Champion (1949) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
as you will, of course,...
...The champion makes his
entry into the stadium.
Most of the spectators
have risen.
We welcome with enthusiasm.
There is no doubt,
most popular is the champion...
...In boxing history
They receive.
Indeed, tonight hailed
something more than a man.
Cheer for a story.
A story that could only
occur in the boxing world.
The story of a man who, starting
of the most sordid poverty,...
...Has become
World Champion.
Come, give us the money.
We know you have it.
Come on, man, if it's just paper.
Jerry, watch the cripple.
Jump, jump!
I said jump!
Midge, you okay?
Are you okay?
Come on.
By God, Johnny.
What's the difference? We have room to spare.
- Where are you going?
- A Los Angeles.
- We at Kansas.
- Awarded.
Who won?
We have been robbed in a freight car.
It lasts the life of wandering, right?
We are not that.
We expect a good
business in California.
It is true, I'm going to teach.
Here it is.
Is my friend.
We have sold one third of the business.
My brother and me.
- Great. Good luck, guys.
- Thank you.
Kansas arrive within one hour.
Is this where boxing tonight?
Yes, I deal with Romero,
a pretty good.
What has luck and thanks for everything.
Thank you and another.
You could sell out to eat
drinks during the battle.
Sell anything.
Thanks for the idea.
For here, ma'am.
Are you kidding?
Why I will give you work?
My boys have been here for years.
There is no work for strangers.
- Just arrived and already believe...
- Street, not excited.
Care, crippled.
Who do you call cripple?
Not tonight, Charlie.
What do you mean?
This night has to go.
It is an evening short and not
I want to stop the fight.
Sorry, but that court
open only to blow it Silly.
Do not overdo it, man.
It's nothing, a mere scratch.
It's more than a scratch.
Suppose you lost your eye.
I will not play me the
kind or for you or anyone.
Let's see, what do you want?
What do I want? This guy just
six loading cases of beer.
I have many problems, not
bother me. That paid.
- We have no money.
- Let them go to jail.
What prison?
We have only come to ask for work.
Wait a minute.
You are strong, right?
Do you know how much you weigh?
So on top, about 80 kilos.
Do you want to jump rope
and above earn 35 bucks?
Fighting to 4 rounds with Silly
Mendoza, treat you with care.
Just follow him.
Come on, you say?
Bring the dressing room and give him clothes.
Are you crazy? You do not know boxing.
You start beating ears.
Hey, me 35 bucks
let your head off.
Not fight. You can with it.
Open your mouth.
Have you walked by a ring?
I'm going to cough.
- Four.
- I'm going to the theater.
How are you?
I think I can eat.
When we paid.
Hey, what a job is this.
- Go show.
- Kelly,...
...I want a word with you.
My name is Tommy Haley,
may sound like the name.
I've seen boxing, to call something.
What he did not know write
a book, but you have guts.
- If you want to learn, I'll be your manager.
- No, thanks, this is not going.
In this business there are a lot of money.
Just the same, can you do well.
But if you change your mind
go to Los Angeles...
...And get me in the gym Bradey.
If, Los Angeles, gym Bradey.
Do you give me my money?
As no. Here you go.
$ 10. What about the rest?
And my 35 bucks?
That's your thing.
$ 10 for your assistant,...
...$ 5 for
service costume...
...And $ 10 for your manager.
- I have no manager.
In this club the manager
I am the unknown.
- And now, over here.
- Will...
Thank you, and hopefully can pay
one day with the same currency.
- The business should be scared.
- Yes.
You do not need this.
Are you looking for work?
We hope to do anything.
Although certain to be
something better than this dump.
Connie, what if we left
back to Las Vegas?
Make up another story because I
seems that the girl...
...Do not swallow it.
Let's see, what do you want?
A little more respect
owners, if you do not mind.
- What about Bud?
- Bud?
Yes, where is our esteemed partner?
Lew. Lew.
The cook. What a great establishment.
Cook, why not
prepare a special dish...
...For your new boss?
Less kidding, this place is not for sale.
- What did you say?
- What you have heard.
Hey, my brother and I bought...
...A month ago that part of
Bud Taylor, you know?
I see clear.
And that last month, right?
That's it.
Just last month that dismissed him.
That guy is even more thief
than I thought.
Who owns the site?
Stay. Housing, food and
$ 100 per month for both.
You sleep in the back room.
And watch out for my daughter.
It is still a baby.
You better scrub dishes
we've ever had.
Thank you.
My mother taught me little one.
Emma, I'm going up to take a nap.
Take care to make it all clean.
Yes, Lew.
And do not dawdle,
much to do.
I do not entertain.
Do not take this wrong, you
so many things on my mind.
I do not bother me.
Thank you, sir.
Lew wants to clear this.
So, no. Are not you
taught to sweep?
Teach you.
A big man as a
sweeping cathedral and do not know.
You have to do with decision.
You mean like this?
You do it very well.
You're a cool.
Come here.
I do not want.
In this way.
I wanted to talk to you.
What can you do here?
So many things.
There are many who consider a
lucky to have so close to the beach.
And they're right.
What do you think?
We will go after work, okay?
I'll teach you to swim like a fish.
Come on, answer, what do you think?
I was afraid you would not come.
Lew has taken is to fall asleep.
Well, we hit the water?
Do not you bring towel?
Dry off with mine.
No, I do not need.
Please go to catch a cold.
Well, but before you dry up to you.
You're just like...
Like all.
I am special.
Slightly stupid.
It's funny.
At first I liked you.
He did not smile ever.
And I mean really smile.
With sincerity.
To really smile
have to be happy.
Are not you happy?
Well, now I am.
Then he smiles.
Why are not you happy?
Happy? Poverty is
odds with happiness.
And I've been poor all my life.
Very poor.
You know what it means to be poor?
Does having cold, starving?
No, do not know.
When he was four years
My father left home.
My mother could not keep
Connie and me, so...
...Sent me to an orphanage
until I was old enough to work.
He dreamed of being rich one day.
Hire detectives
to seek my father.
And then break his head.
Nonsense kids.
Our lives are parallel.
Also my mother was
home when I was little.
Before he hated, but now I
I understand certain things.
I do not hate my father. Can
to do well. This life...
What? More.
For this reason a man
struggle against man.
In this life, if you have
money, you're nobody.
It's not so bad. Not always.
You do not know...
...But I will very far.
I earn money and look after my old one.
I will not be a nobody
until I die.
People will call me sir.
I will be an important character.
Will be.
It's late.
Really, it's late.
You know what time is it?
Where were you?
On the beach.
Hey, you want to fire those guys?
Stay away from them. None of them.
Provided by hiding.
You're just like your mother.
A number 6 with black bread, no mustard.
I am a traitor.
When will we tell?
Tell him what?
What we're getting married soon.
We got married, right?
No, never.
I would not be possible.
I have not a penny, nothing.
It would be very bad for both.
Was it bad?
...Is not the time.
We are not prepared.
Why can not
Business as usual?
You know how I feel about you.
You're a disgrace.
And you...
No, Lew, we're getting married.
Of course you do.
Of course not.
I know what you think, do not try.
The law is on my side,
did not get far.
By the authority given to me
the state of California.
Thank you very much and good luck to them.
Good night.
Thank you.
Midge, I did not want it that way.
Midge has started badly but it will be good.
I promise, will make you happy.
I'm going, now there is nothing to prevent it.
Is the same. This had to end like this.
I have done my duty.
Do what you want.
Come on, Connie.
Emma, ...
What are you waiting?
Midge. Midge!
Wait a minute.
You married, do not leave.
Is that what you call it marriage? It's a trap.
The plotted together.
Hush, do not give me more advice.
I have had enough.
If both want, stay with it.
But I'm out of here.
- Are you coming or not?
- As you wish, Midge.
- Is Johnny Haley?
- Johnny Haley?
You mean Tommy Haley.
Sure it is. You must go around.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Haley.
Why, it's Kansas City, how are you?
And that eye?
I'm glad, you see more with two eyes.
He told me to find him, do you remember?
Yes, I think, but I have retired.
No undefeated, but retired.
Do you allow some advice? Do the same.
You volunteered to be my manager
and told me to find him.
That was then, now is now.
Everything changes.
I have retired from boxing.
It sucks, really.
Take a deep breath in here sucks.
And no sweat, this is not good.
Who are you?
His brother.
You look like a boy hustler, no
want to be devoted to boxing.
That's their problem.
Go back home.
What I go to my house?
Do not need you. It is the sole manager.
I'll find another, I see.
What about you?
Do you know the amount
of hits you get...
...In the stomach for a fight?
The human body has not been done
to fight in a ring, Greem.
If you hit a man
followed hard on the head,...
...Even once...
...You can damage your brain
and even kill him.
And for what?
Why fill a room?
Why fill the bag to a stranger?
How do you demonstrate that?
Is it a way of living?
Forget it, kid.
- Hi, Tommy.
- Hello, Rubio.
It is the only sport in which
two types paid to do something,...
...That if they were free and drunk,
would be arrested for it.
If you have that opinion,
Why keep coming here?
Good, some are given by the bottle,...
I enjoy watching...
the boys in action.
Here, give it back when working.
Keep it, find work...
...A cook, waiter
or digging ditches.
Honest work, clean and healthy.
And I forrar.
You told me in
Boxing had pasta.
Be my manager and I will win for both.
- Yes?
- I bet you want.
Okay, I will.
But attention to this.
Just be your manager as
think you can go.
I'm not interested in fighting
club or $ 50 bags.
And work hard.
You will work hard
rather than in your entire life.
Until the bones are
creak with the effort...
...And until you learn to
to break a man.
teach you all the tricks
dirty boxing. And there are many.
I'm going to throw the ring...
...and see what you're capable of.
Four, five, six,...
...Seven, eight, nine,...
Well, what do you say now?
You progress, if you correct
I see some defects.
Quite a few flaws.
I hope tomorrow
the gym at nine.
- Go and have a lot to do.
- OK, boss.
This march. It costs less
get a tooth that a washing machine.
But I've done well.
I know from the public.
Cheered all my shots.
Yes, you've been good.
You know what I thought?
Now that you've shown
your worth to yourself...
...I think you should quit.
You are crazy.
I think not.
So what's wrong?
Nothing, leave it.
No, you have hidden something, you know.
And I love you.
But you are not the same, Midge.
It was as if you wanted to kill that guy.
I would have killed him if
I had been allowed.
Is that bad?
I do not know, I really do not know.
But I kept thinking that
was not only the boy's ring.
You were hitting a lot of people.
In other types. For the
They hurt you.
I have not quite clear,
but I think that's dangerous.
Especially being a boxer.
And if you must know,
I do not like boxing.
You sound like a kid. Nonsense.
Hey, I won my first match.
Have you heard people?
For the first time I have applauded.
Have not you heard? Are you deaf?
Connie, wake up, Connie.
Smell the coffee, smell the steaks.
Because you learn.
Just as well. I have the foot
in the first step.
No more auto-stop,
Now we drive.
This program is hard but you compensate.
In Portland will fight
Harvey Baker,...
...a strongman with
jaw butter.
Tacoma awaits Louis Shenker ,...
...nice guy, but weak of stomach.
After eastwards. Salt Lake ,...
...Denver, Omaha ,...
...Tulsa, Dallas ,...
...St. Louis, Kansas City.
What? What fly has stung?
These people are going to riot.
You owe me $ 25.
What do I owe you $ 25?
I owe you $ 25. Sure, Midge.
Here, here they are.
You'll have to get by ...
...and you do what
've always wanted.
care of your mother.
Mom, what do you think?
It's beautiful.
Yes it is.
Ever beaten
you, of course.
be you who has
to rise from the canvas.
But in a couple of years
will be more famous than anyone.
I received a telegram
in your sleep.
If we win it, you'll face
New York to Johnny Dunne.
If we, of course.
Did you doubt it?
Is the number one fans
consider him the king.
I do not know if you are prepared.
Hey, Tommy, do you know how
costs a tie in this city?
18 bucks. Look at this.
Here, take off that pony
his neck.
I just came from downtown.
They gave me a cigar,
pat on the back...
...And I have sent to hell.
They say you can not beat Dunne.
What I can not win Dunne?
I forbid it.
Dunne takes years to get
the title and make a good box office.
The champion is old and tired.
You lose, Dunne won
and then go for the title.
You'll get a lot of work here.
And after a year you will
opportunity to test yourself against it.
That's the deal.
What is lost? A rigged fight?
You get to choose that or no combat.
Who cares what they want them?
Look, I control everything
are the masters of the business.
- But they are my masters.
- Do not be so sure.
Hey, Midge, I would not say that you do.
If you do, you are in the
blacklisted and will fight on kittens...
...Until the beard
you get to the feet.
No, me do not play these puppets.
It is my great opportunity,
I won me...
...And I can prove it.
What manager are you?
How you get to you?
Care, Midge, do not offend
Haley, earns the same as you.
What is this world sows.
Three years working as a slave,...
...Making muscles.
Living like a monk, machacndote.
And come the pure bellied
say you're a bum.
I can lie and you know it well.
You're the best boxer
've ever had, Midge.
A great fighter.
But if you want to stay here,...
...Close to where the money is,...
...You have to lose.
It depends on you...
...What is your decision?
Johnny Dunne.
Do not do any favors
out with that blonde.
What's the difference? It will
to lose any bout.
And for what?
You've come a long way from Kansas City.
Relax, your chance will come.
Come, boys, to work.
Johnny, Midge, and
know the rules.
Be advised that no
passeth not a single blow.
I want a fair fight.
Daos hand and start
when the bell rings.
Come, come here.
Phone 78941.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,...
K.O. conqueror.....
Connie, come to find a taxi. We
wait with the engine running.
What is it?
Put this on, you have
no time to shower.
Why not?
- There it is.
- Kelly, you were great.
- Congratulations.
- Look, does not have a scratch.
Where will you cope with the champion?
- When?
- Do you think you can with it?
You're in good shape.
This was a short bout.
Do not go, keep going.
Trust me, come on.
What are you afraid?
I won, that does not change anyone.
You think so?
The way things are now.
It is useless, we must part.
Do as I say, I do not follow me.
Latest news.
Thugs beat up a champion.
Latest news. Some Bullies
they beat a champion.
The world of sports
has a new hero.
Everyone talks about Midge Kelly.
The Western boxing machine,
who would not bend...
...A series of anonymous threats.
Nevertheless, he fought and won.
This morning I met
Midge Kelly and I must confess...
...That all my prejudices about
professional boxers...
...Have been destroyed.
is modest, somewhat shy...
...and very handsome, while
male and neglected.
Single, no obligation
dear friends.
This march.
We boarded the train
of luck and it does not stop.
I know that you played a trick.
But it went well, right?
Let me explain.
Come on, Tommy, I did it on purpose.
He was willing to lose the match.
But when I stepped into the ring,
not happened to me.
Leave it.
When you can get up,
we will see how I fix it.
No need them, the newspapers
ask me in front with the champion.
You should read it.
Why not now?
You excuse me, gentlemen?
Hi, 78941.
Onion or olive?
Thank you.
Sit down.
Thank you.
They say you fought two battles.
And how do you feel?
Johnny is in the hospital.
So I heard.
They say it's very serious,
can not return to boxing.
Now you are the king of the world.
All for the winner.
I guess.
Johnny spent a long time.
Think you can take away a fortune
and stay with me as if...
...A used dress?
78,941 out of here.
Come here, Kelly.
You give up too soon.
I am very expensive, very expensive.
I do not want you to think
you buy cheap.
Still hurts, honey?
So is yours.
What do you have? Is the explosion of the press?
A radio report?
A boxer signed?
Those betting on a horse
not run again. I know.
Of good ink. The bill is very high.
How high?
According to my information, more than 130 thousand.
And all settled?
In my experience
Money buys everything.
So pardon.
Jerry, what do we do?
Setting an to get
sad about Johnny?
This is an opportunity.
I do not pay money to strangers.
It also has its manager,
Not married.
You can change your manager.
Not even you might get it.
Loyalty to him is sacred,
too dangerous.
I'm tired of boxing, I should
changing show.
What do you do, bathe in it?
At one time you liked.
I stayed to eat.
Do not wait for your
dear Mrs. Harris.
Jerry, let's be clear, you want
money more than me.
If I succeed, and I think
I will, are you interested?
Yes, I'm interested.
Go ahead, do your work.
I will.
Have not come back?
Not yet, Mr. Kelly,
I'm waiting.
He can not take too long.
Do you know where?
No, Mr. Kelly, do not know.
Tell him that I called again.
- Got a problem?
- Shut up, ready.
When do I get a fight?
I'm starting to get tired of the gym.
I do not know.
And here I think than ever.
These crazy. Still
without reading the newspapers?
Newspapers do not control boxing.
We should return to the coast.
Settle in Los Angeles.
Get into the head
I do not take orders.
To me no one misses me here.
I'm glad to know.
But where is it?
I see Miss Diamond.
Not, really.
Repeating it takes three days.
- The wait here.
- Hi, Kelly.
If you're not home, where are you?
I do not like people who lie.
Do not be angry, Kelly,
just wanted to be good to you.
I told you I'm very expensive.
I like nice things.
And you can not buy.
Do not have a job in this city.
So why insist?
Do you want to fire me?
I explained the scenario.
I told you to see Harris,
that would solve.
- But you do not receive orders.
- I have a manager.
You also have an appendix
and that's not going to make you rich.
Already a big boy, you have many expenses.
With Harris would have it
Johnny would have.
I do not know the game to Haley,
He picked me up from the street.
Also I owe a lot of money.
Wake up, Harris or
back to the dump.
- And I want sites taxi.
- I can not.
Then take off your license
Midge, do it for your sake and for mine.
Promise you will go to see
Harris, just to see him.
It never hurts to discuss things.
Especially when there's money involved.
Look, Midge, do not pretend
convince you of anything.
You need me and I you not.
But with you there is some incentive.
And that interests me.
Beautiful view, right?
The capital of the world.
It will be all yours if you want.
That little thing seems
people from here.
There are only two kinds of
people in the world.
Small and large.
And rarely has occasion
decide for yourself...
...Which one you want to be.
You are ready, Midge.
You're an ordinary boxer.
One day you will have to pay up
the last minute that passes in the ring.
How are you going to end?
Nobody can teach you anything about boxing,...
...Any ex-boxer
will keep you fit.
But if I'm your manager, take care
your money, lay it right.
You will not have to box
when you get your decline.
You left when you want and continue
Lord calling you all your life.
Think about it.
You have to take the decision.
Want to sign the check or not?
Walker says that you
to fight for the title.
It's true.
How do you know?
Because I came and conquered, that's all.
I did not want to return to the coast.
Well, hats off.
Not only that what you are going to remove.
I thought you left with much.
For what little you do for
my 25 percent is too much.
Did I hear correctly?
You heard right.
So you go with those.
I've caught them by surprise.
I thought we were...
How much is too much?
I do not know.
Do not you know?
What comes to be that nothing would be much.
We talk about what you owe.
I have, you
more than you expect.
Thank you.
Did you read what it says Walker?
Nothing, we are celebrating.
Midge fight for the title and
has found a new manager.
- A blonde.
- Stop it, Haley.
Well, man, I'm going.
What right had he to expect anything else?
While this mob and I know I am old
to swallow fairy tales.
Do you know what a 'golem'?
I had a feeling
I was creating one.
But it is something that I can.
I'm crazy to see a good
fighter in action.
I've fired.
It was necessary.
Harris had to sign,
was our salvation.
How many years I have left?
That's not an excuse. That man
has been a father to you.
I have fed you brought fame,
you owe it everything.
And has earned me a lot.
Who They hit me or Haley?
- Yuck counsel.
- You leave this office.
It is like the others, only
that this is blood.
Yes, I fired.
Connie, do you think the world
is full of angels?
It's time to wake up.
Listen, you, me and our mother.
That's all that matters, nobody else.
What happened to you? Have you anything
gets in your way?
First Emma, then
Johnny Dunne and now Haley.
You have your own methods
destroy and I do not wish to support.
Who forces you?
Thank you, Midge, me
you put a snap.
Yes, go, stay by yourself.
Find yourself a job, go with Haley.
Do not worry about your brother.
Not that, Midge, is not
I could sleep at night...
...I thought when I was going to play me.
What do you wear?
Hi, Emma.
I've been looking a long time.
I wanted to talk to you.
Of what?
Emma, do you remember me?
The best washing the dishes.
Finish at six.
I've worked around.
In shops, elevator.
I've even been a model for a while.
I have good guy in a bathing suit.
I was looking to get rid of the plates
and dirty glasses.
And here I am.
Do not you ever Lew?
I think it's home.
She loves to get rid of me.
What do you, Connie?
Why have you come?
I have not yet asked Midge.
I read the newspapers.
Why not have asked for a divorce?
I do not know.
In this happy world, more
loneliness than anything else.
You can find
alone in many places.
In a dance, film,...
...In your room.
That's funny.
Sometimes a little
enough gold to convince...
...That things are
different than they are.
What is it, Connie?
Midge Want a divorce?
Well, it does.
I am not the messenger of Midge.
I love you. I always loved you.
And if in the place of Midge
could not leave you.
I come simply to ask
come with me to Chicago,...
...To my mother.
He has many years and not well.
You are the wife Midge,
this is your place.
There is enough money
and you are entitled to it.
But he does not like me.
If you would like,
is your only chance.
Before or after you return home.
Do you really think?
But we will have to
feed it a little.
Forgive me.
Connie, what you said
that I want,...
...I still want Midge.
I know.
Connoisseurs SAY THA KELLY WILL WIN TONIGH Three, four, five, six,...
Congratulations, champ.
Johnny, you look good.
Thanks, I'm training.
- Are you going to fight you leave?
- Sure, kid, anytime.
We got it, babe.
- Do not be stupid.
- I am not.
Palmer, this is Midge Kelly,
the new middleweight champion.
How are you?
How are you?
Palmer. I did not know it was
woman's name also.
Sorry, had danced
never with a champion boxer.
Hey, you are very strong.
Sorry, I did not believe that the
both were squeezing.
I meant, dance very well.
Do all boxers
have as much pace?
I do not know, I've never danced with anyone.
What? Do I have a dirty face?
I'm sorry, I was looking at?
I have no idea to be the
I saw the same man in the ring.
I have said before that
has a beautiful body.
I would like to model it in clay.
- Did you say to mud?
- Yes, a bust.
Or better yet, a figure
Are you a sculptor?
Only amateur.
Will you pose for me?
Yes, they seem to be in good shape.
But the people what they want
is to have muscles, not strength.
Not at all.
also in terms of
force is no comparison.
You do not want to pose like that, right?
No, no.
You have come early.
And that chance?
I've already said, anytime.
Are we there yet?
A few minutes more.
I'm getting tired.
Raise your head.
- That's what makes me tired.
- Shut up, please do not distract me.
I dreamed of being distracted.
How come you married Harris and you?
Do not talk.
I'll answer.
My family told me we were
ruined when you finish studying.
I decided to dedicate the theater.
And instead I married Jerry.
He loves me and I will reciprocate.
I have never regretted.
You mean so far.
You are very sure of yourself, right?
Of course.
What if I say to Jerry?
Do not tell him.
Enough for today.
How dare you?
You're more real when you're angry.
You have lived too
time between statues.
I fall in love easily, Midge.
This I take it very seriously.
How did you get here, Gracy?
- Thank you for remembering my name.
- Nothing, Gracy.
Do not call me.
What are you up to?
What do you mean, Gracy, say Grace?
Know too well. I know I
of these striking, do not deny.
You and the woman you are bundled Harris.
Is that it?
Scold me as if we were married.
We are going to be and tomorrow
is the best day to do so.
Tomorrow, what a great idea.
Tomorrow, why not?
Tomorrow you have the same
possibilities today.
That is, no, because...
...Guess I'm already married.
You lie.
You think so?
The next time you go to Chicago
approach the 46 of Eagle Street.
And if you find
Mrs. Kelly there...
...I will marry you whenever you want.
Not deceiving you, I'm not kidding.
I've taken for
a fool all the time.
Honey, do not ask me
if he was married.
And after all, who cares?
Do not have gone so wrong with me.
I am committed to
Harris to the ears.
Where are you going?
I have an appointment with a lady.
Do you know what a lady?
No, impossible.
Do you have knowledge of sculpture?
You know anything about opera?
No, you just know
waste of money.
To another, Grace, we'll see.
I'm with you, do not think
you're going to get rid of me.
You bet.
You left me once
and I abandon you now.
Start looking for another
fool who support you.
No, Midge, at first perhaps
seek it, but not now.
I swear, is the first
time in my life.
Please Midge, I'll do anything.
Why not call Johnny Dunne?
Well, dare. Make a fuss...
...That is to move
the city. You'll sink.
No, you're going to be a good girl,...
...Because if you do not send
the hospital for a long time.
I'll change.
I do not want to see you when you leave.
And now you sir,
a great athlete...
...And a true champion, Midge Kelly.
Thank you.
I know I do not applaud me, but
a sport we all want.
I am proud of
to be part...
...And that has helped me a lot.
Thank you very much.
Wonderful speech.
Want to add something else?
Do you think you go to Europe?
Are you going to shoot a film?
Nobody has proposed.
What do you do to keep fit?
Who will be the next fight?
When you are faced with Johnny Dunne?
Give me a break, I have argued
my title four times this year.
Yes, but what happens to Dunne?
Whenever and wherever you want.
Now I'm tired, I just
fight a tough steak.
...where the great champion
Midge Kelly just received...
...The highest sports award
The Athlete of the Year award.
champion and his manager
have left the dais.
There are already enough
emotions tonight.
Now rest, we'll talk tomorrow.
May now come to me.
I do not expect you so soon.
Typically, it is now busier.
Yet it is a good son.
It has always been good.
Right, Connie?
Try to sleep, Mom.
What is it, Emma?
- I do not want to continue lying.
- It's no lie.
Sooner or later come.
Yes, it's a lie.
I'm not your mother, Connie.
- Do not tell the date, but...
- Connie, please.
Do not treat me like a child.
You have to convince you
itself, although again,...
...Nothing will change for
any of us.
What do you mean?
You know how I feel.
I acknowledge that I had
a long illness,...
...But I'm recovering.
I think it was time.
The explanation of my treatment
I do not feel alone.
I still love him, you know.
Yes? I believe not.
Love can not be
add or remove at will.
Is there a law that
I can tell you not to grow?
Should I wait to condemn
Midge Kelly, back again or not?
Do not you see?
Fortunately I have seen that
there are other people in the world.
Wonderful people.
Suppose you walked through that door now.
Connie, told me once
were no longer the messenger of Midge.
It was also a lie.
You suffer the same disease...
...And you have not yet healed.
Wait a minute.
I've been waiting a long time,...
...I do not blame you
want to be sure.
Can be.
Is not it a strange appointment, Jerry?
Until the circumstances are.
I want to talk quietly with you.
I do not like being taken for a fool.
I know about you and Kelly while.
Really sorry.
I should have said.
Because it's not what you think.
I'm going to marry him.
Do not be stupid.
Look, Palmer, I'm a little
older than you.
On the one hand is good and another bad.
That gives me a certain
degree of understanding.
That man is not for you.
Below appearances
is an object of balance.
You judge it all by
the price tag.
And I assure you Boom
more for me than for him.
I have no desire to talk about it.
I do, because the right is me
I want you to know.
I think it's Kelly, I would not have called.
Comes to ask for a new development.
But since you are here I'll
to prove what you just said.
Go to the next room.
No, I will stay.
Hello, Jerry.
- Palmer, how are you?
- Hey, Midge.
You got it ready. Great.
Yes, and I'll give you a story.
I have come to an agreement to
you fight with Dunne.
What's the rush?
You spend very quickly and
You have to keep working.
Apart from that you owe me
increases and I want to collect.
All right. Good night.
Wait a minute.
I want to talk to Palmer.
Neither you nor I lose time.
I avoid if I can.
And follow me, if I can.
I see it somewhat difficult, Jerry,
because I love her.
What if I told you what it's worth
to me in dollars and cents?
You owe me a lot of money,
I am willing to forget.
Under the contract, for me to
one third of your earnings.
Here it is. Come, break it.
So the whole bag will keep you
when you win Dunne.
But it breaks.
Are you kidding?
If you win you took Dunne
$ 65,000 clean.
- 65,000.
- You will not have to give me a penny.
It's a lot of money.
You're his wife.
You're married to him.
I should not come between the two.
See you, Jerry.
One last tip.
From what I hear...
...If I were you I would train them thoroughly.
Thank you.
We went out to dinner?
Telegram champion.
Thank you.
Thank you.
MAMA is dying,
Tommy. Pasa.
Are you going to pay me what I owe?
Here it is.
Are we alone?
- Yes
- Wait.
Business chatted for a while.
Let bygones be bygones.
I want to train
to fight with Dunne.
I'll give you 10 percent.
What train again?
Because you're the best.
You're already a champion.
What's the matter, you afraid of?
The 10 percent is not enough.
How well do you think?
33 and third.
Tomorrow at nine in the gym.
Not tomorrow, I have to go out.
Begin on Monday.
As you say.
Hello, Midge.
Hi, Emma.
Mama told me in a letter
you were here.
- How are you?
- You're late.
It may not be
appropriate to talk about it...
...But the sooner you know, the better.
Emma is going to divorce you.
Then we married.
Of course, Emma and you.
Sounds good to me. I wish you luck.
Thank you.
Yes, it's great.
Do not want to wait
until after the fight?
Connie, do not blame it
think of me, you're right.
But I would like to fix things.
With the two.
He recovered to Tommy.
It's true.
Will you return too?
The two. Not until after the fight.
It will be a tough fight.
And possibly the last.
I'm considering leaving it.
In summary, I
you to be there with me.
Mom would have liked.
If you want, Connie.
It looks good.
The delighted that
you go back to being together.
I was hoping to react.
Come on time.
So soon?
Today these great champions.
Do you think?
The food.
Wait, what if I dejarais a little?
Yes, eat something. This is what
best I've tasted.
No more milk, bring more.
You've already packed their bags.
Yes, do you? Are not we going today?
I bit late, I have brought almost nothing.
Where is Connie?
He went to town with Tommy
for the tickets.
- How do you feel?
- Very good.
I wish the fight was
today instead of tomorrow.
Connie says she never
you looked so fit.
Where are you going to divorce?
I do not know, when it comes
when you decide.
A Reno perhaps.
Wait a minute.
Why shun me when
attempt to come to you?
I still hate it?
Do not hate you, Midge, I've never hated.
I'm afraid.
Do not be conceited.
Give me a kiss goodbye.
Are you afraid?
Still in love with me.
No, no.
Please leave me alone.
You are my wife.
Hi, Connie, where do you get?
I've been looking all day.
You had left the hotel.
Do not you got my message?
I wanted to be alone.
Emma is gone. And you know why?
No. Why?
Yes, you've changed, you are now
worse, you have been frozen blood.
Outside, Connie.
I have to rest.
I finally reached my shift.
As for Emma, once was not enough.
You could not let her live in peace and happy?
Why did you do?
Why are you bored?
You wanted to prove
you're the champ?
You suck!
You reek of corruption! You're worse
a grave robber!
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as you will, of course,...
...The champion makes his
entry into the stadium.
Most of the spectators
have risen.
We welcome with enthusiasm.
There is no doubt,
most popular is the champion...
...In the history of boxing.
What a welcome.
Indeed, tonight hailed
something more than a man.
Cheer for a story.
A story that could only
occur in the boxing world.
The story of a man who, starting
of the most sordid poverty,...
...Has become
World Champion.
When I say outside, I separis.
In case of fall,
going to a neutral corner.
Daos hand. Good luck
and good fight.
Four, five, six,...
...Seven, eight, nine,...
Go on.
It does not fall. I've stuck with
everything but an ax.
Attentive and do not neglect.
We are seeing a big fight.
A fight to remember.
The audience that filled
The location is satisfied.
The Tale of Johnny Dunne
back to the canvas in good shape.
And attacking from the first
round without rest.
The champion, meanwhile,...
The bell rings,
I leave you with Bill Brown.
Thank you, Sam. Leave the two fast,
without losing a moment.
Please note, Kelly has a cut on
the eyebrow. This can be crucial.
Kelly Dunne hits after
the bell, but apologizes.
The champion, however, it fits well.
Above all,
both are athletes.
I see Haley working
Kelly eyebrow wound.
The brow, Johnny. Punish him the eyebrow.
The tide has turned
definitely in this fight.
Dunne, in my humble opinion, is
has scored the last three rounds.
And Kelly, with one eye covered,
not respond as it should.
It will produce a
surprising result.
Literally, you are doing
Kelly pieces.
I have not seen anything like it.
I do not know why Kelly keeps up,
if not outright anger.
Of not being in the title game...
...The fight and would have
interrupted while.
It's over, you can not
still fit hits.
I'll throw in the towel.
I'll kill you. If you do, I'll kill you.
- You want to end up, champ?
- No, do not stop, please.
You can not stop.
What beat is giving you.
This has been done,
Kelly is exhausted.
At all, is knocked out, finished.
Tonight we'll have a new champion.
Four, five, six, seven,...
...Eight, nine, ten.
Come a physician.
That no man.
Connie, this way.
I know from the public.
Have you heard?
Every time I hit...
Sure, kid.
The doctor will follow suit.
You sound like a kid, you say nonsense.
I won the fight.
Have not you heard people?
For the first time in my life
the audience cheering me.
Have not you heard? Are you deaf?
We do not do auto-stop.
Now we drive.
Listen, Haley, those guys
bellied with pure...
...No shoves at my expense.
We tumbar, you know I can.
Tommy, Tommy.
I heard on the station. How are you?
He is dead.
Cerebral hemorrhage.
I know it's bad now but...
...Could you say a few words
about his brother?
Want a word?
All right.
I say a few words.
He was a champion.
He behaved like a champ.
It was an honor for
boxing until the end.