Channeling (2013) Movie Script

This is the Eyecast contact camera.
The discreet HD camera
that you wear on your eye.
This is where it goes.
This is how it works.
And this is what it sees.
Because this is what you see
as you see it.
This is your life. Live.
Because you're only live once.
Any suggestion for
today's soundtrack?
- Who are these guys?
- Not a clue.
Talk to the viewers. See if anyone
knows who these pricks are.
Anyone out there know
these guys?
Please message us.
Turn on your Bluetooth.
Got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
One at a time!
Do you guys know you're
driving with a gas hose?
Yes, we are aware.
Who is this?
This is Albert from
Sin City. Long-time follower. Hey Tara.
Hey Albert. How did you
know we were driving that gas hose?
One of those guys chasing you-
I'm watching his channel right now.
Good work, Albert. What's
his channel number?
Got it! Wyatt, look!
Wyatt, look out! He's
coming right at us!
Keep down, hold up the phone!
They're full fitting and extra absorbent.
Don't let wetness slow you down.
- This kid's got a sponsor!
- What?!
- Absorbeez
- Shit!
- They're gaining over us!
- Hang on!
Come on, we'll figure it out.
Sargent Maddox!
Phone call from you.
From the states.
It's late there.
Is it an emergency?
I'm not sure, Sargent.
Thank you, Private.
Sargent Maddox, you've got a call.
Thank you, sir.
Carry out.
Hello, this is Sargent Maddox.
Look, Jonah,
I'm really sorry about Wyatt, man.
The rate he was going, it
was just a matter of time, right?
A matter of time for all of us.
Could you open that glove-box
for me, will you?
Flip that switch right there.
Watch this.
Nice. Where'd you find this?
I made that work. Super
illegal today, I'm telling you.
but we're in a hurry,
so... uh, fuck it!
- What's that goofy grin about?
- Nothing, man...
Now, I know y'all
didn't get along, but
when we were kids, man,
your brother Wyatt.
Back then, he was cool.
I don't know...
all knew Wyatt was cool.
A lot of good it did him.
What did you hear about
the night Wyatt died?
What? No one told you?
They told me.
"Your brother succumbed
to blunt force
injuries sustained by a
hit and run accident."
And that he had drugs in his system.
He had drugs in his system,
of course they told you that.
Basically being for
the cops didn't do nothing.
it was like he deserved to die.
Case closed.
Feels weird to be home.
You've gotta be kidding me.
No, this can't be right.
The people... they must
be here for a different service.
No, there's my sister.
- Thanks for the ride, Gabe.
- I'm gonna hoof it from here.
Ok, you sure?
Look at you.
You look good.
No, no don't be.
Hey dad.
is it... uh...
much to ask for you
to be back in time for
your father's burial?
I don't know, dad.
Was it too much to ask for
you to wait for me to get
back from halfway
around the world?
You're here now.
I already put some
linens in the...
exercise room for you.
I can't believe him.
He just doesn't know
who to be mad at.
So he's moving me
to an exercise room?
I'll show you.
Hey... uh...
Don't worry about...
about missing the funeral.
Wyatt wouldnt have wanted you there.
Seeing him wear a suit.
As a matter of fact he
probably made you late.
Yeah he's having a
good laugh somewhere.
You know... they called me.
Over there?
Must have been Thursday?
Sounds like he chose
to speak to his brother last.
- Ok, Well, Um... do you need anything?
- No, I'm good. let me get settled and...
I'll talk to you later, Ok?
Honestly, I just...
just really need to
get out of this house.
You know? When...
when someone in your family dies...
There's all this stuff
that you have to deal with.
And no one warns you about.
Who's gonna cancel my brother's cable?
Do we just let the bill
go unpaid, or...
I mean, no one is exactly
worried about his credit score anymore.
Hey Ash, do you
mind if I check my email?
I used to know my family,
but let me just say it's
not like anyone is going to
take care of this stuff.
My other brother... he's very responsible.
But he's also been gone since
I was like thirteen.
I get to deal with the life of things like
This came from the county
coroner today.
I think it has my brother's stuff in it.
The stuff he had on when he died.
I'm kind of terrified.
And grossed out
about opening it, but...
I'd rather do it then
let my dad do it.
Somehow you guys make
me feel a little more brave.
So, what do you guys think?
Should I open it?
You need help with this
stuff? You just need to ask.
And this... is not for them.
You know what, Jay?
I'm the one who handles all the
stuff where youre God knows where.
So don't get righteous with me.
I mean, you've been home
what? An hour?
And Wyatt Maddox, the bionic bird brain
has fallen for the fourth time.
Get the Goddamned
bike out of the street!
Are those my sunglasses?
Come here!
You OK, Wyatt?
You're such a geek.
No... I'm good, thanks.
Who the hell is
this on Wyld's channel?
Who the hell is this?
Log off. Log of right
now or I'll hang up!
It's done.
Whoever you are, I
hope you get a wicked case of pink eye.
Yeah. Thanks for that.
Look, this is Jonah Maddox.
I'm Wyatt's brother.
Right. Or maybe you're
the guy who murdered him.
Look, why don't uh...
Why don't you and I meet up
- and talk?
- Why don't you get cancer?
This is happening right now.
This is live TV.
The number on the corner
of the screen...
that's gidgets rating.
Oh! Homegirl wiped out!
Well, she could have injured herself
and then rescued by a
handsome lifeguard.
Now, imagine your advertisement
at the bottom of the screen.
Imagine an audience
without the ability
to fast-forward, skip,
or delete that ad.
Let's see a demo.
Are we beginning to
grasp the potential here?
Garrett, these numbers
They're fine...
but they don't compare
with the network's
post on a moderately
popular draw.
Leonard, is it?
Don't compare Eyecast
with scripted.
Wrong model.
The small percentage of viewers
who actually stay awake to watch that crap,
they fast-forward your clients' commercials
and that negate to no one.
You want to talk numbers?
Of course, we want to talk numbers.
Ok, let's talk about 9/11.
The Oklahoma city bombing.
OJ trial,
both gulf wars, well the first one,
those got numbers.
And that audience held.
for days.
No one TiVoed 911.
That's the analogy you
need to look at when talking about casting.
No reruns. No DVR. No do overs.
You're only live once.
Surprise. Immediacy.
Chaos. That's what the audience wants.
- You got to get this, Garrett.
- Who is it?
- He just gave me his channel number. 79.
- Sorry.
I'm going to have to take this.
We're... about done here, right?
I'm gonna watch some of these channels.
See how I can package this.
I'm going to have you
come to your all a moment...
I'll be here... just don't wait too long.
Wyld, in the flesh,
good to meet you.
Want some sushi?
No, I'm a Vegan.
Ha! Bullshit. I've seen your channel.
I shouldn't say this too loud..
but you've got a
...few fans in this company.
Why should you be quiet about that?
I mean, your channel's not exactly
what we put in our promotional materials.
No, I suppose it's not.
Is that why you're
here, promotion?
You're a fan, right?
You watched what
happened the other night?
You've been... uh...
...switched off
for a little while,
is that right?
I mean forgive me,
I... I don't pay too close attention.
I've been gone for a week.
Any trouble?
You got... you and
Tera got in a fight?
That Tara...
Life doesn't offer too
many costars like that.
You were... you were
caught with another girl, right?
or is that me? Wyld stop...
No, that's not what happened.
Think about that. Now,
you should be scripting this.
That's exactly what I'm
talking about, you know?
No half measures.
Whatever your tag is, live it.
You don't think what
I'm doing is enough?
Oh, I mean, you know...
Your numbers are descent.
But Wyld...
You're just a vessel.
You got thousands of people
seeing through your eyes.
You got to get more.
You want top-shelf sponsors?
Then you got to give them everything.
I gotta mosey.
- You want the tour?
- No, thank you.
You got a great count,
even for a vegan's.
Nice meeting you, Garrett.
A nightmare?
No, uh...
No, that... that was memory.
This can be worse.
Did we... uh...
- No?
- Uh uh.
What... what were
you waiting for?
You were kind of passed out.
Alcohol plus opiate-based pain killers...
Oh, no, no, see...
I slipped you a roofie.
Just didn't work out
quite as I expected...
Oh, maybe you should
use a smaller dose.
Yeah, I'll try that.
Seriously, though...
I like you.
No, that is the reason,
believe it or not.
So where's the fire?
Um... Madison and me...
we... we got that new sponsor, and now
- there's all these... obligations...
- I'm off.
Come on, stay right here.
I'll uh...
...make an omelet.
with the one egg
that I have in the fridge.
He promised to sponsor. Go.
I'm so over sponsors.
Why, are they pressuring you?
Yeah, and they're like,
'No, Conner, you take your time...'
'...concentrate on feeling better...'
and then they're like 'Hey,
guess who made nationals.'
Oh, we don't have to do
anything we don't want to, right?
I guess not.
Come on, we gotta do something.
I knew you weren't armed.
You turn off Wyatt's channel?
It's off, yeah.
You look... uh...
different in person.
Most people do.
How'd you get in here?
Your brother's house keys.
Shouldn't have asked that.
You should have.
What are you looking for?
Something that's not here anymore.
Let's get out of here.
I'll buy you a waffle.
So, you and my
brother were stealing cars?
- Racing cars.
- Yeah, stolen cars.
Look, race your own car,
it's fifty viewers.
Race a stolen car,
it's like 50, 000.
So how do you pick these cars?
We got tipped.
There are cars all over this
town just begging to be raced.
I'm talking about race cars.
Barely street legal.
Relegated to grocery getters.
Rolled out for once a
month for a clay wax.
And all it takes is
one pissed-off teenager
one disgruntled valet,
or a little help from the
infamous mission creep.
So basically, we're running
a request line for felons.
And what do they get
in return? These tipsters?
They get to watch.
it's about taking risks.
The faster the car,
the closer the race,
the higher the danger
the better the ratings.
On a good day everyone wins.
Sponsor's happy, viewer's happy.
Wyatt and Tara are happy.
Oh, I don't think your brother
was going to make it as a day trader.
And yeah. We had fun.
What about the day my
brother died? Was that fun?
What do you think?
Wyatt always likes to leave the
car with a full tank.
Like a rental.
You know. Gas it up and
leave the keys in a night drop.
And that's how the car doesn't
get boosted again.
His little way of saying
thank you, I think.
That's when the three
horsemen showed up.
Get down! get down!
They're gaining on us!
That's it? No shouting, no
threats, just bullets?
Just bullets and buckshot.
I mean, these guys
wanted us to die in a hurry.
And you'd never seen them before?
Once we got some distance,
Wyatt dropped me off.
Hop out.
Go inside.
What are you gonna do with this thing?
I haven't quite decided yet.
What I might do I don't want
you anywhere near it, so
please just get out and go inside.
Ok, text me when
you are clear of this.
Did my brother keep broadcasting?
And did you watch?
What did you see?
Not much.
Not enough.
He called me, you know?
That night.
What did he say?
He said to say hi.
What would happen if
I relaunch Wyatt's channel?
Uh... it would suck.
If these people think
that Wyld is still alive,
he might just come out of hiding.
Hit men don't like unfinished business.
Look, if your serious about this,
then I'm on board.
Thank you but no.
This is between me and my-
- Just stop right there.
Wyatt was your brother,
but he was my partner.
There is no Wyld Life without me.
You know, Wyatt and I did
have one thing in common.
What's that?
I can drive.
Oh, dude, dude, dude, look.
We're ready, we're ready.
- Should I bring it?
- yeah, yeah... come on.
Come on, come on.
Hood up, hood up.
Here we go.
Here we go.
See that countdown?
You got to get this, come on.
There it is, there it is.
Are... you ready for this?
Yeah, baby...
Come on, come on.
on three...
Let it go.
Let it simmer, guys.
Man on fire!
Do it!
Yeah! Yeah!
You took these with a red light camera?
That's right.
How did DMV know
where to send the picture?
I mean, Dino here doesn't
seem to have a license plate.
They didn't come from the DMV.
We hack the intersection cameras.
That's the only way
to get the raw files.
Far out!
I don't know...
it seems risky.
That's the work!
That risk, that's a part
of the art, man.
I mean, without it,
those would be worthless.
- You got any sponsors?
- Hell, no.
I'm not a sellout.
That's the thing about street art.
The second youre bought,
you're sold.
It's done. over.
Is that Wyatt's channel?
- Can I take a look at it?
- that's why I brought it.
There's a lot of stuff in here.
That records the last
thing he looked at?
These aren't VCRs, grandpa.
They're transmitters.
For what?
For what we call a rolling buffer.
A contact camera
constantly records them.
And erase and record over
and over again.
What's the point if
it doesn't store anything?
The software uses the buffer
to add it out to your blinks.
And drop signals.
Otherwise, you know, these channels,
they would be super annoying to watch.
You know, constantly taking
hits and dropping signals and whatnot.
Usually it's just a
bunch of code but...
sometimes you can find some
orphaned frames of video and...
A few seconds of
a recent cast.
You're going to get a lot of...
You see people? This is live
and we have a channel.
Hey, I didn't know
that Wyatt was...
- No, no, yeah.
- Clearly.
- Accidental.
- Yeah, that didn't look
like it was on purpose.
Gabe, could you...
Everybody stay calm.
Everybody make space.
Yes, got it.
Yes, let's have everybody on the
line while we're trying to do this.
Your brother.
Wyld's channel used
to be so edgy, dude.
Very subversive.
You guys should have
never taken those sponsors.
Hey, we're entitled
to make a living.
Yeah, granted, but you
can't deny it changes things.
Now he won't even open up
my channel to comment.
I'm gonna do my thing,
people like it, great.
if not, say they'll fuck it.
That's the car.
What is?
Is that the airbag?
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
No, hold on. Is that Wyatt's phone?
That's not his point
of view on the screen.
He's right, Gabe.
Hold on.
Check it.
Looks like he's getting
something out of the trunk.
What's that?
Let me see.
It's a QR code.
And that can be
linked to anything.
Web address, price tag...
any information, really...
You're in.
Really? You're gonna
let that stop you?
OK... tell you what...
I'm going to see if I can
ninja my way into this website.
And I will get in touch
with y'all if I find something.
when I find something.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Wyatt's death
wasn't an accident.
More jack.
I mean, your brother, man...
God bless him, he was pushy.
- You said it yourself man.
- I know what I said, man.
They were fuckin' chased.
Shot at.
Rob a car?
Hey, jay,
I'm gonna find something.
- I know.
- Alright?
Check 1... 2
1... 2...
Check, check, 1,2... 1,2...
Cyrus, this is Slag...
He's been fixing bets.
He's been scripting outcomes.
Badge found him camping
out in public storage locker unit.
Boards, the works.
You'd like to untie
him, wouldn't you?
Kind of.
I like a stand up fight
I know you do.
Why don't we get some blows?
You know, fight back?
Yeah, that's because you get
all co-dependent with him.
Not me.
I just want to get him done with.
I couldn't stand watching
him cycle through the stages of grief.
Like denial...
"I didn't do it, it wasn't me."
"I'm not the guy."
"but actually I am."
- And then the anger stage.
if they got some fight
in them it's the time to do it.
because then comes the bargaining
Makes my skin crawl.
It's like... just...
just shut up!
It's the pressure. Now that one I get.
I really do. I just wish
they'd skip from anger to acceptance.
there's so much more grace.
Listen... you can't be like this one.
- I had this one time, this woman, right?
Had one of those blades. - Yeah.
You know one of the mini Katanas
they use to cut sushi?
So I had this blade
deep in this lady, right?
And you know what she does?
She hugs me.
Hugs me.
And then she takes her hand
and she gets it through
my hand. Crazy, right?
Wish I could get emotional
about that stuff.
Jewish give lots of sentences
for crimes of passion.
There's a guy down in
Texas doing four months.
- Four shooting up his old lady.
- Four months!
It's like a fucking sabbatical.
Pay... your... debts.
Have the Badge dump
him somewhere.
Shut the fuck up!!
Do you always eat so healthy?
Oh, I'm sorry, Major
Dick, I guess you prefer
eating freeze dried ice
cream out of a helmet.
- MREs are better than you imagine.
- they have to be.
Look, I can't be instructing
you while we're casting.
That will be a dead giveaway
that you're not Wylde.
So, a couple of pointers.
Don't blink too much and
try not to hum to yourself.
Think like you're telling
someone a story.
Because you are, you just
don't know how it ends yet.
And if things go south, just bail,
and I'll catch up with you later.
Oh, and avoid mirrors.
Start casting.
Good morning, followers.
And normally Wylde and I
don't indulge in a lot of
talking and naval
gazing and such, but
seeing that it's been
forever since our last cast
I think we owe you an explanation.
Now, if you've been
in the chat room then
I'm sure you've seen the rumors
about Wylde being hurt or
us being killed.
And while I do
appreciate your concern,
I have to ask: Whose channel do
you think you're watching?
Those lightweights who chased us?
Well, you won't be seeing them for a while.
Well, unless they recognize you.
Yeah, so Wylde and I
had to cool up for a bit,
you know, regroup, hit the spa...
That, my friend, is today's donor car.
I'm gonna go meet our mark.
So that one's yours?
See, that brown one.
That's my car.
It's very nice. Do you
want to go for a ride?
Vehicle looks good.
Where are my keys?
This one.
This isn't your car.
This is my car. I
don't understand what the problem is.
I really don't have time to argue.
I thought I told you
to bail if things wiped out.
Let the keys is in the car. We'll
just figure out something else to do today.
No, no, no way. If the
idea here is to get attention,
this is the perfect opportunity.
Now, if you want to get out, I understand.
Get up.
Wow, that was fast.
Oh, crap.
OK, I hear nothing makes
them madder than when people run, right?
I mean, when people run, cops make them
go on the ground and stay on their face
No one's gonna stand
on your face.
What... what is this?
Oh crap. I hate when this happens.
They sending updates
every ten freaking minutes.
- Are we still on?
- No, not right now.
- So no one's seeing this?
- Hold on!
I have to read this to you,
all right?
But you have to
look at me. Try not to crash.
What is this?
Just drive!
Please repeat after me.
- I understand and accept the terms of use.
- What?
- Just say it!
- I understand and accept the terms of use.
Alright. We're back on.
We're casting.
Oh crap!
You in the Trans Am!
Pull over to the curb immediately!
- Turn off the ignition!
- Huh?
I'm sorry. You're going to have
to eat a fresh bowl of dicks, man!
Did you just tell the
cop to eat a fresh bowl of dicks?
Pull over to the curb immediately!
Let's pull between those trailers.
This way.
Ok. You good?
Hey folks.
You know, I think we'll go
out for a bit, but we'll see you soon.
I know it's not that easy.
Hang on, buddy.
Hang on for a sec.
Get off me.
Get your hands down.
Let me look at that cut.
This guy's casting.
Man, hold on a second.
Hold on.
You... you...
You look like an ass backwards.
You're not so good, huh?
You're going through
the denial stage right now.
I just wanna talk to your buddy Wylde.
Last time I saw you, I
put a bike chain across your face.
I asked for more.
It can be arrenged.
It's for your friend here.
Hold this...
- Let's go.
- Oh, God.
The thing got pretty bad.
The good news is it'll
probably retain the???
- That lens save his vision.
- Thank God for that.
OK... Well..
What now?
tomorrow we visit
that place Gabe found.
Make sure isn't all for nothing.
Yeah, these designs are
all by Jay Bahn,
And I'm like... loving it.
Yeah well... maybe
this one
not as much... uh...
Wow, I mean...
I kind of thought...
You know what, guys?
I'm actually gonna get ready on my own.
But when you get that push text
tune in because tonight
is gonna be different.
Hey Ash...
Nice muffin top.
Really sexy.
Ashleigh, could you stand
up straight, please?
You could be so much prettier
if you'd just stand up straight.
And Ashleigh, stop mumbling,
use your words.
How could you be so fucking
ugly and stupid and fat?
of course he doesn't
actually like you.
Why would he?
Are you gonna channel this place?
What's the old saying?
Sunlight is the best disinfectant
This place could use some sunlight.
Need a light?
Alright, take care.
I bet 200 they shoot someone.
Alright, moving right along.
Details are as follows
Chandler had unprotected sex
with men four weeks ago
Her recent menstrual cycle is late.
However, Chandler has a
history of sporadic period.
So we are placing the
odds at 2 to 1 for this test
to confirm pregnancy.
Alright, betting's open,
please place your bet.
OK, got it.
- I'm nervous
- I know, sweetie.
Place your bets.
I think she's pregnant.
Placing the odds at 2 to 1.
Alright, so...
You just peel this and...
in three minutes we'll know
- Ok...
- Wait, what if I'm too nervous to pee?
Will you, will you just
stay here? I know that's weird.
Yeah, no, I'll stay.
I don't mind.
Just don't fart.
I know.
Ok, betting's closed.
Thank you.
Congratulations to the
winner and the new mother.
Alright, now winners, you may
choose to extend betting
to the next context
Just keep in mind it is a long-term
bet so please plan accordingly.
Hans, could you step in for me?
- Thank you.
- Let's get out of here.
Over here.
Alright, moving right along,
Hey! Mine!
Get back!
Get... back!
Alright, we walk out of here or I'll
paint you all with this guy's DNA. Got it?
Was that the dead man
who stole my car?
Whose friend just hacked our site?
I'm not sure it's
the same guy, Cole.
I mean, it looked like
him but I don't know.
Let me give you an
old suggestion, Tanner.
It's called a strategical moment.
I need commitment of the longest of sorts.
It's not something you do
I can fix this.
Alright? I'll grab the guys and we'll go.
Go what? Go what?
He's got 80, 000 bloody
witnesses in his pants.
Take care of it.
Go on. Piss off.
Keep your head back.
Does it hurt?
Put your head up.
And keep it up.
You're quite handsome.
Here we go. It's not that bad.
You'll get blood in my hair.
Let them see.
Look, a lot's happened today and
my head is just kind of spinning.
I'm gonna go.
Turn this thing off... please.
Open like this.
Look at me.
Hey guys.
Standing outside the entrance to Club Feux.
Expecting for Victoria
to arrive any second.
Now, you know every time
Victoria shows up it's a story, but
especially tonight because
she is under house arrest so
Her presence her or any place
that serves alcohol, for that matter,
is a violation of her parole.
Uh, are you Max from that show?
Yeah. I'm just waiting
for Victoria to show up.
- Yawn.
- Stop it, Mandy.
Listen, I'm gonna go out for a drink.
I think I know you two,
you serve the fashion thing, right?
- You girls are spicy!
- Yeah!
That's us. We actually just got a sponsor.
What's your work like?
We were hoping you'd say that.
Uh, Ashleigh, what you wearing?
- We are wearing our new-
- Wait, folks, there she is.
And who is she with? What is
she wearing? Oh, no.
That is awesome.
That's a bedazzled ankle monitor.
Oh! Meow!
That... was... awesome.
Yeah, we were basically
the opening act for Victoria.
- Come on.
- Wait, hold on a second.
I just want my father to
see how cute you are.
- They're not interested in me.
- Oh, really?
Ok, you want me to turn on comments?
- No, actually, I really... really don't.
- Text please.
Can we not do this now?
Let's see. Talia in Trevor
City said "he is so hot."
Sara in Boca Raton says
"Don't trust him, Ashleigh!" And she
even used an angry emoticon.
What to do?
- But you're so popular with my general.
- That's great.
What is your general like? Eleven year-old
girls? they don't buy snowboards.
Eleven to seventeen year old girls.
And a smattering of thirty age women.
Members of the LGBT community I present.
Not to mention all the fine
people that just want a glimpse of you.
Come on.
What are you doing?
I'm just... checking to see how we did.
So, did you get the high score?
Your ratings.
How are they?
Do you mean our ratings?
I'm surprised anyone else
was concerned, Those were biased ratings.
- Congratulations.
- That was the point, wasn't it?
Nice job.
I'm gonna go.
Do you want me to give you a ride?
I can drop you somewhere.
Why don't you crash here and
I'll just... I'll go sleep in my dad's?
Sure is chivalrous of you.
I don't think I want to spend one
more night in this bed or this apartment.
You can have it.
I'm real sorry I'm
not my brother, Tara.
Yeah, you're right about that.
Why don't you give me
some pointers then? From memory?
Fuck... you.
You think I'm a slut? fine, assume
whatever you want.
I don't have any pointers for you
because me and your brother
never happened.
I guess Wyatt didn't want
me to become confused.
I think we should take a picture!
Look, Ash.
Vick's got a fresh pedicure.
Do you think she did that
or do you think it was her cell mate?
I don't know that.
Hey guys, does this ankle monitor
make my ankle look big?
Can I have the picture with Santa too?
Look who's coming to town.
Having fun?
- Yes.
- You're Ashleigh, right?
- Yeah.
- You're into casting, right?
Yeah, a bit. Um...
This is Madison.
We just got sponsored.
Nice! What's like a
lot of followers to you?
Oh, I don't know, maybe like 20, 000?
I get more than that
when I get a pedicure.
So how about tonight? Any change?
Um... yeah...
we've got already like... 40K.
But I figure it's gonna be like
that when we get a sponsor.
Somehow I don't think that's it.
Victoria... drop it.
- You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- Drop it!
Are we..wait... was she in on it?
I mean, she can't possibly
be that naive, right?
- What are you guys talking about?
- Victoria... seriously.
Ash, sweetie, a little advice.
if you're gonna fuck
Conner while he's casting,
don't get on top. Stay
on missionary position.
It's a little more modest.
Nice, Conner, real nice.
And Victoria? She's a total bitch.
Are you gonna unfriend me?
Are we unfriends?
Ashleigh stop. Ashleigh seriously.
Grow up.
- Think this is gonna help us both.
- You are unbelievable!
Let her go, Conner.
Sorry Ash.
Welcome back guys, Match here,
your agent of casting,
here I am reporting inside Club Fig
in the ladies' restroom where
Ashleigh has just taken refuge
inside a stall.
It seems Conner was live
when he and Ashleigh were fornicating
Apparently he was Ashleigh's...
maiden voyage.
the question remains
Was Ashleigh's cameo
on Connor's video unauthorized?
Was Ash simply trying to get her
new beau's pathetic numbers up?
Stay tuned.
Do me a favor.
Send me a text letting
me know you're going out
and I'll make sure to
get you some coverage.
You know, sometimes I think about
why I channel myself,
It's moments like this
that I still have to understand.
So many girls
have the same crappy stuff
happen to them that happen to me
knowing that you're watching
and that
you see things from my perspective
This makes me feel a little stronger.
remember this, okay?
Thanks for watching.
And start cueing up early because
tomorrow's gonna be an interesting day.
Well, Ash...
that's a record.
I told her it was a bad idea,
but she insisted, so...
I figured hey
if she wants to break off,
I'll be somewhere else.
Ok, you see this?
That's how my people are
going to watch me kick your ass.
You're really going back?
Have to.
At this point I may as well.
It has been a cool fifteen
minutes for me for sure.
What does that mean?
It means I'm gonna have
shit duties for a while.
Figuratively and literally.
I hate to see you in
trouble and all, but
I really am glad
you're here right now.
Because I did just beat
up your boyfriend.
He had it coming.
And besides, he likes the drama.
Give him an excuse to relapse.
I let Wyatt down.
I used
his... passing
as an excuse to...
to do whatever I
wanted to do anyway
and that just sucks.
Wyatt would be disappointed if we
didn't use his death to act like idiots.
Right? You and me.
We're gonna go knock over
a liquor store, for old time's sake.
It happened.
They're headed for me.
Wow, someone's important.
Ok, well let me...
let me stall them while you slip out.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm an old pro
at this. Just use my car.
You know...
I know.
Are you sure you're up for this?
We know you guys channel
us to see something real,
but most of the time
what you see is not true.
Something else, something less.
But tonight,
tonight we're gonna settle this.
And you
You can believe what
you're gonna see.
Spend lots of money.
Whoa, whoa whoa...
where you going?
I don't believe this.
I got Wylde. he's upstairs right now.
You know, I have no
trouble believing that
given your unbroken
chain of anecdotes, Tanner.
Tell me.
Do you fancy a wager?
Eh? Would you
Come on.
What should I give you?
Let's call it a suggestion. The teeth.
Where is he?
- You OK?
- I'm fine.
I'm a pretty good bait.
Yeah, thanks. I hope
I don't get pink eye.
let's go, huh?
I have to go do something.
Keep your head low,
I'll catch up with you later.
Hey dad!
Hey, bud.
How's your mom?
Kid's not here two seconds
and already he's...
Did you hear they hurt my dad?
Why don't you walk
down to Tyler's house, Ok?
It's gonna be alright.
It's OK.
You put the thing around my brother
So what's your real name?
So, Jonah.
What are your ratings like?
Breaking in my house, scaring my kid?
Surprisingly good.
Felonies always find an audience.
Do your followers know that they're
watching an imposter?
Do your shareholders
know you're mission creep?
You see where I've been
we know what that means.
That's right.
- Aren't you in the army or something?
- Yeah.
Or something.
You know when your
brother posted his best ratings?
It was the night he died.
Wylde got nearly half a million followers.
And those numbers helped, but
Long after he went black
half a million people
watched the inside of
your brother's eyelids.
nothing but blood vessels
He got an ovation
We should all be so lucky.
So what?
Are you gonna kill me now?
I get it.
You loved your brother.
I guess you had to end up here.
I didn't love my brother.
I should have.
That's why I'm here.
Phone call for you.
From the States.
it's late there.
Hello, this is Sargent Maddox.
Hello, this is Wyatt Maddox.
Dude, what are you
doing calling me like this?
You realize how much
trouble I could get in?
Look, email me tomorrow
and I'll call you when I can, Ok?
Yeah, and just how
long will that take, huh?
Jesus, Wyatt, I got
responsibilities here, man.
I know, I know.
Come on, Jay, don't be mad.
I know you're glad to hear from me.
I mean, what's up?
Were you sleeping?
It's the middle of the day,
and man, I'm busy.
Oh, yeah.
orphanage ain't gonna
bomb itself, right?
I'm a medic, remember?
You leave the other
boredom to others.
Do ya?
Now, that's cool.
it's important to delegate.
Wyatt, what's this about?
Are you in trouble?
Always, little brother.
Never fail to disappoint, do I?
Well, what is it?
What'd you do now?
Oh... about six tabs of Oxyne
That's supposed to calm you.
When you take enough of it it's like being
rocked to sleep
And you can hear your
own heart snore.
it's like
A little puppy in the bed
with the clock just listening
to that ticking so he
don't think he's the
last fucking dog on earth.
I gotta go, man.
Go home, sleep that stuff
off, and I'll call you when I can.
Got an ovation tonight, Jonah.
That's like
500,000 people all clicking
that little clap icon.
Oh, yeah? What'd that cost you?
And Jay...
I always wanted to
be so much like you.
Disgraceful, huh?
Wanting to be like your kid brother.
that cough sounds hollow.
Are you alright?
I'm fine...
I'll be fine.
Especially with this many followers.
Sign off, little brother.
And hey Jay...
Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.
Say hi to her for me.
I think your followers are
going to be disappointed.
You're not gonna hurt me.
Not like this.
I don't think that's who you are.
You're right.
it's not who I am.
So I'm leaving it up to them.
Let's see here... oh, look at that.
from San Fran
just texted I should
order you to run
and then shoot you
in the back of the head.
Jesus. Reese in the U.K. thinks
that I should knee-cap you.
I don't know, Reese.
these are Wadcutter bullets.
They're soft slug.
they'll pulverize the bone.
You are not popular with
my demographic, Garrett.
they don't even know this is real.
Deon in Gary, Indiana
wants to see us slug it out.
- What do you say? You look like you work out.
- You don't get this, do you?
I got 'make him beg!',
- Curb stomp hem!
- Wylde!
- Slit his throat!
- Jonah!
Talk to your customers, Garrett.
After all, I'm just a vessel, right?
You need to go to Tyler's house.
- But dad!
- No buts, go!
How's it gonna end?
My brother
he made his decisions.
I'll make mine.
And you
you just let people be.
Just let 'em be.
I'm sorry for scaring your son.
Is that it?
Is that how your story ends?
No, just your part.
And they will catch us.
I want you to blame
this whole thing on me.
Tell them it was PTSD,
tell them it was some
crazy vet on a venge trip,
Tell them it was Agent Orange.
Whatever. Just make something up.
Tell them whatever it takes to
keep you out of this trouble.
Maybe I'm Ok with trouble.
What about you?
What are you gonna do?
Does anyone have any
requests for today's soundtrack?
Go, go, go!
Watch out! move, move, move.