Chanakyatanthram (2018) Movie Script

What happened?
Why are you standing here?
She went to the town to
see an ophthalmologist
Icannottravel by bus, since
I am having knee pain
I heard some chaotic scenes
occurred in the town
Hardly, l have seen any
bus from the town
I hope she is safe
No need to panic,
We can search
Oh Lord!
-Are you scared?
At that time she came as
an angel to help me.
Dear Muthumani
Smile like a flower
If you smile well, your mother
can see you from the heaven
Let me tell a story
Smile dear
- Dear Muthumani
- Father!
Dear, Don't go
- Father
- Dear Muthumani
- Muthumani
- Father
Oh my dear
But you are very smart
in observation
and high concentration is needed
When are you going?
Didn't you clear the doubts yet?
Your mother used to ask me this
question when you were a kid
When I select something for you
Twenty years ago people
didn't have an idea..
...about a private detective agency
All over in India they
rank 4th or 5th position
They are the undisputed
agency in the South India
So you are happy
If your motherwas alive, she will
not let you go farfor ajob
You are going to be alone
After some time your child will
ask this question to you also
At that time you won't
have an answer
It is the melody of life
Good bye dear
Where are you going
to stay in Kochi
With Avinash, He is the last word
inthe film industry
So boys and girls,
Howwas the music?
Sir, did you come early
How many songs you
have sung before this
Why can't you be punctual
foryour Debut song?
Even a legendary singer
won't do this to me
Traffic block
But music has evolved much
before than that
My music and lyrics will not
change for any singers
Sir, you must not,
No need for it
- Song will be very tough
-Sir, I know
Sir, you are the kingpin in the
Malayalam music industry
Let's check the tune
0h lord, help me
Ready 1.. 2.. 3.. 5..
Music should come from your
throat and not from your hand
Give him the lyrics
Lady you come here, None ofthe singers
went in vain from my team
My Lord, Letthis song brings next level
of success to the Music Industry
All the best my boy
Mr. Avinash, Your career is on
that small piece of paper
I told you know, it will
be a tough song
A kid called Kuttan..
Kuttan has a dog..
Adog called Kittan..
It has a puppy..
That is Kuttan's puppy..
A kid called Kuttan..
Kuttan has a dog..
-A dog called Kittan..
- No stop it
You must sing with the
love and affection of a dog
You do one thing,
You just bark
Do it, Avinash
No tune is there
You are barking like a stray dog
Not like that,
You must bark with a feel
No, Bark with a motherly feel
Don't they have motherly feelings?
Sir, | feel like laugh out loud
Come outside
How can you sing a song if
you can't bark properly
You don't have a chance in my
Children animation movie
I don't want your chance, ldiot
Let your singing career bite
the dust and goes to hell
Get lost
Come on Dude
Howwas your first song?
Song was super,
But it was a tough one
Is it a classical one?
Initially it was classical, and
then it became a mass one
So it was a variety one
A kid called Kuttan..
Kuttan has a dog..
- Best wishes
- Thank you
Where are you going?
To guest house
Nowadays alike mosquitoes, singers
are also cumbersome in Kochi
Sol must struggle,
But I trust my voice
Super, Okay then
I am Arjun Ram,
New appointment
Hello madam
Arjun, take your seat
Thank you
My c.v
University topper in criminology
anti terrorism and
law after criminology
Then, why did you come
for a private detective job
Criminology does not settle
with finding the crime
but also teaches how to
prevent that crime
So you find a social angle
in this profession
-Would you like tea or coffee
- No madam, Thanks
What do you think the most important
factor required forthis job?
Some MNC and insurance firms used to tell
us to monitortheir staffs and customers
Your first phase will be like this
We can secretly monitorthem
But no personal contacts
and no relationships
Our client takes decisions purely based
on the reports given by us
So it must be accurate and secret
13 steps
Good, Any other
Mad am, Your favourite
writer is Mad havikutty
How did you know that?
There are 104 law related
books in the shelf
But still you find a space
for Madhavikutty's Book
And something about your shirt
May be due to your
busy schedule
You forgot to take
out the collar pull
Arjun, Meet Gokul
Our senior manager
Arjun Ram Mohan
except the 9th grade
Degree and post graduation
in Christian college
ln sports, You were the state
champion in 400 meterfor 2 times
First bank account with SBI
Account number
Yesterday you reached Vytilla
by 4:15 pm in KPN bus
Seat num ber 22
I understand the importance of my job
Okay, And Gokul
Give Arjun's first assignment
This is Shekar, You can clarify
any doubts with him
Company will pay it
So, This is your first target
Basic details are here
"He is the generous
and brave warrior"
"He acheives his targets"
"Sleights of Chanakya"
"When you race over time,
You reached your targets"
"Sleights of Chanakya"
"The fire showers in eyes"
"You will be fly over
your imagination"
"Move your turn to wind"
"Yourself roaming in
search ofthe truth"
"He is mysterious,
He is rational"
"See who he is..
He the star winking its eyes"
I need 6 months details
from this two number
Yeah sure, and I will tell you
the my price after work
"The star you are searching
wink its eyes"
At Gym now, I will call you
aftertwo hours
"He is the generous
and brave warrior"
"Sleights of Chanakya"
"When you race over time,
You reached your targets"
"Sleights of Chanakya"
"The world spreads a web every
where without winking eyes"
Nobody will find out our
secret work till now
I will finish him
before sunday
"Oh thoughts! Searching for
truth that fades at night"
"Each and every foot step
having futile thoughts"
"Each and every proofs
will come to finger tips"
"Thoughts like the
rushing spear"
"Skittish, not ready
to surrender a bit"
"He comes this way filling
the fiery pit, skittish"
"He is coming bye now
he is on his mission"
"Who is this fellow,
He is rational"
"See who he is.. he the
starwinking its eyes"
l have mailed the
details to you
Arjun has finished the
assignment in no time
Keep it up
- Is he your friend
He is a teetotaller
Is it? Great, Did you
send anything
Don't worry,
You must keep trying
Till you get an answer,
Do you follouf?
Oh gosh!!
Okay, Good night
She is online
He is our neighbour
Such a crazy man,
Stupid fellow
He is sending these messages
to his wife only
Pappan brother's wife eloped
with a friend via Facebook
Now he is taking a revenge
on her with a fake name
Most probably she
will fall in this trap
Shocking comedy comes
when she see him
- This is my heart
- Thank you my sweetie
Sir, could you please give me some
exciting cases than monitoring
I know your interests
in excitement cases
You will get a thrilling
case at the right time
I didn't get scare
in front of the law
Soul has it's own law
(Sanskrit Chants)
Swami Thejomaya Brahmadhathi
Yogi sent me to here
Greetings, Plese come inside
(Sanskrit Chants)
Let me fix these amulets in each room
Don't move from here before that
Andrea, Diya is missing
- She was with us till now
- No need for any tension
Let me see
You all get into the vehicle
She will be fine, Let me get her
What are you doing here
Thank you
Madam, Tomorrow11'l need to
go to my home
Thank God
- What, mad am
- Nothing
- Okay then, bye
- Okay"1'bye
"Oh southern flowery breeze,
can you go and tell.."
"Oh southern flowery breeze,
can you go and tell.."
"Can you go and tell my false-eyed lover
about my desires existing inside?"
Good morning Sir, We got the
load from Chandigarh
We had verified the same
They need your signature
Askthem to meet meto come
after an hourto my apartment
I am Antony Sir's
personal staff
I will get the signature foryou
- Greetings
- Come inside, I was waiting for you
- Take your seat
- Here our Documents
- Do you have Pen?
- Sorry
We take pride to be called
with Singh as surname
...and you must call me
"Mallu Singh"
Who is hell is she?
- Really sorry
- lts Okay
I had placed an audio video device
in Antony's apartment
We can take it after one week
Antony's assignment was bit
troublesome for you isn't?
Yes, He is not stationery
How can he think of a marriage after
having this much girlfriends
What is your plan?
I mean, Your marriage!
Well, I didn't think
about it seriously yet
- Girlfriends?
- No
Madam, what?
We | | .. You need not worry about the time
consumption in the case ofAntony
"Oh southern flowery breeze,
can you go and tell.."
"Can you tell my blue-eyed fiancee
about my desires existing inside...?"
"Oh southern flowery breeze,
can you go and tell.."
-What is this?
- Tell us the truth
Are you a terrorist?
He is not a terrorist
Hey, I am not a robber
Then, You only came in
Saint's and Punjabi's attire
Please try to
understand me
So yourjob is to rob
someones house isn't?
Andrea, call the police
Hey please,
Don't call police
I am a private detective
Didn't you understand?
He is a C. | .D
-Are you a C. | .D?
- Don't crackjoke on me
- How will I trust you?
I can show my
ldentity card
- Is she gone?
Not here, It's in
my pant pocket
Sit properly
- Don't move
-What are you doing?
- Where is your ID card?
- In my pocket
Tickling is not meant for Detective
Hawks Eye
Hello, Hawks Eye
- Is this a detective agency?
- Sorry
One day I will also accompany
you to your home
I would like to see
your native place
Take this, Your
next assignment
- Do you know her
- No
Okay, Complete it as
early as possible
Who is enquiring about a
school teacher's details
You need not
worry about that
That is company's rule
Okay, mad am
Hello, ClDArjun Ram
Have you sung before A R Rahman?
Did you meet him?
Security didn't allow
me to meet him
Thus I sung in front
ofthe gate
He will call me if he
understands Malayalam
My frustrated song
- Who? - Santhosh Pandit"1'(Celebrity
of negative publicity )
- Who is Cute girl?
- My next target
Then11'tomorrow11'onwards, I am also going to
join in a private detective agency
She hit me on the head
- Really?
Then it was a deliberate target
given by your company
Is it Pappan brother,
Does he get the kiss
- Let me take a photo
-I want to knowthe reason
Asked me to
send a photo
My profile picture is a
rose flower know
She will come anywhere,
if she see your photo
I can't give my photo
Aman's shadow is enough
to make your wife elope
Then you give me a photo
Every girl will fall
in your look
It's a cyber crime
He won't come for vacation soon
Have you seen military jail before
Bomb is nothing in
front of my wife
Such a crazy fellow,
Hey Pappan brother
It's my revenge,
l have to pay it back
Here comes, Andrea sister
I will pass your messages
to the bishop's house
-Who is she?
- She is Andrea
We got herfrom the market, when
she was two and half months old
She gives all her earnings
to these children
She is living for their dreams
She was stamped as orphan, when
she was two and half months old
So sad
You must see the affection shown
by those children to her
Now she is living forthem
Really, there is something
happen in you
-Tell me dude,
- Not like that
We used to give the name
to ourtarget as subject
We must not keep any personal
relationship with the subject
Very good company
But he does not have
an office or boss
People call him pimp Naanu
lam not talking about you
...and need to collect all
the details about her
Tell me whetheryou
are in love or not
If you are not interested,
let me try her subject
Nowl understand
So you love her madly
-Are you love her madly?
Then we will follow her madly
Actually I was doing this
job for a long time
- Where is she?
- Can't see her here
Where is she?
We are going well,
what about you?
Tell me the truth, Otherwise both Detective
and assistant will go in the police custody
Assistant? Yes
I'm Sethu Ram lyer
- Did you hit his head?
Since you have accepted your crime,
I will tell you one thing,
He didn't sleep yesterday
because of that
He said he want to Andria
and said I love you
Well, l have to compose
a love song now
Hello, Please stop there
Well, He was kidding
So you don't love me
Not likethat, I love you.. But
Yes.. But,
Nothing like that
Howdid you get a
job as Detective
I must have killed you
at that time itself
"The day on which I first
met you on some byway"
"The first feel of love turned
to musical rhythm of love"
"The feathers of breeze
became drops of rain"
"In the dreamy
canoe of rainbow"
"In the colourful drops
of flower petals"
"One can see the
blue sky canopy"
"The day on which I first
met you on some byway"
"The first feel of love turned
to musical rhythm of love"
No way,
Get lost d ude
"You are like
an illusion"
" | change into a bead
in the magic chest"
"In the inner inside you
showered as a coolness"
"I dreamt of my
heart in excitement"
"What did we utterto
the wind and the sea?"
"Is it the honey sweet songs of
draggon fly sung to flowers?"
"What did we utterto
the wind and the sea?"
"Is it the honey sweet songs of
draggon fly sung to flowers?"
"You are the throbs
of my inner heart"
"I will be yours forever,
now onwards"
Sir, what happened
I need to meet the
client rig ht now
I felt sorry, when you messaged
me that you are a dumb
Your gorgeous look can
absorb your imperfection
Don't worry, Let us
reach my apartment
I will make you scream
Hello, I am Antony
You are living in 11 B right?
| forgot to introduce her
Karishmu, come
- Name?
- Karishma
She is working in Bangalore,
She come here very often only
See you later, Okay bye
Excuse me
What is yourjob?
- She is dumb
- Is that ajob
-What is yourjob?
-I am not dumb
Wonderful humour sense, Darling
You see, She is very shy
Okay, Bye
Must see later
She is jealous of you
(Singing old romantic malayalam song)
Oh my Darling
Take your hands off
of me scumbag
Oh my God
No, don't
Come with me,
Andrea, I am not used
with saree
Don't hurt me
Tell me the truth,
What was going on there
I went to take my
device from there
- He likes this attire
-I don't like it
Is it?
- Get inside
- What happened?
- This is CID
- God! ClD escape
"The day on which I first
met you on some byway"
"The first feel of love turned
to musical rhythm of love"
"Turn into the musical
rhythm of love"
Madam, l have mailed the
details of Antony
And these are
the hard copies
He loves to roam
behind girls
It's hard to trust whoever
runs behind girls
Whether it is Antony
What is your motive behind
roaming with Andrea
Shut up
Do you think you are the back born of
Hawks Eye after two assignments
Or Can you move
out of my radar
Madam, I'm sorry
I don't want a
Romantic hero here
Only because
of my interest
You need not have to
monitorAndrea's case
Ask herto go to hell, Who is she to
decide your life
This is pure jealous, Because she didn't
get you to share her love
If she badly need someone,
Ask her to love me
I can sacrifice
my life for you
l m ust not have forgotten
the company rules
What sort of a lady is that
You will get a better
job than this
So you must marry
her now itself
Tomorrow11'itself you must start a
detective agency of your own
And"1'day after tomorrow11'we
must cease her company
I want to tear
her into pieces
l have to correct
my mistake
She will get the
mouthful now
Dude, It is Andrea
- Don't answer,
-As your wish
Hello, Arjun told me to tell you to be
there in the coffee shop by"1'10 am"1'tomorrow
To discuss some serious
matter about your life
Where is he?
He is in Bathroom, He assigned me
to tell this to you
So, see you11'tomorrow11'on
coffee shop at"1'10 am
I told you not to
answer know
After some time you
will definitely miss her
- Did you get yourwife?
Did you tear her apart
She knew it was me
For what?
She was living with an
intoxicated rascal
He used to hit
her everyday
He used to make injuries on
her with knife also
I'm so much depressed
about her, So I took her
People used to say big
Quotations on love
But, you have simply shown
the real magic of love
Alright then,
Finally, Facebook have
done a good thing
Arjun, I am here
I will be there in minites
- Hello
-Where are you?
See you tomorrow, One of my friend
passed away"1'l am going there
Oh God!
Accident isn't?
But, I feel...
It's a fate
-When did it happen?
- Last night
Avehicle hit him, while he
was going to his house
Last week he had a narrow
escape from an accident..
he had a narrow escape from an
accident in front ofthe club
-Where are you? Get ready
-We must visit a place
Who is that?
What do you want?
I am Vijay's friend,
Is he here?
Friend? Didn't you know
that he is no more
- When?
- He died a month ago
-l was not here
- It was a sensational news in the media
He got drowned, when he was
on a trip with his friends
What happened
lnform this to
your office
Yes, Before that, I want to know
the situation of others
- Hello
- Hello
- Can I speak to Antony
- He is out of station
Avinash, Dude
You must go to Andria's house now,
You must be there with her till I come
Go"1'man, When I am tensed,
| feel hungry
Go man, hurry up
What is the point in
calling me frequently
Madam, it is very important,
I want to talk to him
Okay, please note
down my number
Hello, Who are you?
I am Arjun
I got large volume miss call
alert from this number
Sir, where are you now, I want to
meet you immediately
So, don't "Twaste my time
Sir, I want to talk
about your life
About a crucial turn of life
What are you telling?
Sir, please trust me
Okay, I am in Alca ventures
construction site, nearby Akashavani
I will be here for
the next ten mins
Okay sir, I will reach
there now itself
"Is this the cutie princess
ofthe land?"
"Or my pet lapwing bird?"
"Or my would be bride? Or sweetie
having the sweetness of henna?"
"Or the prettiest among
twinkling stars?"
-What's up?
- Hardly one week is left for the festival
Practice session
is going on
-Where is mother
- She is here
Carry on
"Has the day come when the auspicious
star-day shines like nose stud?"
Abdul Nasser Musaliar
has enquired about you
Next time you tell him that
Haseeb have gone to Ponnani
After the festival,
you must also go
Boss is here, lwill give
the phone now
Boss got a call
Boss got a call
- Check your WhatsApp
- Sure
Just catch him
Everyone come fast
Get him, Come on fast
Hello, He is here
Why did you come here
I told you to be
with her know
How many times should I call you,
Why can't you answer me
Andrea met with
an accident
I will come on the elevator,
No leave it
- How's nouf?
- Feel better
- What happened?
-You are the side reason
I crossed the road
while messaging you
| send them back,
It was my mistake
It was a planned accident,
Someone is targeting you
Don't act like a Detective
for this accident
- Do you have any enemies
- lts You!
Who else is there
lam not kidding,
Just try to recollect
This is not a silly matter
Here by you must
not travel alone
-I can accompany you anywhere
- Okay
Com e, Lets go
Please, Why can't you
trace out him?
Why can't you understand
Why can't she understand
the seriousness
You must be here and Andrea
should not know anything
Lord help us to
find a way
- Hello, Brother
-l have sent the full details ofAntony
I need the full call records for the last
three days, especially ladies calls
This is for you
- Did I give this gift to you before
-Yes dear, last year
Well, I will give this
in every year
To cherish our sweet memories,
That's my love
My phone
Take it,
Hold it
- Hello, Lolitha
One who sleeps
with you, Give it
Who told you to make
a call on this number
I want to talk to you, that's
why I called on this phone
Sir, I didn't call
you to blackmail
Who are you to
save my life
You don't know the
actual power of Antony
Antony lssac Samuel
The only son of retd.
Colonel lssac Samuel
Date of birth
20th May 1979
Mother name: Prejitha
Two branches in Kerala and each
in Bangalore and Kolkata
You gotsix car
showrooms in India
And your company's total
turnover is 160 crores
You have repay Rs. 50,65,70,791/-
Your lost 3 days, On 17th you were with Gayathari,
the wife of high court advocate Vinay Nambiar
Hotel name is Blue moon and
the room number is 406
The next day, You were with a medical
student in a house boat at Kumarakam
And nowwith Lolitha
Her husband Peter
died last year, Right?
lwill come
Where are you now
- Did he die?
-Yes, in front of me
Now it's high time for us to
inform this to the police
You must stay with Andrea, And you must
not allow anyone to see her
Alright, Done
She got shifted
-Where did you shift her?
-What are you doing?
Where is Andrea
I am so sorry
- Where is Andrea? - Her brother
induced us to shift her from here
Brother, They moved in an
ambulance about ten mins ago
Move inside
Where is your phone?
- ln bag
- Take it
lt's switched off,
Shall we switch on
It's coming Andrea
Arjun, Andrea is with me
- Who are you
-An unknown
Nothing should happen
to Andrea
Don't you want to see her
But, before that
lwant to see you
Where should I come
I will send you the location
You got only half an hour between
life and death of your dear ones
l'm lqbal, From
the Police Dept.
Ad ithyan, Vijay, Krishnamoorthy
and Antony
Four ofthem have
died in an accident
All accidents were preplanned
by Arjun's theory
According to your plan,
only Andrea is remaining
Where should I
categorise you
Because, it was part of my job
Whatever crap
But, your silence after these murders
implies something bad
Your silence indicates that, you have
played a key role in all murders
Sir, trust me,
lam trying to help them
My foot
Since there are people who have
completed test, training and pledge us to help the people
How can a private dick agency
can take the law and order
You and your office is under
the shadow of suspicion
Where is your office?
Generally there won't
be any holidays
Mr. Devarajan, Go on
Dear, Arjun
Is this is your Hawks Eye?
Sir, what happened?
- Who are you
-I am Bhaskaran
This is my godown
- Where is the office?
- What office?
- Office where I worked
- Office?
Bhaskaran, The matter
is bit serious
How long you are using
this place as your godown
An Agent from the market
arranged this building for me
Sir, this building was completely
vacant when I reached here
Devaraj, You go with him to
the market and see...
Meet him, And take
both to my office
Sir, I am innocent
Bhaskaran, Please
cooperate with us
We must do our duty
Come Bhaskaran
-Why should I come with you
- We are not going tojail
Sir, I can't believe this
Arjun's father is Ram Mohan
who is a retired KSEB engineer
Arjun got First rank holder
in MA criminology
We enquired about him,
He got a clean image
No criminal records at all
No criminal records at all
They have deleted all the details about
the Hawks Eye from the Google
There is no company
in existence now
Very nice
Generally certain finance
companies used to vanish a | | ..
...on a sudden after securing
deposits from the people
But, a detective agency
vanishing all on a sudden
...without any clue and
that too after 4 murders
Sir, Mobile ID of both Irene
and Gokul was fake
The first rank holder in criminology
and a keen observer like.. didn't take any pain to know
further about Irene and Gokul
At least their house
I didn't suspect them due to
the company's reputation
Mr. Williams sir,
So this is lrene
Twenty years ago Hawks Eye was started by a
retd. lPS officer called Alexander
Get him on the Skype call, ASAP
Just doesn't connect, He is an
honest police officer
Sir, I want to know
the true story
And I want to find the
people who cheated me
I can do anything forthat
You must be with me
Because, I don't know your
role in the lrene's story
I still have my doubts
- Andrea?
-Andrea is safe
Can! see her
We have made all
arrangements forthat
I spoke with Alexander now
Hawks Eye does not
belongs to him now
Six years ago, On November,
2011 he sold Hawks Eye
- Does lrene bought it?
- No
He is nowthe owner
of Hawks Eye
Alexander Sir, will mail his other
details and sale agreement
Sir, Greetings
He rules the Thootthukkudi port
All the politicians and
police are under his belt
He is such a criminal
So you all will have butterflies in your
stomach to play outside your comfort zone
There are certain places
where police can't go directly
Especially during the undercover
operations, they are very helpful
So, now we go directly
to Thootthukkudi
- Hey Wait
-We would like to meet Rajaratnam
- Okay, Nowyou stand outside
-We need a small favour
-Where you are from?
- We are from Kerala
Please wait here
Brother Suresh, Somebody came from
Kerala to meet our boss
I don't knowthem,
Go and tell him
Finish it
Boss, Somebody came from
Kerala to meet you
Who are you?
Why did you come this far?
I got a transfer
to this port
So, you are an officer
So, you know one
have to meet me
Yes boss
-Who is this?
-This is my younger brother
Boss, we came to
fix a job for him
What is your qualification?
Sir, MA in Criminology
Very true
Well, it helps to get a job in the
investigation department
If you prefer any otherjob, then I have
to make a call to the ministry
He don't want ajob here
He need a job in Kerala
ln Kerala you got a private
detective agency know
If he gets a job there, it is easy for
him to travel from his house
- Hawks Eye
- Hawks Eye?
Brother, my agency, office, etc
are here only
You might have forgot it,
You have
ln Kerala you got
an office like that
Look, Is this your signature?
They have travelled all the way
from Kerala to meet us
Let me ask
Brother, tell me, what you want?
Only one question, What's your
connection with Kerala
Not only in Kerala, I got connections
through out the south lndia
The Hawks Eye agency
was registered in your name
And we came here
to know about it
No one comes here
for questioning
and those who came,
hadn't left also
Hey, What's this
Brother, you just settle score and call me
I will be in the vehicle
I will take care
of your glass
- Police
See that you take his
dead body from here
Sure, boss,
As yourwish
Boss, Now whose dead
body should I take
Sir, we don't want
to hurt you
But, you must tell us the whole
story behind that agreement
Six years ago, I went to
Kerala to accomplish a deal
It was a crime work,
In that! made a signature
Who made that deal?
Thatl don't remember
But, there was a
girl in that group
Yes, This is the girl
This is the girl
We have taken complete accident and
death details ofthe past six years
And we have sorted out the cases
which are yet to be proved
l have mailed the
sorted list to you
Sir, Please go back
l have seen her before
This is Advocate Arundhathi
Yes, l have seen her photo
from the files of Irene
Sir, I am sure,
The same photo
In the same year lrene owned
Hawks Eye and Arundhathi"1'died
Uncanny coincidence
There is some
connection in this
We will get a clear picture, if we follow
Arundhathi"1'instead of Irene now
Yes, Then it's Kollimala next
Sir, we didn't get any evidences
from the accidents occurred here
Even the tribes are
afraid to climb down
Without any evidences, How did you confirm
that it was Advocate Arundhathi
On that day she dropped here
an old lady from the town
Another accident also
occurred at the same time
Alittle girl, Her body recovered
from the top of a tree
She is a daughter of a Tamil native,
He is the witness forthe two accidents
Where is he nouf?
He was here for sometime
with mental disorder
A social welfare group then
took him to a mental asylum
- Now he is there
- Muthumani
You must stay here,
You must play with me
If you smile well, then your
motherwill see from the sky
Smile.. Smile like amoon
Murukeshan was here
for the last 5 years
-About any relatives?
- No
Apart from a baggage which contains
fewdresses and a small bag
Can we see that
We have reached the house of
Arud hadhi in Thanjavore
Who is there nouf?
Today we are going to explore
the place called Kollimala
which is also known as mystery
potholes or devil fort
Thejourney with the
was wonderful and
miraculously adventurous
The native tribes
were our guide
We got a chance to meet
a group of people..
...with distinct language
and culture
We were amazed to see a lady who
doe not belong to their tribe
From the actions, we came to know
that she has fallen from the top
Now with the help of government,
she was moved to the hospital
The officials have recognised
that this Advocate Arundhathi..
...who found missing due to an
accident six years ago
Today, I heard about a lady called
Arundhathi"1'through media
She is in ICU
Who is this?
- Excuse me
I learnt that a patient called
Arundhathi is in ICU
- | CU is on the second floor
- Second floor
There is no miracle
in Kollimala
...And Arund hathi"1'didn't
get a second life
When you have decided to disappear,
we have decided to see you again
...You registered the Hawks Eye
in the name of Rajaratnam
In between why
did you post me
Arjun, initially
I suspected you
So that's the reason
There is a connection a between four
murders and Advocate Arund hathi
We got the evidence
forthat also
The same iPhone
We got it from the locker room of a mental
asylum as belongings of Murukeshan
This was used by Advocate
Arundhathi"1'till her death
She got many incoming
calls to this number
Four numbers called
her frequently
The owners of those
4 numbers are..
Adhithyan, Vijay, Krishnamoorthy
and Antony
Did they kill Advocate Arundhathi?
You knowthe correct
answerfor this
Because, Advocate Arundhathi
is your mother
Till the age of five,
you were in an orphanage
One day they came to spread light to
vanish the darkness from your life
Chidhabharam and his wife
Arundhathi"1'from Thanjavore
Thus, Arundhathi
became your Foster-mother
-Are you going
You got a father and mother,
So you will get dresses and toys
Then, will you forget me
Dear, Mia
Here by aunty will take
care of you also
You will get same
things as Irene
When you feel like talking to Irene,
then call to this number
The day after you left,
Mia was missing
"Missing," It's a bloody tag line given by
the police for the orphans like us
Like my Mia, many
are still missing
Do you know where, what
and how they are living
Do you have an
answer for that?
Tell me, How many missing
children got their life back?
Gradually, I forgot her
Six years ago,
on one night
Where is she nouf?
When we are waiting for
you in the positive hospital,
Arjun shared a
doubt with me
That is, Irene will share the news about
your mother to the closest friend
You made two calls
from the phone booth
One to the hospital
...and the second
went to my house
To Andrea
Because, your Mia
is the Andrea now
What happened
after that
Where were you?
- Is it your house?
- No, I am an orphan
My friend's address
It is far away from here
Should uncle take
you there?
Don't spare them
My mother came here to
enquire about them
The next day, we heard
her death news
Gokul, Shekar and Manu are the
sponsored children of my foster-mother
They have also
joined with us
Thus, we have decided
to live, win and kill"1'them
To confuse you they have
told you to follow me
But, finally my mind
got confused
Nowyou know all
the story about her
Do you still love her?
What is the mistake
from her ward?
Is it for killing these third rates,
she became a victim of rape her adolescent age and
also sold herself later
The Iawwhich couldn't
safeguard her life
Let the law
punish her
She is not an
orphan anymore
I will be there for her
There are many criminals still
floating without any issue
And there are criminals who didn't
get sufficient punishment also
Let these four murders reside in the format
of an answer less accidental death
Every police man has a emotional
affection to the human being
Nowthis story is common
to four of us only
Let it be like that
Let's do it for
our young girls