"If you have the guts then wrestle with love."