Char Man (2019) Movie Script

(film reeling) (film reeling) - It's rolling?
- Yeah. - Okay. - All right, so.
- Cool, so. Important to always have
like, some of this rolling for like behind the scenes stuff.
- That makes a lot of sense to me. - So when we put out the documentary, people are like, oh my God, I can't believe this is real.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah. - And then when they realize that it wasn't real-
- Right. - Then we'll put the behind
the scenes and the making of, so this is like, you know, minds, gathering of the minds,
- That makes a lot of sense. - So to speak. - Hey, look at him.
- Dude. - Hey. - Yeah, Rico Suave, you know? - Look at you, looking good.
- Yeah. Now, this is, yeah, this is Andy, and Cameron. So man, thank you.
- Yeah, all right. - Hey, uh,
- How was traffic? Was traffic terrible?
- We're getting this on, we're getting this on.
- I can see. - In 1890, there was this
guy who moved to Ojai, and the town said he was a vampire. He claimed to be a vampire. And so, people's livestock
started disappearing, you know, a couple people
started disappearing. And then there would be kids that came, had bite marks. And so, the town came in one day, it was like a underground
group, or something like that, that came through. And they staked the guy, and
he slept in like a, coffin. - Sure, as vampires. - As they do, you know? Our idea, is we're just
two dudes going up there to get to the bottom
of the truth, you know? - Right, yeah.
- One of those sorta deals. - What is B-roll, like, specifically?
- B-roll is just like, extra footage that you
get that you can cut in to make the story make sense, you know? - Oh, that sounds like a good idea. - That sounds like a great idea, that's B-roll.
- Yeah, all it is. I just constantly get that stuff. I have this doll, it's
like a clown toy thing. And me and my buddy, since
we were like ten years old, and we had this running joke. His name's Richard. And we would, we'd mail him to each other.
- Richard the clown. - Richard the clown. We'd mail him to each other, - So every year, you guys mailed it back and forth?
- Every year. And we'll take stupid pictures and like, send em to each other and that
kind of stuff. It's stupid. I'm gonna bring Richard
and we're gonna say that the vampire was like a toy maker
in town, and that we found, you know, one of his dolls or whatever, and a spirit lives in it, I
don't know we'll figure it out. - Do we need a signed contract, or is a hand shake cool? - Is a, (spitting) - Yeah.
- and a? - I think one of these, one
of these does, you know? - A fist bump.
- Little fist bumpers. - Are you nervous? - I feel good, feel good. This is why I moved to L.A. Going on a vampire safari. I don't know that might,
it doesn't make any sense. It sounds good though. - It sounds like a
horrible Beach Boys song. - Does somebody need a ride? (laughing) - Okay, for the record. - Yeah. - Remember that budget meeting we had? - Dude. - So, I hope Andy doesn't like eating, because there's no food now. - Okay, first off, look,
I just wanted to have, we gotta drive it all the time. Plus, this is all part of the budget. What's up Andy? - Hey man. - How are ya?
- Good, how's is going? - Good.
- Nice car. - Thank you very much, appreciate it. So, let's get going, come on. - Hey, I think he stopped rolling. So, I need to, like, you know how I rented
the car and everything? - Right. - How soon can I get, 'cause
it was like 150 bucks. Like, how soon can I get the money back? - Ojai Vampire. - Ojai Vampire. - Ojai Vampire. - Ojai Vampire. - Ojai Vampire. - Looking very vampiric. - Wait a minute, if a vampire, I don't know if vampires have blood. Do they? Do you think vampires have blood? Like legitimately.
- Look, the beauty of this is we can say whatever we want. - That's true, but I don't think they do. - Let's just say they don't. - Canada Larga Road, was the exit. - What is it called? - Right before it. - I think it's--
- Canada Larga Road was the one right before it. - Canada. - So, yeah. - Oh, watch out for that guy. - Look, don't forget about that guy. Touching your ding-a-ling
while you're asleep, or - I was really worried about that. - Tittling your middle
or tossing your salad, whatever that would be. - Pretty secluded. - Yeah. - I like it, but online,
it looks different. - Yeah, it is. - The code works. - It's high tech. All right, it's a little like, a cottage.
- A little bit bigger? - That is nice. It's cool. - Ooh, nice. It's nice in here. There's one bedroom. - Rock paper scissors.
- Dibs. - Oh, he just said dibs. - That's a union rules. - Is it? - What union? So, we are,
- I'll take a little cot. - so we got, what you got the couch? - Yeah. - I mean it's a big enough bed for two. - We could do,
- Nah. - Nah, that's all right,
I don't want to do. - So, toe-to-toe, obviously down hear. Not head-to-head. - I wanted to do dick on face. - Good place to make a,
- It's pretty nice, right? - make a movie. Right? - It is. - Well, this was just a place
- Pretty secluded too. - And it's very excluded right? So, I'm thinking, - Oh, that's beautiful. - Dude, we're right up
against the mountain. - Yeah. - Dude, screw vampire, let's do a little spring
break movie up here. - Ha, ha, spring break vampires. - Right, it's so true. - Ojai, spring break. - Yeah, yeah, we should do that. Hey would you be a pool boy? - You talking to me? - Yeah.
- Yeah. - Be like, be like, girls
in those chairs, and like, like older women in those
chairs and being like, - Like cougars. - Yeah, let me get part of it.
- Being like where's, where's Andy, the pool boy.
- Andy the pool boy. - Can I get you anything to drink? - Yeah, you can, you can get me your face. Give me your face. - Yeah. - Like a vodka? - No.
- Oh, excuse me, I dropped my eyeliner pencil. - Yeah. (laughing)
- Oh, here, here it is. (laughing) - Oh, yeah. Hey can you rub a little
sun block on my back, and down on my knees, get
sun block on my knees. - Speaking of knees.
- I get so burnt there. - What's up. - Yeah, I've been having
some knee trouble. - What's wrong with your knee? So, what does that mean for, like. - I just wanted, you know,
if any rough terrain, or anything, I just wanted
to let you know, now. - I don't think that
- Well, good thing there's nothing but rocky mountains around here. - Well, yeah, I didn't know if, like, vampires were a mountainous kind of being. - Are we allowed to use the pool? - We actually are, yeah, why not? Why not?
- That's cool. - If there's a skimmer,
- I mean I don't know - I could maybe put my
pool boy skills to use. - Wait a minute, were you a pool boy? - No. - No. - No. I mean, I've seen how pool boys work. I've seen movies with them. - I pretty much think
they just skim, right? - You've seen the movie, The Pool Boy, I bet you have.
- I've seen movies with pool boys. - Not so much them,
- Naughty Andy. working as pool boys, but, you know. (laughing) - And Go. Oh, hey. - What's up? - We're here to find
ourselves some vampires. - Yep. 1890 was the year, where
the townspeople used bamboo, similar, oh, similar to
this bamboo behind us. - It was planted by a man named Steven. - Yes. - Planted all of this. - They fashioned stakes
out of this bamboo, to plunge into the vampire's heart, who was a local toy maker, making toys similar to Richard here. - Now this is not bamboo,
- Right. - But if it, this is just
some stuff on the ground, but if it was, - That would be what they
used to kill the Ojai Vampire. And we are hoping that Richard will help guide us to the spirit of, (laughing) the Ojai Vampire. By the end of this weekend,
we will have located, the Ojai Vampire's body. - And the coffins here.
- We should probably call him something, other than just, the Ojai Vampire. What should we name him? - Count? - No that's stupid. Fre, Fredrick, Futs, - Fredrick Von Stupenberg. - No, Kon. - Nah, I think that one's taken. - Kon, Kon is, yeah, it's probably taken. - Siv, (sighing) - Sven. Sven pretty terrifying. - We'll figure it out post.
- Yeah. Cool, no, if you guys get here, and they'll for sure be ready tomorrow, so you'll bring em out the next day? Okay. No, no, five's great, like, bring em all. We only needed three, but
like, five's even better. The more coffins the better. Yeah. No, so if you guys come
up, I'm thinking, what, we're thinking like, 12 or 1-ish. We're just looking at
locations and seeing exactly what's gonna work for that and then. Did you make it where like, if you lift it it's gonna crumble. Okay, perfect. You are the man. Okay. - That was your coffin guy? - That was my coffin guy. This is the glamor of
Hollywood right here guys. - We gotta print those forms out. For everybody. - Yeah. Yeah, we will.
- Can you take the signatures? - Yeah, I'll get em. - Okay. How does that even work? You know? - (laughing) That's fucking, creepy. I have the actual location. I looked up online, the actual location of where this thing was found. Where the, like, there was like, - Like, where the townspeople like. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, where
they found him and stuff, which is so cool. I mean, like, we're, you know,
- Okay. - I don't really know, so I have that. - All right, is there like a
monument or something to him? - No, no, no, no, no, it's
like out in the woods, dude. Ha, a fucking monument. Is there a momu, there's
no fucking monument, dude. They'll want a monument to a
vampire that ate a bunch of-- - I don't know, like it's on the map. - No, dude, I Googled. - Googled where was the vampire? - No.
- That's what you Googled? - I Googled this story, and found some addresses. I'm a little bit smarter
than you think I am. All you give a fuck about is B-roll. - All right, in the editing
room, man, it's gonna save you. - Like, we recorded. - Let me ask you something.
- Credit drags. - We recorded, like 20 minutes of footage of us driving up here. - That's 20 minutes of a movie. - But it has nothing to do with the story. - It doesn't have to. - And I wasn't even in character. (laughing)
- When are you not in character.
- Character? What character?
- You play yourself. - What are you talking about? - Guys, I'm not gonna just,
look, look, let me get real. - Are you auditioning at the house? - Are you wearing makeup? - You think there's like security cameras catching you in.
- And you have makeup on, don't you? Are you wearing makeup? - I think there's a real
important shot we need to make sure we get, and that's in here. I'm just trying to get in here. You can, you can, can you get
over, can you get like right there and I'll hold the door back. Ready? Ready, one, two, three. Fucking B-roll. - Dude! (laughing) Get out. (laughing) - Okay, so, we're here.
- We're in Ojai. Excited.
- Yeah. - Looking for people to interview. - Yeah, we're gonna find some people on the street to interview. - These guys are some people, huh? - Excited, I can feel it. - That guys excited. - I know, I get a little
nervous to actually go up and talk to anybody, so I don't
really wanna talk to anyone. - So, we are here in the middle of Ojai. And it's exciting to know
that somewhere nearby. - Nearby.
- The actual body of the Ojai vampire is buried and hidden.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's pretty cool, it's
pretty awesome, yeah. So, like, we're gonna try to find him. And, I don't know, last time I checked, things are gonna get a little spooky. You know what I mean? - A lotta spooky. - Yeah. (metal clanging) - A vampire. - I mean, we could probably, you know, as long as we don't
shoot the tennis, okay. So, we can just make sure we
don't get the tennis courts, or the, so we just gotta
block off the amphitheater. So, if we shoot, and we can't have that. So, as long as we shoot, - Against a wooden fence,
with a road behind it? - Yeah. - Dude, we have, we have,
five coffins that are the size of like, beds.
- Well, the good news is, that I think, I think, I think that the coffins will fit. - There's an amphitheater here though. - Yeah, true.
- Yeah, okay, obviously it's not gonna work. - First off, well, first
off, I don't, hold on. I know, we're a team, so
we're not gonna just make, make the call. - I'm just making a call
- Let's not just, let's just. - I'm just being, okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, but let's just think about it.
- I'm being a realist. - Do you wanna use the real location, or do you not wanna use the, this is the real location.
- Not, not really if this is the real location. - 'Cause that fence really plays. You can really see it can't you? - I mean, yes, you can see fence.
- yeah you can definitely see the fence. And yes, you can see an
amphitheater, and yes you can see tennis courts, dude.
- There's people in the amphitheater.
- Like, there's no way we can use this location.
- What if we, could we shoot, is there a
way that we could get up high? - Like a drone? - Like a drone?
- Just shoot. Maybe, maybe a drone. - Do you have a drone?
- Dude, I think you gotta probably clear that,
'cause it's a public park. - Right, and we don't have a drone. Like, that's the most important thing. We just go somewhere
else, and we just tell em, this was the actual
location, at the other place. It doesn't have to be
the real coordinates. - I got another.
- Did you walk this before?
- A little bit, yeah, yeah, no, I came here and I just thought, 'cause I though we could get up, I thought we could get up, like, high. I guess I didn't really
think about the fence. 'Cause I just thought we could shoot 'cause that's all wooded. - I mean even if the fence was not there, there's still a road, right there. - I know. I just figured we'd. All right, what do you think about this? Like, bam, bom, bom. - Like, like up here, or down there? - Well, I don't think we can
go down there, unfortunately. Although that down there looks
pretty cool, actually though. - None of this will work,
because here's my thing, if they, if we are discovering
the hidden coffins, how would we find them
in the middle of like, a fucking path area?
- A path right. Like, could we maybe go back on this side, like over in here, maybe? What if someone watches
this and they're like, that's not where, that's
not where we shot. - Right, but we're not
really finding the coffins or the body, so what does it matter? We just need you to find a trail, because the point is, is for,
- But like what, like, like, I feel like this
is a good long path. But you're right,
- Yes, but - It's fucking stupid. - Right, because,
- Why the fuck did they pave it? If it wasn't paved, could we use it? - No, it's, we need to
get away from the town. So, Cameron's a little upset, right now. - Fucking tennis court. - The location, the
exact coordinates here, is where the townspeople
killed the Ojai Vampire. - Doesn't make any sense. - But now they have built
tennis courts, amphitheater, playground, park, bike paths. He still wants to use it as a location.
- Doesn't make any fucking sense. It doesn't make any sense, why would they fucking,
- Which is stupid. I know dude, I know. - If you had a fucking story,
- He just needs to calm down, Like that, why do you build
- He'll be cool. a fucking tennis court on it? - I don't know, man. - This is fucking bullshit. And a fucking amphitheater. - I know dude, it sucks. - We've got a fucking perfect story.
- Yeah. A perfect fucking story.
- No, I know, I know. - A goddamn, fucking legend,
and you fucking build a fucking tennis court. - Goddamn it, what does this mean? Oooh, Fucking scary, dude. - Wait, wait for. - What's Cam doing over there? - Filming something. Filming something. - Are you getting B-roll of the signs. - Yeah. - How's your knee doing? - Oh, it's fine. - Okay.
- Knees good? Just be careful, it's a
little rocky back here. - It wasn't, see, where
we shot before, like, where the actual location
is, it's a flat park. - Right but it's a park,
- I'm just saying. - that's the point. - I understand. - We have other things to concern about, to consider, versus just,
- I understand. - Don't worry, you know, I'll let you know if my knee hurts.
- All right, okay, okay, okay. - Part of the legend was, they
put him in a slab of cement, and buried him somewhere in Ojai.
- Right. - So, with the rocks and everything, we could like set up
the coffins down here. - You see that? I mean I guess, I don't know. - And we'll open this way, and then Andy can push
through here with the camera, and then we'll cut to the coffins. We found the coffins, we uncover them, and then we go through,
and we'll put, like, a cement slab in there. And, you know, we'll make
it up as we go along. It doesn't matter, people
are gonna watch anything. This is the best location. Like that. - Perfect.
- Not exactly like that. - No, yeah, no, - I love the presentation.
- Not like show tune, but it's a trailer moment, you know?
- Sure. - I'm thing about the trailer moments. - Oh, absolutely, you gotta think trailer moments.
- This is a trailer moment. Lady's and gentlemen, the
location of the Ojai Vampire. - Yeah. - Like that, right? Cool. - I'm gonna ask you. Do you think that
performance was believable that he just did? - Well, I mean, it was like a rehearsal. - Yeah, I was rehearsing.
- Just blocking basically. - I was just, literally, spit-balling.
- Okay, again, are we trying to sell this thing, or are we trying to sell it? Action. - We are on the very grounds
where the Ojai Vampire had his compound and this is where
he was originally killed, and his body later
moved elsewhere in Ojai. And that's why we are here. - Because legend had it, you
needed to move a vampire. You couldn't stay in the same place. - Right.
- 'Cause, you know, I don't know, the spirits. - We'll get to the bottom of that. - I don't know how they are going to get a whole story out of this. They're probably saying like, we should go, we should
go find another park. There's probably so many parks
that vampires used to be in. No, no, we'll just make
it up, we've got coffins. - You wanted to go, - You wanna go get
- to the bridge thing? like an interview on the bridge and try to get some--
- I think yeah, we go check out the bridge and see if we can get a nice,
- Get like a shoot back into here.
- Establishing shot or something.
- Oh establishing, okay, there we go. That's what we're missing. So, I say, what we need to do,
since they talked about the legend, different legends on this bridge, we could say, this is where
the vampire would com at night. - Yep. - And he would come here,
and as we mentioned, he's a toy maker or something, you know. And so, he would stand here
with his toys and he would lure the children,
- Right. - onto to the bridge. - And so then he would take the toy, and he would throw the toy. And make a sacrifice to them. Right? - Dude, yes, yes, he
would make a sacrifice. We'll cut and I'll bring it
back up, we'll start again. You don't actually have to throw it, we can cut it, before you throw. - He was right there, man. - No, it's no here I'm
telling you, I'm in it. - Do you think a snake took off with him? - Yeah, a snake took off. And that's, it's not funny actually. - It's kind of funny. - It is kind of funny.
- It is funny. - He was right there, man, like
right, look, hey, dude, go-- - He was right by that log. - Right by the log,
right where your hand is, he's right there.
- Right here, or right here? - Dude, not over there, right behind you. - The other log. - Dude, there's not, - You gotta look,
- Richard is not here. - You gotta look down, man. - He couldn't of gone, wait,
he couldn't have gone-- - He was right there.
- He fell right here. - Like, can you see him in
the grass, you're up above me. Like, I can't. Like, do you see him? Do you see him for real, are you just fucking with me?
- No, I don't, but I know he was right over there.
- He was right there. - I'm not joking. - You need to actually, you're not-- 'Cause that's like, that's the
prop we're gonna use later, dude, that's why I'm saying. - Later for what? - For the toy maker stuff. He was a toy maker. - You are really mad about
this Richard thing, huh? - No, I'm not, I'm not mad,
it's just frustrating that now we have to use something else. - So, we'll use something
else, it's no big deal. - Yeah, and what happens
next year when I have to send Richard to my friend, that we've been sending
him back and forth-- - Then you don't send Richard,
you send something else. (laughing) - See if this were you, you
would be, you'd be pissed, you'd be kicking stuff. (yelling mumble complaints) (laughing) Do you think maybe he bounced? (laughing) Did he bounce? - Dude, he landed in that pile, and you're not gonna look
for him, so I don't know what you want me to say.
- Maybe the vampire got him. - Ooh, that's even better. Yeah, that's roll with that. The vampire took him.
- Yeah, all right. The vampire got him. - So, you recording, so
we can get this behind the scenes stuff?
- Yes, we can get your fucking - Some behind the scenes B-roll? - B-roll - Can I as you a serious question before we get into this deep? - Yeah. - How much of this film is B-roll, and how much of this film
is gonna actually be filmed. - I think the ratio,
B-roll to real footage, is supposed to be like, 75 to 25. (laughing) - I learned that in film school. - There's not a ton, I mean, it's gonna be a lotta woods.
- We need like a scarier location, you know? - You know what I was thinking, it sucks that we don't have, like, like, an abandoned, like mental hospital, or something, 'cause I think
that that would like tie in. Like, 'cause that's so scary. - Is it good? I will tell you, hospitals are huge, for paranormal activity. - See, he said, why do you say that? - I mean, he's worked on
- I worked on the - Paranormal Outlaw, dude.
- Paranormal Outlaws. The gangster from the
Valentine's Day Massacre was brought there. - Oh. - He was, you know, hanging on, and they brought him to the hospital, and he was murdered in
the actual hospital room. This little at the nurses
station, like, a call light, or whatever, you know from
the room, you can call. This hospital's been abandoned. And we were standing
there, me and the gaffer, and all of a sudden the light goes on. Turns out, that was the room
that the guy was murdered in. - No fucking way. - Like for real. - For real. - That's cool.
- Room 215. - That's cool.
- That light, apparently goes on, every
once in awhile, and that's him calling out for help.
- Like him calling for help, sorta thing. - Did you see it? - I saw the light, yeah. - Do you think he was just
like, fucking with you? - At first, I'm like,
cause he's the gaffer. - So, I'm sure like, oh,
- Yeah, of course. - it's a gaffer joke.
- Those silly bastards. - On, on, set.
- Right. - And I was like, dude, come
on, you're fucking with me. He's like, he's like, come over here. And he had that, whatever
that contraption is, you put it in,
- Right, to test electricity, yeah.
- Test electricity. Showed me. Nothin. - I would not have stayed on the job. - Yeah. - Well, it was called Paranormal Outlaw.
- I mean you're on Paranormal Outlaws. (chuckling) - Yeah but then you don't know,
- I mean most of that stuff's made up though, right?
- We thought most of it's made up. - Most of it's made up, yeah.
- Is it, so okay. - But like that was,
- And they weren't even rolling on that one, so it's like, that was just
- That was just like a side thing? - So, that makes you think, like, - Right. - If they weren't even rolling on that, - Right.
- and that's the activity you get. - Wow. - That's what we need. - Right? - According to this
legend, this vampire, like, they think he fucking survived, right? - Yeah, I mean there were a
couple of stories that said that, you know, people
still saw him at night, after all this happened. You know, like, even years
later, and they said that like, livestock would keep
disappearing and there were like, you know, a couple of
children were injured, and something like that. I think somebody disappeared.
- Yeah. - You know, people were found
with bite marks on them. There were also all these
stories that his body had been moved from different locations in Ojai. - Right. Should we go to some-- - According to the internet. - Yeah, but should we go
to some of these locations? - I think we could try, but
I don't know where they are. - I don't either obviously. The only locations I know of
- Obviously. - fucking tennis courts. (laughing) - Obviously. Which are pretty clutch. - You have these coffins. - Yeah.
- Right. - What do you do with them? And like, what's your plan? - Well, I mean, he's made em
look, like really, really, old.
- Yeah. - Like we're gonna discover
coffins, like, wow, we found them after all this time. And he had, like, his main coffin, and then other smaller
ones that victims were in. He's built em to where
they're like, decaying. And so we find them, and it's like whoa there they are.
- And then do we become vampires? - No. In the documentary? Why would we become vampires?
- No, I mean, well then, I guess, I, yeah, I mean. - Is it supposed to be scary? - Yeah. Well, no, it's gonna be
really fucking scary. - It'll be scary, it'll look scary.
- 'Cause the coffins are, are, they look old. - The discovery is-- - The coffins, they look old. - That's the scary part, is the coffins look old?
- Well, there's, yeah, well, sorry for the Paranormal Outlaws.
- You can go to like, any old cemetery
and find old coffins. - He's got a good point though, like, I don't, I don't see it. - I mean, I see what you're saying, I just think once we get
the footage in there, and we look at it. And you we can put some
- And we just edit it together. - Edit it together. - Throw in some voiceover.
- We get all the footage. Right.
- And, you know, we can get-- - Right, no, you're right.
- Maybe we do get a mental hospital, you
know, image of that. You always
- Oh yeah, talk about like,
- we can get a mental ho-- I don't know. So, do we say, like, the vampire
was taken to the hospital? Or we just say like, - Well why would the vamp,
the hospital wasn't there back then.
- Yeah, that's ridiculous. He doesn't have insurance.
- That's a dumb fucking idea. That's a dumb fucking idea. - (laughing) He doesn't have insurance. (crickets chirping) - What the fuck is that smell? Hey. - Oh. - Do you fucking smell that? - Oh, oh. What the--
- What the fuck is that? - Dude. - Ah, I can fucking taste that shit. - What'd you do? - What did you do?
- I thought you guys were like, burning something out here. - Oh, ah. Fucking. (gagging and coughing) - Is there like, why is that
sewer, is there a sewer line? - No, dude it smells so bad in my room. - No, dude, that's a line,
some line broke or something. - The laundry is in the back, right? - Yeah. (coughing) - That's not gas is it? Is that gas? (mumbling) - Is it back here? - Oh, fucking-A. It's all over the place,
it's all out here. - Oh, God, it's horrible. - Is it like, a skunk or something? - No, no, it's not like a skunk smell. - Are you fucking kidding me? - Seriously? Ha ha. Wake me up in the middle of the night? That's not, seriously,
turn the camera off, it's not funny. - I didn't, I sw--
- It's not, - I did not do that.
- It's not funny. No seriously, i don't know how
you did it, it's not funny. - B-roll?
- You're a dick Cam. - Did we get B-roll? - Turn it off, man. God, it smells like shit. - That was, that was amazing. - Dude, I didn't--
- How did you fucking do that? - I didn't fucking do that? - Did you like, drive the car
back or something to get it? - No, you did. - Dude, I threw it in there
and he never found it. - I know, I thought you had
like, two of them or something. - Whew, uh, I got a whiff of that. Ew, ugh. He fucking is doing it and
he's trying to fuck with us. - Dogs it sounds like, maybe
their getting in the fence. (water running) I just woke up, and this was on. I did not turn it on. (water running) Hey. Guys. - What?
- Did you turn the faucet on? - What faucet?
- No. - The kitchen faucet is running. The bathroom faucet was on when I woke up. - Okay. - I don't know, turn
it, can you turn it off? - Then turn it off. - Yeah, I can turn it off,
but how did they get on? - The faucet was on? - Yeah, the faucet in
the bathroom was running, when I woke up. And I come out here and
the kitchen one's on. - Oh really? Did you Cam,
- Did you leave em on? - did you leave, did you turn them on? - I didn't wake up and turn em on. Are you trying to fuck with me? I didn't wake up, I didn't turn on the water's faucet.
- No, are you screwing with us, did you turn them on? - No. I could call the, maybe it's there is a
plumbing thing or something. I'll call-- - Yeah, but the handles were moved. It's not like just the water. - I think that you've been,
So, somebody had to like, turn them on.
- Someone physically had moved the handles.
- I think that you've done one too many
paranormal shows, dude. (laughing) - No, yeah, I've done
one too many to know, that that's fucking weird. (laughing) - All right, well, I
didn't, I didn't turn the faucets on,
- That's just not a normal thing. - If anybody turned em on,
if you don't sleep walk, then this dude turned em on. - I didn't turn em on, I swear to God. - Okay. - Maybe Richard did. - There's a part of me,
unless, can we cross that? Yeah, that goes under the freeway.
- We'll find it. - I don't think, yeah,
we'll just find it somehow. - Like, I'm sure you all at
home know about Kent Bridewell? Yeah, you remember him, right? So, he actually moved up here, and became the local town historian. So, I was able to, through some
connections, of some people. Shot some emails, he
agreed to meet with us and, fill us in on some more
details about the Ojai Vampire. How do I look, okay? He's a pretty good. - Kent, hi, I'm Cameron.
- Hey. - How's it going? - You know what, I think the
light's pretty good over here, why don't you guys.
- Oh, perfect, yeah. - Cool.
- Great, wow. - That' great, thanks for doing this. - There are no details. You know, what you've heard
is all that there is, really. There was someone who apparently,
had a taste for blood. And slept in a coffin. - Okay.
- Oh, okay. - We just kinda, we're, we've been filling in some
of the gaps on our own. Like, assuming sorta thing.
- Yeah. - Dude, there are so
many legends around here that are more interesting than, than that. Have you heard about the Char Man? - No, a Char Man? - Oh, oh this, oh, this is good. - Okay.
- Well, so, in 1948, there was a big fire, and I don't know, a lot of Ojaias burned. - Okay. - I don't know exactly the
percentage but you know, several homes were burned. After the fire, a lot of
the townspeople went around, and made sure that everyone was okay. They neglected to visit one house, south of the town proper, where
a father and his son lived. Now, when the authorities
finally arrived, now this is, you can look this up, this happened. When the authorities finally arrived, they found the father hanging from a tree, near where the house had stood. And all of the skin had
been stripped from his body. - What? (gasping) - What? - And as they were looking
around for the son, he came running out of the
woods, screaming, help, help. Horribly disfigured and burned himself. And with strips of his father's skin, draped over his body.
- Oh no. That's gross.
- You are kidding me? - No, this, this, this all happened. - No. - So, is this kid still alive? Did they, what happened? - Well, the authorities, apparently, weren't really up to the task, and he got away from them
and ran back into the woods, never to be found again. - So, he's-- - So, now the legend begins. There have been several
reports through the years, of people seeing someone
running through the woods. And the, the sound of skin being stripped, and the smell of burnt flesh. It's said that the Char Man lives somewhere around the bridge
down there by Camp Comfort. Which is very near where
his original home had stood. - Okay, so that, we went to Camp Comfort, just looking at some locations. So, it's down, that bridge is--
- So, the bridge is, that's the bridge? - Well, it's said, that if
you're on the bridge after dusk, or yell, help, help, that you are putting yourself
in danger of being taken, by the Char Man. - Okay, that, that's pretty cool. - That's awesome. - Right, now, this is a good story, right? This something you might wanna look in to. - I've kind of already
forgotten about the vampire. - I know. Has anybody ever done, like a,
documentary on the Char Man, or anybody done-- - Oh no, this is one
of the, you know, Ojai, is one those places where, people don't really want
any darkness to show. And this is, this is severe darkness. - Ah. - I mean the Char Man
thing's gold because-- - It is gold. - There are not as many
details for the vampire, - Yeah, you're right.
- as there are for Char-- - and there's like a million stories - for the Char Man, yeah. So, that, that bridge where we were, is the one he's talking about, so we'll-- - I know. - We'll go back, let's
go back to the bridge, just like do a, like a Char
Man intro, sorta thing. - Okay. And then we can so--
- And then tonight, we can like plan exactly how
we're gonna attack it tomorrow. - When is the bridge?
- Accidentally stumbled on gold, fellas. - Yep, yep. - I mean I don't wanna say--
- I'm actually kind of excited.
- I know. - Like, you know, the vampire thing, I'm just like, ah--
- I just couldn't figure out like what we were gonna do.
- What are we doing? What are we gonna do?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm with you, man. Like, now we're on the same page. Now we're on the same page. - Andy when you were asking
us, I gotta be honest, I had no idea what we were doing. I didn't even know, yeah-- - It was, that was clear. - Beautiful.
- Should I wear a hat, you think? - No, you're good. - No, you're fine. - Is it okay?
- Beautiful. - 'Cause I feel like. It's okay? - Yeah. - Like this better? Something like this? - Depends on what audience
you're looking for. - Whoa. - Holy crap. - Dude, this town smells like shit. - Oh my God. - God damn it. - Ugh. - Is there like a, - Let's do this fast.
- is there like a refinery in town?
- I don't know, that doesn't smell like shit. And it doesn't-- - No, it smells like shit. I worked in a shit factory. - Oh, God. - A shit factory?
- But it smells like worse-- - You guys. - Dude, that, no that's bad.
- Factory made shit? - Yeah. Dude, that is bad.
- It's pretty, it's like in your mouth. - Fucking tourism here,
- There's no wind, though, it didn't blow over here, did it? Did we smell, we didn't
smell it yesterday. - Go ahead. - Good? - Yep. - We are here on the
famous Char Man Bridge. - Yep. Legend be told, that there's more than
one legend here in Ojai. - And one,
- There's a few. - is the Char Man. - Yes. - He comes here at night
and if anyone says, during the day, or at night, help, help. Help. Help. Then the Char Man
- He's gonna come out, - will come at night. - He's gonna take your skin. I mean we already got all the stuff.
- Strip your skin. - It's beautiful, so this
is the actual bridge. - Yeah. - The one thing, oh, we gotta make a sacrifice of some sorts. - That'll be, yeah, that'll
be good for the story. Sacrifice or something like that, for the story.
- Oh, perfect. - And then we, ah, - Dude. - We will sacrifice the big Richard. The big Dick. - The big Dick, for,
- Help. - for Char Man. Help, help, Char Man.
- Yeah. So, we gave him a gift. Do we wanna finish this thing-- - I'll do it, I'll do it. - I think he was down, he was right there, I just saw him. He's literally right, seriously,
dude, he's right in there. Dude, I mean. He's right-- - Shut up! - I'd like to say that was uncalled for, but he's actually, really fucking pissed. Like, he must have some
sort of fucking hard-on for that fucking doll. That is weird, I mean, honestly, I can't see it anywhere down there. Like, I literally threw it. I think it fucking went,
like, to the fucking sink hole down there, or something. - That thing is gone. - Maybe the fucking Char
Man came, did you get-- - It so fucking smells. - I know, dude. I kinda got used to it for a second. Did you find it? Well, we don't need it 'cause
we're not doing the vampire story anymore, right? Are you just going back to the car? Oh, yeah, I guess we
got the interview, huh? We're done with the bridge interview? I'll get your bag man! I got your bag. I'll get it. Cut? - Did you find him? - No. - What's that, a Playboy? - No, looks like a map though. We found a Char Man map. So, we should probably get some more, we should probably get some
more interviews and stuff. Look, okay, seriously. I did not know that Richard was
that important to the story, or to you or whatever. But, I'm sorry, man. He is really, - He's pissed. - really pissed off. Like, I feel bad, kind of, but he's not fucking dropping it. - Uh, oh, what's going on? - What's good? - What? - What? - That's funny. - What's funny? - I don't know how you, I
don't know how, but it's funny. - What the fuck, what
are you talking about? - You know what I'm talking about. Like, honestly, it's a good trick. I'm impressed, but I have
no idea how you did it. - What are you talking about? - Duh. That's pretty amazing. - I didn't fucking have anything to do with that.
- So, who came up, dude? Who came up from L.A. to help you? - Dude, the thing, - Dude, who came up? - Andy, do you have any,
- Are they inside? Andy, did you do that? - Is that the same one? - Yes, it's the same one, look. It's the same guy. It's him, see? - Wait. - I'm not, I'm not stupid. - That's no, that's fucking weird. - Now, who came up, who's doing it? - No one came up.
- Okay, dude, I'm not stupid. - I would legitimately,
- I'm not gullible. - All right look,
- Who came up? I legitimately, I didn't have
anything to do with that. Okay, I threw it off the thing. - We were all, if that just happened, - I was just gonna say that,
- how did Cam put it, that's a little, I don't really wanna touch that thing.
- How do you think we, you saw us the whole time, getting out of the car.
- Dude, I know, I know who it probably is,
just whatever, dude, whatever. Whatever.
- People fucking. (water running) - The fucking water's on again? Dude, it's on in here. (water running) - All right dude.
- All right this-- - Someone is fucking with us. - It's gotta be like
some kids or something. - Dude, check the windows
- Someone's fucking, - See if like any of the
windows are broken or open. - It's not even that scary, but it's freaky.
- Now's not the time. - And dude, there's no like footprints, or broken window or anything. So, there's like nothing. - Is there anyone in the, - No, I just walked all the way around. - I didn't have anything to do with that. All right, I didn't have
anything to do with that. I threw the fucking clown. It was gone. - Yes, I know, I was there, dude. - To be honest with you, this is a little. I mean, I think that someone's
fucking with us, obviously, and I don't know who. But someone is,
- Do you swear to God? Both of you? - I swear to God. - Someone is--
- And the water, you, like, didn't turn the water on this morning or now?
- No. - We were behind you. - I know, but maybe you
like came in when we left, and turned it on. I don't know.
- Why are you accusing me? - Call her and see,
- Yeah, ill call her. - just call her and see,
- I will, I will. - if there's like, if there's like, any reports of kids or
anything doing stuff. Or see like if there's
something wrong with the water. Does it like spontaneously
turn on or something. - I will try, I'll call her right now. We literally just came back
and the water was turned on. If there's some way that, you
know, that just, call me back to let me know, you know,
if there's something that-- - If there'd been break-ins or anything.
- Yeah, or if there's been break-ins too.
- Dude, we have stuff here, we like don't want our--
- This is here, and everything's here.
- Yeah. But, we also had like somebody,
we feel like somebody's breaking in, so I don't
know if you want us to make a police report. Just call me back, yeah.
- Like last night, too. Tell her last night, too.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, and last night we had,
last night I think we had some kids in here, that broke, broke in. Anyway, call me back, this
is the longest message ever. Thanks, bye. I just, there's legitimately
is some sort of weird. If you think there's
some paranormal thing, I, - Well, think about it, we
were all there at the bridge, we saw Richard get thrown over. - And we drove right here. - And then the faucets are on? - It's just someone, no, it's
just someone messing with us. - I mean, the faucets, like the faucets could
just be like, the smell. There's like, a broken sewer line.
- Yeah, maybe there's like a broken sewer line.
- The pressure's like, pushing the faucet--
- But the handle was up. - Yeah, I mean-- - This was up.
- So that means someone was in here. - I don't know, maybe the
handle was accidentally up, and the pressure from the
broken sewer line, or something, like pushed it. - Yeah. - I don't know. No, like, footprints or
trash, or anything left, by anybody. It's weird though, dude. What'd you think? - It's very weird. - Yeah, I mean-- - But, it's way more
interesting than your vampire story.
- A little bit. A little bit. Like, I think, like we can
maybe use some of this stuff that really happened. Into like the Char Man
story, I don't know how. Maybe, I guess tying in the bridge stuff. If it's just water running
and like a toy, like, what's the worse that could happen? - Right. - You know, there's nothing like dangerous.
- I mean, - Nobody gets hurt on the shows that you do.
- we're wasting water in a, - wasting water in a drought. - Right, we're wasting water, that's, that's the
worst that could happen. - Yeah. - I don't know, kind of-- - Or maybe we should throw
Richard off the bridge again. - Maybe we should throw
Cam off the bridge. I'm kind of excited, though, for real. Like, this, this thing is-- - I think you've got something here. - It's, it's way better
than what I had planned. - So, get this. So, I was looking up a little bit. I looked up on this one website about the Char Man legend, right? So, supposedly there's been a
shit-ton of different things that happened with him. But, supposedly, like,
a couple of years after it happened, that this, like, fire happened. And the people were so
weirdly religious in the town, that like, it wasn't a mason
group, it was like some, something like a mason group. They sacrificed three, like, people. I don't know if they were,
they said on there it was like, two girls and a babysitter
or something like that. - In 1948? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. The theorists said that
they sacrificed them. - The townspeople. - Yeah.
- Or this group, right? - Yeah, yeah, this group, like, they made the sacrifice to like, make it so that there's no fires. Like, they would like stop,
they believed that the Char Man set these fires up. - Because that's logical.
- And no the reason-- No, no, no, the reason, I know right? The reason it came up was
because of the fire that they had last year, there are some
people, like in these chat groups that are saying that
they need to make another sacrifice to the Char Man.
- Need to make another sacrifice like the crazy people. - What if the town is fucking with us. Like, what if they know
which, cause you told the library,
- Yeah. there's a historian that knows. Like there are people
- Right. that know.
- That's true, that's true. I mean, but I think, yeah,
there's still some people, like messing with us,
but my thing is, is like, if the town is in on it, we have, like, the documentary of the year. Like, this is like, huge. - Look, look, look, wait
a minute, wait a minute. Let me see the camera, gimme
the camera, gimme the camera. I'm gonna get fucking him. All right so, the water completely was turning on, and someone came and fucked
with us with Dick the clown. - Yeah. - That's kind of
legitimately, like, freaky. - It's absolutely freaky it's, kinda like I was telling him,
- Well, it's kind of cool. - if this happened on Paranormal Outlaws, it would be used. - No, stop fucking, you're
trying to fucking scare us, aren't you?
- No. - Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.
- I don't know. - You're trying to fucking. - No way. I really think something, - Okay, all right. - Is happening. - He has worked on Paranormal Outlaws.
- He has worked on, paranormal--
- I haven't, but I'm just a simple actor
trying to make a documentary. (laughing) - Dude. Dude, this fucking water's on again. - Is that the water? - That smell.
- Here we go, again? It stinks so bad in here.
- Oh my God. Oh my God. - Dude, someone's outside! Someone's outside!
- What? - Oh my God. - Like right here?
- Yes. - Right here?
- Yes. - We should go. Go, go, go. - Hello? - Hey, hey. - Hello?
- Hey, I'm sick of this. - Sh, sh, sh, holy shit.
- Hey. What are you doing? - Dude, who is that? - (trembling) Shhhh. - Come here, come here. - Sh. - Hello? - Hey, what are you guys doing? We're just. - Dude, are you rolling in this? - Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. - They're just standing there. It's not cool to be here. Guys, I don't, they're gone, she's gone. - What?
- She's gone. - No, she's behind a tree. Behind, she's behind a tree, she's behind a tree.
- Hey, hey, hey. - No, go, go. - No, there's no one there.
- Hey, hey, hey. Where did, okay I'm not crazy, right? I'm not crazy. There was someone here, I swear to God, there was someone here. I'm not crazy, right? You saw that?
- Yes. - You saw there was someone here? There was literally someone right here. - I don't know, I don't
know, I have no idea. - Whoa, what is that? What the fuck is that noise? I'm getting the fuck outta here. (rumbling) - Get the like the door locked. - Shut that goddamn water off.
- Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh - God. - Fuck. - Dude. - Well, that's it back, back door. - Okay, okay, but sh, sh. - Okay, what was that noise?
- Holy shit. - What was that noise? Who were those people? - Holy shit. - I think someone's like
totally messing with us, dude. - All right, that was, that was insane. - Okay. - Nothing matters. - So, if they take something here, then we can file a report. - Okay, thank you for your time. Thank you officer, bye. Yeah. Well, that's, that's odd. So, there's no, - So that's it, like people can just come on your property and, - Yeah, if they don't
take anything, I mean, I guess if they, like we, he
said that we don't have like, he's like, kids will be kids. We have teenagers up here that
are always playing pranks. You know, there's nothing
we can do about that. And that, you know, if they
take something of ours, then we have a right to report something, but if they don't take anything, then there's nothing they can do. Which makes no sense to me, right? - No, it makes no sense. And what I'm trying to wrap my
brain around is why there are people outside, and then
the water is turning on. Like, I still think
there's some connection. Like they're
- Yeah, right? - turning the water on from outside. - Yeah. - Or something.
- Then how, ugh, I feel like maybe they. - And that fucking smell, man. Like that's the, like I
don't know, it's like, it's like the stink bomb
to end all stink bombs, or something, like, who goes to that, - Yeah.
- That, - Right.
- you know, degree, just to mess with somebody. I don't know, I don't know. - Eric, how many eggs do you want? - Ah, two. - All right. - Dude, holy crap. - What? - All right, come here. Actually, both of you, come here. Okay, so I backed this up. This is, I told you I'm
doing night one stuff. Okay, watch this. See if you see anything weird. Here's when he wakes us up. Do you see anything? - Ah, just two grown men
sitting on a couch together. - Yeah, watch. I'm gonna back it up. Look at that. - What? - Look at the window.
- Oh. - What the fuck is that? - Look at that. - So, fucking they were
here that first night. - Look, this is night one. This is the first night. Dude. Dude.
- What the fuck. - How did we not see that? - Have to be, it's gotta
be like a short person. It's just that window. Or like they're on their
knees or something. - Looks like a clown. - Yeah, it's those same,
it's that same mask. Holy cow, dude. - They're people fucking with us. - This is, yeah, from
night, from night one. I mean, this is, this just
keeps getting better, actually. This is like, I keep finding
like all these Easter eggs filled with gold on this thing. I mean, it's freaky, it's weird,
trust me, but this is like, you, you see that?
- That's fucking terrifying. - Do you see that, man.
That is like, frightening. Right over, right over Cameron's
shoulder, like all night. - I did not see that.
- I don't know if it was all night.
- I did not see that shooting. - Well, I think it was like
so quick and it was dark, and you went by. Dude, is that insane or what? - Yep. Fucking crazy, man. Fine, but I think that we,
let's get all the shit we need to get, and I would like
to get the fuck outta here. I don't, even, even if it's
just kids fucking with us, I have no desire to stick
around here, any longer. - I think Cam, I think
Cameron needs a time out. - Shut the fuck up. Shut up, dude. I need a fucking time out. The, the, the big place?
- I don't fucking know. He didn't say anything. - This is not like, north is it? This is not-- - This east, it says east. I don't know from here. - 515?
- 515. - What're we looking for? - 611. - So, this is an interview
that Eric had set up. - We're interviewing a guy named John. Has lived in the area for awhile. - This looks, Where is he, is he in there? Well, there's someone out back. There's someone out back in the garden. You see him? - Oh, yeah it is. - Working away in the garden. - It's that time of the year, you know, you gotta get them planted. - Yeah. - Hi John, I'm Eric.
- Nice to meet you, Eric. - This is Cameron - Cameron, pleasure.
- Nice to meet you. - Andy behind the camera over there.
- Hello Andy. - Hey John. - So, everybody, this is John. What you got going here. - Oh, geeze, we got a
whole bunch of stuff going. We got peas and radishes and
carrots and kale and arugula and green beans and lettuce and tomatoes, and all kinds of stuff, yeah. - You know what's legal in California now? - I do, I actually have, I actually have,
- It's legal. - two spots designated for two plants. - Yes.
- Yeah. - Yeah, yeah.
- We'll become best friends. - Best, (laughing) - They were getting some B-roll. We're getting some more B-roll. - Okay, John, so first of
all, thank you for doing this. And, you know, as a
long time resident here, we're just curious, about
some of the stories, about the Char Man. The legend
- Yeah. - Maybe some of your own experiences. Some of your friends
experiences, you know. Did you know anyone, who
disappeared, or anything like that? - A lot of different possible
origins of that story. It was a story about a father
and son who were burned in the fire of 1948. The father died and the son lost his mind, and when the authorities arrived, he was scraping the charred
flesh from his father's body. - Whoa. - Took off into the woods
and became the Char Man. There's another story about
a husband and wife who, were in the same fire of 1948. And the husband couldn't move
to help his screaming wife, who was yelling, help me, help me. Personally, I think that the story that I heard, that I think is the most credible. Is a guy who ran out of
gas, and he came back to, and put gas in his car, and
he spilled some on himself, and stupidly before he got in the car, he lit up a cigarette
and burst into flames. He went running in the woods,
looking for some way to put out the fire and plunged into the creek, and he is the Char Man. I mean that seems like the
most credible story to me. - Hm, that's interesting. So, do you think that the, I mean, that, that sounds the least, like, spookiest. I guess that sounds,
that would be like the, so like you have all these legends, but then you have the actual
reality, was just a guy who lit himself on fire.
- It could be that one. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - But you think that's the
most credible one, is like, that's what happened and he's back to. - Yeah, and you know how one
thing can lead to another, and stories grow and
they grow and they grow. - Yeah, yeah. - Usually, it grows amongst
our creatively minded adolescent groups,
- Right. - you know?
- Yeah, right. Next thing you know, kids are
saying, don't go down there. Don't go down there.
- Right. And so, you don't say, help me, help me, if you're in trouble, 'cause that's when he's gonna
come out and not help you. - Wow.
- Some say that, once you see him, you'll see him again. - Really?
- Yeah, I've heard that, - He keeps coming back, huh?
over and over again. - Okay.
- Yeah, well, it's an individual thing, you know? Could be up here. - Right, right. - Dude, dude. - What, what?
- Sh, sh, sh, - What, what?
sh, sh, sh. - The camera's, the camera's recording. - What? - Look at the door, look at the door. (whispering) - Look, look. - What? - Shhh.
- Why is there someone in the door. - Sh, sh. - She's been there for
like two or three minutes. - Why have you let her stay at the door?
- Be quiet. Shut up, shut up. - Just keep recording. - She's just standing there. - Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh. (flashlight clicking on) - (gasping) Whoa. (short breathing) (heavy breathing) - Wait, dude, dude, dude, dude. Careful, careful. - Was that a kid? - Was that a kid? - It's the same people. It's the same people. Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh. - Dude, I don't understand
why there was someone there. - There was someone the house.
- I know, I know. - What did she even want? - The door was locked. I locked the door last night. I don't know. We should get Andy. Let's get Andy and we should
- We should go for a walk. - walk the grounds.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. - This has gotta end.
- Let's walk around. - This has gotta end.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Okay.
- This is so stupid. - Oh shit. - Sh, sh, sh. - What the hell are you guys doing? - Somebody's in the house. - Somebody was in the house.
- Somebody's in now? - Yeah.
- No, were. - Were just right in the house. - Who?
- They were, they were standing in the door. Just like, one of those
people from last night. They had the mask and everything. - It was like a little girl. It was like a little girl. - The people who were at our window, yes. I think just, they were just like, right here on the doorway, the light was on, the door was wide open. - What they hell do they want? - I don't know, man.
- I don't know. - But we're gonna go look for em. Here take this.
- We need to go walk. - Take that, we need to go.
- We need to walk. - Go get your shoes on.
- Get your shoes on, let's go. - Yes, we did. Yes. I've already. So there's, so there's
nothing that you can do? Thank you, all right, yep. No. - No? - Nope, they're ah,
again, the cops are not-- - Like the door's open
and they still don't, they're still not gonna do shit. - They're not gonna send anyone out here. - Even with the door open? - And he was super dismissive. Like, he was kinda like,
oh, it's you again. I was like, what? What the fuck is this? - Someone's graves? - Nah, I think it's just. - Can you get that? - I hope it's mulch. - Yeah. Can you get that, dude? Can
you see any of that, or no? - A little bit, yeah.
- Yeah? - Here I'm gonna pan across it. - I mean, honestly, - Do you need to call
like, the caretaker, again? Like I know you're just
getting voicemails. - Yeah. - Actually, you know what, dude? Let's, let's go dump the
footage, and we can like, send it to the police. Like, if they're not gonna show up, by us calling.
- That's a good call. That's a good call. - I think we like, look at
the footage and just send it to em, or whatever. - It doesn't smell bad here, it smells pretty good here. Like it's flowers or--.
- No, it's fine, yeah. - It is fine. Dude, I don't know, I mean,
I think we're just kinda keep wandering like, around here, 'cause we're not going into the woods. That's just like a
- I say we just go back in.
- needle in a haystack. - We lock
- We go and we look at the - ourselves in.
- footage, dude. Right, make sure.
- And look at the footage. - And the door was locked. That's the weird thing, is
I know the door was locked, I was the last one in last night, tonight. - Oh. - The door was locked. - What's that in her hand?
- Is that, dude, that is, - I can't,
- that's Richard. See look, there's a hat. - Shit. Where was he? - Are those legs. - I can't tell, I can't see what, - Wait, where was, where was Richard? - Now we clearly have
breaking and entering. She, she came in, the door was locked. Opened the door, came in his
room, and took something, of ours, took something of mine. Before we were making it up as we went. Now we're just trying to keep up. That's how I feel. All right, well, I'm not gonna sleep, so, I'm gonna go like, - Yeah, I'm ready to go, I mean, I could pack up the car right now, and we can get outta here. It just doesn't make any sense to me of why we would stay here any longer. - I mean by the time we
pack, it'd be morning, so we might as well just like, hang out. - Hang out and not sleep.
- Drop this off to the police in the morning. - Yeah.
- I guess so. - We should probably just hang
out and not sleep, instead, of just, get out of here. All right.
- We're not gonna solve anything tonight. - Yeah.
- All right. - We'll take care of it tomorrow. - This is fucking crazy. Whether or not there's
fucking people out here trying to get us, and fucking people coming in
- They're kids. the door, I don't give a shit, if the fucking kids were
nice, I'm fucking out. I'm gone. I'm freaked the fuck out and no look, I'm sorry that I'm not gonna
finish this fucking movie. You got plenty of footage. You can stay here with him
or you can home with me, but I'm gone, okay? - Okay. Can you, can you drive back and get us? - He's packing up right now. - I mean, hey, you know what, dude, just, like, try to help
me with him, a little bit. Just try to be like, hey man,
you know, that's cool what you're doing, I get it. Try to play part, right,
the middle man, here for me. - Yeah. - 'Cause, I think we just
need a little more time today. - All right. - I'm not fucking staying here, dude. I should've fucking left, I
should have left last night. - Just stay one more night,
like, we can get some - Stay one more, like just.
- great footage. Tomorrow morning, we'll leave tomorrow. - Yeah, okay. - So, just stay tonight.
- Oh, that's a good idea.
- And we'll get some great, - Did you see what fucking, did you just see what happened last night? Did you see what was out there? - I did, yeah, I had the camera. - Yeah. Did you fucking see what, I'm not. See you guys, I'm leaving,
so you guys wanna come, pack your bag. I'm leaving in like, ten minutes. I'm out. - You gotta like, give us time to pack.
- Where are the keys? Ten minutes, let's go. I told you last night. I'm fucking out. So, I would - I just gotta say.
- put the camera down. - I just gotta say.
- I would put it down. - So, Cameron just had a
little bit of a hissy fit. He's been out there about 35 minutes and the gate broke. (chuckling) Yeah, so, - I think he's wondering
if he could run the gate over with the rental car. (laughing) - I guarantee--
- But then he goes, I probably won't get my deposit back. - Right. No dude.
- You can hop the fence. - No, you can't hop, I'm not, First off, I'm not leaving my car here. - Listen, here's what I think we do, we need to get that footage
over from last night to, I think we walk it into
the police station. I made, just a copy of that snippet. - Yeah, but the, first of all, yes, great. Let's do the police footage. - Okay.
- I'm mostly concerned, I can't get the car out of--
- Okay. It's not gonna be locked forever, dude. It's just a malfunction. - Out of all I've done,
and I've left a message. I can't get in touch with the
stupid, fucking caretaker. I can't get in touch,
- I know, I mean, it's an inconvenience. It's not like the end
of the world, though. Like, I think like--
- What is wrong with you? Do you think that the cops
potentially could get the gate open, how would that even work? - I would think so, it's a small town. They probably have like, ways, you know, it's a electronic gate. They can probably like
short, short it or something, or hot wire it. I don't know. - Do you think if I just
rammed the, I can't. I'll try, like, I'll ram the car. - What did you just say? - I, yeah. - He just said that you
would try to do that. That you were thinking about doing that. That is so illogical.
- I don't wanna, I don't wanna stay here any longer. - I understand that.
- So, so, oh do ya, do ya? - I'm done as well.
- You're not hearing me, okay? You're not hearing me. I don't wanna stay here and
I can't afford to leave this fucking car here, okay? So, listen, we'll go into
town, we'll deal with the cops, we'll do everything that you said,
- Perfect, okay. - but stop, dude, stop
telling me that it's okay. That we don't have to worry. Stop talking to me like that.
- Look, I'm trying to calm you down. Because when you get like this, you fucking won't listen to any logic. And you turn into a maniac. You really do. - This town seems to have a
lot of clothing stop shops, and places to eat and no
places that could actually help you, if you were in trouble. They laughed at us, basically. - Yeah, so they basically would
not even take the footage, or look at the footage. Honestly, they were really dismissive. - Almost, they didn't even really, one guy didn't even talk to me. - Yeah, they wouldn't look at you. - They won't, they won't
come up and unlock the gate. We're in a tiny ass town, they won't just come unlock the gate. - But, I mean, I don't
know what we can even do. What are we gonna do, go to
a neighboring police station and tell them to come talk to these guys. - Yeah. - Or we get murdered and then they'll do something.
- Right. I mean, it's not, it's not worth it. It's not, I mean, this is a dead end. - That, what he just said
actually makes a lot of sense. He said, hang around here some more, and we get freakin murdered. - Okay. So, I just talked to the locksmith. He said he's closing early
today, I'm like, it's morning. And he goes, are you guys the
ones here making the movie? I said, yeah, and I told him
what happened and everything. He said, yeah, I'm closing early today. Actually, like, started
like, locking his door. And dude, I don't, I don't know. Like, police, this guy, I mean. - But no one's speaking, no one is even talking to me.
- I know. - I like, I tried to ask a bunch
of people a bunch of things and they just, they look
at me and then they turn, and walk away. - (speaking in a foreign language) - Hey, excuse us here. - We're staying at a
place up the, the way, do you know a locksmith? - She didn't even stop.
- Really? There's like a travel
agency, more clothing stores, and there's a yoga place. And the yoga instructor
actually told me to fuck off. Like, a yoga dude. - Namaste. - Yeah, seriously. All right. - Looks like we're Namaste-ing here. - Let's go back to the place, and just wait. Maybe they'll, maybe she'll call us. I don't know, all this whole town makes me uncomfortable anyway. - Kind of wanted to get away, from
- Yeah. Cam for a little bit. - He needs some, he needs alone time. - Yeah, so, like, I mean he's, I think he's
kinda cashed out for this trip. So, what, what my plan is tonight, and I kinda need your help on this, is, my plan is to just have like, all cameras, everything rolling.
- Yeah. - Cell phone, iPad,
all that stuff rolling. And then, you know,
whatever happens, happens. - Totally, yeah. - I mean, I think this is like, you know, coming up on night number five and something's happened almost
every night, so, who knows. You know, this could be like really cool. And with your contacts, and the contacts I've been working on, and the film I think I'm
putting together here. I think we have a shot at like,
doing something with this, and selling this thing. So, like, if you're on board,
- Yeah. - Like, to help me out with this. I mean, I know it's a
little, little freaky. - It's gotten real. - Yeah. - But I mean if, if like, the crew of
Paranormal Outlaws bailed on, bailed any time that like,
good footage was happening, - Right, if something
- You wouldn't, - goes bump in the night.
- you wouldn't have a show. - Right, like, I really wanna
play up this Char Man thing, so I'd like to get like some,
like stand up shots of me, just kinda introducing things. Or, kind of, kind of a prelude
to what's gonna happen. - Yeah.
- Tonight. Or what we hope might happen. We're here at the compound. This is night number five. A lot of things have been happening. We've awakened the Char Man. We have no idea what's
gonna happen tonight, but we are gonna be ready for anything. Okay, that's one. What'd you think, like more? - All right, dude. - So, I've been doing some thinking and what if we woke something up. I mean think about the signs. We went, we threw the
thing, we taunted it. You found a map of the place, down there. We came back here, the
water's turning off and on, which is a complete part of the story. If you think about it. He doesn't want, he
doesn't, he's trying to, he's trying to drain the taps, so that he can burn everything. We go out, we've got these
fucking, the things that he, he had, the ghosts of
whoever he has, crea-- that, that they sacrificed. Or better yet, the town
is trying to sacrifice. Us. We are so far out, in
the middle of nowhere, no one would even care if we were gone. - There's only one way to truly find out. It's like, we're here,
we're stuck here tonight, we record everything. We just keep all cameras
running, all night long. And we get whatever evidence we need. - What do you think? - Well, something's definitely going on. And, since we have to be
here tonight, you know, the gate's locked. I agree with Eric, we film everything. - Nobody can deny what you see on the camera.
- Yep, you're right. - That's a plan. - All right. - You guys gonna start
rolling on your phone cameras? - I have no desire to roll yet.
- I'm kind of rolling sporadically. I thought said we're like--
- I feel like we're waiting for the doom to come. I mean, we know they're gonna come here. What are we gonna do? What are we actually gonna do? - We're gonna get them on film. Or digital. (water running) - There's the water. Is that water?
- Jesus Christ. - Shhh. (water running) - There's nobody in here. There it is, you smell it? You smell it?
- Shhh. You smell that?
- God. What is that? - God, oh, it reeks. - Oh God.
- Oh shit. - Jesus Christ. - Okay dude. - All right, all right, all right. All right, we gonna do
this, are we gonna do this? - Yes.
- All right everybody rolling? - Yes. - All right, we're just going,
- Why are they-- - We're just gonna go,
we're just gonna go. - Yeah, Kamikaze.
- We're just gonna go. This is it. This is it. This is it.
- Hey! - Go, go, go. - There they are go, go, go, go. - Hold on, hold on, hold on. - Okay, unlock the door. - Sh, sh, sh, sh.
- Unlock the door. - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm not, I'm not fucking recording. Hold on, hold the fuck on. Wait. God. It's a red recording. - Fuckin shhh.
- Okay. - Sh, sh, sh. - What are they gonna go somewhere? - Yes.
- They were right here by the door.
- Yes, they're gonna go somewhere. - (whispering) Dude, house,
house, house, house, house. - Did someone go back in? - Sh, sh. - They have to be around here somewhere. - Everything went black,
I can't see anything. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, up in the house, come on. - What the house, you
think they're in the house? - I don't see anything up at the house. (whispering) - Is that a kid? - Yeah, that's a kid. - (whispering) She's just fucking staring. - Just like looking at us. All right what'd you wanna do? Should we just rush her,
should we just walk? - (whispering) Yeah.
- Just walk? All right, let's go. Let's go. - Careful, careful, dude. Careful, careful. - Hello? - Holy crap. Careful. What'd you guys want? Were you in the house, last night? - Stay taping, okay? - No, no, careful dude, careful, careful. Careful. - They have a boy. (heavy breathing) - They're just staring there. - Help me, help me. (fast breathing) (screaming in the distance) (terrified heavy breathing) - Help. - Help. - Oh, dear father. - Help me. - Oh shit. (heavy breathing) - Fuck me, fucking, fuck, fuck. - Shit, shit, shit. (heavy breathing) (heavy breathing) (grunting) (heavy breathing) - Shit, shit, shit, shit. - Stop, stop, stop. Stop, where's Andy, where's Andy? - Dude, dude. - Where's Andy? Was he with you? Was he with you?
- No, he wasn't with me. (heavy breathing) - Help me. - (whispering) Did they fucking get him? (terrified whispering) (birds chirping) - All right. I guess this is the update. We kind of, found Andy in
the woods last night and went over a fence. I'm not exactly sure where, and
we're thinking we went like, a couple miles, maybe, I don't know. Cameron just, kinda, he just cashed out, like, right here. My cell phone died, and
we've been here, maybe, I don't know, five hours? I'm a little concerned about Andy. I'm pretty sure he's got a concussion. He's not really talking, and
Cameron's not really talking, to be honest. So, yeah. I kinda, don't know where to go from here. I'm freakin exhausted. I don't know what--
- The gate's open. - The gate's open? She just sent a text. She said that the gates open. - All right, let's go. - I'm not going in there. Just, the keys are right in it. - Oh, ugh, dude, I think my clothes
smell like whatever that, shit, gross, like I can still smell it, you know? - Yeah, yeah, me too. - It's like in my clothes. - I mean, you'd think I'd get used to it.
- Burn this shit, burn this shit. - I'm not used to it. - I'm just happy that
we're not there anymore. I think.
- Are we live? - Yeah, we're live, hey everybody. - It's good to see you guys.
- All right, that was, that was our footage. - It's a little crazy.
- Yeah. - I mean all of that actually
happened and it's, oh crap, dude, 10%? I forgot to charge the battery. - Well, do you have,
- I didn't charge it. - do you have any other cord?
- No, I don't have it. Okay so,
- We can use the output. - we can move this,
- No, no, no, no. - All the way, wait,
- No, not that. - I've got the output,
I've got a cord in the car. 45 seconds.
- Okay. - Be right back.
- Sorry. Sorry about this folks. I didn't mean to, you know, my apologies. But I appreciate all the love and support that you guys have had. I think this has been, I never
in a million years thought something like this would ever happen, or come close to happening. I think he's trying to fuck with me. Dude? Dude, come on, enough
with fucking horse shit. Are you okay? Dude, you okay? Whoa, hey. Hey, whoa, Andy, what's, why are you, hey why. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (gagging) (thumping) (fuzzing)