Champ (2011) Movie Script

"Jeju Island, 2008"
Always rains when I come to Jeju.
Call it jinx of the auction day.
Oh, and darling,
Don't eat sashimi at any odd place.
It's low quality.
You know that guy Young-gu down at Seogipyo area?
The short fella with glasses.
Only his place serves good sashimi.
That place is low quality as well.
No, it's the real stuff.
Hey, punk. Hurry up for Christ's sake! Damn it.
When I tell you to do something,
do it right. Please.
What's there to life?
It's strong finish.
Be on your way now. Go off now. Hurry up.
Goddamn it.
What? Jong-seop?
Mr. Yoon, we've loaded Wubak.
Still working at the track.
They let you keep your job after killing a man?
Let's go, man.
Yes, let's get outta here.
Come on, sweetie.
How can they transport a horse like that?
It's not a pig!
I haven't seen this one before?
Do I look more handsome every time you look at it?
After I win the Winner's Cup,
we'll have a huge wedding.
I don't care about the wedding.
Just don't hurt yourself.
Yea-seung, don't lean against the window.
Come on.
I worked my ass off to train him
and what do I get?
Come on, man.
Yes to this and Yes to that.
You're a Yes Man, aren't you?
You know the old man's temperament.
Like I give a rat's ass.
I should be a stable owner
so I don't put up with this crap.
You idiot! I told you not to sleep here.
What are you, a horse?
How can you sleep in this pile of shit?
Must have dozed off.
With you for a dad,
no wonder your kid hangs out here every day.
Why don't you go to a motel?
What's with that face?
Nothing. Yes, we should move out.
Yeah, get your ass out of here.
I fed and housed you for the last 3 years.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.
All the energy wasted on that loser.
No shame when he can't even earn his own bread.
He needs to ride a good horse to earn his bread!
Let's go eat, honey.
My daddy can ride better than him.
What do you think you're looking at?
A raccoon.
Let's go.
Just like bums on the street.
We're not bums.
You look like a raccoon!
What the f...?
Aren't we going?
You need to pack up by today.
Who's a raccoon?
I told you not to come to the stable.
I had something to say to the raccoon.
You said you can win if you ride Fine Works.
That's why I went.
To tell him to give you a good horse.
You, Bastard!
Stop following me around.
Just pay me back.
Don't wear that hat. You look like an idiot.
Just 10 grand then, for now.
What? 10 grand? Are you nuts?
You like me.
What's this?
Can't you see?
Mounted police.
Mounted police?
Yes, a public official.
A government worker? I'm a jockey.
A jockey who can't enter a race?
You said you can't see well with your left eye.
Think about Yea-seung.
No one knows about my eye problem.
And don't talk to me about my eye again.
What about Yea-seung?
Many fans are here to
watch the 2011 Championship race.
About how many?
About a hundred.
Is that it?
May be around 50 thousand.
Didn't even wash his hair.
And nose is red from drinking too much.
Yes, that's not good.
Should wash hair and
not drive under the influence.
Our esteemed commentator, Ms. Lee,
how do you see this race?
I see it with my eyes.
Thank you for that professional commentary.
As we speak Lee Seung-ho spurts out of the gate
at a frightening speed.
Yes, he overtakes the American horse
as well as the Chinese horse.
Looks like a definite win for Lee Seung-ho.
That's the correct answer.
200 meters to the finish.
Lee is racing at a spectacular speed!
akes over the Japanese horse at the lead.
Truly amazing.
30 meters! 20 meters! 10 meters!
Crosses the finish line!
Yes! Win for Lee Seung-ho!
Why let Seung-ho ride?
Gotta get an idiot ride it to
get paid the dividend.
Don't get pushed around.
No wonder they call you shit horse.
Why don't you get moving?
Can't believe that idiot.
You're riding FINEWORKS this week.
You said you can win if you ride a good horse.
Yes, bro.
Don't call me bro.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Thank you!
What's the source?
Source. Information.
You invest in the stock market.
But without the source? Anyone?
Cool boss in sunglasses. What is it?
Tell him.
With confidence now!
What is it?
Betting on horse racing without source is...?
Anyone else?
Horse betting without source is...?
You end up a bum?
You end up a bum!
100% profit within 3 1/2 minutes.
Is there any jackpot like it?
Should we invest or not?
lnvest? Or not invest?
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
You're riding FlNEWORKS?
On the day,
if l'm sure that l can come in first place,
l'll get off the horse at the paddock.
That's our signal? You're not joking, are you?
No, but l need a house.
A house? You'll bet your kid on this?
What's life?
- One shot?
- Yes, one shot!
Life is strong finish.
Let's buy our Seung-ho an apartment this week.
Get an apartment.
Seung-ho! Seung-ho!
"Across the bridge under star light,"
Come in at 2nd place. Not 1st!
Change of plans. Not 1st but 2nd, got that?
Don't whip her!
We need to come in 2nd!
Good luck!
Get down, man!
You go to the park and ride the merry-go-round.
Hey, Seung-ho! Go ride the shit horse.
You punk!
Hey, he got off. He got off!
Got it!
Hey, bet everything on Seung-ho!
Yes, boss! Let's go!
Stop right there.
You don't have to lie down.
- You punk!
- Calm down.
Out of my way, you idiot.
l got it.
We have a situation.
How much is the winnings?
One million.
One million?
Stupid bastard. Don't whip!
He's racing in the opposite direction.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
l told you to get out of the way.
You came the wrong way and ran into me.
l'm okay.
- Where are you going?
- Daddy!
You idiot!
l am fucked, you imbecile!
l told you to finish second, not last.
Hey, Seung-ho!
Who are these punks?
We're book-makers.
What the...?
Let's go!
Let's me go! Security!
There was a misunderstanding.
l didn't mean to get off...
Are you playing us? l just lost one million.
Calm down, man.
We got security all over this place.
Let's play, Yea-seung.
You bastard!
lf you lay a finger on her, l will kill you.
Don't come any closer.
My head!
Out, Clooney!
She's not done eating yet.
We gotta go, baby.
Let me eat just a little more.
Did you get yourself into a mess?
Where are you going?
l'll explain everything later!
Let's go, sweetie!
Make sure you take the medicine.
l'll call you when we settle in.
Let's go. We gotta hurry!
No, l don't wanna.
Come on. Quickly!
l don't wanna go.
Hurry, hurry!
You gotta catch her today.
Catch her! Okay?
Steady... steady...
Good luck!
Good luck, bro!
You gotta get in closer.
That's not a Jeju pony you're dealing with.
Why don't you come out and try.
Yeah, you punk!
What a bunch of retards!
Daddy, they have a donkey here.
This is the way to handle a horse.
That's a rope, not a horse.
Wubak! Wubak!
Holy shit!
Shit! He's dead.
He's dead. What should we do?
Are you okay?
Carry him! Hurry!
Hurry up and carry him.
Lift him up.
She's coming this way.
l'm sorry. Sorry, Woo-bak!
Help me!
Take me!
Latch the gate! The latch!
Stay away. Unlatch!
Hurry! Hurry!
Woo-bak! Woo-bak!
So pathetic!
Huh? Crap...
Woo-bak! Woo-bak!
Hey, out of my way!
l said, out of my way.
lt's you.
Daddy, medicine.
lt's vitamins. To make his eyes better.
A jockey with poor eyesight?
He's a jockey.
Maybe it's a scheme to get rid of one of us.
Why don't you go and raise the issue?
Yes. Make him realize who he is dealing with.
l told you not to use Jeju dialect in front of me.
When do we ride?
lt's been a while since we got selected.
Not selected. Accepted.
Due to shortfall of application.
We came to ride horses, not clean up horseshit.
Police my ass.
Who the hell are you?
Trying to ride when you can't even catch a horse?
Riding a horse and catching a horse
are two different things.
Yes, they are indeed different things.
Oh, come on, man!
This is a donkey, not a horse.
Ride this?
That was funny.
Are you alright? This is harder than it looks.
l'm fine. l don't need your help.
You fall and ride on. That's how it works.
l'm really gonna ride this time, okay?
Where should l go?
Halla mountains? Be right back!
Hee haw!
Why are you moving? Hee haw!
Hee haw!
Why aren't you moving?
Hee haw!
Oh shit!
Are you okay?
Did the jockey see this?
Pretend you're dead.
Bro! Bro!
Look! There goes the donkey.
How can we live here?
Aren't we going to the tracks?
l miss Yun-heui.
Change into this.
Are we going to the tracks?
We're not going.
Why not? You're a jockey.
Hey kid, why would a jockey
come to a place like this?
My daddy is a jockey. A jockey with 300 wins!
l'm not a jockey.
Daddy is not riding anymore. Okay?
l like you most when you're racing.
Hey, come down here.
Are you looking for a wife that ran away?
My mommy went to heaven.
There can be other wives.
Don't. Stop it.
Let go!
Show me what you got!
What's going on?
l told you not to wear the horse mask.
You said you don't want to see me cry.
Cowboy. Arizona cowboy.
Racing across the plain.
Arizona cowboy.
Did you see me getting attacked yesterday?
What did l do?
l got on my back and like this.
And you got punched?
Who got punched? l'm an ex-marine.
No-one in this island joins the army.
You're all marines!
l was in the army.
That freak!
Listen to me until l finish.
lf you were that bastard,
what would you have thought?
What a crazy punk?
Right? You're pretty smart.
Then he'll wan to stomp on me, right?
Here, you try.
Really stomp on you?
Stomp, trample. Hurry.
- Only because you told me to.
- Stomp on me, you bastard!
Start stomping!
Man, you kicked for real.
Remember this.
Roll, block and kick!
Why tie a horse to the boiler room?
She'll know how to behave
after it's gone through cold and hunger.
l think that's enough. Let's feed it.
Feed it? l've spent over
10 grand already feeding it.
A horse that won't let be ridden is a dog.
So we put her on sale but no-one would buy her!
What can l do?
Then sell her as meat.
She's no meat. You can't sell her.
l'll butcher it and get paid for its meat.
You just wait.
You wanna mess with me?
Don't sell her!
You want someone to ride her.
Look at the eyes.
Not my eyes. Wubak's eyes!
Do you know what those eyes are saying?
Crazy bastard.
He's got style. Probably since he's a jockey.
Style my ass!
lt's the clothes he's wearing.
That idiot!
Feels good?
l think you're better than the jockey.
At least l don't get dragged around by a horse.
lt's a donkey.
Martial Art of Self-Defense: Chapter 3
When the enemy approaches, calmy drink water.
Drink water?
Attack me.
Coming in!
My face is gonna decay.
lt won't decay.
No big deal about the jockey.
Perhaps he's a delivery boy jockey.
Cover it up. lt's not good for her education.
Newbie, you might think we're losers
but to us you're also a loser.
Let's not get on each other's nerves.
How do you erase this?
What nerves coming into the stables!
l think they also came into the main stadium.
That shows him again at the paddock last Saturday.
Last Saturday, sir.
That feels good.
What are you looking at?
Are you bleeding?
Hey, open up!
Tell us where Seung-ho is!
Do you know how many women l buried?
This isn't an interrogation room.
With all that intimidation from me,
she'll rat him out soon enough.
Let's see.
Jeju motel, Jeju Bank, Jeju...
Jeju lsland?
Flower has blossomed!
Flower has blossomed!
Load her up.
- What are you doing?
- Why do you kick a human being?
What do you think you're doing now?
Hurry up and load her up.
What are you doing?
What can we do with a cripple horse
that even throws a jockey off?
Use her to plow the land?
You said she'll make the best race horse.
You said she'll be an investment!
l was crazy to listen to you.
l'll sell her.
Do l seem like a push over?
Turn the ignition!
He says we gotta sell off Woo-bak. Let's go!
Push! Push! Push! Push!
Aren't we going to sell the horse?
You happy being a sell out?
Happy to clean horse shit?
lf she was born as a race horse,
she's gonna race once.
With crippled legs?
ls there a law against her racing?
You can't be like that to Woo-bak.
What do you mean?
l'm next to Cho Seong-hyeon
who recorded 300 wins
in the shortest time in history.
l was on my toes watching the race.
How do you feel?
l truly appreciate all your support.
l will pay you back with a win.
You're tactic was staying behind of the pack
and passing it at the last moment.
Has your strategy always been coming up
from behind the pack?
Life's about strong finish.
That's a great statement. Life's strong finish.
Can you say something to your fans
about the Winners Championship?
That's strange.
Do you remember 3 years ago?
The accident took place right here.
lt's coincidence is almost eerie.
You lost Yea-seung's mom
and Woo-bak lost its foal.
You and Woo-bak both have deep sorrow inside.
Let's forget everything.
Lower the bridle!
Lower the bridle!
You wanna be sold as horse meat?
Lower the bridle!
Or you'll be sold as meat!
You'll die if you keep this on.
You wanna be meat? You gotta let me ride you!
You lost everything? l lost everything too.
Eat this.
Daddy! Wake up! Wubak is not well.
Daddy is aching more.
Woo-bak's down. She might die.
No, l might die.
What? ls it bad?
She'll be okay.
l thought it was serious.
Brush her up well.
Woo-bak, you'll be fine. No, it's not that.
l told you to tame her, not make her a cripple.
Who'd do such a thing? She had a slight fever.
Let's go.
Where to?
"Cowboy, Arizona cowboy,"
"Crossing this ocean...Arizona cowboy,"
- "With Wubak on this boat."
- Turn off the engine.
But, why?
What are you doing?
l'm killing my horse. That's what.
Are you crazy? She's alive!
Can't tame her. Can't do nothing.
Who cares if l kill her?
So you drown her alive?
You feel bad for her?
Of course!
lt's struggling to stay alive.
Then, you go save her.
Help! l can't swim.
This is live burial. lt's too much.
- You!
- Yes, sir.
Do you want be thrown in as well?
Help me!
You bastard!
Help me, Woo-bak
Woo-bak, Woo-bak!
Woo-bak, help me!
First time seeing a horse save a human.
Let's also get started.
With what?
Aren't you going to ride horses?
Of course!
Go Daddy!
First condition of riding a horse
is for the horse and rider to become one.
One, two, three!
Wash the horse clean every morning
just as you'd wash yourself.
45 degrees.
lt's the monkey position. Monkey!
Are you good?
Let's ride, Boss!
Shall we ride?
Shall we?
Boss, they have a donkey here!
Boss, this is the last location.
lf they're not here, they've immigrated.
Of course! Why didn't see it before?
That rat! Rat!
What's this? Police?
- Ask him
- Yes, sir. Excuse me...
Don't ask! What if he's a real cop?
We're going to have some senior people here.
Don't go overboard.
Okay, l got it!
You got something?
Still looking, boss.
Hurry up and find him!
There he is. Over there!
That bastard!
Where is Seung-ho?
Hurry up and find him!
Over there! Horse!
Hurry! Hurry!
How have you been?
Daddy! Daddy!
Let her go, punk!
Why did you go so far? All the way to Jeju?
Let's just settle the account.
Forget the interest, 1 million for principal.
Gwang-gyu, it's been a while.
Boss! lt's a trap.
Front gate! Go! Hurry!
Where is he?
Bathroom. With Yea-seung.
Faster! Faster!
Horse track in this beautiful Jeju lsland...
Fence, the fence!
What? He's trying to catch us on a horse?
Shit! Pedal to the metal!
Sand! Sand!
You know Seung-ho?
- Yea-seung!
- Daddy!
They got her! ln the car.
You alright?
Hurry! Go get them!
You punk!
Come for it. Come in, you punk.
What a freak!
Roll, block and kick.
Find an emergency exit.
Save me!
Find the exit!
Daddy! Daddy!
Stop that!
Help me!
- Quit it!
- Save me!
You know how many kids l buried?
My eye!
Great work!
Private Kim Sang...
Let's sit.
lllegal gambling was a big headache.
On behalf of the association, we are grateful.
As the protector of...
l heard you were a jockey before.
Yes, sir.
How can l repay you
for your important contribution?
May l ask for anything?
And you?
May l ask for anything?
l also dreamed of becoming a jockey...
Do you know a good pork barbeque restaurant?
Despite our start, l think l'll miss you guys.
We meet and then we depart,
that's just how it is.
This is for you.
Please. No need.
Take it.
You don't have to. Seriously.
l said, no need.
Don't be like that.
lt's from our heart.
Good luck! We'll be cheering for you.
- Let's go.
- Commander!
- Good-bye!
- Yea-seung!
l told them not to bother.
What's this?
"lnvoice for Yea-seung's bed"
Those clowns!
What's is this? lt was a present.
Take it back! How can you scam a little girl?
How was that a scam? Send the money.
That's not how it should be done.
We got an image to protect.
Can't we do it?
Can't we get rid of Yoon?
As a decision of the association.
Like pulling out weed.
What else can he do for a living?
Jeju's nice? What's there to worry?
He's been there for a while.
He only knows horses.
Can't be so sympathetic.
- He's coming.
- Who's coming?
What courage!
l couldn't set a foot at the race track.
Everyone knows you killed Kyeong-il.
How can you walk around with your head up?
You do. Shamelessly.
And take those glasses off.
You look like a raccoon.
Fuck you.
Do you have mackerels?
Of course.
- How much?
- 3 bucks.
What are you buying again?
Yea-seung likes it.
And it's only 3 bucks.
Wow, you're wearing a skirt.
What are you doing?
First time seeing you in a skirt.
Forget about it.
Give it to me.
- Hope your business prospers!
- Thank you.
Get a regular paycheck and
an award for catching criminals,
you should put your roots down over there.
A jockey can't leave the race track.
Do you have liver? Fresh cow liver.
Yea-seung eats liver?
No, for you! lt's good for your eyes.
My eyes are great. l can see you fine.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Did you get plastic surgery?
"Cowboy. Arizona Cowboy."
"Racing across the plain. Arizona Cowboy."
Are you going to play?
A cold shower will teach you.
Go play somewhere else.
Winner's is here. Look!
"2011 Winners Cup Championship"
lt's a tournament.
Win four races to get to the finals.
You lose and it's game over.
No worries.
What's there to life?
History only remembers the winner.
Yea-seung, over there.
Give me a break!
l told you, no water play.
You gonna have your kid take care of the horse?
Hey, what's the big deal? She's just a kid.
Are you a raccoon?
Daddy will do it.
Don't wash the horse from now.
Have the younger guys do it.
Have you heard anything about Seung-ho?
Apprantly, he'll enter the Winners Cup.
What a joke!
No, not that.
Then what?
There's something weird.
He's always been weird.
We have a familiar face in this race.
- Number 6, Lee Seung-ho.
- Seung-ho?
Riding Number 7, WOO-BAK,
he looks forward to his comeback race.
The great fortune-teller Mr. Hwang,
how do you think he'll do?
Hello. Yes, this GUBAK horse.
lt's WOO-BAK.
But this horse has no track record.
Yes, this horse is seven years old.
About fifty in human age.
Although we're an aging country,
l think the horse is just too old.
Anyway, we hope to see something new
in this comeback race.
We're not going to have a problem right?
This can blow up later in our faces.
You're wearing padded shoes.
Just the same thing for the horse.
Why don't you go back to your business?
The president must be losing his senses.
Crippled horse. You gotta be kidding.
Don't overdo it.
lf the nail presses against the nerve, it's over.
Not a chance for Seung-ho. Look!
Look at the odds against him.
Look at the odds against him.
Pretend l never had this 100 dollars.
Are you out of your mind?
Number 1 raises its head too high.
so the speed is reduced.
Number 2's strides are too small
so it'll come in 5th at best.
3 and 4 races ahead
so will interfere with each other and lose.
Number 6 Lee Seung-ho, just forget about him.
Then what's left? lt's Number 5, 8 and 10.
Then you're bet should be on 5, 8 and 10.
lt's 5, 8 and 10.
1400 meter Winners Cup preliminary race.
The horses spurt out of the gates.
The horses find their positions towards
insides of the track.
And outside Lee Seung-ho on WOO-BAK, no. 6,
takes the lead as soon as the race starts.
lf you overdo it from the beginning,
you'll get too tired and will fall back.
Not yet. Let's save it.
Lee Seung-ho is completely out of the race.
Yes, that is surprising.
Don't let it bother you.
They don't know how fast you are.
Five, Eight, Ten!
You know, Commission?
Of course!
Hold just a bit more.
Woo-bak! Now!
He's going! He's going!
We have an unexpected phenomenon.
Number 6, WOO-BAK's in the lead!
Number 5, DRAGON RASlNG and Number 6,
WOO-BAK contending for the lead position.
Racing for the win.
A little more. Give it a bit more!
Just a bit more. Just a little bit.
Just a bit more! A bit more!
An unexpected event!
Against all expectations, Lee Seung-ho and WOO-BAK
come in first only after second comeback race.
What is that?
How can that shit horse come in first place?
You said he was out? How can you be so wrong?
Goddamn it!
You said Seung-ho's bust. Bust my ass!
You bum!
Even the heavens can't predict horse racing.
lf l knew, would l tell you?
l'd just win on my own.
What an imbecile! Refund our money.
Stop right there!
Lee Seung-ho spurts out of the gate,
speeding as if his life is on the line.
Yes, beating the American and Chinese horses.
lt looks like a certain win for Lee Seung-ho.
That's right!
200 meters to finish line.
Lee Seung-ho at a frightening speed.
He catches the Japanese horse in the lead!
Yes, it's amazing.
30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters!
Crosses the finish line!
Yes, win for Lee Seung-ho!
Wait in the rear then
cut ahead to the finish line, okay?
That will kill her.
Okay, okay!
Turned, turned, turned!
Cut ahead.
You got that?
Cut ahead. Straight, straight.
Straight, straight!
lt's a tip.
Fighting spirit of the veteran.
Lee Seung-ho ascends as the eye of the storm.
Face-off with Cho Seong-hyeon expected.
Who is Lee Seung-ho?
Easy, easy!
How can you forget your goggles?
When your eyes are not...
Daddy can see fine. Look!
What does this say?
Jockey Yoon Tae-hyuk.
And, this guy?
lt's brother Wan-sik. Ham Wan-sik.
Then, this person?
Come on. lt's daddy!
See? Daddy can see really well.
How many?
Without blinking.
lt just feels it got improved
because intraocular pressure changed.
Actually your eyesight
has gotten worse since the accident.
lt wasn't five?
You have to start letting people know.
lt'll be difficult to ride anymore.
l'm doing good, huh?
You're so big now.
You used to be this small.
l was that small? Me?
l can remember. You shitting and peeing.
You can remember when you close your eyes?
Do you want to try?
What do you see?
Umm... your face.
Are you crying?
No, l yawned.
He's on heavy medication.
l check it out myself.
That rat. l won't leave him alone this time.
Mr. Park!
Mr. Park! Mr. Park!
Hard work covering the preliminaries!
You want a source?
What is it?
Exclusive headlines!
Seung-ho's on medication. His eye's messed up.
One dollar!
What's this? Crap!
lt's not good to lose so much weight.
Bad for the bones.
lf l lose 100 grams,
Wubak becomes 10 kilograms lighter.
Mr. Yoon, the headline says Seung-ho's blind.
Are you out of your mind?
You want to see heads roll?
What's all this?
Gifts from the fans
after the reading the news article.
What? Fans?
lt's just crazy.
Everyone's crazy.
Did you see this?
Did you see it or not?
As if a crippled horse is not enough,
you put a blind jockey on it?
We got a repeat offender here.
First Kyeong-il, now you want to kill Seung-ho?
You'll kill off all the jockeys. Murderer!
Murderer? What about you guys?
What? You guys?
Kyoung-il had ligament problem.
So, l wanted him out of the race.
But you guys forced him into racing.
What are you talking about?
Saying we can't cancel
the race and have profits fall.
You killed him like that. Am l right or wrong?
So, l let him into the race this time.
So l won't take the fall like 10 years ago.
So l won't take the blame like an idiot!
Who are you trying to blame after all these years?
And, who's going to believe you?
That imbecile.
Let me ask you something.
Did you know Kyeong-il was injured?
l knew. But what can l do?
He was the only one making money for us.
That crazy bastard!
What's with the bone soup?
You were just telling me to lose weight.
Anything going on with you?
Why? Because we're too good?
Thank you.
Don't eat so salty when watching your weight.
l'm sorry.
She's shy.
ls it because only Seung-ho's been riding her?
What's going on?
Why is he riding Woo-bak?
Let's talk later.
Turn again.
Get off! Why are you riding Woo-bak?
You could've gotten yourself and Woo-bak killed.
Why didn't you say anything?
You should've told me, at least.
What if l did?
You wouldn't have let me race.
Just like Kyeong-il.
l thought you promised
when burying Woo-bak's foal.
To make Woo-bak a great race horse.
l promised in front of my dying wife.
To be the best jockey.
lf l let go of the reins, l'm already dead.
l'll be letting go of everything.
Are you happy to see mom?
Look how big she is now.
You're the same. l've gotten old, haven't l?
l cut my hair short to look younger.
But l guess it's no use.
What am l gonna do?
l can't see your face clearly.
l wanna see.
l wanna keep my promise.
l have to win and have our wedding.
And raise our Yea-seung.
Protect her.
What am l gonna do? Please help me.
l don't think this is right.
- Seung-ho!
- Hurry up!
Congrats. You're in final round.
Hurry up.
We got no time. Aren't you going to race?
l know. The horse won't move.
Why don't you come here and push the horse?
Am l a jockey?
Don't disappoint Woo-bak!
What's this?
What's a jockey doing
on the ground before the race?
Trainer Yoon! Do something!
You want to blow this race?
We only have 10 minutes left.
Seung-ho! Seung-ho!
They're looking for you.
Wubak just dropped Oun-ho. Hurry down. Hurry!
Let's do this.
You really wanna die?
l see no fear.
You know l've been out for 10 years
because of Kyeong-il.
lf l die, l'll die after crossing the finish line.
What are you doing? There's only 2 minutes left.
My daddy is a jockey. A jockey with 300 wins!
l don't care about the wedding.
Just don't hurt yourself.
You said you would keep your promise!
Daddy, look at me.
Woo-bak, l'll be looking at you.
At you only, and nothing else.
WOO-BAK has no chance in this race.
Number 9 leads the pack with
10 and 3 following closely behind
with number 6, WOO-BAK behind the pack
Seung-ho! Seung-ho!
What is that!
Decision from the photo evaluation
is out of the four horses
winning by inches, Lee Seung-ho's Woo-bak
will enter the final round.
He's going, going, going!
How have you been? You've gotten prettier.
Happy birthday!
We'll throw your birthday party here next year.
Yea-seung, remember Piggie?
lt's Piggie!
Look at me.
You shouldn't have.
You know how nervous
l got after reading the papers?
Let's finish this and go ride.
Yes, sir!
He's in no shape to ride.
You should've restrained him.
How can a blind person ride a horse?
Daddy can see fine.
Old man spoils the party
when he should be cheering.
Who's here to cheer?
Look at the poor kid.
You have to stay strong, you understand?
Why are you doing this? Daddy can see fine.
l hate you.
You came far enough. Think about Yea-seung.
Are you hurt?
- lt's okay. lt's alright.
- l'm sorry.
l'll pay for dry cleaning.
Yea-seung, it's okay.
You should've been careful with kids around!
lt's okay, Yea-seung. lt's alright.
l'm sorry.
l was just playing. l can see fine.
Baby, what's wrong?
Are you crying?
What's this?
What about this?
And this?
You can't see anything?
You can't see my face?
Daddy! Can't you see my face?
He can't see an inch in front of him.
He can die like Kyeong-il.
Why do you keep mentioning death? lt's bad luck.
Living without dreams?
ls that living? That's death.
There's no dream or reason to ride when he's dead.
My father can't see.
He can't see.
What if daddy falls while riding Wubak?
What if he dies?
Daddy is alright.
Don't let my daddy race.
Don't let him ride Woo-bak.
Please, don't let my daddy ride.
Please don't let my father race.
ls it you, Yea-seung?
Woo-bak, please.
Don't be like this. Please come out.
Woo-bak, come on out.
Come on, Woo-bak
What are you talking about?
l dropped her off an hour ago.
Seung-ho! Seung-ho!
You stay right there. l'm by the stables.
l'm looking for her. You stay put.
What the...?
Hey, come on!
Let's go.
Go wait in the office.
Please. Find Yea-seung.
Come to your senses, man. Woo-bak is also gone.
Don't worry. They're probably nearby.
Yea-seung! Yea-seung!
For god's sake!
Would she be okay?
lt's difficult although she won't show it.
Won't show it?
How can we know when we can't even know
how a man feels inside.
This horse will run until it's leg is broken.
Finally we have the opening of
the 2011 Winners Championship.
Seung-ho, you gotta do good.
Boss, you're out already?
No, it's not that...
What's this?
Let's go after this race.
What is a safe one today?
We have last year's winner,
Cho Seong-hyeon on FlNEWORKS
With Cho's skills and condition at its peak...
Block him no matter what, okay?
The man's blind. He'll have
no place to go if you block him.
You understand?
No, actually,
drop him off the horse. Drop him.
Drop him and step all over him, okay?
- Bro,
- Yeah, what?
Am l next after Seung-ho?
You know why Seung-ho became a loser?
He became a loser after he let you have FlNEWORKS.
We'll start bidding on horse number 12.
We'll start the bid on FlNEWORKS at 10 thousand.
From a German breeder, Sweda,
with a record of 12 wins in 32 races...
That's a great one for Seong-hyeon.
Get it no matter what, okay?
For Seong-hyeon?
A jockey is over when he's swayed by emotions.
You can't ride if you get sentimental.
Stay focused!
l want to be a great father
for you and mother in heaven.
Yea-seung, do you understand me?
Many fans are here to
watch the 2011 Championship race.
How many, do you reckon?
About a hundred.
ls that it?
Then may be around 50 million fans.
That looks right. Ms. Lee,
how do you see this race?
l see it with my eyes.
Woo-bak, are you alright?
A jockey can't ride if he get emotional.
Can't ride with sentimental crap
in the head, okay?
What's there to life?
lt's strong finish, isn't it?
Hey, stay focused!
To the left.
Hey, Seung-ho! Do you remember?
Life - it's strong finish!
Stay right behind me.
lt's coming! lt's coming!
Seung-ho, Seung-ho!
Seung-ho! Go!
Lee Seung-ho! Go!
Bastard! That's interference!
Woo-bak, are you alright?
Stop Woo-bak.
No! Stop!
You'll die if we go any further.
Woo-bak, that's enough.
Yes, it's amazing.
30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters,
After l win the Winner's Cup,
we'll have a huge wedding.
lf the nail presses the nerves,
then it's all over.
You lost everything? l lost everything, too.
Woo-bak, that's enough!
No more! Stop!
You'll die if we go any longer.
Let me go, he's my daddy! Daddy!
Lee Seung-ho!
Lee Seung-ho! Woo-bak!
Lee Seung-ho! Woo-bak!
This is hard to believe.
This scene is probably the first
in the history of horse racing.
This is drama without a script.
This is sports.
Horse racing is life. You get up when you're down.
Daddy! Daddy!
Yea-seung! Yea-seung!
- Yea-seung!
- Daddy!
- Yea-seung!
- Daddy!
lt's alright...
Don't's alright...
"Race horse "Luna" that had a limp"
"was bought at $10,000 - lowest price
in horse racing history."
"But overcoming its disability with
the help of trainer and jockey,"
"she earned 13 wins to
become the best domestic race horse."
"At its old age of 8, Luna won its final race"
"giving dream and hope to many fans to this day."
"Life is strong finish."