Chaos Walking (2021) Movie Script

Quiet out here.
No Noise except my own.
No Noise except my own.
No Noise except my own.
Again, Manchee? Just go.
You don't have to ask me
every time
you wanna take a shit.
I love that knife.
Poo and eat, it's all you do.
Manchee, come on.
Shit. Preacher.
Cursed is the ground
because of you.
Nobody goes
to church anymore.
Shut up,
control your Noise.
Control your Noise, Todd.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
Think of something else,
think of something different.
- Think of birds.
- Dust you are...
To dust
you will return.
Why is the preacher here?
We don't even need a preacher.
Nobody goes to church anymore.
Boy sinned.
Shit, he heard me.
Don't run.
Oh, he's hearing that, too.
Just hide your Noise,
hide your Noise.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
- I'm Todd Hewitt.
- Do not hide your Noise.
Open your mind.
Stop looking
at my thoughts.
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt,
I am Todd Hewitt, I am Todd...
Don't show weakness.
I know your truth.
An orphan, runt.
Unwanted. Weak.
Like a woman.
Well, I wouldn't know.
Never seen a real woman
before, they're all gone.
They're all gone. All gone.
Wouldn't know.
Never before. Never seen
a real woman before.
My face hurts.
Keep your Noise down.
Return to the ground
once more.
Let the dust...
Because of you.
Well, at least he didn't
bust my lip this time.
You were no help.
Come on.
I gotta pee.
Back from a hunt.
Here comes Davy, useless.
Shit-shoveler Hewitt
and his dumb dog.
Thinks he's a man,
but he's never killed a thing.
- Better watch your Noise.
- Snake.
You cocky
little son of a bitch.
Don't let him see
that it hurts.
I can hear everything
you're thinking,
- you dumb shit.
- Beat his ass.
Shit, the mayor,
the mayor,
the mayor, the mayor. Shit.
Hide your Noise,
hide your Noise.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Is there a problem, boys?
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
No, Pa.
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Very clever use
of your Noise, son.
Mayor likes me.
Thinks I'm a man.
I reckon you'll be riding
with the Spackle Patrol
before long.
Very clever.
Maybe my son can learn
something from you, Todd.
- Davy?
- Yes, Pa.
Keep shovelin' that shit.
Shit-shoveler Hewitt.
I wish they'd let me
ride past the ridge.
Stuck here,
there's nowhere else to go.
You get lost, son?
There's work to be done.
Usually when you get lost.
I was out getting that part
you asked for.
Beets. Always beets.
I hate beets.
It turns my shit red.
Manchee, here.
Dog doesn't even want it.
How was your day, son?
Uh, yeah, good. Busy.
That snake was very
clever use of your Noise, son.
I reckon you'll be riding
with the Spackle Patrol
before long.
My son can learn
something from you, Todd.
Very clever, very clever.
Mayor is not
your friend, son.
At least the mayor
thinks I'm a man.
Thinks I'm smart.
Then maybe the mayor
can raise you, too, huh?
Put clothes on your back,
food in your plate.
Shit, here we go again.
Stop it, you two!
Stop it.
Stop it, you two, please.
Control your Noise.
I need you on the field
with me tomorrow, all right?
Yes, sir.
A gift for your birthday.
Thank you, sir.
I always wanted a knife.
Like a man.
We're all that's left.
We have to protect
each other.
To do that,
it's important you learn
how to tame things, Todd.
Break them. Control them.
- killing them?
- That's right.
Here, men must kill.
You're the youngest here,
You'd be
the last man standing.
I'm the circle,
the circle is me and you.
See, I wasn't born
into the Noise like you.
I had to learn
how to control mine
through years of practice.
Go to sleep.
I've had my eye
on you, Todd.
You're exceptional,
and exceptional men are needed
to hold the circle together.
To do that,
it's important you learn
how to tame things, Todd.
That son of a bitch
has his claws in.
I've had
my eye on you, Todd.
Exceptional men
are needed in the circle.
Scout ship A, prepare to enter
New World's atmosphere
in T minus 37 seconds.
Copy that, Mother Bird.
Still no contact
from the surface.
We'll let you know
what we find.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the temperature
at point of entry
will be a balmy 3,000 degrees.
Please make sure your
seat backs and tray tables
are in their full
upright position.
Buckle up.
Think the settlers
are still alive down there?
If they are,
they're gonna be happy to see us.
They were expecting
the Second Wave years ago.
Don't freak out,
don't freak out,
What did we
just fly through?
Don't freak out.
We're gonna die.
We're gonna die.
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
She heard that? I'm so scared!
- Fire! Get out!
- Fire!
- Captain!
- Fire!
- Oh, my God. We're gonna die.
- Captain, no!
What's happening?
What is this?
Oh, my God!
Behind on the planting.
Need rain. Need rain.
I'm the last boy
in the world.
I'll be the only one left.
I'll just be all alone.
I wonder if you can actually
die from boredom.
I hate beets, it's always
beets farming every day.
One day,
you'll be alone.
Check the panels,
- Go!
- I am going!
- More!
- Shit.
I'mma go get the other lead.
What the hell?
Thief, hey! Orange.
Hey! Thief!
Thief! Hey! Hey!
He's so fast.
Hey! Hey!
Go! Go! Go! Fast. Go!
Oh, my God. Oh, my...
What happened here?
Holy shit.
What the hell?
Is that...
Is that from the sky?
Is that a spaceship?
A spaceship?
Where'd it come from?
It's not from here.
From the sky.
Somebody was flying it.
The thief.
- The thief. Survivors.
- Survivors?
That's a...
That's a spaceship.
A spaceship.
The hell did it come from?
Where'd it come from?
Graves. People. Dead.
Buried. Death.
I gotta go tell the mayor.
This is exciting. Spaceship.
Spaceship. Mayor's gotta know.
Gotta hurry.
Judgment is coming.
Never seen
a spaceship before.
Think it's from Earth?
How'd it get here?
Spaceship crashed.
Spaceship. Spaceship.
Shut up, Todd.
Shut up, Todd.
- What's the rush?
- Gotta tell mayor.
I am Todd Hewitt.
What, you think
I can't hear your Noise?
What're you babbling about?
- Nothing.
- Where you goin'?
- Hey, come back here!
- Control your Noise.
Control your Noise.
- Here comes that boy.
- Gotta tell the mayor.
- Shut up, Todd. Shut up.
- Hey.
- Hide your Noise.
- Hey.
Hide your Noise.
Spaceship. Shut up.
Stop. Todd, stop.
Is it real?
Stop. Stop thinking about...
Get outta my face!
What're you talking about?
What do they want?
Where's the ship?
- Spaceship crashed.
- They're here.
Is this
the Second Wave?
Tell the mayor.
Gotta tell the mayor. Go.
Mayor, I found somethin'.
You should've
told me first.
There's a survivor.
He'd been stealing
from our farm.
I followed him here.
Here, look!
Gotta be from Earth, right?
Very good, son.
Search it,
anything we can use.
The mayor likes me.
- Likes me better than his boy.
- Todd.
Shut up, Todd.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
The survivor,
what did he look like?
He was too fast,
I couldn't see his face.
What did he say?
I don't know
how he was doing it.
But he didn't have any Noise.
Preacher never been wrong.
No Noise?
You gotta be kidding me.
I know what that means.
No soul.
- Find her.
- I'll find her, Pa.
- Get her!
- "Her"?
Wait. What? "Her," "find her"?
Holy shit! It's a girl.
Space girl.
He's a girl.
Never seen a girl before.
From the farm.
Stop! Don't come any closer!
Girl. Girl. It's a girl.
Girl. Oh, my God.
Where are you from?
You're a girl.
No Noise. Are you from Earth?
Girl! Thief! Shut up, Todd.
I'm sorry. I've just never...
Never seen a girl before.
Are you from Earth?
You're really pretty.
Yellow hair. Found her.
I found her!
I found her!
Wait, wait, wait!
Shit! Stupid Noise.
- She's running!
- Got you now!
Go! Go!
Get her!
Look at you.
Get the girl.
Bring her back.
"I am the circle,
"the circle is me.
"I am the circle,
the circle is me.
"I am the circle,
the circle is me.
"I am the circle,
the circle is me."
It's all right.
It's all right.
We got her.
It's all right.
You're safe now.
I'm David Prentiss,
I'm the mayor here.
Second Wave.
- I think it's the Second Wave.
- This is bad. Bad.
She looks funny.
Sit down.
That was a terrible crash.
And you are
the only survivor, miss?
You're lucky
to be alive.
Were you hurt?
I saw the graves.
I'm sorry.
That must be overwhelming.
- It's loud.
- Mmm.
We call it the Noise.
Happened to all the men
when we landed on this planet.
Every thought in our heads
on display.
It's fairly harmless,
Some of us can control it
better than others.
Can control it.
She's one of us.
Can you see mine?
Didn't affect the women.
Where are all the women?
They're dead.
There was a war.
A terrible war,
against the native species.
The Spackle.
They overran our colony
and they killed all the women.
Slaughtered them.
Can you tell me
how you came to be here?
You will have
to actually speak.
The Noise didn't affect
the women, remember?
Can't hear your thoughts.
I was scouting.
So you come
from a larger ship?
We lost contact with
the First Wave colonies,
- so we were sent out to scout.
- Ah.
And this ship will be
coming for you, right?
How big is it?
It's the largest
in our fleet.
Holds 4,000 people.
And it will be landing where?
Excuse me, for a moment.
Don't talk to her
and don't let anyone in.
"I am the circle
"and the circle is me."
Is it Second Wave?
"I am the circle
and the circle is me."
What does she know?
What's going on
in there? Is she okay?
"... and the circle is me.
"I am the circle
and the circle is me."
"I am the circle."
Don't talk to her
and don't let anyone in.
Pa said
don't talk to her.
Pa is not here.
Looks like it's just
you and me now, little sis.
Never seen a girl before.
Girls are scary.
Can't trust girls.
What is this shit?
Be careful with that.
I do what I wanna do,
what I want.
What kinda crazy thing
she got in there?
Where is she?
She must've
gone out the back.
Find her.
Oh, shit.
Cannot trust girls.
Sorry, Pa.
An angel
descended from the heavens
to bring forth judgment. Yes.
I'm done living in exile.
If we take her ship,
we can take control
of the planet.
They'll be in hypersleep
when they land,
so they won't expect
an ambush.
We just can't let her
warn them about us.
The angel is here
to punish us. And so much...
She's not an angel,
she's a girl.
She's all alone
and she's got nothing.
Truth demands a martyr.
Judgment, judgment.
Get her back to the
mayor, she can't be far.
she can't be too far!
She has to be found again.
Girl's about
to find out what's what.
Why is she so important?
The hell happened in here?
I hope she's okay.
Space bag.
Someone's gotta take it,
might as well be me.
Take it.
I bet she has
some cool shit in here.
- The angel moves swiftly.
- Space bag.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
Oh, there he is.
Todd! Come over here, son!
Yeah, I'll be out in a minute!
Mmm. At least it's not beets.
Hey, Manchee.
Oh, my God. Girl! She's here.
Yellow hair. Shit.
Uh, what the hell?
Space girl. Oh, my God.
Girl! Be a man, be a man.
Be strong. No Noise.
No Noise. Girl.
What're you doin' here?
Why are you here? Yellow hair.
You can't be here.
Scary. She's scared.
Don't be scared.
Should I turn her in?
- Todd!
- I'm coming, Pa! Hey.
Help her.
You gotta stay here,
they're all looking for you.
Don't come out.
Manchee, come on.
Control your Noise.
Think of something different.
Chores. My chores.
Gotta do my chores.
I love my chores.
- Where have you been, son?
- Nowhere.
I've gotta do my chores.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Yeah, I'mma...
I'mma do my chores.
I love my chores.
But you don't gotta tell 'em.
You gotta tell them, Todd.
I am Todd Hewitt.
- I am Todd Hewitt.
- Tell us what?
It's nothing,
don't worry about it.
I am Todd Hewitt.
You gotta tell 'em.
Shit. Yellow hair.
Shut up, Todd.
Hey, Daws.
What can we do for you?
We're looking
for that space girl,
maybe she came through here?
- Space girl?
- What're you talking about?
Ah. Her ship crashed down
in the woods.
Todd here found her.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
She dropped her jacket
not too far
from your property,
so I was thinkin' maybe...
Maybe she came through here.
Nah, nobody come through here.
She... She ain't easy
to spot. She...
She don't got no Noise.
She didn't
come through here.
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt. I'm...
Anyhow, I'll just take
a look around.
No, no, no. Maybe not.
You heard the boy.
Get on outta here.
I'll be seeing you.
The girl's in the barn,
isn't she?
Trouble, trouble.
Hey, there.
Yeah, she don't speak.
Space girl.
Oh, shit!
It's all right,
it's okay.
- It's okay.
- I know, she's real.
Shut up, Todd.
Wait here, all right?
Wait here.
I'm not gonna give her back
to the mayor, Cillian.
I can't do that.
I like her hair.
It's pretty.
She can't go back there.
We... Please, Ben, we have to help her.
Come on.
She can't stay in the barn.
Prentiss will find her.
We have to give her back.
We don't need that trouble.
No, but that's not
what she wants, Cillian.
I'm not gonna give her back.
This is the chance.
Would you guys
quit lookin' at each other
and somebody talk to me?
Todd, if you want
to help the girl,
you have to go.
Go where?
There's nowhere else out here.
There is.
There is somewhere else.
- Farbranch.
- Farbranch?
- Others went over.
- A long time ago, Ben.
They never came back.
They'll kill him in Farbranch.
Not if he is with her.
What about the mayor?
Forget about the mayor.
If you want
to protect the girl,
you have to leave now.
It's a long way.
When can I come back?
They lied to me.
They lied to me.
They lied to me.
Stay with the girl
at all times, okay?
And don't let it on
you're from here.
Just don't mention
What does that mean?
What do you mean
don't mention this town?
Just don't...
Don't mention you're from here.
Son, you gotta go.
I'm proud of you.
Your mom would be, too.
My mom.
Early one morning
I'm gonna go get the
girl, all right?
- Farbranch.
- Farbranch.
Afternoon, Cillian.
Son of a bitch.
We're here for the girl,
I know.
And I told your man,
she ain't here.
You won't mind if
we look around a little, then?
I think you and your men
should leave.
What is this?
You know,
we got a girl on the loose
and all you can think about
is chopping wood.
What's wrong with him?
Come on, son.
You don't have to hide
from me.
Just tell me where she is.
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Where is she?
Just keep him
out of your head, Todd.
I am Todd Hewitt.
Control your Noise.
She pretty, son?
I am Todd Hewitt.
Todd Hewitt.
Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I see
you're a little scared.
I am Todd Hewitt. Focus.
I am Todd Hewitt.
Barn. Barn.
She's in the barn.
She's in the barn!
- Find that girl!
- I knew she was here.
Damn it!
- We got her trapped!
- Hurry. Hurry!
Check around the back,
too, don't let her get away!
Get those doors open.
Todd, come on!
No, Cillian.
No, no, no, no, no!
Go, Todd! Go!
Come on, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go!
Get her back!
Faster, faster!
Stop! Hey! Stop!
I'll get her, she's mine.
No, no, no, no, no!
Shit! Whoa!
What happened?
Cillian, is he...
Is he dead?
Oh, man. Whiskey.
Whiskey, Whiskey.
Shit. This wasn't the plan.
Broken leg. His leg.
He broke his leg.
No, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, sorry.
Whiskey, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry...
Hey, buddy.
Easy, boy. Easy, it's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
End his suffering.
No more pain. Easy.
I'm sorry, Whiskey.
I got no choice.
I'm so sorry.
Say something to her.
This is her fault.
Not that.
Hey, where are you goin'?
Deaf. She deaf, too?
Deaf, too?
Stop, I'm not trying
to hurt you.
I'm trying to help you.
- Will you stop?
- Don't touch me!
Holy shit! She can talk.
Oh, my gosh. She can talk.
Back off!
She has a high voice.
It's nice.
Get the girl!
Get her back
to the mayor.
Prentisstown men.
Girl's in trouble.
What am I doing?
This is a mistake.
What have I done?
Should I turn her in? No.
Very good, son.
No. Mistake,
huge mistake.
Shut up, Todd. Shut up!
I'm not...
I'm not gonna do that.
I promise you, I'm not gonna do that.
I can't just...
Look, there's this place.
I can take you there
and you'll be safe. Okay?
Farbranch. Farbranch.
Farbranch. Farbranch.
What's that?
It's a map,
what does it look like?
Do you have a copy
of the map or the...
No, I don't have
a copy of the map.
Okay? It comes with me.
Keep her safe.
Could I contact my ship there?
I need to warn them.
I have no idea. I don't know.
Shut up, Todd.
Stay ahead of me.
I'm not gonna
hunt my own son.
I don't
want to hurt Todd.
I just need to know
about the girl's ship.
Now you come along
with us.
And you make sure
nothing happens to young Todd.
Just like you've been doing
all these years.
Since he was a little boy.
- Keep him safe.
- Remember?
Keep him safe, Ben.
Keep him safe.
They'll kill him, Ben.
You've gotta know
where they're headed, Ben.
Before she warns
that ship of hers.
Cillian, keep him
out of your head.
Our boy.
Kill him.
Where're they headed, Ben?
No, no, no. Listen to me.
- Think.
- Think of me.
They'll kill him.
They'll kill him
in Farbranch. Farbranch.
You take your time
burying him.
Then I need you in town
with everyone else.
- Cillian.
- Ben.
Bye, Ben.
Keep him safe. Our boy.
Our boy. Keep him safe.
Whatever happened to
"stay ahead of me", huh?
Don't girls ever get tired?
Been walking for hours.
Gosh, space girl is fast.
Damn, I'm tired.
Be a man. Be a man.
Don't let her know
you're tired.
I know you're tired.
Don't be weak.
God, I hope this is the way.
God, I hope
this is the right way.
Hey, can you slow down a sec?
She's gonna know
you're tired.
Who cares?
My arm's killing me.
Damn, my arms hurt like shit.
Shit, my arm hurts.
I'm tired.
I'm gonna
get infected for sure.
Probably gonna die.
Shit. Knife.
Something's coming.
Be a man.
Manchee, hey!
Hey, hey!
You tracked us here!
This is Manchee.
I guess
he's coming with us now.
Come on, boy.
I've never been this far
out of Prentisstown before.
God, I hope this is
the right way.
Do you know
where you're going, though?
Yeah. Definitely.
Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Hey! Get those knives!
- Get as many as you can.
- Here.
Fresh batteries.
Give it here.
Fresh batteries.
I got this.
Let's go already!
These ain't worked
in 20 years.
Make 'em work.
"If one of us falls,
"we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"If one of us falls,
we all fall."
"I am the circle,
the circle is me."
Keep him safe, Ben.
Keep him safe.
You can't control me.
"I am the circle,
the circle..."
"The rain fell
and the floods came
"and the winds
beat against the house.
"And great was his fall."
Hey, Manchee.
Get out the water.
What was that?
Whoa. That's amazing.
What is that?
Hey, what else you got
in that bag?
Wish I could remember which
color scales mean poisonous.
Probably doesn't matter
once you cook it.
You know, that's actually
not bad at all.
Come on, you gotta eat.
Come on.
Just don't think about it.
There you go.
It's not bad, right?
Can I have
some more?
Thank you.
Everything I've ever had
was prefabricated.
What's that mean?
Created by lab techs.
But you have fish
on Earth, right?
I've never been to Earth.
You were born on the ship?
So, you're not from Earth?
It took 64 years
to get from Earth to here.
I mean, you don't look
64 years old.
Yellow hair. Pretty.
Really pretty.
Please ignore that.
My grandparents
were from there.
Things started
to get hard
and they wanted more
for their kids,
so they signed up
for the journey.
64 years.
So they must have left
before the First Wave
even got here.
Why'd you come
all this way
if you didn't know
exactly what was here?
Why does anyone
look for a new place to live?
They hoped things
would be better here.
But they didn't know
about the Noise.
So your parents
born on the ship, too?
Are they still up there?
What is she thinking?
We should go.
Secrets. Secrets.
Quiet. She's quiet.
No Noise, not right.
She keeps secrets.
She keeps secrets.
I didn't ask for any of this,
just so you know.
I didn't say you did.
Yeah, but your Noise said it.
- What, my Noise?
- Yeah.
It's just strange to see
everything you're thinking.
You know,
it's strange for me, too,
not knowing what's
going on in your head.
Not knowing
what you're thinking.
I mean, I don't know,
you might not like my dog,
or you'd wanna hit me
over the head
with a rock
or something.
Why would I do that?
You have the map.
That's a good point.
And I like your dog.
What if
the preacher's right?
What is this prick
tryin' to do?
Find her.
You gotta do
the right thing.
So, you see in the
distance on the horizon,
that Noise
in that tree line?
That's Spackle Noise.
We gotta head further west.
They're aliens.
Tryin' to wipe us out.
Aren't we the aliens?
What does that mean?
They're native,
that means we're the aliens.
They killed all the women
in my town,
including my mom.
So, yeah,
they're the aliens.
It feels like
we've been walking all night.
How do you know
it's night?
It's never dark.
Cold, shit.
Cold, cold, shit!
Idiot. Idiot.
Ah, good.
She didn't see that.
I saw that.
The rain is colder
than I thought.
You've never seen
rain before?
My father
told me about it.
She's sad.
The hell am I gonna do,
she's probably hungry.
How'd that get there?
I'm proud of you, son.
Your mom would be, too.
My parents are dead.
They got sick on the ship.
They knew they'd
never make it to New World.
I'm sorry.
They made me promise
I'd make it here.
Find a better life.
They gave it all up for me
to have this.
It's not exactly
what I'd imagined.
Lonely, like me.
Yeah, a little.
What're you doing?
I'm sorry, I didn't...
I'm sorry. Um...
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I don't know what
I was think... I'm sorry.
I'm gonna...
I'm just gonna go.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Manchee. Come on.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Viola.
- What?
- I'm Viola.
- I'm Todd.
- Todd Hewitt. Yeah, I know.
I'm Viola.
I'm Viola.
Viola. I'm Viola.
High voice.
Hey. Come back,
come back, come back.
Spackle. Spackle.
What was that?
That was a Spackle village.
Get down, get down, get down!
Todd, fight.
Come on, Todd. Be a man.
Focus. Control your Noise.
They killed my mom.
Stop doing that!
Be a man! Control your Noise.
They killed my mom.
Todd, stop!
- Shut up!
- Be quiet.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
Stop. I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Todd, stop!
I'mma kill him.
I swear to
God, I'mma kill him.
Damn it.
What am I doing?
The mayor said
you gotta kill him.
Don't look at me like that,
gotta kill to survive.
You don't know.
You don't know anything.
It would've killed us.
So your solution to everything
is to just kill it?
I was protecting you.
It went for you,
not me.
They didn't want
to share their planet with us.
They killed all our women.
All our women.
Do you just believe
everything that guy says?
Our mayor
is a war hero.
Doesn't mean you
shouldn't ask questions.
Idiot. You're such an idiot.
Such an idiot.
Such an idiot, Todd.
I didn't say that.
Is this Farbranch?
It has to be.
Hey, wait up.
This is weird.
Where is everybody?
Don't mention
They'll kill him
in Farbranch!
Just don't mention
you are from here.
...kill him in Farbranch.
There are tools,
they must be around here somewhere.
Maybe the Spackle came.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Dog. Dog.
That's a little girl.
It's a little girl.
What is this place?
What are you doing here?
Is this Farbranch?
She's so small,
another girl.
I'm not the youngest.
She doesn't have Noise.
Women have no Noise.
- Supposed to be dead.
- Stop that!
What is going on?
What the hell is going on?
Wait here.
I'll get the mayor.
What is this place?
There's women everywhere.
Little kids.
None of this makes sense.
What the hell
is going on?
Oh, my God.
It's a baby.
No Noise.
Women have no Noise.
Oh, my God.
The mayor's a woman.
Last time I checked.
Where are you two from?
your Noise.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
Okay, Todd Hewitt.
Where are you from?
Don't mention
you are from here.
Oh, my!
What are they doing here?
They got no business here.
Is it true?
You're from Prentisstown?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Better be afraid, boy.
Well, any son of a bitch
stupid enough
to come here from
Prentisstown gets the rope.
this doesn't look good.
Okay, they're gonna beat
the crap out of me now.
This sucks.
Come on, Todd, be tough.
Think of something tough.
Birds, birds.
No. No, that's not tough.
Come on, Todd.
Okay, come on then,
let's go.
I think I can handle
three of you.
I can take three. Four?
Maybe the spit
was too much.
Mayor, you know the law.
The law
don't apply to boys.
You're from Prentisstown,
aren't you, Matthew?
What the hell?
I didn't know they
would really do it.
The hell does that mean?
The hell does that mean?
You leave our town,
or you'll be sorry.
This guy is crazy.
There'll be no threats
from you, Matthew,
or anyone else.
Now get back to work.
You're welcome
to stay with me.
I'll be watching you.
Let's go get these bags
unpacked. Let's go.
Move, get 'em unpacked, quick!
Charlie! Eli!
I want y'all
to gather some men,
find some food
for me and the mayor.
The rest of you get some rest.
Move your asses, let's go!
Don't let them rest
too long.
Yes, sir.
That ship is flying at us.
It'll be here any second.
All around!
Sickness. Sick.
Sickness all around.
Revealed to us.
Angel brings judgment.
Wickedness brings sickness
all around.
The wickedness of man
is great!
His Noise!
You need to control
your Noise, preacher.
- The wickedness of sin.
- You're scaring the men.
Embrace the gift
this planet gives us.
Truth, the gift of Noise.
And face judgment.
Oh, yeah?
This judgment of yours...
Does it kill all of us
and spare only you?
"I'm the circle
and the circle is you."
You hide your Noise
like a woman.
- I consider that a compliment.
- It's not.
Weakness rots from within.
Thank you for the sermon.
I see your truth,
I know your truth.
Viola, you can
sleep in here.
Todd, you and the dog can
sleep next door with my dad.
I'm gonna see if I can
get you some clean clothes
and the two of you
need to wash up.
- I don't need clean clothes.
- Yes. Yes, you do.
What are you doing?
- Taking a bath, why?
- In your clothes?
Yeah. These stink
as much as I do.
That's good.
I never had
a hot bath before.
I have to find a way
to send a message to my ship.
We're church settlers
trying to live a simple life
so we let that machinery
go to ruin
and got on with
the business of surviving.
You have no way of
communicating with anyone?
We have no communicators
for any other settlement,
let alone beyond.
Here are the clothes
you asked for.
Thank you, Julie.
- How long they stayin'?
- Thank you, Julie.
Okay. Get.
This is not a zoo.
New settlers coming,
it's big news.
People are scared
of what they don't know.
When does your ship land?
System entry will be any day.
If I don't contact them soon,
they might move on
to the next system
and I'll be stranded.
I hope they don't land,
and she's stuck here.
I... I didn't mean
to think that.
What you need to contact
your ship is in Haven.
It's the first settlement.
Another town?
More people.
You didn't just think
there were two settlements
in all of New World,
did you?
No, of course not.
Thought it was one.
We'll leave in the morning.
I'd rather
stay with you, Todd.
I'd rather be
with you.
Kiss me, Todd.
Kiss me.
No, wait. I didn't mean
to say that, I'm sorry.
Men and women don't sleep
together in the same places
because y'all make
too much Noise.
I don't make as much Noise as
that, do I?
- Does he do that all night?
- Uh-huh.
Make yourself comfortable.
Foul ball!
Women, women, women!
They made it to Farbranch.
- Get the men ready.
- Yes, sir.
The Noise demands a martyr.
Where're you going,
The angel waits!
I'll fetch the girl.
No. My men
can take care of that.
I don't want her
torn to pieces.
Martyr! Judgment!
Follow him at a distance.
Yep. Come on.
She won't get away.
If I don't contact them soon,
they won't land
and I'll be stranded.
She hates it here.
Don't blame her.
Gonna leave me
and go be with them.
I won't see her again.
- Can't sleep?
- No.
Yeah, me neither.
What's that?
My mom's journal.
Ben must've put it in
my bag for me to have.
What's it say?
I don't know.
Doesn't matter.
You don't wanna know
about your mother?
She died when I was
a baby, so...
So? You can still know
what she was like.
Dead, she's dead.
That's what she's like.
I lost my parents, too,
you don't see me
yelling about it.
I'm not yelling about it.
This is yelling!
It's just
I would give anything
to have something that kept
my parents alive for me.
Yeah, well,
maybe I would, too.
You do. You have it.
The book's right there.
- I can't.
- Why not?
Because I can't read,
Aaron burned all the books
when we were kids.
He thought that being
born with the Noise
was enough
of an education.
Only Noise
can be light in the darkness.
I could read some to you
if you'd like.
It says "K.H."
It's beautiful.
"My dearest Todd,
my dearest son.
"I begin this journal
on the day of your birth.
"You're the most
beautiful thing
"I've seen on New World.
"With you in my arms,
it feels like
"this planet is made
entirely out of hope."
...planet is made
entirely out of hope.
"I wish your pa were here
to see you.
"But the Lord saw fit
to take him.
"You look like him.
"You're going to be tall,
strong, and handsome.
"The ladies of New World
won't know what hit 'em."
"There's a man
named David Prentiss
"who convinced us all
to found a settlement
"on the far side of the swamp
"so that the Noise
from the rest of New World
"won't reach us.
"Prentiss seems so full
of secrets and shame,
"and this place
doesn't allow that.
"He's better at making
his Noise disappear
"than any man here."
I'm the circle,
the circle is me.
And you,
and every other man in this town.
"It's so loud here,
all the time.
"The men can't stand women
knowing everything about them,
"and them not knowing
anything about us."
Exceptional men are needed
to hold
the circle together.
"Almost all the men
here, they're breaking down.
"Prentiss and Aaron
get inside the men's heads.
We see your truth.
"They've given all us women
a curfew."
There's always
a woman nearby.
"The men
are turning on us."
men must kill.
"Aaron, our holy man,
said women don't have Noise
"because we've got no souls."
- Judgment is coming.
- "I can see what's coming,
"clear as day."
Sickness, all around.
"If things go wrong,
keep searching for hope.
"I want you to remember
the song
"I sing to you every morning.
"Keep it in your heart,
my precious boy.
"It's a promise.
"I will never leave you.
"I will never deceive you."
What happened?
What's next,
what happened?
That's it,
that's her last entry.
It wasn't the Spackle.
The men killed the women.
Men must kill.
Here, men must kill.
Men must kill.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna kill him.
Unwanted. Weak.
Killed my mom.
Do you just believe
everything that guy says?
Son of a bitch.
Killed my mom
and killed all those women.
The mayor
is not your friend.
Look, there are children.
They've given
all us women a curfew.
There's always a woman!
- Don't touch me.
- Todd!
I'm the circle
and the circle is me.
The mayor doesn't know
what it means to be a man.
Give her up!
We don't need this.
Leave it.
Leave all this.
Get the kids to the barn.
Don't go in
without a weapon!
To the south!
Check the doors!
Go down
into the basement!
Nothin' left!
Sit there. Wait inside.
You gotta go to your dad.
Bill, take your kid!
Close all the doors!
You have a lot of gall
coming here.
The law says any
Prentisstown man we catch
gets the rope.
I didn't see young Todd out
on the gallows as we rode in.
He here?
Read my mind.
We're simply here
for the girl.
We now have
a common enemy.
I'm not handing over a woman
to any man of Prentisstown.
She's not a victim,
she's a spy.
Come from a new ship,
here to steal
everything you have.
Your land,
the fields you toil and sweat over
endless day
after endless day,
but we're gonna take
their ship before it takes us.
And the good people
of Farbranch
are more than welcome
to join us.
But I need that girl
before she warns them.
Not this time.
You're a liar!
It's okay.
I'm not gonna
hurt you.
Hildy sent me.
I'll get the girl,
bring her to Prentiss.
I'll ask you once.
Put down your weapons,
this isn't a fair fight.
We'll show no mercy to anyone
who stands in our way.
who he is.
Don't let him get
in your head.
"I am the circle,
the circle is me."
We can't win.
Not worth the fight.
No choice.
What is it?
What is it?
Save her, save her. Viola.
The hell happened?
You ready?
she kicked his ass.
- Todd?
- Yeah, yeah, let's go.
This way.
We're comin' for ya!
Martyr! Judgment!
You cannot be saved!
Drop it!
Okay, okay.
Sin rots the soul.
- Weak.
- Get down!
No, no!
Keep your head down!
I'm scared.
Is it Second Wave?
Finally got her.
Got you now.
This is your chance
to save the boy's life.
Bring me the girl
and I promise no harm
will come to your son.
You can save him.
Where is he?
Right in there.
- Ben. Is that Ben?
- Son! Are you here?
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
Todd? Todd.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I read the journal.
I say we smoke him out.
He can't go nowhere.
No more games.
Time's running out!
She's gonna die.
You've got one more minute!
Shoot her out
so we can get her outta here.
We couldn't do anything, son.
We tried.
But it was chaos.
The best we could do
was keep you safe.
How could you keep this
from me?
- No. No.
- My whole life you lied to me.
No, we thought
we could protect you.
That's not protecting me,
- that's lying to me.
- I'm sorry.
Let me protect you now.
Let me go in there
and get the girl.
I can get her out.
I'm sorry, Pa.
I'm sorry.
I got it. I got it.
Where is she?
I don't trust him,
I don't trust him.
Thank you, Ben.
I knew I could rely on you.
- What's she gonna do?
- Got you now, girl.
What's she gonna do?
Pleasure to see you again,
young lady.
I wish it was
under better circumstances.
Todd Hewitt!
- Preacher!
- Come on. Come on!
Go! Come on!
I have been
shown the river
that is the water of life!
Viola, get in the boat!
Get in the boat!
- Todd, I can't swim!
- You won't have to, get in!
Come on!
Go, go. Go, go, go!
Todd Hewitt!
And he was thrown
into the lake of fire!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
Todd! Todd!
Todd, Todd!
- Manchee!
- Todd!
Viola! Swim to the boat!
Grab my hand. I got you.
Grab the boat.
Come on.
Manchee! Manchee!
Aaron! Aaron, don't!
Todd, no!
Todd, no!
No! No! No!
I'm Todd Hewitt,
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Dead. I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Gone, dead. I'm Todd Hewitt.
He's dead. I'm Todd Hewitt.
Manchee. My Manchee's gone.
Dead. Stop!
Be tough. Crying's weak.
Stop! Todd, stop it!
Be tough, be tough.
Manchee, Manchee.
Be tough. Dead. Shut up, Todd.
Come on, be a man.
Everything dies.
I'm so sorry, Todd.
It's just a dog.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt. Kill him.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt. Kill him.
Dead. Death.
This way
looks more built up.
It must be the way to Haven.
I've seen these,
on infrastructure plans
on the ship.
They're supports
for a monorail.
Stop! Be a man.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I liked him.
Yeah, me too.
He was the best dog
I ever knew.
He was the only dog
you ever knew.
You're a good man,
Todd Hewitt.
I'm not gonna kiss you.
I wasn't thinking...
"I am the circle
and the circle is me."
"I am the circle...
"I am the circle
and the circle is me."
It's an old
Expansion Class ship.
A lot like mine,
only first generation.
Careful! This ship goes down
another three or four levels.
This is the wing.
This must be
what my family came here on.
Todd, look.
Gotta keep goin'.
Not far behind.
We gotta keep moving.
We gotta get to Haven.
No, there isn't time.
There's an emergency
transmitter two floors down.
If it still works,
I can use it.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Cool. This is cool.
What's all this?
Cryo-chambers for horses.
There's a horse in here?
There were horses in here.
It's how they all got here.
That is so cool.
This way.
You're all right.
Lost. She's lost.
I don't want her to leave.
She's gonna go home,
she's gone.
Bye. This is goodbye.
Ask her, go on.
Just ask her.
The antenna's
broken off.
We were so close.
If you get everything ready
down here,
I could probably climb it.
Help her.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
What the hell am I doing?
All right.
Boy's inside.
And the girl?
I didn't see her.
Surround the ship
and wait for my order.
We gotta get her home.
Then go.
Okay. I got it. I got it.
Come on, Todd.
You got this.
Don't look down. Whoa!
Why did you do that?
Get her home.
Closing in.
This is it.
I hope this works.
Please work.
Give up!
Todd Hewitt!
Todd Hewitt!
How're we gonna
find him in there?
Todd Hewitt!
Time to show yourself, son.
Or I'm gonna shoot Ben.
No! Don't listen
to him, Todd!
Let go!
You murderer!
I showed those women no mercy.
I couldn't tell the voice
of God from the Noise.
I am the sinner!
Kill me!
Kill me.
Purify my sin!
Purify me!
Kill me!
I am the sinner!
I am baptized with fire!
No! No! No!
Atone. Atone. Atone.
Atone. Atone.
I am the sinner!
I know what he did.
You're a murderer.
Where is she?
Let him go.
Todd, where is the girl?
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd...
No, wait!
You son of a bitch!
You're all right,
you're all right.
You're all right.
I'm right here.
- Okay? You're all good.
- I'm so sorry.
- I know, it's okay.
- I'm sorry,
we shouldn't have lied to you.
I know, it's all right,
it's all right.
I'm here. I'm here.
I'm here. I'm here.
If you want a real long
goodbye with your father,
you should
give me the girl.
- I'm right here.
- We should've stood up to him.
I know, I know.
Just relax!
Just lie down. Ben.
Keep him safe, Ben.
Keep him safe.
That girl
is using you, Todd.
She hates you.
She hates your Noise.
Where's my knife?
Did you hear that?
She just called them!
Four thousand people
on their way to destroy us.
Are you happy now, Todd?
Huh? You think you won?
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
You think
you can hide from me, Todd?
Fight. Shut up.
Been hearing your Noise
since you were born.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt. Quiet.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
I'm Todd Hewitt.
Shut up!
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
He killed my mom.
Your Noise
is your power.
Your Noise could've been
your power, Todd.
Power! Noise.
Could've been your power,
Todd. Noise.
You're not a killer, Todd.
It's just not in your blood.
It's in mine.
Early one morning
Just as the Sun was rising
I heard a young maid sing
From the valley below
Look at what you did to me.
You taught those men to kill.
Because you couldn't stand
the thought of all those women
seeing you
for what you really are.
And what is that?
A coward.
A coward.
A coward. A coward.
Coward! Coward!
You taught
all those men to kill.
The only thing
you're good for, David.
at what you did to me.
- Kill to survive.
- Look at what you did!
- You murderer!
- Turn around!
You killed us all!
Seeing you for just
what you are, a coward.
It's okay, I'm here. Todd.
No, no. I'm here.
They're here.
Get the hell out of here!
We gotta go. Run!
We did it.
No, no. I'm here.
We did it.
We did it.
I'm alive.
Where am I?
I'm alive, I'm alive!
I'm alive. How am I alive?
Viola. She's here.
Viola's here.
Where else would I be?
You okay?
You've been out for days.
Where are we?
- My ship.
- Ship.
Her ship. Her ship?
People. Her people.
It's the Second Wave.
So you're staying?
They made me promise
I would make it here.
Find a better life.
It's not exactly
what I'd imagined.
It's growing on me.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm.
You think
it'll grow on them, too?
We'll show them.
Is she
gonna kiss me?
Shut up, Todd. Shut up.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.
I am Todd Hewitt.