Chandramukhi 2 (2023) Movie Script

Guruji is here.
-Greetings, Guruji.
Welcome, Guruji.
How did your cotton factory catch fire?
They say it was due to a short circuit.
The entire factory caught fire, Guruji.
We struggled a lot to put out the fire.
But the entire factory was
burned to ashes.
We don't worry about losses,
but more than ten people lost
their lives in the fire accident.
More than 25 people have lost their limbs.
In the end, we had to shut down
the factory.
My grandfather established that mill.
Now, my elder brother
and his son are managing it.
He's my younger brother.
His export garments business
has totally failed.
He wants to leave this place
and go abroad.
Look at my daughter.
She was supposed to get engaged,
but she met with a horrible accident,
and look at her plight now.
Her eldest daughter
abandoned her parents and all of us
and eloped away with a guy
from a different religion.
Later, she had two children
but she and her husband died in
an airplane crash.
Ever since we have been
facing issues till today.
I think it's your Clan Deity's curse
that's making you suffer like this.
I don't know of any Clan Deity
that our family prayed to, Guruji.
In the desire to make money,
people abandon their native
and forget their family history
and their Clan Deity.
You too have committed the same mistake.
Guruji how are our problems
connected to our Clan Deity?
It doesn't matter whether you offer
prayers to God every day at home,
but it is very important to offer prayers
to your Clan Deity at least once a year.
Because it is a place where
your ancestors once walked.
Not just the power of God but the power
of your ancestors also dwells there.
Is this true, Guruji?
Do you know that even atheists
have clan Deities?
If you truly believe that your ancestors'
genes are present in your body,
then it's true
that the power of your ancestors
is present in your Clan Deity's temple.
Guruji, tell us, what we should do now?
Every heir belonging to your family,
should stay together in
your native place for 48 days,
and offer prayers by lighting lamps during
and perform a ritual on
the upcoming day of Durgashtami.
You'll find a solution
to all your problems.
Should her eldest daughter's kids
also attend the ritual, Guruji?
Definitely, they must come.
Though they partially belong
to a different religion,
aren't they still from your bloodline?
The ritual will be considered complete
only if they also take part in it.
Only then your problems will be solved.
Does anyone know any details about them?
Only our manager is in touch
with them regularly.
Both the children are under the care
of a reputed auditor.
And to look after them round the clock,
he has appointed his adopted son
as their guardian.
Because compared to you, those two kids
are twice as wealthy.
Hey, your grandchildren's lives depend
on the judgment you give today!
Nothing matters the most to me
than my duty and serving justice!
Does the police backup make you
feel so confident?
No hero can trace this place!
Along with your grandkids, these innocent
40 children are also going to die.
-Show me your watch!
-I shared the location
Hey, everyone's scared to death here
but what are you kids laughing for?
Aren't you scared?
Let's see who's gonna come and save you!
He's coming, our Godfather!
Okay, let him come.
Look at our uncle's swag!
Go! Hurry up!
Boys, lock up the judge's grandchildren
on the bus!
Quick, they are coming for us.
Boys, set the bus ablaze!
Teacher teacher, save us!
Oh, God!
Hey! Superb, Uncle!
We ride in the beat
We bring in the heat
We rinse and repeat
Sir, you can pass the judgment.
I've executed the punishment.
All children are safe!
Thank you, Mr. Pandian.
Mom, I've selected a good place
for us to stay.
It doesn't look like a house,
it appears like a palace.
Not like a palace
but it's indeed a palace!
Vettaiyapuram Palace.
There will be a lot of mysteries in here.
Don't roam around the palace at night
just to reveal mysteries.
God! Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
I come to this palace
only once in a blue moon.
But every time I come,
it's always equally thrilling!
Every time I pick up the key,
my soul faces the hell.
Excuse me, Natha.
Hey, Senthilnatha!
What did I ever do to you?
If you wanted to do
something nice to me,
you could've bought me a
five sovereign gold chain.
If not that, you could've bought me
five acres of land
and asked me to farm and make
a living out of it.
Well, if you think that's also too much,
then don't you own any road-laying
tar machines?
You could've given me a
damaged one among them
I would've laid small roads
and led a peaceful life with that.
Instead, you wrote off this
dangerous palace in my name,
and left me stranded, asking me
to sell it if I can.
Neither am I able to sell it
nor maintain it.
It's driving me crazy!
It seems this palace has
more than 45 rooms.
There's no other place here to
accommodate our family except this palace.
Not only that,
our Clan Deity's temple is just
five kilometers away from this palace.
There's an offer to rent this palace
or even buy it.
All the laborers are here yet
none from the family has arrived.
Who's that?
I can see that you're an expensive
five-star chef!
Like your hotel, there are
no grinders here to grind.
We only got traditional
manual grinders and mixers.
-Do I look like a chef to you?
Oh, brother! He is the one
who has leased your palace.
Who is he?
He is the owner of this palace.
His name is Murugesan.
He appears to be a servant.
-Careful with the luggage.
Why can't they just believe it?
Did anyone ask the owner,
-who will stay in which room?
Here I come!
-Sir, I forgot to tell you.
If you go to this side, all the rooms are
fully furnished with all the comforts.
You can sing, dance, and do as you wish.
But, no matter what,
do not go to the south block.
Why? What if we go?
Who would want to see you do Bharata
Natyam with anklets and makeup?
my nephew Senthilnatha has spent
lavishly to finish all the work here.
Before he could start work this side,
he left for America,
-as his contract got over.
So, the place is dirty,
please don't go to that side.
-Okay, come, let's go.
This is south, fool.
Go this way.
Looks like nobody taught him directions!
Ma'am, please take a U-turn.
If you three go inside this way,
you'll find a bachelor room
in the backside,
-You can stay there.
Find out where those kids are.
Sing a song and groove on
Let the drums roll
It's time to celebrate
Dress up, it's time to rock
Gather everyone here
Who are our kith and kin
Hit it! Come on!
Who doesn't have burdens?
Just don't mind it and it'll lighten up
On its own, my dear
Dance! Dance like the peacock
When rivers gush at you
Stand like a rock
It'll divert away on its own, my dear
Dance! Dance like the peacock
Those who fall are mocked by society
When the fallen rises like the phoenix
No one can beat them
Give it to the soil and it'll return
Like a treasure
Give it to the sea and it'll return
With the waves
So, sing a song and groove on
Let the drums roll
It's time to celebrate
Dress up, it's time to rock
Gather everyone here
Who are our kith and kin
Work and toil hard
And this land will take you to heights
Dance like the peacock
Sow a seed and nurture it
It'll yield flowers for you
Dance like the peacock
Trees planted by our forefathers will bear
Fruits for generations even today
Love will rain all over
When will your heart learn to do that?
You and I are the son of this world
So never discriminate
So, sing a song and groove on
Let the drums roll
It's time to celebrate
Dress up, it's time to rock
Gather everyone here
Who are our kith and kin
We'll enjoy! We'll see Grandma.
Here we are.
Uncle, get down. Let's go.
Come on, jump!
-Hey, super!
-We reached the place.
-Let's go!
-Yeah, let's go!
-Bring luggage inside carefully.
-I'll first talk to Grandma.
Both of you can talk to her, come.
Hi, sir. Hi, ma'am.
Greetings, ma'am.
Hey! Greet her!
Greetings, Grandma.
Oh! That's him?
Kids, both of you go
and give a kiss to grandma.
Grandma, you look just like our mother.
We have seen you only in photos.
Seeing you in person for the first time.
Mom always considered
you as her God, Grandma.
Okay, now go.
Come with us only when
we call you for a temple visit.
Let one thing be clear. Do not
come to us intending to resume ties.
Got it?
Ensure that we keep
our distance from this fellow.
Uncle, why are they so mean?
Because they all are
-Ignore it. We'll deal with it later.
Mr. House owner.
Give them a room to stay.
Don't put them in a room next to us.
-Give them a room somewhere on that side!
-Did he just threaten me?
Who's the owner here?
Him or I?
Why is he stealing my lines?
This looks too complicated!
So be it.
Damn, I'm getting dizzy.
-Move. Go ahead.
-Come, let's go.
Take a right and then left
you'll find your room there.
Ex-squeeze me!
Squeeze me?
No, excuse me!
-You seem to look
-This fellow looks so weird.
Where was it?
Could he be the fellow who
cleans the horse stable here?
It's the smell from the muffler, mister.
So, tell me
You don't seem to be
part of this family. Right?
Damn it!
Don't I look like a part of this family?
Yes, I am
at the same time no, I'm not!
But still, yes, I am.
Got a scapegoat to keep me company!
-Tell me.
You can drive anyone here crazy
but please let it not be me.
Explain to me clearly, bro!
Then come, bro.
Those kids are part of this family.
But, I am not a part of this family.
those kids are family to me.
Thank God, I've confused him.
Oh, God!
By the way, who are you in this palace?
-Yeah, tell me who's the owner?
God, I am the owner of this palace!
I thought you were for room service.
Room service?
Are things repeating again after 17 years?
Looks like the kids can't stay without
you. They are already looking for you.
Of course! They can't be without me
even for a minute.
I am Pandian.
Their guardian!
-What happened to your leg, Aunt?
-What happened to your leg, Aunt?
My leg
Stop it.
Well, some people are like that.
We must get used to it.
The doctor said I could walk
if I have the willpower.
Everything will be fine.
Before we leave this house,
good things will happen to my kids,
and to you too.
Let's think positively.
Only good things will happen.
Yes! Keep smiling.
-Come, let's go.
Sir, the owner has warned
anyone from going that side.
We must stay only on this side.
Okay, let's go this side.
-Come, let's go.
Good morning, Uncle.
Good morning!
Is the fatso still asleep?
Hey, get up!
-Good morning, Uncle.
-Good morning, sir!
Who are you, dear?
You look so graceful like
the Goddess Mahalakshmi.
I am Lakshmi, ma'am.
My house is behind the palace.
I'm the milkman's daughter.
You just made a beautiful rangoli
and you're stuck in the center.
-How will you get out of it?
-Good question!
Usually, I only draw small rangoli
in the courtyard of my house.
Since the courtyard is huge here,
I think I lost myself to the art
and drew a huge one.
I can easily get out if someone
can give me a hand.
Please, hold my hand.
Catch me!
Excuse me
where are the wives of these two boys?
Look how many helping hands
are stretching out to help one hand.
Wives didn't train them well.
I thought I'd help her
but he overtook me.
Heavy competition!
Yes, dear?
The people living in that palace
appreciated me for my rangoli.
Who won't appreciate your rangoli, dear?
I could only go to
the entrance this time.
But soon I'll make my way inside, Dad.
What could possibly be so amazing
in the palace, dear?
I've seen and read about
so many palaces in books.
I've been seeing this palace
right in front of our house
for the past three years.
There are huge rooms inside
and so many antiques and artifacts, Dad.
They won't allow us in there.
No, Dad. I'll somehow get
inside that palace and see it.
-Just wait and watch, dad.
-When have you listened to me?
Where did the kids go?
Hey, kids!
You both were up and ready so early,
yet why are you both late now?
Uncle, where are we going?
To serve the purpose of our visit.
So, what's the purpose of our visit?
This is where your Clan Deity's temple is,
For the welfare of the family
that hates your mother,
you will have to offer prayers
to your Clan Deity, right?
That's the purpose of our visit.
Will that unite the family, Uncle?
That's what God wants.
-Yes, let's go to the temple.
Where is he headed?
Right! Dad, did you ask him to join us?
Not at all.
Did you invite him, sister?
Does he not know that the kids
were brought here only for the ritual?
Hello! Didn't I show you your
place, on the day you arrived?
Don't you understand?
This is our Clan Deity
and you've no business there!
Let the kids join us.
You stay back.
take good care of the kids!
Till now, I've never left them alone.
Ask God to put some sense in all of them.
Okay, dear. Bye.
Hey! Didn't you go to the temple?
Uncle, you're our Clan Deity, uncle.
-To hell with them!
-Yeah, Uncle.
Clan Deity?
We three are inseparable, right?
Master, what's with all the new cars
cruising through our village roads?
-Don't you know?
A new family is here and is living
in the Vettaiyapuram palace.
That means another family
is going to get trapped there.
Well, who knows?
-Divya stay inside, we'll call you.
I heard the temple is inside a forest.
But now the temple itself appears
to be a forest.
Guruji was right.
It is because of no proper maintenance
of our Clan Deity's temple
our family is facing too many problems.
So finally you have arrived?
What took you so long?
Did you only feel like coming now?
You remembered the Clan Deity
only when problems piled up, right?
Where is he?
Didn't he come?
His presence is a must
for everything to fall in place.
He will definitely come.
Where else would he go?
This is our Clan Deity's temple.
Why is the temple in such
a bad condition?
I came to this temple 60 years ago
to become a priest.
The temple has been in the same condition
since then.
We are here to offer prayers by
lighting lamps on Navaratra
and perform a grand ritual
on the day of Durgashtami.
Doing that ritual will solve the problems
our family is facing, said our Guruji.
You have come to a place with
bigger problems to solve your problems.
You can't light up any lamps there.
No light can enter that place.
Well, she won't let the light enter!
Who's that, Swami?
If light enters the temple,
then he'll get back his powers.
Who is he?
We just met an old man earlier.
he was talking about someone,
who must and will definitely come here.
So was he talking about
Vettaiyan, Swami?
So you met him?
He looked the same even when
my grandpa met him.
I am 75 years old now, so
imagine how old he would be.
Knowing that everybody
turns into ashes after death,
the old man has applied holy ash
all over him in pursuit of death.
Consider meeting him as a blessing,
forget your prayers and rituals
and go back to your place.
No matter what you tell us, we won't
leave without completing our ritual.
If fate wants to bring her into your
life and give you all a tough time,
then who can stop it?
Fine. First, try to clean up the temple.
Rest, we'll deal with it later.
Hold on! You!
-Thanks a lot.
-For what?
For everything.
I've had this desire
for quite a long time now.
Go ahead, tell me.
-Can I ask you?
-I'm waiting!
I want to get inside this palace
and take a tour of it.
Will you take me into the palace?
So that's your long-time desire?
But let's not go during the day.
Everyone will be there.
At night, I shall act like locking the
door but leave it unlocked and wait.
You sneak in. Okay?
It's already getting late.
Go ahead, take the tour of
the palace you desire to see.
Wow! What a grandeur!
-Hey, come back.
-What? What is it?
Everyone will be sleeping here.
So let's not go there.
They have advised me not to go that side.
But how about we go there
and check it out?
Come! Come on.
Hurry up. Come.
What may appear to be small
May contain a lot in it
-Yes, sir?
-Come here.
So all of you are here?
Where are the original documents
of this palace?
Sir, of course. I have it!
I have it, sir.
Is there anything
suspicious in the document?
No, there's nothing suspicious
in the document.
But there's only something
suspicious nearby.
Excuse me.
Look, you have done me a great favor.
Thanks! Hey, don't let me go!
Don't let go!
-Damn, he let go!
-Go and get the documents.
-Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, didn't you ask me to find
a contractor to clean the temple?
This is him, ma'am.
His name is Gopal.
Seventeen years ago,
he single-handedly painted
this entire palace, ma'am.
Have you been painting too much?
You look like an old painting brush.
Back then you left me
stranded in the palace
I screamed out your name for help
and that made you world-famous!
You ungrateful man, why are you back now?
It seems they want someone to
clean up their Clan Deity's temple.
Hence, I'm here to discuss that.
Thank God!
Just clean, and do not instigate
and provoke anything!
Did you see the temple?
Yes, I went there this morning, ma'am.
There's a lot of work to be done.
-Local workers won't come to work here.
-Where did these ants come from?
I'll have to hire workers
from outside, ma'am.
It'll be quite expensive.
Is that okay?
I'll ask my manager
to pay you 2,00,000 rupees.
Start the work at once.
Not for me but for your sake,
I'll finish the work quickly.
For our sake?
The quicker you vacate this palace,
the better it is for you.
-I hope nobody's gone to the south block.
-Nobody went.
-Nobody must go!
Damn, he spat it all out!
Ma'am, well it's nothing
Let me explain. What happened was that
when the earlier guests stayed here,
anybody who got affected by COVID
was quarantined in the south block.
And later I forgot to clean it.
That's what, this grumpy old man
is trying to say.
No, ma'am. Once when
I went to the south block
I saw something and got scared.
I was bedridden with a fever
for six months.
Do you think she doesn't know directions?
Stop it with your north, south, and east!
If you talk too much,
I'll use your mustache
as a paintbrush and paint your face!
Go away! Get lost, man!
Don't utter a word and clean the temple!
Bloody bugger!
Hear me out.
Let me get the documents you asked for.
Please strike a good deal
along with your family and sign it.
-God will bless you, ma'am.
-Correct, Murugesan.
Please tell her.
Ma'am, I think you must think twice
before taking a call on these documents.
-That's what I too
Think twice and
then it's your call, ma'am.
Okay, let's successfully complete
the temple ritual.
We'll then make a decision.
-Okay, ma'am.
I won't let you sell
this house so easily!
I hope nobody's gone to the south block.
Nobody must go!
Will you leave this body?
Raju's wife is screaming!
Somebody, please save her.
-What happened?
-Who is that?
What happened?
Please don't be scared, ma'am.
That's my mother-in-law.
Why is she screaming?
One day, she went to clean the room
in the south block.
She saw something that terrified her.
First, take her to a doctor.
-We'll take care of the hospital expenses.
-This medicine should cure her. Thanks.
Now, what was that?
I'm hearing somebody scream here
after so many years. Which means
Then, this and that
I must clear this doubt at once.
Everybody says the issue is
because she went to the south block.
What's so strange about that block?
-Miss Pandian.
Mr. Pandian
I have a small doubt.
Do you wanna know
if ghosts exist or not?
A doctor already explained that to me.
This is a different doubt.
do ghosts grow old or not?
Does the ghost
experience hair fall or not?
Does a ghost's teeth regrow when it falls?
These are my quarries.
-Your quarries?
-No, my queries!
Why are you asking me that, Murugesan?
Come on, now what kind of question
is that?
Who else in this world could be a better
expert on ghosts than you? Tell me!
After all, you have encountered
ghosts of different genders
and by now you're an expert on ghosts!
-So it only makes sense to ask you.
Let me tell you my version.
-Your aversion to what?
-Shut up.
-I meant, "my version."
-Version? Okay, tell me.
-Dark clouds!
-Oh, no!
-Free-flowing hair!
-What is it?
-She is getting closer.
Now, what was that?
Come out!
-Come where?
-Come out, I say!
-Come out? Fine
-Come on.
Tonight's going to be a
long night for you. Come on.
Looks like he took it seriously.
Why is he stopping?
Looks like I'm spending
the night with him.
Go out, man.
Let Murugesan be enlightened and
gain knowledge of black magic and voodoo.
Why are you closing the door, man?
Keep the doors open. Let the breeze
ease the situation.
The story I'm about to say
is going to be very dangerous.
What if you run away?
-That's why I've locked the door.
-God, his slang is changing
What did you ask me?
So you wanna know
if ghosts grow old or not?
You walked right into the trap!
Our age increases by one every year.
But for ghosts, their age
increases by one only every decade.
-Age increases once in a decade?
If so, 2006 plus
minus equal to
Then, our ghost here has only grown
by a year and a half.
"Our ghost?"
No, the ghost whom I know.
You continue.
Our hair falls when we grow old.
But, when ghosts grow old,
hair grows wildly like roots and creepers.
Their head hair covers up
their whole face
but when they split it open with their
hands and their eyes pop out, Murugesan!
You're trapped!
Give me the ghost lamp.
-So be it.
Oh, God!
Excuse me, what was that
lengthy howling all about?
The ghost's pet dog.
-Ghost's pet dog?
Pandian, let's put an end to this now.
I can always listen
to this some other day.
Murugesan, did I ask for it?
usually, a ghost's teeth turn black
and are broken out of shape.
It'll be so gory to look at.
All their teeth are
Stop tethering with your teeth now.
Making a horror movie
is no joke, Murugesan!
Sit down! Come.
Ghost's hand nails
What is
What is this?
Their nails grow and hang
like snake gourds.
They are so long!
-Like snake gourds?
Also, Murugesan
their faces are out of shape
and the flesh on it hangs out.
The rest would be burnt
and appear pitch black!
When that vampire hits you,
her handprint can be seen on your face!
blood oozes out from their eyes and nose.
Something oozes from their mouth.
And their ears bleed
all the time, Murugesan!
Then their feet
never touch the floor!
-Won't touch the floor?
But why?
They just ascend up
and keep floating in the air.
From there the ghost will jump, sit
on your shoulders, and push you down!
Just leave me, Pandian!
It'll choke your neck,
bite you, and gobble you down till
it's satisfied and
Oh, my God!
Coming to me with questions?
I dare you to ask me questions again.
Come on.
Look at him! Looks like a gorilla that
just escaped from the clutches of a croc!
I dare you to ask me again! Come on.
You shameless Murugesan!
You should've kept your mouth shut instead
of asking him about the history of ghosts!
You! I deserve to be beaten up for this.
Did you see my kids?
No, I didn't even see them while going
to market today morning.
Why are you so tense?
-What happened?
-Did you see my kids?
They must be playing somewhere around.
Don't worry.
-Let us go. Uncle!
-How dare you enter into the bedroom?
-If you dare to enter our rooms again,
-Uncle, please
-I'll finish you, mind it!
-No, we won't.
-It is our mistake to let you all in!
-How dare you hit the kids?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Hands off me!
Ask the kids, what they did.
After hearing that granny scream
last night, we couldn't sleep.
I started missing Mom and remembered
how Grandma resembled Mom so much.
So we went and slept next to her.
That drove Uncle furious
and he dragged us out.
-Sorry, Uncle.
-Sorry, Uncle.
We both are wrong. Right, Uncle?
No, you're not.
They missed their late mother
and slept next to their Grandma.
And you dragged and threw them out?
Is there no humanity left in you?
They already accepted
that it was their fault.
So just get lost!
You can insult me as much
as you want and I won't mind it.
If you hurt my kids
I'll not keep quiet.
Your kids?
A girl in our family eloped
and brought shame to us!
They're her children, right?
If our family didn't face any problems,
we wouldn't even have had
to see their faces!
We would've let those
ties stay away forever.
Temple is not the only reason
for the problems in your family.
It is also because of what their
mother suffered each and every day.
When their father's family
forced her to convert her religion,
their father abandoned the religion
and his family for her.
You guys talk a great deal
but tell me if any of you
has even bothered to ask their names yet?
His name is Kalam.
Do you know her name, ma'am?
You may have forgotten your daughter
but she never forgot you.
She named her daughter after you.
When Kalam and Ranganayaki
can be siblings,
then who cares about religion?
They say children are Gods.
So if you treat kids badly and pray to
God to solve your family problems
I don't want to complete that sentence.
These kids don't need any of you.
I'm there for them.
I'll be there for them forever.
I'll never give them up.
Come on, kids.
Not just you Pandian,
we are also there for them.
had there been someone like you
to tell us this back then,
I wouldn't have lost
my daughter and son-in-law.
we don't have a life without these kids.
Come to me.
Uncle, you will always be our family.
Come join us, Uncle.
Like the sun and the moon
Like the sun and the moon
Smile spreads all over our sky
Have a true and kind heart
Then success will find you
Love without limits forever
And happiness will find you
Like the sun and the moon
Smile spreads all over our sky
If you believe you belong to this world
Then we won't need boundaries anymore
Yes, we won't need boundaries
Consider our ancestors God
And we'll have a reason to pray every day
Yes, we will have a reason
To pray every day
Find happiness that resides within us
Celebrate all your loved ones every day
Keep going like the ever-flowing river
Don't search for God
You'll always find God in your mother
When she smiles, she will chase away
All the sorrows in your life
Like the sun and the moon
Smile spreads all over our sky
We shall always consider you as our child
Yes, we shall
We felt proud when the whole world
Said you are our child
Yes, we heard the world say
You are so kindhearted that you help
Without any expectations
You are so selfless and generous
Are your kind gestures
The reason for rainfalls?
Words are not enough
To describe your kind heart
The lighting, breeze, and the whole
Of nature yearns to sing praises of you
Like the sun and the moon
Smile spreads all over our sky
Like the sun and the moon
Smile spreads all over our sky
Hey, where are you?
Oh, my God!
Oh no!
Oh, God!
-What is it?
Two of the workers who were
cleaning your Clan Deitys temple died.
They had a whole life left to live.
They died so young.
See that?
I warned you but you didn't listen?
This is all her doing.
Two lives were sacrificed as you
tried to clean the Vettaiyan temple.
And you're still planning
on performing the ritual!
Only God knows what else will happen.
Think twice!
She is creating problems for anyone
who is even trying to clean the temple.
Are spirits more powerful than God?
For what Vettaiyan did to Chandramukhi,
his Clan Deity punished him
and shut the temple door.
My ancestors are the witness to it.
So until light enters that place,
no power can overpower Chandramukhi!
So stop all this, cleaning the temple
and performing ritual activities
and go back to your place safely.
Ma'am, something for the
family of those two deceased.
Knowingly or unknowingly this
unfortunate incident has taken place.
Though we came here for temple rituals,
we must have performed a small
ritual before residing in the house.
We missed that.
You are right.
I shall arrange a priest
and conduct a ritual here.
-No priest will come.
This is not your house!
Buy this house at once
and I'll arrange a priest.
-I'll bring a priest.
-No way!
Damn, he turns around and
looks even scarier!
He brought a priest! He has done it!
That was fast!
-Oh, God!
-I haven't even changed my clothes yet.
And the stuff is here already?
What's in this sack?
You said you'll bring a priest
but this looks like a sack of noodles!
I wonder what happened to him?
Oh my darlings, please open the doors!
Over there.
Oh God! You! What did I ever do to you?
I was minding my own business elsewhere
but you tag me to this danger repeatedly!
No! Not again. I am not in for this.
-Swami, where are you off to?
-Catch him!
-Mr. Murugesan.
-What is it?
-Catch this worm!
-Come here!
Look, go straight inside.
Then sing your cliche gibberish
chants, collect your fee, and run away!
Got it. Also, it is very important
What is it?
No matter what you see inside,
I don't want you to react at all!
Just a blank reaction. Now,
what reaction will you give?
-Blank reaction.
Correct. Now, go!
Come on, you dupes. Stay with me
and I'll buy you all biryani.
Excuse me, did I interfere when you helped
the girl to get out of that rangoli?
-Then why are you interfering
when I'm having fun?
Helping is fine and so is interfering,
but having fun is prohibited.
He's my classmate, Swami.
He promised he'd come but he didn't.
Come on, Swami. Did you get only these
two in your kitty? Try something new!
Something new?
-Quick or they'll doubt you.
-Summon the smoke!
Guide us smoke.
Wherever this evil power is
show it to us!
Thought he was fake, but his tool
is pointing correctly to the south block.
He has developed himself
a lot in these 18 years!
This way.
Tell, Swami.
I'm dragged back to this same place again.
-I'm very scared.
So am I.
Go ahead, I'll follow you.
Why? Why?
You idiot! I'll take one swing
at your head!
I thought we'd find a ghost here,
but instead,
there's an awesome chick here.
Why is there no noise till now?
By now he must have
screamed and ran for his life.
Oh, God! Run!
The priest is trapped! Run!
The same screams as back then.
Looks like those who went upstairs
are trapped badly.
I wonder what did he
touch and move there.
-What happened?
-Why are you running?
-Watch what follows.
Careful. Don't spill. Be careful,
don't let any bones fall off.
Murugesan! I won't spare you.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Who did that to him?
-Well, it's nothing.
Young girls had accompanied the priest,
and it was dark upstairs. He took
advantage of it and pounced like a cat.
And he fell down and got hurt.
That's all.
Why is he giving me that look?
What is it?
You are good at weaving pouncing stories.
-Tell me, what happened?
you brought him in a sack,
and they're taking back a bag of bones.
That's all.
Damn! He's standing like a statue.
So he's not convinced
with what I told him.
Come out!
Come out!
-Grandma, I'm scared.
-What's that sound?
What's that sound from upstairs?
Let the God's weapon protect me.
Dear, please go upstairs
and check what that sound is.
Who? Me?
What time for the itch to act up!
What is that song I hear?
This is definitely that!
Indeed it is.
I'm scared, man!
And here's the family get-together!
Now they will have a lot of questions
to ask.
Oh, my God!
Like this is important now!
You're looking for the owner?
Here's the owner. Order.
I mean owner!
-What's that song?
You said nobody must come to this side.
I did, right?
I think the neighboring villagers
are playing the "Valli Thirumanam" drama.
I think the speakers
are kept facing our side.
Since this is a huge bungalow,
I think the play is echoing in every room.
I think so.
Who are you, guys?
Why did you come here?
Get out!
-What happened to them?
-Right, the entire waiting list is here.
Dad, there's something out there!
We saw it!
A shadow
It said something in Telugu!
Can't you tell that first?
Ma'am, do you get it now?
They got scared seeing
each other's shadow.
I don't think so. These
men only boast too much!
One of them is afraid of lizards
and the other, of cockroaches.
-Oh, I see.
-You go and check.
Do you want me to go and check on it?
Do you think this owner
has no better work to do?
Do you think it's
my job to do that?
Okay, forget it.
I'll go up and check.
-Hey, stop.
-Listen, kiddo.
Kiddo, please don't go there
or you might get locked in!
Oh, let it be.
Who is it?
-What happened?
What are you all doing here at this hour?
We heard a song coming from upstairs.
These two went up to check,
they saw some shadow and got scared.
Gayathri volunteered to check
but she hasn't come down yet.
I'm confused.
I'm worried.
-She is the one who went upstairs.
It was her shadow that
they both saw and got scared.
Did you get scared of her shadow?
What were you doing upstairs at this hour?
Ma'am I'll tell you.
She had told me that more than working
here, she likes to explore this palace.
She went upstairs thinking
you all were asleep.
Poor girl, she got caught.
See that, ma'am? Told you!
She just went upstairs and took a
tour of the palace, singing all the while.
Believe me, there's
nothing to fear in here.
It's a very holy palace.
So in the morning
let's do the registration
for all three blocks of this palace.
-Let's leave out the south block.
-One slap!
Always keeps saying the wrong things
at the wrong time. You EP!
Ma'am, you go to sleep.
We'll discuss the rest in the morning.
He just called me EP.
Now is he the one who's
turning off the power often?
I really don't know
what is going on here.
Ranganayaki, I spoke
to all the contractors.
After hearing about those
two workers' deaths,
nobody's stepping forward
to clean our temple.
I'm so confused, brother.
I really don't know what to do now.
There are problems where we live
as well as in our temple.
Then, how are we supposed
to perform the ritual there?
Look ma'am, based on
what that priest said,
I visited that place without
anyone's knowledge.
There are no swamps, sludge,
or bushes over there.
He had a heart attack
before he fell into the water.
Then, how could there be a single drop
of water in his body?
The worker who got electrocuted
didn't notice that the wire was connected
to the iron when he turned the switch on.
Thus, he got electrocuted and died.
If you ask me, both their deaths
were accidents.
Priest has one theory
and he has another one.
Whose theory do we believe?
Pandian is right!
Out of 20 workers, only two of them died.
If it was indeed Chandramukhi
who was behind this,
then contractor Gopal should've
been the first victim, right?
So many of us are here, right?
Why do we need outsiders
to clean the temple?
Let's clean it ourselves.
We're not ready to take this risk.
Going upstairs has got
our bottoms trembling!
Yes! We can afford to
lose money or materials.
We can't afford to lose anyone's life.
Look, people here are afraid
to go to the temple, right?
I'll go and clean that temple.
The moment your temple was a problem
I decided not to leave this place
without solving it.
But, if something happens to me
then you can make your own decision.
No, man!
Oh, God!
Oh no!
Who is he?
Why is he in that temple?
Go and tell him to come back at once!
Or else he'll die unnecessarily.
I'll not spare I'll not spare anyone.
Are you trying to give power
to that traitor's spirit?
Why did he go there?
Nothing will happen to you.
So finally, you came?
And you also brought the light along?
I told them on that day,
that only you can do it.
If anyone else had done this
other than you,
that person would've completely
burned down to ashes.
You were born during
the solar eclipse.
You and Vettaiyan
share the same horoscope.
Not only that
but both your horoscopes are
in the same phase.
All the problems here will be solved
by only you.
But that might put your life at risk.
Chandramukhi has possessed
someone living in that house.
She will make full use of them
to fulfill her wishes.
You are
I've cleaned the temple.
See, nothing happened to me.
Hereafter, there won't be any problem
in that temple.
-You may perform your ritual.
the moment you went to clean the temple,
we faced a catastrophe here.
We heard someone crying and
screaming from upstairs.
Also noises of things being
thrown around and breaking.
It almost brought the house crashing.
It was a near-death situation.
We must not stay here any longer.
Let's vacate this place.
Yes, let's leave at once, sister.
Let's not stay here any longer.
We can stay far away
and go to the temple for the ritual.
No way.
That's impossible.
Even if you vacate this house
and go anywhere,
nobody can solve your problems.
While I was returning
after cleaning the temple,
I met a sage.
He told me a lot of things.
And the most important
thing among them was
that someone in this family is
possessed by Chandramukhi!
How can we leave without finding
who it is?
He also told me that 17 years ago,
a similar incident took place
in this same palace.
Why were we not informed
about all this before coming here?!
It is true that it did happen,
but everything was resolved back then.
Yet I warned everyone in a polite manner
not to go to the south block.
Despite my warning,
if all this is happening,
I have no idea who is behind it.
Who owns this house?
I own this house, Swami.
What incident took place here before?
That incident took place 17 years ago.
She scattered the colors
all over repeatedly
before she calmed down and passed out.
The room where Ganga was treated
is it still intact?
It is still intact, Swami.
The rangoli made for Chandramukhi
must be wiped and cleaned
only by powerful sorcerers from temples.
If anybody else does it,
it'll put the entire family in danger.
Ramachandra Achariyar said before leaving.
So, no one has entered
that room to date, Swami.
I want to see that room.
Someone has entered this room.
Oh, so someone has already entered it?
Until now, none of us knew
that such a room existed here.
Someone had entered this room.
Not me.
That rangoli was made here
to bind the spirit of Chandramukhi.
Now, after someone entered this room,
problems began to pile up in this house.
You sinners!
I warned you repeatedly not to come here!
Look at what you've started!
Tell me, who entered this room?
She's the one who always roams around
alone in this palace.
It could be her who entered this room.
It's true that I wanted
to explore this palace.
until now, I never came to this room.
So, nobody's going to tell me, right?
I will find out who is possessed
by Chandramukhi.
I want each one of you
to stand on the rangoli, one by one.
If the possessed individual stands on it,
then definitely we will see Chandramukhi.
Now, one by one, stand on that rangoli.
Now, you.
Why should I go?
I'm not a part of this family at all.
I won't stand on it!
-You heard me! Go and stand on it!
-First, ask her to stand on it!
I have nothing to do with this family!
I won't stand on it.
I'll stay right here!
-Drag her and make her stand on it.
-I won't go.
-Come on!
-No, I won't go!
I said, come.
-Hey, Lakshmi!
-Don't resist.
-Let me go. I'll not go!
-Let me go.
Go, stand on it!
It's me!
This is my fort.
My house!
My room!
No one is allowed here!
Get out, all of you!
Or else,
I'll chop each and every one of you
into pieces!
I said, get out!
King Vettaiyan is here!
It was me who entered that room.
It was I who took the anklet bead.
If there was a consequence to it,
I should have faced it, right?
Why did it affect her?
Tell me what exactly happened
when you entered the room.
After that, I heard someone screaming
from the outside, and I ran out.
The anklet bead you dropped
How did it reach her neck?
The anklet bead? On Divya's neck?
When Divya turned into
Chandramukhi and screamed ferociously,
I saw the bead in the pearl necklace
she was wearing around her neck.
The curiosity Divya had
for ancient artifacts,
and her habit of collecting them,
are the reasons for her present condition.
Yes, Guruji.
The other day, we heard the
scream of the watchman's wife.
When we rushed outside to check,
I saw Divya bending
down from her wheelchair.
Fearing that she may fall down,
I went near her.
But she left the place.
She must have taken the anklet bead
at that time.
The problem did not start
when she took the anklet bell.
The problem started when she took it.
The anklet bead that
adorned Chandramukhi's feet,
Divya started wearing
it around her neck.
That is how Chandramukhi's spirit
possessed Divya.
The day you started cleaning the temple,
was the day when
Chandramukhi possessed Divya.
It was the might
of Chandramukhi's spirit
that made Divya stand.
Made her walk.
Made her run.
It even made her dance.
I am able to walk, Mom.
See this?
From now on, no one
has to worry about me.
I will not bother you with anything.
Look at me, Guruji.
I've become how I used to be.
I don't need a wheelchair anymore.
You said one of us had a problem and
asked Lakshmi to stand in the rangoli.
What happened to her?
After that, we made Lakshmi stand
in the rangoli,
only then, we realized that
no one here had any problem.
Thank God.
I knew that no one in this
house would have any problem.
I must thank you first.
You spoke positively
the day we arrived here.
I cannot take the credit.
It's all God's work.
Come on.
-Come on.
-Aunt's legs are fine!
-Come on!
I want to tell something to everyone.
Treat Divya the way
you treat her normally.
No one should express
that she is possessed.
Keep that in mind.
What are you doing here?
I couldn't sleep the whole
night thinking about Divya.
Not only you, we did not sleep either.
Now that her legs are back to normal
she is jumping around in joy.
Doesn't she remember
anything that happened there?
Guruji says so.
Okay, don't sit here worrying about it.
Inform your Dad and come to the palace.
Father went to the society
to deliver milk.
Two people have occupied
my house and refuse to go.
In my girl's house?
Who are they?
Who is that?
How dare you enter my girl's
Murugesan! You are caught.
It's not me!
-No, please leave me alone.
I did not do anything.
-Who is it?
-It's me!
-Please leave me.
-Murugesan, it's me.
This is not working. Guess I must
give him the right treatment.
One! Two! Three!
Hope he has come back to reality.
Yes, it's me.
I'm already terrified
after seeing that girl.
And you want to terrify me again?
Are you trying to seek revenge?
Why can't you come quietly?
You talk like some wise man,
yet you ran out of the palace
to hide in here.
Are you not ashamed?
Being alive is more important
than shame. So, shut up.
Look, I don't want it.
I don't want that house.
If I register ownership of that palace,
I'll do it in Chandramukhi's name.
My nephew will sign as the witness
and I'll sign as the eyewitness.
Witness and eyewitness are the same.
As if I need your explanation,
I am already confused, so shut up.
I saw it twice, yet I am whining
only a little.
He saw it only once and
is hiding like a scared worm.
-Who is that?
-Look underneath.
Get up you wastrel, get up.
Who is that worm? Come out.
Come out now.
Ma'am is not accepting
my resignation letter.
The priest says that I'll die
if I get out of the house.
So, I hid here to stay
within a 50-meter radius.
The place is right, but
your hiding spot is wrong.
Why do you say so?
-Shall I tell you something?
Chandramukhi has a connection
with this house.
Which is the house that Chandramukhi saw
from the palace window to see her lover?
-Which house?
-This one.
Which was the house where
Gunasekaran hid himself from the king?
-Which house?
-This one.
-But here comes the most important fact.
So, be ready.
She thinks one of you is Gunasekaran.
Your life will be colorful from now on.
What will I do if she asks me
to dance like Gunasekaran?
I know only folk dance.
What did you tell them?
Why are they storming out?
I told them the truth.
-Shall I tell you one more truth?
-What is it?
You are very beautiful.
Enough! Oh, enough!
Enough of your stealing look
Flowers will fall for your sharp eyes
Who carefully drew
This beautiful painting?
I froze when I set my sight on it
You are the flower in my hands
I am the music to your ears
You are the sky to my earth
I am the honey of your taste buds
I will surrender myself to you
And take pleasure in it
I will utter your name
And live through this dream
I will laugh with you for eternity
I wish for it to happen
Your feet walk alongside mine
Will it walk with me forever?
-You are the flower in my hands
-I am the music to your ears
-You are the sky to my earth
-I am the honey of your taste buds
Enough! Oh, enough!
Enough of your stealing look
Flowers will fall for your sharp eyes
I must not see Chandramukhi
even through a small gap.
One, I don't see! Two, I don't see!
Three, I dont see! I see nothing.
What are you doing?
Now tell me.
Why are you wearing
sunglasses in the night?
This is not a sunglasses.
-This is an opaque glass.
-Opaque glass?
On the outside, it may
look like sunglasses,
but on the inside, I have
just stuck black paper.
I can't even see this glass in the mirror.
-But why?
-Oh, God!
The sight of the wheelchair
rotating is still fresh in my eyes.
Seems like the wives are more
courageous than the husbands.
There should not
be any sound tonight.
What are you doing under the bed?
Come out.
You doofus!
What's your problem now?
Why are you hiding under the bed?
It's nighttime.
I'm scared that my niece will turn into
and strangle me to death.
Where are you?
Looks like finally, someone brought
the light into your temple.
You should've been here by now!
Wherever you may be hiding,
I'll not spare you.
I'll not spare you.
Come on.
Come out.
Come, Guruji.
Greetings, Guruji.
Why have you all gathered here?
What happened?
Guruji, we heard sounds
from upstairs again.
-Where's Divya?
She is not in her room.
Pandian, what happened to my daughter?
She turned into Chandramukhi again.
She was holding a big sword and
was searching for someone in that room.
She fainted and collapsed on seeing me.
I am very concerned about my daughter.
I lit a lamp in the temple.
What happened here might
be the consequence of that.
Tomorrow, light a lamp on behalf
of your family and initiate the ritual.
Tomorrow? What about my daughter?
She'll come.
Stay at home tomorrow.
Who is she searching for?
Try to find out what's in that room.
To expel Chandramukhi from Divya's body,
your help is definitely needed.
Till the rituals are over, I'm planning
to stay in a room close to the temple.
I'm planning on moving in with the priest.
-Telugu party!
-In the driver's seat.
Come, Uncle. Let's go in my car.
If not us then who will drive our car?
Why are you driving the car?
Since my legs are fine now,
I thought of driving it myself.
Those who trust my driving
skills can come with me.
I'll go with my daughter.
Alright, follow our car.
while lighting the lamp in the temple,
should we all be present?
Yes, definitely.
This is only the first lamp lighting.
All of us must be present
for the last ritual.
So, let's go around for a joy ride.
I heard there is a waterfall nearby.
I am bored of sitting at home.
-Yes, Grandma. Please.
-Let's go there.
Their car is going that way.
Why are you going straight, Divya?
Will you turn the car around or not?
Divya, turn the car around now.
Will you turn the car around or not?
-Shut your mouth!
Please, stop the car.
Auntie! We are scared
No ritual must take place
in the Vettaiyan temple.
You must not do it.
I will not allow you to do it.
If you can light the lamp
with your own hands,
I will add oil to it every day,
and ensure that it burns
continuously till Durgashtami.
If I take one of your lives,
the ritual will be stopped.
Dear God!
That mad dog will not gain power.
He must not get it.
His soul must not rest.
His soul must suffer without peace.
What a grand and majestic throne!
Light the lamp.
-Let Ranganayaki come.
-Everything will go fine.
You light the lamp.
-Auntie, stop.
-Stop the car.
Oh, king of kings!
Oh, king of kings!
Oh, majestic king!
Oh, majestic king!
Oh, immortal king!
Oh, immortal king!
He has come.
Oh, king of the clans!
King Vettaiyan is coming.
From what had happened,
it seems like she was trying
to put you in serious danger.
She has failed in her first attempt,
she'll not be quiet anymore.
Hereafter, we cannot tell the difference
between Divya and Chandramukhi.
Everyone in this house
must be very careful with her.
It could be anybody,
at any time.
She is capable of doing anything.
How can we stop her, Guruji?
What are you saying, Swami?
I buried a 20-year-old orphan girl
just the day before yesterday.
A man has been lying on her tomb for the
past two days, refusing to eat or drink.
Chase him away and
conduct your rituals, if you can.
Are you planning to tame
a virgin girl's soul,
to gain control over
another virgin girl's soul?
Your rituals cannot control Chandramukhi.
That is not an ordinary enmity.
It's an enmity spanning
over 200 years.
Chandramukhi will not leave without
destroying the soul of that girl.
You think that the car stopped
because you lit the lamp in the temple.
But, the car stopped because
he arrived.
He's not Vettaiyan as you all think.
He is Sengottaiya!
I'm his Mahaguru.
Sengottaiya was the
brave General of Vettaiyan.
Vettaiyan and Sengottaiya along
with their army,
strode towards the Vijayanagar Palace.
It was in that palace,
that Vettaiyan saw Chandramukhi.
She is the epitome of grace
The Goddess of Dance
She can act, and she can dance
She is an artist with no parallels
Welcome. Oh, elegant dancer! Welcome
Oh, Chandramukhi, we welcome you
I move and dance like the heartbeat
Men cannot help themselves
From being charmed
It is a dance that echoes
The cosmic divinity
It's a visual delight
A dance for the ages
My rhythm will penetrate your nerves
My dance will live until
The end of the earth
My love
My love
You fill my thoughts
You are my heart's roar
Amid this magnificent music,
Our romance flourishes
I move and dance like the heartbeat
Men cannot help themselves
From being charmed
It is a dance that echoes
The cosmic divinity
How many dreams? How many waves?
In the layers of the maiden's heart
Love soars in me
Your thoughts soar in me
The time has come for the rainbow
To adorn the sky
You have captivated me with your appeal
At the holy feet of the mighty Lord Shiva
I move my feet and dance
In the thoughts of my only love
This world is empty without dance
Let the Vettaiyapuram flag fly high
on the palace of Vijayanagar.
Bring our flag.
Dancing step by step like a heartbeat
Men in nature are charmed
A dance that echoes
Cosmic holy monosyllable
Will live until earth spinsit
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
This is the queen's harem.
Men are not allowed to enter.
Men are not allowed.
Soldiers! Arrest them.
This fort belongs to Vettaiyan now.
This is not a harem anymore.
This is our pleasure house.
The angel who appeared in my dream.
My Highness, please don't go inside.
-This fort
-It may belong to you now.
-But no one can take her.
Anyone who dares to take her
will face a certain death.
I don't believe in such fables.
My Highness, please listen to me.
Don't go inside.
Chandramukhi is an angel born to dance.
My Highness, please listen to me.
You are walking into danger.
My friend!
One more crown to your glorious kingdom.
You have received it as a gift.
Vijayanagar Empire is at your feet.
Instead of celebrating it,
why are you sitting alone and sulking?
I have had a picture in my mind
about my future wife.
That dancing angel
I saw her in the harem
of Vijayanagar yesterday.
Eyelids resembling peacock feathers.
Eyes resembling fishes
swimming in water.
Her body is chiseled out of pure gold.
Even the creator would've
been fascinated by her.
If so
where is she?
She vanished in the blink of an eye,
Is she a sorceress to vanish
into thin air?
She was born to be mine.
Find her by any means
and bring her to me.
I'm giving you this responsibility,
my friend.
Will you do it?
What's her name?
She holds the moon in her name.
Nice name.
Have I ever declined any
of your requests until now?
You just sit down and happily
keep dreaming about your dream girl.
She'll be here in the blink of an eye.
This is Sengottaiya's promise.
Bye, my friend.
Sengottaiya, who went
in search of Chandramukhi,
saw her taking a bath in a pond.
How long will it take?
Let's go quickly, come.
Come, let's go.
First, let's go to the temple,
get the blessings of God,
and then go home.
Run away!
-It's dead.
-Why did you bring me here?
-My friend!
My brave general!
You have handed such an
unobtainable beauty to me.
What can I do for you in return?
Ask for anything you want.
Do you want gold?
Do you want diamonds?
Precious gems?
Or do you want your own country?
Ask me anything you want.
I will even sacrifice my life for you.
Ask, my friend.
The Chandramukhi I brought to you,
I want her as my gift.
Are you out of your mind?
She's my life!
You fell in love with
her just by looking at her.
I touched her.
My fingers caressed her body.
I held her into my arms
and brought her here.
Won't I fall in love with her?
-I have fallen in love.
Listen to me.
Until now, I have swung my
sword only to defeat my enemies.
I don't intend on using it
to kill my good friend.
Until now, I have swung
this sword only to protect you.
I don't intend to kill you
with the same sword.
After killing Vettaiyan
and disposing of his body,
Sengottaiya went to sit
on Vettaiyan's throne as Vettaiyan.
From now on,
I'm both Vettaiyan
and Sengottaiya!
Vettaiyapuram's people and its army
were completely
under Sengottaiya's control.
See that, Chandramukhi?
Because of your immaculate beauty,
our friendship that
spanned for several years
has turned to dust.
From now on, this palace belongs to us.
I'm the king,
and you are the queen!
You were hasty, Your Highness.
If you had asked about
what was in my heart,
you wouldn't have lost your friendship.
"Your Highness, without being hasty,
if you had asked what was in her heart,
you wouldn't have lost
your friendship." she says.
In your heart?
What's in it?
In the kingdom of Vijayanagar,
there is a person who dances with me.
I am in love with him.
Your Highness.
I understood. Go back.
When we both dance together,
all the eyes in the court are only on us.
Court? Dance?
All eyes were on both of you?
We are a pair not only in dance.
We wish to live as a pair in life.
Gunasekaran is indeed a lucky man.
Please let me go.
Please take me to Gunasekaran.
Sure, I will take you to him
and unite you with your lover.
I will shower flowers on you
and bless you.
The fact that he is still alive
is why I call him a lucky man.
From now on, you and your dance
belong to me only.
I, Sengottaiya,
who has transformed into Vettaiyan
do not desire anything easily.
But if I do,
I will not rest until I acquire it.
Be it a piece of land
or a gorgeous beauty like you!
Who's there?
Take her away.
When Chandramukhi feared
that anything could go wrong at any time,
one fine day, Sengottaiya ordered her
to be brought dressed up as a bride.
The king of kings!
The majestic king!
The immortal king!
The king of the clans!
Behold King Vettaiyan!
Greetings, Guru.
He's my Guru. Mahaguru!
This is my Clan Deity,
Goddess Durgai Amman.
Hail Goddess Mother Durga!
No need to fear, Chandramukhi.
While waging a war with
the sole notion of victory,
many lives are taken
and it is considered fair.
For each and every life lost,
a whole family is affected, right?
Hence, I'm performing this ritual
to cleanse those sins.
And not just that.
It is to introduce my bride Chandramukhi
to my Deity.
I brought you here.
Also, I completely trust that
my Deity will change your mind.
-Your Highness.
-What's the news, minister?
Prince from the neighboring kingdom
has sent a message
saying he wants to meet you.
-When did the message arrive?
-Messenger arrived with it this morning.
Prince would like to meet you
tomorrow morning.
Not only that, highness.
He also wants to meet your subjects.
Invite him, minister.
Let him witness how our kingdom
is flourishing.
As you wish, Highness.
Like how Chandramukhi
has possessed Divya,
likewise, Vettaiyan has possessed Pandian.
By the way, who is this Vettaiyan?
Don't ask about him! Crap! Filth!
I heard that he is a womanizer.
Wherever he goes,
it seems he sniffs out and tries to woo
all women. The beautiful, old, and young!
He'd even cut down and take away a tree
if it was draped in women's clothing.
There was a girl named Chandramukhi living
somewhere, making a living by dancing.
He abducted her and demanded
her to sleep with him, but she refused.
Just like that, he burnt her alive!
Such a lusty womanizer! Bloody sinner!
I said a lot of bad things about
Vettaiyan to Pandian.
Amid all this, how am I going
to save myself?
Why are we being tested so much for
wanting to perform a ritual for our Deity?
it was your idea to rent out
this house, right?
If you hadn't rented out this place,
Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan wouldn't have
shown up.
Now as problems pile up here,
they both will target your life, right?
Do you think you brought Pandian here?
But the truth is, he has brought
you all here.
What do you mean?
He decides what goes on here.
Oh, God!
Is he Pandian now
or is he Vettaiyan?
That doesn't matter.
The best thing to do
is to surrender myself to him.
If you don't mind
can you spare some time?
Remember the other day
I told you about Vettaiyan?
Looks like all that is a big, fat lie.
Also, it seems that Mr. Vettaiyan
doesn't even bat an eye towards women.
Seems like he had a heart of pure gold.
But then that Chandramukhi
It seems she had a very bad character.
Vettaiyan loved her with his life
but she went behind his back
and lured in some dancer to her room,
romanced and had a good time with him.
Look at her atrocity!
A man can have a mistress.
But a woman can have a grandfather,
great grandfather
but can she have a courtesan?
When Vettaiyan found out about this,
it drove him furious and he
brutally beheaded her lover!
I also would've done the same thing
if I was in his position, right?
Did I ask you to tell me all this?
I just told you for the sake of my safety.
He's being Vettaiyan now.
It was so brave and bold of me
to talk like that to Vettaiyan.
Save me, God! Protect me.
Come again. Courtesan?
God, there are ghosts
in every direction here.
So you also were here?
Well, all I am asking is
how can Chandramukhi
be the wrong person?
Just because one can talk
doesn't mean that they can
cook up stories without limits!
He shamelessly accuses Chandramukhi
of having an illicit lover.
When I asked for evidence
everyone just burst out in different
directions and ran away, ma'am.
But they can't outrun me!
No way!
Outrunning me I'm screwing it up.
I asked you just one question.
And you've been replying for an hour now!
An hour? That was quick!
Look at the size of that finger.
Oh, God! Brother!
-What happened to you?
-Are you okay?
Hope you didn't get hurt.
-What happened?
-Suddenly the antler fell down.
Thank God, Pandian saved me
at the right time.
-Or else
-Are you okay, sir?
it was me who tried to hurt Uncle.
I was sitting there
but now I am standing here.
-Something happened in between.
You didn't do anything.
This is after all
a very old house.
May be nail gave in
and the antler fell down.
No, the other day when
I set out to the temple,
I took the car.
But without visiting the temple,
I returned home but I have no idea
how it happened, Mom.
When everyone stood on that rangoli,
I didn't know what happened to me.
I guess I am the one who
is affected in this house.
I am to be blamed for everything, Mom.
It is all because of me.
-I'm responsible for everything.
You are the root cause of every problem
in this house!
It is you who is possessed
by Chandramukhi.
And the main reason for all this
is that thing around your neck.
This anklet bell!
You can take off that
anklet bell from her.
But when Chandramukhi possesses her,
you can't do anything.
As soon as Chandramukhi possesses her,
she won't rest until she kills Pandian.
Pandian is here to help this family.
And I will kill him?
No way! We must stop it at any cost!
Hey, Divya!
Let me go. Just let me go.
I said, just let go!
-Listen to me.
-Chandramukhi wants me, right?
-What if I die?
-If you die
your ritual will not be performed
and her wish will be granted.
Chandramukhi's spirit will not
rest in peace until she kills Vettaiyan.
On the day of Durgashtami
Chandramukhi will kill Pandian,
whom she sees as Vettaiyan.
I know how to save myself.
Can you save yourself?
I'll see you, you scoundrel!
Come inside.
Why did you come again?
That day, I was scared
that he might recognize you.
What if he comes and sees you?
Let him! I don't care.
Life and death, I want both
to be with you, Chandramukhi.
In order to escape tonight,
she'll help us.
Thank you, sister.
If by chance you get caught
Even if they take our lives,
we will not betray you.
The king is on his way.
He is coming here.
-Come, ma'am.
Stay put here.
Your Highness
I was about to come and meet you.
But you are already here.
Goddess Durga!
Hail Goddess Mother Durga!
You were about to come and meet me?
It's unbelievable, Chandramukhi.
I'm going to give you a gift.
A gift?
Are you going to give me a gift?
My dance is only for you.
You're the mightiest of all warriors
You're incomparable
Oh, warrior
I am the dancing queen
You are the sole owner of the music
That comes from my anklets, oh, warrior
Just for you
And only just for you
Shall I dance just for you?
Many courts have witnessed
My dance performance
But my performance will be complete
And blessed only with your praises
Just for you
And only just for you
Shall I dance just for you?
This dance is my gift
At all of this is for you, oh, King
Anybody else replacing me here
Will be a sin
Oh, sun, please go away
Oh, moon, please go away
Oh the shining star, please go away
Oh, wind, please go away
This is not a dance to pay obeisance
This is my first performance for my love
Shall I dance just for you?
Witnessing this performance of yours
is an honor to me.
When I was least expecting,
you gifted me your dance performance.
Shouldn't I also give you a return gift?
It's all for you.
I was never interested
in all this, my king.
I know very well that you don't have
any desire for it.
So, I'm going to give you
an unexpected gift.
Bring it.
This gift
is exclusively for you, Chandramukhi.
She is the brain behind the plan made
for you to escape from here tonight.
She got fooled and lost
her life in exchange! Traitor!
I did the right thing.
Right, Chandramukhi?
It's all over. Chandramukhi
This is why I asked you to leave.
Oh, God!
What is this?
People around me are torturers!
Poor Gunasekaran!
If you fall in love with a beautiful girl,
this is how you'll get beaten up.
Poor Gunasekaran.
Legs are very essential
for dancers, isn't it?
Look, they have broken it.
If they both dance together,
it seems the world will watch with awe.
Today, I'll watch it.
Let your dance performance begin now!
What is this relationship?
Is it a magic?
Is this karma?
Is this a curse or some unquenched desire?
Is this an imminent apocalypse?
Is love a remnant of grief?
Can passion be confined?
A self-sabotage to win over love
It's a fearless rampage
Of love
It's a fearless rampage of love
Come to me
Oh, master of romance
Come on. Come to me
Go away!
Your Gunasekaran is dead.
when you come closer
and hug me tight,
I could feel that the lust seen in
your eyes was not felt in your fingers.
I felt some anxiety in them.
Do you think I am a fool who
cannot even realize that?
I am Sengottaiya!
Look at her audacity!
You bring your lover into my palace
and hide him here,
and dance to romance me, singing
Just for you
And only just for you
Do you think you can deceive me?
Time for you to unite with your lover!
Douse her with oil.
After he burnt down Chandramukhi to ashes,
her spirit never left Sengottaiya
in peace.
Sengottaiya couldn't find any peace
and roamed around his secret chamber
like a madman.
One day, in the same chamber,
he died due to a snake bite.
Unknowingly, you opened his secret
chamber, where his spirit wandered.
Back then Ganga opened
Chandramukhi's chamber
and freed her spirit.
You sat on Sengottaiya's throne
and that paved the way
for his spirit to possess you.
In this battle that will take place
on the day of Durgashtami,
the exact time at which Sengottaiya
beheaded Gunasekaran,
at the exact same time and second,
Chandramukhi will behead Sengottaiya.
In which case,
just like Guruji predicted.
On the day of Durgashtami, my life
will be in danger because of Divya.
Tomorrow, you'll see the real Chandramukhi
when she possesses Divya.
Swami, 17 years ago,
Ganga thought of herself as Chandramukhi
and acted as if she was possessed.
Now, the real Chandramukhi is here.
I wonder what havoc she is going to wreck.
Only God knows.
Come on.
Come on. Come to me
Come on. It's time
Come on. Time to introduce you
To the Lord of death
I am the raging fire
Don't you underestimate me
You are going to burn down to ashes
So, come on
Come on. It's time
Come on. Time to introduce you
To the Lord of death
My dreams, the only place
Where I find happiness
Like a thief, you came and stole it
You pushed my entire life into a pyre
How can I spare your life?
I'll rise like a ferocious deadly snake
I am here to execute you
I'll lure you to your death
I will
This is the story of a fiery woman
Who is here to send you to hell
So, come on. Come to me, you fearless
Release my hunting dogs!
You mongrel!
Today, I'll burn you alive and
reduce you to ashes.
I'll take my revenge.
Come on!
Come on!
Even while fighting,
you look very beautiful, Chandramukhi!
To control Vettaiyan's power,
your Guruji would've
drawn a holy circle there.
At one point, you'll fall into the circle.
From there, we'll bring Sengottaiya
under our control.
After that,
you will be no one but Pandian.
You'll no longer be under
Sengottaiya's possession.
But still, for Chandramukhi,
you will appear to be Sengottaiya.
You are free of Sengottaiya
and Chandramukhi has realized it.
She will destroy herself.
Set him ablaze
and quench your thirst for revenge.
But return our girl to us.
Come and pour the oil.
-Come on.
Bring the firewood.
Set him ablaze and take your revenge!
I have finished you!
My revenge is complete!
This is my fort!
This is my empire!
why did that sage sacrifice his life?
Since Vettaiyan burned Chandramukhi alive,
Vettaiyan's spirit must wander restlessly.
Since that Sage safeguarded
Chandramukhi's ashes in that chamber,
he too must wander restlessly until death.
She inflicted these two curses.
Not only that, if Sage ever dies,
it must only be at the hands
of Chandramukhi.
This family must perform the ritual
for their Clan Deity.
The Sage's curse must be stopped.
For that, you were needed here.
And that's fate.
And that is what unfolded here.
No one can overpower fate.
-Come. Please, come.
-Everything went well, Murugesan.
See you, Murugesan.
-See you. Everything went well.
-Happy to hear that. Okay, ma'am.
Everything went well,
and all the problems were solved.
But it hurts me to see all of you leave.
Forget about me, ma'am.
But don't forget this house,
and do visit regularly.
Why is no one replying?
-Where's Pandian?
-He is nowhere to be seen.
-Good reply.
-Even the kids are not to be seen.
we might travel in different cars,
but we are a single family!
Like that! That laughter
is what I wanted to hear.
Yes, Pandian?
You have a good heart.
-God will bless you.
But then, you will be
living alone in this house.
If any problem arises again
give me a call.
Even if I am far away,
I'll attend your call. Okay?
-He just nods without knowing what to do.
Let's go?
Awesome! Super!
Every guy who comes to this house
woos some girl from here
and takes them away while leaving.
Well, that's how lucky this house is.
Is it repeating again?