Chandni Bar (2001) Movie Script

Today,I'm leaving this
The city,in which I grew up
with the love of my parents
But there's very short distance
between Happiness & sorrows
I could understand this when I lost
everything right before my eyes
People say it was a communal
attack on Muslims in Indore
But,for me it was a communal
clash between Humanity & inhumanity
Here,Humanity lost
Mumtaz,control yourself
Train has arrived come Mumtaz
...come...come on...
Come quickly...There's no
train after this
Move out...move out...
Come quickly,Mumtaz
Mumtaz,come quickly,there's no train
after this...come quickly
Why're you watching my face?
come quickly
There's no train after this
There's nothing left in this place
What're you thinking?Come quickly
Hey!move aside...move aside
My mother wished that even after
marriage I shouldn't go out of this city
So that I must always
be near her
But,what's left for me
in this city?
Except a few sweet memories
of the past
Let me see,where life's
going to take me
What's this Brother Abdul?
Put down your hand
What a bad luck I've?
- Greetings sir
You're great cards,friend
Uncle lfran
Uncle,I say all these communal clashes
are wanton acts of Politicians
Someone else does it and we
poor have to die for it
We'll get a place to stay
isn't it,Brother Iqbal
Yes,you're very fortunate that
you know me
That's why,I've come to Bombay
with believing you
Uncle,never believe anyone in Bombay
I'm giving you a shanty to
live for friendship
Damn it,we've pay even to
urinate in Bombay,understood?
Hey!crow,how're you?
All are our boys,they all
respect me very much
The roof is low,come carefully
Don't worry about anything here
I'll take care of everything
He's our Brother Qureishi,he's
a very dangerous man
Earlier he used to kill people
now sells meat understood?
Brother Qureishi,greetings
Entire day he's very moody
Look,uncle,this is your
Stay comfortable here
Iqbal,can I get some work?
Are you mad?
I didn't mean that there's
no work here
You'll get work,Bombay never puts
anyone to sleep on empty stomach
It'll take some time for
getting you work
If you allow,I can get
work for your niece
In the entire Bombay
Ladies Beer Bar is a great hit
Beer Bar means,Liquor selling place
Where girls make you drink
liquor,they dance
And public enjoy it
Even one peg man will
consume 2 pegs
Didn't understand?
In older times there used be dances
by Nautch girls isn't it?
This is modern times
Keep it here,keep this
box here & come outwith me
Be ready with your niece
I'll come in the evening
I know,Chandini Bar's Anna
very well
I'll talk with him & get her
work there
When did you come from
You offered to the God,my
offerings of Rs.501 isn't it?
Hey,Bitch,Shabboo! Don't try
to entice my customers
Hey!cheap slut!now is it
pinching you
What happened when you enticed
my Mahim man?
Hey!Give the lip stick
lts,daily drama of you both
Hey!shut up!What's this
non-sense everyday?
I'm not able to speak on
phone also
Anna,the thing is that she's
talking about my customers
Shut up,bitch
Hey!stop here
Rs.2O!-Take it
How're you Prem?
- I'm fine,lqbal
Prepare a 120 betel
I'll come just now
I'll keep it ready Brother Iqbal
Sit down...sit here..
You just wait here
Tell Anna,that I've come
Greetings sir!
How're you Shabboo,Rani?
How's your furniture Man of Bandra?
You've eaten him away like
white ants
Hey!shut up!Get lost man
...One minute
Come uncle...come in...
come in...
Anna,he's uncle lfran and
she's Mumtaz
I had told you about her work
only...Anna!...that one...
Does she know to dance?
She knows!yes!she knows!
She knows film dances
Chamdi,do one thing,ask her to
start working from tomorrow
Alright sir
And explain her fully about
rules of accounts here
I'll explain it sir
- Okay,now,you can go
Come uncle, you too come
Hey!Chamdi,one minute
You promised to bring that
Rupa of Diamond Bar here
What happened to it?
Brother Anna,the bitch isn't going
to come into our hands
I'll arrange something else
I mean Saturday's Kanchan
Fantastic one!I'll get her
- Okay,
Come!-And send Sundar in
Wear these clothes & be ready
Evening we've to go to Beer Bar
Uncle,I'll not go there
I don't like that place,don't know
what sort of people come there
Do you think,I like all this
But,what can we do?
Look,Mumtaz!This is not our place
this is Bombay city
Do one thing,do this work
for few days
As soon as I get some work
quit all this
Why're you doing like this?
If you don't work,till I get some
work,we'll die starving
Iqbal will throw us out of
this tenement also
Wear clothes & be ready by evening
...I'll come
...Be quick!Rickshaw is
waiting outside
What Rani?Has my man come?
Your man hasn't come,but
my old man has come
You like that old man
very much isn't it?
Yes,but that old man was your Hero
before coming to me isn't it?
Hey! He's just an useless
old rut
she's your new partner
Her number is 16
Hey!Girl!come to the stage only
when I call you,understood?
Okay,go & take your place
Hey!What's your name?
Did you elope with a lover
& came here?
Or did you come here after some
bad name in your native town?
Hey!Bitch,shut up
Do you think everyone will
be like you?
And what's your name?
Moveout...moveout...move fast
Move...move fast...move...
Rani,take it,your share
Get me another box
Anna,I'll go
Hey!who's is this No.16 box?
Who's is this No.16 box?
This is totally empty
Hey!Heroine,isn't it your's
that cash box No.16?
Hey!Chamdi,her box is empty
You shouldn't have brought
such a girl here
Am I running an orphanage?
Didn't I tell you,to explain her
about rules of accounts
You didn't explain her,isn't it?
Bitch,she couldn't understand the hint
Anna,the thing is that
she's new isn't it?
It'll take a day or two to
pick up the hint isn't it?
I'll explain her
What Mumtaz?Have you gone a crazy?
You must pick up the hint of
the customer,isn't it?
Why don't you try
to understand?
Hey!Chamdi,now don't talk too much
Send her away from here
Look,what has the Boss said?
Anna,I'll explain it to her...
Anna,please spare her
you too are...
You give her to me
I'll train her
Didn't I train,all the
other girls?
I had only trained them
isn't it?
Hey!Look!you come an hour early
And why're you coming covering
yourself with a blanket?
I'll tell you how to wear it
tomorrow! Understood?
He's my husband Gokul
He's an Auto driver
I've been married for 4 years
Since then,I'm enduring him
Hey!stop it!Didn't you get
anyone else to blame?
Why're you stopping here?
Aren't we going home?
Today,I'm very tired
Hey!What're you talking?
I've already taken advance
Tomorrow,he's leaving to Goa
- But,you must've asked me isn't it?
Gokul,you know very well...That...
I'm running 2nd month pregnancy
You had already aborted
3 times
Gokul,you promised that you'll allow
me to become mother of this 4th child
Hey!Mother lndia,don't lecture me
If we've money,children will
come on their own
Abort it tomorrow
Go now,I say go!...Go
Hey!Listen,he has given one
...take two
Slut,want to become a mother
Uncle,I'll not go there to dance
I don't like anything,there
What's it you don't like?
Did you see how forcibly he
was sending Deepa?
He's her husband
It's their personal
What's there for us to bother
about it?
Look,listen to me,there's nothing
wrong to dance in Beer Bar
I'm there with you,isn't it?
Uncle,I feel very shy to
dance there?
Why feel shy?Top Heroes & Heroines
how they dance in films?
Look,it's not even 4 days in Bombay
and you've got a job,you're very lucky
If I had been lucky,we wouldn't have
to come here leaving our native place
Mumtazlour main duty to find
out the pulse of the customers
Every type of customer
comes here
From a petty thief to Big Businessman...
From Automen to Black market men
Everyone comes here
All you've to do is,find a customer
and flatter him!Understood?
But,how can I recognise him?
Oh!My dear,not by his face
recognise him with the money he has
These Businessmen will
be very rich
Like the customer of Pushpa
what do you say,Pushpa?-Yes
Bastard,he looks like a hippopotamus
with such a large red eyes
You'll get scared to see him
But he has given a gold chain to me
Show him so much of style & poise
that he'll forget his wife
Only then,they'll shell out
Just give a smile and
allow a little liberty-Enough
But,there won't be any
trouble isn't it?
What's there for us to bother?
If someone wants to become a Romeo
let that bastard become one
All we want is to take money out of
him that's all,understood?
All we want is to fool him and
steal him,that's all
And listen carefully!Never tell your
real name to your customer
Tell him anything,Pinky
And look at me,I've given 5 different
names to 5 different customers
Come on get up...and come here
Yes,now look at this
- But,I don't know to dance
Am I doing any classical dance
here for past 7 years?
Who knows to dance here?
Just give a few styles & poses
...Shake a little...a few steps forward
a few backwards
...And go round
And when customer sees you
Look straight into his eyes &
see him,Don't be afraid
Bottle him up,understood?
First,seek blessings!Why?
Because,this is our livelihood
we must respect it
And after that rotate like this
and scan the whole area
Scan?-Scan means observe everyone
Where's the customer sitting
with money?
And after that rotate like this
and flatter the customer
...Like this
Flatter means?-Flatter him means
looking straight into his eyes
Continuing the stare into his eyes
Slowly...rotating...Adjusting your
blouse in the mirror like this
...And flatter the customer
And bringing your upper cloth
in the middle like this and
...Turning like this...
& coming forward...
And going round like this
shake your hips like this
Sometimes few wastrels will also
be sitting,they'll not give any money
When they're sitting,just
shake slowly like this
Like this...enough
Rani,you become the customer
...Take out your money
Pasha,play the music quickly
Come on start...come on
...Give it...
Upper cloth
Come here...
Rotate. . . . rotate
Look there...look there
Shake your hip
Shake your hip
Come on Rani...take out money
Now,go there...
go dancing & shaking hip...
Will you come outwith me?
Hey!Pasha,stop the music
It's time for customers to come
Move out girls!come let's go
Prem,is it fine?
You too!
She'll learn...she'll
learn it fully
How nicely Mithun has acted
in film Ghulami?-Is it so?
Hey!Mumtaz,these deadly styles & poses
which I taught you
Remember them
what do you say?
And my dear,why do you always
come yourself fully covered?
Wear it like this...
And,like this!so that it could
be seen as well as not seen
Understood?...Like this
Rani,you wanted a man about your
child's school admission isn't it?
He's here!I'm going
Pushpa,Azhar has come-
Has Azhar come?
He's always into this,pimp
One day this bitch will die for Azhar
Hey!Umraojaan!Did you train
this old war horse also?
Hey!Bitch,shut your mouth
Apply lipstick on it
Hey!Deepa,listen to me,I went
to a Hotel with a white man
Do you know,what was he asking?
Anju,Are you a virgin?
Virgin?Hey,what do you
mean by this Virgin?
A female having no carnal
knowledge of man
Anju,then what did you say?
What did I say?A dozens have
gone by,Am I still a Virgin?
Now,she has become like Local train
sometimes Kurla,sometimes Bandra
Hey Deepa,did you hear?Shabboo is
celebrating her Birthday on Sunday
What Shabboo?
Is it your Birthday?
Mumtaz,this is Shabboo's third
Birthday this year...
Third Birthday?
Yes,here every girl cheats their
customers like this
Watch out,you too will be celebrating
4 Birthdays in a year
Watch out!This bitch will definitely
slaughter 2 or 3 goats
Well said,well said
Hey!Aren't you both not
yet ready?
Move out...move out...
Come Mumtaz...come
come,let's create sensation
Come,let's go
He's showing currency notes
Go...go to him
Go...go and deposit your first earnings
into the cash box
Hey!That moustacheod man is
showing you currency notes
He's an old hand,Becareful
Shall I go?-Go?
Don't worry,lqbal
Bombay city is yours
When money's coming,no need
to worry at all
Look,how much is the
earnings an interest?
Can you see that boy there?Azhar
Pushpa loves this rouge
very much
I don't like this rogue,whatever she
earns she gives everything to him
As if that bastard is
her husband
She says he's going to start a business
- Yes,he'll start with her only
May be they both may marry
Oh!my dear,that's the problem
in our profession
The day you think of marriage're finished
Come,let's go!Rani,we'll meet tomorrow
- Okay,we'll meet tomorrow
Have you come?
Mumtaz,today you danced
Watch out in future
She'll mesmerize
Hey!come,my Zohra Bai
..Move man
Shall we go?
Uncle,today it was a surprise!
A man & woman came to the
Boss of Vasu Bar
With a 12 year old girl
To make her dance in
the Bar
They said,she's their daughter
and they were helpless
Bloody!what helplessness?
Bloody pimps
They may've kidnapped her
from somewhere
Hey!Film Ram Tera Ganga Maili is Running
at Minen/a,Have you seen it?
I've seen it yesterday
- Time was running very fast
In such a vast city
I became alone
I couldn't believe myself,that
I've become a Beer Bar Dancer
Every evening life starts with
the colorful lights
And it'll go on till early hours
of 2 or 3 AM
My earnings had made my uncle
still more useless
Leave alone trying for a job he never
bothered about finding a job
Today,I went to Brother Hedge
with Chamdi
He's very happy with YOU
He was praising you,Mumtaz
He was praising you very much
He was saying,Mumtaz has
started dancing very nicely
Did you try to find
yourself a job?
I'm trying!Everyday
I'm trying
Believe me
Are you getting memories
of our place?
Are you getting memories
of your parents?
Everything will be fine
Everything will be fine
Enough ! stop it M umtaz
How much respect I had
for my uncle?
Don't call him as uncle
Bloody Pimp
If he comes here
I'll cut of his...
Oh!stop this cries & tears
Do you think you're the most
unfortunate in this world?
Whatever bad is happening
its happening only with you?
Hey!look at this Meena
She appears happy always isn't it?
Do you know,what she had
to go through?
Your poor parents died before
they got you married
Her parents married her and
sent her permanently here
Go...this is your In-laws place
Have a new husband everyday
...But send us money
regularly,that's all
Bloody Pimps
Look at this Farida
She's a married woman
She was waiting for her husband
on her first night
And her husband sent
a customer in
He took one lakh as dowry and
Rs.25,000 from customer
He ran away to Dubai,but this
bitch is dying a death everyday here
And you know about me?
My husband is my pimp
Every girl comes here after
getting devasted
Nobody likes to dance or
sleep with me
But,everyone has only one helplessness
Everyone must survive isn't it
These Bastards of men
Whether they wear a tie and sit in
office or having a Beer in a Bar
Bastards,they'll take advantage
of that helplessness
Come on get up,it's getting late
Come on what's this?Come on get up
Oh!Brother Pothia!You?Here?
where are you now a days?
Brother Habib,was remembering you
Is it?Oh!I was busy with
Boiler work
I'm coming from there only
you were not there,or in office
I came up to here
searching you
I've a message from Brother Habib
for you
I want to deliver that
message to you
Hey!start the engine
Hey!Did you see that
yellow one?
Her name is Farzana
She's from Bachu Bhai's
brothel house
She used to go for Rs.200
Bloody Bitch,she's now
demanding Rs.1000
What Anna,you're standing
outside?Any trouble inside
No...No...How're you
Brother Pothia?
Good God!A yellow chain on
a yellow shirt
Shall I take it?
Hey!Bhola,how do I look?
Don't I look like Anil Kapoor?
Yes,Brother Pothia
Our boys are sitting inside isn't it?
-yes...they're sitting inside
Send a Bundle of Rs.10 inside
Brother Pothia,the thing is that
now a days Business is very dull
What's it man?What's it?
It's a drama you play everyday
send the money inside,that's all
Come Suresh,let's go in
What does he think of himself?
Where can I get the money from?
Hey!How're you boy?-I'm fine
Isn't it firm?
Fine! Fantastic
Hey!where's our Pawar?
Brother,as soon as he drinks
2 bottles
He'll urinate like a buffalo
Look,he's here
How're you?
Sit down...sit down
-hey!Brave man!Keep!
Hey!What's this Pawar?
Doesn't water stay in your body?
What're you saying
Brother Pothia?
What's this,you too are
making fun of me?
Hey!Bloody,if not you,who else
Am I going to make fun of?
Where did all of them go off?
Like old smelly food
all stinking tired faces
Brother Pothia,your item
is inside
I get your memories very often
No,I miss you very much
What will you bring from Jaipur?
Bloody cheapster
Farida is he coming?
He'll come definitely bloody!That donkey
has fallen in love with me
My dear,my Kimi Katkar
How're you?
Oh!my Anil Kapoor
Have you come back?
Oh!My dear Farida
How're you?
How's your Arab Lover
from Bahrain?
Have you robbed him or not?
Did you squeeze him or not?
What to do,Pothia,you don't seem
to show any interest in me?
Hey!you've become cold,my girl
You don't have that spark in you any more?
What do you say Shabboo?
You're looking great!come
Oh!Who's this?-New product
Come on man
Whatever you may be,there's
a fragrance in your body
I like that very much
Bloody Bitch,you like only
one fragrance
This one...isn't it?
Take it...Take it...Take it
Bloody!Do I sleep with you
for this?
Take more...take more
Pushpa,come let's get the
thread from the Saint
What happened to you?
Nothing?-What nothing?
Come on tell,Mumtaz
I don't want to stay in that
place any more
I hate to see my uncle's face
Did he do anything?-No
You find me another place
to live that's all
Will you stay alone?
Do you think,that only your uncle
is a bastard in this world?
If you stay alone,will anyone
spare you?
This is man's time!As soon as he
comes to know,you're alone...
They'll tear you apart
like Vultures
This is Bombay
Then,what am I to do?
You take me to your house
- With me?
What do you think?ls my
husband an incarnation of God?
Will he spare you? front of my eyes,he'll...
Make yourself strong
There's no one here,who can
support you
You're the support
for yourself
Bloody!What's his Bar?
- Yes that Bar
Who's she to you?
He told her,he'll make her
a Zeenat Aman
He was roaming with her
for 5 months
Bloody,he didn't even take her
to a Zeenat Aman's film also?
Why're you getting tensed up?You start
preparations for your elections
What Pothia?Congratulations!
Pothia,now a days you're being
discussed everywhere
You settled that Choksi's
matter superbly
Now,these bloody Builder's
lobby will cool down
They'll be afraid of Boys
I got a phone call from
across seas also
Everyone's happy!you were praised
You've started settling very
big things
Good,very good
Its good,but there's a complaint
also against you
Did you threaten Manager of
Caezar's palace recently?
You broke the glass pane of
Mahim Anna's Hotel?
You collected money from people
Pothia,leave these petty things
Think something big,really big
What's this silly Rowdyism?
Oh!Uma,you too go on harp the
same like an old record
Leave it buddy
Let's talk some business
What Brother Habib?
I've heard that the men of Ganeshwadi
& Behrambagh are dead
They were acting too smart
Sometime back,they both were
working for me
Now,they were going against me
I stage managed an encounter with
sir & Gaikvvad & killed them
Listen,now both these areas
are into our Kitty
And you've to look after
both these areas
You've to look after those areas
But,with a cool mind
- Yes
With cleverness-yes brother
Because,it's Uma's constituency
He's going to become a corporator
Bloody,he's going to become a
White collar man
He's going to be tremendously
helpful to us
Hey!Kalia,Get away from here
Move away...move away
Stop it...stop all this...
you mother.. @ @
Stop it...stop all this...
Hey! Baldly,where are you
running away?
Hey!Where are you going?
Arrest them all!very devout
& chaste women are here
Take them all
Hey!Didn't I order you to
stop it?
Hey!What're you watching?
Is it your father's wedding?
Move out...move out
Hey! Mhatre,write down
their names
Hey!come here
Tell your name
People call me as Shabboo
out of Love
A cut kite
- Hey get lost
Take down her name
Hey!Come here
Tell your name
Hey!Tell your name?
Come on tell your name?
Come on tell your name?
Oh!Mr.Sheikh,why're you doing
like this?
Her name is Mumtaz
And you know me isn't it?
Is she new?-Yes
Go...go & sit in that corner
Take down both their names
Hey!Come here!What do you do?
I'm studying in college
- Studying in college?
What's your name?
Did you bring with you Akbar
& Antony or not?
You're...hey!come here
Do your parents know it?
Bloodylleaving studies,will
you go to bars?
Hey!Savant!Take them in
Make them cry like chicken
- No sir!
Come here quickly
come quickly
What's your name?
Your name?
Where are you from?
- From Pune
From Pune?
What do you do?
Okay...okay!so this is what you
teach to your students?
How to get drunk & see
dance of Nautch girls?
We went to the Bar for
the first time
Hey!Are we from Alibaug?
- No sir
Sheikh,write the report with
both their names
- Please listen to us once
Come..Come..Come here!
What's your name?
Take out your hands!
Your name?
Where are you put up?
In Mulund!
In Mulund?
What do you do?
We've a textile business in
Gandhi market!
Textile business?Did you go
to bar to sell textiles?
Does your wife know it?
Does your wife know it?
No sir!
Shall I call your wife?
Call her... call her...
Sir,a small request
- What request?
Come out for a small talk?
Take them out & enquire
what textiles they sell?
Brother Kirti,Is it retail or...
Bloody,They'll escape by
paying money
What happened to you?
Why're you so afraid?
It's daily affair for us!
Anna might not've paid the
bribe on time...that's all
I've never been to a
Police station before
Then,get used to it!
Nothing will happen
Anna will come now and
get all of us released
Bloody,we've lost today's earnings
Hey! What's it Anna?
Greetings sir!
Sir,what was the necessity
for a raid now?
You could've told me Isn't it?
Hey! everything cannot be
in our control!
We get pressure from top Isn't it?
We've to do it!
You've brought the paper's Isn't it?
Yes sir I've!
Go inside and give
to Mr.More
Patel,release all of them
-yes sir!
Yes sir!
Have you given it?
- I gave it sir!
I'll come there one day
What's this sir?
It's your own Bar sir! come sir!
Hey! release them all!
Come girls...come...come!
I'll go sir!
Pushpa,you're coming
with us,isn't it?,Azhar has come Isn't it?
Okay! enjoy!
This Shabboo will never
get reformed!
She's always at it
- That too with a black moustacheod man
Today another incident became
a part of my life!
In my native,if a police
comes to any house
People used look down on them!
And today,I had to go to
a police station myself
But,with Deepa's help,I was trying
to learn to overcome my weaknesses
Today,I was really scared!
But,I controlled my tears
from rolling down
Everyday my life began
from that tenement
I hated to see uncle's
face also
I was waiting for the
evening to come!
So,that I could go to
the bar
I started feeling oneness there!
Deepa's confidence
Rani's Laughter
Shabboo's choicest abuses
All these were much better than the
disgusting face of my uncle
Pasha's antics filled our sorrowful
lives with laughter & happiness
Hey! Vasco! Having a great fun?
Manish,get me introduced to her!
Shall I call?
Bet?- Yes!
Now watch the fun!
He's my friend Manish
one minute
Listen,this scapegoat
is a Richman's son
What if?
Nothing,we've a bet!
Put your ring into my finger
in front of him!
Then watch out,how he'll
shell out money?
Is it? Then,I'll do it!
Great! fun
Manish,how do you feel today?
Vasco,today I had real fun
Had great fun Isn't it?
Then,let's have another round
Take it! & go!
How're you feeling now?
I'm fine! How's the Bar
I'm really lucky today
That Vasco has brought a new pigeon
Is it?
Tell me,about your story!
- Everything's really cold!
All wastrels are sitting
Bloody all're lazy & tired fools
Heard that Mumtaz's customer
has garlanded her with notes
Hey Mumtaz rob...rob him
Today it's your day
No,I think he has visited 2 or 3
Beer Bars before coming here
Bloody he's a rascal
He Have you picked up
mY lauguage?
Yes sir!
Gaikvvad has asked to send
Pushpa to Hotel Yathri!
Yes sir!- send her quickly
- I'll inform sir!
Anna,Gaikvvard has called
Pushpa now!
Hey! Pushpa,Gaikvvad has
sent for you,go!
Your Vasco had given this
Rs 100 for you
Went away? where did be go away?
- How do I know it?
He gave it in the Bar
and went away
He had my ring with him
did he return it?
He gave Rs 100 to me and told to
give it to you that's all
Bloody Bastard he ran away
with my ring!
He told,he'll sell out
Rs 1000 for me
Such rogues come in plenty under
the guise of customers
This is what had happened to
Farzana in Bismi Bar
He ran away with her chain
Bloody Bastard I'll not
spare him
Pasha,go & see if he's there!
Will he come back?
The bloody man has cheated you!
Look,Mumtaz this is Bombay's Band stand!
Where we're sitting now!
Film'Shakthi' was shot here only
Dilip kumar & Amitabh stood here &
were delivering lectures to each other!
Hey! Matinee show,shut up!
Always talks about movies only
Come Friday and you can see
her outside a Theatre...
Mumtaz did you see any
film or not?
I had once seen a film
Which one?
With glasses!
With glasses-Which one?!
It's not Chetan Chowhan,say
it as"Chota Chetan"
What a great film it was!
What a magical film it was
Scenes came straight on
to our faces!
I had seen that film twice!
And both times I came back
with those glasses
How do you find Bombay's
sight seeing?
I feel very happy!
No worries,no troubles
This is the only happiness
in our life!
As evening approaches,again
the same old bloody Beer Bar
Same smoke,same customers
same artificial dances
And the same bloody artificial laughs
It's a daily routine!
Sit down...Sit down!
Hey! Get away from here
Get away from here
Pothia & his boys always
play this drama
Even in that Mahim Bar they used
to create trouble like this only
What's this Pothia,you're acting
too much today?
Will you sleep with me?
Bloody,who's her pimp?
What're you talking?
Give some respect to him!
Respect him! Are you refusing
brother Pothia?
You're putting our lives in danger!
I know to look after myself!
Hey! you don't know about Pothia
He has killed many big shots
What're you for him?
If he really goes crazy
not only in Chandni Bar!
...You can't be able work in
any Bar in Bombay
I don't want to do such work
- Don't you want to do?
Then,how will the hunger subside?
I'm a man,I can survive
some how
You don't know if you refuse him
How many people's desires
you've to satisfy?
What do you say Uncle?
- Then what?
Yes if there're uncle's like you
it'll happen like this only
Hey! Don't be adament!
Don't irritate me!
I've promised Pothia that I'll explain
you & bring you to him
You come with me at once!
Hey! Uncle make her understand
Hey! Go Mumtaz go...
I'm telling you to go
It's good for everyone,I'm not
some one else,I'm your uncle
Where should I go?
Bloody,she's cold like a stone!
She has ruined my mood!
She has watered down entire
bottles intoxication
Shall I go?
Shall I go? No,sit here only
I'll ward off evil eyes casted on you
It cost me a lot for nothing!
Why're you still sitting here?
Get lost!
Hey! Stop!
Take this - take this
money & go!
Come here!
Come here!
Take this & go,I don't want
anything free!
Why? Is it not enough?
Take some more!
Sit...Sit down!
Why're you so proud?
Look,I've started loving you
that's why,I'm after you
Are you afraid of me!
Is it?
You don't seem to be
from Bombay!
You aren't..
Where've you come from?
Your parents are there?
They died in the riots
Tell me one thing?
Who brought you in this bar?
Maternal Uncle..
You haven't had sex
before with anybody?
What?What did I ask you?
Hey! you!
Why are you crying?
Hello Bhusey Brother
Come, haPPY!
What happened Bhusey Brother?
You want to go back
to your place?
Or will you marry me?
Friends have turned the room
into a garden
Have you been seeing
lots of Hindi films?
Sit here
Are you angry,Is it?
Hey,my milk is this
You also take a little
You'll be very excited
I also started with a
small quantity
Now a bottle is also
Come on drink it!
take it!
What's it,What're you
looking at it?
Come, come here
Who is bothering me here?
Who's it?
Oh,my charming boy!
Abuse him..abuse me..
Rascal,you've forgotten me!
Hey,you interfering bitch
- You bloody dog
You skunk,got married!
Yes,I fancied her
She's only my woman
Unlike you,who has many
Hey,you don't have that charm
You skunk, now,what'll
happen to me?
Let me celebrate the nuptial
night with her
I'll celebrate nuptial
day tomorrow
Now shut up and sleep
Why're you getting worked up?
Look,I'm like this only
I've given you the
license,isn't it?
Come this side
Bloody bastards,their mothers...
What happened Farida?
- What else?
All're beggars,I don't know where
do they come from?
You've no regrets
Last week you got 1000 Rs.
That fellow from Andheri
gave you
And after that,nothing
So what?you also entice some
boy like Mumtaz
Mumtaz is a lucky bitch
That bugger married her
And look at Pushpa
She was giving her entire earning
to that beggar Azhar
Thinking that,that crook will
marry her,produce children
But what did he do?
With her money,he started
another business
And married some
other girl
Saying that beer bar girls are
meant only for enjoyment
Not for marriage
bloody pimp
All are not as lucky
as Mumtaz
See who has come?
- You'll live for 100 years
Just now we were talking
about you only
Mumtaz,how are you?
Tell us,how did it go?
how is your boy?
He must be fantastic,that's why
she's shining
are you?
That Santacruz bugger of yours
told Ranjana,I love you
What's happening here?
Deepa, Rani,come quickly
on the floor...
Mumtaz sit
Yes Mumtaz,tell me
How are you,brother?
Nothing new,same bar
same business..
Tell me,how is the bugger?
He's fine
Everyone remembers you here
Your old customers are daily
enquiring about you
Tell me,When'll you come
back here?
Brother,I've nothing to do
here any more
I'm married,brother
Now,I'll start a family
I'm not coming here
As you like
Shall I tell you one thing?
This bugger of yours is a pimp
Such people can't be trusted
They're not permanent
Even then,if you need anything
come here
Come to brother,don't have
second thoughts
Okay brother!
Hey,Suresh,how are you?
You don't worry
I'll make a move
- Take care of yourself
I was also leaving this
bar forever
On one hand I was sorry to leave
Deepa,Farida Rani,Pushpa
And on the other hand,I was happy
to find a new life
I was happy
That,I wouldn't have to dance
in this beer bar again
I never expected so much
happiness in my life
Pothia had become father,we
named the child Abhay
Seeing Pothia happy
I too was happy
And Pothia's business
also flourished
And the danger was
also increasing
Pothya's friends were
his weakness
To give them drinks
food & money...
...Had become his habit
But,when he became stubborn..
He wouldn't listen to anyone
Everybody was vexed by
his adamancy
When Pothia didn't return
till late in the nights
I used to have nightmares
Then I used to lean
on Abhay
I had only one wish
That I should bring up
Abhay very nicely
Educate him & make him
a decent person
2 years passed
I was again pregnant
Habib Brother,look at Abhay
Habib Brother,he's our
junior Pothia
He's absolutely perfect
take this...
He'll be smarter than Pothia
when he grows up
Even now,he's very smart
As soon as goes in the
lap of Pawar,he urinates
Good,take these Rs.501/-
from Umar Uncle
Pawar has been shot
by the Police
What? -Mania informer
tipped the Police
You be calm,don't be rash..
Mumtaz make him understand
Pothia listen to me...
When Pothia was enraged
he shunned discretion
And the inevitable happened
In spite of being restrained
by Habib Brother & Uma Shankar
And the danger from
the Police looming
He didn't bother and...
...He killed informer Munia
He didn't come home
for some days
I..l had decided that my children
will not go Pothia's way
Where's your husband?
You're Mumtaz,who dances
in beer bar?
Bhosle,search the house
See if you find anything
search every nook & corner
Yes sir
Where's your husband
speak up?
He hasn't come home for
the last 2 days
He must be laying some girl
bloody pimp
He holds party's here &
kills people outside
But what happened,sir?
Look here,Sir!
Sir,this sword is found
This gun was found inside!
Now your husband will meet
his Waterloo
He has pulled the trigger
many times
Now watch,Police will pull him up
you watch
Sir,wireless message has come
He has been caught in
Teli street
Take this,put it on
Get ready to become a widow
Let's go
You consider Police as your
You're killing Police
How're you feeling?
how are you feeling?
Finding it cold
take it...
You'll kill Police informer
and enjoy outside,take it
Bastards,why are you
people born?
You're killing Police informers
Beat them mercilessly,break
their bone,don't spare them
I'll beat them nicely,sir
Hey,don't stop,losen him up
Who's it?
What's it?
Mumtaz has come to meet you
So late in the night...?
That's... -What happened?
Pothia has been taken
by the Police
I knew it!
Why worry about it?
It's a common feature in
our business
I've pulled some strings,he'll be
bailed out in 2-3 days,go home
But,When'll he come home?
I told you,he'll be bailed out
I'm there
You go home
If there's any problem
phone me,go..go..
- Sit here
What happened?
Tell me,what happened?
- Tell what happened?
Pothia...Police has taken
Pothia has been taken away by the
Police,When? -When
Tell us Mumo,tell us
I had gone to Habib Brother
What did he say?
what did he say...?
I'll tell you..what'll I do!
Tell us,don't be upset
we're there
Nothing will happen to him,Police
has taken him for questioning..
She is having pain
Call the Doctor,phone to Doctor
quickly,don't worry
Hey!how pretty she is?..choti..
Pothia has been bailed out
Baby has brought very
good news,see..
Now you don't worry
Pothia will come home soon
What're you talking?
he's being released tomorrow
She laughs just like you
And he's absolutely stubborn
like you
After entire morning's effort
now he's drinking milk
And he'll be like me
very brave
I don't want him
to be a rowdy
I'll educate him & make him a big man
- Big man..big man..
Am I not a big man?
What're we going
to name her?
She laughs absolutely like you
Payal,we'll name her Payal
All said & done Mr.Gaikvvad
Pothia is my man
By bailing out Pothia,you
haven't done a good deed
He'll not shed his
Killing the informer is like
killing the Police
Police is cheesed of him
Because Pothia belongs
to your gang
High level meeting of
the Police is going on
I don't know,how many of your people
will be sent behind bars
Uma Brother is linked with you
by the Police
The threat can threaten you
Habib Brother
A warrant can also be
issued against you
All of you go out
Alright Gaikvvad Sir
Send 2,3 to jail,kill 2,3
in encounter
Uma,we'll give him
2,3 of our boys
Let the pimps be behind
bars for a few days
No Bhai...But!
See there,how is it
going there?
See,Mother has come
Mother,I'm very hungry
why're you so late
I forgot to tell you
My old girl Shabboo
she met me..
Don't be tensed up,darling
She has got married
She married the new barber
of Bandra
Got married to him
got married
Mr.Gaikvvad has come
he has called you,come..
Was there any trouble
Nothing,it's a routine enquiry
You'll return in a short time
- Coming!
I'll come back soon
What happened Sheikh Sir?
Hey nothing,Some non-entities
created some problem in Behram Pada
Officers instructed to conduct
routine enquiry
That's why,everyone is
rounded up
You'll be back in 1 hour..
Hey Gaikvvad Sir,why're you
creating trouble?
Nothing,sit in jeep,come..
Go inside,sit down..
Desai start..
Hey,you mongoose,get up,go away
Do your parents know?
- Yes sir!
Bring them
Yes sir,come..come..Kalia
Smart guy come...
Listen sir,..Sir,I've
done nothing,sir
This is not right...
Gaikvvad Sir,this is not right
You say it
- Why should we bother?
How much time will it take
to get the bodies?
You don't know,many bodies
have come
People are waiting outside
But you've to grease our palms
Isn't it?-I'm giving
Please hurry up
- Wait outside,go..
What do you've to say
for those 3 persons?
Those 3 were not innocent
they were criminals
But we've heard that the encounter
was planned,part of gang war
Your Police department people were
friends of the underworld
Look,we've already suspended Inspector
Gaikvvad & Inspector Sheikh
Enquiry has been instituted
against both of them
Then,are you accepting your
Before accusing we..
Police people
You understand your
In tomorrow's News papers
you people..
Are definitely going tear
Police people apart
But about those 3
You won't write anything about
their criminal records
Let's go,Bhosle
What'll I do now?
What'll I do now?
Hey,women,don't crowd here
Hey,take out the body
You people go HWQY
Whatever had to happen
has happened,Mumtaz
You've 2 small kids
For their future,You'll
have to think
Whenever you need me
let me know
I'm with you,Mumtaz
If you need any money
Some money is there
at home
Pothia had loaned some money
to his friends
If I get them back
I'll start something
What're you doing here?
Get out..get out..
get up..get out..
Uma Brother,she...
Go out..go...
Wagle,1 minute
Yes,tell me Mumtaz
Uma Brother,that...
Say quickly,I don't have
the whole day
Uma Brother,I was thinking of
starting some work
Now Pothia is also
not there
I was thinking of running 2,3
With their hire,I can
meet my expenses
Then,what should I do?
I need money,Uma Brother
Money, to you..
on what guarantee?
Suppose,you run away
With it..
I don't want loan,Pothia had
loaned some money to you,that..
Have you gone mad?
A riff raff like Pothia
Will give a loan to a person
like Uma Shankar
But Pothia had told me that
Uma Brother,that...
That bugger had told
you a lie
On the contrary,he has
put me to loss
And because of that
My name has been linked
with the underworld
He has put all of
us in trouble
Tell me one more thing
Even,if Pothia had given
me money
Then,why should I give you?
I'm his widow,Uma Brother!
After the death of a Husband,a wife
becomes widow..not a Concubine
You were not the wife of Pothia
But a Concubine
And Pothia had so many
Concubines in Bombay
If all of them come &
stand there
Then,I would be giving alms
to all of them
Now,you go from here
Don't ever come here again
I am a M.L.A,not your pimp
If beer bar girls like you
come here
Then, I'll get a bad name
I told you to go,isn't it?
Don't ever come here,go
Yes wagle,what happened
to that?
You got it transferred
- It's done,sir
Have you finished
Raj Brother's work?
That'll be done by
In business,profit &
loss happens.
But don't bother about the job of
your son-in-law,Mr.Maqbool
I've talked to BMC commissioner
your work will be done
Mumtaz has come
Okay,I'll make a move
- Okay come..
- Greetings
Haji Brother,she's our Mumtaz
- I see..
She's Pothia widow
Sit Mumtaz sit,I'll come..
Bye..Bye!Come..Look after
I'm in trouble
Habib Brother
I can understand
After Pothia has gone...
Yes sir!I had also gone
to Uma Shankar
He insulted me a lot
He was talking nonsense
Where should I go Habib Brother
What should I do?
Pothia respected you a lot
If these children weren't there
I would've died
But I've to bring them up
I,the alone woman,where
can I go,Habib Brother?
Now,thinking you to be my own
I came
I am depending only on you
Don't worry,Mumtaz
I'll make arrangements
for you
I don't need much money
Habib Brother
Look Mumtaz,I can give you money
right now
There's no problem
about money
But,if I give you today
It'll finish tomorrow
You'll again come to ask
Like this,you'll get habituated
of asking
I'll get you a job
You do one thing
go to Dubai
What'll I do in Dubai?
You'll earn money
what else?
Look Mumtaz,this is your age
to earn money
There our Sheikh's will introduce
you to proper people
Isn't it Madan?
Stay there for 5-7 years
then,come back
By then,you'll earn so much money
that your life'll be secured
These Arabians have a lot of cash
What?Habib Brother!
Have you left rowdyism
& started pimping?
What did you say?
What did you say?
You called me a pimp?
You wicked woman,bitch!
Get out from here
You bitch,because of Pothia
I was helping you & you!
She calls Habib Brother a pimp
this cheap beer bar girl
Why did you produce
2 children?
If you had that much pride,you
could become the Concubine of a rich man
You call me a pimp
you bitch
I'll get acid thrown on your face
get out from here
In my area,she calls
me pimp?
Take a bowl in the hand
& beg
Don't show me your face again
I'll break your legs
Calling Habib Brother
a pump?
Okay,we'll go
to mummy
Quiet baby quiet,see how mummy
is dancing,how beautiful...
Quiet quiet,quiet
- Yes
Your customer has come
Oh!this customer had to come
at this time only
Come come
-quiet quiet...
Ohlstop crying...Stop...
Oh!oh!payal baby,what happened
Why are you crying?...
Darling mummy is working,you're
hungry? you want milk?
I'll send your mummy
don't cry
A never ending problem of my
helplessness had started
The beer bar that I had
Became my support
By engulfing my ambitions
at the beer bar
I started fulfilling the
needs of my children
lnspite of the noise all around me
there was a vaccum in my life
Deepa was fed of
her man
He would come drunk late
in the night & assaut her
And on one night,in his
Gokul killed Deepa
Her ambition of becoming a mother
ended in her death
Deepa's absence was
pinching me
But I had lost so
I was not grieved
Dancing daily in the
beer bar
Had become a part of
my life
I had forbidden you
Isn't it?
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
You'll also go in the
bar to dance like me
Why am I sending you to school
to educate you?
This is not goog child
this dancing & singing
I am educating you to make you
come up good in life
So that,I don't have to do
all this...come
Come,let's all go out
Mummy I want boneless
Tell me child,what do
you want?
Mummy boneless chicken
How much is it
Ten rupees a plate,how many
should I give?
Give me two plates!
What happened to the errand
I had told you
Why are you taking tension
I'll do your job,I'm there
It is a matter of tension,you
understand it
Whose child is he?
Is he from Pothia
or from somebody else?
Hey,come here
- My name is Abhay
Look at him,he's
too smart
He's exactly like Pothia
hey,what do you say?-
We'll give him excellent
training -
He'll even excel Pothia
I think,I'm right
Mumtaz,Uma,he's right,send
him to me for the training
Hey sister,take the boneless
chicken and go
Mumtaz,make it fast,children
are getting late
I'm coming
You take this
Alright,I'll drop them
and come
Pay concentration on studies
don't keep having fun
I felt very happy on
that day-
The day when my children
started going to an English school
And for that,lqbal brother
helped me a lot
To educate children,to take
care of all their happiness-
That's it,this became my life
and also my dream
Didn't know how 7 years
passed off
Abhay and Payal had
now grown up
As I grew older,like other
girls in the Beer bar-
Even I had become a
waitress from a Dancer
I'll make arrangements for you
don't worry,I'll see to it
Mumtaz,got tired?
- Yes brother
Today,I had left early
from house-
Payal had to go to
her school
And Mumtaz,how are
your both children?
They are fine
Abhay is too intelligent
at his studies
He say's,he'll become
a lawyer
And even Payal...
- Hey Mumtaz,don't see big dreams
But,never forget something-
A person should never think
more than his level
But brother,it's different with
Abhay and Payal's okay with Abhay
he's a boy
It hardly matters,if he
becomes a lawyer or not
If he doesn't become,he can
toil and eke his livelihood
But,you should think
about Payal
Now look,I accomodated,both the
daughters of Rani at my Chembur bar
And that Lalita's daughter...
Alright,you do one thing
send Payal to me
I'm opening my new Bar
at Meera Road,isn't it
I'll name my bar
after your daughter
She'll earn more than you
- No brother...
Don't say any such thing
regarding Payal-
I'll never bring my daughter
in this line
What?you'll not let her
come in this line? -
This was the work which
supported you at that time -
When all your pimp's left
you in lurch
Brother,I know
But,we both know,how
this line is-
My Payal will never
come here
Mumtaz,there's a customer
for you
Bloody in the last 15 days
this is the 3rd extortion case
But,how is this done?
There's nothing,make a 1 rupee
phone call from a local phone
Give a threat and take away
the cash,what else?
I've heard,that Dhukad lane
Jhandu,our maxi -
He has also earned money
in the same way
Come here...
What happened?
Hey Hero,yesterday why didn't
you come for playing cricket?
Sit down,will you have
half fry?
No,I've come to take the parcel of
minced meat for Yunus brother
Dumb head,you'll take only
after it gets cooked,isn't it
Or will you take it half-cooked
and ask Yunus brother -
To get it cooked by
his concubine?
Hey...don't keep
having fun
Guddu,what I suggest is...
That even we make a phone call
to some Businessman
Enjoy the cash,what...?
Hey,Is it that easy to
plunder cash?
Friend,there's nothing in it
a threat and an abuse-
Both of these,take the shit
out of the best
People don't even go to
the police -
Because,they know,even
the police will finger -
Most of them,pay off
out of fear -
What...what do you say...?
I'm right,isn't it
Abhay,your parcel is ready
take it and go
I'll leave...
Come back after giving the
parcel to Yunus brother
No,I've to study
What. . . .?
- I've to study
Hey Donkey,come here...
Come here
This is not the era
of studies -
It's the era of pistol...
His shit has come out...
I'll leave
His shit has come out
After seeing the pistol,the
shit out of him came out
Mummy,Abhay brother keeps roaming
around in the street -
With his friends,Mohin
and his gang
And among them there's
one boy Sunil -
He keeps smoking all day
Is it?
Yes mummy
- I'll talk to him
Take the spinach also
How are you?
- I'm fine
How are you?
- I'm fine too
You were not to be seen
after you left the Beer bar?
Oh!yes,I've got married
he's my Husband
Hey,you know him,he used
to visit the Beer bar
After an affair of 5 years
we've finally got married
She's my daughter Payal
She has really grown up,come
home sometime with your children
I stay at Jawahar nagar
You can ask any one
Tenement No 4 -
Ask for Masood Brother
estate agent's Tenement
Hey,come,definitely come
okay Bye...
Hey,you remember that
Mumma,you've come?
You again went for playing
cricket,isn't it?
I didn't go alone,I went with
the neighbourhood boys
And what does this
Payal know?
I know everything
Look Abhay,I had already
stopped you -
Not to play with those
cheap street boys
This is your S.S.C year
Isn't it
Pay concentration on
your studies
Mumma,I'm doing that only
Mumma listen,day after tomorrow
there's a last match
Never after that
Are you sure?-Yes
Alright,now study
Hey,lift the bat and hit
Bloody he thinks himself
to be Sachin Tendulkar -
But,he's a good batsman
Hey,Dumb head,this is not
the era of batting -
It's the era of betting
Now-a-days,one gets more money
in getting out than in playing
Brother,you're right
Hey,Abhay have a smoke
No,I don't smoke
Hey,smoke,I'm offering you an
imported cigarette free of cost
Come on smoke
-forget it
Hey,slog it
Mohin,what do you say?
Hey,stupid people,can we make our lives
by playing this street cricket?
We'll do betting on bigger
We've to make quick money
in our life,understood?
Oh God!police
I'll go for a leak
and come
Hey,first arrest those who
stay in the Khoja street
Hey,what are you doing here?
what's your name?
Arrest him...
- Come on, get up...
Where do you stay?
In Khoja street
What's your name?
What's your full name?
Sir,he's Pothia sawant's son
I see,he's Pothia sawant's son
arrest him
Hey come...
Hey,dump them into the jeep,they're
feeling too much of themselves
They're phoning a lot,they think
they're very smart,come...
Khan,start the jeep
Aunty,police has arrested
I was trying to trace them out
for the last 30 days
Today they are caught
Bloody look at their age...
They haven't even got
their beard come out-
But,they called up a businessman
like Jain for extortion
Now,just watch,how we take
the shit out of you all?
But sir,I haven't done
You...?Bloody you are the
father of all these
Sir,my son...
What happened,what's your
Sir,Abhay is my son
Hey,stand out
Sir,he's my son,I think
you've brought him by mistake
We've not commited any mistake
your son has commited it
Bloody,he's giving a threat to
collect money over the phone
No...sir,he's not
like that-
Sir,he's a school going kid
Studies...bull shit
Bloody his father was
a pimp
And're working in
a Beer bar
And your son will study?
But sir...he
Shut up,get out from here
Now look,how I'll harass
these Guys
No sir...he's a kid...
he doesn't...
Hey,make this lady
go out
Come out...
- Go...Go...Go...
Hey Rickshaw,stop...
Abhay has...
I came to know about it
you don't worry
I know a person who has
his hold in the police
He has his approach till the
higher officials,come with me
But,that Abhay...
Hey,you don't worry,get in...
- Alright
Go fast,take a left
down the road
Will Abhay get released?
-you don't worry
So,this is the matter
its difficult
Look,this case is the extortion
of a big businessman
And even the section
is serious
Hey,the businessmen who have
been given the threat of extortion
They are all big people,they
are not any Tom dick or Harry
And it's a problematic case son has
done nothing,really...
Hey,may be your son is innocent
who's going to believe?
Will anybody believe?
- No one
ls your son a film star?
We'll have to take your son
out from that room
The approach has to be stressed
till the Top officials,understood?
It'll cost you very high for
his release,better understand
How much will it cost?
We'll have to give Shankar...
even to that person,isn't it
It'll cost you 1 lakh
Hey,the Businessmen who have
been threatened of extortion
They have bribed all the
Top officials
Hey Babu,call up later,I'm
in a meeting
So...What have you thought?
Bhau...reduce a little bit
she's all alone,poor woman
Why do you cry?
Alright,just because it's
a child's case
I'll settle down for
70,000 or 75,000
Hey,it's okay,if I don't
get my cut
Now,make arrangement for
the cash at your earliest
Tomorrow,it's sunday and day-after
it's Monday
If this matter prolongs till
Monday,it'll become a charge sheet
I'll not be able to do anything
I'm not God,understood
Now Go...
- Mumtaz,come
Human factor should prevail
in our Business
Yes,I'm coming there only
Sir,I haven't done anything
sir,we haven't done anything
Those boys who called up
belong to the other street
Sir,please leave us,we haven't
done anything,let us go,leave us...
This is 12,000 or 12,500-
By pledging all these,we'll not
get more than 25,000 or 30,000
Meaning,we are still
short of 50,000
Mumtaz,now what
can we do?
When the need arises
Even the new goods are sold
half the price
Payal,you go out
I'll make arrangements
for 10,000
Should I talk to brother?
Do you think,he'll
do something?
We'll at least talk
- Do it
Brother,I'm Mumtaz speaking
Hey,where are you,today,why
didn't you come?
That...Brother that...police
has arrested Abhay
Brother,they are making
a false case on him
They say,it'll cost 50,000
for his release
Mumtaz,didn't I warn you
to keep Abhay under control?
Now,where will so much of
money come from?
Brother,I was thinking that
if you could lend me
I would very soon
repay it...
Now,from where will I arrange
in such a short notice?
Today,even the Business is dull
It's the 5th month running
You know everything,the
cash box is empty
I gave the police it's share
Isn't it
Alright,Alright no problem
I knew it,bloody that Bastard
pimp is speaking a lie
Should I call up the
I know,that you don't want
to do all these,but...
Khanna Boss,I'm Iqbal
Yes,tell me
Do you want to make your
night colourful?
The liquor is old but
very close to heart
Hey,will you tell me the
name (Brand) of that liquor?
Mumtaz of Chandini Bar
Hey,she is not any liquor
she's only an empty bottle
Let me know,if there's
some new bottle
I'll come to drink it
- Yes...
Hang the phone...
He has already booked someone
Latesh brother is there,isn't it
Brother Latesh,I'm Iqbal speaking
-oh!yes,tell me...
Can I serve you?
To serve me,who's
the dry fruit?
Brother Latesh,Chandini Bar's
Has she entered into this field
- Yes...
How much will it cost?
Tell me...
Hey,tell me...
Have you gone mad,I'll not
pay 1 penny more than 5
Tell me...quickly...tell me...
Brother Latesh,one second
He says 5...
Brother Latesh,you are our own
man,at least settle down for 6... way only 5
not 1 penny more than 5
I'll send her...I'll send her...
Quickly,send her
If we could get
2 or 3 more
We could've collected the entire
money,isn't it-Yes...I'll try
Brother Desai,how are you
I'm Iqbal speaking
Brother Desai...
Hey,move fast...
Hey,will you eat all alone?
Hey,move fast,move forward...
Hey,quickly serve...
How much?-20 Rs
Yes Brother
Give her the clothes and
take her to the floor-Alright
You don't worry,I'll make
arrangements for the money,go...
What's it...?
- Leave me,leave me...
Come...Come...close the door...
Sit down...l say,sit down...
hey,what have you done...?
Tell us...
You haven't done anything?
Then,you Dumb head,have you come
here to sing Devotional songs?
Hey,Bastard,speak up
I haven't done anything,I swear
I haven't done anything...
You haven't done anything
then,you'll do it now
Hold it...
Hey,hold it...
I say,hold it...
Haven't you seen it before...?
hold it
I say hold it...
Hold it...otherwise,I'll
scratch your face
Hold it...hold it...
Come on drink...drink...
Latesh Boss,please make
it a little fast
Why?have you given time
to someother customer
When I've given money,I'll take
the full use of it,isn't it
It was great...
It was great...
Junior,it was really
Hey sexy,turn around
it's my turn now
Turn...should I...
Hey,turn...bloody,take off
his pant
How much?
-50 Rs...
Take...Come on,go...
Full arrangement for the
cash is not yet done
Hey Mumtaz,why do you worry,we've
time till the morning,isn't it
We'll find out some way
We'll even try convincing
Don't get worried,be courageous
don't get weak,I'm there,isn't it
We'll get Abhay released
You developed dysentry for
such a trivial matter
Who's the sir over there?
He's gone to Pune,he'll come
tomorrow,call me up tomorrow
No...there's no trouble
in it
The medicine for all the aliments
is only one,Chandrakant Bhau
Call me up tomorrow
Take him...take your son
Mumma,I'll go...
Abhay,you've not had anything
since afternoon,have something
From when will you resume
going to school?
I'm asking you...
Abhay,what has happened to
you,why don't you speak?
Abhay,did you understand,don't
get scared,we are all with you
Don't get scared...don't...
He was Mohin ,isn't it,why
did he come here?
Didn't I tell you to stay
away from them?
You went to the Jail
because of them
Don't you understand this?
Do you understand?
Where are you going...what did
I ask...what...?
What's this...what's this
show it to me...
Abhay...where are you
Time took away Abhay
very far from me
Payal became the dancer
of Beer bar
I wanted to see my future
in my children
But I only found my
past in them
And I...even I,like the
other Beer bar girls
Got into that crowd,where there
was no Identity of mine left