Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh (2019) Movie Script

Good morning.
Aadaab, sat shri akal Amritsar.. are listening 98.3 mirchi
with RJ.parvez..
Tell me one thing..
How do you start your day?
With Amritsari bread isn't it?
All you Amritsari people are
really genuine..
They say that when you are in love,
you'd do anything..
Well, you are in love with the food.
Ok.. I am leaving you with some
beautiful songs.
"An angel from Chandigarh is here.."
"An angel from Chandigarh is here..
she looks like a butterfly."
"She is here to cause trouble..
Beautiful Jatti.."
"Beautiful Jatti is here..
And she has already.."
"And she has already mesmerised
everyone.. Beautiful Jatti.."
"Beautiful Jatti is here.."
Turn around, girl.
The boy's honking for you.
This way, madam.
Get on it.
This way, this way, madam.
Tell me, where do you want to go?
- Move back!
- Come on, man.
She won't go with you.
So you better leave.
- Why? Why don't she go with us?
- Move back!
- Look at this, brother.
- Sit here madam.
They didn't even have a bath.
Whereas I have even used a deodorant.
I'll take your bags. You have a seat.
- She is my passenger.
- He always does this.
- Whose bags are these?
- They aren't yours?
I didn't get any bags with me.
- Brother!
- Give my bags.
- Sorry, sir.
- Are you trying to steal them?
No way, sir.
I thought they belong to her.
Where do you want to go?
Guru Bazar.
Guru Bazar?
Come with me then.
Please sit down.
Madam, please move aside a little.
He will give you company
and me a chance to make 20 bucks.
Excuse me!
I wish to go alone.
Do you want to take me there
or shall I take another rickshaw?
Sir, you should
find another rickshaw.
Take any you want. I don't want any
problems this morning. Ok?
Where do you want to go, madam?
- Get out of here, I'll guide you.
- Okay.
"Beautiful Jatti is here.."
"Her eyes are like diamonds
and she shines like gold."
"She has put perfume on her body"
"She gets million-million likes, oh girl"
"Her fan following is genuine, not fake"
"She has finished her internet pack"
"Beautiful Jatti.."
"She passed through the market.
Don't ask what happened next."
"Danger started looming around."
"The boys who followed here.."
Yes, mom?
- Reet, are you out somewhere?
No, I am in office.
- Why can I hear noises?
- Mom, client's here.
"The boys turned
around out of fear."
He doesn't know. Let's go.
Madam, ask the boys
who are playing over there.
This match is going to
have a nail biting finish.
It's the tenth over.
You stay away, mister.
You stink,
you haven't had a bath.
We need 6 runs in
2 balls to win the match..
With the ball we have a poor substitute
for Malinga.
Bowler bowls..
Batsman hits it with his bat and the
ball is going high up in the air..
The way the batsman is running, it looks
like he shall soon cross the border.
Monty and Shonty are
ready to catch the ball.
Both of them end up banging into
each other just like the state buses.
We need six runs in
two balls to win the match!
Excuse me?
What have you done?
He got distracted.
It's okay. He plays well.
- Come on, it's my turn now.
- Congratulations.
He got out!
He just played.
Can you tell me where this place is?
Someone's residence coincides
with Katrina Kaif's figure.
Sorry, those are dress measurements.
Just a minute.
This is the address.
You are from Chandigarh?
Yes, how do you know?
You have an address written
on a nightclub's card.
Such advanced girls who visit
nightclubs can only be from Chandigarh.
Why? Don't girls over
here go to nightclubs?
Boys don't either here.
- Why?
- Culture.
We party during daytime.
That's why I don't like Amritsar.
- Anyway..
- Why? What's wrong with Amritsar?
It is such a beautiful city. People
from across the world come here.
Please, can you guide
me to this place?
The Chabutara lane?
Not Chabutara.. Chowk Chabutara.
Right, exactly.
Can you tell me where it is?
You will get lost in the lanes.
Let me take you there.
No, thank you.
Please just guide me.
- There are many dogs in those lanes.
- Do they bite?
Have you heard of dogs that kiss?
It's their job to bite.
Of course they will bite.
Let me take you there.
I'll manage.
You just tell me where it is.
I'll go on my own.
Go straight, you'll see
Bhola 'Rabardiwala' (sweet shop).
Take a left from there, there you'll
see Nata 'Golgappewala' (snack shop).
Once you take a right
from Nata 'Golgappewala'..'ll come across
Natha 'Golpapadiwala' (snack shop).
After you take a left
from Natha 'Golpapadiwala'..'ll come across
Kailash 'Jalebianwala' (sweet shop).
Around 25 meters away from kailash
'Jalebianwala', is a 'Khurana Faluda' shop.
There's where Chowk
Chabutara begins from.
What kind of directions are these?
Directions of a city
which loves to eat.
By the way,
what did you say your name was?
I didn't tell you my name.
Thank you.
Let's get back to it.
I am not out.
It was a refreshment break.
Start bowling.
He always making excuses.
Let's go.
2 bowls are left. We will win.
'Keep listening to..
'..India's number one Radio Station 98.3 Mirchi'
'Mirchi listeners are always happy.'
"Turn around, girl.
The boy's honking for you."
How dare you misbehave!
I am not misbehaving.
I am not teasing her.
This song is meant to
ask people to move aside.
Shut up.
- Hello?
- Where are you?
Yes mom, I'm in the office.
- ...tell me honestly where are you?
- No, I'm with a client..
In Chandigarh office, mom.
I'm with a client.
- Madam, please do visit Wagha Border.
- Listen to me... which client is this ?
- I'll call you back.
- It's a very beautiful place.
Are you crazy?
Can't you see that I'm on a call?
I think everyone
in Amritsar is crazy.
Bloody idiot.
I won't hear a word
against Amritsar.
We are simple and honest people.
We are not like you.
She's in Amritsar and saying
that she's in Chandigarh.
- You want me to teach you a lesson?
- Go ahead?
I'll teach you a lesson
if I get down to it.
Your place, your time,
my stick against your delusion..
You must have heard the rest.
Wait here.
- Brother!
- Go ahead.
He is misbehaving with me.
Run, run, run..
Pull them out!
- He is.. Hey!
- Run, run, run..
Uncle, where's 302?
Next to 301.
Thank you.
Where's 302?
I don't know.
Who is she?
- She looks familiar.
- No sister..
Till your son doesn't get married,
you will feel the same.
Where does Rajveer stay?
Which Rajveer?
The one who eloped with a girl?
No sister,
she is talking about the Rajveer..
..your daughter
wanted to elope with.
- Sister?
- Yes?
Don't make me thrash you.
Auntie, auntie..
- It's over there.
- Okay, thank you.
Hey kiddo..
Where does Rajveer stay?
I can be Rajveer too.
You have a lot of
scurfs on your head.
You mean dandruff?
Don't pretend to be modern.
On your head its seems like..
- ..a lots of black nits running around..
- Hello.
Where does Rajveer stay?
Over there, the door that's locked.
When will he come back?
Do you too have to
take money from him?
No, I am here for some work.
But he doesn't work.
What work could you have with him?
Are you his friend?
His girlfriend?
Are you thinking
about marrying him ?
- No.
- Don't even think about it.
The girl who get married into
this locality have a tough life.
We too used to be like you.
Slim & fit!
We were once title holders, Miss Ludhiana,
Miss Patiala and Miss Gidharbaha.
Look at us,
we are all missing out now.
Thank you.
Why did you make her run away.
Good that you made her run away.
If such a beautiful girl
would have married and come here..
..then all of us would
have looked bad in front of her.
Sir, can I have your phone please?
I need to tell my family
that I won't eating at home today.
If it is ready then
ask them to send it over me.
Don't waste my talk-time
and get back to work.
- Do you have a PCO around?
- What?
- A PCO?
- No, there isn't any.
Can I use your phone?
I left my phone in a rickshaw.
- Yes sure. Take it.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
What have you done?
- It slipped. Not my fault.
- Your hands aren't working?
I didn't realise.
I didn't do it on purpose.
"I fly above the rest.."
Stop the rickshaw!
Stop the rickshaw, man!
Okay, okay.
Stop the rickshaw.
What's wrong?
Your rickshaw is vibrating.
There's something in it.
It's must be because of you.
It cannot be possessed.
What are you trying to say?
What do you mean?
That I am fat? Am I fat?
I mean you should be thankful that
the government stopped toll tax..
..or else you would have
to pay tax at every junction.
Damn you!
May you get ruined.
You are making fun of me!
May your rickshaw's tyre blows up.
May you be ruined.
May its chain fall off.
May.. you should drown.
Get lost!
Pick up.
Uncle, I'm taking a ball.
You took one before as well.
- I ate it.
- What?
You are doing well.
Why do you need to worry. Right?
You should first pay for the ball.
I am not running away.
We always come here.
I forgot my wallet.
- Hi Reet.
- Simmi, listen..
If mom calls tell her
that I am at Chandigarh office.
- What? - And also tell her
that you met me half an hour ago.
- Where are you?
- I am in Amritsar.. reject the boy my parents
have selected for me.
A boy? In Amritsar?
What's going on, Reet?
Tell me everything.
It's a long story.
Listen to me.
I forgot my phone in a rickshaw.
His phone number was in my phone.
take his number from my parents.
- I'll call you back in some time.
- Okay? Bye.
- Shall we take another one.
- Thank you.
We haven't even paid for this one.
What are you doing here?
I never said that we
would never meet again.
Did you find the address
you were looking for?
Yes, I did.
It's a very bad locality.
Really! Then you should have
gone to some other locality.
I am not here to
take a house on rent.
I had come to meet someone.
The people there made me go crazy.
Very weird people.
You know they don't even
know how to talk to someone.
Come on, if you wanted to
talk you could have done so with me.
You didn't have to go so far.
Yeah. Shut up.
You took offence to it.
You talk a lot.
What do you eat?
Amritsari Kulchas (flatbread).
- Would you like some?
- No, thanks.
Is there.. any coffee shop nearby?
No, many.
There are many coffee shops here.
I couldn't find even one.
Do you have coffee shops in
residential complexes in Chandigarh?
You have to go out
to the market to find one.
Tell me where it is.
Take a left from the Tikkan
Sweet Shop over there.
No, come back.
- You'll get confused.
- Chotu..
Who are you addressing as Chotu?
Be a brother and walk
her to the coffee shop.
Is she related to me?
They see a girl and start
treating a friend like a servant.
Here's your phone.
You can walk her there,
I am leaving.
There you go.
He's asked me to do it.
- Let's go. I need to come back.
- No, thanks. I'll go on my own.
- Rickshaw!
- No, no, no.
- Excuse me, please stop..
- Madam, lunch break.
- There..
- No.
Strange people!
Let me drop you.
No, thanks. I'll manage.
I never said that you cannot.
It's because of the
culture of Amritsar.
We help everyone.
Are you flirting with me?
I am not like the way you think I am.
I am not even thinking about you.
Then I am the mad one
who worry about a girl..
..roaming around
in this scorching heat.
Are there any cabs here?
Even auto-rickshaws run
only one alternate days here.
At this hour,
you won't get any thing anyway.
I am from a decent family.
You shall leave as you came.
Hop on.
Come on.
'He's wearing a turban,
I can trust him.'
Shall we leave?
Don't pillion riders
here wear a helmet?
Here even the riders don't wear one.
Thank you.
Six years ago, someone
helped my father cross the road.
We send sweets over to
their house on every Diwali.
Are people of Chandigarh so rude?
They just say thank you?
You want me to buy
you a box of sweets?
No, but you could at
least offer me some water.
Are you sure?
- Huh?
- No, no, no, no.
Are you sure you are
not flirting with me?
Oh come on!
This is the difference between people
of Chandigarh and Amritsar.
What you call flirting
is something we call manners.
If a girl had said the same thing
would you say that she's flirting?
Would you like some
water here or inside?
Even doctors advice against
drinking water while standing up.
Let's go.
Take the keys out of the motorbike,
I forgot to.
Take them off,
we need to go back as well.
we will have to push it around.
Have you ever seen such
a coffee shop? Yeah?
Yes, ma'am?
A coffee for me, a latte.
And water for him.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Hello!
- Yes, sir?
- I don't want water.
I too want coffee.
And, sir want something to eat as well.
A grilled sandwich,
well grilled on both sides.
With three packets of sauce.
- Now you can say okay sir.
- Okay, sir.
You respect yourself a lot.
No, I respect others as well.
But I respect myself a little more.
Hello, Bhola.
Brother, we increased the
like count on Karamjit Anmol's page.
I have already called him up thrice,
he still hasn't paid up.
Hack his page like we
had hacked Jaspinder Bhalla's.
He will pay double the amount now.
You look upset.
I lost my phone.
I left it in the rickshaw
I was travelling in.
Do you know the rickshaw driver?
Do I look like someone who'd
be friends with a rickshaw drive?
It's not so.
I asked because you are a local.
Well, I can find out.
But what brought you here.
Do I need to tell you?
Fine then,
you can find your phone on your own.
I had come to meet
a prospective groom.
- Oh.
- Why, oh?
Can only a boy go to
meet a prospective bride?
A girl cannot go to
meet a prospective groom?
So you met him?
I already told you,
his house was locked.
Then call him up and
ask him to come here.
His number was on the
phone which I have lost.
Now I don't know for
how long will I have to wait.
To say no to him?
How do you know?
I overheard you when
you were talking on the phone.
You are so unmannered.
You stand and eavesdrop
on other people's conversations!
I would have taken a seat
but there was not chair there.
And as loudly as you spoke,
everyone must have heard it.
Give it here.
#Cappuccino, #DrinkItFast
By the way,
why do you want to reject him?
Are you seeing someone else?
Shut up.
My parents fixed our
marriage without my consent.
He too is an idiot.
He just saw my photograph
and agreed to marry me.
Bloody idiot.
Right! You tell me!
I don't know how he looks like,
what he does.
Whether our nature will match or not!
Whether our thinking
will match or not!
Nothing! He just said yes.
You are absolutely right.
You need to have a good understanding
in order to get married.
- Thoughts should match.
- Right.
Did you notice something?
We just met a while ago
and our thoughts seem to match.
Don't try to get too friendly.
Finish your coffee and go home.
This is the problem with boys.
Just talk to them and
they will start flirting.
Chandigarh boys must be doing that.
Not the boys from Amritsar.
If you had to reject him,
you could have just called him.
Why did you have to come here?
I will have to sit
and explain it to him.
So that he says no for this match.
I am not dying to
meet that Amritsari boy.
What do you mean by Amritsari?
Because he is from Amritsar.
But you don't need to say
it in such a degraded manner.
Boys of Amritsar are 100 times
better than boys of Chandigarh.
No way!
You cannot even talk
properly in a single language.
Bathing, sleeping,
doing, "ing" for everything!
People can at least
understand what we say.
It's not like how you all speak. A
mixture of English, Hindi and Punjabi.
If you ask someone where PGI is,
they say.
Take left from
the round about and you'll reach PGI.
You don't realise whether
it is Punjab's capital or Bihar's.
Our language is so sweet
that even when we abuse someone..
..they say,
can you abuse us again, please?
- Okay, I'll get going then.
- Where to?
You told me to drink
the coffee and go home.
Okay, I'm paying for
my coffee you pay for yours.
I'm not carrying any money.
What are you all staring at?
Continue to do what you are doing.
What do you mean by you
are not carrying any money?
Fine then put these on your instagram.
# WashingUtensils
Listen, I really don't
have any money on me.
I was only out to play cricket.
I didn't need any money.
We don't place bets while playing.
Please pay for me, I'll pay you later.
Why should I pay your bill?
I am riding a bike
that worth 1,500,000.
Do you think that
I won't pay you back 200?
Deduct it from this.
Sorry ma'am, you'll have
to give us the exact change.
We don't have any change.
I don't have change either.
- Now what?
- What do you mean by now what?
Now tell us where do
we go to wash the utensils.
Over there, sir.
Don't you have any shame?
You are directing us to the
place where you wash utensils..
..when you have Paytm!
What's the bill amount?
You made me beg her for no reason.
Here you go.
I paid for you as well.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
Tables have turned now.
Earlier someone had to pay someone.
Now someone has to pay someone.
Let's go to the ATM.
Let's go.
Stop the rickshaw!
Stop it!
- I told you to stop it!
- What?
I said stop, can't you hear me?
What's wrong, sister?
Your rickshaw's seat is vibrating.
No, it's not so.
Some people are having that
misunderstanding since morning.
What misunderstanding?
Do you think I am lying?
No, I didn't mean that.
Then what did you mean?
We caused bloodshed because
of the truth and you call us a liar!
No, sister!
Please listen to me.
What should I listen to?
You are calling us a liar.
Get this straight.
I neither lie nor do I tolerate liars.
If you keep blabbering
then I'll teach you a lesson.
Please forgive me.
I cannot say about the seat
but I surely am vibrating out of fear.
- Now he gets back on the track.
- Yes.
Stupid! Get lost! Let's go.
I don't know why the seat is vibrating.
Why are you getting acting weird?
Do you want to get me killed?
Nothing's happening.
How is it vibrating?
You vibrate only when
passengers sit on you?
Why don't you vibrate now?
Damn you! Next time I will
tear you apart and throw you away.
Do you understand, Murari Express?
I'd say don't bother. It's my treat.
No, thanks.
Here's your 144 rupees.
We're quits now.
You are giving me exact change.
The way you keep tab on the money,
I think you are an accountant.
I'm a fashion designer.
That's why the 36-24-36.
That's my client's dress size.
Whatever it was, it was great.
Tell me something,
how did you like Amritsar's fashion?
Now do you want us to wear
Safari Suits while going out to play?
Listen, at least tell me
what are we lacking in our fashion?
It doesn't have the
Chandigarh vibe to it.
When I buy clothes from Amritsar
how can it give Chandigarh's vibes?
It lacks in swag.
Your style makes one feel that you
wear clothes only to cover your body.
That's the point of clothing.
Not like you girls wear hot
pants and make the world follow you.
Even the elderly who can't see,
try to focus on your legs.
Why? Don't the girls
in Amritsar wear shorts?
They have been ruined
by the fashion of Chandigarh.
At least you agree that the
world is crazy about our fashion.
It's not your own.
You follow trends in abroad.
You copied from them and
that too a trend of torn clothes.
Torn pants, a sari made out of net.
In them you look like you
just had a fight with a mad dog.
Our fashion is original.
When a Amritsari girl moves
out with Pulkari (embroidered) dress..
A flower in her hair,
plaits with colourful extensions..
Anklets on her feet and sandals
that quack when they walk..
People say stop..
A Punjabi girl is passing by.
Do you know why I
am saying this to you?
So that you know that
our fashion is original.
It's not outdated, it's modern.
Arrogant much!
So, I finally managed to silence you?
- Modern?
- Yes.
Have you ever kissed a girl?
What are you talking about?
About kissing.
You are modern, right?
Have you done it?
I haven't.
But I will if someone asks me to.
They are right in saying..
..that there are two types of boys.
First are Idiots.
And second?
Bigger idiots.
And I can't decide which
category do you fit in.
Have you ever done it?
I had tried once.
When I got closer to the girl,
she started crying.
She started crying?
It was my first time.
I didn't know how
close do I need to get.
I ended up stamping her foot.
I am a decent boy so I got confused.
- So I left it there itself.
- Then?
I massaged her foot with
hot water and dropped her home.
You dropped her home?
It's our culture.
I was bound to drop her home.
What kind of a culture is this?
You first make the girl
cry and then you drop her home.
Can you ever do anything right?
Have you ever done this
illegal act of kissing?
Why should I tell you?
It's not like I'll tell everyone.
Who knows? What if you do?
You will only benefit from it.
You have come to reject the boy.
He will reject you instead.
It is not so.
I am well-cultured Indian girl.
I am not a Alien either.
You managed to get all
the information from me..
..but didn't tell me anything.
You wouldn't have believed
me even if I'd told you.
You boys always have a bad
opinion about girls from Chandigarh.
Have you done it?
Yes, I have.
But it's not a big deal.
I mean, with friends.
Like on the forehead, or on the hand..
Even if that friend is a boy?
A friend is a friend.
The only requirement is a clean heart.
Can we be friends?
I am talking about my college friends.
I'd asked mom to let me
stay in a hostel in Chandigarh.
- But she didn't agree.
- Oh really?
Where is your culture now?
I wanted to go there to teach
Chandigarh Amritsar's culture.
Forget it.
Help me find my phone if you can.
Sure. Let's go.
Here you go, sir.
Give a cup of tea to me as well.
- I'll get it.
- I'll pay you tomorrow.
What is wrong, Murari?
What do I tell you? I am
having such a bad day since morning.
Whenever a passenger
sits on the rickshaw..
..after a while they ask me to stop.
They say that the seat is vibrating.
When I ask where is it vibrating,
they slap me.
I haven't made a single
rupee since morning.
And I have already
been slapped five times.
I had told you to
buy a top model rickshaw.
But you didn't listen to me.
See, now your rickshaw
turned out to be faulty.
It is not faulty.
I got it checked by a mechanic.
- You got it checked?
- Yes.
Then why does it vibrate?
That's what I don't understand.
Show it to Talli then.
Has Talli started
repairing rickshaws now?
Then don't show it to
him and keep getting slapped.
I don't know from where do we
start looking for your mobile phone.
There are more than 10,000
Biharis working in the city.
So what do we do?
Let's lodge a complaint
at the police station.
Perhaps they might be able to find it.
Let's go.
No, I can lodge a complaint
at the police station on my own.
- You go and continue with your match.
- That I will.
Everyone in the locality
must be waiting for me to bat.
Which way is the Chabutara from here?
Chowk Chabutara!
You cannot even get a name right.
People of Amritsar are crazy.. say yes to a girl from Chandigarh
just by looking at her photo!
You talk a lot. What do you eat?
I can't say about me,
but you do chew on people's brains.
Now if we call sector
seventeen as sector between.
Or call sector twenty-two
as sector very few?
Your city has strange locality names.
It's not so in our city.
Loon Mandi, Ghee Mandi, Gur Bazaar
- Papadanwala Bazaar!
- Well done!
You know all the markets
named after food.
You only can't get
Chowk Chabutara right.
Fine, tell me where
is Chowk Chabutara!
That's where I am going. Hop on!
Hop on!
- Here?
- Stop. Stop.
Why? Don't you want to go inside?
It's not right. I'll go on my own.
Right. He might think that.. are rejecting him
because you're going on with me.
Don't you think too much of yourself?
- Just worried about you.
- How nice of you.
Thank you. Bye.
I've been driving her around from
so long and all I get is a sad bye.
Yes, Bhola?
Hey girl, you are back!
Is Rajveer back?
No, he isn't.
If it's urgent,
leave a message with me.
I'll pass your message to him.
No, I wanted to talk to him.
Fine, then keep visiting
if you have nothing else to do.
"You keep wandering in Amritsar.."
Okay Bhola,
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- Bye.
- You are still here?
Bhola had called so..
You said no to him so quickly?
His house is still locked.
What kind of a boy is he!
Such a beautiful girl is here
to reject him and he has gone missing.
I suggest you put a board
outside his house which says..
'I reject you.'
How would he know who rejected him?
Is he expecting someone
else's rejection as well?
- My phone!
- Oh no!
She has brought this
Sardarji along to beat me up!
- My phone! My phone! My phone!
- Run, Murari! Run!
Run, Murari!
Hey! Stop!
Stop! - Run!
I didn't do anything!
- I'll tear you apart.
- Leave me alone.
Don't come after me.
Give way! Move aside!
What are you staring at?
Get lost from here.
Killed me!
- Back off.
- No, you back off!
Back off!
Go, go, go hurry up!
Move aside!
- I'm driving, what more do you expect!
- Catch him!
Get closer to him, I'll catch him!
You are not Milkha Singh that
you'll be able to catch up with him.
I said get closer to him. Don't stop!
Come on.
Stop! Stop, stop, stop!
I think he has motorized his rickshaw.
Stop! Stop stop stop!
Have you lost your mind?
Did your motorbike break down?
I am out of gas.
- You don't put gas in it?
- I did.
And you ran out of it so soon?
It's not a Luna that once you
fill the tank it will last for a year.
- What happened? Out of gas?
- Stop!
Gas station is over there!
- Stop following me.
- Push it.
- He once again ran away because of you.
- Push it!
- Push harder!
- Come on!
Where's your Bhola who
had gone to get gas for you?
There he is.
- Bhola!
- Yes.
I asked you to get gas!
Why did you bring buttermilk with you?
- It is gas.
- In a jug?
At the pump station they
don't allow to take gas in a bottle.
It's Gas,
they not giving gas in bottle
A wedding procession!
Shall we go and dance?
I'm going. You may leave
after fill gas in motorbike.
Okay, bro.
"Listen to what I have to say."
"Today we will dance and have fun."
"Listen to what I have to say."
"Today we will dance and have fun."
"Everyone will watch us in awe.
We'll brew up a storm."
"Let others get jealous,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Though I am an expert,
who goes through the drill every day."
"But you are highly intoxicating.."
"You give a high like no other."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
"You give a high like no other."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
"Don't worry about anything."
"I have the whole
of Amritsar under me."
"Don't worry about anything."
"I have the whole
of Amritsar under me."
"There is good music playing,
everyone's surrounding us.
"There is good music playing,
everyone's surrounding us.
"Let me be your beloved!"
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
"Come on dear.."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
"Give me a chance, hold my hand.."
"You will forget Chandigarh,
I guarantee that."
"Give me a chance, hold my hand.."
"You will forget Chandigarh,
I guarantee that."
"Don't stop me anymore,
you too hit the dance floor.."
"Heed my advice, I have only
your best interest in my mind.."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"Let the world go to hell,
don't bother."
"Come on dear, let's dance together."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
"Come on dear.."
"You are highly intoxicating.."
How much is this one for?
It's for 2500.
What? It's very expensive.
Quote the right price, I like it.
What according to
you is its right price?
500. Come on.
You should give me your phone number.
I'll consult with my wife whether..
..I should pay for your
dress and call you back.
I have been looking
all around for you.
What are you doing here?
I came here to buy a dress.
You were busy dancing at
someone's wedding procession..
Someone's.. It is a wedding
procession in Amritsar.
I knew a few of the guests.
I can even dance where I only
know the horse the groom is riding.
So, did you buy the dress?
No, he was asking 2500 for it.
Such dresses are available for 500.
It is right for a girl from
Chandigarh to bargain like this?
It's okay, you can assume
that I am from Bhatinda.
I want to save my money.
How can I forget the coffee incident?
How much you love money.
This isn't about loving money.
It's my hard earned money.
Will you pay 600 for
something which is worth 500?
I have bought cylinders
at a premium price many times.
I am talking about a serious matter.
It's not about being money minded.
Everyone wants money.
Everybody saves money.
If you had come with your wife..
..would you have brought
that dress for 2500?
Yes, if my wife was hot
I'd even pay 3500 for that dress.
You never would.
You might have asked her to pay with
a promise that you'll pay her later.
Like you did with
me in the coffee shop.
I am not like that always.
I was out to play cricket.
I was worried that I might
drop the money while playing.. I didn't carry any money with me.
This is known as knowing
the value of money.
This is not being money minded.
Then you will save a
lot of your husband's money.
He'd save his money
and I'll save mine.
What kind of a girl are you?
You don't even love your husband?
How does this concern love?
Love doesn't feed you.
By the way, I am starving.
Can we have something to eat?
You want Fried Bread?
I don't want anything that oily.
My mother says that
one should look healthy.
You should eat more, you look weak.
To be slim is not a disease.
Fitness is in fashion.
Then someone should
say that to the poor..
..who keep complaining
that they are weak..
"Bro, it's fashion!"
You talk a lot.
Don't you ever get tired?
Made in Amritsar.
Oh I see. What's the name
of the hospital where you were born?
At home, with the help of a midwife.
Shall I get you something to eat?
- Excuse me?
- Yes.
- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Simmi, it's Reet.
Whose number is this?
Did you get his number?
- Here, talk to him.
- Okay.
Reet, with whose permission
did you go to Amritsar?
If you didn't want to marry him,
you should have told us.
Why did you have
to create a scene here?
Do you always have to insult us?
Like you would have
agreed if I'd said no?
You were making preparations
without my consent!
I know what's good and bad for you.
I am your mother!
Mom, please just give
me that Amritsari's number.
You should come back to Chandigarh
right away! Understood?
I don't want to marry him.
Are you crazy, Simmi?
I told you not to tell mom!
I couldn't help it. She just showed up.
Anyway, take his number!
Tell me.
Thank you.
Here, have some Amritsari Kulchas.
No, thank you.
I stood in a queue and
brought them especially for you.
You should at least
have a few of them.
Please stop talking.
I want some Peace (Shanti)
- I brought these from Shanti!
- Oh shut up!
Here, you can have them.
Please take them.
Why don't you silence him as well?
Let him crow, you keep quiet.
Let me think in peace.
If he flies away then
I too will stop talking.
People of Chandigarh
come so far to think.
We usually do the
thinking on the commode.
No matter whatever
noises keep disturbing us.
Keep quiet for five minutes.
I don't know what to do now.
Mom knows everything.
It's not like your mother
would tell everyone in the locality.
Anyway, you know your mother better.
Don't you ever get upset?
Look, I won't lie.
I have been set with alcohol
after 8 a number of times.
But I have never been upset.
By the way, I've seen you get upset.
You must be mistaken.
We've just met.
When did you see me get upset?
When we got separated in the market.
You weren't upset when
you couldn't find me?
Why would I be upset?
Are you sure?
You feel so because
you are very upset.
You tend to manage
a lot of things at once.
You think something, you say
something and you show something else.
I don't do anything of
the three things you said.
I am not as smart as I look.
You are over smart.
Actually, it is not your fault.
This is the problem with
all the people of Amritsar.
They never express their feelings.
If you felt upset then you did.
It's not a big deal. Say it.
Yes, I was upset.
What's there to express in that?
What if you would have gotten lost?
Then it would have
been an insult of Amritsar.
Police would have questioned me.
'We saw the girl having coffee
with you on the CCTV camera.'
'Where did she go?'
Fine, don't accept it.
But there is something
going on in your heart.
There is a hole in my heart.
Saw it?
Listen to her blabber.
She keeps talking
about the same thing.
I don't like girls like you.
- Arrogant much!
- What do you mean?
I mean I don't like them.
Stop, stop, stop.
Give me your hand.
Why should I give you my hand?
I am not going to marry you.
- I need your hand to help come down.
- Oh, for that.
Come on.
Why don't you like girls like me?
Well, I just don't like them.
I am a person of high level.
That's why the girl
cried when you got closer.
It was because it was the first time.
What about the second time?
Don't I have anything else to do?
I am a well-cultured boy.
That means she cried
the second time as well.
Second time it was another girl.
Things didn't get so far!
How many girls have you had?
Officially, just one.
Give me an extra small size.
You mentioned one earlier,
the one who cried.
Don't count her. She cried.
Tell me the second girl's name.
It doesn't matter?
Enjoy the Golgappas (snacks).
I'll eat the Golgappas from my mouth.
I'll be listening to her name
through my ears. Tell me her name.
I'll be using my mouth
to say her name, won't I?
Let me eat them.
Anyway, the name doesn't matter.
Well, that reminds me,
what is your name?
Don't change the topic.
This is the problem
with the people of Amritsar.
You always give weird replies.
Tell me her name.
What's that?
A girl's name.
- Sorry.
- Here.
What's so funny?
Let's go.
Where did you meet her?
In Amritsar.
A Chinese girl in Amritsar?
Yes, she was here to
do a research on Punjabi folk.
Then I helped her.
Was she beautiful?
She was hot.
Small eyes..
A beautiful smile..
Long hair..
Intoxicating gait..
How did you manage
To understand her language?
There is no language of love.
I know she had small eyes,
but we spoke a lot through our eyes.
How sweet!
By the way, who was the
one who fell in love first?
It was me.
Then she followed suit an hour or so.
How did you manage to impress her?
Girls are usually dumb,
but she was smart.
She liked my songs.
- You can sing?
- I write as well.
Not bad!
Why don't you sing something
that you wrote for her?
Should I?
Come on.
"Her forehead shines.."
"Like a bright sun."
"Oh her smile.."
"Oh her smile.."
"It is a killer."
"I fell for her gait.."
"I fell for her gait.."
"She looks are deadly."
"She looks are deadly."
"Not even a hundred moons
can match up to her brightness.."
"A glimpse of her.."
"A glimpse of her feels
like possessing the Kohinoor."
"She gives you such a high.."
"She gives you such a high.."
"She's something
you can never forget."
"She's something
you can never forget."
That's it?
Why didn't you finish the song?
The feelings aren't awake as yet.
When they are,
the whole song will be out.
By the way, you sing quite well.
It is hard to find
such boys these days..
The one who write songs for girls.
No, many write but girls don't listen.
Girls value money more
than a boy's feelings.
And what is wrong in that?
Every girl wants security.
Do boys run on government subsidy?
It is not so. But everyone
asks that question these days.
I am sure Sungchi must have asked it as
well. What are your plans for the future.
Yes, I had told her.
That after marriage
I'd like to have two kids.
That's family planning, we are
talking about future planning here.
He wants kids.
Everyone asks how much do you make?
How educated are you?
Look at me and tell me,
how educated do I look?
Let it be.
You'll insult me again.
Let's go.
- What work do you do?
- Whatever I come across.
I increase the like counts
on the Facebook pages..
..and views on YouTube for Punjabi artists.
What kind of a job is that?
The whole of Punjabi
industry is dependent on it.
Punjabi industry reminds me..
We needed to increase the like count
on Binnu Dhillon's Facebook page.
- Bhola?
- Yes, bro?
Binnu Dhillon has uploaded
a picture on Facebook.
Put a few hundred comments on it.
'Hot, dashing, amazing!'
'Bro, you look great!'
Bro, it's a very bad picture.
I am not asking you
to find a match for him.
We have been paid for 10,000 likes.
- Get to work.
- Okay, brother.
Do you want us to increase
the like count for you?
- No, thanks.
- People already like me a lot.
That is true.
So, did you manage to turn
Sungchi into Sungchi Kaur?
You made her cry as well?
She left on her own.
You didn't fall for anyone else?
Didn't find anyone
who is like Sungchi.
You didn't find any or
you didn't look at anyone else?
We can control everything
in our life except for our heart.
By the way, you don't
look as emotional as you are.
Now do you expect me to listen
to sad songs like hopeless lovers?
Bygones are bygones.
Move on.
Okay tell me,
have you ever been in love?
It's getting late.
My train leaves in the evening.
Now after make me spill my heart out
you can only think about your train?
Where are you running away?
Come on, tell me.
You don't have to make
your heart fall, it just happens.
I knew you must have
done something revolting..
..because of which you have
some to say not to the Amritsari.
- It is not so.
- It is so.
It is your fault and you
are blaming my city for it.
By the way,
what do you know about our Amritsar?
Prince is from Amritsar.
Then you better reject this boy.
Otherwise, you'd ruin your husband's
life and have coffee with your boyfriend.
- Not everything is a joke.
- This is not a joke.
I know such cases quite well.
If a person meets his or
her old lover after your marriage..
..then it is no less than
a reason to celebrate for them.
Please stop saying
such rubbish things!
- Who is nonsense?
- You are!
I know that, but why?
Why shouldn't I?
You have been only troubling me.
You are asking why I came
here to reject the Amritsari?
This is why I have come to reject him!
You don't need to reject him!
I'll go and tell him that
I've checked you out on his behalf!
You are a girl without manners,
you are worthless!
Now I will be the one
who will call off your wedding.
She too started crying?
Please calm down.
Please don't cry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
It will be bad for my record.
People will say that
I make every girl cry.
You were right.
I am nonsense.
I have a habit of just blurting out.
I cannot just stop joking.
You said what you
actually thought about me.
Now don't try to cover up.
All the boys are the same.
It is my fault.
What do you mean by all?
I mean all. Even Prince.
- Oh. You cried because of him?
- Yes.
I thought I made you cry.
Couples keep have such small tiffs.
Tell me something,
who do we fight with?
I can fight with anyone.
Come here.
- Bro, please leave.
- Let me fight!
Who fights with a stranger?
Tell me, who do we fight with?
I don't know.
The one we love.
The one we believe wouldn't leave us.
Why are you saying that to me?
To get you into a better mood.
To calm you down.
Prince too must be doing the same.
Prince is no longer a part of my life.
We used to fight a lot.
No matter whose fault it was, I
am the one who had to always give in.
I am the one who used to say sorry.
He never realised his mistake.
No guilt at all.
But, its ok.
I too am a human being.
I too get hurt.
- Then?
- Then what?
It broke in such a way that I didn't
feel like making things right again.
I came back.
I thought this time
he will come to cajole me.
But he didn't.
Boys have a lot of ego.
And I value my self respect.
So, I didn't go to him either.
Anyway, forget it,
why are we talking about this?
Why are you getting so emotional?
I am not a helpless girl.
And please don't offer
me your shoulder like boys..
..usually do when
they see a girl crying.
I can take care of myself.
Come on!
Let's go, we are getting late.
I don't understand,
when you know relationships so well..
..then why didn't you
get married to Sungchi?
I told her to leave.
I will come across many like you.
But you didn't look at anyone else.
Can I give you a compliment?
That I have a beautiful smile?
When you smile,
you look over beautiful.
Why did you leave Sungchi?
She was Chinese.
Dad said that Chinese
goods don't last long.
She is not goods, she is a girl.
Dad addresses them as goods.
You have a way with words.
Sungchi said we would
stay separately after marriage.
Without my parents.
She is right.
What is wrong with that?
All of them are the same.
It is better to get separated before
you start fighting after marriage.
You want me to break an old
relationship to form a new one?
Even the girl leaves her home.
It is an old tradition.
It is we who have
created this tradition.
Let's make a new tradition.
Both the girl and the
boy leave their homes.
You have lost your mind.
So both girl and the boy
will cry after the wedding ceremony.
People will say that if you
both are crying after the wedding..
..then what is the
use of getting married?
Better if you stay in your respective houses.
I didn't ask you leave your families.
Festivals, functions or at the time of need...
We can go over to their place
or they can come to our place.
Then it is not like a home anymore. It
is like a girl visiting her parental home.
We do that.
Why don't you do something
which you expect the girl to do?
You mean to say we should
leave the one who brought us up..
..nurtured us,
educated us only for your sake?
Girls are brought up with more affection
then boys are because they are sensitive.
Yet they leave their home.
Then let them stay in their home.
You have changed the topic.
Fine then.
People are right when they
say that you should marry..
..the one with whom
your thinking matches.
Good that Sungchi didn't
get married to you.
Prince was better off than
Sungchi because he left you.
What did you say?
Girls like you are the
reasons why families get ruined.
If all boys think like you
do then no girl should marry them.
I think you boys
should marry each other.
It's legal now.
I doubted that you want a girl.
That's why you are
rejecting this alliance.
Shut up. It must be your turn
to bat again, please get lost.
I will pull apart the
pillion seat of my motorbike.
If there is no pillion seat,
no girl like you would sit on it.
"You've celebrated enough, it's
time to shed tears in solitude now."
"I tried to reason it with you,
but you were being stubborn."
"You should have thought
about this before falling in love."
"Oh my heart,
now get back to the life.."
"..which you lived before
she came into our life."
"Oh my heart,
now get back to the life.."
"..which you lived before
she came into our life."
"Don't fall for it.
Don't make yourself yearn."
"Don't trust love."
"She took along the dreams
which I saw with her."
"You are only left
with my shattered dreams."
"She took along the dreams
which I saw with her."
"You are only left
with my shattered dreams."
"The life you were living
before you set eyes on her.."
"Oh my heart,
now get back to the life.."
"..which you lived before
she came into our life."
Hey bro, forget batting..
And go get the girl.
"Don't fall for it.
Don't make yourself yearn."
"Don't trust love."
"You will be separated from those
that you want to always stay with.
"Situation hasn't changed,
you are in the same state again."
"You will be separated from those
that you want to always stay with.
"Situation hasn't changed,
you are in the same state again."
"The state you were in before
the joy entered your life."
"Oh my heart,
now get back to the life.."
"..which you lived before
she came into our life."
I sat alone and gave it a thought.
What you said and what you
meant were two different things.
You aren't asking
us to leave our parents.. want an equal relationship.
Even boys should do
what the girls can do.
Thank you for understanding me.
It is not about staying
together or getting separated.
It is about love.
Thank you.
Sage! Sage! Sage!
Sage, please give me your blessings.
I don't know what is wrong.
I am in a lot of trouble.
Passengers run away from my rickshaw
after travelling only a short distance.
- Passengers run away?
- Yes.
I haven't made a rupee since morning.
I have already been slapped five times.
- Slapped?
- I am going crazy. What do I tell you?
There's something in it.
That's why I have come to you.
I have not come here
to make you grease the wheels.
Tell me something, did you
pass over a lemon this morning?
Yes, I had gone to
the vegetable market.
There were potatoes,
eggplants, cauliflower, okra...
Lemons too must surely be there.
There is no ban on them.
That's it.
A ghost left a lemon
and possessed your rickshaw.
- A ghost?
- She won't let anyone else sit on it now.
Lemons have ghost in them?
Sage! Sage, please help me.
My wife and my kids
will starve to death.
- Sage!
- Tell me.
Come home early this evening,
we have to attend a wedding tonight.
Whatever you say.
I also need a new dress.
You will get that as well.
Sage, please tell me how
do I get rid of this ghost.
Don't worry, I just spoke to her.
You spoke to her? What did she say?
She wants a new dress.
A new dress..
My wife has a new sari. Will that work?
Talk to her.
Would a sari do?
No, no, no,
I want an embroidered palazzo. Bye.
She wants palazzo pants,
that too embroidered.
I have only been slapped today.
I'll give it tomorrow after I make
some money. I promise. Talk to her.
No one knows what tomorrow holds.
She wants to wear the dress tonight.
She will start possessing
me in the evening.
A lemon is causing me a lot of damage.
Don't worry. I'll handle the situation
today with the help of a dress.
Watch out for lemons in future.
- Sage!
- Go.
- Can I go now?
- Yes.
Take a right from here.
What happened?
Take right.
- Right from there.
- Okay.
Right, right, right.
Wait, wait,
wait, go slow, I'll tell you.
Keep going straight.
Stop, stop, stop!
- Stop!
- What happened?
What's wrong?
Run, run, run!
- Why? Whose house is that?
- Prince's house!
What are you doing?
Let's run away.
- Let me be of service as well.
- Hey!
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!
- Go! Go! Go!
- Okay, okay, okay.
"You entered my life like a new dawn."
"You dreams are mine, from now."
"I will declare it to the world..."
"I will declare it to the world...
I am in love."
"Whether or not you agree beautiful,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"Whether or not you agree my darling,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"You are the one I always
want before my eyes."
"I'll make all promises
expected and follow all orders."
"You are the one I always
want before my eyes."
"I'll make all promises
expected and follow all orders."
"Follow all orders."
"My love for you is true."
"My love for you is true."
"I have learnt its true value."
"Whether or not you agree beautiful,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"Whether or not you agree my darling,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"Whether or not you agree beautiful,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"Whether or not you agree beautiful,
God has brought us together."
"God has brought us together."
"Whether or not you agree beautiful,
God has brought us together."
I'm getting a call.
It got disconnected.
It was Bhola.
I'll call him later.
Can I use your phone?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- He didn't answer it?
- It's busy.
Who knows, he might be
trying to call on your number.
Anyway, forget it.
By the way, I'd thought that..
..I'd surely go to Golden temple
when I reached Amritsar.
How far is it?
If you close your eyes,
it's right in front.
Otherwise, 15 to 20 minutes.
But we need to buy you a
Punjabi dress before we go there.
We'll take you there
as a Punjabi Jatti.
Fine, let's go.
What happened?
I need to buy a dress,
please get rid of this lemon.
This lemon won't harm you. Go inside.
Are you going to remove
it or shall I go to another shop?
I'll remove it, go inside.
It is not my fault, I am doing it for you.
Go inside.
Go on.
- Greetings!
- Yes, what do you want?
Show me a palazzo, a cheap one.
But it should be embroidered.
A palazzo? Of what size?
How do I tell?
I haven't seen the one
who is going to wear it.
Give me one in free size.
- Sonu!
- Yes, sir?
Get the palazzo of the latest fashion.
Jacqueline style.
How much is it for?
Rs.2000 each.
Give me a minute.
Do you want this one or this one?
Tell me.
Please tell me which one do you want.
This one or that one?
Where are you going?
- I'm going in to try them out.
- They are meant for ladies.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- He is crazy.
Have you ever seen such a big shop
that sells Punjabi dresses in Chandigarh?
People there don't wear them.
show us a nice Amritsari dress.
- Right away, sir. Please have a seat.
- Yes.
Jyot, get Amritsar's special dresses.
Give them to me.
Amritsar's special dresses.
I like this one. What say?
It will suit you.
- Should I try it out?
- Yes.
Where's the trial room?
That one's occupied.
This one is empty now.
- You can try it over here.
- Okay.
I'll be right back.
How do I look?
Like someone dear.
You look like a local because
you are wearing an Amritsari dress.
Can I use your phone?
It's with you.
Again busy.
He likes to talk a lot.
Tell me something, this
way will take you to the station..
..and that way leads
to Chowk Chabutara.
Where do you want to go?
Can we go and have a coffee?
Why just a coffee,
we can order two cups of coffee.
You said that there
are many coffee shops here.
Yet you brought me to the same one.
There are many but this
one is a little special.
He parked right in front of us.
Let's go.
You've come to my city and
you'll leave without meeting me?
Who is he?
Why are you asking her? Ask me.
I'll tell you who
I am in great detail.
I too give a deadly
introduction of myself.
Prince, you should leave.
- I don't want to create a scene over here.
- Who is he?
He is Prince?
What hit you here,
a stone or a brick?
A brick. Why?
My brick.
Who is he?
Tell him who I am.
Sorry, I really don't
know who you are.
I don't even know your name.
Look at yourself.
You are roaming around
with someone you don't even know.
And then you accuse
me of being wrong.
I am roaming around
with a stranger..
..because he is better
than people that I know.
I want to talk to you.
Didn't you hear her?
She said this stranger is
much better than people she knows.
She won't talk to you. Buzz off.
This is my personal matter.
Let me decide who I should
and shouldn't talk to.
Go inside.
You wait here,
I'll go and talk to him.
Why do you need to talk to him?
Why are you so upset?
What if he manages to cajole you?
How would that affect you?
Look, Prince has come here.
Now I will have to
talk things out with him.
I am a girl from Chandigarh.
I am neither afraid of any situation
nor do I run away from one.
I'll be right back.
You always came to cajole me.
I thought you'd come
this time as well.
Anything else?
I didn't know that
it would hurt you so much.
Now you know?
Forget it. I am sorry.
It's okay.
Can I leave now?
What is wrong with you?
When two people are in a relationship,
they tend to make mistakes.
I made one as well.
Our relationship
only consisted of you.
I was nowhere a part of it.
I promise to change myself.
Thank you.
Sir, you are waiting outside?
Madam is inside.
You too should come in.
Yes, she is sitting
with her brother.
She is talking to him
about our relationship.
About your relationship?
Best of luck, sir.
Shall I get coffee for you?
No, I am okay.
- You should go and ask them.
- Okay, sir.
If I go back to you,
you'd be as you were.
No, I won't.
Give me a chance.
Try to understand, Prince.
A person's basic
nature never changes.
You are pleading me
because I am not with you.
You would have never been
this polite if I had been with you.
Why don't you understand?
I really love you a lot.
If you don't believe
me then ask my friends.
You are the one who loves me
and your friends will vouch for it.
It was in front of them
that I'd slit my wrist.
- Ma'am, what should I get for you?
- No, thanks.
And for your brother?
Run away before I hit you.
Sorry, sir.
Fine, let's do one thing.
You don't say yes
to someone just yet.
Let's give our relationship
another six months.
You can say yes to me
when you start believing in me.
Sir, I don't think
it will work out for you.
Her brother is very angry.
It is a good thing that he is angry.
Would you like it
if I consume poison?
They are calling out to you.
Sorry, I don't know how it happened.
- You should go and dry..
- Who was calling out to me over there?
Oh, he was calling out to them.
I am so sorry.
You should go and dry your clothes.
Go on. Don't worry,
I'll wait for you over here.
- Go and dry your clothes. Okay.- Thank God
it wasn't tea. She would have burned me.
Run, run, run!
Not there, on your motorbike!
We got to hurry, we got to hurry!
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!
You said you don't run away.
Go! Go! Go!
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!
Go, go, go!
You got scared and
started to run away!
I am not scared.
I just feel that fighting doesn't help.
- Rickshaw!
- Yes, sir.
- I want to go to the hospital.
- Okay.
Have a seat, sir.
Drive slowly.
I suffer from slip disc.
Don't worry, sir.
I will drive at zero speed.
A passenger is like God.
You will think that
you are in Mercy car.
- Mercedes?
- Yes, exactly.
- Have you settled down, sir?
- Yes.
- Is this speed fine?
- Yes.
That's it.
This speed is fine?
- It is fine, maintain this speed.
- Okay, you don't worry.
Stop, stop...
She has brought a Sardar-ji
along to beat me up.
Don't stop, take a U-turn.
I don't think Prince is a good
person. You should rethink about this.
It's not him, it's my phone!
Turn around,
turn around, turn around!
Before you kill me, at least
tell me what crime have I committed?
At least
tell me what crime have I committed!
Tell me if I have ever hit you!
What have I done wrong!
No! Driver!
Stop, stop.
Why did you stop?
I asked you to follow him.
There is flour all around,
my bike will get dirty.
Drive from the side then. Let's go.
Follow him!
- Stop, stop...
- Drive fast.
Brother, please.
Behave yourself and
give me your licence.
- I just need to go over there.
- Give me your licence.
Give me the money. Pay up, come on!
- Move aside..
Move aside..
Move aside..
Stop the rickshaw.
Why should I listen to
you when I don't even know you?
- I'll tell you who I am!
- Now I will never stop.
I am well respected in this area.
Please be a brother and stop.
Take something and compromise.
Take some money from me.
- No, no, no. I don't want money.
- Brother, please..
You being a police officer
are trying to bribe me?
Don't you have any shame?
For God's sake let me get off it.
Drive faster!
Hold on.
Move side.
Let me just get hold of you!
If I don't make you pay for
this then I am not Daljit Singh!
Move aside!
Lord, please help me.
Save me.
True Lord, help me.
Minister will entering in your area,
block the all roads.
Okay, sir!
Don't stop! Keep going!
- Move fast.
- Move back!
- My phone. One minute, listen to me.
- Stay back.
- My uncle is a station house officer.
- What is the name of your uncle?
I just forgot his name.
Move back.
- Please let me my phone...
- Uncle is here.
- Hey!
- There he is!
Oh, my God.
Now I will drop you
at the right place.
- You thief!
- Stop, stop, stop!
You thought that you can escape me?
Brother, please hear
me out before you hit me.
Are you from Amritsar?
I badmouthed her when
she badmouthed Amritsar.
- How is it my fault?
- Hey!
Heard that?
When a man from UP cannot tolerate..
..someone speaking ill about
Amritsar then how can a Sardar?
Well done, brother.
I'm proud of you.
You can leave, my dear.
Where is my phone?
- Tell me. Come on.
- I only have this phone.
- This is your phone?
- I spent 1100 to buy it.
- Take it.
- This is not my phone!
You sold my phone!
- You sold my phone!
- Give back her phone.
I swear, I don't have it.
Hey mister,
why is this seat vibrating?
- This seat is possessed.
- It must be my phone.
It is possessed by a ghost.
- Found it. Great.
- I found it, I found it!
Well done, brother.
Always keep such noble
thoughts about Amritsar.
Let's go, Mr. Amritsar,
or I will miss my train.
Bless you.
This phone was the ghost.
Mr. Disc.
Please get up,
I'll get your discs repaired.
Come on, sit down.
Stay away!
Stay away!
This is where I wanted to get down.
- Please have a seat, sir.
- No!
There are 25 minutes
for the train to come.
Can you do me a favour?
I have written on this
why I don't want to marry him.
Give it to the Chabutara guy.
Chowk Chabutara.
Your train is about to arrive.
Trains are arriving
on time these days.
Silence can sometimes
be so weird, right?
Silence, where?
There is so much noise in here.
People are talking,
announcements are being made.
Phones are ringing.
Okay then..
Don't shake hands with me.
I make girls cry.
Honestly.. thank you.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
Same here.
My phone.
Of course.
I didn't even realize.
You can keep it you want,
I had found it somewhere.
You shouldn't lose
the things you find.
Give me your phone number.
Quickly. My phone's battery
is almost drained out.
Why do you need my number?
It's not like we
are going to meet again.
Just remember today's day.
That is a smart thing to say.
I am a smart person.
I have been roaming around
with you since morning..
..did you ever feel that I am crazy?
Okay, did the guy who lives
at Chowk Chabutara call you?
He didn't call and I am not
interested. Just give him that note.
Forget the note,
just call him up and say no to him.
After I met you, I realised
boys of Amritsar are very emotional.
I won't be able to
do it over the phone.
That's why I have resorted
to giving him a note.
By the way, we have been
together since morning..
..and yet we don't
know each other's name.
What is your name?
And what's yours?
@Chandigarh Wali.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Hello. Oh..
Oh hi.
Yes, I had gone to your house.
It was locked.
Auntie told me.
No, I am already
at the train station.
The train leaves in 15 - 20 minutes.
Okay fine,
let's meet outside the station.
What happened?
Bro, someone hacked
a few of our pages.
Artists are saying that you
aren't paying attention.
They want their money back.
Where are you?
I'm struggling.
Hang up.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
What are you doing here?
He called.
You got convinced?
Not him..
The Chowk Chabutara guy.
Oh my, the Chowk Chabutara guy.
You got it right this time.
What did he say?
He wants to meet me outside the
station. He has asked me to wait.
And you are waiting for him?
There are still 15-20 minutes
left for the train to arrive.
He sounded fine.
I think..
You might end up with him.
It is not so.
He called, he said let's meet.
That's why I had come here.
Then shall I tear the note?
Your wish.
Or do you want me to put it in an
amulet and hang it around my neck?
She was all set to leave
for Chandigarh but she came back.
Don't you over think sometimes?
He is here!
Someone's so excited to see him.
I think you should call him..
..or your train will
leave before he arrives.
What happened?
Battery drained out.
Your phone is so troublesome.
Sometimes its battery drains out,
sometimes it gets lost.
Do one thing,
throw it so that I can pick it up.
Very funny.
Here, call him from my phone.
His number was dialed before yours.
'Passengers please pay attention.'
- It's busy.
- ''The train from Amritsar to Chandigarh..'
- '..Intercity express will leave from
platform number one in 15 minutes.'
They are announcing my train.
Forget it, I'll get going now.
Wait a minute, how does your
phone have my number in it?
Forget that and tell me why
doesn't the call get connected..
..when you dial a phone
number from its phone?
Dial a phone number from its phone?
It will never get connected.
It's impossible.
You dialed it..
..not once but twice.
Called this phone
number from this phone.
You said that you'd marry someone
who knows you, understands you..
..someone with whom
your thoughts match.
Look at how God plays his games.
You came to me to
inquire about my address.
I thought I won't find a
better way to know my life partner.
I had agreed to marry you
just by looking at your picture.
But you are more beautiful
than your photograph.
Will you marry me?
Can I say something?
I shy beautifully?
When you feel shy,
you look very beautiful.
Hey Miss Arrogant..
Before you leave at least let
me know whether it's a yes or a no.
If we get married you will try to
act smart be calling yourself Amritsari.
If we get married you
with be an Amritsari's wife.
You too will have
the same pride as mine.
Fine, then you too will have to
fulfill all the conditions required.. be Chandigarh
resident's son-in-law.
I'll fulfil them.
First give me the guarantee that
I'd be Chandigarh resident's son-in-law.
By the way, what are the useless
conditions of the Chandigarh residents?
What do you mean by useless?
Whatever they might be they
will be better than Amritsar's.
Dream on!
I have seen how you behave!
If a girl from our city
had gone to say no to someone..
..she would have done the
job in five minutes and returned.
Whereas you came in the morning
and are leaving in the evening.
And yet we don't know
whether it's a yes or a no.
Okay, so that means you are smarter.
- No.
- Then?
- You are less smart.
- We are crazy?
- No.
- Then?
You are mad.
We are better than you are. We don't
all keep "inging" all the time.
Try stopping your kids
when they to do the same.
I'm going!
So you are "Going!"
Going only to come back.
Bye Miss Arrogant!
"I cannot tolerate
Amritsar's popadums."
"I cannot tolerate
Chandigarh's attitude."
"I cannot tolerate
Amritsar's popadums."
"I cannot tolerate
Chandigarh's attitude."
"You cannot act brave
by just talking big."
"Braggers get drunk and fight."
"We bring the party to live."
"Girls look at us and sigh."
"That's why no girl
comes close to you."
"I plan to get a wife from Chandigarh."
"I cannot tolerate
Amritsar's popadums."
"I cannot tolerate
Chandigarh's attitude."
"I'll buy you jewelry and dresses."
"Forget being a landlord,
you the chairman of losers."
"You too like me.
Why don't accept it?"
"I will never be
entering your house."
"I plan to get a wife from Chandigarh."
"I cannot tolerate
Amritsar's popadums."
"I cannot tolerate
Chandigarh's attitude."