Chapel (2024) Movie Script

No matter what anyone tells you,
there's no greater feeling than love.
No dirt road sunset. Lazy Sunday. Whiskey on the rocks.
You probably wanna know why you're here.
Well, that's cause she's here.
And now she's gone.
That Sofia, she's poetry in motion.
A mystery.
But there's no greater mystery
than the story that's about to unfold.
Thought she was someone who could save me.
Well, I'll leave that to you to decide.
I remember bits and pieces of my life prior to this moment.
Tiny fragments of the life I lived before me.
That's me. I'll be your nurse tonight.
How long have I, uh...
Five months.
Five months?
Uh huh, five months, 24 days.
What happened to me?
Um, a fisherman found you on shore. You nearly drowned.
Um, do you need anything?
Watch some tv? Listen to some music maybe?
Yeah um, music would be nice.
Yeah um, rock, hip hop, folk, salsa maybe?
Um, go back. Go back one more. Yeah.
We have a winner. You like country.
I think so.
That's a start. Any idea who sings it?
The voice sounds familiar. Leonard Cohen?
That's not him is it?
That's Richard Schumacher.
I'm glad you know who Leonard Cohen is though. He's a legend.
Hmm, what?
Maybe I'll call you Cohen for the time being.
Cohen sounds good.
Try and get some rest.
This is going to be an adjustment for your body.
It's ok. It's ok, you're dreaming.
I'm sorry.
Go back to bed. I have to get up soon.
But I'm awake now.
Me too.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
Nothing, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Body temp puts time of death roughly nine hours ago.
Found her wallet.
Ligature patterns aren't consistent
with the other victim.
This one struggled, fought hard.
Look at her fingers and joints broken here and here.
Both hands.
This didn't happen here. This was a body dump.
I know I've threatened it before but after today I really think
I'm gonna take that darn clock down.
You are so eager to let the time run out.
I'm not letting the time run out.
I just ain't got much to say this week.
This week. Last week. Twelve weeks prior to that.
You know, part of long term recovery
from a traumatic accident is...
I know.
And you're lucky in that I actually care.
I know.
We've been working together for months now, Cohen.
It should feel like we're
getting somewhere in these sessions.
Or you're welcome to go to a new psychologist who feels
comfortable just taking your money.
You can just let that time run and run.
Well you know what. I'd be happy to if it were on my dime.
But since Sofia's...
Ok let's just start with what we know again.
One. We have no idea how you got to that lake.
Do you remember anything about the lake yet?
Do you want to remember who you are?
You wanna know what I want?
A steak. Peppercorn sauce.
That's nice. Will a steak make you remember who you are?
A big steak eater maybe?
Mashed potatoes, gravy, all the fixings.
I think that's a step. You know what you want.
You know when they found me in the water
I had fluid in my lungs.
Alcohol content .03 which is you know,
as I'm sure you're aware, well below the limit.
But saturation, time spent in the water.
Cohen, what have we done this week to fill your bucket?
Just the same old shit.
These sessions are an attempt to make some sort of breakthrough.
There's that word again, breakthrough.
I mean how many times have I asked you not to say that word?
I mean, last week I asked you. The week before that.
The week before that.
Okay, that's fine. You're right. I did commit to that.
I will not use that term again.
I know what you are trying to do.
You're trying to make me feel bad.
What is it that makes you feel that someone would intentionally
try to make you feel bad.
I'm not gonna fall into this. Next thing you know I'm
talking about my feelings and you're gonna sit there and
dissect my dreams and...
Can you please not write anything down!
I'm not gonna talk about my dreams.
I'm not gonna talk about my feelings today. Got it?
That's fine. We do not need to go there today.
That's good.
Just push your whole body weight into that wall.
It's weird. This is like the only thing that works for me.
So what about you?
What about me?
Why don't we ever just sit here and talk about you?
Well these sessions are for you?
Homework for next week.
This is a tabletop, all right. That's you.
Try to figure out those four legs.
What the base of your life is.
What can I do for you?
Just a cup of coffee.
Yeah I can get you coffee but the kitchen's closed.
What? The sign out there said it's open 24 hours.
Well it's not.
Lance, can you turn the sign off?
I'll get to it. I'm just trying to finish up around back.
So is this your place?
Our place. You know Daddy left this place to us.
Yeah he also left me with a brother with a mop
to turn off a sign.
Oh ain't you sweet? Thanks for all the extra help
and recognition.
I really appreciate all the extra hands in the back.
You're welcome.
You guys are hilarious.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
I do a whole lot more around here than I get credit for.
So it's just you two?
You guys seem to be pretty short on staff.
Just you guys and that sweet little lady.
Yeah people been quitting on us.
I wouldn't believe anything tweedledee
and tweedledum tell you.
Well are you just gonna sit around and bullshit all night?
No I'm not. I need a room.
Who's working the motel side?
I am.
Are you slow or are you just purposely trying to annoy me?
Listen, I don't need any trouble ok.
Do you understand?
Um, yeah, no, yes ma'am.
Why don't you just finish your coffee up.
Take it to go and see yourself out of here ok.
$60 a night.
You know they've been talking about you all night.
Well you got yourself a room Mr. Unknown.
Listen, I really can't fucking take this anymore.
Can you get the fuck out of my diner?
Hun, we can't be talking to customers like that.
Yeah you know what this place is a...
Madhouse? All right let's get you set up with that room.
I'm gonna cut around the back. You go out front.
Yeah, um, sorry I imposed on y'all.
You have a good night. Thanks for the coffee.
Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing?
Please just for tonight.
I'll try.
You've tried.
I'll try harder.
Need a hand?
No I got this.
You know, I honestly don't think I ever fished before.
You don't say.
It's like this. All in the wrist. Gentle and smooth.
You try.
All right I'll give it one more try.
I like the cactus you got me last week.
And you say I never get you flowers.
A cactus isn't a flower.
Well it lasts longer.
It makes up for me being a prick.
You're not a prick.
Oh well look at that.
I told you I'd make a fisherman out of you before the wedding.
Don't get your hopes up.
Um, so I was talking to Debbie after work and we were just
chatting about the wedding and places we could check out.
There's an old little place built in 1861 called
the Farmington Rock Chapel. I know we discussed..
What'd you just say?
It was built in 1861.
No, you said chapel.
You're always talking in your sleep whispering
about some chapel. I just thought maybe...
So what, you just lay there and listen to me in my sleep?
When you're loud, yes.
Oh so I'm loud?
Not always. It's fine.
Look at me. Is that all you care about? Planning our wedding?
I don't just care about planning our wedding. I care about you.
I don't know what this whole big thing is.
It's like all you ever talk about is a freaking wedding.
Damn it.
Ethan come on.
Ethan come on.
I gotta go inside.
Hey, I overstepped. I'm sorry.
Hey, you want me to give you a funny backstory again?
Maybe you were a firefighter with a long hose.
I like that one better than the circus carnie.
Maybe you were a farmer with a sexy tractor.
Or maybe you were an astronaut with a giant rocket.
Get over here.
What the hell is that? Stay here.
Call 911! Go call 911!
Officer get me a boat. Wide berth.
Treat this like a crime scene.
Hey you all the ones that called this in?
Yeah I tried.
It's all right.
The body's over here.
You from around here?
Yeah, she's a nurse at Cottonwood Heights.
I know that. I meant you. You from around here, sir?
You got an ID?
Why does it matter?
What's your name?
Last name?
Black. Cohen Black.
You got a driver's license?
I don't have my wallet, um...
Can you guys excuse me for a second?
Hey you ok?
What was with that?
With what?
You storming off.
You know that guy back there?
Are you serious? You really gonna let your jealousy...
Jealousy? I'm asking you a simple question, Sofia.
So, answer the question.
No, you're not passing this one. Answer the question.
Answer the question!
Fine. Yes we were engaged.
You were engaged?
Yeah engaged. Set to be married.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't want to talk about it.
Would have been nice to know is all. That you were engaged.
Well does it matter?
Ok well then I don't want to talk about it.
Just would have been nice to know is all I'm saying.
Would be nice to know a lot of things about you.
Wait. Cohen, wait. Wait!
Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Who's the boss? I mean who's the boss?
So how was it?
It was really good, thank you.
For two?
We're meeting somebody actually, thank you.
Hey Grace, isn't that the guy from the other night?
Thanks for meeting with me.
Do we have a problem officer?
We do.
You should know better than to walk away
from an active crime scene. Hey I'm talking to you.
You don't need to snap at him like that.
I want to know who chose that particular spot to fish at.
I did. It's a good area for walleye.
It's interesting you're in to fishing now.
Ok who spotted the woman?
It's a big lake. There's a lot of spots for walleye out there.
Get to your point, Wyatt.
I like direct women. You and I must share that in common.
Cohen right?
I did some recon after you two left.
You were pulled from the water ot too far from
that exact location a year ago.
Cohen was rescued from the lake, yeah. And I took him there
because it's a part of his therapy.
It's supposed to help with the recovery of his memories.
I'm well aware of his story.
I know he's not currently in the system.
Okay so you've already investigated him.
You don't think that they did that when they checked him in
to the hospital a year ago? They already ran the DVI.
Yeah, yeah. Disaster Victim Indentification.
He checks out. That's why I'm not arresting him yet.
You're unbelievable.
Why didn't you tell me you were doing this?
Can you not breathe down my neck.
We got a new dish.
What is it?
Some kind of burrito.
We'll take two of them. Thanks.
You know I don't understand any of this.
It's like a foreign language all right.
You do the numbers...
This is the best month that I've had, that we've had.
Okay, all right then.
Keep it up.
How's therapy?
It's good, you know.
Did you tell her that I want a baby?
You know I can't tell you about that.
Why can't you tell me about that?
I have been working overtime at the hospital.
I have been teaching horseback riding lessons and you can't
tell me what's going on in therapy.
Babe you got it wrong.
What I tell my therapist is confidential. You know that.
Ok well then you can get a job here and
pay for your own therapy.
Hey, no boots, dirt on the floor.
No dirt on the floor. No dirt on the floor.
Oh no dirt on the floor!
What are you doing? No, no, no!
Listen to me roar.
Therapy is supposed to help you.
It is.
I want a baby, Cohen.
No bad days, ok?
You do want a family with me don't you?
I want to hear you say it.
Why don't we start with you talking to me about your dad.
Just say it. Say it!
Fine. Let's have a baby. Let's have a baby right now.
You don't make this easy for me.
Hello. Hello.
All right, well, we wanted to wait until Hope got here but
we can't wait any longer.
We're pregnant.
What? Me too.
Why is it people always say we're pregnant?
That is a good question, Sage. Referring this to you Daddy.
That's Daddy Big Bucks to you.
Patrick Big Bucks. Makes his best friend put him on retainer.
That's because you keep getting DUI's, bud.
I was driving you home, oh thanks, Paige.
And you were well compensated ok and it was only twice.
Actually, Sage is a much better driver drunk than you are sober.
You know what. He doesn't need a private driver.
All right we're gonna shut you all up with this right here.
This isn't a dick measuring contest but if it was wait until
you see the size of my...
Okay. Okay.
Danny, you work at Bagel Barn bro.
I got a 401k.
Cool guys. Real mature.
One dollar? Why don't you put that in your g-string, bud.
Hey that's Mr. George Washington, one of our founding
Did you say g-string?
Isn't that what you wear?
Where's Hope?
She said she was going to be here.
I'm excited to meet her.
She's from a pretty powerful, politcal family.
You think tow truck driver here is up to the challenge?
She's gonna love him.
I told Rhonda it was a guys night so she's kinda upset.
I thought you were ending things with her.
Yeah man, she's no bueno.
She's white trash.
That's mean.
It's true.
Speaking from experience, your balls drop or something?
Hey come on you guys, seriously. But for real...
There she is!
Sorry I'm late.
This is Hope.
Cohen? What are you doing? Cohen?
Looking at a photo of Debbie and Dwayne.
I've been watching you stand there for the past 3 minutes.
Why didn't you say anything?
I did. I almost walked over there and slapped you across the
face or dumped water on you head.
I even clapped my hands.
Well if you're happy and you know it, clap again.
You know I think maybe you should
sleep on the floor tonight.
On the floor?
Yeah. You can make yourself a cozy little floor bed
in the living room.
I think it's you who may need some alone time.
They still don't have a suspect
in custody but rest assured
the police are doing
everything they can.
Lance, come here.
What the fuck?
What is he doing?
Did he see me? He saw you.
Are you scared?
Am I scared? No I'm not scared.
Grace,wait, Grace.
Hey man, what's up?
Listen you're not staying here so...
Oh I'm sorry, I just uh...
I couldn't really do this at home.
I'm making a baby crib for my fiance.
Oh ok look at that. That's really sweet.
She doesn't think that I want to have a baby when
I actually really do, so...
Got it. Yeah that does suck.
Well the problem is you're not eating here and
you're not staying here so I do have to ask you...
To leave? No I get it. I'm sorry.
No problem. Okay, thank you.
You all have a good night.
Yeah you too man.
Now I have to clean up all this fucking paint.
Do me a favor and don't tell anyone
I gave you this room tonight.
All right. You got me at a disadvantage here.
You know my name but I don't know yours.
Sure you do. 10 o'clock Jack. Remember?
You know a wise man once told me the whole point of life is to
enjoy yourself, to only have good days.
Hey, you box?
No bad days, right?
Yeah no bad days.
Come on. Let's have a drink.
It's freezing out here. What are you doing out here all alone?
Celebrating the life of my sister.
What happened?
She was murdered.
Shit, I'm really sorry.
Do you ever just meet someone and get right to the point?
What do you mean?
What's the worst thing that happened to you as a kid?
Ethan, pay attention. Keep your eye on the ball. Come on Eth.
Ethan, pay attention. Keep your eye on the ball. Come on Eth.
I gotta go inside.
No you don't. Just ignore her.
No you don't. Just ignore her.
You and I we're best friends right?
You know what best friends do? They keep secrets.
Some childhood memories you just can't shake.
Some childhood memories you just can't shake.
Is that your room?
Is that your room?
Uh, yeah, why?
That's a hell of a night.
She's like a great white shark.
So who was that woman?
I don't know.
Describe her.
Just some red head.
It's really awful what she did to you.
Some people make me sick.
I can't. I can't.
It'll be our little secret.
No I can't. I'm engaged.
Are you serious?
Hey it's me. I know I owe you a bottle of Jack but I need you
to do some digging for me on a guy named Cohen Black.
Get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks.
Hey. Having a party? Where's my invite?
I was just getting some ice.
I see. My brother says that he saw you with Misha.
Yeah. She's a real interesting girl that one.
You know she only came back here to find out
who murdered her sister.
I know. She told me. It's really heartbreaking.
Yeah. Very.
Have a goodnight.
Who's this?
This is detective Wyatt Hunter.
What do you want?
A cup of coffee. Meet me at the diner in the morning.
What the hell?
Late night?
Don't! I have to get ready for work.
You do whatever it is you do. Clean up the dirt.
So does she know you're meeting me?
No. Tell me. No memories? None?
I'm not sure I buy that fully.
There's this woman, red hair, Patrick Harvey.
You lost me, pal. How many redheads are there?
Different shades of red. Reddish-brown. Auburn.
How many redheads named Patrick Harvey?
No the woman is the redhead.
Patrick Harvey is...
Is what?
I don't know.
My friends and I, everytime I think of them,
we're always at this same bar.
Sorry I'm late.
Friends at a bar, redheads, Patrick Harvey.
Any of your friends have names?
I can't remember.
Hey detective.
How are you?
Good thanks.
Can I get you anything?
Two hashed browns to go.
You got it. What about you?
No, I'm good with the coffee thanks.
How do you know Grace?
I don't.
She seems familiar with you.
Well, I met her here yeah, but I don't know her though.
Sofia and I, we were arguing, but it wasnt...
Did. Did she call you? Is that why we're here?
You're the one telling me your problems, buddy.
I'm just taking notes and no she didn't call me.
By the way, it's hashbrowns.
Excuse me.
You said hashed. It's hashbrowns.
Your memory seems to work fine about that.
Yeah just the pointless shit.
Let's get back to the point. You're in this bar, look around.
Anything stand out?
Pretty sure it was a country bar.
Pretty-sures don't help much.
Maybe a baseball jersey, football jersey?
Hometown hero?
Anything that might help you remember the name of the bar.
I need some help with this case. There's a body by the lake.
I still haven't classified it as a homicide yet.
It could possibly be. It's a sleepy little town.
Look around. Everyone knows everyone.
Yeah except me.
Exactly.They see me coming from a mile away and they shut down
but with you they don't see you snooping around.
All right. What do you want me to do?
Swing by the station. I'll set you up with a collection kit.
Standard stuff. If you see anything out of the ordinary,
you call me. You kick over some rocks and I
might be able to help you find some intel on your case.
Why are you doing this?
I'm not doing it for you. You're doing it for me.
Hashed browns.
Thank you. Grace, what do you know about this guy?
He's really annoying.
Is he a friend of yours?
I got know clue who he is.
Something's off about him though.
He's been wandering around the property
doing some real weird shit, man.
Usually these guys are drifters but he's sticking around.
Ok while he sticks if he does anything strange,
you know the drill.
Will do.
Everything ok?
Uh, sir, was everything ok?
It's Sofia, leave a message.
Sofia, stop ignoring my calls.
Hey what do you know about this guy you're about to marry?
Lance and Grace say he seems off.
I need you to trust my gut about this one. Call me back.
Something's shifted.
Um, yeah. I think I have purpose.
That's great. Profound. Let's explore that.
Before, you know, before I was found I think I had purpose.
All I know is what I know now in this moment, so...
So you're feeling more present?
Oh yeah, way more present.
Go on.
Well it's kind of a secret so...
I'm actually helping the local police department on an
investigation right now.
Wow, that is a bonafide purpose, you're right.
Tell me more, if you're allowed.
Maybe next time.
Have you found the happy place in your house, Cohen?
Sofia, I think she's definitely my happy place.
We have this thing that we say to each other. No bad days.
It's something we do to remind each other. Simple things.
That's a nice mantra.
But you know...
There's still something bothering me lately.
What's that?
I can't get her to open up about her pop.
Her Dad?
Yeah, it's weird.
I know that he's serving life without parole
but anytime that I...
What do you think bothers you about that?
I don't know.
Well maybe that's something you want to dig into deeper and
explore for our next session.
Another suggestion, no pressure, but you may just want
to keep that mantra close to your heart. No bad days.
Write it out daily.
No bad days.
Good afternoon.
That cop, you know him right?
Yes. Everybody knows Detective Hunter
but he sure seems interested in you.
No he's more interested in me helping out with those bodies
by the lake.
He's only interested in you because you're dating Sofia
and everybody knows that that's Wyatt's girl.
So what?
You're saying I shouldn't be engaged to her then?
Can you get out of my office please? Thank you.
I just wanted all of this to go away.
I just wanted Sofia and I to be good again.
Nice of you to come home last night. Huh?!
Why are you still staying here, Cohen?
I keep getting calls from Wyatt.
You know I saw him this morning.
He said you all hadn't spoke so clearly...
You take off. You don't come home and
now you're hanging out with my ex!
Stop it. Please.
Come home when you're ready to act like a man.
Babe please, please. I built us a baby crib.
The sun's dropping fast. 20 minutes and I'm gonna call it.
Can we get another grid?
That's all she wrote I'm afraid.
You all right?
Yeah. This case is just eating away at me, man.
Bring it in.
You think we made a mistake?
No looks like we're on track here.
No I mean with Sofia.
Maybe I just need some space.
Space? What are you talking about?
You're my fiance, why do you need space?
Because you drive me crazy, Cohen.
I have spent the last year trying to help you.
I pay for your therapy, make schedules for you.
I let you stay here with me!
You let me stay here? You said...
It doesn't matter what I say! It matters what you do!
You don't do anything.
I don't do anything?
No! You're a child.
I had no idea that you felt this way.
You moving in?
Not today, Satan.
Rough day?
Rough life.
You know anything about those murders?
Anything like what?
I don't know. I got that detective up my ass.
Wants me to help him on his case.
Just thought I'd ask you a few things.
See if you knew anything that helped?
Helped who?
Come on.
Walk with me.
How's your sleeping been?
I don't want to tell you.
I don't want to be put on meds.
I've been having this particular dream
that I can't make any sense of.
There's this girl. She pops up at this diner.
I said dig.
No bad days.
You know what best friends do?
What are you doing?
They keep secrets.
What are you doing?
Here we go.
All right that was impressive.
Yeah the man deserves something now.
Yeah well I gotta vouch for him.
How's that?
I'm his lawyer.
Mickey's waiting for us in the car.
Give me a few seconds babe.
Come over here.
Okay I would like the record to show that my client has one
non-self-incriminating question. You better make it a good one.
Will you go out with me?
Why should I go out with you?
That's a question. Not an answer.
Answer the question. Will you go out with me? Yes or no.
Yes, I'll go out with you.
Yeehaw! This little lady and I are going to get married.
Bold move.
Well if I'm going to marry you I need to make sure
you can go shot for shot with me.
All right. Done. One for you. One for me.
Two for you. Two for me.
I'll take this little guy right here.
All right so where do we live? What assets do we own.
We live on a boat.
We live on a boat?
What's our boat's name?
Her name's Chapel.
Can I tell you something? I have never been on a boat before.
So I wanted to go.
Well we're about to go for a nice little boat ride.
Yes we are.
Here we go. Ready?
Let's do it. Come on.
Come on handsome. What's taking ya?
Is your friend joining us?
You've reached the office of Patrick Harvey and Associates.
If this is an emergency press zero.
Otherwise, leave a message and somebody will get back with you
as soon as possible. Thank you.
Good work today.
Thank you.
Nice of you to miss lunch on my day off.
I had therapy.
Interesting. Well your plate's in the fridge.
You ate?
I think you should move out?
What are you talking about?
Hey, look at me. Sofia. Look at me. What did I do?
All right that's it for tonight. We'll pick up tomorrow.
Let's surface.
Uh guys.
What was that?
Not sure. Fellas?
Yeah, there's something down here.
What do you got? What's your position?
About 20 meters down...
Possible contact with large unknown object. Copy.
Copy that.
All right, Southeast. That's it.
All right, Southeast. That's it.
You've reached the office of Patrick Harvey and Associates.
If this is an emergency press zero.
Otherwise, leave a message and somebody will get back with you
as soon as possible. Thank you.
What are you talking about?
Boat registered to your man.
I don't follow.
The boat had sunk. We identified the plate at the
bottom of the lake. We ran his ID.
Profile checks out. It's him Sof..
We have a warrant out for his arrest.
We're here to take him in to custody.
Are you serious? On what grounds?
Is he here?
No he's not here.
Don't lie to me. Where is he?
He's not here. He had an interview.
What are you doing? You can't just go in there.
Cohen Black.
I haven't seen you around much. No bad days anymore?
How'd you like to make some extra cash?
How much you talking?
Enough to keep your ugly mug out of my face for a couple days.
Look I ain't pushing no drugs...
What do you think I am a degenerate? Come on.
I need you to courier a document. Five Grand. Easy.
A document?
Yep, a doc.
Five grand?
Look if you don't want the gig I can get the
great white shark to do it.
Let's do it.
I'm in.
I can't believe what a dingy shithole this place is.
Your holed up here. God it stinks.
How far away is it?
Not too far. Marked it on a map for you.
I trust you but I don't trust many people. That's a big deal.
There's that great white shark again.
I think she's obsessed with you.
Circling the parking lot. Lurking, creeping.
Something's up. You better take care of her
before she becomes a real problem.
Misha, Misha are you ok? It's Cohen.
What do you want?
Don't be rude. I just wanted to say hi.
Oh we should go in and have a word with her.
Misha, I know who killed your sister.
It's really important that you let us in.
Who's us?
Me and my friend Jack.
She's not gonna let you in. You better get in there now.
So what are you gonna do with her body?
You better get her out of here before Tweedledee and...
Why don't we just..
His name's Ethan Tucker.
All right. Let's go.
I thought great white sharks were protected species.
You're losing it kid. You better get your shit
together or you're gonna get caught.
Those are your prints all over her neck right?
All over her room too.
You didn't think to wear gloves?
Christ, that shithole probably has cameras all over the place
too so if so you better get back there and erase them tapes.
You are a fucking dummy.
Where have you been?
Out. What's wrong?
Tell me who you are?
What are you talking about?
Please Cohen, I know that you know.
I don't.
I can't do this anymore. Please.
What do you mean? I don't know.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying.
You're lying to me!
Where's my money?
I almost forogt about that. I needed some insurance.
I left Grace a note and wrapped a package with
a bunch of cash in it.
Instructed her to give it to Sofia.
Now let's hope that your gal ain't a snoop because
those are a bunch of questions that don't need answering.
Why, why would you do that?
Why would you give Grace an envelope full of money
to give to Sofia. It doesn't make sense.
It makes no sense!
Open up, Cohen!
Give me a second.
I know you're in there!
I said give me a second.
I think it's time we had a little chat.
First things first we gotta settle up on this room.
Have you seen Misha roaming around?
Because her room's empty and it was cleaned but not by the maid.
Isn't that weird huh?
Yeah, it's really weird. I don't know,
maybe she just skipped town.
Funny thing about that is I seen you two together last night.
Now this morning the cameras are down and
my sister gets some mysterious fucking letter.
I'm just packing up and leaving now.
No you're not. You're staying right here.
I'm gonna need to put an APB out.
Subject's name is Ethan Tucker. Also known as Cohen Black.
Looking for a green Bronco.
We should just turn ourselves in.
With what you did.
No what you did!
Toughen up.
Well I guess that's my cue. Don't worry. I'll keep her safe.
Cohen Black!
Let me see those hands!
Officer Kerns, arrest this man.
Put your hands up.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do
can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you.
Do you understand the rights as I have just read to you?
Fuck you, Wyatt. Fuck you.
Fuck you! Fuck you, Wyatt! Sofia!
Get him in.
She's not coming to save you.
9:46am. October 19. Interviewing Ethan Tucker
who's consented to speak to me.
For the record.
I consent.
Is this you?
Seems as though.
Yes or no?
Yeah, yeah it's me.
Suspect identifies himself as Ethan Tucker.
You know this girl? You know her name?
And her, do you know her name?
And her?
That's Hope Lancaster.
She was found about a year ago. Authorities...
You want a lawyer? Oh you'll get your lawyer.
I just have one more question.
Where were you yesterday afternoon?
Therapy session with my psychologist, Vanessa Petroro.
You can call her office.
She'll verify anything you need to know.
You guys don't believe me?
We very much believe you.
The problem is her husband
reported her missing this morning.
Clock's ticking. We have 72 hours to charge this guy.
That warrant you got, it's half baked.
It won't hold up. This guy is gonna walk.
Look, is there anyway you can connect him
to the other victims?
I need hard DNA.
All right. Move him to holding.
24 hour watch. What are you going to do?
Kick the tree.
Someone's gotta know something about this guy.
Stay inbounds.
What'd you say?
He's alive?
He's not just my client, he's my best friend.
Look I'm in the middle of something.
Let me give you a call back, all right.
Look guys I'm gonna have to take off. I'm so sorry.
What happened?
Ethan's alive.
Mr. Tucker.
Your lawyer's here but you're not off the hook. Got it?
How much longer do I have to wait?
Don't see an out of state lawyer do this often.
I filed pro hac vice with the county clerk for this case.
All the paperwork should be there.
When I grow up I want to be a county clerk too.
And you consent Mr. Harvey that Mr. Tucker will be in your
physical presence from here on at all times.
Yes sir.
Sir. I like that word, sir.
Bring him out.
Come on. Let's get you the hell out of here.
You don't have a key?
No this isn't my house.
We're house sitting for friends of hers. Dwayne and Debbie.
Hey, Ethan. As your lawyer, do not go in there.
I can't risk you getting any other charges
until we clear this up. I'm calling this in.
It's gonna be all right. Maybe she's just out with a friend.
Yeah, Patrick Harvey. I'd like to report a missing person.
Someone planned this. They wanted you out of the picture.
What can we do to help?
Nothing. You two go home and get some rest.
No, I'm not resting until I find my fiance.
Dispatch call in a chopper to my current location.
I need a wide search.
I should go up there with you.
No, I need boots on the ground just in case we find her.
We're gonna find her.
Sofia! Sofia. Sofia!
Looks good. Yeah it's her horse.
Horse. Hey buddy. Stay back. Stay back. It's ok.
Found her! Found her!
Look at me. Hey, you're ok.
Let me know if you need anything.
Can you guys give me a minute?
Yeah, sure thing.
Hey. You ok?
Why'd you tie me up?
What? No, I didn't.
Yes you did.
No, I didn't.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'll get help ok. I'll get help.
Imagine the person you love the most.
Now imagine that person being taken away.
I lost that person a long time ago when I was a little boy.
Jack, he was the only person that was there to protect me.
I have never been on a boat before.
Why'd you take me on Chapel?
What's our boat's name?
Her name's Chapel.
That's Hope Lancaster. She was found about a year ago.
Cohen, you promised to let Jack go.
You know my name but I don't know yours.
Sure you do. 10 o'clock Jack. Remember?
What's the worst thing that happened to you as a kid?
You better get your shit together or
you're gonna get caught.
How far away is it?
Not too far. Marked it on a map for you.
Where are you taking us, Cohen?
Two more miles up the road and take the first left.
Cohen, you led us into the middle of the desert.
Where is he?
This is where I last saw him.
Don't say a word.
So you helped him bury the body?
That makes you an accomplice to murder.
Whoa. Hey, hey, hey, hey!
No Patrick. Misha...
She, her sister was murdered.
Don't say a word.
You know what the last thing that she asked me was?
She asked me what my worst childhood memory was.
What are you talking about? When we were kids at the chapel?
It was Jack. He protected me.
I didn't do this. He did.
What is he talking about?
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please just please.
Ethan, stop!
No, no, no, no!
I fucking hate cops!
It was our...the same thing.
You cops did nothing. We did everything.
I said dig.
It was us.
Put the gun down, Cohen.
Shut up!
We saved him. It was us.
We're gonna get you help.
Shut up, Patrick. I'm sorry.
You know what my dad told me all the time?
No bad days.
And ever since he died every fucking day has been a bad day.
I'm sorry.
No matter what anyone tells you,
there's no greater feeling than love.