Chanthaly (2013) Movie Script

Turn around and cover your eyes.
I couldn't cut deep enough.
What have you done?
What have you done?
Tell her her to turn around.
You know I can't.
I want to see her face.
I can't.
Tell her her to turn around.
I want to see her face.
What have you done?
I ask you to not disturb my home.
Offer guidance.
Stay near. Protect us.
Accept these offerings.
My mother says the more
attention you give the spirits,
the more power they have.
She must be right, Thong.
The more time I spend at the shrine,
the more you haunt me.
Can't you see I'm praying?
Hold out your hand.
I brought you something... It's candy.
Sugar's bad for my heart.
And if my father catches you
hanging around outside...
I know, I know.
If you know, Thong, then
what the hell are you doing?
I'll come back after he's gone.
Open the gate.
Don't come back.
Not today.
Let me help you.
No, you idiot! Just go away.
Are you all right?
Did you take your pills yet?
Go rest. I'll get the gate.
Are you all right?
I brought you a glass of water.
I won't be back until late tonight.
I'll make you dinner.
Don't worry about me.
I started your first load of linens...
Then there's a load of
clothes from the customers.
You don't have to rush. Rest first.
The machine probably has about
twenty minutes to spin,
then you have to get back to work. Okay?
Did you eat yet?
I'm not hungry.
Did you fill out the customer's invoice?
- Not yet.
But I will.
Are you even listening?
I bought you the washing machine.
I invested in you having this business,
to give you something to do.
I know, father.
You need to be responsible for it.
Do you still have the box
with mom's stuff in it?
I was wondering if you kept the blanket
mom wrapped me in when I was a baby.
Because if you have the box...
There's no blanket in there.
If you still have the box...
I still have the box.
But there's nothing in there
that has anything to do with you.
Your mother never wrapped
you in any blanket.
Then why do I remember a polka-dot blanket?
Please, stop.
How did mom die?
I've told you.
Tell me again.
I've told you. Your mother
died in childbirth.
Then why do I remember her?
I don't know, Chanthaly. Why?
Are you hungry, Moo?
What the hell are you
doing in my house, Thong?
I'm sorry...
I called for you from
outside, but you didn't hear.
The gate was unlocked...
The front door was wide open,
and I didn't see your dog.
I thought you might be hurt.
This neighborhood's safe.
You only think so because you never go out.
Nothing's ever happened to anybody I know.
Well, how many people do you actually know?
C'mon. Let's go get ice cream.
I'm not allowed to leave the house alone.
You wouldn't exactly be alone.
You'd be with me.
I'll get it.
I should go, shouldn't I?
I have to finish my work.
You're older than me, right?
Not so much older.
Do you remember my mother?
She passed away before
my family moved here.
Your dad used to talk about her some.
I've been remembering things about her.
From when I was little.
So, who were you praying to
at the shrine yesterday?
Were you praying to your mom?
Of course not.
Well, she might still be here.
She might be listening.
I don't even know if I
believe in that stuff.
Then what were you doing
at the shrine yesterday?
I don't know.
It's what people do.
Your mom does it all the time.
Yeah, but my mom's old.
Anyway, I just remembered a
few things about my mom...
I think my mom used to
sing this song to me...
What the hell are you doing?
I dunno.
Why's the gate locked, Chan?
If you're thinking about hiding that guy,
I've already seen him, so come on.
Is my uncle suddenly okay
with you having a boyfriend?
Don't tell my dad, okay?
You can go home now, lover boy.
He's not my-
Right. Of course, he's not.
He's the good kid from the neighborhood,
that sneaks in when your dad's away, right?
I'm so sorry, miss.
It's not like that.
Come on. Help me lift these.
The baskets are heavy today.
You know, it's shameful to sneak boys in,
when your father's not here.
Thong's been my friend
since we were little kids.
Then you should both know better.
How many baskets are there?
C'mon. Let's put it in the car.
I'm not saying you shouldn't
have a boyfriend.
You're old enough. You're
twenty something already.
You probably should have one.
I turned twenty-two last year.
Ever since your mom died,
your dad worries about you.
I mean, you have the same heart problem...
I know, I know.
I know your father doesn't
like you going out.
But I'll talk him into letting
me take you sometime.
How's that sound?
You always say that, but you never do.
I mean it this time.
Come on, darling, don't be afraid.
It's just a puppy-
Come on.
He sure likes that, doesn't he?
Is that you?
Are you really here, mom?
Chan. Open the door.
Where's the box?
What box?
I know you took the box from my room.
Where is it?
Under the vanity.
What did you take out of here?
I couldn't remember what
mom's face looked like.
So you looked at the old photos?
What else did you take?
Nothing. I didn't take anything else.
Why aren't there any photos
of mom and me together?
Did you put the photos back in the box?
All of them?
Why were you sleeping in?
Don't you have work to do?
I think that I saw...
I think I saw her in the
house and I could feel a...
And I couldn't remember
what her face looked like.
Your mother's not here.
But I saw her.
Are you taking your pills?
Then you must have been confused.
It used to happen to your
mother sometimes, too.
Before she...
Before she what?
Before she died.
I was going to put the box back.
And if you had? And wife hadn't noticed?
Then what?
How many times have I told
you to leave this box alone?
I've raised you to adulthood,
taught you to be honest, now
you've turned out to be a liar.
Your cousin told me about yesterday.
If you want to talk to the neighbor boy,
do it through the fence or make him call.
Don't let him in the house.
He never shows his face
when I actually need him.
Dad doesn't think it's you.
Dad doesn't believe it's anybody.
Dad never talks about you.
Except to say that I have
your same heart condition.
And that I have to be careful.
Because you weren't and...
Did your heart hurt?
Did you lose your breath, too?
When I was little, dad
told me you were at rest.
Or at peace.
How could you be at peace?
You died so suddenly.
If you've got a message...
You can tell me, mom.
I want to hear it.
Show yourself to me...
Tell her her to turn around.
Sir, I think I've found your daughter.
Have a seat, doctor. I'll
get you something to drink.
Thank you.
I can see your legs, you know.
You should come out.
Your father brought me here to talk to you.
Do I know you?
I'm Keo.
I'm the son of your father's
old boss, Bounthavy.
What did my father bring you
here to talk to me about?
What do you think?
I already have a boyfriend,
if that's what you're after.
Your father told me you take
pills for a heart condition?
What are you? A doctor or something?
That's right.
Oh, yeah?
That's right.
Where did you study?
In Paris, France.
Can I see your pills?
Do you really have a boyfriend?
Do you have shortness of breath?
Dizziness? Fainting?
That's why I'm not allowed
to leave the house anymore.
And your mother had the same illness?
I guess so. She died when I was little.
Your father said you were hallucinating.
I'm not.
The pills you've been taking have some...
Well, strange side effects...
Like seeing things that
other people can't see?
You told him that you saw your mother.
I did see her.
Have some water, doctor.
I should probably head home, sir.
What do you mean?
Have dinner with us first.
I don't want to impose, sir.
You're not imposing. I'll have
Chanthaly prepare dinner.
Go on, then...
Chill some beer, too.
Chanthaly's mother was also very stubborn.
She wasn't easy to take care of...
I knew that my wife's heart was weak,
before she became pregnant.
But what could we do?
And she was so stubborn
about having the baby...
She was in bed for months.
And then Chanthaly came four weeks early.
That's why she's skinny as a street cat.
In the end, it was just too much.
My wife gave birth to my daughter,
and her heart gave out.
For just one minute, I had
both my daughter and wife.
Just one minute.
I'm sorry.
It's been more than twenty years.
So when your daughter says
she's seeing her mother...
Her mother didn't even live
long enough to hold her.
Chanthaly wouldn't have even seen her face.
I think we should switch her pills.
It ought to help her improve.
Everything looks delicious.
I hope you enjoy it.
Mom? I'm so lonely. I have
no one to confide in.
I want to see you.
If you're really there,
please show yourself to me.
What are you doing out here?
I'm talking to you. Don't
walk away without answering.
I'm so sick of this shit!
You never had a mother.
You just had me.
I remember things about her.
No! You don't remember!
I knew her.
She was my wife.
If anybody would want her back...
It would be me.
Lock the gate.
Don't worry.
The lights are off already.
So who was that guy your
father brought to dinner?
Is that what you came to ask me?
Is your dad trying to get you married?
Thanks for closing the gate, Thong.
Sorry. I...
Do you think I'm crazy?
Well, you're kind of strange.
I just thought it's
because you never go out.
What wife told you I saw my mom?
What would you say?
Like a ghost?
Did she say anything to you?
I think she's trying to.
Is that your new doctor?
I guess... My father says so.
I know you said you
didn't want these pills.
I still don't.
My mother was superstitious, too.
I never connected with
the supernatural or...
Or what?
When you told me that you
were seeing your mother,
I shouldn't have treated it like a symptom.
I'm sorry.
I brought you these pills.
They won't cause hallucination.
If you're really seeing your mother,
it won't matter, will it?
The pills don't stop ghosts.
But they're better pills.
They'll help you.
One in the morning, one at night.
And don't take your old pills anymore.
Can I come back to check on you?
Here's Chanthaly's
medication for the month.
- Two bills like always?
- Yes. Thank you, sir.
Will I get to see her today?
You've been coming by for a month.
There are days she wants to
get up, and other days...
There's no easy way to treat her condition.
It'll take some time.
Try again tomorrow.
Thank you, sir. I'll get going then.
How many are there?
How many sheets?
I don't know.
Where's your head today?
I count twenty-five.
Where are the other five?
They're not dry yet.
What should I do? The clients are waiting.
I've got to deliver these now.
I'll be back for the others.
You look exhausted.
It's these new pills.
I just want to sleep all the time.
Is that why I haven't seen you?
I'm either working or in bed.
It's not just that.
I have trouble keeping
my thoughts together.
My mind wanders.
But do you feel better?
I guess.
My heart does, but...
What about the thing,
you told me about your mother?
I guess the doctor was right
about the hallucinations.
A few days after I started
taking the pills.
There was nothing.
If it helps...
I didn't think it was so crazy.
I do.
It was stupid.
I thought you said your mom
had a message for you.
And you said these pills confuse you.
Maybe you just can't hear what
she's trying to tell you.
So what do I do?
Are you there?
It's late. Stop playing with
the lights and go to bed.
Your health is improving.
I talked to your father yesterday.
He says you hardly talk to him anymore.
Does he want me to apologize?
Your new pills proved I was crazy.
Do I have to apologize?
When was the last time you left the house?
I can't remember.
I'm going to take you to dinner.
I can't.
My dad-
I already talked to your father.
You can put on a dress
and a little make-up.
We'll go get something to eat.
I won't keep you out late.
And it'll be good for you.
I'll pick you up soon, all right?
Five o'clock?
I don't know where she is.
Then what the hell are you doing here?
Get out of here.
Go inside.
Didn't you hear? I told
you to go inside now.
Good night, sweet dreams.
You, too.
Thanks for letting me go out, dad.
I told her you said it was all right to go.
Did you now?
I was taking care of her.
Taking care of her?
By letting her drink?
By driving her on the back of your bike,
after you've been drinking?
It was only a glass of wine.
I'm her doctor.
Her doctor?
Get out!
Get off my property.
Get out!
Let go of me!
Do you understand?
I think I understand.
You didn't die in childbirth.
Isn't that what you've
been trying to tell me?
It's time to eat.
It's almost noon.
You should get out of bed.
There's a basket of
laundry waiting for you.
I'm not angry with you for last night.
Keovisit lied to both of us.
He won't be coming back.
I told him to not come back.
I'm sorry.
You're too sick to act so carelessly.
If I'm too sick to have a normal life,
then I'm too sick to do anything else.
You need to get up.
I know that you're angry.
The doctor was a good looking guy...
But that doesn't mean you
can mope around all week,
neglecting your work like this.
Your father-
My father lies to me.
Your father's never lied to you.
What's up?
You killed yourself?
Why won't you answer me?
You've lost most of your clients.
Should I sell the machines?
Is that what you want?
Take your pill and come do today's ironing.
It's not so much now.
How long have you been
without your medication?
I'll go get you more pills.
Now get up.
Were you talking to somebody?
I thought I heard your voice.
When are you going to start cooking again?
It's been two weeks with
restaurant food every night.
Are you listening to me?
Chanthaly, come in here now!
I'm finished with your pouting.
You're healthy enough to do your job.
You're too old to be acting like a child.
Take your pills and pull yourself together.
Good girl.
I'll go pick up some dinner.
What are you doing?
You want me to take these pills.
So, I'll take them.
Stop it, Chan. Don't act crazy.
No! I'll take the pills!
Stop this right now!
Don't! Chanthaly!
I'm so sorry for your loss, sir...
Don't worry about the food
or owers, we'll help out...
Moo? Can you hear me?
Why the hell is the dog barking so much?
Is that why you're barking?
Somebody kick this dog out already!
I brought something for you...
I brought some candy...
I hope that you're resting in peace now.
Is it you, my child?
It's really you.
You came to me.
Who are you?
It's me, Phet.
Your mother.
I need to find my mother.
Your mother is right here, Phet.
My name's not Phetsavanh.
Did you think I was your daughter?
Goddamn cat. How'd it get inside again?
I'm sorry! My darling child.
They were your memories.
Our memories.
They're not mine. They're yours.
I'm not your daughter.
Don't touch me.
You tricked me.
I'm only here because you
told me you were my mom.
Phet, you're here because you're dead.
There was never any message from my mother.
I could still be alive.
Come inside.
You'll come to understand.
There's nowhere to go.
This is our house.
Come inside, please.
I understand.
Your father forgot you.
He's thrown both of us away.
How could he forget me?
I haven't even been dead for a day.
It hasn't even gotten dark.
It never gets dark here.
If they had done the ceremony,
you wouldn't be here.
My father doesn't believe
in the ceremonies.
He didn't believe when he
was my husband either.
He wasn't your husband! And
I'm not your daughter!
Stop Saying that!
Why are your ears up, Moo?
I know what you're thinking.
But you're wrong.
It's just the two of us in this house.
Me and you.
There's no one else here.
Such a useless animal.
I'm sorry.
Please, come inside.
Don't be difficult.
Come on.
I have so many things to explain to you.
I should explain what happened,
between your father and me.
Come sit with me.
I'm listening.
I don't remember you being so willful.
That must have been your father's fault.
Of course. How could a man
raise a daughter on his own?
But you've got your mother now, don't you?
Are you even listening?
I am.
You're not.
You're staring off into the shadows.
I saw you before I died.
How did you appear to me?
A girl needs her mother.
You called out to me, didn't you?
Now, I was trying to explain...
Explain what?
After I died, I stayed to take care of you.
But your father took you away from me.
You were gone for so long,
but when you came back...
They left you in the house?
They left you all alone?
You left me.
I didn't.
You're wrong. I'm not your little girl.
You're the one who doesn't understand.
I need to talk to my father.
The way you spoke to me.
Stop, Phet.
He won't see you.
I saw you.
He won't hear your voice.
I heard your voice.
You want to abandon your mother?
I won't let him take you from me.
I don't belong here.
Stop, Phet!
Stop, you awful child!
What did you do to him?
What did you do to him?
Come sit with your mother, Phet.
I only want the best for you, my daughter.
I never meant to be cruel.
There, there.
Your mother's here.
Don't cry, darling.
You can't speak with them.
They won't listen to you.
Remember that. It's for your own good.
What are you doing in here?
It's been two goddamn years.
And that kid's still
jumping over the fence.
Always sneaking around.
Lighting incense and candles.
Praying to my daughter.
Leave him be. It doesn't hurt anybody.
Chanthaly's gone, Bee.
She's been gone for a long time.
How much blood did you lose, uncle?
I don't remember.
I'll put the bed together
for you, all right?
Don't worry. I can manage.
I don't want to bother you.
I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me.
I can do it.
You're not fine.
Or I wouldn't be here, right?
You're sure it's okay wife
sleep in Chanthaly's old room?
Why not? It's just a room, isn't it?
You should rest. I'll make you dinner.
Were you all alone in the house last night?
Who else would be here?
He thinks that he tripped
over Chan's dog in the dark
and then hit his head on
the tile when he fell.
It doesn't change our plans...
We'll still have the wedding.
He's offered to let us use
the garden for our party.
No. It's not like that.
I saw an empty beer bottle.
But he wasn't drunk. He's not like that.
Then stop by after dinner.
Do you need anything else, uncle?
No, thank you.
Do you want the lights off?
Sure, that's fine.
I ask you to leave this house in peace.
Accept these offerings. Find
rest and be reborn in spirit.
You see, dear.
Your family wants you to leave.
They want to get rid of you.
My mother told me that the
more you speak to the spirits,
the less likely they are to find peace.
You need to let them go.
You don't even believe in ghosts.
Well, my mother did.
My family is full of
superstitious daughters
that take after their mothers.
Realist sons that work
hard like their fathers.
Our kids will probably be the same.
Is that right?
That's right.
It's only been a few days.
And he's already...
Only a few days for you, dear.
How could they forget me so quickly?
I did that.
I knocked it over?
You're not strong enough to move things.
What wife were angry?
Are you angry?
I must've set the kickstand wrong.
It's nothing.
It's an old bike.
I don't even care.
So you pushed it over.
Everything I've ever done,
I did for you.
I don't want to sleep here tonight.
Do you want me to take you
back to your parents house?
I can't do that.
What's wrong, you seem a
little strange tonight.
Is your uncle okay?
I better go check on him.
Tell me what's wrong.
I'm probably just tired.
I'm going to be sleeping
in Chanthaly's old room.
I've been thinking about her a lot.
And I thought I saw something in the dark.
Is that right?
It's probably nothing though.
I went to a fortune teller
to ask about our wedding.
You know I don't believe in that shit.
I'm sorry.
It's not like that.
She just doesn't think we
should have the wedding
here in the house.
We've already made the arrangements.
And we're not a couple that
would want a hotel wedding.
Isn't that right?
That's true.
Trust me. It'll be fine.
You'll see.
I love you, ok?
What's gotten into you?
I live here with you now.
I'm family, you know.
What are you doing here?
She didn't notice me.
I warned you about contacting them.
I'm not.
Then you don't need to be in here.
Tell me what you remember
from when you were little.
My father raised me.
I was lonely.
Come sit down with me.
What do you remember about me?
You were so young when I died,
and I was just a little older
than you were when you died.
You were so sweet.
But I was so unhappy.
Not because of you.
And not because of your father.
Not then.
I'm sorry you lost your daughter.
How did you die?
Tell me about growing up.
How long have you been watching me?
Your whole life.
Then you don't need me to tell you.
I never had many friends.
I was always too weak to play outside.
I went to school, but
only until I got worse.
My father taught me to
read and write at home
and he'd bring me books,
but I didn't really enjoy them.
I never had a boyfriend.
When I was young,
I watched TV and dreamed
about falling in love.
But there was nobody in my
life to fall in love with.
So after a while, I stopped dreaming.
I had a chance though, before I died.
There was a man that came into my life,
and maybe if I'd had time,
my father would have given
permission for us to marry.
I don't know... if that
was even a possibility.
I missed having a mother,
and because I was obsessed with that loss,
I didn't appreciate my father.
Or my friends.
I treated them poorly in so many ways.
Especially before I died.
If I could go back...
You can't go back.
That's enough. I don't want to
hear any more about your life.
You asked me to tell you.
This is your life now.
You can hear me?
Don't be afraid.
It's just me.
I think had too much to drink.
But even if you weren't
drunk, I'd still be here.
What are you looking at?
She doesn't like it when
I try to talk to people.
Who doesn't?
I'm still in the house, Thong.
You have to tell my father.
I'm still here.
Who are you talking to?
You told me to stay away
from the reception.
Is there somebody there?
Shhh! Tell my father. Please, Thong.
Help yourselves, okay?
- To the groom!
- Thanks.
Something changed.
What did you do?
I'm sorry, I...
What is it, Thong?
What is it?
May I speak with you, sir?
What the hell has gotten into you tonight?
He must be drunk already.
It's okay. Let him speak.
He's a friend from the neighborhood.
What did you have to say?
You can wish the couple
well on their wedding day.
You can eat. Have a drink. Help yourself.
Of course. Enjoy the party.
I really just need to speak with you...
Chanthaly wanted me to tell you...
- She's still here. In the house.
- Enough.
Stop, Thong. Stop it now.
- I saw her.
- Go home, Thong. Just go.
You lied to me.
It's impossible.
Who's there?
What's going on?
Please! Let him go!
You see what you've done,
you disobedient child?
Don't disobey me again.
You have to convince him.
I talked to him, and he won't listen to me.
But maybe if you say something,
he'll listen to you.
If your uncle doesn't
believe in the ceremony,
I'm not going to force
him to go to the temple.
We could have somebody
come to bless the house.
You're overreacting.
The boy died on our property.
And you think I'm overreacting?
We don't know how he died.
But he died after telling us
that Chanthaly was still here.
He was obsessed with her.
It drove him crazy.
But I saw her, too.
You told me that you were just tired.
That you were mistaken.
I'm not so sure anymore.
But I'm not crazy.
I brought my things to move in.
We didn't want your uncle to live alone.
Then convince him to hold
the ceremony for Chanthaly.
It's superstition.
Then we're leaving.
I can't live here anymore.
You're being irrational, Bee.
Get my bags.
I want you to come with us.
I live here.
I'm sorry, but I can't stay.
I'll come to check on you.
To help clean and cook, just like before...
But I just really can't
continue living here.
You have a new husband.
It's good for you to have
a place of your own.
You know that's not why I'm leaving.
I still love you, uncle.
Thank you.
I should leave now.
Take care of yourself.
I'll try to talk to her again.
It's okay.
The women in our family are
all stubborn like this.
I'll be going now, sir.
Take care of each other.
I need a minute.
Please. Move on and don't
disturb this house.
Be at peace. Leave your father in peace.
I promise to visit your father often.
I'll take care of him,
and make sure he's well.
You can leave now, Chan.
Don't worry anymore.
Did you hear her prayer?
If you want to leave, then leave.
What's out there?
Nothing. Only darkness.
That's what they call peace
when they pray at the shrine.
That's where they want you to go.
If you leave, your father
won't have a moment to rest.
He'll never be safe in the house again.
Once the gate closes...
Come on, Moo.