Change of Heart (2016) Movie Script

- [yelling indistinctly]
[dramatic music]
- All right, let s go.
Dismount that vehicle.
- Okay, and is there
anything else
you d like to add
before we wrap up?
- I would just add that
not everyone understands
why we re here, but we believe
in what we re doing.
- Oh.
Thank you, Sarge,
and more importantly,
thank you for your service.
I ll be sure to send you
a copy of the article
when it s finished.
- Thanks, Andy.
You staying for chow?
- I can t.
Got to catch a flight back home.
- Best of luck.
Jones, escort Andy
back to base camp.
- We got ourselves
another duck.
- [laughs]
- Jones?
- [laughs]
- If you enjoy bed bugs
and watery eggs,
then this is
the hotel for you.
- 10,000 miles
away from home,
and I still can t escape
reality TV.
- That s depressing.
- Come on, I ll take you.
[upbeat music]
- [vocalizing]
Ooh, hoo
- There s my favorite boss.
Gina, I ll let you know.
- So, the next time you re in
North Carolina s Outer Banks,
stop by Leo and Lee s
for a cozy bed
and a scrumptious breakfast.
I m Jared Blasco.
Tune in next week
for my next jaunt.
- If that delivery
were any cheesier,
we could spread it
on a cracker.
Judd, welcome to reality TV.
[phone ringing]
- But is this B & B
in the mountains a bit...
over the hill?
- What do you think?
- I think we need to back it up
to the top of the stairs,
or else it ruins
my grand entrance.
And make sure
you get a shot
of that broken window shade
in my room.
I made a joke
about our shady decorator.
- You can t say that.
You re the one
who broke the shade.
- But the network wants
to spice things up,
and I think it s a direction
worth exploring.
Anyway, we need a replacement
hotel for next month,
so any ideas
from my favorite producer?
I was actually thinking about
the Shangri-la Hotel and Spa.
Everyone s talking about it.
- The last time we tried
to do a big hotel chain,
it just seemed like we were
doing an infomercial.
- Shangri-la s so new,
I just don t want another show
getting in ahead of us.
I mean,
you don t want to be beaten
by another producer,
do you?
[mellow music]
- Oh, you found it.
No, no, that s great.
[phone ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Hello?
- Brian, it s Andy.
- Andy, my man.
Are you back on U.S. soil?
- Even better, back in town.
Almost to my mom s place now.
Long flight, long drive.
I had to get some coffee.
- That s great news, bud.
You re just in time.
- What do you mean?
- Your mom s handyman quit.
I guess she couldn t afford
to pay him anymore.
The B & B is falling apart.
- What?
She didn t tell me that.
- You were unreachable.
I been trying to help out
when I can,
but I got a job,
a wife, two kids.
My free time is limited.
It s good you re
back in town, bud.
- Sounds like it.
- Hey, I got to go.
See you soon?
- Yeah, sounds great.
- All right.
- All right, bye.
- Hey.
Did Jared get the memo
on the Florida location?
- I don t know, but he sure
didn t get the memo
that we re not
dating anymore.
- It s never a good idea
to date your boss.
- To be fair,
he was my boyfriend
before he was my boss.
- Whoa, your food blog
has 50,000 followers?
I can t believe you haven t
told Jared
you re "E-Dining with Edina."
- You re the only one
who knows.
Anyway, I should probably
get going.
Jared wants me to check out
the Shangri-la Hotel and Spa.
- Wow, lucky.
[upbeat music]
- Be with you in a sec.
You have a reservation?
- A lot of reservations.
- Andy, I wasn t expecting you
till tomorrow.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
- I got an early flight
out of Brussels.
- Oh.
- You have the most boring
- Diane Brown?
- It s just easier to travel
with an alias, even for fun.
- I mean, your name,
Diane McCarthy,
is not much of a change.
[funky music]
- Mmm, pretty.
- Turn left ahead
at Cedar Road.
- Left turn ahead.
- Madam, can you spare a morsel
for a weary traveler?
- Charles.
Another medical conference.
Are you gonna speak this time?
- No, no, no,
I m listening this time.
It s a big lecture
on kidney stones.
- Hey, Dr. Burke.
- Andy, how are you?
- How have you been?
- Ah, I can t complain.
Been reading your articles--
very exciting.
- Yeah, you should see what
doesn t make the news.
- Is that right?
- Honey, would you take
Dr. Burke s bag
up to room seven?
- Of course.
- Once I get settled,
I ll come back down and we ll
catch up on all the excitement
that s happened
since last medical conference.
- Oh, Cedar Road,
where are you?
- Make a legal U-turn
when possible,
then proceed
to Cedar Road.
- What?
I-I can t make a U-turn here.
Oh, my God.
Okay, all right.
Am I stuck?
- You been coming here
for quite some time.
You think that Forest Cove is
a little too much for my mom?
- Ah, Helen s been
working pretty hard
to keep this place going,
but hey, listen, Andy,
every business has
its ups and downs.
She ll be just fine.
- I hope so.
Oh, watch out for that banister.
It s a little loose.
- What d you do,
run out of duct tape?
- [groans]
- Hey, Jared,
do you have a second to talk?
- Oh, hi, Gina.
I could use the help.
Having a beast of a time
trying to choose a head shot.
What do you think?
- That one.
- Really?
- You look so good
in all of them.
- Right, what can I do
for you?
- Do you remember
a few months ago,
when we talked
about trying me out on camera?
You said you d help me
find a hosting job,
and it s really my dream
to do what you do,
and I d be so honored
to learn from the best.
- Gina, have you heard
of a little something
called star power?
- Yeah.
- Some people, like myself, are
born with a natural charisma--
a sort of a je ne sais--
whatever--that draws the public
right in like a moth to a flame.
That s what I have,
star power.
You understand
what I m saying?
- That I m not a star?
- Exactly.
- You ve got to be kidding me.
- Actually, Gina, I m not.
- Forget it, Jared.
I ll see you later.
- Look, maybe you can pose
as an extra behind me sometime.
I mean, that d be fun,
- Sure, Jared.
- That s the one.
- This place looks like it needs
a fresh coat of paint.
- This place needs
a lot of things.
Been a little slow,
so I haven t had
much left over for repairs.
- What happened
to the handyman?
- Henry took a job
at the Shangri-la.
- Well, you re gonna
need a handyman.
It looks like
the roof s leaking.
I mean, who s gonna
take care of that, me?
- Well, that was nice of you
to offer, thank you.
- Helen?
- Mom.
- Oh, Bill,
meet my son, Andy.
- Oh, hey--
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Um, Helen,
I was gonna ask about the Wi-Fi.
It s not working in my room.
- Oh, yeah, it s on the fritz.
It still works in the lounge.
[slow upbeat music]
[thunder rumbling]
[lightning strikes]
what happened to you?
- I was on my way to Shangri-la,
and my car was stuck,
and then my phone was dead,
so could I borrow your phone?
- Of course you can, but it s
gonna take quite a while
for road service
to get out here.
Why don t you just
stay the night?
- Thank you, but I really should
get going to Shangri-la.
- You need to get
out of those wet clothes.
You re gonna catch a cold,
and then you re gonna
ruin your whole vacation.
I can dry them up for you.
- Really?
- Yeah,
and then you can have something
to eat while you re waiting.
You must be starving.
- I am.
- All right,
so shall we begin?
So today, I would like to focus
on the concept of "yes."
Oh, hello.
You must be new.
What s your name?
- Gina.
- Gina, I m Ben.
Welcome to class.
We re happy to have you.
- Thank you.
- So what brings you
to class?
Are you an actress or
just looking to have some fun?
- Actually,
I want to be a host.
- A host.
- A television host.
I work behind the scenes
at "Jaunts with Jared,"
but my real dream is
to host my own TV show.
- Oh, well, that s great.
So what are you hoping
to gain from this class?
- Practice, mostly.
I was hoping I could do
some improv interviews
while I was here.
- I think we can
make that happen.
All right, guys,
let s get into "yes."
- Hi, Jared, it s me.
I m not at the spa.
I m at--
[knocking at the door]
Uh, never mind.
I m fine.
I got to go.
Hi, Helen.
- Hi.
So your clothes are
almost ready.
This should help
in the meantime.
- Thank you.
- I called about your car.
They towed it
to the service station,
but nobody can get to it
until tomorrow,
so why don t you just spend
the night here and--no charge.
- That s so nice.
- Sleep well, dear.
- Good night.
Nothing beats hot chocolate
on a stormy night...
unless it s someone
delivering it to your door.
This little B & B
is full of surprises.
- Awesome job tonight, guys.
All right, that s it
for tonight.
Homework assignment--
I want you all to create
a character,
and I want you to know
this character inside out.
The twist is that Gina
will be playing herself,
as the host
of her own TV show.
So next week, your characters
are all going to be guests
on her show, and we will see
what happens.
Got it?
All right, see you next time,
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
[upbeat music]
- [groans]
- Excuse me.
Can you stop?
I m trying to sleep.
- You succeeded.
It s almost noon.
- What? I was supposed to
wake up at 7:00 a.m.
- Our wake-up calls are
pretty unreliable.
My mother thinks you need
to sleep, she ll ignore it.
- Wait, Helen is
your mother?
- I m Andy.
You must be Miss Brown.
- What? Oh, yeah.
Just call me Diane.
- She s worried about you.
- Well, I m great.
I can t remember
the last time I slept
more than four hours.
Wow, it is pretty here.
[inspiring music]
- Hello.
Everything okay up there?
- Yeah.
- Okay, well, come down
and have some lunch.
- It was nice meeting you.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- I apologize for the coffee
machine not working.
- Tea is fine,
as long as there s caffeine.
[both chuckle]
- Tammy,
would you bring
some eggs Florentine
for Diane, please?
- You bet.
- Thanks, but I really should
get going to Shangri-la.
- You know what?
The service station called,
and they said that
when you went off the road,
something happened
underneath your car,
and it s gonna be
at least until tomorrow
before they can
get it fixed.
Why don t you just
stay here
until everything
gets sorted out?
- I guess one more day
wouldn t hurt,
but I want to pay
for my room.
- Okay, I ll take it.
- [laughs]
- Enjoy your breakfast.
- Okay.
- How s the art coming?
- I m going in a completely
different direction--
more minimalist.
What do you think?
- I think you re really
finding something inside.
Keep looking.
You re close.
- "The best thing
about this blog
is the great surprises
along the way."
- Here you go, Diane.
- Thank you.
- You re welcome.
- Mmm.
"Forest Cove s kitchen
may not look like much,
but the eggs Florentine
are egg-cellent."
- [whispers] Ask her.
- Oh, excuse me,
but can you take
a picture of us?
- Oh, sure.
- Thanks.
- We come every year
on our wedding anniversary
and take the same photo.
- [chuckles]
We even wear
the same clothes.
- That s such a lovely
Say, um, "Forest Cove."
both: Forest Cove.
- [laughs]
So how long have you guys
been married?
- Ten years.
- It s your tenth wedding
anniversary, and you come here?
You don t go to Hawaii
or Italy?
- Oh, well, we ve been
to those places,
but we met here.
Forest Cove is special.
- Thank you.
- I love this place.
- It s great, huh?
- Or something like it.
- Something like it.
- Karen, pick up line two.
Karen, line two.
- Andy.
Welcome back, bud.
- Feels great to be back.
- How was your trip?
- Long, but good.
- How s your mom?
- She s well.
Putting me to work,
meddling in people s business--
you know, the usual.
- Sounds like Helen.
- Yeah.
- She doing okay?
- You know, honestly,
I don t know how she s kept
the place up this long.
I don t know how much longer
she can do it.
I mean, she can t afford
another handyman,
and I leave
in a couple weeks.
- Where you going
this time?
- Got an assignment
in Australia.
- Wow.
Must be nice.
- Yeah.
It s my first cover.
- Sounds like a big deal.
- Yeah.
- What are you gonna do about
your mom--about Forest Cove?
- I don t know, it s--
[phone ringing]
One second, all right?
You know what? It s her.
I got to get back, man.
Talk to you later, okay?
- All right, bud.
Come on, fellas.
These boxes got to go out today.
[wistful music]
- Orchard looks good.
I did notice your new
herb garden over there.
- Yeah, you know,
Tammy, our waitress,
she s been planting vegetables
and herbs for the restaurant.
Look at the time.
Aren t you supposed to be
at a conference today?
- Oh, yeah, the conference.
Well, I could either be watching
a PowerPoint demonstration
or be sitting here
on a lovely day
with a beautiful woman,
so that s a tough one.
- Jared.
- Lynn,
great to see you again.
If I may say so,
you look absolutely stunning.
- You re probably wondering
why I m speaking to you--
- Well, I assumed it s cause
you just love seeing me.
- No, that s not it.
We had to cancel the bug show.
- [chuckles]
Great, that show was dreadful.
- That show was my idea.
- Such a good idea.
I mean, why on earth
would you want to cancel
a show like that?
- That means I have
a slot open this week,
and I would like to do
a live special
on "Jaunts with Jared."
- With pleasure.
Oh, we ve never done
a live show before.
There are
lots of possibilities.
- We need it to be memorable.
It s got to be
something different
than your usual shtick.
- I think I ve got an idea.
Do you want to hear it?
- No, I have a meeting,
but I do trust you will do
whatever it takes
to get the ratings.
- Oh, I will.
- I know.
- [whistles]
- What s cooking?
It s so rare
I get to ask that
to someone who s
actually cooking.
- [laughs]
I m trying to make
a key lime pie,
but it keeps coming out
too lime-y.
- Huh, better than tasting
like keys.
You know,
maybe I could help.
- You bake?
- I know a little bit
about food.
- Well, I don t want
to put you to work.
- It s not work.
I love to bake, it relaxes me.
- Well, in that case,
be my guest.
Forest Cove is
all about relaxing.
- Everyone seems
to love it here.
- I still feel like everybody
that comes here is family.
- I can tell.
- Mom, I think the Carsons
are ready to check out.
- Oh, I ll be right back.
- Okay.
- My mother s got you
working too?
- I volunteered.
- Yeah, she s good
at making people think that.
- Your mom s one of the sweetest
people I ve ever met.
- And that s no way
to run a business.
- Your mom treats the guests
like family.
Inns like these are
They are special,
and they need to be saved.
With the right publicity,
this place could be
booked for months.
- We don t have the money
for marketing.
We can barely afford
new light bulbs.
- Don t need a lot of money
to get noticed.
- No wonder my mother
likes you--
another person who does not live
in the real world.
- You, like this pie crust,
need to chill.
[phone ringing]
- Hey, how s the B & B?
- I have an idea.
Instead of Shangri-la,
let s do the show
about Forest Cove.
- Is the altitude shorting out
your brain waves?
- I m serious.
This place is totally charming,
and the owner is, like,
the nicest woman on the planet.
They could really use
some good publicity.
- I don t know, Jared s all set
to cover the spa.
- Gina, this is why we started
the show in the first place--
to give mom-and-pop businesses
the attention they deserve.
- I m not the one
you have to convince.
Jared wants something
big and shiny to get ratings.
- I know.
- Hang on.
- That was the network.
- Jared, I have Diane
on the phone.
She wants to run
a show idea past you.
I m putting you
on speaker.
I m here with Jared,
Eric, and Judd.
- Hi, guys.
- Diane.
- So I ve got news.
The network is pulling the show
about the people who eat bugs.
- "Ant Eaters"?
I love that show.
- They ve got some slots
that they want to fill,
so they re talking
about doing a special event.
- Bad for bugs,
good for us.
- They re thinking about
doing a live
"Jaunts with Jared" special
next week,
and if it goes well,
we could have a spin-off.
- I don t know.
A live show is tough.
- Not with the right place.
- What, you mean
the Shangri-La?
- No, it s a B & B
called Forest Cove.
It s a little run-down
but charming.
They could really use
some publicity from our show,
and we could even
save their business.
- Run-down?
- I know what you re thinking,
but there s a lot of wonderful
things we could highlight.
- No, it s perfect.
- Really?
- Yeah, stay put.
Get some more pictures.
Get a little bit
more information.
Did you use a fake name?
- I always do.
Jared, we re doing
something amazing
for these people.
- Well, that s what makes
great TV.
Let me have a word
with the network.
I ll let you know
if they bite.
Bye for now.
- We ll get on it
right away.
I ll have Judd
start the paperwork.
- I ll jump right on it.
- Are we really gonna build
a live special
around a quaint little B & B?
- Quaint little run-down
B & B--that s the key.
The network wants
something memorable.
We re gonna make this place
look so bad,
people would rather
sleep in their cars.
- Thank you, Dr. Roberts,
and all of my guests tonight,
for your insightful...
That s all for tonight,
Tune in next week
for another episode
of "Gina s Jabber."
- And scene.
Nice work, everyone.
All right, our time is up
for tonight.
No homework this week.
I want our exercise next time
to be completely spontaneous.
All right,
I will see you next time.
Gina, can you stay
for a second?
- Sure.
- Join me.
- What s up, Ben?
- I wanted to talk to you
about your performance.
- Ugh, you hated it.
- No, not at all.
I didn t hate it.
- Well, it didn t feel right.
I was terrible.
Jared was right.
- You weren t bad, really.
I can tell you have
a lot of potential.
And I don t know
who this Jared guy is,
but he s wrong about you.
You have something special.
- You think so?
- Oh, I know so.
You just need to relax
a little, okay?
Just be yourself.
You re coming off a little--
- Like a demented
- Just a little bit.
[both laughing]
I think we need to get you
some real-world experience.
- What do you mean?
- What are you doing
tomorrow night?
- Nothing, I guess.
- I have an idea.
I will text you
where and when.
- Sure.
- Just trust me.
- [laughs]
- Dr. Burke, how are you?
- Hey, Andy.
- Mom, I m gonna head into town.
Do you need anything?
- Yes, please take
my coffee machine in
and get it fixed.
- Coffee machine s about as old
as I am.
It s a lost cause.
- Well, whatever you might need
to sand and paint those benches.
- Okay.
Anything else?
- Oh, yeah, room three,
it has a crack in the wall.
You know, the last time
you patched one,
you did such a good job
with that spackle.
- That s what I get
for asking.
- [laughs]
- Yeah, you said it.
Well, you were always
your mother s best employee.
- Just like old times.
Have a good one.
Hey, Brian.
- Hey, Andy.
What are you doing here?
- Did you know my mom s behind
on all her bills?
They re about
to cut the power off.
- I didn t know
it was that bad.
What are you gonna do?
- I don t know.
I just don t see how
she can keep this up.
- I hate to say this,
but have you thought
about selling the place?
- I was hoping it wouldn t
get to that point.
- I know a guy who does
this type of thing.
Let me give you
his card.
- You know it would break
my mom s heart to sell.
- Just meet with the guy,
see what he has to say.
You don t have to decide
just yet.
- All right.
I ll think about it.
- Come on,
I ll get you his card.
- One grilled cheese
with tomato soup.
- Oh, thank you, Tammy.
Tammy, what do people do here?
Are there any activities?
- Lots of hiking trails.
Helen ll pack you a picnic
if you want.
Oh, there s a stream.
Do you fish?
- Only for compliments.
- Well, there s the hayride.
That s fun.
- Oh, hayride.
- How is everything?
- You are an amazing cook.
Is that powdered sugar
on the grilled cheese?
- No one has ever guessed
my secret ingredient before.
Now, as for my secret agenda,
I keep plying you with food,
hoping you ll stay longer.
- Actually, I like it
so much here at Forest Cove,
I was hoping to stay here
instead of moving on to the spa.
- Wonderful.
- Getting the crossword.
It s a real lollapalooza
this week, just like you.
- Will you excuse me
for a minute?
- [sighs]
- Thought you were gonna be
at your conference all day.
- Well, nothing on the itinerary
jumped out at me.
- Mm?
- Yeah.
- Well, don t they have
some kind of a dinner reception?
- Yeah, but that means
I would miss
your fettuccine puttanesca,
- That would be
- Mm.
- Look at that poor boy.
You can t create art
when you re confused.
He just needs some inspiration.
A Mona Lisa.
- Ah, so you re meddling.
- It s not meddling
when it s done out of love.
- Careful, it s hot.
- Tammy.
- Oh, sorry.
- There s a hungry artist
in the garden.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh.
- Helen thought
you could use a snack.
- Thank you.
What do you think?
- What s it supposed to be?
- I m trying to get
into art school with this.
I have to come up
with something really special
if I want to get in.
You don t like it,
do you?
- I kind of like things
that look like...things.
- Well, everybody has
their own taste.
- Good luck.
[phone ringing]
- What do you want,
- We found the perfect place
for the special, Lynn.
I m about to drive there now.
You are going to love it.
- So you called me out
of a meeting
to tell me that you re
doing your job.
- Well, I thought
you might want to know
what we re planning
on doing.
- I really don t care.
If you want to impress me,
get me ratings.
- Oh, I will.
- Remember,
it needs to be memorable.
- Understood.
I will not disappoint.
- I hope not.
- [laughs]

- Can t relax
on your vacation?
- Oh, work called.
They want me to work
on, um, work.
- Listen, I want to apologize
for snapping at you earlier.
Just--I worry
about my mom.
- It s okay.
You were being a good son.
But when I met your mother,
I saw one tough cookie.
- So you ve tried
her baking.
[phone ringing]
- Gina?
Hello, can you hear me?
- Try out front,
by the driveway.
Oh, and raise your arm.
- I m not falling for that.
You just want me to look silly.
- Now I can hear you.
I ve been calling all morning,
and I can t get through.
- Reception s terrible here.
You should try the hotel phone.
What s up?
- The network approved
Forest Cove for the special.
I think the place is going to
get some great exposure.
Jared wants more pictures.
- I can t wait to tell
Helen and Andy.
- You have to wait.
You re still undercover,
so they don t give you
special treatment.
- That s the thing, they give
everyone special treatment here.
We could not have picked
better people to help.
- Oh, and Jared s
coming up
to do a drive-by
to check out the place.
- I know he likes to get
the lay of the land,
but you can t really tell much
from the outside.
- Well, he thinks he s
such a big star
that if he comes in,
everyone will recognize him.
- Of course he does.
- Oh, and he wants
to meet you
at a restaurant nearby
for dinner.
- Just tell me
when Jared s calling Helen.
Andy, I just got off the phone
with Jared Blasco.
He s coming here.
- Uh, never mind.
- "Jaunts with Jared" turned
that little place in Connecticut
into New England s
top bed and breakfast.
This is gonna be just the boost
that we needed.
- Okay, Mom,
let s not get excited.
I mean, they edit these shows
to make it look
like the owner s
- Have you ever seen
that show?
- No, but I ve seen
a lot of reality,
and they take things
out of context,
all the problems,
and we know that Forest Cove
has a lot of problems.
- But not all of these shows
focus on the negatives.
- I ve watched the show,
and that Jared
is a really nice guy--
just the kind of person
who would love it here.
He s really cute too.
- I still think
you should say no.
We can come up
with another plan.
- Andy, this sounds like
an opportunity of a lifetime.
I don t think you can
turn it down.
- There is no such thing
as free advertising.
- But the show is about finding
diamonds in the rough,
so obviously Forest Cove
will come off looking amazing.
- And they ll find
every crack in the wall,
every leaky faucet.
- Hey, I m doing this show,
so you two can stop bickering.
- I think that s
the right choice, Helen.
In fact, I know it is.
- All right, Mom,
if we re gonna do this,
there s a lot of things
that need to be fixed.
- Okay, make a list.
Why don t the two of you
walk around
and see what all
needs to be spruced up.
- Actually, I do want to take
a look around the grounds,
so may I borrow this?
- Yeah.
- Fine, let s go.
- Helen Lochner, if there was
a gold medal for meddling,
it d be the meddling medal.
- My mother doesn t realize
how much stuff
needs to be done
to this place.
I mean, the roof s leaking,
we have to re-paint the walls,
there s patio chairs that are--
- [gasps] Oh!
It s Forest Cove
for birds!
- One Thanksgiving weekend,
we were all booked up.
This couple needed
a place to stay.
My parents gave them
their room for the night.
The husband was a carpenter.
He built this to thank us.
- That s so sweet.
- Over here,
this was
from the house
my mom grew up in.
- I love that everything here
has a story behind it.
- Except guests don t really see
a wooden bench as an amenity.
That s why we re losing out
to the spa.
- I don t have to leave the city
to sit in a sauna
or get my nails done.
There s so much more here.
There s so much history.
- You really think this show
will give us a good review?
You ever watched it?
- Once or twice.
But I think Forest Cove
will come off
like a hidden treasure.
- Down here, we have a hill that
looks like George Washington.
- Seriously?
- No.
It s just a big rock.
I did see a rock in Ireland that
looked like Napoleon, though.
- Oh, lucky.
I ve always wanted
to vacation there.
- Not a vacation.
I was covering a protest.
- So you re a journalist?
Travel the world and write.
That s very cool.
- And I get to sleep in my bed
ten times out of the year.
- It can be hard to stop work
from consuming your life.
- Someday, I ll take off
and write a book about it.
- I don t even have time
to read one.
I travel a lot for work too.
It can get old.
- What do you do?
- I-I write,
but nothing as exciting
as what you do.
Which reminds me, I should
probably call the office.
- What about the list?
- Can we pick it up later?
- Okay.
- So, tell the crew to get
a shot of this birdhouse
that is the exact replica
of Forest Cove.
Oh, and we need to do
a segment on Helen s cooking.
- So any tennis courts,
a swimming pool,
horseback riding?
- No, but there is a hayride.
I haven t checked that out yet.
- How do you not have time
at a place with nothing to do?
Too busy listening
to 8-track tapes?
- You joke, but you ll see
when you get here.
I can t wait to tell
Helen and Andy who I really am.
[phone static]
- Oh, hey. What s the name
of that show again?
"Journeys with Jerry?"
- "Jaunts with Jared."
Boy, I like Diane.
She is a real sweetheart.
She s pretty too.
- Okay, can we have
a no-meddling policy
while I m here?
- [sighs]
- Wow, those smell
- It s the rosemary.
I got it from the garden.
- I grew it myself.
- You do amazing work.
- Oh, it s not work for me.
It s fun.
- It s your passion.
I used to write reviews
of my mom s dinner.
- Excuse me.
I ordered my burger medium rare.
It came out well done.
- Oh, I m sorry, Joan.
That was my mistake.
I must ve put in
the wrong order.
- You know, Tammy, is there
a way that we could cook her
another one and throw in
a dessert on the house?
- There absolutely is.
- Thanks.
- I ought to hire you.
That s exactly what
I would ve done.
- I hope I didn t
- No, not at all.
I feel guilty that you re
even working.
You should be relaxing
before you leave,
which I hope isn t today.
- You know, I actually wanted
to talk to you about that.
Um, I wanted
to extend my stay
just so I didn t miss
the big show.
- Heck, yeah.
- Lunchtime.
- Um, hey, I think
I found my new style.
You like it?
- It only matters
if you like it.
- Really, it only matters
if the art school
admissions board likes it.
- Oh, you can t
try to paint
what you think
other people want.
You have to trust
your instincts.
Oh, poor little guy.
- Oh.
Doesn t look too good.
- They re hardy.
I can save em.
- So what do you do,
you know, besides serve food
and save vegetation?
- Studying accounting.
- So you like
crunching numbers?
- Hardly.
- Then why keep torturing
- Well, the world needs
I only qualify
for waitressing jobs.
There you go, buddy.
All you needed was
some fertilizer and some water.
- How do you know
so much about plants?
- I ve always loved
growing things.
Are you drawing me?
- Um--
You said you liked pictures
or art about things, people.
- It s really good.
You made me look
so happy.
- Yeah.
You re talking
about the plants,
you ve got this light
in your eyes, and it s--
- You sure they re not just red
from all the all-nighters?
[both laughing]
Enjoy your lunch.
- Hey, I saw Tammy
with the assortment of goodies.
That your doing?
- Hush, it was--
it s just a picnic.
- Ah.
Now, have you ever thought
about taking up a normal hobby
like, uh, say, knitting?
- What fun would that be?
- Eh.
- Dah-ah-ah.
- Ip!
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicking]
- Your car s ready,
and you re welcome.
- For what?
- My mom asked me
to wash it for you.
- Well, thank you.
I know how hard it is
to say no to Helen.
- You know, being
my mom s pastry chef
isn t the best use
of your vacation time.
- I love to bake, and I m having
fun trying out new recipes.
It s much cooler than lying
on a beach somewhere.
- That could be considered
baking too.
- You got me there.
Um, so Tammy mentioned
something about a hayride.
- Yeah, I can
make that happen.
Meet me out front
when you re ready.
[shutter clicks]
- Hey, Gina,
sorry to bother you,
but Jared wants all
of Diane s Forest Cove pictures.
- Why?
I sent him the best ones.
- I don t know.
He said he just wants
all of them,
even the bad ones.
He s making a vision board.
[wrench clicks]
- I haven t been on a hayride
since I was a kid.
Am I your only customer?
- Yep, private ride.
And we offer
complimentary refreshments.
Strawberry lemonade?
- How can I resist?
- Figured I d show you
the orange grove.
- It s funny, you don t
strike me as the type of guy
who would drive
a hay truck.
- Usually I don t.
My mom s handyman
used to drive it, but he quit.
Don t worry though.
You re in good hands.
My dad taught me
when I was 12 years old.
These days, I m usually
in helicopters and Humvees.
Here, let me help you up.
- Ooh. [laughs] Okay.
- All right.
All good?
Sit tight.
Here we go.
[engine starting]
You all set?
- Yeah.
- All right,
here we go.
[pleasant music]
Hold on!
It s gonna get bumpy!
- What?
- It s gonna get bumpy!
- [gasps]
Oh! My sweater!
- I am so sorry.
- [chuckles]
- We can go back
if you want.
We can throw it
in the washing machine--
- No, it s fine.
I spill stuff on myself
all the time.
My friend Gina says
I could use a sippy cup.
I can probably get the stain out
with some club soda.
- Do we have club soda?
- Yeah, I checked.
I was gonna make a pistachio
club soda cake for dinner.
- That is a really unique
- They make it
in this little inn
outside of Portland.
- Is that the Coral Breeze Inn,
by chance?
- How did you know that?
- Diane, I know who you are.
- Are you upset?
- No, I just wish we knew
we had a celebrity with us.
- Does your mom know?
- I can t wait to tell her.
- I think it ll be really good
for Forest Cove.
- Of course it will.
You gave us a great review,
- Right, Edina.
You were reading
"E-Dining with Edina."
- I was in a cave
in Pakistan
with a CIA guy
who s a big foodie.
I been hooked
ever since.
- Get out.
- Yeah.
- I ve never met
one of my readers before.
- Well, now you have.
Let me show you around.
You want to go for a walk?
- Sure.
- All right.
- So I just did
a drive-by at Forest Cove.
I m meant to be having dinner
with Diane,
so I m heading into town
to look for somewhere decent,
but not optimistic.
- So I m looking
at a Forest Cove picture.
Is this one of the new batch?
- Yeah, Gina sent em over.
Might be able to do
an interview outside.
- Or we can point out how
the window s missing a shutter.
- Yeah, I could probably say,
"I shutter to think
what it s like on the inside."
- Oh, I love that.
You know, then we can--
we can zoom in
on the rusty table or the--
the water stain
by the front desk.
- Yeah, that was
a bit wobbly, wasn t it?
Maybe I can eat some food,
and the plate will slide off
a couple of times.
That d be funny.
- This is gonna be
our best show ever, man.
There are so many things
wrong with this place.
We could do a whole season.
- [laughs]
All right, mate.
Talk later.
- Hello?
- It s so beautiful here.
- So tell me about your blog.
It s nice to talk
to a fellow writer.
- Ha, we re hardly
in the same league.
I don t have an exciting career
like you,
and I still can t quit
my day job.
- Do you like what you do?
- I used to.
Now it just pays the bills
until I can turn my blog
into an empire.
- What s your
plan of attack?
- I don t know,
uh, cookbooks?
A web series?
My own TV show?
How did you turn writing
into a profession?
- Well, it was rough
at first.
I took on a bunch of awful jobs
and submitted articles.
Eventually, you just got to
make the leap.
- I wish I was
that optimistic.
- It s not easy.
When my dad died, my mom thought
about selling Forest Cove.
She didn t think she could
handle the business side.
I helped her with the financial
stuff until I left for work.
- How could you leave
this place?
It s so wonderful.
- Is that an official
Edina endorsement?
- I can t believe
you busted me.
- Maybe it s because
your nom de plume
is an anagram
for "Diane."
- It s a food blog,
so wouldn t it be
a "nom, nom, nom de plume"?
[both laughing]
- [laughs]
Oh, that--that was
my favorite accessory.
[phone ringing]
Oh, wow, reception.
I should take this.
Hey, what s up?
- Jared s done scouting
the location.
He wants to meet you
at a restaurant in town.
Can you be there,
like, now?
- I guess I don t have
a choice.
- I ll text you
the address.
- Hey, I have to get going.
- Yeah, me too.
- Oh.
- Mom, you re gonna
hurt yourself.
- That s--don t fuss.
This is my new coffee machine.
- You could ve fallen
or hurt your back.
I hate to think what you do
when I m not here.
- I m the one that worries
about you.
- All right, well,
let me open this up,
and I ll bring it in to you
in a minute.
- Thank you.
- Tammy, the new coffee machine
is here.
- What s your name?
"To Kasey.
Much love, Jared Blasco."
- [laughs]
- Thanks for being a fan.
Excuse me.
Could I get bottled?
- I m fine with coffee.
Thank you.
Jared, please don t.
- It s for all your hard work.
You re always saying
that I don t appreciate you, so.
- As long as they re
boss flowers
and not boyfriend flowers.
- Why are you covered
in hay, hmm?
I think you re taking
this undercover thing
a little too seriously,
don t you?
- I was on a hayride.
- Really?
Pulled by really old horses?
- By a really old truck.
- Well, that s great.
We need to put it in the show.
- It was actually
a really nice ride.
- On the way in,
I passed the property.
Beside the fact
that there s no valet,
the outside s not
all that horrible.
- And you have to experience
its charm.
It s like staying
in a nice, snuggly blanket.
People are looking
for a place to unplug.
This place is not
designer furniture,
Jacuzzi tubs, but it s
like staying with family.
- When I stay with family,
I stay at a nice hotel.
- Just give it a chance,
all right?
Why don t you eat dinner
there tonight?
- I would love to have dinner
with you tonight.
There s a five-star restaurant
at the spa.
- You re not getting it.
- Okay,
what do you want from me?
- I want you to give
Forest Cove a fair review.
- Fine, but I m not
gonna lie.
My credibility s
on the line.
- All right.
If everything on this list
is fixed,
then you wouldn t be lying.
- Wiggly banister.
What do you mean?
- I mean, if I fix
everything on this list,
then you ll give Forest Cove
a glowing review.
- I don t think it works--
- Glowing.
- You haven t even
finished your coffee.
- I have to get back.
I have a lot of work to do
at Forest Cove.
- Well, if you have
any questions,
you have my information.
Yep, okay.
Hey, what s up?
I was looking for you earlier.
- Oh, I was in town.
- Not much of a town--
more like a street.
What were you doing?
- I was getting coffee
with a friend
who s passing through.
- You kind of made a face.
Not a friend you like?
- He s an ex.
Anyway, I was thinking
about what you were saying
about reality television
always focusing on the negative,
and I think you re right.
It wouldn t hurt to spruce
things up around here, right?
Do you still have that list?
- I do.
I mean, it s a big list.
I fixed the roof, but everything
else would take months to do.
- How about we just
focus on the things
we can get done
in a day or two?
- Okay, sounds like a plan.
- [sighs]
- Hey, Tammy.
- Hi.
- Listen, I-I went
down into the town
to get some paints,
and I got this for you.
- Thanks.
I love it.
- You ever think
about studying botany?
- My school has a program,
but I never looked into it.
The thing is, is I ve met
a ton of accountants,
but I ve never met
a botanist.
- You really want to spend
the rest of your life
doing something
you don t enjoy?
- That s why they
call it work, right?
- I think you feel
about plants
the same way that I do
about art.
It s something that
you love so much
that you couldn t imagine
yourself doing
anything else
for the rest of your life.
- I know what
you re saying,
but, I mean, have you looked
at the job market?
It s brutal.
- Okay,
but there are other careers
out there for you
besides accounting.
- There are also
other ways to paint.
- What does that have to do
with what we re talking about?
- Look,
I m just saying that
that sketch you did
was amazing,
and if you painted like that,
I feel like
every gallery in town
would be fighting over you.
- No, they won t.
Real art is edgy.
The art school people are
looking for raw emotions,
not a picture of a pretty girl
holding flowers.
- Well, at least
you think I m pretty.
Thanks for the book.
- Um--
- I just had coffee
with Jared,
and I gave him
a list of every single thing
that s wrong
with Forest Cove,
and I have to fix
everything on that list,
or he s gonna write
a bad review.
- You know we re shooting
in a couple of days.
You ll never get it
all done.
- Andy already started
on repairs.
Maybe we can do it,
- So your Andy is on board
with your plan?
- Yes, he ll help.
- I thought you guys
were butting heads.
- Not anymore.
He s actually...okay.
- Well, if you re saying
he s okay, he must be awesome.
[upbeat music]
- Ready?
- Forest Cove 2.0,
here we go.
- [whistling]
- Oh, it wasn t just
the light bulb.
Looks like there s
a short in the socket.
We should probably
paint this too.
- You-you sure you don t
need any help, huh?
- Nope, I think I m good.
- Good.
- Eh, still got
a screw loose.
- I painted the railings
and made the banister stronger,
installed the coffee machine,
sealed the windows--
- Hey, look, guys.
Bill turned his sketch
into a painting.
- That is beautiful.
Oh, my gosh.
Maybe we could
hang it up somewhere.
- Oh, that would be great.
Then we could show Bill s work.
- I think we have
some extra frames lying around.
- I cannot believe how much
got done around here today.
It looks so much better.
- Well, Diane doesn t know
when to quit.
- Hey, what are we gonna do
about that stain on the wall?
It s gonna look bad on camera--
I would think.
- Well, we d have to paint
the whole hallway.
it wouldn t match.
- Well, why don t we put
Bill s painting there?
- Great.
So what else is
on the list?
- Sleep,
at least for you.
We ve been at this
since 7:00 a.m.
- No, we have too much to do
before the crew gets here.
- We can t fix everything,
and we don t have the budget
to do all the stuff
that Forest Cove really needs.
- Why don t you two
take a break?
I m making meatloaf
for dinner.
- I can t.
I got to meet a friend in town.
- Oh, what friend?
- Just a work friend.
You don t know him.
- So tell me again
how coffee is going to make me
a better host.
- Okay, your problem
is you are trying too hard.
- Yeah, but I can t be
my normal self.
It s too boring.
Jared radiates energy, and
it seems to be working for him.
- You re not Jared, okay,
you re Gina.
So what works for Jared
might not work for you.
The trick isn t just
to mimic somebody else.
You have to find
your own voice.
- How exactly do I do that?
[door closes]
- Go interview that guy.
- What?
- Why not?
It s good practice.
- He ll think I m insane.
- You re taking my class because
you want to interview people.
- Yeah.
- So, go interview him,
be yourself.
Don t be Jared-Gina.
Be Gina-Gina.
- [sighs]
Excuse me.
Do you have a minute to talk?
- Sure, what s up?
- Uh--
what exactly are you
up to tonight?
- Um, are you offering me
this coffee, or--
[no audio]
- No. Sorry.
I m sorry, I should ve
introduced myself.
I m Gina.
- Dan.
- It s nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Have you ever heard
of "Jaunts with Jared?"
- Is that the one
with the hotel reviews?
- That s the one.
I m a pro--
I of the new hosts
on the show,
and I was just doing
some practice interviews.
- Hey, how exciting.
- Yeah, I was wondering
if, maybe,
I could take a few minutes
of your time to talk to you
about the restaurant
you just came out of?
- Sure.
I ve never been
interviewed before.
- Oh.
- Mr. Lucas.
Thank you for meeting me
on such short notice.
I m heading to Australia
in a couple days.
- Well, it s a very interesting
Hate to lose out.
- Well, I think it s time
to sell Forest Cove.
- Thank you so much
for your time, Dan.
I really appreciate it.
- You re welcome.
- You did it.
- Oh, my gosh,
that felt amazing.
- You were great.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much
for everything.
I get it.
- "Still at Forest Cove.
"Helen s meatloaf
was simple but delicious.
"It wasn t duck meatloaf
"or meatloaf injected
with tomato foam,
"but a plain old loaf
of meat.
"It made me long
for a simpler time in my life,
"when relationships
weren t complicated
"and I was following my dream,
not somebody else s.
"Food doesn t have to be
complex to be good,
and maybe life
doesn t either."
[footsteps approaching]
Oh, hi, Dr. Burke.
- Oh, Charles, please.
- Okay.
Hey, aren t you supposed to be
at a medical conference?
- Uh--
Can you keep a secret?
- It s actually the one thing
I m very good at.
- There is no medical
conference--never has been.
I just come up here
to see Helen.
- Does she know?
- I don t know.
You know, I drop her hints,
but I m afraid to tell her
how I really feel.
I m afraid it might
ruin our friendship
if she didn t think of me
like that.
- Helen s pretty intuitive.
I think she knows
more than she s letting on.
- You think so?
- I could do
some detective work.
- I can see why Helen
likes you so much.
- I should probably get to bed.
Early morning tomorrow.
- Well, good night, Diane.
- Night, Dr. Burke.
- And thank you.
- You know, I think
we re close to crossing
another item off the list.
- Not until we prime it.
- A girl who knows her primer.
Your ex was a lucky man.
Is he also a fan
of your food blog?
- Actually, he never
knew about it.
I don t really tell anyone.
- Hey, you two.
Why don t you take a break?
You ve been working all morning.
- But there s so much to do,
and the crew comes at 5:00 a.m.
- You should know by now,
my mom does not
take "no"
for an answer.
- [chuckles]
I guess a lunch break
wouldn t set us back too much.
- All right.
- Leaves, debris,
shutters are hanging off.
Yeah, you might want to lay
some scary music over all this.
- Dude, this is gonna be
so much fun.
Why don t we shoot it to make it
look like a haunted house?
- Oh, that might be
a bit over the top.
I think the carpeting s
frightening enough, mate.
- Oh, one other idea
I wanted to run past you.
I got this from props.
Maybe you could put it
in the kitchen.
That s live television.
- Yeah, yeah, that could go
viral on the internet.
We ll call this episode,
"The Chopping Down
of Forest Cove."
- Brilliant.
[both laughing]
- Uh, what you got here?
- All righty here.
There you go.
- Can I ask
your honest opinion?
- Of course.
- Okay, um,
what do you think
of this
for my next painting?
- You know, I m not an expert
on modern art,
but I m sure it s probably
very good
for the type of thing
it s meant to be.
- I told my parents
that it was supposed to be
a representation
of my inner emotions,
and they said
that I must be confused.
- You re gonna find
the right path.
- Tea?
- Uh--
- Oh. Some?
- No, thanks.
- Yeah, I will.
- You sure?
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Tammy.
Maybe you just need
some inspiration.
Catching up
on your school work?
- Sorry, just trying to get in
a last-minute cramming session
before my exam tomorrow.
- Well, you get an A-plus
for gardening,
because everything
you planted
in our vegetable garden
is delicious.
- I ve always loved
growing things.
- You could try some
different kind of fruit trees
in our orchard
if you like.
- I wish I had the time.
Between school and work,
I barely have time to sleep.
- Hmm, so no time
for dating, huh?
- I m just not up for going out
and meeting anyone
after a day of accounting
and finance classes.
- How do you feel about art?
- This is a nice compromise--
a working lunch.
- Yeah,
it s a pretty great view.
- My dad always wanted to build
a tree house over there.
We never got around to it.
He taught me to fish
in the river.
Then we found an abandoned
baby squirrel in the barn.
That weekend, we happened
to have a guest that was a vet--
helped us nurse it
back to health.
- I love
all the memories here.
Bella and Marie met here,
Dr. Burke has his stories.
Maybe Bill will remember this
as the place
that helped him
get into art school.
- I always get so caught up
in the business part
of this place
that I forget
about how much it means
to people.
- I think you ve forgotten
how much it means to you.
- I usually dread
coming back here.
Since you ve been
at Forest Cove, I hate to leave.
- We should get back to work.
- I m Helen Lochner,
owner of Forest Cove.
Hi, I m Helen Lochner, owner
and proprietor of Forest Cove.
Hello, I m Helen Lochner.
Welcome to Forest Cove.
- Forgot to say
you re the owner that time.
- Just exercising my vocal cords
for tomorrow.
- Mm-hmm.
Fess up,
you were rehearsing.
- Now, that would be silly.
- Not really.
I know how much we have
riding on this show.
I just hope you re not
These are cutthroat people,
- Honey, this show isn t
like that though.
They don t make fun
of people.
Every business that s ever been
featured on here
has been helped.
We can t buy
that kind of publicity.
You haven t even watched
one episode.
- Okay,
I ll watch one online.
What s the name of it,
"Jaunts with Jed"?
- Jared.
- Jared.
- I took your advice, and
I cut down on the buttermilk.
- And the burner s replaced.
We re almost done
with our list.
- Great.
Now sit down
and enjoy your scone.
Relax for a change.
- Mmm, yes,
so much fluffier.
- Good, now I don t
have to worry
about our older customers
cracking their dentures.
- So you get a lot
of repeat customers, right?
Like Dr. Burke,
he comes back a lot.
- Yeah, yeah,
he s very loyal.
He stayed here a few years ago,
and we really hit it off.
Now he sends me postcards
when he s traveling,
because he knows I can never get
a vacation from this place.
- So he s more than a guest?
He s a friend?
- Yeah.
All right, ask me
what you really want to ask me,
young lady.
- All right, do you see
Dr. Burke as more than a friend?
- You know, he s cute and funny,
and he makes me laugh.
- Helen,
you have spent so much time
finding other people love.
Maybe it s time you started
thinking about yourself.
- Eat your scone.
- "Another day
at Forest Cove.
"Not only is the food
made with love,
but love seems to be
in the air."
[phone ringing]
- Forest Cove, this is Tammy.
How may I help you?
- May I speak
to Diane Brown?
- Oh, may I ask
who s calling?
- It s her sister.
- Diane?
It s your sister.
- Oh, thanks, Tammy.
- Hey, it s me.
- Oh, hi.
Hey, when are you
coming up?
- I m supposed to be
driving up tonight.
The rest of the crew s
coming up tomorrow.
Just a head s up,
Jared s already on his way.
- Ugh.
Hey, you should
come by Forest Cove tonight--
hang out, meet Andy,
be here to support me
when I tell him the truth.
- About that--you have to pull
the plug on the show.
- What? Why?
Helen needs this.
- I overheard Jared
and Eric talking.
They re planning to trash
Forest Cove.
- But Andy and I have spent
the last two days fixing it up.
- It doesn t matter.
They want to make the place
look terrible.
They re planning to stage things
to get higher ratings.
- That s not the deal
Jared and I had.
- Maybe not when he was
your boyfriend,
but your boss Jared is
throwing you under the bus.
- How am I going to tell
Helen and Andy this?
- You can t.
Figure out a way
to get them to cancel.
- [sighs]
- Hey, um,
that sketch I gave you--
why did you put that up?
- Because it s awesome.
- Uh, that was meant
just for you,
okay, it s not
for the public.
- But it s the nicest art
at Forest Cove.
- It s not art.
Art is supposed to be
open for interpretation.
Art says something
about the human condition.
- And that art says
that the person who did it
has an amazing amount
of talent.
- Uh, okay.
- Listen,
I took your suggestion.
I signed up for botany classes
next semester,
and I m gonna start
looking into some internships.
This is a big deal.
- It is,
and that s really great.
- You told me that I should
follow my passion,
but you re trying to copy
someone else s style,
or what you think
other people want.
But if art is
true expression,
maybe you should start
expressing your true self.
- My true self isn t
gonna get me anywhere.
I need to find a style
so that I can go to art school.
- You have found that style,
and once you realize that,
you re gonna be a lot happier.
- [sighs]
- Ben.
- Gina, hi.
You re early.
Class isn t
for another half hour.
- I know.
I just wanted to swing by
and let you know
that I can t make class tonight.
I have an early shoot
and I have to drive out
to the location now.
- Well, that s too bad.
I ll see you next time?
- Absolutely.
I ll be here.
- Good.
- Thank you for helping me.
I can t wait to show Jared
what I learned from you.
- Can I give you
a piece of advice?
- Of course.
- I don t think
you should pitch Jared.
- You don t think I m ready?
- Oh, you re definitely ready,
but in my experience,
people like Jared
are easily threatened.
- What do you think
I should do?
- Just take any opportunities
you can.
- I will.
Thanks, Ben.
Yeah, I should...
get going.
I ll see you soon.
- Have fun.
Gina, do you want
to go out sometime?
- Definitely.
- Give me a call
when you can.
- I will.
- Liar, party of one.
- Diane, how did you know
where I was?
- We had a deal.
I fix everything
on that list,
and you write a nice review
on Forest Cove.
- Well, you see, Diane,
I never actually agreed to that.
It s not a show
about fixer uppers.
- And it s not a show
that destroys a place
that someone put
their heart and soul into.
- Drama draws the ratings up.
Got to give the fans
what they want.
- Yeah, well, I m not a fan
of mean-spirited television.
Dr. Burke,
have you seen Andy?
- No, I ll tell him
you re looking for him though.
Everything okay?
- No, I need to find him.
It s urgent!
[phone ringing]
- Forest Cove,
this is Andy.
- Hi, I m trying to get ahold
of Diane McCarthy.
She s not answering her cell.
- We don t have anybody here
by that name.
- Oh, uh, I mean
Diane Brown.
Right, that s her name.
Tell her Judd called.
- I can have her call you back.
What s this about?
- You know what,
just have her call Jared.
He s been trying
to reach her all day.
- Jared?
As in "Jaunts with Jared?"
- Um, who is this?
- Does Diane work
for the show?
- Uh, never mind, I ll just
try her back on her cell.
[dial tone]
[footsteps approaching]
- Andy.
I ve been looking for you.
There s something
I need to tell you.
- Oh, that the show we re doing
tomorrow is yours?
- I can explain.
- Please.
- Jared is gonna do a hit piece
on Forest Cove.
I just found out.
You have to believe me.
- Why would I believe anything
you say, Miss McCarthy?
- Andy, just listen,
all right?
You need to pull out
of the show.
- My mom already
signed a contract,
because you convinced her that
this would save Forest Cove.
- I m sorry I got you guys
to believe in this.
- You know what?
It doesn t matter.
I had a plan B all along.
- Plan B, that s perfect.
What is it?
- I m gonna convince my mother
to sell Forest Cove.
- What? Why?
- We have a prime piece of land.
This would give my mom
a nice chunk of change
for retirement.
- No, no, Andy,
you can t do this.
This will break
your mother s heart.
Forest Cove is her life.
- My mother cannot run
this place by herself anymore.
- Andy,
this place is your home.
It s your childhood.
It gave you memories
other kids wish they could have.
- I m sure you can still
get a room at the spa.
- Hey, you seen Diane?
She was gonna make
some zucchini bread.
- Diane s not available.
- Oh, well, you re gonna have to
help me with dinner then.
- Mom, there s something
I got to tell you.
Diane lied to us.
She s a producer of the show,
and they re gonna ruin us
- Diane is
a really good person.
She wouldn t do
something like that.
- It doesn t matter.
Besides, she s not
the only one keeping secrets.
I have somebody who s interested
in buying Forest Cove.
- You did that
without even talking to me?
- I was gonna hold off.
The show forced my hand.
- Is that why you ve been
doing all these repairs?
- No. This place needs
a lot of fixing up,
and you can t do it
on your own.
- I understand.
- You do?
- Honey,
it s not fair of me
to ask you to fix things
when you come home.
You work hard
and you need time off.
Forest Cove was the dream
your father and I had.
I knew it was never
really yours.
I kept hoping.
I haven t taken a vacation
in 30 years.
Maybe if this show
doesn t work out,
then it is time to let go.
- Mom, the show s not
gonna work out.
You need to find a way
out of your contract
while there s still time.
- Let me do the show.
If it turns out badly,
then I ll give you my blessing,
and you can sell
Forest Cove.
- Really?
- I m still gonna
do the show.
I may not have
a good head for business,
but when I follow my heart,
things tend to work out.
I love you, honey.
- I love you too.
- This is for my room
and all the food
you put on my tab.
- Thank you.
Where will you go?
- I have a room at the spa.
Helen, please don t
do this show.
I could probably get you
out of the contract.
- I m doing the show.
I have a good feeling
about this,
and I have faith in you.
You re gonna think
of something.
- I don t think I can.
You and Andy trusted me,
and I let you down.
- It ll work out.
- I am very sorry.
- I ll see you here
- Hey.
This place is interesting.
What s good here?
- The coffee
and the free Wi-Fi.
Thanks for meeting me here.
I couldn t face Jared
at the spa.
- For someone who spent
the last few days relaxing,
you look super stressed.
- I feel terrible.
- How d you leave things
with Andy?
- He hates me.
He thinks
I m out to ruin Forest Cove,
which he wants to sell anyway.
I don t know how I m gonna
face him and Helen
at the shoot.
- Maybe it s time you
tell people who you really are.
Stop hiding behind Edina.
- Wait, Gina, you re right.
I think I know
how to fix this.
- This is our lounge.
We have a lot of antiques
here at Forest Cove.
I can give em to you
for a really good price,
if you want em.
- [chuckles]
This one s worthless.
Somebody ruined it.
- Peanuts?
- Uh, no, thanks.
- My mom and dad used to put
pretzels in there.
I had em switch it out
so I could feed the squirrels.
- Well, the squirrels are
gonna have to find
somewhere else to find
their food.
I can write you
a check now.
Have the office send over
the paperwork in the morning.
- All right, let me
talk it over with my mom.
I ll get back to you.
- Thanks.
- You leaving?
- Yeah.
I m thinking maybe this
art thing isn t really for me.
I thought maybe you could
use these watercolors--
turn em into postcards
or something.
Your mom s been so generous,
letting me stay.
I thought it was
the least I could do.
- You know, my dad taught me
to fish in this river.
- Yeah.
I grew up in an apartment.
Must ve been so much fun
to live in a place like this.
- It had its moments.
these are amazing.
You ever thought this was
what you re meant to do?
- Landscapes?
- These are spots I loved
when I was growing up.
- Yeah, watercolor
just kind of came to me.
- You can t run away from
something that s part of you.
- Andy, this painting s not
really covering that stain.
They re gonna be here
at 5:00 in the morning.
Can you fix it?
- I don t have
the supplies.
Hardware store s
closed already.
- I could paint a mural.
- That s a great idea.
- Make sure you sign it
with really big letters,
so that they can
read your name.
- Okay, um, I need
to make some coffee.
- [laughs]
Right behind you, kid.
- You sure you want to go
through with this tomorrow?
Even if it s a disaster?
- It s not.
Diane s gonna
work this out.
- Who also said
it would be a disaster,
which is probably
the only thing
that she said to us
that wasn t a lie.
- You had a few secrets going on
there for a while yourself.
Honey, I saw how well
the two of you got along.
- That s over.
- Don t judge her so harshly.
- What s the point?
She s going back to her job,
and I leave for Australia
in two days.
- Lot of things can happen
in a day.
[peaceful music]
- Okay, we ll get set up
in the living room first--
- Okay, perfect.
Great, I ll pull
the additional radio mics too.
I think you re gonna need
at least the two extras.
- Great, okay.
Exactly, so just
two more shots from here,
and come in around there,
and then right over there too.
Thank you.
It s going to be okay.
- Not if my plan
doesn t work.
[overlapping chatter]
- Team.
Good morning,
good morning.
- Morning.
- Morning, Diane.
- Jared.
- Right.
Well, this is, uh...
very nice, very nice,
very nice.
Oh, dear.
Very, very good.
Oh, interesting.
- Ahem.
- Look, I m gonna
make it up to you, all right?
If the special s a success,
we can do a spin-off.
You ll have
complete control.
Gina can even be a host.
I know she s wanted to do that.
- No deal.
- I know you ve been
overworked, right,
so why don t we
just go home
and start working things out
between us?
- [clears throat]
This belongs to you?
Nice try, pal.
- A fake mouse?
You were gonna fake
a rodent problem?
You re the rat, Jared.
- Jared,
Lynn from the network,
she s trying to get
ahold of you.
She says it s urgent.
- Really?
I didn t get a call.
- There s no cell reception
- Perfect.
So how do I make
a telephone call in this place?
- Use the telephone.
- Any decent place
will have reception.
- [sighs]
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Would you mind, uh--
Hi, how are you?
- Have you started?
- No, we re just about
to get started.
I think it s gonna be
like we talked about
in the meeting.
- So what s this I m hearing
about you giving
a bad review
to Forest Cove?
Some blog called
"E-Dining with Edina"
is in uproar about this,
and we are getting blowback.
People are calling
the network.
It s bad publicity.
- What?
How s that even possible?
- Just do a nice piece
on them, okay?
And that is an order.
- Lynn, listen.
Lynn, Lynn?
Lynn, listen to me.
This is my show,
all right?
Look, if we don t, you re just
gonna have an hour of dead air.
- You will do what I am
telling you, Jared,
or you will no longer
have a show.
[dial tone]
- What was that all about?
- Some blogger called Edina,
she s been contacting
the network,
getting people riled up.
Apparently, if we make
this place look bad,
they re not gonna air us.
I tell you, if I ever
come across that Edina,
I might do
something dramatic.
- Actually, Jared...
I m Edina.
- What?
- My fans have been following
my posts about Forest Cove.
I ve written
all about Helen s cooking
and how wonderful everyone s
been to me here.
- You have fans?
- Edina has fans, and last night
I told them who I really was,
and that I needed help
saving Forest Cove,
and then I gave them
the phone number
to the network executive.
- Jared,
not to interrupt,
but the director s
ready for you.
- You listen to me,
all right?
I do not take orders
from the network,
nor do I take orders
from my girlfriend s food blog!
- Ex-girlfriend.
- I could get a better job
on a bigger network
tomorrow morning.
How s an hour of nothing
gonna work out for this place?
Good luck.
Excuse me.
- Okay, Gina,
do you think you can host?
- Yeah, just give me five
minutes for hair and makeup.
- Okay.
- I didn t really
like him anyway.
- [chuckles]
Now I just have to find Helen.
- All right, everybody,
it s time to find Helen!
Who s Helen?
- So I read your blog.
Really good stuff.
- No more hiding.
I have to be
who I really am.
You showed me that.
- Well, you showed me
a few things as well.
I talked to my mom
last night.
She told me that I mattered
more than Forest Cove.
Forest Cove is my home.
We re not selling.
- What about Australia?
- I don t want to leave.
I don t want to leave you
[bell dings]
- Busted.
Come on, don t you have
a show to do?
- I think my meddling s
finally paying off.
- Oh, you know
everybody s secrets, huh?
- Yeah, including yours,
- Hmm?
- I know there s
no medical conference
this week.
- I just come up here
to see you.
All I do is look for excuses
to come back here,
ever since you and I
first met.
- No niece s wedding?
- No, I m an only child.
- No golf tournament?
- I don t like golf.
- Who makes up stuff
like that?
- Somebody who s in love.
I understand if you don t
feel the same.
- But I do love you too.
So what do we do now?
- Well, I m gonna retire,
take a trip around the world.
What do you think?
And I d like to have you
next to me,
if that s not asking
too much--
like a long honeymoon.
- Well, that would require
being married first.
- Is that entirely
out of the question?
- I think Dr. Burke
just proposed to my mom.
I didn t know he liked her
like that.
- I might ve known
a little something about it.
I promise,
no more secrets.
[both laugh quietly]
- Need a copy of those--
you know,
for my art school application.
- It looks amazing.
I m so proud of you.
- Thanks.
I guess you were right.
I m not an edgy artist.
- Well, I bet you make
a better dinner companion.
- If you let me take you
to dinner to thank you,
then I guess you could be
the judge of that.
- I think I would like that.
- And here we go.
Roll one, scene two, take one.
- Five, four, three.
- Welcome
to "Jaunts with Gina."
I m here with Helen Lochner,
the owner of Forest Cove,
a charming bed and breakfast--
a real hidden gem.
Can you tell us a little bit
about this mural?
- Yes, that was done
by a local artist,
Bill Everston.
- [laughs]
- Since my mom s gonna be
so much time
with Dr. Burke,
I think we re gonna need
some help running Forest Cove.
- I might be looking
for a job soon.
Reality television
is just not my thing.
Maybe I could live here
and work on my cookbook,
"Divine Dishes with Diane."
- I could finally
write my book too.
- I ll still put you to work.
- So you talked us
into doing the show,
and you managed
to play matchmaker
with my mom
and Dr. Burke.
I think we re gonna
have to tell future guests
there s some meddling
going on.
- It s not meddling
when it s done out of love.
[playful music]
- How did you get
into the B & B business?
- Well, oh, gosh,
when my husband and I
moved out of the city,
we bought this land and--
- So I have an idea.
We make a cookbook
of all the recipes your mom
created for Forest Cove.
It s "The Forest Cove Cookbook."
- I would have to agree.
- [laughs]
Yeah, me too.
So what s your
favorite recipe?
- Ooh, uh, maybe--
- Oh, the grilled cheese
sandwich, for sure.
[energetic music]