Chances Are (1989) Movie Script

Chances are cos
I wear a silly grin.
The moment you come into view.
Chances are you think that
I'm in love with you.
Just because my
composure sorta slips.
The moment that your
lips meet mine.
Chances are you think my
heart's your valentine.
In the magic of moonlight.
When sigh hold me close, dear.
Chances are you believe the
stars that fill the skies.
Are in my eyes.
Guess you feel you'll always be.
The one and only one for me.
And if you think you could.
Well, chances are Your chances are.
Awfully good
There's something
I have to tell you.
I'm in love with Corinne.
I know.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered
together here in the sight of God
and in the face of this company
to join together this man and
this woman in holy matrimony,
which is an honourable
state, instituted of God...
Washington DC Enactment of the Civil
Rights Bill by July 4th was assured today
when Representative Howard Smith
announced a meeting of the
House Rules Committee.
Mr Smith a Virginia Democrat
made his announcement only 24 hours
before the majority of Congress
Happy anniversary!
- You're dressed.
- Yeah, but I don't have to be.
Well, get undressed and get back
in bed. I have something for you.
- Well, can't you give it to me here?
- No, I want to give it to you there.
Come on!
No, Louie. That's not
the way I planned it.
So this is a planned thing.
Yes. I wanted to be here in bed when I
gave you your anniversary present, because
this is where it was made.
We're having a baby?
A baby?!
To be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife.
Though from my
personal point of view
I started without you.
Happy anniversary!
What is this?
A cherry tree. And it
promises to bear fruit.
- Which is more than I can say for you two!
- You shouldn't have.
To my two favourite people.
We're having a baby.
How are we going to break
the news to Louie?
- Are you working today?
- Lady Bird's launching a new petunia bed.
I'm the lucky stiff who gets to
cover it. Not to be missed!
- Big interview? - Yes, I'm
interviewing Lady Bird's gardener.
Philip, I think we'll
call the tree George.
- Philip!
- Hey, now don't forget. 8 o'clock.
Remember my cousin Ann?
She was at our wedding?
- The one with the overbite?
- She's having them worked on!
She's coming up from
Charlottesville for the weekend.
- Maybe the four of us could get together.
- Louie...!
- Well, OK. Just thought I'd ask.
- Don't ask.
Good time...
Mr Jeffries! Come in.
Come in, come in!
She is going to love these.
An excellent choice.
Give my regards to your wife.
And happy anniversary!
In view of the testimony of the
witness and the arguments of counsel,
I have decided to grant the defendant's
motion to suppress the evidence.
Permission to approach the
bench, Judge Fenwick.
Your Honour, I won't have a case.
Without that evidence, the counts
against Tony Bonino are out the window.
I have to follow the rules
of evidence, Louie.
In my judgement a search
warrant was required,
therefore the evidence
is inadmissible.
But he'll be back on the streets.
We know Bonino is one of the most
cunning and powerful individuals
in organised crime.
Are you quite through?
Court is adjourned.
Listen, I've got something here.
- It's a tip or something.
- Yeah? What is it?
- Something on Bonino.
- Bonino?
- Interested huh?
- Oh, yes, I'm interested!
The beach, Roosevelt Island. 6.30.
Judge Fenwick! My God!
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Hi.
I have to get out of here.
How do I get back?
You just got here, hon.
You haven't been processed.
You'll get back. It just
takes a little while.
- Wait at the end of the line, please.
- Uh, look, you don't understand.
I have to get back to my wife.
She's pregnant.
And my best friend, Philip...
he'll be lost without me.
And my job. I'll lose my job, my
dinner reservations, my life.
We understand those
things here. We really do.
Come with me.
Thanks. I've been feeling
very strange lately.
What do you expect? Your body's a cream
sauce all over Wisconsin Avenue!
Here it is, end of the line. Thank
you very much, and please wait.
How are you doing? Fine?
- No, no, no. You're making a scene.
- Cori...!
All right, all right!
Come with me.
Good. Just one more thing...
Here's your shot. Hold still.
Omar? Omar!
Hopeless case of attachment.
- They'll take care of you here.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot.
I need to go to Washington DC.
That's in North America.
I know where Washington is,
thank you. Boy or a girl?
- What's that?
- You want to be reborn a boy or a girl?
I don't want to be reborn at all.
I want to go home now, just as I am.
That's impossible. You're
between bodies right now.
Look, you're a soul, a spirit. The
only way to get back is to be reborn.
- You got a problem with that?
- I guess not.
- As I was saying, boy or girl?
- Boy.
- OK, there's an Eskimo woman giving birth...
- No, I don't want to be an Eskimo.
Son of an African chief. You'll
inherit ten wives on your 16th...
No! No, I have a wife.
OK. Uh, here's an
interesting situation.
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.
- Great location.
- No. East coast, OK? East coast.
Pool or trust fund?! We can get
you there in three months.
I can't wait!
You're really in
a hurry, huh? OK...
Cleveland. It's the closest
I've got to Washington.
There's a woman about to
deliver there, Marlene Finch.
- Fine!
- Her husband's name is Roger, who's an Elk.
- He owns a dry-cl...
- I'll take it!
Oh, OK. She's going into labour!
You'd better hurry.
How will we recognise each other?
Don't worry. Go, go, go!
Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute!
I forgot! Your shot!
You go to... You need... I...
Omar? What happened?
- He had to run.
- He had to run?
And? And what, Omar? And what?
A... a...
And you... forgot to give
him his inoculation?
He can't go through
life without that.
Sally, please...
What if he remembers?
This is a pretty situation!
So you just assumed that
nobody at Yale University
or Yale Law School had any interest
in checking out these six books
in the last three months?
No, I just...
You are going to make some lawyer!
You owe eighty-seven dollars
and twenty-five cents.
87.25. Can I put that
on a credit card?
This isn't a boutique.
Cash only, or we'll
hold up your grades.
I don't have enough cash.
I'm... I'm going home right now
and my ride's waiting for me.
Mrs Handy? The rare books room.
- The Shakespeare folios.
- Yes, Alex. What about them?
They're fooling with the folios.
- Fooling with the folios?
- And fiddling too.
- Go! Go to them!
- Yes. Thank you.
I'll take over here.
Oh dear Oh! Good heavens
God, is she always that awful?
I'm sorry.
I just didn't have enough cash, and
she wouldn't take a credit card.
And... I can't get my grades.
My ride's waiting...
What? What?
This is bad.
- How bad?
- It's worse than I thought.
- How worse?
- A lot.
According to this, these books
were never legally checked out.
Yeah, so?
So it means I can't
charge you for them.
You beat the system.
- Alex.
- Alex?
Thank you. That was
really sweet of you.
Consider it a graduation present.
- I'm not graduating.
- I am. Tomorrow.
Oh, yeah? Congratulations.
I got to go.
- That wasn't really your mother, right?
- No.
- Have a nice life.
- Thanks. You too.
The Today show is here, they're setting
up. We're not ready! It's not working.
Richard, calm down! It's just
the panic before the storm.
Corinne, Eleanor Roosevelt's
wig is missing.
What?! It's got to be here.
I'm sure we'll find it.
- Mamie Eisenhower's hair might work.
- Wrong party. She's a Republican.
- Have you checked Maintenance?
- No. I'm on my way.
Oh! When you go by
the Today show set,
casually see what Willard
Scott has on his head.
- Excuse me. Corinne, telephone.
- I'm not here.
- It's your daughter.
- Oh! I'm here.
- Hello, honey!
- Hi Mom.
Where are you?
I'm on the New Jersey turnpike.
I'm running a little late.
I'll be home for dinner.
Great! Are you alone, or are you
bringing the missing link with you?
Mom, we broke up months ago.
Well, I never thought
he was right for you.
I know. OK. I have to go.
Be careful, sweetheart. Bye-bye.
- You were right! Maintenance had it.
- Great.
- And look what I found.
- What?
Jackie Kennedy's earrings!
They were with the dinosaur teeth.
Inventory got 'em mixed up
when we switched buildings.
Corinne, you should
have been a first lady.
I was, once.
Corinne, can I go?
Sure. I'll see you
tomorrow morning at six.
Six? This is the opening of an
exhibit, not... a dairy farm.
You're right. I'll see
you at six thirty.
Six thirty.
- Good night, Joe. See you, John.
- Ms Jeffries.
Hi, handsome.
I'm having those dreams again.
The X-rated ones with Louie.
- Dr Bailey, you'd be shocked.
- What else? How have you been feeling?
Fantastic. It was Louie's
birthday on Saturday.
I baked him a cake with
little cherries in it.
I thought we agreed that you were
going to stop cooking for Louie.
It was his birthday.
It makes me happy to feed him.
The Egyptians fed their dead.
Not after 23 years.
Now, when you first came to me
you told me that you wanted to free
yourself from your attachment to Louie.
That you wanted to move on, that you
wanted to experience love again.
And we agreed that that meant
a fruitful relationship with a man
who has a body.
Now, can you do that much, Corinne?
Can you refrain from these
activities that, uh
perpetuate your fantasy?
I'll try.
Here's your favourite... Peppermint
Patty. Good night!
He raised a gull-like
cry in the air.
Thar she blows!
Thar she blows!
A hump like a snow hill!
It is Moby Dick!
I liked it so much better.
From the day I said goodbye.
And I tell myself I'm free.
But I'm only fooling me.
Cos no matter what I do.
I can't get over you.
A Mr Alex Finch to see Mr Bradlee.
Mr Bradlee doesn't
know who you are.
- I'm sure he would recognise me if...
- I'm sorry.
- May I help you?
- Can I... try him one...?
Excuse me. I was wondering
if Mr Bradlee...?
I have a delivery for Mr Bradlee.
Hi, there. Morning.
Oh, good. You're here.
Who the hell are you?
I met you at Yale,
sir, where I went.
You gave a lecture and you told
me to look you up when I got out.
I just got out yesterday, and here
I am! I want to be a reporter.
How'd you get up here?
The elevator, sir. I...
I came up...
With me. He came up with me.
It's my very good friend...
Alex Finch.
I... I was editor of the
Yale Daily News and.
I was a stringer for
two years for Time
and I can start tonight.
Now. Two hours ago.
He's very hot. He's... He could be
our next Woodward and Bernstein.
Well, at least talk to him, Ben.
OK, Finch. Wait outside.
Thank you.
Mr Bradlee will see you now.
I'm sorry, Finch.
But did you read the one about
the kitchen workers' strike?
If I hired you, the guys in this
office would eat you for breakfast.
Believe me, you need
experience. Contacts.
Find work on a small-town paper.
Then, when you've paid your
dues, know your way around,
gimme a call.
Thanks anyway.
Bradlee doesn't know everything.
- Hi. Philip Train.
- Hi.
Philip Train...
Pulitzer Prize, 1979.
Listen, I'm about to get a cab.
Can I drop you anywhere?
I have a car.
I can give you a ride.
I'd be honoured. Sir.
I've lived in
Washington all my life.
With the exception of six months
in Bolivia. I married a tin heiress.
Can't remember why.
She used to call me Peeleep.
Anyway, I just got out
of mistake number two.
Why don't you turn left up here?
- What are you doing for dinner?
- Dinner?
You're coming with me. My friends
live just down the street.
Hello, hello, hello!
- Nobody home.
- God, this is a nice house!
Hi, Philip.
Hello, honey. Meet my friend,
- Alex...
- You!
- Miranda!
- Finch.
I don't believe this.
This is incredible.
Do you two know each other?
Someone should start dinner.
I'll do it.
- Get him a drink!
- Come in.
- What are you doing here?
- I came down to get a job at the Post.
- Well, how'd it go?
- Terribly.
But... things are...
definitely picking up.
So I started today. I'm
interning for this judge.
That's great.
- First in her class in law school.
- Philip...
Skipped high school entirely.
Skipped a year.
- I'm home!
- We're out here.
- Mom!
- Sweetheart!
Philip, that smells delicious!
Sorry I'm late, but we've been
looking for Dolly Madison's arm.
- Poke holes in 'em, otherwise they explode.
- Sorry, Mom!
Mom? This is Alex Finch.
- Hi, Alex.
- Hi.
Have we met before?
- I don't... think so.
- He's staying for dinner. He's homeless.
Oh! Wonderful.
I'll go change and be right back.
- She's a curator at the Smithsonian.
- And your dad?
He died before I was born.
- Sorry.
- And Philip's my godfather.
He's your mother's boyfriend?
No! No.
Well, unfortunately, my mother
never really got over my father.
Look at this. Come here.
That's my dad.
Miranda where's that corn?
So what kind of lawyer
do you want to be?
A public defender.
Supreme Court justice!
I like to fight.
Oh, honey, you'd better
get some more ice.
- I'll get it.
- Thanks.
Thanks, Alex.
- So what do you think?
- I like him.
I think we'll call the tree George.
Now, aren't they beautiful?
That... that didn't happen.
That's right.
My bowl! What's that doing here?
"Corinne Randolph and Louis Jeffries,
joined in holy matrimony, May 18th, 1963."
Do you Louis Jeffries take Corinne
Randolph to be your lawful wedded wife?
What a coincidence.
That's a coincidence.
That's a coincidence.
Uncle Marsh!
Who the hell's Uncle Marsh?
Who is he?
"John Marshall Jeffries. "
Oh, good.
- Alex?
- Hold on!
- Corn?
- Thank you.
Oh, honey, would you get the
little silver corn holders?
What corn holders?
It's in the sideboard.
Second drawer on the right.
So they are!
Good guess.
So tell me, Alex, what
does your father do?
Oh, he runs a dry-cleaning establishment.
It's called Finch's Easy-Clean.
And he specialises mostly in
goose down and suede and,
you know, fine fabrics, but he's thinking
about expanding into fur storage.
I said, "Dad, that's
not a good idea",
because you don't have... the...
"experience. "
Come on Louie!
Easy on the vino, pal!
Is everything all right?
Excuse me.
Oh, my God.
I'm Louie Jeffries!
I was Louie Jeffries!
That means that that
lady's my wife.
And Miranda... oh,
God, I kissed her!
And Philip... my best friend.
- Yeah?
- Everything OK in there?
Philip. It's great
to see you again!
It's... great to see you.
Excuse me.
Well...! I hope it
wasn't my cooking.
Car keys, maps,
Corinne's sunglasses, and
light bulbs.
It's my car.
It's my car.
- Great! It's my car.
- Alex!
My deodorant. There's my mouthwash.
There's my books...
It's mine. It's all mine.
Whoa! Come on. It's all right.
Come down.
Watch your step, we're going up.
That's it...
Honey, do you really think it's
safe for him to stay here?
All those things he was saying,
all that running around!
He's had a rough day. He's
just a little stressed.
Trust me.
OK. But make sure your
bedroom door is locked.
Are you sure that it's all right,
me staying here the night?
You're welcome to stay
as long as you like.
I'm sorry I ruined
the dinner party.
You didn't mess it up.
You brought it to life.
Have you had a happy life?
Yeah. I guess so.
Is there anything you wanted
that you haven't had?
My father.
He was a pretty great guy, huh?
That's what they tell me.
God, you sure have grown up nicely!
I'm glad you approve.
Good night!
Hi. I love the suit!
You shouldn't have.
- I wanted to. Your first power suit!
- Mom...!
Don't let Alex go anywhere.
I'll lock him in the tower with the other
boyfriends who are trying to get away!
Love you.
- Morning.
- I didn't think anyone was home. I'm sor...
Well, I'm running a little late.
- How are you feelin'?
- I'm not quite myself, but I'm OK.
I, uh... I've... I've...
I, uh...
I love orange juice!
I'm so glad.
I, uh... I... I bet your husband
was a real orange juice man.
Yes, he was. He was
generally fond of fruit.
- Excuse me! - He was handsome
and witty too, I understand.
I mean, I... a man of high ideals.
Yes. He was all those things.
Oh, uh... Miranda
left these for you.
You should help yourself to anything
to eat, and make yourself at home.
Excuse me.
Dreaming of Louie every
night this week.
My psychiatrist says I
suffer from the halo effect
the tendency of widows to
idealise their dead husbands.
He says it keeps me from
falling in love again.
He has a point but I can't imagine
I'll ever stop loving Louie.
Corinne, you're never gonna
believe this, but...
Miranda, this may come as
a shock to you, but...
- Morning.
- Morning.
- I'm here to see Mrs Jeffries.
- She's in a meeting. Are you the caterer?
No. I'm... an old friend.
Oh. Just have a seat.
She won't be long.
Corinne I've developed the fine
art of reading between the lips
and I see nothing but
budget cuts on the horizon.
No-one is happy about it.
They won't bend the rules this
time my dear Not even for you.
It is eight hours before the opening and
you're telling me they want to fire me?
Corinne, we are two million
dollars in the hole.
And it was you who
insisted... and I quote...
"The American people maintain
an insatiable curiosity"
about that eclectic group of women
who fashioned everything from
foreign policy to hemlines at home.
I still believe that.
We still have to pay
back the emergency fund
so another department
can have an emergency.
- I know that!
- By Friday.
Friday? But it's Wednesday.
That's impossible!
Now look, you remember that friend
of mine who I hate, Mavis Talmadge?
- Yes...
- Well, tonight at the opening,
I want you to put the
squeeze on old Mavis.
Why can't you?
Mavis Talmadge is not someone
I'd care to squeeze.
No-one in Washington
is as rich as Mavis.
She's her own corporation,
her own... landmass.
Now, Corinne, Mavis
Talmadge is the way to go.
I don't want to bother her
and I don't feel well,
so I'll just come
back some other time.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
I wish you'd told me you were coming.
I could have arranged for a private tour.
Come on in.
This is gonna sound
a little funny, but
I didn't come to see the museum.
I came here to see you.
I hope you didn't come all the way down
here to apologise about last night.
No, I came to talk
about something else.
I'm Louie.
I'm not gonna beat around the bush.
You're not gonna believe me, but
there's something you should know.
All right.
Our rainforests are being destroyed
at a rate of 50 acres a minute!
Alex, do you want to borrow money?
Is this about Miranda?
In part.
Alex, I'm really sorry, but I have
a lunch date in a few minutes.
Look into my eyes.
Does anything seem familiar?
- I beg your pardon?
- It's me.
I'm back.
I wasn't drunk last night at
dinner, and when I saw you
and I saw the house,
my memory came back
of my last life.
- What are you talking about?
- With you!
I got my memory back and
I realised... that I was Louie.
I am Louie!
I got recycled.
You look great, by the way.
Hey, I know it's hard to believe.
I mean, I... can't...
Try to see.
Get out of my office.
Get out.
- Hi, Alex.
- Hi.
- How are you? Feeling better?
- Yeah. Can we sit down and...?
- I talked to Bradlee this afternoon.
- Yeah?
About you.
Bottom line is, he
won't hire a rookie.
- But I've got some friends, editors.
- Philip,
why are you going out of your way
for me? I mean, you hardly know me.
I don't know.
Maybe it's like... with
someone special...
You know that feeling that
you have like a confidant,
or maybe, you know, a best friend?
You want a beer?
Miranda's left molar.
That's my Miranda file.
It's beautiful.
You really do like her, dontcha?
You look like a family.
Well, we are, almost.
Just without, uh... some of the usual
conventions of marriage... sex.
So, uh... you and Mrs Jeffries
have never been together?
- No.
- But you love her.
And all these years you've never
touched her and you've never told her?
You don't know Corinne... she's wired
differently. She's not like other women.
The slightest push in the
wrong direction might...
I don't want to rush her.
I think you've done
the right thing.
Well, I've tried to take care of Miranda and
Corinne the way I imagine Louie would've.
That's Louie. With the skinny legs.
Not that skinny.
Philip. You're not
gonna believe this,
Um, sorry. Excuse me.
Hello? Oh, hi.
I'd better go.
Oh, my God.
This your first time as a human?
I'm getting a strong
German shepherd vibration.
Uh... I used to be a lawyer.
Oh. Close!
Do you know about past lives?
We're all connected... it's all
connected. Under the skin.
You never know who's
lurking in what body.
Your wife could be
your grandfather.
You meet some guy who gets on your nerves,
it's probably your mother-in-law!
We keep meeting the souls
we're attached to,
for better or worse,
life after life.
Sometimes I wonder why I worry
about past lives at all.
I'm having so much
trouble with this one!
When you remember your
past lives, it's like
your emotions get spread,
like a dangling nerve,
all over the map.
It makes it very hard to live.
I know.
Who were you?
Oh, me? I was no-one special.
Oh, we're all special.
I mean, I wasn't Cleopatra or
Hannibal or someone great or famous.
Well, I know you weren't Cleopatra.
I was!
I don't want him in this house!
Mom, you don't make any sense. Why all
of a sudden does he have to leave?
I have my reasons.
End of conversation.
What do you mean, "end of conversation"?
What's he done?
Mom, weirdness is not
a criminal offence.
If it were, you'd be
serving a life sentence!
Miranda, we don't know a thing
about him. He's a stray off the street.
- He could be a...
- Yale grad!
Look, once again I like someone
of whom you don't approve,
for your own peculiar and
inexplicable reasons.
So you order him out like some
Latin American generalissimo.
Where's my life in all this?
I'm sick and tired of
trying to find someone
who fits into your notion
of Mr Right! He's not Daddy.
Nobody is.
He's leaving and that's final. Now,
you go right downstairs and tell him!
You tell him.
All right...
I will!
- Alex!
- Mom...
You look fabulous in Daddy's tux.
I'll get the car, Mom.
Oh, the first ladies were so
fascinating as individuals!
Lou Hoover was a shot put champion,
a geology major at Stanford
and an accomplished linguist.
She and Herbert used to
converse in Chinese.
This is Lady Bird.
Southern Democrats were furious with
LBJ for his stand on civil rights,
so he sent his wife down
South to campaign for him,
knowing that no southern
gentleman could refuse
to greet a southern lady...
and it worked!
Something the matter?
No! Eleanor Roosevelt is
my favourite first lady.
She wore this gown the night of
the president's inauguration.
There was a concert
at Constitution Hall!
We want the people to know
that the first ladies were more than
just their china and their dresses.
Oh, thank you!
Aren't you going to introduce us?
Mrs Talmadge, this is Alex Finch,
a friend of my daughter's.
Mr Finch.
- Oh!
- May I have this dance?
- May I have this dance?
- Philip...!
Where are we going?
I take it it's something
urgent and top-secret?
- It's very important for me.
- Right!
Do you think it's possible...
for Louie to come back?
Oh, Corinne! We're not going
to go to another seance.
No, no! I mean, in
another person's body.
I have no idea. But
somehow I don't think so.
- Why are we discussing this now?
- It's a very interesting question.
Well, let's ask
Mrs Lincoln. Mary...
- Philip, I'm serious!
- Well, so am I.
Corinne, I can understand how a person's
desires might lead her to believe that.
It would be a dream come true.
But the last guy to come back that
I know about was Jesus Christ.
You'll see Louie some day.
I know. In heaven.
Why don't you find yourself a girlfriend?
You're so good-looking.
So we're in agreement,
Miss Talmadge?
- Mavis.
- Mavis.
That America's first ladies
deserve a place in history
as much as some of the
dopes they married.
Sure, they had the official power.
But the real power lies behind the
scenes. With women. Like you.
Two million dollars
will save this exhibit,
and the whole world will
discover America's first ladies
in the all-new Mavis
Talmadge Pavilion!
An excellent choice and
happy anniversary!
There you are! Dance with me.
- Oh, no. I'm a lousy dancer. - No, you've
just never had the right partner.
- Where did you learn to dance like that?
- Inherited it from my dad.
They're supposed to be down.
Now you're mine!
My goodness!
Mrs Talmadge?
- Is there a doctor in the ballroom?
- Alex!
Still ticking.
Move back, everyone,
please! Get back!
Mrs Talmadge? Oh, my God!
- What happened?
- I don't know.
- I hope she's all right.
- Oh, she's fine. She's got a strong spirit.
What are you talking about?
I mean, she's practically dead.
Oh, but that's just her body.
Which, let's face it,
is no big loss.
- In the long run...
- What are you talking about?
She'll come back. People
do, again and again.
For instance, I could have
been someone you knew before.
- Yeah.
- Someone that... you loved.
Let's go.
I could have been your... father.
- I have to talk to you.
- Get... get... get off me!
Only if you promise to listen
to what I have to say!
Don't break that! It was Father's.
No! No! I'll... Good
night, good night.
You win. Good night.
Just relax. I'll leave.
I'm sorry, but this is important.
I had a pair of diamond earrings
with me the day I died.
They were for you.
For our anniversary.
How do you know about those?
I bought 'em from Mr Zellerbach!
How do you think I know?
I know everything
about you, darling.
I know that you love
peanut butter and rhubarb.
You're a psychic or one of
those kooks. A spoon-bender!
- No. You love Johnny Mathis!
- Get out of here,
before I scream so loud the
whole neighbourhood shows up
and I have you arrested for
impersonating a person!
And I know you did the Watusi
before Lucy Baines, remember?
Remember this?
Good night.
Oh. I forgot.
This is for you.
Are you OK?
- What's the matter?
- Down here.
OK. What?
I haven't done it in 23 years.
That's... that, that's... it's OK.
It's like riding a bike. You never...
You never... forget.
You know... Don't worry. Corinne!
Baby, can you please...
open this door?
Because I'm really... uh...
Oh, God...
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, damn!
- Hiya, darling.
- Shhh! Mom's next door.
- What are you doing here?
- What does it look like I'm doing?
- What?
- It's way past your bedtime.
- Go to your room!
- What is wrong with you?
Is it me?
No, it's not you. I mean, yes,
it's you, but it's not you you.
- Look, if you're not interested...
- I am interested. I'm very interested.
It's not that I'm not
interested. It's...
Well, is there someone else?
- Huh?
- Yeah.
Just... pretend this didn't happen.
Good morning!
I thought we could have a picnic
today in the Mall. Maybe...
take in the Lincoln Memorial.
Maybe, uh...
I can't. I mean,
I have to work tomorrow.
And I have this trial to sit in on,
and I just don't have time.
It'd be fun.
Well, maybe some other time.
- Maybe... yeah.
- Maybe.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Dr Bailey,
I came here to tell you that
I'm interested in someone.
A man.
Well, he's almost a man.
What do you mean?
He's only 22 years old.
But it's not like I'm rushing into
anything. I've known him for 26 years!
It's a little complicated.
Uh, is this someone that
you've told me about before?
We only met three days ago.
But you just said that
you've known him 26 years.
He used to be a different person.
Uh... he's changed a lot.
Dr Bailey,
I don't know if it's just his body
I'm attracted to or his soul,
or if it's just... me.
I'm feeling
The truth is,
I'm so ripe, I'm about
to fall off the vine!
Well, I-I-I feel this is a very
positive step. Uh...
Now, I sense some hesitation
in entering into a
relationship with
a younger man, but this
is perfectly natural.
Society inhibits us, but
feelings are feelings
and you are crossing a
very important threshold.
May the good Lord be with you
down every road you roam.
And may sunshine and happiness surround
you when you're far from home.
And may you grow to be
proud dignified and true.
And do unto others as you
would have done to you.
Be courageous and be brave.
And in my heart you'll always stay.
Forever young.
Forever young.
We used to love to come here,
you and I.
Louie and I.
Do you remember?
What do you remember?
Uh... it's kind of like a dream
coming back, bits and pieces.
But I especially remember people
that I really love, like you and Philip.
Come on!
- There you go.
- Thanks. How much?
That's all right, ma'am.
Your son already paid.
- What was Miranda like at ten?
- At ten? Precocious.
Opinionated. Fiercely independent.
She got braces then, which
she removed with pliers
after wearing them
for about an hour!
I remember Philip telling her, "All great
beauties must suffer and sacrifice!"
I want to have at least...
two more.
It's not too late, is it?
Can we start... tonight?
Are you sure?
I asked him is there anybody
else, and he said yes.
To me, that's pretty
compelling evidence.
- He admired your molar.
- What?
Yesterday at my house. Your X-rays.
You know, one minute he's there
with you and the next minute...
And I think I'm in love with him.
I know it sounds ridiculous.
I've only known him a few days,
but I mean, I've never felt
this way for anybody before.
I mean, if he asked me to
marry him I'd say yes.
The weird thing is, he treats me like I'm
five, like I'm his daughter or something.
Well, don't give up.
These things take time.
Believe me!
- Philip...
- What?
Why don't you just attack Mom once
and for all and get it over with?
That you?
What's he doing here?
Philip! What are you doing?
Creating the most spectacular
veal parmigiane!
I'm gonna go upstairs
and take a cold shower.
Uh, Miranda called. She's
gonna be working late.
- Can I help?
- No.
God, you look beautiful!
Philip, you got a haircut!
- What's the occasion?
- You.
Oh, Philip!
Oh, God!
Oh, the gorilla!
Tell him about the time you were a
gorilla at Miranda's birthday party.
And scared them all
practically to death!
I think we'll spare him that one.
How am I doing?
- More champagne, cherie?
- Mais oui
Philip, you've outdone yourself!
This is one of the greatest
meals I've ever had.
Thank you, Alex.
I'll drink to that!
You must be exhausted.
You certainly look exhausted.
You look out of it. I wish
you didn't have to go.
Me too!
Thanks for everything.
We'll see you. Feel better!
Sometimes we walk hand
in hand by the sea.
And we breathe in
the cool salty air.
You turn to me with a
kiss in your eyes.
And my heart feels a
thrill beyond compare.
Then your lips cling to mine.
It's wonderful wonderful.
Oh so wonderful my love.
My dessert! My peach cobbler!
Sometimes we stand on
the top of a hill.
And we gaze at the
earth and the sky.
I turn to you and you
melt in my arms.
Here we are darling
only you and I.
What a moment to share.
It's wonderful wonderful.
Oh so wonderful my love.
- Philip!
- It's not what you think!
That's good!
You smarmy little bastard!
Philip, no! Philip...!
This is not what you think!
It's something else entirely!
Alex is Louie. Reincarnated.
I didn't believe it
either at first.
- Oh, Philip, isn't it a miracle?
- He told you that?
- Pass yourself off as her dead husband?
- No!
Very cute!
- Stop it!
- Get off!
- No!
- I am Louie!
It's true! It's me!
He can prove it. Go on, honey!
Oh, spare me "honey". Corinne...
He's got you figured out.
All he wants is your money.
You're wrong. He wants my body!
- I'm Louie!
- Yeah, and I'm Cleopatra!
- You're not.
- Stop it!
You fight like her, though!
Stop it, stop it!
Listen! Listen, you
stubborn son of a bitch!
The day Corinne and I got
married, at the altar,
you told me you were
in love with her.
- What are you, CIA?
- Do you deny it?
Oh, Philip!
Now, look, I'm just a
dumb newspaperman.
I believe Monday follows Sunday,
I believe that summer follows spring.
I believe in God and glasnost
I believe in things you can touch.
In my whole life,
I have never met
a more devious or clever scoundrel.
Now get out of here
before I throw you out!
Philip! Philip!
What did you do that for?!
He was trying to kill me!
He's twice your age and in
his heart attack years.
- You could have killed him!
- He's just passed out.
How could you?!
Whose side are you on, anyway?
Yours! But I could never have made it
through the last 23 years without Philip.
- He's sleeping like a baby. Can't we...?
- No!
I am old enough to be your mother.
Now go to your room, Alex!
Go to my room.
Oh, Philip!
Dear Philip!
If anything ever
happened to you, I...
I must have been out of my mind.
Forgive me my darling.
I'll be there at midnight.
Come on, Sleeping Beauty.
Oh, God! Oh...
Shoes off...
Oh, Louie!
Philip?! What are you doing here?
I'm not sure.
- Whatever just happened was...
- A miracle.
We almost... We could have...
- We still can.
- I have to go!
- Good night.
- No! No, I'm not gonna let you go.
What are you doing?
I'm finding out once and for all what
it feels like to hold the woman I love,
have always loved,
and will always love,
till the day I die.
I love you, Corinne.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
- How could I?
- All these years,
Louie was always there with us.
Every moment.
In your heart.
In my heart.
In the air.
But I don't feel him here now.
- Morning.
- I don't believe this!
This is amazing! This is wonderful.
I have to go.
I want details.
What happened to Alex?
Miranda! Psst!
All rise!
This court is now in session,
the Honourable Judge
Harrison Fenwick presiding.
Please be seated.
- The clerk will call the case.
- Your Honour,
the case of the United States
versus Lawrence Garber.
Without that evidence the counts against
Tony Bonino are out the window.
Bonino is one of the most cunning and
powerful individuals in organised crime.
- Request permission to approach.
- Alex...!
I know about you and
Anthony Bonino.
It's all right.
Step aside.
So, still on the take?
Young man, I don't know who
you are or what you want,
but you're making a grave mistake.
Now, I suggest that you turn around and walk
out of here without saying another word,
or you're going to find
yourself in big trouble.
I worshipped you, you son of
a bitch. You let Bonino walk!
Marshall, step him back!
He suppressed evidence
against Tony Bonino, and...
Oh, my God!
.. it would have put him behind bars
for life! It was May 18th of 1964.
- It is Louie, isn't it?
- And, and... shit!
- Roosevelt Island!
- Roosevelt Island!
My camera! The day I died!
The court recesses until 1 o'clock!
- The camera. Get the camera, Corinne!
- Let him go!
Oh, God!
It's not that I don't love you.
I do. I always will.
people change.
Not as much as you, generally, but
we've both changed.
You're just not my
husband any more.
Last night I found out something about myself
that I never would have known if it...
wasn't for you.
That I love Philip.
And I only hope with my whole heart
that some day you'll forgive me.
Forgive us.
Oh, darling, can you hear
anything I'm saying?
Excuse me, ma'am.
It's time for his injection.
Just a little something you
should have had a long time ago.
I feel better now!
Where the hell am I?
In the hospital. With us.
Do you know who I am?
You're Mrs Jeffries.
You're Miranda's mother.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Hey, pal.
You gave us quite a scare.
How's your head?
Still on. I think.
You don't remember any of it?
The last thing I remember is Philip
inviting me to your house for dinner.
And you and I... getting the
corn out of the refrigerator.
Then it gets a little
foggy after that, but
I think it was something like this.
Alex... what about that
other girl you're seeing?
What other girl?
So, Finch, where did
you get that picture?
I can't reveal my
source, Mr Bradlee.
I mean, I really can't.
You're a tough nut
to crack, Finch.
You're gonna make one
hell of a reporter.
You start Monday.
You look so beautiful.
OK, it's time.
Come on. Philip's
waited long enough!
- Mrs Jeffries?
- Yes, Alex?
I'm gonna go get the bouquets.
I just want to say congratulations.
You and Philip make a great pair!
Thanks, Alex.
You know, you're the first
boyfriend of Miranda's
I ever really liked!
- Yeah?
- I have something I have to tell you.
I'm in love with Miranda.
I know.
Well, here we are again.
I guess it must be fate.
We've tried it on our own.
But deep inside we've known.
We'd be back to set
things straight.
I still remember when.
Your kiss was so brand-new.
Every memory repeats.
Every step I take retreats.
Dearly beloved, we have come
together in the presence of God
to witness and bless
the joining together.
After all the stops and starts.
We keep coming back
to these two hearts.
Two angels who've been
rescued from the fog.
And after all that
we've been through.
It all comes down to me and you.
And this is meant to be.
Forever you and me.
After all.
When love is truly right.
This time it's truly right.
It lives from year to year.
It changes as it goes.
On and on away it grows.
But it never disappears.
After all the stops and starts.
We keep coming back
to these two hearts.
Two angels who've been
rescued from the fog.
And after all that
we've been through.
It all comes down to me and you.
I guess it's meant to be.
Forever you and me.
After all.
Always just beyond my touch.
Though I needed you so much.
After all what else is living for?
Whoa, after all the
stops and starts.
We keep coming back
to these two hearts.
Two angels who've been
rescued from the fog.
And after all that
we've been through.
It all comes down to me and you.
I guess it's meant to be.
Forever you and me.
After all the stops and starts.
We keep coming back
to these two hearts.
Two angels who've been
rescued from the fog.
And after all that
we've been through.
It all comes down to me and you.
I guess it's meant to be.
Forever you and me.
After all