Chance Pe Dance (2010) Movie Script

Dance if you get a chance
Don't worry, drink one glass
Don't worry, if you get a high
Once you are drunk stop being moody
Don't worry, come and have a jig
Don't worry, have a good time
Shake your hip and hit the dance floor
Oh sweetheart, you too start dancing
That's what the beat of the drum says
When two hearts connect there
Spreads positivity around
Let there be twists and turns
Let there be the sound of the drumbeats
Now stop feeling shy and come and dance
Everything is set
No one will stop you
Come and have a whale of a time today
Come and scorch the dance floor
Come and scorch it
Come and scorch the dance floor
Turn this night into a memorable one
Come on, shake it
Who can say what they
will grow up to be...
except their destinies?
They say some people are born lucky...
and some make their luck.
And some become lucky if
you happen to like them.
Such a cute baby!
He'll become a hero when he grows up.
I'm sure he'll grow up to be a hero.
All you can score is zero.
And you want to be a hero!
You are really very cute.
You should go to Mumbai
and become a hero.
Dad, I've decided that I'm
going to Mumbai to become an actor.
I've told you a million times.
You won't become a hero.
You'll be a good for nothing!
If you still want to go, do as you wish.
Sally sells sea shells on the seashore.
Hey, Sameer.
Whose mobile is ringing?
Switch it off.
Stop doing that.
Vipul Yogurt,
a treasure of strength!
In strawberry and litchi flavours,
with 20% extra calcium to savor.
Drop that!
Vipul Yogurt,
a treasure of strength!
In strawberry and...
Don't you understand?
Vipul Yogurt,
a treasure of strength!
In strawberry and litchi flavours,
with 20% extra calcium to savor.
Such a disgusting kid!
Throw him out!
Move it.
What did I do wrong, sir?
He is my kid!
Such a cute kid!
What's your name?
Why don't you dig in my nose too?
-Sir, he is a very sweet.
-Come on.
-Strawberry, litchi... sir, one chance.
-Get lost!
That was quite good.
But I think you could've done better.
That'll be all.
Yes, I ate.
-Take over, Tina. Who is next?
-Okay, sir.
Okay, guys.
Do it just the way I did.
-Here for the audition, aren't you?
That's the mark.
Hold your back straight.
That'll be all.
You have got hero's looks.
With your good stars and my talent...
we will set the stage on fire!
We have a small budget.
Hope you don't mind.
-Of course not, sir.
-Hello, sir.
Yes, Ranjit sir.
I think you're irritating,
but you dance really well.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Carry your own clothes.
And you have to do your own make up.
-Can you do it?
-Of course, I can. No problem.
Where did you learn to dance?
Just randomly.
-And a little bit of hard work.
-It'll be done.
With your good stars and my talent...
we will set the stage on fire!
-Tina, this is Purab. This is Tina.
He will do the video.
Explain things to him.
-Who is Sam?
-The guy who just auditioned.
What can I do?
He is Ranjit Kapoor's recommendation.
He is paying for the video.
Tell him, we'll use him later
for another one. Go on, please.
I have to go for another audition,
so I'll leave. Thanks.
Sir, give me a chance next time.
-Thank you, sir.
This video is no big deal.
So you shouldn't be doing such stuff.
You know, you're talented
and you can dance well--
It's cool, Tina. It happens.
It's no big deal.
That'll be all.
Hey, dad.
You called at the right time!
On your way back to Delhi?
No, dad. Returning from an
audition. Shooting begins tomorrow.
It'll be out day after
and then you're a star.
You know what...
this has been going on
for the last three years.
-Yes, dad.
-You said it was for a year.
If you don't make it in
a year, you'll be back.
-Isn't that what you said?
-Yes, dad.
One year turned into three
and what have you done?
You have become the
"Lungi-king" of the South.
But dad, if I hadn't
done the commercial...
I wouldn't be driving a car.
So what if it's a used car.
Your mother had high hopes for you.
Please let her soul rest in peace.
Listen, son.
The film industry has nothing for you.
Many have ruined their lives out there.
-Just come back, son.
Do you still have the return
ticket or have you sold it?
-I still have it.
-Then use it and come back.
-You won't listen.
Do you need anything?
Money, perhaps?
No, dad. Have I ever asked for anything?
-I'm great, dad!
-Take care of yourself.
Yes, dad.
Stop rehearsing your lines!
Hey, hero!
When will your movie release?
-Then we'll give up watching movies.
Shut up! Want a slap?
He got scared.
"Give up watching movies!"
Like they can afford the tickets!
They aren't my target audience anyway.
What's up?
There is no professionalism
in this industry.
And discipline doesn't exist at all.
-What happened?
-I had a meeting scheduled...
for the lead role. Just got
a call saying it's canceled.
I can't think straight.
Give me the house keys.
Have you lost it?
If Kersi finds out, I'm dead.
-I'm losing focus here, man.
-Fine! Hold on to it.
Hey... can you lend me a thousand or two?
-One or two?
-Two! I need to get a haircut as well.
-You're refusing me?
We're friends.
I'm not refusing.
Just reminding you that...
two now and sixteen earlier...
that's eighteen thousand in all.
-Here, keep this. And don't forget!
Sameer! One minute.
Oh no! Kersi is here.
Go in after ten minutes.
I'm leaving.
Sameer, wait!
Pay me the rent!
Pay me the rent!
Priya, you mean the world to me.
Nothing right now.
Probably for my next film.
That's alright.
You do have my number.
-Oh yes, I just gave it.
So how was it?
Forget it.
Hey, freeloader! You left me
just one slice of bread!
I thought you'd have eaten.
Oh, really!
Oh no, it's Kersi, the itch!
Kersi, how're you doing?
-Sameer, pay the rent.
-Deduct from the deposit.
The deposit is exhausted.
I want the rent.
Okay, for the past three--
No, the past four months!
-Please pay it right now!
-Okay, I am giving.
-Here... one, two, three, four.
-Not four, it's forty!
-I don't have anymore. Here, check!
-I want it!
I have nothing more. Take a look!
My younger brother is
returning from Dahanu.
Now what do I do?
Sameer, let's go to Club Zigzag.
Director Rajiv Sharma
will be there tonight.
Not now dude. Please!
Not after all those
deliveries and auditions.
I just can't.
I'm sorry.
This is a necessary evil.
Trust me. Take this.
I don't get this.
Why go through all this
if we are talented?
Talent gets you nowhere!
It's an illusion.
It's all about networking.
Take it from me.
I've been texting every
director for the past two months.
And the reply is...
"Roses are red, Violets are blue,
SMS stalker, who the heck are you?"
There's Rajiv Sharma.
It's time for my impromptu audition.
I have gone crazy in your love
I forgot my name when
I started chanting your name
I have gone crazy in your love
Dance is crazy
Don't shy
When I touch your body
My heart goes oh ah
The night is in bloom
It has cast away the gloom
Tomorrow is a new dawn
What were you doing
with face of the year?
-And you're Brad Pitt.
-Thanks, pal.
-You're more like his armpit.
-What man!
-Have we met before?
-During audition number 131.
Actually my 131st audition was for you.
Can you come over to my office...
at two o'clock?
Hey, Sam.
My car key is with you, right?
Oh, yes.
I think you're low on fuel.
Oh, well! It's alright.
Sameer, do you need a lift?
No, it's okay.
I'll manage.
He's struggling to be an actor.
Excuse me.
Hey, taxi driver.
Hero... move aside!
You look so lonely.
Want to ride with us?
-Bloody cockroaches!
-Keep going or she will beat us up.
Actually this fell from your bag.
So... you ran out of fuel?
No, we are taking a walk.
-Yes, my bike and I.
Of course, I'm out of fuel.
The petrol pump is just
around the corner.
Come on, get started.
On your way home?
No, we were taking a walk.
-Yes, my shadow and I.
And by the way, if we find a rundown
bike, we help the owner.
Shut up! I'll drop you home.
Doesn't she know the bike can go faster!
Tina, drive carefully. Take it easy.
Would you rather walk home?
Tina, I think we can go.
Can't you see the signal is red?
-I'm sorry about that audition.
-Don't be stupid.
-Guess who I met at Club Zigzag?
Actually, I'll tell you
once things work out.
-I could receive good news tomorrow.
-Me too!
I'll tell you once things work out.
Here's a challenge.
Try going faster than 30.
Hey, listen.
Can I have your number?
Oh, no! I didn't mean that.
I thought I could give you the good news.
Even I could do that.
What's your number?
She's quite dangerous!
Hey, what's up?
This is my number, you can save it.
Thanks... you too!
You tell me.
Why don't you say something?
Watch it.
Sameer, come back out here.
Back to where you came from.
-Sameer, idiot. What does courier mean?
-Pick up and drop.
It was a mistake to pick you,
but now I'm dropping you.
-Do you get it?
-But, sir... what did I do?
Absolutely nothing. You
neither deliver on time...
nor take your salary on time.
The deliveries are always late
but you take the salary in advance.
That too, two months in advance.
You came here to become
an actor, didn't you?
Then go to a studio all decked up...
and keep waiting out there.
Get lost!
-Good morning, sir.
-It's okay, sit.
You know Sameer...
you posses a good quality.
You have this honest look.
Sameer, you are the hero of my next film.
I'm absolutely sure.
Listen, have you signed
a contract with anyone?
-No, sir.
-If you have, tell me right now.
Yes, of course!
You see this is a film about dance.
-Do you ride a bike?
-Yes, sir.
-Will you manage it?
-Yes, sir.
We will train you.
Sir, I don't have any influence.
Neither is my family
in the film industry.
How does it matter?
-Don't you want to act?
-Yes, sir!
Sameer Behl is the
hero of my... no...
of our next film!
Go on, shake his hand.
Might not get a chance again!
One second. That must be Ronnie.
What are you doing here?
-I'm this film's--
No? Okay.
Sameer, this is Tina.
The choreographer of our film.
And this is Sameer, the hero of our film.
Listen, Tina.
Get him to do dance moves that
will leave people mesmerized.
Anything else?
-No, of course, not.
-A contract?
This handshake is no
less than a contract.
-Thank you, sir.
-No, don't thank me.
Mark my words, Tina, after this film...
you'll be the number one choreographer.
With stars
I'm in a trance, without a trace
Waltzing back and forth in a daze
A fragrance fills the air
There is magic in the fragrance
The heart is restless due to the magic
The desires are fulfilled
And there is a sense of relief
Now I'm up for anything
Up in sky is where I belong
I want to touch the clouds
I want to reach for the stars
How swiftly this life transformed
Seems destiny is at work
A wanderer without a destination
Everywhere I look, it's my name I see
This moment is enchanting
The joy overwhelming
Everything is there, just for me
Up in sky is where I belong
I want to touch the clouds
I want to reach for the stars
Up in sky
To touch the clouds
I want to reach for the stars
Hey, uncle!
That's not the restroom!
I'll beat you!
Hey, itch. Why have you
kept my stuff outside?
I'm not running away
without paying you.
Kersi, open the door.
I'm Gazdar, his younger brother.
Take all your stuff
and leave this place.
No more free lodging from today.
-But, Kersi I--
-Go inside.
-Where do I go?
-Out of this place!
-Get out from here!
Now where do I go!
-Where are you?
-At the cafe.
-There's a slight problem.
Kersi, threw my stuff out of the house.
If you could arrange for a place to stay.
Why aren't you answering my calls?
When did you call?
Oh crap! I missed it.
I want my money back.
I'll give it back.
Come aside.
I don't have it right now.
I will return it later.
What do you mean, you don't have it?
Kersi threw me out.
I need the money, Gaurav.
You should have paid the rent on time.
Now look here!
Don't give me that crap.
I want my money, right now!
Don't take your frustration out on me.
You need guts to become
an actor in Mumbai.
And if you don't have it,
just go back to Delhi.
And frankly speaking, what
hasn't happened till now...
isn't going to happen at all.
You still have luck on your side.
You can sell sarees at your dad's shop.
Every time you asked
for money, I helped you.
I let you live at my place
when you had nowhere to go.
You have enough to
take girls out for coffee.
Eight hundred rupees is all I have...
and not even sure when
the shooting begins.
I was a fool to trust Gaurav!
I could go back to dad...
but there's the rehearsal too.
If I go back to Delhi,
it will be as a celebrity.
I want to surprise dad.
Rajiv sir...
what do I tell him!
That his hero can't afford a meal?
That I am homeless?
What do I do!
Where do I go?
There's nowhere to go.
-So, Sam, the star.
Just one autograph.
Just click one photograph with me.
I'll have it framed.
First break!
We'll kick everyone's butt!
-What do you say?
What do you mean, "yeah?"
Boss, your good stars and my talent...
we'll create history!
He was such a popat!
That's what people are
called in this industry.
And you know what?
Everything happens for a reason.
People should have patience.
Am I right or wrong?
-What's your reply, popat?
Okay, see you.
That's just great.
It was great.
Yes, it was great.
A vada pav and tea.
-Make that a regular tea.
Okay, Sameer.
Time to look for a job.
No way.
I hate kids!
Phagwara Auto Works.
There's no vacancy at present.
-You don't have any experience.
-There's nothing.
-There's no work.
-Come later.
-We will contact you.
-We will let you know.
-Sorry, son. Come later.
-You have no experience.
In fact, during my
childhood even I was a kid.
-Sameer, you know...
we strongly believe that...
there's a lot more to
life apart from studies...
and video games.
And we believe that dance...
can help children express their--
How much, sir?
The class strength?
Oh yes, about a dozen.
And before you ask me about your salary...
let me tell you...
five thousand rupees a month.
The students have the
activity hour after school.
How many hours, sir?
Activity hour!
For this activity hour,
the options were...
football, karate, hockey, drama...
-Good morning, sir.
-music, dance...
and the kids chose dance.
Our football coach.
Baichung Bhutia?
He isn't related to him.
But he is brilliant.
He won the Inter School Gold Cup
once again.
He is the new dance teacher, Sameer.
Our karate team has won...
the State Championship
for the last three years.
And the girls hockey team...
You know the Chak De India effect.
This hall is a multipurpose hall.
So it's...
Look at that.
So what are these kids like, sir?
They are good.
They even participated in
a competition last year.
I hope this year's result
is better than last year.
Were they ranked second last year?
-So, it should be good.
-How many schools participated?
Twenty two. The kids will
be here in half an hour.
You can wait here.
Good day!
-Who is this?
-I guess he is the new dance teacher.
There will be no class.
Really? The dance teacher?
-He is fast asleep.
The watchman of my
building sleeps just like this.
Let him sleep.
We'll get a free period.
Time to wake up.
Wake up, sir!
Dance teacher!
Forget it!
-I'm going home.
-How can you? What if he asks?
Sleeping bag won't know a thing!
Who else is coming?
Okay, let's go.
Strange nobody showed up.
No wonder they stand last.
Let's go.
So you want to become
a hero? Want to act?
Wash clothes now.
Glad the security guard isn't here yet.
Sir, Rajiv sir's number?
It's there on the script.
-It's written there. Here it is.
I hope I can call him.
Of course, anytime!
You are the star.
Have you dozed off?
We were worlds apart,
but now we are together.
It's unbelievable.
It was meant to be.
When, where, how...
it's all destiny.
Isn't it, Trisha?
Trisha, that's a dumb name.
And since this is destined...
why don't we create our own world?
Our little home...
just you and me...
and no one else.
When you walk into my arms,
cradled by the moonlight...
the entire universe will rejoice.
Put your hand in mine...
trust me...
and if I don't turn these
dreams into reality...
my name is not Rahul.
My name is not Rahul?
My name is not Rahul!
Tina, give me the cue!
To hell with the cue!
You're a fabulous actor.
This film is a hit.
You and your girlfriend.
Sam, in a black suit, dashing!
And a gorgeous girlfriend!
You can also come with your boyfriend.
Oh crap!
I don't have a boyfriend.
Oh crap!
I don't have a girlfriend.
-Oh crap!
I have to go. I'll call you. Bye.
-Who is this?
-Sameer speaking.
What day is it on 26th? Monday?
Come over to the office on Monday.
-Okay, sir. Thank you, sir and--
-Okay, bye.
Sir, why were you sleeping yesterday?
Well, I fell asleep.
Did you take some medicine?
I didn't fall.
I just fell asleep.
How can you fall to sleep, sir?
-Of course you can't fall to sleep.
-Then why were you sleeping?
In a couple of days
I'll explain everything.
Sir, why not today?
-Hey, sleeping bag!
-Sleeping bag?
Sir, you were sleeping
yesterday hence the nickname.
-Who said that?
-Sir, it was Randeep.
Big mouth! You have to blurt it out.
Unless you behave well...
there won't be any dance practice.
you don't want to practice?
Think you're too good to learn?
Sir, this is Shanaya.
No audio, only video.
She doesn't talk at all.
I see.
Sleeping bag! Come here.
I'll teach you a lesson,
you won't stop crying.
Take it easy. Slow down.
Are you trying to wake the dead?
Sir, I'm interested in football.
I'm forced to attend this class.
Dancing is for losers.
You're calling me a loser?
And you are Ronaldinho's coach?
Move it!
Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly,
Shammi Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan,
Govinda, Shiamak Davar...
are legends in the art of dance.
-What are they?
For them dancing is...
fun, enjoyment, rocking man!
Not this way.
Dance is smoking
Dance is moonwalk
Dance is a trip, takes you real high
Tip to the toe, it's the hip hop
Bhangra and the pop
Now get it, let's move it
Sway and move with what you got
If you can shake a leg
Oh you can dance
Even two left feet, oh yes will dance
It's so easy
Just give it a try
Step out of the mold, forget the world
Show what you got
You got to prove it
And I
Your mind now, don't shut it
Get going, just move it
Now what you waiting for
Want to hear more
Want to dance or walk out of the door
Now get it, let's move it
Show what you got
You got to prove it
Just cut the talk
Shut your two bit
-Sir, that was amazing!
-That was superb!
-Sir, teach me too!
-Sir, once more!
All of you... don't scream!
-Tomorrow. The class is over for today.
-Please, sir.
-Tomorrow! Yes.
Hey, Ronaldinho.
Sir, my name is Randeep.
Very well, Randeep-inho!
Here's a tip... man to man.
-One more thing...
and what's most important of all.
He'll thank me in a few years.
One step ahead, two steps back.
Like sister, like brother!
-He's Monty.
-Stop it.
What is this ruckus about?
Sir, it's not my fault.
He started it all.
-Why? Shut up!
-He started it.
Everyone back to your classrooms.
Sir, are you hurt on your leg?
On your hand?
On the main point?
Oh shit!
What have you done?
-How will he have kids now?
-Because you hit him.
-Sorry, sir.
By the way, remember I mentioned
about the Inter School Competition?
It will be held on the 24th of this month.
Inform your parents that the entry fee
is six hundred rupees per child.
Sir, we don't want to participate.
Why not?
Sir, everyone laughs at us.
We're so bad.
We don't want to do it.
That's not good.
You need to have an intention.
What does intention mean?
Intention means to be in tension.
Come on now.
Sir, please think of
something to avoid it.
Sir, she won't move.
Statue of cement!
Listen and listen well...
if anyone makes fun of Shanaya...
remember this kick...
Guess his jeans tore.
It was a dance step.
Hi, sister.
What did the Principal have to say?
You'd rather hear it now or at home?
I think home sounds better.
Sister, you should meet my dance teacher.
-Randeep. What?
-Come with me.
-Just come here.
Sir, my sister.
She is your sister?
Can I help it?
How are you doing?
You are the dance teacher?
What's going on?
Nothing actually... time pass.
-You could've become a doctor.
-Of course but isn't this good?
You could become an actor too.
-An actor?
Are you serious? You're kidding!
-Please don't say no.
I know Rajiv Sharma.
He is a famous director.
Come over to his office.
You fit the bill.
Me and act? Well, if you insist.
What do you say champ?
-Sir, you will blow everyone away.
-Let's give it a try then.
-See you, Sameer.
Sir, is this all you do
or is there anything else?
Well, this is it for now.
Highly successful,
well known director Rajiv Sharma...
is with us to make a
special announcement...
exclusively only on this channel.
As you might know,
I'm launching a new film.
-I want to introduce a new actor in it.
And the star is...
Or you.
Perhaps even you or you.
In fact it could be anyone out there.
Let me explain. You see...
to choose the lead actor of this film...
we're organizing a talent hunt.
It will create a
revolution in the television space.
Millions of Indians, just
like you, will participate...
and one from those millions,
one talented actor will be...
chosen to play the lead character.
Sir, you had said...
your handshake is as good as a contract.
Well, you know these things happen.
What can I say, Sameer,
everything has changed.
You know film-making, the corporates...
they're unbelievable.
You never know what they'll do.
Why don't you participate?
-Let him fill a form too.
-Yes, sir.
-Just give him a form.
I'm sorry, Sameer.
The auditions are next week
and you need to participate.
We will provide the make up...
but you need to figure out
the accommodation and costumes.
It's strange, isn't it?
I just don't get it.
Life is unbelievable!
We wait for an opportunity...
and we even get it.
But then destiny takes it away!
Every single time!
It always happens to me.
Why doesn't destiny realize that...
it can be devastating.
Wonder how long this will continue!
Now it's back to zero.
Here are my photographs.
Just give me one chance, sir.
You will be convinced with my audition.
I hope you have my number.
Do I have a choice?
That's all I can do.
I don't have a choice.
I'll go for auditions.
I can't go back to my dad, can I?
I mean, what do I tell him?
That I wasted four years!
But you know...
now I'm losing the will to go on.
You know, I just wish
someone would hold my hand and...
tell me this is the right path.
even we want to win...
just like them.
This is the brain...
and this is the heart.
Why are you getting emotional?
Film making also happens
to be a business.
That's precisely the problem, sir.
My brain and heart are connected.
And some day, your brain and
heart will be connected too.
And before you know it
you will be chasing Sameer.
Because Sameer is very talented...
and you know that.
I know that.
I am late today.
How could anyone possibly live in a car?
If we can run a household,
why can't we live in a car?
What do you think he lives on?
-Shut up!
I don't get it.
He wears such stylish clothes.
Only the best brands.
Those are imitations.
You get them really cheap!
You mean he is broke?
That looks delicious.
This too.
Sir, please come,
just for a little while.
-Sir, hurry up.
-Calm down. Okay.
Show it to him.
-Sir, try my lunch.
-Sir, mine.
Sir, please, try a little.
And what does Shanaya have?
Sir, we have decided that...
we will never trouble you again.
And sir...
I promise, I will complete my homework.
Sir, I will have milk everyday.
And I will never spin yarns.
Sir, from tomorrow I will
go jogging every morning.
Sir, in fact I'll start right now...
but after lunch, please.
so far we've never won anything.
Sir, do you think...
we have a chance?
What do you mean,
"do we have a chance?"
Of course, we have a chance!
Think of the word "impossible" as...
"I am possible."
So, we begin practice from today!
Enough of screaming,
start practicing!
You're my champion. Not bad.
Listen, sister.
I need to tell you something.
-You have a new girlfriend.
-No, stop it.
-It's about Sameer sir.
-Tell me.
Promise me you won't tell anyone.
-Swear you won't tell anyone.
Okay, I swear.
Well, Sameer sir...
Where are you?
I'm at home. What about you?
Right outside your home.
Oh no!
She saw my boxers.
That's the bedroom back there.
And, that's the dining room.
What would you like to have,
tea or coffee?
-Tea or coffee? Where is the kitchen?
That's a good point. I mean,
I was just being nice.
You know as a formality.
How can you live this way?
But it's good.
Roll down the windows and
you have cross ventilation.
You can have a new
view whenever you want to.
Park in front of the sea
and you have a sea view.
Park near a mountain and
you have a mountain view.
But you chose the best view.
You don't need to fill the form but...
you dance very well.
And you know, you're a good actor too.
Somewhat good looking.
Even though you aren't participating...
just for fun.
You are part of the
Bindass Star of India contest.
You're happy, your dad is happy.
The girls are crazy like...
"Sam, oh he is so cute!"
If you were acting in the film...
even I would've been a part of it.
And I'd be happy too.
What do you mean, Tina?
You quit the film?
Where do you have dinner?
-It doesn't matter where I eat...
-And the bathroom?
-I'm asking you something.
Why did you quit the film?
It doesn't make a difference.
I'm doing well.
But it was your dream...
and it meant a lot to you.
I didn't like what happened so I quit.
-What's this?
-Nothing. Just like that.
Actually, I just couldn't
stop imagining yesterday.
Because someone told
me that I dance well.
That I'm also a good
actor and quite handsome too.
Sorry, somewhat good looking.
Right, somewhat good looking.
So, I gave it some
thought and figured why not.
After that the girls are happy,
everyone is happy.
So, I decided that I should...
submit the contest form.
I did it.
Go, move it.
Hey, listen. I forgot to mention
something very important.
All of this feels so new
I've got the world, it's true
What can I say
The words seem far away
My heart has gone astray
All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
All of this feels so new
I've got the world, it's true
Don't know where my heart is going
My happiness, just keeps on growing
Nothing that I want more
My heart has never been so sure
All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
All of this feels so new
I've got the world, it's true
Things you dreamt, as I also did
Now the dream is ours to live
Our eyes lost in each other
Our paths are bound together
All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
All of this feels so new
I've got the world, it's true
What can I say
The words seem far away
My heart has gone astray
All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
In a moment I got a new life
I got something and I lost something
What is life?
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a sound, let it be heard.
Life is a melody, enjoy it.
What is life after all?
You call these lines, Tina?
They seem very shallow.
What if I get eliminated?
Everything will be fine.
You will make it to the final round.
What is life?
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a song, sing it.
My mother was the only
person who believed in me.
Sir, what is he saying?
It's not in the script.
I still remember the school play
when I was in the second grade.
I was a tree and had no dialogues.
But my mom loved my performance the most.
In fact, my mother thought...
I was the most good-looking
kid in the world.
I never gave it a serious thought.
But when mom passed away...
I tried to understand what she saw in me.
And in time I began to...
believe what she believed in.
Every weekend I'd spend
at Capital Cinema...
watching movie stars on
the silver screen...
I always thought about one thing.
What do they have that I don't?
And then I came to Mumbai.
I believed that I belonged
on the silver screen.
But after I arrived here...
I realised that the darkness
extends outside the theater too.
And what happens on screen...
doesn't compare to what
happens behind the scenes.
Everywhere I went, I
saw hundreds like myself.
And their parents would
also have had similar dreams.
But I want to give it a shot.
I want to complete this journey.
And I want to win.
If for nothing else...
then just for you, mom.
You know, I saw his audition tapes...
and I knew...
that he is really talented.
He can become a star.
You already are a star!
Standard question...
how does it feel?
-Any family members present here?
No, actually my dad lives in Delhi.
Your dad must be very proud of you.
So which part of Delhi?
Saket Vihar.
Don't you know all the shops
there have been demolished?
The police are patrolling the area.
The shop owners are facing problems.
The number you are trying to
reach is currently unavailable.
How could they demolish someone's shop?
I mean... it's their hard work.
I'll get these washed at home.
These contests are routine.
Such chances will come by again.
When you return...
don't worry.
Don't worry about the car.
I'll park it at my place.
The tickets--
Relationships are more
important than work.
-Hi, Sam. How are you?
-I'm alright.
-And your dad?
-He is fine.
Tina, dad needs me.
I don't think I'll come back.
Yes, dad.
Dad, you were right all along.
There's nothing left for me in Mumbai.
So I've decided, I'm
staying here in Delhi...
with my dad...
who loves me a lot.
Today in the Capital, Delhi...
the government has
razed many illegal shops.
The shops have filed a plea.
Dad, here... let me take this.
I bought one.
I bought a sarong.
But I'm not sure if I carry it off.
Here is Bindass Star of
India contestant number seven,
Sameer Behl.
He is now the favourite having
captured the hearts of millions.
Sameer is amazing and
I'm sure he will win.
After all, he is from Delhi!
He has an amazing physique!
And here is a glimpse of his talent.
Everywhere I went, I saw
hundreds like myself.
And their parents would
also have had similar dreams.
But I want to give it a shot.
I want to complete this journey.
And I want to win.
If for nothing else...
then just for you, mom.
You know, I saw his audition tapes...
and I knew...
that he is really talented.
He can become a star.
You already are a star!
What was that?
Where did you get such talent?
I don't have it.
You got it from your mother!
Out there you look just like her.
Where is my phone?
What was that number?
Your code is 07.
Dad, I'm not going back.
It's pointless sending a message.
Are you going to let me down?
Pack your stuff and get going.
Come on.
Hurry up!
But, dad.
You can do it, son!
You can do it, son!
Let's go.
Tina, not this.
The finals are today, not tomorrow.
-Sam, sit.
-Tina, let's take a cab.
Hey! We can easily reach on time.
Sam, we're here.
Come on!
I saw you on TV, superb!
Sir, I scored full marks in mathematics.
Sir, my mother calls me
"non-stop talk show!"
-She says I talk a lot.
-That's enough!
We can talk later.
-Now move it!
-Yeah, let's go!
Dancers, costumes, everything's ready.
You know this is a competition,
for God sake!
You just took off!
You didn't even inform me.
The performances have already begun.
And rules can't be bent, right?
I'm sorry, you can't perform. Alright?
It hasn't been easy
getting this chance, sir.
Sir, I know I'm late.
Sir, I don't mind losing
once I've given it a shot...
but I don't want to lose,
not having tried at all.
The talent that doesn't
get a chance is worthless.
Sir, you belong to the industry.
You know that...
people spend a lifetime
waiting for the right opportunity.
The world will rock
The world will rock
I'm going to show it
The limelight is mine
I'm going to show it
The limelight is mine
Don't skip the beat
The world will rock
The world will rock
The world will rock
This film is a hit.
Sameer Behl!
Sameer Behl!
So you want to become a hero?
You can do it, son.
Sometimes a dream among
million other can come true.
But it takes both effort and
belief to fulfill that dream.
And once in a while
life gives us a chance.
A chance to dance!