Chandralekha (2014) Movie Script

'Committing suicide
is today's new trend.'
'Committing suicide
is today's new trend.'
'The word that we see in paper,
TV and internet.'
'No, it is reality.'
'One doesn't need big reasons
for committing suicide.'
'When boyfriend doesn't message.'
'..when girlfriend
doesn't receive phone..'
' scare parents.'
'..when husband beats wife..'
'..when wife scolds husband..'
'..people are committing
suicide for simple reasons.'
'Committing suicide is the biggest made
when one can't face small problems.'
'Chandraleka is a strange thought.'
'..of two lovers who
were unsuccessful in love.'
"I will always be with
you like this forever."
"I will bring happiness into your life."
"So wonderful for you to say that."
"You said the feelings in my heart."
"I will always be with
you like this forever."
Hey, come on.
Be quiet.
Darling, you look beautiful today.
- Come on.
Don't lie.
- I'm telling the truth.
Go away. You're so naughty.
Superb! Okay! Coffee! Cold coffee!
Last coffee. Have it.
- Hey.
Should I've coffee when
I've to consume poison?
There's still time to consume that.
For now, have coffee.
I don't want.
- Alright. I will have it.
Have it.
Did you introduce
yourselves to each other?
What's the need when
we are about to die?
One has to be happy unfil you're alive.
I'm dying just to be happy.
- Exactly.
There is no comfort, peace,
happiness or excitement in my life.
There is only one thing left, death.
Why are we wasting time? Let's go.
When I think about that demon..
It's coffee.
- I lose my mind.
For the problems that I have,
I shouldn't be this far.
I should've died two days ago.
Shall I tell you a truth?
Everyone is born and they
also die without their own knowledge.
But yours is a special case. You're
dying despite of realizing things.
For example. We go to a cloth shop..
...we try a dress..
...if we don't like it,
we move to the next shop.
That's how life is.
If we don't get happiness in this life..
"We will surely get
it in the next birth.
As a good friend"
...the gift I wish to give you is a nice,
fantastic death.
There is a guesthouse 100 kms from here.
My does everyone go to guesthouse?
To rest. But there's a twist here.
We will go there happily..
...and commit suicide happily..
"And become ghosts.
- Ghosts? - Yes.
Oh. I'm scared of ghosts.
Everyone become ghost after death.
Now, let's go for shopping.
Why shop when we have to die?
Look, she wants to die consuming poison.
You want to die by cutting your wrist.
And I want to hang myself.
We need materials for that.
We need to buy them.
Come on, get up.
Let's shop. I will have coffee.
Praveen. - Yes. - How about
curling mywrisi with this cutter?
With this? - Yes.
You will struggle before death.
Look, nylon rope.
I will die very easily.
This is what our seniors used.
How about his rope?
- This one?
It is a bit fat.
- Hey.
Praveen .
- Yes.
This knife is very sharp.
With this we can die easily.
Really? You. Are you crazy.
You want me to die right here?
- Excuse me. - What?
Shall I help you?
We are totally confused
which one to buy.
Look, I'm here to
resolve your confusion.
Look, even we are expert is that.
We want to die without
anyone's knowledge.
You didn't understand?
- No. - We want to die.
Sir. - Yes.
- We have decided to commit suicide.
Hence, we're here to shop.
You tell us. ls this cutter better?
- ls the rope better?
Or the knife?
Our death should be soft and sweet.
Do you think I am fool?
Stop it. Uncle,
we want to die without any pain.
Do you have any idea? - Don't worry.
I will give you an idea.
Look, this is toilet cleaner.
40 percent extra.
If you use this to clean toilet,
bacteria will die.
Similarly, if you consume it,
your body will get cleaned"
"and you will die at once.
What's the guarantee?
I'm the guarantee.
Look, open it, hold it like this and..
He is drinking it as if it is milk.
- Uncle, don't drink it.
Uncle, don't.
Uncle, save some for us too.
- Hey.
How will he save some
for you when he's going to die?
This is enough for us. Escape.
- Bye.
Hey, why are you running away?
Take this.
Oh God. Did I drink this?
I will surely die. Hamu! Govinda!
Before we die,
let's fulfill our last wish.
- Otherwise, after we die..
...we will become ghosts
and walk in parks, lodges.
I won't become a ghost
Do you know what my wish is?
I want to rob a new car.
- Yes.
But I don't know driving.
What kind of a girl is she?
Forget her. What's your wish?
The minister of my area
is very arrogant... I wish to barge into
his house and slap him.
In that case,
you will surely die. - Why?
If we get caught robbing,
we will surely be killed.
Even if we hit the minister,
we will still get killed.
- So we are surely going to die.
Hey, look there.
I want to rob that vehicle.
- That one?
- Don't make me angry.
You think it is easy to rob it?
Get lost.
When you can't fulfill a girl's wish,
you can't be a man.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Let's go.
- Go. Get me that jeep.
Hail Lord Govinda!
Lord Govinda, I bought a new vehicle.
Bless it.
Lord, bless it.
- Okay.
Hail Lord Govinda...!
- Lord Govinda!
' Yes! superb!
We fulfilled your last wish.
My tooth is aching severely.
Boss, shall I call the doctor?
- Shut up. God.
It's aching severely.
Sir, one snap, please.
It's aching severely.
Shall we start the interview?
Boss, the journalist hasn't arrived yet.
The journalist is yet to arrive.
Should I start because you said?
Wait for a while. God.
So many people.
- Hey Chandu.
No. - Look, the media is here.
Don't slap him. Listen to me. - Chandu.
God. Why are you late?
Shall we get started?
Before we get started,
I have a question, sir.
Whatis it?
Mahatma Gandhi has said if a person slaps
on one cheek show him the other too.
What should I show?
Should I show my back?
Should I show this?
Should I show my back?
What should I show?
I'm serious and you are mocking me?
Hurry UP-
Com e.
- Go.
"Who will catch us? Who will stop us?"
"We will do whatever we want."
"We are not dolls.
We never rely on anyone."
"This is how we are."
Start the car.
Wow ! Yeah !
"Look, this is how we are."
- Come on!
"Just leave us alone."
Come on, go fast! Go!
Yeah g
"The world is after money."
"There's betrayal everywhere."
"Everyone will pay a price some day."
"Hichness is not everything."
"We just don't care."
"We dare come whatever."
"Look, this is how we are."
"Just leave us alone."
Stop! I want to pee! - Be quiet!
Please stop!
- They are after us. - Please stop!
Please. - Come fast
Come on! Get in!
Go fast
"We are sure to suffer."
"Then why should we worry?"
"Now, it is all depends on fate."
"Whatever we do will be craziness."
"Lifeis so unfair."
"We don't want to live here."
"Look, this is how we are."
"Just leave us alone."
Buddy, get down.
Let's have food. Wonderful inn.
Is the food good here?
- Wonderful vehicle.
Sir, give me the key.
- Why'? - I need to park it.
Oh, you want to park it? - Yes.
Here. - Park it properly.
- Okay, sir.
Hey. Luggage-
Wait a minute. I will take the luggage.
- Let it be, sir.
You will keep it or we should keep it?
- Leave it in the vehicle, sir.
No, we will keep our luggage with us.
Here, buddy. Catch.
Here. - Bag.
Hey. Thief! - Come.
A thief shouldn't call another
thief as thief. - Correct.
But our vehicle?
- Our wish got fulfilled.
Let his wish also get fulfilled. - Yes.
Yes. - Come, let's go.
- Which way to the guesthouse?
The guesthouse is close by.
Let's walk.- Walk?
Chandu, thanks for fulfilling my wish.
- You're welcome.
I'm famished.
Order boneless pilaf for me.
Okay. - But two minutes,
I'll come. - Okay.
Her last wish got fulfilled.
- That's right.
That girl is happy, right? - Yes.
Then why she wants to die?
- Love failure, like you.
So why should she die?
You're asking this?
There can be hundreds of reasons to die.
You're asking this?
There can be hundreds of reasons to die.
You're right, brother.
Hi. Not hundreds of reasons,
but thousands of reasons to die.
By the way, who amongst you
wants to die? - Three of us.
Three? One,
two is here, where is the third person?
She will com e. - Alright.
Including me, we will be four.
Please, I will join you too.
- lm possible.
Please don't say like that.
Past one week I've been looking
for someone who will die with me.
No one is ready to die with me.
Please, I will join..
- Why do you want to die?
It's a big story.
- Make it short.
My girlfriend refused to love me,
I said I will die..
"And she said 'die'.
What could I do? Sol decided
to prove myself by dying before her.
You can't prove anything after you die.
- Correct.
That's right.
- Hi,guys.- Hi.
Who is this girl?
Hey, who is this guy?
- Well, I'm Krishna.
From Krishnagiri, rural side.
Your new suicide partner.
Hey, stay away from her.
- Okay.
Okay guys, I'm very happy to join you.
Next minute, we are going to die.
Let's celebrate.
Okay. - Three pilaf.
- What about me?
Four pilaf. - Okay.
- Have it and die.
Give five. Let there be one extra.
Is this the house?
- Yes.
Why did you fall silent?
- We were happy all these years.
I'm sad as we are
going to die very soon.
We were never happy.
We were sad all these years,
but now, we will die happily.
Hey you, be quiet.
Mr. Basanna said he will inform
the watchman about our arrival.
But I don't see anybody.
- Who? Who are you?
Look. ls he the one?
Hey, who are you? How did you get in?
We came inside opening the gate.
Mr. Basanna musfve informed
you about three persons.
It's us.
He said three persons, but you are four?
Sorry. The one in the last".
"Don't consider him as human being.
It's just us.
Butl can't let you in.
Get going.- Why?
Get going. I said I can't. - Stop it.
Even he has to do his duty.
Do as he says. Go away.
Go away. - Come fast.
- Come here.
Don't get upset.
What is your name?
- Surya. - Surya. Look at the moon.
It looks so beautiful.
I've been there thrice.
Don't you think you should
go there at least for once?
Keep looking at it,
you will surely go there.
What did he say and
what did I understand?
One girl and three boys. God.
We should be fortunate
to die in such a big house.
Look, I will tell you
a truth you are unaware of.
Three people have died in this house.
One died hanging himself.
The other died consuming poison.
The third person stabbed herself".
"And died.
Hey fatso, come here. - What?
Why are you scaring everybody?
Sir, this guesthouse
has become popular..
"After three people committed suicide.
At 12 am, they become ghosts"
...and start haunting this guesthouse.
- Hey fatso.
It must be their walking time.
Just shut up.
Hence, this place
is not safe for you. Go.
I said go. - Hey you.
We are actually here to go.
Do one thing. Come here at 12..
...not three ghosts,
we will show you seven ghosts.
If you're okay,
we will show you nine ghosts. Okay'?
Am avasya!
Kid, my God. You are so handsome.
Did you come from Africa by walk?
Look at him. He looks like roasted pig.
He can be my perfect friend.
He is the caretaker of this guesthouse.
He only talks to ghosts
and flies with spirits.
Chandu, he says ghosts. ls it true?
Ghosts don't exist.
They exist!
Since you're here, he will be with you.
Move aside.
Move. - Move.
Go away. - Come.
He looks like a ghost himself.
He tries to teach us.
You will see ghosts. You will face them.
I'm feeling ashamed
to commit suicide myself.
When I'm unsuccessful in love, why
should I feel ashamed to commit suicide?
I have taken a right decision.
Wonderful room. Fantastic.
Why did you close the door?
I'm getting scared.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Don't come to me.
I'm getting scared. I'll scream.
Aishu! Chandu!
Let them do their
work and we will do ours.
I've been resisting all these days.
I can't wait anymore.
I have to show and you have to see.
- Don't touch me. - Come. Look.
Look, you eyed on
my shirt in the morning.
Now, why are you eyeing my underwear?
Your intentions are bad.
Think whatever you want.
Let it be between us.
Nobody should find out.
I can't wait anymore.
My mind is blocked.
I have to show it to you.
Look at me. Please. - No. - Look at me.
Look! - No!
Here. Take a good look.
My head is itching.
Wig? - Yes.
Oh. - You idiot.
You have hair, why did you wear a wig?
There is a big story behind it.
My girlfriend Gauri..
...fell in love with me seeing this wig.
Hence, I'm taking good care of it.
- Hey you.
But she ditched you. - So what?
Ifl die without the wig..
"What if she thinks it
is not me seeing the newspaper?
My death will become meaningless.
Hence, I'm taking care of this
wig past eight years. - You fool.
Go. You stink. Go and have bath. Go.
Not I, the wig is sticking.
It's been a week since I washed it.
I will have bath and come.
Let's sleep together. - Go.
Let's have bath together. - Go away.
Ifl go with him to the bathroom,
he will turn bathroom to bedroom.
I have to be careful.
Don't sleep. People are not trustworthy.
Sir, I wonder why they came here.
We were happy that junior sir
won't be coming to the guesthouse.
We did whatever we wanted.
If they are here, ifs trouble for us.
What do we do?
What did senior sir say?
He called and asked us
to take good care of them.
Before junior sir comes here..
...nobody should be here.
Within aweek".
...they should move out of this bungalow.
Understand? - It is difficult.
Hey! Why is it difficult?
Call Parvati. - Okay.
Whatever we want will
happen in this house.
Don't worry about it. I guarantee you.
But don't annoy me by calling me often.
Okay. - Praveen.
- He is coming.
Okay. - Hey-
Hi. - You are talking over
the phone when you are about to die?
I had taken loan.
You know the bank won't spare me.
They will come home even after I die.
Ifl die without informing them,
they will spit on my face.
Now, everything is setfled.
I needn't pay the loan.
You have nothing to give. Torn clothes"
"and your life.
Correct, buddy.
- I'm dying because my girl ditched me..
...but why do you want to die?
- We are actually here..
Chandu, tell us your story first.
Let's hear Praveen's story later.
We are partners in death.
Its better we know about each other.
Then tell us your story, Aishu.
- Forget me. Tell us your story first.
Tell her your story.
What do I tell you?
I was very happy in life.
And then she entered into my life.
- Yes.
I can't come with you for lunch.
Why.' You don't like
to come with me for lunch?
That's not so.
- We're marrying in one month..
"Forget about office work.
You know I work for my friend's brother.
Ifl don't go to work,
he doesn't get satisfied. - Oh God.
Why does your boss need my fiance?
That's not so. - Then what?
The company was bankruptcy.
"We toiled hard and
now it is doing well.
Here. Stop. - Here?
Though she was engaged to me,
she had many boyfriends.
She used to buy gifts
for them with my money.
Wow. Nice.
My father was happy
when our marriage got fixed.
He also prepared the invitation. - Here.
Look at the design.
- Give it to me. Wow. Naughty.
Father is here.
I had been to invite my friend"
"seeing her photo,
he said she was his ex lover".
"And that she is
dating someone else now.
I got angry and scolded him.
Since she didn't answer my call,
I went to the place where she was.
Oh my God.
- Thank you, darling. You're fantastic.
What are you doing?
Ifl was late even by one minute,
I wonder what would've happened.
What would've happened?
I would've died. That's all.
When my girlfriend ditched me,
I better die.
I loved her so much.
She said she will marry me..
"But romancing with someone else.
When I asked her,
she says he is her cousin brother.
Does anyone hug and
kiss a brother in the club?
Ifthis continues...
"after marriage I might find his sandals
outside my house and will have to return.
I don't want such a cheap girl.
Forget her. Don't marry her.
Why do you want to die?
All my friends know
that I'm marrying her.
But she.. she has boyfriends everywhere.
The video in which she's romancing
with another guy...
...has been uploaded in the internet.
Should I marry such a girl?
Let's think of another idea.
- There is only one solution.
My love came to an end. I was shattered.
I then decided to commit suicide.
This is my story. Yours?
Mine isn't a story, but scripture.
- Old scripture? - Please.
Family is involved in this.
Mine is an orthodox family.
I guess your mother
must be preparing good curry.
We also perform last rites.
Chandu, basically I'm from Chennai.
I'm here to do hotel management course.
I'm engaged to my maternal uncle.
I don't like him .
But my mother desires
to get me married to him.
I said my mother that he was a gay,
but she didn't believe me.
My fiance lied to everyone that.
...l'm refusing to marry him..
...since I have a boyfriend.
My mother also attempted suicide
saying ifl didn't marry him..
"She will die.
Hence, I'm here to die thinking
all the problems will get solved".
...even before she dies.
Praveen, what's her fault?
Why should she die?
Why are you asking me? Ask her.
We shouldn't encourage
her to commit suicide.
She has a bright future.
She is a sweet girl.
He is getting emotional"
Praveen. - Buddy, look..'ve decided to commit suicide.
Will you change your mind ifl ask
you to? Then how will she listen to me?
Buddy, please convince her. Go.
Hey, go. - Okay. Let me try.
Aishu, extraordinary.
We can make a film having your story.
Your acting was
extraordinary than Kalpana.
Who is she? - Do you want to know? - No.
It's not a story, it's real.
My friends called me
and asked if theiob is done.
He is seeing us. Pretend to cry.
I can't. I will say
'I love you' to Chandu.
I lied to father that
I'm going on a one week tour.
Ifl don't make him fall
for me in three days, I'm done for.
Aishu, continue. - You idiot.
There's nothing to continue.
I need a topic.
Ifl get angry, I will bite you.
You had pilaf for lunch. Was it good?
It was very tasty,
but all the bones were in my plate.
You're pretending very well.
Continue, I will be back. - Okay.
Oh my God. I'm tired.
What did she say?
She said there were only bones. - Bones?
Actually" I'm unable to pacify her.
She has decided to die.
Oh my God.
With great difficulty, I have postponed
the suicide for three days. - Why'?
Since she likes you very much.
Yes. When you said you will die, she
is so upset as ifher lover is dying.
Just shut up.
Even I felt the same.
It is difficult to understand
the psychology of the girls.
They are very emotional.
Poor girl. I feel very bad for Aisha.
Look at her. - Naughty.
Don't look at her.
Look at me. I'm talking to you.
She doesn't want you to die.
The idea hasn't changed..'s been postponed for three days.
Show her that life is beautiful.
If you fulfill her wish,
she will die happily.
What? - Three days, right?
- Yes, just three days.
That's like a good boy. I'm okay too.
Excuse me.
I need to pee. Where should I do it?
His pocket and mouth are free. Do it.
Thank you. - Hey.
Even your pocket is free. - Go there.
He is such a pain.
Hey you, Open it.
What happened?
What dress is this?
It was in the closet.
I don't know who it belongs to.
I wore it. It is good, isn't it?
- Haven't your worn underwear?
Itis quitelose and..
Forget that. Tell me something.
When are we going to die..
"Where and how?
You die right away. Our death
has been postponed for three days.
Oh. Oh my God.
Hey. It stinks.
You idiot. - That's unfair.
We came here together, we must
die together and become ghosts together.
Let's think about it later.
I have work to do.
Hello. Are we really
going to die after three days?
100 percent.
Even if we don't die,
we will surely kill you. - Okay.
Hey, stop. You said we will die
together, now you say you will kill me?
Praveen, I have made coffee"
...give it to Aishu.
For me? - Make it yourself.
I gave the idea to die, I brought you
here, but you give coffee only to her?
Why? - The coffee will turn cold.
Give it soon.
I won't give it. You give it yourself.
I won't go. You go.
You made coffee,
so you go and give it to her.
I'll do it for you. Idiots.
I Iikeit.
You're taking bed
coffee to her bedroom .. will surely fall
in love with her. Naughty.
Good morning. - Good morning.
"When the rain fell on my body..
...l wished for you."
"When I saw you..
...there is so much
happiness in my eyes."
"You look so beautiful."
"God is really great."
"Get naughty a little bit."
"I just love you, baby. You're my heart.
Come to me. What shall I do?"
"Can you be my baby'?
Feel like being with you all the time."
"Bright sunshine,
shower your ray over me."
"Bright sunshine,
show me your shine over me."
"My heart yearns to be with you..
...all the time."
"I dream of you all the time."
Come to me. I will give you my love."
"I can't live without you now."
"When the rain comes,
I will cometo you."
"When autumn com es,
come to me as autumn."
"ln every birth."
"My love. Sweetheart. My love."
"You're the best girl I have ever met."
"There's happiness only
after you came into my life."
"You're like a love song."
"Fill my life with love."
"I will give you all my love."
"You're the man I wish to marry."
"At every birth."
Boss, you said you will reform the girl,
but you've changed yourself now.
Since the girl is close to you,
doesn't mean she loves you.
They say girl is death. You are
going to die, why do you need a girl?
IfAishu finds out that
you have such feelings..
...she won't respect you.
Hey, look at me.
When a girl smiles at you,
you just can't go after her.
Dirty fellow.
No, I will die.
Do that first Otherwise if you die..
"After making her fall for you,
she will die too.
Before you die, ask your inner soul.
Now, you are struggling to die,
you will struggle even after death.
I won't change my mind at any cost.
O Lord Jesus.
I pay my respects to You.
Protect us.
After learning that there's
current problem in Karnataka" fixed candlelight permanently"
"we understand how clever you are.
We are waiting to come
to you and serve you.
What to do?
We are not getting travelling visa.
America is not giving visa to Modi.
You're not giving visa to us.
Never mind.
At least send us to Pakistan.
Though we don't in peace,
we will die into pieces.
But your peace and harmony..
...should always be on us.
In the name of holy ghost, amen.
Hey. - Jesus, did you say something?
You idiot, it's me. - Who called me?
What's all this?
Brother, this is what
happens after one dies.
If you want to die, you pray to God.
my are you involving us?
Look, you've been fooling.
Tell m e the truth .
Are we going to die or not?
Maharaja. I don't care about others.
But I will surely die with you.
Very good. You are so faithful.
This is what everyone says.
Don't trust anyone.
We will die. Be prepared, Maharaja.
Aishu, what are you saying?
- Yes, Praveen.
I'd decided to die yesterday itself"
"but we've made an agreement.
Be ready. - Okay.
Hey! Aishu!
Hello. Will you die on your own..
...or should I become ghost
after dying and kill you?
Take off your hand.
- Idiot. - Idiot.
Lord Jesus, they hit nails
on you which were visible..
...but they are hitting
nails on mewhich is invisible.
How will I live with them?
Sorry. How will I die?
Oh God. Tell me.
Come on,Aishu.
I'm planning to make
him escape suicide.
...why did you say like that?
- Those in love..
...don'tlisten to us..
...we should do what they do.
Even I did the same.
But he has decided to die.
Maybe he doesn't like me.
You're so adamant. There is no time.
What if he dies?
- I will die with him.
Die. You always say you want to die.
You always talk about dying.
- Look Praveen..
...the time that I said
to my father is getting over.
I don't think I will get my love.
I won't tolerate even
if Chandu parts from me.
I will surely die.
Why are you not confident
about your love?
If you don't get your love, there
won't be any meaning to word 'love'.
Look, you will surely get Chandu.
Have faith.
Not on me, on your love.
Amavasya. - Yes.
What are you doing?
I'm making way for Parvati.
Go on.
Hello. Excuse me. Wait a minute.
Stop. - Why? - Yes.
It is 2 minutes for 12.
Exactly at 12..
What next?
As soon as it is 12,
we must cut our wrists and die.
I don't believe.
What if you get scared
and drop the plan of dying?
What will you do? Will you kill us?
I will. - You will go to jail.
I don't care. That's what I want.
Look, listen to me.
If you don't die, I won't spare you.
What can you do after you die?
Go and sleep.
Go away. Even I will go.
Hello. You go there.
Gauri. My love. I'm going to die today.
To attain your love,
I promised to prove myself by dying.
I'm going to do it today.
Look, I'm about to die
wearing your favorite wig.
Head the newspaper tomorrow" will learn that I'm dead.
Be happy.
Lord Jesus, I'm going to
the world where I cannot return.
Let my journey be good.
Aishu, what are you doing?
Will you get him if you die?
I realized I won't
get him even if I'm alive.
I was close to Chandu for three days"
...butl didn't even a small change.
What do I do?
I think he doesn't like to see my face.
Alright. I will do one thing.
Shall I tell him that you love him?
I don't want you
to force him to love me.
If love is true,
he will express it himself.
Why are you being stubborn?
What if he doesn't propose to you?
I will die with him.
- Why do you say that all the time?
You are not here to die,
but to change his mind.
Don't cry.
I have an idea to convince him.
Whatis it?
What if you and Chandu
get committed for 15 minutes?
What do you mean? - Kiss him.
Kiss? What are you saying?
Boys do so many things for love.
What's wrong in putling your honor
at stake? - Honor? But you said kiss?
For girls like you from orthodox
families kiss means honor.
That's what I meant.
Chandu might misunderstand me.
The girl in true love puts
their honor at stake, kiss.. boy will cheat on her.
Our boys so faithful.
Look. Aishu. To take such decision
in this point of time is not wrong.
Say yes.
Okay. You go. - Good.
Buddy, what are you doing?
They always want to die.
How is Aishu?
Did she do anything to herself?
Tell me. - Ask me.
You're concerned about her
and she's concerned about you.
And I have become a messenger.
I can't. There's no
friendship between you two.
No relationship and no love too.
But why are you both so
much concerned about each other?
Shut up. first tell me.
If you postpone again,
I won't listen to you. I want to die.
Die. No one will stop you.
But before you die, do a good deed.
- What is it?
Actually, Aishu has a wish.
She was crying thinking
it won't get fulfilled.
What her wish?
She needs a hug, a kiss..
...sleep with her..
spend 15 minutes with her.
This is why you brought me here?
Is it your wish or her wish?
I have nothing to do with this.
Don't say that again.
It is her wish.
I never had such thoughts on her.
Start having now.
Buddy. You can't?
Alright. I will tell her. - Wait.
Just kiss, right? - Yes.
You can do many more
things with her. - Hey.
What rubbish are you talking?
- I was kidding. - Praveen.
What happened? I have no time.
I know you have no time.
But he should understand that.
Tell me.
He will com e. Go.
Hurry up.
He should finish in five minutes.
Okay. He will come. Go.
You will go like this? - Yes.
Have bath, spray perfume and then do it.
Do it? - Yes. - What do you mean?
- He doesn't understand anything.
I will tell you, come.
Did he do something to himself'?
Let's go and check.
It was I who screamed.
You idiots. You said we will die,
but you've been fooling me.
He is there to do that. Be quiet.
Look, don't crack joke while dying.
You will kill me and take my body
to some engineering college.. - Hey.
Not engineering college,
medical college.
Whatever it maybe.
- You only have one thing to sell.
Only one thing? What's that?
The only thing. - What's that? - Eyes.
Don't say that. I feel like crying.
You will cry? I will cry with you. - No.
Come. - Come.
You go, buddy.
Maharaja, I will cry with you, come.
"L'm waiting for you."
"Waiting is also a kind of pleasure."
"Fulfill my first wish."
"You're the last rays of the sun."
"I'm waiting for you."
"Waiting is also a kind of pleasure."
"You're my honey. Love you, honey.
Come to me, baby. Oh baby."
"The lamp is about to go off."
"I can't wait anymore."
"I got washed away in the path of love."
"I came running to
you to give you my life."
"I can't wait anymore."
"My dream is right before me."
"My body is trembling with fear."
"Fulfill my first wish."
"Fulfill my first wish."
"Waiting is also a kind of pleasure."
"Open the door of my
heart and see for once."
"I have just come close to you."
"I can't wait anymore
seeing your excitement."
"This is the most precious
moment of my life."
"I surrender myself to you."
"Touch me not."
"Getting deep into love."
"Let's write our love story."
Aishu! What happened, Aishu?
What do you think of women?
Do you take girls for granted?
If you find a lonely girl,
you will do whatever you want?
If you touch any girl again"
...l will kill you.
Are you human beings or dogs?
Get out!
You are trying to escape
after doing everything.
You are feeling shy?
You naughty.
I will go and freshen up in two minutes.
You relax.
I will kill you.
Don't relax.
Listen .
Pal, beautiful.
Go.. go. - Chandu, come here. - Hey!
Don't disturb him.
That's the reason it is said..
...girl is like an ocean.
If the waves hit you, you'll cool down.
What rubbish.
Hey,I had planned
to die at 12 o'clock.. are trying to unite them.
Are you a friend or a pimp?
Don't talk about my family.
Shall I tell you the truth?
Yes, we have not come
here to die. - What?
To unite them .
To prove that this life
is very beautiful and not to die.
I don't care"
- Why are you making faces?
You won't understand this philosophy.
To hell with your philosophy.
Don't make me abuse you.
Why did you get me here then?
Hey, you came behind
us and begged to us..
...l thought you would die,
sol brought you here.
Monkey. Look at our boy.
He is feeling so fresh. Yes.
If you too have a girlfriend,
I will unite you both.
It is confirmed. - What?
You belong to Bombays
red light area. - Hey!
Just tell me if we will die or not?
- 100% we will die.
I swear on your wig. - My wig? Hey!
'What happened to Aishu?
She behaved as if she was possessed.'
'Her voice was also changed.
She became alright suddenly.'
'ls there a ghost in this bungalow?'
Hello.. Hello brother.
Why are you sitting quietly?
Oh 'you!
You are sweating profusely.
You are a player.
Hey! - You are sitting
as if nothing happened.
Hey, sit quietly. - Brother"
It is time. Shall we die? - Get lost!
Come here. Did you see?
Didn't I tell you that
if he connects with her once..
...he will get interested
in ladies automatically.
I don't have such experience.
I am telling about men.
Not about them. - Chandu.
her style of calling out has changed.
Hey, that's the magic of love"
even the flour will become sweet.
What are you doing here in cold?
He was feeling very
hotinsidethe room.. he is relaxing here.
We are watching him. Right?
Chandu, why did you leave suddenly?
Did he leave suddenly?
I think it didn't work out..
- Hey! - I was just joking"
lam feeling sleepy.
lam going to sleep.
Why are you going? Listen, pal!
What happened to him?
- Nothing can be done.
Men are such. Reality show. - Yes.
Aishu! - Catch! Aishu!
Pass it here. - Look there.
Maharaja, put it here. - Yes!
I got it! -Aishu!
- Aishu, hold it. - Give it to me.
Look there, their physics and
chemistry is working out so beautifully.
If this continues, there'll
be a chemical mistake in biology".
"And a test tube baby will be born.
Yes, I want that to happen.
Keep watching, I will get them so close
as if they've been stuck with fevicol.
I know you'll do it.
You belong to such family. - You!
You know what I mean to say?
When you eat an ice-cream" don't feel like throwing
it even when it is over..
...the same way,
I will make them addicted to each other.
I don't understand anything.
- You will never understand it.
Hey! - Come on, take it!
Aishu, leave it. - Give it to me.
Aishu.. hey.. - Catch.
Hey, come here. - What is it?
Come here, I will tell you.
- You come here.
What is this?
You've changed your attire. - Yes.
That was to scare you.
This is my actual get up.
Good idea.
Sir, it is true that
there's a ghost in this house.
I saw it myself last night.
Please, go away. Or it will kill you!
I Will slap you!
Stop telling ghost stories"
"and tell methe truth,
whose ghost it is.
Sir, the girl who is with you..
she is the real ghost
She? - Aishu, give it to me.
I will thrash you.
- Sir, I'm telling the truth.
Do you know what happened last night?
Am avasya, what are you doing?
At this late hour when ghost come out.
Sister, one day today.
This is for our betterment.
What is better I don't know. Today
is Sunday, you should pay me double.
I will give it to you, sister.
Ghost! - Sister!
Sister, don't you want the payment?
I don't want anything from you.
Get lost!
Sir, all this happened.
I fled from there. - Oh.
You came to scare us,
but you got scared and ran away.
Idiot, don't try to scare us..
...we won't fear and leave this house.
If you say anything about Aishu again"
...l will break your head.
- Oh! - Get out! Go!
What happened to him?
- He says our Aishu is a ghost.
Yes, I am a ghost.
Hey Chandu, what happened to you?
Why are you going?
Chandu! Chandu!
Take this tension medicine.
- I don't want.
I've decided to return
to village tomorrow.
I don't want to mess with that ghost
Come with me or stay here
and get killed by the ghost.
Pal, you believe that insane man?
Aishu is not ghost, but she's
the Goddess who has come to save you.
What are you saying?
- I am telling the truth.
You came to die as you
didn't get the girl you loved.
She has come here to save her lover.
She loves you very deeply.
What are you saying?
- I'm telling the truth.
There's a house opposite to your house..
...a girl lives in it..
"That girl likes you very much.
Your look.. no, no..
She waits for your
shadow to fall on her..
"And she has been following
you till today. Do you know about that?
"My love."
"My love."
"My love. My love. My love."
"0 my love. I'm a little crazy."
"0 my love, I belong to you."
"I lost myself seeing you."
"When you are in front of me.. heart beats faster."
"I got a disease called love."
"I don't know what happened to me."
"I have a sweet fear about you."
"My love."
"My love."
"0 my love."
"0 my love. You are my sun."
"You make my heart beat. O my love."
"0 boy, don't you have brains?"
"Don't you understand that I love you?"
"Won't you turn behind and see me?"
"0 dear, you are so arrogant."
"I won't cometo you tomorrow."
"I will abduct you."
"Won't you learn to tease girls?"
"You are a dumb guy."
"My love. - Yeah."
"My love. - Yeah."
"0 my love."
"The doors of my
house are open for you."
"You get angry whenever you see me."
"I follow you every day."
"Why do you take so much scope?"
"Won't you call me soon?"
"By two tea to drink."
"Look at me once, O dear."
"You won't lose anything."
"My love. - Yeah."
"My love. - Yeah."
"0 my love."
Aishu, what are you doing here?
Let's go to the class.
- Why are you so dull?
Chandu is not to be
seen since three days.
I think he married somebody.
He was already in love with someone.
What? - Yes.
I've seen Chandu going
around with another girl.
Iam sure he would've married her.
Silly girl, don't assume things.
Chandu goes to hookah center every
evening. I've seen him there myself.
Don't get scared..
...and assume things about his affair
or marriage. Write him a love letter.
Propose him when the class gets over.
Propose? - Yes.
Only if you share
your feelings with him ..'ll know his feelings.
Let's go. Don't take so much tension.
Know a secret of love"
direct approach is the best approach.
Chandu, hey!
What are you doing?
- I would've died, that's all.
I am very scared.
Can girls come here?
Shut up. I know.
- Don't act smart. - Go to him.
Nothing will happen.
Go to him. - Please.
No.. - Don't miss the chance. Go!
Go!- No.-Go!
GO. - Hey!
I've been watching that
you are staring at him.
Tell me, this dress isn't
matching this place. Who are you?
Hey, why is she so tensed?
Sir, actually"
- Don't say. Let's go from here.
Nothing will happen. He is Chandu's
friend. You can tell him everything.
Please, let's go. Let's go. - Hey!
Leave her hand. Come on, leave!
Tell mewho sheis.
- Sir, her name is Aishwarya.
She lives opposite to Chandu's house.
She is in love with him from many days.
She is scared to tell him.
Poor girl, sir.
He is going to die,
but a new love story is beginning here.
Chandu, please wait.
Do you know why is here? Don't ask me.
He is a little older to you.
Are you okay with it?
No problem, sir. No problem.
Okay, you'll get him if you do as I say.
Sir, tell me.
Will you come out
with us for three days?
I will surely com e, sir. 100 percent.
What will you tell at home?
What will you tell them.- Shut up.
I will tell them that I have
a project to complete. - She is so fast.
Okay, do this. Tomorrow morning 9:30..
"Pack your luggage and stand
near Raja Rajeshwari Nagar's gate.
I will pick you from there.
Okay, sir.
No problem, sir. I'm so happy.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Come, lefs go.
When you were planning to die,
she came to you as she loves you.
I lied to you about our
suicide and brought you here.
Aishu has done something which no one
else in the world would do to save you.
She is a gem who was ready
to even mortgage her dignity.
Chandu, though she knows
that you don't love her..
...she has been suffering every
minute to save you. I know that.
Even you should know that.
'Should I be friends with Aishu or not?'
'ls she really a ghost?'
'If she's really a ghost,
how can I save her?'
'She is a cute girl.'
mere are you taking me?
- Come with me quietly.
Come and have food.
- "You are in my heart."
Oh buddy" are having food without us?
He would've called us had
he thought us to be his friends.
I was hungry, so I was eating.
You mean, you are still not satisfied.
Hey, you were right.
He relishes on food very much.
Enough of eating. Serve everyone now.
Don't joke with me.
You can serve yourself.
Have you left something for us.
- You stay quiet.
Hey, don't change the topic.
Answer her question first
Nothing Aishu, you have food.
Should I feed you?
Gauri, did you see?
This is love.. to hell with you! - Hey!
Sorry.. - You spat on my plate.
I made a mistake.
- Monkey.
Shall I give you another plate?
- Okay.
Give me. - Take it.
Hey Chandu!
Hey Chandu!
Why did he leave? - I don't know.
Aishu.. Hey Aishu!
What is wrong with him?
I don't know. He was fine.
He changes suddenly. Though
I go close to him, he goes away from me.
He is trying to avoid me.
Hey Chandu, why do you do that?
You know she is so upset?
She is ready to do anything for you,
then why are you hesitating?
What did she give? - A kiss.
Yes right, she really kissed me.
She hold my neck and
threw me like a sack. - Hey.
She is a girl. Did she held
you by your neck and throw you?
What are you saying?
I beg of you, please leave me alone.
I am feeling very scared.
- Then I will stay with you.
Why are you alone?
Look, you should go to
Aishu's room now and pacify her.
Me? No chance.
Hey, she is very upset.
Please go and talk to her.
Leave me. I won't go.
Hey, come on. - Leave me.
Listen to me. Leave me,
I will be with you. - Go inside.
Hey Praveen, don't leave me and go.
Open the door!
Why did you come here? Go away!
You get scared as if you've
seen a ghost when you see me.
You are avoiding me, aren't you?
Get lost! I don't need to talk to you.
Aishu, I get scared when
you look at me in anger.
I'm not angry. My eyes are such.
Do you know I have many fans
in the college who die for my eyes?
But you are.. go, I won't talk to you.
No Aishu..
Sorry Aishu..
Maybe it is my problem,
but whatever I saw, I felt it was true.
Definitely, something is wrong with me.
I've been upset since my love failure.
Moreover, I've seen death very closely.
So..l am scared.
Chandu, why fear when Aishu is here?
You are not a loser. Forget your past
I love you very much.
Feel mylove.
I love you, Chandu. I love you so much.
Hug me, Chandu.
Hug me, please.
I love you, Chandu. I love you.
Move your hands!
You try to fool me by talking sweetly?
I hit you and scared you.
Wasn't that enough for you?
Aishu doesn't know why you are here,
but I do.
I don't know anything.
Scoundrel, you came here to die.. want girl to kiss you?
You can't play games with me.
Before sunrise..
"Leave this house.
I will go away. Please, leave me.
If you go near Aishu again"
...l will show your death to you.
Do you understand? - I will go.
What kind of men you are?
If a woman gets angry" will not be spared.
Pal, everyone comes to
the cemetery after dying.. are sitting here before you die.
Come, let's go. - Leave me.
What happened?
Aishu is possessed.
What are you saying? She is possessed.
When I recall what happened last night,
I am sweating profusely.
Doesn't one sweat when they work hard?
Joking? She showed me hell last night.
I don't believe it.
How can you believe?
Hey, I've seen her so closely.
Leave me.
Had you gone more closer,
you would've died.
We've come here to die, right?
So, I told you.
I don't believe in ghosts or spirits.
But I'm unable to die peacefully.
I have a soft corner towards her,
but I get confused when I see her.
Hey Aishu is.. - Aishu is a nice girl.
Even I like her. She behaves nicely..
"But when I go closer to her,
she changes.
I don't know where
does that ghost come from?
Hey, she is a little girl.
If she has done a mistake, I will
slap her and make her apologize to you.
Now, let's go.
No, I won't come.
- If you don't come, I will slap you.
I will not come. - Come on.
Don't force me.
- Come with me. - Leave me.
Don't call her.
Stay quiet. - You just come with me.
Come with me.
- Don't do that. Listen to me.
Please. - Just come with me.
Don't over act.
Aishu.. - Please don't.
- Come with me, I will show you.
Aishu.. Aishu?
She is not here.
Ghost! Ghost! - Chandu!
Shame on you!
Are you out of your mind? You
act like a child. Do this in the school.
Do you really love him?
I'm trying to unite you both"
"and you are scaring him.
He had ran away with fear
seeing your second show last night.
I brought him here.
You go to him, kiss him.. I mean, hug
him and apologize to him. Get him here.
I'm telling you to go. Go!
Aishu, what is this new avatar?
Blacky, I know.
He didn't think cheap, but you did.
You expect me to apologize to him?
What happened to you?
- You expect meto kiss him?
Your voice has changed.
You tell me to be
with him for 15 minutes.
Are you a friend or a pimp?
Iam not Aishu. - Then?
I'm a demon for you.
You send an innocent girl to kiss a guy?
I will do as you say.
You scrub so nicely.
Do you have experience?
I used to scrub the cows,
now I am scrubbing you.
You're acting smart. - Praveen!
Hey! - Blacky, what's wrong?
Why are you standing there? - Hey!
He fell!- I told him,
but he didn't listen to me.
You deserved this. - Hey.
Water was so clean, but this
black dog fell in it and dirtied it.
Oh, change the water. - Okay, boss.
Pal, PW!-
Chandu, play properly.
Are you losing intentionally?
Why are you staring at her like that?
- Buddy, whatever you said".
"And whatever I saw was truth.
Pal, you both play".
...l will go down and
get coffee for the ghost
Please, don't go. - Hey!
Where are you going?
- I'm going to make coffee"
If you get up, I will break your legs.
I've been watching since morning.
You both are avoiding me.
We?- No,I.
Yes, we.
Play.. - Buddy, play.
Aishu, play.
Aishu, if you move,
it will be a wrong move.
My uncle likes to play this game.
What is going on? Somebody is screaming.
Come, let's go. - It is her!
I will not come inside. Escape!
He him self looks like a ghost,
but he fears.
Don't worry.
Maharaja helps everyone in need.
Don't scared. I'm coming. "I am flying."
"I will fly away."
"I will fly away."
Who is it?
You are playing silently here.
Who was screaming instead of playing?
Was it you?
Madam, was it you?
She isn't screaming.
Sheis sitting silently.
But why is she sitting like this?
Hey, come here.
- What is it? - Come here.
She was screaming. Now, go away.
Why will she scream?
She is sitting here like Amul
baby and playing. What is she playing?
Chess. - She is playing chess. Kiss.
Why are you playing chess? If you have
any problem , he is here to kiss you.
He is here to send him to you.
You are here to accept the kiss.
Why you are worried? If you
want hug or kiss now, I will help you.
Come here. - No.
Come here. - Please, don't.
Listen to me. - You also come here.
Listen to me.
Please, don't. - Come on, don't shy.
Hey, don't. - Kiss her.
No, madam.
You scoundrel,
I will kill you and drink your blood.
My blood won't suit ladies.
You can drink someone else's blood.
What are you wearing?
What have you done to your hair?
Here. You keep this with you.
You want to unite them? Are you a pimp?
You left me here with her. Come!
You've come here to die, right?
I will kill you and make you a ghost
Come on!
Is this my fate?
I beg of you, please spare me.
Buddy, it is confirmed that
she is a ghost. - Yes, she is.
He called me a pimp.
Let her teach him a lesson.
Thanks, madam.
Pal, there's no noise
from inside. - Yes.
Shall we go and see? - Shut up.
Let he bear the consequences today.
I will escape from here.
Where are my slippers?
Where are you going?
I want to pee.
Will you come here again?
- Do you want me to come, sister?
I will com e. I will not trouble you.
Pal, looks like he got thrashed nicely.
He is running like a chimpanzee
that has been raped. - Oh God!
What happened? - Ghost.
What happened?
- She made my chutney. Oh..
She thrashed me hard!
Even if BTS bus goes over me,
it wouldn't have damaged me so much.
Is she a girl? - Shut up!
Don't shout. She might hear you,
come here, and hit all the three of us.
I beg of you,
we shall be together all the time.
We shall stay together.
No matter what we do,
let's do it together.
Oh God.
I thought she was a kid,
but she stamped me!
She stamped me so
much that all my bones..
"Got crushed. Please, leave me.
Hey, shut up and sit here.
She might come here again.
Leave me. - Sleep here.
Oh God, I won't sleep
facing that side. O God..
Did I deserve all this?
- Shut up and sleep.
Yes, I will sleep.
Wake up!
Wake up! - Hey!
Why are you hitting us?
- What happened to you?
Why are you hitting us with
your slipper? I will thrash you.
I will thrash you.
We thought,
we would die peacefully here.
You brought a lady
ghost with you to kill me.
Is she a girl?
She grind me like aflour ball
and fried me in oil like a fritter.
Who brought her here?
Was it you? Tell me! - No.
Was it you?
- It was not me, he brought her here.
I will decide it today.
Whatis this?
Does a ghost pray.'
Hi guys, good morning.
Bad morning.
Com e, let's have breakfast.
Iam so full with your last
night's dinner that I feel like puking.
Give them breakfast - Hey!
I've made porridge with cashew
nuts as Chandu likes it very much.
Come, don't miss it.
I think ghost has planned
to mix poison in the porridge..
"And kill all the three of us.
Will you come or do
you want me to come to you?
Don't take risk.
You go, we will follow you.
Com e.
Had you left the same day, you
wouldn't have faced this problem today.
This man scares me more than that ghost.
We already beard the consequences,
tell us how to escape from her.
My uncle will tell you. Comewith me.
Eat it.
First try to cu re that girl.
Then we will discuss about this.
What ifweleavethis village
by taking that girl? - Shut up.
Don't talk like a fool.
If we take her to the city..
"She will become furious.
Look, if somebody gets possessed.. won't leave her
until their wish is fulfilled.
Until she is possessed,
you can't take that girl from here.
Incoming free.. we have to take ghosfs
permission if we have to take her along?
First try to find out
what that ghost wishes?
Fulfill that wish. Once the wish
gets fulfilled, it will leave her body.
Hey, you are an expert
in fulfilling wishes, right?
Take his help and fulfill
that ghost's wish. - Shut up.
Don't act smart.
Whatever he says is right.
Let's follow his instructions. - Boss..
A girl named Kamalawas possessed.
She wished to eat food at bar.
We brought her food.
It ate and left her body.
I wish that ghost
would like to eat pork.
Why? - We could've killed him.
Let's go and do our work. Come, pal.
We shall leave, sir.
- Goodbye, sir. - Okay.
Iam so confused" - What to..
You were talking as if.. - Leave me.
Hey, she is here. Come.
I think this ghost has some wish.
You know what's the
specialty of this ghost?
What is it? - Shut up.
Her ghost likes rape scene very much.
Like in Mahabharata.
How can we play Mahabharata for her?
Leave that to me.
I will arrange for it.
You have got experience by arranging
for everyone in the guest house. - Go.
Don't make any mistake.
Instead of Draupadi..
...we all will get stripped.
Yes, I will finish the drama and come.
Wow! What is this?
"L am the Pandava.."
- Nice. - Aishu!
Super get up! - Thank you.
Chandu, what's happening?
They are playing a
drama in Electronic City.
We were getting bored,
so we all planned this.
Which drama?
Goat's field.
What happened?
- Idiot, it is not goat's field.. is Kurukshetra (battle field).
- Correct. - Whatever.
Crown .
Even I will take part in it.
If you take part, who will watch it?
Aishu, we are doing this drama for you.
Look, you need not take part.
You sit peacefully there and watch it.
We will do the drama.
If you like the dram a,
even that will like it.
If that likes like it,
it will leave you and go away.
Who? - Ghost.
Aishu, nothing.
Come, let's all go and start. - Okay.
Let's start. Come on.
- "I am Pandava!"
You sit on the chair and..
see, see.. go, go..
Mr. Nagshekhar Mandya..
...l am Dusshasan, right?
- Yes, until now.
After seeing darling Draupadi..
"I've changed the idea.
You are Duryodhan and I am Dusshasan.
Why? - Because, this body
has been yearning to touch a woman.
After taking" - What?
Part in it, you can sit
there and enjoy the play. Go.
How can I enjoy seeing it?
Friend Dusshasan! - Yes, buddy.
Today your wish will get fulfilled.
Pandavas wife..
Okay.. she insulted me in the court.
In the same court,
I will give her a French kiss..
...and strip her sari" - Buddy!
I will kill you if you talk about her.
I will chop you!
I will do that. - Okay.
If you get tired,
I will continue the scene.
I will never feel tired. - Okay.
Forget this and go and drag Draupadi!
Be careful with the mace,
I brought it for rent.
Son Duryodhan.
- Coming. Tell me, sir.
Hey, I'm your daddy.
She is your mummy. - Okay, sorry.
Mummy and daddy, actually"
"brother has gone to drag
Draupadi here. Once they are here..
...we will do the entire scene
in front of you. Don't worry.
Have fun.
- Idiot, you made me wear goggles.
It is dark. I can't see anything.
Even if you could see it,
what would you do? Idiot.
Okay, bye.
- Ms. Draupadi.
Whatis it?
- Duryodhan is calling you.
Why? - Because your five
husbands lost you in gambling"
"and have mortgaged you.
So, he is calling you.
Okay, I will drink tea,
eat tobacco and come. You go.
Thank you. - Stop.
That girl was possessed. ls she still
possessed or is she okay now?
That's the reason
we are doing this play.
You come soon or
it will possess you too.
Okay, you 9-
No! - Blacky!
Why have you come alone?
Where is Draupadi?
Shame on you!
You didn't obey my orders.. will you handle this kingdom.
You will eat nicely and
go to the bathroom in the morning.
Look there!
She is beautiful.
Come on.. I have to woo her somehow.
Panchali, you are too..
Why have you lost weight?
Don't Pandavas feed you?
Correct. - Don't worry.
We got you for free.
Hereafter, you are our maid.
I will give you full meals.
- This is injustice!
Who are you? - I am Bheem.
Everyone is wearing same costume.
Come forward.
You are talking to Pandavas wife..
...with disrespect
Don't you feel ashamed?
My brother doesn't know to play chess"
...he lost his kingdom
as well as his wife.
He even tied our hands. - Brother Bheem.
You are insulting me
saying I don't know to play.
I might be weak in playing..
...come to the point.
He wants to hit me with the mace.
Panchali, who is Pandavas wife.. are insulting her.
I can't bear it.
If you can't see,
there's a tree in the corner..
...go and hide behind it. Go.
Go. - Enough of dialogue
delivery now. Go.
Don't waste time. Start the matter.
Matter? - You pull her sari,
I will sit and watch.
Oh, isn't there anyone
around who would save me?
Krishna! Lord Krishna! - He won't come.
Isn't there anyone to save
awoman's dignity.' - Hello, excuse me.
We knew you would call him,
so we didn't invite him to the program.
Is it? - You are calling him?
Leave me! - Pull her sari. Come on!
Seeing her getting stripped" - Krishna!
Enjoy it!
Somebody save me! - Hey!
Let loose for some time.
Look, she got possessed.
No, save me.
Aishu, you are here? Where is Draupadi?
Please, don't.
You shouldn't hit Dusshasan,
it is a sin.
You want to pull her sari!
You take women to be toys?
You pulled her sari
with this hand, right?
I think, ghost left her.
Praveen, what are you doing here?
I came here for a coffee.
Did the drama get over?
Drama got over and the play stopped.
Where did everyone go? - Everyone..
Give me a minute"
They got scared of you and ran away.
What is wrong with me?
You are behaving differently with me.
You are running away from me.
Whatis this?
Hey!- Oh..
I am asking you.
Tell me, what's wrong with me?
Tell her!
Hey, it is good if you tell her.
Tell it to her.
- I beg of you. You stay quiet.
What is it? Will you tell me or not?
I will tell you!
You are possessed!
When, how, where?
We don't know. You know better.
From the movie 'Three Idiots'
to 'Apta Mitra' and 'Apta Hakshakafl. are enacting all the scenes here.
He was like an apple,
but has become juice fearing you.
He has become an animal.
You didn't even spare me, you grind me..
...pounded me and then
boiled me in hot water.
You showed hell when I am still alive.
Is it? - Yes, Aishu.
We did so many things
to save you from it.
But we were thrashed.
Please, do something.
I'm scared of ghosts.
What is this?
Ghost is asking solution from us.
What about us now?
Hey, don't joke. Give me a solution.
I will tell you. - Hey!
I will kill you! Go away!
You swine!
You want solution, don't you? - Yes.
Give me the phone. - I've come here to
die? my will I carry a phone? - Phone.
Phone? I have.- Where is it?
One minute.
Is this Vodafone?
No, it is other phone.
Just call! - Okay.
Hello, who is it? - Hello! - What is it?
Black dog, Bullet Prakash!
I heard that you wooed
a girl from Tumkur..
...and have not been going home. Why?
You went to die, right?
This ghost isn't letting us die.
It is here. Listen to me.
A girl is possessed.
What do we do to cure her?
Hit with slippers.
Hit you? - Not me, but her. - Okay.
Slipper" - Okay, okay.
You disconnect the phone.
My currency got over. Okay.
Aishu, you don't worry.
Tonight, we three will
teach a lesson to the ghost.
We will drive it! - Okay.
I will teach that ghost a lesson today.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Come here. - Shut up.
What are you doing? People call God,
but you are calling a ghost.
Drink silently. - Hey!
Forget it.
- Chandu, does the ghost really exist?
I didn't believe in them till now..
"But after seeing you,
it got confirm ed.
Maintain some distance from me.
Hey, why are you thinking?
Why fear when I am here?
I will set things right. - Oh.
This is not called confidence,
but it is over confidence.
Hey, shut up. - He is right.
All this happened because of you. - Why.'
Had we died the day we reached here,
there would be four ghosts here.
We could've thrashed one ghost
Hey, I am calling it today.
Let the ghost com e..
...l will hit it with the slipper..
I will drive it away.
- You mean, you'll hit me?
Not you, but the bad thing in you.
Get up. Get up! You too. - Why?
Come here both of you.
We'll see what happens. - Hey.
Stand properly. Look, I will
tell you when the ghost will come.
When will it come?
Number 1 , it will come
when you both hug each other.
Number 2, it will come
when you both kiss each other.
Number 3, it will come when
this pimp will have bad intenfions.
It will trouble us
and you will get possessed.
Let it come today.
I will thrash it with my slipper.
I will kill you if you hit me.
Iam telling this for your good.
Can he hug you?
Yes, okay.
Pal, don't worry.
If something happens,
there's an open field..
...we will flee from here. - Hey!
Chandu, I'm scared. Don't
leave me and go if I get possessed.
I can't take you along when you
are possessed. You should get rid of it.
Stop discussing.
Come on, hug her. Come on.
Come on, hug each other.
Hey, you turn on the camera.
I have turned it on.
- Shoot it with the ghost
Hug her. Come on, I am here, hug her.
Ghost, where are you? Come out!
Come if you have guts.
Come in front of me.
I am challenging you,
I will come to you.
You don't leave each other.
Fatso, shoot everything clearly.
I will come. I will keep
the slipper here. Let it come.
Come on, pour some liquor. - Okay.
Hey, shoot properly! - Okay, sir.
I will hit it with both the slippers.
Let it come. - Don't hit me.
Hey, add water to it.
Aishu, did the ghost come?
Not yet. - Be in the same position,
it will come.
Chandu, hug me.
Hey, are you recording it?
Message me when it com es.
I will flee.
"L will eat hot and
delicious sweets. Hari!"
"No matter where you go,
I will not spare you. I will crush you."
"Bad evil will com e.."
"I will thrash you with this.."
Sister, you are here? I was just joking.
Why did you come here?
Sister, do you love
your brother so much?
You've come alone.
Have you come with your family?
Do you want to thrash me more?
I drank a little more and
blabbered nonsense in intoxication.
Sister, forgive m e.
Take this..
no, I don't have guts to hit you.
Please, spare me.
If you stand like this
for some more time...
...l will have some chips
and flee from here.
Aishu, are you out of your mind?
Come, let's go.
I will not com e.
Are you possessed?
Hey, she played volleyball
with you when you kissed her.. slapped her now..
...she will play football with you now.
Hey, you didn't hit ghost,
but you hit Aishu.
She is possessed.
Look, we've come here together.
We all will return together.
Come on, let's experience it.
"L am a mynah."
"I want to keep this bird."
"Let's fly in the sky."
"We'll reach the sun."
"We will watch from there."
"The land on which we live."
"Moonlight of the moon."
"Let's live on the moon."
"Praise love."
"I am a mynah."
"I want to keep this bird."
"Let's fly in the sky."
"We'll reach the sun."
"Like music in our lives..
...why has your tune changed?"
"Let's love until our last breath."
"Let's forget our sorrows."
"This life is lifeless."
"You give life to life."
"Let's live life together."
"I am a mynah."
"I want to keep this bird."
"Even the heaven faded."
"Seeing us, it is adorning itself."
"Thousands oflamps
have lit on the way."
"It is asking for our love."
"I will sacrifice my life for you."
"I love you more than my life."
"I love being crazy about you."
I'm sorry, Aishu.
Try to understand me.
I didn't hit you intentionally.
I behaved very foolishly.
lam feeling ashamed.
I am extremely sorry.
I love you, Chandu. I love you so much.
Please, don't leave me. Please.
Aishu, it is better that
we maintain a distance between us.
I can't bear if Chandu
rejects me or goes away from me.
I will surely die.
Who is he? - He is our junior sir.
Sir, they are from Basvanna's side.
Hello sir.
I work in Basvanna sir's office. - Hi.
We came here for some work.
Tomorrow morning we will leave.
They are my friends.
Hi.- Hi.- Hi.- Hi.
Excuse me sir, if you don't mind.
It will be better if you stay upstairs.
My friend is in this room.
Is she your girlfriend?
- Can we take a look at her?
Please" - Don't you have manners?
Brother, not two days, but you can
stay here for three days. No problem.
Be happy. Good night.
Come on.
Aishu? Aishu?
Aishu? - Aishu!
Aishu! - Aishu! - She is not here.
She must be upstairs.
Let's see. - Why will she go there?
She is not here.
- Okay, let's go and see.
Aishu!- Aishu, what happened to you?
Why did you do that? - I am not Aishu!
Don't spare the three of them!
Kill them !
I have to see them die!
What do you have to do with them?
What did they do to you? Who are you?
Chandralek ha!
My uncle worked as a security
guard in the same house.
We both had married witnessing fire.
We wanted to live a happy life..
...and had many desires.
One day night"
Dear, who is it?
I don't know. I will go and see.
Who is it?
There's no one here.
Who must it be?
There's no one here.
Dear! Who are you?
I beg of you. No!
Hey, you go and enjoy. - No!
Those three killed me and my husband.
I will leave Aishu's body..
...if you kill them.
Chandu, stop! Chandu!
Look, don't get excited.
Where are you going?
Hey, look.. we should take
Aishu out of here at this time.
That's our responsibility. - Yes.
I came here to die.
Aishu came here to give me life.
Now, she is in the verge of dying.
This is notiusi Aishu's problem.
It is a woman's problem.
Even after knowing that
they raped a woman and killed her... you expect me to stay quiet?
Two minutes" just two minutes!
No one should go through
what Chandralekha went through.
Who are you?
What had you done here earlier?
Do you call it as manliness
to rape a lonely woman and kill her?
Fruit was nice,
we liked it, so we ate it. Right, pal?
Hey, big personalities are always
invited for opening ceremony.
We did the same.
We can even do opening ceremony
with the one who is with you.
Small correction"
Draupadi had five husbands,
but we are six of them here. ls it okay?
You've been playing
with women's dignity"
you will only respect women.
No! Leis go.
Come here. Go.
Hey, what do you feel?
I feel like dying?
- Why.' But you got love.
Yes,I planned to die
as I was heartbroken" I feel like dying for your love.
You naughty"
"I am a mynah."
"I want to keep this bird."
"Let's fly in the sky."
"Let's reach the sun."
"We will see from there."
"The land on which we live."
"Moonlight of the moon."
"Let's go to the moon."
"Praise love."
"I am a mynah."
"I want to keep this bird."
"Let's m; in.."
"Let's m; in.."