Changeland (2019) Movie Script

Goodnight I say to you
Oh, the impossible
And when you wake
You'll see
That all these dreams
Aren't fake, they're real
But impossible
You'll be all right
Hi, happy anniversary.
Um, I guess I missed
you this morning.
So, hey, I've got to work
a little late tonight,
I don't know if you've
got something planned.
But, uh, anyway,
I'll see you later. Love you!
There he is!
- Hi, Dan.
- Hi, buddy.
- You made it!
- You made it.
- Welcome to Dubai.
- Heh. Thanks.
Yeah, please enjoy
our beautiful airport
before our final destination,
freakin' Thailand.
- Yay, Thailand.
- Yeah!
It's good to see you.
It's been forever.
Yeah, when was the last time?
Marcy's wedding.
- Oh wow.
- That was two years ago.
Well thanks for coming. I know
it's, uh, such short notice.
What, are you kidding? This is an amazing
invite. We're gonna have so much fun.
I got us matching floral shirts.
And I gotta be in Greece
next week, so this
gets me half the way there.
- It's perfect.
- Good. Where're you, where're you, coming from?
Hello, could I get
a beer and, uh?
- Oh, I'm okay.
- Just for me then.
What do you think that is?
Um, I don't know.
Thank you. No, I got it.
You're not curious why
they keep saying that?
If-non, if-non?
Maybe it's the word
for a flight?
Maybe it's a secret password.
Check it.
If-non, if-non?
If-non, if-non.
We gonna talk about it?
I think Vanessa's
cheating on me.
She, um--
Uh, she always wanted
to play guitar,
so I-- I bought her
one and lessons
and then she's in
a band with her teacher
and, uh, she's really happy
for like the first time
in a while, you know?
I mean, I should
have known, right?
They had such good
chemistry onstage.
Then the question
you gotta answer is,
do you wanna
fight for it or not?
- That's really oversimplifying it.
- No, it's not.
Everything's on either
side of that question.
You wanna fight for it or not?
You answer that, everything follows.
- Maybe later on, okay, bye.
- No thank you.
- Welcome to The Slate.
- Oh, thank you.
Hello, welcome
to The Slate, Phuket.
- You are checking in?
- Ah, yes.
It should be under,
uh, Brandon Matthews.
Just a moment, sir.
Ah, here it is.
Ooh, our honeymoon suite
for the happy couple.
Actually, would it be possible
to get two rooms, please.
Everything, it's okay
with your marriage?
- Ah.
- Hmm.
Yeah, I-- I was supposed
to be here with my wife,
- but, um, instead, you know.
- Instead, I see.
No, no.
It's all good.
Uh, Suchin?
Suchin, we just need two rooms.
Yes, I understand.
So here you see
your wonderful room
and also bathroom.
Suchin, you shouldn't have.
But this is your anniversary.
It was with my wife, but--
I know.
So here you see the adjourning
door to your friend's room.
Well, this
is perfect, thank you.
Yes, welcome to Thailand.
This is lovely.
Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary.
You wanna get settled, meet up
for dinner say, couple of hours.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- Okay.
I will be in my room
if you need me.
- No, no, I-- I got it Nan.
- Dad.
- Hey, son, how are you, pal?
- Is that Brandon?
- Yeah, it's Brandon.
- Hi, Brandon.
- Hi, mom. -Hey, listen, buddy,
we're on our way out to dinner.
Uh, oh, you remember
the Berensteins, right?
- Of course.
- He remembers the Berensteins.
Oh, do that-- Well it
doesn't matter. Anyway,
is, is everything okay, buddy?
Yeah, ha-- have a great dinner.
- Okay, all right, I l-- I love you, son.
- I love you!
- Love you guys.
- Take care, my friend.
Welcome, my dear friends.
We have prepared
a lovely table for you.
Suchin, did you close
the place for us?
Now is rainy season,
so not many guests.
Well, this is
perfect, thank you.
Tonight will be a special
dinner just for you.
Oh, you didn't need
to make a fuss.
Oh, we should have worn
our matching shirts.
Ah, this is your waiter, okay?
I leave you now.
Thank you, wait-- uh, Suchin.
How do you say
thank you in Thai?
If you're a man, you would say,
A woman would say,
Have a good night.
Thank you.
- Drink?
- Ah, yes, uh,
two shots of whisky and
do you have Chang in a bottle?
Oh, I-- I don't wanna drink.
- Yeah, you do.
- I do?
Yeah, you remember on
the plane you were telling me,
you were like, "Dan, I'm sleeping,
but listen to me carefully.
Make sure I drink a whole lot, like a weird amount."
- So.
- That sounds just like me.
Yeah, you sound a lot like that.
It's funny, you don't hear it,
but when I hear it, "Dan, Dan,"
- it's how you sound.
- Hmh.
Thank you.
Buddy, we're gonna
get you through it.
So, what happened?
You saw an email?
Um, yeah, several.
She hid him under her
best friend's name
so that when...
...they texted
I would think it was her.
That's some sneaky shit.
What did she say
when you caught her?
No, she doesn't know I know.
What are you talking about.
This was gonna be a surprise.
And then I saw the--
You just left?
- Vanessa doesn't know about the trip or anything?
- No, I never told her.
And then I--
I couldn't confront her, so...
You skipped town without
a word on your anniversary?
I guess so.
That's pretty badass.
It doesn't feel it.
Honestly, let her spin.
And let's burn
this guy's house down.
- No, I don't think that's the answer.
- No?
Then what is the answer?
I don't wanna get divorced.
Oh, Brandon.
I'm not gonna kill
your wife for you.
Are you sure? 'Cause that
would-- that would solve a lot.
No, I can't.
Not for free.
Ah, sorry honey,
I'm gonna be later.
Uh, it's just running long.
Don't wait up.
We can celebrate tomorrow,
and I'll make it up
to you, I promise.
Hello, hello, everyone!
My name Pen,
like Pen you write with.
Everybody say, Pen.
Everybody say Pen.
- Pen!
- Okay, today we take tour
of many great places.
Last all day.
We see mangrove forest,
Panak Island for kayak,
James Bond Island
and the Rawai beach.
Come back to Bang Rong dock
6:30 or half past six, okay?
You used to have
All the answers
- Oh!
- Hey.
Hey there. You know,
I hear orange
is very fashionable this season.
- Visor's cute too.
- Thanks.
You still have them too
Here you see
natural mangrove forest,
bird, crab, lizard,
monkey live together.
No man in mangrove.
Only bird, crab, lizard, monkey.
That for you, okay?
Don't-- Don't worry.
Watch things on the VCR
With me and talk
About big love
Hi again.
Careful out of your seat.
The water's choppy.
I'm okay with choppy. I'm Dan.
You're Dory.
- Hi, Dory. Sure is pretty out here, huh?
- Listen, this is my job.
Not a bar. You're
on vacation, I'm at work.
I'm not here to be hit on.
Message received.
Anybody hits on you,
I'll take care of him.
Okay, everybody find a boat
partner. Two in boat, okay?
Nobody die.
Thank you.
- Hey buddy, what's your name?
- Phang.
Phang like, like fang?
No, Phang, like Phang.
Got it, Phang.
Hey, little buddy,
you said Phang?
Yeah, Phang.
Phang, what's
the matter with you?
Oh, you got it?
Gotta say mm, mm, mm
- Are you two married?
- He is.
Ah, so you two just
"best friend"?
Yeah, we are.
We're best friends.
- What?
- Oh, it's like something you carve in a tree.
Many tree in Thailand.
Wha-- I've always thought
of you as my best friend.
What are we, 13?
Okay, we'll get matching
necklaces, but I call beef ride?
I'm-- I'm serious.
You're my best friend.
I have best friend.
His name is Kye.
If you were my best friend, you wouldn't
have missed my first gallery show.
I went to your
first gallery show.
You went to the opening of
the gallery a couple months later.
I didn't have any work there.
You guys want 7-11 boat?
What's that?
You want beer, yeah?
- Oh, definitely.
- 80 baht.
Make it two.
Here you go, Phang.
Oh no, I-- I'm okay.
- No?
- Yeah, I don't, I don't want it.
Phang, Phang,
you want this beer?
Dan, how old is he?
I assume legal
drinking age, right?
Yeah, I can drink.
What? You didn't want it.
Hey, um,
what was that about your show?
Because it kind of sounds like you've
been harboring some secret resentment.
No, I mean, it's not like I think about
it, but you did flake.
Said you were gonna come
and you didn't.
I think we just got too tired.
Didn't it start at midnight?
Yeah, the witching hour.
'Cause the theme was Magic and Mischief.
- We were in bed by midnight.
- What are you, 70?
No, I had to get up for work.
Did you even notice
I wasn't there?
Yeah, but whatever, forget it.
I'm sorry, I guess I didn't
realize it was such a big deal.
It was
my first solo show.
My pictures, my ideas, you--
Couldn't be tired one
morning just to share that with me?
I don't know, I don't know
what you want me to say. I--
I wasn't trying
to hurt your feelings.
Look, man, w-- uh, why are we
even talking about this?
I'm not mad, okay,
let's just forget it.
Have fun.
You have no fun?
My tour no good?
Oh, no, no, you're great, um--
Very good.
- What's your name?
- Brandon.
Hello, Brandon,
my name Pen, like--
A pen you write with,
I remember.
Don't worry,
everything will be okay.
Hasselblad H4D, you must
have some generous parents.
Buddy, you don't know
the first thing about me.
I know it's not a cheap camera.
I'm a photographer.
Adding filters to your iPhone
doesn't make you a photographer.
Lady, you don't know
the first thing about me.
here we are at historic James Bond Island,
everybody, back on
the boat in one hour.
- How would I fight for this?
- What do you mean?
Well, you asked me if I wanna
fight for it or not. I'm asking,
how would I go about
fighting for it?
What do you
like about Vanessa?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- No, I'm not being
confrontational. I promise.
You're asking me how you fight
for it, so I'm asking you,
what are you fighting for?
I don't understand.
Remember when you said
you wanted to marry her?
You said it was 'cause mostly she
checked the right boxes. That's not love.
You just, you never liked her.
I don't like how she treats you.
How you let her treat you.
Or me.
What are you talking about?
Why didn't you invite me
to Orphan Christmas last year?
- Weren't you out of town?
- No, I was in town for 16 hours.
You just never called me back.
- But, didn't Vanessa call you?
- Yeah, she called.
I told her I could come by,
I had presents for you guys.
She told me I could mail them.
The dinner was just for family.
Oh, well that's, you-- you know,
just because her f-- her folks were there.
I'm your family, B.
You're my family.
You called, I came. I
always show up. That's who I am.
But-- You've
been a shitty friend.
That's gotta stop.
Pain in my heart
She's treating me cold
Where can my baby be
Lord, no one knows
Pain in my heart
Just won't let me sleep
Where can my baby be
Lord, where can she be
Another day
As again it is tough
Sayin' I want
You to come back
Come back, come back, baby
'Till I get enough
A little pain in my heart
Just won't let me be
Wake up at restless nights
Lord and I can't even sleep
Okay, here
we are, back at Bang Rong dock.
Don't forget your stuff.
That was fun. You know, me
and my buddy are gonna be here
for a few days if you
wanna give me your number.
- Nah.
- Okay, Brandon, you have a good vacation.
- Maybe smile more.
- Eh, I'll try.
If I can say, you're coming
across a little aggressive.
And I understand that's
kind of my fault,
I dress like this, but you know,
if you wanna get
to know the real me,
I don't know,
give it a shot, you know,
just say the word.
Not today.
No, not today.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye, Dan.
- Bye, Pen.
If-non, if-non.
Aren't you supposed
to fight for it?
I mean, that's what
our parents did.
You gotta make your own choices.
It's-- It's Vanessa again.
Should I answer it?
You've gone 48 hours
with zero contact?
Are you sure
she wants to be forgiven?
Maybe she wanted to get caught.
Come on, let's take a walk.
Okay, here's the thought.
Ditch our old life,
buy a bar, retire down here.
We'll live out
that buddy cop fantasy.
Well, it has been a very tough
career, keeping these streets clean.
That's what I'm sayin',
the commissioner's breathing down our necks
and no offense to you or me,
but we're gettin'
...too old for this shit.
- Okay, or plan B.
- Yeah.
You move back home
with your parents,
- they'd love that.
- Eh.
I don't-- I don't
think that's what I want.
I agree, it's a good idea.
No utilities,
no rent, no mortgage.
You get scared at night,
you can run and sleep
- between Chris and Nancy.
- Yeah, you're really sellin' it.
I'm tellin' you, with your dad,
you'd double your wardrobe. Nancy can cook
a mean dinner, it's perfect.
Oh, we're goin' in.
your shoes off.
Kneel down.
Put your hands together
and bow three times.
One for Buddha,
one for his teachings
and one for this monk.
Now give him your right wrist.
Now put your hands
together and bow your head.
Now bow three more times.
- Cars. We got time? OK.
- No, we're fine. We got time.
My friends,
leaving us so soon, eh?
Suchin, yeah, we gotta catch
a boat to another island.
Thank you for everything.
Yes, my pleasure.
We are never gonna forget you.
And I will never
forget your love.
- How cool is this shit!
- I mean it looks a little--
- Don't say dangerous.
- There's no roof.
Come on! We can play The Fast and
the Furious. I call Vin Diesel.
- And who am I?
- Literally anyone else.
Fed up with your indigestion
Swallow words one by one
Folks got high at
A quarter to five
Don't you feel your
Growing up undone
Nothing but the local DJ
Who said he had
Some songs to play
What went down from
His fooling around
Gave hope and
A brand new day
Imagine all the girls
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
And the boys
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
And the strings
Ee, ee, ee, ee, ee, ee
And the drums, the drums
The drums, the drums
And the drums, the drums
The drums, the drums
And the drums, the drums
The drums, the drums
Mister and Mister Matthews?
- Yep.
- Yes.
Welcome, your boat
is waiting for you.
Snorkel tour?
Oh, yeah, we have a boat tour.
- It-- It's now?
- Yes, now.
We take your bags to your room.
We go now?
- Okay.
- Yep.
This is like a Lego boat.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Look at this!
- Ahoy!
- Ahoy, I'm Ian. You guys must be, um--
Brandon and Dave.
Awesome. So come in,
come in. Um--
Get ready to have your
mind blown by coral.
- Hi, I'm Dan.
- Mark, nice to meet you.
- Hi Mark, Dan.
- Hi, Emma.
- Hi, Emma.
- Nice to meet you. Mark.
- Hi, Brandon. Hi. Brandon.
- Emma.
So it looks like we have some,
uh, newlyweds on the boat today.
- That's us.
- Yeah, we're married now.
Well, that's
what newlyweds means.
Um, I hear an accent,
where you guys from?
- England.
- Uh, whereabouts?
- I love England.
- London.
Just outside of London.
Oh, you guys are
like practically neighbors.
Well, we live together now.
Oh, that would be
awkward if you didn't.
So hold on, let me just--
"Live together now."
Okay. Uh, so you guys
wanna see some coral?
- Yeah!
- Yeah, me too.
All right, so welcome
aboard the Golly Roger.
Klahan! That's Klahan!
I'm feelin' rough
I'm feeling raw
I'm in the prime of my life
Let's make some music
Make some money
Find some models for wives
I'll move to Paris
Shoot some heroin
And fuck with the stars
You man the island
And the cocaine
And the elegant cars
Yes, uh, it's his bar. It's got a
Muay Thai ring, right in the middle of it.
Tonight you should
totally come with me.
Now let's have some fun
Yeah it's overwhelming
But what else can we do
- Hey man.
- Hey.
You're quite pale, aren't you.
- I guess so.
- Do you not get out much?
I guess not.
Oh, don't you like coral or...?
Oh, yeah, I just don't
feel like swimming.
Yeah, me neither.
more fun to watch, eh?
I mean, look at her.
Have you
ever seen such a beauty?
She is beautiful.
You tryin' to fuck my wife?
- What? No.
- I'm jokin' man. [chuckles
But I would kill you
without a problem.
You're very high strung.
All right.
So, are you enjoying Thailand?
Yeah. And you live here?
Uh, I do, I do.
Um, you know, me and Klahan,
we, uh, we bought a boat.
And we dive and we fish
and we jump around
to the islands and so forth.
But, uh, but yes, um,
I live in Thailand.
- Are you, are you from here?
- No.
No, no, I'm-- I'm-- I'm
from Hill City of South Dakota,
which is the, uh,
Rapid City of South Dakota
except with less
Mount Rushmore and stuff.
Uh, but yes, no, I have been
living here for about--
Yeah, like, ten years.
How did that happen?
Hum... Look, all
my buddies back in Hill City,
they-- they would join
the military
'cause that's
how you find a career.
You know, they-- they would
just kind of settle in
to these lives that just
I wanted no part of.
And so I just decided
to just find a life
that suited me much better.
- And so, I was like uh-huh.
- Hmm.
Don't you miss your life?
Ho-- How could I miss a life
if I'm busy living it?
- Know what I'm sayin'?
- Hey, B!
Look at
that fuckin' asshole.
I can see my house from here!
- You can do it, Dave!
- Go on, mate!
- Nice.
- Yes, mates.
Woo-ho-ho, you are next!
Your turn, buddy!
It's your turn, dude.
Said it's your turn.
Okay, come on, B!
- Go on, my son.
- Do a flip!
I have insurance!
Oh, shit.
It's okay, B.
You don't have to.
- You going down?
- Yeah.
- You don't wanna jump?
- No.
You all right?
Come on, don't make
this cliff into a thing.
Jumpin' off shit doesn't
solve every problem.
If-non, if-non.
Well, that was embarrassing.
Have you guys done the hike
to the waterfall yet?
We have not. What is that?
It's Enlightenment Falls.
It's, uh, uh, fantastic,
if you guys, uh,
start now, you'll get
there before sunset.
What do you say, buddy? We could
use some enlightenment, huh?
- Ouch, ah!
- You all right?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Didn't Ian say we'd
be okay in flip flops?
He did.
Oh, that's a good sign.
Come on.
Watch your step.
Maybe you gotta get in it.
I hope not.
Come on, we came all this way.
There you go!
You're not coming in?
This one's all you.
I don't know!
Maybe you gotta go under it?
This is stupid.
It's not stupid.
What am I even doing out here?
You wanna fight for it or not?
It's not-- it's not that simple.
It actually is that simple.
I gotta go home.
- Buddy look, we can figure out--
- I wanna go home.
Hey, where are you?
Uh, it's been almost two days.
Should I call the police?
Hey, your parents said they talked to you,
but just call me, okay?
We're going to the bar with Ian.
You can do whatever you want.
We're going to the bar with Ian.
There's the happy couple!
- Hey.
- Missed you guys.
You guys ready to, uh,
watch me, uh, do my thing?
- Let's do it.
- Yeah.
Since I've seen you smile
And I'll gamble away
My fright
And I'll gamble away my time
And in a year, a year or so
This will slip into the sea
Well it's been
A long time, long time now
Since I've seen you smile
Nobody raise your voices
Just another night in Nantes
Nobody raise your voices
Just another night in Nantes
Well it's been
A long time, long time now
Since I've seen you smile
One, two,
three, four, five, six!
who want to fight him!
Who want to fight him, come on!
Come on, come on! Whoa!
- Are those girls gonna fight?
- Well, it looks that way.
Em, come get closer, those girls
are like fuckin' animals.
Let's get showered
in sweat and blood.
No thanks, love, you go ahead.
Are you sure?
Look after her, okay?
You don't mind him
being so rowdy?
Oh, it's all for show.
He's got to perform for review.
At the end of the night he'll
be pitifully clung to me,
begging me to make
the world stop spinning.
We have our fun.
We'll always go home together.
What made you want to marry Dan.
Oh, no, Dan and I
are just friends. We--
Uh, my wife, she--
I think we're splitting up.
Oh, god, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to--
No, you didn't. She--
I gotta heartbeat
Bruises all to pieces
I want a wife that's a partner.
And you don't feel
like she's your partner?
I found out she's
been having an affair.
It's the insensible
That is definitely
not partner behavior.
They sell drinks
in kid's sand pails.
We need a lot of these, def.
Come on, come on!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Let's get some drinks.
Who the fuck are these guys?
Uh, us?
Yeah, you.
What the hell you
doin' in this bar?
Without a shot in your hand?
Shot for everybody!
- Thank you. Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Goongala!
- Goongala!
What's your name?
- I'm-- I'm-- I'm Brandon.
- Brandon.
- And, uh-- this is my-- uh, Dan.
- Dan.
What are you doin' here?
Vacation. Last night on the islands,
so we're just, you know, whoa!
Well, guys, tonight is gonna be
the greatest night of our lives.
O-- Okay.
- Brandon.
- Yeah?
Tonight is gonna be
the greatest night of our lives.
- Okay.
- Brandon, look me in the eye.
Am I lyin'?
- No?
- No.
Because I always tell the truth.
Shots for everybody!
- Here you go, boys.
- Oh, thanks.
All right.
- Goongala!
- Goongala!
- Oh, four buckets please!
- Strong buckets?
- Strong as you got.
- Yeah.
Even Stefan,
getting the first legs,
because they're doppelgangers.
Yeah, take that in.
They're cursed to be forever
intertwined again and again,
always ending in tragedy.
But, Elena's love for Damon's
stronger than
the doppelganger curse.
He knows that that
made it okay for her
to date both brothers at once
without being a whore.
I mean, that is storytelling.
Fuck Aaron Mikaelson.
Pe-- Pen.
O.M.G. Hi, Brandon.
- Pen.
- Hi, Pen.
What are you guys doing here?
- We? What are you doing here?
- You shittin' me.
Oh, oh, you right,
keep I talking when I talk like this?
Oh my, I do-- do-- are
you not from here?
Yes, I'm from here,
but I went to school in L.A.
I get better tips
when I sound local.
- But that's-- That's racist!
- Get out!
You can't, you like Thai
people would be insulted.
Brandon, I'm Thai.
I think you're confusing
racist with race-related.
Hi, Dory. Looks like we're
getting our date after all.
We're just
co-existing in public.
Raj and Mali are here too.
Are you on a date with them too?
I'm not anti a group thing.
All right, you're naughty,
you're kinky.
I don't hate that.
You guys, you guys, I'm up next.
- For me, for me.
- OK.
Shut up, shut up.
It's our pal, he's fun.
Fight! Fight!
- Fight!
- Uh--
We should probably
follow the white rabbit.
Put on, put on.
I don't need that, no.
Go, get up!
Get up!
You got him, you
got him, you got him!
Fight two!
- Come on man.
- Let's go!
There we go!
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten!
They got one.
The winner!
Here buddy!
Here, here you go,
I'm the best fighter
in the world!
Wait, you booked
this trip over a year ago
and she's been having
an affair the whole time?
I guess so, wow.
But I love that you were gonna
surprise her with this trip.
Bet you're the plan ahead type.
Um, yes, I prefer well
thought out plans.
This one just didn't work.
- Well, none of my plans have ever worked.
- No?
My parents have run
the boat tours for... ever.
And always told me I'd take
over. But I was like, no way.
I wanted to act.
- You did?
- Yeah.
When I was 15,
I ran away to L.A.
My aunt lived in Long Beach
so I moved in with her.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah.
You know, and it was good.
I got to go to school.
Yeah, but there's just
so much competition,
I didn't know anyone.
I never really
got to act, you know.
Like I came all this way
and never actually got to do it.
- I'm sorry.
- When I got back, I had this whole Dorothy moment.
I realized I had
everything I really wanted.
Isn't that corny?
- What do you mean?
- Well, I love performing, making people happy.
No matter who you are
or where you're from,
I give you a great tour.
That's my stage.
I make you laugh and have fun.
I teach you about our beautiful
culture and I make you respect it.
You get to escape your normal
life and come to my world.
Even if you fight it,
I'll get you.
Well, you sure got me.
Oh, did I now?
Except I'll never trust you
because of all these lies.
I can't stop thinking
about your Hasselblad.
Oh, yeah? I took you as
more of an Instamatic guy.
Well, I can point and shoot,
but that Hassie, that takes an eye.
Luckily I have two of them.
Oh, I noticed your eyes.
- You are just--
- So, who are you into, Annie Leibovitz?
Actually I prefer Cindy Sherman.
Did not expect that.
So you're in it for the culture.
I'm in it for the capture.
You're a hunter?
Yeah, that moment, you know?
That moment
when something real happens.
A smile, a feeling, nature.
I see it, I catch it.
Make other people feel it.
I'm addicted to it.
Me too.
So you're
really a photographer?
I am. Professional.
What do you shoot with?
Well, my go-to is the Mamiya,
but my favorite is my Linhof.
You tryin' to tell
me you shoot film.
Lady, I shoot 8x10.
You fight me.
You fight me.
I have to go to the bathroom.
We fight, I kill you.
N-- no, thanks.
So you up and moved
from California to Thailand.
Your family didn't freak out?
My parents are dead.
- You seem okay with that.
- I didn't do it.
Zipline mishap.
- Stop.
- I'm serious.
Total freak accident on their
vacation in New Zealand.
Worst freshman year ever.
Except that I met Pen.
What, you fuckin' with me?
Nope, it's hilarious.
- Can I laugh?
- I do, all the time.
And you don't get sad?
Oh, I got plenty of sad.
But it wasn't my fault.
I'm not gonna carry it.
And they wouldn't want me too.
My mom killed herself.
- Dan, Dan!
- B! You're not gonna believe it.
Dory's a member
of the dead parent's club.
- It's true.
- What?
Dory's parents are both dead.
Dan's got no parents.
It's so weird you're both
smiling when you say that.
- He's got two parents.
- Aw.
I'm gonna go find Pen.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I mean... Buddy, what's wrong?
Some-- Somebody just tried
to pick a fight with me.
What are you talkin' about, who?
Just this--
this-- this Thai guy.
That narrows it down. Where is he, show me?
Oh, there, there he is.
- That guy?
- Yeah, that guy right there.
B, he's employed here.
Yeah, they work for tips.
It's like wrestling.
It's like fake.
It's not real.
You don't-- you don't
know that. He was serious.
Yeah, serious like,
"You're a tourist
and I want you to drink
a lot and get drunk
and then I'm gonna
kick your ass, yeah."
He wouldn't kick my ass.
Buddy. We're grownups.
That guy's like 20 and kicks
tourist ass all day.
Come on, look, we need to focus
on drinking these buckets
and enjoying our last night
on the island, okay?
Come on, if-non, if-non.
Last night.
- Gonna borrow your buddy for a second.
- Ooh--
what can I get ya?
One bucket, please.
You're here to solve something.
I can tell.
You can?
- Goongala.
- Goongala.
- Who are you?
- I'm Martin.
Yeah, I mean,
what are you-- What are you doing here?
Well, this beautiful island
is between Myanmar
and Hong Kong and I figured,
be silly not to stop on the way.
- You came from Myanmar?
- I did.
And I brought half
these people with me.
Wanna go to Hong Kong?
Plenty of room in the boat.
You-- You have a boat?
Technically it's a yacht.
Who are you?
Brandon, take a look
around this place.
All these people from different
worlds, all together.
Every one of them
wanting the same things.
To feel safe.
To feel love.
To be understood.
We all share that.
B! Ian gave us
a little surprise.
- Uh-huh...
- Come on.
Oh, I remember this.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
It's been a while.
When was the last time?
When things started
going bad with Vanessa.
We just stopped having sex.
It just got so awkward.
So you guys got high.
I thought it would loosen us up.
Make her like me again.
But it didn't work.
Fuck that, you're awesome.
Except I wasn't.
What do you mean?
I wasn't awesome,
but I wanna be.
I'm sorry.
Don't mention it.
You still want to fight?
- I kill you.
- Perfect.
- You don't have to do this.
- Oh, it's pro wrestling, right?
- Hey, thanks for doing this.
- Yeah.
- Fight!
- Oh shit.
Go, yeah, fight!
- Get out of the corner, Brandon.
- You can do it!
- Fight.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Just look at that!
There you go!
Keep moving!
Fight, fight!
All right, okay.
Whoa, okay, okay, okay.
The main thing is, you're
just letting him hit you.
Okay, you want to avoid
that as much as possible.
Okay, 'cause he's
hitting you really hard
and there's only
so much you can take
before you actually
die, all right?
So main takeaway?
- Don't get hit.
- Okay.
Hey, are we fighting,
like for real?
- I kill you.
- Oh shit.
- Come on!
- Yeah!
Yeah, there you go!
Yeah, get him, get him, get him.
- There you go!
- Yes, keep doing that!
- Flurry!
- Yes!
Keep doing that!
- Get up.
- Come on buddy, get up!
Atta boy!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You gotta brush it off.
- There we go.
- Come on, throw it up.
- You got this!
- Okay.
- Oh my god.
All right,
keep your hands up.
- OK.
- Stop.
That's it, all right. OK.
Main thing you're doing here,
you're telegraphing
your moves, okay.
I'm pretty sure you said punch
right before you punched.
Now he heard that
so he blocked it. You dig?
OK, so now, don't let him
know what you're doing,
don't look we're
you're gonna punch,
just punch, okay?
Yes, keep doing that!
Get up!
- Fight.
- Oh, stop.
Okay, all right,
stay down pal. Okay.
- First, two...
- You can go faster.
- ...three, four, five...
- Count by twos.
- ...six, seven...
- He's out.
- You can stop.
- ...eight, nine, ten.
Okay, you did great.
- Yeah, I did well?
- Yeah, you did.
Yeah, that was awesome.
- Come on. There you go.
- The winner!
You did it though.
Yeah, there we go.
All right!
You wouldn't-- You wouldn't say
I-- I got my ass kicked, right?
Oh, not too you.
Yeah, we are brother!
- Yeah, brother!
- Yeah!
Ah, we are brother!
I mean, except that
like everything hurts.
Well, he hit you
everywhere so...
Ladies and gentlemen,
your moral champion!
- Hey, good job!
- Yeah!
Thank you all.
- That was hot.
- Get the fuck out!
Yeah, Brandon.
The greatest night of our lives.
- Yeah!
- Yes, thank you!
No idea who the fuck
is this guy,
- but thank you!
- All right.
- Goongala!
- Goongala!
We're never done
With killing time
Can I kill it with you
'Til the veins
Run red and blue
We come around
Here all the time
Got a lot to not do
Let me kill it with you
You pick me up and
Take me home again
Head out the window again
We're hollow like the
Bottles that we drain
You drape your wrists
Over the steering wheel
Pulses can drive from here
We might be hollow
But we're brave
And I like you
I love these roads where
The houses don't change
And I like you
Where we can talk like
There's something to say
Wait, wait,
I'm sorry, I just, wait.
Hey, hey, just be
with me here. Right now.
We move in the tree streets
I'd like it if you stayed
Now we're wearing long sleeves
And the heating comes on
You buy me orange juice
We're getting good at this
Dreams of clean teeth
I can tell that you're tired
But you keep the car on
While you're waiting--
Where have you two been?
You pick me up and
Take me home again
I'm gonna borrow
your buddy for a second.
Head out the window again
We're hollow like
The bottles that we drain
You drape your wrists
Over the steering wheel
Pulses can drive from here
We might be hollow
But we're brave
Alex, this is the guy.
This guy?
This guy.
This is a very special bottle.
The last of its kind.
Thank you.
Why me?
Why not you?
To life.
And may you live it well.
Okay, this is me.
You wanna meet me in Greece?
Oh, now I'm traveling for you.
I wanna see you again.
You'll see me again.
So are you gonna
give me your number?
Like you have not
enough to think about.
That was just for us.
And we'll share it forever.
- Bye, Dan.
- Bye, Pen.
Bye, guys.
Reign of love I can't let go
To the sea I offer
This heavy load
Locusts will lift me up
I'm just a prisoner
In a reign of love
Locusts will let us stop
I wish I'd spoken
To the reign of love
- Bye guys.
- You!
Come on boys.
- You're the best.
- See you around.
- Nice, nice.
- Come here.
Goodnight, Dan.
Goodnight, Bear.
How I wish I'd spoken up
All right, man.
- Good job.
- Told you.
Away get carried
On a reign of love
- Hello?
- Hi.
Ooh, ooh, whoa
Ooh, ooh, whoa
If you're always tryin'
To get to the top
You don't get to
The bottom of nothing
Then you're gone
Before you know it
You'd better stop
Learn a little
Givin' and lovin'
It's been done before
C'mon, do it again
Do it again
"'Cause if it's good then
You should share it round"
What's the use of keeping
All the good things that
You've found to yourself
Learn a little
Learn a little
Learn a little givin'
Learn a little
Learn a little
Learn a little
givin' and lovin'
You don't gotta keep
No other man down
For you to get up
There's no need to worry
Just don't give away
Your self-respect
'Cause if it's all You've got
Left the rest don't really
Matter now anyway honey
But give away love
Give it
And give it for free
No strings attached
Just don't ask for it back
Learn a little
Learn a little
Learn a little givin'
Learn a little givin'
Learn a little
Givin' and stop
Givin, learn a little givin'
It's been done before
C'mon do it again
Little lovin'
I just nod
I've never been so
Good at shakin' hands
I live on the frozen
Surface of a fireball
Where cities come together
To hate each other
In the name of sport
America, nothing is
Ever just anything
I looked up to you
But you thought I would
Look the other way
And you hear
What you want to hear
And they take what
They want to take
Don't be sad, won't ever
Happen like this anymore
So when's it coming
This life's new great
Movement that I can join
It won't end here
Your faith has got to be
Greater than your fear
Forgive them even if
They are not sorry
All the vultures, bootleggers
At the door waiting
You are looking for your
Own voice, but in others
While it hears you, trapped
In another dimension
Drop your guard
You don't have to be
Smart all of the time
I got a mind full of blanks
I need to go
Somewhere new fast
And don't be shy, oh no
At least deliberately
No one really cares
Or wonders why anymore
Oh, I got music
Coming outta my hands
And feet and kisses, whoa
That is how it once was done
All the dreamers on the run